The Constitution of the Jeffersonian Republic:
Article IX - Ratification

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The ratification of the convention of the Board of Directors of the Long View Foundation, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution for the Jeffersonian Republic.

Done in Convention, by the unanimous consent of those present, the fourteenth day of February, in the year of the Common Era two thousand and five, before the Declaration of Independence for the Jeffersonian Republic. In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our Names.

For Vetter Aerospace:
Kurt Vetter
Lynna Bjolnir
Rachel Marsten
Hans Tallenbeck
Harold Thaler
Jacob Sexton

For Mitchell Co.:
Roy J. Mitchell Sr.
Roy J. Mitchell Jr.
Eliza Daniels-Mitchell

For Mirabushi Ltd.:
Kazuhiro Mirabushi
Omiko Tanaka
Gisela Bersa

For de Comyn Engineering:
Miles Hawthorne
Gerald Edwards

For the Long View Foundation:
Teresa Hadley
Maryanne Jackson
Bonnie Jacobson
Marcus Schmidt
Elizabeth Martinez
Illyana Dmitrieva

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