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6465 Monday, 1 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"They're debating whether to punish people for getting infected with COVID-19."

"Passengers Acuse Frontier Airlines of Kicking Jewish Family Off Flight Over Mask-less Baby"

"White House will start charging members of the press $170 to have a COVID-19 test before they can enter the grounds"

"...[C]aught on video dropping his 2-year-old off at a private preschool for the in-person instruction that public school students have been denied...."




"SPLC Urges Biden, Big Tech to Block 'Online Funding' for 'Hate Groups' to Fight Domestic Terrorism"

To which dot Michael G. connects "'The “Trump-made-me-do-it” defense is already looking like a longshot.'. Funny how such 'Trump loyalists' immediately back-stab him." As though the rioters weren't Trump supporters to begin with.

With, "NBC: Anti Asian crimes aren't always hate. It depends on the color of the person committing it."

Then, "Anyone who advocates reparations should be first to pay them." How about we hold all Muslims accountable for fourteen hundred years of white slavery?

Speaking of outrageous lies, I avoid linking even indirectly to leftmedia but Joseph Goebbels Tokyo Rose is alive and well and working at The New York Times.

All the history is being erased.

All lies about us.

Republican NRA members with MAGA hats. Isn't it.

Sooo what if that thing about leftist elitists trafficking in child-sex slaves is not a paranoid conspiracy theory? Which segues to

Heyyy Immigrants are Still Contributing to Society.


"...I had naively thought that the STEM disciplines would be spared from this ideological takeover."


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Or simply sociopathic subliterate incompetence.
Just making stuff up
"...[T]his bill will allow the State Police to deny a firearms purchase forever, with no justification and no consequences."
But hey tell me one more time how law enforcement supports the Second Amendment
This is why you became a cop.
FBI Informant ‘Made Up A Bunch Of Lies’ About Michael Flynn
"Many still believe the FBI only goes after bad guys, and they cannot grasp that the national security apparatus now views them as the enemy."
"Michigan wildlife officials charged a woman for taking care of wildlife without a permit then seized six animals from her refuge and killed them."
"Don't read too much into the cursing trooper turning his body camera off -- if you know what's good for you."
• This Just In: Veterans Affairs is still evil.
• When the cops come to your door, your life is over. Just take as many with you as you can.
"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

Lone Star Planet by H. Beam Piper, 1958, chapter 7: "...[T]he right of armed intervention by the people when the government invaded or threatened their rights became an acknowledged part of our political system."

In Lighter News

Don't be f***ing ignorant which I have also pondered

Still more Constitutional Carry action in Tennessee.

Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends "I don't think I have enough popcorn for this: Mad Maxine Waters Libeled Navy Vet As ‘Dishonorably Discharged,’ Now She’s Losing In Court."

6466 Tuesday, 2 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Four other Democrat governors issued the same sociopathic nursing home order as Cuomo."

"Ex-Michigan health director cashed out $155,506 in hush money deal with Whitmer administration"

"Doctor Proves Lockdowns 10x Deadlier Than COVID"

"China Boasts It Is Getting Rich Selling Syringes to America"

"About 45 Percent of Small Businesses Risk Closure Within Months"

"...I began to feel that I was contributing to the fear and division in this country...."

"While forcible masking of adults is immoral and illogical, the masking of children is downright satanic."


To which Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, adds "Just imagine if King Andrew I of New York weren’t a darling of the left: Fresh calls for New York governor to resign over harassment claims. He will, of course, walk through this little kerfuffle with a half-assed apology and sail on to reelection next year with nary a bump." So he can kill another twenty thousand grandmothers when the purple hamster fever "strikes".

While blogbrother SMLE Fan sends the people supposed to tell us about that.



Michael G. sends "More librarians burning books. Figuratively." And literally. Comment: "Who would ever thought the day would come that there could be a black market in children’s books?"

He then asks, "Why do they cave to cancel culture? 'Stephens may be right about the genesis of this phenomenon being liberal guilt, but he’s wrong about why they’ve become obsequious allies to the perpetually perturbed. It’s cowardice. They are afraid of being accused, being called mean names, being attacked by the very insipid children they were charged with raising.' Bold added by me."

Contributing Immigrants to Society

Terminal entertainment rot. "Nobody bought those comics."

"Yes, listening to Jordan Peterson's youtube videos will radicalize young men and make them go invade the Capitol building and kill fluffy bunnies. Okay? That's where we are. Won't someone save the poor bunnies? This in the same week where you can read Leftists dancing in Rush Limbaugh's blood all over the internet."

Hey I know we could sue General Motors for drunk driving!


In my fictional future history I predict China conquering Taiwan and I'm getting tired of being that kind of right.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
Institutional racism
• To which Michael G. adds "Former CIA Director John Brennan: 'I'm increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days'. The feeling's mutual, John. Just justified on our side."
• Followed by pointing out how this horrible place is not the only horrible place.
"Cities are starting to ban new gas stations" why would they do that
"At the end of the court process, parents are broke and kids are traumatized while [guardian ad litem]s, court-appointed psychologists, and therapists are enriched."
• Meanwhile in the military, "Michigan National Guard Troops in DC Hospitalized After Democrat Run City Repeatedly Feeds Them Raw, Undercooked Meat and Meals With Metal Shavings." Think about that.
• Hey remember when the National Socialists and the Stalinists encouraged family members to denounce each other?
• Hey remember when the National Socialists turned doctors into agents of the state?
There is no order police would not obey.

In Lighter News

Second Front action in Minnesota and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Mississippi and Texas end mask mandates. Which were illegal and wrong from the beginning.

"Global" "Warming"

Throughout my fictional future history I postulate cures and treatments for all kinds of illnesses, including the use of nanites, and now Michael G. sends Scientists use lipid nanoparticles to precisely target gene editing to the liver.

SpaceX keeps happening. When one of theirs crashes or blows up, they find out why, they fix the snot out of it, and it never fails the same way again.

More competitors to put NA$A completely out of business faster please. Though I can't ignore New Zealand's horrible record of human rights violations in recent years.

6467 Wednesday, 3 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

In a sane society Andrew Cuomo would be on death row for mass murder and Gretchen Whitmer would be in the next cell.

"Migrants Crossing Border and Being Released Into the U.S. Test Positive for COVID" "This defies common sense and everything we have been told about the danger of COVID for a year." BECAUSE IT'S BEEN


To which Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, adds "If you go there, you kinda deserve it: China makes COVID-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners. Doing literally what they’ve been doing to the west figuratively for decades."


No really tell me about the good things Biden has done.

If you can even find him.

No really black market children's books


And genocide is still not hyperbole.

Michael G. sends, the Pope isn't Catholic and neither are the Catholic schools.

Followed, in institutional racism news, by "A leader of the Time's Up project to stamp out sexual harassment in the medical profession ignored a well-documented accusation of assault.... 'I don't need policing by White women,' [Oregon doctor Esther] Choo wrote in a text message."

With the psychotic delusional precursors to genocide of the day. Old Media is getting kind of desperate.

Followed appropriately by "If you think one Reichstag fire worked, why wouldn't a second one?" Which segues to

The Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"FBI Director Christopher Wray resoundingly said Antifa and other leftists were not part of the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6." All lies about everything.
• Codrea observes selective enforcement and selective definition.
• Constitutional Carry fails in Tennessee, again.
• Michael G. sends "Stanford panel on ethics puts price tag on slavery reparations: $10 to $12 trillion. Like they would accept any amount as enough. Reparations is just another word for Danegeld."
• Hey remember how it was the environmentally responsible thing to buy an electric car and stop using gasoline and how the government should force everyone to use electric cars and New Bill Will Force Owners of Hybrid & Electric Cars to Pay Fees to Offset Gas They Don’t Buy. From nearly two years ago but still:

Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends "The right step, supported by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons: New law bans police from pulling over Virginia drivers solely for certain car safety violations."
• Kitten-stomping baby-burning tone-deafness intensifies.

In Lighter News

Ammoland forms activist tip line.

Prohibition will always FAIL because FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD and there's always another way.

Remember there are plugins for at least the Firefox and Opera browsers so you can download and save videos from YouTube and many other sources before they get memory-holed.

Michael G. sends Mysterious New Warp Drive Patent Surfaces Online. Which I have also pondered.

Why do we even have government schools? What are we paying for here? Which I have been pondering for a long time.


6468 Thursday, 4 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Ontario family forced to pay $3,458 for 15-hour stay at Trudeau govt COVID facility after returning from funeral abroad"

"Newsom 'Plan' to Re-Open California Schools Involves Billions in Bribes"



"White House cuts live feed after Biden says he's 'happy to take questions'"

"Large Group Of Illegal Aliens Arrive At Border Wearing Brand-New ‘Biden, Please Let Us In’ T-Shirts" and how many of our tax dollars went into those

On campus, Michael G. sends "Stanford paper wants to kick out college GOP, won't let them respond. The newspaper must be very Pravda of itself."

Followed by an observation of the kind of person who likes to shut down other people's speech.

With, the other day it was a TV reporter realizing she was part of the problem and now any schoolteacher who isn't actively racist has to give up their career.

And speaking of the government schools, "A high school student in Baltimore passed three courses in the last four years. He has a 0.13-grade point average but has the distinction of being near the top half of his class. ...[T]he student’s mother... says she had no idea the situation was this bad because her son kept getting moved forward." I'm not "racist" if it's true. To which dot connect,

Oh look yet another fake hate crime because there aren't enough real ones.

Reichstag Fires and Gleiwitz Incidents all the way down.

In Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A news I find NASA lunar rover experiences big budget overruns. Because of course it does.

IMMIGRANTS CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIETY BUT TELL ME AGAIN HOW I'M THE REAL THREAT and ponder how his score was so high because the natural right to self-defense is denied in Sweden and they had to wait for someone in government costume to show up with a government gun which segues to:

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
The only reason to register is to confiscate
• And that is the plan in this horrible place. I only hope, if these sociopaths send their government-costumed criminals to my door to steal my property and murder me, some of them won't be going home at the end of their shift. I'm not the one hurting people. All I want is to be left alone.

• Michael G. sends "Former leader of torch bearing mob discovers due process." And will forget it as soon as is convenient.
• Followed by, "Judge orders bond for Proud Boy because Feds lied."
Because Feds lie.
• Because that's what Feds are for.
• Because all cops are liars.
Cop-Hating Portland City Councilor Involved in Hit-and-Run Accident. Who am I supposed to root for here? The racist communist who hates cops, or the unquestioning sociopath cops who literally bend the knee to her to keep their tax-funded pensions while obeying orders to destroy the lives of anyone who resists tyranny and terrorism?
"Prepare to be hated simply for the color of your skin." Pretty sure Portland is already there.

• As tax time approaches remember you're not paying "your" "fair" "share".
"...[T]hey have cloistered themselves off and insulated themselves from their constituency."
"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

In Lighter News

Alabama to end the illegal and wrong mask mandate it never should have started in the first place.


Michael G. observes some backlash against Big Tech.

With an effort to preserve DD-537 USS The Sullivans.

Constitutional Carry action in Iowa.

Apparently SpaceX' Starship SN10 blew up after landing but that's okay because they're gathering never-before-available data from absolutely everything that happens and NA$A can barely get anything off the ground at all. Do read the comments.

6469 Friday, 5 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Researchers urge greater awareness of delayed skin reactions to Moderna COVID-19 vaccine" IT'S NOT A VACCINE

"Woman Who Criticized Nursing Home Official on Facebook Faces Jail Time"

"Paris Climate Agreement Would Require COVID-19 Lockdown Every 2 Years"



To which Michael G. adds, "Guess what party the Governor of Kansas belongs to? She uses access to medicine as a means to control. Admittedly it is bad medicine, but she doesn't know that, she thinks it's real." Doctors as agents of the state.


Revisiting the other day's government-school catastrophe, Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, asks "How does that even happen? The worst bit is that, as abysmal as this kid performed in school, he still ranked 62 out of 120, meaning that 58 students in his class did worse than a 0.13 GPA. Oh, and of course we really do know how it happened: it’s Baltimore, and do we really need to say more?" And of course, "His mother says she never knew." My mother read Larry Niven novels with me. To which dot connect.

Which segues to, Michael G. sends "NYU Prof: If you're black, you're not safe in US schools. He's half right, if he dropped everything before the comma he would be completely right. Of course the reason things are that way are because of his side of the political divide and people like him." Let's do just a little editing of what the real racists are demanding: "Floors completely comprised of White-identifying students with White Resident Assistants; White Programming and In-Hall Events, curated by the RA and the floor community...."

Followed by a reminder that Baghdad Bob is alive and well and working at CNN.

To which he adds "How dare you steal the grift I started without cutting me in for a big chunk? Remember, there was nothing true in the Michael Brown story that was used to launch the Ferguson riots."

Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A, Chapter Seven Hundred Percent. While Elon is getting closer to this every day.

As tax time approaches, remember, peasant, you're not paying "your" "fair" "share".

Immigrants Contributing to Society

Decades ago Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in which children were raised in creches and sexualized well before puberty and now that too is coming to pass.

There's an old joke I may have related here before. If I recall correctly it was from the TV series Pickett Fences, in which a Jewish character related an anecdote from the Holocaust: "Two Jews are in the concentration camp and the guards come to take them to the gas chamber. One Jew struggles and shouts, 'You can't do this, you Nazi bastards, this is murder!' The second Jew turns to the first and says, 'Quiet. Don't make trouble.'"

By which I mean, in the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"...[O]rdering agents of the state to destroy you if you don’t obey."
• Because not only are all cops liars, they believe lies.

Charges Dropped Against Portland Rioters. Why you became a cop.
Society Contributing to Immigrants to the detriment of their own people. Separately I note: 'The America of the Cold War that had a Left and Right wing as “two sides of the same coin” arguing over nuances in how to build the dream of the Founding Fathers is much different than the one we live in today in which half of the population wants the other half to die in concentration camps.'
"Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable...."
• Bake the Cake Or Else

"A driver in FL was ticketed after swerving to miss a flying couch." Cops are why decent people hate cops.
• As if on cue Michael G. sends "Kentucky Bill Would Make Insulting a Cop a Crime. Is that why it's called KY jelly?" Eff the Pigs.
• Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
Military Massacres Civilians In "Gun-Free" Myanmar and as if on cue
‘Troops Will Never Leave DC; They’re There To Prop Up The Regime I don't want to be a prophet anymore

In Lighter News

Still trying for Constitutional Carry in Tennessee.

Backlash from the brown people. Because my side judges by the content of their character.

"Those that unintentionally kill or injure protestors or rioters blocking roads would be immune from criminal charges."

Alternative to the payment services increasingly discriminating against us? However I note it's based in Geneseo, Illinois, the same city where a certain manufacturer is based, and barely a mile apart....

Throughout my fictional future history I postulate fabbers, descended from today's 3D printers, making anything, out of anything, on demand. Michael G. sends Nation’s First 3D-Printed Homes for Sale.

I haven't deeply explored robotics in my story yet but blogbrother SMLE Fan points out some being used here and now.

SMLE Fan also sends "Your Daily Krat: 'And you slimy c***suckers are stupid as s***, too. Know why? Because the time saved because you had me in Facebuchenwald I put to work on a book I guarantee you social justice mongering red NKVD wannabes are NOT going to like. So thanks. But f*** you anyway.' Facebuchenwald? [files that one away]" Which segues to:

The Crown Joule, Part 40, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6470 Saturday, 6 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Conservative student journalism conference canceled after one anonymous complaint" JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS



To which Michael G. adds blue-collar backlash but I don't see it as Lighter News because of the undeniable observations in comments.

Followed by, "As the Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to it More Desperately Than Ever." If we really were committing armed insurrection they'd know it.

Yes entertainment really is rotten

"The current system of public education, for the most part, is not failing; it has failed."

If there were a "white supremacist" movement in the United States of America how would their propaganda be any different from what the "anti-racists" are actually saying and doing?

"You’re Not Trans. You’re Just Weird."

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• In the words of the late author Jerry Pournelle, "'Legal' doesn't mean 'right' and 'illegal' doesn't mean 'wrong'."
• To which Michael G. adds, "Gun rights are not a privilege granted by the government to the 'virtuous,' to be denied on whatever basis the government considers 'serious.' This misunderstanding of gun rights shows a deep and dangerous misunderstanding of rights in general, and of where they come from."
• Followed by "A good question: Does Title VII Protect Heretics Of The Religion of Woke?"
"...[A] bunch of unelected, unknown, faceless bureaucrats to regulate what we say online."
'Australian Reporters Angered by Request to Stop Using the Word “Pedophile” to Describe Accused Serial Child Molester'


In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

Constitutional Carry continues to spread. Secession or Balkanization might occur along similar lines.

Michael G. sends more data for the Drake Equation.

Followed by A Method for Creating Enormous Space Telescopes. Which I have also pondered.

Why don't scientists tackle the big problems? Like why cats lick the goop off the gooshyfud and then walk away, leaving the actual meat on the plate to dry out?

6471 Sunday, 7 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Biden's Border Patrol Is Not COVID Testing Immigrants Swarming and Overwhelming the Border" WHILE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR KIDS' SCHOOLS ARE STILL SHUT DOWN



Months ago I predicted a never-ending series of fabricated disease hoaxes and I was right, again.


"...[T]his is a man who isn’t fit to be a dog walker, much less the President of the United States."

As entertainment rot mutates into an all-devouring phage, Michael G. sends "NYT columnist: Pepe Le Pew 'added to rape culture'. Did you ever read a sci-fi short titled 'Lipid Leggin'?"

And speaking of rape, this isn't Lighter News because the violently insane trans movement wants to force people to have sex with them:

Michael follows with Democrat child-molester accuses Republicans of accusing him of child-molestation.

But they call us crazy conspiracy theorists.


Burn the government schools

Because trans people really are violently insane child-abusers.

Years ago I wrote "...[O]ur mother-nation, the United States of America, had reached a point where more than half of all government spending was in entitlements, where there were more people living off other people's work than there were working for a living - and they all had votes. Naturally they voted for more and ever more of other people's money. Eventually the money ran out. The government printed more but the whole world knew it was worthless. The whole system collapsed. There was a dictatorial coup, cloaked in an 'election'. The last of the productive class was effectively enslaved to prop up the non-workers, whose 'votes' kept the regime in power" and now "We need to have enough working-age people to carry the load of these seniors, who deserve their retirement, they deserve all their entitlements...."

But remember you're not paying "your" "fair" "share"

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends "Another home destroyed by a SWAT team. She's suing. Let me guess, qualified immunity?"
"The FBI has always been, still is, and always will be one of the prime enemies of the civil liberties and privacy rights of Americans."
Real Socialism

In Lighter News

In my fictional future history I wrote "Our medical technology can repair almost any injury, cure almost any disease" and Michael G. sends Huntington's disease driven by slowed protein-building machinery in cells.

Followed by Rapid 3D printing method moves toward 3D-printed organs. And as if on cue:

6472 Monday, 8 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"So, apparently all it would have taken to end the COVID pandemic was for Congress to pass a pork-heavy progressive spending bill... who knew?"

"Scientific American: Biden Should Use Covid Relief Money to Fund Local Gun Control"



Michael G. sends a bit of resistance in Switzerland which is not Lighter because I have also pondered it.

Followed by, many times in these pages I have said burn the government schools and, well, my reasons are different. As would be my methods. Michael asks, "Can't they both lose?"

Oh look yet another fake hate crime

"How long can John Wayne movies survive in a world controlled by people who would cancel Dr Seuss?"

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Bryan Riser, a 13-year veteran of the [Dallas Police] force, was arrested Thursday morning... on two counts of capital murder...."
• Michael G. asks, "What do you call a scientific study where the result is pre-determined? A fake. And it looks like CA's AG doesn't trust his scientists to perpetrate the fake."
• Followed by, "Cops Who Assaulted and Arrested a Man for Standing Outside His Own House Got Qualified Immunity. SCOTUS Won't Hear the Case."
"The bill makes you liable for crimes committed by someone you have lawfully transferred a gun to for two years after the transfer unless you can somehow prove you transferred the gun with a trigger lock installed, two years after the transfer!"
"...[T]he worst sort of propaganda, intended to demonize a group based on lies...."
"[The Tenth Amendment] tells us the federal government was meant to be very limited. In fact, you should barely even know it exists." Which I have been pondering all along.

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends developments in the Search Engine Wars.

I am a cat person. Pretty much all my friends are cat people. There is a cat in my lap as I type this, twisted unhealthily sideways in the chair to reach the keyboard. Michael G. sends Ancient DNA Shows Cats Domesticated Themselves – Why Are We Not Surprised?

6473 Tuesday, 9 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.



"Gaetz Blasts Biden for Lack of Press Briefings, Suggests 'Transition' to Harris Underway"

And his little dogs too.

It can get even worse


To which Michael G. adds "Believe all women immigrants contributing to society: French Schoolgirl Admits She Made Up Story Causing Teacher’s Beheading."

Hey tell me again how Republican NRA members with MAGA hats are the greatest danger in the country today.

Gina Carano wrote: "Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors... even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?"

Think about where you spend your money.

No. Really. Black-market children's books.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
How long until the First Amendment itself is condemned as "hate speech"?
Gestapo at the gun shows.

• Speaking of genocide, I have some in my fictional future history but it wasn't the protagonists who actually did it. (More on that in a couple weeks with Part 42 of The Crown Joule.)
• No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMCDLXXIII. What you signed up for.

• In Your Tax Dollars At Work news, Michael G. sends even more Danegeld for domestic terrorists.
• Followed by fake terrorism charges. Think about it.
• Then, "Unstable black robed freak strikes again: Missouri Mom Arrested AGAIN for Emailing Judge Who Ordered Daughter Into Care of Alleged Abuser." Remember when a sane society used to give kidnappers the electric chair. "And check out the history of the prosecutor doing the judge's bidding, who 'hasn’t prosecuted any of the sex abuse of children reported to him by the police'." Maybe he's getting a percentage. More details here.
• Because all police are liars and thieves.
• But only police have the training, knowledge and experience to be trusted with guns.
Blogbrother SMLE Fan observes, "Sometimes the best weapon against the commies are other commies: The U.N. Says America Is Already Cutting So Much Carbon It Doesn’t Need The Paris Climate Accord." But what was one of the first fifty-seven things Biden* signed....


In Lighter News

An explanation of Montana's upcoming Constitutional Carry, which does appear to be not limited to state residents.

Campus-carry court action in Michigan.

"The ACLU is enraged, reaffirming that Noem is doing the right thing."

Throughout my fictional future history I take for granted widespread, free-or-low-cost internet access with global, interplanetary, and even interstellar coverage, and SMLE Fan sends that is exactly what Elon Musk has been working on and is scheduled to launch even more of this very evening in a day or two.

And when he finally gets to Mars, he shouldn't have much trouble finding water. Which segues to

Space hotel to start construction only thirty or forty damn years behind schedule

6474 Wednesday, 10 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Father Denied Custody of Children Over COVID-19 ‘Anti-Lockdown’ Beliefs"

"Utah woman, 39, dies 4 days after 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine; autopsy ordered"

"Nobody has done more over the past year to debase the name of science than this clown."




"President Trump had tried very hard to disengage from the war in Syria, but Biden has made it crystal clear that the U.S. will be heavily involved in that conflict moving forward."

"Biden’s betrayal of citizenship sabotages our republican form of government."

"Biden fires EEOC general counsel for protecting religious rights"

"Press corps ushered away after asking Biden questions — again"

"Twelve States Sue Biden Over Climate Executive Order"

"Border crossings have surged after Biden promised mass amnesty...."

"Joe Biden Prioritizes Migrant Youth ‘Educational Services’ as Many U.S. Children Are Shut Out of Classrooms"

"Your" "Fair" "Share"

Orwellian insanity is even following us into the bathroom now.

To say nothing of the ever-spreading entertainment rot.

Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends why I don't want to reenter the workforce, Reason MMMMMMCDLXXIV.

And then I find Reason MMMMMMCDLXXV.

Republican NRA members
with MAGA hats.

Michael G. sends "Twitter sues, saying they are the victim. DARVO strikes again."

Followed by Rep. Swalwell Claims GOP Senators Inspiring ‘White Nationalists’ To ‘Take Up Arms Against Their Government’. Eric Swalwell is inspiring me to become a white nationalist and take up arms against HIS government.

With, "White student discriminated against for saying Whites can be discriminated against." Welcome to the Gina Carano club. (And don't go to college it's a terrible mistake.) To which dot connect,

In "law" school - of all places - "Freshman class president at UNC Law facing recall vote and bullying for not supporting punishing another student for a racist comment he never made." Which. Segues. To:

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Autokeycard.com Seized By ATF, Owner Arrested For Selling A Drawing.... The ATF asks anyone who has an autokey card to contact their local ATF office. By contacting the ATF, gun owners are not avoiding prosecution. The ATF does not promise amnesty from charges." If "laws" don't protect us from them....
Official government racism.
Official government racist.
Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, "Back during obama, I had this thought about calling out the Unorganized Militia, with military logistics backing them up [ammo, meds, food, etc] to seal the border... now we have this from the Asterisk: Homeland Security Chief Calls for 'Volunteers' as the Southwest Border Crisis Spins Out of Control. The 'solutions' one comes up with when you don't admit that government is ultimately the problem."
• That, while in New York City they're calling for vigilantism after disarming the populace, defunding the pigs (for the wrong reasons), releasing the criminals, and demonizing white people.
• When I say "the wrong reasons" I mean things like Abuse allegations against New Hampshire’s state-run youth detention center now span six decades. The kind of people who work in the government.
• Now consider how many of that kind are now running the country.

• By right reasons to defund police I mean things like this,
• and things like this,
• and this too even.
• Codrea, as always, has perspective on a "good" Democrat: "...[H]ow unlawfully and blasphemously presumptuous must she be to deny to you and me human birthrights of ours that she has no claim to?"
All cops are liars
And there is no order they would not obey.

In Lighter News

Further examination of Constitutional Carry across the country.

6475 Thursday, 11 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"CA Gov Newsom: We will never return to normal"

"Texas AG Sues Austin Over Refusal To Lift Mask Mandate"

"...[C]lose businesses and schools by edict, restrict personal movement, mandate behavior, and eliminate our most basic freedoms, without any end and little accountability."



As tax time approaches, remember Democrats forbid states from cutting taxes.

Rightist-autists create BlueAnon conspiracy as parody and hoax. The targets of the parody bring it to life.

Michael G. sends, "The diversity and anti-racist circuit have become an industry within higher education. It pays big bucks."

To which dot connect ACLU getting into the hate-hoax business.

And, '“They’re private companies,” it is said. “They can do what they want.” Except, I guess, refuse to bake a cake.'

With even more Chinese communists on campus.

Then, "British university scraps the word 'mother'. Also the word 'father'. So if Brits no longer have mothers or fathers are they orphans or bastards?"

To which dot connect, "A law professor at Georgetown University has been fired for pointing out that... [b]lack students get lower grades at selective colleges because they are admitted with lower grades and test scores than their non-black classmates, due to racial preferences in admissions...." For gods' sakes nobody think about that.

Don't go to college, where facilitating genocide is in the curriculum.

Immigrants Contributing to Society

Both blogbrother SMLE Fan and Michael G. point out Gleiwitz Incidents queued for deployment:

Which segues to the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Doctors as agents of the state? Agents of the state as doctors.
• As for no longer regretting never having served in the military, Michael G. sends "Transgender surgery is now free for military, thanks to Biden executive order. So how soon do they make it a requirement to enlist? After all, we've known for some time that you don't become a General or Admiral unless you have your balls removed."
• To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds, "As Churchill observed, the Hun is either at your feet or at your throat: Germany Seeks To Tax Income Of U.S. Soldiers Stationed There."
• Just the other day I was pointing out child-molesters running the country and now NY lawmaker wants sex ed for kindergartners.
Big Brother gets hacked. Maybe such a system shouldn't have been built in the first place.
• As if on cue, Met officer arrested on suspicion of murder.
• In Vin Suprynowicz' The Black Arrow, firefighters were one of the few government services that weren't targeted by enraged victims of oppression because firefighters didn't usually randomly rob-rape-or-murder their taxpaying employers. Well now we can't trust firefighters either anymore. Never trust anyone who works in government.
• Footdragging and backstabbing in Tennessee.
• It may soon be "illegal" to buy and sell private property between private citizens.

• With registration sauce.

• Police will murder who they're told to murder.
"State Rep that wants to disarm opponents that are civilians wants legislators to have police powers."

In Lighter News

Constitutional Carry action in Louisiana.

Backlash in Occupied Colorado.

In my fictional future history I wrote "Our medical technology can repair almost any injury, cure almost any disease" and Michael G. sends Bone marrow treatments may reverse brain damage caused by stroke. What a wonderful modern world we live in. ...Though I can't help but cock an eyebrow at the Chinese Flu "vaccine" propaganda in the sidebar from that source. Don't trust media, media is asshoe.

Michael follows with New spherical nucleic acid 'drug' kills tumor cells in humans with glioblastoma. "...[C]an be applied to other types of neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's...."

In Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A news, Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, "They somehow didn't need 30 months and billions in taxes to figure it out: Elon Musk reveals why the SN10 Starship exploded." Gathering more data, faster and cheaper, than any government bureaucracy ever could.

I never acquired the coffee habit but if you have....

6476 Friday, 12 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"More Countries Adopt Vaccine Passports To 'Boost Tourism'"

"Denmark suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine over blood clotting cases"

"Worst Public Health Mistake in Last 100 Years"


In my fictional future history I postulate a tyrannical government deliberately contaminating food and water supplies with anti-fertility chemicals and what if that's not a paranoid conspiracy theory?


"President Trump closed a kids-in-cages facility in July 2019. Biden just opened it back up."

Joseph Goebbels is alive and well and has his hand up the butt of a Biden-shaped ventriloquist's dummy. How long until Biden*(Harris) "inherits" a broken economy from Trump?

Not long at this rate: Years ago I wrote "Eventually the money ran out. The government printed more but the whole world knew it was worthless. The whole system collapsed" and now IT WILL ALL COME CRASHING DOWN

Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "Not a surprise: Ol’ Gropey Joe will stick by King Andrew I. ‘Cause if King Andrew goes down for being too handsy, what will happen to Mr. Blonde Leg Hair?"

To which dot connect, 'Twitter claims to have a “zero tolerance” policy against... “any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation.” Yet it banned Witzke, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate, for condemning exactly that.'

I've said trans activists are violently insane and survivors are saying it too.

No sympathy for totalitarians eating each other. Too bad about the place where Britain used to be though. Which segues to,

Michael G. sends "To defeat woke tyrants, the rest of us must treat them like the monsters they are."

He then asks, "Are they starting to catch on? And will they do anything effective? My guess is 'Not enough' and 'No'." "I came to this country escaping the very same fear of retaliation that now my own child feels."

To which dot he connects "Think you got an A on your UPenn nursing final? Think again. You forgot to ask your imaginary patient their preferred pronouns and announce yours as well, so now you're getting a B."

In precursors-to-genocide news, White Citizenship as Terrorism. Like the Nazis treated the Jews and like Disney treated Gina Carano for saying as much.

And that's still not hyperbole.

Then a probable hate hoax, because

"Six weeks later and we still know nothing about the suspect. Which probably tells us everything we need to know about the suspect."

So I lost my job, as a courier throughout the Portland metro area very much including downtown, in mid-December, and have been living off savings and stimulus and selling a few things and one guy halfway across the continent who regularly hits my PayPal button and I'm now reminded why I was about to quit that job anyway. Among other reasons. Except now I still don't have a job....

And no I don't want to drive for Amazon. For lots of reasons.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"...[A] bill to hold gun owners liable for the violent crimes of thieves."

• Michael G. sends what I deem the comment of the day: "[T]he best time, check that the only time, to wear a mask is when assaulting government surveillance vehicles." This is from a parody site but I consider it not Lighter News because dystopian mechanized warrantless surveillance is coming to America. (Also see.)

• And that's not paranoia.
• No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMCDLXXVI.
"Isn’t it strange how Democrats want to defund the police in your neighborhood, but are totally fine with hiring more police at the U.S. Capitol to protect politicians?"

• Speaking of hate hoaxes, Feds Indict Their Own Informant in ‘Kidnapping’ Case Against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
"Joshua James was arrested this week and is being charged in connection to the violent events of January 6th in Washington D.C. Joshua James is an Iraq War veteran. He was wounded in a bomb blast in Iraq. And Joshua is being held by the FBI without bail. Joshua is the breadwinner in his family. He has three young children including a 3-year-old." Donate.
• Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns confidential informants.
"A former Texas police officer will spend time in federal prison for sexually assaulting two men in 2019 while they were in his custody."
"Deputies then make repeated visits to those individuals’ homes, even when there is no warrant or evidence of a crime.... One former deputy said the objective was to make peoples’ lives miserable."
"The Federal Officers Who Did This Want to Escape Accountability"
• But of course, Supreme Court declines to hear case on qualified immunity for police officers.
• So I have no sympathy when this happens.

In Lighter News

Incremental action in South Carolina.

Belated (and incomplete) sanity in Wyoming.

When I say FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD this sort of thing is included.


Michael G. sends "Story idea: The situation is the aftermath of a rebellion to restore freedom. But they need to raise money, so how can they do it in a non-coercive manner? They come up with the idea of auctioning off positions on the firing squads that will execute those convicted of war crimes and violating rights. Of course this is purely for fiction entertainment purposes. I would never seriously advance the idea of paying for the chance to pull a trigger on those who oppressed me, any more than H. Beam Piper seriously wanted to have trials of killed politicians to see if they had deserved it." And I re-read that one just a couple weeks ago. Seriously though, lotteries are a lesser evil, and in my fictional future history the side that won has access to the vast wealth of the universe, to say nothing of surplus auctions. All of which segues to,

The Crown Joule, Part 41, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6477 Saturday, 13 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

No ID to vote but vaccination cards required?

Democrats killed your grandmother to beat Trump.



To which Michael G. timely adds "Many of the greatest horrors of the history of humanity owe their occurrence solely to the establishment and social enforcement of a false reality."

To which dot he connects, "NYC private school follows UK example. I guess now ACAB means 'All Children Are Bastards'."

In a similar theme, 'When the Soviet Union fell, the opinion among the bien pensants in the west was that “the good guys lost.”'

And of course, denied free speech for defending free speech.

There's a lot of that going around these days.

Michael then asks, "Who are the violent ones, again?"

No. Really. Segregation. Forever.

"Stop being George Lucas and editing the story to fit the newest narrative." Which segues to,

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:

• Codrea examines the epic hypocrisy of disarming and dehumanizing people while demanding they put their lives at risk. Look at the headline image. How is that morally different from brownshirts in 1935? Targeting the innocent and openly calling for OUR extermination.
• Because "law" is just made up as they go along.
• What if it really is a concerted and deliberate effort?
• Michael G. sends Aktion T4 in Canada. Really.
• Lest you consider that hyperbolic, this removal of restrictions isn't Lighter News because, as so many others, the situation should never have arisen in the first place AND THERE IS NO ORDER POLICE WOULD NOT OBEY.
• Which segues to “I received this one for bearing arms against my fellow citizens.” Remember what you signed up for.
• And think about who you're serving alongside. Which I have also pondered.
• Now this one, at first glance, and second and third and probably fifth and sixth, goes in the no longer regretting never having served in the military category... though I must note I touched upon the exact same subject weeks ago and centuries from now, under unique circumstances, clearly acknowledged violations of multiple military regulations, and a substantially different form and philosophy of government.


In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

In backlash news, Michael G. sends, "A trendy drink place I might actually try. I don't care about trendy drinks, but I like their attitude."

With various sources of existential dread distracting me the words stopped flowing for most of the last month, but at last the Muse has returned and work on The Crown Joule has resumed in earnest. Yesterday I posted Part 41. 42 is complete and ready for next week but 43, the Librarian storyline, was the sticking point. When I was writing Aurora - which took, I estimate, about eleven years - the words would come, and go away, and I would post a chapter whenever I had one finished (bearing in mind George Lucas's observation in a Star Wars documentary, that "Films are not completed, they're abandoned"). Now that the universe all this is set in has been better developed, I'm trying to hold myself to a regular weekly schedule, trying to stay ahead of that schedule, and also trying to keep each chapter above a minimum length. A separate problem is timing, with four storylines still not synchronized but I have a spreadsheet to keep an eye on that and I intend to get them all lined up with each other. If you find this fictional future history entertaining please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site thank you.

6478 Sunday, 14 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.



'Father Could Be Jailed for Resisting Daughter’s “Transition”' I'm pretty sure he's right

To which dot connect, in my fictional future history I postulate a tyrannical government deliberately contaminating food and water supplies with anti-fertility chemicals. I also contemplate screen addiction. Comes now the sorts of things.

"...[E]very book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed...."


Michael G. sends, soon there will be nothing we can trust.

With, College defends its ‘White Citizenship as Terrorism’ event.

Followed by "A public school teacher refusing to be evil. So how soon until she is driven out and destroyed?"

Which segues to the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
Government schools are also tyranny and I'm gratified to see I'm not the only one calling for them to be burned to the ground.
• No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMCDLXXVIII.
What. You. Signed. Up. FOR.
• Michael G. sends "All the Boston Marathon jihad murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did was murder three people; why is everyone being so mean to him?" I have a different system.
• Michael also observes, soon there will be nowhere for anyone to hide.
• Bears repeating: "Did you buy a piece of art? Guess what: yer goin’ ta jail."

• All cops look the same to me.
"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion...."

In Lighter News

New record nine launches and landings and more millions of dollars not thrown away every time.

Michael G. sends a thing from before entertainment rotted:

In my fictional future history I have postulated androids and gynoids, artificial creations in the form of humans, and they are inevitable.

6479 Monday, 15 March 2021:

The World Sucks

people are filthy stupid animals
I hate people

Please help.

"Deaths from Covid Vaccine for Israel’s Elderly is 40 Times Greater than Deaths from Covid-19 Itself"

"...[N]o getting around the facts that Florida reopened sooner, had fewer restrictions to begin with, and still has a death rate lower than Luv Gov Cuomo’s New York."

"How much longer will the government get away with denying the science?"

"The FDA receives 45% of its annual budget from the pharmaceutical industry."

30,000 videos banned for questioning vaccines



To which Tucson Tom, benevolent donor of the Queen, adds, "Mainstream media really, really, REALLY doesn't want anyone speculating about deaths that conspicuously occur following Covid vaccinations."

To which Michael G. adds, "Cuomo's vaccine czar conducted loyalty checks on state officials. So is he a Czar, or a consigliore?"

To which Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, adds "Sometimes, being right is terrible: Most of New York’s subjects are content to continue to be ruled by King Andrew I. I predicted that he would ride this out and be re-elected handily next year, and these numbers really drive home how doomed we are. This idiot’s policies are responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, billions of dollars in damage to NY’s economy, and he’s a sexual abuser, and more than half of New Yorkers STILL approve of him. I’m feeling particularly trapped in NY now. There’s absolutely no hope at all for this state." Also see.


Just a few days ago I wondered how long it would be until Biden* "inherited" problems from Trump and now

Republican NRA members
with MAGA hats

Religion of Pieces

Immigrants Contributing to Biden

Biden Contributing to Immigrants

Economic death-spiral


Many times, and just yesterday, I have in these pages asked WHO HATES THE JEWS and a Wikiwander leads me to this discovery:

MapQuest appears to not recognize the existence of the nation of Israel. It does show up at different zoom levels but disappears again at others. Given a worldwide pattern of hating Jews and Israel and openly calling for their extermination I found it interesting.

Now ponder this:

Speaking of racial quotas, Michael G. sends "Big Tech imports India's caste system. How progressive."

With, "Academia hates feminists who acknowledge biology more than they hate conservatives." And they really hate conservatives.

Because of course: "NC State U diversity training: Whites are bad." No possible harm could result from this policy.

As if on cue, "Grammys use big lie to instigate violence."

Then, "Riots have consequences even if they won't admit it."

“I observed that the new rule seems to be ‘that you have to proactively denounce people, or you yourself will become the target’.”

White nationalism is becoming rational self-defense.

Entertainment has already become tone-deaf, un-self-aware hypocrisy.

And there's a lot of that going around.

Up above, Jacob N. contemplates Cuomo's reelection and then I find holy f*** they're serious. Which would be blatantly unConstititional but that doesn't bloody matter anymore does it oh crap she's American-born after all.

"I figured the first nefarious uses of Deepfake technology would be to smear politicians. Guess I didn’t think small enough."

Burn the government schools

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Citizen disarmament cultists in Oregon now want to penalize gun owners who don’t want to give home invaders a tactical time advantage." LET IT BURN
...[L]etting law enforcement officers - of their own accord and based on their own observations - apply for a court order to temporarily take away guns from a person considered a threat."
• Remember there is no "law" police would not enforce,
• and there is no order police would not obey,
• and that's not hyperbole.
• I'm suddenly reminded of why I stopped shopping at Brownell's.
• Michael G. sends, "Oklahoma bill would make it illegal to record police. And a video analyzing it." Comment: "Criminals have always hated cameras.... because they have a blue costume on doesn't change that."
• Followed by, "Over the last two decades, normal Americans have found themselves attacked by every institution they had expected to protect them...."
• And I no longer regret never having served.
• To which dots connect, "National Guard does not have enough volunteers to carry out Capitol assignment." Which is almost Lighter News because the military may be awakening, but is also not Lighter because bloody civil war. Which segues to:
"...[W]onder how someone even more morbidly obese than the perp could possibly be qualified for patrol duties." I've been mostly sitting on my butt with a cat in my lap for three months but I can still hike three miles round trip to a particular gas station to buy lottery tickets. Which is also almost Lighter, recalling the very early days of Project Appleseed in Shotgun News fiction columns, with the patriots getting out of breath evading return fire from the Bulgarian UN armored column and wishing they'd written more Letters to the Editor before the Soap Box transitioned to the Cartridge Box. My first Appleseed included a tiny bit of physical training, running some distance before beginning a stage to elevate pulse and respiration to make the marksmanship more challenging, and before the latest several series of the universe pooping on me I was dabbling in action competition which is a physical sport. My point being even we can beat these fat stupid pigs.
• Besides, a lot of them are distracted. Because that's the kind of people who want to become cops.
• Hey remember when the National Socialists were blaming everything on an International Jewish Conspiracy?
• A British Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested for kidnapping, murdering and dismembering a woman. There are calls to place a curfew on all men. To be enforced by... Metropolitan Police men?
Think about the kind of people who don't want us able to defend ourselves AND WHY.

In Lighter News

A little ground regained in Occupied Colorado.

Michael G. sends the kind of reparations we need. "If you can tax a constitutional right, then it is truly not a constitutional right." Which has actually been established.

He then observes more warp drive.

Just yesterday I was contemplating robotics and -oidism, and also posted another minimum-wage meme, and now blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, from Tom Kratman: "I've opined here and there that, given rising robotics and some other factors, the future belongs to - and the American Dream will probably only be attainable by - the skilled craftsman, working for himself.*
"I recently ran into the perfect example of this, Animal Farm, Orwell, VT. It consists of a not very large plot of land, I think about 11 acres, not all of that pasture, 7 Jersey cows (may have gone up by now), and one woman, Diane St. Clair, with a vision.
"Her vision? She makes butter. She skims the cream off by hand. She uses a culture on it, to make cultured butter. I think she may use an electric churn but she washes and folds the butter (a process for getting rid of the buttermilk so the butter doesn't turn) by hand. She rolls it up into little one quarter pound balls and puts four of those in, I believe, a baggie.
"She makes about 100 pounds a week. She sells her butter, mostly to high end restaurants in Boston, the left coast, and one here in Virginia, for SIXTY F***ING DOLLARS A POUND.
"Once a year she puts the small quantity the restaurants didn't use up for sale and it is always sold out within minutes.
"Now think about that; her capital in this is 7 Jerseys, worth maybe 12000 dollars, max, and 11 acres, worth, oh, I dunno, 40 or 50k, maybe, some vats, a marble slab, and a churn or few. Under a hundred k, in any case, total. And from that she grosses 300k a year. Selling very high quality butter.
"*Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Cabinetrymen, furniture makers, all those plus the seamstress, and God alone knows what else."

Have I mentioned I'm trying to write a story which I hope people will find entertaining?

Which segues to an examination of real-world realspace propulsion concepts. For story purposes I use a very powerful, high-efficiency fusion rocket - the "torchship" which has been around in science fiction for generations; see illustration of the Brachistochrone trajectory, which was also called the "trans-linear vector principle" in that obscure TV series Salvage 1, and which David Weber has been data-dumping on us for decades - and a separate faster-than-light drive with several limitations and hazards.

6480 Tuesday, 16 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Except I don't have a car

Please help.

"It’s extremely telling that the lockdowners have stopped seriously arguing that the lockdowns worked."

"CA Gov. Newsom Blames Upcoming Recall Vote on ‘Anti-Mask and Anti-Vax Extremists’" PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE DEVASTATED ECONOMY AND RAMPANT CRIME



Sexual predators flock together.

'The "poor" in the United States would be upper middle class in most of the rest of the world' AND SOME PEOPLE ARE WORKING VERY HARD TO CHANGE THAT



Michael G. sends, "Bible says whatever the left says it does. Just like reality is whatever they say it is at any given moment."

Followed by "A Christian Democrat. Sort of like a pro gun Democrat."

With, "How to step up from a student paper to the big time: Knee Pads, mouth wash, and lubricant."

In don't-go-to-college news, "Newsflash: Cornell doesn't much like freedom." But they sure seem to like genocide and oppression.

Then, Ohio Law School Deans Criticized Students For Being ‘Excessively White’. To which dot connect,

"Amala Ekpunobi grew up in a leftist home and worked as an organizer for the political left. She never questioned the narrative — until she discovered the racism she thought she was fighting against was being perpetuated by her side."


And don't look at all the Demographic Warfare.

Meanwhile in the place where Sweden used to be:

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"A quick review of the bill will demonstrate that it is intended to punish people who obey the law."
• Michael G. sends, "Cancel spirit of July 4 or July 4 will be canceled. I've said before, Fauci should be the new F bomb. Fauci it! Fauci off and die!"
• Followed in "Protect" and "Serve" who news by, "Stacy McCain on Ohio's justice system. I especially like this reply he made to a comment, 'Just you wait, though. If the next time Larkin encounters a cop, he gets shot to death, they'll be all over CNN telling us he was an honor student and a beloved father, blah blah blah. #Justice4Cortez!'"
• And of course, "Latest insurrectionist never even entered Capitol building. One might almost think this is a pretext to suppress political opposition."
What you signed up for

• Another company licks the boot.
• Even more footdragging and backstabbing in Tennessee. I have a different system.
• Hey remember that novel Nineteen Eighty-Four with a dystopian totalitarian state and constant surveillance of everyone and everything? That was just a story... right?
FBI Covers Up Nashville Bombing. Think about that.

• And how many more like him are on the way?

In Lighter News

Codrea observes some unapologetic entertainment.

6481 Wednesday, 17 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"CNN is utterly aghast that GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has the nerve to ‘[take] credit’ for Florida’s success"

"Children as young as eight self-harming"

"Biden Demands Pastors Preach Masks & Vaccine To MAGA People"

Vaccine Passports and Medical Martial Law

"Democrats block law to test all migrants, illegals for Covid" BECAUSE IT'S BEEN ALL LIES FROM THE BEGINNING

BLATANTLY DELIBERATELY WILLFULLY COORDINATED STOLEN ELECTION "2020 election fraud was an industrial level crime."

Not long ago I wondered when the regime would start using a double of Biden* and now this happens.

"Some of the headlines in the U.S. press lately sound suspiciously like this kind of work."

In the government schools, Michael G. sends "Teachers compose enemies list of un-woke parents." Just like the old days.

As if on cue, Bi-racial HS student punished for refusing to condemn his white half,

and "The goal remains to get segregation reinstated, only this time with minorities in charge and whites oppressed.".

In "higher" "education" Michael sends "Princeton grad student believed harmony with Iran was possible, but 40 months as a hostage changed his mind. Mugged by reality but at least he learned from it." “I was f**king stupid. Unbelievably stupid. If I could go back, I would slap myself.”

Backstabbing Quislings in Pennsylvania.

Fouling nests

How many of us predicted conveniently-timed mass shootings?



"Our enemies think globally. So should we."

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends bureaucrats feeding themselves.
• Followed by, "Obama supported Google becoming a monopoly."

• Then brainwashing in the military. So the only people who care about defending America will not reenlist, or will resign their commissions, and the armed forces will be left with unquestioning racist ideologues what could possibly go wrong.
• Enemy action on the Second Front in Texas.
• Gaming the system in South Carolina.
• From three years ago I find Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring. Because that's the kind of people who become bureaucrats.
"...[G]overnment consistently finds ways to turn what could be blessings into curses."

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends Montana governor signs campus carry.

Quite some time ago I wrote about a white-noise device and whaddaya know.

"Who wants to bet that a Starship/Super Heavy rocket reaches orbit before SLS?"

To which Michael G. adds, Wormholes Across The Universe Are Fully Traversable, New Calculations Show.

All people who love liberty, salute this goat:

6482 Thursday, 18 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"...[S]imply flaunting Biden’s mandatory mask policy."

"...[Y]ou’re defying everything about immunity by telling people to wear masks who have been vaccinated."

"...[T]he rationale for imposing mask mandates disintegrates."

"NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn’t Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School"


'I put the face mask on because it saves lives. Not “saving lives” in the sense of spreading the Chinkvirus, of course. In my case, saving lives means that when a busybody gives me grief about not wearing one, I refrain from breaking his f***ing neck....'




"...21 states are suing to block Joe Biden’s executive order that halted the Keystone XL pipeline." That's more than the Confederacy ever put on their flag.



Entertainer rot

"That’s right they didn’t want to include [source material character] because he’s white. There’s a word for that. Racism."

"It’s just like Apartheid South Africa, only with the groups inverted."

"So much for merit. So much for a colorblind society." Which segues to

WHITE GENOCIDE which segues to

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"...[C]ultivating a hatred toward gun owners...."

What I never signed up for

• A couple days ago I was reminded why I don't shop at Brownell's anymore and this is the question which needs to be answered.
"...San Francisco... apparently prefer[s] criminals over the law-abiding, so whether the attacker will face justice beyond the street is an open question."
• Oh look yet another career criminal Democrat.
"...[S]chools across the country are increasingly hiring police officers to do the job that teachers and guidance counselors once did."
All cops are liars and thieves
• And an awful lot of them are serial rapists

In Lighter News

I think I already covered this, but Michael G. sends ground regained in Occupied Colorado, though as always Codrea has perspective.

Codrea also has some on Constitutional Carry action in Iowa.

Still struggling in Tennessee.

Incremental action (and superstitious nonsense) in South Carolina.

Michael observes, "Trump derangement syndrome can be lucrative for our side, too. If you're lucky enough to find an honest judge to hold them to account."

[thought=random] The Boondock Saints duology is a loose adaptation of the Prophet Heinlein's Committee for Aesthetic Deletions.

6483 Friday, 19 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Dr. Zelenko... used hydroxychloroquine until federal health agencies blocked access to such drugs."

"Over 18 Million Americans Are Still On Government Jobless Benefits" as though it were on purpose

"Coroner Calls for Audit As People Who Recovered 9 Months Ago Counted as COVID Deaths"

"Victims Of The COVID-19 Vaccines, 3-4 Months Later: ‘I’m Still Not Right’"

"Inventor of PCR Test Said Fauci ‘Doesn’t Know Anything’ And Is Willing To Lie On Television"

“They were petrified, but they were more petrified of the Department of Health....”

"Professor quits researching COVID because of hostility over his findings about low threat to children"

"People who oppose lockdowns... choosing to stay quiet rather than face the mob."





To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds, by way of Tom Kratman: "In the very first version of A Desert Called Peace, Bill Clinton was still President. I was, oh, way the f*** more than merely contemptuous of the son of a bitch in the book. Why? Well, besides that I despised him, I was deliberately courting a court martial under Article 88, UCMJ, contempt toward officials. I figured that, to win a conviction, the prosecution would have to prove a) that Walter Madison Howe was the same person as William Jefferson Clinton, and that all the parallels were true. This would have put the prosecution in violation of Article 88, which would have been great fun."

Michael G. sends, "U GA science prof to students: No Fox News! How spirit-of-free-inquiry. And hey Fox! Doesn't look like going woke is going to get you anything." Right, NBC, the network that faked exploding gas tanks, and CBS, the network with "fake but accurate" Bush memos, are "reliable and factual" sources for research.

Followed by even more monopolistic censorship based on blood libel. Which segues to,

"New online reporting form allows students to report sexual harassment anonymously." There are no conceivable flaws in this plan.

Orwellian Newspeak

Black-market washing machines and water heaters

"...[T]heir children tell them they’re afraid to speak up in class."

Canadian Man Jailed After ‘Misgendering’ His Daughter

Here comes another member of the Gina Carano Club.

Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A



To which Michael G. adds Charles P. Pierce is an idiot. I'm reminded of some other MSM outlet carefully zooming in on a black conservative at a rally, who was open-carrying an AR, so the audience couldn't see he wasn't white.

"...[D]emonizes whites as evil and blesses all minorities as perfectly pure and good."

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"The goal is to create an incomprehensible patchwork of laws and regulations with the intention of entrapping as many (formally) law abiding gun owners as possible."

• One needs a scorecard to keep up.
• To which dot Michael G. connects driving the Jews Americans out of Congress.
"How have you not looked at the results to realize that what you did was immoral and had the opposite effect?"
"You get what ya f***in' deserve!"
"So all of this was a bunch of nonsense and lies?"
Just making stuff up
"...[A]llow cops to search someone's internet history without a warrant...."
• Ruby Ridge, Waco, Flathead Valley
"...[I]s the American government intentionally trying to provoke civil conflict?"
There are no more Marines
• And there probably haven't been any soldiers for a while now either.
"The sheriff did fire the deputy, Quinten Stump - not for shooting Gifford [THREE TIMES IN THE BACK WHILE HANDCUFFED], but for drunkenly shooting up a traffic sign with his duty weapon several months later."
Even cops aren't safe from cops
Gun Control
Success Stories
• Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
• There is no order police would not obey.

In Lighter News

Asian-Americans are buying guns for protection from hate crimes. WELCOME TO THE TEAM.

SpaceX Keeps Happening

Artificial wombs are often encountered in science fiction, including my own. Michael G. sends working on it.

"It's 2021, where are my flying cars, robot butlers, and jetpacks?" All of those things are being worked on, and Michael sends the third one. Although under current "leadership" I have to ponder:

But still, it segues to,

The Crown Joule, Part 42, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6484 Saturday, 20 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.



Israel what the flaming f*** you were made to wear yellow stars within living memory and now YOU'RE DOING IT TO YOURSELVES


69,000 felons to vote

Baghdad Bob is alive and well and wearing Nancy Pelosi's skin.

Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A and THE SENILE CHILD-MOLESTER HELPED comment: "[SpaceX' Raptor engine has] 80% of the performance [of the SLS/SSME] for 0.7% of the price." And they're not being thrown away every time. See also.

They all look the same to him.

"His value was gone after he signed all of those Executive Orders. That was the sole purpose of his being put into place."

"Biden Admin to Start Flying Illegals from Southern Border to Red States Near Canadian Border on Taxpayer Dime"


"School officials in Baltimore are making more than $100,000 a year even though they’re failing students...."

"...[T]he low, red glare to southward when the raided coast-towns burn...."

Pennsylvania Quislings?

The other day was Montana lifting a ban on campus carry. Codrea observes how the other way works.

Whenever I think I might be going too far in my fictional future history, the real world tells me I'm not.


Making your own primers is not Lighter News because

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
Forth and back in South Carolina.
"65-Year Old Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested For Refusing To Mask A Day After Abbott Lifted Mandate" would she have been justified in using deadly force in self-defense against felony assault and kidnapping

In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

Michael G. sends, "Veritas suit against NY Times to proceed: Judge denies motion to dismiss."

Followed by a few dying twitches from the Fourth Amendment. But that's not the way to bet.

Then a tiny spark of sanity at Boise State U. "...[S]tudents have been humiliated and degraded...."

Entertainment backlash. Have I mentioned I also consider myself a creator.

6485 Sunday, 21 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage"

"I’ve tested negative for COVID 17 times this semester. My school still forces me to mask outside, alone."

"Mother Pleads for Help After Son Removed From Her Care Over Facebook Post Without a Mask"

"Is this the world we’re going to live in, where everyone is reporting everyone and the Gestapo is going to come arrest you?"




Michael G. observes how Old Media really does lack all self-awareness.

Followed by, "The University of Florida suspended at least three conservative clubs on campus...."

Then backlash against wokeism but that's not Lighter News because just look at all the examples.

Who hates the Jews Asians

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"The easiest way to achieve sainthood in Washington is to cover up a federal atrocity." How many more are on the way.
• Michael G. sends "Ich schwöre bei Gott diesen heiligen Eid, daß ich dem Führer des Deutschen Reiches und Volkes Adolf Hitler, dem Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht, unbedingten Gehorsam leisten und als tapferer Soldat bereit sein will, jederzeit für diesen Eid mein Leben einzusetzen."
• Who do you call when the government is stealing your car?

In Lighter News

TrumpKeepsHappening which reminds me, the other day I recalled a news report - might have been from during the Obama Usurpation - about MSM zooming in on a black conservative open-carrying an AR so the audience couldn't see he wasn't white.

6486 Monday, 22 March 2021:

The World Sucks

I have observed before,
anxiety and depression are not mental illnesses,
they are logical and rational reactions to observing the world.

Please help.

"Texas, Florida Report Fewer Coronavirus Cases than Blue State New York Despite No Mask Mandates"


To which is added, some time ago there was an obscene video of a completely brainwashed Muslim woman declaring "My guardian knows what's best for me" and now Michael G. sends a thing I saw a week or two ago: Norwegian journalist says she’d ‘love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine’.


Is it wrong to wish that everyone who voted for Biden gets raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant? Considering they've been wishing the same or worse for us.

"...[T]he Biden/Harris administration is stacking up kids in cages like cheap foil-wrapped gas station burritos."

"...[S]tagnation and squalor from now until the sun dies."

Michael G. observes, "College memorial to victims of socialism disappeared. I'm sure the people who did it want lots of us to be disappeared."

Followed by why I don't want to return to the workforce, Chapter MMMMMMDCLXXXVI. Worse every day.

"Woke corporations have reached the depth of exploiting child abuse as a marketing ploy."

Hey remember when the National Socialists' leader wrote a book everyone was required to buy?

Hey remember when the National Socialists pressured institutions to discriminate against certain kinds of people?

"Jews are classed as White and come in for both race hatred and anti-Semitism from the CRT crowd." And yet Jews keep voting for Democrats and gun control.

"There's good money in hate-mongering."

"Pittsburgh man stabs boy, 12, in neck at McDonald's before hurling racial slurs" AND NOTE HOW CAREFULLY THEY STRUCTURED THAT HEADLINE

with convenient timing

"Israelis turn deserts into gardens, Palestinians turn gardens into deserts." And as if on cue:

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. sends "FBI head doesn't know enough to come up with Dem preferred narrative. But with Director Wray's backbone I'm sure it will be whole nanoseconds before he flips."
• Followed appropriately by, "Pentagon training material for facing their new enemy: The majority of the US population."
• No-longer-regretting-never-having-served-fatigue

Project Gunwalker
"The grand jury, on 25 January, indicted a 2nd officer for murder, and five more officers for organized criminal activity.... 'It was a result of a raid that was part of their usual routine.' Consider the implications."
• I'm seeing an awful lot of serial child-rapists with badges considering I'm not actively looking for them
• But remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
• And remember they would never come to your door to take yours.
"Make no mistake, there is nothing in this bill that addresses criminals. This is simply a way for the hateful Democrats to punish law abiding Oregonians for no other reason than they can."
Nobody is safe anywhere near any cop
• Hey remember when the National Socialists made lists of certain kinds of people?

In Lighter News

Incremental Second Front action in Louisiana and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

Michael G. sends loophole backlash in Finland.

In my fictional future history I postulate personal air transport and if built from light enough materials with an efficient enough power source this could be a way to go.

"In a libertarian society who will build the roads?"

It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, Gun Hipster Edition!
SMLE Fan, 12:09 PM: [speaking to an Apprentice Hipster] Oh, so you know about the Bergmann? Well, what about this?
Jeffersonian, 12:09 PM: just watched that
Jeffersonian, 12:09 PM: [peripheral lottery fantasy of making .32ACP reproductions of some of these just to hear Ian voice-break-squee]
SMLE Fan, 12:10 PM: yes
SMLE Fan, 12:10 PM: or we could flat out troll him and chamber everything in .32 French Longue
Jeffersonian, 12:11 PM: he does have a source for that now
SMLE Fan, 12:11 PM: we'll just have to see how reliable that source is
Jeffersonian, 12:12 PM: more practicably tho .32ACP will work in an awful lot of designs
SMLE Fan, 12:13 PM: agreed....it can be used for pretty much all the second-gen [wave?] of semi-autos of the 1880s and '90s
Jeffersonian, 12:13 PM: AllHailSaintJohn
Jeffersonian, 12:14 PM: well he did design the .32ACP DIDN'T HE
SMLE Fan, 12:14 PM: true
SMLE Fan, 12:14 PM: [makes note to fit Vz 61 mags to the Bergmann Project]
Jeffersonian, 12:16 PM: d00d that'll ruin the lines
Jeffersonian, 12:16 PM: gonna needa proper Mannlicher clip
SMLE Fan, 12:16 PM: the "lines" will have been already compromised by the Shoulder Thing
Jeffersonian, 12:17 PM: ur just going full greeblie aren't u
SMLE Fan, 12:17 PM: heh, yes

6487 Tuesday, 23 March 2021:

The World Sucks

...[N]early 200 nights in a row....

Please help.




To which Michael G. adds, "Newspaper hates idea of govt. compensation for govt. caused harms."


"...[C]hildren are going hungry in the care of the Biden administration...."

"The Biden Administration Has Implemented Catch-and-Release Without Court Dates for Illegal Aliens Claiming Asylum"

"Taxpayers to Spend $392.69 per Person per Night on Hotels for Illegal Border-Crossers"

"United Methodist Church Promotes Hateful Propaganda Alleging Trump Supporters are KKK, Confederate-Supporting Racists"

To which Michael G. adds, "NBC Late Night hates White, rural, GOP who follow the Constitution... for trying to steal the election. Talk about Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim Offender."

"...[W]hite, male candidates are blocked, regardless of qualifications...."

And as if on cue

In the latest conveniently timed mass shooting, one has to scroll three-quarters of the way through some articles to find the shooter's name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

Michael G. sends, oh look BLM is crooked. Aside from being racist communist terrorists. Which segues to,

"Sharing verified facts is (wait for it... again...) racist!"

And as if on cue

Followed by, "The country's largest insurance companies stand to benefit from the chaos they're praising."

Aaand this isn't legally equivalent to mass kidnapping why exactly?

Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "Another one on the way out: JetBlue considering moving out of NYC. Of course it’s because COVID, not because of NY’s crushing corporate taxes...." How long until governments try to stop that sort of thing.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"The Philosophical Basis of GCA 68 is an affront to the Second Amendment" AND THEY WANT TO EXPAND IT

• Three Polk County, Florida deputies have been arrested for evidence tampering and who taught them to do that and how many more are still on the force
• Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
Always think about the kind of people who want to become cops.
• And never forget the kind of people
• who don't want you able
• to defend yourself.
• In no-longer-regretting-never-having-served-in-the-military news, Michael G. sends "Biden: We won't be out of Afghan by deadline because Trump. Funny how the Anti-war party wants war forever. Anyone we prove stole the election we should draft their kids and send them to a combat zone." That last part, well, no, but one can understand the sentiment.
"Why are illegal immigrants now getting hotel rooms when the National Guard in DC were left to sleep on the ground in parking garages?"
No longer regretting.
"...Democrats argue for adding states to the Union in large part as a gambit for more power."

It's never a wrong time to ask, "What Good Can A Handgun Do Against an Army?"

In Lighter News

Constitutional Carry action in Texas.

Blogbrother SMLE Fan and Michael G. both send a thing I have been pondering throughout my writing: A system for interstellar navigation.

6488 Wednesday, 24 March 2021:

The World Sucks


Please help.

"...Experimental COVID Injections Causing at Least 20 Miscarriages So Far"

"More Than $4 Billion to Go to Illegal Immigrants Through Biden Stimulus Checks" while you get thrown in jail for reopening your business

Sudden urgency to reopen government schools in 3, 2, 1....



Biden’s Handlers Choke Off America’s Energy Supply

"The family-unit holding cells smell like urine and vomit."

Serial rapist and racist whore lecture country about feminism

"...[E]very book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed...."

Michael G. sends "Consequences of gun control. Though when she says 'unintended' I think that is a polite fiction."

Followed by "The DSM equivalent of 'Stop resisting! Stop resisting!'"

And, "AZ educrats say three months old are already racist. I'm old enough to remember when you 'Have to be Carefully Taught'." To which dot connect,

"The problem is that it wasn’t a white guy who committed the crime."

"All 10 Boulder Colorado Victims Were White."

Gina Carano warned against political and racial divisions comparable to those in National Socialist Germany and a lot of people are working awfully hard to prove her right.


But hey, keep blaming everything on Republican NRA members with MAGA hats.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• "Law" is whatever they tell you it is.
No sympathy for pigs
• who will obey orders to Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant.
'So it looks like the choice is mob anarchy or a "stop and frisk" police state?'
• Michael G. sends "A Biden Appointee... wonders if the First Amendment is "obsolete...."'
• I can't help but draw some parallels to how an Austrian corporal maneuvered his way into power.
"FBI and DHS Attempt To Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate and Spy on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys...."

In Lighter News

Incremental action in South Carolina.

Court action in Occupied New Jersey of all places.

South Dakota is currently at the top of my list for escape destinations but Florida is looking better all the time.

Elon "Shipstone" Musk faster please

6489 Thursday, 25 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"...[T]his has nothing to do with safety, but fear and control."

"Michigan AG openly admits she jailed defiant restaurant owner for taunting the government and going on Tucker Carlson's show"




"ANOTHER Illegal Alien Arrested For Child Sex Crimes While Crossing U.S. Border."

"Compared to Biden and his handlers, Quisling was a patriot."

Senile child-molester

Racist whore

Among all the other precursors to genocide against white people, Michael G. sends "And we thought they didn't have a sense of humor: SPLC Promises It's 'Not Anti-Christian at All'."

Sometimes blaming the victim is not inappropriate.

No, really, black people hate Asian people.

And everybody seems to hate whites.

"This is the definition of systemic racism." Paid for by the victims' own taxes.

To all of which dots connect entertainment rot.

Hey remember all through 2020 with wildfires and riots and murder hornets and fake plague and

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"...[D]angerous and bigoted bill [targeting] the law abiding CHL holders of Oregon.... ...[T]he public has been locked out of the building and has no input into these floor sessions."
Project Gunwalker
• Michael G. sends Why Hasn't Anyone Who Lied Under Oath About Kavanaugh Been Prosecuted?
• Followed by New Democrat bill would ban Americans from holding security clearance if they attended MAGA events. Comment: 'As my friend said, “We are on the Titanic, you can’t stop what’s coming, all you can do is try to find a life boat.”'
• As for the government schools, "PA school official: Going to school is merely a privilege (but you still have to pay us)." I've hated the government schools since long before I dropped out of the eight grade.
"...[M]y trust in the military has been shattered...."
• Let's not lose sight of Ted Cruz' RINO backstabbing.
• Yes, pig, my taxes do pay your extravagant and fraudulent retirement.
• If police come to your door, your life is over, even if you somehow aren't murdered outright. Just start shooting and take as many with you as you can. Because there is no order police would not obey.

In Lighter News

National-implication court action.

Constitutional Carry movement in Iowa.

Reversal on bump stocks (Trump godsdammit).

Michael G. sends a bit of backlash on campus. Denounced as "Uncle Toms" and "House Ns" in 3, 2, 1....

Followed by school choice in West Virginia. Which I am reminded also has Constitutional Carry. Not wholly Lighter because "...[T]he majority of West Virginians never opposed school choice in the first place; they were simply afraid to say so.... They were so scared and intimidated by the teachers’ unions." Wasn't I just talking about the government schools.

6490 Friday, 26 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"[Texas is] Maybe even better than certain states that are still partially locked down and forcing their citizens to cover their faces."

"Ohioans are still suffering through [Governor Mike] DeWine’s draconian diktats...."

"COVID Restrictions to Remain in Place For Years"



Biden Says Migrant Surge Began Under Trump

"Biden's Plan for Central American Migrants: Fly Them Straight to the U.S."

"...Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan warned the media about their behavior lest they embarrass him."

Michael G. sends, "Rush to judgment is OK if mass killers are white."

Followed by "Why DSM may drop story on armed Atlanta man: He's the wrong color. Also, he doesn't appear to have committed a crime or intended to commit a crime, but that wouldn't have stopped them if his color fit their narrative." And there's a link to that incident I mentioned days ago, when Old Media didn't want the audience to know an armed conservative protesting against Obamacare was black.

And now, "Crossing the street is racist."

Michael adds "Remember Jacob Blake is a rapist and the children with him at the time, he had abducted from their mother."

Also, "Oakland CA pays people to be poor... but not White people. So I guess we can see who they are worried about fleeing the plantation." Pay no attention to the $100 fingernail-art, $600 Nikes and $1,000 iPhones....

Plus, Former ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg Declares War On Rural Red States With Call For Mileage Tax.

Naturally, "Man who vandalized Lincoln statue is Boise State U prof."

Then, "Ohio State employs 150 diversity officials. Now it will hire 50 professors focused on social and racial justice." And vandalizing statues.

With, "Home Depot Co-Sponsored 'Systemic Racism' Resource Hub That Smears Christians as 'Haters'."

"Naturally this is considered to be perfectly acceptable content, and not racist in any way."

And naturally, Minnesota Theater Company Cancels Cinderella for Being Too White.

Next, Sesame Street Introduces Two New Black Puppets, “ABCs of Racial Literacy” Resource To Teach Kids About Racism and Diversity.

"Further demonize white Americans."

But hey keep warning me about those Republican NRA members with MAGA hats

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"...[A] climate of fear is made inevitable...."
"Media Fact-Checkers Silent as Nancy Pelosi Falsely Claims She Can Unseat 'Any Member of Congress' She Wants"

• Michael G. sends "74,000 drug convictions tossed because of lab corruption." The rule, not the exception.
• Throughout my fictional future history I make reference to systematic genocide and now:

• Now I learn that Parler, our supposed safe space for free speech, is reporting its users to the FBI.
• In no-longer-regretting news, Michael sends "Example of how woke high command destroys the military: How many good people looking at this likely decided to get out? Leaving worms and suck-ups to take over?" "During nearly 30 years, Boutin had served his entire time as an infantryman, seeing five combat tours, and never having had any bad paperwork, he says. This is what his Corps did for him...."

In Lighter News

Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Elon Keeps Happening.

Codrea observes the way things used to be. Which I have also pondered. Which segues to,

The Crown Joule, Part 43, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

6491 Saturday, 27 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Sweden Saw Lower Mortality Rate Than Most of Europe in 2020, Despite No Lockdown"

"Fear is the most effective instrument of totalitarian control."




Yet another conveniently timed mass shooting. As though it were on purpose.

To which Michael G. adds institutional racism in media.

The other day I mentioned $600 Nikes. That bid was low. But the people buying them don't care.

Baghdad Bob at the Southern Border

Real Space Enthusiasts Get Ripped Off by NA$A

Balkanization intensifies which segues to

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"This assault was based on nothing except the Democrat’s blind hatred for gun owners" and "Republicans" helped.
• Michael G. sends, "NYC Council even screws up getting rid of Qualified Immunity."
• In my fictional future history I wrote "Toward the end, in the United States, there arose the notion of the Constitution as a 'living document' that could be altered or suspended by majority vote or, later, by executive order" and here we are.

In Lighter News

Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

Still floundering toward "constitutional" "carry" in Tennessee.

TrumpKeepsHappening though not wholly Lighter because "H.R. 1 would codify election fraud as a matter of course" and these may be the final days of the republic.

The US Navy is still working on fusion power. Not wholly Lighter because will they assume its gender.

Throughout my fictional future history I presume Common Life, alien species and environments not wildly different from our own, and there may be something to it.

I also postulate fabbers changing the world.

6492 Sunday, 28 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.



"Biden officials tried to muzzle the 18 GOP Senators on Ted Cruz's border trip by ordering them to DELETE photos of kids in overcrowded facilities" but that's not alarming or tyrannical at all

To which Michael G. adds "Preventing elections from being stolen is (wait for it... again... ) racist!"

Followed naturally enough by "How can Journal of AMA do more to prove that it is factually irrelevant? Cave to critical race theory!" Which segues to,

"Nobody needs a gun in Wakanda." Following up with, "CNN uses passive voice. And the 'true' victim wasn't allowed to recover her cell phone." Just the other day I posted a meme about open tribal warfare. In my tribe, methodically bombing entire cities to rubble and ash is an historical option. To which dot connect,

'Apparently, having a “real conversation” on anti-Asian violence can only happen when the criminal is white.'

Michael follows with "Only the Right violates Twitter policies: Misinformation and hate from the Left isn't misinformation or hate."

Then, "The annual destruction of college pro-life displays." "Tolerance".

'A racist class being offered at Florida State University will focus on the “History of Karen” to attack white women.'

Years ago I wrote a chapter for which I'm mildly disappointed to have not yet received death threats and now I was right, again.

And here is my sympathy for a Bond Villain scheme to depopulate the Earth of the day.

"As social media empowers uncredentialed people to be heard, society's most powerful actors seek to cast themselves as victims and delegitimize all critiques."

Revisiting something I reported earlier - gosh, I don't know how I feel about this one: Antifa burns government schools. Can't they both lose.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• Michael G. observes "...[T]he FBI knew all about the accused Boulder shooter, but paid no attention to the obvious warning signs" but we're supposed to give up OUR guns
• A veteran friend reports to me that "after my surgery last year, I was issued 20 Hydrocodone tablets, then down graded to Tramadol, since inauguration day I have received 500 tablets of Hydro and 800 tabs of Tramadol, and I was hearing much the same from the other combat-disabled vets at the VFW." That's not suspicious or alarming at all.

As for no longer regretting never having served in the military:

I'm anti-smoking, like Jacob N. I hate the cigarette stink, but I'm also anti-prohibition. Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Tom Kratman: "When the anti-smoking campaign really kicked off in the Army, I was commanding a mech infantry company. The fanatics made the mistake of leaving matters up to company commanders. Clearly, they intended that smoking should be made as inconvenient as possible, but allowed people like me to decide where smoking areas would be. I had Top identify everyone who wanted a no smoking room and gave them one, then had 'Smoking Area' signs put up everywhere else in the barracks and orderly room. Well, except for my own office because I was the f***ing commander and didn't need a sign to tell me where I could smoke.
"I was pretty f***ing public and obvious about what I was doing, too.
"Also those dreaded congressional inquiries? I had an open offer to the rest of the battalion that I would be more than happy to answer any of them received. Why? Because it was sheer fun to answer complaints like: 'Sgt X called constituent's son a dirtball' with 'Sgt X did, indeed, call Private Z a dirtball. This is because calling him a s***bag, which he is, would have been unseemly. However, assure your constituent that a) her son is a s***bag and b) Sgt X has been ordered to address him as such in the future.'
"This really only takes a bare minimum of moral courage in an Army that hasn't gone completely rotten. Though, yes, you may never rise above O5 if you act this way. So?
"Now the Armed Forces are into forced diversity, complete with incredibly dweeby-looking Zampolits at the very highest levels.
"Let me state up front; all you officers? You know this is bulls***, that there is rarely any benefit in diversity, and especially not for its own sake, but quite the opposite. YOU ARE DEMONSTRATING NOT JUST MORAL COWARDICE BY ROLLING OVER FOR IT, BUT EVERY TIME YOU ADDRESS IT AND YET FAIL TO CALL IT WHAT IT IS - WHICH IS TO SAY, COMPLETE F***ING NONSENSE - YOU ARE ENGAGED IN AN INTEGRITY VIOLATION THAT SHOULD SEE YOU COURT-MARTIALLED AND CASHIERED."

Then I find, "US Special Operations Command welcomes aboard its new chief of diversity and inclusion (who compared Trump to Hitler)."

And then I find "DOD Linguist Pleads Guilty To Feeding Top Secret Government Information To Hizballah".

In Lighter News

This has been around before: "Every officer would have to survive 864 gun-grabbing raids." And they won't.

Michael G. sends "Refueling drone for US Navy. Yeah, but what happens when someone assumes its gender?"

Throughout my fictional future history I postulate cures and treatments for all kinds of illnesses, and now Michael G. sends new cancer treatment.

Followed by anti-aging treatments.

6493 Monday, 29 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"...[L]ifting the mask mandate and re-opening the state did not lead to the health catastrophe predicted by all the 'experts', in fact the opposite happened."

"...[T]he lockdowns imposed in panic in the past year did nothing to slow COVID...."

"Soon, persuasion will turn into coercion, and from coercion to outright force."

Fauci is a sociopath and a psychopath too.



"Pay no attention to those children in the cage!"

Immigrants Contributing OPEN WARFARE to Society

To which Michael G. adds, "I'm sure Biden will stand up to China over this: 'Sudetenland' in Slow Motion." So hey nuclear war is back on the menu.

Michael then asks, "So how soon does the DSM reverse victim and offender here?" After all, "whiteness is terrorism". Comment: "Interesting that as soon as a new massive, potentially unpopular gun confiscation bill is announced suddenly there is a new shooting every hour."

Followed by, "Asians attacked by MAGA hat wearing NRA member - oh, wait, it's a BLM member. Nothing to see here." And Asians are honorary Whites now.

As if on cue "Philly library workers upset with diversity training because it didn't teach them to hate whitey enough."


Which segues to even more precursors to genocide from PBS.

Backstabbing from what's supposed to be our own kind.

All Lies About Everything

I really don't know why BLM and Antifa are burning the government schools. They're on the same side.

"...[N]ot one person was prepared to return fire...."


In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
"Antifa smash up a man’s truck at the Oregon state Capitol in Salem. He pulls out a gun and is arrested by responding police." Though some claim otherwise. "What kind of country do we live in, now that you cannot drive down a street with American flags on your truck without being assailed by a leftist mob that knows the federal government has its back?" Michael Strickland all over again. Police are on the side of the mobs.
• Cop turns off camera before shooting someone, so we should give up our guns?
• City attorney general is a criminal in possession of a firearm so we should give up our guns?
• Michael G. sends, "Victims of MI program and companies that built it can sue: A program that judges and fines insurance fraud had a 93% error rate. A Judge ruled that the victims of that can sue not only the state but the companies that wrote the program. As Lehto points out, the politicians only cared that it produced revenue, not that almost all the people fined by it were innocent."
• Followed by "An oathbreaking Colorado politician. As Codrea often says, Benedict Arnold was a soldier too."
"The really amazing thing here is that police nation-wide expect to be considered heroes of the community...." If cops come to your door just start shooting because your life is already over. By which I mean,
• Update on Flathead Valley.
• As if on cue, Stalinesque fake charges and show trials. Which I have also pondered.
• "Law" is what we tell you it is, peasant.
• No sympathy for a pig eaten by pigs.

Thousands of dead cops on doorsteps all across America
• As tax time approaches, remember you're not paying "your" "fair" "share". Which I have also pondered.
• And your little rocketship too.

In Lighter News

Wyoming has Constitutional Carry, but for state residents only. Working on that. My current tally is this, and if I'm wrong please click on "comment" at the bottom of this page to update me:
2003 Alaska
2010 Arizona
2020 Idaho
2015 Kansas
2019 Kentucky
2015 Maine
2016 Mississippi
2017 Missouri
2021 Montana (pending)
2017 New Hampshire
2019 Oklahoma
2019 South Dakota
2021 Utah (pending)
1791 Vermont
2016 West Virginia
2015 Arkansas (still disputed)
2017 North Dakota (state residents only, concealed only)
2011 Wyoming (state residents only)
2015(?) New Mexico (unloaded carry, separate loaded magazine; vehicle carry unlicensed)
2015 Puerto Rico (disputed)
2007 Texas (vehicle carry unlicensed - 2016, open carry with concealed permit)
2014 Tennessee (vehicle carry unlicensed)
See also.

Michael G. sends a broader increment in Pennsylvania.

6494 Tuesday, 30 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Vows To Ban ‘Vaccine Passports’

"Biden Urges Governors, Mayors To Reinstate Mask Mandates"

"The WHO covid report is fatally flawed"

"Pregnant Catholic Woman Removed by Police DURING HOLY MASS for not wearing a mask - Was Ratted out by her own PASTOR!"





Immigrants Contributing to Society

Why I don't want to return to the workforce, Chapter MMMMMMCDXCIV.

Backlash against backstabbing.

Because backstabbers must pay.

Gina Carano warns about people acting like Nazis, gets called a Nazi.

Michael G. sends "Bridges collapsing, planes falling from the sky." Here are some references explaining that.

With, in monopolistic censorship news, shutting down all peaceful avenues of redress.

And, GoFundMe Yanks Page Run by Virginia Parents Fighting Woke Curriculum. See also, Loudoun County Crazy: Diversity Council Says ‘We Can And We Will Silence The Opposition’.

To which dot connect, Major School District to Begin In-Person Teaching for Illegal Immigrant Children While Local Kids Are Still Stuck at Home.

Michael also sends, "Sheet music is (wait for it... again... ) racist!" Which segues to don't go to college because


And don't join the military either:

Which I have been pondering for a long time.

To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds Tom Kratman: 'Somewhat unsurprisingly, the first time the Army officially demanded, in effect, that officers compromise their integrity was over AIDS. This was in the later 80s.
'The few troops who had it had to disappear for about a week a month for treatment. And their commanders were forbidden from telling their more immediate supervisors where they were. The order, however, though tacitly demanding a commander lie, only said that he could not say the troop had AIDS and was off for treatment.
'So there was one in my second company, a kid from Commo. He had to disappear for that week. (Note, there were two platoons in the company, Commo and Medical, for the leadership of which I was not supposed to be the rater or senior rater. However, the med platoon leader and the commo platoon sergeant preferred working for me to working for the Adjutant and CEO, respectively.)
'PSG Cooper, the Commo platoon sergeant, came and asked me where Spec X was.
'Poker face. "I can't tell you."
'"C'mon, sir; I'm his platoon sergeant and the CEO, as we both know, is basically worthless. I've GOT to account for my man."
'Even deader poker face. "I can't tell you."
'"But sirrrr..."
'Poker face so dead I should have been buried. "I am officially forbidden from telling you."
'"Oh, shit; he's got AIDS, doesn't he?"
'Smiling poker face. "I can't tell you."
'"Goddamned, I knew there was something a little off with him. AIDS. S***."
'Grinning poker face. "I can't tell you."
'"Thanks for letting me know, sir." (Yeah, he was sincere. Damned fine NCO was PSG Cooper.)'

Nowadays they probably give out a ribbon for AIDS.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
'...[H]old gun owners “strictly liable” for crimes committed by the criminals who Oregon continues to release without punishment...."
Biden revenue plan includes 'marriage penalty'
• Michael G. sends, "According to a police affidavit, six days before [Al Issa] shot 10 people to death, he purchased a pistol. That would have required him to pass a federal background check also run by the FBI.... This is not an anomaly in the FBI’s history."
Papieren Bitte for you,
your tax dollars for them.
• Now connect these dots: Hillary Clinton exempt from testifying under oath, and
Chelsea Clinton Hauls In $9 Million From Corporate Board Position.
"As government grows ever larger, it will suck all of the money out of the economy, until there is no one else to work for." Which I have also pondered.
What You Signed Up For

In Lighter News


6495 Wednesday, 31 March 2021:

The World Sucks

Please help.

"Such unilateral, unchecked power was anathema to the framers of our constitution."

"A government interagency committee has been convened to consider how Big Tech might implement vaccine passports to determine if you may travel or go to large events."

"...[S]preading false fear and pushing Covid lies on the American public."

"...[T]hey have already begun the segregation process."

"...[T]hey can do f***-all about Britain’s actual crime (muggings, stabbings, robberies etc.); but by God let some granny have one too many guests at her late husband’s funeral, and it’s to jail she’ll be going."

Withdraw your compliance





Little Migrant Girl Lost Her Voice After Brutal Gang Rape While Answering Biden’s Open Borders Invitation but Trump wrote mean Tweets

Border crossers get 1 year ‘renewable’ amnesty and Social Security card but you're not paying "your" "fair" "share"

6-month-old baby thrown in river to distract Border Patrol but Trump "separated families"

Michael G. observes, "New York Times Outsources Research to Media Matters."

Followed in despised-by-the-despicable news by "Princeton students rescind award to Sen. Cruz. I would argue that the rescinding of the award is a much higher honor than receiving the award in the first place."

Then even more reasons to don't go to college.

With, "CNN representing the 'reality' based community." Sympathy for Bond Villains' schemes to depopulate Earth intensifies.

And of course, in the government schools, Teacher Bullies Student for His Colorblind Attitude Toward Race.

But hey tell me who's keeping the poor folks down.

But then this happens....

...And then this happens....

...And then segregation happens.

"Allowing black neighborhoods to degenerate into violent anarchy is enlightened."

"White Rape Victims of Brown Muslims Are... 'RACISTS!'"

More backlash against backstabbers.

Think about the kind of people
who don't want you to own guns.

Entertainment rot includes multiple actionable breaches of contract.

Which segues to never caring about the Olympics again. At least, not on this planet.

"The only people who will be allowed freedom of speech will be those who agree with them."

Monumental lack of self-awareness.

No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMCDXCV.

In the Daily Dots of Official Government Tyranny:
• I probably covered this at the time but it bears repeating that there is no order police would not obey.
• Very much including Gun Control Success Stories.
• Because dehumanizing an opponent is a precursor to genocide.
"The officers knowingly violated the First Amendment, said the court. But that doesn't matter."
'...[C]riminals have “no fear of repercussion”....'
"[B]izarre draconian retaliation" in New Jersey. But we expect that.
• No right to self-defense in Chicago. But we knew that.
'In the United States, we have a long tradition of “innocent until proven guilty,” but the FBI seems to take the opposite approach.'

In Lighter News

Tennessee should get Constitutional Carry, sort of, in a couple months.

Michael G. sends KY Gov veto of school choice overridden.

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