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Part I Epilogue

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14 Secondmonth 1 JR
JRS Aldrin
Hyperspace Transit, Terra to Monticello

Kurt Vetter's right shoulder was shattered. Terran doctors would have amputated the arm, but Dr. Nendel knew it could be saved, eventually. After stabilizing the worst damage he set about crafting the synthetic replacements he'd invented.
After bringing Vetter out of his induced coma, he sat down to talk with him. "Do I call you 'Mister President'?" he asked with half a grin.
"Gods, no," Vetter returned with a scowl. Nendel was a de facto Founder now, but hadn't been part of the secret planning, the Constitutional Conventions, the hidden research, as his wife was. "And it's 'Councilor'. Five of them, to keep them too busy maneuvering against each other to rape the people. But I'll never serve on the Pentamvirate."
"Who will?"
"They were selected a couple years ago. One's aboard, you've probably met her, the rest on other ships. Their terms officially began when we issued the Declaration. Single terms only for the first five, not eligible for reelection, then regular elections as they expire and those will be term-limited. There was talk of drafting from among signatories to the Constitution, but I don't want the damn job and I won't have anyone else coerced into it in my place."
"I guess I have a lot of catching up to do."
"There's time. Now."
"How long will it last?" Nendel asked. "This Republic?"
"Like Franklin said. As long as we can keep it."
"We didn't, last time."
Vetter smiled. "But we have something Franklin and Washington and Jefferson and Madison and the Adamses didn't. Before the fall, there was a saying: 'After America, there is nowhere to run to.' That problem's been solved. By your wife.
"The worms are out of the can, the genie out of the bottle, the cat out of the bag. From now on, no matter what goes wrong, no matter how bad it gets in one place, there will always be somewhere to run to."
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