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6040 Wednesday, 1 January 2020:

The World Sucks

I hate.
This place.
So much.

"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

To which Michael G. adds, "They really only need the first four words of this headline."

Also observing, College is a scam.

Followed by, "Settled science and group think. Think any of the people reading this will notice the analogy of climate science?"

Speaking of colleges and this horrible place, "U of Portland VP attacked by emotion-driven man. Maybe promoting a climate of emotionalism and violence wasn't such a good idea?"

It's not paranoia or hyperbole if the people who call us "Nazis" are treating us like the National Socialists treated the Jews.

"In their warped imaginations...."

Stereotypes exist because they're true


"An Erie County man who describes regret over voting for President Donald Trump in 2016 didn’t vote for him...."

  • All so f***ing ignorant
  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "Woohoo! It’s the annual litany of new forms of government overreach! Highlights (lowlights) include increases in minimum wage (goodbye small businesses and restaurants), plastic bag bans, cyclists in Oregon get to treat stop signs and traffic lights as suggestions, red flag laws in Colorado, NYS gets rid of bail for basically all offenses (don’t let CNN fool you, there’s plenty of violent crimes and felonies on the list), and Washington State middle school children must ride in child seats in cars until age 13 or hight 4’ 9”. Small highlight is that Illinois gets legal recreational pot, which is OK because prohibition never solves anything."
  • Think about the kind of people who think only the police should have guns.

    In Lighter News


    Why couldn't I have this guy for a neighbor? Instead of the stereotypes who appear to be stripping their own apartment for scrap metal to sell....

    Michael G. sends, "U Illinois settles First Amendment lawsuit by conservative student journalist. Sad that an Illinois judge is more likely to respect 1A than an Oregon judge." Hatethisplacesomuch.

    Followed by, "US consulate in Greenland approved. 4chan has a good record in getting the moonbats to make themselves look stupid. How about getting them to launch a global warming protest at the consulate (while it is under construction) by showing up in swimsuits with umbrellas and other beach gear. At the height of winter."

    "Global" "Warming" MY ASS SHUT UP GRETA

    Aurora, part 125, will be delayed by research. Such as, rewatching the entire 1954 Samurai Trilogy. And I might have to split off another chapter to make it flow right. ...In which case 125 might come out pretty soon and it'll be 126 that's delayed. I dunno.

    6041 Thursday, 2 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.


    Michael G. observes, "When" the metrocon RINOs of "National Review say you don't understand gun rights and their supporters, your ignorance is huge."

    Followed by, "USA Today's Texas Church Op Ed. Glen Reynolds had these comments when he posted the link. I've italicized one passage: 'Well, here’s some stuff we know about the other armed parishioners that we allegedly know nothing about. First, they stood up to place their own bodies at risk (“Greater love hath no man,” etc. So the Bible says, and it still is news.) Second, when Jack Wilson put down the gunman with a single shot, they calmly reholstered their weapons. Nobody took any unnecessary shots, nobody shot anyone else by accident, and that was that. Honestly, this is better performance than you’d expect — or usually get — from a like number of law enforcement officers, who nowadays seldom seem to let things stop with one shot, and whose shooting ability seems well below what was displayed here. So we do know some pretty important things. The oped author was just too dense, or bigoted, to notice.'"

    Immigrants Contributing RINO BACKSTABBING to Society

    So much
    All the time

    Teachers for Bernie

  • Michael G. sends, "Homeland Security looking into states that give driver's licenses to illegals. On one hand there shouldn't be a Homeland Security department. On the other hand someone should be looking into states that give driver's licenses to illegals." On the gripping hand there shouldn't be driver's licenses but that's not the world we live in....
  • Followed by Your Tax Dollars At Work: "Fourth annual toy gun buyback in Long Island. I bet a toy gun 'buy back' is even easier to spoof than one for real guns. 'It's just a stick!' 'My kid and his friends run around pointing them, going "Bang! Bang!"' 'OK, Here's your gift card.'" ...And we know what happens next.
  • Jumping through extortionate bureaucratic hoops in Tennessee.
  • More of the same in Florida.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
  • "If he's too dangerous to own a damn gun, what the hell is the government doing letting him into the country in the first place, and then onto military bases?" And how is any of that my fault? Which segues to
  • 'Has the U.S. military learned nothing in the years since the Fort Hood shooter killed 14 and injured 32 unarmed soldiers in that 2009 terrorist (or "workplace violence," per Barack Obama) attack? Apparently not.' No longer regretting never having served in the military.
  • Oh look yet another child-rapist in the government schools.
  • Hey remember when the National Socialists brainwashed children to denounce their parents that could never happen again right?
  • Why yes, Virginia, Blackface Northam really is trying to get every cop in Virginia killed.

    In Lighter News

    More uppity in Virginia, Monday the 6th.


    First-hand eyewitness report of the White Settlement church attack. Armed self-defense works and people who want to deny it are monsters.

    Clint Eastwood rides again. Of course the media slandered an innocent man. That's what they do.

    Michael G. sends a "Self inflicted wound: more people not going to college."

    Followed by, "Washington state court overturns lese majesty law." And I really oughta sit down and do that rewrite of the Code Duello. I have the word processor file already.

    Then the "Feel-good post of the day: Progressive lawyer announces he is going to stop blogging because 'Brett Kavanaugh broke him.' No, you were broken all along, and you still haven't realized how and why."

    Aurora, part 125, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    6042 Friday, 3 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Never forget they hate us and want us to die.

    Michael G. sends, "Making Andy Ngo's point for him by not letting him make his point."

    Followed by "Hate hoax in Detroit. All the real anti-Semites were the wrong ethnic group, so he had to create one of the correct ethnic group."

    Immigrants Contributing to Society

    "...[O]vertaken by politically-driven, emotional hysteria."

    To which dot connect pure concentrated entertainment rot. With Trump Derangement Sauce. And now, thanks to Ron Howard, I never have to rewatch Solo again. Like the other Disney blasphemies, it never happened and doesn't exist.

    Marching us into the theaters at bayonet-point, strapping us to the chairs, taping our eyelids open

    "...[W]hite liberals are the most racist people in America." And how's that going to work out?


  • Michael G. sends, "In VA, gun sanctuary bad, marijuana sanctuary good. I think I see a pattern, the good sanctuaries, marijuana and illegal aliens, are all top-down commands while the bad sanctuary, guns, is bottom-up grassroots."
  • He then asks, "Will Elizabeth Warren drop armed security? Or is she talking out of both sides of her mouth? History shows a clear probability."
  • Followed by, "Canada proves (again) that government can't sell booze to thirsty sailors." Gosh it's almost like market forces outperform command economies. Or something.
  • Undermining due process in Arizona of all places.
  • Even more RINO backstabbing
  • Just a few bad apples
  • EVERY COP IN VIRGINIA and everywhere else too

    In Lighter News

    US MARINES AUTHORIZE CONCEALED CARRY ON BASES though of course Codrea has perspective. I'm reminded of one of Michael Z. Williamson's novels, The Weapon I think, in which his version of Space Marines are never unarmed, carrying their issue weapons with them everywhere at all times even when off base or off duty, which was doubtless a component of my own vision.

    More Virginia action tomorrow.

    More yet on Monday the 20th.

    Uppity in Arizona, February 15th.

    In TrumpKeepsHappening news, Michael G. sends, "Killing Suleimani will unite the Iranian people behind the mullahs. Or maybe not."

    To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds John Ringo's observations of the damage done by the Trump Regime.

    Meanwhile on campus, Where Due Process Goes to Dietm, "Just because your decision was dumb doesn't mean it was forced."

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A, Chapter MMMMMMXLII. Get. Out. Of. The. WAY. "...[E]ntirely disrupt[ing] global spaceflight...." And I am still ticked at Neil deGrasse Tyson for saying "Only governments can go to space" sit down and shut up Neil you're not even a real scientist.

    Speaking also of space SMLE Fan then sends "Well. We haven't gotten there yet, and we already have a B& list. If for no other reason than transparently ripping off O, Canada."

    [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    I don't have anything in particular against dogs but I prefer cats.

    6043 Saturday, 4 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Remember they hate us and fantasize about murdering us.

    Michael G. sends, "You know the saying, 'If guns cause violence, spoons cause obesity'? Someone is taking it seriously."

    Followed by, "Remember, blacks can't be racist." Tell that to a Korean.

    Then, "CA TV anchors realize they are getting what they asked for, good and hard."

    With, "Speaking of getting what you asked for: After loudly demanding their right to serve in the military, no matter what, snowflakes are panicked that they might actually be expected to serve. 'You can relax, kids. Uncle Sam doesn't want you. Neither does any volunteer soldier worth their salt.'" Well conscription is slavery anyway.

    We had Bush Derangement Syndrome, we have Trump Derangement Syndrome, now we're getting Gun Derangement Syndrome.

    And just plain derangement.



  • Michael G. sends "Reminder: Biden opposes presumption of innocence and due process. So when is he going to tell Hunter to just plead guilty?"
  • Herschel Smith weighs in on USMC allowing certain kinds of people to defend themselves.
  • Remember, peasant, work within their system.
  • Hey remember when the National Socialists determined what was "life unworthy of life" that could never happen here right? The particular case is considerably more nuanced but the precedent is to be feared because remember they hate us and want us to die and have openly expressed their fantasies of power and revenge.
  • Hey cops! Who will "protect" and "serve" you? Remember you are just as disposable to the regime as we are. Except we hate you too and we're better shots.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Reminder, uppity in Virginia Beach, VA, Monday the 6th.


    Pushback in Occupied Washington.

    Michael G. sends "An honest scientist. She couldn't reproduce her own work, so she withdrew her paper while publicly announcing why. Man bites dog, eh?" Not what we've come to expect.

    Arizona has been further down my list of escape destinations mainly because it's a border state vulnerable to demographic warfare but it's shaping up.

    Back when I was inventing the character of Charles Clancy there were, on places like WRSA and Sipsey Street, references to the Irish resistance to British occupation and one such was a little song which Michael Z. Williamson has updated.

    6044 Sunday, 5 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, "U CO Boulder hosts conference pretending borders are imaginary." Tell you what lemme drop you in socialist paradise North Korea and you can see how imaginary their border is when you're ready to leave.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends yes, Kathleen, your entertainment really is rotten. Just repeating a little dream I have:
    "The sequels will continue to gain support with the SJW pajamaboys-"
    "The sequels will no longer be of any concern to us. The new owner has dissolved Lucasfilm; the last remnants of the Disney Blasphemies have been swept away."

    To which is added epic tone-deafness and self-unawareness.

    SMLE Fan follows with Michael Z. Williamson's examination of the draft.

  • Michael G. sends "Virginia to release murderers. By calling the middle aged 'elderly'. They have to make room for all those citizens who refuse to be made into subjects and serfs." This is why you became a cop.
  • Followed by, "What 'democracy dies in darkness' really looks like." This is the nature of government.
  • Due process under attack in New Hampshire.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "I like this version of the Armalite song." I have the lyrics transcribed and may work them into the next story. "Although I've watched the Upotte!! anime and there were a number of bits of combat exercises with 18, as well as the attack by Red Steel High that could have been used instead of repeating these fanservice shots. BTW, the bit about 18 having to repeatedly hitch up her pajama bottoms? That's a reference to the weakness of the stock latch on the AR18 after it has suffered a little wear."

    Followed by, "NY Times unhappy Prager U goes around college profs and the MSM. 'When we said, “Question authority,” we didn’t mean OUR authority.'"

    Then, "Why 2A sanctuary is sweeping Kentucky. A show of the force of opposition, a way to say, 'Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.'"

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, "Unsure if any of the posted links are worth chasing down, it's the pun at the end of the listing."

    Speaking of the next story I hope I'm up to it because my present vision is three first-person perspectives at once, eventually getting entangled. Dunno if I'm a good enough writer for that. Well I've been working on Aurora for about a decade and that whole universe for twice as long. Reckon I'll find out when I get there.

    6045 Monday, 6 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.

    Repeating, Michael G. sends "GOP govs who've betrayed their constituents on refugee resettlement."

    And speaking of RINO backstabbing.

    Michael follows with New Zealand and China. "Not a surprise from a gun banner."

    Then, "Only some foreign interventions in US elections are bad."

    Way back here I noted some division on reintroducing wolves and now Michael sends yes that was a bad idea who could have predicted such a thing.

    With, "Who wants to be taught by an institution incapable of learning? Oberlin allows Islamic Jihad memorial."

    Which segues to "Our stable moral betters in academe. I've tried to find any information about politics or activism before the alleged murder attempt. All I've found is that she first came to the US from Japan as a foreign exchange student in high school, then went to college at the University of Iowa and UC Santa Barbara. And her descriptions of what her art means are typical academic word salad."

    "Report: Doctor Who’s Season 12 Premiere Viewership Nosedives." Maybe it's because you're making tone-deaf hate-filled degenerate crap that nobody wants to waste their time on.

    "Tolerant" and "inclusive"

    Immigrants Contributing to Society


  • Gun Control
  • Success Stories
  • Which Michael G. segues to "Nikki Goeser fights for the self defense she was denied."
  • Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.
  • Remember they hate us and do not recognize us as human beings.
  • "32 counts of assault, false imprisonment and misconduct" AND A BADGE.

    In Lighter News


    Okay, well, Arizona.

    6046 Tuesday, 7 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Michael G. sends the spoiler. I do still feel some guilt for Perot in '92. Not in '20 though; Trump's far from perfect but the BFYTW is strong with him.

    Followed by, "UMass Amherst removes professor for having a sense of humor. Because if the students don't learn to be humorless scolds, how will they earn the coveted title of MassHoles?"

    Yesterday it was wolves in Colorado. Now it's coyotes in Europe. "And just like here all the 'best' people think the coyotes shouldn't be molested and those doing something about them should be punished." Yes it's two legs instead of four, a predator is a predator. Which segues to,

    I remember decades ago when restrictions were placed on cougar hunting. I am a cat person, I would never hunt a cat for sport, I would rather rub its tummy, but I recognize cougars are dangerous predators and there is only one realistic way to control their populations.

    Michael continues with, "How ambulance chasers demonize Round Up." Just the other day I was observing how the system doesn't recognize us as human beings and now “Individual plaintiffs can become commodities that are bought and sold by marketers, with prices based on demand.” Bus, lawyers, cliff....

    Then, "Swedish Govt Reclassifying Explosions to Distort Actual Figures. 'Damage' shell news!" Which segues to,

    "Australia's Apocalyptic Fires Caused by Bad Land Management and Arsonists, Not 'Climate Change'." "It'll be interesting to see how many Lefty eco-wingnuts end up convicted of arson over the coming year."

    Because the "news" industry is stupid, shameless, or both. Timely Visual Aid. To which dot connect

    In Virginia the newspapers have been printing false information on town hall meetings. "Ammo is being purchased as quickly as possible. The sound of gunfire could be heard throughout the hills during the day." Man, if I had a truckload of XM193 right now I could cash in.... And then this happens.

    Michael adds, "March For Our Lives Raised Nearly All Funding from Secret Six-Figure Donations. The people have spoken!" To which dot connect,

    "Notorious antifa doxing activist accused of racism and predatory behaviour." The kind of people.

    Plus, "Germany Vows to 'Save' Nuclear Deal as Iran Enriches Weapons-Grade Uranium. Bet Germany never expected to get Neville Chamberlain as their next Führer."

    Monopolistic censorship

    The rotten entertainers don't want anyone to know about entertainment rot.

    Remember they are sociopaths who do not value human life.

    When will American Jewry wake up?


    Islam for payday

    Demographic warfare

  • Yes, California, they really do want you to freeze to death in the dark.
  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "Incompetence in NYC: NYC won’t refund drivers impacted by Y2K-like parking meter glitch. Not surprising that nobody noticed that the software was out of date in the parking meters until they stopped working. Of course, when the money stopped flowing, that’s when the city noticed. The really disturbing thing is the $700K and $1.4 million per day in meter fees and parking tickets. If you needed more proof that meters are a revenue raising scam, there it is. NYS really is a branch office of Hell, but as you say, I’ve got no place to go and no way to get there."
  • Psychological projection at the point of a government gun.
  • "...[U]nable to determine a motive" for a black government employee murdering white people.
  • Michael G. sends, Should Killer Cops Be Entitled to Privacy? Do shiny badges grant extra rights? Timely Visual Aids.
  • Followed by, "Remind me again who facilitates violent criminals with guns?" 'A spokesman for the Union County Prosecutor's Office last week defended the deal as "fully reasonable and legally appropriate."' As I have been asking for years, "Protect" and "Serve" who?
  • Oh look yet another drunk driver with a badge KNOWING HE WOULD GET AWAY WITH IT.
  • Oh look yet another thief with a badge AND ALL HIS "BROTHERS IN BLUE" WHO WERE IN ON IT FOR YEARS.
  • Oh look yet another rapist with a badge INSPIRED BY THE BEHAVIOR OF HIS COLLEAGUES.
  • Hey remember when the National Socialists made it impossible for certain kinds of people to do business that could never happen here right?
  • Hey remember when the National Socialists eliminated people they said were mentally ill that could never happen here right?
  • What order would you not obey?
  • FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY. And remember there are several add-ons for the Firefox web browser to allow you to capture and save videos from YouTube and many other streaming sources. Remember also there is free video editing and DVD authoring software in the Linux community, to reach people who aren't that good with computers.

    In Lighter News

    More action in Virginia starting tomorrow.

    Something happening in South Carolina?

    Ballot action in Montana.

    Narrative destruction


    Michael G. sends "CNN Settles Nick Sandmann Lawsuit."

    6047 Wednesday, 8 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Joseph Goebbels is alive and well and working for the Governor of Virginia.

    Project Gunwalker

    Michael G. sends, "It's almost like they're looking for an excuse to hate us and want us to die." Or fabricating them: "...[T]he sum total of your story is that you got a robocall from a white supremacist group (for which we accept your word that it happened, because you deleted it instantly)...."

    Followed by "Europe's Nigerian Mafia. So of course we should welcome them to the US as well." And give them badges and guns maybe.

    Meanwhile in the government schools, "Making sure they can answer the truly important questions. If students waste their math time on actual math, how are we going to launch the Great Leap Forward?" From comments: "And we wonder why 737s fall out of the sky?"

    Timely Visual Aid. ...Yeah I could figure that out. It would take me a while, and I'd have to look some things up, but I know what to look for. No, simpler than that, all I need is the formula for the area of a circle and the rest is basic math. I wouldn't even need a calculator because I know Pi to at least the first five digits, 3.14159.

    Getting worse all the time in this horrible place. Virginia has "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Oregon has a beaver.

    Meanwhile down the coast, "She voted for @LorenaSGonzalez and now feels betrayed." Real Socialism what did you think would happen YOU F***ING MORONS.


    Michelle Malkin simplifies foreign policy. Which segues to,

    I have observed that Trump is far from perfect.




  • In their system on campus, Michael G. sends "Dartmouth refused to let an accused professor defend himself publicly. He committed suicide." And some of them were happy about that.
  • Followed appropriately by, "Kentucky judge accused of courthouse threesome is suspended" but that's not Lighter because she expected to get away with bribery, campaign fraud, adultery, and sexual predation, for years, and she did.
  • Remember you'll have "your" day in their court.
  • Let's revisit the necrophiliac with a badge. "...[A] 4-year veteran of the department...." Gosh I wonder where he learned such behavior and acquired such tastes.
  • Meanwhile, 'Tennessee’s original civilian handgun permit was renamed in 2019 as the “enhanced” permit. Nothing was enhanced or improved, it was just a new name.'

    In Lighter News

    Action in Virginia Monday the 20th, though not without risk.

    Likewise in Occupied Washington, I received this in email:

    Gun Rights Rally - Friday January 17. Vancouver/Kelso to Olympia transportation.
    FREE OF CHARGE. Bring a friend, it's a big bus and we need to make a statement.
    First come, first served... please email Dan (at) sporting-systems (dot) com for a space.
    Basic itinerary:
    6:00 AM - Depart Salmon Creek Park and Ride
    1112 NE 136th St, Vancouver, WA 98685
    6:45 - Pick up at Kelso McDonalds (exit 39/I-5)
    8:30 - Arrive Olympia Capital
    9:00 -11:30 - Public Speakers
    11:30 - 2:30 Meet your Legislators (you'll call and set appoints in groups of 3-5 people)
    3:00 PM - Depart Olympia
    5:00 - Drop off Kelso
    5:45 - Drop off Vancouver
    Dress appropriately for the weather. Food and beverage available on the capital campus. The bus will not be readily available, no hop on/hop off promised. We are working to secure parking nearby.
    Firearms are fine. Open or concealed carry. If you intend to bring a long gun, cased, locked and stowed below in the bus. Carry rifles into the capitol buildings would be discourage, as it will likely trigger the Majority party to have the buildings locked down.
    No alcohol at all. No smoking or vaping on the bus.
    Food is fine, just clean up after yourself.

    Part of:

    Rally 4 UR Rights
    Gun Rights Coalition Lobby Day
    hosted by Gun Rights Coalition

    Join us at the Capital legislative steps continuing to defend your 2nd Amendment Rights. It's TIME to fight back!
    Listen to Pro2A legislators on how we can turn the tide, stay engaged and put pressure on elected officials in Districts that took your rights away!

    0800-0900 Set up
    0910-1030 Legislative Speakers
    1045-1200 Meet up with your Legislators of your District

    Washington State Capital steps
    1500 Jefferson St SE
    Olympia, Washington 98504

    Michael G. sends, "Gun grabber attacks on 1A losing in court, for now." To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds, "Why have the NRA? Because it's a nice, big squishy target for them."

    SMLE Fan then sends Mike Rowe for Governor of California. "Too bad that Mr. Rowe is too smart to even consider it." Talk about dirty jobs. "Although it would be funny to have Gov. Rowe explaining the uses of various hand tools to legislators, who had honestly never before seen such implements."

    Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.

    I was dragged off to Sunday School in my youth; it didn't stick. I don't identify as Christian and am non-militantly agnostic (which is not the same as atheist), though I observe that Christians (and Jews) and I have mostly the same enemies, so if matters were to come to manning barricades and fixing bayonets I would expect to be on the side of the Christians and Jews. I have read several history texts on the Founding of this nation and my agnosticism... jiggles a little when I read about, say, the fog rolling in to cover Washington's retreat from Long Island, or how he barely escaped going over an embankment on his horse during the Trenton Raid... and then this sort of thing happens.


    6048 Thursday, 9 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    To which Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, adds "More fun in Academia: He was just joking, so it’s OK. And I’ve worked in the festering cesspool of higher education for more than 20 years, and I’m not sure what a 'director of sustainability' does. The one at my work recently sent out a mass email to faculty and students reminding everyone not to put regular trash in the recycle bins, which would have come from the head of facilities maintenance back in the good old days."

    Followed by, "Magnificent hypocrisy on display here: '"In light of the dangerous and life-threatening consequences of cellphone use by young people, it is clear that persons under 21 years of age are not developmentally mature enough to safely possess them, just as the General Assembly has concluded that persons under 21 years of age are not mature enough to possess firearms, smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol," the bill says, according to the outlet.' Under-21s are too immature to smoke, drink, or own guns, or even cellphones, but it’s important to listen to them preach insane progressive enviro-fascism and let them vote at 16. Thoughtfully, even the sponsor claims he probably won’t vote for it: 'But even Rodgers said he may not vote for the legislation, adding that he just wanted to make a point. "I have no delusions that it’s going to pass. I wouldn’t probably vote for it myself[.]"' Then why introduce such an idiotic piece of legislation in the first place? I’ve got that walls-closing-in feeling again. Can you stop the planet, I want to get off." Yeah I'm still working on my own little exercise in escapism, sigh.

    Michael G. sends the MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD and DEMOGRAPHIC WARFARE o' the day: "New York to Further Facilitate Illegal Alien Voting - Electing a new people."

    Followed by, "Portland to Impose Climate Justice Tax." As if there weren't enough robbery-at-government-gunpoint and thinly-euphemized racism in this horrible place already.

    Then, "Mexicans in Kansas, Contributing to Society." 'If some deranged “alt-right” white guy had shot four Mexicans in Kansas City, CNN would be providing around-the-clock updates, but because it’s Mexicans killing Mexicans, nobody at the networks seems to care.'


    Aaaaand it's Muslims.

    Meanwhile in the government brainwashing centers....

    Fairfax godsdammit

    Oh look even more monopolistic censorship.

    Entertainment rot and psychotic gibberish at the same time.

    Remember they hate us and fantasize about harming us.



    I'm a cat person - there's one in my lap as I type - but I have nothing against dogs. Think about the kind of people who do. "My own Marine who did a tour in Fallujah in 2007 came home disgusted and repulsed by the obscene and revolting treatment of dogs in middle eastern culture. If you look at dogs the way they do, I look at you the way I look at the middle eastern culture."

  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from road rage.
  • Let's revisit the murder of Nikki Goeser's husband facilitated by law.
  • Michael G. sends, "Mass. fighting for privacy rights of govt. officials working in their official capacity." Which I have also pondered. "Appealing the ruling that their ban on recording cops was unconstitutional. Don't they usually tell us that if we don't have anything to hide we have nothing to fear?"
  • Sooo, yyyyeah, the next time you see a Hillary bumper sticker, remember the owner wants a career criminal, probable serial murder, and possible child-sex-trafficker to have nuclear launch codes.
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.

    Are you prepared?

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "Fighting back against demographic replacement locally." Though I must observe, neither Justine Damond nor Kate Steinle could be reached for comment.

    Followed by, "Pro freedom youth group pushes back. I'll go out on a limb and guess that the people who say we must listen to the children won't apply it to children who disagree with them."

    With, "U.S. Appeals Court Lifts Block on Using Military Funds for Border Wall."

    Perhaps a viable candidate in Florida.

    Perhaps another in Michigan.

    Uppity in North Carolina. It's warm(er) there, right?


    [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    6049 Friday, 10 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends CNN's daily treason: "Today's word is 'crossfire'. As in 'what do you call Iran firing a barrage of missiles that receive no response and then shooting down a civilian airliner that just took off from their own airport? A crossfire'." And the Associated Press too.

    Followed by the return of polio.

    With, "Entertainment rot: ITV's Dancing on Ice debut beats Doctor Who episode 2 in ratings."

    To which dot connect, no interest in a new Star Trek series.

    Nor anything from Stephen King. Or that other author I've never heard of.

    I am then reminded of an observation I've made before, which I may have taken from Jeff Cooper's Guns & Ammo columns decades ago: There are people in this country who really believe Japan would never have bombed Pearl Harbor if we hadn't nuked Hiroshima.

    Michael adds, "Children Cannot Consent to Experimental Transgender Drugs, Lawsuit Says." That's not Lighter because why would a lawsuit even be necessary in a sane world. Connect this dot to Jacob's cellphone story yesterday. Which segues to,

    In my fictional future history I postulate an interstellar war using relativistic weapons and the rendering-uninhabitable of entire planets and sometimes I think that's not such a bad idea.

    To which dot Codrea connects Immigrants Contributing to Society.

  • RINO backstabbing in Ohio.
  • It's not paranoia if the only mainstream news reporter to honestly cover and credit Project Gunwalker really did have her computer hacked by the government.
  • Checking all the boxes in Occupied Washington and of course there are exemptions for the Only Ones.
  • What could possibly go wrong.
  • Changing the rules without notice in Battleground Virginia.
  • There is no law police would not enforce.
  • There is no order police would not obey.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends "Something positive: Interstellar light sail." And now I'm reminded of The Mote in God's Eye and its sequel, The Gripping Hand. And the whole CoDominium series. And of course my own modest efforts.

    Followed by incremental action from Montana. Remember Brian Aitken and Shaneen Allen.

    With, "New York Times Sued for Citing SPLC's 'White Nationalist' Attack."

    Then, exoplanets. And yes, I saw that film.

    Hm, uppity in Hungary.

    Updated rulebooks for the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and an article on John Cantius Garand.

    6050 Saturday, 11 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went to the laundromat.

    In There's Nothing Holding It Up news, Michael G. sends, "Fight suicide by raising minimum wage. 'The paper, titled “Effects of increased minimum wages by unemployment rate on suicide in the USA,” notes that suicide “is often associated with financial stressors such as job loss, debt or financial hardship.”' So fight those stressors by implementing a policy historically proven to cause those stressors. Only an academic can convince themselves that no matter what the situation, the exact same thing is the answer for it." And as if on cue,

    "Economic stagnation is a feature, not a bug. It better suits a top-down command system."

    Followed by, remember when the Ku Klux Klan was warning about the destruction of racial identity? "The woke bring back the charge of miscegenation. Not in that exact term but that is essentially what it is." Which segues to,

    "What's the difference between Norway and Nigeria? These days, not much."

    Billionaire househusband lectures taxpayers.

    Among other psychotic episodes.

    They hate us and want us to die and it's escalating.


    In the place where Britain used to be, Trump Derangement Syndrome is highly contagious.

  • Michael G. sends "IRS agent sentenced to 8 years for rape." Yet another rapist with a government gun.
  • Followed by, "Trying to establish herself as the State Psychiatrist. Anyone who disagrees with her position is delusional, and therefore should be discounted. And if she gets the power, locked up and 'treated'?"
  • Then, in their system, "Kabuki theater on FISA court. The FISA court pretended to be shocked that they were abused by the National Security bureaucracy, and now the National Security bureaucracy pretends contrition and to be taking actions to prevent it from happening again."
  • "The Capitol Police denies that it made the recommendation." Because all police are liars just like all Democrats.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Michael G. sends Texas refuses more refugees. Interesting.

    Related, as Michael pointed out some days ago, DHS shouldn't exist, but as long as it does, WALL.

    Then, in Things-You-Won't-See-on-CNN news, "Protests against Iran regime over airliner shootdown. If the regime does fall over this, will they still try to blame it on Trump?" Followed by, "President silent as oppressed masses agitate for freedom. Obama was. President Trump, not so much."


    Years ago I wrote "Clancy had lost a couple teeth but Ralph could replace those in minutes, back aboard Aurora"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY OH WAIT I DON'T HAVE ANY fml

    6051 Sunday, 12 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Why I was reluctant to reenter the workforce,
    Now the present job seems to be going adequately,
    that's why I'm sticking with courier work,
    solitude and autonomy,
    I'm just saying,
    it's a really hostile environment
    here on the Left Coast.

    Michael G. sends more RINO backstabbing: "Idaho state senator (R-Cheap Labor) wants to give illegals drivers licenses. At the behest of farmers' organizations, who apparently can't look to CA and see how the farmers who initially benefited from illegal labor are now being driven out of business by illegals." Which segues to,

    "Religion of peace assimilating to Western values. I bet he likes honor killings, too."

    I keep saying the Left are sociopaths who do not recognize us as human beings and Michael sends even more proof.

    Aaaaaand Greta's a puppet. Of course.

  • Michael G. asks, as I have many times, "What order would they not obey? And anyone who argues that is New Zealand, it could never happen in the US, is a fool."
  • Followed by the other end of the equation: "NYC man alleged to rob 4 banks, released with no bail." Which we have seen before. The courts are on the side of the criminals and the police are on the side of the mobs.
  • In support of which statement Michael adds "Mr. Fox, would you please evaluate these security proposals for the henhouse?" Brought to us by the same people who armed Mexican drug cartels to justify disarming Americans.
  • To which dot connect "You can't do that because we have cops to not do that for you."

    In Lighter News

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "In the always entertaining 'eating their own' department, English and humanities departments find their enrollment collapsing and students running away, and it’s their own fault. Apparently, students have decided that, after decades of indoctrination that 'dead white guys' are evil, and whatever drivel was substituted, nobody wants to study literature or history any more." That's okay. Some are immortal.

    Speaking of literature ;) Aurora, part 126, climactic sword duel decades in the making with an entire world at stake, is online. Some of it I had written months ago, waiting for the Muse to reveal the rest. Now I have to get to work on the next giant climactic space battle with entire civilizations at stake... but fortunately I have chunks of that already written from years ago. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    6052 Monday, 13 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.

    Michael G. sends, "Liz Warren literally says she'll make us live in caves and freeze if elected."

    Followed by, "Care About Australia’s Wildlife: Please Don’t Give Money To PETA - the SPLC of animal welfare." Which segues to:

    "Hide The Decline: How Climate Change Data Was Faked." But try explaining any of that to the EBT-swipers. To which dot connect:

    "Nothing's stopping you from voting with your feet." Well, not yet....

    Then, "The courage of artists. Yeah, let's see you do a Koran next."

    With, "Thanks for telling us about another company to avoid."

    "And now for the Progressive opposites day meaning of 'restraint'."

    Plus, naturally, "MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD, Wisconsin edition."

    The EBT-swipers can't won't process "maybe it's not the guns" either.

    Things you won't see on Old Media, Chapter MMMMMMLII. When I first saw the headline I wondered, complaining or bragging? To which dot connect,

    In the place where Australia used to be, protesting against child molesters is packaged as attacking children.

    Why were they here in the first place

    Monopolistic censorship and burn the government schools.

    Remember they hate us and fantasize about destroying us.

  • Your Tax Dollars At Work at the point of a government gun.
  • Speaking of government guns, Herschel Smith examines that New Zealand thing. No order they would not obey.
  • Just making s*** up in Pennsylvania. No "law" they would not enforce.
  • Is Matthew Bracken writing documentaries? Cameras. LOTS of cameras. UPLOAD WHILE RECORDING. And if the connection goes down... run.
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.

    In Lighter News

    Smuggling is an American tradition going back to before the Declaration of Independence. Michael G. sends, "I bet they won't give Vanderboegh any credit for the idea, but good for Magpul to support it."

    Also uppity in North Carolina.

    One does not simply interfere when Muslims and Alphabet People are attacking each other.

    For the record, f*** government.

    6053 Tuesday, 14 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, "Thank you, Captain Obvious: Did you know Michael Bloomberg is an authoritarian with no respect for any rights?" Yeah I kind of did.

    Followed by The New York Times stumbling across the truth, then picking itself up, dusting itself off, and continuing on as though nothing had happened.

    With, "Forbidding what we know works and requiring what we know doesn't work? Sounds like gun control."

    Then, "More on the burning cities guy. See you in camp!" Openly praising Soviet forced-labor camps and openly fantasizing about putting us in them.

    And, "Once again, left violence is speech, right speech is violence."

  • Virginia is getting Machiavellian. To which Michael G. adds an opportunity for Trump, and to which VCDL adds a look inside their system.
  • Likewise, further criminalizing private property in Occupied Maryland,
  • and Battleground Florida,
  • both good and bad action in Tennessee,
  • and psychotic bigotry in this horrible place.
  • Having observed many years of atrocities committed by police I have to say I don't know who to root for here, but Michael G. comments, "Another black victim of gun violence. If only they would disarm you and me." Yeah it's still not Republican NRA members with MAGA hats but who gets the SWAT team called on them? Which segues to:
  • Michael G. revisits the place where Britain used to be: "Not the only ones not doing their job. Cops wouldn't protect girls because they might be called racist. But neither would the media or most politicians, and politicians who did try to protect girls were called racist." How many were getting a percentage.
  • It's not paranoia if the Deep State really is out to get you.
  • Hey remember how communist China would execute a dissident and then send the family a bill for the ammunition that could never happen here right?
  • The courts are on the side of the criminals which we have seen before.

    In Lighter News

    Court action against the Broward Cowards.

    Michael G. sends "Long memories in Ireland: In response to some people whose memory is less long, a song that Vanderboegh referenced in Absolved hit the top of the iTunes chart."

    One tiny spark of sanity in Occupied Colorado. Judge killed in drunk driving "accident" in 3, 2, 1....

    6054 Wednesday, 15 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Trump godsdammit

    Michael G. sends, "University refuses to let Antifa critic speak because Antifa has used violence against him. Courage!"

    Timely Visual Aid.

    Michael follows with the death of an acting career.

    Blog brother SMLE fan observes that at least someone is remembering James Hodgkinson. "...[H]ow many more are there where Hodgkinson and Jurek came from? How extreme is the Bernie Sanders movement, really?" "But nobody needs an AR15, amirite?"

    To which last point Colion Noir has something important to add.

    Hollywood + China = treason. Speaking of which:

    "Naked proof of what I have spoken of for years: the Democrats are the party of terror and jihad."

    Meanwhile in Africa, a gang of 20 armed Christian herdsmen attacked the predominantly Muslim village of Kulben in Central NigeriaOH WAIT.

  • David Codrea examines a question I asked years ago: Why does NRA train and support the very people who will steal NRA members' property and murder NRA members if we resist?
  • To which point blogbrother SMLE Fan sends another look at that very thing in the place where New Zealand used to be.
  • Followed by Virginia, where "...[M]esa propose that that the Senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor." What could possibly go wrong.
  • Remember "democracy" is mob rule.
  • Michael G. sends an "Only one secretly going to the dogs." Among so many others.
  • Followed by, "Apple has chosen its side." Didn't they do the same thing with one of those California gun-control-success-stories committed by a Muslim couple? Although there are genuine Fourth and Fifth Amendment concerns for the rest of us, which Codrea addresses.
  • With, "How Scalia messed up Heller. Though I disagree with the conclusion that we need Trump judges to save us. We've heard that song before, just with other names than Trump in it."
  • Michael then asks, "Christian Bakers Challenge $135K Fine for Quoting Bible. Will Oregon judges support freedom of conscience? I remain skeptical."
  • Speaking of gun control success stories....
  • "...[H]elping orchestrate a scheme to interfere with an FBI investigation into abuses at the county’s jails...." And of course he doesn't want us little people to defend ourselves.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they get paid vacation.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. observes, "NYC Jewish community arming itself", though it's "Not so great that they have to beg permission to exercise a fundamental right." At least some of them are waking up.

    Followed by, "Texas AG says ‘More People Need To Carry’. So he's saying he's not the Only One?" Is he still demanding people beg permission and pay extortion to exercise a natural human right? Does he support Constitutional Carry? Even so though, it's pleasantly shocking to hear those kinds of words from an Attorney General of a major state. Not at all what we've come to expect.

    Then, "Turning nuclear waste into chemical catalyst."

    Many years ago I proposed, and then explored, the ancient right of trial by combat and now blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Kansas man requests 'trial by combat' with swords to settle custody battle with ex-wife, adding, "The old ways have their charms." I really need to sit down and do those updates to the Code Duello. That darn pesky work/rent/food thingy....

    Followed by yet another hard news site masquerading as satire.

    Uppity in Kentucky.

    I am suddenly reminded that West Virginia already has Constitutional Carry.

    6055 Thursday, 16 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, The Hits Just Keep On Coming Edition!
    Jeffersonian, 1:32 PM:

    Jeffersonian, 1:32 PM: someone tried to charge my bank card with some marketing company in London and/or Australia
    Jeffersonian, 1:32 PM: so now I don't have one and will have to wait 10+ days for a replacement to arrive
    Jeffersonian, 1:32 PM: I can still get cash from the bank but now I can't pay bills online or buy moar AR parts
    SMLE Fan, 1:33 PM: sinktheisland.co.uk?
    SMLE Fan, 1:36 PM: well, with a two-week FIKSA* time-out, you might have Luuuger munnies
    Jeffersonian, 1:42 PM: UNTIL
    Jeffersonian, 1:42 PM: THE
    Jeffersonian, 1:42 PM: NEXT
    Jeffersonian, 1:42 PM: THING
    Jeffersonian, 1:42 PM: GOES
    Jeffersonian, 1:42 PM: WROOOONNNNNGGGGG
    SMLE Fan, 1:44 PM: you were avoiding the shaman's cat, so you get a pass
    Jeffersonian, 1:44 PM: BAST HELP ME

    *Fiscally-Irresponsible Kitteh-Servants' Association, Charter Member

    Michael G. sends, "University suspended College Republicans because someone said they practiced ‘Nazism’." Sounds kinda Nazi to me. Which segues to

    Joseph Goebbels is alive and well and working at CNN.

    And in the colleges too.

    I am reminded that art is as rotten as entertainment.

    This is the true face of the Bernie Sanders campaign and of the Democrat Party. They want your stuff and will kill you to get it.

  • Remember, peasant, the impeachment process must be sober, solemn, and in no way worthy of celebration.
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • Outlawing peaceable activity in Missouri.
  • Michael G. sends, "Remember when Codrea said it would be made mandatory? And anyone who objected would be guilty of a hate crime?" "My God, who do they think they are, Jeffrey Epstein?"
  • Followed by Virginia. Which could go any which-a-way, including this one.
  • Michael then observes, "When you pay more for something, that means you want more of it, right?" Which segues to:
  • Both Michael and Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, send "NYC: De Blasio released migrant who then raped and murdered 92-year-old woman." And de Blasio isn't being charged as accessory to capital crimes because...? And all those "brothers in blue" all the way down the line who followed orders. "PROTECT" RAPISTS AND MURDERERS. "SERVE" CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS. THAT'S WHO.

    In Lighter News

    Court action in Occupied New Jersey of all places.

    Both blogbrother SMLE Fan and Michael G. send this item. Michael asks, "Why would anyone need a thirty round magazine?" I say, ur gonna needa bigger catflap. And moar toona.

    Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.

    Despite missteps and shortcomings, new bumper sticker:

    6056 Friday, 17 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Fairfax godsdammit

    Michael G. sends, "A long way from Ernie Pyle and Bill Mauldin: Top Military Media Outlet Puts A 28-Year-Old Who’s Touted Her Hatred For Trump In Charge."

    Followed by, "Hundreds of thousands of German citizens flee country in the wake of the hijrah mass Muslim migration. Feature not bug. And they want it for us."

    Then, "If NBC News wants your opinion, they'll tell you what it is. I guess they really, really want that civil war. Or the Julius Streicher award." "If the Trump era has taught us anything, it's that large numbers of white people in the United States are motivated at least in part by racism in the voting booth." Um, yeah, the constant and increasing racism against white people. To which dot connect


    And yet women vote for them....

    Michael adds, "More on the low hanging fruit mentioned at WoG. I left a comment, but Codrea's pretty busy, he might not get to it. You remember what Joel at Joel's Gulch said? 'If someone says, "Sure I can get you all the dynamite you want. What are you gonna blow up?" you're talking to a Fed. And he's talking to an idiot.' Lemley's a Fed. He's the oldest of the group, he's the one who assembled the rifle, and according to this report 'After returning from the gun range, Lemley allegedly told Mathews, “Oops, it looks like I accidentally made a machine gun” and noted that they would be in trouble if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found out about the weapon.' He's a Confidential Informant working as an agent provocateur." When I first heard it on the radio my guess was one Fed, one Antifa, and three idiots. "Isn’t it strange how the FBI closely monitors the handful of white supremacists, yet they never seem to crack down on the hundreds of violent, well-organized Antifa terrorists?"

    Your Tuition Dollars At Work

    Immigrants Contributing to Society

    Society Contributing to Immigrants


  • Michael G. sends, "USA Today outraged some men recover their lives after kangaroo courts. Wonder how they will react to gun owners beating charges?" That due-process thingy is so inconvenient.
  • Followed by, years ago I wrote "government funds evaporating under corruption and graft" and now in Your Tax Dollars At Work news, "Money for Flint Water Crisis Was Diverted. Corruption got us into this and corruption will get us out."
  • Then, "Grand Jury Backs Murder Charges Against Houston Cop Who Lied to Justify a Deadly Drug Raid." This is not Lighter because how many more just like him are still getting swept under the big blue rug?
  • "...[P]olice had a ten-hour standoff with an empty house - eventually destroying everything inside...."
  • Who do you call when the police are the criminals?
  • Blackface Northam doesn't want his constituents killed in righteous self-defense.
  • Yyyyeah even if I could get to Virginia right now, I wouldn't.
  • And remember it's not about guns. It's about control.

    In Lighter News

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using personal firearms to stop massacres is a fantasy that never happens. With just one shot in mere seconds. While the "professionals" with all that "training" dump whole magazines and mow down bystanders if they don't just stand around waiting for three hours OR RUN AND HIDE while more innocent human beings are murdered.

    Incremental action in West Virginia.

    Michael G. sends "A case that was too crazy even for the 9th Circuit."

    Followed by, "This evening my phone rang. The screen said 'Scam Likely', but I thought what the heck and answered. It was from the Elizabeth Warren campaign. I immediately hung up, thinking my smart phone was even smarter than I thought."

    Not Fitting the Narrative

    6057 Saturday, 18 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    VIRGINIA MONDAY. With psychological projection, RINO backstabbing, and maybe a Gleiwitz Incident too.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Michael G. sends, "Once again Babylon Bee forgets they are a satire site." Which segues to,

    "WaPo eulogizes the kind of leader they like, even if they have to use enemy propaganda lies to do it. Does that mean they are enemies too lazy to create their own propaganda lies?"

    Followed by, "Drop the last two words and the headline is evergreen: Gun Control Advocates Ignore the Data On Reciprocity." To which dot connect,

    "Pro gun students sue Montclair State U for violating First Amendment."

    Ever wonder why college is so expensive? Michael G. explains: "Professor steals $225k meant for cancer research. Wonder if he was active politically? Anyway, more proof that intelligence and education are not synonymous with ethical or moral." In related news,

    "More background on the law prof who thinks Trump voters should be disenfranchised. Demands deference from everybody, but he never needs to defer to anyone else. He's right, you're wrong, and that's all that need be said." '...[C]iting a new rule that says a professor could be charged with misconduct for displaying a “pattern of extreme aggression and intimidation towards colleagues.” “As a person of color, I feel that section of the handbook makes faculty of color especially vulnerable.... Sometimes the way that we communicate is seen as outside of the norm, but it’s very normal for us.”' So they're demanding to be held to different standards of behavior because of the color of their skin. But we're the ones getting called "racist".

    Then Michael sends the Staggering Ignoramus o' the Day.


  • Would have given even odds this was was yet another hoax but TSA confirmed their screeners are sadistic low-IQ perverts like we've known since the invention of TSA.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    6058 Sunday, 19 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Just across the river from this horrible place, in Occupied Washington:
    The state legislature has sent several anti-gun bills to committee and they are scheduled to be heard next week. These bills constitute the most comprehensive and restrictive firearms legislation that has ever been proposed in the state. In essence they mirror the firearms restrictions enacted by the state of California over the last couple of years. As members of the shooting fraternity it is imperative that we make our presence felt at these hearings, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. They will will take place at the state capital on Monday and Tuesday, January 20th and 21st. The notice is intentionally short in order to discourage participation. We will be attending both sessions. If there is any way that you can join us please call me. We will be leaving from the Salmon Creek Park and ride at 7:30 AM on Monday and Tuesday. GENTLEMEN, THE FUN AND GAMES ARE OVER. THIS IS FOR REAL.

    Don McClelland 360-254-4835
    don_mcclelland (at) yahoo (dot) com

    HB2240 - Would ban the manufacture, possession, sale, or transfer of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition
    HB 2241 - would ban most semi- automatic rifles, and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition
    HB 2519 - Would ban online sales of ammunition and potentially require background checks for all ammunition purchases along with proposed excise tax on all ammunition purchases
    HB 1374 - Would abolish Washington’s date preemption statute allowing localities to pass any gun restrictions they choose
    HB 1315 - would require additional background checks and further training, adding additional cost, to obtain a concealed carry permit

    Michael G. sends "Feminist solidarity! Unless you are fighting Islamic oppression. In that case, you're on your own, bitch."

    Followed by, "UK's Sheffield U to turn entire college into course on Orwell's 1984. Can I sign up for the Junior Anti Sex League?"

    Then, "Why expect Catholic U profs to be Catholic when the Pope isn't Catholic?"

    With a complete lack of self awareness.

    And in envirofascism news, "Make them live up to their own rules." Freezing to death in the dark. Which segues to

    "Climate" "Change" which leads to

    Real Socialism which reminds me that

    Entertainment and news rot: "They do not understand how dumb they are." I have not seen, and have no plans to watch, Episode IX.

    And how about some Ebonics at government gunpoint. Which segues to,

  • Michael G. sends, "The media is so much better than ordinary working stiffs." Remember they want free stuff at the point of a government gun.
  • Years ago I wrote "...[G]overnment supplies rotting in warehouses, government funds evaporating under corruption and graft, the needy never getting a fraction of it, except when news cameras were present" and now Michael sends "A familiar song on emergency aid." I was right. AGAIN.
  • Followed by, "VA Dem admits he hates us, wants us to die. Also demonstrates vast knowledge of recent military history." Yeah, the guy driving the tank gets a vote too, and you just ordered him to run over his mom.

    In Lighter News

    MidWestReader sends, "I've been reading a rather long thread at ARFCOM pertaining to the Auto-5 and Remington M11 shotguns generally and the art and science of cutting them down to a legal registered SBS and getting them to run with the reduced recoiling mass in particular. It contained some information and diagrams I thought you might find useful.
    "The short-short version is, yes, the friction washers have to be arranged just so. Note that in the top configuration where one washer is placed around a second in front, that the washers' gaps also have to line up just so in order for the mass to behave as designed for reliable function.
    "Also, replacing the recoil spring with a new one seems to be needed frequently to get them to run reliably--which is not surprising given that some Auto-5s out there are now 100+ years old. Replacing an old worn recoil spring with a new one also seems to reduce recoil significantly in most cases. The way recoil forces behave in the Auto-5 also means that a worn-out recoil spring puts you at risk for cracking the buttstock at the wrist, cracking the forend, and battering, peening, or cracking the receiver if you shoot modern slug or buckshot ammunition."

    Speaking of gunsmithing, I have pondered a conversion upper for Precious, my AR15, in .450 Bushmaster, which also converts (mostly-)standard double-column magazines to single-column with big fat cartridges. I find this is not a new idea, as way back in December 1969 there was a report on a conversion of an M1 Carbine to 9mm Kurtz, which was based on a shortened .30-06 case.

    Important successful test for SpaceX to which Michael G. adds "Elon Musk's plans. There are a lot of problems with Musk, but overall he moves us in a positive direction. In a lot of ways he reminds of Heinlein's Harriman character." I'm also suddenly reminded of how I wrote "Plenty of computer power, though, something not even the Prophet had imagined, half a century before the Escape – no shaven-head female savants necessary for piloting."

    6059 Monday, 20 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.

    Michael G. sends, "Professor from coal-producing Wyoming runs for senate on anti-coal platform. Also wants Federal government to control more land." Everyone but them freezing to death in the dark.

    Followed by, "Working to make child molestation mandatory and any opposition a hate crime."

    Then, "Remember how they tell us only white supremacists oppose gun restrictions?"

    With, "Flattery from liars is an insult. I wonder how many New Mexicans will realize that?" No mention of the anal-rape gang, they're pretty organized....

    And, "Pictures from Richmond." Among other sources.

    Likewise, "Triggered NBC News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez tries to pass off the Pledge of Allegiance at Virginia gun rights rally as something very different. Is gaslighting carbon neutral?"

    That was all from this morning while the rally was still going on. Apparently there was no Gleiwitz Incident, no Brackenesque stadium massacre, but Michael G. points out Antifa Infiltrator? Gun Rally Goers Turn on Protester Who Suggests Violence. Well... ya know... self-defense isn't murder.... But yeah that was probably another Bernie Bro.

    Oh, and of course, free speech is against YouTube's Community Guidelines.


    And what if that's not a paranoid conspiracy theory?

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Entertainment Rot, Episodes VII-IX.

    Who hates the Jews

  • Always Believe Women
  • Michael G. sends a Gun Control Success Story: "Active shooter, arsonist in Hawaii. So Hawaiian gun laws couldn't stop a killer from arming himself but worked fine at denying others the means to defend themselves." Which turns out to also not be a Republican NRA member with a MAGA hat.
  • Followed by ripples from Project Gunwalker: "That 'Botched Sting' line is useful in all sorts of cover ups. Now they are trying to tell us that lying in court in order to surveil is 'incompetence', not malfeasance."
  • Another badgelicking brand I won't buy.
  • Tell me again who's responsible for the cultural division in society.
  • Gun Control
  • Success Stories
  • Oh look yet another rapist with a badge.
  • They all look the same to me.

    In Lighter News

    Never trust a cop of any kind. Never trust a cop of any kind. And yet blogbrother SMLE Fan sends this.

    No massacre. I am as pleasantly surprised as Old Media is disappointed.

    6060 Tuesday, 21 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Joseph Goebbels is alive and well and making rap music.

    And working for MSNBC of course.

    Fairfax godsdammit

    In the place where Norway used to be, Michael G. sends, "Norwegian Right ends support for Conservative party, over accepting an ISIS bride and her children. The Norwegian Right can recognize a camel's nose, even if the so called Conservatives can't." Maybe that should be Lighter, as backlash.

    Likewise in the place where San Francisco used to be, "Inside Edition uncovers smash and grab crime in San Fran. Set up a bait car with surveillance, chased the thieves to get an interview, came back and found all the surveillance gear had been stolen too. It takes a heart of stone not to laugh."

    Followed by, "What it's like to buck academic progressive group think." "Watch what you say. Or else."

    With, "Colleges now violate free speech off campus, too."

    Then, just the other day I made a meme accusing all Bernie Sanders campaign workers of being murderers and terrorists and now "It's just one bad apple! It's just two bad apples! It's just three.... Another Bernie Bro who wants to kill everyone who disagrees with him." Remember the names: James Hodgkinson, Kyle Jurek, Martin Weissgerber. Remember them every time you see a Bernie bumper sticker. Which segues to,

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "Remember, some pigs are more equal than others: Comrade Bernie is chartering a private jet to fly him to campaign events in Iowa during the Senate impeachment proceedings. But he bought some carbon offsets, so it’s all OK."

    Immigrants Contributing to Society

    The place where Scotland used to be....

    "...[S]omething that a large number of skilled and talented folks worked very hard on just for a paycheck."

    Speaking of entertainment rot, support for the Second Amendment and support for the National Felon League don't go together.

  • Michael G. observes selective constitutionality. Psychological projection.
  • Followed by, "It's not my fault, climate change did it!" Never mind the dozens of arrests for arson.
  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from drunk drivers.
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    After-action reports from Richmond all over the internet. Even Dilbert weighs in. To which Michael G. adds, "AOC: Your speech is violence, our violence is speech. A perennial favorite of the Left."

    And of course, one of theirs. Not one of ours. Ever.

    In prohibition FAIL news, Michael G. sends, "Mad genius Joerg Spave does it again: He's created a fully automatic magazine fed crossbow powered by a cordless drill." And there's always another way.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends a weather forecast from Florida. I keep telling him to make videos of his lizzerd-killin' kittehs, I even mailed him a camera I found in a second-hand store....

    SMLE Fan follows with more court action against SPLC.

    6061 Wednesday, 22 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, "Non-citizens voted in Illinois. I wonder if they were dead or alive."

    Followed by, "Citing Japan as an example of reducing gun violence. Of course it's the laws, it couldn't possibly be because of a radically different culture and history!" Which I have also pondered.

    Then, "Even more 'Your speech is violence, our violence is speech.'" "The right to bear arms in political debate is not the power to speak for oneself; it is, at least implicitly, the power to silence others." Psychological projection. They can't stand being confronted by people who will not be silenced.

    With, the whole impeachment thing has been fake from the start, since before Trump was even inaugurated.

    What are you doing for the cause? Sigh, I used to make videos. That darn work-rent-food thing....

    Sooo, yyyyeah, they really do hate us and are beginning to actually murder us.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends Real Socialism. Which segues to,

  • Years ago I wrote "Government poisons everything it touches, and always has." Central planning is a foundation of Real Socialism.
  • Michael G. sends "The real get out of jail free card. If your crime will call attention to the state's unwillingness to deal with mass migration and immigrant crime, what's a little thing like murder? And before we start acting superior to the French try to remember Kate Steinle." I would mention Justine Damond in this context as well.
  • And as if on cue, let's revisit yet another immigrant with a badge.
  • Your Tax Dollars At Work
  • In their system
  • Another brand I no longer have any interest in.
  • What if they really are this stupid?

    In Lighter News

    The Richmond rally raised questions some people don't want asked. Timely Visual Aid.

    Interesting times in Iran. Not to be seen on CNN.

    6062 Thursday, 23 January 2020:

    On this day in 1855,
    John Moses Browning
    was born in Ogden, Utah.

    The World Sucks

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "News from the Far East: China tries to seal off Wuhan, epicenter of the new coronavirus, which apparently came from live snakes being sold for food, so they say. Perhaps coincidentally, Wuhan is also home to one of China’s BSL-4 (biosafety level 4) microbiological pathogen research labs. BSL-4 labs could be benign, studying terrible diseases to look for cures. Or, they could be cover for biowarfare research. Hmmm, lethal mutant variant of the common cold appears in city where there’s a potential bio weapons lab, and now China seals off said city to prevent spread of disease. I’ve heard this story in so many trashy novels and movies. Of course the disease came from snakes in the food market. Such quick DNA work, those Chinese scientists do. You’d have to be very silly indeed to think otherwise." One might also consider it a way to eliminate excess population. Remember communists view human life as interchangeable and disposable. Jacob shortly follows with, "Some suspicious and paranoid silly folk think that China might not be entirely forthcoming about the real extent of the coronavirus outbreak."

    Michael G. asks, "What's the probability this is a hate hoax?"

    Bernie Sanders is the candidate of terrorists and murderers.

    Massive Electoral Fraud


  • Michael G. observes, "ADA is the lawyer full employment act."
  • Oh look yet another rapist with a badge. "It's like they go out of their way to attract maniacs and perverts."
  • Remember, peasant, work within their system.
  • Enemy attack in Oklahoma. And just the other day I encouraged a friend to consider seizing an opportunity to move there for a life-reset....
  • Losing ground in Occupied Virginia. What "law" would you not enforce?
  • Sturmabteilung in Occupied Connecticut. What order would you not obey?
  • Geheime Staatspolizei in Kentucky of all places and that's not hyperbole. What oath did you swear?
  • A sane society used to hang armed robbers by the neck until dead.

    In Lighter News

    Not sure this is Lighter, in the all-they-know-how-to-do-is-hurt-people-and-break-things sense, but blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, K-9 bites cow, SC deputy tases K-9, cow kicks deputy. "I'm sure there's a deeper meaning here."

    6063 Friday, 24 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    You know after today's work
    I kind of wouldn't mind a
    depopulation event.

    Michael G. observes, objective facts are racist. Bridges and airliners falling out of the sky, ships running into each other....

    Followed by, "This is what following the Swedish model means: Importing the overlords you and your sons will slave for and your wives and daughters will service."

    As for the terrorist organization known as the Bernie Sanders Campaign, "Bros in bars. I like the top comment: 'I’d bet my life there are a lot more of these types around than there are white supremacists. Both groups are pathetic and dangerous.'"

    Then, "How Goldman Sachs Imposes Cultural Marxism on Other Companies. Selling rope." 'Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told CNBC on Thursday his investment bank will help companies go public only if they have at least one “diverse” board member.' How is hiring someone based on the color of their skin or what's between their legs any less racist than refusing to hire them for the same reason? Explain it in small words.

    (Which reminds me, that series For All Mankind had a moment where one of the astronauts griped, "Remember when this place was about merit? About how good you were? Now it's about what's between your legs." Not a bad show.)

    Thoughts in a conservative's mind: Will the car start tomorrow so I can get to work? Will I make rent? What about the electric bill? What groceries can I live without this month? Is my cat healthy? Is that new law going to affect me? Will I end up owing taxes this year? Why do those people hate me?
    Thoughts in a "liberal"'s mind: This.

    Remember Baghdad Bob? Beltway Biden.

    And Joseph Goebbels is alive and well and working at NBC.

    And lots of other places too.

    Don't Go to College

    Immigrants Contributing to Society


    Found on the internet: "Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell, and Governor Northam would do well to learn from their example. If this be treason, make the most of it!" - anonymous, paraphrasing Patrick Henry

  • Michael G. sends "Low hanging fruit, or as Stacy McCain asks, 'How supreme can you be if you're too dumb to spot a cop?'" Yeah I never saw those guys at any of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy meetings.
  • Followed by Austin, Texas, speaking of dumb.
  • Then, remember when Sarah Palin got laughed at for warning about death panels?
  • With, "Only One coloring outside the lines." But they call us "racist".
  • Found in sidebar, remember this every time some fat, gold-wearing, iPhone-twiddling, designer-handbag-carrying parasite in line ahead of you at the supermarket whips out an EBT card. Your Tax Dollars.
  • Michael adds, NYPD officer, fiancée charged with murder after his son, 8, froze to death. Years ago I asked if police abuse their own children as much as they abuse ours and of course they do. Because that's the kind of people who want to become cops.
  • Looks like yet another company licks the badge.
  • Republican NRA Members
  • with MAGA hats
  • Enemy action in Pennsylvania.
  • Think about the kind of people who want to make self-defense illegal.
  • The same kind of people who expect to get away with murder.

    In Lighter News


    Michael G. sends more on the lawsuit(s) against SPLC.

    Today I saw the Most Portland Thing: Guy in a parka, with an umbrella slung like a rifle, smartphone in one hand, and in the other a cup of presumably latté, and the leash to a three-legged chihuahua. I didn't have time to check for Birkenstocks-and-socks.

    6064 Saturday, 25 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Late last night a couple of vagrants
    were setting up a tent right outside my door.
    As if I didn't have enough uncivilized trash
    right on the other side of the wall.
    This place is getting worse all the time.
    The police are on the side of the mobs.
    The courts are on the side of the criminals.
    The city and state governments are on the side
    of the bums and parasites and frauds.

    And I still have nowhere to go
    and no way to get there.

    DEPOPULATION "I don’t want to live in a John Ringo novel."

    Yyyyeaahhhh depopulation event

    To which Michael G. adds "Coronavirus map. I hope this doesn't become news we need to use."

    Followed by, "Chief Justice Roberts made the Dems impeach Trump. I guess the Lame Stream media has decided impeachment is blowing up in the Dems faces if they are already looking for excuses for why they did it, particularly excuses this bad. How soon until 'Republicans Pounce'?"

    Then, which I also heard from blogbrother SMLE Fan last night, "DARPA cancels space plane" [which I hadn't even heard of] "after Boeing drops out. Maybe DARPA should contract with Virgin Galactic and Burt Rutan. After all, Boeing has been showing us what happens when engineering expertise is considered interchangeable. Has diversity been trumping all there?" Maybe somebody didn't like that it was painted white.

    With More Goebbels: "Who ya gonna believe? The MSM or your own lying ears? And what's so bad about infanticide, anyway?"

    Entertainment rot


  • Michael G. observes, "DiBlasio and Cuomo have succeeded in returning NYC to the pre-Guiliani good old days. If only they would disarm those MAGA hat wearing NRA members, that would solve everything."
  • Followed by, "Wisconsin Lt. Gov wants to stymie capitalism. Does he perhaps want to stymie gravity, or the laws of thermodynamics? Another watermelon using the climate change hoax to try to impose socialism." Maybe he could pass legislation to make Pi equal three. Then he could take a trip on an airliner designed and built by people who believe that.
  • With, "Trump triggers violence against women." NRA MEMBERS WITH MAGA HATS. "Yet somehow I don't think this one will get national coverage. If it did, they would have to run the alleged perp's picture. And too many people would note the parallel with Forest Gump."
  • And, "We can't out argue Conservative judicial philosophy, so we'll ban it instead. The perennial answer of the Left when challenged in debate."
  • Then, "Soros pledges $1B to fight would be dictators. Other than himself and his puppets. Does saying that make me anti-Semitic?"
  • As for Your Tax Dollars, "Boom and Soon Bust: Illinois Pension Looting Spree. To quote Kirk, 'Let them die'."
  • Has Rhode Island ever not been Occupied?
  • Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    “The whole white supremacist nonsense was to prevent us from showing up,” said Aubrey James of Norfolk. “They don't want a black man like me to stand up for my rights. Democrats are the most racist people on the planet. They elected a known racist to be the Governor of Virginia so what do you expect?” In news less Lighter, Michael Z. Williamson also gets his knives out.

    Uppity in Arizona February 15th.

    Michael G. sends "A step against birth tourism. Trump keeps happening? The problem is it depends on State Department employees to enforce US interests. How often does that happen? There just aren't that many Diplomad's out there. But what kind of change wouldn't ultimately depend on State actually doing it?" Of course I have a different system....

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, "Fire photon torpedoes, Mr. Sulu, even though you turn out to be a whiny entitled little b*tch."

    6065 Sunday, 26 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    I hate
    this place
    so much

    Michael G. sends, "They think so highly of us: They Call Us 'Racist'. It was funnier when they sang it in 'Avenue Q'."

    Followed by, "Political correctness and liberalism are literally killing people."

    Then, "Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Is 'Trumpian,' Has ‘Authoritarian’ Views. So does Zuck need to worry about Arkancide?" I'm suddenly reminded of how a certain fictional character met its end in John Ringo's Black Tide Rising series. -And of how another, based on the other Senator from New York, met his, in John Ross' Unintended Consequences. "...George Soros expressed similar notions of Facebook somehow being in collusion with Donald Trump...." Which may be the most psychotic thing I've read all year.

    There really are some people too stupid to handle guns.

    No free speech in the place where Britain used to be.


    Almost certainly yet another hoax. From yet another unhinged anti-self-defense pervert.

    Which segues to the kind of people who want to impeach Trump.


  • Michael G. sends, "And there's 'Republicans pounce'. How dare the defense in a trial produce an actual defense, when it's the trial of a Republican (spit!) president."
  • Enemy action in Utah tomorrow.
  • Let's note the anniversary of the murder of Lavoy Finicum, shot in the back from ambush by unquestioning government sociopaths.
  • "...[G]overnment supplies rotting in warehouses...."

    In Lighter News


    Lemme just share this image of a burning Quran.

    6066 Monday, 27 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "An all too common refrain: Exploration destroys the environment." I recall that as one my my disappointments with the otherwise-impressive animated film Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise. "I recall a short story by Harry Turtledove called 'Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life' wherein the premise was what would have happened if Christopher Columbus’ first voyage had been subjected to an environmental impact review. Dammit, fiction like that is supposed to stay fictional."

    Followed by, "Oh, look! Yet another study that shows vaccines prevent disease. Doubtless, this one will be dismissed by the usual suspects because it was those damned Joooooooooozzzz in the eeeeeevilll oppressive apartheid tyranny of Israel who did the work." Yeah no cancer vaccine for the BDS crowd either.

    About a week ago it was University of Sheffield and now "Mizzou turning itself into a college wide course in Orwell's 1984. Nice of them to be free advertising for every institute of learning that doesn't do this."

    In There's-Nothing-Holding-It-Up news, Michael G. sends, "Surprise! WA can't afford to pay for the free college they promised. Maybe they could take a cue from Mitch Daniels at Purdue and keep the cost of college low to make it affordable, instead of extracting money at gunpoint to pay for other peoples kids to go to college without paying? Naw, that's crazy talk."

    Meanwhile in Occupied Virginia, "Just odd that those of us who have never killed or raped anyone at any age can't be trusted without a keeper." Northam continues pandering to his real constituents. Probably looking ahead to preserve their eligibility for this sort of thing.

    Michael then wonders, "How well did Canada's 2001 climate predictions hold up? About as well as anyone not drinking the green Kool-aid would expect."

    Followed by, "Stop laughing at me! Or is that, 'Respect mah authorita!'? It's so hard to tell with the Ivy league." Oh, I'm laughing.

    Then, "From the ongoing fall of France to barbarian invaders."

    To which dot connect the place where Britain used to be.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends the interchangeability and disposability of human life. Genocide is not hyperbole and I'm a f***ing prophet.

    It's not just entertainment rot, it's deliberate brainwashing.

    RINO backstabbing in Tennessee.

    NRA board election time.

    "Religion of Peace"




    Lemme just put this right here:

  • Michael G. sends, "They believed the woman. So what does it matter that all the facts were on the man's side?"
  • Followed by a "Damn good question! And she isn't calling Project Gunwalker a 'botched sting'."
  • Jacob N. sends, "Never could have seen that coming, Chapter MMMMMMLXVI. I hear from my wife, who is an NYC paramedic, that the NYPD isn’t even bothering to arrest people for anything unless it’s something for which bail can actually be set." Didn't I just say the police are on the side of the mobs and the courts are on the side of the criminals.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from reckless drivers.
  • Remember, peasant, if you have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.
  • All so f***ing ignorant
  • It's not paranoia if the Clinton Crime Family really does murder people.
  • All you cops, so fixated on your pensions, obeying orders, destroying innocent people's lives, looking the other way for all manner of perversion and degeneracy and brutality from your "brothers in blue", this is how your loyalty will be rewarded.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends "A treatment to halt Alzheimer's."

    Uppity in North Carolina and West Virginia.


    6067 Tuesday, 28 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Who hates us? "This guy says whites are the disease, to be cured or eradicated."


    And so do the "Palestinians".

    Michael G. follows up yet another fake hate crime.

    Followed by, "White House Tells Airlines It May Suspend All China-US Flights Amid Coronavirus Outbreak. May not have to, passengers already cancelling and airlines are waiving the cancellation fee. There is survival instinct." Aw, I was kinda hoping for a depopulation event....

    Entertainment rot

    Codrea observes a link between envirofascists and anti-self-defense perverts in the place where Australia used to be.

    Hey remember when blackface was a bad thing?

    Oh look yet another pro-immigration activist murdered by an immigrant how many does that make now.

  • Prohibition in Delaware.
  • Michael G. sends, "Gun owners say, 'Welcome to the party, pal.' 'The irony here is that we’re now in this peculiar purgatory, where the same conduct that’s entirely lawful in one place is somewhat acceptable elsewhere and most assuredly criminal somewhere else.' Sounds like he's talking about guns, not marijuana. Of course guns unlike marijuana are an enumerated right, one so obvious that it doesn't need to be deduced from shadows and penumbras."
  • He then asks, "Hey, Joe, if there's no standing army who will you get to confiscate the guns?" -Which is why the Founders intended that there be no standing army for more than two years at a time... and today we have the very army of occupation they feared.
  • RINO backstabbing in Arizona.
  • Compare and contrast.
  • "If your 17 year old daughter is home alone and your home is invaded, well... sorry kid." This is why you became a cop.
  • What order would you not obey?
  • Never trust a cop of any kind, all the way to the top.

    In Lighter News

    6068 Wednesday, 29 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    The kind of people who don't want you to defend yourself.

    Enemy action in Idaho.

    Michael G. sends, "UVA prez to host 'dialogue' with creator of 1619 Project. Even if in opposition he still grants it a legitimacy it doesn't deserve. Other historians with their statements of, 'It's nonsense for reasons A, B and C' have the right approach." But try explaining any of that to the EBT-swipers.

    Followed by even more power-and-control fantasies from Bernie Sanders campaign workers: "They say that after they achieve their revolution they won't have to kill anyone and don't want to. I totally believe them. [/sarc off]" James Hodgkinson, Kyle Jurek, Martin Weissgerber, David Taylor, Mason Baird, every time you see a car with a Bernie bumper sticker.

    Then, "Updates to your NewSpeak dictionary from the Ministry of Truth." Yeah lemme just put this right here:

    Michael then observes that not even the "Christian" colleges are immune from toxic feminism.

    A while back Colion Noir called for an end to the schisms within our Culture and now Dicktor van Doomcock suggests something similar for another Culture.

    Here is your psychologically-projected violence o' the day.

    Followed by more of the same.

    Immigrants Contributing to Society which segues to

    My Tax Dollars At "Work" which is


  • As for Project Gunwalker, Michael G. sends, "DOJ still covering up spying on Attkisson. 'A few years ago, several members of Congress who were concerned about intelligence community abuses told me they had been convinced not to call for wholesale reforms and heads-on-a-platter by the argument that it would “undermine the public’s faith in our institutions.” I think there is a strong argument to be made that the public is losing faith in our institutions because it sees double standards and absence of accountability.'"
  • Followed by, "I s*** you not: FBI arrests San Fran's Public Works Director, the guy in charge of keeping the city from rotting away, for public corruption. How bad does a Dem have to be for the FBI to think they're too corrupt?"
  • Then, "Crime pays, if you are the right kind of criminal."
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Your Tax Dollars At Work
  • Millennials have no idea what a dark time the 1990s were, and why we're stockpiling arms and ammunition today.
  • Because, "I left Russia in 2001 and brought my family to the United States, hoping for a f***ing commie-free future. But the damn bastards are getting to me here, too." WhichIhavealsopondered.

    In Lighter News

    Increment in New Jersey of all places. Carol Bowne could not be reached for comment....

    Then Michael G. sends "Civil rights progress in New Jersey of all places?" Governor Murphy killed in traffic stop after making "furtive movement" and causing an officer to "fear for his safety percentage" in 3, 2, 1....

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends BREXIT. BFYTW.

    6069 Thursday, 30 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    Fairfax godsdammit I have a different system

    Michael G. sends "Making it mandatory: Drag Queen Story Hour Indoctrination for Public School First-Graders." Burn the government schools.

    Speaking of brainwashing, more on the 1619 Project: "We have always been at war with East Asia. Controlling the past to control the future."

    Then in "higher" education, "MI State U supports foreign invasion and demographic replacement." See Fairfax above.

    Followed by, "Time again to play: Real, or Hate Hoax?" Yeah I know which way to bet.

    Michael also sends "Old information that could be useful about the coronavirus. I went looking for something I remembered seeing a few years ago. A Chinese Canadian doctor developed a simple treatment for surgical masks to make them far more effective against viruses. You soak the filter portion in a strong salt water solution and let it dry. The first article is more general, the second has a lot more detail." See also. Which kind of segues to

    Immigrants Contributing to Society

    Massive campaign fraud

    Any Republican who isn't a flipflopping backstabbing RINO is driven out and destroyed.

    Another company goes Judenfrei.

    No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMMLXIX.

    "Most readers won't think...."

    And that's a feature, not a bug. Which segues to,

  • Psychological projection is accusing someone else of what oneself is doing. In their system.
  • Vindictive prosecution. In their system.
  • Michael G. sends, "Asking the obvious question: Do We Even Need A FISA Court? And getting the obvious answer, 'No.'" "The judge signs off on it – no accountability whatsoever."
  • Followed by, "EQVAL JVSTICE VNDER LAW: If VCDL disrupted a football game to protest the VA assembly's actions, do you think they would get their records expunged?" The courts are on the side of the mobs.
  • Then, "It wasn't child abuse if you identify as trans. More on the path to make it mandatory." Maybe... it... is being... groomed... for a new career.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training. "50,000 guns in Richmond, Virginia, not even a single negligent discharge. One cop with a rifle, a hole in a neighbor’s wall."
  • "So basically there were no good apples and the barrel was fresh?"
  • Never trust a cop of any kind.
  • Because they are all liars and murderers.
  • What "law" would you not enforce? "While it penalizes gun owners if their firearms are stolen, it does nothing to penalize gun thieves." BECAUSE THEY'RE GETTING A PERCENTAGE.
  • What order would you not obey? Who defines?

    In Lighter News

    Three years ago I said I didn't care if we elected the next Hitler and yeah, like that. BFYTW.

    6070 Friday, 31 January 2020:

    The World Sucks

    "A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body, and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks."
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Even more psychological projection. And the EBT-swipers swallow it all.

    To which dot connect even more "entertainment" brainwashing and official government discrimination.

    To go with the entertainment rot

    and the entertainment bigotry.

    Fairfax godsdammit-fatigue

    Michael G. sends "Tyranny in Canada: After all, where's the risk for them? They've already got all the guns."

    Followed by a suggestion: "Got a help wanted ad from the Census. Don't plan on following up on it, but it did occur to me that there might be an opportunity for you in Census work if it didn't interfere with your job. Not so much the money, although raiding the enemies logistics is always good, but the chance for intel work. Pretend to be a Bernie Bro to get the job and find out if they are cooking the numbers at the field level. You know, are certain neighborhoods being low balled and others exaggerated, and are the census takers doing it or the number crunchers."

    Then, "CNN upset US Coronavirus Task Force isn't diverse enough. The only meaningful qualifications for fighting disease is ethnicity and whatever gender you identify as."

    With, "Domestic terrorist act announced for NYC Friday. Wonder how the press coverage will contrast with that of the gun rights protesters in Richmond?" Andy Ngo has a little video. Trying to think of a compelling reason to not wish for a giant flaming meteor to wipe out the entire city and not coming up with anything....

    The other day, and far from the first time, I linked some leftist person or policy to the Hadamar Euthanasia Center and now Michael sends "'A gun is safer than a doctor' will soon be more than hyperbole."

    And, "Banks show again that they will dance for the progs. After all their leaders all went to the same prog schools and got the same prog indoctrination."

    Nobody wants to talk about this.

    Nobody is allowed to talk about this.

    LIVING IN A JOHN RINGO NOVEL and then this happens

  • Everything is getting worse all the time in this horrible place. "Clean Initiative" back-door sales tax, then all the stores charging five cents for grocery bags, and now - I predicted this - "...[M]ethinks the unions, and the demographic-warfare-immivasion lobby, are already drafting legislation to make robots illegal" AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. Remember the Founders started shooting over less.
  • Four years ago I made a meme AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN.
  • Michael G. sends, "NYC to charge people who look at the sky." "But it’s okay in New York for drag queens to groom first-graders in public schools."
  • All police are liars and thieves. Change my mind.
  • Occupied Virginia
  • "...Bloomberg loathes natural rights...."

    In Lighter News

    Alan Toomey-Manchin-Quisling Gottlieb offends me, which offense extends to his organization, the Second Amendment Foundation. Yet, they still get things done. Hmm.

    Speaking of getting things done, blogbrother SMLE Fan sends that Massie fellow from Kentucky, commenting, "Of course we'll have to see how the GOP will screw us over someplace else."

    Seventeen-odd years ago, shortly after I got my first car and began experiencing the pleasure of independence of travel, I stopped at a pawn shop to peruse firearms and saw a Marlin M39M "Mountie" straight-stock carbine for $189. I went back the next day with cash in my pocket and it was gone. Now I discover a potentially-viable alternative exists... but it's from a company I don't want to do business with. Hmm.

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