The planet Alexandria

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Founded by the dissidents of the Republic's second "safety valve" colony ship, Botany Bay II, the planet Alexandria was first home to the Betan Confederacy. The Confederacy dissolved in factional warfare in the last half of the 1st Century JR, and spent the first half of the 2nd rebuilding, finally establishing a republican form of government and successfully petitioning to become the seventh Member World of the Jeffersonian Republic in 165 JR.

Yes, there's a story in those six blue stars. I just haven't written it yet.

Confederate Passenger Lines' original pennant was taken from the battle flag of the Navy of the Confederate States of America. Their current pennant reflects their new sense of unity as Jeffersonians and reminds passengers of the folly of internecine warfare. CPL will also be making an attempt to win the Blue Ribbon with their newest ship, Cleopatra, named for the ancient Egyptian empress who so loved the original Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed in a Roman Imperial civil war.

Taking their world's name to heart, the people of modern Alexandria have begun constructing a monumental library complex, gathering all Human knowledge and storing it redundantly throughout their world. The Alexandrian Institute is responsible for many recent advances in information-storage and -retrieval technology. The science ships of the Exploration and Colonization Service, a branch of the Space Patrol, regularly transmit their collected data to Alexandria for backup, or visit there to deposit physical specimens in the enormous vaults still being excavated beneath the planet's mountains.

Bearing in mind the fate of their namesake, Alexandrians have taken steps to safeguard the knowledge they have collected. The Library Defense Force consists of several cruiser class, sublight warships, crewed by the Order of Librarians, under the authority of the Institute, and funded mainly by private donations from throughout the Republic.

During the War, the ALDF also formed the Twelfth Legion of the Jeffersonian Republic Marine Corps, and now forms the Alexandrian Planetary Militia. Currently the Order of Librarians is formed mainly from veterans of Legio XII, and other Navy and Marine Corps combat veterans, largely natives of Alexandria, who have taken oaths to defend the Library and keep it available for use by all. In addition to their excellent maintenance and operation of the Library and the warships of the ALDF, Librarians are trained and often experienced in various forms of combat. Most Librarians, as veterans of the War, have seen with their own eyes the terrible effects of warfare and have sworn that the knowledge in their care will not be lost or destroyed. Sociologists are studying the development of the Order with considerable interest, comparing it to certain ancient monastic orders.

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