The planet Monticello

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Second planet of the Tau Ceti system, discovered by the first secret interstellar voyage of the starship Enterprise. The year is only 228 Terran days long, or 181 local. Gravity is 10.9 mps2, or about 11% above Terran; atmosphere is significantly thinner with slightly less oxygen; therefore Monticellan natives enjoy considerable advantages in strength and endurance over natives of Earth.

Liberty Lines is the largest and oldest passenger service in Human Space. LL's flagship Abigail Adams recently lost the Blue Ribbon, awarded for the fastest passage between Monticello and New Texas, to Caledonian Starlines' Lady of Glasgow. LL plans an attempt to retake the award with their newest ship, Dominica Gonzalez.

The Blue Ribbon was inspired by its 20th Century CE ancestor for the fastest crossing of Terra's Atlantic Ocean before jet aircraft rendered most ocean liners obsolete; the last winner of the Terran Blue Ribbon was SS United States, operated by the Jeffersonian Republic's mother-country.

"The Big Black One." First Legion (Legio I) of the Exploration and Colonization Service. In time of war the ECS is federalized into the Marine Corps. Legio I is traditionally the only standing unit of military ground forces in the Republic. All others are reduced to local militia status in peacetime.

Legio V, Monticello's South Continent Militia, "Aunt Mazie's Own." Established in 40 JR by lifelong South Continent native Mazie Sullivan, the ECS' Fifth Legion has grown from a ragged collection of hermits and eccentrics to one of the most respected fighting forces in Human Space.

Legio XI, the Ranger Legion, based at South Continent's Space Patrol Academy. Originally formed in the 2nd Century JR as a catch-all unit for the Jeffersonian Volunteer Groups, mercenaries who sought adventure on Terra before and during the Imperial Unification, they were reorganized during the Republic-Empire War and became famous for covert or special operations, most notably in organizing and coordinating Terran Resistance and Eyani guerilla forces. Largely disbanded, remaining elements have been incorporated in Legio I.

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