The planet Wilson's Colony

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This world was discovered quite by accident. Wilson's System is surrounded by "dark matter," which blocks most starlight and shields the system from visual observation from most directions. In 28 JR prospector Everett Wilson, unaware of this star system's presence, could not account for its gravitational influence when calculating a hyperspace transit toward another star, around which he hoped to find a habitable, and therefore profitable, world. His ship's Marsten Drive spat him out in normal space several AU from what would become known as Wilson's Star, and the rest is history.

Fantastically rich in metals, with eleven planets, three asteroid belts and over a hundred moons, Wilson's System supplies most of the Republic's needs for raw materials. Wilson's Colony, the system's Earthlike world, boasts the first operational orbital elevator or "beanstalk," known as High City, a sprawling commercial, industrial and military complex. High City was a strategic target of the Terran Empire's sneak attack at the outbreak of the Republic-Empire War, and the destruction of High City and the orbital elevator was narrowly averted by a handful of university students who willingly sacrificed themselves to intercept enemy missiles.

Everett Wilson became so indescribably rich upon selling his discovery to the Republic, that he and his descendants couldn't help becoming eccentric. The Wilson family was, for several generations before the Escape, native to the American city of Chicago, Illinois, and the planet's flag is a typical Jeffersonian adaptation of the old American city's flag. The city of New Chicago is representative of the Wilson family's influence on the development of this world. The Wilson family is also responsible for the resurrection of baseball as a major spectator sport in the Republic, with the creation of the New Chicago Cubs and New Wrigley Field, which over the next few generations grew into the entire Jeffersonian League. The Worlds Series is now as respected a sporting tradition as any in the Republic, such as Monticello's Combat Pistol Championship, New Texas' Bannerville Derby, or the Republic Olympics held on Adams' World every three Monticellan years.

Around 2100 CE, the Québécois separatist movement was finally crushed by UN "Peacekeepers." Some few thousand Québécois refugees made their way to the Republic and settled on Wilson's Colony's Third Try Island, founding what would become New Quebec City.

Originally formed as a sort of "underground railroad" to help Québécois refugees escape UN tyranny, Québécois Starlines has since become one of the leading passenger and freight services in Human Space.

Legio IV, the Wilson's Colony Militia, established 35 JR, largely but not entirely responsible for repelling the Imperial invasion and attempted capture of the strategic jewel of the system's resources and industry. WCM members continue to wear black armbands with seventeen white stars, representing the university students who intercepted Imperial missiles aimed at the orbital elevator and High City with unarmed shuttles and aircars, students who any Wilson's Colony Militiaman or -woman will say "did our job for us." The armband has become an official part of the WCM's dress uniform.

Legio IX, the Legion Québécois. Ninth Legion's battle flag is based upon the banner of the Chevaliers de l'Indépendance, one of the many organizations which fought for Québécois independence during the 20th Century CE. Formed in 161 JR (2110 CE) after the Québécois community was safely established on Third Try Island and was already becoming known as New Quebec City. The Québécois refugees who had found a home and life in the Republic formed Wilson's Colony's second planetary militia in gratitude to the nation that had accepted them as equals. During the Republic-Empire War, Legio IX acted as a rapid-deployment or assault force, usually being carried into battle by the converted passenger liner Stephanie Wolowicz. After the war this unit remains active as a safeguard against possible Terran holdouts or opportunistic raiders from independent systems such as Nowy Kraków, but the soldiers of the Ninth Legion are looking forward to standing down and returning to their homes. Also, there is talk of establishing an independent Republic of Quebec from the old Canadian province, much as was done with the Fourth Republic of Texas; if this happens much of Legio IX would likely emigrate to Terra and their ancestral homeland.
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