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5035 Saturday, 1 April 2017:

The World Sucks

Parking cars in the rain
for minimum-wage-and-a-half.
Surrounded by lowbrows and illiterates and convicts and
I actually was caught up on the rent, for a couple days...
...aaaaand then there's all those other bills.
Foxtrot Mike Lima.

So it's April 1st and there's all that silly nonsensery all over the internets and the really frightening thing is, I don't think any of this was made-up.

Michael G. sends even more Veterans Affairs retaliation against whistleblowers.

Immigrants. Contributing to Society. It's not "racist" or "xenophobic" if they really are raping and murdering people.

Don't Go to College, where ideology outweighs reality. Would you trust your life to a bridge built by those students?

Remember, peasant, you're not paying "your" "fair" "share".

Tell me again how "real socialism has never been tried".

Not unrelated, blogbrother SMLE Fan observes conditions in the Far East.

  • Remember, peasant, police don't make obey the laws, they just enforce them. And who exactly would enforce that one? Against their "brothers in blue"?
  • "...[T]he bureaucrats working at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife... have paid no price for their attempts to harm a kindhearted and proactive citizen." And they wonder why some of us smile when we hear about another cop of any kind getting shot.

    In Lighter News

    err mah gerd lol

    5036 Sunday, 2 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends a followup to Sharia on campus. "It’s really distressing to know that this type of person is teaching at our colleges...."

    In Lighter News

    White male psychotic leftist bigot rejected by psychotic leftist bigots for being white male. Michael G. snarks, "As for marching for Science, they keep using that word. I don't think it means what they think it means."

    Culturally Insensitive

    Yeah the weekends are slow for blogfodder. But, Aurora, part 66, is finally online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal buttons on the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    5037 Monday, 3 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    From the place where Australia used to be, Michael G. sends the Cultural Terraforming o' the Day: Mother Expelled From ‘Multicultural Playgroup’ Because She’s White. But They Call Us "Racist".

    From the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as New York City, he sends, "Your right [to free speech] is now a privilege, granted to you by the very officials whose positions you may be attacking and whose priorities you may be frustrating." I remind you New York remained loyalist during our War of Independence. Kinda smells like they still are.

    Black people are explicitly banned from the meetingOH. WAIT.

    Immigrants. Contributing. To Society.

    Tennessee could use a figurative firehose applied to the statehouse.

    University Professor Says ‘Microaggressions’ Don’t Exist aaaaand loses his tenure, his students, and his job. Betcha. Don't Go to College.

  • Remember, peasant, you don't need a gun because police will always be there to protect you.
  • They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • Hey remember when police body cameras were going to restore trust and confidence in law enforcement?
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • "There was no warrant and no reason to suspect the apartment resident in Lake County, Florida, of a crime." BUT THEY MURDERED HIM ANYWAY AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. REMEMBER THIS THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE BLUE LIGHTS IN YOUR MIRROR OR HEAR A KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in South Carolina this week.

    Uppity in Berkeley-of-all-places.

    5038 Tuesday, 4 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Hey remember all those dystopian totalitarian books and films? That could never really happen....


    But tell me again how "real socialism has never been tried".

    Aaaaaand political censorship and crookery at YouTube.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines citizenship, with detailed discussion in comments as usual. I have my own method, based on the Prophet Heinlein's, which I think the Colonel might agree with.

    Hey... what if "Pizzagate" is not a paranoid conspiracy theory? I mean, seriously, Hillary is "married" to a serial rapist....

    The RINO backstabbing in South Dakota bears repeating....

    "As long as black people are permanent victims of relentless white racism, cops should not chase them, juries should not convict them, judges should not sentence them, schools should not punish them, and white victims should not complain about the black crime and violence so wildly out of proportion." There are college professors actually saying that out loud. "One group of 'African American people' [Georgetown Law professor and former federal prosecutor Paul] Butler will never see in a D.C. court are the black people who beat the white husband of an NPR executive into a bloody, broken mess on the D.C. Metro line.... NPR... never covered it."

    Over the last year or so, this horrible commiehippie town converted dozens-if-not-hundreds of automobile parking spaces to bicycle-sharing stations. Seattle is going down the same psychotic path. "With the free market, ideas have to be sensible or it is difficult to raise the money to implement them. With Big Government, ideas only have to be moonbatty. When they fail, taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab."

  • At government gunpoint. I have my own method for that too....
  • Michael G. sends, School Police Officers with Guns Send the Wrong Messages, Says ACLU, commenting, "Let me fix that for them. School police send wrong message. There, better. All responsible citizens should be able to be armed for their own protection and the protection of others. Schools should be part of the process of producing responsible citizens. Admittedly they currently seem to work hard at producing irresponsible citizens, and your best chance of finding someone who can be trusted armed is probably in the custodial or kitchen staff."
  • Tell me again how "only police can be trusted with guns".
  • "...[E]ntrapped or forced to admit to alleged hunting violations by overly aggressive, anti-gun Conservation Officers." And they wonder why some of us smile when we hear about a cop of any kind getting shot.
  • Thieves should be killed. No matter what costume they're wearing.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in South Carolina this Wednesday.

    Back a while, was word of Magpul working on a 60-round four-column magazine. They stopped. :( I woulda bought that.

    5039 Wednesday, 5 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea continues examining SCOTUS candidate Gorsuch, and his opponents.

    "And the domestic National Socialists call us the Nazis...."

    I ask again, what if Pizzagate is not a paranoid conspiracy theory?

    "Gun-Free Zone", Chapter MMMMMXXXIX. You think someone other than Our Kind would have noticed the pattern by now....

    Michael G. sends no, really, don't go to college, where racism and terrorism is official policy.

    Related, "...[H]e admits he 'had never encountered conservative ideas' until his mid-40s." But they call us "ignorant".

    Australia has mostly outlawed the peaceable possession of firearms by peaceable people. Yeah that's working just like we said it would.

  • Meanwhile in this horrible place I'm trapped in, the complete and premeditated murder of due process of law. Do they really want to change the rules of engagement?
  • "Law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" by kidnapping and robbing anyone who exercises it without their extortionate permission.
  • But remember, peasant, only police who are too drunk to stay on a motorcycle and then lie about it can be trusted with guns.

    "If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands; they may appoint teachers in every State, county and parish and pay them out of their public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union; they may assume the provision of the poor; they may undertake the regulation of all roads other than post-roads; in short, every thing, from the highest object of state legislation down to the most minute object of police, would be thrown under the power of Congress.... Were the power of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for, it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America." -- James Madison
    (1751-1836) Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President
    Source: On the Cod Fishery Bill, granting Bounties. February 7, 1792, referring to a bill to subsidize cod fishermen

    And that is what we have now.

    In Lighter News

    And I'm still parking cars in the rain for minimum wage, surrounded by lowbrows and illiterates and convicts and children-in-adult-bodies.


    5040 Thursday, 6 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    It's not Republican NRA members murdering 700 of each other every year in Chicago. But nobody wants to talk about that.

    But they call us "racist".

    Remember, peasant, you're not paying "your" "fair" "share".

    What kind of people wanted career criminal Hillary Clinton to be President? The kind who binge-drink and become psychotically violent.

    Speaking of career criminals, why is the national debt or deficit or whatever you want to call it so high? Half a TRILLION dollars in FRAUD AND WASTE and that's just the bits that have been discovered so far.

    Slander and Blood Libel and "Imaginary News" for the Hearing Protection Act.

    Speaking of discrimination, again with the Rotary Club.

    Speaking also of discrimination, I still haven't made any money off my YouTube videos, at least not directly (got a few PayPal donations over the years). I have considered a Patreon account, but since I'm constantly one paycheck away from the next crisis I can never guarantee new content and I don't want to rip anyone off.

    Which segues to, Don't Go to College, Where Due Process Goes to Dietm, Chapter MMMMMXL.

    And then in the government schools, $93,000 a year with fake credentials. And I'm still parking cars in the rain for minimum wage...?


  • Michael G. sends the Unstable Freaks in Black Robes o' the Day, changing words to make them mean whatever they want them to mean. Where have we heard that before?
  • Interior Employees Paid $6 Million While Facing Misconduct Investigations. Where have we heard that before?
  • Everything Hitler did was "legal".
  • This is not Lighter News because most victims of this system don't have the resources, courage, or strength to fight back. What "law" would you not enforce?
  • "It's worth asking why the 'mommies' and the NC Sheriff's Association are so interested in maintaining the Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permitting system...." But tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and "the sheriffs will save us".
  • The next time you see blue lights in the mirror....
  • Remember that totalitarian dystopian movie Minority Report where police could arrest people for crimes they hadn't committed yet? That was just a story... RIGHT?
  • Thieves should be killed. No matter what costume they're wearing.

    In Lighter News

    Codrea observes an opportunity for artistic-cultural warfare.

    Constitutional Carry advances in South Carolina. Warmer than here, has a seacoast, evidently isn't full of people who hate me and want me to die, hmm....

    A spot of action in Arizona. Send a f***ing email for f***'s sake.

    Remember, peasant, the Founders couldn't possibly have imagined modern repeating firearms.

    Anybody who actually knows something about firearms should quickly determine what is wrong with this picture. And that will not include these guys....

    A while back I wrote about hydrogen-powered personal vehicles which "had nearly unlimited range as long as water and sunlight were available." My method was solar-powered electrolysis but here's a step in the general direction.

    5041 Friday, 7 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Sweden. Again. And they invited them.

    Aaaaaaand we've bombed Syria. Well f***.

    Some time ago I wrote, "Government poisons everything it touches, and always has."

    In timely support of which Michael G. sends, "You WILL perform the procedures the State tells you to perform, Comrade Doctor." What could possibly go wrong?

    Not unrelated, in painfully-necessary fallout from infringements enacted in Occupied Colorado, Magpul lays off 85 employees as they relocate to a place that doesn't hate them and everything they do. Note, however, "Magpul is promising employees affected by the layoffs will receive two months wages and benefits and that Magpul’s staffing agency is working to place the now-unemployed in new positions. Employees that are being let go will be eligible for rehire if Magpul is able to expand the workforce in the near future." When's the last time that happened without some bureaucrat bigot forcing it at government gunpoint, as in psychotic welfare-death-spiral-states such as France and Sweden? I would buy more Magpul products. If I weren't always poor.

    Seriously though the bigger the company, the more disposable the employees. And the creepier the management.

    Delta Airlines applies the gelben stern.

    Which segues to, a while back I wrote, "Some, unhinged, seemed to be disappointed that their hate-filled fantasies of Lii and the Republic forcing their will on all of Oskran at the point of a kinetic weapon or energy beam were not coming true. Instead the Jeffersonians were evilly, treacherously, maliciously leaving them alone."

    And as long as I'm repealing Godwin's Law, Nazi collaborator George Soros linked to human trafficking and terrorism.

    Prohibition will always fail. One way or another.

  • I've been disappointed in Brownell's, the major internet supplier, since the incident with HS Precision and Lon Horiuchi and later receiving an email from Brownell's advertising HS Precision products, which they still do, to say nothing of their separate and implicitly unequal policy on Certain Products. Comes now another reason to not use Brownell's - at least by my reckoning. How about some kind of charity support for the victims of "law" enforcement?
  • Think about the kind of people who don't want anyone able to defend themselves. But they think they're some kind of heroes?
  • Four St. Louis police officers charged with felonies for allegedly stealing overtime pay. But they're the Only Ones who can be trusted with guns?
  • Missouri sheriff charged with assault of 77-year-old woman who suffered heart attack. But we should always obey the officer's commands?
  • "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."
  • In timely support of which Michael G. sends, We've Tried it Their Way and it Doesn't Work, Chapter MMMMMXLI. It's not Republican NRA members going on violent crime sprees AND PUNISHING US ISN'T GOING TO STOP IT.
  • Meanwhile in this horrible place, economic death spiral, but hey let's f*** the peasants some more. "SB 797 which would allow the Oregon State Police to delay a firearms transfer forever." I'm reminded of a quote by some famous historical figure, what was it....
  • What "law" would you not enforce?
  • What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News


    5042 Saturday, 8 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Same as the old boss....

    Codrea weighs in on YouTube censorship and revenue fraud, and the rest of social media too. Ian & Karl of ForgottenWeapons and InRangeTV also weigh in. There was a time when I demonitized all my stuff too, after a commenter complained about an Obama ad in front of one of my videos, but I need the money dammit. I have no margin or safety net and every buck matters. (Of course YouTube (Google) only pays when the revenue hits $100, and I've been stuck at $15.81 for a couple moons now, which could be made to magically disappear at any moment. The other day I described my thoughts on Patreon, scroll up for those.) Fortunately I have most of my content, especially the tutorials, backed up here, and I can upload them again to another provider like Full30 or Vimeo, should that ever become necessary. If you find my videos useful, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal buttons at the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    Meanwhile on campus, Less Guns, More Rape, exactly as we predicted. Think about the kind of people who don't want your children able to defend themselves.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan sends, Immigrants, Contributing diseases civilized nations have exterminated to Society. Even NPR can't ignore it anymore... also, I f***ing hate going to the laundromat if you know what I mean and I think you do.

    Economic death-spiral.... I'm supposed to be getting just such a "raise" in a couple moons, just in time to watch all the prices for everything, including my rent, go up accordingly.

    Not unrelated, some time ago I wrote, "Solar power technology had grown immensely since the tax-funded scams just before the Fall of America. Without bureaucrats regulating every step of every process, and cronies wasting any real progress made, someone figured out how to make them work." But what do we have now? "Solar Roadways has been in development for 6.5 years and received a total of $4.3 million in funding to generate 90 cents worth of electricity."

  • Thieves should be killed.
  • No matter what costume they're wearing.
  • And the walls keep closing in.

    In Lighter News

    Increments in Iowa. No Constitutional Carry this time, but keep trying.

    Those M1 Garands and Carbines from South Korea may still be in limbo, but there are some in the Philippines too.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time. Come, be like the others.

    5043 Sunday, 9 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Didn't win Powerball, nor MegaMillions neither.
    Tomorrow I go back to parking cars in the rain for minimum wage.
    Although I do have an imagination....

    Michael G. sends more Don't Go to College, where anyone who doesn't think exactly like they're told deserves to be summarily executed.

    Months ago I identified Designated Survivor as "a leftist statist collectivist conspiracy fantasy", "portraying that silly old Fourth Amendment thingy as an obsolete inconvenience to be tossed aside For The Greater Good", and "a big-budget brainwashing exercise, a Democrat Party campaign ad for bashing white people and whitewashing Islamic terrorism", and comes now the ghost of Goebbels. Think about the kind of people who invite terrorists into your country, prop them up with your taxes, and forbid you from defending yourself against them.

    "...[R]esearchers found that people who listen to, watch or read the news are more likely to display a dislike of Muslims" and the "solution" to this "problem" is a concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.

  • Think about the kind of people who don't want parents able to defend their children.
  • Back here I predicted that police would stand around watching while synagogues burned, so as not to be guilty of "Islamophobia", and Michael G. sends that kind of thing happening in the real world right now. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News


    5044 Monday, 10 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Just when I think I've caught up on the rent,
    the landlord says I'm still $400 behind,
    with another utility bill on the way besides.
    And then the rent goes up.

    And the latest job lead hasn't called back,
    because I can't accept the call during the timeframe they specified,
    because that could get me fired from the
    parking-cars-in-the-rain-for-minimum-wage job I have.
    I really hate this horrible place.
    And the walls keep closing in.

    Everything is getting worse all the time.
    This game sucks and I don't want to play anymore.

    Blind squirrel finds nut. Picks himself up, dusts himself off, and calls for more police powers against me as though nothing had happened....

    White Republican NRA members shoot each other in DallasNOPE
    Fox News demotes white male host over liberal commentsNOPE
    White Republican NRA members commit murder-suicide in Texas schoolNOPE
    White Republican Trump supporter burns down immigrant-run storeNOPE
    Christian Republican NRA member threatens to attack abortion clinics and assassinate President ObamaNOPE

    We've Tried it Their Way and it Doesn't Work, Government-Run "Health" "Care" Edition. Abysmal failure.

    Immigrants. Contributing. To Society.

    Remember Firefly and those t-shirts that said "Joss Whedon is my Master Now"? I never got around to buying one. "I stand in awe of how someone who created Firefly, possibly the most libertarian bit of science fiction television ever, could be such a simpering SJW that he honestly can't see the difference between Chechnya and the United States."

    Not unrelated, since Whedon is writing much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comic books they come from really are being hijacked as a vehicle for Islamic oppression of Jews and Christians. That would be the same Islam that summarily executes the gays Whedon claims to be so concerned about.

    Which segues to, mental illness. Seriously. Disconnected from reality.

  • "The ultimate fate of the mouse was unknown." "Community Heroes".
  • Remember, peasant, you'll have "your" day in court.
  • Oh look yet another CHILD-RAPIST WITH A BADGE.
  • And this is a good time to remind everyone that the original draft of the Lautenberg Amendment, which prohibits people convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from possessing firearms, had an exemption for wife-beating cops.
  • What "law" would you not enforce?
  • What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News

    Trump acts to rein in EPA. Gotta start somewhere, though Michael G. "was really hoping for razing the building to the ground and sowing the land with salt."

    Oh look, private charity outperforms government bureaucrats, again.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan can haz kitteh drama and color commentary. (Timely Visual Aid.)

    5045 Tuesday, 11 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Every time I think I'm catching up,
    I only fall further behind.
    Every time I think I'm climbing out of the hole,
    it just gets deeper.
    I'm really tired of this.

    So just yesterday I noted how Joss Whedon was comparing the United States to Chechnya. Riiiiiiight.

    The Left defends its monsters. The Right gets rid of them. Oh look, "...misuse of state police and intimidation tactics...." What order would you not obey? (Yeah that question has been previously answered....)

    Years ago I made this cartoon and here is life imitating my art.

    To which dot connect, Clemson University holds students to different standards depending on the color of their skin but they call us "racist".

    So the "Environmental" "Protection" Agency has murdered a couple rivers, done deep and lasting economic harm, destroyed innocent people's lives, and now Michael G. sends word of secret human experimentation. I have said they don't recognize us as human beings, that they see us only as cardboard cutouts on a game board. But they call us Nazis, coming and going.

    And speaking of destroying innocent people's lives without due process, student driven to suicide by false accusations in rigged system. And the monsters who drove him to it are probably celebrating. Like these monsters did....

    There are so many reasons to Don't Go to College, not least, there's nothing holding it up.

    The place where Sweden used to be finally closes the floodgates of subliterate child-raping wife-stoning barbarians? TOO LATE.

    Not unrelated, Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining citizenship. I see some parallels to my own concept.

    So the other day United Airlines shot itself in the foot all over the Almighty Internets and Delta is no better: "So according to Delta, inconveniencing thousands of lawful travelers, clogging up baggage claim offices and zip tying private property is improving overall safety and the 'travel experience?'" Some people enjoy this state of affairs....

    By whom I mean:

  • "The cognitive disconnect with the Progressive Left is that they hate cops but love making regulations. You can’t have one without the other."
  • Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.
  • Remember, peasant, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
  • Covered this one before, but bears repeating: "No State shall... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." What oath did you swear?
  • But tell me again how you're the Only Ones who can be trusted with guns. Because you have all that training.
  • "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"OH. WAIT.

    In Lighter News

    Nearly a decade ago I said "Someone with skills could vanish up here, it would take whole divisions to find him" and yeah, like that. Police have still never faced an enemy who knows how to fight and wants to.

    Just the other day in the Sunday chatroom the Elves were discussing whether there was enough sanity and connection to reality in China for them to yank North Korea's leash.

    Okay, maybe not quite everything is getting worse all the time....

    5046 Wednesday, 12 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea has the Lies of Omission o' the Day. "They’re selling helplessness and fear." In enforced-at-government-gunpoint deathtraps they created.

    More of the same from the place where Canada used to be.

    Liberty Doll also observes slander and libel from the creatures who don't want decent people able to defend themselves.

    No, really, MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD. And Trump still won.

    "No one's talking about banning cars"SWEDISH NEWSPAPER DEMANDS BAN ON CARS.

    "Religion of Peace"AND SLAVERY.

  • South Africa has never even pretended to be a free country. But tell me again why I shouldn't be afraid to register my firearms.
  • Remember a year or so ago there was an attempt by the kitten-stomping baby-burning sociopaths of BATFE to reclassify, and therefore outlaw, certain types of ammunition? That wasn't a paranoid conspiracy theory.
  • And speaking of tax-eating sociopaths....
  • And lest that be seen as slander, for the elebenteenth time I observe, they like to hurt people and that's why they become cops.
  • Michael G. sends Qualified Immunity, commenting, "The Appeals Court that said the deputy's actions were so obviously outrageous as to cost him immunity then remanded the case back to the lower court to re-decide in accordance with the appeal's courts direction. But the lower court had originally ruled that the deputy's actions were reasonable a de minimis." Remember this the next time you're told to "work within the system". Remember this the next time you see blue lights in your mirror.

    In Lighter News

    An increment regained in New Jersey-of-all-places.

    Potential SCOTUS action from California-of-all-places.

    The other day in conversation came up the subject of how all the automobiles look alike these days, and often are alike with different names stamped on the same factory's output. Firearms seem to be veering in that direction as well - the April 2017 issue of American Rifleman, page 61, has a photo of a Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 next to a Remington RP9 and while I'm sure they're... a little... different inside, there's nothing to attract me as a buyer to either of them. If a genie popped out of a lamp and gave me one or the other I'd sell it and use the money for a CZ75 bills and food and such.... :(

    5047 Thursday, 13 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker.... Imagine Eric Holder, in a Mexican jail.

    Another champion of the Cause has passed, and his family needs help.

    It's not paranoia if the people who don't want us able to defend ourselves really are helping the entertainment industry brainwash the masses.

    And speaking of brainwashing, "DIVERSITY"

    In timely support of which Michael G. sends a children's book promoting communism. "People who make excuses for communism are just as disgusting as people who make excuses for the Nazis, and should be treated as such."

    Conservative college professor calls for the execution of President ObamaOH. WAIT. They really do hate us and want to exterminate us in so many of their own words. But they call US "Nazis".

    To which dots connect, why I never had a Facebook account.

    Burn the government schools....

    They Are All So F***ing Ignorant, Chapter MMMMMXLVII.

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, Chapter Five Million. Get out of the way.

    Looks like more RINO backstabbing in North Carolina. "Gun rights supporters sent these Representatives and Senators to Raleigh in the belief that they would live up to their campaign rhetoric."

    The camel's nose under the tent in Japan. It's not "xenophobic" if Muslims really are murdering anyone who isn't Muslim. It's not "racist" to keep proven murderers and terrorists out of your country.

  • Remember, peasant, only the law enforcement community can be trusted with guns computers.
  • When I say such-and-such department or bureau or agency should be abolished, disbanded, and prosecuted all the way down to the guys emptying the wastebaskets at night, yeah, I really mean it.
  • "A government agency has decided that refusing to tell children that fables are fact is legally actionable. One wonders where that might lead."
  • "...[A]cting on our behalf and... being paid by us to act the way he did." And liking it.
  • The next time some melting snowflake demands United Nations oversight of American elections, or UN Peacekeepers to round up NRA members....
  • And he would have got away with it, too. This is why police lie about it being against the law to record them. This is why their dashboard and body cameras "malfunction". This is why all those video files get "accidentally" erased.
  • Remember, peasant, work within the system. "...[I]f there was any act of terrorism, it was perpetuated by the government...."

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan has the Continuing Chronicles of the Orange Triad.

    Speaking of SMLE Fan, Linux is Looking Better All the Time.

    A while back I wrote, "The Rascals had been equipped with prefabricated frames of linear shaped charges, a pre-Escape technique used for breaching doors and walls for assaults, or cutting supports for building demolition. These used C14 explosive, the strongest yet made. The frames had to be of the same alloy as their own armor, to survive enough microseconds to channel the blast; only their own armor had the strength to lift the assemblies." And that is being worked on.

    5048 Friday, 14 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan observes, colonizing space, the wrong way, and the other wrong way. Get out of the way.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends Immigrants Contributing to Society, with Double Standards Sauce. "Would the anthill be in such an uproar if a Bible were found stuffed in a bowl? Would it be national news (it was in today's New York Post)?"

    But those are just isolated incidents... RIGHT?

    But tell me again about the moral equivalence of diverse cultures.

    Meanwhile on campus, Michael G. sends, "The University of South Alabama is reminding staff to respect First Amendment rights after a student was threatened with disciplinary action for refusing to remove a Trump sign from his dorm window." Because "tolerant" and "inclusive"?

    We've Tried it Their Way and it Still Doesn't Work, Chapter MMMMMXLVIII.

    Hey I know, let's make burglary and theft illegal, and require firearm dealers to get licenses from the government. That'll stop all this crime and violence!

  • So hey, that doctor dragged off that United Airlines flight (by airport POLICE who OBEYED ORDERS), who was then character-assissnated with a bunch of stuff that is probably Fake News... there was no legal right to remove him in the first place. If "laws" don't protect us from them, they won't protect them from us.
  • The restoration of the natural human right of self-defense, in the form of Constitutional Carry, is sweeping the nation, but this horrible place is taking one giant step after another backward.
  • Another company licks the badge. I have no desire to do business with a company who markets products to the same enforcers who will obey orders to kick down my door and steal those very same products from me and murder me if I resist.
  • And lest that be seen as slander.
  • But remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • "You or I, we'd go to jail. But we don't have a badge."
  • Or a catheter. And that's not forcible rape deserving of being hung by the neck until dead because...?
  • Yeah. You're all such heroes.

    In Lighter News

    Counterattack on the second front in Texas. I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

    Upcoming uppityness in Michigan.

    Michael G. sends an unintended consequence of Obamacare. [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [6:44:44 PM] Jeffersonian: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/04/14/creating-a-cat-island-japanese-organization-plans-to-buy-island-turn-it-into-kitty-paradise/
    [6:46:22 PM] SMLE Fan: piffle. This doesn't hold a candle to my project: NEKOFLORIDA
    [6:46:58 PM] Jeffersonian: must... build... Nazi sun mirror to block sunlight to lower regional temperature to make it more comfortable for snow leopards....
    [6:47:32 PM] SMLE Fan: "How does the Senator from Florida vote on the bill?" "NYA"

    5049 Saturday, 15 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    "American college students are increasingly resorting to brute force, and sometimes criminal violence, to shut down ideas they don’t like."

    Not unrelated, yes, YouTube really is actively censoring and demonetizing video channels which conflict with their prejudices.

    And speaking of prejudice, there are people really actually in the real world saying out loud that people whose skin is a certain color shouldn't be allowed to vote. And it's not Republican NRA members saying it.

    Back to speaking of college, would you trust your life to a bridge built by this thing's students?

    There's just no talking to some people. They are hardwired to ignore reality no matter how many innocent lives it costs.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    5050 Sunday, 16 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Yet. Another. Fake. Hate. Crime.

    Michael G. sends the Off the Reservation o' the Day, commenting, "It was a huge surprise to find this in the reliably left wing newspaper of the University of Iowa. I wonder how long before a mob is ginned up to drive him from the newspaper and the university?"

    He then sends the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. "If the Government Cannot Be Trusted, Can It Protect the Nation?"

  • United States Marine serves his country, breaks no "laws", still ends up with "criminal" record. Does that seem right to you?

    In Lighter News

    Backlash. Not entirely Lighter though - "Protect and Serve" who?

    This video is relevant to my interests.

    With the Youtube/Google censorship and rippingoffing, I am contemplating duplicating my video web presence on Vid.me. Fortunately most of my videos, especially the Tutorials, which are the only ones I expect anyone to pay me for, are duplicated on hard drives that have not (yet) f***ing died on me....

    Speaking of computers and videos, okeh, so, dere wuz dis skwirel I abandoned the Gatesian Horror of Windows a couple-three years ago and have been an all-Linux operation ever since, using Ubuntu on a laptop because that was my first Linux experiment and I haven't yet had the gumption to redo it in Mint like I now use on my primary machine. Through the Power of the Almighty Internets, I have... many... video files, in many formats. Some of those are MKV, which is a container for a video track and multiple audio and subtitle tracks. I am trying to get those videos onto a DVD, which can then be played on a regular not-computer DVD player, for sharing with people who are less-techy. Using a Linux application called DeVeDe (v3.23.0 from the standard online Linux library, because the later 4.8something chokes even harder), I can do that, with plain video files like MP4 and AVI, and even add simple SRT subtitles. This results in an ISO file which I can burn to a blank disc with Brasero - those parts I know how to do.
    Unfortunately, this particular presentation (for entertainment only) has what appear to be much more complicated ASS subtitles, on which DeVeDe appears to be choking even after I run them through a free online converter to make SRTs. I can extract the subtitles from the MKV into separate files; I can use VLC to (somewhat tediously and roundabout) extract a nekkid MP4 video file from the MKV. I was expecting to be able to simply smoosh them back together in DeVeDe, resulting in a playable DVD without having to tediously explain VLC and MKVs to someone who barely knows how to turn a computer on, much less download and install media-player software. What I usually get is, "Conversion failed. It seems a bug of SPUMUX."
    I'm no Linux guru - the Terminal mode frightens me and I certainly don't know the various commands in that language. I can tediously (clipboard functions don't appear to work in Linux Terminal) copy instructions from some forum discussion and sometimes get a desired effect but I don't know what I'm doing in there. What I'm asking is: Is there some free-for-the-downloading application, that can take a (or multiple) .MKV file(s), put it into a .ISO from which can be burned a playable DVD (with at least a basic menu for multiple titles on the same disc because each section of this presentation is less than half a Gb and the blank disc is 4.3-ish), with alternative audio and especially subtitle tracks still functional? Not some Windows application I have to run through the Wine Windows emulator, not some .tar.bz2.wtf.bbq sourcecode archive I have no idea what to do with, not something I have to type sudo apt grep grip grop in Terminal for an hour to get.
    One possibility is, I'm just using the wrong settings in DeVeDe. I can make an ISO with plain video files, or even with MKVs, and get a functioning disc image I could then burn to DVD and expect it to play in a regular non-computer player - but the subtitles embedded in the MKVs don't work. Other video presentations, with differently-encoded subtitle files in simpler SRT format, do work as expected and intended and advertised. It's only this particular presentation, with more-complicated subtitles with a bunch of image-location and font settings embedded (like separate subtitles for translating foreign-language signs in multiple screen locations at once), that appear to be making DeVeDe choke. When adding a subtitle file (associated with each separate video title in the DVD) to the project, there are fifty or sixty choices for encoding - the defaults tend to be ASCII or UTF-8, but there's also CPxxx, ARMSCII-8, ISO-xxxx-xx, EUC-xx, UTF-16xx, and a bunch of others which appear to be for specific foreign languages which I'm not using. Is somewhere in there where the solution lies? Every time I try a different setting it's a quarter-hour or more to reach the point where DeVeDe decides to hork up the error message and It Would Take Days to get through all the options. If any o'y'all know what I'm talking about, please email me.

    The activism potential, for creating DVDs to just hand out to people and expecting them to work in standard players, should be obvious to anyone who cares about our (or any) Cause. This is the Information Age and this is a thing we should all know how to do. So please teach me. Thank you.


    So I typed all that last night and kept poking at it after, and again this morning, and by using a different copy of the same presentation, encoded differently, I appear to have DeVeDe performing as advertised. However the subtitles, created from at least four different sources, have slightly different "flavors" and I wanted the version that came with the original MKVs. Sigh. At least I seem to finally have it working. Which means I do know how to use computer video files to make DVDs which will work on standard players. And that can be an important and powerful activism tool.

    5051 Monday, 17 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Remember, peasant, you're not paying "your" "fair" "share".

    But just keep shoveling. That has to be the way out.

    Project Gunwalker....

    "Dark white skin". Really! And they wonder why no one trusts the news anymore....

    And speaking of trust, Linux is looking better all the time.

    "The anti-gun groups packed the room largely with people they had shipped in from out of state." I am surrounded by people who hate me and want me to die.

    In academia, man bites dog: Fresno State Reports Own Professor for 'Trump Must Hang' Tweet. Maybe they're finally starting to realize how violently insane their fellow-travelers are. Maybe they're finally starting to understand the enormous backlash building across the nation against them and all their kind. ...Naaaaaahhh.

    The place where Britain used to be....

    Hey Chicago. Explain, in small words, how this is the NRA's fault or mine.

  • Training!

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry advances in South Carolina. Unclear from the Old Media "reporting" whether it would be for state residents only. But tell me again, again, AGAIN, how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".

    Michael G. sends word of the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Japan. Real Men.

    Prohibition Will Always FAIL, Chapter MMMMMLI. And there's always another way.

    Waaaaaaaay back here I contemplated the people who think video game skills would transfer to the real world.

    5052 Tuesday, 18 April 2017:

    The World Sucks


    Which segues to, Massive Vote Fraud.

    Which segues to, "Even though the article turned out to be a hoax, don’t think for a minute it doesn’t express the sentiments and goals of those who published it."

    I've said before, my side isn't the one trying to bring back segregation.

    Bloomberg attacks Florida.

    Aaaaaaaand slander and lies. As usual.

    Lemme get this "straight": A Muslim Democrat who swore allegiance to the Islamic State and Hillary Clinton murders 49 gays and the gay community's response is to... make themselves even less able to defend themselves against exactly such an attack?

    And as if on cue. Republican NRA members are not running around murdering gays and dark-skinned people in the name of Jesus. No matter how much the psychotic bigots wish we would.

    Burn the Government Schools, Chapter MMMMMLII.

    Not unrelated, Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining citizenship. I hope my version is more clear.

  • "The police officer does not need to know you or even have ever met you" to "legally" steal your property, kidnap you, and destroy your life. And you sadistic-perverts-in-costume have the gall to get upset when we call you Nazis.
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry advances in Alabama. Don't need your f***ing permission.

    A closer examination of the increments regained in Iowa.

    Sorry, all you social-engineering revisionists, there's only one Patriot's Day.

    Michael G. sends a glimpse into a parallel universe where the entertainment industry is not composed entirely of violently insane treasonous bigots.

    Armed self-defense works. Think about the kind of people who don't want you to have it.

    This item could be used as an analogy to illustrate the dangers of unchecked immigration but yay uberkitteh.

    5053 Wednesday, 19 April 2017:


    The World Sucks


    Blood libel and willful ignorance and they wonder why no one trusts the news anymore.

    There's nothing holding it up, suckers.

    And as if on cue. Michael G. observes, "Venezuela's mistake was that they didn't do it HARD enough. It takes a Frenchman to do it right."

    Professor Lets Students Hold Anti-Trump Rally for Final Exam. It was her fellow traveler who shot Gabby Giffords, not mine.

    But they call us "racist".

    Bloomberg continues attacking Florida.

    Michael G. sends the Disconnected From Reality o' the Day. The world doesn't work that way no matter how hard you wish for it.

  • They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • Remember, peasant, work within the system.
  • "We blame the victims, and we disarm people who’ve been attacked and received restraining orders against their attacker. Instead of blaming the murderer, politicians across the country blamed the victim and the gun." And police obeyed those orders and enforced those "laws".
  • "...[T]o force every NJ resident to purchase the only type of gun they deemed fit!" And why are police, who this technology was supposed to be for, demanding to be exempt from using it?
  • What "law" would you not enforce?
  • And the walls keep closing in.

    In Lighter News

    More on Constitutional Carry in South Carolina and Texas.

    For the record, "Hawaiian"-style pizza is among my favorites. From My Cold Dead Hands.

    5054 Thursday, 20 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Parking cars in the rain for minimum wage.
    Shoes falling apart (for the elebenteenth time
    (very generously replaced this evening by a reader's donation)).
    Stressing endlessly over money
    (though the latest figure from the landlord was considerably more realistic,
    i.e. reduced from, the one he mentioned over the phone
    (which is why I kept the receipts for all those money orders I've been sending)).
    Stressing over an upcoming Step Upward, employment-wise,
    hoping I haven't blown it before even starting.
    This weekend, if something else doesn't go horribly wrong first,
    I intend to begin duplicating my web video presence on Vid.me,
    where I have already opened an account
    - which I will post a link to when I have something there.
    I'm getting close to maybe turning the corner
    I've been on the wrong side of for the last half-year or so.
    I could use a little push.


    “We are still a nation at war. We have troops actively engaged in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and now in Syria,” said leader of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Brian Duffy, in an issued statement. SO LET'S TAX THEM.

    Yet again with the slander and blood libel and they wonder why no one trusts the news anymore.

    Burn the government schools....

    ...and the colleges too, where the professors commit attempted murder and expect to get away with it.

    Hey, no, really, what if "Pizzagate" is not a paranoid conspiracy theory?

    Continuing RINO backstabbing in North Carolina.

    IMMIGRANTS! CONTRIBUTING! TO SOCIETY! It's not "racist" or "Islamophobic" if they really are raping and murdering their way across the whole world.

    And in response the governments are doing what?

    The place where Britain used to be. Think about the kind of people who want us to be just like them.

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Because they have all that training.
  • Remember, peasant, always obey the sadistic homicidal sociopath's commands.
  • NRA Names Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and I immediately think of another such award. This is what the Lairds of Fairfax are spending my $500 Life Membership on?
  • "A top FBI official whose wife received political donations from an ally of Hillary Clinton’s last year does not need to recuse himself from the ongoing Trump-Russia investigation"HEY QUICK WHAT'S THE FBI'S MOTTO?
  • "...[D]eclared samples positive for drugs without testing them and forged colleagues' signatures on reports...." "...20 years on death row... conviction was thrown out after the court found that Gilchrist had mishandled evidence and may have intentionally altered it...." "...[T]ainted evidence helped produce convictions in at least 20 capital murder cases...." But remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

    In Lighter News

    Ongoing counterattack on the second front in Texas. I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry. Constitutional Carry also advances. Get it all back a piece at a time, the same way it was lost. Remember if it's not "perfect" this time, it can be adjusted.

    "...[S]ince the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller Supreme Court decision overturning DC’s handgun ban, there has been no increase in violent crime. If anything, there has been a slight decrease in the number of murders committed with a firearm...." And how do all you anti-self-defense perverts explain that?

    Michael G. sends, Israeli protesters barbecue outside prison where Palestinian terrorists on hunger strike. Heh.

    A thousand competitors to put NA$A completely out of business. FASTER PLEASE.

    5055 Friday, 21 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    I must continue repeating my appeal.
    If you have ever found anything useful or entertaining
    on this site or my YouTube Channel,
    please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal buttons
    at the top or bottom of this and most other pages.
    Thank you.


    Hey I know, let's bring back Prohibition!

    Hey remember when monopolies were evil and what was that Google motto again?

    Aaaaaaand yes it is related, NRA disinvites USCCA from NRAAM.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome....

    Christian schoolteacher bans hijab and Islamic crescent necklaceOH. WAIT.

    To which dot connect the place where Britain used to be, not even capable of thinking of self-defense.

    Michael G. sends, Antifa wants combat training and firearms after losing the ‘Battle for Berkeley’. What leapt out at me was, "...Trump supporters were told by police not to bring any weapons, as police would protect them. Upon Anitfa’s arrival, the police retreated...."

    Which segues to:

  • "Nice to see the police complying with the law." "After being called out."
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • Remember, peasant, you need police to protect you from drunk drivers.
  • Remember, peasant, you'll have "your" day in court.
  • For timely example, in the place where Germany used to be, judge rules it's not rape if a Muslim does it.
  • Remember, peasant, work within the system.
  • Remember, peasant, "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".
  • Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.

    In Lighter News

    Several moons ago was word that Israel had made a desalination breakthrough of world-changing potential. Now Michael G. sends Israeli and American scientists have jointly developed a way to dramatically improve the removal of viruses from treated wastewater used for drinking. Remember these the next time some iPhone-twiddling social-justice-hipster whines about "Palestine" and BDS.

    It's 2017. Flying cars, robot butlers, and jetpacks are finally on the way.

    5056 Saturday, 22 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Earth Day.

    Visual Aid o' the Day. The Other Side is guilty of all the things they accuse us of.

    No one who knows anything trusts the news anymore.

    Or Microsoft either.

  • Brain-computer interfaces. Working on itNONONONONONONONONO
  • Back here I predicted cops would stand around watching as synagogues burned, so as not to be labeled "Islamophobic". The same philosophy seems to apply on college campuses.

    In Lighter News


    Just yesterday I mentioned flying cars. Previously I wrote, "...without swarms of bureaucrats and gangs of uniformed thugs to tell them they couldn't, the Republic had used personal air transport since the Founding, and had never scarred their worlds with slashes of road." With, "Kaylee commuted from the ranch to school in Jack's much-newer Epsilon Automotive FlyCycle, an adorable little high-subsonic economy two-seater - EA had sold over thirty million since its introduction...." And also, "Four Boat, under Aurora's control, hovered at a landing platform while the group disembarked on a rooftop. Fusion-powered, electrically-driven turbines provided the lift...." YES. LIKE THIS. FASTER PLEASE. And as for the power source, that's being worked on too.

    Aurora, part 67, is online. If you find this fictional future history entertaining, please consider a charitable donation through the PayPal buttons on the top or bottom of most pages on this site. Thank you.

    I have begun duplicating my video web presence on Vidme.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    5057 Sunday, 23 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker, and other reasons to "work within the system".

    I am surrounded by people who hate me and want me to die.

    Michael G. sends, "Think US colleges are bad? Try Canadian ones! Where they don't have a First Amendment to pretend to offer lip service to."

    And speaking of colleges, Yet Another Fake Hate Crime. Whenever the other side accuses us of something, presume they are lying and fabricating evidence.

    On the other end of the equation, Immigrants Contributing to Society.

    Colorado Paper Refuses To Retract Letter Calling For Violence Against Frackers. Because "tolerant" and "inclusive".

  • "The police refused to tell [the TEN-YEAR-OLD CHILD'S MOTHER] or the boy why he was being arrested, show her any paperwork, or where he was being taken" but they still get upset when we call them Nazis.

    In Lighter News

    And then I got out of bed and went back to parking cars in the rain for minimum wage.

    5058 Monday, 24 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    The "anti"-"fascist" riots and assault and arson and attempted murder are being financed by an actual confessed Nazi collaborator but we're the ones who get called "Nazis".

    And "racist" too.

    Hey remember when college professors openly fantasized about assassinating President ObamaME NEITHER.


    Speaking of the NRA though, last week came word they were excluding a competitor and comes now more of the same. And Dana Loesch was on her radio show today plugging the NRA's version....

    When leftists are in the minority, they demand free speech. When they achieve power, there is no free speech.

    Timely Visual Aid.

    Leftists demand equality for women. "Today, feminists are hothouse flowers who apparently need to be sheltered from the harsh realities of life."

    But remember, peasant, you can only trust the "Authorized Journalists". Because they're so objective and unbiased.

    Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. And who murdered and/or enslaved one and a half million innocent human beings? For what "reason"?

    Remember, peasant, real socialism has never been tried!

    I think I heard this one on radio news: Rule Four Violation.

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
  • Oh look, yet another SERIAL RAPIST WITH A BADGE.
  • Oh look, yet another SERIAL CHILD-RAPIST WITH A BADGE.
  • "There isn't an institution in this country that isn't corrupt to the core and run by clueless idiots who were put in their position because of who they knew or how far they had their head up someone's ass."

    In Lighter News

    Mike Vanderboegh memorial service.

    Herschel Smith examines the status of Constitutional Carry in Alabama, Texas and South Carolina.

    Speaking of Texas, I demand jail time or a noose for any hypocritical thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife, and for any prosecutor-persecutor or unstable-freak-in-black-robes who upheld such bigotry.

    Meanwhile on campus, Michael G. sends a little [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    Speaking of pointing and laughing, "Global" "Warming".

    Divine Justice o' the Day.

    5059 Tuesday, 25 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Tomorrow I start a new job,
    in rather a corporate environment.
    The dress code alone gives me pause.
    Had to hike down the street to the second-hand store
    to buy a pair of non-jeans pants, and I'll have to buy more tomorrow.
    I don't know if this will work out, or if I'll have to go back to
    parking cars in the rain for minimum wage, surrounded by
    lowbrows and illiterates and convicts and children-in-adult-bodies,
    but I'm gonna give it a try.

    Project Gunwalker and Fake News.

    No, really, they hate Jews and want them to die. But they call us "Nazis".

    And get paid fat salaries from obscenely inflated tuition to do it.

    It's not Republican NRA members murdering 700 of each other every year in Chicago, or doing this either. Nobody wants to talk about that.

    Nobody wants to talk about "diversity" either. Especially "feminists".

    Again I say, the envirofascists won't be happy until everyone but them is living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and freezing to death in the dark.

    Continuing footdragging and backstabbing against Constitutional Carry in North Carolina.

    Meanwhile from the negligently-homicidal sociopaths of Veterans Affairs, Michael G. sends, "Good news! It's not illegal to fly a US flag at a US facility." This is not Lighter News because there is some creature, in the government, collecting a tax-funded paycheck and probably a fat one too, who thought it was a good idea to further insult, humiliate and belittle the only people in this country who deserve my tax dollars - our military veterans.

    While the Lairds of Fairfax do something similar to their own dues-paying membership.

    Not unrelated, Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining citizenship. The single footnote leads to a previous column.

    Surrounded by people who hate me and want me to die....

  • "If you think KC and police spend millions on overlapping office functions, you’re right." But they always have enough for new Dodge Chargers and photo-radar vans, and never enough to fix potholes or investigate burglaries and rapes....
  • "Armed trespassers with neither permission nor warrant. That’s a good shoot in my book."
  • "The English gun laws in the 20th century were based on the desire to disarm 'unreliable' elements, and give the guns to those in support of the ruling government." EVERY TIME. EVERYWHERE.
  • On 19 April 1775, British government troops, with British government guns, went to Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts to seize weapons and ammunition from American colonists, triggering the American Revolution and the War of Independence. That could never happen again... RIGHT?

    In Lighter News

    5060 Wednesday, 26 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    So now I'm working in an office, doing mailroom things.
    Right in the heart of this horrible place no less.
    Spending money I can't spare, at the second-hand stores, trying to conform with the dress code.
    To say nothing of $25 a week for transit fare.
    I don't know if I'm wired for this kind of work.
    It's a jarring transition from parking cars in the rain surrounded by illiterates and convicts.

    Meanwhile I'm still a little behind on the rent, and there's probably going to be a payroll lag,
    because the temp service for the parking-cars job paid the following week,
    the pay I'll receive at the end of this week will be short because I missed a day and a half interviewing,
    the next check will be shorter because I quit that job yesterday,
    and I expect the temp service for the mailroom job does the traditional two weeks.
    If I can just get through those next two weeks I might finally start getting out from under.



    To which dot connect, Michael G. sends, "From the place where Austria used to be, their dhimmi president said every woman should wear a head scarf to fight Islamophobia. Suleiman the Magnificent and Mustafa Pasha must be laughing their heads off."

    "Science and firearms are both used by some people, not used by most people; science and firearms are things that are held to be virtually magical by some people, and treated with respect by others. And in both cases, it’s the people who use and understand them that treat them with respect; it’s the people who don’t use and understand them that convert them into fetishes."

    The persecution of the Bundys continues. Michael G. observes, "First Bundy trial ends with 4 mistrials, 2 convictions, and one of the convictions is one of the government snitches." While the unstable bigot in black robes makes up the "law" as she goes along. "The taxpayers’ time should not be wasted on judges who can’t deal with unusual defendants, except by mistreating them."

    Which segues to:

  • Speaking of this horrible place, made-up charges for made-up crimes. "...[D]oing math without the government's permission." But remember, peasant, work within the system.
  • Most homicides in U.S. occurred in 5 percent of counties. "The places where we see the murders tend to be those area[s], the urban areas, and even tiny areas within those areas, where legal gun ownership is itself relatively rare" but let's punish the other 95% and blame white Republican NRA members while giving wrist-slaps and revolving doors to actual violent criminals.
  • But remember, peasant, "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" by threatening to rob and kidnap anyone who exercises it and murder them if they resist.
  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT WE HAVE NOW. And also burn the government schools.
  • Oh look, an entire federal bureau of CHILD PORNOGRAPHERS WITH BADGES. Remember that the next time you tune in your favorite police-procedural drama series.

    In Lighter News

    An increment in New Jersey-of-all-places. Where the Bill of Rights Goes to Die!tm

    Michael G. sends the ever-advancing capabilities of fabbers. Blogbrother SMLE Fan also observes. Imagine a time when anyone can make anything without anybody's permission. Discontinued part? Certified mechanic? Manufacturer-authorized dealership? Last One Flying in the Whole World? Not anymore.

    SMLE Fan has the Authorized Journalist Settled Science o' the Day.

    In ebook, working my way through the posthumous franchise sequels to Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, and in dead-tree, beginning 1636: Mission to the Mughals.

    5061 Thursday, 27 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    "Religion of Peace"

    And speaking of religion, I'm always puzzled how the most oppressed such of the Twenty-First Century is always so reluctant to defend itself.

    And as if on cue, Concordia University bans Jewish student groupOH. WAIT.

    "...[D]ata that's collected from students using technology in the classroom." And that's why I say burn the government schools.

    Didn't I tell you just the other day? When leftists are in the minority, they demand free speech. When they achieve power, there is no free speech.

    Even more RINO backstabbing in North Carolina.

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training. (I have such frequent reason to use this HTML code, I saved it in my scrap text file so I can copy and paste it without having to type it all again.)
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • And remember, peasant, work within the system that doesn't actually work.
  • They like to torture people. That's why they become cops, and prison guards too.
  • And they expect to get away with it.
  • "...[L]ike LEOs everywhere, [Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen] wants to maintain control and the revenue stream that comes from gun permitting." Because "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment"?
  • It bears repeating, after all these years, that police right here in America really did obey orders to go door-to-door confiscating legally-owned firearms from innocent citizens.
  • But that could never happen again... RIGHT?
  • During the National Socialist regime, the German government used political abuse of psychiatry to oppress and even exterminate people they judged "undesirable". But that could never happen again... RIGHT?

    In Lighter News

    The upcoming elebenteenth Battle of Berkeley.

    5062 Friday, 28 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    I am not happy or comfortable in my work.
    I don't like having to dress in Business Casual.
    Despite new shoes very generously donated by a reader,
    my feet hurt, rather a lot, from standing and walking doing all that mailroom stuff.
    My back wants to go out again. I know it does. All those bins and boxes will give it the opportunity.
    I'm forty-nine-and-a-half years old, after all, with not the best genetic profile.
    There's a whole bunch of obscure stuff that doesn't appear to
    be documented anywhere, yet I'm expected to know.
    And come Monday, I'll likely have an actual literal
    front-row seat to the next arson-and-assault fest,
    as supporters of communism "celebrate" a philosophy that
    murders an average of one million innocent human beings per year,
    while protesting the only one ever proven to lift people up from mud huts and plague.

    Michael G. sends, "Lesbian couple survives Islamic clue bat. Maybe when they get back to Piers Morgan Paradise they could consider locating to the good old reactionary red states of the USA where they could join Pink Pistols (because armed fags don't get bashed) and guys like me disapprove of their life style but mostly don't care, and certainly wish them no harm."

    Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A, Chapter MMMMMLXII.

  • The definition of tyranny is an activity that is "legal" for the government but "illegal" for the people.
  • But tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment". By requiring extortionate permission to exercise it and terrorizing, robbing, kidnapping, or murdering anyone who does.

    In Lighter News

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [2:28:21 PM] SMLE Fan: I'm not looking up the price for this
    [2:28:38 PM] SMLE Fan: and if you do, don't tell me
    [2:29:07 PM] SMLE Fan: [I grinned throughout the entire vidya]
    [4:40:59 PM] Jeffersonian: sigh
    [4:41:05 PM] Jeffersonian: could fit an AR in the turret
    [4:49:10 PM] Jeffersonian: that thing's not far removed from the Goliath demolition drones
    [4:49:23 PM] Jeffersonian: which were briefly glimpsed in the trailer for the next GuP feature
    [4:53:15 PM] Jeffersonian: ur munnies
    [5:00:08 PM] Jeffersonian: I'm not *telling* you, I'm dangling the link in front of you so you can find out yourself
    [5:01:11 PM] Jeffersonian: http://www.tankzone.co.uk/cart/hlam18.htm
    [5:01:56 PM] Jeffersonian: there's even a 1:6
    [5:02:01 PM] Jeffersonian: for your 12" action figures
    [5:02:10 PM] Jeffersonian: to ride around in
    [6:41:13 PM] SMLE Fan: [ran the russian price through a converter] that UberTiger is $7157
    [6:41:49 PM] Jeffersonian: if I had that much laying around I would buy a van and get the holy f*** out of this horrible place.
    [6:42:58 PM] SMLE Fan: indeed...renting out a ship, filling it with snow leopards and stealing a real one from Bovington would be less
    [6:44:09 PM] SMLE Fan: actually, there's that guy on the outskirts of London who has a colony of them...we can borrow them and save the cost of going to the SL Homeland
    [6:44:37 PM] Jeffersonian: "We'll bring them right back, and well-fed too."
    [6:44:42 PM] Jeffersonian: CHIKKIN
    [6:45:45 PM] SMLE Fan: oh, and a bag of Skwrrl Snax
    [6:46:21 PM] Jeffersonian: snakz made uv skwirelz?
    [6:46:53 PM] SMLE Fan: nopes, a bag of actual skwrrlz....they know what to do wif dem
    [6:47:28 PM] Jeffersonian: secretly release hundreds of squrrels into Bovington
    [6:47:53 PM] Jeffersonian: show up the next morning, "Hey, by remarkable coincidence, I happen to have a dozen-odd snow leopards here...."
    [6:48:14 PM] Jeffersonian: "Just give us a few hours of privacy, you know they don't like to be disturbed when they're working"
    [6:48:55 PM] Jeffersonian: "Pay no attention if you hear something that sounds like a Maybach HL230 firing up, it's just your imagination"
    [6:48:59 PM] SMLE Fan: that stack of signs that read "Iz Minez"? Sorry, trade secret

    5063 Saturday, 29 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    An update on Mike Vanderboegh, champion of our Cause, and his wife Rosey. (Also, in Lighter News, a few words about his novel Absolved.)

    Still RINO backstabbing in North Carolina. Clean house.

    'A top New York Times editor decided the paper shouldn’t use the term “female genital mutilation” because the phrase is too “culturally loaded” and widens a divide between the Western world and “people who follow the rite.”' That's right, folks, the official position of The New York Times is that women and girls do not have the right to not be sexually mutilated.

    The people who call me "racist" are actually truly guilty and duly convicted of kidnapping, rape, torture and murder in the name of "tolerance" and "diversity".

    I have recently said, when the left is in the minority, they demand free speech, and when they gain power, there is no free speech. That was inspired by a meme saying, when Islam is in the minority, they demand equal rights, and when they are in the majority, there are no rights.

    Timely Visual Aids.

    Aaaaaaaaaand "The left-wing activists behind the anti-conservative riots at Berkeley have ties to one of the nation’s most prominent pro-pedophilia organizations." "Yeah, people have such a lack of understanding and tolerance for child molesters."

    "...[I]f [Multnomah County Republicans] marched [in the Avenue of Roses parade], 200 Antifa members would 'rush the crowd and drag Republicans through the streets.' But remember, kids, they're against fascism." "The county Republican party said in a statement that the city was choosing terrorist thugs over protecting average citizens who only want to participate in their community." Which we have seen before.

    Which segues to:

  • Many times in these pages I say, think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself: 'In the words of one San Diego official, “one’s personal safety is not considered good cause”' to be granted extortionate permission to exercise the natural human right of self-defense as enumerated in the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100 Pacific Time.

    5064 Sunday, 30 April 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea examines the Laird of Fairfax.

    Getting really tired of being called "racist" by racists.

    Immigrants Contributing Measles to Society.

    And then there's assimilation.

  • To which dot also connect, several moons ago I wrote, "It would later be suspected that some career criminals presented themselves as Stefanists, to find a seat on the ships being fitted to exile them." Michael G. sends life imitating my art, again. What order would you not obey? "Protect and Serve" WHO?

    In Lighter News

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