The planet Hornbeck

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This world was settled by the dissidents of Botany Bay IV, the most recent "safety valve" ship, which departed in 168 JR. Believing Republic rule to be too permissive, the Hornbeck Expedition formed the Kingdom of Hornbeck, a totalitarian, monarchist government based on fundamentalist Christianity. After sixty years of self-imposed oppression, the descendants of the original dissidents revolted, putting down the government their ancestors had thought was ideal. Thirteen years later Hornbeck was admitted into the Republic as a Member World.

Hornbeck is a Terra-type world, but its axial tilt is about half-again that of Terra's; as such its seasons oscillate between far greater extremes. Severe weather conditions have, in certain coastal regions, created astonishing surfing conditions, and surfing enthusiasts have already begun taking advantage of this. Fashioning boards from the hull plates of wrecked Imperial warships, these modern surfers capture waves more than twenty meters in height and traveling up to twice as fast as normal waves on Terra. Full acceleration armor with overtravel prevention and life support is required to survive such a ride; even so, there are several deaths in this sport every year.

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