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4153 Saturday, 1 November 2014:

The World Sucks

Continuing examination of SpaceShipTwo's crash, and the inevitable calls for prohibition.

Codrea examines Senate races. -Yes, it's CheaperThanDirt, whom we're boycotting for price-gouging during the Panics, but Codrea has a logical rebuttal and you're not paying anything to read David Codrea's column.

The Battle of Washington State....

Dehumanizing an opponent is a precursor to genocide. And the people on the Other Side really believe the next civil war will be my fault.


Speaking of fraud, "Global Warming" MY ASS and remember, peasant, you're not paying enough for energy and your government doesn't want a new pipeline.

But they call us "racist". Remember, peasant, the schools need more of your tax dollars.




  • In Occupied Massachusetts, "As the chief of police I am responsible for determining if an applicant is a suitable person for a [license to carry]." NO YOU'RE NOT YOU FASCIST FILTH. "I want to finish what I started," Holden said. "It's not really just my fight. The law is truly wrong."
  • But they don't trust us.
  • Already covered but bears repeating: 3 robbed at gunpoint after N.C. state fair declares gun-free zone. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "And of course the department defended them." THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME.

    In Lighter News

    Mexican judge orders release of U.S. Marine! AND WHERE WAS OUR "JUSTICE" DEPARTMENT?


    I just discovered VLC plays .ISOs, without first having to mount them as virtual drives in Daemon Tools or the like.

    4154 Sunday, 2 November 2014:

    The World Sucks


    Visual Aids o' the Day.


  • "Papiere, bitte." How long until they start leaving off the bitte? -Ambivalence; voter ID, widespread EBT fraud... but if we weren't robbing the productive class at implied-and-actual government gunpoint to prop up domestic and foreign parasites, all kinds of ID would matter a lot less and I would be more of an open-borders, free-market-labor anarcho-capitalist.
  • To which dot connect Seventy-nine million license plates recorded (79,000,000) and *five* crimes solved. I keep telling you THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE.

    The "cure" is the disease.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring in the second hour Brian Aitken, victim of kidnapping and armed robbery under color of "law".

    "To encounter a health professional who believes in gun rights is always a valuable find."

    Lighter News from Occupied Connecticut.

    VCDL's Candidate Survey results for Virginia. (Survey questions here.)

    Candidate rankings for Maryland.

    See more at your state organization.

    I'm reminded that Switzerland has a tradition of going openly armed with militia weapons to their polling places....

    Video for Stage One of last week's 3-Gun match has been processed and should be online by Wednesday. (Fooooour cameras. Well only three at a time on this stage.) See, the local library opens at noon on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I'm usually done with work, back at the hovel, with my shoes off and a fluffy kitteh in my lap two hours before then, having no gumption to get back in the car and sit in a room with screaming third-world brats running around wiping their third-world-disease-carrying snot on everything. Wednesday through Friday they open at 10am and that's when I usually use their bandwidth for all the stuff I can't cram through the Cricket cellmodem. Weekends I don't go because they have a child-rapist prowling the lobby.

    Eat, sleep, poop, cuddle, in no particular order. I envy the simplicity of my cat's existence.

    4155 Monday, 3 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "I found this in my mom's house when we were there for the kid's birthday party this weekend. I remember reading this when I was in grade school and now nearly thirty years later, and forty years after the book was written, we still are standing on the front doorstep of the universe, and most people JUST DON'T CARE. And that's a shame. I teach conceptual physics at a college. I waxed rhapsodic about space exploration and the main response I got was 'meh'. And a number felt that space exploration was a waste of money. I tried to explain the value of it all, but they just don't care. We're doomed."

    (And as if on cue.)

    In my fictional utopia we left their kind behind to rot but yeah, it kinda looks like we're stuck here, with the control freaks hooting like apes over the chance to dance in Michael Alsbury's blood.

    Codrea Examines tomorrow's election.

    The Battle of Washington State nears its conclusion. Will I have to start referring to it as Occupied?

    Will I ever again be able to risk going to the clubs up there for matches? With thieving thugs salivating at the chance to destroy some innocent human being's life? Would I even risk visiting family there, with the thugs' known and documented record of planting evidence and fabricating charges?

    Not that things are much better on this side of the river:

    Fear and Hatred in Corvallis
    The anti-rights crowd is resorting to their usual tactics of ginning up hatred and fear.
    As you know, tonight will be another hearing on a loaded carry ban by the Corvallis City Council.
    In an email to the council, one of the leaders of the anti-rights crowd included these comments:
    "I have received a communication regarding the possible disturbances at the meeting when the open gun carriage ordinance will be discussed."
    "We've also talked to some city council members and they seem to prefer that we do not come and give the gun bullies a target for their abuse."
    "However, I do respect your council on this matter, being sensitive to your concerns about not making a potentially explosive situation worse"

    She also said: "The council is not planning to vote on the ordinance on Monday night..."
    Where she received that information is anyone's guess.
    The people who want to attack your rights are willing to stoop to anything. Thousands of gun owners have stood on the capitol steps with firearms and the one or two anti-gun protesters there were treated with courtesy.
    No one was ever threatened. No one was intimidated. The State Police remarked that they had never seen the Capitol left so clean.
    The anti-gun extremists attempts at ginning up paranoia are disgraceful. We also know they are doubling down on their efforts to get anti-gun messages to the council members.
    Please make every effort to be at this hearing tonight when the council convenes at 5.30 PM.
    The hearing will be held at the Majestic Theater in Corvallis. Firearms possession is allowed.
    Let's fill that room.
    If you cannot come, please contact the council.
    Contact info for the entire council is available here.
    And please, if you have not already done so, drop off your ballots today.

    There are reasons to vote, and there are reasons not to.


    Project Gunwalker is part of the concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.



    The next time someone uses the word "Islamophobia" in my presence....


    The lunatics really believe they're the sane ones.



  • "They wouldn’t spend that kind of money, time and resources to track down the killer of somebody that wasn’t LEO or a politician, would they?"
  • The "laws" are wrong and
  • the enforcers
  • are evil.

    POLICE AND MILITARY ARE NOT THE SAME. But the powers-that-be really believe the military will obey their orders to round up and execute us?

    (Cops vs. Marines is gonna be f***in' awesome. For just a couple minutes.)


    In Lighter News

    An increment in Oklahoma. Now let's repeal NFA34 altogether and jail any thug who ever enforced it.

    Prohibition FAIL

    And if that doesn't work there's always another way.

    Finally unwrapping the TacStar +5 magazine tube extension and test-fitting it to Millicent. This will give me 9+1 rounds, a one-or-two-round advantage over most tube-fed shotguns and over Saint John himself, who used a Choate +4. She looks funny with a tube way out past the 19" muzzle, but lots of racers have theirs set up that way and the 19" barrel was a hundred-dollar deal on SumDood's table at a show - an actual factory rifle-sight barrel is closer to thrice that. Waiting for the last bits to become Available before throwing money at Midway for Millicent's remaining parts dammit while I was double-checking those links two more of them went Backorder/Overdue. (Midway does have a Very Good Website, including email notifications when parts return to stock.)

    Meanwhile Saint John has been returned to sporting configuration (as opposed to racing/fighting) (though I'm leaving the extended bolt handle) and retired from action competition, though he'll remain available for bird-swatting or clay-busting should opportunity arise. I hope and expect to have Millicent restored by next 3-Gun season.

    Millicent also came with a long sporting barrel, which I'm of course keeping. Heh, some people take in stray cats. (Which I also do. As I type, FluffyTux is about halfway through a five-six-seven-hour nap on one of my pillows, out of the wind and rain. Yeah I'm'a get him one of those new disposable litterboxes next time I hit the MegaLoMart.) I take in poor beat-up old guns and bring them back to life. I'm not after a Turnbull-level restoration, I want to make them run again.

    Hm, I wonder if Millicent's stock has been shortened by a previous owner. Even with the recoil boot in place, which normally adds about an inch, her length-of-pull still looks and feels shorter than Saint John's. Replacing the entire stock set remains a future possibility.

    4156 Tuesday, 4 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    Discrimination on campus, Chapter MMMMCLVI. "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO? FROM WHAT?

    The Battle of Washington State concludes today. I wonder how many overseas-military-absentee ballots will be "lost" or "disqualified" this time.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.




    The next time someone uses the word "Islamophobia" in my presence....

    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining different kinds of terrorism.

  • But they don't trust us.
  • The sadistic thieving murdering serial-child-rapists think they're the victims.

    If the "law" won't protect us from them, IT WON'T PROTECT THEM FROM US.


    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL so it didn't hold up the first time, neither did Cody Wilson's. The process will only improve.

    Army story LOL

    4157 Wednesday, 5 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker continues....

    Washington State has fallen to the enemy. I may never go there again, even without firearms on my way to a match. The thugs steal throwaway guns from the evidence room to plant on their victims. How many of these "rank-and-file law enforcement" organizations and personnel, who claimed to oppose I594 and support I591 and claim to "support the Second Amendment", will now, with a sadistic grin, happily enforce the new "law" to run up their scores? "Lookameee, I arrested a dangerous criminal who was plinking tin cans in the woods with his grandson! Promote me and give me more tax dollars so I can destroy more innocent human beings' lives!"

    While in Corvallis, Oregon, "Although the public opposed the proposal overwhelmingly (37 to 12 by one count) most of the Council voiced the opinion that the ordinance should be passed, while noting that it would accomplish exactly… nothing." And they will still ram their delusions down our throats at the point of a government gun.


    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    And the Stupid Party is doing what for us?

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan doesn't want to live on this planet anymore. And nobody should HAVE to. Shoulda had hotel/casino/resorts in Luna City thirty damn years ago and NA$A is why it didn't happen.

  • Sadists. All of them.
  • Perverts. All of them.
  • Thugs and bigots. All of them.

    And you murderous child-raping filth wonder why people hate you.



    In Lighter News

    I have no use for this and can't justify the expense anyway but I kinda want one.

    Action in Florida tomorrow.

    Stages One and Two of the 3-Gun match from the 26th are online. Hope to have the other two done by Friday but might not be 'til next week.

    Mining the forums, I see the feed latch often escapes its stakes in the Remington 1100 receiver. (The equivalent part in the 870 too.) A staking tool is about $30. There's an actual Remington-authorized 'smith in town but I see several people either using superglue (or perhaps a binary epoxy, or JB Weld) or just leaving the piece loose, held in place by the receiver pins and trigger group. Which was my plan.

    But now I may not be doing 3-Gun anymore. Nearly every round I've fired in the last twenty years has been at clubs in Washington state. Often, on a 3-Gun stage, the range officer will hold one of the two long weapons while the shooter readies the next. That is now an "illegal" "transfer" of a firearm under Washington state law, subject to armed-robbery-and-kidnapping or even murder-in-the-name-of-officer-safety. There's supposed to be an exception in the text of the new "law" but how many thousands of dollars will be wasted, how many days or weeks or months in jail will be spent, getting some unstable freak in black robes to acknowledge it? If you're not murdered outright in the name of "officer safety"?

    I need to get far away from this place. I need to get out of this entire time zone.

    4158 Thursday, 6 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    The persecution of the Reese family comes to an end. A legal system, not a justice system.

    Compare to the ongoing lynching of George Zimmerman.

    The Occupation of Washington State begins. Any cop who enforces this "law", any government attorney who prosecutes it, any judge who sentences for it, deserves the Nuremberg Treatment.

    '...[W]here do those in government get the power to violate their oaths, assume powers nowhere delegated to them, and suspend, eviscerate and ignore that which they are commanded “shall not be infringed”?'

    Remember, peasant, you're not paying enough taxes!

    It's not paranoia if they really are spying on you.

    It's not paranoia if they really are conspiring against you.

    "Both The Oregonian and Willamette Week have reported heavily on the blatant corruption of this governor and also endorsed him."

    The Stupid Party




  • How is this any different from Communist North Korea or Nazi Germany? EXPLAIN IT TO ME.
  • "A seven-year-old girl has been injured after a police firearms expert accidentally discharged a gun during a demonstration." Hey, what's the brat complaining about? At least she wasn't RAPED.
  • "And yet, cops wonder why they're being targeted more."

    In Lighter News

    Signs of progress in Texas.

    Food pr0n

    STILL WANT you can get the barrel and sleeve and build your own on a nekkid upper, and you can get stripped or semi-stripped (w/ejection port cover & forward assist already installed) uppers for well under $100. Assembly tools (vise block for example) are, IIRC, hanging on a rack at Sportsman's Warehouse and/or the Cabela's store, and of course you can net-order them too or just borrow them from a friend who already has them. From comments: "I'm seeing some seriously skewed sales of dollar-store canned soda in the near future." LOL

    4159 Friday, 7 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Some moons overdue, acting on the brief break in the weather, replaced Shambling Wrecktm's front brake pads. Been carrying the new ones around for months. Not quite as bad as I feared, or as previously. I also have new rotors but can't get the old ones off.

    I suppose I should do the rear as well but not today. Besides that requires repacking grease in the wheel bearings after removing the drums.

    More Project Gunwalker, and "We now know how the law will be enforced in this country. It will be enforced racially."

    Occupied Washington State and the infection will spread.

    Meanwhile in the Religion of Pieces, Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: "So our friends in Hamas blow up a bunch of our other friends in Fatah, who are supposed to be their friends, too (after all, they have a unity government together). I'm still thinking about how they will try to blame the Jooooozzzz for this." Also: "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

  • This may seem, at first glance, to be Lighter News, but Codrea sees the inevitable darker side. Just as "smart guns" were originally proposed for "officer safety", now there are efforts to mandate them for everyone but police, who will be exempt. Never judge a "law" by the good it's supposed to do, but by the harm it will do.
  • 'They were actually convicted because they "didn't know" a federal agent was lying on a 4473.'
  • "The officer, Steve Gilkerson, was cleared of wrongdoing by a quickly assembled panel of area police chiefs that ruled the officer acted in compliance with the law." REMEMBER, PEASANT, THE POLICE ARE THERE TO PROTECT YOU.

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition Will FAIL. The only question is, how many innocent human beings will the thugs, uniformed or not, murder trying to stop it. More data at TFB, where I see it's not all that new an idea - early Gatlings used tubes like that, each one its own little percussion-musket, and breechloading experiments going back to the Middle Ages.

    Action in Florida.

    Obamacare goes to SCOTUS. We can dream....

    4160 Saturday, 8 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself. They refuse to see any difference between an NRA member and a carjacking, home-invading, serial-rapist gang member. If we all look the same to them, why shouldn't they all look the same to us?

    Sink The Island, Chapter MMMMCLX.

    Continuing discrimination in Tennessee. Fight.

    Remember, peasant, real communism has never been tried!

    Remember, peasant, you need to pay more taxes to bail out crooked crony companies who can't pay their tax-funded loans!

    The Other Side really believes the next civil war will be my fault.

    And the GOP is doing what for us?

    This is why I don't go to movie theaters anymore. Also this.

  • From the hundred-year basket-case that is Mexico, Michael G. sends, "...[I]t appears that Mexican government authorities, both at the local and federal levels, had a hand in the deaths and disappearances of civilians" - and that's why Mexican TV says ONLY THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE GUNS.

    In Lighter News


    The Allies vs. Axis WWII-theme highpower rifle match at Clark Rifles in Occupied Washington. I do wonder if I'll be ambushed, robbed, kidnapped, anally gang-raped, and/or murdered on my way to or from the event. If you don't see anything else here by about 1700 Pacific time, that's probably happened. ...Returned, un-probed, about 1300, after hitting the show and doing a bit of wardriving.

    Only six shooters, though there were three on each "side". One used an AG42, which unfortunately malfunctioned and prevented him from finishing. My VZ24, and the re-reloads, functioned flawlessly and the only failures were on my part in the standing position. I think I'll whip out a YouTube for the match, after I do Stages Three and Four of the 3-Gun match from the 26th. It was not an official match, and low turnout makes bragging rights less meaningful - I think I placed third or fourth overall, mainly because I blew the 200-yard offhand stage.

    As stated, stopped at (what may be the last meaningful) show on the way back, got a couple technical photos for my upcoming Mauser '98 BFT, and also saw this:

    IIRC the protagonist in The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith uses one of these. "Box and Paper$." Wouldn't that be a hoot to use in a bowling pin shoot? Saw a guy using an M57 in a pin shoot once. Shattered the pins. Like plastic-coated kindling. Ruger also made a few non-Super original Redhawks in .41. Wunna those, in 5.5", is one of my Grail Guns, along with the Marlin M1894 in the same chambering, which I saw in the flesh once upon a time. Also I once held in my hands a three-screw, Old Model Blackhawk in .41.

    4161 Sunday, 9 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Bloomberg now turns his billions on Oregon.

    And the GOP is doing what for us?

    "Citizens carrying handguns goes up - crime rate goes down - what is so hard to understand about that?" Nothing at all, if you're not an insane bigot who WANTS innocent human beings to be brutally murdered.

    "Global Warming" IS A LIE

  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends Massachusetts town weighs nation's 1st tobacco ban. Because it WORKED SO WELL LAST TIME? "I despise cigarette smoke. I wish people wouldn't do it. I watched my brother, a 3 pack a day smoker for 20 years, die a horrible slow death at a young age from lung disease. I know people who died from jaw cancer from chewing tobacco. BUT! It isn't my business if someone wants to self-destruct. It's not anybody's problem but the one doing it. I don't want to be around smokers, I don't go to places where they congregate. Prohibition is never the answer. If someone comes into my house and start smoking, I'll throw him out. If I come into his house and demand he stop smoking, he should deck me for being an asshole. People can do what they want, and the responsibility for their actions is theirs and theirs alone!"
  • And who will obey those orders and enforce those "laws"? WHO ARE THE MODERN-DAY SLAVERS?
  • AGAIN?

    "The fact of the matter is, if you give us a choice of violence or violence, eventually we’re going to give some violence back to you, and making fun of you on twitter will become the least of your concerns."

    In Lighter News

    LoyalReader sends report from Big Gun Show in Tacoma, Occupied Washington: "I talked to the fellows behind the NRA table there to converse about the CURRENT VOTE RESULTS in Washington State. They told me that NATION WIDE - the NRA and firearms owners WON. Here in Washington State - with the INITIATIVE, the NRA was waiting for the results before ACTING. The 2 things I learned were: the initiative vote still has to be validated and won't go into effect until December 4th. And the NRA will be filing a LAW SUIT first thing on MONDAY MORNING to challenge the initiative. This happens a LOT here in Washington State. Initiatives PASS but then are challenged with a LAW SUIT and struck DOWN. The information from the NRA table was FULL CONFIDENCE that the INITIATIVE will not stand and be struck down. 18 pages of stuff and NOT be in violation of WASHINGTON STATE CONSTITUTION? To me - it made sense; you pick your battles and spend money where it does the most good to win the battle. So - the BATTLE of WASHINGTON STATE CONTINUES. ...You wouldn't have felt comfortable there either. There WAS a HEAVY security and POLICE presence."

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Not there because


    CMP Garands at Lone Oak, again in Occupied Washington. Again, watch this space - if you don't see anything else by 1700 Pacific time I may have been declared an Enemy of the State. Aaaaand I forgot to post that this morning on my way out, but returned, again un-probed, about 13:30. Another small turnout, seven shooters, one relay, convertible sighting shots (throw out the five worst). Discussing that with Mr. P., with whom I carpooled to save rather a lot of fuel, the old traditional shooting sports are on a downturn (not helped by certain clubs' boards of directors and their stupid restrictions and chilling effect on competition), while the action sports, like the IPSC(-style), 3-Gun, or bowling pins I attend, are getting the kind of turnouts the highpower rifle matches used to back when I started competing over a decade ago. Hmm.

    4162 Monday, 10 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    "...[T]he message for Demanding Moms and other useful idiots in Washington State and elsewhere is, you've been used and will continue to be."

    Meanwhile in California - which isn't so much Occupied as Foreign, in several meanings of the word - they don't even want us talking about guns. “A state cannot legislate political correctness at the expense of a fundamental, constitutionally-delineated civil right” but they're going to do it anyway. We are running out of peaceable recourse.

    Which is probably their plan. They really do want to start a civil war, as an excuse to exterminate us. They are not capable of imagining how many of us will resist.


    Butbutbut Obaaaaaama will end the wars and bring the troops homeOH. WAIT.


    Retaliation and persecution for the Bundy Ranch, and Nevada is not a place I'll be escaping to.

    Astute Observation o' the Day: "Marxism is the idea that envy is laudable, and should be turned into social policy with the use of pervasive violence."

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "The NY Slimes quotes some CDC minion as saying [detergent pods are] an emerging public health concern. There are calls for the manufacturers to package them in child resistant packs, change the colors, etc. The obvious next step will be a call for a ban. Whatever happened to parental responsibility? I have a toddler, all the chemicals are in cabinets with locks. Problem solved." The totalitarians must continually justify their existence by finding some new thing to "protect" us from, even at government gunpoint. Will there now be no-knock raids for black-market laundry soap? Will monsters-in-uniform cripple toddlers for life in order to "save" them?

    And as if on cue.

    While ignoring REAL threats.

  • "Forget passing down heirlooms to family members, or bequeathing cherished things to those you love. The state has decided to send the Gestapo to collect your stuff." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • Who do you call when the police are the ones harming you?
  • "The Times-Union reached out to [Saratoga County, NY, Deputy Shawn] Glans and got him to comment about the incident, saying he would [assault, terrorize and rob an INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZEN] all over again – but not if he knew he was being recorded."


    In Lighter News

    Happy Birthday to
    The United States
    Marine Corps.

    Police and military are not the same.

    Stage Three of the 3-Gun match from the 26th is processed and should be online by Wednesday. Hope to have Stage Four ready by then too, but there's quite a lot of work smooshing all those tracks together in the right order. Pretty cool when done though.

    D'aaaawwww, FluffyTux having a 'nip-nap in front of the heater-fan.

    4163 Tuesday, Veterans Day, 11 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    I am sorely tempted to get some of that windshield chalk - red - and scrawl BENGHAZI in blood-streaming letters on the windows of the next car I see with a "Ready for Hillary" bumper sticker.

    Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself. GENOCIDE IS NOT HYPERBOLE.

    (NO, REALLY.)

    Because they refuse to see any difference between We the People and the thugs we own guns to protect ourselves from.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines using the military for humanitarian aid. Which is not what the military is for... but they're good at it because they care more about getting things done than looking like they're getting things done.



    University Of Illinois Mulls Re-Hiring TERRORIST CONVICTED OF MURDER


    So the "Palestinian" savages brutally attack and murder two Israeli citizens and our State Department BLAMES THE VICTIMS.

    Timely, JPFO issues a wake-up call to self-destructive Jews.

    Sooo, LoyalReader went to a big show in Tacoma last weekend and an NRA representative there told him "the NRA will be filing a LAW SUIT first thing on MONDAY MORNING to challenge" I-594. I would have expected to read about it by now?

    Speaking of questionable ideological purity.

    And Oregon is next.

  • Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules....
  • Can't trust Border Patrol either - never trust a cop of any kind - but how are they supposed to do their jobs without their tools? Being some of the very few people with badges who actually need such things?
  • Domestic terrorist Deputy Shawn Glans was found responsible for a March 1996 on-duty vehicle accident that left a man paralyzed and blind AND WAS STILL ON THE FORCE FOR ANOTHER EIGHTEEN AND A HALF YEARS HARMING MORE INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS WHILE HIS BROTHERS IN BLUE KNEW AND DID NOTHING.
  • Canadian police suggest requiring LICENSE TO ACCESS INTERNET. AND THAT FAILS THE TEST.

    In Lighter News

    More Guns, Less Crime, and how do the anti-self-defense perverts EXPLAIN that?

    Resistance in Occupied Washington?

    Prohibition FAIL

    Stage Four of the 3-Gun match from the 26th is also, finally, processed and should be online tomorrow.

    4164 Wednesday, 12 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    This is supposed to be Lighter News but that "of the People, by the People, for the People" thing is dead and buried. They're not listening anymore and violence will be required.

    In the New America, not wanting to die of a horrible disease is "RAAAAAACIST"

    Speaking of "health" "care", WoGged again and never trust a DOCTOR of any kind.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get us.

    WorldSuckage Fatigue....

    Connect these dots: "...[F]ormer Sheriff’s Sgt. Shawn R. Glans... has now been charged with official misconduct and harassment" only because the video of his sadistic crimes hit the internet and as if on cue Obama wants to regulate internet as public utility because they can't have the peasants understanding how the system works. If not for the internet, the monster would still have a badge and a gun and his victim would be in jail or dead "in accordance with department protocols". Any attempt to regulate the internet is inherently evil. And we can add FCC to the list of bloated government agencies that need to die in a fire.

    '...[Saratoga County] Sheriff Michael H. Zurlo... told reporters that Glans’ actions “both as a police officer and a sergeant were completely inappropriate” and that “I am very disturbed. I have zero tolerance for that type of activity.”' YET YOU TOLERATED IT FOR AT LEAST EIGHTEEN YEARS AFTER THE SAME THUG CRIPPLED AND BLINDED ANOTHER INNOCENT VICTIM AND HOW MANY MORE IN BETWEEN?

    "And what about the other deputy? The one who stood there and watched and did or said nothing, and didn't report this? He gets off free, it appears."

  • "A man who called 911 to report that he had seen a shooting suspect was mistakenly shot by responding law enforcement...."

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends an unintended consequence of Common Core.

    "At least 5,500 are going to choose to openly violate the gun control law, I-594, at the state capitol in Olympia on December 13th." Part of me does wish to join them, though I'm not a Washington resident. Part of me knows Old Media will very deliberately bury the story. Part of me fears a massacre. And part of me actually hopes we can start shooting back already.

    Speaking of Old Media, WRSA observes we don't need them anymore.

    Finished Weber & Zahn's A Call to Duty, notably less cluttered than Weber's usual product. Beginning David Drake's Dinosaurs and a Dirigible and the title is excuse enough I think. ;)

    Stage Three is online and I intended to upload Stage Four as well but they're big files and take time to upload even on Other People's Bandwidth and I just couldn't handle another minute of the oblivious jabbering tax-eating-parasite scum infesting the library. Tomorrow-like.

    4165 Thursday, 13 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    A little touch of sleet and the whole hippiecommie town loses their minds.

    One thing about cold weather though - cuts down on the panhandlers.

    And furthermore WHAT THE FLYING F***

    When I click on "Verify Account" it wants my damn phone number. Damn thing acts like I never uploaded a video longer than 15 minutes before and that's not true.

    Slander, blood libel and fraud, Chapter MMMMCLXV.

    Resistance in Occupied Washington while the infection spreads to Nevada. Adding Nevada Firearms Coalition to the front and links pages. They don't appear to have a subscribable email alert list...?

    Oregon too. I must get out of this horrible place. Before it kills me.

    Remember, peasant, wanting a secure border is "RAAAAAAACIST"


    "Let’s not mince words. People who punish and restrict innocent people are bigots."


    Pro-"Palestine", anti-Israel, man-hating feminazis should be nailed into a crate and shipped to an Islamic nation.

    Speaking of which.




    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

  • Man threatens victim with gun on campus and "Police say there was no physical confrontation." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "...[I]f you don't want any riots maybe you should consider not behaving like a mini-Hitler all the time." That, like the planned protest in Olympia next month, might be called Lighter News until the massacres begin. In the name of "officer safety".
  • Lest that be seen as hyperbole. Police and military are not the same and every attempt to make them so ends in atrocity.
  • "...[G]uarantees a seamless transition of black-on-white racism and continued institutionalized criminality...."

    In Lighter News

    Blogbrother SMLE Fan examines GamerGate. "...[A] fella did a big post about his so-called girlfriend who was sleeping around. Nothing unusual, right? Icky, but not unusual. Not so fast: turns out that this chick was an aspiring game designer and several of the guys she was doing the horizontal rhumba with were members of the gaming press, who, surprise of surprises, gave her effort glowing reviews." And that's... somehow... our fault? 'What I am gonna tell you is to stop being nice, for f***’s sake. Stop being a “law-abiding gun owner”. You’re a peaceable armed Citizen (at least for now).'

    Here is a thing I might want on Precious and/or Rapunzel. More compact than the Magpul AFG. ...Except it's not available in olive drab to match all the other furniture I already have. :(

    All four stage videos from the 3-Gun match on 26 October are online: One - Two - Three - Four - Playlist.

    So, single-column 1911s in cartridges smaller than .45 use magazines with a vertical rib running the full length of the magazine body, to keep the smaller cartridges in line. What if they didn't? Could you get another one or two rounds of 9x19mm or .38 Super from a suitably redesigned .45 magazine, with an offset follower and a convergence toward the feed lips? I used to own a Tanfoglio Witness in .45 and it used 10-round magazines, which were staggered-column but not fully-geometrically staggered. Am I onto something here?

    4166 Friday, 14 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea observes The Battle of Nevada. Which is already half-occupied by BLM thugs who were narrowly prevented from committing a massacre.

    Speaking of massacres, again with the government kill-switch on your natural human right to self-defense.

    'The BATFE very badly wanted this new power, and in fact exploited the carnage wrought with "gunwalked" guns that they deliberately sent to Mexico, in order to justify it.'

    In Tennessee, another restaurant chain discriminates against peaceable human beings and invites robbery and massacre.

    Speaking of discrimination, Google.

    Hey, remember when Prohibition was repealed? EVIDENTLY NOT.

    This item is not about gheys in teh military. It's about a code of honor and respecting those who serve their nation. If this administration was not deliberately trying to foment mass mutiny what would they be doing different?

    There's no reasoning with these hive insects because Their Minds Don't Work Right.

    Michael G. sends Norway Anti-Racist Group Demands Exclusion of Jews From Kristallnacht Commemoration. ...There are legitimate criticisms of Israel as a nation - they're socialist, which might be excused as "lifeboat socialism" but is still wrong; and of course the USS Liberty incident. But: any Jew who isn't armed to the teeth and constantly maintaining skill with those arms is out of touch with reality.

    And if they can exterminate the Jews - again - what's to stop them from wiping out anyone who doesn't share their delusions?

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

  • Remember, peasant, "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." ...So why is it a "crime" to record police officers...?
  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.
  • Remember, peasant, police will never come to your door to take your guns away! "Consider this: if you get murdered in Buffalo, [police commissioner Daniel] Derenda will send cops to take your guns while your relatives are still trying to find a funeral home that isn’t solidly booked with other murder victims. But he won’t put anywhere near that much emphasis on his department’s half-hearted half-effort to find your killer." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    "Social Justice Warriors are control freaks. Nothing more." Compare to SMLE Fan's post on GamerGate yesterday.

    Mike Vanderboegh is in Occupied Connecticut and asks for help with New Media.

    A little spark in Texas. At least someone's trying.


    Moar pr0n

    4167 Saturday, 15 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The next time you see a car with an "I [heart] Obamacare" sticker, you can presume the occupant is a psychotic moron. Who rammed its delusions down your throat at the point of a government gun.

    Speaking of redistribution of wealth, just the other day I took a swipe at the panhandlers. Though at least they're not - usually - using the force of government to facilitate their scams. Except for the widespread EBT fraud of course and you can bet the Mercedes-driving parasite has a couple-three of those as well.

    If they weren't trying to make the population less capable of solving problems and making their own way in life, what would they be doing different?

    Oregon recently dodged a food-price-increase bullet, but AlGore still wants everyone to starve. Timely Visual Aids.

    To which dot connect "And if you're not feeding the family the way they say, they'll threaten to take the kids." Huxley was an optimist.

    "After the 1986 amnesty, the number of murders, which had begun to fall in the early eighties, rose again. They did not return to a pre-amnesty level until 1997. Rapes have only recently returned to a pre-amnesty level. Now the progress we’ve made is about to be undone all over again." And if you object you're "RAAAAAAACIST"

    The next time someone uses the word "Islamophobia" in my presence I just might nail them into a crate and ship them to Saudi Arabia Nigeria Pakistan Iraq Detroit Syria Kenya Sudan "Palestine" Sweden Australia England Jordan Canada Gaza Germany Rome Denmark Seattle the border COLLEGE New York Iran the Netherlands.

  • "I’m a police officer who was sworn to uphold the Constitution. I had no idea how badly we were trampling people’s rights." HOW COULD YOU NOT?

    In Lighter News

    Okeh, so, for years I've been whining about Wyoming. Not perfect. OTOH I already know someone in Florida....

    4168 Sunday, 16 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    A concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.

    For further example, JPFO examines the Occupation of Washington State.

    Additionally, "While these numbers are repeatedly used by politicians and anti-gun groups to “prove” that background checks work, they prove exactly the opposite." But they still ram their bigotry down our throats at the point of a government gun. "The system is stacked to deny firearms to people who are law-abiding while doing virtually nothing to criminals and the mentally ill." IT IS AS THOUGH IT WERE ON PURPOSE.

  • Oh look, secret police.
  • I keep telling you, police and military are not the same and every attempt to make them so ends in atrocity. "...[T]hese dog killings are a HUGE indicator of the rampant psycopathy on police forces these days...." "I am very surprised that someone has not started hunting down and killing these officers and their families who are killing dogs for no apparent reason." "It's only a matter of time before someone goes postal after a cop shoots their dog." "...[I]f we don't fix this problem now, our Armed Services are going to be every bit as bad as our police now."

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Lifespan extension. Working on it.

    4169 Monday, 17 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    In New Mexico - the Anal Gang-Rape State, let me remind you - and elsewhere, they really believe we have no rights. These are precursors to genocide.

    And the infection spreads.

    Speaking of infections, Ebola in Nebraska and your government says there's nothing you can do about it. It is as though it were on purpose.



    Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NA$A GET OUT OF THE WAY

  • Remember, peasant, only the police can be trusted with guns!
  • Remember, peasant, police support the Second Amendment!
  • Who do you call when the police are the ones harming you?
  • What do you do when the police are the ones terrorizing you?
  • "This is the most disgusting and disrespectful thing that someone could do to people who have just suffered the heartbreaking loss of a loved one." AND THAT IS WHY YOU BECAME A COP.

    In Lighter News

    Another challenge to NFA34. Strike it down. And prosecute and jail any thug who ever enforced it.

    4170 Tuesday, 18 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    And the GOP is doing what for us?

    "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation"OH. WAIT.

    "The USA Freedom Act is critical for scaling back the massive surveillance state." So naturally it's the thing getting scaled back.

    Gruber: 'Obama Told Me to Lie'. Obviously this Gruber person is an eee-vill tea-party gun-nut.

    "Military rules do not apply to lesbian officers because of political correctness." So, the only soldiers worth anything will be leaving the service voluntarily, if they haven't already been purged, leaving agenda-driven bigots and unquestioning thugs.

    And then all the ex-military troops who care about America and know how to fight will be on our side....


    And remember, peasant, wanting a secure border is "RAAAAAAAACIST"

    Speaking of, the Border Patrol rifles story stinks in several ways. 'The Border Patrol’s Chief Deputy Ron Vitiello was quoted as stating that a “specialist” should be doing work like replacing the firing pin....' THAT IS PART OF BASIC FIELD-STRIPPING FOR THE ENTIRE AR15/M16 FAMILY YOU STAGGERING IGNORAMUS YOU CAN'T GET THE BOLT OUT OF THE BOLT CARRIER FOR ROUTINE CLEANING WITHOUT REMOVING THE FIRING PIN.

  • "So Economic Waco wins and bad law gets bolstered."
  • Remember, peasant, law enforcement supports the Second Amendment!
  • 'Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary said violent crimes and sex attacks were particularly vulnerable to being deleted under “inexcusably poor” systems.' "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "Do folks still think that normal people want to be pigs?"

    In Lighter News


    Col. Kratman's latest column examines wargames.


    Moar pr0n

    4171 Wednesday, 19 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Shambling Wrecktm's headgasket is failing.
    I'm'a hafta spend a day off work replacing the damn thing this time.

    And I won't be buying parts to restore Millicent or build Rapunzel for Christmas. FIFTY CURSED DOLLARS for a piece of FELT.

    "We now know how the law will be enforced in this country. It will be enforced racially."


    Lies and Slander, Chapter MMMMCLXXI.

    Because they hate us and fantasize about murdering us.

    Those eee-vill conserrrrrvatives are pushing grandma off a cliffOH. WAIT.

    Those eee-vill whites are trying to start a race warOH. WAIT.


    I could use some of that mothergrapping "global warming" when I'm CHANGING MY CAR'S HEADGASKET ALL DAY TOMORROW

    The other day I pointed out criticisms of Israel as a nation. Here's another - "Governments who prohibit means of self defense hate their own people. It’s as simple as that."

    Parallels can be drawn between the self-destructive Jew and the Lairds of Fairfax.

    Pointed Question o' the Day. How is it not robbery at implied gunpoint?

  • THE "LAWS"

    In Lighter News


    4172 Thursday, 20 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Oh gods I do not want to replace the headgasket which involves tearing the engine halfway apart in the cold and rain. Trying the Bar's Leaks again... and I don't think it's going to work this time.

    I'm afraid I'm going to need a new different car. Having someone else replace the headgasket for me would probably cost about as much. And I can't bloody afford it.

    AND OF COURSE the TRGG domain goes down AGAIN so I'm posting this 'blog page as the front page of the .NAME domain.

    ...Walked to a nearby scruffy-lookin' used-car dealer. Nothing in stock in my price range, $500 down, $150 a month when they get something suitable.

    "The United States shall... protect each of them against Invasion"OH. WAIT.

    "How many anti-gunners -- the ones without security details -- will maintain the courage of their convictions no matter what?"

    A concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything. "You’d have been totally cool with Richard Nixon doing something like this, right?"

    Don't go to college....

    "The first thing they did was register all the Jews.... Then all of them had to sew the Star of David on their coats.... They weren't allowed to use the sidewalk, or enter shops...." "Who did this to them?" "All the rotten people who enjoyed humiliating others!"

    And if we try to practice our... religion... we become "criminals".

    Registration-confiscation scheme in Oregon.

    Previously noted, First and Second Amendments violated in California.

    Government kill-switch on self-defense in New Jersey and of course the police will be exempt from the thing that was supposed to be invented FOR them.

  • SWAT team tasers, pepper-sprays homeschoolers. THERE IS NO ORDER THEY WOULD NOT OBEY.
  • "...Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually assaulting 13 women while on duty...." HOW MANY OF HIS "BROTHERS IN BLUE" KNEW AND DID NOTHING?


    In Lighter News

    Yeah, I'm f***ed.

    4173 Friday, 21 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Well at least the TRGG domain appears to be back.

    Checked a local shop - over a thousand dollars for headgasket service, which is half-again what I paid for the car in the first place. I'll try Bar's Leaks yet again over the weekend while also net-shopping for a replacement vehicle.

    Checked the local dealership again - they're getting something for about $1,000, needing $500 down. Which I might barely scrape together by near-emptying my bank account and indefinitely postponing the Millicent and Rapunzel projects.

    Meanwhile I've copied the entire site back to JEFFERSONIAN.NAME due to repeated outages at my subdomain of TheRealGunGuys.com. So, everything should be over there/here now, though it appears to take some time to percolate through. I'll just update both of them side-by-side I guess, it's only another minute with FileZilla now that I've used Other People's Bandwidth for the heavy lifting.

    Meanwhile, A FRIEND HAS LOANED ME A CAR. So I'll be going back to work for a while.

    Self-destructive Jews, Chapter MMMMCLXXIII. '“Never again” is just a hollow phrase if the means to ensure it are withheld....'

    EXECUTIVE PSYCHOSIS. "Pelosi says because of Obama’s executive amnesty, 'everybody will have a happier Thanksgiving.'" DOES THAT INCLUDE THE FAMILIES OF THE CHILDREN BEING RAPED AND MURDERED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND AS IF ON CUE.

    (Timely metaphor.)

    "...[W]hat the Republicans are proposing as a strategy to combat the president is to let it happen, and then go through an elaborate theater to let it keep happening."

    Bracken's Enemies trilogy free on Kindle again because it's coming TRUE.

    The "Progressives" hate progress and want it to end.

    A military coup is not the worst thing I can imagine for this country.



  • But they don't trust us.
  • "The war on terror has essentially turned police into occupying armies...." WHICH I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR YEARS.
  • "If you or I do this we are headed to prison – for a very long time."
  • "Upon breaking down the door to Arroyo’s home, officers encountered Cindy, who was barely 50 pounds, and shot and killed her. They were at the wrong apartment." "This is all about torture, sadism, and criminal sociopathy among the police. Beware this trend, for it is more than just about dogs."

    In Lighter News

    More Guns, Less Crime. Even Russia gets it. Why can't we?


    Moar pr0n

    4174 Saturday, 22 November 2014:

    The World Sucks


    Still more discrimination and blood libel in Occupied Connecticut.

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Butbutbut Obaaaaaama will lower the costs of health careOH. WAIT.

    Labor revolution. Not lighter because, first, no one can get a job when all the companies have been driven out of operation, because second, companies will soon be forced at government gunpoint to pay useless parasites to stand around doing nothing.


  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"OH. WAIT.
  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

    In Lighter News


    4175 Sunday, 23 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them...."

    "Several people wanted to know if SAF and/or the National Rifle Association are going to take legal action." YEAH I'M ONE OF THEM. ...Metaphor: Douglas MacArthur is reputed to have said, "The Navy has a moth-eaten tradition that the captain who loses his ship is disgraced. What do they have all those ships for, if not to hurl them at the enemy?" Where was NRA before I-594 was "passed"? Where was NRA for Shaneen Allen? Or Brian Aitken? Or Wayne Fincher or David Olofson? Where was NRA fifteen years ago when the "loopholes" were "closed" in Oregon and Colorado, by measures promoted on TV by John McCain whom NRA endorsed for president nine years later? WHAT IS NRA DOING WITH ALL THAT MONEY THEY CONSTANTLY BEG FOR?

    "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." - William F. Buckley, Jr.


    This is why the regime wants to control the internet.


  • "Many officers of different ranks and from different parts of [Chicago] recounted instances in which they were asked or pressured by their superiors to reclassify their incident reports or in which their reports were changed by some invisible hand."
  • 'Akai Gurley, 28 years old, was shot once in the chest moments after two officers conducting a patrol entered a “pitch-black” stairwell....' No confrontation, no questioning, no "failure to obey commands", no "furtive movement", JUST BECAUSE HE WAS THERE.
  • "Most of the thousands of German killers returned to jobs with the police, their pre-war occupation." AMERICAN POLICE ARE PROVING THEY ARE, AND WILL BE, NO DIFFERENT.

    "Criminals are never materially handicapped by such rules; the only effect is to disarm the peaceful citizen and put him fully at the mercy of the lawless. Such rules look very pretty on paper; in practice they are as foolish and footless as the attempt of the mice to bell the cat." - Robert Heinlein, letter to Alice Dalgliesh, the editor who was censoring his manuscript for Red Planet, regarding gun registration and control AND YET THEY KEEP TRYING


    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring Massad Ayoob. >:-[

    4176 Monday, 24 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    And it's going to be at least one more paycheck before I can realistically start shopping for a replacement car.

    Also, projections are for a gawdawful overload on Wednesday before the holiday.

    Project Gunwalker. It's worse than you think and the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    And the GOP and the Lairds of Fairfax are doing what for us?


    Daily Beast article favors licensing, mental evaluations on gun owners. WHO DEFINES? “We should consider putting a cap on the number of books purchased for personal use. Allowances could be made for licensed book dealers, but education, entertainment, or religious worship don’t require individuals to keep a library.”

    Who defines your "mental health"? Top Obama Donor Arrested, Accused of Sodomizing And Raping a Child. That's who wants to sit in judgement over you.

    Directly related, BURN THE SCHOOLS


  • Right or wrong, guilt or innocence, good or bad intent, mean nothing to them. They just want to kill something.
  • They don't care what or why. They expect to get away with murder.
  • "There is no difference between these cops and the Gestapo, and these cops deserve the same treatment as the Gestapo."


    In Lighter News

    4177 Tuesday, 25 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    I want one of these, just to tick off the control freaks and also to send money to a true champion of the Cause, but I can't spend anything on anything until I get another automobile of my own.

    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion...."

    Blood Libel o' the Day and I must get out of this horrible place

    And I'm running out of places to go.

    "The only thing you've managed to accomplish in all of this is to live up to the ghetto stereotypes. Congratulations."


    I might say think of it as evolution in action but the weak and inferior are being propped up by resources stolen by implied-or-actual force from their betters. And the evil ones causing harm are protected while any who defend themselves against them are treated as more evil.

  • Where are all these mythical "good cops" bringing the bad ones to justice?
  • Having a drink with their Brothers In Blue, that's where.


    In Lighter News

    ...Speaking of prepare, not sure this is Lighter: .22LR reloading kit.

    Col. Kratman's latest column continues examining wargames.

    Desert Hermit Joel observes we do live in pretty cool times.

    4178 Wednesday, 26 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Well, let's see if I get dragged from my friend's car and beaten to death with a brick by a racist mob today. Or, if I successfully defend myself, get electrocuted, robbed, kidnapped, and anally gang-raped by my "protectors".

    Thugs with badges and thugs without. I'm not seeing a lot of difference.

    There are no good guys in Ferguson. And why shouldn't reporters', or cops', home addresses be published? What do THEY have to hide? 'Following the Journal News, also in New York, publishing a map of gun owner locations “ex-crooks” called a “gold mine” of information, reprisals resulted in the paper hiring armed security.' ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.


    Totalitarian would-be dictator Michael Bloomberg hates you and wants your family to fall apart.

    Remember, peasant, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY!

    Noted yesterday ("evolution in action"), Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, asks "How to categorize this one? It's just plain wrong in so many spectacular ways. Let's just say EPIC FAIL and leave it there."

    Barack Hussein Obama has set race relations in this country back sixty years. And the little racist Marxist treasonous bigot blames all of US.

  • Economic Waco. The process is the punishment.

    "Thank you, authorities of Missouri, for making our case about the armed citizenry."

    In Lighter News

    LoyalReader sends:

    4179 Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 27 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Remember, peasant, your money is safe in the banks.

    Remember, peasant, they hate us for our freedom.

    Remember, peasant, if things take an ugly turn, Barack Hussein Obama will "stand with the muslims"!

    Michael G. observes even more horrible diseases coming through our "border". Hey I know, let's have amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and give REAL citizen's taxes to millions more!

    "I can't remember the last time that a US President gave an address in another country that was immediately rebuked by that country's foreign minister. Man, it sure is a good thing that we don't have a cowboy in the White House making the world hate us...."

  • Remember the fake-store entrapment operations the kitten-stomping sadists of BATFE ran a while ago? The story broke because they didn't pay the rent on their fake storefront. "When [the landlord] tried to collect, they didn't pay up. In fact, an ATF lawyer warned him that if he kept asking for the [RENT] money, it could be seen as harassing federal agents." "It would be nice to trust law enforcement officials, but they keep giving us reasons not to trust them at all."


    In Lighter News

    The forgotten lesson of Thanksgiving.

    4180 Friday, 28 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Bloody Awful wind and rain and I had to cover another driver's route after dodging a parade in my own.

    Not Lighter: "People who had nothing to do with the Brown shooting have lost their livelihoods. People who had nothing to do with Sandy Hook will lose their jobs." But the prohibitionist bigots don't care about that.

    Nor do they care about the environment.

    Speaking of blaming the innocent, these people are not to be found at the shooting competitions I attend, they'd never heard of The Rules all of My Kind have assimilated to the level of instinct, and I'll bet a dollar-I-can't-spare they never viewed my tutorials neither. But, somehow, it's all my fault?

    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion" BUT THIS ONE INVITES MORE INVADERS.

    "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

    Remember, peasant, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS!

    "The Stupid Party indeed."

  • 'This is a joke, right, or do "public servants" willing to destroy a citizen's life for such stupid, cowardly and petty "reasons" really exist?' OF COURSE THEY DO. THE JOB ATTRACTS THEM.

    In Lighter News


    4181 Saturday, 29 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    "He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us...."

    "...[L]et Facts be submitted to a candid world."

    Your Tax Dollars At Work

    Obamacare Visual Aid o' the Day.

  • "D.C. police have made plans for millions of dollars in anticipated proceeds from future civil seizures of cash and property...." AND YOU WONDER WHY I SAY THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP.

    A healthier society used to hang such filth.

    In Lighter News


    4182 Sunday, 30 November 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends "The New York Times journalist who published Darren Wilson’s home address wants police protection and has been calling the police nonstop" ISN'T THAT JUST TOO BAD. I'll bet a dollar-I-can't-spare the same "reporter" also believes only the police should have guns and none of us deserve to defend ourselves.


    This should have been happening thirty damn years ago. NA$A and FAA are why it didn't.

    In Lighter News

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