Races of the Jeffersonian Republic's universe

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Humans - Originating from Terra and spreading across a 60-parsec sphere, Humans are bipedal, bisexual mammals averaging less than two meters in height. They are currently the most technologically-advanced race known. Divided into several nations, the largest, wealthiest and most powerful is the Jeffersonian Republic, which includes the origin world Terra. Fractious and rebellious at the core of their beings, there is always a new independent Human world being colonized somewhere, and two interstellar wars have been fought so far between Human nations.
Eyani - Originating at an F-class star some twenty light-years from Terra, they are six-limbed bisexual mammals, similar in appearance to Terran bears but roughly Human-sized, of intelligence and sentience comparable to Humans. Enslaved by the Terran Empire while still primitive, they were liberated by the Jeffersonian Republic and granted independence following the Republic-Empire War. Many Eyani have been integrated into Human nations, mostly the Republic, and experience full practical equality. Nearly half of all Eyani are now Republic-born, while the still-independent Eyani Nation has colonized two more worlds under their own flag. Eyani were the first sentient alien race encountered by Humans.
Nikar - A bipedal, bisexual, oviparous reptilian race, comparable to Humans in size, their homeworld, Gnop, remains independent. Still largely primitive, the Nikar still engage in clan warfare over grievances centuries or millenia old. Small numbers of Nikar have integrated with Republic society.
Boksi - A bisexual, twelve-limbed, amphibious and oviparous crustacean race, resembling meter-long Terran horseshoe crabs. Originating from Kshir, when Contacted by a Republic exploration ship, they were well advanced beyond Human technology compared to the time Humans developed faster-than-light travel, except the Boksi had not yet developed FTL themselves. Kshir has joined the Republic by Provinces (nations/states) and is a de facto Member World of the Republic. Boksi are integrated with Republic society.
Siv - Originating at Selm, now a Member World, they are an avian, tri-sexual race significantly smaller and lighter than Humans. Males are plumaged white, females yellow, and neuters, which gestate and traditionally raise children, are brown. Their ability to fly has atrophied through evolution, but their vestigial wings are still functional in low gravity. Siv are integrated with Republic society.
Chikarans - Their world, Chikar, suffered generations of planetary war before being discovered by a Republic exploration ship. The Republic stepped in as peacemakers and helped the Chikaran people rebuild their world. Chikarans are bipedal, bisexual and roughly Humanoid, evolved at approximately half Terran gravity and from arboreal origins. They average 1.3 meters in height. Chikar is now a Member World and the Chikarans are integrated with Republic society, though many are still not adapted to Human standards of gravity and often wear exoskeletons for support.
Zaggarish - Averaging well over three meters in height, the trilateral Zaggarish, with three arms and three legs, are physically too large to integrate with most Human-based or -compatible societies, though their relations with the other Known Races have been peaceful. Lagging in technology, they are usually encountered as physical laborers, though they have purchased advancements from Human nations, mostly the Republic. Their world, Zaggar, remains independent.
Vloss - Victims of a Malthusian spiral all other known technological races have avoided through the conquest of space, the Vloss resemble six-limbed, hairless, endoskeletal spiders. They are approximately Human-sized and roughly mammalian. Suffering some millenia of degeneracy, they are slowly rebuilding their civilization with Republic assistance. Technically independent, Vlosshome is a de facto Territory of the Republic and will probably become a Member World in time.
Glaut - Six-limbed amphibious molluscoids resembling Terran octopi, approximately one meter at full spread, the Glaut suffer a rigid caste system and a totalitarian government, the Glautak Consolidation, spanning seven star systems. Aside from Humans, they are the only race yet encountered who have independently developed FTL. Since Contact with the Republic, rebellion has been increasing on Consolidation worlds and their government has responded with brutal oppression. Some thousands of Glaut refugees, their castes now freely mixing, escaped to Republic space and have already begun integrating.
Bwor - A primitive, yet sentient race, Bworhome has been designated a protected world by the Republic, which restricts outside contact. This policy is under review. Bworhome is a high-gravity world, nearly 18 meters at the surface, and the Bwor are four-limbed, flattened beings not comparable to any Terran analogue. Each of their four limbs contains an eye and tool-using appendages, while the main body operates as a gastropod's foot.
Flike - The planet Kmar is home to the predatory, expansionist Flike Empire. The Flike are vaguely Humanoid and average 2.5 meters in height. They are almost purely carnivorous and predatory, and while their sentience is comparable to Human, they are driven by a predator's instincts and reflexes. Their females are smaller than the males and are not fully sentient. Still mostly primitive, they have purchased technology from several Human nations and may be forming an alliance with the Glautak Consolidation. They are considered a threat to peace in their region.
Alran - Startlingly-Human-like, the Alran homeworld, Oskran, suffered a severe meteoric bombardment some thousands of years ago. Smashed back to their stone age, they had rebuilt their civilization to an industrial level when Contacted by a Republic exploration ship. Situated between the Glautak Consolidation and the Flike Empire, they are the first likely target of the supposed Glautak/Flike alliance's suspected expansionist goals.
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