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Firearm manufacturers

Armalite - AR15-style and other rifles
Barrett - .50 Browning (12.7x99mm) extreme-range heavy rifles, made by a true American Patriot and friend of our Cause
Beretta - four and a half centuries of really good guns
Browning - designed by the Master
Colt - Quislings pursuing "smart gun" technology
Connecticut Valley Arms - reproduction and modern muzzleloaders
Dixie Gun Works - reproductions, parts, kits, tools, gear, lots of good stuff
European American Armory - a variety of affordable arms
Fabrique Nationale - yes, the FN
GAMOUSA - airguns
Glock - well, somebody must like them, but it isn't me
Heckler & Koch - nice, but expensive, and they'd rather sell to governments than citizens
High Standard - trophy-winning target pistols
Kahr - defensive pistols you can bet your life on; also Auto Ordnance
Kimber - pretty 1911s at competitive prices
Marlin - good enough for Annie Oakley and Bob Munden
Mossberg - shotguns that work
Navy Arms - historic reproductions, and imported surplus
Olympic Arms - AR15 clones; also Safari Arms
Para Ordnance - high-capacity 1911s
Remington - great old American name, also jumping on the Quisling wagon by refusing to sell their "law enforcement" models to "ordinary" citizens
Rossi - affordable revolvers, and single-shot rifles and shotguns
Ruger - tough, reliable, and selling out to the forces of tyranny
Smith & Wesson - 21st Century Quisling
Savage - workhorse rifles, and other things
SIG - Swiss craftsmanship
Springfield Armory Inc. - 1911s and famous M1A rifles
Taurus - quality, affordable handguns, & historic small-caliber rifles
Thompson/Center - famous hunting handguns, and blackpowder arms
Uberti - faithful reproductions
Winchester - another fine old American name

Firearm-related sites

Airsoft Station safety and training page - economical training alternatives
Galati International - firearm accessories & shooting gear
Gun Parts Corporation - You broke it? They've got a spare, and their $15 catalog is worth a lot more as a reference book
GunSafeAble - reviews and comparisons of gun safes
Midway - like Brownells, piles of wonderful things
Omaha Outdoors - an American company that offers hunting and shooting gear for gun enthusiasts of all kinds
Tapco - another good online aftermarket supplier
Widener's - an excellent supplier of accessories and reloading supplies

Organizations & Authorities

American Gun Owners Alliance - uniting against the enemies of liberty
Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force - defending human rights in Alaska
Appleseed Project - creating Riflemen
Arkansas Carry - restoring rights
Armed Equality - is real equality
Armed Females of America - 'nuff said
Arms Collectors of Southwest Washington - a nifty little monthly show
Shooters Union Australia - defending Down Under
Black Guns Matter - educating and informing urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities.
Buckeye Firearms Association - Defending Ohioans' rights
Calguns Foundation - pouring chlorine in the septic tank
CodeIsFreeSpeech and DefCad - "Can't stop the signal, Mal."
Connecticut Carry - Fighting for human rights
Clayton Cramer - historian, author
Delaware Gun Rights - defending the First State
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership - health-care professionals who know that guns save lives
Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry - without wasting millions of tax dollars
The Firearms Coalition - the sons of Neal Knox, authors of the regular Shotgun News column, champions of the Cause
Firearms Policy Coalition - on the front lines
Firearms United - fighting for what's left of the place where Europe used to be
Florida Carry - Protecting Floridians' Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Fully Informed Jury Association - fighting the unstable freaks in black robes
Gunfacts - spelling it out
Gun Owners of America - this group doesn't waste your money!
Hawaii Defense Foundation - free the islands
Honored American Veterans Afield - not anti-self-defense like the Wounded Warrior Project
IAPCAR - International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance - "Behind Every Blade of Grass"
Iowa Firearms Coalition - defending your Second Amendment rights in Iowa
International Defensive Pistol Association - training and competition based on real-world self-defense
Indiana State Rifle And Pistol Association - defending Hoosiers' rights
Indiana Gun Owners - Gun Classifieds and Discussions
International Shootists Institute & Steel Challenge - do you like to compete?
State of Jefferson - The Double Cross!
Kansas State rifle Association - defending freedom in the Sunflower State
Knife Rights - because the Second Amendment applies to all arms
Louisiana Shooting Association - in the Sportsman's Paradise
Maryland Shall Issue - restoring a human right
Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association - defending the Old Line State
Commonwealth Second Amendment - Working to Protect and Restore Civil Rights in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Gun Owners' Action League, Massachusetts - "Protecting Your Freedom Begins Here"
Massachusetts Gun Rights - "The Second Shot Heard 'Round the World!"
Michigan Open Carry - ditto
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners - restoring Constitutional Carry
Minnesota's Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance - defending the Land of 10,000 Lakes
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus - likewise
Gun Owners of Maine - defending the Pine Tree State
Missouri Firearms Coalition - for the "Show Me" State
Montana Shooting Sports Association - in Big Sky country
National African-American Gun Association - advocating for the inalienable right to self defense
National Rifle Association - just a wee bit out-of-touch, maybe?
Nevada Carry - keeping on top of the laws
Nevada Firearms Coalition - defending the Silver State
Nebraska Firearms Owners Association - The Voice of Nebraska Firearms Owners
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition - preserving freedom in the Granite State
Women's Defense League of New Hampshire - Women Empowering Women
New Jersey Second Amendment Society - talk about your uphill battles
Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs - likewise
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association - for the Land of Enchantment
Oath Keepers - Not On Our Watch!
Ohioans for Concealed Carry - "To expand and preserve the rights of all gun owners in Ohio."
OK2A - Fighting for freedom in Oklahoma - fighting to restore the natural human right
Operation Blazing Sword - Offering Gun Education to the LGBTQ Community
Oregon Firearms Federation - no compromise for Oregon!
Firearm Owners Against Crime - Pennsylvania Gun Owners Defending the Constitution
Pink Pistols - bash this!
Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition - defending the Ocean State
Rose City Gun Collectors - the best gun-show outfit in Oregon, finally online!
Sanctuary Counties - for the Second Amendment
Single Action Shooting Society - y'all ever wish you were John Wayne?
Gun Owners of South Africa - hard to get any deeper into enemy territory.
South Africa Gunowners Association - ditto
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus - no more self-defense-free zones!
SuperHappyFunAmerica - Straight Pride!
Tennessee Firearms Association - keeping liberty alive in Tennessee
Texas Firearms Freedom - activism for the everyday Texan
Texas State Rifle Association - defending the Lone Star State
Ukrainian Gun Owners Association - because it's a human right
Firearms UK - in the place where Britain used to be
Utah Shooting Sports Council - protecting the Beehive State
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs - where "Vermont Carry" came from
Gun Owners of Vermont - defending the way it ought to be
Virginia Citizens Defense League - fighting for freedom in the land of Jefferson
West Virginia Citizens Defense League - and in Yankeeland too
Wisconsin Carry - defending America's Dairyland
Women Against Gun Control - women who'd rather not be defenseless
Women's Firearm Network - by women, for women
Wyoming Gun Owners - defending freedom


Constitution Society Militia Links
The Minutemen

Militia of Washington County
California State Militia
Michigan Militia
Unorganized Militia of Champaign County


Frugal Squirrel
Equipped to Survive
The Survivalist Blog

Culture Warriors

Hal Colebatch - author and other things
Oleg Volk - artist, philosopher
Baen Books - subversion through entertainment :)
John Stossel - pathological truth-teller
Western Rifle Shooters Association - holding the line
David Codrea - documenting the War on Guns
Erik B. Scott Memorial Blog - in memory of the citizen murdered by police at a Las Vegas CostCo
Jerry Pournelle - author and other things
Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper - USMC (ret.) - the Guru (Alternate URL)
Yuri Orlov - a Gun Guy - see also The Real Gun Guys
Michael Z. Williamson - author, bladesmith, veteran
Armed America - photojournalist project
Black Man with a Gun - author & radio host Kenneth Blanchard
New Jovian Thunderbolt - "Neophyte Shottist"
National Shooters Association - from behind socialist lines in no-longer-Great Britain
Between Two Rivers - stranded in Iowa
Armed and Safe - this man is.
Larry Correia - Monster Hunter International
See Emily Play - "Smelly" in a good way
Sipsey Street Irregulars - The Three Percent
Oppression in the Midwest - Illinois Sucks
Home on the Range - Guns & Gourmet Cooking from a Small Midwest Homestead
Moms United to End the War on Drugs - because prohibition always causes more harm than it claims to prevent
NFA Freedom Alliance - working to overturn the prohibition resulting from Prohibition
Proud Boys - BFYTW


Clark Rifles Inc. - my gun club
SpeedTrap Exchange - help starve a bloodsucking revenuer!
Parts Pit Stop - not firearms, but ATVs and the like, often used by hunters or ranchers.
People of the Gun - join the Tribe.
The Firearm 'Blog - just the facts.

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