Crimes of the Left

Since shortly after the 2004 election, I have been deliberately collecting news stories about the political Left committing various crimes, particularly against the political Right, thus amassing evidence that these so-called "tolerant, inclusive Liberals" are the biggest pack of violence-prone, venom-spewing, hatemongering bigots on the face of the planet. Send me more!

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TREASON - These are documented cases of Democrats and other so-called Liberals committing acts of Treason against the United States of America, as defined in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution.

John Kerry Aided Communists During Vietnam War

Bill Clinton Aided North Korean Nuke Program

Clinton/Gore Accepted Campaign Contributions from Communist China

Clinton Administration Let bin Laden Escape

Jimmy Carter Praises Communist Regimes, Denounces America

Jimmy Carter Aided Dictators, Terrorists; Wrote Speeches for Arafat

Democrat Staffer Spied for Hussein

ACLU Welcomes Terrorist Sympathizers

Gore Sucks Up to Saudis, Denounces Anti-Terror Measures

VIOLENCE - These are documented cases of Democrats and other so-called Liberals committing or encouraging acts of violence, intimidation, and vandalism.

4 October 2006, Columbia University, NY:
Minutemen Censored, Assaulted

November 2005, Richmond, Surrey, UK:
Animal Activists Threaten Family With Pro-Hunt Car Sticker

8 October 2005, Seattle, WA:
Veteran's Home Vandalized

4 September 2005, Louisiana:
Democrat Senator Threatens Violence Against Bush

1 September 2005, National:
Leftist Radio Host Encourages Looting

25 April 2005, National:
Leftist Radio Threatens to Assassinate Bush

31 March 2005, Kalamazoo, MI:
Conservative Commentator Assaulted at University

29 March 2005, Richmond, IN:
Conservative Commentator Assaulted at College

17 February 2005, Portland, OR:
Former Pentagon Adviser Assaulted at University

24 January 2005, Milwaukee, WI:
Five Democrats Charged with Election-Day Tire Slashing

10 December 2004, Louisville, KY:
Professor Urges Shooting Conservatives

10 November 2004, Apple Valley, MN:
High School Bush Supporters Assaulted by Kerry Supporters

8 November 2004, San Francisco, CA:
Muslim/Democrat Mob Attacks College Republicans

6 November 2004, Raleigh, NC:
GOP Headquarters Vandalized in Leftist Riot

30 October 2004, Durango, CO:
Liberal Professor Assaults Conservative Student

27 October 2004, Miami, FL:
Attempted Murder of Prominent Republican

22 October 2004, Tuscon, AZ:
Conservative Commentator Assaulted at University

5 October 2004, Orlando, FL:
Democrat Mob Storms GOP HQ, Injures Staffers

October 2004, National:
A Pattern of Leftist Hatred

17 September 2004, Huntington, WV:
3-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Democrat Thugs

20 March 2003, Madison, WI:
Republican Heaquarters Vandalized

11 March 2003, Los Angeles, CA:
Peaceniks Destroy 9-11 Memorial

RAPE - These are documented cases of Democrats accused or convicted of, or confessing to, rape.

President Bill Clinton

Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt

California Representative Gary Condit

Oregon Representative David Wu

CENSORSHIP - These are documented cases of Conservatives denied First Amendment Rights by Liberals.

24 May 2006, National:
ACLU Censors Own Board Members

26 May 2005, Hudson, MA:
High School Sued for Anti-Conservative Censorship

3 May 2005, Austin, TX:
Liberal Obscenity, Vulgarity Disrupts Conservative Speech

30 March 2005, Bowling Green, OH:
Students, Faculty Disrupt Conservative Speech

14 January 2005, Kent State University, OH:
Second Amendment Club Denied First Amendment Rights

24 November 2004, Cupertino, CA:
Declaration of Independence Banned from School

May 2004, Princeton, WV:
Leftist Censorship and Intolerance in High School

Series - National:
Leftist Campuses Harbor Terrorists, Suppress Dissent

Ongoing, National:
Chronic Censorship of Campus Conservatives

BIGOTRY - These are instances of prejudice and discrimination by Liberals toward Conservatives, Republicans, Christians, gunfolk, etc.

4 August 2006, Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Homosexual-Activist Cop Threatens Christians

11 December 2005, Washington State:
WA State Democrats Promote Anti-Christian Hatred

November 2005, Maryland:
"Party Trumps Race"

18 November 2005, Herndon, VA:
Students Harrassed, Intimidated, Oppressed by College President, Professor

15 November 2005, Eau Claire, WI:
Campus Double-Standard Excludes Christians

2 November 2005, Maryland:
Democrats Use Racial Slurs Against Black Republican

3 October 2005, University of Southern California:
Cronkite: Americans Too Ignorant to Vote

28 September 2005, Washington, D.C.:
Mainstream Media Mocks Alzheimer's Victim

28 September 2005, Boston, MA:
Whites Barred from Campus Event (with additional commentary)

13 September 2005 (ongoing), Indianapolis, IN:
Patriotic Professor Persecuted

21 July 2005, Long Island, NY:
School Principal Orders Presidential Portrait Removed, Fires Republican Teacher

June 2005, commentary:
Bigotry, Intolerance On Campus

16 January 2005, San Jose, CA:
Liberal Professor Persecutes, Ridicules Pro-U.S. Kuwaiti Student

14 January 2005, Fort Pierce, FL:
College Christians Oppressed

13 December 2004, University of Oklahoma:
Pro-Gun Professor Persecuted

22 November 2004, National:
Racist Liberals Attack Rice, Powell

21 November 2004, New York City:
Columbia University Promoting Anti-Semitism

15 November 2004, Chicago, IL:
Christians Should Be Denied Vote

18 March 2003, Brooklyn, NY:
Brooklyn Prof Calls Religious People "Moral Retards"

OTHER CRIMES - More cases of Liberals committing various crimes.

7 November 2006, New Mexico:
Not Enough Ballots in Republican District

8 March 2006, National:
Dem Staffer Charged with Privacy Violation

4 August 2005, National:
Liberal Talk Radio Abuses Public Funds

2 August 2005, National:
Report: More Democrats than Republicans Comitted Voter Fraud

20 July 2005, Seattle, WA:
Election Official, Dem Insider Arrested on Forgery, Theft, Assault

26 May 2005, National:
Jackson, Democrats Fined for Campaign-Finance Violations

6 May 2005, National:
Gun-Ban Groups Fined for Campaign-Finance Violations

23 March 2005, Fairview Heights, IL:
Democrat Election Workers Indicted for Vote-Buying

7 January 2005, Los Angeles, CA:
Clinton Finance Director Indicted

10 December 2004, Anderson, IN:
Democrat Party Chief Arrested for Vote Fraud

20 December 2002, France:
Leftist Financier Convicted of Insider Trading

Election 1998, King County, WA:
"Lost" Democrat Funding Records "Found"

9 November 1998, Little Rock, AR:
Clinton Fundraiser Indicted

18 February 1998, Washington, DC:
Democratic Fundraiser Indicted

3 December 1997, Washington, DC:
Clinton Fundraiser Indicted for Bribery

Ongoing trend, New York City area:
Liberal Leader Incites Race Riot, Arson, Murder

Ongoing trend, Tennessee:
Democrat Senator's Decades-Long Rap Sheet

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