Activism Posters and Images

Inspired by sites like Oleg Volk's and SaveOurGuns, I have made my own little graphic images you can download and distribute.

Mine aren't as pretty - I bang them out with my word processor or Windows Paint KolourPaint in Linux Mint - but here they are. Just right-click your mouse on the image to save them on your machine. Some of these are pretty crude, but maybe they'll give you ideas to make your own.

Some of these may work well on t-shirts - you can get iron-on paper for inkjet printers at the big office-supply stores.

My very own, original, extremely crude Editorial Cartoons
Bumper stickers! Inkjet paper for these can be found at office-supply stores.
An Honest Man

Empowered Women


Food Prices

Consumer Prices

Equal Rights

Anti-Government Extremist

What's Wrong With America?

If You Can Keep It

Get A Job You Bum

Who is This?

Doing it Wrong

No Place on Our Streets


Laughing at the Second Amendment

Government Explained



School-Free Gun Zone

Religion of Peace

Religion of Pieces

Redneck Yoga

Just Right

Stop the Bleeding

Different Name

"Equity and Justice"

Who to vote for...? by S. Hammond

What is the Constitution?

Saint John

Freedom Thing

What's the Second Amendment for?

Socialism and Communism

Homeland Security

Here to Help

What Kind of People Support Gun Control?

Just Say No to Globalism by Patriot

Self-Defense-Free Zone - for businesses that prohibit CCW even if you're legally entitled to carry. This one gives better print quality if you use it as a template to make your own word processor file and print from that - any big-name w.p. should have all the features you need. I used WordPerfect 7 to make the original, then Windows Paint and IrfanView to re-create it as a .GIF for easy distribution.

When They Come | Evolution | Experts | Tyrant-Free

Civilians - for those who think we peasants should not be armed.

No Mas - Okay, Reno got booted out of the Florida Governor's race by the Cuban-American vote. I have no idea if this image helped. I'll leave it here in case she tries something else down there.

These small images can be stuck on websites, stationary, etc. Some of these are on my front page, adjusted for size in the HTML code. Here they are shown actual size. If you want something particular, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do - but my equipment is limited, so don't expect anything too fancy.

By the way, you can purchase an actual 3'x5' AR15/Gonzalez flag - and other neat stuff - from these guys. Some fine folks on the newsgroup tx.guns (search the archive with Google's usenet search) signed one of these flags and sent it to the UN Conference on Small Arms in July 2001. I'm proud to say I was one of them.

Wouldn't this look great on a white t-shirt?Wouldn't this look even better on a black t-shirt?
Boycott China! Get the US out of the UN! Keep the UN out of the US!No Jacka- er, Democrats!
Also flintlock pistol, M16, SKS, Garand, M14, M590 shotgun & scoped rifle - e-mail me.Make your own!
Tyrant-Free Zone!Tyrant-Free Zone!
Tyrant-Free Zone!
No Nazis!No Dems!No Commies!Take a closer look at the UN!
No moonbats!Commies Go Home!

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