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6679 Friday, 1 October 2021:

The World Sucks

400 miles non-stop since dawn.
Lunch and fuel break and a little wifi,
somewhere east of the Missouri River.
Finally seeing gas prices under $3/gallon,
but not that much under.

Please help.

To which Michael G. adds:
"If your escape route passes through any of the states Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin there may be a way to stretch the fuel money. Those are states where the Hy-Vee grocery store chain has a presence. If you stop at one of those stores you can apply free of charge for a Fuel Saver Plus Perks reward card. They had, and may still have, a special where if you fill your tank (which I believe just means a 10 gallon or larger purchase) at one of their attached gas stations you get credited with a 5 cent per gallon discount (for up to 20 gallons) good for your next purchase. Also if you by any chance have health insurance that covers the annual flu shot, they give you a 25 cent per gallon discount for getting it at their pharmacy. You can find maps of store locations online, and the fuel saver discounts can also be redeemed at the Casey's General Store chain of convenience stores, although you can't gain discounts there.
"It may not exist, and even if it does it's only a buck off for 20 gallons, but it doesn't cost anything to ask and every buck counts."

"Tyrannical New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian RESIGNS in Disgrace Following Corruption Probe" the kind of people who want to force you to get the "vaccine"



In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Think about the kind of people who want to mandate you into helplessness. It's still not Republican NRA members with MAGA hats shooting places up and nobody wants to talk about that.
• And think about the delusional psychotic bigots who don't want you to have guns.
• Michael G. sends, the FBI investigated itself and found too much to cover up.
• And they're all still liars and thieves too.
• While anyone who isn't gets punished.
• Michael also sends Senate Confirms Radical Eco-Terrorist as Chief of the Bureau of Land Management.

In Lighter News

I was going to blank out this section, as I've done many times before, but then I realized I'm half a continent away from Portland and never going back.

Oh yeah, fellow-babies, I almost forgot: boogerrrr The Crown Joule, Part 74, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6680 Saturday, 2 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Again I see
I escaped Oregon
none too soon.

By the time this gets posted,
I hope to be somewhere
in the Confederacy,
racing gas milage
against dwindling fiat currency.

Huge hit with the fuel pump
back in Idaho.
Nearly all margin for
comfort or further mishap is gone.

730+ miles yesterday,
another 700 this evening.
I should make it there tomorrow.

Please help.

"...[V]accinated people were seven times more likely to catch COVID-19 than recovered patients." Why do you think that is.


To which Michael G. adds "The next treatment for Fauci & co. to demonize."


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends children as property of the state.
• And if you think otherwise you're a domestic terrorist.

In Lighter News

Still never going back to Oregon

6681 Sunday, 3 October 2021:

The World Sucks

I have arrived
in deSantisland
With very little to spare
to start my life over.
Aaaand no place to actually land
except truck stops and maybe a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Please help.

"Veteran of Afghanistan war with heart conditions faces possible dishonorable discharge for refusing COVID vaccine" how the government thanks you for your service



Michael G. sends "Bill Maher commits heresy. Will the left make him an apostate, despite him being with them 90% of the time?" Signs point to "Yes".

Aaand another fake hate crime, and another after that. Because the only real ones left are against White and Asian people.

With Immigrants Contributing to Society.

In Lighter News

Well, technically I'm homeless.

6682 Monday, 4 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Staying in a cheap
but not inexpensive
motel somewhere in central Florida.
At least that gives me time for a little blogging.

Please help.

"Calif. Gov. Newsom Announces Vaccine Mandate For Students"

"US Air Force doctor warns pilots of ‘sudden cardiac death’ after jabs"

Death is being attributed to a blood disorder induced by COVID vaccine

"...[T]he FDA is vindictive and they will hold up authorizations and approvals."

"Woman injured by COVID vaccine pleads with health agencies for help, as local news agency kills story after pressure from Pfizer"

"...[F]orced to resign her position after she wrote an op-ed opposing any mask mandate on campus...."

"Australian Authorities Show Up to Woman’s Home and Harass Her Over Social Media Posts"




"Maj Gen Ordered 50+ Evacuees off One of Last Flights out of Kabul to Make Room for Taliban Souvenir" and he'll court-martial grunts who refuse to get the "vaccine"

Again with the Lairds of Fairfax.

Michael G. sends even more segregation, forever.

And if you object you're a "terrorist".

The mob

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
GOPE RINO backstabbing
Demographic warfare
• Remember all those dystopian books and films, like Logan's Run or THX1138, where population growth was eliminated and everyone had a planned and dictated place in society? Those were just stories... right?
"His crime was refusing to be an FBI informant...."
• The process is the punishment.
• Why do we even have police? What are we paying for here?

In Lighter News

Never going back to Portland F***ing Oregon though I sure could use some help settling down here

It's not often that David Codrea endorses a candidate.

In my fictional future history I postulate railguns/coilguns/mass-drivers/however you'd like to define them, from personal sidearms to warship armament. Working on it.

6683 Tuesday, 5 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Police were filmed beating grocery shoppers in Melbourne this weekend."

Pfizer scientist explains why people are getting sick with Delta after being vaccinated

'CDC Allows Hospitals to Classify Dead Vaxxed People as “Unvaccinated”'

"...[I]nstill neurotic fear in small children...."





Michael G. sends green energy psychosis. Perhaps she means like this.

Psychotic delusions are the default setting.

Many times in these pages I have called for a thousand competitors to put NA$A completely out of business. That implies that the competitors are actually capable of competing. Elon is launching actual human beings into actual orbit, repeatably, with meaningful cost reductions, while Jeff and Richard can barely get past the Karman Line for a few minutes.

Not a MAGA hat in sight.

Who hates the Jews and why do Jews keep voting for them

Even the Salvation Army has fallen.




White genocide isn't a paranoid conspiracy theory if they're saying it out loud:

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Congress shall make no law... abridging... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"OH. WAIT.
Anti-robot tactics. These will evolve of course.
• Even Stuart Scheller is problematic.
The kind of people who want to be cops.
• While any who actually try to do their stated jobs are driven out and destroyed.

In Lighter News

Writing has not stopped and I should be able to maintain my weekly posting schedule for the next couple Fridays at least. Back here I imagined what a real meteor storm could do to a civilization and now I find this.

6684 Wednesday, 6 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Still looking for a place to land.
Blogging may remain limited,
and emails may be ruthlessly deleted,
or detailed replies may be delayed.

Additionally, while I was stuck in Idaho
waiting for repairs, I received word that
Tucson Tom, benevolent donor of the Queen,
had passed away.
I hope he got to read my last message,
telling him I had finally escaped Oregon,
not least with his help.

Aside from all that,
remember when GoDaddy had that big old Marine
on his big old Harley
in the commercials? Well, apparently he sold the hosting service
and they're now sliding in an SJW direction
aside from ending their old webmail handler
and going to some godsawful online version
of Microsoft Outlook
which keeps crashing
and which they want to charge more money for
and won't let me use mail2web or the like.
So within the next ten days or so
I need to migrate the whole site and domain name
to some new hosting service
where I can also get a normal email handler back again.
Please send suggestions
by clicking on "comment" below,
bearing in mind I presently have no income
and blew a third of what money I had
getting the fuel pump replaced,
and another third in fuel and motels
getting to Florida.

...Where I am now in the
Eastern Time Zone
so my daily blogtrawl may be missing stuff
I would be seeing in the Pacific Time.

"If your decision is to refuse COVID vaccination you will be removed from the kidney transplant list."

"Vermont — 76% of September Covid deaths were Fully Vaccinated"

"Apparently, most of the country believes the panic and fear that has been pushed, and they tremble with cowed obedience to the regime."

"Now their governments are insisting they all be fired for refusing the vaccine that they do not need...."

"So I have a suggestion to the cops. If you don’t want to be hated...."





Codrea notes something very important: Everyone is going out and buying arms but do they really know how to use them? Now I could never afford one of those highfalutin classes at Gunsite or Front Sight or Thunder Ranch or what-have-you but I have gone to some training, and as much practice as I could manage. This matters because


Hey remember all those denunciations of neighbors and undesirables in the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany? That could never happen here... right? To which dot Michael G. connects,

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Rhode Island school boards to coordinate with FBI. So how soon before HOAs coordinate with the FBI?" Followed by, "Another terrorist for AG Garland to pursue: Father arrested and injured after confronting teacher about not letting young son use bathroom." Then in comments on the first item I find AG Garland has financial stake in government-school agenda. If you love your children get them out of the government schools.
• Let me repeat that: Opposing child porn is now viewed as "terrorism" by the government. It is said "a fish rots from the head down" and we know the "president" is a senile child-molester WHO CAN'T STOP GROPING LITTLE GIRLS EVEN ON TELEVISION.
• Remember this is the same FBI
• who calls your mom a terrorist,
• and the same FBI who really is watching you through your computer.
• Speaking of unConstitutional private rackets, Michael sends "City authorized car theft in Wilmington DE." All liars and thieves. Didn't horse-thieves used to hang by the neck until dead?
"Constitutionalists in South Carolina have a problem on their hands, namely, law enforcement."
• Sympathy for Stuart Scheller diminishes.

In Lighter News

In medical news, Michael G. sends cancer chemotherapy drug reverses Alzheimer's symptoms in mice.

Followed by, in the Star Trek universe, "matter and energy are interchangeable" in things like transporters and replicators and now Scientists Create Material Made Entirely Out of Electrons.

MidWestReader sends Garand-type rear sight for Ruger 10/22. Because yes. He also reports, "Sarco also currently has, or at least claims to have, 1911 frames in stock that were made by Para-Ordnance before they went out of business, currently only Commander versions with short dust covers to match the shorter slide. I have heard contradictory things about the quality, but at least they're in stock, should you know of anyone planning on building a 1911 at home." Plus: "I had a weirdly detailed dream of holding a brushed stainless steel single action revolver in my hand and loading it. It had very dark wooden grips, maybe ebony. The revolver was single action only, and had a grip, gripframe, trigger, and trigger guard with the same profile as an old Colt Bisley, but it had a hand ejector rod and cylinder that swung out, with a pivoting latch in the left recoil shield like a Ruger double action. It had a fixed rear sight milled flat on top like a postwar S&W Model 10 or 13, and a heavy 4" barrel that gave it a profile similar to that of an SAA, with a semicircular front sight like a prewar S&W service revolver. It was chambered for .357 Magnum and held seven shots. It seemed like an artifact from an alternate universe in which certain advances in firearm design appeared in a different order." I, too, have contemplated unusual designs.

6685 Thursday, 7 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Lessons from the road:

I think I have a slight preference for
Flying J/Pilot truck stops
versus Travel America.
Didn't try sleeping at a Love's.
Bigger truck stops are better.
Sometimes the best option is to
park your vehicle in actual truck country.
Sometimes there's a dark,
leaves-and-drink-cups-strewn corner
that's just too cluttered for a real freighter
but quite suitable for a van,
and quieter than the normal RV parking.
Walking further to the showers
doesn't bother me, if I can sleep quieter.
Flying J wants $13 for a shower,
$14 at TA,
less at some other places.
There was an otherwise ordinary-looking
Mobil station which wanted $7.

Every GPS system will generate
a slightly different route
for such a long trip.
Use a couple different ones,
i.e. different web-map providers,
to plan your trip ahead of time
and make a list of waypoints,
on paper if necessary,
or a scrap file on your laptop or
a quicknote app on your phone.
Learn the advanced features of your chosen GPS,
like avoiding toll roads
(which I did have figured out before
but sometimes it crashes and resets and
I have to go find it and switch it again)
or navigating not to a specific address
but to a city in general, giving you
broader directional strokes,
then as you approach,
tell it to head for the next city on your list.
Some GPS will also allow you to find places by name,
like Wal-Mart or a specific fast-food chain,
or by category, like Rest Area or Truck Stop,
and will further allow you to search for those places
Along Route or Near Destination,
reducing backing-and-forthing and
the loss of miles and time.

Other, including political, considerations aside,
the Wendy's $5 Biggie Bag will
usually be the best bargain,
though only Oregon and one other state I don't recall
will not add sales tax to it, so figure another half-dollar or so,
and more yet if you want a non-standard drink.

Thirteen miles per gallon.
Three Bidenbucks per gallon.
About four miles per dollar.
The cheapest motel I've found along the way
was $61 for one night, and that was
half torn apart for renovation.
Watching Tucker Carlson on motel widescreen
is not cheering me up because
precursors to genocide and
ever-rising existential dread
Also, Florida is really warm
and that will take some getting used to
but at least it's still not
full-mask-Nazi Portland Oregon

Please help.

"Los Angeles City Council Passes 'Strictest in the Nation' Mandate for COVID Vaccine Proof"

"Scandinavians Halt COVID Vaccine For Young People Due to Mounting Side Effects"

"Massachusetts Healthcare Providers to Release Thousands of Non-Compliant Workers Who Refuse Vaccination"

Pfizer Executives Hiding Use of Human Fetal Tissue in Vaccination Program





"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies,
giving them Aid
and Comfort."

All this talk about segregation, well, they started it and why shouldn't we make them play by their own rules?

As always, don't go to college. It's not safe anymore.

Codrea observes the continuing rot of all forms of entertainment.

Michael G. sends Of Course, We Should Blame the Greens for the Energy Crunch.

Adding monopolistic censorship restraint of trade.

Yay economic collapse (at least I made it to Florida, where freezing to death will be the last of my worries)

"...[T]he English right to arms [was seen] as feeble and as far inferior to the Second Amendment." Which I have been pondering for a long time.

SpaceX keeps happening, while NA$A can't, and some people hate that.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• No, really, American Gestapo.
• Still getting worse in Occupied Oregon, where Republicans are functionally extinct.
• Similarly, Michael G. sends, who do you call when the government is "losing" your children to sex-slavery? Not the GOPE.
All liars and thieves

In Lighter News

A hundred competitors to put NA$A completely out of business and actually get things done in space. Faster, please.

To which Michael G. adds anti-meteor weapon development, which is the kind of thing NA$A should be spending tax dollars on.

6686 Friday, 8 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Still no place to land,
though not for lack of searching.
Money will become a problem

Please help.

"UCLA Med Center Doctor Escorted Out by Security for Refusing Shot" just like the old days




To which Michael G. adds "Biden says it's good to be king: He abuses his power at the personal level as well as the national and international level."

In social media news, MidWestReader observes, "Discord is owned and run by the worst kind of crazy Leftists, who are rumored to go through the logs daily to find anyone saying anything that they can pass on to the Powers that Be. I cannot recommend it, though it is being sold very, very hard everywhere right now as The New Place to Be. It is 'free' in the sense that the product they're selling is the end users' data. I am very circumspect there and refrain from controversial statements. Those who are incautious on that platform have regretted it. Big Brother is listening in, either directly or by proxy."

"They don’t even attempt to hide their hatred for this country anymore."

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Discrimination in South Carolina.
Why do we even have police?
What are we paying for here?
All liars
and thieves
"Seattle runs segregated critical race theory classes, teaching that whites are evil" at taxpayer expense.

In Lighter News

Constitutional Carry action right here in Florida.

The Crown Joule, Part 75, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6687 Saturday, 9 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Biden Using Dishonorable Discharges for Military to Weaponize Covid Vaccine"

"Judge extends order blocking mask mandate ban for two weeks, letting Iowa schools keep requiring masks abusing children" fixed it for you

"World Renowned Psychiatrist: ‘Global Predators’ Fauci, Gates, and Schwab Behind the COVID ‘Reign of Terror’" "COVID" was created to justify the "vaccine"

"Biden’s Failure to Acknowledge Natural Immunity Is ‘Tearing This Country Apart’"

"871 Los Angeles Firefighters File Notice of Intent to Sue City Over Vaccine Mandate"

"Senior Sergeant in Victoria Australia Police Department Quits Because Political Pressure Has Created Brutal, Often Illegal, Police Enforcement"

"Victoria Australia, Officials Withdraw Vaccination Mandate for Government and Judicial Employees" while still going full dogs-and-fire-hoses on the peasants



In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion...."
• During the Obama/Holder usurpations, American firearms were deliberately sent to Mexican drug gangs, by the government, with the expectation they would be used in crime, to fabricate justification for violating our right to keep and bear arms. This was not a new idea, and Michael G. sends, it's still being used: “Biden Administration officials developed a plan to use a letter from an outside group... as pretext for federal action to chill, deter, and discourage parents from exercising their constitutional rights and privileges.”
• No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMDCLXXXVII.

In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

6688 Sunday, 10 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Trying to migrate my whole site,
and my primary email,
to a new hosting service,
before GoDaddy start charging
even more money
for their awful online version
of Microsoft Outlook.
So, there may be instability in this site,
and emails might not come through.

Please help.

"Australian Authorities Threaten Unvaccinated Citizens Without Vaccine Passport With Prison Time"

"Southwest Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights – Pilots Filed Vaccine Lawsuit One Day Earlier"

"Federal Air Traffic Controllers conduct ‘mass sickout’ to protest Vaccine mandate"

"100 to 200 Congressional Reps and Staff Were Treated with Ivermectin Protocol From Front Line COVID Critical Care Doctors" while banning the same thing for you




Michael G. sends Don't Go to College, where mud huts and witchcraft are more important than actual life and job skills.


Not sure if Lighter- no, it's probably not. Watched a Trump rally last night. Trump is not perfect - I've pointed out issues several times in these pages - but he can go for three straight hours, on fifty different tangents, and always come back on track. The senile child-molester can barely follow a teleprompter for ten minutes.

In Lighter News

6689 Monday, 11 October 2021:

The World Sucks

If anyone reading this
knows of an affordable house for rent,
in the shortest possible time,
with a minimum of imperial entanglements,
in Palm Beach County, Florida,
please tell me, and
please help.

And I mean cheap.
I don't need a pool,
or a veranda,
or a gazebo,
or granite countertops,
or a bay window,
or all-new stainless-steel appliances.
I need a secure place
where I can get all the stuff
I've carried across the continent
out of my van
before some pothead/methhead steals it.
I need a hot shower in the morning
and a quiet place to sleep at night
and good internet the rest of the time
and not bloody much else.
I don't care if there's gators
I can deal with those myself.

"Nurses have either walked out or been fired over [Oregon governor Kate] Brown’s Covid shot mandate."

Australia is an apartheid state

"Covid Hysteria Causes Epidemic of Pediatric Mental Illness"

"High School Goes Into Lockdown Over Maskless Student"

"We are socially isolating and emotionally punishing our kids for what?"

"Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied with vaccine mandate as deadlines near"





Registered child-sex offenders teach stripper-pole dancing to grade-schoolers but we're the ones getting called "terrorists".

NRA members
MAGA hats
but we're the ones being called "dangerous"


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Codrea notes one tiny increment in Hawaii, with admittedly significant precedent potential, but that's still not Lighter News because law enforcement does not support the Second Amendment.
• Michael G. sends yet another liar and thief with a badge.
• Followed by, remember when everyone laughed at Sarah Palin for warning about death panels?
• With Government Contributing Immigrants to Society.
"...[T]he cops and the cartel worked together to capture, torture, and murder...."
• Never forget there is no order police will not obey.
• And that's not paranoia.
Why do we even have police
What are we paying for here
"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War
against them,
• or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."


In Lighter News

6690 Tuesday, 12 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Starting to panic a little
at not having a place settle down
here in deSantisland
but I'm still never going back to
Portland F***ing Oregon.

Please help.

"Washington State's Fire Marshal Will Lose Job Over Forced Covid Shot"

"Israeli Data Favor Higher Estimates of Post-Vax Myocarditis"

"US schools gave kids laptops during the pandemic. Then they spied on them."



To which I will add, in my fictional future history I imagine a tyrannical and totalitarian world government deliberately poisoning food and water supplies worldwide to reduce unwanted populations and I should be getting paid for this kind of prophecy.


To which Michael G. adds "Georgia Election Workers Fired for Allegedly Shredding Several Voter Registration Applications. But since this is Fulton county and they were reported by co-workers I have to wonder if they were actually bad guys, or are they the last two honest guys being framed by their corrupt co-workers?"

Followed by Immigrants Contributing to Society, and

School board covering up rape by trans student. But concerned parents are "terrorists".

Then, "Teachers that won't teach racism are driven out and destroyed."

In the news, a US Navy officer tried to leak nuclear submarine secrets. Michael sends, "According to comments, he's a big liberal with a BLM sign. Obviously needs to be verified." Later adding, "This appears to confirm the BLM sign, and the description of the wife's job as a 'humanities teacher at a prestigious private high school' sure makes the 'big liberal' comment seem likely." Now watch Biden('s handlers) pardon and promote him. Chief of Naval Operations!

Though I can't find a source, there is a saying, possibly from the Prophet Heinlein, or possibly from Poul Anderson's future history: "The worst part about living during the era of decline of a great civilization is knowing that you are":

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Woman Shoots Armed Intruder who Claimed to be Police." Like there's a difference anymore.

In Lighter News

Second Front action in Michigan and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

6691 Wednesday, 13 October 2021:

The World Sucks

I'm not a crook.
I'm not a junkie.
I don't even drink.
Why is it so hard to find a place to live?
Why is it so hard to just work for a living?

Please help.

"Scientists discover a highly potent antibody against SARS-CoV-2" which will be suppressed, ridiculed and banned

"Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Actually Exist"

"Australia’s Northern Territory Announces Mandatory Vaccination or $5,000 Fine"

"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Outlines Objective to Protect Workers From Being Fired Over Vaccine Status"

A Culture of Fear

"...[T]here isn’t any money in it for big pharma if we just kill Covid with aspirin, is there?"



"$100 MILLION Border Wall Discarded In Field While Biden Still Pays Contractors To NOT Build It"

Michael G. sends Don't Go to College where Whites are a persecuted minority.

Republican NRA members
with MAGA hats

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. follows up the other day's report of a trans creature raping a child with "The rapist was released and raped again" and the school board knew it like we have seen before.
• To which dot connect, "At the direction of the Orange County Public Schools board of education chair, parents and members of the public were ejected from the Oct. 11 board meeting by Orange County sheriffs’ deputies" because there is no order police will not obey.
• No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMDCXCI.
• Who do you call when political prisoners are being tortured in the capitol of the United States of America?
FREE KYLE RITTENHOUSE which Michael G. analyzes as "So if the jury, as they often do, find him innocent of the major charges but do find him guilty of the misdemeanor because it's no big deal, [the prosecutor] then finds another judge to overrule the innocent verdicts because they were based on a self defense claim that the misdemeanor conviction voids. New trial, because who cares about double jeopardy, and Rittenhouse gets sentenced to life plus cancer as a lesson to all who would defend themselves against the progs' storm troopers."

In Lighter News

There is nothing cheering me up right now.

...Okay well this kind of does.

6692 Thursday, 14 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Back here I speculated
I was being punished in this life
for a previous incarnation having been a guard at Dachau.
Adding the Belgian Congo,
Andersonville prison camp,
and the Armenian Genocide to the list.
Still nowhere to land.
Money keeps trickling away.
Spending what was meant for rent
on a motel instead, eating the seed-corn.
But at least I'm still
not in Portland anymore.

Please help.

"Vaccine Mandates Have Absolutely Nothing to Do With Medical Realities"

"NBA player got blood clots from Vaccine... ‘Hawks told me to keep it secret’"



No sympathy for delusional psychotics turning on each other. Better than when they try to murder us.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"...[T]heir arguments are not flawed, they are calculated lies."
• Lee Williams considers a court case with national precedent potential. But that's not the way to bet, because this sort of thing is the more usual outcome.
• In the government schools, Michael G. sends "Harrison Bergeron was a warning, not a how-to manual." I have a different system. And then:

Gun Control
Success Stories
• But tell me again how only police can be trusted with guns.
• Because they have all that training.
"St. Paul man who shot at MPD in self-defense acquitted of all charges...."

In Lighter News

6693 Friday, 15 October 2021:

The World Sucks

I think I have successfully
migrated my website and email
to a new hosting service,
so I won't have to use GoDaddy's
awful, unreliable, and money-costing
online version of Outlook anymore.
Let me know if you see anything wrong.
One thing temporarily missing
is my archive of vintage
Guns and American Handgunner magazines
which I intend to restore when
I can set up my main computer
in an actual home.

And as always,
please help.

"Vaccine injuries, including death, are occurring at far higher numbers than health authorities want to admit."

"Forty Percent of TSA Employees Not Vaccine Compliant"

"New Navy Guidance Will Discharge Sailors Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination Without Exemption"

"...[T]hey and their two children were mistakenly given the Covid-19 vaccine instead of a flu shot...."

Oh look yet another pro-mandate politician having a medical emergency after getting vaccinated.

Hospital gestapo

Hospital sadism

CNN outright lied



Michael G. sends the just-like-the-Nazis-said-about-the-Jews of the day.

Codrea notes a small increment in the place I recently escaped, but I am never going back.

Codrea also notes backstabbing Quislings at North American Arms.

Followed by people who should know better. How can someone in that position not know these things. [taps microphone keyboard] Is this thing on?

In my fictional future history I imagine the death and eventual rebirth of the Catholic Church and I should be getting paid for that new chapter linked below if you like it send me money.

Aaaaand Immigrants Contributing to Society.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends the Marxist hand of Obama, reaching out to punish political prisoners. Compare and contrast.

• To say nothing of the ongoing government-sanctioned child-rape in Loudon County. Someone on the school board is getting a percentage.
• To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds, "Two headlines, separate stories, nothing to see here: ‘I like kids better than people,’ Biden says as hecklers shout ‘F–k Joe Biden’ and Assistant to US House Sergeant at Arms arrested on child porn charges." No possible connection at all.

• To which dot also connect fired from a school for having a “Keep America Great” bumper sticker.
• No. Really. Brainwashing.
• Because there aren't enough school shootings for the agenda.
"California environment overregulation sole cause of shipping backup" Trump godsdammit
• "Law Enforcement Supports the Second Amendment" (well maybe one or two before they're driven out and destroyed)
• Oh look yet another serial rapist with a badge.
• But remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from... I can't even tell anymore.

• Even cops can't trust cops.
"If it wasn't for in-your-face hypocrisy, these weasels wouldn't have any consistency at all."


In Lighter News

The Crown Joule, Part 76, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6694 Saturday, 16 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Why is all the housing so expensive?
Why are there so many bureaucratic hoops to jump through?
Why can't we just find Some Guy
with an old mobile home on his land
taking cash and warning us to watch out for the gators
Are we doing this wrong, the search for a house to rent?
Are we missing sources? Do we have to keep scrolling
through the search-engine results for fifty more pages
before we escape the realty companies and the craigslist scams?

Please help.

"The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week"

"Florida Rate Of COVID Infections Third Lowest In U.S. In Last Week"

"PA School Board Assn Withdraws From National Assn After ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter"

"Dozens of Scientists, Others Could Be Fired After Judge Won’t Halt COVID Vaccine Mandate"

"...[T]he vaccine itself carries some form of marker that permanently stays (at a cellular level) in your body...." put another nickel in the "Alex Jones Was Right" jar



To which Michael G. adds unimaginable levels of incompetence.

Followed by blood libel on campus.

In Who Hates the Jews news, I find Texas school teachers told to counter Holocaust books with ‘opposing’ views.

Walmart is racist.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"The superintendent of a Virginia school district on Friday appeared to admit the district violated state law in failing to properly report alleged sexual assaults...."
"...[P]eople whose entire success depends on lying are in real trouble when someone comes in and proclaims that the Emperor is naked."
• It's not paranoia if there really are different "laws" for different people.

In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

6695 Sunday, 17 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"The system will not function if 50+ million American workers stand united against the vaccine mandate."





To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds Brandon memes. Just keep scrolling. See also.

Michael G. sends burn the colleges, Chapter MMMMMMDCXCV.

Not sure if hoax but, 80-odd years ago Eugen Sanger was contemplating suborbital bombing missions from National Socialist Germany to the United States and now China pulls a Sputnik move?

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends, "OZ gov asserts control of kids over parents. Using the pretense of trans rights. A process well on the way here." Did anyone think the tyranny was going to stop with masks and "vaccines"?
• Followed by, "Missouri governor is calling for criminal charges against a journalist who found social security numbers exposed on a public website." Used to be journalists would get awards for that kind of work.
• Then, "The Only Ones having a blast. Remember the narrative: Parents are the greatest threat to school children but government will save them."
• Speaking of government schools, it is not unreasonable to question whether someone on the Loudon County school board has been getting a percentage.
• Consider: The invention of the 911 system was a mistake, encouraging people to give up their personal responsibility and independence for a promise of government protection. Now, that same government is deliberately shutting down the very system they made us dependent upon:

In Lighter News

Conservative un-woke job search?

In my fictional future history I postulate eliminating the power grid and decentralizing power generation and Michael G. sends Ex-SpaceX Engineers Are Building a Cheap, Portable Nuclear Reactor. Because no one else will.

6696 Monday, 18 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Found a candidate house
seventy-plus miles from here
for only $550 a month
but four times that much up front to move in.

We must be doing this wrong.

The realty companies and the
big conglomeration listing sites
are not giving useful results.

Newspaper classified ads are for
thin-walled beehives and rabbit-warrens
populated by screaming brats and thumping "music",
the very kinds of things I abandoned Portland
and drove across an entire continent to escape

Every other craigslist post smells like a scam
and at least one of them, we confirmed is.

Please help.

Colin Powell dead of ChiGov virus. "The Powell family wrote: He was fully vaccinated."

"FDA delays Moderna vaccine for adolescents due to risk of rare heart condition"

"Doctor banned from seeing patients because he has natural immunity"

"Biden Violates DC Covid Mask Mandate"

"In a community with a 50% vaccination rate, 90% of the hospital admissions were vaccinated patients...."

"Coerced Medical Experiments Are Criminal Acts."

'A poor squid becomes a "prohibited person," while Hunter Biden gets to lie on 4473s.'

"Supermarkets in German state of Hesse can now block entry to the unvaccinated" just like the old days

"[I]n the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." - Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator - Source: Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X




Michael G. sends even more segregation on campus. The insane hate the sane for not being insane.

Followed by, remember when the American Civil Liberties Union actually cared about American civil liberties? Not anymore. Which, in the government-school sphere, segues to

A while back Michael was making a Harrison Bergeron analogy and I find more of the same.

To which dot connect, 18 states have distanced themselves from the National School Board Association’s letter about "domestic" "terrorism". Florida is one of them. (Still getting used to the idea that I'm not in Occupied Oregon anymore. Would be feeling better if I had a place to live.)

Seriously burn the government schools.

Michael also points out Your Charity Dollars At Work, waging demographic warfare against you.

Democrats have always been the party of rape.

Nobody wants to talk about who's really killing all those black kids, because the narrative demands it must be Republican NRA members with MAGA hats.

Why I don't watch TV anymore, Chapter MMMMMMDCXCVI.

Or go to the movies either.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Codrea observes Our Tax Dollars At Work, producing nothing. Except a nice boat for the CEO I bet. Maybe I've driven past it down here in Florida already.
• And the kitten-stomping baby-burning sociopaths of BATFE, too.
• The rot extends even to here.
• And up the coast a ways too.
• Michael G. sends Defund the Feds. "...I’ve asked before, where are all the good apples?" I've asked that too.
• Followed by "crime" and "justice" decided by skin color.
• Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
• You know, F*** Australia.

In Lighter News

6697 Tuesday, 19 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Yeah well it's

Please help.

'Pharmacy Manager Quits Over Store Intercom – “I Will Not Give This Poison To People”'

"...OSHA will not enforce... recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination at least through May 2022."

"Australian Premier Promises to Keep Unvaccinated People Locked Out of Economy into 2022, And Warns Vaccinated Citizens They Too Will Be Locked Down if They Attempt to Avoid Booster Shots"



Gun Control
Success Stories
and more brands to boycott.

Are they trying to get Texas to secede again? Because this is how you get Texas to secede again.

Never forget that lies, crime, hate and violence are the left's default settings.

Never forget genocide is high on their list of options:

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"‘Ghost Gun’ Comments Show Sheriff Can’t Imagine Freedom"
• And neither can the kitten-stomping baby-burning sociopaths of BATFE. But we've known that for decades.
• Speaking of which, haven't been following this one closely, but I'm aware of it: BATFE persecuting Rare Breed Triggers, changing rules they approved for another company years earlier.
• To which why-do-we-even-have-police nonsense Michael G. adds, "...[T]he city of Los Angeles now spends more money on traffic and parking enforcement than it collects from traffic fines." "The encore of losing money on marijuana sales."
• What are we paying for here?
"...[P]rosecutors who side with criminals instead of the innocent", that's what.
• Michael follows with Virginia dictator Terry McAuliffe complaining when people quote his actual words with real video. There is no "context" in which those words are anything but evil.
"New Capitol Video Contradicts Justice Department, Media Narrative on January 6" which segues to
• not a lot of sympathy for the costumed oppressors getting a taste of how they've been treating us.
"How long will it take for police departments to figure out that this guy is trouble and steer clear of him?" Signs point to a couple more tax-funded pensions.
We lose our jobs if we don't comply with useless mandates to wear muzzles and take poison while they live off our taxes while indulging every perversion and force their delusional psychoses on all of us.

• I probably covered this at the time but it bears repeating: "People who make excuses for communism are just as disgusting as people who make excuses for the Nazis, and should be treated as such."

In Lighter News

And yet:

To which Michael G. adds repairing stroke damage, and working on anti-meteor defense systems.

Here I find a proposal to, if not cure, at least treat some symptoms of entertainment rot. Some points of which mesh with my own.

His first day in office, Biden('s handlers) shut down the Keystone Pipeline, killed twenty thousand jobs, and doubled gas prices. More recently, (t)he(y) banned importation of inexpensive bulk steel-cased ammunition from Russia. Let's go, Brandon!

6698 Wednesday, 20 October 2021:

The World Sucks

I'm presently staying at one of
the big chain motels
for a little under $500 a week.
Went looking at a little independent motel
with a considerably greater scruff quotient
and they wanted even more.
Everything my brother and I attempt
in searching for a house to rent
so we can both get out of our life situations
only seems to get even worse,
with ever higher prices,
ever higher move-in costs,
Home Owners Associations,
and so on.
Still not in Portland anymore but
universe, why.

Please help.

"CDC and State Health Department scientists find similar or higher viral load of Covid-19 virus among the vaccinated as compared to the unvaccinated"

"143 Fully Vaccinated Oregon Residents... Have Died Of COVID-19"

"White House Announces They are Eager, Prepared and Staged to Start Vaccinating Children 5 to 11...."

"I just visited relatives in small town New England for a few days. Every single ******* person I ran into told me breathlessly that they had just found out that baby aspirin was bad for them. People who had taken it for decades without any ill effect were going to give it up...."



Never forget they want to murder you and they think they're heroes.

To which Michael G. adds even more bridges and airliners falling out of the sky don't go to college it's a terrible mistake.

Adding, "Prof suspended for not falling for hate hoax. Just to be clear, the people who posted the list weren't hoaxing, but I think that the ones who misconstrued it did it deliberately so that makes it a hoax."

Perhaps not unrelated, "DePaul U student convicted of aiding ISIS. Isn't DePaul supposed to be a Catholic university? Seems like either deliberately or through incompetence they are failing their mission."

Followed by, "Washington and Lee U says GOP students can't campaign for GOP." That sounds a lot like saying Jewish students can't go to synagogue. In my opinion.

No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMDCXCVIII. "But I'm sure everyone was up to date on their HR training." Their grandfathers must be ashamed.

And apparently this is not Babylon Bee or The Onion either. I have not enough palms for my face.

I'm sitting here watching my fiat currency trickle away while subliterate crooks live high off my taxes.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends, like the school boards, "County and City health officials want DOJ protection from the people they abused." The kind of people drawn to government work.

""They knew the ordinance was illegal and decided to spend taxpayer dollars to do it anyway."
• Why do we even have police?
What are we paying for here? (There is another way.)

In Lighter News

6699 Thursday, 21 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Again I see
I escaped Portland
none too soon.
In Chicago it's blacks shooting blacks.
In Portland it's more likely to be
anyone, with a badge or not,
shooting Whites.

Still nowhere to land here.

Please help.

"[Democrat Connecticut] State Rep. Michael DiMassa was arrested Wednesday on... a scheme to steal federal funds intended for COVID-related expenses."

"You see that those who refuse to submit to all these orders are bullied, mocked, and rejected."

"Florida COVID cases have plunged 88% in the past six weeks with NO MANDATES"

"Ron DeSantis: Businesses Forcing Coronavirus Vaccines Should Be Liable for Adverse Reactions"



Michael G. sends the never-ending deliberate and coordinated effort to misinform everyone about everything.

Followed by walking away from entertainment rot but that's not Lighter News because what took him so long, and the industry will simply rot even harder. (Last night I had opportunity to watch the new Dune film. Bunches of race- and a little gender-swapping, lots of CGI, distracting to watch all those actors who I know are declared enemies - the 1984 Lynch was better, this one seemed to be just a bunch of people going through the motions for a paycheck, while also checking off diversity boxes on a form somewhere.)

Holy crap they're following me.


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Oh look your retirement is gone.
• Rhode Island is not friendly territory for Our Kind but Michael G. sends one school objecting to parents being called terrorists. Which is not Lighter News because now they'll all be called terrorists even harder.

"The Congolese man was previously convicted on a sex crime & drug offense but was protected from deportation." '"It may have been stopped sooner if a rider called 911," SEPTA spokesman John Golden said in a statement.' Yeah I've thought about that.
• Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from dangerous drugs.
• Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
Why do we even have police

In Lighter News

In my fictional future history I postulate widely accessible transplants and replacements for lost or damaged limbs and organs and Michael G. sends something like that. Nor is this a new idea.

Which kind of segues to, Codrea notes a thing I have been thinking about for a long time.

6700 Friday, 22 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"FDA hearing and comment period for giving COVID vaccines to children 5 to 11"

"Natural Immunity Protects Against COVID Three Times Longer Than Vaccine"



To which I will add, I've used Hornady reloading components, dies, and other tools for many years, but this cannot stand.


"Biden Lied About How Many Americans Were Left Behind in Afghanistan"

"Afghan Evacuee Charged with Rape in Montana"

"Biden Administration Plans To Protect Immigration Fraudsters"

'“We will take literally millions of automobiles off the road,” Biden boasted....'

So many enemies to boycott, and some don't even know it.

To which Michael G. sends even more brainwashing in all levels of "education", with deliberate enemy action sauce. Don't go to college and seek any alternative to the government schools.

And get your assets out of the banks too.

I have created a series of Basic Firearm Tutorial videos in the hopes of preventing exactly this sort of thing. I suppose I should make another. (If I can ever get out of this motel and into something more stable before my money runs out please help. ) Apparently it's an 1880s western, strongly suggesting a Colt SAA revolver (or contemporary, or any number of lever action rifle designs), which needs no modifications to fire blanks, meaning no restrictions on firing live rounds. People like Our Kind, which this creature is not, would know better, and would personally doublecheck the condition and loading of the weapon before the scene, instead of blindly trusting something handed to us by the props manager - but apparently this moron was just horsing around shooting blanks at random people off-camera - and those of us who actually know what we're talking about also know blanks can kill too. I wonder if he'd been making a habit of that and someone slipped the live round in there because of it.

And of course this zillionaire anti-self-defense elitist pervert and domestic abuser will, somehow, use this as an excuse to further infringe our natural human rights.


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Liars and thieves love gun control.
• No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMDCC.
• Not looking good in Occupied Virginia.
• Why do we even have police Republicans?
"I'm rooting for climate change now."
• All you costumed sociopaths, enforcing "laws", generating revenue, looking down on us taxpayers while robbing us at the point of your government guns - remember you're disposable too. And you'll get no sympathy from us.

In Lighter News

Second Front action in Ohio and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

The Crown Joule, Part 77, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6701 Saturday, 23 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"At the end of the day, though, the mortality is .07%, and once all the cancer victims who just happened to test positive, half of them falsely, are removed, it's a lot less than that.... Stop s***ting your pants over a f***ing cold."




'DHS Paid Nearly $500K In Taxpayer Funds to Build “Security Fencing” Around Biden’s Delaware Beach House After Canceling All Remaining Border Wall Contracts'

"Green" "Energy" doesn't work

More analysis of domestically-violent anti-self-defense psychotic Alec Baldwin, who has now killed more people than I have with my entire collection. By breaking ALL. FOUR. RULES which Our Kind have assimilated to the level of instinct and reflex. But of course, it's always someone else's fault. Also, found in comments on the video embedded below: "Last I’ve read, the day of the accident, a number of crew walked off the set due to safety concerns. In particular, the first assistant director repeatedly failed to take seriously the required firearms safety briefings whenever guns were on set. The prop master wasn’t a member of IATSE, the relevant union, and there are reports of union film crew being replaced with non-union workers. The really damning thing (if true) is the claim that the film had a hard time finding an armorer because the reputable ones didn’t think the film could be made safely with the time and budget available. And that may be partially on Baldwin, he’s listed as a producer."

Michael G. sends Don't Go to College where you will be treated just like the Nazis treated the Jews.

'If we are trying to ascertain motive in a situation like this, shouting "Allah" would seem to be a key detail.'

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
No Republicans left in Oregon. Can't go back there.
"The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) new riot tactic is simple: do nothing." Unless a white guy shows up.
• Your Tax Dollars At Work Against You
"These are people the ATF or FBI believe are at risk of committing a crime in the future."
• Like maybe going to a school board meeting?
• Michael G. sends, Missouri governor Mike Parson doubles down on push to prosecute reporter who found security flaw in state site. Question motives.

In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

[thought=random] A while back I linked to latter-day Gyrojet experiments. I called it an evolutionary dead-end, then pondered whether the Volcanic rocket-ball, with all propellant and primer material contained inside the projectile, would be a solution to the caseless question. Someone somewhere is already experimenting with this, though I can't recall details - I seem to recall what looked like a machine-turned projectile, of brass or bronze color, with a Spitzer nose, and bands like an old Minie ball to grip rifling, and hollow inside to hold propellant. There may be something in this. However, how does it headspace? Does that even matter anymore, as we now understand it with metallic cartridges? Is the beginning of the rifling now the headspace reference point? Would the cartridge skirt squeeze down as it left the chamber, like the inverse of the undersized Minie blowing out? Is there an actual chamber shoulder/mouth/throat/thingy anymore? Would a driving band on the cartridge serve that function? Would throat erosion then become a much greater issue, or a lesser one, or a different one, because the hot propellant gasses would be against the boltface instead? (Gas leakage through the firing pin channel, gunking up who knows what other things, burning up the firing pin spring, eroding the firing pin itself like the Dreyse needle guns, unless you were using an open-bolt design with a fixed firing pin like many classic WWII-and-later submachineguns... powder residue on the boltface and everywhere around it quickly leading to feeding and functioning problems because it's not contained in a cartridge case anymore....) What about extraction, for misfire or unloading? (That one's not hard to imagine - look at a .45 ACP cartridge and just visualize the entire cartridge being one piece, and its own projectile, and yet still having room and material for an extractor groove. In fact .45 ACP might be a good place to start with such development, just to get it running - simple, straight-wall, low-pressure, rimless, large enough to work with easily. Saint John Strikes Again.) Would the extractor groove have to be more substantial, to be used for headspacing? How would the extractor let go upon firing without breaking something because the cartridge is also the projectile and the whole thing is going down the barrel? Alternately, would the extractor only function - through a cam arrangement attached to the bolt handle for example - if the bolt were manually retracted for unloading? (Fiddle with the charging handle on a Browning Auto-5, or Remington Model 8, and contemplate how that works in relation to the bolt carrier, vs. the intended long-recoil operation.) Are heat buildup and cookoffs going to still be a problem in closed-bolt operation, if the cartridge case is now also the projectile and still performing its disposable heat-sink function? Then there's the whole operating principle - does recoil operation still work if there's no case pushing against the boltface? (Should I rewatch Ian McCollum's video on the G11, or will the Kraut Space Magic melt my brain?) Does blow-forward make a comeback? Gas operation probably wouldn't need too great an adjustment.

I should be getting paid for this. (I should be getting paid for this also if you like it please do.) Maybe I shouldn't even be posting this, someone else will claim it's in public domain and steal it and make a fortune and I'll still be staying in a motel at five hundred dollars a week what the flaming hell is wrong with my life

6702 Sunday, 24 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

Even more apartheid in New Zealand and Australia just like the old days

Fauci tortured puppies why even




To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds, "JFK: the left took it on the chin when it was found that Oswald was at least a sorta commie... I wonder what they're hiding here." We can make all kinds of educated guesses. One of mine would be, buying time to track down and erase all the copies, and to come down here to God's Waiting Room to give "vaccines" to the last few eyewitnesses.

Michael G. sends blatant double standards.

Followed by Joseph Goebbels smiling, and

No awards allowed for White scientists, with

"Convicting a minority of threats is (wait for it... again...) racist! So she was proved to be planning to throw acid in the face of a romantic rival, only systemic racism would convict her for something tiny like that!"

Burn the government schools

Aaaand the psychotic delusion faction weighs in:

Dudes, nobody at the Super Secret MAGA Cult Meeting at the laundromat last Thursday even knew Alec was making another film. We don't care, we quit watching your garbage decades ago. And Alec, and his whole crowd, are plenty stupid enough to have done this themselves. Earlier I did speculate that someone put a live round there deliberately, but the leftists are petty and spiteful enough to do that kind of thing to each other. Or - you know - for other reasons.

As for the victims, are there any on either end of the camera or the gun who haven't been to Jeffrey Epstein's child-rape island? But they'll dismiss that as a "crackpot conspiracy theory" while spouting even-more-crackpot conspiracy theories. I'm not feeling any sympathy for anyone in the entire incident or the entire industry. (With exceptions to be counted on one hand.)

To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds Tom Kratman: "My initial thoughts on Alec Baldwin: Anybody who spends anything like that much time and effort crapping on guns and people who own and use them probably hates them so much he's never dirtied his hands with one, hence is incompetent to so much as hold one. So, yes, I see the light, people who believe in gun control ought not be allowed to possess, carry, or use guns. Period."

And here's some new data. Layers of ignorance and irresponsibility.

Gestapo. Nothing less.

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends Cat bacteria can protect against dangerous bacteria. But my cat passed away before I left Portland.... Another reason I came to Florida is to resume my service to Bast. If I can ever find a place to live please help.

Followed by a reminder that Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.

Throughout my fictional future history, not least the latest chapter, I presume flying cars, or other forms of personal air transport, as the default. Working on it. (For visualization purposes, look at that, and this too, and picture the Steeltown Aerospace ScootAir as a flying Vespa scooter, the Hayama Hopper as a flying Honda Gold Wing, and the Espilon Automotive FlyCycle as a flying Mazda Miata. Shaped different in every case, of course, but proportionately/categorically/functionally ranked in that way.)

6703 Monday, 25 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Australian actress Melle Stewart suffers stroke after getting the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine"

"Dartmouth College Requires Remote Employees Be Vaccinated"

"Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition"

Mother of 13-year-old crippled by vaccine censored by Comcast

State of Florida fines Leon County for requiring vaccine passports

Performers cancel at venues which have mandates





Michael G. sends the racist Orwellianism of the day. Remember Asians are honorary Whites now.

Followed by parents are terrorists again.

No. Sympathy. This hate-filled delusional creature has openly vilified all of Our Kind for years, and so has his entire industry. "...[T]his amoral, leftist, Trumpophobic gun grabber has personally executed more mass shootings than any Christian conservative Trump-loving NRA member...."

Meanwhile, Instagram censors us, and

"Scientists" lay groundwork for our genocide.

The real pandemic is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends, "Idaho rules a dog search unconstitutional. But only in a limited case. Didn't address the problem of trusting in a witness who cannot be confronted."
"Somali Cop in Minneapolis Gets Less Than Five Years for Killing an Unarmed Woman"
They're all
like that

In Lighter News

Apparently I missed this increment in Illinois of all places?

Every year about this time Michael G. sends me something about the two most lopsidedly glorious hours in all of human naval history. This time I happened across it myself. ...Though the article is not up to my own standards of proofreading and editing.

Michael sends diabetes treatment.

6704 Tuesday, 26 October 2021:

The World Sucks

I am, in fact, homeless and unemployed, but
I agree that this is not an option.
(See below though.)

Please help.

"Autopsy proves Covid-19 Vaccine killed healthy 22-year-old"

"New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to Impose State-Wide COVID Vaccine Mandate AFTER Re-Election"

"No one seems curious about the prevalence of the disease in an almost fully vaccinated population."

Vaccine passports sure remind me of something

The real pandemic is Trump Derangement Syndrome

Atlas will Shrug

"Why is Pfizer Requesting Legal Immunity if Vaccines For 5 to 11 Year-Olds are Safe?"

What if sterilizing or killing an entire generation is the plan?




"The solution to the imaginary gender oppression problem is to wastefully spend your money...."


The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Hey - lemme just exercise that free-speech thingy - trans people are mentally ill. Men don't become women by chopping parts off.

"No one's talking about banning cars" NBC op-ed calls for banning cars they don't want us to escape which I have also pondered which segues to

It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, Watching the Generations Fail Edition!
Jeffersonian, 2:25 PM: people?
Jeffersonian, 2:25 PM: or should I say
Jeffersonian, 2:25 PM: people
SMLE Fan, 2:26 PM: I pull outta the development, go north to [street], only to find gridlock due to all the mommys driving to pick up their little snowflakes
SMLE Fan, 2:26 PM: Me? the bus....miss the bus? bike or foot, and I better have made it on time
Jeffersonian, 2:27 PM: Nooobody Waalllks in Ell Aay Florida
SMLE Fan, 2:27 PM: yet another sign of the Collapse
Jeffersonian, 2:28 PM: who's paying for all that Bidengas
SMLE Fan, 2:29 PM: I mean, we're talking junior high, say 12-14 yrs old, right?
SMLE Fan, 2:29 PM: people that age need to be displaying some level of nascent Independence
Jeffersonian, 2:29 PM: nonono kidnappers and pedophiles and MAGA hats it's not safe for the darling little snowflakes
Jeffersonian, 2:29 PM: [disappointment in failure of promised depopulation event intensifies]
SMLE Fan, 2:30 PM: these folks are our future employees, and I despair
Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM: Vetter Enterprises
Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM: big sign on the front door
Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM: "SNOWFLAKE-FREE ZONE"
Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM: ...burned to the ground by pink-haired mob with FBI badges three minutes later

Michael G. sends, "Schools with diversity officers widen the achievement gap. A prog program doing the opposite of what it purports? No way! Of course the real purpose of the program is to hire progs as diversity officers, and if they make the problem worse they can hire more progs." All of which reminds me of something. Just do a [Ctrl]-[H] search-and-replace on the handbook.

To which dot Michael then connects, "Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t." Says the president of the teachers' union.


Inexcusable ignorance and HE'LL GET AWAY WITH IT

To which blogbrother SMLE Fan, in reference to today's opening comments, adds even more Skype Show:
It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, Why We Don't Work in Show Business Edition!
SMLE Fan, 4:52 PM: we'd get fired the first day: "You're an antigun idiot. You get a choice of a water pistol or a nerf gun with half a spring"
Jeffersonian, 4:53 PM: many times, however, I have contemplated show business
Jeffersonian, 4:53 PM: big money quick
Jeffersonian, 4:53 PM: except for just about everyone in the entire industry being child-rapists and communists
Jeffersonian, 4:53 PM: I have a camcorder and a tripod
Jeffersonian, 4:53 PM: and editing software
Jeffersonian, 4:53 PM: we should make a movie
SMLE Fan, 4:54 PM: garlic necklaces and vials of Holy Water as protection
Jeffersonian, 4:54 PM: more like cartridge bandoliers and Hoppe's
SMLE Fan, 5:02 PM: here's a photo of the "armorer"
SMLE Fan, 5:02 PM: not surprised

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• But Kyle Rittenhouse is a "criminal"?
Why do we even have police?
• To which dot Michael G. connects, "Lawyers who defended Gitmo terrorists won't help Jan 6 detainees."
• Followed in Immigrants Contributing to Society news by "Not guilty of murder of three women due to insanity. But he's all better now!" (And I wonder where this came from.)
"Murder is practically a misdemeanor in European countries that have succumbed to moonbattery."
All lies
about everything

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends clues to a cause for multiple sclerosis.

6705 Wednesday, 27 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"FDA Panel Member: 'We're Never Gonna Learn About How Safe The Vaccine Is Until We Start Giving It'" to your children

"Aussie Cartoonist Fired After Comparing Australia’s COVID-19 Mandates to the Tiananmen Square massacre" proving him right

"Minnesota surgeon fired after saying parents should make children's healthcare decisions" I'm sensing a pattern





"The worst part about living during the era of decline of a great civilization is knowing that you are."

I believe it was the late Michael Vanderboegh who coined the term, "It is better to be despised by the despicable than to be admired by the admirable" and in burn the government schools news, Michael G. sends that sort of thing.

Followed by a gag order on parents of brainwashed children. "And isn't the company mentioned the one run by Merrick Garland's son in law?"

And don't go to college either, where White genocide is in the curriculum.

As is psychotic racist superstition: "Student resigns from Harvard pre med because computer infected her with white supremacy. I'm surprised they didn't immediately make her a tenured administrator." Mud huts and witchcraft for everyone.

Hey remember when intimidating someone into having sex with you was a crime?

Don't forget the Gun Control Success Story.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
Codrea examines a thing I've been thinking about for a long time. You should too.
• But no, what we get instead is guilty even if proven innocent.
Without due process of law.
"The new mayor of Dolton, Illinois, a Democrat, hired a 46-year-old registered child sex offender to be the city’s code enforcement officer" but we're the ones who need to submit to universal background checks?
"Email Shows Biden Ordered Afghanistan Evacuation Flights Be Filled With Unvetted Refugees" but we're the ones who have to show our vaccination papers?
• The federal government adds restrictions making it almost impossible to unload ships and then the city government fines the ships for not unloading.

• Again with doctors as agents of the state what could possibly go wrong.
All lies
from everybody
• and the next step is death threats.
Yes, Hans, you are the baddies.

In Lighter News

Savings running out
Read my story
Watch my videos
Please help

6706 Thursday, 28 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Saw a meme:
"If the universe didn't need you,
you wouldn't be here."
What the f*** am I then,
a heat sink?

Please help.

(Not just me though.)

Take the poison or

Lose your career and be

Shunned from society

Or maybe it's time for us to do the shunning.

"Pity any child growing up under liberal parents during the age of Covid hysteria."

"U.S. Navy’s Plan to Issue BLANKET DENIALS of Religious Exemption Requests for Covid Jabs" what did you sign up for

Fauci tested AIDS drugs on orphans why is he insisting on your children getting the shot





"Never in recent American history has any administration birthed such disasters in its first nine months."

"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

"Religion of Peace"

Remember when Boeing won the Second World War? Boeing doesn't. While Elon is flying actual rings around the whole planet....

The degeneration even creeps into candy bars.


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Florida school board has parent removed for simply quoting the graphic sex material they are teaching kids"

Never forget what they really think of you.
• Oh look yet another wrong address raid anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to die no matter what costume it's wearing.
• The ones in those costumes need to remember they're disposable too and they ran out of sympathy from us decades ago.
• Remember that part at the very end of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four when Winston Smith finally learned to love Big Brother?
• It's not paranoia.


In Lighter News

Michael G. sends even more cancer treatments.

Hardly anyone ever hits my PayPal button (except that one guy every month, may Bast smile on him and cover him in fluffy kittehs), but today I received a very welcome donation from a lady in Occupied Australia, whose views and positions appear to be shifting as her government gives her a 20-plus-month preview of the totalitarian dystopia us knuckle-dragging gun-toting conservatives have been warning about for decades. Hang in there, Suzy. ...Yeah maybe that's not Lighter News after all. Though,

I still don't have a place to land, but it was worth packing up my whole life and crossing an entire continent to start over in Florida, if only for never having to wear a mask again. Lots of sheeple still do but no one is questioning anyone who doesn't. (Back in Portland, a bare face would get SWATted. While the same cops would stand around watching as Burn Loot Murder mobs take over whole city blocks....)

And she liked my story, which I am still writing. Almost ran out of material, during the trip and the recovery from it, but now I'm about a month ahead of my intended weekly posting schedule. Tune in tomorrow for a new episode of The Crown Joule.

6707 Friday, 29 October 2021:

The World Sucks

But neither condition is sustainable.

Please help.

"FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Worked For Pfizer"

"Unvaccinated People To Be Banned From Berlin Christmas Markets" just like the old days

"Surgeon fired after telling school board its mask mandate on kids was wrong"

Never forget what they think of you



I wonder if there will be decades of vax-hunters, like the Nazi-hunters after the Holocaust, tracking down Pfizer and Moderna executives to bring them to trial for crimes against humanity?


Never forget they lie about everything all the time.


Aaaaand it's always someone else's fault.

I wonder how this will be blamed on the NRA, Trump, and us.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Codrea issues a call to action in Ohio,
• and Occupied Virginia too.
"...[P]olitical thuggery at its worst."

Michael G. wonders, "Will we have the strength to say 'Oxi' and pay the price?" "The sentence does sound odd, as he translated his thoughts from Greek to English, with those boots on those necks and bellies. Odd, yes, until you realize he’d seen it." Like Suzy has been seeing in Australia....

In Lighter News

In my daily trawl of the internet I find identifying a cause for Alzheimer's.

Michael G. sends the merchandise will be epic.

In my fictional future history I postulate advanced cybernetics and Michael sends brain implant lets blind see. Which segues to,

The Crown Joule, Part 78, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

While I'm on that topic, I hesitated to embed this, because Reuters is one of the mainstream enemy sources, and I can't stand the sight of people wearing masks, but this would be an ancestor of the ScootAir and Hopper and related products, and perhaps not so distant an ancestor at that, so for visualization purposes:

Curiously, that may be showing up as "restricted", which I thought was against the whole point of Rumble existing, so here's the direct link if the embed doesn't work. Maybe it's a Reuters copyright thing.

6708 Saturday, 30 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

Queensland, Australia Now Confiscating Bank Accounts, Property, Licenses and Businesses if COVID Fines Not Paid While Unemployed Workers Locked Down this is what happens when only the government has guns



All lies all the time but they really believe

And they're forcing your children to believe too,

not least by going full STASI in the government schools.

Immigrants Contributing to Society

"Green" "Energy" isn't. I have a different system.

In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

6709 Sunday, 31 October 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Orders State Agencies to Defy Biden’s Vaccine Mandate" even RINOs know it's wrong

"Arizona School Calls Police On Parents for Protesting Masking And Segregation Of Children" and the police obeyed




Michael G. sends a thing that isn't funny because it's part of a concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
Torture of political prisoners
Burn the government schools

In Lighter News

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