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5826 Saturday, 1 June 2019:

Oathkeepers call for aid for
Mississippi valley flooding.

Yeah if I ever get out of this horrible place
it'll be to somewhere with a little elevation....

The World Sucks

Apparently there was another "mass" shooting yesterday. Michael G. speculates: "48-hour rule is still in force, so can't tell what the facts are especially with our media. But I will speculate on two things. 1. Since the scene was a government office, what are the odds it was a 'gun free zone'? 2. Since the alleged killer was a disgruntled long time government worker, what are the odds he was [yet another] Democrat?" He follows a few hours later with "Blood dancing has begun, but so has the push back." More at Breitbart and it's not "racist" to point out that a government employee with a name like "DeWayne" is still not a Republican NRA member with a MAGA hat.

Nobody shot back. Nobody was legally allowed to shoot back. Nobody even threw a f***ing chair. The murderer was still shooting when the reporters arrived and the police showed up too late to matter, AGAIN. HOW IS ANY OF THAT MY FAULT?

So a little while ago I almost got scammed. There's a lot of that going around. Why are people like that? How can they live with themselves, the kind of people who always lie and steal and hurt people?

Which Michael G. segues to "In two sentences Obama tells 6 lies. And one truth. Him speaking any truths is the biggest surprise."

Which is not unrelated to Fairfax godsdammit.

And then there's badgelicking Quislings.

Michael later adds, "A newspaper doing real journalism: Here's one exposing a man who steals property by submitting forged deeds before the actual owners can react." Which is philosophically similar to the one I almost fell for.

Speaking yet again of people who always think of committing fraud, Michael sends "ADA extortion artist charged with tax fraud. His many victims are enjoying the karma, but ADA is still one of Bush 1's many mistakes."

In Don't Go to College news, Michael sends, "Assigning male authors is a hostile learning environment. At least in the college environment empowering crybullies."

Well I was going to watch this show but not if entertainment rot and Trump Derangement Syndrome collide.

The place where Britain used to be. Which segues to:

  • "...[I]n [the place where] Sweden [used to be], rape investigations are under-prioritized...."
  • Then in the place where France used to be, "The attack on a young white woman... has spread like wildfire. The police [have] now asked Internet users not to relay it."
  • Tell me again to keep "working within" their system. Explain to me why I should stand up when a judge enters the room.
  • Codrea examines Trump godsdammit.

    In Lighter News

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    5827 Sunday, 2 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea observes even more harassment and discrimination from New Jersey-as-expected.

    I'm not "racist" if it's true.

    Now the vagrants are building treehouses. And this horrible place is not much better.

    We've known for years that the Olympics are crooked. Why would anyone want to go to them in the first place? (Update)

    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion...."

    Michael G. sends, "BDS ties to terrorists documented. People who want to boycott Israel also support people who want to kill Israelis? What a shocker!"

    Followed by, "Bubonic plague in third world country. That third world country being California."

    Michael then ponders, "Is Mueller still withholding exculpatory evidence from General Flynn? That is what Gateway Pundit claims. We haven't had any confirmed death squads... yet... but other than that it really reminds me of the snippets of Absolved Vanderboegh put up before he died."

    With, "Gavin Newsom rejects reality and substitutes his own. The self own is strong in this one."

    And, "They are all so f***ing ignorant. All while claiming to be our more-knowledgeable betters."


    "Global" "Warming"

    Immigrants Contributing to Society Vibrantly

  • The definition of tyranny.

    In Lighter News

    Tucson Tom, benevolent donor of the Queen, sends the Armed Self-Defense Works o' the Day. Now in this case if was an off-duty cop but considering what real firearm enthusiasts know about police firearm training standards - which we find laughable, when we don't find them horrifying, compared to what we spend our own time and money on - the point is even more valid.

    Labor revolution

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends ancient uberkittehs.


    5828 Monday, 3 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, "Telling the truth is a revolutionary act: An advertisement that exposes the lies told by Representative Tlaib is denounced as a lie when every word in it is true." Jews, I've been telling you....

    ...And as if on cue.

    Followed by, "Oath breaker lies about guns. The article says he's ignorant, but we're well past giving him even that much benefit of the doubt. He's lying."

    Then, "A suggestion to fight tech fascism. His proposal is a mandate that a client's data be easily portable so that if a tech company tells a client 'You can't do X and must do Y' the client can say, 'Fine, I'll just take my data to another company that doesn't think I work for them instead of them working for me.' BTW, an aptronym for you. Call what Facebook does Faceism instead of Fascism."

    Don't go to college. It's a terrible waste of time and money.

    As for the government schools, Michael adds, "Why do Trans activists push their agenda on children? Because children are more likely to believe it."

    Truly, burn the government schools.

    To which dot connect, "Teachers not allowed to protest illegal immigration. That's badthought, and we can't have people with badthought teaching children." “Please know we take this promise very seriously and your child’s safety and well-being are always our number-one priority.” So they'll put those children in a room with plague-carrying drug-smuggling serial-child-raping invaders. And then make it a "gun-free zone".

    Lest that be seen as hyperbole, in the place where California used to be, "CA's response to rat infested cities? Ban rat poison! BTW, did you know that San Francisco has a no-kill, catch-and-release policy for rats? The closer you live to CA, the more important it is to be up to date on vaccinations. Too bad there are no commercially available Typhus vaccines." Which segues to:

    Immigrants Contributing to Society

    Which is not unrelated, different-cultures-are-different-wise, to WAKANDA

    Quislings in the firearms community.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "Oh, joy: we can’t send people to Mars, says the career bureaucrat, because the radiation dose might exceed safety regulations if we don’t shield the spacecraft from it." Don't recall asking his f***ing permission. Though I do recall pondering it.

  • "...[T]he police go from judge to judge, and court to court, until they find someone who agrees with them."

    In Lighter News

    Tennessee doesn't have Constitutional Carry yet, as neighboring Kentucky does, but they've been trying.... Note comments. May all employees of DMV and DEQ burn screaming in Hell because everything they do should not exist.

    In my fictional future history I postulate a free-market healthcare system which can "repair almost any injury, cure almost any disease" and Michael G. sends, "We must stop GenMod! It could result in horrible things like the eradication of malaria!" -Which has been pondered before.

    Just discovered a webcomic.

    5829 Tuesday, 4 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea examines a deliberate misunderstanding.


    Aaaand the place where Australia used to be.

    To which dot connect, blaming everyone who didn't do it in Virginia. To which Michael G. adds, "CO Senator blames McConnell for VA murders. He's lying, of course. None of the legislation that McConnell has blocked would have made any difference. He's a Dem running for President, saying he lies is redundant."

    Michael follows with, "Guns haven't changed, so how can the factor that didn't change drive a change in results? Compare a person who intends to commit murder with a person who doesn't intend to commit any crime. Who is more likely to be deterred by laws against being armed?"

    In campus hypocrisy news, Michael sends "Do as we say, not as we do: University of New Mexico is considering building a wall around the campus."

    With, from the place where Europe used to be, "Holland pioneers new method for abusers to hide their crimes: Why just destroy evidence of the crime by having the victim get a secret abortion when you can get rid of the victim by encouraging euthanasia to end emotional pain?" Huxley and Orwell both, wrap their corpses in copper wire, stick them between some magnets, free electricity for the world....

    Speaking of instruction manuals, "feminists for Islam".

    Which segues to "feminists for gun control".

    Michael then asks, "Is it racist to attack people for being white if you are white? Either way, just like the voluntary human extinction movement, I say to any self-loathing whites who want to kill whites, start with yourselves."

    The Other Side of our cultural divide is increasingly violent. We are going to have to defend ourselves.

    And, like I've been saying, that very much includes Jews. Why do American Jews consistently vote for people and policies who will facilitate, and are now openly endorsing, the oppression or extermination of Jews? What the flaming poop?

    In my fictional future history I pondered what happens when Catholics stop Catholicking. The old joke, "Is the Pope Catholic", now appears to have a different answer.

    It's still not "racist" to observe that different cultures are different. Republican NRA members with MAGA hats don't act like that. We just get blamed and punished when someone else does. (VCDL's email alerts are even easier to link to now.)

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends "Some small justice: Ex-school deputy Scot Peterson arrested on charges of neglect of duty in Parkland massacre." Not what we've come to expect. (Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, counters with: "Judicial Theater. Oh, look, they’ve brought charges against Scot Peterson for staying outside during the Parkland shooting. They must know that police have no duty to protect any individual, and that the whole thing is a useless bit of show. My prediction: he will plead out on the perjury charge and he will serve about 10 minutes prison time, if that." Likewise Michael G. wonders, "With no duty to protect, I wonder how they can convict him. Still, a court case might publicize to people outside of the gun community the legal doctrine of no duty to protect. And if the taxpayers aren't required to pick up the tab for his defense we might get to see some 'the process is the punishment' applied to the other side." I'm surprised the costumed sociopath hasn't ended himself by now, but maybe I shouldn't be. Think about the kind of people who want to become cops.)

    Michael adds, "No lawsuit to block wall funding. Judge says that just because Congress is unwilling or unable to use their legislative powers they can't turn to the courts to do it for them." Not what we've come to expect.

    With, Federal Judge Rules People Can Secretly Record Police In Public Spaces. Can't hide anymore.

    Then, from California of all places, making it harder for police to legally justify killing a civilian.

    Ongoing incremental action in Texas.

    Today is the 77th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of Midway. Michael G. sends a stirring US Navy video on the topic. -Hey Hollywood, there's a film you can remake. Except with the wretches you have these days you'd remake it even worse.

    So a couple weeks ago I was struggling with Precious and the red dot and the flip-up magnifier and the flip-up backup sights and maybe I just need a different magnifier because the cheap Chinese one I have is just fat. Well, other problem$ fir$t. Which $egue$ to:

    Slow going on Aurora's next chapter - a line here, a paragraph there. I'm trying to describe a hard-science-fiction space battle, with all the limitations I've built into my fictional faster-than-light technology, and have it lead to an interstellar war. I'm also trying to do it without having it become a multi-thousand-word Weber-esque heap of numbers. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please support my work through the PayPal buttons at the top or bottom of most pages on my website. Thank you.

    ...I wrote that last night, but today I spent hours on public transit looking for work I wouldn't hate, at a couple big sporting goods stores with arms counters. I took my laptop and the words began flowing again, such that the first battle of the Third Interstellar War is shaping up. Still have to be careful with it. I seem to recall reading, perhaps in Grumbles from the Grave, of how the Prophet Heinlein would lay out yards of butcher paper on the living room floor to (mathematically!) plot an orbit for one of his stories.... I'm not going that far (not least because my fictional fusion torches, which I dreamed up long before I was ever aware of the Epstein Drive in The Expanse, have gobs of delta-V; pretty sure it was Niven I stole them from) but I don't want it to suck.

    5830 Wednesday, 5 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Still looking for income.
    Trump may be rebuilding the economy
    elsewhere in the country,
    but in this horrible place,
    it's not just me,
    jobs and businesses really are being driven away.
    Except for riding in vans with morons
    who cough in one ear and shout in the other
    for minimum wage.
    Nowhere else to go and no way to get there.

    "The old media has the incentive to downplay the race of this killer. It contradicts their narrative that mass killers are always white men."

    Which is not unrelated to Michael G.'s observation: "Activist gays just want to be left alone with equal rights. That's why the Texas State U chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America celebrated pride month by bragging they had no straight members on its E-board and Coordinating Committee, and suggested that LGBT stands for Let's Guillotine Bourgeoisie Traitors. I'm convinced to peacefully surrender my guns." The rainbow flag is a terrorist flag.

    Which segues to, "Mayor de Blasio says all anti-Semitic attacks come from the right. When of course any honest observer (which leaves out de Blasio) can see they come from either the left or left empowered ethnic groups." "...[U]nless you count central Brooklyn as the home of a vast right-wing conspiracy."

    Years ago I wrote “'Something must be done'?” Sol shook his head. “Those four words have led to the greatest atrocities in the histories of every known race, slavery and murder on industrial scales, devastation of entire continents....” Michael now sends, "'There has to be a better way'? The eternal cry of those who seek to force us to deny reality in favor of their desires. An honest person says, 'There might be a better way.' And when they think they have found one describe it fully along with supporting and contradictory evidence."

    Michael follows with, "Dan Rather: Still an opposites day progressive. Says that not banning guns is 'unpatriotic'. I'm so old that I can remember when we were told questioning people's patriotism was the worst thing ever."

    Michael then sends a correction: "Dutch teen wasn't euthanized. The press got it wrong [well of course they did]. She sought euthanasia and was denied, so she starved herself to death. I still oppose euthanasia, but I can't deny that someone who starves themselves to death is really serious about wanting to be dead, or that they had plenty of opportunities to change their mind."

    Fairfax godsdammit


    Your Tax Dollars At Work

    Real Socialism I suppose there are some people who really believe Trump was driving the tank. Or conversely that the guy had MAGA hats in his shopping bags.

    And some want to drive the tank: remember how the commies and freaks were worried that Trump would not accept the results of the election? It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

  • All you anti-self-defense perverts explain in small words how violating my rights and restricting or registering or confiscating my property and treating ME like a "criminal" would have prevented this.
  • Jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.
  • Kind of ambivalent about this one, since I made such a big deal against registration - see also the false-accusation problem raised in comments, which I've also noted in these pages many times, particular from colleges - but rape is objectively wrong and it's not slander to wonder if this judge is biased in favor of rapists. I propose more efficient solutions.

    In Lighter News

    Protest illegal immigration at the White House this Saturday. For what that's worth.

    Also, activism fundraising competition.

    Different cultures are different and some are objectively better than others.

    Which is not unrelated to backlash. ;)

    In my fictional future history I postulate a free-market healthcare system which can "repair almost any injury, cure almost any disease" and Michael G. sends, "Brits develop heart booster patch grown from patients own cells. When sewn onto a damaged heart it not only takes up the work of the damaged tissue, it induces the damaged tissue to heal itself." ...And NHS will determine it's not worth the investment and it's more economical to the State to let certain patients die....

    Speaking of which, still working on Aurora and there are a lot of things I've set up which I don't want to simply abandon. This could be a lot of work. But as David Drake said, "Writing isn't easy if you care about the result."

    5831 Thursday, 6 June 2019:


    The World Sucks

    I know who's "racist" and it's not Our Kind.

    To which dot connect, saying that Old Media is on the side of gangsters and criminals and invaders is neither slander nor hyperbole.

    Which segues to different cultures being different.

    In further undermining-the-foundations-of-western-civilization news, Michael G. sends, "Left book so bad even Vox can't support it: A book that says women who never married are happiest was based on a fundamental misreading of the data."

    He follows with two college kangaroo court stories.

    In "Global" "Warming" MY ASS news, blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, "This will, I'm afraid, end up being just preaching to the choir, although I can think of a bunch of people who need to see this." "As it happens, the benefit-cost ratios of carbon suppression policies are abysmal."

    The Swamp is Deep

    And includes monopolistic censorship.

  • Persecution in Kansas. With Trump godsdammit sauce.
  • In the place where Minnesota used to be, Michael G. sends, "How DARE you get a Somali wet! A Minnesota man who either deliberately sprayed Somali neighbors with a garden hose, or accidentally splashed them while washing a fence, is in jail charged with felony stalking." Think about the police who took sides oh wait here's an example whose union lawyers and "brothers in blue" defended him for nearly two years at taxpayer expense. Police have chosen a side and it is not ours. Any cop who thinks differently is driven out and destroyed.
  • Never trust any cop of any kind.

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends Sheriff's deputy refused service for carrying. Gosh I can't imagine what that feels like. To be discriminated against in that way.

    Followed by, TrumpKeepsHappening. Libertarians are supposed to be against tariffs but ya know, mass immigration is kind of an act of war.

    Court action against Occupied Colorado.

    Michael G. sends, "Denver suburb votes to become sanctuary against red flag laws." See yesterday's item about sex offender registries and false accusations, which Codrea has also pondered.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, "...[T]here should be no logistical reason the company can’t fly the same booster twice in ~24-48 hours." LIKE THE PROPHET HEINLEIN INTENDED. REAL SPACE ENTHUSIASTS HATE NA$A.

    Just like Real Star Wars Enthusiasts Hate Rian Johnson which segues to:

    Progress on Aurora was made a couple days ago and has slowed again. I may have to greatly expand my intended-last-few chapters into more. Interstellar war, after all. Been building this universe for years. Like, twenty. Setting up all kinds of things. (This was the first part written, which has been polished some since.) I don't want to just throw them out the window. Need to think about this.

    5832 Friday, 7 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, "Antifa tries to chain College Republicans into classroom. As the article asks at the bottom, 'So here’s the obvious question. What was the point of chaining the door shut? Was it just to lock them in, or was something else coming next?'"

    Followed by, "U Wash prof speaks at pro-communist college event. Tell us again that colleges aren't hotbeds of Marxist indoctrination." McCarthy was right.... ‘A vacation from capitalism’? The very concept of "vacation" only exists because of capitalism. They want to destroy the machine that's keeping them alive.

    And then - I think I've seen this one before but it bears repeating - "Commie fifth columnist: The man who lead secret attacks on advertisers who advertised on conservative platforms was working for those same advertisers in his day job." And is then shocked and outraged when he gets fired?

    Entertainment is rotten and mean people suck.

    Those "moderators" censoring speech and restraining trade on GoogleTube... do they ever look at the subscriber and Like numbers, do they ever stop to think that these channels and this content is popular and mainstream and people who disagree with it are in the minority? Anyway all the important stuff on my own channel is backed up and re-uploadable if some other platform proves itself trustworthy.

    Enemy attack in Virginia.

    Massive Vote Fraud

    Different Cultures are Different and some are incompatible with civilization because they are incapable of civilized behavior.


  • Remember, peasant, work within their system.
  • Who do you call when the government is poisoning you? I have said prohibition inevitably becomes a greater evil than whatever it tries to prohibit and the prohibitionists keep proving me right.
  • Police are sadists and sociopaths.
  • "It makes one wonder if the city is protecting Somalis from being held accountable to our laws."
  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"ANYTHING COMING THROUGH YOUR DOOR WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION DESERVES TO DIE NO MATTER WHAT COSTUME IT'S WEARING.

    In Lighter News

    The premise of the alternate-history series The Man in the High Castle is that the National Socialists developed nuclear weapons before we did. Missed it by that much.

    This is a thing I have encountered at 3-Gun matches. Learn it.

    "Global" "Warming" MY ASS

    More awakening in Brazil.

    A while back Michael G. hoped Gibsons Bakery would end up owning Oberlin College for supporting mob violence based on false accusations.

    5833 Saturday, 8 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Still looking for a job
    in this horrible place.
    If you have ever found anything useful or entertaining
    on this site or my YouTube channel,
    please consider a charitable donation through the
    PayPal buttons at the top or bottom of most pages on this site.
    Thank you.

    Ooooookay a couple summers ago an official employee of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign attempted to murder a bunch of Republicans and now two Republicans have been shot to death in three days and you don't have enough ammunition and you haven't been getting enough practice. There are people out there so full of delusional psychotic hate that they'll murder us over a bumper sticker.

    People keep saying "fascism" and "socialism" like they're different things.

    To which point Michael G. sends, "Carlos Maza, aristocrat. And aristocrats are allowed to insult peasants, peasants aren't allowed to insult aristocrats."

    Entertainment rot those are the very same comic books I spent too much money on decades ago.

    Bad times coming in Virginia and can the GOP be counted on?

    Immigrants Contributing to Society Vibrantly and Your Tax Dollars At Work.

    And your charity dollars at work too.

  • Michael G. sends, "NY Times speaks out against railroading a cop. That cop is of course [subliterate misogynistic third-world immigrant with a record of misconduct Mohamed] Noor. I think they've made it clear, what determines the justification of a police shooting is the race of the victim and the race of the cop." And in this horrible place the police chief is a black supremacist who seeks to hire more of her hateful racist kind.
  • Followed by, "Ex-Justice Stevens on his Kelo decision: He admits he completely misread the precedent he supposedly based his decision on, but is still positive he made the right decision. In other words, he as much as admits that his decisions started with the results he wanted, and then he filled in justifying reasoning with anything he could twist to fit." But keep working within THEIR system.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    More bad news for Oberlin College.

    Quite some time ago Michael G. had an idea to add charger guides to scope rings for rapid loading of typical bolt-action Fudd rifles. He now sends, "Stripper clip guide for fixed magazine AR pattern rifles. It goes without saying that the infringements this is in response to are tyrannical, thus wrong, but besides fixed magazine AR pattern, this looks like the principle could work for that idea of mine of clip loading for remchesters." ...Legislation banning the eee-vill Stripper Clip of Mass Destruction introduced in 3, 2, 1.... And yes, the STANAG clips can be reused several times, even after the little tabs on the ends wear off.

    5834 Sunday, 9 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Trump godsdammit

    It has been said that "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand." Now Michael G. sends "Details about how government can even f*** up legal marijuana. Not that I expect any of them to care that more government means worse results."

    In don't-go-to-college news, he follows with, "Dartmouth celebrates a communist moment. One of the men who planned and led that moment is ashamed and embarrassed by what he did then, and stunned that Dartmouth thinks it is something to celebrate."

    Any professor who isn't a rabid anti-American ideologue is driven out and destroyed.

    Michael then sends, "Chutzpah, 'Forget it Jake, it's Chi town' edition: Alderman wants home confinement because jail time for other aldermen didn't deter him from breaking the law, so why would jail time for him deter other aldermen from breaking the law?"

    We're not the ones who are racist. Think about the kind of people.


    In Lighter News

    Michael G. quips, "I saw this ad for a pizza joint called Pizza Ranch serving 'Cuban Pizza', and got to thinking, wouldn't Cuban Pizza be an empty box, and you have to imagine the pizza? Still better than Venezuelan Pizza, where they don't even have the box and you have to imagine that too."

    Followed by, "Oberlin sabotaging their own case going into penalty phase: Their general counsel has sent out a mass alumni email using the woke tactic of calling people names who did things you don't like (like the case jurors) and preening your moral superiority. Their trial lawyer on the other hand has been behaving professionally. Makes you wonder if the crap case he has been arguing is what the clients told him to argue, and not that he is a crap lawyer."

    Got a little more Aurora done last night. Working on it, and work is the word for writing a space battle with actual rules. "Writing isn't easy if you care about the result." ...If I were a real professional writer I'd have to learn how to use Kerbal Space Program to simulate every ship in every orbit gods and demons just imagine what the Prophet Heinlein could have done with that.

    Having re-read Correia's critique, I tell ya Rian Johnson is lucky dueling has been outlawed 'cause there's about twenty million people who would pay money to line up for a chance to shove a sword through his guts.

    5835 Monday, 10 June 2019:

    The World Sucks


    Fairfax godsdammit

    Michael G. asks, "Is anyone surprised by this? U Illinois bias response team are literally 'speech police'." Yeah, well, THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS, YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, SELF-DEFENSE IS A NATURAL HUMAN RIGHT, COME AND GET ME COPPERS YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE

    Followed by, "What are facts that don't support the Left? Mere 'common right wing talking points' that can be simply dismissed without being addressed." 'As every progressive knows, facts are “hate” and logic is “racism.”'

    Then, " How the Left tries to suppress dissent in Seattle. I assume Portland is pretty much the same?" Yes, the police are on the side of the mobs and the police chief is openly racist against whites. -I don't actually spend a lot of time listening to conservative talk radio so I don't know if there are mobs throwing Molotovs at the studios but it wouldn't surprise me, in this horrible place in which I have been trapped for decades the lottery tickets they do nothing

    Which segues to Immigrants Contributing to Society in this horrible place

    Who are attracted by Your Tax Dollars At Work.

    Christian stabs Muslim in throat for wearing traditional garbOH. WAIT.

    White Republican NRA member with MAGA hat waves gun at gay pride paradeOH. WAIT.

    F*** Australia

    "War on Some Women"


    Heterophobic straight-basher like another guy who comes to mind

    And then this happens. What could possibly go wrong.

    And then this also happens yes people really are getting dumber and more useless.

    Weak-minded superstitious cretins really believe in eee-vill gun rays casting dominion over the sooooouls of men.

    I'm reminded of that Churchill quote: "Men occasionally stumble over truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."

    Entertainment criticism rot as illustrated by that webcomic I linked a few days ago. -Which segues to, thought: Calling the Star Wars sequels big-budget fan-films is an insult to fan-films because the fan-films are made by fans who actually care about Star Wars. And some of them are quite good.

  • In Kansas of all places, who do you call when your representative is making genocidal racist terrorist threats?
  • In Occupied Colorado, who do you call when a member of the government is actively seeking to overthrow the government?
  • In the same place, who do you call when the government is kidnapping your children and giving them to child-molesters? Didn't that used to be a death-penalty crime? Click through and read that one and note the Broward County connection, which segues to:
  • Michael G. sends "Another triumph of Broward County justice: The court upgraded a charge of second degree murder to first degree. The jail got the cancellation of the second degree charge but not the upgrade to first. Since it isn't part of their standard procedures to double check something like that, they let the killer go. He is still at large."
  • Never trust a cop of any kind. They do not have the same concept of natural human rights as decent people. Their only impulse is to control.
  • The police will never get there in time. The only way to stop a school or workplace or theater or nightclub or church massacre is to stop it yourself. "By the way, an employee who had a gun in his car in the parking lot would have faced disciplinary action. Gun free zone, you understand. Clearly, the anti-self defense, anti-gun crowd got these people killed, and now they want more of the same." Why do we even have police. What are we paying for here.

    In Lighter News

    VCDL posts candidate survey results for tomorrow's Virginia primary election.

    Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.

    In broken-clock news, Michael G. sends, "True the Vote wins against IRS. IRS penalized with extensive attorney's fees." It's not paranoia if the government really is out to get you.

    Followed by, "ThinkProgress suggests staffers learn to code. I wouldn't trust any code they wrote. But I understand that major California urban centers have a desperate need for s*** shovelers."

    5836 Tuesday, 11 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Sent a resume for a
    delivery job off craigslist.
    I dunno.
    Could be worse I guess.
    But not much worse, in
    this horrible place.
    I made videos.
    I'm writing a story.
    There's PayPal buttons.


    Not unrelated.

    And Fairfax godsdammit too.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Blood libel in Virginia. We're not the ones who did it. Nobody wants to talk about that.

    Entertainment rot has cured my comicoholism. Which segues to:



    RINO backstabbing

    And yes, everything really is worse than it used to be.

    Michael G. sends, "Gillibrand lies again while Vespa acknowledges a bump stock mistake. Since Gillibrand's lies roughly correlate with her breathing, I found Matt Vespa acknowledging his mistake on bump stocks and trying to avoid it on suppressors more newsworthy: 'You don’t dare cede anything to Democrats... but especially the anti-gunners because they will then take several thousand miles.... I think I said at the time that while not optimal, this is something we could stomach in light of what the Democratic Party wants to enact concerning gun control. Well, now that most of the 2020 Democratic field is peddling straight up confiscation, bans, and even jailing law-abiding gun owners — I probably should’ve heeded my own words.'"

    Followed by, free speech is now "white supremacy". Don't go to college.

  • "So now she’s dead, just like the progressives wanted." The HR people who come up with these policies will burn in Hell.
  • And so will the unstable freaks in black robes.
  • Police are the standing army the Founders warned us against. Who do you call when the police are breaking the law?

    In Lighter News

    At least trying to do something in Idaho.

    Something very interesting in Tennessee. Which was in these same pages for a comparable reason last week.

    Advanced supermaterials are a staple of science fiction. Working on it. Which segues to:

    In my fictional future history I vaguely postulate a nationalist backlash in France leading to a resurgence of French military and political dominance. Hmmm. (See also.) Speaking of which:

    The next chapter of Aurora, #117, The Battle of Rntggld, is coming out quite long. Have to make it make sense. Not ready yet. Don't forget all the supplemental material and other excerpts.

    5837 Wednesday, 12 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Need to get a job.
    Not the same thing as want.
    Real tired of being the dog on the right
    while everyone else is the dog on the left.

    Trump godsdammit

    Yesterday I said the Human Resources people who create or enforce policies eliminating self-defense from the workplace will burn in Hell. I'm not the only one noticing that.

    Immigrants Contributing Massive Vote Fraud to This Horrible Place

    The rainbow flag is a terrorist flag and "Gaystapo" is not slander. "...[T]hey have redefined tolerance as a mandate to force people to act against their beliefs if those beliefs are at odds with the prejudices of the left."

    Speaking of the prejudices of the left, Michael G. sends, "Not everything is a microaggression, says prof who popularized concept of microaggression. Somebody must have started using it against the left."

    Republican NRA member with a MAGA hat? I don't think so. It's not "racist" if it's true.

    "...[I]t's not about telling great stories anymore, it's more about selling a product...." At least I'm not the only one noticing. All these reports of the Galaxy's Edge theme park not meeting expectations and I'm reminded of the rock-opera Tommy, where the pinball camp came out as a pile of abusive nonsense ending in riot and destruction.

    And as if on cue Michael G. sends Church Hosts Summer Camp to Train Grade School Kids to Be Antifa Activists. RIGHT HERE IN THIS HORRIBLE PLACE WHERE THE MOBS KNOW THE POLICE WILL STAND AROUND WATCHING AND PERSECUTE ANYONE WHO DEFENDS HIMSELF which segues to:

  • So last week I hiked to the library and the nearest shantytown had been swept out and yesterday I went again and its replacement was already growing and now Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "So much stupid lately, I’m all out of vitriol: California’s Biggest Cities And Counties May Need To Provide Safe Parking Lots For Homeless." At taxpayer expense and any taxpayer who complains or interferes will be charged with a "crime".
  • And lest that be seen as hyperbole remember the place where Britain used to be. The police are on the side of the mobs and invaders and rape-gangs. And lest that be seen as slander remember they're getting a percentage and why should we believe the same thing is not happening here and now? By which I mean:
  • The other day I ranted about Trump losing reelection by betraying his gunowning base and me getting killed in a drone strike by whatever child-rapists the Democrats run against him and now Michael G. sends, "Caught in bed no longer disqualifies for Dems. So does Roy Moore deserve an apology?" Oh hey we've seen this one before! This is the kind of people who don't want us to have guns.
  • Gaming the corrupt and illegitimate system in New York and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.
  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from drunk drivers. And his union will fight for him to keep his tax-funded pension.
  • And remember to always work within their system.
  • Never trust a cop of any kind.
  • To which point Codrea has perspective on that thing that happened in Tennessee the other day.

    In Lighter News

    More of this please. Which I have also pondered.

    Action item in North Carolina.

    Badass o' the Day.

    Aaaand Texas.

    Yet another lawsuit for college discrimination. Considering how Oberlin just went, maybe there's hope.

    A little backlash in the editorial pages.

    [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    Back here blogbrother SMLE Fan and I pondered genetic engineering and designer children. I explored the concept further in my fictional future history. Comes now John Stossel's examination. Yes, the wealthy will have it first... and if they don't, no one else ever will.

    5838 Thursday, 13 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    The shantytowns
    fifty meters from this keyboard
    keep growing back
    like barnacles on the hull of a ship.
    Once in a while the police show up
    and that's not better
    because police everywhere
    are liars and thieves
    and trigger-happy sociopaths
    who like to hurt people


    Back here I noted delusional psychopathy in "entertainment" and now Codrea does a whole column on it. They really believe.

    And entertainment really is rotting.

    And as if on cue just yesterday I was comparing the Galaxy's Edge theme park to the pinball camp in Tommy and yes it really is like that. It is as though there were a concerted and deliberate effort to destroy the franchise by driving all the fans away from it.

    It's not paranoia if there really is a conspiracy to silence us.

    To which point Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, asks, "Do you think that if this were, say, a McDonald’s franchisee, would that have been mentioned in the headlines? And is it even relevant in the slightest that the suspect owned a Chick-Fil-A?" Mentioned once in the headline and twice more in the article. Just to make sure the conflation got through.

    Jacob adds, "I just don’t understand: So is it 'cultural appropriation' that they’re worked up about, or is it that Ms. Herrera said that she’d be honored to dress the First Lady that’s got their knickers twisted tighter?"

    Michael G. sends, "Not even Politifact can give a pass to Ilhan Omar's gun lies."

    Burn the government schools.

    To which Michael adds, "Informed consent? What is that of which you speak? University of Colorado, Colorado Springs used pictures of students taken without their awareness to train facial recognition software."

    Anti-self-defense perverts in "sportsman" clothes.

    "Lives hardly matter when the dignity of black criminals is in question." If there were a colony ship fitting out for a new world around a new star I would volunteer. I'm not completely crippled by the family arthritis yet and I'm still good with a rifle. F*** this planet.


    And this stuff too.

    And, of course, Immigrants Contributing to Society.

    Aaaaand war.

  • Michael G. sends, "John Lott: Gun locks increase deaths. Figures back it up." But we already knew that. Think about the kind of people who keep pushing these provably-wrong policies which segues to:
  • The Kafka-esque dystopia where Britain used to be. "Protect" and "Serve" who.
  • Due process under attack in Virginia. Pitch in.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Never trust a cop
  • Of any kind.

    In Lighter News

    Still ticked at Gottlieb for that Toomey-Manchin-Chamberlain-Quisling thing, but SAF is still getting things done.

    Michael G. sends, "Max punitive damages against Oberlin. Schadenfreude." Get woke go broke. Though Jacob N. sends perspective: "This one isn’t fully lighter because the shop in question will likely never see a cent from Oberlin." For the little people, the process is the punishment. For the institutions, especially the ideologically-approved, the process is the defense - appeal after appeal, delay after delay.

    So in my last range session I was having difficulty with the magnifier for the red dot and as if on cue. -Three or four times the price of the one I have, $igh. Be$ide$, other problem$ fir$t. Also I really ought to take another look at the gas block which is probably misaligned, meaning the front sight also is.

    5839 Friday, 14 June 2019:

    The World Sucks


    MONOPOLISTIC CENSORSHIP EVERYWHERE and no sympathy for costumed thugs getting bit by the snake they feed. I've reserved my channel name at BitChute and Full30.

    White genocide is not hyperbole. I am hated for the color of my skin.

    And then there's this stuff too.

    Not to forget Immigrants Contributing to Society. Vibrantly.


    Action item in Virginia.

    National suicide in the place where Switzerland used to be.

    Likewise, Michael G. sends, "Danes vote to cut their own throats. Muslims in Denmark vote to do it for them." "Five years in a row," [Danish author and commentator Kasper Støvring] added, "The crime rates have gone up among non-Western descendants; we have areas where the rule of law has de facto been suspended; we saw in the election campaign, that there are areas where you cannot gather and speak freely; when you go for a walk you nearly stumble on the concrete blocks [meant to protect terrorist targets] that remind us of the intrusive terror threat...."

    Speaking of terror threats, a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker is one.

    Michael also sends, "Some scandals Biden forgot. Fast and Furious is on the list, and they don't call it a 'botched sting'."

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan asks, "So, which China are we dealing with? This one, having economic difficulties? Or this one leaning toward technological expansion and domination?" In my fictional future history something different happens....

  • The Human Resources bureaucrats who come up with these policies will burn in Hell. "Katherine was made defenseless by the City of Virginia Beach's employment agreement. If the above scenario is accurate, Virginia Beach is in the middle of a coverup, as the City claims that the murderer showed no signs of being dangerous, was in good standing, and not about to be fired. And the City also apparently made no effort to increase security after the verbal threats by the fired co-worker." Government really does make everything worse forever but the same is true of the same kinds of bureaucrats in the private sector. I wonder if skin color and quotas had anything to do with it.
  • Remember, peasant, nobody is talking about confiscating firearms.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Police on the side of the mobs in the place where Britain used to be.
  • Police on the side of the terrorists in the place where Sweden used to be.
  • Your Tax Dollars At Work.
  • At government gunpoint.

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends House Republicans move to permanently eliminate gun-free school zones from federal law. Not what we've come to expect.

    Michael G. sends, "Officials of Panem protest being sent from the Capitol to the Districts. Just because their salary will go a lot farther doesn't make up for the loss of prestige. Or the networking to avoid oversight and accountability." Or as the bumper sticker says:

    Not unrelated, in Minnesota, treasonous racist fraud Ilhan Omar has a challenger.

    5840 Saturday, 15 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    "...[W]hat have we – gun owners – gotten for our loyalty?" One knife in the back after another.

    Immigrants Contributing Massive Vote Fraud to Society

    This has been going around from multiple sources: in National Socialist Germany and the regular-socialist Soviet Union, children were encouraged to denounce their own parents if they didn't conform to the ruling ideology. Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends a parent denouncing his own child for exercising natural human rights as guaranteed by our Constitution. Think about the kind of sick monster who doesn't want his own daughter able to defend herself. To say nothing of the Baghdad Bob levels of conflation, fabrication and blood libel. The ignorant hate the informed for not being ignorant. The insane hate the sane for not being insane. -One also wonders if any of the people involved actually exist.

    Michael G. sends "'Civil War reenactment is racist, so I'm canceling it.' And even though I'm the head of a board, the rest of the board gets no say, no historians are allowed to object to my take on history and the public can't see anything that led to or influenced my decision." Kipling warned us.

    Then more of the same in this horrible place: "U of Oregon students want Pioneer statue removed. Since everything white people ever did is evil, it is a celebration of evil. Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil." (Timely Visual Aid.) Kipling warned us about that too. I suppose his books are the next to be burned which segues to

  • Who do you call when the police are committing genocide?
  • Which is not hyperbole if they really are bringing back the Nuremberg Laws.
  • Oh look yet another child-molester with a badge.
  • "Smart guns". At the point of a dumb government gun in the hands of a subliterate costumed sociopath who is exempt from the laws it enforces.
  • Laws like the proposed prohibitions in battleground Florida.
  • Michael G. sends, "On the video of the Phoenix cops threatening the pregnant woman, a number of good points. I liked this one about the people who want to make it all about racism: "The shallow belief that a scared cop is any less frightened by a bullet from a white perp than a black one fails to grasp that this isn’t a black person problem, but a cop problem.'"
  • To which dot connect even more dehumanizing separation between police and decent people. You have to stop thinking of police as human beings. They stopped thinking of us that way a long time ago.
  • Michael follows with, "UK looks at civil asset forfeiture and says, 'Hold my ale and watch this!'" Armed robbery in government costumes. I seem to recall us fighting a bloody years-long revolution over that exact thing. The place where Britain used to be is centuries overdue for a cleansing civil war.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    5841 Sunday, 16 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    MidWestReader observes: "Leftists project a lot. I used to think that they did so strictly by unthinking reflex, because they truly believe that everyone else is as amoral and power-hungry as they are. But in studying history I have learned that It's also a rhetorical tool they've been using very effectively for more than a century.
    "Lenin said, 'Always accuse your adversary of what you yourself are doing. When they speak the truth in response, mock them for failing to devise a more original accusation. This will keep the people confused until it is too late to stop your plans.'
    "This is why the Soviets accused the Tsarists and then the Germans of building concentration camps for 'enemies of the state' long before the war. This is why Leftists say 'right-wing bullies dehumanize us with the "NPC" meme' while simultaneously saying 'anyone who disagrees with me is a Russian bot.'
    "Image is a 'Polandball' comic illustrating how this works. The Russians have--supposedly--abandoned Marxism-Leninism, but less has changed than we might have hoped for back in 1992:
    "Also, on a forum I was reading recently, there was some speculation about the 2020 Democratic Party ticket.
    "My prediction? Kamala Harris/Maxine Waters. I'm speaking tongue in cheek, but only half tongue in cheek.
    "I think the Democrats have decided that the reason they lost in 2016 is that they failed to motivate their 'base' sufficiently to get them to get off the couch, turn off the TV, put down the crack pipe, and go stand in line at the polls. So they're going to double down on We Hate Whitey with a double portion of Grrl Powah, and they're going to go even more negative in their rhetoric than previously, and earlier.
    "Since 2008 they haven't bothered to hide their hostility. In 2020 they're going to push harder to excite their 'base' and that means abandoning previously convenient pretenses about not despising white taxpayers. Shirley Sherrod lost her job for being a little too far ahead of the curve in what she was willing to say in front of a TV camera. They're going to go absolutely clownshoes in their quest for 'authenticity'--which, in the Democrat Newspeak Lexicon, means 'purity of revolutionary zeal'. 'Not one step back!'
    "I further predict that the Democrats are never going to nominate a white man again for the Presidency, not even a gay one, not even if Stalin or Lenin comes back from the grave. Even Fauxcahontas and Hitlery are too white and too centrist for the Democratic 'base' now, much less Bernie Sanders, who isn't even gay. Start calling them the We Hate Whitey Party now, and beat the rush.
    "On another tangent, I predict that as the elections approach, we will see the usual suspects doubling down on deplatforming anyone and everyone who dares to question The Narrative:
    "'FaceSpace is a "publisher" when one of our users sends spam, or posts pirated music, or calls for violence against Whitey, or calls for violence against conservative politicians, or engages in organized harassment, or uses our services to organize violent "flash mobs" to commit violence in real life. When these things happen, that you can't prove we encouraged or helped organize, our "publisher" status permits us to smirk and shrug and say "our hands are tied." But when a suspected conservative posts ideas or memes that question Official Truth or contain badthink, suddenly we become a "platform." As a "platform" we are allowed to censor him, unperson him, organize SJW online mobs to harass his employer into firing him, organize SJW online mobs to threaten him with violence, make him unemployable, and drop his ideas down the Memory Hole because OLDTHINKERS UNBELLYFEEL INGSOC. Our lobbyists and legal team assure us that our good friends in the Swamp have rewritten the laws to make anything we want to do absolutely 100% legal.'
    "They have to do this, lest deplorable badthinkers have an opportunity to speak freely or organize online, and then they might come out to vote. They might even reelect ORANGE MAN BAD.
    "They are going all in on censorship. Facebook is banning people for using the word 'honk,' because it's apparently connected to some mutated strain of the Pepe the Frog meme. The people who wish to rule us have declared war to the knife, and the knife to the hilt--against a cartoon frog. Are we living in The Onion?"

    To which point Michael G. sends, "Green New Deal: Developing energy resources leads to kiddie porn. Dogs and cats, living together... mass hysteria! Bill Murray's character was being facetious, this bunch actually believes it." "It defies common sense to think that these conversations are happening outside of an asylum."

    Which segues to, the next time someone calls you "homophobic" or a "hater" remember how tolerant and inclusive they really are.

    Standing in line next to you at the supermarket, swiping their EBT cards and voting for more of your money....

    Decades ago Larry Niven wrote about organlegging, murdering people for the purpose of harvesting parts of their bodies for transplant, and that's real socialism when people aren't people anymore and the state views them as interchangeable and disposable. -Note this news comes from Sharyl Attkisson, the only mainstream journalist to report on Project Gunwalker with any degree of accuracy and honesty. For which CBS fired her and somebody hacked her home computer.

  • Michael G. asks, "Can you trust a drunk judge? It seems to me the question would be just as valid if you removed the word 'drunk'."
  • ARMED. ROBBERY. IN COSTUME. A SANE SOCIETY USED TO HANG HIGHWAY ROBBERS BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD. I've also linked the murder of Philando Castile in these pages previously.

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends small arms developments.

    MidWestReader sends range/shop report: "Just back from the range, where I did the things I usually do and looked over the stock of used firearms.
    "Only thing of interest today was the newest Kel-Tec bullpup shotgun, the KS7, which is a much-simplified design with a single mag tube. Note how very short it is, shorter than some 'witness protection' shotguns
    "The one on display had an 18" barrel and is advertised as holding 6+1, with a 3" magnum chamber. It appears to be made mostly of plastic, aluminum castings, and pressed steel. It is very VERY light--well under six pounds empty. The rather narrow, stiff rubber buttpad on it reminds me of the one on the KSG, which weighs a fair bit more and still beat my shoulder black and blue and gave me a bright blue and green bruise that lasted for days when I shot some 3" slugs out of one (though I will say it ran reliably enough, for the 25 rounds I put through it, anyway). The carry handle assembly in which the rear sight resides is plastic and to me feels a bit flimsy--better, I think, if it were aluminum, but I can see how that would be expensive. The instruction manual says that if it is removed, a length of Picatinny rail can be mounted atop the barrel in its place, and I think that would be my preference, that plus some kind of red dot or perhaps a compact low-magnification or 1x prismatic sight. The pump action does not feel especially smooth, but maybe lubrication would help, and maybe it would smooth up with use. The sliding crossbolt safety leaves some things to be desired ergonomically.
    "It is nonetheless one tenth of an inch over the NFA lower overall length limit for shotguns, very lively and quick in the hand, and seems like it would be extremely maneuverable in narrow hallways. It also looks like it could fit easily into a tennis racket bag, for those who might have a need for discretion. It has slots to which rail sections can be mounted for lights, lasers, and suchlike things, and the carry handle with which it comes from the factory has a big yellow fiberoptic bead front sight mounted in it. And it is claimed that it can function with the various shortened shotgun shells out there, like the Aguila minishells, which might also reduce its recoil somewhat. Also, it ejects straight down, sort of like an Ithaca 37, meaning it is a bullpup that can be used from the left shoulder, unlike some designs. And they put a molded plastic hand stop on the front edge of the pump handle, presumably to reduce the frequency with which people get their support hands in front of the muzzle.
    "I am not sure I would pay $459 for it, but I can see the practical appeal. If they'd brought it out forty years ago I'm sure they'd have sold a lot to law enforcement. We live in an era in which the market has decided that a sub-$400 AR15 clone is the most efficient and appropriate firearm for home defense for most users, and the low cost, low recoil, high capacity, faster reloads, longer range, and so on all add up to make it more suited than a $500 purpose-designed combat shotgun for just about any task one might wish to accomplish with a long gun, barring competition rules or state game laws requiring use of a shotgun. As such the design is a curiosity."

    Been struggling with the next chapter of Aurora and it kept getting longer so I decided to chop it in two and post the first part: Aurora, part 117, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    5842 Monday, 17 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Filled out application for
    Amazon delivery driver.

    And bought lottery tickets.

    Blood libel and discrimination and the EBT-swipers swallow it whole and vote for tyranny because they're not allowed to hear the truth.

    To which dot connect MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD. “Down here, voter fraud is not all that unusual.... It’s unusual when they get prosecuted.”

    "Tolerant" and "inclusive" yeah Our Side knows better.

    Republican NRA members with MAGA hats. Every time.


    No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMDCCCXLII. "A Chinese-owned company is making circuit boards for the top-secret next generation F-35 warplanes flown by Britain and the United States...." Meanwhile the dastardly enemy, unwashed and subliterate, has opened fire with heavy machineguns designed before the invention of the transistor....

    The other day it was students being photographed without their knowledge for use in developing facial-recognition software. Now Michael G. sends, "Students filmed for tracking research at Duke. Sounds similar to the students filmed at U of Co, Colorado Springs. This time the research was on tracking multiple people with multiple cameras. The researcher changed how the experiment was performed from how it was approved, he moved it outside, the notification was signs posted in the effected areas, and he posted the pictures on a publicly accessible site instead of a limited access site. The fact that the Chinese military accessed the pictures really makes you wonder."

    Followed by, "Oberlin students have culture of shoplifting for fun. Reminds me of how Spartans would make sure the Helots knew their place."

    Then, "Not Harvard's kind of student. Considering who is Harvard's kind of student, I'd say he dodged a bullet."

    I have actually read Atlas Shrugged and a thing that didn't make it into the disappointing film trilogy was how art and entertainment degenerated and everybody still clapped because they were no longer capable of knowing better and now Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "There’s just no hope left. I’m not even sure what exactly the message is supposed to be."

    A while back I wrote "She literally couldn't get a job as a dishwasher. Robots had taken over those jobs centuries before." So I have mixed feelings about this item, considering I'm unemployed and the money is running out and robots really are taking over the only jobs anyone in this horrible place wants to hire a straight white man to do: Labor Revolution at Fifteen Dollars an Hour. Blogbrother SMLE Fan comments, "They're being tested in Houston. I'm wondering just how many nanoseconds it'll take for somebody to hack into one, and divert it. Or to post YouTube videos of people riding it like a horse and prying the lid open. But I'm sure this is all nonsense - nothing could go wrong here...."

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Gosh it's not like different classes of people are being held to different standards.
  • Oh look even more RINO backstabbing in North Carolina. "...[L]ack of good moral character... is defined as whatever the Sheriff or his political masters wish it to be." What have we – gun owners – gotten for our loyalty?
  • Michael G. observes "Police are useless: If they can't or won't stop a woman from feeding bleach to her adult autistic children, what good are they?" Oh they're very efficient at robbing people on their way to work, or treating victims like criminals, or killing beloved family pets in wrong-address prohibition raids.... "...[M]other of six, four of whom are adults with autism." And that waved nobody's red flags? Considering valid questions as to whether autism is even real, or massively misdiagnosed with gods-know-how-many thousands of children drugged into oblivion....
  • "What do liberal authorities call it when a white couple is attacked by a large gang of feral Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation? A fight. What do they call it when the white guy fights back? A hate crime." Which we have seen before.
  • I have called police sadistic sociopaths who become cops because they like to hurt people AND THEY KEEP PROVING ME RIGHT.
  • Even the laaaaaw and orrrrder conserrrrrvatives are saying never trust a cop of any kind.

    In Lighter News

    5843 Tuesday, 18 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Went to job orientation
    for Amazon driving.
    I guess I'm hired?
    Starting next week.
    I've done this before,
    but perhaps not this much of it,
    and I'm starting to get old and creaky.
    Looking at how often they post on
    craigslist, I'm gathering there's a
    lot of turnover in this job.
    Maybe I'll be the Shining Star who
    shows up to work on time and sober
    and doesn't go back later to
    burglarize the customers.
    Or maybe I'll get fired for being white.


    To which point Michael G. adds, "Swalwell leads an army against the NRA." Though, "Judging from the size of his 'army', Swalwell couldn't lead thirsty sailors into a bar."

    Followed by, "College prof says Republicans recast God in their own image. As gun toting bigots. He of course would never redefine God, or claim that his beliefs are objective facts because he is too free, courageous and intellectually honest. You can believe that, he told you so himself."

    To which dot connect, "Obama supporter says Trump voters see him as a Messiah. And this is unhealthy. Like psychologically projecting your own behavior onto others."

    With, "CA Nazi builds assault rifle for planned attack on Jews. The linked story only says he was charged with that, it doesn't go into what actions he did that constitute 'building an assault rifle' under CA law. I need more detail, but right now I suspect they are trying to use this guy to smear the home-building community."

    American Rifleman, July 2019, page 12, "Standing Guard" by Wayne LaPierre: "Never Surrender One Inch Of Our Second Amendment Freedom". Except bump stocks and red flag laws and National Instant Check System registration and suppressor deregulation and national reciprocity and imports and....

    Which is directly related to Trump. Godsdammit.

    Immigrants Contributing to Society to which Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, adds "Trapped and the trap keeps getting tighter. Another one from the 'what could possibly go wrong' file. And yet, in this state, I can’t buy ammo by mail order, I can’t own a standard capacity magazine, they can’t manage to figure out how to handle sports betting at casinos, they managed to loose spectacular sums of money on off track betting, folding utility knives were illegal until recently, I need to show ID and get logged to buy spray paint, and liquor stores can’t sell beer and supermarkets can’t sell wine. And, as you say, there’s nowhere to go and can’t get there anyhow. And to make things worse, I had to move from my mountain fortress to the hideous suburbs of Long Island recently, and being only 10 miles from New York City is making me even more cranky than normal." Yeah I'm still buying lottery tickets. Everything really is getting worse all the time. :(

    Let's all remember what kind of people don't want us to have guns.

    "All those hideous monsters know how to do is destroy." Just like Kipling warned us.

  • Gun Control
  • Success Stories
  • Vegas still stinks.
  • Michael G. sends, "ChiTown cops punishing crime victims for fun and profit: Impounding a car being driven without the owner's permission, then selling it off before they could raise the lot fees."
  • Liars and thieves. All of them.
  • Followed by, "Dem investigator of GOP former Gov. charged with perjury. But how can we not trust a former FBI agent?" Which segues to:
  • A few times in these pages I've postulated that such-and-such politically-undesirable person would have child porn "found" on "his" computer and it's not paranoia if that actually happens. The FBI told him? It's possible the FBI put it there.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Because they have all that training.

    In Lighter News

    ENLIGHTENED SELF-INTEREST MAKES THE WORLD GO 'ROUND. The sum is not zero and government makes everything worse forever.

    Strong independent women.

    ...Which is tangentially related to another kind of labor revolution which I have been pondering for some time and I'm not the only one noticing how entertainment is rotting.

    Backlash in Florida.

    Michael G. sends, "Can Jordan Peterson break the social media social justice monopoly? I don't know, but I hope he can."

    Real socialism no sympathy for a society that starves millions of its own people and murders political prisoners to harvest their organs. China's long overdue for a bloody civil war also.

    5844 Wednesday, 19 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Surprise attack in this horrible place noon today. Posting early for what it's worth, for anyone near Salem who can attend.

    F*** New Zealand

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "A small crumb of hope: There are a few officials in NY state with at least a notochord, if not a backbone. It’s all hopeless since it will end up mired in the court system for the next 50 years, but at least they made the right noises."

    To which he adds, "Oh, joy: New York is passing its own Green New Deal. And not a word on how this is all getting paid for. I suppose the answer is obvious (tax the rich and middle class to death)."

    Your Tax Dollars At Work

    Yes, the homeless problem really is that bad. And some of those "homeless" panhandle, or steal, more money in a day than I usually have as a bank balance.

    Who's Contributing to Immigrants? While I struggle to work for a living?

    Entertainment rot to which Michael G. adds, "If they wanted to end entertainment rot, here are some ideas for them. But face it, they don't want to end it, do they? Maybe someone who wants to make some money will evade the big media monopoly the way a bunch of upstart Jewish movie makers did to the Edison monopoly a hundred years ago."

    Yeah... that guy who shot up that federal building in Occupied California... I never saw him at any of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Anti-Government Extremist Secret Volcano Island Annual Conventions. I bet he didn't even know our Secret Handshake. A reasonable person really has to wonder if he was genuine. Or if he was really killed. Or if anyone was. Our Side doesn't do these things. Their side thinks "...[P]olitical violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder.... But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot F***ing Everybody." Eight years of Obama fomenting hatred and violence against us and we never laid a finger on him or any of his regime. Same with Serial Rapist Clinton and BBQ Chef Reno before. Trump gets in and there's blood in the streets the next day. We know the Deep State exists. We know we can't trust the FBI. We know the Left has been lying to everyone about everything for decades. And we know false-flag attacks have been committed before.

    And lest that last bit be seen as Godwin, Michael G. sends, "Margaret Sanger smiles: While pushing Sanger's support for eugenics down the memory hole, they argue that the genetically unfit not be allowed to reproduce." But they call us "Nazis". -I have also pondered this and have a different system.

    Followed by blood libel and psychological projection: "Harvard was right to boot Kyle Kashuv! And he can't be trusted without a keeper, or with a weapon, because he might become a mass shooter! I'm reminded of the USSR where a person wrongly arrested and then released was immediately considered a likely enemy of the state because now they had a reason to be."

    Seriously just burn it all down f*** this whole planet

    With, "Immigrant Contributing to Society, Repeatedly." [In a Sanctuary City three hours' drive from here. But hey, I live in a Sanctuary State!] "And they claim that they believed him when he said he'd be a good boy and go home to Mexico if they let him off. And to his victim I say, 'The system has shown that the only one in it who gives a damn about your safety and that of your children is you. Arm up! Masaad Ayoob has described several weapons that can be used by the physically challenged.'" Which segues to:

  • Michael G. sends, "CA causes problem, blames it on gun owners. Because CA decided to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens, that means prohibited people who aren't in NICS have them. Because that is clearly the fault of gun owners, now gun owners have to go to the trouble and expense to have some form of Real ID for firearms purchases." Second-class citizens in our own country. Which segues to
  • Think about the kind of people who want to enforce the "laws". WhichIhavealsopondered.
  • Ground lost in Occupied Connecticut. Punishing everyone who isn't shooting up the schools and they wonder why nobody trusts the police or the courts or the legislature.
  • Remember, peasant, "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".

    In Lighter News


    VCDL gets things done.

    Desert Hermit Joel ponders the benefits of off-grid living. Which I have also considered.

    This... actually makes me sad because I don't have a car and can't go to the matches like I used to. :(

    5845 Thursday, 20 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Since I jumped through
    a bunch of hoops
    to get a job driving
    an Amazon delivery van,
    I've been getting more spam,
    in email and phone text.
    That's not encouraging.

    Oh look someone filmed
    a documentary of my life.


    They don't see us as human.

    RINO doublethink. The beltway bandits don't see us as human either.

    And Fairfax godsdammit is right across the river, innit?

    Entertainer rot. They are not capable of understanding why we don't like their insulting disrespectful hamfisted garbage.

    Michael G. sends, "Another immigrant gratefully contributing to the society that saved him. But which is worse, planning to kill Americans, or helping the FBI portray themselves as good guys?"

    Followed by, "Biden admits smart guns are gun control. He also believes that movies demonstrate technology that is available now."

    With, speaking of spam possibly facilitated by my putative employer, "Google facilitates ripoff artists who prey on elderly. Don't be evil? But there's big money in evil! Unfortunately the click-through is behind a paywall."

    And then massive credit card fraud happens. In the name of "diversity".

  • Again I ask, what sick pervert came up with the "duty to retreat"?
  • As for their system, Michael G. sends "Training camp for the enemy. Teaching public defenders how to lie, present only one side, manipulate the media and appeal to emotions because the end always justifies the means."
  • To which dot connect, "How dare Republican Senators do the same thing Democrats did! When Dems do it to block legislation, it's noble, when GOP does it it's a betrayal of the people." -Though this is a bit Lighter in connection to the surprise attack yesterday, and a previous incident.
  • "It was the fourth inmate death involving the jail this year." And we shouldn't run from and/or shoot cops on sight because? (See below.)
  • Never trust a cop of any kind. Even if you are one.
  • Because they all like to hurt people.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, Sen. Cruz introduces constitutional amendment to establish term limits.

    Bit of backlash from Poland.

    TrumpKeepsHappening? Class-action suit against VA.

    And then this happens. "If law enforcement doesn’t like the way this decision breaks, it really can’t blame anyone else for the public’s reaction to the unexpected presence of officers." So can we start shooting the costumed kidnappers in self-defense? Or is it still too soon?

    Years ago the late Dr. Jerry Pournelle blogged that with the internet, it is possible to have quality education without government-run schools. Burn the government schools.

    5846 Friday, 21 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    So I've been complaining about
    the difficulty of finding employment
    for a 51-year old white straight male and
    I was right, again.

    "No good guys here, are there...?"

    A little while ago I made a meme and I was right, again and nobody wants to talk about that.

    Hey remember when the National Socialists were actively intimidating and discriminating against certain kinds of people? In comments: "There's simply no way this sort of organized harassment and disruption is happening without the support of key members of faculty and administration."

    Meanwhile in this horrible place, "dealing" with the homeless by rendering the landscape unusable by anyone. A firm grasp on the wrong end of the equation.


    Different cultures are different and pointing that out doesn't make me "racist"

    But any minority who doesn't conform to the approved ideology is driven out and destroyed.

    If I ever escape this horrible place which seems increasingly unlikely I don't want to end up in a border state.

    So Disney owns Lucasfilm who owns Star Wars and Star Wars is becoming hamfisted social-justice garbage and Lucasfilm is viciously insulting anyone who complains about it and now Former Disney Vice President Gets Lenient Prison Sentence for Repeated Sexual Abuse of 7 Year Old. That kind of people. Which segues to:

  • Oh look yet another child pornographer with a badge. To automatically believe such allegations against police or against people on the political Left, while automatically disbelieving them against people on the Right, is not a double standard. It is an observed pattern of behavior. "He’s someone who wanted to be a police officer all his life." Think about that.
  • "Blunders By Democrats And Capitol Police Enabled What Prosecutors Call The ‘Largest Data Theft In Senate History’" but hey let's make sure police are the only people with guns.
  • Meanwhile in this horrible place, more spine than we're accustomed to seeing from the GOP but that's not really Lighter because they really are out to get us and that would be the same state police who chauffeured a 13-year-old to have sex with a previous Democrat governor....
  • Why are police so violently opposed to being recorded in their official public duties? What are they planning to do that they don't want a record of?
  • Never trust any cop of any kind.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, Supreme Court Overrules Precedent that Created “Catch-22” for Property Owners Attempting to Bring Takings Cases in Federal Court. TrumpKeepsHappening? He has been flinging a lot of federal judges around, and as soon as the Deep State admits Ginsberg is dead he'll have a third SCOTUS nominee.

    Uppity in Occupied Colorado next Thursday the 27th.

    5847 Saturday, 22 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Again with the "smart guns". So f***ing ignorant.

    Dianne Feinstein is so deep in Communist China's pocket, with investments and such, that one of her nicknames is "Chi-Fi". I was recently reminded of that.

    F*** Australia never been a free country

    In don't go to college news, Michael G. sends, "An audit reveals California State University hid $1.5 billion, while hiking tuition and asking for more government [TAX] money."

    Followed by, "The good thing about Swalwell: At least he's honest about what he wants to do to us."

    With, "Michigan Roads Declined Even As Funding Rose Sharply. Surprisingly!"

    Yeah it's like that.

  • Michael G. sends, "A SWATting in the UK? London police responded to a call of a woman screaming and in distress at [Conservative leadership candidate] Boris Johnson's residence. They found nothing and reported everyone was in excellent health."
  • Meanwhile in this horrible place, setting up for a false-flag attack. "Oregon State Police has recommended that the Capitol be closed tomorrow due to a possible militia threat." That would be the same recently-mentioned Oregon State Police who facilitated child rape for a former Democrat governor. What order would you not obey.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Awakening in Tennessee. Which has been trying to get Constitutional Carry.

    Consequences for Facebook.

    Here is a reminder of the two most glorious hours in naval history.

    Speaking of ships, when I was coming up with dimensions and such for Aurora, this is the sort of thing I was looking at.

    5848 Sunday, 23 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    I guess I'm supposed to go
    back to work
    I've got a bad feeling about that.

    And heeeey GoDaddy webhosting
    automatically deducted about forty-eight
    bucks this morning. Leaving just enough
    for rent and maybe bus fare.

    Michael G. sends, "Cutting back delegation and bureaucracy: Kevin D. Williamson on a Supreme Court case where that might happen, although he doesn't have much hope for it despite left fears. I did like this line: 'Congress always has been full of grifters, bush-league demagogues, and mediocrities who were too slow-witted to practice law and too lazy to sell real estate, but there was a time when it did its job, too.'"

    Followed by, "Portland State to punish prof for proving himself right. And proving the academic press is a bunch of know-nothing blowhards. What is truth when compared to heresy, eh? Yet as Galileo is claimed to have said, 'It still moves.'"

    Then, "NYC synagogue vandal not white MAGA-hat-wearing gun owner. He's a gay, black Democratic activist who was put through college by the NY Times and a Jewish couple." Hey I'm suddenly reminded of another gay black Democrat activist.

    Which segues to, "More of, 'Their violence is speech': DC Antifa calling for another attack on Tucker Carlson's house, posting his address again. More of that thinking that political violence is a dial, not a switch."

    With, "Dumb, or grossly dishonest? Embrace the power of 'and'. AOC blaming Trump for things Obama did during his administration."

  • Michael G. sends, "Rhode Island superior court judge fails to understand free speech. Remember when that would be a 'man bites dog' headline? Now it's more like a 'dog bites man' headline." But keep working within their system.
  • Oh look yet another serial child-molester with a badge AND ALL HIS "BROTHERS IN BLUE" WHO KNOW FOR YEARS AND HELP HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.

    In Lighter News

    5849 Monday, 24 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Spent five dollars on bus fare
    which commute is going to suck
    to report for training and
    I'm not in their system yet.


    While the "poor, disadvantaged" neighbors
    with broken-down cars
    and thousand-dollar iPhones
    seem to be hurling each other into the thin hovel wall
    while screaming Ebonics obscenities at each other.

    I hate this place so much.

    Still looking at craigslist.
    Hey, anybody needs somebody
    who's driven everything from hatchbacks
    to Red Cross-surplus Bloodmobiles,
    or who can type 65 words per minute
    and knows his way around a spreadsheet,
    click on "comment" at the bottom.

    People - not least in this horrible place - keep saying "communism" and "fascism" as though they were different things, or like one is better than the other. Which segues to,

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan reminds me of an ongoing anniversary of real socialism, "not to mention a reminder that once upon a time, the West had a spine."

    Many years ago I wrote "Should we rename the nation's capitol? Tear down a few monuments? Give Yorktown back to the British?" And some people really do want that very thing.

    Trump godsdammit

    And RINOs too

    F*** New Zealand

    Entertainment rot

    It's not paranoia if Google really is conspiring to interfere in elections.

    With monopolistic censorship sauce.

    Immigrants Contributing MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD and "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    While society contributes Danegeld.

    Joe Biden is responsible for the "gun-free zones" where practically all massacres occur. Joe Biden is also responsible for policing-for-profit and armed robbery in costume.


    So the other day I was comparing the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge theme park to the dystopian pinball camp in the rock-opera Tommy and Walt Disney World is now fingerprinting and using biometric scans on kids seeking admission to the park. Which is the same Disney which now owns Star Wars and a former vice president of which was recently given a wrist-slap for repetitive child-rape. Which segues to:

  • In this horrible place the police are on the side of the mobs. A few hours' drive up I-5 the police are on the side of the child-molesters. It is not unreasonable or unfair to wonder if they are expecting a percentage. NEVER TRUST A COP OF ANY KIND.
  • If the police come to your door, just start shooting. You're already dead. They're going to murder you anyway because they expect to get away with it. Take some with you so the next victim won't have as many to deal with.

    In Lighter News


    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends transcontinental kitteh pics. The big one is Deathwalker the Norwegian Viking Berserker Kitteh, while the kitten is Pixel:

    And as long as I'm on the subject, FluffyTux has been here more than five years:

    Oh yeah, match daaaayyyyyy yesterday, a rare bright spot among all the endlessly-accumulating worldsuckage and wallsclosinginfeeling. Friends invited and carpooled me to a CMP Garand match at Lone Oak, just like this one. For years I've been carrying a full clip of A-Zooms in my range bag, and I used them to familiarize a couple new shooters with the intricacies of the mighty Garand, which pleased me and is in the spirit of Project Appleseed. Nothing wrong with the Queen yesterday, there hasn't been for a long time. For this match there were six shooters in three relays of two, which sounds a little silly but this club has a real target pit and I enjoy doing the three functions, shooting, scoring, and pits. Most shooters were using club-issued Greek HXP ammunition, which for years I have thought was Just Fine, but yesterday I was having a Really Good slow-prone stage and was getting a few going lower than my front-sight-snapshot said they should have. I blew rapid-prone as usual but in standing, I had an actual click-bang hangfire, and between the click and the bang I flinched and the round stopped somewhere nearer than two hundred yards. I had another miss on that stage which the snapshot told me shouldn't have been. The batch I had was delinked machinegun ammunition with headstamps from 1970, 77 and 78. Contemplating this I wonder if I could or should have scored higher in previous matches. Anyway, I Went Shooting and the Queen has spoken for the first time in well over a year:

    Thank you, Tucson Tom. I still have that can of Lake City you gave me, for emergencies.

    5850 Tuesday, 25 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Now I'm scheduled to start training Friday.
    Still have a bad feeling about this.
    Still looking for other things.

    "ANTI-GOVERNMENT EXTREMIST" BLOOD LIBEL IN THIS HORRIBLE PLACE "[Democrat governor] Kate Brown... has ordered the State Police to act as her personal goon squad...." THERE IS NO ORDER THEY WOULD NOT OBEY.

    And that's neither hyperbole nor Godwin. Remember most of the Einsatzgruppen were civil police and went back to those jobs without consequence after the war.

    "New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hates gays, all kinds of gays. He hates them with a passion"OH WAIT.

    Explain in small words how this makes me a "white supremacist" and why I owe "reparations". You try living on the other side of a thin wall from these. See how long your notions of equality and peaceful coexistence last. Along with your locks and your car stereo.

    To. Which. Dot. Connect. WAKANDA.

    And then explain how registering or banning or confiscating my guns would have any effect.

    "Who do you think universal background checks are really intended for? And why?"

    So the other day Google was exposed for very deliberately and explicitly interfering in elections and now Google tries to suppress Project Veritas' evidence. After thousands of people used any of a variety of Firefox browser plugins to download it, I'm sure. To say nothing of the original video file on a Project Veritas computer which can be easily uploaded to another platform. (A shooting buddy sends Google's response.)

    Michael G. sends a timely visual aid.

    Followed by, no longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMDCCCL: "PA National Guard bans youth group tour because they're Christians. They're not 'Inclusive', see, LGBT activists might get angry. The Guard backed down once lawyers got involved." To which Codrea raises another valid question to which connect the Oregon State Police dots above and the Seattle police being on the side of the child-molesters. Police and military are not supposed to be the same and every attempt to make them so in either direction results in mass graves.

    Which segues to, "Pelosi: What's the point of immigration enforcement? She doesn't want them stopped at the borders, and she doesn't want them arrested inside the borders. But don't accuse her of trying to replace the electorate with one more favorable to her."

  • They like to hurt people and that's why they become cops. Never forget that.
  • Michael G. sends, "More guilty until proven innocent in Occupied California. In this case farmers have to prove that they are not growing pot, and if they fail to do so they are assessed heavy fines." The Founders would be shooting by now.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "House, Senate pass bill reining in IRS civil asset forfeiture. This is about a week and a half old." Not what we've come to expect.

    Another increment from SCOTUS? TrumpKeepsHappening?

    Recently read To Clear Away the Shadows, David Drake's latest RCN novel, set in the same universe as and in sequence with the Leary/Mundy series but not mentioning those characters. Quite good, as expected, but a different pace; no big space battles, less interstellar intrigue.

    Still poking at Aurora. Distractions.

    5851 Wednesday, 26 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Now my training has been
    pushed back a whole week,
    meaning what little money I have left
    at this point will be running out sooner,
    and they've changed the work shift
    from the one I selected,
    and their system won't let me create
    an online account to do anything about it.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
    Seriously I'd rather just drive sumdood's
    junk truck to the dump for cash.
    I neither like nor trust big companies.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, Foxtrot Mike Lima Edition!
    SMLE Fan, 2:21 PM: have you and I just been unlucky in terms of who we interact with?
    SMLE Fan, 2:21 PM: because I sometimes feel as though I'm a proctologist
    Jeffersonian, 2:22 PM: remember my theory of having been a Dachau guard in a previous incarnation
    Jeffersonian, 2:22 PM: ur from the terminal-vowel people, maybe you were standing next to Pilate
    SMLE Fan, 2:23 PM: well, according to the ppl who tout this, there's supposed to be 60-100 years between reincarnation, so I'd go with a Turk involved in the Armenian Genocide
    Jeffersonian, 2:24 PM: and a distant Teuton ancestor of mine ran over the village shaman's goat
    SMLE Fan, 2:25 PM: and one of mine carried a M-H and a Foreign Service Helmet to "civilize the heathen"

    Michael G. sends, "That Project Veritas story about Google censorship must be fake, because Brian Stelter cannot find it with Google."

    To which blogbrother SMLE Fan adds, "Finally, that g00gle mess has been properly documented."

    Michael follows with, "Virginia State U forbids student groups to violate public morals. While offering no definition of what that means. A policy that couldn't possibly be abused."

    Immigrants Contributing to Society and a firm grasp on the wrong end of the equation.

    Explain-in-small-words-how-this-makes-me-"racist"-fatigue. And then this happens. And I thought I was writing fiction.

    Can't even trust churches anymore.

  • This has been out for a week or two but blogbrother SMLE Fan comments, "As OPFOR becomes more brazen (i.e. honest), I reiterate that the slogan 'Law-Abiding Gun Owners' has far outlived its usefulness, and indeed has become an impediment." (And then this happens.)
  • Gun Control
  • Success Stories
  • Remember, peasant, you don't need a gun because police will be there to protect you.
  • I guess Nevada counts as "Occupied" now. "And as always, law enforcement and military are exempt."
  • I've made this point before: you know all those movies and TV shows where the local police or sheriff are corrupt and the FBI comes in at the end to clean up the town? Never trust any cop of any kind. (And then this happens.)
  • To which dot Michael G. connects "FBI: Civil Asset Forfeiture because puppies! Oh good grief."
  • Oh look even more serial rapists with badges AND ALL THEIR "BROTHERS IN BLUE" WHO KNOW FOR YEARS AND DO NOTHING.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends First Amendment action with wide implications, not least, in my view, opening GoogTube and TwitBook to lawsuits for antitrust and restraint of speech.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends schadenfreude. Of course if that had happened here the police would have arrested the victims for "inciting"....

    5852 Thursday, 27 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    After paying the rent
    and buying some food
    I have less than forty dollars
    in the bank.
    If you have ever found anything useful or entertaining
    on this site or my YouTube channel,
    please consider a charitable donation through the
    PayPal buttons at the top or bottom of most pages on this site.
    Thank you.


    All the political violence in this country originates from the Left, against the Right.

    Michael G. sends, "Vimeo bans Project Veritas. The Google expose video was 'hateful content', because it exposed Google and they just hate that." And I won't be duplicating my content on Vimeo I guess.

    Followed by and related: "Shock from the newsroom, most hate crimes are fake. Less than one in three are real." But we knew that.

    One of my sisters used to drag me off to Sunday school but it didn't stick. I don't identify as Christian, but I observe that Christians and I have mostly the same enemies, so if it were to come to manning barricades and fixing bayonets, I would expect to be on the Christians' side.

    And then this happens.

    Immigrants Contributing to Society which segues to

  • Members of the city council for a Minneapolis suburb have voted to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before council meetings. Minneapolis... that reminds me of something.... And then this happens.
  • Gun Control Success Story
  • "Law Enforcement Supports the Second Amendment"
  • H-S Precision proudly using a murderer's endorsement, Surefire donating to Democrats, Benchmade helping police destroy firearms, Kimber's SIS model, Kahr and Aero Precision's Blue Line products, Mossberg with that DEA-edition M500, Steyr, more that don't immediately come to mind....
  • No sympathy for violent sociopaths who drive innocent people to suicide if they don't murder us outright.

    In Lighter News

    Project Veritas releases another undercover video of Google censorship policy meetings. ;)

    Uppity in Occupied Colorado, Independence Day.

    I would rather be in Kentucky. :(

    I can consistently hit a man-sized target at 200 yards with a 64-year-old rifle and 49-year-old ammunition and 20-year-old eyeglasses. But go ahead, declare war on us.

    5853 Friday, 28 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Rather than a simple link,
    lemme embed this one,
    because everything really is
    getting worse all the time:

    What law would you not enforce?
    What order would you not obey?

    Also WoGged again.



    The place where Denmark used to be....

    ...Among other Immigrant Contributions to Society.

    Entertainment rot you know what I'm watching now? The complete series of Simon & Simon. From back when television was not insulting commie garbage.

    Michael G. sends "How content creators get around platform censorship and how the platform censors get around the get-arounds."

    He then asks, "Remember when this was the default position of colleges? And went without saying? Now you have to wonder if they are saying this because they believe it or because they are being made to say it. And whether they will actually carry it out."

    Followed by, "From the new masters of the country where England used to be." (Which I have also pondered if-you-find-this-fictional-future-history-entertaining-please-consider-a-charitable-donation-through-the-PayPal-buttons-on-the-top-or-bottom-of-most-pages-on-this-site-thank-you.)

    Which he immediately segues to "The wages of sin are death. So are the wages of stupidity."

    Then, "The bystander effect may be a myth. So, like the effort to disarm others, is it used by cowards to excuse and normalize their cowardice?" I seem to recall Michael Z. Williamson touching on that in his Freehold of Grainne series, with operatives undercover on Terra.

  • Michael G. sends "Woman to go to jail for false rape claim" but not Lighter because "The falsely accused taxi driver says he is now afraid to pick up women passengers. I'm sure the authorities will solve his problem by arresting him if he doesn't pick up women."
  • "Law Enforcement Supports the Second Amendment"
  • It's not paranoia if police really are fabricating drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas. Never trust any cop of any kind.
  • Their system. Work within it.
  • "Protect" and "Serve" who? Is this why you became a cop? Is this what makes you proud to pin on that badge every morning?

    In Lighter News

    Second Front action in Ohio and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

    Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.

    5854 Saturday, 29 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Trump godsdammit click through on the second link and sign David Codrea's petition you're already on all those lists.

    Michael G. sends "Mayor Pete attacks Christian straw man to push for open borders. 'What Buttigieg left out of his argument was that it has been Democrats who have needlessly made children and their families at the border suffer for the last six months as a result of the party’s initial insistence that there was no crisis to begin with.'"

    Followed by, "College sociology quiz accused of bias against white males. I'd say that the two words 'college quiz' provide 'preponderance of the evidence'. Adding 'sociology' makes it 'beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt'."

    Then, "Oberlin College proves Vox Day right. You know, SJWs always lie, SJWs always double down, SJWs always project." And as if on cue. They really believe they're the good guys and that their ends justify any and all means.

    With, "Europe can't keep track of returned ISIS fighters. Can't, or won't?"

    And of course, "There is no voting fraud!" When even NBC Los Angeles is forced to report it. Which segues to

    Immigrants Contributing to Society which segues to

  • Remember, peasant, they'll have your day in court.
  • What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Bit of awakening in Boston of all places. See also.

    An increment in New Jersey of all places.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends broader-spectrum backlash in this horrible place.

    The other day I mentioned I was watching Simon & Simon because it came from a time when television was not all hate-filled racist commie garbage thinly masquerading as the supposed opposite. SMLE Fan also sends, anything that makes SJWs' heads explode should be worth looking into. Which segues to

    At least once in these pages I have suggested a serious and respectful remake of the disappointing-to-history-enthusiasts 1976 film Midway. I don't trust the current entertainment industry to do it that way (though I recently watched Battle Angel Alita and it was good), but, well, here it is. I'm actually not seeing anything wrong with the trailer, but entertainment has been so bad for so long that we're in a state of perpetual cringe and can't allow ourselves to get excited about forthcoming projects. Graphic examples, the Star Wars sequels (and related products) kicking millions of fans in the crotch, and that film that pretended to be about Neil Armstrong.

    5855 Sunday, 30 June 2019:

    The World Sucks

    Meanwhile in this horrible place,
    Michael G. sends,
    "More Portland progressive tyranny and anarchy:
    Assaulting journalists with no consequences,
    mixing caustic chemicals into their 'harmless' milkshakes."

    I'm mildly heartened by the responses
    to the costumed sociopaths who stand around watching
    if not actively protecting
    politically-driven mob violence.
    At least I know I'm not alone
    in my sentiments and observations.
    Yes, police, you are the bad guys.

    Michael adds,
    "And encouraging racist attacks on innocent bystanders,
    again with no real consequences."

    "The man was only charged with a misdemeanor
    & released without having to pay bail."

    And if that can't be described as
    the police being on the side of the mobs
    what the flaming f*** is it.

    With, "Even Jake Tapper calls them out,
    resulting in other MSM journos
    calling out Jake Tapper."

    If I had a car I would be looking at
    maps to Kentucky right now.
    It's not paranoia if
    they really are out to get me.

    Nowhere to go.
    No way to get there.
    No money left.
    And that job I applied for
    keeps dropping all their balls
    and pushing back my start date.
    Things will start getting shut off here
    before I can expect a paycheck from them
    and I kinda don't want to work for
    that company anyway.

    By which, in a general sense, I mean: Michael G. sends "Nike pulls a shoe... because the designer tweeted for Hong Kong freedom. 'And Nike sided with the mass-murdering national socialists.'"

    A while back, among all the Immigrant Contributions to Society, I probably linked the news of a terrible truck crash killing and wounding several motorcyclists. It appears to be a Marine Corps charity club and they need help.

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