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4945 Sunday, 1 January 2017:

The World Sucks

Well f***.

There goes the electric bill.
And maybe the pipes.

Hey, you rape-and-genocide-enabling anti-self-defense perverts. Explain, in small words, how this is the NRA's fault. Or Trump's. Or mine. ...Radio news, mourners singing over victims, chanting "Allah", the same god whose name the attacker [bet you a dollar I can't spare] committed the murders in.

Incoherent gibberish from the self-appointed arbiters of cultural purity. Department of Appropriate Cookware SWAT raids in 3, 2, 1....

Michael G. sends more such psychosis. And the violent lying racist bigots wonder why we voted against them.

Speaking of lies, fake news in support of government schools.

Why does college tuition cost so much? Gosh I can't imagine.

In Lighter News

4946 Monday, 2 January 2017:

The World Sucks

"Political abuse of psychiatry is the misuse of psychiatry, including diagnosis, detention, and treatment, for the purposes of obstructing the fundamental human rights of certain groups and individuals in a society" and Michael G. sends an update on that very thing. But they call us "Nazis".

Immigrants. Contributing deadly diseases civilized nations have exterminated back to society.

To say nothing of the human trafficking, multiple rapes and sex slavery and mass arson in "no-go" zones. And if Old Media had their way nothing would be said.

Remember, peasant, you need to pay more taxes, otherwise who would build the roads?

Socialism is a mental disorder, Chapter MMMMCMXLVI. Bernie Sanders really believes letting veterans choose their own health care instead of forcing them to use repeatedly demonstrated sociopathic bureaucrats would, somehow, make things worse. I'm reminded of Larry Correia's Thoughts on Paris from last year: "...[B]arring tossing hand grenades at the bad guy, it is pretty damned hard to make it worse."

  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "Are we really surprised that King Andrew of New York doesn't want the peasants to have any pointy things?" "...[S]ided with the disingenuous arguments made by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., virtually the only ones who opposed the bill." I repeat, I demand jail time or a noose for any costumed thug who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in North Dakota. "The police should assume that everyone is armed all of the time and proceed as if it’s their right to be armed." How about we start "fearing for our safety" and using lethal force against armed robbers and kidnappers in logical and righteous self-defense?

    After Challenger, NA$A shut down for two years (closer to three). After Columbia, nearly the same amount of time. After a pad explosion three months ago, SpaceX is planning on returning to business next week. That is the difference between tax-eating bureaucrats and paying customers.

    4947 Tuesday, 3 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    This is how my world works.

    Getting tired of it.

    Genocide is not hyperbole.

    Anyone who still supports Obama is ignorant, insane, or evil.

    To illustrate that very point, Col. Kratman's latest column examines The Divide. "Oh, yes, yes, there are, no doubt, some sane men and women hovering around the top echelons of the Democratic Party. But if they’re sane they’re equally corrupt, venomous spiders, dripping with poison, at the center of left wing insanity." (Blogbrother SMLE Fan also observes.)

    Europe is letting itself get overrun by "refugees" who commit serial gang rape and various other acts of terrorism. Their psychotic response to their own continental suicide is not to stop the flow of murderous savages but install kill switches on the trucks they steal to run down innocent Christmas shoppers.

    (Meanwhile on the other swing of the pendulum....)

    Likewise, Ministry of Truth sock puppet Wolf Blitzer blames Chicago's crime on Indiana's guns. [Representative Darrell] Issa responded, “If the ease of acquiring guns was the problem Gary, Indiana, would be the crime capital, not Chicago.” Actually thirty-odd years ago Gary did have a handgun ban and their crime rates rose. (It appears to have been repealed now.) Our guns don't cause your crime.

    Decades of lies from "nutritionists". But we're supposed to believe their fellow travelers about "global" "warming"?

    Or socialism?

    Or fiat currency?

    Just the other day was news of the Obama regime reimplementing Aktion T4 but they call us "nuts".

  • Didn't I just say, we should fear for our safety and act in righteous self defense with all necessary force? Police are not the good guys and they don't exist to "Protect and Serve" us.
  • But remember, peasant, no one is above the law.

    In Lighter News

    On my YouTube channel, I have posted a short channel update and Basic Firearms Tutorial #14: Thompson/Center Contender.

    4948 Wednesday, 4 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Self-defense-free massacre zones....

    But the GOP is doing what for us?

    Michael G. sends, students at Columbia support Female Genital Mutilation, want Planned Parenthood to fund it. No, really. But those same suicidal psychotics accuse me of waging a "war on women".

    Oh, and "racism" too.

    Hey remember when Old Media were champions of Free Speech and the First Amendment?

    Remember, peasant, all nations should surrender their sovereignty to the UN. For their own good.

    Remember, peasant, Obama will end the wars and bring the troops home.

    In Occupied California, Coastal elites set rules for others, exempt themselves, and tolerate rampant lawlessness from illegal aliens. And then they move to Oregon and do it all over again.

    Because they really truly believe people are always peaceful, criminals check the laws before putting that weapon in the car, and laws actually control the decisions people make.



  • Remember, peasant, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
  • "...[T]he right permission of the people to keep and bear arms [on an ignorant bureaucrat's made-up list] shall not be infringed."
  • Remember, peasant, these laws only affect those eee-vill crime guns and will have no effect on sporting use.
  • Michael G. sends still more on more such infringements without even the pretense of due process. But don't worry, peasant, those "laws" would never be abused for partisan political agendas.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in Kentucky.

    Continuing action to repeal armed robbery and kidnapping under color of "law". I want jail time or a noose for any costumed thug who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife.

    "The Czech Republic has resisted calls by the European Union’s Executive Commission to tighten gun controls in response to terror attacks...."

    Ian McCollum is doing a series on possibly the most steampunk pistols evar.

    Continuing open carry action in Florida, which bears repeating as an increment toward the restoration of Constitutional Carry.

    Luke Skywalker's artificial hand. Working on it from a different direction.

    4949 Thursday, 5 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Anyone who still supports Obamacare is ignorant, insane, or evil. "...[T]he government telling you how many kids you can have and under what circumstances." Oh, but they call us "Nazis".

    Not unrelated, remember Orwell's Animal Farm where the chief pig kept awarding himself medals for never actually doing anything? That was just a story... right?

    Hate going to the supermarket....

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • 'The Chicago Police Department hesitated to classify the attack as a hate crime. "CNN Tonight" host Don Lemon hesitated to call the attack "evil."' And that's all I need to know about both.
  • Being robbed by someone with a badge is still being robbed.

    In Lighter News

    National concealed carry reciprocity. No, it's not perfect. Yes, it will be badly abused and probably poison-pilled. Increments. The enemy has been stealing our freedom a slice at a time for generations. We can take it back the same way.

    Speaking of, continuing action in Florida. Pitch in.

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using personal firearms to defend themselves is a fantasy that never happens. Think about the sick monsters who want to make it a "crime".

    4950 Friday, 6 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    [1:13:26 PM] Jeffersonian: there's a shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport now?
    [1:14:18 PM] SMLE Fan: I wouldn't know...Ft Lauderdale is most, if not all, of four hours away
    [1:22:19 PM] SMLE Fan: "The gunman - wearing a Star Wars t-shirt - was taken into custody and has since been identified as 26-year-old Esteban Santiago."
    [1:23:37 PM] SMLE Fan: I haven't checked the local/national news, because why should I waste the time to be told that the shooter is a white, NRA, Trump voter?
    [1:23:59 PM] Jeffersonian: named Esteban Santiago from blue state New Jersey
    [1:24:43 PM] SMLE Fan: who cares about facts? THE NARRATIVE MUST BE MAINTAINED

    Oh, you mean in one of those "gun-free zones"?

    Project Gunwalker....

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    "...[I]t’s beyond question that racial tensions in America have increased significantly since Barack Obama took office — and he bears much responsibility for it." And that's not Trump's fault or mine.

    The place where Britain used to be....

  • They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • I have no sympathy for any costumed thug forced to live under the same "laws" it enforces on all of us. How about you lying thieving serial-raping pigs all burn in hell.
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in New Hampshire. Again.

    In Kentucky (which now has Constitutional Carry action), an effort to repeal self-defense-free massacre zones.

    A fantasy that never happens. Riiiight.

    With all the immigrants contributing deadly plagues to society, Michael G. sends a simple method to turn ordinary breathing masks antiviral.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan finally posts video of his giant fluffy kitteh.

    4951 Saturday, 7 January 2017:

    The World Sucks


    Speaking of which, it's not paranoia if Old Media really is literally whitewashing four brutal racist kidnappers.

    Don't go to college....

    Remember, peasant, real socialism has

    So a week or so ago Occupied Nevada "accidentally" released personal information on holders of medical marijuana cards, making them "prohibited persons" and stripping them of their Constitutionally-guaranteed natural human right to self defense without due process. Now, Occupied California "inadvertently" discloses the personal information of firearm safety instructors. So they can be "randomly" fired from their day jobs, "randomly" pulled over for highway robbery, "randomly" subjected to extra "security" scrutiny, "randomly" targeted for burglary and vandalism....

  • "Law enforcement supports the Second Amendment"
  • But cops wonder why people are shooting them.

    In Lighter News

    State preemption action in Nebraska.

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using personal firearms to stop massacres is a fantasy that never happens and if it does you're not allowed to know about it.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    4952 Sunday, 8 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "But we don't know the motive.
    "80+ armed soldiers and an armed civilian took out this one. But that never happens! All those soldiers didn't shoot back because they were waiting for orders. To shoot at the guy trying to kill them! This is what's wrong with the leftist world. Indoctrination of moral relativism, that there is no good or evil, that western civilization is racist and oppressive of everyone not white, and then we get 'we have no idea of the motive.'
    "And then there's this. This sack of dung is wearing a keffiyeh and throwing down the Islamic State gang sign. He went into an FBI office and said that the voices in his head were making him watch Islamic State recruiting videos.
    "And they let him go!
    [That's right, the FBI knew, AGAIN, and did NOTHING, AGAIN. HEY QUICK WHAT'S THE FBI'S MOTTO? ...And how many street cops fantasize about becoming Feds?]
    "He has a domestic violence conviction!
    "Now, if you or I went into an FBI office and started gibbering like that, our families would be claiming our bullet riddled corpses."
    "If you or I had a domestic violence accusation, no less a conviction, the SWAT team would have confiscated our guns, our kitchen knives, and probably we'd be back at the bullet riddled corpse scenario, just because that's the way SWAT rolls.
    "And let's not get started on the punitive psychiatry. I know someone who wanted to speak to a grief counselor after his father passed away, but didn't because he didn't want to risk his NY CCW permit."
    [I expect there's FAR TOO MUCH of that going on with our honored veterans, fearing losing the natural human rights and treasured property they fought for if they seek the help they need. Many times I've reported here how the VA and related bureaucrats violate veterans' rights without even pretending to use due process.]
    "I teach pre-med physics. Guns are classic examples for 2D motion analysis and conservation of linear momentum. I used the S&W Model 29 for a quiz problem recently. I had an interesting exchange with one of my NYC born and bred students.
    "He: "So you seem to know a lot about guns. Have you ever shot one"
    "Me: "Yes."
    "He: "Do you own a gun?"
    "Me: "Yes, more than one in fact."
    "He, looking apprehensive: "Wow, you must be one of those crazy gun nut people."
    "Me: "I think I'm pretty well adjusted. I have an unrestricted concealed carry permit as well."
    "He, with look of horror: "Oh my god! You're a real psycho!!!"
    "This is what we have to put up with.

    But they accuse us of being brainwashed.

    Radio news, the Usurper exhorts Trump to not panic global markets with his Tweets. Riiiight. Because Obama has so much maturity and credibility.

    In Lighter News

    An awakening in the Czech Republic. Which nation hosts some of the best armsmakers and craftsmen, judging by my 70+ year old example.

    AnCap. Anarcho-Capitalism. The idea that private, non-government entities can exchange goods and services by mutual consent without some f***ing bureaucrat bigot's parasitic permission. ILLUSTRATED.

    SpaceX returns to flight tomorrow morning. It should be streamed live on their YouTube channel.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [10:30:19 AM] SMLE Fan: it poured this AM, and when I went out to distribute noms, I discovered a bone-dry Agent Orange
    [10:30:34 AM] SMLE Fan: AI IZ NAWT GETTING WET
    [10:30:42 AM] Jeffersonian: ice storm approaches
    [10:30:50 AM] SMLE Fan: double blecch
    [10:31:43 AM] SMLE Fan: waittaminnit: I thought you lived in the only non-tropical rain forest environment on the planet. What's with this "ice" stuff?
    [10:31:55 AM] Jeffersonian: "GLOBAL"
    [10:31:58 AM] Jeffersonian: "WARMING"
    [10:32:27 AM] Jeffersonian: DICK CHENEY
    [10:32:31 AM] Jeffersonian: HALLIBURTON
    [10:32:42 AM] Jeffersonian: GEORGE DOUBLEYOU BOOOOOOOOOSH
    [10:32:44 AM] SMLE Fan: BLACKWATER
    [10:33:23 AM] SMLE Fan: well, if you get a few frozen hippies out of this, it'll be worth enduring

    [3:32:17 PM] Jeffersonian: that moment
    [3:32:24 PM] Jeffersonian: when the cat falls asleep
    [3:32:39 PM] Jeffersonian: with his head resting on your mouse arm
    [3:34:02 PM] SMLE Fan: and you suddenly figure out how to move the mouse around only using your wrist and hand because kitteh
    [3:34:10 PM] Jeffersonian: exactly
    [3:34:18 PM] Jeffersonian: and typing one-handed
    [3:34:34 PM] SMLE Fan: worth every keystroke
    [3:36:12 PM] Jeffersonian: and then his head slides off and he wakes up
    [3:40:02 PM] SMLE Fan: [goes into bathroom to pee] LETS MEE HALPS U WIF UR LITTER BAWKS
    [3:40:46 PM] Jeffersonian: [goes into bathroom to pee] I CLAIM THIS CHAIR IN THE NAME OF BAST
    [3:41:18 PM] SMLE Fan: "if nawt for sits, why is made of warms?"

    [5:29:55 PM] SMLE Fan: http://arstechnica.com/science/2017/01/spacex-is-free-to-fly-will-attempt-a-launch-monday-from-california/
    [5:30:51 PM] Jeffersonian: LICENSE!??!?! F*** YOUR F***ING LICENSE
    [5:30:59 PM] SMLE Fan: INDEED
    [5:31:05 PM] Jeffersonian: win Powerball
    [5:31:12 PM] Jeffersonian: buy small central Pacific island nation
    [5:31:18 PM] Jeffersonian: relocate entire population
    [5:31:21 PM] Jeffersonian: declare independence
    [5:31:24 PM] Jeffersonian: F*** NA$A
    [5:32:01 PM] Jeffersonian: YYYEEEEESSSSSS
    [5:34:02 PM] Jeffersonian: partner with Bigelow Aerospace to build the first hotel/casino/resort in orbit
    [5:34:13 PM] Jeffersonian: [maker of inflatable habitats, one of which is on ISS]
    [5:36:08 PM] SMLE Fan: and on the second island, a 10,000 foot runway surrounded by cow pastures, wheat fields, tomato plants, and a pot farm: we'll have planeloads of ppl flying in to get zonked and munch out on the pizza.....FOREVER WEALTH
    [5:36:25 PM] Jeffersonian: need pig farms
    [5:36:27 PM] Jeffersonian: for the BACON
    [5:36:31 PM] Jeffersonian: and pizza sausage
    [5:36:53 PM] Jeffersonian: pepperoni
    [5:36:54 PM] Jeffersonian: etc
    [5:37:13 PM] SMLE Fan: INDEED....with surveillance cameras to record, for blackmail purposes, each and every muslim that partakes
    [5:37:52 PM] Jeffersonian: hang bacon strips over the arrival gate like mistletoe
    [5:38:31 PM] SMLE Fan: waste of bacon, which should be the only Capital crime on the books
    [5:38:54 PM] Jeffersonian: strategic deployment
    [5:39:17 PM] Jeffersonian: or just have platters of freshly cooked bacon to hand out, like other places do flower necklaces
    [5:39:28 PM] Jeffersonian: the scent alone should deter the enemy
    [5:39:34 PM] SMLE Fan: of course, hanging entire slabs as part of the curing process would be perfectly acceptable
    [5:40:15 PM] SMLE Fan: we could even put up a shrine, complete with bacon-scented votive candles....

    4953 Monday, 9 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Tell me again how I'm "Islamophobic" or "racist" for opposing immigration.


    Remember, peasant, you're not paying "your fair share".

    "Leftist Hollywood elites along with Democrats who continue to bemoan the election results need to come to grips with the fact that Americans rejected what they were selling." But they won't. They'll force us to buy it at government gunpoint.

    Which segues to:

  • "Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"OH. WAIT.
  • Tell me again how you're all "community heroes".
  • Boycott Best Buy and Geek Squad and don't you pigs dare get upset when we call you Gestapo.

    In Lighter News

    All those big-budget ivory-tower Hollywood-elitist hit-pieces and we complain our side never does anything in response?

    SpaceX launch, scheduled for this morning, postponed.

    Frankly I was disappointed at the lack of imagination displayed by the prop designers for Rogue One. Which I said based on the trailers, before I even saw it.

    4954 Tuesday, 10 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Hiked three miles and back in the (melting) snow (translation) to get signed up for Goodwill Jobs Connection.
    With bad shoes on bad feet.
    And I'll probably get no offers above pushing brooms.
    I have many skills and much knowledge. I should be making a grand a week, not less than that a month, most of which goes- went- back into operating costs.
    F***ing credentialism.
    And for the record, I do not own or operate a motorcycle. But that sure looks like how my world works.
    And as if on cue.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Many times I've observed how the envirofascists won't be happy until everyone but them is living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and freezing to death in the dark.

    "Tolerant and Inclusive"

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    On occasion I've asked how the anti-self-defense perverts can live with themselves. Apparently some of them can't.

    Constitutional Carry setback in Texas.


  • I see shooting dogs isn't enough for some of these costumed sadists. What order would you monsters not obey?
  • What are we paying you blue-gloved kleptomaniacal toddler-rapists for?
  • Tell me again how police will never come to our doors to confiscate our guns.
  • Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in Utah, again.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines military officers.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan posts another video of his giant fluffy Viking berserker kitteh.

    4955 Wednesday, 11 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    About rather more than a decimeter of snow.

    The whole stupid commie-hippie town is shut down.
    Not that I have a job to go to, or a car I can get there in.

    You and me both, kitty.


    I've said a "NO GUNS" sign is the moral equivalent to one that says "NO BLACKS" or "NO JEWS" or "NO GAYS". It should also be treated as evidence of accessory to murder.

    As if on cue, Harbor Beach, MI, discriminates against city employees who are Jews, blacks, or gaysOH. WAIT.

    On the other end of the equation, explain in small words how the people behind this motion picture are morally different from the people behind this motion picture. Falsely singling out a particular ethnic group for ridicule and demonization, for the societal benefit of another, through the mechanism of "entertainment".

    The state of Illinois has a foster parent program but doesn't want the foster parents to actually protect the foster children. That's really sick.

    All we ever wanted was to be left alone and all they want is to exterminate anyone who doesn't think exactly like them.

    But remember, peasant, real socialism has never been tried!


    Let's hope he remembers what we hired him for.

  • Here in Occupied Oregon, as noted before, we have actual mentally-ill-on-mind-altering-drugs psychotic bigots dictating terms to sane, healthy people. At government gunpoint. What "law" would you not enforce? What order would you not obey?
  • 93 percent of officers fear for their safety while on the job. How do we reach the other seven percent?

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry progress in New Hampshire, where the anti-self-defense perverts have blocked or vetoed it a couple times already.

    Attempting to repeal self-defense-free massacre zones in Wyoming. ...Which restricts Constitutional Carry to state residents and is probably under a decameter of snow about now.

    Growing new teeth. Working on it. Faster please.

    4956 Thursday, 12 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Hey look! Immigrants Contributing to Society! (But not necessarily so in Switzerland.)

    Hey look! Yet more fake news! To which dot connect, "You know, the party of perversion really has no boundaries." They believe their own delusions and call us liars.

    Hey look! Eighteen years of fake data! But remember, peasant, the "science" is settled!

    Hey look! Yet another FAKE HATE CRIME! And how does that make me "racist"?


    Hey, with the Usurper finally leaving, can we finally get .22LR on the shelves again? ...Or will the "tolerant", "inclusive" moonbats fly a plane into the inauguration and plunge us into bloody civil war?

  • Michael G. sends, "You mean to tell us due process is consistent with a government official submitting perjured testimony and false evidence?" "Not even the unstable freaks of the Ninth Circuit are willing to swallow that one." Yet it seems to be standard operating procedure nonetheless.

    In Lighter News

    The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is linked on my front page and I get their email alerts, but like too many other state organizations, they don't make those alerts easily linkable or keep an up-to-date archive of them on their website. Their latest one showed up on Ammoland though, about their continuing effort to restore the preexisting, natural human right we nowadays call Constitutional Carry.

    Incremental action in Florida. Awakening.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [2:58:06 PM] Jeffersonian: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/01/12/imperial-war-museum-london-part/
    [3:01:04 PM] SMLE Fan: and what is that I see behind the Lewis Gun? :D
    [3:03:09 PM] SMLE Fan: [deplanes at Heathrow] Yes, I want to visit the various Imperial War Museums
    [3:04:19 PM] SMLE Fan: Customs Official: "Wait. Yer the bloke that tried to get into Bovington, aren't you? Sorry mate, turn yer arse around and go back to America. It took weeks to get the snow leopards out of the Tiger exhibit."

    4957 Friday, 13 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    "...[It] will surely rank as one of the most jaw-droppingly out-of-touch statements of 2017... and we're not even halfway through January."

    Speaking of the violently psychotic, "They promised lower health insurance premiums, but delivered higher ones. They promised more choice and competition, but delivered less. They promised continuity and better access to care, but delivered disruption and dislocation."

    But some people still really believe Obama will BRING PEACE TO THE WHOLE WORLD.

    "What better advertisement could the Campaign to Re-Elect Trump possibly have?"

    Speaking also of psychosis, "So far, the real outrages seem to be generated by a press which has deserted anything remotely like principle."

    Speaking also of psychosis, please explain, in small words, how just one more "law" would prevent this sort of thing. The assailant broke how many "laws" already? Some of them dating back over a hundred years? But just one more will magically turn him into a kind and peaceful citizen?

    Michael G. sends the YouTube censorship o' the Day.

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • What "law" would you not enforce? What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News

    A potential for long-overdue and precedent-setting accountability in Missouri. Which got Constitutional Carry twelve days ago.

    Speaking of Missouri.

    The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is the best close-support aircraft of all time, and its use has saved the lives of probably thousands of American and allied fighting men, in exactly the kinds of combat environments we've been dealing with for twenty-odd years and can expect for the next generation or so. Naturally some bureaucrats want to scrap them all. But not yet.

    Okay, so there is modern 3-Gun. And there's Cowboy Action, limited to designs introduced before 1898 or thenabouts. And in a much smaller niche there are vintage Prohibition-gangster-era-style Zoot Shooters. Ian McCollum has done a series of videos on the Bergmann firearms of the 1890s and that got me thinking about Steampunk 3-Gun. Which no one will ever be able to afford to do, because the cutoff date will be 1899, limited to European designs and specifically excluding the Luger Parabellum (adopted by Switzerland in its recognizable form in 1900) and the C96 Mauser, for being too common and recognizable. So what would the rifle and shotgun be, in that sport? We'd have to leave the Browning designs out as well because several of them from that period are still in (re)production and just wouldn't "fit" in the spirit of the game.

    4958 Saturday, 14 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Don't worry, sportsmen, all these restrictions and regulations and prohibitions only affect those stupid gun nuts and their "eee-vill mankillers" and will have nothing to do with hunting.

    So the other day I pondered whether the "tolerant", "inclusive" crowd would fly a plane into the Inauguration and plunge us into bloody civil war. Tucson Tom, benevolent donor of the Queen, sends, maybe the Usurper will just plunge us into some other kind of war instead. And how will that be Trump's fault, or George W. Bush's, or mine?

    The next time someone objects to calling the National Socialists "socialist"....

    Reparations for slaveryOH. WAIT.

  • "The Imperial government, then under President Franklin Roosevelt, held that the Congress has the ability to regulate the growing of a crop on private land for personal use. The result of this is that the Commerce Clause of the Constitution exploded to cover any damn thing that Congress can possibly shoehorn into that definition." And now we have grenades thrown in babies' faces by "community heroes".
  • Speaking of burning children, "Remember last time the ATF was up for dissolution? That was in 1993."
  • "A sheriff’s deputy in Houston has lost his job and stands accused of multiple charges after investigators accused him of several sexual offenses on Friday." And his union will fight for him to keep his tax-funded pension.
  • "A man in Oklahoma is hoping to change the law after he has to continue to pay child support for a baby that is not his...."
  • But remember, peasant, work within the system.
  • Back here I predicted police would be standing around watching while synagogues burned, so as not to offend Muslim immigrant rape-murder-arson gangs, and Michael G. sends I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • Suppose a state governor prohibited the possession of a Koran by Muslim employees of the state government while on state property. What would that look like?
  • So I'm reading the November/December 1986 issue of American Handgunner and on page 19 I see this:

    and my first thought is, that poor guy hiding behind the corner is about to get murdered by his own government and the advertisement is to train him to survive the attack.

    When I see a cop, I see a liar, a thief, a rapist, a murderer, a predator, an enemy. And that's no one's fault but theirs.

    In Lighter News


    Constitutional Carry action in Minnesota.

    Campus carry action in Florida.

    Counterattack in Occupied Colorado.

    The Hearing Protection Act. Let's shove a knife deep into the guts of the National Firearms Act of 1934. And twist.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    4959 Sunday, 15 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    IT WILL ALL COME CRASHING DOWN AND PART OF ME WISHES IT WOULD. It would simplify my existence, though probably not ease it....

    "...[A] long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism...." If you're not furious you're not paying attention.

  • Which segues to the pointed questions o' the day.
  • So the place where Britain used to be has practically banned all legal private ownership of firearms for non-criminal subjects. As we predicted, every time it's been tried, their crime rates went up and the police are hiding it when they're not apparently getting a percentage.
  • But don't worry, peasant, that could never happen here.
  • Hey look! German police state! Again!
  • But the pigs here still get upset when we call them "Gestapo".

    In Lighter News

    1911 field-repair tip o' the day?

    New FluffyTux video. Because the internet needs more cat videos.

    4960 Monday, 16 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Well here is some sad news and also f***-NA$A-get-out-of-the-way.

    Here is your ignorant psychotic gibberish o' the day.

    But they call us "clowns".

    Remember, peasant, you're not paying "your" "fair" "share".


    Gosh I wonder where these "poor misguided youths" could have got such an idea.

    But they call us "terrorists".

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    Immigrants! Contributing! To Society!

    But the GOPe is doing what for us?

  • Remember, peasant, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
  • Hey remember how the "Environmental" "Protection" Agency murdered an entire river in Colorado? They investigated themselves and found no evidence of wrongdoing. I'm reminded again of the EPA subplot in John Ross' infamous anti-government novel Unintended Consequences....

    In Lighter News


    Job fair at a big Goodwill store Wednesday. Gods, how I hate taking the bus. But the shoes are falling apart again and the family arthritis is catching up with the feet in them.

    4961 Tuesday, 17 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Hey yet another ice storm. Which might shut down buses and such and maybe even cancel the Goodwill job fair I was planning to attend tomorrow.
    Meanwhile the internet and electric bills should be showing up soon and I already don't have enough for rent.
    Maybe if I dump a couple derelict cars for scrap. And maybe that won't be enough either.

    Hey I know, let's put unaccountable government bureaucrats in charge of the economy! What could possibly go wrong?

    Hey what if demographic warfare is not a paranoid conspiracy theory?

    And these are the kind of people who want more of it.

    Government-school teacher openly mocks Jewish studentOH. WAIT.

    But they call us "racist".

    And they call us "nuts".

    Speaking of people disconnected from reality, looking at the YouTube front page, I see the NBC channel posting videos like "Obama's farewell speech", "Obama's last trip on Air Force One", "Michelle's last $8M tax-funded vacation", "Obama's last bowel movement in the White House" but they get upset when we call them biased.

    Kansas got Constitutional Carry last year but some sick anti-self-defense perverts still want to keep their massacre-facilitation zones.

    Which segues to:

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines violent psychotic totalitarian bigots. And it's not like we didn't warn them.

    Which segues to:

  • So all this tax money has been spent outfitting police with body cameras, to "increase public confidence in law enforcement" and "provide transparency and accountability" and now they're "prohibited" from wearing them? What the flying monkey-f*** Orwellian triple-think is that?

    In Lighter News

    4962 Wednesday, 18 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    And now the hovel's rent will (in May) increase
    from $450 to $600. Meanwhile this month's, which I don't have,
    is to include "quarterly" utilities for an additional hundred-elebenty-something.
    I can't stay here and I have nowhere to go and no way to get there.

    I did make it to the job fair though,
    and filled out an application for a driving job
    for one of those medical-assistance shuttle outfits.
    Dunno if that will amount to anything.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"OH. WAIT.

    Half a century ago, Ayn Rand went to the Ivy Leagues and said, "It was not the tycoons of big business, it was not the working classes, it was the intellectuals who reversed the trend toward political freedom and revived the doctrines of the absolute State, of totalitarian government rule, of the government's right to control the lives of the citizens in any manner it pleases. This time, it was not in the name of the 'divine right of kings,' but in the name of the divine right of the masses. The basic principle was the same: the right to enforce at the point of a gun the moral doctrines of whoever happens to seize control of the machinery of government." They appear to have taken it as a challenge.

    I've said that Japan has never been a free country. It's been observed that the Japanese government and school system is actively censoring the history of the war.

    Speaking of historical revisionism, Michael G. sends, one of the architects of the Iran nuclear deal is appointed to the Holocaust Memorial Council. The word "Orwellian" seems inadequate.

    Blood Libel o' the Day from Minnesota's Old Media.

    But they call us "intolerant".

    And "astroturf" too.


    In Lighter News

    Ongoing Constitutional Carry action in New Hampshire. Push it through this time. Over the anti-self-defense perverts' dead veto.

    4963 Thursday, 19 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Electric bill, $103.51.
    That leaves quite a bit less than $300 in the bank.
    Rent plus utilities will be $567.85.
    I still have no income.

    Not that I really want to reenter the workforce with this kind of corporate mentality.

    I was born in the wrong century. Instead of an age of exploration and colonization - either before or after the advent of spaceflight - when men could make their own way and be left the hell alone to do it, I got the Prophet Heinlein's Crazy Years.

    Speaking of not being left alone, what's the difference between communism and fascism? Not much. But the communists keep calling us fascists for the "crime" of wanting to be left alone.

    Speaking of socialists, National or otherwise, hey look they're out to exterminate the Jews again. But Old Media, if they cover it at all, is going to blame it on My Side, the people urging the Jews to arm and train themselves for self-defense...?

    I've said, anyone who still supports Obamacare or its namesake, is ignorant, insane, or evil.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Michael G. sends more of the usual Blood Libel. It's not Republican NRA members with concealed carry licenses murdering 700 of each other every year in Chicago. Violating our rights and stealing our property isn't going to stop it.

    Student group sues after members arrested for handing out copies of Constitution. "[Kellogg Community College administrator Drew] Hutchinson allegedly told the [Young Americans for Liberty] members that asking passing students if they liked freedom and liberty was a 'provocative' question." And that's all I need to know about college and the cops who showed up to rob and kidnap them at implied-or-actual government gunpoint. There is no order they would not obey.

    Which segues to:

  • "...Canadians have the joy of a law enforcement agency that manufactures criminal law as it pleases and then forces those laws down our collective throats...."
  • And how has any cop, of any kind, at any level, anywhere in the world, ever been any different? The invention of police and all associated authorities and procedures and mechanisms is one of the most horrible mistakes in human history.
  • All Jews must register with local authorities and wear special patches on their clothesI'M NOT SEEING A LOT OF MORAL DIFFERENCE.
  • Anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to be executed in righteous and logical self-defense no matter what costume it's wearing.

    In Lighter News

    National concealed carry reciprocity. Increments.

    Suppressor reform. Increments. The enemies of human liberty have been tightening the ratchet a click at a time for generations. Loosening it the same way isn't exciting but it might actually work.

    4964 Friday, 20 January 2017:



    The World Sucks

    But I still don't have the rent money.

    "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"WRONG AGAIN PEASANT

    "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State"NOPE NOT THAT ONE EITHER

    "Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States...."

    My side isn't the one fantasizing out loud about assassinating the President of the United States of America. Not even when we had so much cause.

    “I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun in the commonwealth of Virginia,” Wiles wrote. “However, because I am a Virginia Tech student, I am prohibited from carrying at school because of Virginia Tech’s student policy...” And how did that work out? AND HOW IS IT MY FAULT?

    Hey remember when the National Socialists and the Marxist Socialists were both encouraging children to turn their parents in to the government for unapproved speech or politics? That could never happen again... RIGHT?

    Not unrelated, the left condemns as "anti-intellectual" one of the pioneers of modern computing. And that condemnation is being transmitted over what devices and mediums?

    Hey remember how the left waged regulatory war on Christianity, demanding a complete separation between religion and all educational institutions, especially those funded with taxes or otherwise being public entities?

    So a few moons ago I quit reading XKCD for "global" "warming" cultism and now it looks like I'll drop Savage Chickens from my webcomictrawl. Because contrary to psychotic brainswashed bigoted belief, the world did not end at noon Eastern Time today. (Reckon I'll keep this one for a while though.)

  • "...[O]perating a culture whereby the use of excessive force is encouraged." How many times have I said they like to hurt people and that's why they become cops?
  • "What if the State Police could block ALL firearms sales by simply refusing to give a definitive answer [to a background check denial]?" Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and "there's no conspiracy to take my guns".
  • "If you must ask permission of the federal government before you can defend your life, your liberty, your property, you are not free. You are a slave."
  • What if the "Pizzagate" government child sex slavery scandal is not a paranoid conspiracy theory? "Why hasn't any investigation taken place?" Are the serial child-rapists with badges getting a percentage, AGAIN?

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in Alabama. Mississippi next door already has it. "Be aware that the 'Boss Hogg' sheriffs and sheriff’s association in Alabama will fight this since it potentially infringes on a constant stream of dollars to the coffers of law enforcement to buy their nice Dodge Chargers, comms gear and machine guns." Because "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment"?

    There was nothing in Trump's inaugural address that really alarmed me, though I was disappointed, but not surprised, to hear that he would be continuing Prohibition. We know he's not a libertarian, but he's not Hillary and he's not Obama and that's going to have to do.

    Speaking of Trump and the Second Amendment, let's make even more snowflakes melt.

    On the way to the job fair Wednesday I stopped at the library to print some resumes, and to pick up a book on hold, Eric Flint's 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught. Just a couple weeks ago I gave up on another installment in the 1632verse, The Wars for the Rhine, for the David Weber-esque clutter, but this one has airship combat and holds the attention more firmly.

    4965 Saturday, 21 January 2017:



    The World Sucks

    Violently insane bigots. But they call us "nuts". Them folks right there is why I own guns. And train and practice with them.

    Every twenty or thirty years the envirofascists switch from "global" "warming" to ice ages. The one and only "solution" they ever offer is to force, at government gunpoint, everyone but them to live in caves, wear grass skirts, and die of the common cold at age forty.

    Speaking of being disconnected from reality, the last eight years of economic downturns, unemployment, multiplying national debt, massive welfare fraud, hundreds of millions of tax dollars given to state sponsors of terrorism and their nuclear weapons programs, drone strikes, releasing terrorists from Guantanamo, unwarranted surveillance of American citizens, unchecked illegal immigration, and violent crimes committed by those illegal immigrants, will cease to exist in the minds of the EBT-swipers, and in their twisted fantasy worlds, no time at all will have passed between George Doubleyou Bush leaving office and Donald J. Trump's inauguration and every bad thing in the history of the entire world will be the fault of white male heterosexual conservatives, the Christian faith, and the Republican party.

    Oh, and the Russians too.

    How long until Sudden Social Justice Syndrome leads to vehicular attacks on anyone wearing a red baseball cap? Molotovs thrown at any car with a Trump sticker or even an American flag? You remember I predicted that.

    In support of which, "Authorized Journalists". It's not paranoia if there really is a concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything. "...[S]ometimes, the comment section is the only thing keeping it honest. Which is why more and more 'legitimate' news sites are getting rid of them."

  • "A police officer had just testified under oath that he perjured himself in service to a city government and a mysterious, far-away corporation whose officers probably earn many times his salary." "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • "When you announce you will prosecute people in bad faith for accidentally displaying a firearm...." "Protect and Serve" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    Secretary of Defense James by-God Mattis.

    On some YouTube videos I'm seeing a new Miller Beer ad, only six seconds long, which simply shows the product and says "Welcome to the High Life." I've only been seeing that one since the inauguration. I don't drink beer but if I did I think I'd buy Miller.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    4966 Sunday, 22 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Still no income.
    Running out of time.

    I see Wikipedia's "In the news" section is getting its Goebbels on, and maybe its Baghdad Bob too.

    By which I mean, remember when the left was all about defending free speech and exchanging alternative points of view?

    Tell me again how "dissent is patriotic".

    And then shut up and go away.

    This is the kind of person who opposes the idea of an American President putting America First.

    Tell me about any place in the real world where socialism has led to anything other than mass starvation and mass murder.

  • Hey tell me again how only police can be trusted with guns. Tell me again how "no one is above the law".

    In Lighter News

    4967 Monday, 23 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Hey you know how the left accuses us of violently suppressing free speech?

    And how they also accuse us of wanting to bring back slavery?

    Tell me again how Immigrants Contribute to Society.

    But rememeber, peasant, capitalism is eee-vill and real socialism has never been tried.

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Because they have all that training.
  • "[Senator Lou] D’Allesandro [D-Manchester] said [New Hampshire]’s police chiefs oppose the change [to Constitutional Carry]" because "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment"? HEY QUICK WHAT'S NEW HAMPSHIRE'S STATE MOTTO AND WHAT OATH DID D'ALLESANDRO SWEAR?

    In Lighter News


    NFA action in Iowa.

    Constitutional Carry action in Tennessee, again.

    Multiple actions in Arizona, which Bloomberg attacked heavily last year.

    FIRST PROMISE KEPT? So off the YouTube front page I saw a live streamed White House press conference. Never thought I'd click on such a thing, eh? (Friday, also streamed on YouTube, I believe was the first Inauguration I ever deliberately watched in my life. Certainly the first since the Internet-as-we-know-it.) Made the presstitutes wait a quarter hour past the stated time - some CNN sockpuppet was complaining about a door, an actual physical door, being closed, through which they used to go to get their softball questions handed to them by a deputy press secretary. Previously I read that PRESIDENT TRUMP (HAH!) issued an Executive Order to freeze regulations and to prevent enforcement of Obamacare penalties. Sean Spicer gets up there and announces Trump had a breakfast with a bunch of CEOs (including ELON MUSK) to "put America first" in manufacturing and jobs. Trump withdraws from TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership trade thingy which gave preferential treatment to foreign sweatshops over American workers. Possibility of likewise withdrawing from NAFTA. Trump talking with Congress for funding to build the border wall. Trump reinstates a policy of not sending our tax dollars to fund abortions or forced sterilizations overseas. White House opens four "Skype seats" for journalists "outside the beltway". After decades of Old Media and their psychotic swallowers lying to me and insulting me and fomenting violence against me and all my friends and everything we believe in, IT WAS WORTH VOTING FOR TRUMP JUST TO WATCH ALL THE HATE-FILLED VENOM-SPEWING BRAINWASHED MOONBAT BIGOTS MELTING DOWN. “Look, if Hitler and Hillary were on opposite sides on the same ballot, I'd have to say, 'Well, I'm only a quarter Jewish; how bad could Hitler be?'”

    Speaking of Goebbels and Baghdad Bob, some moons ago blogbrother SMLE Fan alerted me to InfoGalactic, a less-blatantly-biased alternative to Wikipedia. Looks like they have their own news section on their front page finally.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [1:09:09 PM] Jeffersonian: MOAR SNOWFLAKES MELTING BU-WA-HA-HAA
    [1:10:55 PM] SMLE Fan: the shrieking is wonderful
    [1:11:10 PM] Jeffersonian: I DON'T CARE IF WE ELECTED THE NEXT HITLER
    [1:11:12 PM] Jeffersonian: WORTH IT
    [1:11:57 PM] SMLE Fan: although, considering all the crap, I'd feel better if he was actually, you know, Hitler
    [1:12:33 PM] SMLE Fan: but these guys (the Dems) have been pulling that card since FDR's third term
    [1:23:13 PM] SMLE Fan: "At the conclusion of his first full day in office, President Trump will dine on barbequed dead babies washed down with the tears of his enemies"
    [1:23:34 PM] Jeffersonian: "and will also remove the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the White House"
    [1:24:46 PM] SMLE Fan: "afterwards, he will be meeting with SecDef Mattis to discuss the best way to implant Zyklon B cannisters in the Congressional Democratic Caucus"
    [1:25:34 PM] Jeffersonian: "Followed by a meeting with the Department of Energy on how best to install death rays along the southern border"

    4968 Tuesday, 24 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Hiked six miles round trip to Goodwill Job Connection.
    Because bus fare is $2.50 one way.

    Stopped at an FFL pawn shop on the way, dropped resumes.
    It would be nice to work with something I actually like for a change.

    Got to Goodwill, filled out an application for a cashier job.

    Seriously folks, I need about $330 to make rent.
    Please help.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Burn the colleges....

    "That awkward moment, when self-proclaimed 'feminists' in Germany embrace the most patriarchal, misogynistic, anti-woman belief system on the planet."

    Timely Perspective o' the Day.

    So I was talking to a guy today and I expressed my concern at the rising violence from the left. In yesterday's rant, among other examples, I linked the man who had his ear bitten off by an anti-Trump illegal immigrant and he said he hadn't heard of it. Well of course he hadn't. No one is supposed to be allowed to hear of such things... and too many, especially in this enemy-occupied state and city, don't want to.

    F***ing Old Media. They really believe all the crowd numbers are fake, all the slanders are true, all the cheers and applause for Trump are regime plants, because that's what they would have done, what their Usurper Messiah did, what they've been aiding and abetting for the last eight years and more. Almost belongs in Lighter News to see Sean Spicer weilding the whip-and-chair. The pendulum is swinging and we're not the ones who gave it a great big shove. All we want is to be left alone.

    Not unrelated, and I repeat, it is not Republican, Trump-supporting, America-loving NRA members with concealed carry permits slaughtering each other wholesale in Chicago and banning or restricting or stealing my guns isn't going to stop it.

    But they call us "racist".

    Occupied Maryland....

  • Hey look yet another child pornographer with a badge.
  • But remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • Let me get this straight: Cops commit blatant Fourth Amendment violations every day, from the usual armed highway robbery in costume to taking blood samples at implied government gunpoint, on the one hand; and on the other, county sheriffs declare “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants who are widely documented to commit assault, robbery, rape, murder, and a variety of other actual crimes those same cops evidently have no interest in combatting. “Protect and Serve” WHO? Yeah tell me again how “the sheeeeeriffs will saaaaave us”.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in South Dakota. There's already another effort in the North.

    Another effort in Montana as well, which already has it outside city limits.

    Ongoing counterattack in Occupied Colorado.

    Campus Carry action in Kansas. Which already has Constitutional Carry, making massacres less likely everywhere but campus.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines regime change. "...[N]obody in history has worked to galvanize the right the way Obama did." One can be excused for wondering if it was on purpose.

    As the pendulum continues to swing, the comeback of the decade.

    If you're ever in Shreveport....

    "Global" "Warming" MY ASS

    4969 Wednesday, 25 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."


    Hey remember when Barack Hussein Obama was complaining about George Doubleyou Bush issuing so many Executive Orders? Oh but it's okay when a racist Marxist usurper does it against those stupid gun-nut rednecks.

    Isn't it?

    And the GOP Establishment is doing what for us?

    Occupied California enters the unhinged death spiral. Abandon state. I know, I'm still stuck here in Occupied Oregon (nobody in this town wants to hire a 49-year-old white man) but if you can get out, run for your life.

    In Occupied Colorado, "'Progressives' would rather see children die in terror and agony as the 'adults' in charge can't even protect themselves."

    But they call us "violent".

    As usual, Old Media completely and deliberately misreports a self-defense and public-defense incident. It is as though they had some kind of agenda.

    Which segues to:

  • Michael G. sends the Topical Unstable Bigots in Black Robes o' the Day: "The implications were clear: Even lawful gun owners are by definition 'dangerous' and can be broadly treated as such by the state." And how is that any different from how the National Socialists viewed the Jews? Or the Turks viewed the Armenians? Or Stalin viewed the Ukrainians? Or the governor of Oregon views Oregonians?
  • The kitten-stomping baby-burning sociopaths of BATFE keep making up new "laws". And there are always plenty of sadistic thugs applying for the job of enforcing them.
  • Lemme get this straight: Unaccountable bureaucrats in government-run schools and Child Services departments can kidnap, at hired government gunpoint, healthy and happy children from loving parents for having the wrong political ideology, but actual documented child abuse is allowed to continue unchecked?
  • What are we paying you pigs for?
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"OH. WAIT.
  • And as for the armed highway robbery in costume I mentioned yesterday. Thieves should be killed no matter what costume they're wearing.

    In Lighter News



    The beginning of housecleaning at Veterans Affairs?

    A petition to repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934. That would be the one that led to Vicky Weaver getting shot in the head by Lon Horiuchi, while she was unarmed and holding her infant daughter in her arms. It's not the Usurper in office anymore.

    Codrea examines the NRA board elections.

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan has the F*** NA$A GET OUT OF THE WAY o' the Day.

    4970 Thursday, 26 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Another job fair today.
    Signed up with a temp agency for
    assembly and production like I used to do.
    Drug test tomorrow. >:-[
    Bus fare will be $5 a day.
    More bills coming and still no income at all.

    White Republican NRA members shoot six people including 12-year-old girl at gun show

    But they call us "violent".

    Hey, what if Pizzagate is not a paranoid conspiracy theory?


    Immigrants! Contributing! To Society!

    In related news, Germany's national suicide accelerates.

  • It bears constant repetition that "law"makers are deliberately, wilfully, staggeringly ignorant. But they force their delusions down our throats at the point of a GOVERNMENT gun.
  • That's the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.
  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.
  • "...[T]he mere presence of a gun was no excuse for having detained him" but the sadistic power-perverted pigs did it anyway and expect to get away with it.
  • "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governedOH. WAIT.

    In Lighter News


    I do wish Texas would get Constitutional Carry. National concealed carry reciprocity would be an increment toward restoring that natural and preexisting state of affairs. The enemy has been incrementing our rights away for generations. We can get them back the same way, passing some law one year, amending it the next.

    4971 Friday, 27 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Trekked across town (another five dollars gone) to the temp service
    to complete the signup procedure.
    No assignments yet.
    Some of them might be things I can't physically do anymore.
    And I'm still trapped in a place that
    hates me and wants me to die


    And the GOPE keeps inviting more of it.

    In related news, Michael G. sends The Campaign to Re-Elect President Donald J. Trump.

  • Hey all those books and movies and TV shows about totalitarian dystopias were just stories... RIGHT?
  • "A city or other local government entity with self-governing powers is prohibited by Montana state law from enforcing a local regulation or ordinance requiring background checks on firearm sales or transfers within its borders" but the pigs keep doing it at government gunpoint anyway. (Adding Montana Shooting Sports Association to my front and links pages. Alas they don't seem to have a non-membership email alert list I can subscribe to.)

    In Lighter News

    I must reluctantly and with many a caveat concede that there are some legitimate law enforcement functions which are beneficial to society. But they spend most of their time preying on the rest of us instead.

    All the lies and slander and blood libel from Old Media and the entertainment industry and we complain that Our Side never does anything in response?

    Codrea continues examining the NRA board elections.

    Constitutional Carry action in New Hampshire Wednesday.

    Action on the secondary front in Georgia. I demand jail time or a noose for any costumed sadist who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife.

    I also demand the same treatment for any costumed thug who ever enforced any "law" prohibiting the natural human right of self-defense. I am reminded to update the status of Constitutional Carry among the states:
    1791 Vermont
    1991 Montana (outside city limits)
    1996 (2013?) Oklahoma (provable, eligible residents of Constitutional Carry states may carry without license)
    2003 Alaska
    2007 Texas (vehicle carry unlicensed - 2016, open carry with concealed permit)
    2010 Arizona
    2011 Wyoming (state residents only)
    2013 Arkansas (disputed)
    2013 New Hampshire (unloaded carry, separate loaded magazine)
    2015 Puerto Rico (disputed)
    2015 Kansas
    2015 Maine
    2015(?) New Mexico (unloaded carry, separate loaded magazine; vehicle carry unlicensed)
    2016 West Virginia
    2016 Idaho (state residents only)
    2016 Mississippi
    2017 Missouri

    4972 Saturday, 28 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Nobody wants to hire a 49-year-old white man....

    Paid, fake activists in Florida. But they call us "astroturf".

    And, as always, "racist".

    But remember, you disgusting homophobic misogynist fascist inbred rednecks in flyover country, Democrats are the party for the little people.

    Just across the river in Occupied Washington, "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed"OH. WAIT.

    In Lighter News

    Just last night I updated my list of Constitutional Carry states and there is action in Idaho to restore that natural human right to all citizens, not just state residents.

    Likewise, continuing action in New Hampshire. Over their dead veto.

    More action on the secondary front in Occupied Colorado and every time I see such a news item I will repeat my demand for jail time or a noose for any lying, thieving, sadistic costumed thug who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife. Adding AKTI to my front and links pages.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    4973 Sunday, 29 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Radio news - so President Trump issues an executive order banning entry to the United States by people from certain countries (Saudi Arabia notably not included) known to be sources of terrorists and rape gangs. And, just like nationally-suicidal Germany and Sweden, there are crowds of deranged imbeciles chanting "Let Them In!" ...To rape and murder the people inviting them. And then some politician in Boston OF ALL PLACES joins the herd of proverbial lemmings.

    And those same violent bigots really believe the military will obey orders to turn their weapons on their own friends and families. I've never served in the military but I know people who have and presently are, and they're on my side.

    In Lighter News

    Still need approximately $330 for rent.
    Please help.

    4974 Monday, 30 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    Finally a job offer, assembly/production stuff tomorrow morning.
    Five dollars a day on public transit,
    then a lag before the paychecks start coming.
    Need rent money now.
    Food's starting to run out too.

    Michael G. sends the gullible morons o' the day. Not the first time that's happened. But they accuse us of "fake news". And as eyewitness reports of the usual "Allahu Akbar" come out, we can expect the whole thing to be swept under the Old Media rug....

    ...While the violently deranged bigots keep chanting "LET THEM IN" and blaming all that violence on me.

    Burn the government schools, Chapter MMMMCMLXXIV.

  • 'Does being on “public property” create a “compelling state interest” necessitating citizen disarmament?' Well does it?
  • Directly related, there are no good guys in this conflict. Can't they both lose?
  • But remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
  • Tell me again how "no one is above the law".

    In Lighter News

    4975 Tuesday, 31 January 2017:

    The World Sucks

    So here I am,
    without a car,
    riding the bus to work,
    dark to dark,
    an hour and a bloody half each way,
    to build widgets
    for ten dollars an hour.

    Right where I was
    fifteen cursed years ago

    And now, with
    bus fare,
    and even more bills,
    I'll need four [three] hundred dollars
    (a very generous donation
    was waiting in my Inbox
    when I finally reached the hovel)
    to make rent.
    Which is due now.
    And my first paycheck
    isn't likely to arrive
    until the 13th at the earliest
    and even that might not be enough.

    What the f*** was I
    in a previous life?

    Meanwhile, all those EBT cards....

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    "A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the federal constitution"OH. WAIT.

    Likewise, in Olympia, WA, Thursday, "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed"OH. WAIT.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines riot control. Remember all those times white straight conservatives smashed windows and torched dumpsters and flipped cars during the Obama administrationME NEITHER.

    It's also Not My Side who actually did put people in actual concentration camps.

    And other places.

    And how many of My Kind publicly called for the assassination of the President of the United States of America over the last eight years?

    "...[D]eliberate intellectual fraud and dishonesty." But we knew that. In my fictional future history, as in the Prophet Heinlein's, teaching jobs are reserved for those who have earned Citizenship, most often through military service.

    Speaking of my fictional future history, I postulated that the Catholic Church went extinct between the Unification War and the First Interstellar War and religion in general appears to be on course for that prophecy. Aaaaaand tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".

    Any cop who tries to not be evil is branded "racist" and "extremist" and then driven out and destroyed by his "Brothers in Blue".

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in Utah and Kentucky, both Thursday.

    Speaking of which, it would appear that Arkansas' "disputed" status is no longer disputed. Hence:
    1791 Vermont
    1991 Montana (outside city limits)
    1996 (2013?) Oklahoma (provable, eligible residents of Constitutional Carry states may carry without license)
    2003 Alaska
    2007 Texas (vehicle carry unlicensed - 2016, open carry with concealed permit)
    2010 Arizona
    2011 Wyoming (state residents only)
    2013 New Hampshire (unloaded carry, separate loaded magazine)
    2015 Arkansas
    2015 Puerto Rico (disputed)
    2015 Kansas
    2015 Maine
    2015(?) New Mexico (unloaded carry, separate loaded magazine; vehicle carry unlicensed)
    2016 West Virginia
    2016 Idaho (state residents only)
    2016 Mississippi
    2017 Missouri

    In Virginia, a bill to protect people who exercise the natural human right of self-defense. It is not wholly Lighter News, that such a thing is necessary to prevent agenda-driven bigots-with-badges from destroying innocent people's lives. "Protect and Serve" WHO? Likewise, a bill to poke Big Brother in the eye. It is Lighter News that VCDL, perhaps the most effective state-level RKBA organization at present, is getting GOA-style automailers and including links to them in their email alerts. More state-level outfits should do that.

    Ongoing counterattack in Occupied Colorado.

    State preemption in Pennsylvania.

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