Excerpts from the Jeffersonian Republic project:
Aurora, Dramatis Personae

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Crew of Independent Starship Aurora:

Solomon Danner, Captain - Human, born Alexandria (Beta Hydri), former Lieutenant Commander, Jeffersonian Republic Space Patrol

Jennifer Blain, Engineer - Human, born Wilson's Colony, previous career as Marsten Drive technician

Prrg, First Mate - Nikar, born Gnop, longtime spacer, former mercenary and adventurer, renounced aristocratic rank on homeworld

Hlossh, Engineer's Mate - Boksi, born Kshir, longtime spacer, former JRSP NCO

Grbblb ("Glub"), Engineer's Mate - Glautak, born Rllbtl, dissident exile maimed by government for advocating Jeffersonian ideals

Charles Clancy, Steward - Human, born Ireland, Terra, longtime spacer and chef, former JRSP NCO

Holly Cates, Gunner - Human, born New Texas (Delta Pavonis), JRMC Sgt. Major (Retired)

Sarah Heusner, Second Mate/Navigator - Eyani, born New Eyan, orphaned by raiders as infant and raised aboard ship by Humans

Jack Epstein, Bosun/Cargomaster - Human, born New Israel (Epsilon Indi), longtime dockworker and spacer

Daisuke Taniyama, Purser - Human, born New Israel, trained as banker

Ralph Vatelius, Ship's Doctor - Human, born Monticello (Tau Ceti), trained as surgeon, former JRSP Medical Corps, took to space to escape family expectations

Trllbl ("Trillbil"), Able Spacer - Glauteb, refugee from Rllbtl

Delilah Howell, Medical Officer - Human, JRSP Medical Corps, refugee from Mark's World

Aurora - former JRSP light cruiser, now privately-owned Independent Starship and Reserve Privateer

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