Timeline of the Jeffersonian Republic

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Notable events and technological advances in the history of the Jeffersonian Republic
Republic years based on the calendar of capitol world Monticello
1 Monticellan year = 0.6252 Terran

16 December 1773 CE - "Boston Tea Party": tax protest, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, British Colonial America

19 April 1775 - "The Shot Heard 'Round the World": armed revolt at Lexington, Massachusetts, British Colonial America

4 July 1776 - Declaration of Independence for the United States of America

19 October 1781 - Surrender of British forces, Yorktown, Virginia, United States of America

3 September 1783 - Treaty of Paris - United States recognized as independent

19 October 1783 - Montgolfier hot-air balloon - first manned flight

29 August 1786 - Shay's Rebellion against seizure of private property

17 September 1787 - Constitution of the United States of America

1791-4 CE - Whiskey Rebellion against taxation of private property and business

15 December 1791 - Bill of Rights for the United States of America

1799-1800 CE - Fries' Rebellion against taxation of property

18 June 1812-18 February 1815 - War of 1812, preserving United States independence

12 April 1861-9 April 1865 - First American Civil War
-Abolition of human slavery
-Establishment of expansive federal government

17 December 1903 - Kitty Hawk, North Carolina: Wright Flyer - first powered, heavier-than-air manned flight

28 July 1914-11 November 1918 - First World War
-United States intervention breaks European stalemate, enabling Allied victory
-Introduction of mechanized warfare and aerial combat
-Beginning of communist expansion

1929-33 CE - Great Depression: worldwide economic disruption caused in part by government attempts at economic control

1932-33 CE - First European Holodomor - 2-20 million dead

1 September 1939-2 September 1945 - Second World War
-United States provide bulk of military, industrial and economic resources, enabling Allied victory
-First use of nuclear weapons
-First unmanned spaceflight

2 December 1942 - University of Chicago, Illinois: first controlled fission chain reaction - Atomic Age begins

16 July 1945 - White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico: first atomic weapon detonated

6 August 1945 - Hiroshima, Empire of Japan: first atomic weapon used in war

14 October 1947 - Charles E. Yeager, United States Air Force: Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis; first manned, controlled supersonic flight

25 June 1950 - Korean War begins (ceasefire declared 27 July 1953)
-United States again provides bulk of military effort
-Communist expansion halted
-United Nations rise to power begins

1957 CE/52 BJR - Kurt Vetter is born

4 October 1957 - Sputnik 1, first artificial satellite

1958-61 CE - First Great Chinese Famine - 15-76 million dead

12 April 1961 - Yuri A. Gagarin, Soviet Air Force: Vostok 1; first human in space, first human in orbit

5 May 1961 - Alan B. Shepard Jr., United States Navy: Freedom 7; first American in space

20 February 1962 - John H. Glenn Jr., United States Marine Corps: Friendship 7; first American in orbit

6 May 1965 - First American combat troops deployed to Vietnam

15 December 1965 - Gemini 6 & 7 - first rendezvous in space

20 July 1969 - Apollo 11 - first manned extraterrestrial landing

19 April 1971 - Salyut 1 - first space station

14 May 1973 - Skylab - first American space station

15 May 1975 - Vietnam War ends
-United States military victory, political defeat
-Failure to halt communist expansion
-Reprisals and genocides in SE Asia

12 April 1981 - Space Shuttle Columbia, STS-1/OV-102 - first reusable space vehicle

26 December 1991 - Soviet Union collapses

22 January 1992 - First extrasolar planet discovered

25 April 1992 - Aerospace industrialist Kurt Vetter creates Long View Foundation, secretly begins search for faster-than-light technology and habitable extrasolar worlds

22 August 1992 - Delta Clipper, first reusable single-stage-to-orbit space vehicle

9 May 1995 - Mitchell Co., secretly associated with the Long View Foundation, establishes permanent manned presence on Luna

4 July 1997 - Vetter Aerospace makes first manned landing on Mars

1998 - deComyn Engineering, secretly associated with the Long View Foundation, announces first successful fusion power plant - Fusion Age begins

12 January 1999 - Vetter Aerospace begins first asteroid mining operation

20 July 2000 - Mirabushi Orbital Observatory, secretly associated with the Long View Foundation, confirms a habitable planet orbiting Tau Ceti

11 September 2001 - Islamic terrorist attack on United States
-Unprecedented expansion of government power and erosion of civil liberties
-Global War on Terror begins

4 September 2002 - Dr. Rachel Marsten, Vetter Aerospace, develops theoretical basis for faster-than-light travel

15 August 2004 CE/5 BJR - XSLS1 JRS Enterprise, first human starship, secretly tested beyond Lunar orbit
-Captain Nora Gaines, Vetter Aerospace - first human to exceed lightspeed

13 September 2005 CE/4 BJR - first (secret) extrasolar landing, Monticello (Tau Ceti II)

2006-2009 CE/4-0 BJR - additional secret extrasolar landings:
-New Israel (Epsilon Indi IVb)
-New Texas & Crunch (Delta Pavonis II & III)
-Adams' World (Gamma Pavonis V)
-Alexandria (Beta Hydri III)
-Hornbeck (Alpha Mensae III)

19 November 2006 CE/4 BJR - Constitution of the Jeffersonian Republic
-Monticello and New Texas become Charter Member Worlds of the Republic

11 April 2009 CE/1 Firstmonth 1 JR:
-Declaration of Independence for the Jeffersonian Republic
-Monticello-based calendar of the Jeffersonian Republic begins
-Battle of Forest Grove, Oregon; starship Aldrin successfully evacuates Founders under federal attack
-The Escape: Founders' Fleet launches from points around Terra, most while under government attack
-First Battle of Terra: CMX1 JRS Independence, first interstellar warship, Nora Gaines commanding, destroys UN and other governments' orbiting weapons
-New Israel claimed by Jewish separatists in payment for their support of the Founders
-FTL Bureau established in cooperation with New Israel to prevent Terra from developing faster-than-light technology

5 JR/2012 CE - Botany Bay, first "safety valve" dissident ship, returns to Terra
-Marsten Drive self-destructs after Transit is complete
-All passengers and crew imprisoned, interrogated and tortured on Luna; all but three killed in "accidental" blowout three months later

4 February 2012-13 March 2031/4-35 JR - Second American Civil War: 21 million+ dead
-Constitution and Bill of Rights suspended indefinitely
-Elections suspended indefinitely
-First use of nuclear weapons in war since 1945
-First use of strategic biological weapons since World War II
-First American Holodomor: estimated 5.3 million noncombatant dead
-United States restructured as Federal States of America, subordinate to United Nations
-Interstellar Cold War begins

6 JR/2013 CE - United Nations recognizes Jeffersonian Republic sovereignty and independence; diplomatic relations established
-Under cover of humanitarian aid shipments and technology transfers, Jeffersonian Volunteer Groups first deployed to Terra

18 JR - Crisis on New Israel
-New Israel becomes third Member World of the Republic
-Space Patrol performs Relief of New Israel
-First three Amendments to Jeffersonian Republic Constitution

28 JR - Wilson's Colony accidentally discovered by explorer Everett Wilson

28 November 2029 - Korean War officially declared ended by United Nations
-South Korea absorbed by North
-Estimated 3 million South Koreans die by execution or starvation over next four years

12 June 2030 - Taiwan invaded, reconquered by communist China
-Estimated 2 million dead in initial nuclear attacks, additional 4 million from disease, starvation and execution in next two years

33 JR/2030 CE - Citing terrorist attacks and breakdown of social order, most of which were later proven fabricated by his associates, Thaddeus Webb declares himself "governor" of New Texas, suspends planetary Constitution and imprisons planetary Triumvirate. Within the month, Webb's Terran mercenaries and domestic collaborators are eliminated by outraged Citizens and Subjects; Webb is captured, tried, and publicly hung. His severed head remains on a spike over the New Alamo for over 500 Republic years.

35 JR/2031 CE - Dissident ship Botany Bay II reaches Alexandria; Betan Confederacy established

2032-39 - Second Holocaust: Islamic expansion causes estimated 14 million deaths
-19 September 2032: Jerusalem rendered uninhabitable by radiological "dirty bomb" - est. 95,000 killed
-5 August 2033: Paris destroyed by 1Mt nuclear weapon, est. 1.4 million killed
-13 April 2036: Tailored ebola virus infects est. 37,000 in Rome during Easter Sunday celebrations; epidemic claims est. 3.3 million worldwide over following year
-12 May 2037: Madrid rendered unihabitable by eight radiological "dirty bombs" - est. 280,000 killed
-3 April 2038: Third Great Fire of London kills estimated 121,000; 2 million+ homeless
-20 April 2039: Nerve-gas attack kills estimated 80,000 in Berlin, 200,000+ permanently disabled

2040 - United Nations and Pope Clement XVI declare Islam an outlaw religion
-United Nations Peacekeeping Fleet destroys Mecca and several other Islamic religious sites & population centers with orbital kinetic strikes
-Official UN policy of conversion or execution implemented; Eradication of Islam begins

49 JR - Wilson's Colony becomes fourth Member World of the Republic

61 JR - Alexandrian Civil Wars begin

2050CE = 65JR

68 JR - Adams' World becomes fifth Member World

71 JR - Second Generation Marsten Drive introduced, hyperspace speed increased to c24

100 JR = 2072CE
-Tower One, Wilson's Colony, becomes operational, renamed High City
-Kurt Vetter dies on Monticello, aged 114 Terran years

107 JR - Crunch becomes sixth Member World

109 JR - Alexandrian Civil Wars conclude

113 JR - Botany Bay III presumed lost in space

116 JR - Botany Bay III reaches Necessity

140 JR/2097 CE - United Nations secretly begins releasing fertility-suppression agents to targeted populations worldwide

2100CE = 145JR

160 JR - Third Generation Marsten Drive introduced, hyperspace speed increased to c33

165 JR - Alexandria becomes seventh Member World

168 JR - Botany Bay IV departs for Hornbeck

172 JR/2117 CE - The Jovian Trojan Incident - details not revealed until after conclusion of Republic-Empire War

190 JR/2128 CE - Incident at Circle Y Ranch

200JR = 2134CE

16 Secondmonth 200 JR/23 June 2134 CE - The Europa Incident: luxury liner NTS Virginia Heinlein destroyed by Terran terrorists in Jovian space, 1,379 killed
-Isolation of Sol begins

209 JR/2139 CE - C01 JRS Adamant, first of her class, commissioned as Jeffersonian Republic Space Patrol cruiser

215 JR/2143 CE - Revolution on Hornbeck; theocratic monarchy overthrown, secular republic established

221 JR/2147 CE - C63 JRS Aurora commissioned as Adamant-class JRSP cruiser

223 JR/2149 CE - United Nations restructured as Terran Empire
-Former Secretary-General Kresek Cardino declared Kresek I, Emperor of Humanity
-War of Unification begins

2150CE = 225JR

226-8 JR/2151-2 CE - Great Famine of Nippon: est. 13-37 million dead
-Second European Holodomor: est. 12-29 million dead
-Second American Holodomor: est. 10-15 million dead
-Great African Famine: est. 112-144 million dead
-Second Great Chinese Famine: est. 200+ million dead

230 JR/2153 CE - War of Unification concludes: est. 700 million-1.3 billion dead
-Switzerland and Israel suffer indiscriminate orbital bombardment after both repelling several conventional invasions
-Abolition of national sovereignty
-Reinstitution of human slavery
-Centralized control of global economy
-Recognition of Jeffersonian Republic sovereignty and independence rescinded
-All extrasolar worlds declared to be in rebellion against Imperial rule

233 JR - Hornbeck becomes Member World

c.257 JR/2170 CE(?) - Terran Empire achieves faster-than-light travel, reverse-engineered from data collected during Jovian Trojan Incident and wreckage of NTS Virginia Heinlein and MS Botany Bay

269 JR/2177 CE - Russian Star Empire established on Kursk by coordinated mutiny of seventeen Terran Navy starships
-Russian monarchy restored by claimant to Romanov bloodline; RSE declares independence and neutrality

279 JR - C63 JRS Aurora decommissioned, refit

280 JR - Terran Empire conquers Eyan

294 JR - CL63 JRS Aurora recommissioned, reclassified as light cruiser

300JR = 2197CE

2200CE = 305JR

316 JR - Necessity discovered by Republic exploration ship, becomes Member World

22 Thirdmonth 319 JR/30 December 2208 CE - Republic-Empire War, aka First Interstellar War, begins
-CA08 JRS Masada sacrificed, prevents invasion of Monticello
-Seventeen civilian students sacrifice themselves to prevent destruction of High City; invasion of Wilson's Colony prevented (CL63 JRS Aurora engages enemy)
-Sagimoto Maru sacrificed, disrupts but does not prevent Imperial invasion of New Israel; occupation begins
-Republic Congress unanimously declares war on Terran Empire, sets goal of Reclamation of Sol System
-Space Patrol federalized as Jeffersonian Republic Navy
-Exploration & Colonization Service federalized as Jeffersonian Republic Marine Corps
-Planetary and local militias activated and federalized
-Nowy Kraków secedes from Terran Empire, declares neutrality; former Imperial Navy Admiral Jeffrey Hansen elected Chancellor, establishes republic

322 JR - New Israel liberated

324 JR - Second Battle of Terra; strategic raid to disrupt buildup of new Terran offensive

326 JR - Fourth Generation Marsten Drive introduced, hyperspace speed increased to c56

327 JR - Nouveau Corsica, Imperial capitol world, surrenders
-Kresek II commits suicide after transmitting surrender
-Kresek III renounces surrender declaration, declares war "to the death"

328 JR - Eyan liberated

25 Thirdmonth 331 JR/4 July 2216 CE - Third Battle of Terra
-Terran Navy destroyed
-All non-Jeffersonian objects in Terran orbit destroyed
-Jeffersonian ground forces land in Scotland

2 Fourthmonth 333 JR/14 October 2217 CE - Republic-Empire War concludes
-Battle of the Great Plains - Imperial army surrenders near St. Louis, Missouri
-Kresek III commits suicide with 30kt nuclear weapon in Washington City
-Approximately 170 death camps, at least 20 still in operation by war's end, discovered across Terra
-Republic Navy and Marine Corps begin defederalization, revert by stages to militia status
-Fourth Amendment to Jeffersonian Republic Constitution

335 JR - Republic of Caledonia established

336 JR - Nowy Kraków Chancellor Hansen assassinated by Imperial loyalists - Polish Civil War begins

338 JR - Polish Civil War concludes; Kindgom of Nowy Kraków established under King Trevor Aldritch, former Imperial Navy Captain; diplomatic relations established with Jeffersonian Republic

10 Fifthmonth 345 JR - Fifth Generation Marsten Drive introduced, hyperspace speed increased to c102, Transition Effects to organic beings eliminated
-FFX749 JRS Glennis Yeager, first to exceed c100

350 JR/2228 CE - CL63 JRS Aurora decommissioned, placed in Mothball Orbit at New Texas

351 - Nikar Contacted

352 - CL63 JRS Aurora sold as scrap but remains in Mothball Orbit - resold repeatedly

363 - Boksi Contacted

375 - Siv Contacted

381 - Chikar Contacted

2250CE = 385JR

390 - Zaggarish Contacted

392 - Russo-Polish War, aka Second Interstellar War - Kingdom of Nowy Kraków attacks Russian Star Empire over territorial dispute
-Captain Teresa Gaines, JRSP, descendant of Founder Nora Gaines, leads unofficial commando raid to rescue RSE Commodore Dame Natasha Alexis from Polish captivity

394 - Defeated by RSE, Nowy Kraków government collapses; failed coup attempt leads to despotism, anarchy; pirates, slavers, etc. move in, prevent restoration
-Aldritch Dynasty and nearly one-quarter of planetary population exodus to Frontier world Illyria, establish new Kingdom

399 - Terra becomes Member World, with local exceptions such as Old Scotland (Republic of Caledonia), Israel, Switzerland, Fourth Republic of Texas, Alaskan Republic, etc.

400JR = 2259CE

403 - Vloss Contacted

405 - The Great Repealing: Jeffersonian Republic federal government reduced by over 80%; reductions continue at slower pace over following decades

417 - Glaut Contacted

459 - Bwor Contacted

488 JR - Sixth Generation Marsten Drive introduced, hyperspace speed increased to c147, efficiency greatly improved

2300CE = 465JR

529 - Flike Contacted

543JR/2348CE - Alran Contacted
-Solomon Danner and crew of September Rose save Rockville, Crunch, from destruction
-Solomon Danner uses prize money to purchase and refit CL63 JRS Aurora

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