M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle

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"Personal weapons are what raised mankind out of the mud, and the rifle is the queen of personal weapons."

Queen of the Battlefield! Arguably the finest rifle ever generally issued to the soldiers of any armed force anywhere ever, this is the M1 Garand! Officially adopted 1932, issue began in 1936 and US government production did not stop until 1957, when the M1 was officially replaced with the M14 - a direct mechanical descendant (indeed some parts are interchangeable). Serving throughout World War II and the Korean War, the Garand's power, accuracy and reliability saved the lives of countless American servicemen and vanquished the enemies of light and liberty.

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WikiPedia entry

Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper on the Queen

Cooper's definitive work on riflery, The Art of the Rifle

General George S. Patton, Jr., declared the M1 Garand to be "the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man."

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Civilian Marksmanship Program John C. Garand Match results to date
DateLocationCourseSlow ProneRapid ProneRapid SittingSlow StandingTotalRankNotes
17 Sep 2005Clark RiflesB184/1X92/0X82/1X82/1X440/3X - 88.0%4th of 11Loaner rifle, LC68 M2 Ball
3 Jun 2006Clark RiflesA95/2X27/0Xn/a46/0X168/2X - 56.0%13th of 14Shared loaner rifle, sight setting was changed - handloads
9 Sep 2006Clark RiflesA96/2X90/0Xn/a85/0X271/2X - 90.33%4th of 17First JCG match with own rifle - TW5 M2 Ball
11 Nov 2006Lone OakA91/0X87/1Xn/a81/0X259/1X - 86.33%3rd of 7LC68 M2 Ball
5 May 2007Clark RiflesA96/1X90/0Xn/a84/0X270/1X - 90.00%3rd of 14Handloads
7 July 2007Clark RiflesA96/2X84/2Xn/a70/0X250/4X - 83.33%8th of 18Handloads - forgot to fire last 2 rounds in Standing!
11 November 2007Lone OakA86/0X82/0Xn/a81/0X249/0X - 83.00%6th of 12LC68 M2 Ball
3 May 2008Clark RiflesA95/1X91/0Xn/a78/1X264/2X - 88.00%6th of 29Handloads
5 July 2008Clark RiflesA85/0X88/0Xn/a77/1X250/1X - 83.33%13th of 23Started by spotting wrong target
10 August 2008Lone OakA91/1X68/0Xn/a84/2X243/3X - 81.00%8th of 18LC68 M2 Ball
6 September 2008Clark RiflesA96/0X92/0Xn/a88/2X276/2X - 92.0%2nd of 26Handloads - personal best so far
7 June 2009Lone OakA93/1X84/1Xn/a81/0X258/2X - 86.00%3rd of 20LC67 M2 Ball
16 August 2009Lone OakA91/1X87/0Xn/a74/0X252/1X - 84.00%5th of 21LC69 M2 Ball
23 August 2009Clark RiflesA90/0X76/0Xn/a87/0X253/0X - 84.33%4th of 12Handloads
8 November 2009Lone OakA93/1X89/1Xn/a85/1X267/3X - 89.00%2nd of 13LC69 M2 Ball - first time in top 100 nationally!
29 May 2010Clark RiflesB190/9X82/0X62/0X77/0X411/9X - 82.20%6th of 9Handloads - first rifle match in over six months
14 May 2011Clark RiflesA91/1X81/0Xn/a83/0X255/1X - 85.00%5th of 11Handloads - first rifle match in 50 weeks
12 June 2011Lone OakA91/0X67/0Xn/a75/0X233/1X - 77.67%3rd of 6LC69 M2 Ball - operator error in rapid-prone
9 July 2011Clark RiflesA88/1X68/0Xn/a73/1X229/2X - 76.33%14th of 16Handloads - badly out of practice
12 May 2012Clark RiflesB186/3X75/0X72/1X81/1X414/5X - 82.80%5th of 9Handloads - rounds too long, disrupted Rapid stages
3 June 2012Lone OakA93/3X70/0Xn/a82/0X245/3X - 79.67%4th of 4LC69 M2 Ball - operator error in rapid-prone
14 July 2012Clark RiflesB181/2X77/0X63/0X78/0X399/2X - 79.80%7th of 7Handloads
4 August 2012Lone OakA91/2X75/0Xn/a76/0X242/2X - 80.67%3rd of 7HXP72-78 M2 Ball equivalent
1 September 2012Clark RiflesB190/2X76/0X85/0X76/0X427/2X - 85.40%3rd of 8Handloads
11 November 2012Lone OakA89/0X86/0Xn/a84/2X259/2X - 86.33%UnknownHXP76-82 M2 Ball equivalent
1 June 2013Clark RiflesB189/2X57/0X84/0X72/0X402/2X - 80.40%9th of 11Handloads
10 August 2013Clark RiflesB174/1X79/0X71/1X79/0X403/2X - 80.60%3rd of 7Handloads
25 August 2013Lone OakA78/1X71/0Xn/a76/0X225/1X - 75.00%8th of 9HXP65-82 M2 Ball equivalent
10 November 2013Lone OakA91/0X85/0Xn/a87/1X263/1X - 87.67%3rd of 5HXP65-82 M2 Ball equivalent
31 May 2014Lone OakA75/0X79/0Xn/a73/0X227/0X - 75.67%5th of 7HXP65-82 M2 Ball equivalent
14 June 2014Clark RiflesB171/0X84/0X71/0X84/0X410/0X - 82.00%5th of 7Handloads
23 August 2014Clark RiflesB181/1X80/0X64/0X75/0X400/1X - 80.00%4th of 5Handloads
9 November 2014Lone OakA86/0X77/0Xn/a74/1X237/1X - 79.00%3rd of 6HXP65-82 M2 Ball equivalent
8 August 2015Clark RiflesA85/1X76/0Xn/a81/1X242/2X - 80.67%4th of 10Handloads
8 November 2015Lone OakA92/0X83/0Xn/a77/0X252/0X - 82.00%2nd of 6Convertible sighters used - real score 246/0X
28 May 2016Clark RiflesB170/2X68/0X70/0X77/0X385/2X - 77.00%9th of 12Handloads
4 June 2016Lone OakA88/1X79/0Xn/a72/0X239/1X - 79.67%5th of 6HXP66-77 M2 Ball equivalent
23 July 2016Clark RiflesB181/2X75/0X86/1X69/0X411/3X - 82.20%10th of 13Handloads
6 August 2016Lone OakA88/0X78/0Xn/a83/0X249/0X - 83.00%2nd of 5LC69 M2 Ball
13 November 2016Lone OakA87/0X93/3Xn/a78/0X258/3X - 86.0%2nd of 4HXP71-78 M2 Ball equivalent
18 June 2017Lone OakA90/2X83/0Xn/a72/0X245/2X - 81.67%2nd of 5HXP70-78 M2 Ball equivalent
5 August 2017Lone OakA87/1X83/0Xn/a77/0X247/1X - 82.33%4th of 6HXP70-78 M2 Ball equivalent
23 June 2019Lone OakA92/2X72/0Xn/a65/0X229/2X - 76.33%3rd of 6HXP70-78 M2 Ball equivalent - one hangfire

In 2009 and 2010, I was ranked in the top 100 nationally for CMP JCG matches, but due to financial difficulties I have been unable to maintain my ranking.

The other Saint John:

Some WWII posters featuring the M1 - the first is probably the most famous:

Here is a poem sent to me by a match director:

Do you wonder why that rifle
Is hanging in my den?
You know I rarely take it down
But I touch it now and then.

It's rather slow and heavy
By standards of today
But not too many years ago
It swept the rest away.

It's held its own in battles
Through snow, or rain, or sun
And I had one just like it,
This treasured old M-1.

It went ashore at Bougainville
In Nineteen Forty-Three.
It stormed the beach at Tarawa
Through a bullet-riddled sea.

Saipan knew its strident bark,
Kwajalein, its sting.
The rocky caves of Peleliu
Resounded with its ring.

It climbed the hill on Iwo
With men who wouldn't stop
And left our nation's banner
Flying on the top.

It poked its nose in Pusan,
Screamed an angry roar
And took the First Division
From Chosin Reservoir.

Well, time moves on, and things improve
With rifles and with men,
And that is why the two of us
Are sitting in my den.

But sometimes on a winter night,
While thinking of my Corps,
I know that if the bugle blew
We'd be a team once more.

(Author unknown)

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