The Constitution of the Jeffersonian Republic

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"Before the Fall and the Escape, there was a lot of talk about the 'intent of the Founders'. I want to preemptively solve that mystery.
"The Constitution is not a list of things people may do. It's not even a list of things government can't do. It's a list of the very few specific things government is supposed to do, and anything not on the list is a hanging offense if government does it, or tries to stop the people from doing it.
"When writing a Constitution, do not have faith in the better natures of your successors. America's Founders were brilliant men, but even they could not have imagined the blatantly, openly, gleefully evil creatures America suffered at her end. Write your Constitution and laws with the expectation they will be twisted and deliberately misinterpreted. Make sure the people always have real teeth to defend themselves and their liberty.
"Anyone who wants, who enjoys, who derives satisfaction from a job where he's supposed to go hunting for people breaking some arbitrary rule but not actually hurting anyone - creatures like that should be promptly hung from the nearest streetlight until their corpses rot. As a warning, and a favor, to future generations.
"Article VIII, Section 13, is intended to kill nearly all the traditional malum prohibitum of Human society. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, those are obvious - but I also mean speed limits. Driver's licenses. Pilot's licenses. Vehicle registration. Driver's insurance. Marriage licenses, business licenses, yes even doctor's licenses, liquor licenses, building permits, building codes, fire codes, any kind of individual mandate, any kind of begging-for-permission to live one's own life. Yes, I mean to get rid of all these evils, and all the bureaucrats and parasites and uniformed thieves and professional sadists who come with them. That is this Founder's intent."

- Kurt Vetter, excerpts from interview with Monticello Broadcasting Corporation reporter Grace Hollister, 4 Thirdmonth 2 JR
"Toward the end, in the United States, there arose the notion of the Constitution as a 'living document' that could be altered or suspended by majority vote or, later, by executive order. Happily this is not the case in the Jeffersonian Republic, but if we wish it to remain so we must learn from the bloody blunders of our ancestors. We must learn that the Constitution is not a buffet table from which one can pick and choose what one likes and ignore the rest. We must forever remember that the Constitution is the rules. We must never forget that changing, or trying to change, the rules of a free society will get a lot of people killed."

- The Rattlesnake, the Eagle and the Sheep: The Last Terran Republic, 1775-2012 CE
- Regina Nguyen, Ph.D., Martoli Professor of Terran History
- University of Cincinnati Press, Monticello, 86 JR
"They knew the War would come someday. And they knew that someday it would end. Smart guys, those Founders."

- Moammar al Rashid, ex-Councilor of Citizenship, First Sergeant (Retired), JRMC, 363 JR
- Quoted in No Law or Scheme: The Enduring Brilliance of the Founders
- Yu'Jeh, High Mistress of Scrolls, and Henrietta Delacourt, Ph.D.
- Alexandrian Institute Press, Alexandria, 391 JR
Article I - Definitions and Citizenship
Article II - Legislative
Article III - Executive
Article IV - Judiciary
Article V - Provinces
Article VI - Amendments
Article VII - Federal
Article VIII - Declaration of Rights
Article IX - Ratification
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