Cops: the Good, the Bad, and the Stupid

30 March 2007: Please note - due to the nature of the internet many of these links will have expired. I used local or national media links wherever possible and have tried to avoid links from activist sites such as Free Republic or The High Road, but often the latter are the only forums to report on these incidents. Even for the links which are now dead, I'm leaving the date and place listed here so the news stories might be tracked down. Note also that whenever possible I have used the date when the incident actually occurred, not necessarily the date when the news story was published.

I'm also considering halting updates to this page as a duplication of effort, compared to David Codrea's Only Ones Files.

Here are a number of news stories and other links to explain why I don't like Law Enforcement Officers, particularly with regard to the right of private citizens to keep and bear arms. In summary, those who wear the badge are all too often arrogant, intimidating, deceitful, bigoted, and consider themselves above the laws that they enforce on us lowly peasants. I don't trust them. They have too much power, and have been corrupted by it. I fear them; they know they can get away with almost anything, including destroying, or even ending, the lives of anyone who dares oppose them.

Since my apartment was burglarized on 15 December 2005, I have had to interact with Law Enforcement Officers more than I would like - that is, at all. In light of this interaction and my difficulty concealing my hostility toward these people, I felt it necessary to provide these examples, which have shaped my opinion of the entire Law Enforcement community.

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And they're mostly lousy shots! I hereby challenge any law enforcement officer in or near the Portland metropolitan area to test his or her skills against mine in a local action handgun match. Email me for details.
Good Cops:
These cops "get it," or at least claim to.

Second Amendment Police Department

Law Enforcement Alliance of America

Sheriff Mike Cook (ret.), Coos County, OR

Sheriff Richard Mack, Graham County, AZ

Sheriff Barry J. Jozwiak, Berks County, PA

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Josephine County, OR

Sheriff Wayne Rausch, Latah County, ID

Chief Larry R. Buechler, Coal Valley, IL

Bad Cops:
These cops appear more concerned with "getting some."

1 March 1996, National:
U.S. Marshall Gets Medal for Shooting Teenage Boy in Back

16 April 2002, Colville, WA:
Sheriff's Deputies Steal Submachine Gun, Shoot Up Neighborhood

23 October 2002, Dallas, TX:
Police Prejudiced Against Gunfolk

5 November 2002, Gaithersburg, MD:
FBI Intimidates, Harasses Gunfolk

November 2002, Washington, D.C.:
Police Chief's Bigotry Cost Innocent Lives

11 December 2002, Los Angeles, CA:
LA Police Help Ban Same Guns They Use

22 January 2004, Broward County, FL:
Deputy Pawns Gun, Robs Inmates

27 March 2004, Manchester, NH:
Police Assault Law-Abiding Citizen, Then Cover-Up

8 June 2004, Shelby County, OH:
Sheriff Violates Gunowners' Privacy

8 July 2004, Cambell County, TN:
Cops Caught on Tape Torturing Drug Suspect

16 February 2005, Simpsonville, SC:
'Crazy' Plainclothes Cop Attacks Child, Mother in Park

11 May 2005, Cincinnati, OH:
Deputy Lied About War Record, Collected Extra Pay

May 2005, Albuquerque, NM:
Cops Run Red Lights, Won't Be Fined

June 2005, Sacramento, CA:
Gun Club Bans Gun-Banning Cops

12 July 2005, Indiana:
Police Steal Gun, Leave Man, 84, Defenseless

14 July 2005, Los Angeles, CA:
SWAT Team Kills Psychopath... and Toddler

15 July 2005, San Diego, CA:
SWAT Team Terrorizes Little Girl

July 2005, Minneapolis, MN:
Cops Run Red Lights, Won't Be Fined

23 August 2005, Richmond, VA:
Feds, Cops Persecute Gunfolk
Two links: 1 2

29 August 2005, Austin, TX:
DA to Persecute Gunowners Despite Law

30 August 2005, New Orleans, LA:
Even a Cop Joins in the Looting

August 2005, New Orleans, LA:
Cops Disarm Innocent Citizens, Then Run Away

18 September 2005, Virginia:
NJ Police Believe They Are Above the Law
Four links: 1 2 3 4

6 October 2005, Seattle, WA:
Trooper's History of Sexual Assault

28 October 2005, New Orleans, LA:
Police Steal Guns from Innocent Citizens

30 November 2005, Lancaster County, SC:
Police Ignorant of Law

11 December 2005, Arlington, TX:
Police, DA Refuse to Return Gun

22 December 2005, McMinnville, OR:
Sheriff's Deputy Robs Pharmacy

7 January 2005, Baltimore, MD:
Police Charged with Rape

20 January 2006, Nutley, NJ:
Ex-Cop Arrested on Gun, Drug Charges

21 January 2006, Riverside, CA:
Pedophile Cop

24 January 2006. Fairfax, VA:
Police Kill Unarmed Optometrist, Others

29 January 2006, Chino, CA:
Police Shoot Unarmed Airman

January 2006, California:
Two U.S. Border Agents Accused of Taking Bribes

8 February 2006, Lonoke, AR:
Corrupt Police Chief

22 February 2006, Jackson Township, OH:
Cop, Clerk Fired for Sex in Church Parking Lot

February 2006, New Jersey:
Port Cops Sued for False Arrest

February 2006, Florida:
Police Intimidate Citizens, Refuse to Process Complaints
Follow-up: Investigative Reporter Harassed by Police
Two links: 1 2

23 March 2006, Horn Lake, MS:
Elderly Couple Hospitalized After Cops Raid Wrong House

25 March 2006, Albany, OR:
Officer Indicted for Sex Abuse Still Receiving Salary

31 March 2006, Shippensburg, PA:
Officer Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Old Girls

March 2006, Irving, TX:
Cops Arrest Hotel Guests for Drinking in Hotel Bars

3 April 2006, Houston, TX:
Two Air Marshals Plead Guilty to Smuggling

13 May 2006, Baltimore, MD:
Couple Arrested for Asking Directions

24 May 2006, Memphis, TN:
Cops Beat Up Old Man

26 May 2006, Astoria, OR:
Former Officer Arrested on Sex Abuse, Other Charges
Two links: 1 2
Follow-up: Plea Deal Nets Wrist-Slap

30 May 2006, Murfreesboro, TN:
Police Say Citizens Should Not Defend Selves

31 May 2006, Dallas, TX:
Police Sergeant Sends Obscene Email to Watchdog Org.

5 June 2006, Dover, DE:
Trooper Charged With Taking Drug Evidence

22 June 2006, Tallahassee, FL:
Feds, Crooked Guards in Prison Shootout
Three links: 1 2 3

27 June 2006, Nashua, NH:
Cops Harrass Son; Father Tapes Cops; Cops Arrest Father

27 June 2006, Huntsville, AL:
Cops Who Shot Innocent Man Return to Regular Duty

29 June 2006, New York, NY:
Cops Rough Up Street Performer

18 July 2006, National:
Cato Institute: "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America"
Follow-up: Map of Botched Police Raids

27 July 2006, Philadelphia, PA:
Toddler With Water Gun Assaulted by Cop

4 August 2006, Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Homosexual-Activist Cop Threatens Christians

8 August 2006, Little Rock, AR:
Wildlife Officers Demoted for Illegal Hunting

9 August 2006, Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Cops Abuse, Mock Protestors, Offer Lame "Apology"
Five links: 1 2 3 4 5

28 August 2006, Milwaukee, WI:
Ex-Cop Gets 4½ Years for Bomb Threat

19 September 2006, Portland, OR:
Deputy Sexually Abuses Citizens, Gets Paid Leave

11 October 2006, National:
BATFE Chief Ordered Staff to Help Child With Homework

17 October 2006, Portland, OR:
Mentally-Ill Man Dies in Police Custody - Officers Exonerated

28 October 2006, Jerseyville, IL:
Teen With Bible Tasered to Death

3 November 2006, Denver, CO:
Pedophile Cop Arrested

13 November 2006, Portland, OR:
Officer Resigns, Pleads Guilty

16 November 2006, Portland, OR:
Pervert Deputy Plea-Bargains for Wrist-Slap
Two links: 1 2

17 November 2006, Providence, RI:
Cops Accused of Skipping Line to Buy PS3s

21 November 2006, Chafford Hundred, Essex, UK:
Corrupt Brit Cop Goes Bonkers
Two links: 1, 2

28 December 2006, New Orleans, LA:
New Orleans Officers Charged with Murder

3 January 2007, Knoxville, TN:
Dash Cam Captures West Tennessee Police Officer Assaulting Woman

Stupid Cops:
These cops barely know which end the hot stuff comes out of.

14 March 2004, Greensboro, NC:
Cop Takes Gun to Game, Shoots Own Behind

9 April 2004, Orlando, FL:
Drug Agent Lectures Kids on Gun Safety, Shoots Self in Leg
Follow-up: Agent Sues DEA for Releasing Video of His Negligence

5 January 2005, Seattle, WA:
Anti-Gun Police Chief's Gun Stolen

28 March 2005, Lake County, FL:
Deputy Shoots Self, Officer

21 April 2005, San Antonio, TX:
Officer on Toilet Accidentally Fires Gun

12 May 2005, Anderson, SC:
Deputy Lets Schoolkid Wrestle With Loaded Gun

14 June 2005, Binghampton, NY:
Officer Leaves Gun in Bathroom

13 September 2005, Austell, GA:
Police Trainee Killed by Instructor

24 September 2005, Orlando, FL:
Officer Shoots, Kills Officer

7 November 2005, Rapid City, IA:
Ex-Cop Fires Pistol in Airport

11 January 2006, Eaton, OH:
Deputy's Guns, Badge, Car Stolen

13 January 2006, Durham, NC:
Shotgun Stolen from Deputy's Car

23 January 2006, St. Louis County, MO:
Gun in Cop's Purse Fires in Restaurant; Cop Runs, Hides, Lies

28 January 2006, New York, NY:
Cops Shoot Cop

30 January 2006, Trenton, OH:
Officer Suspended for Leaving Rifle at School

30 January 2006, Bloomington, IN:
Gun, Gear Stolen from Police Car

31 January 2006, Lauderhill, FL:
Cop Shoots Self

23 February 2006, Milwaukie, OR:
Gun, Badge Stolen from Car

7 March 2006, Parkersburg, WV:
Instructor Shoots Self

5 April 2006, New South Wales, Australia:
Police Secret Password Blunder

13 May 2006, Bradenton, FL:
Woman Ticketed for "Hunting" Alligator Which Invaded Home

14 May 2006, Memphis, TN:
Police Shoot US Marshal

21 May 2006, Austin, TX:
Police Commander Arrested for Drunk Driving

24 May 2006, Chesterfield, VA:
Cop Shoots Self, Sues Gun Store

7 June 2006, Hot Springs, AR:
Sheriff's Deputy Fired for Going Topless

12 June 2006, Oxnard, CA:
Police Run Over, Kill Sunbather - Then Get Paid Leave

22 June 2006, Bremerton, WA:
Sheriff’s Deputy Mistakes Pistol for Taser

22 June 2006, West Roxbury, MA:
Drunken Cop Shoots Cop
Two links: 1 2

28 June 2006, Ft. Worth, TX:
SWAT Raids Wrong House

17 July 2006, Petersburg, VA:
Retired Couple Killed by Police Car

23 July 2006, Bronx, NY:
Three Cops Shot While Shooting Dog

6 October 2006, Albany, OR:
AR15 Rifle Stolen from Police Car

7 October 2006, Franklin, TN:
Deputy Shoots Deputy

23 October 2006, Morris County, NJ:
Officers Shoot Selves Twice in Three Days

9 November 2006, Orange County, FL:
Submachinegun, Full-Auto Rifle Stolen from Deputy's Car

11 December 2006, Hartford, CT:
Police Applicants Can't Pass Reading, Background Tests

20 December 2006, Fort Myers, FL:
Security Guard Shoots Self

14 January 2007, Washington, DC:
Weapons Stolen from FBI Vehicles

17 January 2007, National:
We Have Lost Our Stinking Badges

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