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4731 Wednesday, 1 June 2016:

The World Sucks

"How does it honor fallen heroes to deprive the living of the very freedom they fought for?"

And speaking of veterans, they're being "cared" for by sociopathic bureaucrats who are not capable of recognizing them as human beings.

I voted for Gary Johnson last time. NOT ANYMORE.

It's not "racism" or "xenophobia" or "isolationism" if illegal immigrants really are fraudulently collecting billions of dollars of our taxes. And they all fraudulently vote for Hillary or Bernie.

Nor is it racism if the stereotype of violent, uncivilized, unproductive, parasitic, willfully-ignorant race-baiters fits.

It's not paranoia or hyperbole or Godwin if there really is a concerted and deliberate effort to suppress free speech.

Nor is it any of those things if they really are dehumanizing us as a precursor to genocide.

Tell me again how socialism guarantees equality.

Hey! What if UN soldiers really are committing widespread child rape?

  • Remember, peasant, "law" is whatever some unelected bureaucrat bigot says it is.
  • Tell me again how secret prohibition lists without due process or any avenue for redress doesn't make you Nazis.
  • When I see a cop, any cop....
  • To which dot connect, the latest government-school child-rape was committed by the daughter of yet another corrupt, sexual-predator cop.
  • As if there were any other kind. Too broad a brush, you say? Where are these mythical "good cops" cleaning their own precinct houses by getting rid of the "few bad apples"? It seems to be the other way around. Prove me wrong. I dare you.
  • In support of which, yet another example of the amoral, entitled, above-the-law mentality at taxpayer expense.

    In Lighter News

    Everything is getting worse all the time.

    4732 Thursday, 2 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    How is this not official
    government endorsement of a
    partisan political agenda?
    We're not the ones hurting people.
    We're just the ones getting
    blamed and punished for
    other people's crimes.
    When I say I must get out of this
    horrible place before it murders me,
    it's not hyperbole.
    I am surrounded by people who
    hate me and want me to die.

    Speaking of the government of Portland, they're not just brainwashing your children, they're poisoning them too. Burn the government schools. Connect these dots to the EPA murdering an entire river in Colorado and the democrat government of Flint, Michigan poisoning their entire city. Government appears to consist primarily of genocidal sociopaths.

    The colleges are populated by sick, violent, psychotic infants in adult bodies who want to force their delusions on all of us at the point of a government gun. DON'T GO TO COLLEGE.

    Speaking of psychotic, remember how in Orwell's 1984, "newspeak" was a tool to control people by changing the meanings of plain words? That was just a story... RIGHT?

    "...[S]hips that can't sail and planes that can't fly" and I no longer regret never having served in my nation's military.

    "The ex-actor, through her taxes, subsidizes the lifestyle of the actor, who admits turning down work lest she be denied the benefits." Tell me again about "people in need". Tell me again about "my" "fair" "share".

    It's not "racist" if it's true.

    It's not "Islamophobia" if they really do hate us and mean to harm us.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Philosophically related, tell me again how registering my guns would prevent a shooting massacre by people with known links to terrorism which were evidently ignored. IT'S NOT REPUBLICAN NRA MEMBERS SHOOTING UP SCHOOLS AND WORKPLACES.

    It's not paranoia if "The Daily Bruin originally reported that the shooter was a white male who was 6 feet tall."

    IT'S DISTORTION AND SLANDER and hey, remember when Nixon erased eighteen minutes of tape and how evil that was?

  • Doctors as agents of the State. What could possibly go wrong?
  • And as if on cue "The North Carolina Sheriffs' Association (NCSA) managed to slip into the bill a requirement that mental health forms be sent to Clerks of Superior Court" and considering how the media is blatantly lying and fabricating how long until some bureaucrat bigot with an agenda decides to do the same thing? Oh, and tell me again how "the sheriffs will save us" and how much "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and what I'm getting for my $500 NRA Life Membership.
  • Tell me again how it hurts cops' feelings to be called GESTAPO.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns because they have all that training. When I see a cop, any cop, anywhere, doing anything, I see a clear and present danger to my life and limb and everyone else's too.

    In Lighter News

    Finished Ring of Fire IV, beginning William R. Forstchen's Pillar to the Sky, about building an orbital elevator. The introduction, and the first couple pages, make it sound like the greedywickedselfish taxpayers' fault that Most Holy NA$A can't get anything done, hmph. I'll give it a little more but I'll probably quit and go back to that Ringo Black Tide Rising eARC.

    4733 Friday, 3 June 2016:

    The World Sucks


    GOEBBELS-IN-SKIRTS "has no remorse and therefore would undoubtedly do the same to others in the future" WHILE BLATANTLY BREAKING THE SAME "LAWS" SHE WANTS ENFORCED ON EVERYONE WHO ISN'T HURTING PEOPLE.

    Government-run schools give PAID VACATION FOR POISONING CHILDREN.

    Speaking of health, "They mean to bankrupt the health insurance industry completely, leaving people dependent on government as the sole insurer." What could possibly go wrong? See also "unfamiliar with its own regulations" and "struggling to keep up with the furious pace of its own rule making" all of which will be enforced on all of us at the point of a GOVERNMENT gun.

    Think about the kind of people who want us to be more like Europe.

    I'm quitting Forstchen's Pillar to the Sky because, despite some dot-com zillionaire taking over the project after Senator "Proxley" shot it down, he's going on and on about Brave Heroic NA$A and how their data "proves" "Global" "Warming". That's where he lost me.

    Speaking of lost, the current generation cannot even imagine how much has been lost for trivial bread-and-circuses "gain".

  • "GUN-FREE ZONE" and the "community heroes" treat the innocent bystanders like inmates at Guantanamo.
  • As for people who should be in Guantanamo, it's not "paranoia" or "racism" or "Islamophobia" if Islamic terrorists really are crossing our southern border. While the Border Patrol, on Obama's orders, LETS THEM GO.
  • Immigrants contributing to society with a gun stolen from a federal agent who has not, to my knowledge, been named.
  • Tell me again about "rigorous screening". What are we paying for here? TSA agents stick their hands down toddlers' pants but murderers get special invitations and revolving doors?
  • Warrantless searches in Philadelphia and of course "the Police Department supports the effort" to institute blanket warrantless searches of private homes. Unless they're immigrants of course, those will get left alone because the regime wouldn't want to offend anyone.
  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.
  • Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment". And you know a lot of those "destroyed" firearms are walking right out of the evidence room.

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL which is why Occupied California is trying to outlaw inert lumps of metal (see "newspeak" yesterday).

    A precedent-setting increment in New Hampshire.

    4734 Saturday, 4 June 2016:


    The World Sucks


    And "equality" too.

    Speaking of free speech.

    The envirofascists continue methodically and fraudulently destroying the economy.

    RINO backstabbing in Georgia.

    This is supposed to be kawaii but I can't help wondering how many will be "confiscated" by airport "security". See Codrea's latest column for perspective.

    Where will you be when the EBT cards Obamaphones stop working? Yes I know Cricket and Obamaphone aren't the same thing that's not the point. Where will you be when the Free Stuff stops coming and the thin veneer of civilization is peeled away from people who "haven't worked in five generations"?

  • The kitten-stomping sociopaths of BATFE keep changing the rules.
  • "Elementary school sends deputy to boy's home to warn him about sharing Bible verses" but it hurts cops' feelings to call them Nazis. Terrorizing a seven-year-old for sharing a book. WHAT ORDER WOULD YOU MONSTERS NOT OBEY?
  • Previously I reported the appearance of rebellion in Scotland, where something like 0.45% of airguns were surrendered under the new prohibition. That doesn't mean police don't deserve to be executed for crimes against humanity for enforcing that "law".
  • And lest that be considered too harsh, government is knowingly and deliberately releasing actual criminals and terrorists among us while treating us like "criminals" and "terrorists" if we object.

    In Lighter News


    CMP Garands at Lone Oak, which is 120 miles round trip. ...Sucked less. Lone Oak has actual target pits, which is why I drive so far to use them, and of which I hope to make a video soon, meaning if they have enough shooters they can put one relay in the pits to work the targets and mark your shots as you go, with big colored discs you can see from 200 yards, in an established pattern for scoring, so you don't even need a spotting scope. Thus, instead of squinting and cursing and wondering what was actually happening down there, I could make adjustments and not have nearly as much stress. 88/1X in slow-prone.

    I wish I'd got a photo of my rapid-prone stage because I think it was one of my better ones, but I would have had to take the photo through a spotting scope, not having set up my own and the match director's in use to read scores for all shooters. (Digiscoping adapter. Want. I've done it a few times freehand. One time I did it with two regular big camera tripods from the second-hand stores, one for the spotting scope and the other for the camera.) Last time, last weekend, which sucked, I had the first two in the black and the next eight high and right, sevens and sixes and fives. This time, thinking about it and using my prep period for dry practice, I got 79/0X. Without a scope I couldn't see where they all were, the rapid stages are done differently and that will be shown in the video I intend to make, but the numbers alone are hugely better than the embarrassing 68/0X I got last weekend. Must add sight-black to range bag because that was a real problem last weekend but Mr. R. let me use his today.

    This being the short course there was no rapid-sitting stage, in which I'm having real physical difficulty now with the spare tire and the family arthritis. Last was slow-standing, in which my first shot was a 0, just outside the 5 ring at 12-o'-clock, because flinch. If you know you're flinching you can at least try to do something about it. I kept plugging away and scraped 72/0X out of the other nine rounds. Total 239/1X, 79.67%, fifth of six, but useful training, and I have again confirmed there's nothing wrong with the rifle. ...Though, comparing her to my 1911 and the Rise Armament trigger in Precious, there is room for improvement. Which I can't afford, $igh. (Wait... didn't one of my readers send me some Garand trigger parts years ago? Where are they now...?) I recall Col. Cooper Making A Point of trigger quality in The Art of the Rifle.

    In these matches, on these targets, if you can keep all your shots in the black or otherwise break 90%, you'll probably win.

    4735 Sunday, 5 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends, from CNBC of all places: "M.J. Kelly, a University of Cambridge engineering professor... argued carbon dioxide should be considered the byproduct of the 'immense benefits' of a technologically advanced society. Cutting carbon, he added, could result in a dramatic reduction in the world's quality of life that would usher in mass starvation, poverty and civil strife." Aaaaaand Professor Kelly will be having his tenure revoked and his tires slashed in 3, 2, 1....

    Speaking of college, hate-filled, violent, genocidal racists accuse everyone who's not assaulting political opponents and burning neighborhoods and hacking neighboring tribes to extinction with machetes of being genocidal racists. Michael G. observes, "And their parents paid for the privilege."

    Ohhhhh yeah. Pay for that "higher" "education".

    I still don't like or trust Trump but you know, let's have some f***ing backlash for f***'s sake. There are already people calling for the extermination of whites and Republicans and Christians and NRA members, we don't have a lot to lose by swinging the damn pendulum.


    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    I am so very tempted to print out some copies of this and stick them on windshields all over this filthy commie hippie pervert town.

    ...The M1 Rifle is not perfect. Among her flaws is that the bore cannot (by traditional means) be cleaned from the breech end, risking damage to the muzzle every time (the muzzle crown, the last thing the bullet sees on its way to the target, is critical to accuracy; note other models' advertisements of "recessed target-style muzzle crown"). The gas cylinder, on which the front sight is mounted, is another actually quite serious flaw. But in her time she was the very best fighting rifle in the world, and she won the biggest war ever. She can still kill fascists today, all day.

    Finally there's a major update of the OpenShot video editor for Linux. I've been using 1.4.3, which is the one still being listed in the Software Center, but now I have 2.0.7 as a Beta release, which according to the forums fixes a lot of bugs, hopefully including the one where it crashes every time I change anything at all ever. And maybe the one where the audio and video in the same .AVI or .MP4 component file get out of synch. ...And now there's a new bug where if I use a text-over (like how I do my on-screen round-counter) a voice-over at the same time will stutter and choke. >:-[

    4736 Monday, 6 June 2016:


    The World Sucks

    WHO DEFINES MENTAL HEALTH? What could possibly go wrong?

    It's not a paranoid conpiracy theory if the government is deliberately and methodically destroying industry and brainwashing children.

    DON'T GO TO COLLEGE it will all come crashing down and there is nowhere else to run to.

    Speaking of crashing down, Psychotic Narcissist-in-Chief.

    And the genocidal monster who wants to replace him.


    HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I ASKED WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE EBT CARDS STOP WORKING? I HAVE BEEN WARNING YOU OF THIS EXACT THING FOR YEARS. Everyone who ever called me "racist", I hope you get caught in the next riot.

    In gun registration battleground Arizona, it's not hyperbole if Bloomberg really is saying out loud "I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom."

    To which dot connect Goebbels in a skirt, Chapter MMMMDCCXXXVI.

    Immigrants. Contributing to society. It's not racist if it's true.

    Which segues to:

  • "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."
  • They need to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment". Tell me again why my NRA membership dues are being spent training and supporting the same door-kicking puppy-shooting monsters who will obey orders to steal property and murder peaceable citizens if they resist.
  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "Another company turns lickspittle bootkisser? Or does this have more to do with the fact that their Mark 4 scopes have only a middling reputation and cost too much, and the gubmint is the only group stupid enough to pay $1600 for a meh AR optic? I, of course, can't afford a $1600 scope no matter what, so it's irrelevant to me aside from the philosophical issue of not supporting quisling toadies."
  • It bears repeating that "Carol was still waiting [for permission to defend her own life] 43 days later, when the man she had warned the authorities about came to her home and murdered her." "Protect and Serve" who? How do police live with themselves? Knowing so much innocent blood is on their hands?
  • "...[T]he Charlotte Mecklenburg police are still stopping people who are in the process of open carry and asking for concealed handgun permits, contrary to both established law (since N.C. is a traditional open carry state) and court decision." Who do you call to protect you from your "protectors"?
  • Who do you call when the government is poisoning an entire river on purpose?

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in Upstate New York. But drone strikes aren't paranoia anymore....

    Holographic displays and robot butlers. Working on them.

    Oh hey, almost forgot, here is a video of Saturday's CMP Garand Match.

    4737 Tuesday, 7 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    It bears repeating that Facebook really is actively suppressing news distribution for the firearms industry.

    Gun registration in Nevada. What have YOU done to stop it?

    What have you done for the Cause?

    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining our next civil war. "...[O]ur system of overbooked adversarial courts, criminalization of the trivial, and light wrist slaps for serious offenses." See also.

    What happens when the EBT cards stop working? And how would that be much different from John Ringo's zombie apocalypse? There will even be biting.

    Not unrelated, I guess this is schadenfreude but it's not Lighter News because there are people out there who will murder you over a bumper sticker.

    But remember, peasant, Democrats are the party for the little people.

    "Yup, they're pissed off that people don't take the beliefs of crazy people as seriously as those of sane people."

    But they call Trump "dangerous".

  • Gun "buybacks", destroying historical artifacts, losing money, and breaking laws.
  • "The American way is that guns represent liberty and rights - do we want this? I don't." We'll remember you said that.
  • "The San Jose police chief admitted he held back from interfering when the conservatives were beat down in the streets" and we'll remember that too.
  • While the unstable racists in black robes are being defended by Newt Gingrich? Is that what's happening? "The sad thing is Republicans, much like a battered spouse, are so accustomed to the politically correct abuse they accept it as the new normal."
  • When I see a cop, any cop, I see a sadistic monster who enjoys hurting people. The invention of police was a terrible mistake. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends word that Black Sheep Sporting Goods' Lewiston location "is closing down and everything is 30% off. [Someone] picked up 10 pounds of IMR 4895 for $200 after tax."

    4738 Wednesday, 8 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    1996: The New York Times calls Hillary Clinton a congenital liar. 2016: The New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton for president. And they wonder why their circulation is down.

    Tucson Tom sends: "We have a socialist, a criminal, and an amateur... all running for the position of leader of the 'free world'.... CNN, ABC News, and CBS News all have family ties to the Democrats."

    Aaaaaand the GOP remains indistinguishable from the enemy.

    Remember, peasant, "Death Panels" are paranoid fantasy. Tell me again who's pushing grandma off the cliff.


    Immigrants. Contributing. To Society. With Massive-Vote-Fraud-sauce.


    I really must get out of this horrible place before it murders me. And I don't even identify as Christian.

    Burn the colleges. Where they hate you and want you to die.

    Speaking of education, a proposal to give parents more choice in where they send their children to school results in openly calling for the murder of Republicans. "A sack. An animal. A lake. No lover of actual democracy could weep at that outcome." I'm reminded that the words "democracy" or "democratic" appear nowhere in our founding documents. The Founders recognized, and rightly feared, democracy as mob rule. -Yes, I've called for the hanging of certain people, just yesterday in fact. But I'd give them a trial first.

    Which segues to:

  • In Sweden, immigrant "refugees" attack Swedish children in Swedish schools and the Swedish authorities punish the victims. "When parents balked at sending their children back into this jungle, they were reminded that keeping them out would violate the law." Government-run schools are approximately as terrible a mistake as the invention of police.
  • And Germany too. And what are the taxpayers there getting out of their "brave" "community" "heroes"? Water cannons and coverups.
  • All of Europe is pretty much screwed. And all you "hunters" and "sportsmen" and "collectors" and "reenactors" who had no objection to laws against our "mankillers", we told you this would happen and you called us "paranoid".
  • Now think about the kind of people who want UN "observers" monitoring our elections.
  • "The federal bureaucrat who blocked armed law enforcement agents from apprehending a man involved in the San Bernardino terror attack last December, then allegedly lied to investigators about her actions, has been reassigned to another post, but likely won't face further investigation". "Protect and Serve" who?
  • ARMED ROBBERY IN UNIFORM. Who do you call when the police are robbing you at implied-or-actual gunpoint? THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED. No matter what costume they're wearing.
  • Just the other day I was complaining about my NRA membership dues going to train and support the door-kicking puppy-shooters who will obey orders to steal my property and murder me if I resist and now the Lairds of Fairfax are providing those same enforcers with the kind of weapons you and I cannot (easily) legally own. (WoGged twice in one day!)
  • Who do you call when the enforcers are apparently working with the lying bigots who break the same "laws" they want all of us to obey?
  • Everything Hitler did was "legal".

    In Lighter News

    Another increment in the Marianas.

    Got yer "diversity" right here.

    MidwestReader sends range report: "The [used] M&P runs perfectly unless I use Winchester ammunition--any Winchester ammunition. It gives lots and lots of 'three point stoppages' with those, indicating either an extractor problem or a case rim dimension problem, possibly aggravated by the need for a heavier recoil spring. Further research suggests this is not unheard of. With everything else there are no problems. Oh, and I thought I'd try some of the light-and-fast 155gr/1200 f.p.s. ammo in .40, as I'd heard people complain about greatly increased recoil. For me, subjectively, it's certainly louder, and the recoil has more of a snappy quality. Frequently I can feel a second recoil motion; I speculate that this is the slide coming all the way to the rear of its travel and smacking the frame with noticeable and significant force, something the 9mm versions, or the .40 with the heavy-and-slow 180/975 f.p.s. stuff is not prone to (perhaps further evidence for need for a heavier recoil spring). It's noticeable but I do not perceive it as an obstacle to controllability. Hornady ammo with 155gr XTP hollowpoints ran flawlessly, Winchester 155gr Silvertips gave me the same stoppages every 2-3 rounds as I got with Winchester White Box. I am wondering whether it might be worthwhile to contact S&W. Their customer service for law enforcement is said to be good, but I don't know about secondhand firearms like this one." It would be difficult to argue that Winchester factory ammunition is "non-standard" and therefore not covered by any express or implied warranty. But, two different kinds of Winchester doing the same thing leans equally toward a problem with the weapon. Unless there really is a dimensional difference in Winchester's cases? They can be presumed to use the same brass across several catalog numbers. But surely that would have splattered all over the gunternets by now, after someone whipped out the calipers and checked?

    Range trip, $igh. I really need to have a whole sit-down science day with Precious and my collection of .223/5.56mm loads, and some fine-tuning of my 1911 with the replacement barrel would also be in order. The relevant parts of English Pit are often reserved, by various police departments, meaning it's not safe for anyone to be anywhere near there.

    4739 Thursday, 9 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Just the other day was yet another news item
    about armed robbery in uniform.
    For the last few days, some new,
    enthusiastic hired-thief-with-a-badge has been setting
    up ambushes along the highway I usually use to reach work.
    Who do you call when the police are
    robbing you at implied gunpoint on the side of the road?
    I'll be taking a different route henceforth.
    All police are liars and thieves.
    All police are predators who view us as prey.
    The "cure" has become the disease.
    Police should not exist.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    Goebbels in a skirt, Chapter MMMMDCCXXXIX. But the EBT-swiping Obama-Hillary-Bernie-voters swallow it whole and call us liars. There is no peaceful resolution.

    And they call us "racist" too.

    Buuuuuuuuurn the government schools....

    Over in Israel, "Similar events have immediately preceded other attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, who are forced to shoot, stab, run over, blow up, or otherwise attempt to kill Jews as the only way to stop them from perpetrating such acts as driving to work, dropping off kids, talking on the phone, waiting for a bus, grocery shopping, eating pizza, celebrating an upcoming wedding, visiting tourist attractions, and sleeping in bed."

    Now compare to "This was the tactics used by the Kremlin supported violent protests during the Vietnam War. This was the tactics of the 'Brown Shirt' fascists of 1930s Europe. This is nothing new, only a better world-wide video audience."


    Which segues to:

  • Remember, peasant, work within the system whose enforcers and arbiters break their own laws or apply them selectively based on race.
  • For further example, "San Jose police chief defends officers accused of failing to protect Trump supporters from violence...." "The La Raza Roundtable of California celebrated when [San Jose police chief Eddie] Garcia was sworn in."
  • Which reminds me, "Some of these Islamists... have infiltrated all levels of society, starting with the police...."
  • "Are All Anti-Gun Politicians Corrupt?" Well, yeah. Some just haven't been caught yet. And who will do the catching? More of their own kind?
  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from reckless drivers. "...[I]f the officer is found at fault of the accident, the Glenn County District Attorney's Office will decide whether to press charges." Because no one is above the law?
  • Who do you call when the government is murdering an entire river on purpose?

    In Lighter News

    Early detection for Alzheimer's. Working on it.

    Flying taxi. Working on that too - but I'm'a need a manual override. See previous warnings about self-driving cars and "smart" guns. Politics aside though, flying car. Once the technology exists, the bugs are worked out, other people can build them however they want.

    4740 Friday, 10 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Do You Feel Compelled to Hide Your Support for Trump? Considering some people are willing to murder people for it, yeah kinda. ..."Support" may be too strong a term for how I feel about Trump. More like "A pox on all your houses, I have chosen the form of the Destroyer."

    And speaking of pox, Immigrants. Contributing. To Society. Mud huts and plague, I told you so, AND HOW DOES THAT MAKE ME "RACIST"?

    There is a part of me that actually hopes everyone who ever called me "racist" catches tuberculosis from an illegal immigrant, or gets blown up in the next Muslim terrorist attack.

    Goebbels in a skirt, Chapter MMMMDCCXL. And Google too.

    To which dot connect the Epic Bigoted Hypocrisy o' the Day.

    To which dot connect WHO DEFINES "MENTAL HEALTH"?

    Speaking of outright psychosis, White House confirms criminal investigation of Hillary's emails and Obama endorses Hillary AT THE SAME TIME.

    Tell me again how the military will unquestioningly obey orders. Because the regime inspires such loyalty and respect among the troops.

    The "fair share" they keep telling us we're not paying: Occupied California steals from one fund to pay for persecuting the innocent, while the Usurper steals money meant to fight epidemics to pay for fraudulent "global" "warming" propaganda.

    To which dot connect, a couple-few years ago Cyprus robbed their own banks and several other European governments looked at doing the same thing and here it comes again. Get your "money" out of the banks and your assets out of "money" before it's too late.

    To which dot connect, "Once the concept that your neighbour is obligated to sacrifice his freedom to satisfy your needs or desires is ingrained in a people, it's virtually impossible to remove."

    To which dot connect, what happens when the EBT cards stop working?

  • Remember, peasant, you'll have your day in court.
  • Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Or anything else. Because they're such "community heroes".
  • "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO? Is this why you became a cop?

    In Lighter News

    Ian McCollum's column examines a submachinegun most people have never heard of.

    There are few things in the explored universe more awesome than a United States Marine.

    Y'all may have seen advertisements in Shotgun News (now Firearms News) for the Shepherd Scope. Here is a review. Only a couple months' rent, $igh....

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [3:51:42 PM] SMLE Fan: the trick with that taxi thing will be to add the manual controls without degrading the stuff that allows level/stable flight
    [3:52:11 PM] Jeffersonian: Obviously there will be a computer in there somewhere
    [3:52:32 PM] Jeffersonian: Though I'm reminded the Wright Brothers and Igor Sikorsky got along just fine without them
    [3:53:22 PM] Jeffersonian: What I object to is the potential for some bureaucrat bigot to decide all the people on That List should be diverted in flight to Re-Education Center Twelve
    [3:53:49 PM] SMLE Fan: once that's done, then we can start on the minigun and the rocket launchers, you know, to discourage land based speed traps and such :D
    [3:54:06 PM] Jeffersonian: ...I'll be in my bunk

    4741 Saturday, 11 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    What have you done for the cause?

    In the democrats' perverted worldview, "...[T]he 'best possible scenario' must be piles of murdered citizens and laughing, prosperous criminals."

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, spreading obesity among people who won't work. By the way, I hiked something like three miles, with a pack, with the family arthritis, covering the DownTownIck yesterday. Because I have a job. Which is taxed. To make lazy gold-wearing iPhone-twiddling Cadillac-driving racists fat.

  • THIEVES WITH BADGES. Who do you call when the police are stealing from you? And why is the NRA complaining about this on the one hand while granting NFA-restricted short-barreled rifles to the same thieves-with-badges on the other?
  • So the other day I objected to self-driving cars and drone taxis due to the risk of some bureaucrat bigot deciding everyone on That List should be redirected in transit to Re-Education Camp Twelve. Same with "smart" guns, some bureaucrat bigot decides everyone in that ZIP code no longer has the natural human right to self-defense. What happens when that same bureaucrat bigot, or one of thousands just like it, decide you can't get your meds anymore? Tell me again who's pushing grandma off the cliff.
  • Hey look, the former director of the CIA doesn't want veterans to have guns. Think about that. And for a bit more perspective: "In January 2015, officials reported the FBI and Justice Department prosecutors had recommended bringing felony charges against Petraeus for allegedly providing classified information to his biographer, Paula Broadwell (with whom he was having an affair), while serving as the director of the CIA. Eventually, Petraeus pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information." Yeah, that's the kind of person who doesn't want you able to defend yourself.
  • Remember, peasant, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

    In Lighter News

    UPPITY IN OCCUPIED COLORADO. And the FBI will spend more resources monitoring that, than "rigorously screening" "refugees".

    Finished Ringo, et. al.'s Black Tide Rising, skipped over Scalzi's entry which appeared to be just a bunch of willfully-ignorant bigoted whining. Resuming a re-read of The Prophet Heinlein's Red Planet and here we all are staring bloody civil war in the face right here on Old Terra.

    $igh. For $14, bought a stainless Chip McCormick Shooting Star 8-round magazine for my 1911. That goes with three of the same but blued, three Power 10 and one Power 10 Plus, and the Tripp 10. Too many does not happen, especially when that last steel plate refuses to fall down.

    Contemplating my 3-Gun racing rig, and counting one in the weapon, I can still carry all those.... Did I mention I made the angled conversions to the shotshell caddies? Really need that range day to re-sight-in Precious though, and the pistol too. Maybe the 18th, looks like there won't be any dangerously-incompetent sociopaths reserving parts of the range that day.

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    4742 Sunday, 12 June 2016:

    The World Sucks


    Tell me again how registering or confiscating my guns would stop ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Tell me again how white Christian Republican NRA members are the greatest danger to society. And of course the club is a "GUN-FREE ZONE" where people would become "criminals" if they carried the means to stop the massacre. "A single Muslim just killed more gays than so-called 'gay-bashing' killed in the last fifty years." Which Muslim was "known to the FBI" WHO. DID. NOTHING. Because they were too busy monitoring an OathKeepers rally, or entrapping some poor widow at a gun show for trying to liquidate her dead husband's deer rifle so she could pay for the kids' braces.

    Immigrants. Contributing. To Society.

    While Europe renders its own people defenseless.

    Michael G. sends the Epic Hypocrisy o' the Day: The New York Times accuses British newspapers of bias. That's some clinical psychosis right there.

    How oddly convenient that there is no description at all of the one who supposedly wanted to massacre a gay pride parade in California at the same time. It must not be a white Christian Republican NRA member BECAUSE IF IT WERE THE REGIME WOULD BE HIRING BLIMPS AND SKYWRITERS AND LOUDSPEAKER-TRUCKS TO LET US ALL KNOW.

  • "[Gang members] indicated using 'corrupt cops' who seize guns then 'put them back on the street.'" So that's where the rest of my guns stolen in the burglary eleven years ago ended up.... Prove me wrong, pigs. I dare you.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in North Carolina. Which is also in the news for not allowing sexual predators in the same bathroom with your children. Might be a nice place to move to.

    4743 Monday, 13 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    It's not whites.
    It's not Christians.
    It's not Republicans.
    It's not NRA members.
    "The threat comes from Islam, itself."

    It has been noted before that gays are far more warmly welcomed into our gun culture, than we are into theirs. I don't care what you sleep with as long as everyone's a consenting adult. Voting to steal my property or punish me for defending myself is what makes someone my enemy. Gays, as a bloc, vote for the people who are inviting "refugees" who hate gays into our country, while taxing everyone including gays to support them, and prohibiting everyone including gays from defending themselves from them. Think about that.

    "An animal so poor in spirit that he won't even fight on his own behalf is already an evolutionary dead end; the best he can do for his breed is to crawl off and die, and not pass on his defective genes." - Robert A. Heinlein, Forrestal Memorial Lecture, United States Naval Academy, 5 April 1973

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"OH. WAIT.

    Speaking of which, I must get out of this horrible place before it murders me but I can barely keep ahead of the rent and fuel and insurance AND TAXES.

    Hm, the would-be attacker at the California parade turns out to be one of their own. But I'll get blamed and punished for it anyway.

    This is what you get when the government runs the schools. It's not "racist" if it's true.

    Burn the government schools. For the children. -And you know, that young man there, the way things are going, he might be too good for what the Marines will become by the time he enlists.

  • Yet more wrong-address sadism. But we can't be trusted with guns?

    In Lighter News

    4744 Tuesday, 14 June 2016:

    The World Sucks




    Speaking of slander and lies, Michael G. sends the forcing-their-bigotry-and-ignorance-on-everyone-else-at-government-gunpoint o' the Day. Preciouslittlesnowflake would have a stroke at a Garand match. Probably couldn't even lift an M1.

    Forcing their delusions on everyone else at government gunpoint. The insane hate the sane for not being insane.

    Next time some man-hating feminazi harangues someone about "Islamophobia", nail it into a crate and ship it to Qatar.

    But that won't be necessary because QATAR IS COMING HERE.

    Academy Sports stores ban JewsOH. WAIT. "...[N]ew policy requiring any sale of more than 10 boxes in a caliber that Academy deems an 'assault rifle caliber' will require the buyer to furnish personal information that Academy is planning on keeping in a database...." Where have we heard that before?

    We've tried it their way and IT DOESN'T WORK.

    White Christian Republican NRA member takes hostage at Amarillo Wal-MartOH. WAIT. Yeah I'm gonna vote for Trump. Because backlash is looking better all the time.


    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining our next civil war. "How are we going to win when, say, California's governor, one or two of her senators, and a largish chunk of her representatives in the House are feeding intelligence to the enemy and helping him in other ways?"

    "Has Europe become a safer place after importing vast numbers of people from the Middle East, with cultures hostile to the fundamental values of Western civilization?"


    Self-destructive Jews Christians LGBTWTFBBQ yes I will blame a victim that refuses to defend itself and works to make other people defenseless at the point of a GOVERNMENT gun.

    Which segues to:

  • "Orlando police are facing questions over why it took three hours for a SWAT team to storm the nightclub where ISIS fanatic Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 people" and "some of the victims inside Pulse nightclub could have been shot by law enforcement". Which is exactly what the anti-self-defense perverts say will happen if the peasants are allowed to defend themselves. Tell me again why only police can be trusted with guns because they have all that training.
  • "The Democrats' opening bid this time around is... having police agencies compile secret lists of possible subversives and revoking their legal rights with nothing resembling due process...." but it hurts their feelings to call them "Nazis".
  • "The state paid $5,000 for the devices and $1,500 for training, and the company that makes the devices, ERAD Group, gets a 7.7 percent cut of any funds seized and forfeited through use of the device." BUT IT HURTS THEIR FEELINGS TO CALL THEM HIGHWAY ROBBERS.


    In Lighter News

    Continuing Constitutional Carry action in North Carolina. Hit it.

    4745 Wednesday, 15 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."



    But that's what will happen if I can't get out of this horrible place.

    They hate the First Amendment too.

    But they use it as the ideological descendants of Joseph Goebbels kick into high gear.

    And that's not Godwin if a New York Times editorial really is advocating for a new law allowing a secret court to take away citizens' right to own a gun at the discretion of the federal government and Rolling Stone is calling for the Second Amendment to be repealed.


    Bears repeating: Last time I voted for Gary Johnson. NOT. ANYMORE.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends, white Christian Republican NRA member threatens death to people who refuse to accept copies of BibleOH. WAIT.

  • This is not Lighter News because "For months, sheriff departments around [North Carolina] have been using delays in the receipt of medical information as an excuse to illegally delay the issuance of pistol purchase permits. In many cases, these bureaucratic delays were egregious, far exceeding the time limits that the law allows." Explain in small words how that is morally different from the predecessors of those same sheriffs requiring black voters to undergo "literacy" tests with Chinese newspapers fifty years ago. Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and "the sheriffs will save us".
  • Tell me again how only police can be trusted with guns.
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • "I wonder if these gang members will ever come to wish they had treated citizens differently."


    In Lighter News

    Just the other day I said gays are welcomed into the Gun Culture far more warmly than gun owners are accepted in gay culture AND AS IF ON CUE. We want people to be able to defend themselves. Think about the kind of people who don't.

    Idaho celebrates Constitutional Carry. ...State residency required but that can be fixed in a future legislature.

    Having finished the re-read of Red Planet, beginning Beyond the Sun, yet another Baen anthology, examining extraSolar colonization.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but that working-for-a-living thing keeps interfering.
    "Back in December, I broke my right forearm, displaced fracture of the ulna with non-union is the technical terminology. In simpler terms, I broke the larger of the two bones in my forearm, causing the ends to end up being out of line, and they failed to join on their own. I spent 8 weeks in a cast (this was needed to determine the non-union part), followed by a month in a brace, followed by a rather delicate, yet shockingly brutal surgery. (They took my arm apart and rebuilt it Better! Stronger! Faster! With lots of titanium and screws. I have a most impressive scar running the length of my lower arm now.) This was then followed by two weeks in surgical bandages followed by another 3 weeks in a brace. If you're counting, we are now at the end of April. And then, much physical therapy which is still ongoing.
    "Of course, I'm a righty. And I (used to) shoot right handed.
    "I never practiced one handed or off hand drills, mainly because they were boring and difficult. Besides, said I, what's the chance I'd actually need to do that stuff anyway?
    "Well, 7 months later, and I'm a fair left handed/one handed shooter. It was hard, learning how to do all that stuff one handed, and it was harder given the pain and expense of major surgery and recovery. And the right hand is almost totally functional the way it was before, in acknowledgement of which I threw a good party, wherein the praises of God flowed freely along with the booze and credit to surgeons of skill.
    "The moral of the story? Practice, practice, practice, because you will get f***ed up or get old and you will need to keep in shape.
    "And anybody who knocks modern medicine, well, modern medicine is good stuff, much better than voodoo and herbs."

    I'm reminded of the weak-hand stages at the little unofficial IPSC-style matches I go to.

    4746 Thursday, 16 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    No, really. They are out to get me.

    By which I mean "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law...." If you can possibly avoid it, never fill out another Form 4473. Those things will get you murdered.

    Someday all of us are going to be in a position to treat all of them they way they've been treating all of us.

    Hey, remember the good news that CMP will be releasing surplus 1911s to us? John Loophole McCain intends otherwise. And that's what the GOP ran for President in 2008.

    There's a myth that Germany was "stabbed in the back" by Jews in the First World War (which was somewhat disproven, looking at enlistement demographics, in a recent video from The Great War channel). Republicans, on the other hand, really are stabbing all of us in the back.

    And so, it seems, are the Lairds of Fairfax.

    Political advertisements... I don't watch TV anymore, getting entertainment from the almighty internets and library DVDs, so I don't know how they are these days, but there is so much material to be used to defeat Hillary. Her own words about shutting down coal production could sway untold numbers of mine workers, no matter what their partisan union bosses order them to vote for. Scandal after scandal after scandal. Corpse after corpse after corpse. Laughing about defending a child-rapist. Benghazi. The GOP is not going to use that material because they don't want to offend people who will never vote for them anyway.

    White Southern Baptist NRA member with Trump campaign pin caught with plans to gas pipeline in New MexicoOH. WAIT.


    Desert Hermit Joel has the Modest Proposal o' the Day.


  • Our so-called "protectors" want to make friends with our enemies and give them money from their victims' taxes while punishing the people they're supposed to be protecting.
  • It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if the top law enforcement officer in the United States of America really is partnering with the Child-Rapists-in-Blue-Helmets of the United Nations.

    In Lighter News

    Speaking of PREPARE, the other day I linked a story about how people will murder for a can of pork-n-beans. Michael G. sends, "There is a home freeze drying appliance. It costs $3K, so it is outside my budget, but remember how much microwave ovens cost when they first came out. Maybe this will inspire competitors which will likewise drive prices down?"

    Larry Correia gets his knives out again for the evolutionary dead-end that is New York Daily News' Gersh Kuntsman. Oh, and my predatory carnivore gave me a couple solid hours of lap time this afternoon. In between slaughtering birds and rumbling with the other kittehs around the neighborhood.

    DailySteals is one of several online product-liquidation outfits. I've been subscribed to their emails for years and once in a great while I buy some little electronic doodad or other (like a bundle of USB drives or MicroSD cards). Recently they were offering the Qlippie Camera for the shockingly-low price of $9.99 and, poverty and all, I thought F*** YEAH I'LL TAKE TWO. Well it turns out they typo'd the price and it was supposed to be $ninety-nine.99, so they cancelled the order. They refunded the electronic payment and, in apology, sent a coupon code for $10 off my next purchase. That is fair, appropriate, and acceptable.

    Speaking of online shopping, FluffyTux has fleas and the stuff I get at the supermarkets is doing next to nothing. This stuff works, but is hard to find in local retail. TAISP - The Almighty Internets Shall Provide.

    4747 Friday, 17 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    Immigrants. Contributing to Society. It's not racist if they really are bringing violence and plague. It's difficult to not wish that everyone who ever called me "racist" gets beat up in the next EBT riot, then catches tuberculosis from an illegal immigrant, and then gets blown up in the next Muslim terrorist attack.

    Remember, peasant, the place where Britain used to be has gun control so this didn't happen.

    This weekend there will be a gay pride parade downtown (and I'm sure it's just coincidence it's always the same date as Father's Day and that has nothing to do with cultural warfare and undermining traditional family values). I wonder if the Pink Pistols will be pointedly disinvited, as they have been in other places? Think about the kind of people who don't want to be able to defend themselves.

    While the GOP and NRA both stab us in the back.

  • NDAA strikes again. You ever notice how the people calling us "fascists" are the same people calling us "traitors" if we dare oppose their treasonous fascism? And you who will enforce these "laws", you to whom our lives are worth less than your pensions, IS THIS WHY YOU BECAME A COP?
  • "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • From WHAT?
  • New Jersey hates innocent people and wants them to die, while police there destroy the lives of anyone who dares defend themselves against the criminals police refuse to catch.
  • And lest that be considered slander, THEY KNEW AND DID NOTHING AND

    In Lighter News

    BACKLASH. And a new member, sort of, of the Ronnie Barrett club - well not really, Daniel Defense does market some items toward door-kicking puppy-shooters. But still, backlash.

    Ian McCollum's column in Popular Mechanics examines the Welrod suppressed pistol. Which anyone with a drill press and patience could build, really.

    MidWestReader sends: "On fleas and related stuff: Yeah. The Advantage stuff works. Whatever chemicals are in typical over-the-counter flea powder--I believe these days it's mostly pyrethrin derivatives, with piperonyl butoxide to boost lethality--fleas evolved nigh-complete immunity to, decades back (fleas multiply rapidly and mutate constantly, which makes them, in the long run, probably better chemists than we are, if I may paraphrase Bruce Sterling). Plus most cats hate the smell and learn very quickly to recognize the container, resulting in them running and hiding under the bed when you pick it up. You might look for similar products that contain a relatively new insecticide developed in the 1980s called Methoprene. It's a juvenile hormone analog that basically breaks their life cycle and causes them to die without turning into the adult form. Methoprene is, or at least used to be, extremely lethal to fleas--or rather, flea larvae--and, because it was species-specific, extremely nontoxic to other living things." [The packaging says Advantage contains 9.10% Imidacloprid and 0.46% Pyriproxyfen.] "Other stuff that can be done for cats with fleas: baths, but most cats don't like them very much. Some cats like combing and brushing--they like the attention, though this is not universal. And vacuuming the floors in places where they like to nap, laundering their bedding, and maybe setting off an aerosol "roach bomb" in the room or rooms the cat frequents. This sort of thing is one reason to keep a cat indoors--if they keep going outdoors, they'll bring back more. Flea eggs are difficult to destroy and some species can apparently last six months or more in a sort of suspended animation before they finally starve to death if nothing disturbs them and causes them to hatch and leap out biting." Well, FluffyTux is an indoor-outdoor cat, that's how I got him, by stealing him from some unidentified neighbor. It's also entertaining and squeeful to see him bringing slaughtered animals back to me because that's what cats are for. But at last I've found a flea treatment that works, and he's visibly healthier and in less distress now.

    Well I intended to have a range day after work, rather than go on a weekend when the range can be expected to be crowded, but the dispatcher asked if I could take the DownTownIck and, since that would about double my income for the day, I agreed. Now my feet hurt and I guess I'll go to the range tomorrow. Meanwhile, I recently acquired a set of these - note the shockingly-low price. Those replace the A2-style sights I've been using, since I'm switching my aging eyes to the old Simmons red-dot now (I think one of my readers donated that red-dot a decade or more ago). You may recall I changed from the traditional front-sight-base gas block which came with the Palmetto State Armory 16" mid-length upper, to a Yankee Hill clamp-on railed gas block. When I ordered that, I didn't realize the rail was lower than the upper receiver's rail, so I had to get the Yankee Hill riser block to go with it to make the front and rear sights line up. I still want the Very Particular Gas Block so I can mount 45-degree racing sights - my sister gifted me two expensive square-to-bore offset rails a few years back, but those might end up being used separately on both Precious-the-fighting-or-racing-carbine and Rapunzel-the-long-rifle-I-can't-afford-to-finish-building, with smaller red-dots like the Miculek family uses on their rifles, thus negating the need for that Windham Weaponry receiver-height pinned gas block. (Rapunzel is $uppo$ed, $omeday, to get an extended-length free-float tube which I also can't afford, as opposed to the nose-cap-and-handguard Precious has.) But that's moot for now because I can't afford the 1-4x scope I wanted for racing with Precious either. Meanwhile these folding sights are less funny-looking than the big triangular A2-type I had there, and I successfully swapped the narrower match-style front sight post into the new sight also.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [1:28:11 PM] Jeffersonian: SpaceX Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly pr0n
    [1:28:14 PM] Jeffersonian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H1FcVeV_II
    [1:28:33 PM] Jeffersonian: It *did* land and *then* fell over. Like that other time.
    [1:29:45 PM] SMLE Fan: so, he typed before watching the vidya, not only is there an issue with one of the rocket engines, but the landing struts/gear need some looking at as well
    [1:30:00 PM] Jeffersonian: LEARNING
    [1:30:08 PM] SMLE Fan: hold on, I'mma watching
    [1:32:13 PM] SMLE Fan: I like the name of that channel: Videofrom SPAAAACE
    [1:34:00 PM] SMLE Fan: and you can see that before everything went tits up, that they again stuck the landing....one can mitigate one srs error, but obviously there were at least two here....kinda difficult to prevail when stuff is going to hell all at the same time
    [1:35:17 PM] Jeffersonian: As I said. Last time they had one blow up on the barge, some fiddly-bit got iced up and one of the legs didn't lock. It *did* land and *then* it fell over. After that, they had a success on land, then I think three in a row at sea, which brings us to this one.
    [1:36:04 PM] Jeffersonian: And they have four used ones in a warehouse to poke at.
    [1:36:13 PM] Jeffersonian: As we've both noted, NA$A has NEVER done that.
    [1:37:48 PM] SMLE Fan: aaand perhaps one might reduce the chances of blowing up by reducing the amount of residual fuel, but that only guarantees another disaster later on...you don't want to land an empty rocket, speshully since there's gonna be a failure at some point in the landing program....I gotta believe that they have guy(s) standing by with joysticks ready to jump in and save the day, and you need some go juice to pull that off
    [1:38:09 PM] Jeffersonian: MOAR LEARNING
    [1:38:20 PM] SMLE Fan: YEP
    [1:41:45 PM] SMLE Fan: there's a small army of ppl right this very minnit in a hangar/giant warehouse covered in soot looking for the broken stuff

    4748 Saturday, 18 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    From the Almighty Internets:

    They really don't believe anyone but them have any natural human rights at all.


    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends the F*** Mohammed o' the Day, commenting, "This is kind of funny. Tail end is typical, the RIFs were doing something, our troops started doing it back to the RIFs only better, RIF supporting media claimed it was barbaric, and DOD ordered it stopped so as not to hurt the RIFs feelings. But there is a happy ending, our troops ignored the DOD order, they just make sure it can't be traced back to them."

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.


    Last time I tried to sight in Precious, between relays in a Garand match, with the cheap Wolf steel-case 62gr, she was all over the paper, so much so that my aging eyes alone couldn't have been to blame. That really worried me. So today I made an on-purpose range trip, which I truly needed because since then I had removed and replaced all sights on the weapon. I had a plan, I was going to spend all day there, tryng different brands and types, seeing which grouped best - and my eyes actually hurt when trying to focus on the front post, with Precious' stubby little sight radius. The red dot is better, considerably, but the problem is still detectable there too. Anyway I spent about 80 minutes at the range, firing a mere 27 rounds total, but I guess it wasn't a complete waste of twenty dollars. Here's how it went:

    Arrive at opening, 9am, sign in, pay, pick a lane, do some boresighting. Posted a pair of Appleseed sight-in targets, with five one-inch black squares on a quarter-inch grid. 50 yards was the shortest distance for centerfire rifles, so that's 2MOA. Starting with Federal black-box XM193BLC100, with the red dot, and:

    Well that's dissappointing and alarming. On the other hand it's a 4MOA dot on a 2MOA spot and I need new gla$$e$ dammit. Switch to the metallic sights, also boresighted separately, fight through the ocular discomfort, and:

    Well that's better. Sticking with the post-and-(small-)aperture, make some adjustments and:

    More adjustments:

    Good enough considering the eye problems. Back to the red dot, after adjusting to co-witness the flip-ups, then flipping them down:

    Tried another spot to see what happened:

    That's bad eyes, and a dot larger than the target, and without the surrounding spots giving centering cues to the brain. At least Precious is finally grouping and should be good enough for the 3-Gun match on the 26th, if I stick with the Federal black-box XM193-or-close-equivalent, which I should have enough of on hand. ...Except now she's zeroed at fifty yards. That means she'll be... low? At closer distances? With the Ridiculously Tall Sightstm? Here's a not-freehand-through-a-spotting-scope photo:

    And here is her present configuration. The Rise Armament RA-140 trigger is Good Enough, especially at the introductory price of under $100 delivered, several moons ago. The Magpul buttstock has a lens pen, a GI charger guide (the StripLULA won't fit), a broken shell extractor, a couple Allen wrenches (for Magpul rail sections and the new Green Blob flip-up sights), a spare CR2032 battery, a baggie of fiddly-bits from one of those spare-parts sets, and a BoreSnake. The Magpul pistol grip has a bottle of CLP, the Magpul polymer trigger guard really does eliminate the Annoying Gaptm, and the Magpul handguard (mine is older, pre-M-LOK) accepts more rail sections at 10, 2 and 6-o'-clock, though I'm not presently using any:

    Finally, I tried the 1911, where the focusing problem is even worse. Last IPSC(-style) match, I had replaced the barrel, resulting in having to crank the rear sight way over to starboard. I refined that a little, and the elevation is bottomed now (also the newly-acquired used McCormick Shooting Star 8-round magazine was successfully tested):

    So I barely got a fraction done of the all the work I intended. And it was getting crowded by the time I left. At least there were no dangerously-incompetent sociopaths attending, though the evidence could be seen in brass and shotgun hulls carpeting all lanes all the way up to the target holders, and I could hear the enemy gang members at the quarry down the road, doing not-really-synchronized magazine-dumps and probably not hitting much of anything while, somehow, escaping with their lives. But at least I got out of the hovel and did some live-fire work today.

    Gla$$e$, $igh. There's the usual mall place with two pair for $70-odd, but I really want to stick to single-vision. Bifocals are contraindicated for target shooting and more expensive besides, and I surely can't afford progressive lenses. I have a plan to make cardboard sight-radius mockups and take them to the eye exam, hmm. The longer ones can fold and unfold for transport, they don't even have to look eee-vill, they just have to be the right focal distance. Don't even need rear-sight analogues. Eyeglass frame design is also important, because in prone with a rifle, you're focusing on that front sight through just the top left corner of the right-side lens, therefore you need frames which actually have some lens there.

    HAH! I managed to cram the CAT M4 tool into the buttstock with all the other stuff! The BoreSnake is compressible and leaves slack for more things.

    4749 Sunday, 19 June 2016:

    The World Sucks


    "We have countless polls and evidence proving Sharia law has but one 'cure' for homosexuality: death. But by all means, sue us over cakes."

    Yet another "mainstream" media LIAR.

  • Tell me again how police are so honest and trustworthy and would never abuse their authority with, say, underage sex.
  • Okay! So! Radical-as-if-there-were-any-other-kind Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen is supposed to have passed a background check before being hired as a security guard by G4S, which is a big corporation formerly known as Wackenhut, which contracts with the government to guard nuclear power plants and the like, and the background check for said employment apparently never happened and the record of it appears to have been faked.
  • It also seems he was kicked out of prison guard training and think about what you have to do for that to happen and again the FBI and all the other latter-day Gestapo knew and did nothing because they were too busy looking at all of us.
  • To which dot also connect '"Omar's character is beyond reproach," Port St. Lucie POLICE Officer Steven Brown wrote in a letter to the Florida Department of Corrections. "Omar's judgment, work ethic, sensibility, and problem solving ability are impeccable."' Tell me what new "law" would have fixed this when the people who are supposed to be enforcing those laws are the ones breaking them. Tell me how this is the NRA's fault for saying people should be able to defend themselves against this exact thing. Tell me how this is Trump's fault for saying we should stop inviting immigrants who are proven to tend toward terrorism. Tell me how this is my fault for owning an AR15 which has never harmed anybody.
  • It bears repeating that "Some of these Islamists have... infiltrated all levels of society, starting with the police and the armed forces" and it looks like the security corporations too.

    In Lighter News

    I have most of this. I should do something about that....

    4750 Monday, 20 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    IS HOW

    While the Lairds of Fairfax are also indistinguishable from the enemy now.

    I've said the Other Side really believes there's some smoke-filled back room at every arms shop and show where NRA members are plotting the next massacre and handing out weapons to murderers and YES THEY REALLY DO BELIEVE THAT.

  • Remember, peasant, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.
  • Remember, peasant, this is the MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION EVER (update).
  • "The suspect charged with murder in connection with a vacant building fire in Los Angeles was in the United States illegally and had a string of arrests to his name -- but the feds never deported him...."

    In Lighter News

    FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD imagine never having to go back to port for parts.

    To which dot connect Prohibition Will Always FAIL and there's always another way.

    Desert Hermit Joel provides a good quality 'puter version of that Gay Gadsden that's been going around. Yes, ALWAYS shoot BACK. Our Kind wants ALL kinds able to defend themselves. Think about the kind of people who don't. See also.

    Through the Power of the Almighty Internets I have acquired an electronic copy of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge, the first collaboration between Larry Correia and John Ringo, meaning I can read it at leisure and not worry about having to return it to the library.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [5:38:31 PM] SMLE Fan: blecch, blecch, toujours le blecch: I hate mowing the lawn
    [5:38:51 PM] Jeffersonian: Could get a flock of sheep, like a proper British Lord
    [5:39:52 PM] SMLE Fan: and what do you propose I do with the pile of extremely dead sheep when Deathwalker discovers they taste good?
    [5:40:05 PM] Jeffersonian: YOUTUBE
    [5:40:09 PM] Jeffersonian: and mutton
    [5:40:11 PM] Jeffersonian: and wool
    [5:40:24 PM] Jeffersonian: and handcrafted artisanal wine sacks
    [5:41:27 PM] SMLE Fan: [frantic bleating, Tasmanian Devil sound effect, handfuls of virgin wool flying everywhere]

    4751 Tuesday, 21 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    And that's not hyperbole when the Usurper is ACTIVELY INVITING CHILD-RAPE GANGS INTO OUR COUNTRY AND PLAGUE TOO.

    "The MSM, of course, wants to have it both ways. It wants to be hailed as an institution composed of crusading truthtellers whose integrity and willingness to speak truth to power make them the cornerstone of a free society. Except most of them are really partisan hacks who lie endlessly for the liberal politicians they suck up to. Their relationship with Democratic politicians is less speaking truth to power than sexting their masters. When it comes to covering for their progressive pals, it's '50 Shades of Newsprint' and the MSM eagerly chomps down on its ball-gag."

    A long time ago I made a bumper sticker and I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN.

    RINO backstabbing, again, in North Carolina.

    Yet another free self-defense class offered for LGBT but I can't help thinking:


    Remember in Atlas Shrugged when the government issued Directive 10-289 preventing companies from relocating or even earning a profit? That was just a story... RIGHT?

    Remember when the Founders LAUNCHED A BLOODY ARMED REVOLUTION over a tiny increase in the tax on tea?

    What will it take THIS TIME?

    Speaking of the place where Britain used to be, so recently some anti-sovereignty, pro-immivasion member of parliament got murdered by a "right-wing" "extremist" and now BrExit, the campaign to have Britain Exit the European Union, is somehow "responsible". Is it? Really? It's not like there isn't historical precedent to justify the f***ing question. Remember that individual human life has no value to collectivists. Actions which sane, decent people would never consider are standard procedure for them. Of course they would murder one of their own to further their agenda.

  • "Protect and Serve" Who? Yeah we know who.
  • "When the cops left, that gave the killer an opportunity to leave his shelter, kill 29 people in the other bathroom, and finish up some of the wounded on the dance floor." But remember, peasant, NEVER TRY TO DEFEND YOURSELF? LEAVE IT TO THE "PROFESSIONALS"? "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    I TOLD you FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD we don't even KNOW yet.

    This is relevant to my interests as I'll be actually doing that actual stuff this Sunday. I guess, being new to red-dot shooting, I'll just have to make an effort to keep the dot centered in the sight, as though it were a ginormous 42mm ghost-ring. I might also flip up the small-aperture rear sight and use it as an actual rear sight, and the dot as a front sight, considering I'm having trouble focusing on the real front sight. That combination I've already dry-tried, a bit. Moar dry-practice nao....

    Col. Kratman's latest column moves away from the collapse of our society to examine the best of us. Don't forget the footnotes and comments, where you will find Kratman's thoughts on "safety" from thirty-one years ago when he was actually commanding actual companies of actual riflemen. "If you have leaders who can be neither trained nor trusted to negotiate a realistic live fire exercise, they simply don't belong in the Army. Get rid of them." (coughPOLICEcoughcough) But that's not what the armed forces are for, anymore.... This time next year I kinda expect the Navy to be posting YouTube videos about Gay Pride Week. They're already doing every other ethnicity and political-identity.

    4752 Wednesday, 22 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    It's not paranoia if
    they really are
    free speech.

    Some time ago I made this bumper sticker:


    It's not slander or hyperbole or "Islamophobia" if Omar Mateen really did support Hillary Clinton and opposed Donald Trump. That's right, gays, the one who just murdered four dozen of you votes exactly like you do. THINK ABOUT IT.

    Here is your sit-down-and-shut-up-you-man-hating-feminazi o' the Day.

    And speaking of feminazism, who's keeping the gurlz out of science and engineering?

    What happens when the EBT cards stop working? This. This is what happens when the EBT cards stop working - but it will happen all over the country, all at once.

    And I hope everyone who ever called me "racist" gets stuck in the middle of it.

    While the GOP and NRA keep stabbing us in the back.

  • By which I mean so just yesterday I posted that new eee-vill inflammatory homophooooobic hate-imagery and I got WRSA'd but the same question applies to the enforcers of "laws". I have no sympathy for some thug-with-a-badge who makes a living robbing peaceable citizens at government gunpoint, whining about how he can't exercise the rights he makes a career of denying to others. Bleed and die, pigs. JUST LIKE YOU MAKE THE REST OF US DO.
  • NO, you dangerously-incompetent psychopaths-and-sociopaths both, YOU ARE NOT EXPERTS.
  • Just the other day I re-linked the story about how Islamists have infiltrated police and government AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. (See also.)

    In Lighter News

    Back in October 2014 I had a range trip to English Pit where I found a GI STANAG stripper clip from which someone had pried the cartridges out sideways. Comes now the Illustrated Difference Between Clip and Magazine o' the Day. I do wonder if both of these performance artists were the "Only Ones Professional Enough" because they "have all that traaaaaining".

    MidWestReader reports Appleseed does long-range stuff too. "Appleseed has always been about shooting out to 500 yards and has been available at limited ranges. Due to the phenomenal growth, lack of ammo and ranges it has gotten the reputation as a kid's 25 metre programme. We are revitalizing our long distance shooting and here in the SE one Senior Instructor is leading the charge." And I need new gla$$e$.

    Okay! So! Blogbrother SMLE Fan and I are panzer fans. Through the Power of the Almighty Internets we have seen the entirety-so-far of this Japanese animation. We subscribe to panzer-oriented YouTube channels like this one and this one and this one.

    ...And this one which is mostly Army PR stuff but there's also a series called Tank Talk, hosted by Len Dyer. Len... is not the most skilled practitioner of the American language. One time he was describing a tank's "glay-shiss" plate. Another, the "sponset" on a WW1 model. Then there's things like "wearmarkt". Anyhow we came up with a bit of drinking game, even though we don't actually drink:

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [2:18:08 PM] Jeffersonian: IT'S "GLAY-SHISS" TIME
    [2:18:12 PM] Jeffersonian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfoDF4hwRpE
    [2:18:51 PM] SMLE Fan: oh noes!! mai poor liver!!!
    [2:19:09 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLES
    [2:19:16 PM] SMLE Fan: SYSTEM
    [2:19:16 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:19:26 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:19:31 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:19:33 PM] Jeffersonian: ISSUE
    [2:19:38 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:19:39 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:19:51 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:20:17 PM] Jeffersonian: SYSTEM!!!!!!!
    [2:20:37 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLES
    [2:20:41 PM] Jeffersonian: "AS FAR AS THAT GOES"
    [2:20:53 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:21:22 PM] Jeffersonian: vehicle
    [2:21:30 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:21:32 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:21:38 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:21:43 PM] Jeffersonian: SYSTEM
    [2:21:56 PM] Jeffersonian: SYSTEM
    [2:22:07 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:22:19 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:22:31 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:22:38 PM] Jeffersonian: VEHICLE
    [2:22:56 PM] Jeffersonian: SYSTEM
    [2:23:48 PM] Jeffersonian: fatigue
    [2:24:00 PM] Jeffersonian: SYSTEM
    [2:24:09 PM] SMLE Fan: the Tank Talk drinking game: YOU ONLY PLAY ONCE
    [2:25:00 PM] Jeffersonian: AND THEN YOU DIE
    [2:25:37 PM] SMLE Fan: [liver explodes, body hits the floor]

    [2:49:05 PM] Jeffersonian: moar SpaceX shipwreck pr0n
    [2:49:07 PM] Jeffersonian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SRhuQji2nw
    [2:50:26 PM] SMLE Fan: I'll watch it after the surgeon completes the emergency liver transplant
    [2:51:14 PM] Jeffersonian: Perhaps we should codify the rules.
    [2:51:24 PM] Jeffersonian: Every time he says "vehicle", take a swallow of beer.
    [2:51:34 PM] Jeffersonian: Every time he says "system", take a shot of whiskey.
    [2:51:50 PM] Jeffersonian: Every time he says "as far as that goes", take two shots of tequila.
    [2:52:05 PM] SMLE Fan: I'm doomed
    [2:52:30 PM] Jeffersonian: And I don't even drink. :D
    [2:53:04 PM] SMLE Fan: all I know is that I'll be rereading this later on your blog
    [2:53:23 PM] Jeffersonian: Eeehhh, doesn't quite qualify for the Show
    [2:53:28 PM] Jeffersonian: well maybe
    [2:53:47 PM] SMLE Fan: they'll have to be some splainin for it to make sense
    [2:53:54 PM] Jeffersonian: yeah
    [2:54:08 PM] Jeffersonian: or my audience will be WTF-ing me

    Other words and drinks can be worked in, for "operation(s)", "issue(s)", etc.

    4753 Thursday, 23 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    "The gulf between the facts about guns and the public's perception is immense, and was created deliberately."

    Speaking of being absolutely certain of things that ain't so, Don't Go to College.

    Speaking of college, remember when Affirmative Action was about not discriminating against people based on the color of their skin? Now it's "Whites Need Not Apply" and how is that not racist?

    "Co-existence is impossible because they will not allow it. That's why they're called totalitarians."

    And the NRA and GOP stab us in the back again and again.

  • Where are these mythical good cops reining in the "few" bad apples? Driven out and destroyed, that's where. "Sadly, he will never have any back up on a call ever again. He crossed the thin blue line and the rest of the thugs will never forgive him."
  • Remember, peasant, only government agents can be trusted with guns. Because they've gone through background checks and have security clearances.
  • "A U.S. immigration official blamed in a federal report for barring law enforcement agents from a suspect in the San Bernardino terror attack has been nominated for a prestigious agency award" and that's all I need to know about government agents and agencies.
  • "Police and the local prosecutor's office grudgingly confirmed that an investigation had begun into the incident. The victim: A mentally disabled 5-year-old girl. The alleged perpetrators: Three boys, ages 7, 10 and 14, from Sudanese and Iraqi immigrant families (predominantly Muslim) who have been in the country for less than two years...." "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • "New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel says members of Congress 'deserve' and 'need' people with firearms protecting them in the U.S. Capitol building, but he does not want law-abiding residents in his own district to be armed for self-protection." You know, considering cops' track record of shooting everything but a legitimate threat, maybe that first part's not such a bad idea.
  • "...[W]hy do they always seem to want the hated overseers to nonetheless be the 'Only Ones' armed...?" I asked that question thirteen years ago.
  • So! People who, fifty years ago, were having sit-ins to ensure civil rights and due process of law against opposition from racist bigots, have become the psychotic racist bigots throwing a collective tantrum with the goal of denying civil rights to innocent people...
  • ...to meet a monthly quota...
  • ...WITHOUT
  • OF LAW.


    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL tell me again how you need a factory to build a gun. See also.

    "Never go full retard mall-ninja."

    Okay the match director disallows the green-tip,
    for fear of damaging long-range steel targets
    which are Someone Else's Property,
    and the bipod would put me in a different division
    and the bayonet would throw off my
    expensively-established point of impact
    by changing the barrel harmonics.
    But the camera will be used.

    4754 Friday, 24 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."


    No, seriously, tell me, WHY DID NO ONE EVEN THROW A DAMN CHAIR AT OMAR MATEEN? WHY DID THEY JUST SCREAM AND COWER AND WAIT THEIR TURN TO BE MURDERED? Have Americans degenerated so far they can't even think of defending themselves?

    Matthew Bracken writes another prophecy. Based on a true atrocity. Islam is a cult of slavery and murder. Think about the kind of people who defend it.

    Codrea makes a prediction also. Just the other day I told you the collectivists see no value in human lives. They would incite a riot to slaughter hundreds of their useful idiots just so they could blame it on us.

    "Terrorist Omar Mateen, 29, received a traditional Islamic burial this week in a Sunni Muslim cemetery" probably at the expense of the taxes his victims paid.

    Veterans Affairs supervisors instructed staff to incorrectly record cancellations as canceled by the patient and that's how they earn those promotions and fat tax-funded bonuses? This is how the regime inspires loyalty among the troops and expects the military to obey orders without question?

    "As the numbers of legal firearms have dwindled, the numbers of armed crimes have risen" and how is that my fault?

  • It's not "racist" if released illegal aliens tend toward crime and who releases them? On whose orders? What are we paying for here? An organized, official, government gang of thieves-with-badges who rob us at every opportunity and deliberately release violent criminals to prey on us from the other end? "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • And then the government gang treats us like criminals and destroys our lives if we dare defend ourselves against the same criminals they're deliberately turning loose on us. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "...[L]aw enforcement often shoots less accurately in crises than civilian responders. And concealed carry permit holders are essentially the most law-abiding segment of the population." But let's make all the doctors agents of the state anyway, to compile secret government lists of everyone who isn't hurting people. -And how many of the victims in Orlando were shot by their "protectors"? That's getting swept under the rug.... "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "You will have difficulty being deemed 'fit and proper' to possess or use firearms if you have... indicated an intent to use a firearm for self-defence." Perhaps they would suggest an alternative. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "...[T]he government doesn't get to have temper tantrums and demand that the people should be disarmed while at the same time loading up on the very same arms they say we can't have." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "Why were these radical Democrats not dragged out and arrested like the protesters at The Malheur Refuge Occupation, some of whom were later shot and killed?" The Malheur protestors wanted property rights, restoration of due process of law, and an end to government overreach. The DC tantrum-throwers want an overreaching government to steal people's legally- and peaceably-owned property without due process of law. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • How is this not capital gang-rape? Why should the rape gang not be hung by their necks until dead? "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    But despite probably-massive and likely-racist vote fraud, BRITAIN VOTES TO EXIT THE EUROPEAN UNION. ...But they're still not a free country and never have been, really. Maybe someday.

    Prohibition FAIL, v2.0.

    Ian McCollum's column examines revolvers with safeties.

    4755 Saturday, 25 June 2016:

    The World Sucks


    "The vast majority of the laws, rules and regulations that affect the people of Texas are created by the political class or unelected bureaucrats in Washington" yeah and everywhere else too. The Union was a fine idea, as long as it followed its own rules. They don't DO that anymore.

    For further example, Tucson Tom sends, "The Democrats want to railroad over due process by denying firearms to people on Orwellian watch lists, while Republicans plot to give the FBI more warrantless surveillance powers."

    Battleground Florida. Pitch in.

  • Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.
  • Remember, peasant, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

    In Lighter News

    More guns. Less crime. WE TOLD THEM SO.

    MidWestReader sends, some people get it.


    Steel plates at Wolverton. Dusted off the GP100, for which I have collected six Safariland Comp II speedloaders - used, so a company whose marketing appears to focus on bootlicking doesn't get any of my money.

    Eyes remain a problem. The right is worse than the left, focal-distance-wise, but I believe new gla$$e$ should solve the problem, $igh. $o many other thing$.... Turns out, proper outside daylight helps a lot, rather than the murkiness of the hovel. But I still need new gla$$e$.

    The course is simple: Five arrays, each of five steel plates, various shapes and sizes, at more or less ten yards. Each shooter gets five runs at making them all react. One of each five plates is black, to indicate the stop plate, which must be hit last. This course, at this club, on this day, required a minimum of 125 rounds. The worst of five runs on each array is discarded, the other four totaled, those totalled for each of the five arrays, and the shortest time wins. There is drawing from a holster, though beginners can start from low-ready. This would be a good match to introduce someone to action shooting, even moreso than bowling pins, which can be very tricky targets.

    I had a mediocre performance. I hadn't fired the GP100 in a year or two. Several of my shots were low, which could be the eyes. I brought what I thought was enough ammunition but ended up with exactly one round left over at the end of the day - I shouldn't have gone chasing after some of those plates and should have just taken the time penalties. (At least I got some live speedloading practice.) But I did finish the course. Always take at least twice as many rounds as you're supposed to need. Videos will be along eventually but first:

    Tomorrow - Three-Gun! And Millicent's first race.

    4756 Sunday, 26 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Battleground Nevada and Arizona too. Pitch in.

    Hey remember when eee-vill heartless Republicans were pushing grandma off the cliff by dismantling Medicare? -Which unsustainable pyramid-scheme, like Social Security and the entire welfare apparatus, should never have existed in the first place....

    It's not racist if they really are that deliberately and willfully stupid and ignorant.

    This is the kind of political advertisement I would be writing if that were my job. Short, concentrated, justified. And the same things are happening here....

    By which I mean:

  • Muslim immigrants rape a child in Idaho and a government attorney threatens the community if they point out the attackers were Muslim immigrants. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO? What cop wouldn't obey the order to arrest kidnap innocent American citizens who object to being victims of actual crime?
  • Foot-dragging bigotry at the University of Tennessee. Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment". With the usual lying-Old-Media sauce.
  • Court rules dogs are people. Maybe one can fill that vacancy in SCOTUS.
  • Just the other day "representative" Charlie Rangle was saying his life was worth more than his constituents', that he deserved armed security but the taxpayers don't have a natural human right to self-defense. This is the kind of person who doesn't want you able to defend yourself.
  • "What we're de facto doing is, we're training police officers to equate any... person that is in possession of a gun, is de facto wrong, is de facto a bad guy, and is a person that we can shoot.... Everyone in the shoothouse... that doesn't have a uniform on... gets shot."
  • To which dot connect registration leads to confiscation and who do you think will be "just following orders" to steal that property and murder anyone who resists?

    In Lighter News

    The next time some haughty veeeegan harangues you about how the Founders could never have envisioned an AR15, smack it in the face with a one-handed eight-shooter from nearly two hundred years before the Second Amendment was written.

    Uppity in Occupied Colorado on Independence Day Weekend.

    BlogBrother SMLE Fan sends another AR tool. I think I saw one of those malfunctions today, in an AR10-type. It was also examined, if briefly, in my first or second Appleseed eight or nine years ago when my glasses still worked right and I could focus on front sights.


    Threeeee Guuuuuunnnnnnnnn! Precious the eee-vill green AR15, Millicent the resurrected Remington 1100, and my Cheap Philippine Clonetm 1911.

    Ow, family arthritis and that old back injury and the left knee and maybe a bone spur in the right foot. Good thing I still do some hiking and stairs in my courier job so I'm still in some kind of shape. I was smart enough to stop on the way for sunscreen, and I always carry spare drinking water in the car. It was up around 30 degrees today, in direct sunlight. Some folks probably have receiver-shaped red patches on their skin. My black plastic hard cases were softening.

    If I do more of this I need a cart - which consists of a used three-wheel baby stroller from the second-hand store three blocks from the hovel, or across the street from my usual Bi-Mart and Winco Foods, with ATV equipment-grabbers clamped on to serve as long-gun racks. The latest incarnation of my belt rig was an improvement, the angled conversions to the pistol-magazine and shotshell carriers worked mostly as intended, with eight 1911 magazines, 22 shotshells, and a PMAG30 all on the belt (a ninth pistol magazine and second PMAG30 in the back jeans pocket) - but then my hips started aching with the load by day's end. Suspenders maybe.

    Millicent performed flawlessly. Her tube extension threatened to come off but I noticed and screwed it back on, having stupidly not used the strap wrench last time I reassembled her, which I even blogged about putting in the range bag - which was in the other range bag which was a hundred-odd meters away in the car and by then my feet were hurting but it all worked out anyway. In fact I think every shot I made with her today was a hit. And that's with the Tru-Glo fiber-optic sights which I took out of the package and clamped onto the vent-rib of the spare barrel I found on sumd00d's table at a show several moons ago. The EasyLoader also worked as advertised, the one time I bothered to reload before transitioning to the pistol.

    Precious also performed without flaw, and the red dot turned out to be accurate enough to hit the long-range targets even with my eyes. Using the small-aperture rear sight, with the dot as the front sight, was smart and it worked.

    The 1911 ran well enough, though it choked at one point but didn't again. Accuracy was poor due to the eyes but I neutralized all handgun targets, eventually.

    Tablet computers were used for electronic scoring, quickly formulated, placing me 11th of 24 overall, and apparently 3rd of 6 in the Limited division.

    Something terrible is about to happen.

    4757 Monday, 27 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    How do you say "Gunwalker" in Arabic? "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    No, really, why don't "feminists" fight for Muslim women? Why don't they? The same man-hating Jew-hating pro-"Palestinian" psychotic bigots who engage in "slut walks" to protest the entire male gender lift not a finger and say not a word about the rape victims they're supposedly standing up for getting stoned to death by their own families.


    It's not paranoia if there really is a conspiracy to demonize an innocent and peaceable segment of the population.

    Sometimes corporations really are evil (see the "Microtel" segment of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge) and Linux is looking better all the time.

    "...Democrats are using guns to kill each other... whereas Republicans are using guns to defend against Democrats." I TOLD YOU SO.

    Speaking of defending ourselves against Democrats, naturally they don't want us to be able to. I'm reminded of the SACMO plotline of John Ross' Unintended Consequences....

    Just last week I predicted the Navy would be posting Gay Pride videos on YouTube AND THEY'RE ACTUALLY DOING IT. I no longer regret never having served my nation's military. Defending the United States of America is no longer the primary mission of the United States Armed Forces.

    While the sheep bleat passionately to be made more vulnerable. THE NEXT MASSACRE WILL NOT BE THE FAULT OF THE NRA. JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS.

    Speaking of abandoning stated missions, a couple years ago it was proof that NA$A was faking "global" "warming" data and now it's the US Geological Survey doing the same thing for eighteen years including six after they were caught. Connect that dot to allegations that Lavoy Finicum was murdered over the government's desire to seize uranium deposits.

    THEY ARE ALL SO F***ING IGNORANT and they want to force their delusions on all of us at the point of a government gun.

    Which segues to:

  • "Climate" "change" cultists admit they've been conspiring with the New York Attorney General to bring false conspiracy charges against anyone who isn't a member of their cult.
  • Remember, peasant, you don't need a gun because police will be there to protect you.
  • Remember, peasant, society needs police to protect us from VEHICULAR HOMICIDE. Tell me again how "no one is above the law".

    Everything is getting worse all the time.


    In Lighter News

    Knives are "arms" too and any cop who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife belongs in the cage it puts its victims in.

    Cleaning weapons... the Rise Armament RA-140 trigger for the AR15 is Good Enough, especially for its price, but you'll probably need anti-walk pins to go with it. I used squares of electrical tape on the sides of the receiver to keep the pins from falling out. I speculate my one 1911 malfunction might have been caused by the new batch of ammunition, on which I did not use the Lee Factory Crimp Die to resize the entire finished cartridge, but the rest ran fine. It bears repeating that the interior of the Remington Model 1100 contains many sharp edges.

    4758 Tuesday, 28 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....
    ...in Arabic.



    Explain in small words how this is the NRA's fault or mine.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Timely Visual Aid.

    I've been paying a lot less attention to JPFO email alerts since the passing of Aaron Zelman and the buyout by Alan-Toomey-Manchin-Chamberlain-Quisling-Gottlieb's SAF. Here's why.

    The usual persecution in Occupied California.

    Hey! Remember when giving preferential treatment to certain people based on the color of their skin was a bad thing?

    Yesterday I linked news of the US Geological Survey deliberately faking environmental data for years to advance partisan political agendas and now the lying partisan bureaucrat in charge of it is now in charge of the other lying partisan bureaucracy which deliberately poisons entire rivers to fabricate excuses to seize land and waste more taxes.

  • Doctors as agents of the State. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Remember, peasant, only police are mature, responsible, professional, and trained enough to be trusted with guns.
  • WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE POLICE? WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR HERE? "If any of the patrons inside the club had been armed, there appear to be many times when the shooter could have been engaged and the death toll reduced" AND THE POLICE AND DISTRICT ATTORNEYS WOULD HAVE VILIFIED THE VICTIMS FOR BEING "TRIGGER-HAPPY VIGILANTES" WHO "TOOK THE LAW INTO THEIR OWN HANDS".

    In Lighter News

    Real veterans strike back against oathbreakers.

    Speaking of which, Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining the best of us. Read the footnotes and all the comments for more.

    Ian McCollum of ForgottenWeapons started appearing in Popular Mechanics several moons ago. Now he's in American Rifleman too, sort of, I guess.

    4759 Wednesday, 29 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    BENGHAZI and who wants to enlist in a military, or a diplomatic corps, that will be ordered to leave them to die?

    Seriously how did Omar Mateen pass background checks to become a security guard contracted to the federal government? I have my suspicions.

    Oh but we have to pass "background checks" to loan a firearm to a friend for self-defense? And if we don't, we become "criminals"?

    So the BrExit vote succeeded, which is a net gain for humanity, but the whiny psychotic hypocritical violent unproductive racist "youth" are throwing a nationwide tantrum over having their allowance cut off. Starve and die, punks. Or move to Venezuela which would be kinda the same thing actually.

    Speaking of psychosis, now we're being told that encouraging gays to defend themselves is homophobic.

    Immigrants. Contributing to Society. It's not "racist" if it's true.

    Aside from Pearl Harbor... and the Bataan Death March... and the Rape of Nanking... and slave labor... and Unit 731's biological warfare experiments on POWs... and the "comfort women"... there are... some... admirable aspects to Japanese culture. Me 'n' blogbrother SMLE Fan dig us some samurai movies and anime. But some time ago I wrote "There seemed to be something deep inside the Japanese psyche that needed to be told what to do" and I appear to have been right, again. Japan has never been a free country. On any of several levels.

    Reader Wil sends: What if there really is a concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything? "Better to be 'good witnesses' to shootings than to prevent them? Augusta [law enforcement] has odd priorities."

    Which segues to:

  • It bears repeating that the regime's response to Islamic violence is to threaten the victims with federal prosecution. It is increasingly obvious where the regime's priorities lie. IS THIS WHY YOU BECAME A COP?


    In Lighter News

    FRICKIN'. LASER. BEAMS. If I win PowerBall and launch my fantasy firearm factory I'm hiring this guy.

    Michael G. sends word that only one Doolittle Raider remains alive. I'm putting that in Lighter News because 94 is more than most folks can expect and he successfully contributed to the gene pool too.

    A bit of accountability in Tennessee.

    F***ing Ringo. F***ing Correia. Up late finishing Grunge. Now I'm kind of out of books- oh wait, I still have some Baen Free Stories ebook collections, and the sequels to Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, and e-copies of the first three Brad Thor/Harvath novels. Several people in the comments to Col. Kratman's latest column were haranguing him to get back to work on the Carerra saga.

    4760 Thursday, 30 June 2016:

    The World Sucks

    In the news, Project Gunwalker kills again and how is that my fault?

    Many years ago Niven, Pournelle & Flynn wrote Fallen Angels in which they postulated that "global" "warming" was the only thing holding back the next ice age and it's looking like they might have been right.

    Years ago I made this bumper sticker:


    I got yer "religion of peace" right here.

    What if there really is a deliberate and concerted effort to suppress free speech?

    The GOP and the Lairds of Fairfax stab us in the back again and again and again.


    Remember in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World how children were raised in government creches and desensitized to all manner of what sane people would call perversions? That was just a story... RIGHT? Tell me again how it's slander to label gays as child molesters.

    Which segues to:

  • Terrorizing schoolchildren at implied government gunpoint. This is why you became a cop. THIS IS HOW YOU EARN YOUR PENSION.
  • So yesterday it was Japan never having been a free country and you know, Scotland hasn't been one for a long time either. "It has worked so well the Scots do not even see the problem." They can't imagine not being told what to do.
  • Just like the current generation here, thinking it's normal to have some blue-gloved kleptomaniacal pervert grope them every time they travel.
  • The state senate of Occupied California passes legislation to require background checks and keep purchase records for ammunition. Tell me again how the slippery slope argument is "paranoid". Tell me who enforces these "laws".
  • Remember, peasant, you can tell it to the judge.
  • Because judges are so impartial and unbiased.
  • Remember, peasant, this is the most transparent administration ever.
  • Remember, peasant, "law" enforcement "supports the Second Amendment".
  • Remember, peasant, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.
  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.
  • "In short, the attempt to criminalize dissent is now an official party plank." What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using personal firearms to prevent massacres is a fantasy that never happens. Think about the monsters who tell you to be a "good witness" instead.

    A while back I wrote: "...[B]oth vehicles were covered with photovoltaic panels masquerading as a glossy finish. Solar power technology had grown immensely since the tax-funded scams just before the Fall of America. Without bureaucrats regulating every step of every process, and cronies wasting any real progress made, someone figured out how to make them work." And that is being worked on.

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