Worlds of the Jeffersonian Republic's universe

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At its simplest, the national symbol of the Jeffersonian Republic is a white, five-pointed star on black, symbolizing a united Republic across the depths of space; you will see this symbol repeated in various forms on most of these flags. Several old Terran flags have been adapted to Jeffersonian use by replacing some or all of their original blue with the black of space. This, then, is the National flag of the Jeffersonian Republic, adapted from the First National Flag of the Confederate States of America, the "Stars and Bars."

The Jeffersonian Republic is a society of contradictions. Individual liberty is valued above all things, yet at any time at least forty percent of the population has served or is serving in what can be considered the military. The Confederate States of America and their struggle for states' rights and independence from northern federalism are revered, yet Jeffersonians revile the ancient forms of discrimination and consider themselves a single, united society; indeed, though the Republic now consists of over twenty inhabited planets, moons, stations and other outposts, many of them rich in unique cultures, the national flag - adapted from the first national flag of the Confederacy - continues to bear a single star. Roles which Terran societies have long thought the traditional business of government, such as health care and education, are filled by a plethora of corporations, charities, and other private concerns, which compete in a free-market system to woo customers, instead of forcing people into de facto government monopolies. The mere suggestion of government intervention in free-enterprise, or in day-to-day business or private life, is sufficient to end political careers (or, in at least one famous case on New Texas early in Republic history, risk summary execution by enraged Citizens). Perhaps the greatest contradiction for a non-Jeffersonian mindis the fact that, although the Republic is the most heavily-armed society in Human history, with military weapons commonly in the hands of ordinary civilians and even some interstellar warships privately owned, violent crime is almost nonexistent throughout Republic worlds, and most other forms of crime are rarer than in any other modern society.

Most of the Founders of the Republic were formerly citizens of the United States of America, and most of these in turn were from the rural Western, or former-Confederate Southern, states, and this is reflected in the Republic's dialect, commonly called the American language, flavored with accents and slang from what was known as "flyover" country in the last Terran republic. Depending on who utters it, and in whose company, the term "redneck" can be a high compliment or a grave insult. Despite what urban Terrans might imagine on hearing a Jeffersonian speak, the standard of living and average education of the typical Jeffersonian Citizen is far higher, by any objective measure, than any other society in history, even that of the United States.

There is a proverb common throughout the Republic, spoken by Jeffersonians to Terrans or other foreigners who express confusion at these apparent contradictions: "It works for us, you must not be doing it right." Other societies, particularly Terran, often accuse Jeffersonians of arrogance, but the accusation falls flat in the face of Jeffersonian performance in the Republic-Empire War, treatment of the Eyani people, ongoing scientific and technological growth, and the incomparable and constantly-growing wealth of this interstellar nation. Not since the United States of America, on pre-starflight Terra, has a single nation been so vastly and demonstrably superior to all others.

second planet orbiting Tau Ceti, first habitable extrasolar world to be settled by the Founders, de facto "capitol" of the Republic. Home of Aurora's Doctor and Science Officer, Ralph Vatelius.

New Texas,
the Republic's other Charter World, orbiting Delta Pavonis. Third world discovered by the secret voyages of JRS Enterprise. Home of Aurora's Gunner, Holly Cates.

New Israel,
a habitable moon of a gas giant orbiting Epsilon Indi. Second discovered by the experimental starship Enterprise, settled by expatriate Israelis who helped the Founders during the Escape. Home of Aurora's Purser, Daisuke Taniyama, and Cargomaster, Jack Epstein.

Wilson's Colony,
discovered by accident, settled by eccentrics. Home of Aurora's Engineer, Jennifer Blain.

Adams' World,
named for revolutionaries, site of the tri-annual Republic Olympics.

second "habitable" world in the Lone Star System.

settled by dissidents, home to militant Librarians. Home of Aurora's Captain, Solomon Danner.

settled by Christian fundamentalists, surfing capitol of the universe.

settled by dissidents thought lost in space.

Sol System - origin of the Human race.

The Terran Empire
- the Totalitarian State Formerly Known as the United Nations. Home of Aurora's Steward, Charles Clancy.

Nouveau Corsica - intended to be the administrative capitol world of the Terran Empire.

Marseille - pleasure planet for the Imperial family.

Port Titan - a moon of Saturn and a "rough port", serving as a base for operations of questionable legality.

The Russian Star Empire - established by mass mutiny from the Imperial Terran Navy.

Arkhangelsk - RSE colony world

The Republic of Caledonia
- starfaring Scots.

The Eyani Nation
- from slaves of the Empire to allies of the Republic.

New Eyan - first Eyani colony, once brutally sacked by raiders, home of Aurora's Navigator, Sarah Heusner.

Kro'Hr'Fala - second Eyani colony.

Nowy Kraków - a brief and doomed enlightenment, followed by centuries of degeneracy.

Neues Deutchland - settled by Germanic colonists, home of Sarah Heusner's adoptive Human mother.

Gnop - home of the reptilian Nikar and of Aurora's First Officer, Prrg.

Kshir - home of the amphibious crustacean Boksi and Aurora's Engineer's Mate, Hlossh.

Selm - home of the avian, tri-sexual Siv.

Chikar - low-gravity home of the Chikarans, finally recovered from generations of planetary war.

Zaggar - home of the giant, trilateral Zaggarish.

Vlosshome - home of the Vloss, painfully clawing their way back to their former heights of civilization.

The Glautak Consolidation - home of the amphibious molluscoid Glaut, a totalitarian regime.

Glaudbd - homeworld of the Glaut species.

Rllbtl II ("Rollbottle" in Jeffersonian English) - home of Aurora's Glaut Engineer's Mate, Grbblb ("Glub").

Bworhome - home of the as-yet-primitive Bwor.

Kmar - home of the predatory, expansionist Flike Empire.

Oskran - home of the startlingly-Human-like Alran, between the Glaut Consolidation and the Flike Empire.

Albion - a Second Wave planet settled by English patriots who preserved their culture and history through generations of Imperial rule.

New Portsmouth - a Second Wave planet near Albion, with a large Torus-type station in orbit.

Vuoc - a Second Wave planet known for fur exports.

Yomi - a Second Wave planet settled by colonists of Japanese descent, known for ancient glaciers.

Ember - a Second Wave planet. Orbiting a red dwarf, it is so close to its primary as to be tidally locked, and is only inhabitable along the twilight zone.

Gambori - a Frontier world near the Glautak Consolidation.
The Gemstone System - an unprecedented six habitable worlds about a single star in the Second Wave:

Emerald, swathed in endless jungle.

Sapphire, bathed in near-endless sea.

Ruby, glowing with constant volcanism.

Diamond, blanketed with glaciers older than Man.

Opal, the Terra-like crown jewel of her star.

Amethyst, mineral-rich and nigh-poisonous to Common Life.

Bon Chance - tectonically unstable, her population lives on floating cities, riding over tsunami far at sea, not daring to colonize the land.

Asgard - settled by dissidents and adventurers from Necessity, dissatisfied with the "blessings" of civilization.

Bluegrass - a Frontier world settled by would-be Asgardians not strong enough to survive the neo-Viking way of life.

Gudrun - a Frontier planet near Asgard.

The Kingdom of Illyria - ruled by the monarchy exiled, generations before, from Nowy Kraków.

Lublin - a colony of the Kingdom of Illyria.

Radom - a colony of the Kingdom of Illyria.

Dakota - lightly-settled breadbasket for dozens of neighboring worlds.

Avalon - possible home to an elusive, possibly-sentient species.

Sylvan - an independent Second Wave world known for lumber exports.

Hidalgo - a Frontier planet.

La Mancha - a Frontier planet.

Alpine - a Frontier planet colder than most supportive of Common Life, a destination for hunt-tourists, and home to a possibly-pre-sentient felinoid species.

Mark's World - a Republic Territory in the Second Wave, whose level of development is nearing qualification for Membership.

Clearsky - a Second Wave world near Mark's World.

Shambhala - a Frontier world on the opposite side of Republic space from the Glautak Consolidation, settled by Buddhists and home to an ever-expanding temple complex.

Anvil - a Second Wave world near Marseille, known for rich resources and heavy industry.

New Halifax - a Second Wave world near Anvil.

Waramid III - a Second Wave world, and the last attempt at an Islamic state. Conquered by a pirate king whose daughter eventually petitioned for status as a Territory of the Republic.

Salvation - a Second Wave world, rich in metals and settled by various religious sects.

Adda - officially Republic Astronomical Survey 1441-II, an uninhabitable world near Mark's World, known mainly for the battle fought above it.

Cervantes - a Second Wave world settled by people from Spain and Latin America.

Oriskany - a Second Wave world known for swamps and sauroid life forms.

Ballantrae - a Second Wave world settled by Scottish people.

Elysium - a sparsely-settled Frontier world.

Burris - a Second Wave world fallen to corruption and dictatorship.

Sherrington - an independent Second Wave world.

Ude - a Frontier world inhabited by a sentient native species.

Finnich - a Frontier world settled by Siv.

Layden - a Second Wave world and a Member of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Gardener - a Second Wave world and a Territory of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Altoona - a Frontier world

Danforth - a Frontier world

Nuovo Venezia, aka New Venice - a Second Wave world settled by Italian people, particularly from the Venice region, and Member of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Enric - a Second Wave world with light gravity, settled by Chikarans.

Chikusei - a Frontier world ruled by Japanese people.

Sandstrom - a Frontier world.

Shreegok - a world beyond the Frontier, settled by Zaggarish.

Genc - a world beyond the Frontier.

Yarrow - a Frontier world and a Territory of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Long's World - a Second Wave world.

Prior - an independent Frontier world.

Fiesler - a Frontier world with life other than oxygen-breathing Common Life, this is little more than a scientific outpost.

Bromley - a system without planets but with four asteroid belts, each rich in resources.

Nea Hellas - a Second Wave world settled by Greeks, and a Member of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Ranar - a Second Wave world near Chikar, and a Member of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Georgia - a Second Wave world, and a Member of the Jeffersonian Republic.

Harmon - an independent system with one habitable world and another being Terraformed.

RAS2172 - an uninhabited system four light-years from Harmon, being mined and harvested by several states and non-government efforts.

Limbo - a Republic Territory on the Frontier.

Haylesworth - an independent monarchy on the Frontier, without friendly relations with the Republic.

Klein - a Republic Territory near Haylesworth.

Duquesne - a Member World of the Jeffersonian Republic near Klein.

Brrbbr - a world of the Glautak Consolidation near Oskran

Sidonia - an independent world near Oskran

Dgad - a Flike colony world between Sidonia and Kmar

Grashal - a Flike colony world between Kmar and Drbbldd

Drbbldd - a world of the Glautak Consolidation near the Flike Empire

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