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4610 Monday, 1 February 2016:

The World Sucks

Enemy action in Oregon Wednesday morning. If you're not scrabbling to make a paycheck to be taxed to fatten your oppressors, be there.

Likewise, Battleground Nevada.

Immigrants! Contributing! To Society!

You know all those dystopian movies where an oppressive totalitarian government tracks your every move and monitors your activity? That could never happen here... RIGHT?

"When the rules stop applying to everybody, they start applying to nobody."

You know... conservatives don't spend every waking moment hating "liberals" and fantasizing about their gruesome murders and plotting to force our ideologies down their throats at the point of a government gun. All we want is to be left alone. Can they say the same about us?

  • Tell me again how law enforcement supports the Second Amendment.
  • Tell me again how I should always obey the "officer's" commands and sort it all out in court.
  • Tell me again how only police can be trusted with guns.
  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "A few months back I saw an article that 80% of complaints against cops are generated from 20% of officers. And as we see again, and again (and again), the brass at best is indifferent and at worst actively seeks out the unintelligent vicious thugs for the job. It leads me to the conclusion that the 'best' cops are indifferent and uncaring, and the worst are true psychopaths. I have to teach my kids to not fear the police, but to respect them the same way you'd respect a wild bear (this means something to my kids, we live in bear country): stay away, don't bother them, and don't be noticed by them. -Jacob N., eyeing the bear tracks in the yard"
  • Unfortunately the analogy breaks down when we realize police are more predatory than bears and view us as their natural prey: "...[R]ecords showing 80% of [Chicago] cops are doing something to make sure the dashcams aren't working properly" because they're so honest and trustworthy and they have NOTHING TO HIDE? "The Cook County State's Attorney also deserves criticism for deciding to prosecute a woman in 2011 who recorded two Internal Affairs officers because she believed they were trying to get her to DROP a case against a fellow cop." "Are union leaders turning a blind [eye] to the corruption within their own ranks, because the city is TAXPAYERS AND TICKETS are paying off the settlements and not the union itself?" "No, there aren't any 'great' cops out there. If there were, we wouldn't have this problem with the others."
  • For further example, also in Chicago which has been run by Democrats for sixty years and where it's almost impossible for a "law"-abiding citizen to legally carry a gun, a white cop who killed a black teen and his innocent neighbor is so broken up about it he's suing the victim's family. "It's not like he shot a spray of bullets. He couldn't see through LeGrier... he didn't know she was there." BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL THAT TRAINING.

    You know, I don't go looking for these things.
    That's my point.
    They turn up in my regular daily blogtrawl,
    or in sidebar links from other stuff I'm looking at,
    or people, plural, send them to me.

    Report after report after report,
    for years and years,
    of police robbing, raping and murdering
    their way through our society,
    usually without consequence
    or accountability,
    leads one to an inevitably
    logical reaction:

    Never trust a cop of any kind.
    They are ALL liars and thieves.


    In Lighter News

    Larger-capacity magazines... I have several Magpul PMAG 30s of course, a pair of 40s, a couple 10s, a few STANAG 30s and a couple 10s and 20s for prone shooting. Surefire offers a STANAG-ish 60- and 100-round four-column. Magpul introduced a 60-round drum last year. Whatever became of Magpul's four-column? 'Cause I would expect it to be cheaper than their drum, or Surefire's equivalent, and more ergonomic than the drum. -Interesting how it uses a tandem spring, and the rollers appear to lever outward.

    Gosh I couldn't imagine what I would need with soooo maaaaany boooolits.... Well, I'm sure I'll have the chance to take all kinds of neat stuff off a dead tax-eating thug any day now....

    4611 Tuesday, 2 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Government Makes Everything Worse Forever, Chapter MMMMDCXI.

    Temporary reprieve in Oregon but the enemy will always come back. "[Democrat state representative Jennifer] Williamson's bill would eliminate your ability to get a gun if the State Police cannot accurately conduct a background check, which is all too often a reality. If they cannot do their jobs, you lose your rights with no recourse." How many women have been raped and murdered while waiting for some bureaucrat bigot's permission to defend their own lives?

    VCDL reports their Virginia Constitutional Carry effort has already been killed. Apparently by yet another RINO backstabber.

    Like the one blocking Florida's open carry effort.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines the Kurds.

    Remember how the National Socialists controlled their media and only allowed approved stories to be released? That could never happen again... RIGHT?



  • Tell me again how law enforcement supports the Second Amendment.
  • A century or so ago the Prophet Kipling wrote the poem Danegeld AND HE WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. -Meanwhile at the supermarket, I cash a paycheck and buy food with Federal Reserve Notes and the clerk whips out the Special Pen to see if they're counterfeit but Third World immigrants who won't speak American or work for a living load up on the national-brand stuff and swipe their EBT and no one bats an eye.
  • Just yesterday I said all police are monsters AND THEY KEEP PROVING ME RIGHT.

    In Lighter News

    Knife Rights action in Oklahoma. I demand jail time for every thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife.

    Making Moochelle, Nanny Bloomberg and Baby Mohammed cry ALL AT THE SAME TIME

    4612 Wednesday, 3 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    On the razor edge of bloody civil war.... Aaaand it's still the wrong f***ing hill and has been from the start.

    Yes, as a matter of fact, the media is lying to you.

    Not unrelated and bears repeating, a government kill-switch on your natural human right to self-defense.

    New York. Still doing it their way. Still not working.

    In Lighter News

    Progress in Illinois-of-all-places. Increments....

    Constitutional Carry attempt in Utah. But Utah has the same problem as Wyoming....

    Guaranteed Seat in Valhalla o' the Day.

    Scienty-fictiony lifespan extension. Working on it. May we all live as long as we want to.

    4613 Thursday, 4 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea illuminates the terrified sociopathic infants-in-adult-bodies who don't want us able to defend ourselves.

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character"YES THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO CENSOR IT.

    Bigotry and food poisoning.

    Yet again with Veterans Affairs bureaucrats getting six-figure taxtheft-funded salaries for letting honored veterans die.

    Speaking of veterans, next time some haughty veeegan hippie-slacker-commie harangues you about "American war crimes" like the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and calls our troops "baby-killers", cram a little perspective down their throats. And remember Paul Tibbets and crew prevented the extinction of the Japanese people.

    "In the wake of beheadings, rapes and even reports of hundreds of children being burned alive in the name of Islam" OBAMA DEFENDS ISLAM.


  • "...[A] law that prohibits supporting designated terrorist groups" and people who are openly calling for the five million members of the National Rifle Association to be designated "terrorists".
  • Never trust a cop. Of any kind.

    In Lighter News

    Speaking of taxtheft, Elon Musk isn't perfect but he's usually not robbing us at implied government gunpoint. REAL SPACE ENTHUSIASTS HATE NA$A.

    Constitutional Carry attempt in Michigan.

    Michael G. observes court action in Occupied Maryland.


    4614 Friday, 5 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Blood Libel o' the Day.

    Aaaaand hypocrisy.

    Operation Choke Point is the moral equivalent of refusing business licenses to Jews. Or blacks, or gays. Obama likes that idea.

    To which dot connect, "[Vermont] House Bill 709, sponsored by state Representatives Thomas Stevens and George Till, would require insurers to require those with a homeowner's policy to disclose if they have firearms Jews on the insured property."

    Remember, peasant, Democrats are the party for the Little People and they'll protect you from those eee-vill capitalist corporations and their obscene profits.

    To which dot connect, how y'all liking them lower gas prices? Well let's just f*** anyone who works for a living right in the a**.

    Also related, let's add OSHA to the list of alphabet bureaucracies to burn to the ground.

    Battleground Nevada....

  • "...Officer Edwards didn't even know it existed; he testified in court that he didn't think the dashcam was on during the entire encounter" and look what happens when these sadistic perverts with badges don't expect anyone to contradict their lies.
  • But the back-shooting bushwhackers with badges are brainwashed to see us as "terrorists".
  • I would almost call this Lighter: Ex-cops in New Jersey, Where the Bill of Rights Goes to Dietm, are having their rights infringed. And how many peaceable citizens' lives have those same cops destroyed under those exact same "laws"? Burn in Hell, pigs. You are not special. You are not the good guys, you are not heroes, and you do not deserve the very same rights
  • you make an industry of denying to us.

    In Lighter News

    Kansas is looking better all the time.

    Crazy talk in Occupied Connecticut-of-all-places.

    And in case you missed it, Occupied Maryland is getting smacked in the nose with a rolled-up Constitution.

    Dredged up from the murky mists of history, the origins of 3-Gun.

    4615 Saturday, 6 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

  • "Knowing what you're talking about is evidently not a requirement for a government gig...."
  • What's next, registering and confiscating drill presses? Besides, there's always another way.
  • "From November 2002 onward, various Executive Orders subordinated each state and local police force to the Department of Homeland Security" WELL IT'S EASY ENOUGH TO CONFUSE ONE WITH THE OTHER.

    In Lighter News

    4616 Sunday, 7 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    I use the phrase "remember, peasant" to sarcastically indicate how the regime views us AND THEY KEEP PROVING ME RIGHT.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat & show every Sunday 1100 and 1700PT, featuring David Codrea.

    Of course that Maryland thing has national implications. SCOTUS can't ignore it for much longer. And then we'll have a bloody civil war, or not.

    Everyone's gushing about the Ruger American plastic pistol. Fer cryin' out loud it doesn't even have Browning controls, it's just another Glock.

    4617 Monday, 8 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    "...[R]ecent college graduates are alarmingly ignorant of America's history and heritage" and it is on purpose.

    How, exactly, does this make me "racist"?

    Battleground Nevada and stop calling it "background checks" when it is really GUN REGISTRATION.

  • I keep asking, what "law" would police not enforce? What order would they not obey?
  • "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"OH. WAIT.
  • Bears repeating: "...[I]t's nice to see ex-cops treated like everyone else. They don't deserve special treatment." How many Brian Aitkens or Shaneen Allens have had their lives destroyed by cops just like them? And I've asked repeatedly, how many women have been raped or murdered while waiting for some bureaucrat bigot's permission to defend their own lives: "...Berlin Township resident Carol Bowne was brutally murdered in her own driveway by Michael Eitel, against whom she had a restraining order.... ...[I]t was revealed that Bowne had been waiting for weeks to get approval of her application to merely buy a handgun, an application that had been apparently gathering dust at the local police department and upon which she had checked 48 hours before her slaying...." New Jersey's Finest, protecting rapists from their victims. Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, adds, "As an aside, I went to Rutgers, lo those many years ago, and we generally assumed that people became Rutgers cops because they couldn't pass the garbage man test."

    Jacob also adds, "NJ legend has it that the SS uniform was inspired by the NJ state police uniform." It's not Godwin if they really are wearing jackboots.

    And as long as we're making comparisons....

    In Lighter News

    4618 Tuesday, 9 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Provably False Blood Libel o' the Day. But the EBT-swipers swallow it whole.

    And as if on cue, remember, peasant, "This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries." "All the things Obama and his friends in gun ban extremist groups regularly advocate for here, Canada already has. And four people are still dead."

    Speaking of swallowing lies, "War on Science".

    Lies and bigotry and stacked decks in Wyoming schools. Kansas is looking better all the time, sigh.

    Though Kansas has warts also. Explain to me how this is any different from how the Nazis treated the Jews.

    Institutionalized discrimination on college campuses too.


    Which segues to immigrants. Contributing to Society. Explain to me why "feminists" are so often fellow-travelers with the open-borders, Jew-hating, pro-"Palestinian" types...?

    And speaking of the "Religion of Peace", "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Speaking of wymyn, Col. Kratman's latest column examines "equality". Isn't that what you man-hating feminazis said you wanted? (Oh, and change your own damn flat tire and clean your own damn gutters. Because you're a strong, independent womyn who doesn't need a man in her life.) -And yes, conscription is slavery, which I have addressed and which the very first comments to Kratman's article appear to agree with, going straight to the Prophet Heinlein's example in Starship Troopers which I directly ripped off for my own fictional utopia. I could get behind service-for-citizenship. I could get behind that and push.

    Speaking of EBT-swipers, remember when they threatened to riot if the NFL cancelled a season? Let them. "When white people riot, we don't burn down our own neighborhoods."

    In Chicago, as usual, where it's almost impossible for a "law"-abiding citizen to carry a gun, how is this any different from the jizyah tax? And guess who DOESN'T pay?

    Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A, Chapter MMMMDCXVIII. Betcha, they'll be quoting the Quran up there soon.

    'Round the 'nets has been going this image of a car designed by Common Core math AND THERE IT IS.


  • In Cincinnati, which is presumably not "out in the sticks", "...[A] couple and their 9 and 7 year-old daughters were forced to wait nearly an hour after dialing 911 while a disorderly man on their front porch grew increasingly disoriented and violent." Remember, peasant, never try to defend yourself. Leave it to the professionals.
  • Remember, peasant, always obey the "officer's" commands.
  • Remember, peasant, "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and they would never OBEY ORDERS TO COME TO YOUR DOOR AND CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS.

    In Lighter News

    It bears repeating that those decades-old myths about Soviet ammunition being partly compatible with NATO chambers ARE STILL FALSE.

    Here is a detailed review of the Springfield EMP4, a 9x19mm 1911 whose frame has been shortened 1/8 inch fore-and-aft for smaller hands. It's unclear if fiddly-bits like the thumb safety and slide release, or the whole hammer-mainspring-sear-disconnector system, are still interchangeable - obviously the magazines and the trigger (with the "stirrup" that goes around the magazine) are necessarily different. If they were smart enough to do that, and if they can come up with a more Saint John way of disassembly instead of the proprietary tool described, it might make an excellent Valentine's Day gift, for a real woman. I see they ship with three 10-round single-column magazines also, that is smart.

    This is kind of silly and a bit tl;dw but I am digging the Luger in the sort-of-chest holster.

    Constitutional Carry advances in West Virginia. That would make seven and a half, with Arkansas the half I guess.

    Comment o' the Day: "Up to now, cryonics has been a religion. If this result is confirmed, it may become a science."

    4619 Wednesday, 10 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Based on experience, it's reasonable to ask if the Federal Bureau of Incineration "caught" another "terrorist" after grooming him for months. Now think about the same government bureaucrats who oppose the elimination of "gun-free zones".


    Yeah, it's like that.

    When did the "tolerant", "inclusive" crowd become so enamored of censorship?

    In a similar vein, American Rifleman magazine tells men not to date Jewish womenOH. WAIT.

    I've warned about oppressive government banning drill presses or closing hardware stores AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN.


  • I ask again: How many women have been raped and murdered while waiting for some bureaucrat bigot's permission to defend their own lives? "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    4620 Thursday, 11 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Wyoming Kansas seems
    so far away....

    I am a life member of the NRA, therefore I am a voting member. Codrea asks us to strike a blow against demographic warfare and massive vote fraud.

  • I have observed that all police are liars and thieves. That there were no "good guys" in Ferguson or anywhere else thugs-with-badges and thugs-without are rioting on each other. That "laaaaaw" and "orrrrrder" "conserrrrrvatives" have blinders firmly affixed where their support of law enforcement is concerned. Michael G. sends word that once in a while, the blinders slip. "Why do conservatives find it so plausible - obvious, even - that the IRS and the EPA and the Atlanta public schools are corrupt and self-serving, but somehow believe that the Baltimore police department isn't?" "...[U]nlawful shootings, bank robbery, drug dealing, theft, planting false evidence, framing suspects, destroying evidence of their wrongdoing and the usual perjury, perjury, and perjury" but ONLY POLICE CAN BE TRUSTED WITH GUNS? "That's not a few bad apples - that's the orchard. And it needs pruning."
  • Now connect these dots: Armed citizen saves cop from mob. Why? So he can be shot multiple times in the back by the next cop to show up? Or so he can get FIRED FROM HIS JOB?
  • Meanwhile the child-molesters-in-blue-shirts treat all of us like terrorists while ignoring and destroying evidence and records of actual terrorists.

    In Lighter News

    Okay, so, gravitational waves have been detected and they appear to not be faster than light. Meaning a key plot element of David Weber's Honorverse, his entire artificial-gravity-pulse-based FTL communication system, just got gut-shot. Me, I've been using tachyons and being rather deliberately vague about how.

    Wyoming, Kansas, MAINE HAS CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY AND FIGHTS WELFARE FRAUD. But it's just too f***in' cold.

    Texas gets Open Carry and NOTHING HAPPENS. We told you so. Now leverage this to the restoration of true Constitutional Carry.

    Sabotage resistance works. DOCUMENTED.

    Prohibition Will FAIL because FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD.

    And there's always another way.

    4621 Friday, 12 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    RINO backstabbing in Idaho-of-all-places.

    Think about the kind of child-rapist-sympathizing perverts who don't want you able to defend yourself from their friends.

    Government health care is about neither health nor care. I told you so.

    To which dot connect Tax Dollars At Work. Is anyone moronic enough to believe the same thing hasn't been happening here for generations?

    In Ohio, Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Tell me again how Islam is a "religion of peace" and how immigrants "contribute to society". "...[W]as shot and killed by police minutes later" after hacking several citizens and escaping, but remember, peasant, you're just paranoid if you think you'll need a gun at a restaurant and you should never take the law into your own hands! Though I am pleased to read that the victims actually had the presence of mind to throw a f***ing chair at the monster FOR A CHANGE. Now watch some City or County Prosecutor try to charge them with "assault" and "hate crimes" and "Islamophobia"....

    Okay, so, gangs of Islamic rapists masquerading as "refugees" are invited by European governments and those same governments make it harder for their own people to defend themselves. How can that not be on purpose?

    Speaking of sociopathic rulers not seeing the ruled as human beings, Dan Muroff, Democrat candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania, said out loud "It's not sporting to use a semi-automatic weapon to go hunting, or frankly, self-defense." That's right, peasant, the next time a heavily-armed home-invasion gang kicks down your door to rape and murder you and your children, or a gang of "refugees" takes over a movie theater or shopping center or school, you're not supposed to hurt them too much because it wouldn't be fair.

    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if Democrat debate co-moderator Judy Woodruff really is a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

    Hey - all you rabid separation-of-church-and-state Christian-bashers - you do have a point. It is wrong for an official government entity to dictate what someone should believe and how they should believe it. So why are you exact same venom-spewing bigots so enamored of government-run schools and government-mandated curriculums? The State is your Church.

    Which segues to:

  • Remember, peasant, THE OFFICER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Sure, some militant atheist somewhere is giggling with glee... because it has not thought this through. If the hired thugs of the Almighty State can be used to oppress speech you are "offended" by, they can be used to oppress you too.
  • It's not paranoia if Big Brother really is watching. I see I have some more adjusting to do....
  • The thugs don't care who they're kidnapping and robbing or why as long as they get to do it.
  • If you can use them to silence your opponents, your opponents can use them to silence YOU.
  • "...[F]our dozen current and former state prison guards were told they face drug and bribery charges...."
  • [Chicago Public Schools security guard] Ivan Cotto is charged with criminal sexual assault for engaging in sexual acts with the [13-YEAR-OLD STUDENT] victim on five different occasions...."
  • "Former Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster was arraigned... on a charge of manslaughter, more than two months after he shot an unarmed man suspected of drunken driving...." I covered this homicidal sociopath at the time. What human being's response to a rollover car crash would be to approach with a drawn weapon and a finger on the trigger? "He remains out of custody, released on his own recognizance." AND WILL PROBABLY KEEP HIS TAX-THEFT-FUNDED PENSION TOO.

    In Lighter News

    Knife law reform in Occupied Maryland. Still no jail time for every thief-with-a-badge who ever confiscated an "illegal" knife.

    In Occupied Connecticut, counterattack on two fronts. Pitch in.

    Finished 1635: A Parcel of Rogues. A bit Weber-esque in spots but decent action at the end, and setting up Interesting Times for Scotland. Resuming Kupari's Her Brother's Keeper.

    4622 Saturday, 13 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Death at SCOTUS. In perspective, blogbrother SMLE Fan observes, "Well, 79 isn't exactly Spring Chicken territory, and given how They feel about him, I would've expected Them to take out Clarence Thomas first... Scalia, after all, was a statist, even though he engaged in wrongthink." Note he's not saying "that's crazy talk", he's pointing out the strategic factors. ...Which in turn would make Scalia a more valid target for Breitbart Syndrome, for the deniability.... But enemy action or not, you know the enemy will try to take advantage. Imagine Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama. Imagine Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder.

    RINO bigot backstabbing in Florida. Smack him upside the phone and email.

    Enemy action in Champaign, Illinois, Monday afternoon. Get in there.

    Don't Go to College, where Due Process Goes to Die, Chapter MMMMDCXXII.


    It's not paranoia if they really are trying to censor the internet.


  • Your Tax Dollars At Work, attempting to murder taxpayers.

    In Lighter News

    Bears repeating: Constitutional Carry action in Michigan.

    $igh. Two three-inch GP100s, $550 and $600. Fixed sights, round compact butt. A proper carry piece for someone who knows how to shoot.

    4623 Sunday, 14 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    RINOs and the Lairds of Fairfax and Demographic Warfare....

    Trump calls Cruz "unpopular" in the Senate. LIKE THAT'S A BAD THING.

    It bears repeating: "Five years ago, Sgt. Martland saved the life of an Afghan boy who was abducted from his mother, imprisoned as a sex slave, and repeatedly raped by an Afghan police chief, Abdul Rahman.... The Army punished not Rahman, but Martland...." So when Queen Hillary or Chairman Bernie orders the military to bomb those pesky rebels in Kansas, well, good luck with that.

  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat & show every Sunday 1100 and 1700PT. In which Alan Gura endorses Ted Cruz.

    What a wonderful modern world we live in.

    Crimson Trace... there are questions about their ideological purity, bootlicking and the like, but they have made compact and reliable laser sights, with actual adjustments for windage and elevation. Here is a custom AR15 lower receiver. Obviously this needs such a laser sight coming out of each eyesocket (batteries and adjustment screws to be hidden behind a removable panel). Set to converge at a known distance like the wing guns of a WWII fighter plane.... With a secondary emitter lighting up something translucent in the rest of the socket, for cosmetic effect of course. Or maybe an actual weapon light.

    4624 Monday, 15 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    And now the car won't start.
    Turns over, won't catch.
    Fortunately I had today off work,
    but it was supposed to be a laundry day.

    Bloody civil war looming and I'm still stuck in a Blue State that wants me enslaved and/or dead and now the car won't start.

    Speaking of bloody civil war, Malheur analysis. Wrong place, wrong time, absolutely the wrong methods - not the wrong reasons.

    Remember, peasant, real socialism HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED!


  • Go to the hospital for help and get shot by your "protectors".
  • How exactly is this not grand larceny under color of law?
  • It's not paranoia if military police really are being trained for operations in American cities. I have said that police and military are not the same, and
  • every attempt to make them so ends in atrocity. Considering most police "training" appears to consist of EMPTYTHEWHOLEMAGAZINEINTOANYTHINGTHATMAKESAFURTIVEMOVEMENTTHENRELOADANDDOITAGAIN, putting thugs-with-badges-with-machineguns in a building with over seventy thousand people and limited exits seems like a really bad idea.

    In Lighter News

    Yesterday, Alan Gura, who successfully argued the Heller and McDonald cases at SCOTUS, endorsed Ted Cruz on Gun Talk. Last night, Grass Roots North Carolina President Paul Valone endorsed Ted Cruz.

    One nitpick on Kupari's Her Brother's Keeper, where they find the derelict ship and it's rotating and they have to match rotation to dock, and then they enter and make their way to a control center at one end and there's debris floating there. NO. If the ship is spinning, there's artificial weight away from the center of rotation. (The film 2010 at least tried to get some of that right, remember the EVA scene?) But that's a little thing in what is so far a Good Story.

    4625 Tuesday, 16 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Check all connections - nothing obvious.
    Plenty of fuel on board.
    All other fluids nominal.
    Battery okay, except for the inevitable
    drain from starting attempts.
    Pretty sure I hear the fuel pump whirring.
    Remove distributor cap, examine points and rotor -
    all seems functional.
    And every time I spend more battery
    trying to start, it's like she wants to
    but just can't quite.
    Spark plugs - inaccessible, because
    those stupid extension tube things
    are too narrow for the narrowest
    spark plug socket I have.
    Removing the tubes requires
    removing the valve cover,
    which I did and then the tubes wouldn't move
    without risk of wrecking them.
    After giving up last night
    and losing income today,
    SMLE Fan in Skype suggests fuel filter.
    This, in hindsight, fits some
    previously-observed symptoms.
    Consulting the Chilton manual, remove and examine -
    nothing obviously wrong.
    Hike to parts store, buy replacement, install,
    Which means the fuel pump is probably next.
    Which is inside the fuel tank, naturally.
    And which costs more than I make most days.

    Col. Kratman's latest column is an open letter to the usurper on the topic of Supreme Court appointments. "Actually, in retrospect, Holder's record as attorney general was sufficiently questionable that there may not be room for everything that will be hung about his neck." Also: "Consider that the two RINOs you ran against couldn't inspire gravity to work right, let alone get people out early and into the cold to vote for someone they felt had betrayed them or soon would."

    Don't Go to College, where Free Speech Goes to Die. Because they're so "tolerant" and "inclusive".

    In North Carolina, government of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats, and for the bureaucrats. "Clearly, the commission knew that these changes would not be popular, but they didn't want to be bothered with the opinions of the people who elect them, so they've decided to meet in secret."

    No seriously, what if
    it's not a

    In Lighter News

    In my fictional utopia a significant plot device is regeneration of damaged or amputated body parts. Working on it.

    Enormous breakthroughs in information technology. Working on that too.

    4626 Wednesday, 17 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Can't take her to a shop,
    even the scuffy-lookin' Mexican one
    with the pet coyote wandering around the work bay,
    because I already spent all that money
    on the driveaxles and I'm still catching up
    The last time I had to
    replace a fuel pump, it was inside the tank
    on a 1988 Ford Escort (my first car),
    requiring the tank to be removed
    and that was no fun at all.
    The current vehicle, several years younger,
    allows the pump tp be accessed
    from the top by removing the rear seat cushion.
    Remove protective plate -
    insert key and turn -
    I can hear the fuel pump whirring
    Am I supposed to blow sixty or more dollars
    on a new pump and still have
    Meanwhile, replaced distributor
    cap and rotor, but now the battery
    is drained from starting attempts
    and is charging overnight.
    While I lose more income.

    Government "health" "care" means bureaucrats letting your children die in agony. Remember that the next time you see an "I [heart] Obamacare" sticker.

    Speaking of psychopathic narcissists, the usurper accuses Constitutionalists of violating the Constitution by reading the plain words of the Constitution, while he is deliberately ignoring those very same words in the Constitution.

    Speaking of government-sanctioned racists, Michael G. sent this the other day but I couldn't quite believe it until it I saw it again: Decorated Marine veteran robbed and beaten by black mob while having lunch. And how is that any different from white mobs lynching blacks for sitting at the wrong counter fifty years ago?

    Speaking also of government-invited racism, Immigrants! Contributing! To Society!

    Speaking of immigrants, governments invite them in, prop them up with their own people's taxes, then refuse to defend their own people against them. Now think about the monsters in the current regime who want us to be just like them. "Protect and Serve" WHO?

    Which segues to:

  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"STOP RESISTING! STOP RESISTING!
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns, and
  • "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"OH. WAIT.

    We've tried it their way and IT DOESN'T WORK.

    In Lighter News

    The value of state preemption demonstrated in Alabama. "Sen. Phil Williams, R-Rainbow City, said he's heard anecdotally about county sheriffs in the state trying to require that residents write an essay or show a high school diploma to get a concealed carry permit." Because "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment" and "the sheriffs will save us"?

    Prohibition FAIL o' the Day.

    A while back I wrote about scientists invoking the Code over archaeological debate.

    4627 Thursday, 18 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Still won't start.
    Can't tell why.
    LoyalReader's spare car,
    from last year, has been sold.
    I've been scraping by,
    hand-to-mouth, most of my life,
    and now I've lost a whole paycheck.
    Getting kinda f***ed.

    It's not paranoia if they really are watching you.

    Hey, remember that infamously-endlessly-parodied scene in the movie Downfall when Hitler throws a fit upon realizing the war is lost? Because his staff and generals and all had been telling him what he wanted to hear, instead of the truth? That could never happen here... RIGHT?

  • Ongoing, explicitly illegal, official government discrimination in Alabama.
  • Much the same in Florida.
  • If you jackbooted back-shooting bushwhackers weren't trying to start a bloody civil war WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING DIFFERENT? Okay, well, Codrea's actually calling for calm and restraint but buy that bulk green-tip while you can.

    In Lighter News

    4628 Friday, 19 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Yeah. F***.

    Universal Studios bans JewsOH. WAIT.

    Next time some haugty rape-and-massacre-enabler tells you "Only police and military should have guns", ask them why the military can't have guns.

    Hawaii, New Hampshire, New York and California require Jews, blacks and gays to pay special taxesOH. WAIT.


    Speaking of RINO backstabbing, smack Mitch McConnell upside the phone and email before it's too late.


    Years ago I made this image:

    We're always saying, as Jefferson said,
    guns in private hands are necessary
    to prevent government tyranny,
    and they keep proving us right.

    Cuba returns our wayward Hellfire missile - after all our enemies have a chance to study it. How could this have not been on purpose?

  • How many women have been raped and murdered while waiting for some bureaucrat bigot's permission to defend themselves? Why did you become a cop? "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    "Disarmament of people is not done to save them from criminals. It is done to keep them under the thumb of the ruling government."

    In Lighter News

    Many times I've noted the Self-Destructive Jew, supporting or voting for their own disarmament, evidently willfully ignorant of their ethnic history. Not these ones - and lemme tell y'all, it is fun too.

    Constitutional Carry gets closer in West Virginia.

    A poke in the eye of the IRS. DISBAND - ABOLISH - PROSECUTE

    German Engineering o' the Day.

    Larry Correia, "failed D List nobody hack pulp writer with an irreparably damaged career who will never be a *real* author and who can't even manage to get measly five hundred people to a book signing", has another good day at "work".

    4629 Saturday, 20 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Yeah. F***.

    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    Speaking of visual aids, here is a reminder that ours is the only country that still even pretends to have freedom of speech. Not one mention in the news story, of course, about the Islamic immigrant rape epidemic throughout Europe.

    Seriously the next time someone uses the word "Islamophobia" in my presence I'll smack 'em right in the face.

    In a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, underground radioactive waste may have already caught fire but the Environmental Protection Agency says it's nothing to worry about. That would be the same government bureaucracy that poisons entire cities and murders entire rivers.

  • Bend over for the soap, pig. How many peaceable citizens have your "Brothers in Blue" sentenced to the same fate?

    In Lighter News

    Okay, so, John Ringo wrote the Black Tide Rising series, four books about the Zombie Apocalypse. Now there's a short-story collection forthcoming.

    4630 Sunday, 21 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Still the car won't start.
    Getting a little panicky,

    White supremacist group demands segregated meeting on tax-funded propertyOH. WAIT.

    Don't Go to College. Burn them to the ground.

    Speaking also of freedom of speech, Twitter isn't very fond of it.

    On the other end of the equation, it's looking like Joseph Goebbels didn't kill himself in the Vorbunker after all.

    Remember, peasant, Obama will usher in a new era of world peace!

    The line between satire and official policy has been erased and doesn't look to be coming back anytime soon.

    Speaking of lines, I've been referring to this visual aid (see also) about federal land "ownership" and why Wyoming is fading in favor of Kansas, for relocation from Occupied Oregon. Here's another visual aid I linked several months ago, about places where the Bill of Rights no longer applies.

    Speaking of the Bill of Rights, Information Security Visual Aid o' the Day.

    To which dot connect, underground radioactive waste on fire in St. Louis. Poison water in Flint, Michigan. A whole river murdered in Colorado. Now, more poison water in Crystal City, Texas. "...[A]ll but one of the Crystal City council members under federal investigation.... Three members are being recalled, and Tuesday's council meeting ended with mayor's arrest" but hey, let's give sociopathic government bureaucrats more tax money and power!

  • By which I mean the Pointed Observation o' the Day: "If you're a private citizen working for an NBC affiliated company and have your gun stolen, you're fired. If you're a BLM agent whose gun is stolen by a six-time deported Mexican National who uses it to kill an American citizen, you not only get to keep your job but nobody will ever even know your name."

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat & show every Sunday 1100 and 1700PT.

    Continuing Constitutional Carry progress in Tennessee.

    4631 Monday, 22 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Friends-of-friends came by and
    poked at the car last night,
    without result, though several
    causes were eliminated.
    There will be another attempt soon.

    Floating along my life
    like a shipwreck victim clinging to a raft,
    hand-to-mouth, always a couple
    paychecks ahead of homelessness,
    and every few months
    something reaches up from the depths and
    One of these times I won't
    make it back to the surface.

    Also, it's not paranoia if the state of Oregon really does hate me and want me to die.


    "He has no criminal record. He passed an employment background check." AND HOW IS THAT MY FAULT?

    Remember, peasant, Iran can be trusted. "The large liquid-fueled rocket was developed with North Korean technology" which was sold to communist China by Bill Clinton and sold by them to North Korea AND HOW IS THAT NOT TREASON?

    The ongoing murder of free speech. By the "tolerant", "inclusive" "uniter".

    Who is using his usurped power to promote official government racism.

    Meanwhile, California town seeks to shut down SynagogueOH. WAIT.

    Speaking of free speech, Twitter doesn't like it a'tall.

    On the radio last night, talking about Republicans being unable to express their message - what "message"? Democrats are for "FREE STUFF" and "SOCIAL RACIAL JUSTICE REVENGE". What are Republicans even FOR anymore? It used to be limited government and strong national defense, now it's "PLEASE CLAP"? And as if on cue.

    To which dot connect Marco Rubio is in favor of amnesty which will lead to massive vote fraud. Which is a thing David Codrea has been pointing out for a long time.


  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns.
  • BECAUSE THEY'RE SO MATURE AND RESPONSIBLE. Probably swapped it for drugs and/or sexual favors and is lying about it. Or it was done very deliberately to set up the next Kathryn Steinle.
  • Think about the kind of sick authoritarian perverts who deny you the right to defend yourself and then refuse to do their tax-paid job to defend you.
  • And that's not slander if cops really are secretly recording people going to the bathroom and posting it on their personal porn sites.
  • Any cop who tries to not be part of an unquestioning death squad is driven out and destroyed.

    In Lighter News

    A reminder that shooting is also a martial art and Jeff Cooper was its first real sensei.

    Aptly-named National Socialist Robert Reich writes a pretty good campaign ad for Ted Cruz. "Comments are disabled for this video" naturlich.

    Scienty-fictiony holograms. Working on it.

    Several years ago I wrote "Most farming labor is robotic, almost fully automated, again independently solar or fusion powered, and with automatic repair and maintenance systems." Working on that too.

    Despite the risks.

    This is not the free-float tube I'm looking for but I can see how some people would want it. If I weren't poor all the time and could afford to do more 3-Gun I might even build one that way.

    4632 Tuesday, 23 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Hoping to borrow a car soon.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    By which I also mean MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD

    Facilitated by Marco Rubio while claiming to be a "conservative".

    And I won't be voting for Trump either.

    MidwestReader sends, "While we're laughing at the silly girl crying on YouTube because she volunteered for a Bernie Sanders phone bank and had to deal with horrible mean people who didn't agree with her, the Saudis have just announced that, oh yeah, by the way, since Obama decided to let Iran have The Bomb, they're publicly announcing that they've already got theirs. This is some real End-of-Days s*** right here, and the country is talking about football and Dancing with the Stars. I should have bought more ammo at that last gun show." I suppose Nuclear War would make my car problems kinda moot....

    And I suppose she thinks she deserves fifteen dollars an hour too.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines conscription. I note, not for the first time, that there have rarely if ever been more combat veterans as citizens of the United States of America. Remember to read the comments, they're important. My own fictional utopia prohibits conscription but also requires service for citizenship - as the Prophet Heinlein did in Starship Troopers. But I've never served and am not really qualified to comment.

    Another victim of the system. The process is the punishment.

  • And police wonder why we hate them. Gosh, they're only stealing and destroying our hard-earned property with no legal authority or peaceable recourse. And that makes them different from what they claim to be "protecting" us from how exactly?
  • In a similar vein, F*** Britain, Chapter MMMMDCXXXII.
  • "If we have to constantly live, as Americans, in the constant fear that the NSA is listening to everything we say, if we have to register as Independents because if we register as Republicans we fear an IRS tax audit, if everything we say on the phone we assume to be listened to by the government, that is a far bigger threat to the American ideal than a bunch of seventh-century savages...."

    In Lighter News

    Remember, peasant, armed citizens stopping mass shootings is a fantasy that never happens!

    Knife Rights progressing in West Virginia and Georgia. I demand jail time for every thief-with-a-badge who ever "confiscated" an "illegal" knife.

    "NO JEWS ALLOWED" signs taken down in Minnesota.

    Years ago I wrote "Linfarger was typing quickly now, his 'puter's projected holographic keyboard resized for his big hands and fingers" and it looks like we're just about there. "Unfortunately, as video of the concept model seems to indicate, there is a noticeable but very brief lag between gestures and the system's response" big deal. The first pocket calculators cost a month's wages, now you can get one for the price of a burger and it does more. The first cellphones were the size and weight of a BAR magazine and now we can wear them on our wrists while accessing a global information network that didn't exist back then.

    Speaking of the endless advance of technology, Sword Art Online was a manga (Japanese comic book) and later anime about people trapped in a VRMMORPG, Virtual Reality Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That is apparently an actual thing in the real world now. -I seem to recall there was a ST:TNG episode about that twenty-odd years ago (addictive alien headset things), to say nothing of all those episodes about holodecks and holodiction....

    4633 Wednesday, 24 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    Much more of this and
    I'll be out of a job
    and a hovel.

    Years ago William Forstchen wrote a horror story. The other day MidwestReader pointed out that Saudi Arabia has nukes, because Obama has made Neville Chamberlain look good by letting Iran have nukes. Which they will be putting on missiles designed with North Korean assistance with technology bought from China which Bill Clinton sold to China. And now, now comes a warning about EMP attacks. I kind of wish society would just go ahead and collapse into a dystopian movie already and save me the stress of waiting.

    It will all come crashing down.

    Nuremberg Laws in Occupied Connecticut.

    Remember, peasant, Washington, D.C., is safe because it's so hard for "law"-abiding people to get guns.

    Secret government prohibition lists but he's not a dictator.

    Codrea examines the NRA Board elections and massive vote fraud.

    Speaking of which, if you're voting to recall Grover Norquist from the NRA Board of Directors, you're gonna hafta not vote for Ted Nugent also. -I did read one of Nugent's books, in which he seemed entirely too chummy with the same badge-wearing thugs who would obey orders to kick down our doors and steal our property. IIRC Nugent is also some kind of "special reserve" badge-wearer himself.

    It's not "racist" if it's true.

    Timely Visual Aid. Which I have addressed.

    Tell me again how immigrants contribute to society.

    Which segues to:

  • Meanwhile in the Netherlands, police are kidnapping people for wearing hats in public because they might offend the tax-supported, government-invited "refuguees" who are raping their sisters and wives and daughters. "Protect and Serve" WHO?
  • Let me get this straight: You terrified, cowardly, back-shooting bushwhackers can't keep track of your own badges and cellphones and guns but you same sociopathic incompetents want to register all of ours and have an actually Orwellian backdoor into our papers and effects. How about we give you the Nuremberg Treatment instead?
  • No, seriously, "What does God need with a starship"the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental "Protection" Agency, Department of "Education", Veterans Affairs and the IRS need with MACHINEGUNS AND BODY ARMOR?

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry action in Idaho. Uppity.

    Remember, peasant, armed citizens preventing violent crime with concealed firearms is a fantasy that never happens.

    This is why one of the clubs I shoot at when I can afford it has banned the use of Blackhawk Serpa holsters. IT'S CALLED RULE THREE. -Which is also why so many cops shoot themselves in the leg even without a Serpa holster because they're "trained" and "experienced" and don't take their fingers off the triggers before putting the weapon in the holster.

    4634 Thursday, 25 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    (replaced distributor,
    wherein some electronic fiddly-bit
    appears to have gone bad,
    with junkyard part)
    but now I've lost
    and spent much of this month's
    rent money on car parts.
    I don't even want to think
    about upcoming taxes on the 1099 form.
    I have two paychecks waiting for me
    and that will cover this month's rent
    but I'm NOT GETTING the
    next two paychecks.
    THEREFORE, if you have ever
    received anything of value
    from this site or my
    YouTube Channel,
    please consider a charitable donation
    through the PayPal buttons
    at the top or bottom of this page.
    Thank you.

    And if you have any left send it to Mike Vanderboegh, who has actually got up off his cancer-ridden backside and done the things the rest of us only talk about.

    Also Battleground Nevada. Don't let us have to call it "Occupied".

    Democrats... have always been traitors. Actual aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States in time of war.

    As for their "tolerant", "inclusive", "sensitive" and "caring" fellow-travelers, when they finally get their wish to end hunting, the animals they're trying to "save" are exterminated by the governments they worship.

    And aren't these the same people who used to care so much about freedom of speech?

    "...[A]ctors are hired to try and sway public officials" but they call us "astroturf"?

    Vote for Bernie! Because real socialism has never been tried!

    "They don't want you to know that gun related homicide doesn't even crack the top 15 causes of death in America."

    Aaaaand Blood Libel.

  • Calling police perverts is not slander. How many don't get caught? How many are swept under the rug by their "Brothers in Blue"?
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns. Because they have all that training.
  • RCMP can't keep track of their firearms either but they want the peasants to trust them with theirs.
  • Think about the kind of lying corrupt bigots who don't want us able to defend ourselves.
  • You're just paranoid if you think police will COME TO YOUR DOOR TO CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS.

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL o' the Day. And there's always another way.


    4635 Friday, 26 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    And the car ran all day.

    which, considering how my
    world usually works, might make
    a refreshing change of pace.
    Now I have to ration what
    cash I have left after
    paying the rent,
    to keep fuel in the car and
    food in my and the kitteh's bellies
    until I get actual paychecks again,
    half a month from now.

    Aaaaand treason. I tried to be explicit in my version.


    You ever notice how the man-hating feminazis who call us sexist are so often the same people calling us Islamophobic?

    Meanwhile in Illinois, the return of the pogrom.

  • "The bill uses a totally fabricated 'loophole' to allow the State Police to deny you a purchase (with no justification) even longer than they can now" because "law enforcement supports the Second Amendment"? How many women are being raped and murdered while waiting for some hired thug's permission to defend themselves? "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    Progress against self-defense-free zones in Wyoming. But I've come to realize Wyoming has another problem.

    Constitutional Carry still advancing in Tennessee. "Public records obtained by the Tennessee Firearms Association from the Tennessee Department of Safety shows that from 2008 to 2014 the state of Tennessee has charged and collected $52,701,104 from citizens who were applying for state handgun permits. Those same state reports show that it only cost the Department of Safety $35,166,452 to fully administer that program." Butbutbut Department Chief Par A. Site needed that Escalade! For... reasons!

    4636 Saturday, 27 February 2016:

    The World Sucks

    I am curious whether
    the car will start again
    Monday morning....

    Blood Libel o' the Day. And you know- I don't smoke. I don't like being around smokers. But I oppose prohibition as the greater evil.

    Fake racist hate crimes on campus, committed by violent racists, Chapter MMMMDCXXXVI.

    FIFTEEN DOLLARS AN HOUR. Part of me really wants it to all come crashing down so these worthless bigots will all starve and the grownups can come back out of the woods, shovel their emaciated corspes onto the pyres, and get back to work.

    In Lighter News

    4637 Sunday, 28 February 2016:

    The World Sucks


    After the first show and chat
    (and after the monthly gun $how was $afely packed up and gone),
    tested the car with a trip to the store and
    and then after shopping
    Something terrible is about to happen....

    "Chicago has an 'assault weapons' ban, a 'violence tax' that raises the price of every gun and bullet sold at retail, limits on the number of gun stores and the locations of those stores, and what the New York Times describes as handgun restrictions that let city leaders 'get as close as they could get legally to a ban without a ban.' These regulations represent a veritable wish list for gun controllers around the country, yet they have correlated with more murder, not less."

    Burn the colleges....

  • I have said that all police are liars and thieves and they keep proving me right.
  • "I remember when this first happened, during the initial interviews with the press the f***ing sheriff had a silly ass grin on his face while denying that his department did anything wrong or was negligent in any way" after throwing a grenade in a baby's face AT THE WRONG ADDRESS.

    That walls-closing-in feeling... everywhere I look I see another light going out, another boundary against us erected, another safeguard against our enemies knocked down, more hatred directed toward me and my friends. Part of me wishes we could just get on with the Red Dawn/The Postman stuff before I'm too old and creaky to participate.

    In Lighter News

    Show, chat & show every Sunday 1100 and 1700PT.

    An awakening in Uruguay. "Found" dead of "natural causes" in 3, 2, 1....

    Remember, peasant, you civilian gun nuts can't possibly handle firearms as well as government-trained professionals.

    Kansas is looking better all the time. And for the record, I don't drink or drug either, but see above about all police being liars and thieves....

    4638 Monday, 29 February 2016:

    The World Sucks



    Meanwhile here in Occupied Oregon, I recall covering this a little at the time but Michael G. reminds: The New Republic's new owner covered up the fact that Oregon's [DEMOCRAT] governor was a [CHILD-]rapist. Who was chauffeured to his rape sessions by Oregon State Police. And those are the people who don't want their boss' victims to have guns. That is why I say I must get out of this horrible place.

    Which same place is also trying to murder its own economy.

    Clarence Thomas "found" dead of "natural causes" in 3, 2, 1....

    And that's not a joke anymore.

    Again with the self-destructive Jews.

    Remember that plan NA$A had to use Shuttle external tanks to build space stations? Why didn't that happen?

    The other day we saw Chicago's murder rate going up after preventing decent citizens from defending themselves. Now we see "youths" tossing fragmentation grenades around in gun-free utopia Britain. We've tried it their way and it doesn't work. Lemme guess, they get them from those darn American gun shows....

    Here is another reason to use disposable prepaid cellphones. Is anyone naive enough to think there aren't already a half-dozen "law" enforcement backdoors into this data?

    Which segues to:

  • What are we paying you thugs for? Why do we even HAVE police? You refuse to defend us and deny us the right to defend ourselves.
  • Remember when the whole original idea of "smart guns" was to prevent police from being shot with their own guns? And now you thugs don't want them and want to force them on everyone outside your species?
  • "Even after [the brother of the Lincoln County, CO sheriff] confessed [to STEALING WEAPONS FROM THE EVIDENCE LOCKER], it took more than eight months for the charges to be filed." But if a taxpaying peasant carries one that he legally owns without your extortionate permission slip you same thugs kidnap and rob him.
  • So police find a couple, unconcious, in a car and THEY SHOOT THEM DEAD. Clicking through, notice how they erected a screen to conceal... what? "Protect and Serve" who you SADISTIC EINSATZGRUPPEN MONSTERS?

    Yes, every time I hear about police shooting someone, my first presumption is that the police are guilty of murder and lying about it.

    In Lighter News


    A hundred competitors to put NA$A completely out of business FASTER PLEASE

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