The Republic of Caledonia

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Established on the planet Caledonia after the Republic-Empire War, the Republic of Caledonia includes the Terran lands of old Scotland. Scottish elements of the Terran Resistance helped the Jeffersonian Navy secure their first landing sites during the Liberation of Terra.

Current holder of the Blue Ribbon for the fastest passage between Monticello and New Texas, Caledonian Starlines continues to grow in the post-War era.

The Free Scots Regiments of Legio XXI performed magnificently in Jeffersonian service during the Republic-Empire War. Many veterans of the Twenty-First Legion are eligible to claim Citizenship in the Jeffersonian Republic, but the Constitutions of both the Jeffersonian Republic and the Republic of Caledonia prohibit dual citizenship, and some Scots are facing difficult decisions about their fealty and futures. Legio XXI has now been entirely disbanded; most of this Legion's Marines have mustered out to resume or begin their lives as free Citizens, while some have continued their military careers in either the Patrol, ECS, or RCSG.

The Caledonian Stellar Guard performs the same role as the Jeffersonian Republic's Space Patrol and Exploration & Colonization Service. Ground and space forces are not separate branches in Caledonian military service. Jeffersonian military analysts and leaders have acknowledged that this Scottish system works well, but see no pressing need for a cost-prohibitive conversion of the current, well-established Jeffersonian militia structure.
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