The planet Adams' World

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Named for American Revolutionaries Samuel, John, John Quincy, and Abigail Adams. The flag is adapted from one used by patriot colonists of New England during the American Revolution.

This is a forest world. It boasts nearly half-again the land area of Terra, and more than half of that is covered with trees. Analogies of most Terran species can be found in Adams' World's ecology; Jeffersonians have not found it necessary to introduce any non-native flora or fauna to this planet, and carefully-managed logging and harvesting operations on one large island, about the size of the subcontinent of India, suffice to provide the entire Republic with all the wood or plant products it cannot find or produce locally. Except for Timber Island and some smaller landmasses surrounding it, Adams' World has not been opened to colonization, and only about a quarter-million people live there, mainly timber workers, xenobiologists, and their families. Adams' World was first settled in 46 JR.

Surface conditions on Adams' World are very close to those on Terra; therefore this planet made a logical site for the Jeffersonian Olympics, which are held every three Monticellan years. Timber Island provides a sufficiently-varied geology to host all "summer" and "winter" events, and its middle-latitude location, combined with the planet's minimal axial tilt, keep those conditions stable despite the difference in the yearly cycles of the two planets.

One of the newest and most popular events, the Hero's Path, is uniquely Jeffersonian, and commemorates the actions of an anonymous resistance fighter on New Israel during the Imperial occupation of that world. Her story pieced together largely from Imperial records, the unnamed woman witnessed the first Imperial landings around the receiving stations for solar power satellites while on a photographic expedition in the mountains. Imperial troops discovered her and attacked, but she led them a merry chase across the mountains, sniping at them repeatedly, seizing enemy weapons when she ran out of ammunition for her own. She then raced down to a populated valley, fighting through more imperial troops to reach a New Israeli dwelling, where she transmitted a warning before being killed, allowing the bulk of the New Israel Militia to escape captivity or destruction.

The Hero's Path consists of a modified biathlon - cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, but with Space Patrol-issue battle rifles and unpredictable targets instead of specialized competition models at shorter, fixed distances - followed by a downhill skiing event, then a summer-style biathlon consisting of cross-country running and combat pistol shooting, again with Patrol-issue sidearms and variable target conditions. It is an all-day event in which the competitors start with a full pack, weapons and ammunition atop Mount Adams, perform the "winter" biathlon, then the downhill, then run the "summer" segment, all without rest, ending at the shore of Lake Abigail. The targets for the shooting phases are robotic and return fire with marking paint. The event is an horrific test of endurance, alertness and control, and is usually dominated by native or acclimatized Monticellans, whose adaptation to higher gravity and thinner atmosphere give them a significant advantage. Usually only one in twelve competitors finishes the event, most being eliminated by the paint guns of the robot targets and many simply collapsing from exhaustion in the second or third stage.

Due to this world's small population - just enough to qualify as a Member World - their correspondingly-small planetary militia is incorporated into existing Legions in wartime. Liberty Station performs multiple roles as a commercial port, center of industry, and orbital defense. Space Patrol vessels are assigned to Adam's World on a rotating basis. Adams' World was too distant and undeveloped to draw Imperial attention during the Republic-Empire War.

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