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4700 Sunday, 1 May 2016:

The World Sucks

No, seriously, massive vote fraud.

It's bad enough we have to beg some bureaucrat bigot's permission to get a Federal Firearms License to sell a Constitutionally-enumerated product which is then registered in a blatantly illegal government database. Illinois wants you to beg their permission too.

While the Usurper wants to put tracking chips in guns owned by everyone who isn't hurting people.

And the gold-and-Nike-wearing, Cadillac-driving, EBT-swiping Obama-voters will STILL slaughter each other by the hundreds in Chicago AND HOW WILL THAT BE MY FAULT?

A while back I described Australia as an evil place where self-defense is outlawed and criminals are protected and the place where Britain used to be is the same.


In the news has been the sociopathic bureaucrats of Veterans Affairs arbitrarily stripping veterans of their natural human right to keep and bear arms without even the pretense of due process. North Carolina wants to do the same to anyone on Social Security. -Which unsustainable pyramid scheme should not exist either of course.

The other day I said the brainwashed victims of government schools, and of "higher" "education", will never make it in the real world. Timely Visual Aid.

In Lighter News

Show, chat & show every Sunday 1100 and 1700PT.


Someone who has been there and done that contemplates the Bug-Out Bag.

A while back some anti-self-defense pervert suggested that old people are not competent to defend themselves. Michael G. sends the Sit Down and Shut Up, Chapter MMMMDCC. Some of the people I was shooting with yesterday are about that age too. They were doing okay.

Speaking of, trying to work on the videos. A few years ago I got a cheap Funai camera, one of those casual-use things about the size of a cellphone. It has an internal battery charged by USB. I charged it the night before, and it didn't last the whole match. Those things do eventually wear out.... The Funai has been used as HatCam!!! but I couldn't find the HatCam!!! hat in the hovel before match time. In the Funai's defense I was leaving it running for a half-hour or so at a time while I was off loading magazines and doing walkthroughs and resetting targets and proving my 1911's sear wasn't broken.... But if you're shopping for cameras, whenever possible get one that uses conventional batteries you can carry spares of.

Hm, mining the internets, I get the impression Millicent's 10+1 capacity might put her in a different division - not that the matches I attend are official. But I still have the +4 tube from Saint John, which has the same threads, which would result in 9+1. Yyyeah I'm'a change that now, otherwise I'll be in Open division against a bunch of electronics and compensators. -Huh, the spring that came with the +4 is much longer than the spring which came with the +5. So I'll use the latter and not fight it as much. Around YouTube I've seen people recommending chopping such springs as they are often far longer than necessary from the factory. Now Millicent's overall length is reduced by four inches, she's lighter, her balance is notably improved, and... she's actually eight-plus-one now. Fine whatever, I still have the other one, and maybe I could squeak into the Production division this way.

And I still have the regular magazine cap and original 28" vent-rib factory-full-choke barrel so I can change her back to duck-hunting guise in a couple minutes.

Pro tip: Cheap dollar-store strap-wrench for tightening and removing the tube extension. I've seen those things work themselves off during a run. Into the range bag.

...Speaking of videos, MSPaint only allowed three Undos. Linux KolourPaint allows... more. That speeds things up, not having to dump and reload a template file after tediously adding all those colored lines. Linux is looking better all the time. F*** Microsoft and f*** their overpriced Orwellian spyware and f*** Bill Gates.

But now I have to learn how to use the OpenShot video editor.... How the f*** do I record my voiceovers? Oh, Audacity, another free-for-the-downloading Linux application.

Aaaand OpenShot keeps crashing. >:-[

4701 Monday, 2 May 2016:

The World Sucks

"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

Project Gunwalker....

Sink the Island, Chapter MMMMDCCI. Mud huts and plague.

"Tolerant" and "inclusive".

  • "What the government did to Randy Weaver and his family and what they did at Waco are why I purchased my first gun...."
  • To which dot connect the death of due process in Occupied Connecticut and Occupied California. There is no "law" police would not enforce and no order they would not obey.
  • Any cop who tries to not be a door-kicking puppy-shooting thief-with-a-badge is driven out and destroyed by his "Brothers in Blue".
  • YET ANOTHER VIOLENT ARMED HOME-INVASION GANG AT THE WRONG ADDRESS. Explain to me why every one of those monsters should not have been executed in self-defense by their victims. Anything coming through your door without your permission is there to harm you and DESERVES TO DIE.

    Police are not heroes. Police are not the good guys. Police are what is wrong with America. The cure has become the disease. Police should not exist.

    In Lighter News

    TARGET STORES STOCK DROPS AFTER PERVERTS-IN-RESTROOMS POLICY. Looky, it's no one else's business what you do or what you do it with in private. It is other people's business when you force those behaviors on other people, especially at the point of a government gun. Anyone who's been paying attention should have been boycotting them already.

    Speaking of defending children, think about the kind of perverted monsters who don't want them able to defend themselves. -Now watch the poor kid get expelled from government school and forced at government gunpoint to take government drugs....

    Yet another affordable AR trigger. $igh, various things have already eated awl teh munnies I didn't spend on taxes.

    A while back I wrote about personal air transport. FASTER PLEASE

    Not unrelated, here is the I'm-Sorry-I-Can't-Hear-You-Over-The-Sound-Of-How-Awesome-I-Am o' the Day. Let's also remember that Yeager was a double ace against the Nazis, in the middle of which he was shot down and hung out with the French Resistance blowing up railroads.

    OpenShot is still a little finicky, but it's not crashing, for the moment (which moment has passed... I can see how it would work if it would, you know, work - rebooting after a while seems to help). Here's a screenshot of a video I was editing with Cyberlink PowerDirector, before Windows barfed all over my system for The Last Time and I switched entirely to Linux Mint:

    See all that white stuff at the lower right? That's the on-screen round counter, which I created using the subtitle function, tediously chopping and editing on specific frames as muzzle events appeared. That's going to be more difficult in the current incarnation of OpenShot, so I'm skipping it until I learn more. Hopefully the product will continue to be improved. (Or maybe I just did learn more....) Meanwhile here's a screenshot of OpenShot, with the first part of the video, containing the opening still images and voiceovers:

    There are so many components in there I suspect that may be contributing to OpenShot's instability, so I'm chopping the whole production into sub-productions, then stitching those together when each chunk is finished. Anyway it does work, if not as powerfully as PowerDirector, and it's free, and it's Not Windows.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [11:29:30 AM] Jeffersonian: FLUFFYTUX
    [11:29:34 AM] Jeffersonian: JUST THIS MINUTE
    [11:29:45 AM] Jeffersonian: CAUGHT AND KILLED AN ACTUAL LIVE BIRD
    [11:30:24 AM] SMLE Fan: AI TOLD U AI WANTED KFC
    [11:30:42 AM] Jeffersonian: ai haz praisded him
    [11:30:55 AM] SMLE Fan: DO THE EERS
    [11:30:56 AM] Jeffersonian: Now he's playing with what's left of it
    [11:31:01 AM] Jeffersonian: all over the carpet....
    [11:31:12 AM] Jeffersonian: Which in the hovel has been a lost cause for nearly twenty years
    [11:31:37 AM] Jeffersonian: [crunch]
    [11:31:47 AM] Jeffersonian: [snap]
    [11:32:23 AM] Jeffersonian: [feathers]
    [11:32:25 AM] SMLE Fan: how do ai loves u bird? nomnomnomnom
    [11:32:32 AM] Jeffersonian: It's kinda gross
    [11:32:42 AM] Jeffersonian: but I don't want to stop him from exercising his predatory instincts
    [11:32:52 AM] SMLE Fan: in an adorably bloodthirsty sort of way
    [11:33:59 AM] SMLE Fan: not unlike the lizard that tried to wander through here two nights ago
    [11:35:24 AM] SMLE Fan: of course, I'm a bit biased: it being a relief seeing him clean blood off his fur that wasn't originally mine
    [11:35:59 AM] Jeffersonian: bits of feather stuck in his whiskers
    [11:36:19 AM] SMLE Fan: WHAT'S 4 DESSERT?
    [11:37:32 AM] Jeffersonian: gooshy beef from a can, as a matter of fact
    [11:37:42 AM] Jeffersonian: and perhaps a spot of mid-range national-brand kibble
    [11:37:45 AM] SMLE Fan: WIF FEATHERS
    [11:37:54 AM] Jeffersonian: STILL STUCK IN HIS WHISKERS
    [11:38:09 AM] Jeffersonian: I have broomed the remains out the hovel door and sprayed that spot of carpet with ant-killer

    4702 Tuesday, 3 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Think about the perverts who don't want your daughter able to defend herself.

    Keep sending prayers and/or money to a true champion of our Cause.

    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining immigrants contributing to society. "And if you don't think the UN, or the EU if it's still in existence by then, won't demand to oversee elections held in the Southwest to ensure the right outcome... well, you haven't been paying attention." (Always read the footnotes and comments, or you'd miss things like the Badass o' the Day.)

    Speaking of immigrants contributing to society. And how does that make me "racist"?

    What's the definition of treason in the place where Britain used to be? Because I'm pretty sure the new Labour Party leader qualifies.

    Anti-self-defense bigots Bloomberg and company attack Tennessee. It really is like they want another massacre.

    "I never thought I would be punished for speaking up. I never thought that I would be punished for doing the right thing." Well that's what government schools do. They were already that way when I dropped out thirty-six years ago and they've only gotten worse. School bullying is a result of the government running the schools.

    "Progressives project their own grotesque acts onto others." (..."Stop making me like Trump"....)

    Wasn't I saying just yesterday? "This is not about respecting the right of consenting adults to pursue private happiness in the manner of their choosing. This is about indoctrinating and manipulating children."

    Which segues to:

  • Imagine a world where parents would be punished by the government for protecting their children from sexual predators. Is this why you became a cop? "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • "The cop who arrested Rosa Parks said," according to [Sheriff Richard] Mack, "'The law is the law.' The officers at Nuremberg said the same thing, 'We were just following orders.'" What "law" would you not enforce? What order would you not obey?
  • Remember, peasant, ONLY POLICE CAN BE TRUSTED WITH GUNS. Why is this monster with a record of homicidal irresponsibility, if not outright murderous impulses, not in a cage or a coffin instead of his victims? Why are our taxes paying this parasite one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year to MURDER AN UNARMED HOMELESS MAN AND SHOOT AT A BABY'S CRIB?

    In Lighter News

    Epic Prohibition FAIL dig the crazy markings.

    4703 Wednesday, 4 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [6:38:07 PM] Jeffersonian: srs risk of SWATting
    [6:38:25 PM] Jeffersonian: Some folks I pass on the sidewalk say "I like your hat"
    [6:38:37 PM] Jeffersonian: I nod and smile and then mutter, "You'd like it less if you got a closer look"
    [6:39:13 PM] Jeffersonian: Gadsden - Confederate First National - NRA Life Member - JPFO (pre-sellout) - and now Appleseed Rifleman.
    [6:39:32 PM] SMLE Fan: you really have to get out of there...around here, the 'subtle' ones fly the Gadsden Flag...the less subtle ones the Bonnie Blue
    [6:39:44 PM] Jeffersonian: I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE
    [6:41:38 PM] SMLE Fan: there's a built-in affection towards Browncoats, alhough they'd think of it as Grey or Butternut
    [6:42:55 PM] SMLE Fan: remember that mope who wanted to divide Florida?
    [6:43:39 PM] SMLE Fan: turns out that everyone who was not SoFla really liked that one...proposal quietly died in committee
    [6:44:24 PM] Jeffersonian: Federal Constitution prevents *peaceable* partition or creation of states
    [6:45:10 PM] SMLE Fan: apparently there was some 'spontaneous' border enforcement being planned
    [6:45:42 PM] Jeffersonian: I seem to recall a decade or so ago the leader of the Alaskan Independence Party was "found dead"
    [6:46:02 PM] SMLE Fan: think of a wall of burnt out Prii along the proposed border
    [6:46:21 PM] Jeffersonian: ...I'll be in my bunk

    Aaaaand Ted Cruz quits.

    Now, do I have to vote Libertarian again like I did against Romneycare,
    or do I actually want Trump to win so I can watch all the
    EBT-swiping preciouslittlesnowflakes' heads explode?
    Buy ammo, folks. And learn to handload. And more important,
    get in shape and get some practice.
    Appleseed would be a good place to start.
    You're not as good with that thing as you think you are.

    Aaaaand Goebbels shifts into high gear.

    Tell me again about Obama's economic legacy.

    In Georgia, a RINO weakling gives in to bigots and anti-self-defense perverts. Or maybe Bloomberg simply bought him. Speaking of buying, tell me again what I'm getting for my $500 Life Membership.

    Speaking of Bloomberg, Battleground Nevada. Pitch in.

    In the place where Britain used to be, this man is about to find himself in Room 101.

    Next door in Denmark, "green" "energy" at government gunpoint.

    "The members of the American Anthropological Association are busy voting on a boycott of Israeli academic institutions" and how can that not be antisemitic?

    Speaking of organized and official bigotry, discrimination and racism, right-wing PAC campaigns to have non-white people stop running for political officeOH. WAIT. Do you want backlash? Because this is how you get backlash.

    FAKE. "HATE". "CRIMES". Because it pays. But that's not something we should worry about... right?

  • "Smart guns" were originally imagined for police use, to prevent police from being shot with their own weapon. So why is it the government wants to force them on everyone but the police? Why is that?
  • Never fill out the Form 4473. Those things will get you murdered.
  • Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment". Look me in the eye, PIG.
  • "As the Pierces faced theft charges for a crime they didn't commit... [Clayton County, GA] Officer [Grant] Kidd tried to shake them down for money to make the charges go away." CAN WE START EXECUTING THESE FILTHY PREDATORS-WITH-BADGES NOW?

    In Lighter News

    Results from the unofficial IPSC(-style) match on the 30th - third of 28 overall. With arthritis and a spare tire and a replacement barrel I'd never fired before that day and I think some of those guys were half my age. After well over a year since the last such. While running up to three cameras. Warmfuzzy. Stage One video is online and I did figure out an on-screen round-counter in OpenShot. ...And I don't think my bullets are going sideways anymore, so it was the barrel and not the Lee Factory Crimp Die, because those were the last rounds of that batch.

    4704 Thursday, 5 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Please continue sending prayers and/or money to Michael Vanderboegh, who has actually done more for the cause than any ten of the rest of us.


    While the GOP remains indistinguishable from the enemy. Both ends of the stick are dirty.

    "Tolerant" and "inclusive" in Michigan.

    Speaking of "tolerance", German patriots object to the invasion of their country by Muslim terrorists and the "tolerant", "inclusive" crowd publicizes their home addresses so the Muslim terrorists can find and murder them. And their government is on whose side? "...[P]olice have raided apartments in Berlin for the act of merely questioning the migrant crisis on social media."

    Blood Libel. They really don't see us as human beings. They really believe in eee-vill gun rays casting dominion over our soooouuullls.

    Speaking of not seeing people as human beings, "U.S. EPA caused this entire disaster...."

    Just yesterday Georgia governor Nathan Deal vetoed a bill that would have stopped violating the natural human right of self defense and as if on cue. Blood on your hands, RINO.

    Tell me again who's pushing grandma off the cliff. Just five days ago I was in competition with several people that age and they can handle guns just fine.

    Which is probably what the sociopaths at Social Security are afraid of. Deep inside, they know they're guilty of crimes against humanity, no matter how much they brag about being heroic public servants.

    Bears repeating: Everywhere else in the world, poor people starve or resort to cannibalism. In America, POOR PEOPLE GET FAT. Off other people's taxes....

    Which segues to:

  • Your tax dollars at work, stealing your iPads, molesting your children, and making you miss your flight too. Why are decent human beings not rioting and tearing these predatory parasites limb from limb?
  • When I see a cop, I see a violent sociopath who thinks laws are only for enforcing, not for obeying.
  • In support of which, "...[N]o arrest was made.... Officers did not administer field sobriety tests...." But us peasants need police to protect us from combative, trespassing drunks with guns.
  • When I see a cop, I see a sadistic pervert who likes to hurt things. Which we have seen before.
  • Let me get this straight: The government won't call actual criminals "criminals" because it might hurt their feelings but if I try to use the internet without being spied on by the latter-day Gestapo I'M A "CRIMINAL"? ...Some thug who supplies multiple weapons to Chicago gangs gets plea-bargained to probation, but a widow who tries to liquidate her dead husband's deer rifle to pay for the kids' braces is a "dangerous gun criminal" who needs to be taken "off the street" and thrown in jail for ten years? This is the system they keep telling us to "work within". Anyone who is a part of that system is the real criminal and deserves the Nuremberg Treatment.

    In Lighter News

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using personal firearms to defend themselves is a paranoid fantasy that never happens.

    Speaking of, Tennessee gets partial campus carry.

    Michael G. reminds of the anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, in which the Japanese kinda whupped us tactically but we stopped them strategically. A month later the Empire was mortally wounded.

    Discovering more features in OpenShot, more powerful than it looks at first. And it's free and it's not Windows. Now if only it would stop crashing. It seems like, after a certain and perhaps-not-scientifically-definable number of cuts and track-swaps and media objects, it starts crashing every time I save the project, or after I make a change and try to move the slider. As I type it's somewhat stable but sluggish. (The last bit, in fairness, may be because the rebuilt tower (remember it blew up real good several moons back) is using the motherboard's built-in video processors as opposed to a more powerful (and expensive) one.) But I'm getting some editing done. Stage Two should be online by this weekend.

    4705 Friday, 6 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    You know, if you have a sign in front of your office
    which says what time the office
    is supposed to open
    it is to be expected
    that your office
    will be open
    Not more than half a bloody hour later.
    I hate this place.
    It feels like I'm the last man in town
    who works for a living.

    This is both exciting and depressing. Personal air transport gets ever closer - and this maker is actively seeking sales to an increasingly oppressive government who will use their products against me and all my friends.

    Speaking of oppressive governments, DOWN GOES ENGLAND. How long until the Bobbies stand by watching while synagogues burn, or even taser a rabbi for trying to put out the fire? You remember I predicted that.

    Speaking of things I predicted, government background checks for journalists. "What? Suddenly the lamestream muddia doesn't like background checks to exercise a Constitutionally-protected right? I can hardly wait for the Journalism License, and bans on hi-cap word processors."

    What's Wrong With America, Chapter MMMMDCCV.

    And now Oregon State University Will Force Incoming Students to Take 'Social Justice Training'. DON'T GO TO COLLEGE.

    A psychotic is someone who can't tell reality from fantasy. The nation is in the hands of psychotics.

    For further example, at Veterans Affairs, a convicted credit card fraudster is now in charge of government credit cards for veterans' prosthetics. It really is on purpose.

  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends an ("alleged"...) murderer of three in Maryland, observing, "A federal agent with DHS. Nothing to see here, folks, just move along now."
  • "No person shall...be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"ARE YOU GONNA BEAT IT OUT OF HER, PIG? Tell me again how it hurts your feelings to call you a Nazi.
  • YET ANOTHER SERIAL CHILD-RAPIST WITH A BADGE. And their "Brothers in Blue" know, for years, and do nothing.

    The only good cop is a dead cop.
    They all look the same to me.

    In Lighter News

    SPACEX DOES IT AGAIN. From even higher and even faster than ever before. NA$A CAN'T DO THAT. GOVERNMENT CAN'T DO THAT AT TEN TIMES THE PRICE. "...[T]he transformation of a NASA program into boring means a loss of public interest and very likely a program cut; a transformation of a private program into boring means economic success and increased profits and utilization." And that is the way it should be.

    Continuing to learn OpenShot. It does seem that the program becomes unstable as more components are added to the timeline. My strategy of chopping the video into sub-productions is working - when I start a new one, especially without using anything from the previous one so there are no Undos in the buffer either, it starts out quite stable and loses that stability as the work progresses. Rebooting seems no longer necessary, just chopping the work up into smaller bits. But it's still free and it's still not Windows, and some of the controls might even be more intuitive than PowerDirector. Stage Two video is online.

    4706 Saturday, 7 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "TRUMP 2016"

    This Just In: Australia is still an evil place where criminals are protected and self-defense is outlawed.

    Remember when Hillary said "It takes a village"?

    And the GOP is functionally and morally indistinguishable.

    I'm not calling this Lighter: Michael G. sends, "I don't want to discourage anti-gun people from actually checking their assumptions, but the whole tone of this article sounding like Jane Goodall going to live with the chimps or David Brooks mingling with the denizens of flyover country is grating." And she hasn't changed her views on firearms, meaning she's just fine with people who want to steal them from us and murder us if we resist.

    Aaaaaand burn the schools. Retroactively. By a decade or three.

    We should also hang the bureaucrats by the neck until dead. Pretty much all of them.

    "...[M]ost Immigrants go straight to the welfare rolls." And how does that make me "racist"?

    Speaking of immigrants, Muslims throw stones at Catholics in France. And how does that make me "Islamophobic"?

  • So at New Year's, Muslim immigrants gang-assaulted German women in Cologne. The German police covered it up and now the German government is persecuting the German citizens who exposed the coverup.
  • The exact same thing is happening right next door in Austria. Do you want another fuhrer? Because this is how you get another Fuhrer.

    In Lighter News

    New Hampshire has another chance at Constitutional Carry. When is the governor going to get it through her bigoted head that she's on the wrong side?

    Oklahoma is also heading that way, in part. Hit the phones and emails. Get this part now, get the rest next time.

    Remember, peasant, private citizens using personal firearms to defend themselves is a paranoid fantasy that never happens.

    OpenShot is still variously unstable. Aside from the crashing, the audio often gets out of synch with the video, which you may notice in Stage Three, which is now online.

    4707 Sunday, 8 May 2016:


    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends the Blood Libel o' the Day. But they call us "Nazis". Oh hey look, the director of the film was interviewed by Bill Moyers of PBS as though he were a legitimate historian and "a respected member of the community". What a coincidence.

    Speaking of Germany, this is how they got a national socialist dictator last time - except the Muslims are actually doing what the Jews were libeled for.

    And Sweden too.

  • While down in Austria, remember how I predicted the London Bobbies would stand around watching while synagogues burned? Yeah. Like that. "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends, "Some truth in government at last, but Councilman Lander left out the second half: irritate you until you change, and send a SWAT team if you don't change." How about we get so irritated we kill all they send, then hunt down who sent them? Did they think that all the way through?

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat & show every Sunday 1100 and 1700PT. Though on the second show I'm getting tired of Mark Walters and Toomey-Manchin-Chamberlain-Quisling-Gottlieb on every damn week. And all the scolding government PSAs instead of actual commercials, and then the same three or four commercials for USCCA over and over again. Maybe if I streamed a different station? No, probably not.

    OpenShot actually skews the audio when I cut the .AVI files from my old Canon A580 camera. I'm having to chop the production into single clips so the offset doesn't add up. Doesn't seem as bad, though still present, with the .MOVs from the little Funai, or the .MP4s from the Oregon Scientific two-lens action camera. Anyway all match videos, such as they are, are online: Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, Stage Four, and awards & results. I forgot to put in a round-counter for my Stage Three and Four runs but if I tried it probably would have messed up the audio even worse.

    Now those are done, I'm'a try to install the Easyloader on Millicent. ...Whose magazine tube, around which the gas piston rings ride, is considerably pitted by decades of neglect, but she did fire and feed a full 10+1 rounds at the end of my only test session. Since then I've changed to the shorter tube giving 8+1 capacity, the same tube I was using on Saint John the M11. Replacement rubber O-rings are sold in 3-packs and can be ordered online from Wal-Mart - carry spares in the range bag. It should be remembered that the only thing the Model 1100 has in common with John Moses Browning is the first two digits of the model number.... The Easyloader is going to work, I see how, but there's some very annoying fit-and-try-ing required, with grunting-and-cursing to get things lined up for reassembly. Saint John Didn't Design That.

    Aaand I think I've got it. Now to get some speedloading practice with the dummy rounds. With Saint John the long-recoil Model 11, I switched hands like Miculek used to with revolvers, because I had to hold the carrier release button in, on the starboard side of the receiver. I got used to a load-four from belt caddies, with the strong hand. I've seen at least one YouTube video of someone doing it that way with the Easyloader-equipped 1100. Do I want to do it that way, or try the weak-hand reload, keeping the weapon in the strong hand and the butt on the shoulder? I'll find out. Aaaand I think I'll be sticking with the crossover and the strong hand, fine. It's not Jerry by-Gawd Miculek I'm expecting to go up against. Anyway the Easyloader is rather a pain to install but does, eventually, perform as advertised. Reloading a tube-fed shotgun is where 3-Gun matches are won and lost, and the Easyloader makes the Remington 1100/11-87 competitive.

    4708 Monday, 9 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    The most racially divisive president in American history calls us "racist".

    The psychotic bigots of Old Media really believe there's some smoke-filled back room at every NRA meeting or gun show where we deliberately supply weapons to criminals and help them plot their next massacre.

    Yesterday I made a connection between PBS' anti-self-defense perversion and National Socialist anti-semitic propaganda. There are other examples.

    Speaking of anti-semitism. And Orwell's Ministry of Truth.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"OH. WAIT.

    Speaking of discrimination against peaceable and innocent citizens who are acting in accordance with law, Cracker Barrel.

    And colleges of course.

    No, really. It is on purpose.

    Who's pushing grandma off the cliff? Hanging all the bureaucrats is looking better all the time. They are all liars and thieves. "...[T]he government is punishing people who are trying to start new companies."

  • Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment".
  • Tell me again what orders you would not obey.
  • "Sullivan knew the gangs would flout the law, but appearances were more important than results.... Gangsters had been bitterly complaining to Tammany that their victims sometimes shot back at them." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • And lest you think comparing police to Nazi mass-murderers is inappropriate, the other day Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sent news of the federal DHS agent who went on the kind of shooting rampage I'm always being slandered as fantasizing about. "Police say they've seen no signs of remorse from a federal police officer accused of a two-day shooting spree in a string of suburban parking lots in Maryland that left three people dead and three wounded." I remind you, "Most of the thousands of German killers returned to jobs with the police, their pre-war occupation."

    In Lighter News

    By the way, if you're having trouble installing the Easyloader on your 1100, this video and its second part were very helpful to me.

    Speaking of, looking forward to the (unofficial) 3-Gun match at Wolverton on 26 June. A while back I modified my pistol magazine carriers so they wouldn't poke my spare tire. Shouldn't be hard to do the same to my shotshell caddies.

    4709 Tuesday, 10 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    To which dot connect one killed, three wounded in Munich knife attack while shouting "Allahu Akbar". Gosh who could it be? What could be his motivation? It must be a Trump-voting evangelical Christian NRA member! THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE!

    I keep telling you to think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend your children, from them.


    To which Michael G. sends a dot to connect. Who's keeping blacks on the plantation?

    This guy. Indoctrinating people of his own color that they can never be successful on their own. "Stay on the farm, boy. Massa take care of you."

    Your Tax Dollars At Work for everyone but you.

    Tell me again how real socialism has never been tried.

    Tell me again how the Australian model is "common sense". We told them these exact things would happen and they called us liars.

    Bears repeating: 'Now that big media is feeling the indignity and insecurity of submitting their rights to the whims of an opaque and seemingly arbitrary bureaucratic screening process, we can only say, "Welcome to the club.... It serves you right."' We warned them and they called us "paranoid".

    It does serve them right to get the same treatment they've been demanding for us for decades. Old Media has no one to blame but themselves.


    It's not paranoia if they really do hate us and want to murder us all.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines the difference between police and military. "Yes, this is, indeed, a suggestion that recent, fairly frequent, incidents of unwise, unnecessary, and inappropriate police use of deadly force means there is something wrong with our police, or something beginning to go wrong with our police, on the grand scale. Yes, this should scare you." But the current series is not for cop-bashing, it's predicting how our next civil war will start, how it won't be a "civil" war in either sense of the term, and whether we have the national and cultural spine to do anything about it. Don't forget the footnotes and comments, for things like '...[T]he lack of a union shield from politics and IA does wonders for convincing even someone whose natural preference is "speed, shock and violence of action" to use nonviolent means whenever possible.' But that's not what we have now, is it? And: "Because you f***ing moronic frog...."

    Which segues to:

  • What orders would you not obey?
  • Arlington, Virginia bans bookstoresOH. WAIT. Explain to me the legal, functional, and moral difference.
  • San Francisco police lose about a hundred guns a year and this was one of them but tell me again why my guns need to be registered. Tell me again how only police can be trusted with guns.
  • "Edward Mark Felix's story is complex, ranging from allegations of being directed to allow straw purchases similarly to methods revealed from Operation Fast and Furious, to claims of stolen guns, to being squeezed out of his store, to FFL renewal irregularities, to claims of having illegal tracking devices placed on his car, and more" but remember, peasant, work within the system.
  • "The disingenuous part of the gun amnesty is that it's not aimed at the criminals shooting up Surrey streets on a regular basis. It's aimed directly at the people who are NOT part of the problem: law-abiding firearm owners." As usual. "Protect and Serve" WHO? "When the head of the city's police force doesn't even know the law he's appointed to enforce, is it any wonder gun owners don't trust police on this issue?" Why should anyone trust any police on any issue?
  • When police at all levels are being fed bigotry as though it were legitimate intelligence and swallowing it all without question?
  • Why should anyone trust Congress either? When for generations they've been operating outside the oath they swore?
  • The Third Amendment isn't obsolete either, you jackbooted pigs. I'm amazed you thugs didn't murder that innocent citizen and burn his home to the ground after looting it. Oh wait- that's the agenda for next weekend. Isn't it?

    In Lighter News

    SPACEX LANDING PR0N looks like an even softer landing than last time, less bounce, despite the higher energies to be countered.

    Yet another affordable drop-in AR trigger. As in all things, market competition lowers prices while increasing quality and choice. Think about the kind of people who want government bureaucrats telling you what to buy instead.

    Epic Immortal Historical LOLkitteh o' the Day.

    4710 Wednesday, 11 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea reminds us to check our f***ing sources dammit.

    Michael G. sends even more Blood Libel. Deliberately and methodically demonizing everyone who ISN'T hurting people.

    To which dot connect 8 dead, 39 wounded in Chicago over Mother's Day weekend and how is registering or confiscating my guns going to stop that? EXPLAIN IT IN SMALL WORDS.

    Speaking of psychotic bigotry, banning the Bill of Rights in Virginia, where its authors came from.

    While the racist-in-chief apologizes for our grandfathers saving the world from actual racists. Sometimes I see a car with a "Veterans for Obama" sticker and that makes no sense at all.

    Speaking of making no sense, collectivist baffled by economic results we warned of from the outset.

    And the GOP is no different.

    Sweden burns free speech on the altar of appeasement.

    Austria burns a teacher at the figurative stake for pointing out pedophilia in Islam. Can the literal stake be far behind?

    England becomes a violently intolerant dystopia.

    So a regime propaganda agent admits he's been lying to the media for years, and the media gets mad at... the only real reporter with the guts to point out the lies. "...[T]he [Washington] Post got scooped on the story explaining how gullible they are."

    Racial discrimination in the Army. What if white cadets had given a National Socialist salute? How would that have been different?

    Immigrants contributing to society. Mud huts and plague, I told you.


    RINO backstabbing in Arizona. Or maybe Bloomberg simply bought him.

    Which segues to:

  • Tell me again, again, how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" by conspiring to violate it.
  • Slave labor. Complete with sadistic racist overseers, gettin' some Racial Justice on the honkies, I bet.
  • I told you. They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • That's also why they become dynastic Democrat politicians.
  • Who want to make it harder for their victims to defend themselves.
  • Any judge who refuses to become another unstable rubber-stamping bigot in black robes is driven out and destroyed.

    In Lighter News

    Wyoming man beats EPA in court. Deadly SWAT raid based on anonymous allegations of child abuse in 3, 2, 1....

    4711 Thursday, 12 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Benghazi and of course, "It's been almost four years, but the whistleblower still felt the need to ask that his identity be protected out of fear of retribution from the Obama administration."

    "TRUMP 2016" :(

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season three episode 20, Director Coulson: "...[N]othing good ever comes from putting people on lists." Does that include gun owners? DOES IT? By which I mean.

    By which I also mean doctors acting as agents of the state. What could possibly go wrong?

    Immigrants. Contributing. To Society.

    Which segues to:

  • Remember the other day when I predicted London Bobbies would stand around watching while "refugees" burned synagogues? YEAH. LIKE THAT.
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch says 'the government is in no position to "impose" a definition of gender upon America' WHILE IMPOSING DEFINITIONS OF GENDER UPON AMERICA. It is an administration of psychotics.
  • "A spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Officer's Association is calling out fellow officers on his Facebook page for snitching on an officer that made racial remarks at the Bayview Station." ...Because exposing and combatting racism is... bad and wrong and not what police should be doing?
  • Meanwhile in Occupied Connecticut, "...[I]nstead of the state's attorney's office doing the right thing, they released a letter illustrating how police could repeat this violation of rights and get away with it. The legislature followed suit by proposing and pursuing bills to help the police violate that right and get away with it."

    In Lighter News

    UPPITY IN VIRGINIA. Codrea has more details.

    Constitutional Carry action in Missouri, and the usual blood libel from the other side.

    Codrea observes online payment that doesn't discriminate.

    4712 Friday, 13 May 2016:

    The World Sucks


    Epic Hypocrisy o' the Day.

    Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend children.

    About a quarter-century ago I spent three misguided months in Air Force ROTC, learning that uniforms don't fit me, in the philosophical sense, and the military and I would be better off without each other. I no longer regret quitting, when exhibition pilots are chosen more for the color of their skin than their actual qualifications, and when the newest aircraft is grounded with a software glitch. Yeah, a BSOD is just the thing to have in the middle of a dogfight, or when a platoon of Marines is cut off and needs close air support.

    "The most violent cities in the US have been ruled by Socialists for decades" but it's all, somehow, my fault? I've said before, it is not jobholding, taxpaying, Republican, white, NRA members slaughtering people by the hundreds in Chicago but we're the only people getting blamed and punished for it.

  • Remember, peasant, you need police to protect you from reckless drivers with guns.
  • Remember, peasant, police will never come to your door to confiscate your guns. What order would you not obey? "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • Yeah I can see who. Remember, peasant, no one is above the law.
  • Yet another liar with a badge. But remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

    In Lighter News

    Everything is getting worse all the time and this isn't cheering me up.

    4713 Saturday, 14 May 2016:

    The World Sucks


    FIFTEEN DOLLARS AN HOUR I much prefer using the self-checkout at the supermarket, and I don't go out for burgers because I don't have money left over after my taxes prop up all the Bernie-voting EBT-swiping parasites who've never worked a real day at a real job in the real world in their lives and never will.

    Panhandlers on the freeway ramps - some of them probably make more in a day than I do, tax-free. Some of them are organized, you know. Vanpools.

    Speaking of entitlement culture, here is your Loss of Faith in Humanity o' the Day. Which is actually really cool in a mechanical and technological sense but dang. A philosophical comparison can easily be drawn to immigrants and Affirmative Action and hiring quotas and the aforementioned Minimum Wage, people taking things they have not earned.

    Reasons I No Longer Regret Never Having Served in the Military, Number MMMMDCCXIII. It's not paranoia if they really are brainwashing troops to not question their orders.

    Because the regime has been so good to them?

    Tell me again what I'm getting for my NRA Life Membership.

    'Gun-grabbers would evidently rather see a disabled person physically abused and even beaten to death than "allowed" to possess an effective means of self-defense.' Think about that.

  • Maine court rules landlords can evict Jews for being JewishOH. WAIT.
  • "'Smart' guns will never find their way into the hands of bodyguards who protect the very same hypocrites who want to force this gimmickery upon the rest of us!"
  • "Would you want your family's lives to depend on one of these?"
  • Criminals don't buy guns legally.
  • "...[W]ill the RCMP once again enter the homes of law-abiding firearm owners?" I wouldn't bet against it. Because they expect to get away with it.
  • Many times I've referenced National Socialist eugenics programs like Aktion T4 and IT'S NOT PARANOIA IF THEY'RE USING THE SAME DEFINITIONS.
  • Bears repeating: Occupied Connecticut makes illegal acts by police "legal". "We have been a witness to the new rule of law in Connecticut: Police violate civil rights, the legislature dutifully codifies those violations into law." Tell me again how there's no police conspiracy to take my guns.

    In Lighter News

    SECESSION MOVEMENT IN TEXAS I WOULD WALK THERE IF I HAD TO and seriously they're already bigger and have more natural resources that most actual countries, and they've been an actual country a couple times too.

    Let it be noted that the innards of the Remington Model 1100 have multiple sharp edges. :(

    4714 Sunday, 15 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Tell me again how immigrants contribute to society.

    Tell me again how "green" "energy" will reduce costs to consumers.



  • The War on Drugs has failed but lets keep SHOOTING PUPPIES and THROWING GRENADES IN BABIES' FACES regardless.
  • Michael G. sends more proof that any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed: "In Polk County Iowa a deputy is running against the Incumbent sheriff. He did it before in 2012. Career law enforcement of course, so I don't have much faith but his platform is at least a step in the right direction. After the last run he claimed the sheriff retaliated against him, and it went to court. This time the sheriff fired him even before the election. There is also more in a radio interview, I couldn't find a transcript but you can listen to it here. You want 5/13 Hour 1."

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. I'm giving up on the second show, except maybe when Codrea's supposed to be on.

    4715 Monday, 16 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Enemy action as usual in Illinois. What have you DONE to stop it?

    Speaking of what you have done, Mike Vanderboegh, who has done more than any ten of the rest of us and is now dying of cancer, is having a garage sale.

    "The main climate scientist behind a letter asking President Barack Obama to prosecute those who question global warming... appears to have paid himself and his wife a total of $5.6 million in compensation - an excessive amount for a non-profit relying on taxpayer money."

    Socialism, eventually, ends with pyramids of skulls. Some countries take longer than others, is all.

    Don't go to college....

    Demographic warfare and massive vote fraud....

    "...[L]aughable moralistic preening by someone who has likely never fended for himself in his life" but wants to ram his prejudices down our throats at the point of a government gun.

    Which segues to:

  • Yeah. "Community" "Heroes". You became a cop to force decent people to let perverts into restrooms at implied government gunpoint. THAT'S YOUR JOB NOW.
  • "The entire system depended on the integrity of local officials, many of whom engaged in extortion; taxes collected often enriched the tax collectors directly." It has always been this way. Police are predators and they do view us as prey. As herds to be milked. As crops to be harvested. Once in a while there's the temporary illusion of something better, but the armed-robbers-in-uniform always find or make a way around, under or through.
  • "The Montana Supreme Court has barred state officials from reporting the immigration status of people seeking state services" as in taxes. Which they don't pay. But remember, peasant, work within the system.

    In Lighter News

    Handloading... I've been using one of these for years. A year or so ago at a show I got one of these for ten bucks. MANY THERBLIGS RECLAIMED.

    Finished The Baen Big Book of Monsters. Several classic tales, some dating back over a century, and closing with one from Larry Correia, as sequel to his Grimnoir Chronicles. Beginning Flint & co.'s Ring of Fire IV, from the 1632verse.

    Speaking of, most of what I read comes from Baen. In their e-newsletter there is also occasional free stuff, like additional 1632verse bits, and a short prequel from Drake's flavorful RCN/Leary-Mundy series.

    4716 Tuesday, 17 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Hey, it's primary election day in Oregon.
    It's mail-in or drop-off here, inviting massive vote fraud.
    For what it was worth, I filled mine out
    quickly and dropped it at the library
    the day after it arrived.
    And then Ted Cruz dropped out of the race.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Explain to me, in small words, how what the anti-self-defense perverts are saying about me and all my friends is any different from what the National Socialists said about the Jews. Tell me again how I'm paranoid and no one is out to get me.


    "...[T]he latest in a long line of hate-crime hoaxers...."



    An administration of psychotics, disconnected from reality.

    For further example, Venezuela and Bernie. And I'm seeing entirely too many Bernie stickers in this horrible place.


    Gun registration schemes in Nevada, Arizona and Maine.

    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining our next bloody civil war.

  • All this talk about the poor put-upon Park Rangers and maybe changing their uniforms to a different color from the Border Patrol so they don't offend the tax-eating parasitic illegal aliens - would that be the same Park Rangers who tried to keep our most honored veterans out of their own memorial and implied an armed threat to a grandmother taking a picture of a tree? Yeah, I haven't forgotten that.
  • They all look the same to me.
  • In the place where Britain used to be, "Officers are not volunteering to carry guns because they fear being 'hung out to dry' and treated like a suspect if they discharge their weapon". Compare to, here in America, citizens don't dare intervene for fear of having their lives destroyed by their "protectors".
  • Because only the police and military can be trusted with guns?
  • The other day I mentioned a Wyoming rancher beating the EPA in court, then predicted a deadly SWAT raid on false allegations of whatever some unstable freak in black robes would feel like fabricating. Yeah. Like that.
  • Tell me again how "brave" and "heroic" you cowardly thugs-with-badges are. All bullies are cowards when their victims resist. Naturally they want to make that resistance "illegal".
  • Tell me again how it hurts you pigs' feelings to call you Gestapo.
  • "...[Y]ou have not one damned bit of justification for griping that 'people don't respect us anymore'".

    In Lighter News

    SCHOOL SHOOTING STOPPED. Tell me again how it's a paranoid fantasy that never happens. Explain to me, if that cop hadn't been there and hadn't actually done what he was paid for, why everyone else should have waited their turn to be murdered while his "Brothers in Blue" spent half an hour outside, cowering behind their tax-funded armored vehicles. TELL ME AGAIN HOW "GUN FREE ZONES" MAKE SCHOOLS SAFER.

    Constitutional Carry continues advancing in Missouri. If you're there, help.

    A bit of counterattack in Occupied California? Would this precedent not immediately apply to similar discriminations in Illinois and DC? And of course the next attack on NOVA Armory in Virgina.

    4717 Wednesday, 18 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    To Which Dot Connect you know how EBT cards can be used to get cash? Your Tax Dollars At Work, actually for real funding international terrorism.

    Tell me again how Islam is a religion of peace and we should be more tolerant.

    Visual Aids o' the Election.

    And of the media.

    Codrea has the authoritarian ivory-tower hypocrisy o' the day. Because they don't live in the real world.

    To which dot connect, if the regime weren't trying to destroy the military's loyalty to said regime, what would they be doing different?

    Meanwhile in Chicago and which party has been running that place for how many decades and how many years have their anti-self-defense "laws" been in effect, explain how registering or confiscating my guns would have prevented this. Obviously the next step is a ban on kitchen knives, except for government-licensed chefsAND LEST YOU THINK I'M BEING ABSURD.

    Burn the colleges....

    And the government schools....

  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL THAT TRAINING.
  • Please tell me why righteous mobs of outraged citizens are not tearing TSA agents limb from limb and decorating airports with the parts.
  • California wants to make public dissemination of public documents a "crime". What cop would not obey an order to enforce that "law"?
  • "...Oceanport [New Jersey]'s chief of police, Daniel W. Barcus, contended that Russell had failed to demonstrate 'justifiable need'...." but tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment."

    In Lighter News

    Yesterday the courts smacked Occupied California, now it's the wretched hive of scum and villainy. Aaaaaand then Hillary gets elected....

    Meanwhile at a Wal-Mart in Detroit....

    MidWestReader sends: "I find it all disturbingly plausible because--well, once upon a time I dove deep into studies of Windows systems programming. This was about twenty years back. Microsoft had just introduced the VFAT/FAT32 filesystem. I learned enough about how it worked to be genuinely horrified--by the fact that a company with MS's name and reputation had shipped this train wreck masquerading as a filesystem, that data that was important to me was dependent upon the integrity of disk partitions formatted with me, and wondering even now how such a product got conceived of and approved, apparently with nobody, NOBODY, at any level, saying 'wait a minute. This is GARBAGE. Are you people drunk? Is this a joke? Do you think this is funny? It's GARBAGE!' So MS's institutional culture is as horribly Dilbertesque as I thought, 20+ years on." I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO WINDOWS. The only MicroSoft product in use in my hovel at present is an optical mouse I found for two dollars at a Goodwill store, and even that quits working if it gets too warm. Haven't got 'round to buying a proper replacement and stomping this one into crunchy plastic oblivion yet.

    Stopped at the hardware store after work for a bag of screws. Angled carrier modifications have been completed on my four shotshell caddies. They don't have to be perfect, they don't even have to look nice. They just have to work.

    4718 Thursday, 19 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Last time I voted for Gary Johnson.

    MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD and gods dammit I never even made it to Kansas before having to find somewhere else to escape to.

    "Tolerant" and "inclusive".

    And Old Media doesn't want us to know.

    In my fictional future history I wrote, "There hadn't been a Pope in Rome for at least a hundred years" and "It was explained that [Pope Urban XIX] was from the Jeffersonian branch of the Church; the Terran version had gone extinct between the Wars." AND YEAH, THAT COULD HAPPEN WHEN THE POPE APPEARS TO NOT EVEN BE CATHOLIC ANYMORE.

  • Yet another child-pornographer-with-a-badge vs. Gestapo, Stasi, and KGB all rolled up together. "Sometimes, there's just nobody to root for."
  • North Carolina "...now requires sheriffs to collect a new, notarized medical release form for all purchase permit applications...." "Meanwhile, sheriffs are ignoring the legal requirement to issue purchase permits within 14 calendar days, claiming it's better to be safe than sorry by ensuring applicants are qualified." How many innocent women are being raped and murdered while waiting for permission to defend themselves? Tell me again how "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and "the sheriffs will save us".
  • Again with the TSA, and of course unions. "Perhaps if TSA officials weren't letting 95 percent of mock explosives and firearms through during audits and inspections, or if they weren't gratuitously groping grandmas and breast-feeding moms and wounded veterans, or recklessly handing out TSA Precheck status 'like candy' as one whistleblower put it last year, or dumping 3,000 pieces of luggage in parking lots as a result of software 'glitches,' as happened last week at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport, or employing unknown numbers of criminals, or rewarding serial failures, we wouldn't all be snickering at their Rodney 'I don't get no respect!' Dangerfield comedy routine." While actually protesting at airports and demanding even higher wages to go with their serial-digital-rape and all the iPads they steal. The entire TSA is a criminal organization comprised of liars, thieves and rapists. They all belong in a cage or on a gallows. But who would put them there? More of their own lying, thieving, child-molesting kind?
  • What "law" would you not enforce?
  • What order would you not obey?

    In Lighter News

    4719 Friday, 20 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    No seriously, what if it's not a paranoid conspiracy theory? Considering how many corpses are already in this monster's wake.

    Aaaaand here comes another. What was that bit from Black Adder? "Terribly horribly accidentally cut his own head off while combing his hair"?

    It's not "racist" if illegal immigrants really are eating our taxes.

    It's not "Islamophobic" if Muslim immigrants really are assaulting people.

    Nor is it paranoia if the deliberate suppression of non-regime-approved news really has been happening for years.

    To which dot connect, you know how the other side is always accusing our activists as being "astroturf"?

    Why I No Longer Regret Never Having Served in the Military, Chapter MMMMDCCXIX.

    Michael G. sends the last vertebrae in the GOP, pondering, "Wonder how long this will last? My bet is like a strand of spaghetti going into a pot of boiling water."

    To which Climate Inquisition dot connect, "the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools." Escalating toward violence in the colleges too. Burning heretics at the figurative but all-too-potentially-literal stake. This from the same people who demand separation of church and state and are so opposed to religion in schools. Children will believe what they are told to believe or they and their parents will be punished. IS THAT NOT THE VERY TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF BRAINWASHING?

    And lest that burning-at-the-stake remark be taken as hyperbole, that is actually happening in Glorious Bernie-Approved Socialist Workers' Paradise Venezuela.

    And then there's the modern workforce. Would you hire someone, to make your products, to represent your company, if you expected them to become violent? It's not "racism" if they really are acting like animals.

    To which pattern add yet another reason to boycott Target stores (and to never go to a movie theater also), aside from the other anti-self-defense bigotry and the restroom perversion. A whole generation of people reaching physical adulthood never knowing their minds have been deliberately crippled.

    Which segues to:

  • Last time I got pulled over, "The cop actually asked why I seemed angry. I snapped, 'Due process? Fourth Amendment? Ever heard of them?' He said, 'I have. I'm following them.'" LIKE HE BELIEVED IT.
  • And lest that "fear for my life" bit be viewed as hyperbole. Police expect to get away with murder because they usually do. No wonder they want access to our cameras. If you have an "upload while recording" option, it could safe your life. ...Aaaand now every police car will be equipped with a cell jammer to prevent the preservation of inconvenient evidence....
  • "Why do you think they went to work for the DOJ in the first place?"

    In Lighter News

    A frequent trope in science fiction, and one I have also used, is suspended animation. Working on it - a little. The NA$A bureaucrats, though, will take ten times as long at twenty times the cost.... Also see.

    Speaking of, magic cure-alls are also a staple of science fiction and that is being worked on too. ...Though I can't help thinking this is how a SyFy Original Film tends to start....


    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [2:49:54 PM] Jeffersonian: CROCODILES EATED U
    [2:49:56 PM] Jeffersonian: http://elmtreeforge.blogspot.com/2016/05/and-things-become-even-more-interesting.html
    [2:53:38 PM] SMLE Fan: gotta dump a couple of buckets of pirhanas in there, too.....
    [2:54:16 PM] SMLE Fan: DA: You killed that police officer!
    [2:54:56 PM] SMLE Fan: Defendant: ORLY? Show me the body
    [2:55:05 PM] Jeffersonian: THAT'S GOING ON THE INTERNET

    4720 Saturday, 21 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Letting the government run the schools is one of the most horrible mistakes in human history.

    For further example, Sweden's national suicide continues.

    Timely Visual Aid.

    Speaking of systematic Orwellian brainwashing, a while ago I connected National Socialist antisemitic propaganda to PBS anti-self-defense propaganda and that is neither hyperbole nor Godwin if PBS really did TAKE MONEY FROM A WHITE HOUSE PROXY TO PROPAGANDIZE THE IRAN NUKE DEAL. But if you try to explain this to the EBT-swiping Obama voters they call you a liar even when the White House Deputy National Security Advisor SAYS IN SO MANY WORDS THAT HE LIED.

    Michael G. sends the Green Energy FAIL o' the Day, observing, "Yeah, those renewables sure are ready to take over for fossil fuels and nuclear power. Oh well, at least it was a private venture so tax payers aren't on the hook for it. Oops, no it wasn't and yes we are."

    Timely Visual Aids.

    #BlackLivesMatter Leader Charles Wade Arrested for Sex Trafficking. But that... somehow... makes me "racist"?

    It's not a stereotype if it fits.

    Israel is the one and only "bright flame in a pitch-black region." So naturally college students want to BoycottDivestSanction it. I would also point out it's the only place in that same region where gays are not summarily executed.

    Hm, patent infringements on all those cheap drop-in AR triggers. Well, they're not getting mine back.

    In Lighter News

    Despite the Praetorian Guard stealing property from innocent citizens, I'll call this Lighter because Doug Ritter of Knife Rights has actually regained some ground. I demand jail time for any thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife. But who will put them there? Their own fellow liars-and-thieves-with-badges?

    Michael G. sends Jerry Pournelle's acceptance speech for the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award. ...I'm a little ambivalent. I stopped following Dr. Pournelle's blog a few years ago when he said government should have a monopoly on force, and here he's reminiscing about the Reagan-era government space program, as in taxes and bureaucrats. Still, authors like Heinlein, Pournelle, Niven, Poul Anderson, etc., create a sense of wonder and inspire humanity to explore. Pournelle then goes on to describe the vast resources waiting for us to claim them, and to usher in what I have called the Cheap Energy Age. It'll be expensive to get there, but once we, as in humanity, do, "expensive" will need redefining.

    Desert Hermit Joel reviews Episode VII. Yeah....


    4721 Sunday, 22 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Can't be overstated: Immigrants. Contributing. To Society.

    And that doesn't make me "racist".

    As if on cue, those dumb redskins must be offended by what we say will offend them.

    In the place where Britain used to be, didn't they used to chop people's heads off and stick them on national monuments for treason?

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, not building a high-speed train to nowhere and not running a desalination plant in the same drought-stricken state.

  • Blood Libel o' the Day. "Law enforcement officials and the watchdog groups that track the self-styled 'patriot' groups call them anti-government extremists, militias, armed militants or even domestic terrorists. Some opponents of the largely white and rural groups have made fun by calling them 'Y'all Qaeda' or 'Vanilla ISIS.'" Dehumanizing an opponent is a precursor to genocide and that's not hyperbole when they're already shooting Our Kind in the back from ambush.
  • Nor is it hyperbole or paranoia when "If Citizens United is overturned, as Hillary wants, it would mean that the federal government can make it illegal to criticize Mrs. Clinton (or any other politician) in a movie, book, pamphlet, etc." There is no "law" police would not enforce and no order they would not obey.
  • And as if on cue. Gosh I can't imagine why anyone would have a grudge against police.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Sturmgewehren around the world. See also the three part series on the fate of our battleships after the war.

    "Endangered Species" MY ASS

    I don't trust Trump. I don't like Trump. But you know, if we're going to have a bloody civil war anyway, let's get the f*** on with it before I'm too old and creaky to take part.

    4722 Monday, 23 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    And the champion of our cause who exposed it looks toward the Other Side.

    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if "MAINSTREAM" MEDIA REALLY IS BLATANTLY LYING.

    Related, Michael G. sends dozens of protesters anti-self-defense bigots countering SEVENTY THOUSAND DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. But who gets the media attention...?

    A latter-day Joseph Goebbels, that's who. I've said before, these psychotic bigots really believe in eee-vill gun rays casting dominion over our soooouuullllssss.

    Said media also doesn't want you to know who is really hurting people. Tell me how many of that mob were members of the Republican party or the NRA.

    Remember when the "Environmental" "Protection" Agency murdered an entire river, then gave drinking water contaminated with fuel oil to the Indians thereabouts? At the time were allegations they did it on purpose to create a new Superfund site to rake in more tax money and those allegations seem to be valid.

    Nor is it paranoia if there really is demographic warfare leading to massive vote fraud.

    Self-destructive Jews Christians now? "If you're willing to sacrifice the safety and health of your wife or children to the evils of abuse, kidnapping, sexual predation or death, God isn't impressed with your fake morality."

    And that's not hyperbole or "Islamophobia" if Muslim terrorists are saying out loud, in so many words, that they will target "Gun Free Zones" for massacre.

    I've been implying that the military, disgusted with years or even generations of disrespect and abuse from the regime, will not follow orders to suppress the population. I could be wrong if the deliberate and methodical purge and ideological restructuring of the military is successful. But then, all the people who know how to fight will have left the services, and many of those will be on our side....

    "Somehow, the school board in Wake County North Carolina thinks reducing competition will lead to a better education for students." Visual Aid o' the Month.

    Meanwhile in Occupied California, a whole new batch of Nuremberg Laws. Because they're so "Tolerant" and "Inclusive".

    MidWestReader observes: "Trump has chosen to speak aloud what the rest of us have known for decades. We are being forced into cutthroat wage competition against political prisoners in the poorest, most repressive nations on Earth, and those who promised it would bring us prosperity lied to us and knew they were lying. It's brought us poverty. It's also brought us a world in which the US government can't even declare war without asking the Chinese for permission, lest they sell off the US Treasury debt they hold, or, worse, stop selling us boots and uniforms, radios and spare parts, and a hundred other pieces of vital gear now uniformly of foreign manufacture, for our troops. It's easy to see why the transnational socialists who hate the idea of America as a major power, and who hate Western Civilization, and who hate working-class white men, would be enthusiastic about these things, but why are so-called 'conservatives' telling us that giving the Chinese Most Favored Nation status has been good for us? Wide-open borders are bringing in millions of diseased criminal 'refugees' to clog our prisons and welfare rolls and force our wages down and our taxes up. It is likewise easy to see why Hitlery and the Kenyan are enthusiastic about these things, but why are people who tell us that they're 'conservative' not moving Heaven and Earth to stop it? For eight years Republicans shrugged their shoulders and grumbled and said they couldn't do a thing about the Kenyan, Obama does what he wants when he wants and no one anywhere will tell him 'no.' But let Trump suggest that we have a social contract in this country, and the Republican Party can't get united against him fast enough." I still don't like or trust Trump and neither should anyone who's paying attention, but Hillary will get a lot of people murdered resisting her decrees, so I'm going to have to vote against her.

    MidWestReader also sends many more visual aids. Some of those, I want to print out and stick on the windshields of cars with Bernie or Hillary stickers as I go around town. And this one too.

    Desert Hermit Joel has a modest proposal. Which I visualized years ago:

    The Bathroom Wars, Explained. Which is pretty much what I said a couple weeks ago.

  • Here is your "brave" "community" "hero" o' the day.

    In Lighter News

    Your Badass Navy Story o' the Day.

    BlogBrother SMLE Fan can haz kitteh pics.

    4723 Tuesday, 24 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    NFA34 has always been unConstitutional. The court case was lost by default and anyone who ever enforced it are the ones who belong in cages. But who will put them there?

    More of the same lying, thieving bigots-with-badges who believe "law" is whatever they say it is?

    Think about the kind of money-laundering thieves and frauds who don't want you able to defend yourself.

    Think about the kind of treasonous racist hypocrites who allow arms sales to communist dictatorships while campaigning to destroy his own country's right to self-defense.

    Bears repeating: Goebbels in a skirt.

    Because they can't see us as human beings.

    Gun registration in Maine and Arizona. Throw the bums out.

    Speaking of Arizona and the southwest region, Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining the next bloody civil war. I'm reminded of the Prophet Heinlein's story, "Solution Unsatisfactory".

    Tell me again why my guns should be registered.

    Tell me again what I'm getting for my NRA Life Membership.

  • "...TSA Administrator, Peter Neffenger, was questioned why [head of TSA security Kelly] Hoggan was given $90,000 in bonuses when security lines were not improving." Because that's not what TSA is for. "...[E]mployees who have highlighted wrongdoing within the administration are shifted to other assignments." It's never been about our safety.
  • For further example, a while back came news that the place where Britain used to be lumps ordinary peaceable gun owners into the same database as Islamic terrorists. It's not paranoia if the American state of Hawaii really is trying to do the exact same thing. "Protect and Serve" who?
  • Remember, peasant, police would never use your personal data for their personal reasons.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Remember, peasant, you need police to protect you from reckless drivers. "ATF will be conducting a personnel investigation and APD is fully cooperating with this agency in their investigation" and we'll never learn the names of any of the life-threatening sociopaths-with-badges involved.
  • Remember, peasant, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    In Lighter News

    West Virginia gets Constitutional Carry today. DON'T NEED YOUR F***ING PERMISSION.

    An increment in D.C. of all places. That's pretty much Shall-Issue now, right? Not that it is right to beg some bureaucrat bigot's permission to defend one's own life.

    Sick, weak, mentally-ill anti-self-defense bigots, 40. Decent citizens, eighty thousand.

    Speaking of sick and weak, tell me again about veeegan superiority.

    And as if on cue.

    4724 Wednesday, 25 May 2016:

    The World Sucks



    Nor is it Godwin if "...[T]he authorities have warned that severe punishment - up to and including death by shooting - is in store for Jews who do not wear the yellow badge on back and front"OH. WAIT.

    For further example and bears repeating, National Public Radio took money to fabricate and suppress news to help Iran get nuclear weapons. And the EBT-swiping NPR-listening parasites with "I [heart] Obamacare" stickers on their cars call us "Kool-Aid drinkers".

    And there are more examples. (In the second, at the time I viewed it, it said "This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have been changed.")

    Nor is it coincidence if they're throwing gasoline on the race-war fire.

    "A savage hate crime at the University of Iowa that sent shockwaves across campus turned out to be just another hoax".

    "Students at Indiana University-Bloomington recently went into panic mode at the sight of a Dominican friar, who they mistook for a Ku Klux Klan member." But remember folks, college students are smarter than you.

    Oh please burn the schools.


    Nor is it paranoia to warn against doctors acting as agents of that same state.

    There's nothing holding it up. Where will you be when the EBT cards stop working?

    A while back some racist bigot wanted us to "Imagine a world without whiteness." My response was mud huts and plague AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN.


    "Your elections do not count unless we approve of the winners."

    Remember folks, it's "rethuglicans" who are intolerant and prone to violence and "the police doing nothing to stop the heinous assault". Why is that? "Protect and Serve" who?

    In Lighter News

    This is why, among other reasons, I make my Basic Firearm Tutorial videos and yes I do intend to make more. If the universe stops pooping on me quite so much.

    FIFTEEN DOLLARS AN HOUR now we're supposed to be boycotting Pizza Hut, and Domino's too, for the same reason, firing delivery drivers who lawfully and morally defended themselves against robbers, but the point here is the minimum-wage-at-government-gunpoint crowd is going to talk themselves, literally, right out of a job.

    Seventy-year-old weapon more versatile and effective than all that eee-lectronic Land Warrior crap. ...It can't be too hard to just make a bazooka. Or a shaped charge warhead, I mean that concept goes back, kinda, to the petard of the Middle Ages. Where's your MRAP now, pig?

    Asteroid mining. Working on Thinking about it.


    4725 Thursday, 26 May 2016:

    The World Sucks


    Project Gunwalker....

    Continuing oppression in Occupied Maryland. If you're there, DO something.

    Butbutbut Califoooooornia is so "tooolllerant" and "incluuuusive".

    And they care sooooo much about the enviiiiiiironment.

    I told you. Mud huts and plague.

    Think about the kind of people who want your children trapped in government brainwashing centers.

    "...[S]chools [are] being reimagined as safe spaces for coddled youths and the self-defined, untested truths that they [hold] dear." SO BURN THEM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

    Aaaaaand then they all got run over by an OppressedDowntroddenSpecialSnowflakeNinetyNinePercenterSocialJusticeWarrior in her daddy's BMW.

    Which segues to:

  • Violent racist bigot who hates free speech appears to have learned her behavior from her mother, the police administrator. A reasonable person has to ask who else is taking their behavioral cues from that source.
  • Lately, as I've pointed out the thugs-with-badges who belong in cages instead of their victims, I've been asking who would put them there - more of their own kind? "...[A]n officer accepting [an] application for a concealed carry permit in D.C. told [the applicant] outright that he'd been told by the city's Attorney General's office to ignore a recent court order overturning an old requirement that a permit receiver must have a 'good reason' to get his permit" and "...[T]he office of Karl Racine, the Washington, D.C. attorney general, has ordered D.C. government employees to ignore a court order from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia." Who do you call when the police are breaking the law?
  • "We think it's dangerous to single out somebody based on secret police information" but lists of peaceable gunowners is just fine?
  • "FBI had an informant living with two of the [9/11] terrorists" but veterans and Christians and NRA members and "climate change" are the greatest threats to national security?
  • Remember, peasant, police would never keep an American citizen in jail indefinitely on fabricated charges without bail. What order would police not obey?
  • Let me get this straight - peaceable citizens carrying the means to defend themselves are "dangerous criminals", but New York City decriminalizes peeing in the street, drinking alcohol out of a bag and littering"? "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • I would remind you all again that the original draft of the Lautenberg Amendment, which is a lifetime prohibition of legal gun ownership for anyone convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, had an exemption for murderous wife-beating police officers.
  • "No, we were lying all along, all that 'call 911 and leave it to us' business was just a scam, you better get yerself a gun."

    In Lighter News

    As Memorial Day approaches, Michael G. sends what Americans used to do for their country, featuring the Houston Volunteers.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [3:34:33 PM] Jeffersonian: OTAKU
    [3:34:34 PM] Jeffersonian: http://swanh.net
    [3:36:36 PM] Jeffersonian: BTW, according to sources, the sandcrawlers are centuries- or millennia-old mining machines abandoned by failed corporations, salvaged and repurposed
    [3:37:29 PM] Jeffersonian: I CAN'T STOP SCROLLING
    [3:37:54 PM] SMLE Fan: good...you did the same to me....we should suffer together
    [3:43:15 PM] Jeffersonian: Stormtrooper icons with colored sections like the rank-insignia shouldermathingies
    [3:43:44 PM] SMLE Fan: [see previous comment regarding otaku and stones]
    [3:44:48 PM] Jeffersonian: HAN SHOT FIRST
    [3:45:09 PM] SMLE Fan: GAAAAAH!!
    [3:45:29 PM] Jeffersonian: He's using the Special Edition with the Jabba sequence AND I DON'T MIND
    [3:46:22 PM] Jeffersonian: LOL
    [3:46:45 PM] Jeffersonian: 'Murican does not appear to be the creator's first language
    [3:47:38 PM] Jeffersonian: HYPERSPAAAAAACE
    [3:47:52 PM] SMLE Fan: ENCORE L'GAAAAH
    [3:50:59 PM] Jeffersonian: "I can't see a thing in this helmet."
    [3:51:18 PM] SMLE Fan: GAAAAAH
    [3:51:34 PM] Jeffersonian: "Look out! He's loose!"
    [3:51:39 PM] Jeffersonian: "He'll tear us apart!"
    [3:56:41 PM] Jeffersonian: "Blizioug blop"
    [3:58:09 PM] SMLE Fan: HEH
    [4:02:00 PM] Jeffersonian: "Almost there..."
    [4:02:12 PM] Jeffersonian: "IT'S AWAY!"
    [4:04:21 PM] SMLE Fan: dlt19 Heavy Baster Rifle...oh, you mean an MG42? :D
    [4:04:26 PM] Jeffersonian: MG34
    [4:04:29 PM] Jeffersonian: YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT
    [4:04:52 PM] SMLE Fan: PICKY YOU ARE
    [4:05:10 PM] Jeffersonian: The Pedant is strong in this one.

    4726 Friday, 27 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    GOEBBELS IN A SKIRT and even her fellow pathological liars can't ignore it this time.

    It's getting harder to ignore the immigrant contributions to society also. Mud huts, plague, and the occasional suicide bombing on a bus full of women and children.

    Project Gunwalker....

    The place where Britain used to be has less (legal) guns and more crime. We told them so.

    Looks like all that social engineering and multiculturalism in the Navy is paying off. But for whom?

    And speaking of aid and comfort to the enemy. Yes, I mean exactly that.

    As for the other psychotic sociopath running for president, "When asked to explain the failure of socialist governments in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, Sanders completely clammed up, saying he has an opinion on the subject, but was unwilling to share it, as he is 'focused on my campaign' TO BRING THE EXACT SAME POLICIES HERE.

    Speaking of "tolerance" and "diversity", how have we traveled from "...[N]ot be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" to THE EXACT AND TOTAL OPPOSITE? AND HOW DOES THAT MAKE ME "RACIST"?

    And how does this make me "sexist"? This is why you can't get a date. NOBODY WANTS YOU.

  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"AND YOU'LL NEVER EVEN KNOW YOU'VE BEEN VIOLATED UNTIL THEY TAKE YOU AWAY FOR "DIVERSITY TRAINING".
  • To which dot connect, again, doctors acting as agents of that same intrusive and illegitimate state. You have to lie. If you object or simply refuse, they'll record it as "yes", and onto the list you go.
  • Because "law" is whatever some kitten-stomping, baby-burning sociopath-with-a-badge says it is.
  • It's not paranoia if "smart guns" really can be disabled with a government kill-switch.
  • They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • What "law" would police not enforce?

    In Lighter News


    Ian McCollum's column examines a 1911 variant most folks haven't heard of.

    4727 Saturday, 28 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Even NPR can't ignore GOEBBELS IN A SKIRT.



    "Religion of Peace"

    Tell me again how Obama will end the wars and bring the troops home. Look me in the eye and tell me that again.

    A few times I've linked the National Socialist boycott of Jewish business. Explain, in small words, the moral difference.

    I keep telling you, and it bears repeating, the envirofascists won't be happy until everyone but them is living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold at age forty. "In her mind, the world has to 'change, or be changed' because an 'economic system' - meaning free-market capitalism - has caused environmental 'wreckage.'" TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR SUPERIOR ECONOMIC SYSTEM.

    It's not paranoia if Hawaii looks like it is about to provide the federal government with the list of all the gun owners in the state. The only reason to register is to confiscate and CRIMINALS DON'T REGISTER THEIR GUNS.

    Look at those last five words. The psychotic bigots will turn it around and declare that anyone who doesn't want to be registered must be a criminal, while actual robbers and rapists and murderers get their weapon charges plea-bargained away.

    Which segues to:

  • San Francisco tries to implement a policy which has been ruled unConstitutional in DC-of-all-places. And how will it be enforced? Warrantless searches? Because police aren't jackbooted thugs with no respect for natural human rights?
  • Also in Occupied California, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"WRONG AGAIN, PEASANT
  • As if that weren't enough, racial profiling. And was there a warrant involved anywhere in that process? "[S]upported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized"?
  • As if THAT weren't enough, Vietnam veterans memorial vandalized and "The Los Angeles Police Department said it is not investigating the case" because they're too busy kidnapping people for taking pictures of public officials performing their public duties in public?
  • From Louisiana, home of back-shooting murderers and pathologically-lying kleptomaniacs, Michael G. sends more dots to connect: First, yet more special protections for those very same liars and murderers, then schools ban the Declaration of Independence because "racism".

    In Lighter News

    For years I have fantasized about escaping this horrible enemy-occupied place before it murders me. I was thinking about Wyoming but that state has a problem. Lately I'm thinking about Kansas, which has an even better version of Constitutional Carry than Wyoming... and tornadoes, hmm. Tennessee might do also. They came very close to Constitutional Carry in the last legislature or two.


    This is why I prefer cats.


    CMP Garands at Clark Rifles. Aaaaand that sucked. Bad lighting conditions and my eternal struggle to find (and afford) a spotting scope that actually works, means I have no idea what's happening downrange and can't make useful adjustments. And I need to add some sight-black to my range bag, because glare. Also I really blew my rapid-prone stage with a bad position, which is what I went to Appleseed to cure, sigh. At least I got them all on the paper, and inside scoring rings even, though one was cutting the 5 ring. I won't bother with target and scorecard photos. Score 385/2X of a possible 500, 77.0%, did not place in the top three of a field of twelve. I know it's not the rifle's fault, or the ammunition's. Next weekend is another such at Lone Oak, with proper target pits so someone else can show me where I'm hitting as I go along - if they have enough turnout to run the pits.

    After the match I fiddled with Precious and the Wolf 62gr steel-case stuff I bought a thousand of a few years back, to use up in 3-Gun where there's no time to gather brass between runs. And she was All. Over. The Paper. Part of that might be the short sight radius and my decade-plus-old glasses and my aging eyes. I'm going to need some real sit-down range-day time with a bunch of different loads to see what happens, and that's another $20, $igh, though Mr. E. invited me as his guest at Clark Rifles on Mondays or Fridays and that might be better. Also I still have an old Simmons 40mm no-magnification red-dot, I might just switch to that. The dot is probably 4MOA if not larger but it's the only such I have.

    4728 Sunday, 29 May 2016:

    The World Sucks

    As if GOEBBELS IN A SKIRT wasn't enough, now HBO joins the Blood Libel club and proves that all of Old Media are the lying bigots we've known them to be for decades. But the EBT-swiping ObamaHillaryBernie-voters swallow it whole... and then there's massive vote fraud anyway.

    Radio news, Chris Christie put forward as a running mate for Trump. And that would lose the gun vote which is none too confident in Trump to begin with. And then we get Queen Hillary and bloody civil war.

    And that's not hyperbole when probably-her supporters are vandalizing veterans memorials across the country on Memorial Day. People are going to get killed for that and they'll deserve it, "laws" be damned.

    Delusional racist brainwasher denounces free speech as delusional racist brainwashing. But they call us sick. Don't go to college.

    Our Kind objects to "smart guns" because of the potential for a government kill-switch on the natural human right of self defense. Self-driving cars should be objected to for much the same reason, a potential government kill-switch on the natural human right to travel. Imagine that delusional racist brainwasher worming its way into a government job in charge of "monitoring" self-driving cars.

    "Religion of Peace"

    It should be remembered that Michael Vanderboegh has done more for our Cause than any ten of the rest of us.

    In Lighter News

    Show and chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Michael G. sends another Prohibition FAIL. Maybe not precise enough for volksgewehren, but maybe so for anti-MRAP panzerfausten, hm?

    I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy. ...Though, it's been a decade or more since I bought any firearm through an FFL, and more like two decades since I bought one new-in-box, and I handload for as many as I can. (Whipped out 288 rounds of .45ACP the other evening in fact. Now I have to cast more bullets.)

    4729 Monday, 30 May 2016:

    Many remembrances, such as the
    widows of servicemembers
    and Operation Rolling Thunder.
    I think I've met some of those guys at the gun shows.
    I buy parts from one of them once in a while.
    "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
    Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
    -George S. Patton

    Meanwhile, the Usurper goes golfing
    while the best people in the world wait in lines to die.

    The World Sucks


    In Lighter News

    Planning my next range $e$$ion, $igh. A respectable selection of .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm ammunition for Precious, and since I couldn't get zeroed with the Wolf 62gr I removed the A2-style metallic sights and have installed the old Simmons 40mm 42mm red-dot. Which, I'm relieved to find, my old eyes and gla$$e$ can focus on. THERE WILL BE SCIENCE. I hope.

    It's the Jeffersonian and SMLE Fan Skype Show!
    [3:13:01 PM] SMLE Fan: so I stripped off the sheets to wash them, only to find the Sekrit Stash of foil balls that the young Lord hid between the mattress and the wall
    [3:13:29 PM] Jeffersonian: MAI TREZZUR-nyaa
    [3:14:32 PM] SMLE Fan: he was parked in front of a semi-circular array of them, genuinely uncertain as which one should get beaten on first....heh
    [3:15:08 PM] Jeffersonian: VID
    [3:15:09 PM] Jeffersonian: EEE
    [3:15:10 PM] Jeffersonian: OH
    [3:16:01 PM] SMLE Fan: think of Tuco, with the eyes shifting back and forth, except with Round Cat Eyeballs
    [3:16:45 PM] Jeffersonian: VIDEO EDITING
    [3:17:02 PM] Jeffersonian: [oboe oboe oboe] nyaa NYAA nyaaaa

    4730 Tuesday, 31 May 2016:

    The World Sucks


    Tell me again about the virtues of socialism. Tell me again how "real" socialism has, in over a hundred years, in half the countries on Earth, "never been tried".

    I won't be moving to Estonia I tell ya.

    Immigrants' contributions to society provably consist of MUD HUTS AND PLAGUE.

    69 people shot in Chicago over the weekend and how many were shot by jobholding, taxpaying, Republican, NRA members who bought their guns through licensed dealers after a background check?

    In the news, animal-"rights" sociopaths would rather let human children die. But we knew that.

    Bloomberg buys broken oaths. But we knew that too.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining our next civil war.

    American Airlines hates you and steals your property.

    Hey look, Jews are being driven out of Paris.

    Many times I've told you to get your "money" out of the banks and your assets out of "money" because THERE'S NOTHING HOLDING IT UP.

    "...[T]hreatening citizens with heavy fines and jail time isn't a way to protect free speech. Its a way to shut people up."

    Which segues to:

  • Just a couple weeks ago was a report that San Francisco police lose about a hundred guns a year and THERE GOES ANOTHER. Tell me again why my guns need to be registered, pigs.
  • Oh yeah. Trained professionals. "Work within the system."
  • They expect to get away with BACK-SHOOTING MURDER.

    You forgot the "flaming". Well I guess that's implied.

    In Lighter News

    Hm, perhaps a bit of rebellion in Scotland.

    Conceptually related, OathKeepers summit in Pennsylvania this weekend. Aaaaaaaaaand the Federal Bureau of Incineration will be sending more agents there than they have "rigorously screening" Syrian "refugees"....

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