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5369 Thursday, 1 March 2018:

The World Sucks


Several times I've observed how entertainment is driving itself into the ground, if not being used as an actual brainwashing weapon as a precursor to genocide. Michael G. sends the Timely Visual Aid.

Then comes, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says Star Wars doesn't need male fans. That theory will be tested.

Which segues to, outright sedition and arguable treason from "mainstream" media.

Which segues to, it's not paranoia if Google really is partnering with SPLC to censor YouTube.

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get us.

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
  • In the place where France used to be, Michael G. sends, "France is prosecuting Marine Le Pen. She tried to wake the country to the danger it was in by tweeting pictures of ISIS executions. So they've charged her with 'distributing violent images'."
  • And does anyone really want to answer that question?

    In Lighter News

    I expect Kathleen Kennedy would be shocked and alarmed to learn of this.

    Here's a company to maybe buycott instead. Several Black Fridays ago, I got a factory 16" mid-length upper from them, for Precious, my first AR, and some other parts since for Rapunzel, my unfinished second build. Alas, the universe continues to poop on me and I haven't fired a live round in more than half a year....

    5370 Friday, 2 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Like that.


    Hey, what if the military doesn't obey the illegal and immoral orders to round up and murder their own families and friends? What if they figure out who the real enemy is?

    THEY ARE ALL SO F***ING IGNORANT or at least equally likely, deliberately lying to misinform everyone about everything.

    In support of which, the only "mainstream" journalist to give any credit to Codrea and Vanderboegh, or have any honesty and integrity in reporting on Eric Holder's acts of war against Mexico, is not paranoid if they really are out to get her.

    Do you know how guns work? Because, as they say, it will be on the test.

    RINO backstabbing, Chapter MMMMMCCCLXX.

    Hey remember how ending apartheid in South Africa would bring about a new era of peace, justice and equality? Okay, fine. The only people in the whole country who have any idea what they're doing will be either imprisoned, enslaved, murdered, or driven away, and then everyone else will starve to death just like every other place on the whole cursed continent....


    Is anyone else noticing that firearm channels on YouTube are playing slowly or freezing for no apparent reason? While other channels run normally? This one, for example, freezes a few seconds in, with the Firefox browser, but plays normally in Opera, while other content plays normally in both browsers. I've seen the same thing with a few other firearm videos.

    What if social media deliberately silencing reports of Muslim immigrants forming rape gangs is not a paranoid conspiracy theory?

    But that's not something we need to worry about... RIGHT?

    "Their ire is focused squarely on a group that wasn’t tipped off, wasn’t a first responder, and had no affiliation with the attacker. Namely, the National Rifle Association."

    Michael G. sends: "David Brooks figures out progressives don't want a negotiated settlement. He realizes that they want to defeat and destroy us. It really IS an existential struggle! But like Churchill's man who stumbles over the truth, he picks himself up and hurries off as if nothing ever happened. Just because you are in a fight for your life doesn't mean you should fight as if it is a fight for your life. Why, doing that would be self-marginalizing!"


    And what are you doing for the Cause? Are you even SENDING A F***ING EMAIL?

    Michael then sends: "Parkland killer only used 10 round magazines, and stopped shooting when his rifle jammed." Which reminded me: "When Kinkel's rifle ran out of ammunition and he began to reload, wounded student Jacob Ryker tackled him, assisted by several other students."

    And why did that not happen at Parkland? Has the rot spread so far since then? "They could have used a Stephen Willeford in Parkland." BECAUSE THE ONLY MEN THERE THAT DAY WERE THE TEENAGERS IN JROTC.

    Which segues to:

  • When I see cops, I see liars and crooks and cowards, all the way up and all the way down. What do you see?

    In Lighter News

    Schadenfreude o' the Day.

    Important and potentially precedent-setting self-defense action in Wyoming.

    Speaking of precedents, Michael G. sends a shifting of the wind: "Court round up from Volokh - the list includes two particularly good rulings:
    - Family calls police for help with mentally ill son, who they believe has a gun; Richland County, Ohio police shoot him dead in a bedroom. The officers say they heard a loud pop, so they fired; nothing that could have produced a gunshot-like sound is found near the body. Sixth Circuit: No qualified immunity.
    - Allegation: Without warning, Highland Park, Mich. SWAT teams blasts down door of family home with shotgun at 4 a.m., detains everyone, including seven-year-old girl, at gunpoint. No contraband or suspects found! Sixth Circuit: No qualified immunity; the family can sue."

    Aurora, part 76, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    5371 Saturday, 3 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends the concerted and deliberate effort to misinform: "Doesn't look like it was a Crisis Actor - apparently Hogg already felt that way, AND his family has connections with Democratic leadership. Whether he volunteered to be the face if they did the organizing, or they volunteered the organizing if he would be the face doesn't really matter. In the end it is more 'A Face In The Crowd' than 'Meet John Doe'."

    He then sends: "A letter to the editor in the Cedar Rapids Gazette opposing the arming of teachers managed to get everything wrong. I sent them this letter pointing out the lies, although I called them errors to increase the chance they would actually run it. We shall see:
    'Glenn Freeman in his letter "Arming teachers is not the solution" gets most of his information wrong. Arming willing teachers and staff is only one part among many in school safety proposals. They are intended to be a final barrier if everything else fails. Mass killers are frequently suicidal, but they still want to achieve the mass killing and become famous before they die. Increase the odds of their failing and you do increase deterrence. Outside of combat zones military bases usually keep weapons locked up and forbid privately owned weapons. The killers at Ft. Hood and the Navy Yard did indeed know they would be facing mostly unarmed people. If you only have a single guard you have introduced the chance of single point failure if that guard is unable or unwilling to do his job. Again, the goal is distributed defense in depth, so that when one part fails other parts take up the slack. And it seems odd to cite the failure of authorities to protect as an argument to rely only on the authorities to protect.'"

    Some people really would prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

    What happens when the "mainstream" entertainment industry alienates mainstream customers?

    Codrea has perspective on the NRA boycotts.

  • Michael G. sends, "Man wins lawsuit because cops framed him", but that's not Lighter News because "the cops haven't been charged and are still working."
  • I tell you again, nor am I the first: It's not "just a few bad apples". It's the whole cursed barrel.
  • "Police officers, however, are exempt" from the "laws" they enforce on all of us.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat and show every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Bits of sanity from Kentucky and West Virginia.

    Morals trump profit. Some people are not capable of imagining that.

    Michael Z. Williamson, an actual military veteran, goes on to ponder the rifle-versus-tanks-and-planes argument. Or as Jeff Cooper said long ago: “It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”

    Seen on Disqus: 'A fellow-professor friend and I realized we were probably both conservatives after one of us mentioned Piper, Pournelle, and Heinlein, and the other one said, "Wait, you read them too?" It was like a couple of gays coming out to each other in the 1950s or something.'

    Gaah, up past midnight working on the next part of Aurora. That's how it goes - sometimes the dam breaks and the keyboard is too slow and other times I can't stand to look at the files for half a year. Also, doing a little ex post facto polishing on yesterday's piece, so hit yer F5 key there. Aaaaand yeah, you can have part 77 too now. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    5372 Sunday, 4 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    "There is no compromise with someone who doesn’t want you to exist."


    Poison-pilling in Florida.

    Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A, Chapter MMMMMCCCLXXII.

    Think about the kind of tantrum-throwing children who don't want their own parents able to defend them.

    Which segues to:

  • The Parkland narrative is adding up about as well as Vegas.
  • What's the difference between one liar and thief in costume and another? And how are we supposed to tell? And why should we care?
  • Michael G. sends, "Chicago straw buyer gets probation, community service. As Glenn Reynolds says, if you're politically connected Gun Control is just a suggestion, not the law." But Brian Aitken, Shaneen Allen and Michael Strickland go to jail and Erik Scott and Jose Guerena get murdered?
  • And things like this get reelected?
  • And things like this walk free?
  • Because it's their system.

    In Lighter News

    Not every Republican is a spineless lying backstabbing RINO. But that's not the way to bet.

    5373 Monday, 5 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.

    Liberty Doll rounds up the Blood Libel o' the Last Few Decades.

    "A bunch of rapists, sex offenders, pedophiles, and domestic abusers want to support an anti-gun agenda." Think about that.

    Remember, peasant, we should be more like Europe!

    Michael G. wonders, "Will they start to claim they are acting in self defense when they attack you for the thoughts they imagine you are thinking?"

    Again with the rifles-vs.-tanks-and-planes thing.

    Two-facedness from Fairfax and the GOP(e) too.

    They really believe we're that ignorant.

    Well, are we?

    Evidently, some are.

  • The next time you see a cop....
  • Lemme get this straight- if you express concern about a lack of police protection at school, the police treat you like a threat? Maybe you're looking at the wrong end of the equation.
  • If the "laws" are racist, what about the people who enforce them?
  • What if they really were expecting it?

    In Lighter News

    Action on the Second Front in Louisiana and I still demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

    USS Lexington, CV-2, was the second-ever aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. She was lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea, which while a tactical defeat for us, was a strategic victory, being the first time Imperial Japanese expansion had been halted. Michael G. sends, her resting place has been found.

    5374 Tuesday, 6 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea observes the combined Fairfax and Trump backstabbing.

    Which has been going on for quite some time.

    Aaaaaand even more blood libel.

    Hey remember how in Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell wrote the party slogans, "War is peace", "Freedom is slavery", and "Ignorance is strength"?

    The entertainment industry is full of pedophiles, serial rapists, outright traitors, and racists too. But anyone who's been paying attention knew that....

    But they call us "racist".

    Meanwhile in the government-run schools in the economic death-spiral of Occupied California, rock-throwing, car-flipping anti-gun mob vividly demonstrates why the sane people keep buying more guns.

    (Though at this point, most of us should be buying more ammunition instead.)

    To which dot Michael G. connects, "Muslim teacher was training kids in UK to be terrorists. And he has been convicted, so we don't have to fart around saying 'allegedly'."

    But that's not something we need to worry about... RIGHT?

    He then sends a leading contender for the worst person. Though I saw another competitor last week.

    Which segues to:

  • Yyyyyeah it's not slander or hyperbole if they really do want a government monopoly on violence.
  • Because they really believe they're "helping" people.
  • And they really believe other people are responsible for their crimes.
  • Hey remember when Sarah Palin got laughed at for warning against death panels in government-run "health" "care"? And remember how the National Socialists actually historically did that very thing? That could never happen here... RIGHT?
  • The other day I noted how the Parkland narrative wasn't adding up, comparing it to the Vegas narrative. Michael G. now sends questions about the Orlando narrative.
  • In Tennessee, "...[A]n amendment - which the Republican caucus accepted - that provides that the officer 'may confiscate the ammunition from the handgun' even though the legislation makes clear that the officer cannot 'confiscate' the handgun itself." Because "All cops like to f*** with people."
  • Then in Florida, "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"OH. WAIT.
  • Then in Alabama, Michael G. sends, "It's a good thing that horrible Roy Moore wasn't elected senator. Then Alabama wouldn't have got constituent service like this. 'Service' in the sense of 'service a target'."
  • And I will compare any costumed thug with a government gun who ever enforced any such "law" to the biggest monsters in human history. May they all burn in hell.
  • Because when I see any cop, I see "Assaults, lying under oath, tampering with evidence, with witnesses... and getting away with it."
  • I also see damned cowards: A week or so ago I ranted about cops who obeyed orders to not do the one thing they're collecting our taxes to do, the thing hypocritically painted on the sides of their tax-funded cars. That's not an allegation anymore.
  • What agenda would you not enforce?
  • What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News

    Not everyone in the government schools is a brainwashed bigot stuffed full of other people's hate.

    Michael G. sends, "Prager U is winning. Even the left admits it. So how long until SPLC denounces them on Hate Watch, and the tech industry demonitizes and deplatforms them?" Well, that's what their lawsuit is about. Which segues to:

    Bigotry leads to schadenfreude. Hope he wins enough for a really nice AR15. Which segues to:

    Backlash. Yeah I get DVDs from the public library, eventually.

    I rarely buy books anymore, not least for storage concerns, but I'm looking forward to getting this one from the library in the next couple days, because the one it's a sequel to was quite good.

    Scienty-fictiony vat-grown meat to combat world hunger. Getting there. (Emerson F. Hannebuth could not be reached for comment.)

    In not-unrelated news, types of apple thought extinct are rediscovered. "These types of apple trees are obviously tough and have acclimated over the years." Which I have also pondered.

    5375 Wednesday, 7 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    More RINO backstabbing in Florida and on the national level.

    More delusional bigotry and persecution too.

    You ever notice how the people who can harangue you for hours about imaginary genders and acceptable pronouns are the same people who dismiss every correction we make to every staggeringly-ignorant reference they make to firearms?

    "Moral standards of conduct have been under siege in our country for over a half a century. Moral absolutes have been abandoned...."

    It's not paranoia if the governor of Connecticut and a political action committee in Florida and other brainwashed bigots really are calling me a terrorist.

    Among other slanders and libels. They hate us and want us to die.

    And they're ready to do the killing themselves: Michael G. sends, "The Stoneman Douglas kids again show that when the left says they want a conversation they mean they want to deliver a lecture and you should just shut up, listen, and follow orders." Aaaand then they start throwing rocks and flipping cars. But we're the ones who are "bloodthirsty" and "violent"?

    He then sends the Textbook Example of Psychological Projection o' the Day.

    Followed by, "A budding perfect fit for the MSM: In the print edition of the University of Iowa newspaper, the Daily Iowan, was a front page article headlined, 'A bill recently passed through the Iowa Senate looks to regulate how institutions handle free-speech.' (The online edition has a different headline but used that for the subhead.) Looks scary, doesn't it? Implies the Iowa state legislature is attempting to censor the universities and their students. But actually the bill is to stop the universities from censoring or punishing speech. It basically says, 'As government institutions the first amendment applies to you, too, bucko.' So I guess whoever wrote that headline, when they finally graduate from J school will rapidly climb the ranks of the MSM."

    "No one's talking about dictating what kind of food you can eat"WRONG. AGAIN.

    "No one's talking about dictating what kind of car you can drive"THAT TOO.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "Immigrants contributing to society and remaking it in their own image." Likewise, Sweden Refuses to Investigate 512 Acts of Muslim Religious Violence Against Christian Refugees.

    But that's not something we need to worry about... RIGHT?

    To which dot connect all that MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD which we are continually assured doesn't happen.

  • Just the other day I said the only MEN at Parkland were the teenagers in JROTC while the "trained professionals" HID AND WAITED WHILE PEOPLE DIED.
  • "...[C]learly irrational and ineffective bans...." butbutbut doooooo something and as always I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.
  • "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."
  • Never examine a "law" for the "good" it is intended to do, but for the evil it will do when deliberately expanded and misapplied.
  • Bears repeating: "...I will support a law that takes that right away."

    Hey... everybody... if you have guns already, stop buying more guns. Buy ammunition, use it, learn things from using it, and then buy more ammunition.

    In Lighter News

    Bigotry has consequences.

    Adding the National African-American Gun Association to my front and links pages.

    Michael G. sends, "Uprising in the low countries. Maybe Europe isn't doomed?"

    5376 Thursday, 8 March 2018:

    The World Sucks


    Project Gunwalker....

    What if the media really is lending their credibility to eco-terrorists?

    What if white genocide really is happening?

    "...[S]pewing nonsense to millions of people who know less than they do."

    "You don't have the moral high ground."

  • In the place where Australia used to be, “My taxes are supporting this guy who is trying to kick my front door in, and my taxes are paying for the cops to come to try and sort him out and my taxes are paying judges and magistrates who are letting them out.” "Protect" and "Serve" WHO?
  • Work within their system?
  • The system that actually literally facilitates mass murder and punishes anyone who tries to prevent it?
  • Any cop who tries to not be a DAMNED YELLOW COWARD is driven out and destroyed.
  • When I see a cop, any cop, I see a monster.

    In Lighter News

    Codrea ponders some SCOTUS action.

    5377 Friday, 9 March 2018:

    The World Sucks



    Think also about the kind of hate-filled bigots who are proud of being ignorant.

    Which segues to the o_O o' the day: What if the (former) editor of The New York Times really is carrying a voodoo doll in her purse? These superstitious cretins claim to be the arbiters of morality and justice?

    Shortly after typing which, Michael G. sends, "These are the moral and ethical superiors we should bow down to? The ones who should arbitrate who is permitted the means of armed self defense? No thank you!"

    To which dot connect even more blatant brainwashing from "mainstream" "entertainment".

    While the GOP and Fairfax remain indistinguishable from the enemy.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Government "health" "care"....

    But that's not something we need to worry about... RIGHT?

    California wants to secede? LET THEM. Navy'll keep an extraterritorial enclave at San Diego I guess, like Guantanamo and Okinawa and Diego Garcia.

  • Gun Control Success Stories!
  • Remember, peasant, work within their system.
  • "EQVAL JVSTICE VNDER LAW"? Do click through for Michael Z. Williamson's snark-fisking, and also see Codrea's take.
  • Bigots on one side, thugs on the other. Can't they both lose?
  • Not that there's anything wrong with denying service to wrong-door-kicking, puppy-shooting, kitten-stomping, toddler-flash-banging sociopaths who can't even tell one plant from another.
  • Hey remember how the National Socialist and Marxist Socialist regimes were both police states with total control over the media? That could never happen here... RIGHT?
  • Bears repeating: Any cop who tries to not be a damned yellow coward loses his job for trying to do his job. Think about that... and think about whether we should even have police.

    In Lighter News

    For all the Fairfax-bashing, I am a life member of NRA, and once in a while, the blind squirrel finds a nut.

    Michael G. sends, "Kansas campus carry has 6 month anniversary and still no blood in the streets. In fact crime is down 13% from last year and there have been no weapons violations." Think about the kind of people who want to put a stop to this.

    Which segues to:

    You now how some people say "I support the Second Amendment, but..."? Here's a different kind of but. And of course, I have my own views, in which I am not alone.

    Which segues to:

    The Founders intended a militia system rather than a large, federal, standing army. Police have become the standing army of de facto occupation the Founders warned against but that's not what I'm talking about now. Alan Keyes proposes bringing back a real militia system. I think I once said, in these pages, years ago, that half the stuff Alan Keyes says alarms me and the other half excites me.... Anyway I also recall, in that context, Keyes suggesting national service as a requirement for citizenship. Which is a thing Codrea has looked at before, as has the Prophet Heinlein and my own humble efforts.

    Which segues to:

    Finished Another Girl, Another Planet, not bad. Beginning Kupari's Sins of her Father, which starts as quickly and grabbingly as Correia or Ringo. I found Kupari's previous solo work, Her Brother's Keeper, to which this is a sequel, quite tasty.

    Which segues to:

    Aurora, part 78, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    5378 Saturday, 10 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. observes Orwellian doublethink on campus. Don't Go to College.

    More than a year ago I pondered the "refugee" crisis. But that's not something we need to worry about....

    A hundred years. A hundred million dead. But tell me again how real socialism has never been tried.

    A woman who advocates for better defense against school shootings is attacked by victims of a school shooting. Think about that.

    Which segues to:

  • "Training" requirements more extensive, expensive and demanding than that given to the "professional", "authorized" sniveling cowards who run and hide when children are being murdered.
  • Oh. Yeah. Only police can be trusted with guns.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat and show every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Holy crap, Constitutional Carry action in Occupied Colorado-of-all-places.

    5379 Sunday, 11 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends American race wars as seen by an immigrant: "The bias of many Americans against American values has blinded them from seeing the reasons we immigrants went through hell to come to this country. Many Americans believe that those who criticize the culture from which we escaped must be 'Islamophobic.' They seem not to understand why we never again want to see what we have gone through so much to escape from.... ...[I]t was under this white majority that millions of oppressed people -- of all colors and creeds -- from around the world were rescued from tyranny, Sharia law, slavery, discrimination, Islamism and a miserable existence under corrupt, war-torn and famine-stricken nations. Instead, many seem to want to bring all that here."

    Then, "Fired for having a carry permit? That's what a (former) Virginia social worker says. Be sure to read the comments, particularly the one with the Haliburton anecdote." And that's different from how white Democrat sheriffs in the KKK treated blacks - or how the National Socialists treated Jews - or how Muslims treat anyone who isn't - how exactly?

    And lest that be seen as hyperbole, it's not, when they really are openly calling for our extermination.

    Nor is it paranoia if the conspiracy is not a theory.

  • The next time you see a cop....
  • "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."
  • Immigrants Contributing to Society and police contributing to immigrants.

    In Lighter News

    A tiny little bright spot - or at least not as dark - among all the boycott bigotry.

    MidWestReader sends an unboxing report: "Possibly I shouldn't have, but I got one of the $349 Pietta revolvers at Cabela's yesterday. It is in .357.
    "I have not yet had a chance to shoot it, though I did get to put it into one of my set of lockable cases. It has a brass frame and matte bead-blasted blued finish, as well as a matte bead-blasted finish on the brass.
    "It's very tightly fitted, and getting the cylinder in and out requires some effort. It locks up very tightly and I can feel no cylinder play when the hammer is cocked. I didn't use my gauges to measure barrel-cylinder gap but it's very tight, just by eyeballing it, near the minimum end of specs--tight enough that if I shot blackpowder ammo in it the buildup might interfere with cylinder rotation pretty quickly.
    "It's also got a lot of sharp edges, especially at the sides of the triggerguard, and even the trigger. Nobody's going to be spinning it on an index finger, I don't think. It's also rather heavy to be slinging around that way. I wonder how they do it. I suppose with a lot of practice.
    "Speaking of the trigger, factory spec is three to three and a half pounds. I guesstimate this one as being closer to five pounds, with excessive creep, but maybe it'll break in.
    "I do not care for the sighting arrangement--a rear sight that is a tiny notch in a round-topped frame--but I knew this going in.
    "It does have a transfer bar safety, making it theoretically safe to carry with six instead of five.
    "I had heard that some of these Pietta clones had spotty QC, of which the worst problem was that sometimes there are burrs or machining marks left in the chambers after finish machining. After removing all traces of oil with a boresnake and solvent, they still looked smooth and appropriately polished, which is encouraging. Likewise the bore and crown look good. I think I may take it out to shoot it this afternoon.
    "As I may have said before, the traditional grip on these seems a bit small and a bit short for most adult male hands. Rather than crowding all of one's fingers onto it, which can result in getting one's middle finger knuckle rapped by the rear of the trigger guard, supposedly the proper way to hold it is with one's pinky curled rearwards under the bottom of the grip. We'll see."

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, First AR15 Build Edition!
    SMLE Fan, 2:16 PM haven't thought about colors yet, but I'd want some 90 yr old guy to look at it and say "Vait ein minute! I know zese colors!"
    Jeffersonian, 2:16 PM well there's always black-white-red
    SMLE Fan, 2:16 PM nope
    Jeffersonian, 2:16 PM those go back further
    Jeffersonian, 2:16 PM "MEIN KAISER!"
    SMLE Fan, 2:24 PM [sends PDF of reference book of historical WWII panzer colors and markings]
    Jeffersonian, 2:26 PM yup, start with FDE
    Jeffersonian, 2:26 PM iron sight and scope adjustment knobs shaped like road wheels
    Jeffersonian, 2:26 PM rail system embellished like tracks (small internal cutaways without affecting exterior dimensions)
    SMLE Fan, 2:28 PM "Girls und AR"
    Jeffersonian, 2:28 PM we already did the whole Girls und Gewehren episode
    Jeffersonian, 2:28 PM doing StuG theme would be even more appropriate, that being Erwin's ride
    Jeffersonian, 2:28 PM with multiple entendre in the name
    SMLE Fan, 2:30 PM thought of that
    Jeffersonian, 2:30 PM pick an actual historical StuG to copy hull number and unit markings from
    SMLE Fan, 2:30 PM I could just go with Ooarai and Hippo Team
    Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM naturlich
    Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM need to shop for gray parts
    Jeffersonian, 2:31 PM or cheat and use black
    SMLE Fan, 2:32 PM TFBlog Headline: New Rifle Attracts Otaku
    Jeffersonian, 2:32 PM anime - online gaming - gunternet
    SMLE Fan, 2:33 PM "When lined up the sights you have, and pressed the trigger properly, hit the target you shall!"

    5380 Monday, 12 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    It's not "Islamophobia" if they really are destroying the place where Britain used to be.

    But that's not something we need to worry about... RIGHT?

    To which dot connect massive vote fraud.

    Michael G. observes, "The children's crusade invited to Harvard, surprising precisely no one. The lack of quality of thought is the same, and we know that Harvard has been a place for enforcing dogma for a long time."

    To which dot connect, it's not paranoia if the conspiracy is not a theory.

    Which segues to, right now I'm feeling a couple big rusty knives in my back, one from Trump and the other from the NRA. But still, Michael G. sends, "Dehumanizing Trump, and us. And yet somehow Trump is literally Hitler and we are Nazis and Fascists."

    While actual convicted child-rapists portray themselves as the "resistance".

    And the government schools are going full Goebbels.

    And that's not Godwin if they really are wearing the damn armbands.

    Hey remember when separate water fountains and lunch counters were a bad thing?

    I recall a stink, a Superbowl or three ago, when Daniel Defense, a maker of AR-pattern firearms, was denied airtime for their Superbowl commercial. Looking them over at the time, I saw them marketing toward the door-kicking puppy-shooters who would obey orders to steal their own products from their other customers, and didn't get too excited about the case. Comes now, Daniel Defense are in fact authoritarian Quislings.

  • Michael G. sends, "Judge to LVPD: No, you can't charge huge fee to release information" on the Vegas massacre. "Especially since I already told you to release the information. But I notice that despite the orders, the information still hasn't been released."
  • And what if that is not a paranoid conspiracy theory either?
  • "...Peterson warned his fellow officers to stay away — even as wounded students and staff lay inside."

    In Lighter News

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using their personal firearms to actually stop crimes in progress is a fantasy that never happens. ...We're supposed to leave it to the trained professionals who spend hours hiding and waiting while their taxpaying employers are murdered? The same trained professionals who rob us at government gunpoint for trying to get to work on time? The same trained professionals who beat their wives and rape children and raid wrong addresses and murder the people who call them for help? Why do we even have police?

    Years ago I wrote, “This is a Pappenham Plinkster,” Solomon explained as he uncased the weapon. “It uses electromagnets to accelerate a 5mm cermet pellet.” Energy-storage had improved vastly since the Escape; the Casetti M437 plasma pistol Danner and much of the crew usually wore carried 27 standard charges of 1.3 kilojoules each. The New Texas Arms MkLX rifle, Marine Corps issue, carried fifty charges of 6.4kJ in the standard configuration; the Delta variant took power from the Mobile Infantry's armor. Michael G. sends, working on it.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, Pet Care Edition!
    Jeffersonian, 6:51 PM supermarket has flea goop, 3pk for $5
    Jeffersonian, 6:51 PM as opposed to five times that for the stuff that actually works
    Jeffersonian, 6:51 PM which, of course, this doesn't
    Jeffersonian, 6:51 PM I think I can hear the fleas laughing
    SMLE Fan, 6:55 PM you prolly just got them good and high
    Jeffersonian, 6:56 PM "Oh, wow. Good nyborg."

    5381 Tuesday, 13 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    I SAID

    What are you doing for the Cause?

    Backstabbing has consequences. I never was much interested in Daniel Defense products and now I never will be, no matter what apologies they make. In this game, it's one strike and out. (Some folks are still ticked at Smith & Wesson after twenty-odd years.)

    Seems like some backstabbers never pay, though.

    Hey remember that missile scare in Hawaii? They don't want you to.

    "...[A] significant number of gun control advocates will reveal they lack even a basic understanding of the items they wish to regulate."

    Which. Segues. To:

  • What if the conspiracy really is neither paranoid nor theory?
  • Again we see police ignoring violent criminals and harrassing peaceable gun owners. Because that's what police are for.
  • To which dot connect just the other day Paul Joseph Watson observed the same kind of thing in the place where Britain used to be and now Michael G. sends even more Kafka-esque inversion. Criminals are protected and their victims are punished and cowards think they're heroes.
  • And remember, peasant, ONLY POLICE CAN BE TRUSTED WITH GUNS.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "Great Harriman's ghost! Start-up tricks launch service into putting four micro-sats in orbit that don't have FCC approval. Since their business plan revolves around using the 'Internet Of Things', I am skeptical. But I sure cheer their drive to try, and not letting government functionaries stop them!"

    Then, in reference to the common leftist genocide-fantasy of using military force and weapons of mass destruction against the peasants whose taxes keep them alive: "Army Air Force Exchanges to restock standard capacity magazines. Says that pulling them March 2 was the result of a long planned business decision and the timing was purely coincidental (yeah, right), but protests by their service member customers has caused them to change their minds. Another data point that the progs won't be able to count on the military to use against the rest of us?"

    5382 Wednesday, 14 March 2018:

    The World Sucks


    "...[T]hey were basically waiting for children to die so that they could swoop in and blame everyone they dislike, instead of the actual shooter."

    Hey remember how the National Socialists brainwashed children to support their totalitarian agenda?
    That could never happen here...

    Hey remember how the National Socialists burned books they considered "degenerate"? That could never happen here...

    To which dot Michael G. connects, "More EU censorship: Violating your rights in exchange for safety. BTW we will do nothing to make you safer, quite the contrary, actually."

    The place where California used to be....
    ...And a comparable economic death-spiral in New Jersey.

  • More armed government police in government schools? Because only police can be trusted with guns?
  • Butbutbut the sherrrrriffs will saaaaave us!
  • Michael G. sends another FL teen murderer the FBI knew and did nothing about.
  • Then, "Thanks to 2nd Circuit, terrorists benefit from 'fundamental fairness'."
  • Which segues to unstable freaks in black robes.
  • Which segues to "They’re going to make them all cops regardless of the fact that they cannot pass basic competency tests.".

    In Lighter News

    Years ago, probably from Jerry Pournelle's blog, I learned of an accidental death in the NA($)A Space Shuttle program, in which one of the support crew died when entering a compartment flooded with nitrogen gas. Dr. Pournelle suggested nitrogen as a humane method of execution for capital crimes. I took that idea and used it. Comes now, getting there.

    A while back I wrote, Danner turned to Alice. "Dropping a prefab for him to live in, in an empty piece of your land, would be pocket-change to us." By pre-Escape standards, the whole Family were millionaires. Prize money from a half-dozen nations, for the pirates they'd fought, had fattened their accounts for years. The gold they'd received from Queen Agnieszka, torn from the palace decorations, for their part in the Illyrian Civil War, was still in the vault Daisuke had made in the ship's missile magazine. "Aurora's 'bots can have it up in two hours." Michael G. sends FABBERS, CHANGING the WORLD.

    5383 Thursday, 15 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    A while back I wrote about the consequences of unrestricted immigration. Michael G. sends, "Poland had good reason to deny refugees entrance, but EU had the same information and not only let them in anyway, they tried to force Poland to let them in as well."

    To which dot connect, "We'll Have to Confiscate Guns To Reach Those Low 'European Levels Of Violence'." Not for the first time I observe the insane hate the sane for not being insane. And-remember-peasant-nobody-wants-to-take-your-guns.

    "...[S]hameless lies.... Millions in out of state money.... ...Bloomberg stooge Sheriff Mike Reese.... ...[O]ur opponents have billionaires in their pockets."

    That's in this horrible place. Meanwhile in Virginia, Philip van Cleave puts his hide where his mouth is. What have you done for the Cause?

    So there were all those students stamping their feet and holding their breath and demanding not-even-they-knew-what and oh by the way rioting and looting and again I ask whether you would trust your life to a bridge designed and built by these "future leaders of the nation". The rot in the government schools and the colleges has been spreading long enough that I feel justified in blaming this incident on that trend.

    And the blood libel keeps piling up.

    As do the knives in our backs.

    Which segues to:

  • Michael G. sends SWATting hoax at Northwestern University. Just a harmless prank... RIGHT? And the trained professionals still have "qualified immunity".
  • He then asks, "If the Left think background checks are so important, why do they keep living felons off the list? I would've said f*** NICS rather than fix NICS, but it looks like the Obama administration beat me to it."
  • Remember, peasant, work within their system.

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan contemplates the future of home computing. I've been using Linux Mint for a few years now. It looks and feels a lot like Windows XP, without spying on you or barfing its registry all over your Stuff. Linux is looking better all the time. -Also I'm still using Ubuntu on a laptop donated by a reader years ago, and still getting a lot of use out of that. The last several episodes of Aurora have been largely written at lunch breaks at work on that laptop.

    5384 Friday, 16 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea observes another reason why Star Wars is ruined now, along with the rest of show business. In Skype, blogbrother SMLE Fan observes, "Let's face it: Hollywood is crammed full of necrophiliacs who can't stand the smell, so they take others' work to desecrate."

    Orwell was writing warnings, not scripts.


    "Disarming willing and qualified teachers and other school staff is stupid."

    "Two students at Lacey Township High-school, NJ were suspended for posting a picture of themselves reading books at a private bookstore with the caption 'fun day at the bookstore'OH. WAIT.

    Michael G. additionally sends, "Students are free to express an opinion, as long as it is the correct opinion. Expressing incorrect opinions is forbidden. And anything not forbidden is mandatory."

    In place where Britain used to be, he then observes, "You can avoid jail for running an anti-Islamic website in the UK... if you are Islamic yourself and put it up in revenge for being fired as treasurer of your mosque." "There is so much fake anti-Muslim hate crime that it is hard to believe there is any actual anti-Muslim hate crime at all." Which those of us who've been paying attention have already figured out.

    Then on campus here, "Hate speech should not be covered under the First Amendment." Funny they should put it quite that way and then they say “[S]hut up, I’m going to chop his head off.”

    Nor is it just the students being punished for unapproved opinions: Teacher Placed on Leave for Asking if a Pro-Life Walkout Would Be Allowed.

    These are the people who don't want us able to defend ourselves....
    ...From their own delusional screaming violent spawn.

    Tell me again how "nobody is getting fired over their politics".

    Toxic feminism. In multiple meanings.

    No longer regretting never having served in the military, Chapter MMMMMCCCLXXXIV.

    "...[I]t seems the further colonialism recedes into the past, the more desperate Africa's situation becomes." And how does that make me "racist"?

    Aaaaaand Sweden.
    Aaaaaand Germany.
    Aaaaaand Norway.
    But that's not something we need to worry about...

  • The Vegas massacre is still not adding up. It's like somebody is hiding something.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Because they have all that training.

    In Lighter News

    Continuing Kupari's Sins of her Father, quite good. Meanwhile, for years I've been enjoying David Drake's Leary/Mundy/RCN series and already have the next volume, Though Hell Should Bar the Way, in my library hold queue. While waiting, here's some free supplemental material. There's probably more than a little Woetjans in my own Holly Cates.

    5385 Saturday, 17 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Michael Z. Williamson continues fisking the enemy. It is impossible to make peace with an opponent who is not negotiating in good faith.

    To which dot connect, "So, you’re admitting that walls work — and you really want illegals to pour across the border."

    Aaaaaaand Germany again.

    We're not the ones being "sexist" or "racist" if they really are so concerned with meeting gender and ethnic quotas that they're building substandard crap that falls down and kills people. -I bet this same murderer, whose actions have actually caused the deaths of innocent human beings, thinks I have blood on my hands for being a member of the NRA.

    How low would the government schools go? Michael G. sends the answer.

    Which segues to:

  • In the place where Britain used to be, they don't even know what they're supposed to be afraid of. (Timely Visual Aid.)
  • On the other end of the equation, they're real brave when confronting unarmed peasants with sore feet.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat and show every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Many years ago I wrote "Over the din of battle Vetter could hear the high-speed pumps spin up, preparing to pour liquid hydrogen into Aldrin's air-breathing chemical engines" and that is being worked on. More competitors.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show, Deliberately Offensive Edition!
    Jeffersonian, 3:35 PM [sends link to politically incorrect cartoon]
    SMLE Fan, 3:36 PM saw dat, and after I finished laughing, I wished it weren't true
    SMLE Fan, 3:36pm then it occurs to me that the best way to get the sno lepperds past Customs is to train them to wear turbans
    Jeffersonian, 3:37 PM or burkhas

    5386 Sunday, 18 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Boycott-fatigue.... We're running out of places to shop.

    But that's okay because it will all come crashing down.

    Don't Go to College, Where Due Process Goes to Dietm, Chapter MMMMMCCCLXXXVI.

    Hey remember how the National Socialists blamed everything on an "international Jewish conspiracy"? That could never happen again...

    Immigrants Contributing to Society...
    ...in their Sanctuary City utopia.

    Michael G. sends, "Progressives stopping progress: In California, a community college rocket club is not allowed to travel ON THEIR OWN DIME to a rocket competition in Alabama because Alabama won't force religious adoption agencies to violate their religious beliefs in favor of the LGBTalphabetsoup community."


    Which segues to:

  • Michael then sends, "Broward county schools didn't just stop sending violent students to jail. They brought violent criminals from jail and put them into school. After all, what is a threat to other peoples children compared to a chance to virtue signal? Sarah Hoyt's article about getting out of and shutting down the public schools is even more timely than I thought."
  • Moving the goalposts again.... When the "law" keeps changing how can anyone abide by it?
  • What "law" would you not enforce?

    In Lighter News

    5387 Monday, 19 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.

    Fairfax backstabbing....

    Immigrants Contributing to Society....

    Forcing their willfully-ignorant delusions down our throats at the point of a government gun....

    Michael G. sends, "And the truth shall set you free. Less sure if the truth will be set free. A scholar's thorough debunking of an alleged Israeli atrocity in their war of independence can't get an English language publisher because it undercuts the Palestinian narrative. The narrative is more important to US universities than whether it is true or not."

    Which segues to:

    It's not paranoia if "mainstream" media really is getting their talking points from terrorists.

    It's not paranoia if the government schools really are inciting violence against innocent human beings.

    It's not paranoia if the conspiracy is not a theory.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get us.

    Which segues to:

  • Yes, they really are confiscating guns in Australia and yes, the enemy really does want that same policy here.
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • Remember, peasant, you'll have your day in their court.
  • Remember, peasant, work within their system.
  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from drunk drivers.
  • Remember, peasant, if you have nothing to hide....
  • The kitten-stomping baby-burning sociopaths of BATFE keep moving the goalposts.
  • What if they pass a law and you enforce it and we say "NO"?

    One of the most terrifying things to consider in this modern world is that police still believe they're the good guys.

    In Lighter News

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using AR15s to stop crimes and defend themselves and others is a fantasy that never happens.

    Not unrelated, an increment in Wyoming.

    5388 Tuesday, 20 March 2018:

    The World Sucks


    Codrea observes ongoing blood libel.

    Dick's Sporting Goods stabs its customers in the back (again), is perplexed by dropping sales figures and stock prices. What did they think would happen?

    More people are noticing the Fairfax backstabbing too.

    And yeah, YouTube really is censoring firearms content. The policy as described directly affects much of my content. Fortunately I still have uploadable files of nearly all of those examples, should other outlets arise.

    Enemy action in Florida.

    ZIMBABWE! And there have been people, just one administration ago, suggesting the same thing here.

    Not unrelated, BURN THE COLLEGES

    F*** Europe. Three times if you count the Cold War we saved their ignorant old-world hides and they keep stuffing themselves into the woodchipper.

    Michael G. sends, "University newspaper defends gun owners from charges of election violations. You would almost think it was Opposites Day when she makes the points that it is gun owners' numbers and commitment that give them political power, and that they do not 'buy the vote' of any politician." But this is not Lighter News because "reality reasserts itself in the comments as they ignore her points, repeat the slanders she just disproved, and pile on her."

    No, really, this is how the National Socialists treated the Jews. (And that's not Godwin if they really are wearing the damn armbands.)

    Response to an oathbreaker. We're running out of chances to NOT start shooting.

    This one will get swept under the rug because it ended the way we said it should.

    The other day I observed, "We're not the ones being "sexist" or "racist" if they really are so concerned with meeting gender and ethnic quotas that they're building substandard crap that falls down and kills people." Michael G. sends, I'm not alone in that observation. "Because, to the left, that’s all that matters. Not the quality of the work, but the gender and color of the workers."

    And then this happens.

    Nor is it "racist" if they really do act like that.

    Nor if they really are that dumb.

    Which segues to:

  • Michael G. sends, Mohamed Noor, who responded to Justine Damond's call for police assistance by shooting and killing her, has finally been charged with murder and manslaughter. "Now to see how the trial goes." Yeah, well, "For reasons that remain unexplained, police officers declined to cooperate voluntarily with the investigation."
  • Armed highway robbery in costume.
  • Remember, peasant, society needs the justice system to protect us from drunk drivers.
  • "Strange’s career as a city police officer between 2006 and 2011 led to three lawsuits that cost city taxpayers nearly $80,000."
  • But they think they're "heroes".
  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"OH. WAIT.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "USAF having trouble stabilizing airborne lasers. That's bad, but as Intapundit points out, it means we HAVE airborne lasers, which is good." Maybe hack and/or scale up the stabilzation circuit from a home video camera? Or is there not enough opportunity for pork and graft in that plan?

    A privateering system, essentially a decentralized naval reserve/militia, is central to my fictional future history and especially my ongoing serial webnovel-type-thing. It's also central to Mike Kupari's own series, the second of which I'm halfway through now. It is by no means a new idea.

    5389 Wednesday, 21 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Michael G. sends, "When Left policies fail, the fault is always a neighbor who doesn't follow them. We've seen that in gun rights, with infringing states blaming their violence on their non-infringing (and peaceful) neighbors. Now we can see that in immigration, where Canada has a problem with illegal immigration and it is all the fault of Trump for taking steps to control illegal immigration in the US. This is particularly laughable when you consider how little has been actually accomplished here in the US."

    Meanwhile in the government brainwashing factories, "Armed teachers opposed because it would end de-normalization of guns. This tweet makes a very good point. Instapundit posted the link."

    Can't quite call this Lighter News because in a sane society it wouldn't be necessary: Toll Free Hot-Line Announced for Students to Report Anti-Gun Bullying at Schools. Also, Tea Party organizes resistance.

    Yeah. Like that.

    Which segues to, my YouTube channel getting blocked or deleted in 3, 2, 1....

    Likewise, I don't use Facebook, but if I did....

    These are the insane, hate-filled imbeciles calling for the extermination of millions of innocent human beings

  • Changing the rules in Florida, and Occupied Connecticut. What "law" would you not enforce?
  • And right here in this horrible place too. If this blog suddenly stops updating, it's because I was murdered by an unquestioning government thug while resisting theft and kidnapping.
  • Because they're all such community heroes.

    In Lighter News

    An awakening in Brazil.

    Important self-defense precedent in Missouri which has Constitutional Carry by the way.

    Whaddayaknow, a cop who didn't run and hide. Swept under the narrative rug in 3, 2, 1....

    Trump has shoved a big rusty knife in the backs of the gunowners who voted against Hillary, but the swamp is being drained. A little. Sometimes.

    5390 Thursday, 22 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Deep state. Not paranoia.

    Brainwashing children. Not hyperbole.

    Felonious assault in the name of "stopping" "violence". Also not paranoia.

    Agenda-driven slander and lies. Not hyperbole either.

    Methodically disarming the targets of demographic warfare. STILL NOT PARANOIA.


    Are we ignorant too? Trump is shoving a knife in our backs with bump stock bans and age restrictions and "doing the due process after", but NRA put the knife in his hand.

    And they've been handing them out wholesale for a long time.


    Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A and their giant tax-eating rocket-to-nowhere too.

    Can't tell the difference between satire and curriculum anymore.

    Which segues to:

    Michael G. sends, "How DARE you espouse Catholic doctrine at a Catholic college! Amazing how fast 'we just want the same rights as everybody else' became 'Bow down before us, peasant scum!'"

    Which segues to:

    "This is without question an attack on free speech."

    Which segues to:

  • Subway bombings, acid attacks, ramming attacks, rape gangs, public beheadings, but this is what police spend their resources on.
  • Restriction after regulation after ban, harrassing peaceable citizens, kidnapping and robbing them at the point of a government gun, but this is how they treat actual threats to public safety.
  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THEIR SYSTEM.
  • "...[T]respassing, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, brandishing a firearm, entry without a warrant, and second degree murder."

    Which segues to:

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "A call to end the doctrine of qualified immunity. Since a Supreme Court just made it up out of nothing, a Supreme Court can get rid of it."

    Important progress in Iowa.

    YouTube workaround, hmm. The Opera browser chokes on it but it often does, which is why I also use Firefox, particularly when I want to capture videos, with a plugin, for collection or viewing-at-leisure.

    In my fictional future history I make references to handheld directed-energy weapons such as "plasma pistols". Not wanting to write myself into a corner, I'm deliberately vague about how they work. But they are being worked on, with spinoffs I hadn't imagined.

    5391 Friday, 23 March 2018:

    The World Sucks


    A while back I asked whose side the NRA is really on. I am by no means the first.

    You ever notice how the people complaining about "right wing censorship" are the same people engagining in left-wing censorship?

    Screaming, violent, foul-mouthed moron children throw tantrums demanding a totalitarian police state, express displeasure at getting exactly what they asked for.

    They are all so f***ing ignorant....

    Immigrants Contributing to Society....

    I remember the Clinton regime and the first "assault" "weapons" "ban" and the whole national mood at that time. This is worse, and it's getting worse all the time, in every way.

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, everywhere but here. This is a thing I have spent some time thinking about.

    Michael G. sends, "Government in the dentist's office. If they are using the power of government to compel people to be customers, is there any chance that they will refuse government requests to spy on and propagandize those customers?" See further examples and details in comments. To which I have also given thought. What's next, midnight SWAT raids for dental-hygiene inspections?

  • Because there are sadistic sociopaths in government costumes
  • who enjoy and look forward to that kind of thing
  • and there have been since the invention of police.
  • To which dot Michael G. connects, "Not even Jack Dunphy can justify the murder of Justine Damond. Jack Dunphy is the pseudonym of a cop and cop sucker who up to now hasn't found a police use of force story he couldn't justify. But now his perfect record is broken, thanks to Noor."
  • Not for the first time I observe, in the place where Australia used to be, criminals are protected and their victims are punished.
  • Because it's their system.
  • And we're supposed to work within it.
  • Who do you call when you're being kidnapped at government gunpoint for other people's lies?
  • The Vegas massacre is still not adding up and WHAT'S THE FBI'S MOTTO

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in battleground Florida, April 7th.


    I don't normally go for fantasy, preferring science fiction and harder at that, but when Larry Correia writes it, it's worth the read. Also I suspect that, like Ringo's Council Wars and McCaffrey's Pern, in accordance with Clarke's (Third) Law, it may end up being SF underneath after all.

    Sooo, my YouTube channel could be arbitrarily destroyed at any moment. I already have an account set up at Full30, but I wondered why I couldn't find a way to upload. Answer in comments here.

    5392 Saturday, 24 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    KNIVES IN OUR BACKS and the commies will have a cakewalk in the midterms like there's a damn difference anymore.

    It's not paranoia.

    They really are out to get us.

    In support of which Michael G. sends, "The Ivies continue to demonstrate that they have negative value. Harvard's administration is encouraging students to go all STASI on their instructors. On the bright side, considering where Harvard instructors fall on the political spectrum there aren't enough conservatives and libertarians for them to go STASI on. The left will be eating it's own with amazing speed. Meanwhile Brown says it will offer a tuition free masters degree program to illegal aliens if DACA is repealed. Pure virtue signaling, since an illegal may not have to go into lifetime debt servitude to get a post grad degree in 'Intersectionality Studies' but it will still be worth nothing." And they'll still be living off our taxes through massive welfare fraud anyway.

  • "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed"OH. WAIT.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat and show every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    Private citizens using personal firearms to stop criminals and protect the innocent is a fantasy that never happens.

    Years ago I wrote "Our medical technology can repair almost any injury, cure almost any disease...." Working on it, if the damned ignorant bureaucrats will get out of the way.

    Which segues to:

    Aurora, part 79, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal button at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    5393 Sunday, 25 March 2018:

    The World Sucks


    What are you screaming soap-eating brats complaining about now?
    This nanny-police-state totalitarianism is exactly what you asked for.

    Prohibition will always fail. But the screaming brats insist on forcing it on everyone else at the point of a government gun.

    Likewise, "Can't stop the signal," but that doesn't stop the bigots from trying real hard. Sigh, I was in the process of duplicating my core content on Vid.me just a few moons before it shut down.

    Immigrants Contributing to Society....


    Which Michael G. seques to: "Ask the experts about MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD. When you ask the fox about guarding the hen house, if you go in KNOWING that you are asking a fox about guarding the hen house you can surprise the fox and get results."

    Then the Blood Libel o' the Day: "Buzzfeed smears defensive gun use. Does an article about every negligent use they can find, all 47 of them, even though by their own count justified homicides happen over six times as often. Typical gun controller, hype the bad while ignoring the far more common good."

    Environmentalists won't be happy until everyone but them is freezing to death in the dark, Chapter MMMMMCCCXCIII.


    In Lighter News

    I am pleased to see more people waking up to the proven fact that police are not the good guys.

    Michael G. observes, "Today would be the 104th birthday of Norman Borlaug. Talk about a man who really made a difference! And of course there is no Google doodle celebrating HIS life."

    5394 Monday, 26 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and
    went back to work.



    Think about the kind of people
    who don't want you
    able to defend yourself

    It's not paranoia if you really can lose your job for pointing out hypocrisy.

    Which Michael G. segues to, "Holocaust survivor murdered in Paris. At least the Nazis had to fight part of the way into France! As feckless as the French government of the time was, it wasn't so feckless as to invite them in, provide them with welfare checks and let them start harassing and attacking the population."

  • "Trained professionals"
  • It's been said that in a democracy, 51% can vote to eat the other 49%. Or, make felons out of thousands of law abiding Oregonians.
  • What "law" would you not enforce?

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry advances in Michigan, and I too have just now reserved channel name Jeffersonian at Full30.

    5395 Tuesday, 27 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Still not "racist" if it's still true....

    And Their Way is still not working.

    While the immigrants keep contributing to society. "Despoiling ourselves to become a Third World country won’t help the poor of the world."

    Michael G. sends, "5) everybody knows that schools are sociopathic, outdated, Industrial Revolution–era warehouses, but the media Left hasn’t figured out how to say this out of fear of the powerful teachers’ unions, so this provides a back door into a great untold story." Which segues to:

    It's not paranoia if they really are brainwashing children
    to hate Certain Kinds of People.
    It's not paranoia if the conspiracy is not a theory.
    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get me.

    One of my favorite authors, Michael Z. Williamson, expresses comparable sentiments.

    The rot is spreading through everything, everywhere. What happens when the entertainment industry alienates all their paying customers?

  • Gun Control Success Stories!
  • How can "enforcing the existing gun laws" be a good thing if the "laws" are wrong to begin with?
  • They knew. For years. And did nothing. AGAIN.
  • "You and I don’t have enough ammunition. Not even nearly."

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends, "A university that deserves not being burned: Liberty University announces the opening of their new student gun range."

    As YouTube's electronic book-burning approaches, it looks like market forces might work after all.

    5396 Wednesday, 28 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    It's not paranoia if they really are calling for bloody civil war.

    And lest that be seen as hyperbole, it bears repitition that gun control is and has always been racist.

    Really, I'll say it again, think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.

    Opposing immigration isn't racist if 'At Brooklands College in July 2017, Ahmed Hassan was awarded a prize as "student of the year". He used the £20 Amazon voucher he received to purchase the first of the ingredients he needed to build his bomb.'

    Real Socialism! Never Been Tried!

    Remember those times I've asked if you would trust your life to a bridge, or an airplane, or a piece of medical equipment, designed and built by the screaming brats coming out of the government-run schools and leftist-dominated colleges? Looks like the Navy is going to be asking that question too. So, if one of the electromagnetic catapults fails, it takes the other three with it? No independent power? No redundancy? What in the actual aerial f***? It's a warship. It's supposed to be able to take damage and remain in operation. These sailors' grandfathers must be weeping in shame.... (And yes, click through for the Arthur C. Clarke story, which I have read a couple times before. Clarke did his part in our grandfathers' war and he damn sure wouldn't've spat out such a shamefully flawed design as this.)

    Michael G. sends, "Kill the UN Arms Treaty: "That is why killing the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is precisely the low-hanging fruit Republicans need to score a quick and much needed victory with conservatives" AFTER STABBING US IN THE BACK WITH A BUMP STOCK BAN AND AGE RESTRICTIONS AND A BIG FAT TAXTHEFTSPENDING BILL. "And, just as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell prefers it, doing so would require virtually no effort on his part."

    Paul Joseph Watson, Professional Thought Criminaltm, has hopes for a midterm backlash. Maybe so. Maybe we get the knives in the back and the belly. Maybe the left's genocide-fantasies of burning cities will finally come true.

  • Don't worry, peasant, you can still have some guns, as long as you leave them locked in a government vault and beg the bureaucrats for permission to use them. What could possibly go wrong?
  • How about assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, kidnapping, and being charged with the crimes that were committed AGAINST you?

    In Lighter News

    5397 Thursday, 29 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    "The only purpose for which power can rightfully be exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.... Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign." - John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), English philosopher and economist, On Liberty (1859). Likewise, "The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he may not, he is not a free man any more than a dog." - Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936), British essayist, critic, poet, and novelist, broadcast talk, June 11, 1935. The obvious applications of this philosophy are drugs, alcohol, and all manner of victimless malum prohibitum "crimes"; but also, the point of the abortion debate is whether the mother's actions constitute harm to others. This is a topic I pondered many years ago, long before the Planned Parenthood baby body parts for sale - fresh scandal came out. -Not related to anything, the quote was in my Inbox and it turned my gears is all. And gave me an excuse to plug my fictional future history (which-if-you-find-entertaining-please-consider-a-charitable-donation-through-the-PayPal-button-at-the-top-or-bottom-of-most-pages-on-this-site-thank-you).

    Okay well that does kind of segue to, lèse-majesté "is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state." Most places either got it off the books or quit enforcing it a century or two ago but Michael G. observes, "Laura Ingraham guilty of lèse-majesté: She tweeted out something that was factual but mildly embarrassing about David Hogg and therefore must be punished."

    Because, "It's like these people just wake up and race and gender and social commentary is the only thing they think about." I never was much of a gamer, but I did play, to completion, repeatedly, the original FarCry, and FarCry2. I never got a chance at the later ones before I abandoned the Gatesian horrors of Windows for the vastly greater stability of Linux. I'm pretty sure that, at the time of initial reports of FarCry5, I made some comments in these pages about how awful and biased it was expected to be. Well, according to this report, it's not, and as I wrote a while back, "Some, unhinged, seemed to be disappointed that their hate-filled fantasies of Lii and the Republic forcing their will on all of Oskran at the point of a kinetic weapon or energy beam were not coming true. Instead the Jeffersonians were evilly, treacherously, maliciously leaving them alone."

    "The end result is what, 22 dead in the last 3 weeks? And now we get to listen to David Hogg-wild march out and spew his rehearsed s***, programmed by the same people that caused this in the first place?"

    And then, Citibank Promotes ‘Former’ Violent Crack Dealer and ‘Gun Criminal’ while Imposing Restrictions on Law-Abiding. Because they claim the moral high ground?

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "Now this is just plain silly: California’s ridiculous Prop 65 label law (“This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer”) hits coffee. Because trace quantities of a substance called acrylamide are formed in the roasting process. This despite much evidence that coffee in moderation is actually good for you (i.e. may decrease cancer risks). But hey, don’t forget that liberals believe in science (except when it doesn’t fit the narrative)."

    Going well beyond silly, 'She said women Trump voters must have felt "inadequate" compared to someone as "educated" as Hillary Clinton and just couldn't have brought themselves to vote for someone superior to them.'

    "That's a weapons-grade bit of terminal cognitive dissonance right there."

    "Crazed girls flood Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz with fan mail."

    Immigrants, Contributing to Society....


  • "These people marching wish to turn [GOVERNMENT] guns against their neighbors and families because they own [NON-GOVERNMENT] guns?"
  • "Because no one should be able to stop rounds discharged from LEO weapons, so in order to make that illegal, a ban is promulgated to affect innocent, peaceful, law abiding citizens so that they can’t stop rounds either, not even from the same criminals that scare the cops. Because cops."
  • Vegas is still not adding up.
  • And it won't work anyway because Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.
  • "This belief in background checks is truly emotional and cult like."

    In Lighter News

    An increment in West Virginia, which also has Constitutional Carry.

    Just a few weeks ago I wrote "Aurora's hologram had been attractive enough, but in the flesh, artificial though it may be, she was... distracting. She even exuded a faint scent - not heavy perfume, but the sex-robot industry had developed artificial pheromones, and Aurora had researched her project thoroughly. Her new gynoid body smelled like a clean, healthy woman...." Ooooooooookay then.

    5398 Friday, 30 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    Fairfax backstabbing.... 'These are non-negotiable terms of surrender, dictated by a “pro-gun” president, a “pro-gun” attorney general, and enabled by our “gun rights leaders.”'

    Michael G. sends, "A slippery slope of statue removal? That's just paranoid! Just like they don't want to take all our guns, only the bad ones, they don't want to take all our history, only the bad parts."

    Aaaaaaaaaand free speech on campus. "Hecklers don’t have to go through with heckling. They just have to threaten to heckle to accomplish their censorious agenda, and/or convince the weakest link to drop out." Which we have seen before.

    In the goverment-run brainwashing factories, Michael G. sends, "A seventh grade class in Georgia was given a home work assignment of writing letters asking law makers for stricter gun control." And if one of the kids had told them to uphold their oaths to the Constitution instead, the kid would have been deemed a "threat", handcuffed and kidnapped by a government thug with a government gun, taken to a government prison, subjected to government psychological screening, and maybe forced to take government drugs.

    But that's just an isolated incident of bad judgement by a "rogue" employee... RIGHT?

    Hey! Yeah! Let's make sure nobody at government school can defend themselves from the government school's own employees! Maybe the government shouldn't be running the schools in the first place.

    Speaking of the government running things, remember when Sarah Palin got laughed at for predicting government-run "health" "care" would result in death panels? Michael G. sends, "Another UK hospital has decided they don't want to keep a sick kid alive, despite the parents' wishes, and they won't let the kid be transferred to another hospital. The courts have agreed with the hospital." FOR THE SECOND TIME WE KNOW OF.

    Which segues to:

  • Even the laaaaaw and orrrrrder conserrrrrvatives are beginning to see something deeply wrong with the "law" enforcement community. The invention of police two centuries ago was a terrible mistake.
  • "...ATF is about to retroactively make you a criminal if you own a bump stock."
  • But remember, peasant, you can tell your story to the judge.
  • And remember, peasant, work within...
  • Fake cop pulls over and shoots real cop. That almost belongs in Lighter News because these homicidal costumed sociopaths have been preying on the innocent for so long they damn well deserve the same treatment they've been dispensing.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.

    In Lighter News

    Damn, too many distractions and stresses, yesterday went by without my noting an important anniversary.

    A while back the late Dr. Jerry Pournelle observed that Joe McCarthy had, with his commie-hunting, done so much perceived harm to the anti-commie cause that some people wondered if he was really on their side. Years ago I discovered a short novel examining a similar proposition. And then this happens.

    And then this happens too. Psst- with all those community businesses and private citizens donating their own money, d'ja ever stop to think that maybe gun ownership is mainstream and opposition to it is not?

    Think about the kind of people who do want everyone able to defend themselves.

    Okay, so, I am a Star Wars fan, as long as we completely ignore everything set after Episode VI. Having finished Kupari's Sins of her Father, which was quite good, I'm starting the novel Ahsoka, which describes what became of Anakin Skywalker's one and only padawan, Ahsoka Tano, between the end of the Clone Wars and the beginning of the organized Rebellion.

    5399 Saturday, 31 March 2018:

    The World Sucks

    And then I sat down and
    filled out my taxes.

    Most people have no idea who the real enemy is.


  • "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

    In Lighter News

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    Hey remember that scene in Quigley Down Under where he was "sitting up in the rocks all morning just waiting for two idiots to line up in his sights"? How 'bout that.

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