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4092 Monday, 1 September 2014:

The World Sucks

One month ago I observed Bar's Leaks Saved the Day, Again, but wondered for how long?

Repeat. Fifty freaking dollars for a piece of felt.

As if there weren't enough stress in my life with incoming terrorist attacks, onrushing zombie apocalypse, impending collapse of the dollar, rising police state, and looming bloody civil war.

Action continues to increase in Washington State, with a Freudian typo by Workman:

Lemme tell ya, I'm deeply uncomfortable with anything "supported by law enforcement".

Speaking of: Workman licks the boot. "At least two responding officers were armed with patrol rifles...."

Speaking of taxtheft-funded toys we can't have, for about an hour starting about 1030 this morning, the entire city police department was streaming along the major thoroughfare nearest the hovel, lights and sirens and unmarked cruisiers and black SUVs and panel-vans and all. I wonder how many peasants were roadkilled in their rush to get to... what? Radio news had nothing, while the local newspaper's website eventually had not much more. And why are they shutting down a major freeway, and another major thoroughfare miles away, after arresting the suspect? Because they can?

Even money, the shooter if there even is one will turn out to be another Christopher Dorner - and guaranteed it isn't an NRA member. They've probably already shot every dog within a kilometer radius and are setting the (WRONG) house on fire as I type... and if a peasant had defended himself from the supposed carjacker the cops would be kidnapping, robbing, and very possibly murdering him instead.

Noted for future reference: Have an accomplice set off a few fireworks, and make a breathless and interrupted 911 call, on one end of town to drastically reduce enemy interference on the other.

Speaking of victims of the system, Brian Aitken, who suffered pretty much the same thing Shaneen Allen is now, has a wife with cancer. They could use some of that shocking generosity the Gun Culture has displayed in my own life.

  • But they presume to judge us.
  • 'How come the Monopoly of Violence Cult never talks about U.S. police deaths compared to the rest of the "industrialized world"...?'

    Michael G. sends the Stupid Party in Pennsylvania.

    Correia observes more libel. "He admits that’s not what she said, but how he FELT, but that’s okay, because his column is opinion. This guy is seriously dumber than I suspected."

    In Lighter News

    "Global Warming" MY ASS. But Algore can count on NASA to swap the before-and-after satellite photos....

    Movie Pr0n no, the remake was not as good, though not a disaster.

    4093 Tuesday, 2 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea also examines Maryland Thought Police. '...[A] terrifying new “standard” for chilling free speech....' CAN'T HAPPEN HERE?

    Not at all unrelated, via Michael G., your Precursor to Genocide o' the Day.

    To which dot connect, Cultural divide deepens as businesses take stands on guns. There are two Americas. One is made of people who never harm anyone and just want to be left alone. The other is made of people who hate the first group and want us to die.

    Still more on the Battle of Washington State.

    Remember that bit in Huxley's Brave New World about children being taken from their parents and raised - and programmed - in collective creches? That was just a story... right?

    "Way to dance in the blood of innocent victims, you opportunistic swine!"

    Their Minds Really Don't Work Right.

    Speaking of, I know people who would gleefully point to Texas Governor Rick Perry as an example of the Culture of Corruption, not WANTING to know they've got the whole thing backwards.

    Col. Kratman examines Arab armies. But it's not their organized national armies who are coming up through our southern border....

    Connect these dots:

  • Democrats are more afraid of global warming than the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorists.
  • "Last month Islamist militants took eleven Libyan jetliners. God knows what they’ll do with them. And 9/11 is next week."

    And when something does happen, the Powers That Be will blame... me.

    Related, in the place where Britain used to be, Muslim-gang-child-rape whistleblower gets sent to reeducation camp.

    And the daily dots of jackbootedthuggery:

  • Seriously, how does a police department lose a Humvee? But THEY don't trust US?
  • Innocent man jailed and ignored for hours because cops were too lazy to look at a videotape. And if they'd just shot him instead?
  • Door-to-door warrantless searches and seizures Can't Happen Here!
  • Kidnapping and persecution of peaceable citizens Can't Happen Here!

    In Lighter News

    There is still Resistance in Occupied Connecticut.

    Yet another shotshell carrier.

    We're Not The Ones Doing It, Chapter MMMMXCIII.

    4094 Wednesday, 3 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    “They just disappear,” [Republican Senator Tom Coburn] complained, noting that 26 student visa holders have been arrested in the U.S. on terror-related charges in the years since 9/11. “They get the visas and they disappear.” '[Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson] is the Obama loyalist who, weeks after getting the nod, made it clear to the United Conference of Mayors that, in his opinion, “the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have ‘earned the right to be citizens,’” meaning when that happens, the ranks of Democrat voters will swell, allowing more anti-gun politicians to be elected and more anti-gun judges to be appointed.'

    To which dot connect: "...[T]he terrorist threat of radical Islam is known all too well inside the White House - and concerned officials who can't make the president listen or act are desperately going public in hopes of forcing his hand before we suffer the next 9/11 attack." But there is an alternative explanation. Maybe Obama - or his puppeteers - really do have a strategy.

    Also see, the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.

    The Battle of Washington State....

    The Stupid Party....

    The envirofascists won't be happy until everyone but them is living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and freezing to death in the dark.

    The other day I made a comparison to having Eichmann and Heydrich investigate reports of prisoner mistreatment in the arbeitslager. The Veterans Administration makes me look f***in' prophetic.

    Remember when Cyprus robbed its own banks? Followed by Australia and Ireland and lots of other places? Comes now propaganda demonizing private citizens saving their own money. When I say THERE'S NOTHING HOLDING IT UP...
    ...This is what I mean.

    Get your "money" out of the banks
    Get your assets out of "money"

  • More on the persecution of Shaneen Allen. Send help if you can.
  • But Judges authorize themselves to carry weapons without permits.
  • Speaking of unstable freaks in black robes.... "Both judges will be allowed to remain on the bench."
  • Broward Deputies Violently Arrest Men for Video Recording Before Destroying Evidence.
  • Whenever you, as a decent human being, have the misfortune to interact with a law enforcement officer, presume it's a lying sadistic sociopath and act accordingly.
  • "We bought the armored vehicles from which they point guns at us, and the grenades they throw at our children."

    In Lighter News

    Resuming, in dead-tree, 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies.

    4095 Thursday, 4 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The SAF takeover of JPFO is official.


    Speaking of discrimination, SMLE Fan examines Communist China through the lens of history.

    In Occupied Connecticut, free men say a pox on both their houses.

    CAN WE PLEASE BURN THE SCHOOLS I (and, I hope, a hundred other of Our Kind) sent that to Codrea last night and he replies he's done a JPFO column on it which should post tomorrow.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends Palmira Silva, 82, 'beheaded' in London garden, commenting, "Care to take bets that we never hear the name, ethnicity, or religion of the attacker? Because if it were a white guy, his picture would be all over the news by now."

    To which dot connect: 'Say, that’s neat. At the same time a death cult is gaining in power and adherents in the UK, the British police are deciding that that whole “crime investigations” thing is just too much trouble. What could possibly go wrong?'

  • "...[J]ust how *easy* it is to believe that the government would lock someone up for writing fiction, even bad fiction?" WHO DEFINES MENTAL "ILLNESS"?
  • Police using gun store records to go door-to-door confiscating privately- and legallypeaceably-owned firearms Can't Happen Here!
  • 'This will not be the "national model" until you kill those of us who will defy and resist.' WHAT "LAW" WOULD YOU NOT ENFORCE? WHAT ORDER WOULD YOU NOT OBEY?


    In Lighter News

    Brain-computer interface. Working on it. McCaffery's shellpeople, Firefox, BattleTech, Sword Art Online, all kinds of things.

    Years ago someone - Krausewerke? - was making reproductions of the Holy Grail of Handguns, the M1907 .45 Test Luger. Did you know there was a .45 version of the Polish Radom?

    Which reminds me of another project....

    MidWestReader, whose backed-up range reports I've been shamefully neglecting, has sent another. I hope to do something about that this weekend. If something else doesn't blow up in my lap.

    4096 Friday, 5 September 2014:

    The World Sucks


    Anniversary... and how exactly is that going to be the NRA's fault?

    Codrea continues examining the SAF takeover of JPFO.

    Also the Lairds of Fairfax and the blinders they wear.

    The Battle of Washington State....

    Michael G. sends 'The [American Academy of Pediatrics] also claims that “the absence of guns from children’s homes and communities is the most reliable and effective measure to prevent firearm-related injuries in children and adolescents” (emphasis added). This is a call for gun confiscation.'


    "If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Obama and Holder were a bunch of evil, totalitarian, collectivist, communist members of a criminal cartel from Chicago."

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, follows up the beheading linked yesterday: "And here we are. And they are already spinning up the deranged lone nut angle, what with the thing about killing cats." WE CAN'T EVEN SAY THE ENEMY'S NAME

    We've always known there was a concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything. Now we have proof.

    In the September 2014 issue of Playboy appears this cartoon:

    They are not capable of imagining they've got the whole thing backwards.



  • "...[S]uck up and obey, or be destroyed." Just how "compliant" should a citizen be with monsters who throw grenades at babies or electrocute them in the womb?

    In Lighter News

    Noted for future writing: The science of human exposure to vacuum.


    4097 Saturday, 6 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    'Five security operators responsible for guarding the CIA station in Benghazi, Libya insist they were told to “stand down” the night of the deadly 2012 attacks, arguing the order prevented them from likely saving the life of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others.'


    IRS discrimination....

    Precursors to genocide in Occupied Connecticut.

    Epic hypocrisy from Hollywood, as usual.


    A concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything while destroying a business and undermining the natural human right of self-defense.

    Speaking of destroying business, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"OH. WAIT.

    Immivasion isn't just happening on our border.

    Also see, "Not only did the British police ignore the victims who came to them for help; they went after the parents who tried to rescue their children."

    (Speaking of, I've finally had opportunity to view The Arroyo. It's a message piece, of course, but it's our message. The pacing was a bit sluggish and, like Act of Valor, the acting was sub-par, but it's good to see something of its kind actually getting produced.)


    Here is Codrea's JPFO column on real bigotry in a virtual school. BURN THEM

    Michael G. observes, "Obviously this is just a ploy to try to shut down farming. So I suppose that instead of freezing to death in caves we might be succumbing to protein deficiency instead. Smells more like Holodomor than hogs to me." Meanwhile, those very same "people of color" are getting obese and wearing gold and designer clothes, all paid for with EBT cards....


    And instead of dealing with the common defense, NASA is spending our tax dollars on Muslim outreach, the sexual orientations of their interns, and falsifying data for the Cult of Global Warming.

    Speculative Fiction o' the Day: Imagine some Cosmic Meddlesome Jerk tossed you exactly 100 years back in time. How would you use your knowledge of the future? Where to begin? Too late, as of this date, to prevent the start of the Great War, but one could mitigate its aftermath- somehow prevent the Lusitania incident and let the Old Powers remove each other from the world stage; make sure a certain Austrian corporal doesn't make it out of the trenches alive (likewise checking several of his latter-day colleagues off the list - Goering, for example, flew combat missions); stamp out Temperance, which led to Prohibition, which led to the standing army throwing grenades at babies today... and you know, there are Key Figures in History. Lenin and Stalin, and Rasputin; Tojo I think (Yamamoto, I think we can leave well enough alive actually, he seemed to be a decent and honorable human being stuck with a very dirty job); I would daresay even FDR, a generation before he got in position to do real damage. Heinlein, in one of his last books, called it the Committee for Aesthetic Deletions. Among FDR's many crimes was taking the United States off the gold standard. To say nothing of NFA34 (see Prohibition above), or the Social Security Act Ponzi Scheme (which has been propped up for generations by money stolen from producers at the implied point of a government gun). I suppose I'll be "disappeared" for "emergency medical evaluation" now?

    In Lighter News


    Here's the most recent range report from MidWestReader (there are others backed up):

    [The local range] got in a Gen 4 Glock 23, which I rented and shot 50 rounds of Brazilian .40 FMJ through. There were no malfunctions, no brass to the face. I was able to put rounds where I put the front sight in slow fire, and in rapid fire got off a couple of what Colonel Cooper called "hammers" without quite meaning to, while experimenting with the trigger break and reset. The second shots always stayed on target, if not always as close to the point of impact of the first as I'd have preferred.
    Recoil is noticeably sharper than the 9mm Glock 19 but there is no difficulty with control. This is not to say that the G19 isn't a lot more pleasant for me, subjectively, to shoot than the G23, nor is this to say that I can't shoot the G19 better in a hurry. And the Glocks in .40 have recoil that I find subjectively to be sharp and snappy, more so than many similar handguns. The FN FNS40 and S&W M&P .40, to select two, subjectively seem to have much less recoil for me than Glock 22s or 23s despite being of approximately the same size and weight.
    I also have decided that the Glock trigger has strengths and weaknesses. It has a longer takeup and more slack than I'd like and the break is not as crisp as I'd like, but the reset is almost as short as a 1911's, and there is a technique of consciously riding the trigger reset--keeping the trigger back after the shot, then moving forward until you can feel and hear the very loud, very tactile "CLICK!" as the disconnector resets, then focusing on the front sight and making a followup shot immediately. I think this may be why BATFE classifies Glocks as double action--there's a long takeup for the initial pull, though resistance is minimal, until you get to the place where the striker releases. On subsequent shots you only let the trigger go forward far enough to reset, so it is reasonable to classify it with the DA/SA types, to the extent that it's reasonable to have a government agency classifying handgun mechanisms.
    I did not get to try the different backstraps that the Gen 4 guns come with. Maybe one of them would have made the gun a bit more comfortable and improved my control. I also fieldstripped the gun and noticed that it has much more complete case head support than Gen 2 or Gen 3 Glocks had in .40. Of the three pictured, this 2014 production G23's case head support looked almost exactly like the rightmost.
    The barrel appears to have excellent case head support; the tiny sliver of the side of the case visible at the top of the feed ramp appears to me to be well into the region where I would expect the case web to be, though I know there are no SAAMI specs for case web dimensions, just case exterior dimensions.
    And the fired cases did not have the "Glock Guppy Belly," sometimes called the "Glock Smile" on them.
    But they did distort noticeably. I have attached an image that is my poor attempt to show this:

    They appear to distort at the top of the chamber, in its rear half, opposite the side of the chamber that has the feed ramp; the bulges seem to line up with the 12:00 portion of the chamber, top center, rear half of the cartridge. I hypothesize that the rear portion of the chamber may be neither concentric nor parallel, being perhaps of a slightly vertically stretched, elliptical or oval form, the better to accommodate the short, fat stubby .40 cartridges, which are unavoidably held with their centerlines much lower at the top of the magazine than 9mm cartridges, due to the greater case diameter. I think the cases are going up the feed ramp, entering the chamber partially, then the rear of the cartridge tips upward the last bit as the slide comes into battery. This slightly conical chamber may also allow a certain amount of mud or other battlefield crud in its recesses and still allow reliable function under adverse conditions, at the cost of stretching the brass cases noticeably. I am not sure that I'd want to try to reload this brass. It's not the infamous "Glock Smile" bulge but I have to wonder how mashing that smaller bulge down repeatedly in a carbide die is going to work-harden and perhaps eventually thin and embrittle the metal there; granted, it isn't always going to line up at that spot and re-stretch previously stretched, bulged cases at the same point, but--well, the older I get, the more cautious I become about such matters.
    I have heard complaints in certain quarters that this iteration of the Glock .40 feed ramp is too much of a good thing, as with all previous versions (you may notice in the pictures how much they've changed it back and forth since the introduction of Glocks in .40 over twenty years ago), insofar as that in order to achieve this level of case head support, it was necessary to make subtle changes to the dimensions and angle of the barrel's feed ramp that have caused at least some Glocks in .40 caliber to be less than 100% reliable with at least some production lots of at least some highly regarded defensive rounds; specifically I have heard complaints that the Speer Gold Dot 180gr JHP in .40 in some guns is intermittently prone to nose-diving and hanging up at the bottom edge of the feed ramp, causing a failure to feed malfunction. No images were provided but the mental image I get from that description makes me wonder whether worn magazine springs might have been a contributing factor, as such a nose-dive malfunction in the Glock platform would seem to require that the cartridge case fail to have risen all the way into position before the slide caught it and mashed the edge of the hollowpoint cavity into the bottom lip of the feed ramp. Remember, the fatter .40 cartridges are held a bit lower by the magazine anyway. It's not really avoidable due to the fatter cartridge case, compared to 9mm, which is not prone to this kind of thing in the Glock platform.
    Speaking of magazines, as seems to be the norm for modern service pistols in .40, the magazine spring was extremely stout and getting the last two rounds in was a challenge. It's the price one pays for 13+1, I suppose. At least Glock magazines don't have sharp feed lips, like some other designs do.

    4098 Sunday, 7 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The term we're looking for is Demographic Warfare.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    The place where Britain used to be....

  • ARMED ROBBERY IN UNIFORM THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED no matter what costume they're wearing.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.


    Speaking of escape, Wyoming remains at the top of my list, but Alaska - which suddenly got Constitutional Carry years ago - is not at the bottom.

    An essay on The Prophet's most-deliberately-misunderstood work. I've read it at least four times, I've lost count, and I have a copy within arm's reach of where I am at this moment typing. (And, as I've observed before, Heinlein introduced the Mobile Infantry four years before Stan Lee invented Iron Man, and a couple generations before Tom Cruise starred in Edge of Tomorrow.)

    Here's another range report from MidWestReader, from more than two months ago:

    I went to the range again, and they had a special on renting any of several of the new Springfield Inc. offerings (stuff like the XD(S) in 9mm) plus 20 rounds of ball ammo for $10. They had the "Range Officer," which is a tricked-out full-size 1911 set up out of the box for competition. The Range Officer has been out for a few years, but now they're shipping them in 9mm, apparently with a stainless steel 9-round Metalform mag with round-topped follower. The guns are modestly set up, with an adjustable competition type rear sight, a beavertail, a long adjustable trigger with a screw to reduce overtravel, a flat checkered mainspring housing, a GI style bushing and guide rod setup. The 9mm version has a ramped barrel and pretty complete case head support, good things in a cartridge with a working pressure around double that of the .45 ACP. And parked all over rather than blued, which I personally like. The wood grips are pretty. Well, the bushing is stainless for some reason. Maybe someone thought the contrast was attractive. [Might be moreso if the controls were similarly contrasting. I think SIG did that on a couple models.] Slide-to-frame fit was very tight and there's no play at all in the barrel when it's in battery. The slide cycles very smoothly.
    The trigger was not the very best 1911 trigger I have felt but it's excellent and I think I know exactly what needs to be adjusted to make it perfect. The break was very, very crisp, but there was so much takeup, and so much resistance during the takeup portion, that it felt more like a two-stage trigger. In my opinion the trigger bow needs to be fitted to hold the trigger shoe itself a bit further to the rear to reduce takeup to the minimum safe and reliable amount; many, if not most, aftermarket 1911 triggers already come with cuts in the trigger bow on one side of the trigger so that the smith can bend a little tab forward just for this purpose. And in my opinion the middle leg of the sear spring could be adjusted a bit to provide a bit less resistance and reset force, as this was a bit too much of a good thing. This would also provide a bit less force on the disconnector, but that shouldn't cause a problem. Clark Custom Guns sells, or at least used to sell, a 1911 sear spring with a split middle finger so that the gunsmith could adjust trigger return force and disconnector force separately, for those who anticipate possible problems.
    And, of course, an all-steel 9mm service pistol with a 5" barrel, weighing two and a half pounds unloaded, has very, very little felt recoil. It was very pleasant to shoot and quite accurate with cheap imported 9mm ammo.

    Meanwhile, Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends: 'My nephew and I had a graphic demonstration on why the 4 rules of gun safety MUST ALWAYS BE OBEYED. I was at the range with him and my brother and I was testing a new hand load in my 1911. I had fired several rounds and I had two left in the magazine. The second to last fired fine, but the gun failed to go into battery on the last round. The slide was locked up tight, couldn't move it forward or back. The range officer came over to try to help and my nephew wandered over to watch. Now, during this whole business the gun was always pointed down range. The range officer got the gun to go into battery and then was reaching for it to try to rack the slide when the hammer slipped out of the half cock notch and BANG. Everybody jumped back about two feet and counted their fingers and then I turned to my nephew and said "That is why we ALWAYS keep guns pointed in a safe direction." Had any of us not obeyed that rule, someone would have been dead today.' But they don't trust us.

    4099 Monday, 8 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    "Today’s Chicago Tribune is reporting that the past weekend produced at least six homicides and 21 non-fatal gunshot wounds in the Windy City" and I'LL BET YOU A DOLLAR NOT ONE OF THEM WAS SHOT BY AN NRA MEMBER.

    And the violent psychotic bigots still think it's our fault.

    How many of these professional whiners drive around with "NO FARMS NO FOOD" bumper stickers on their hippiemobiles? Their Minds Don't Work Right and when it all comes crashing down they can all f***ing starve.

    Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends the But They Call Us "Racist" o' the Day.


    Speaking also of "RAAAAAACIST", still more on the Rotherham Muslim-gang-child-rapists, and their official government accomplices.

  • "Liberals are tying police militarization to … an overarmed citizenry." NOT CAPABLE OF IMAGINING they've got the whole thing BACKWARDS.
  • What do you have to hide, thugs?

    "The enviroweenies are trying to kill us all."



    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    In Lighter News

    Codrea links an enemy poll on Kroger and our rights. Hit it. And another.

    Michael G. sends a debunking of the "public health" model of victim disarmament.

    "Global Warming" MY ASS

    "The solution to the problem of crime is to kill the criminals." Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.

    Bracken books free on Kindle again.

    4100 Tuesday, 9 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The persecution of the Reese family. A legal system, not a justice system.

    Related. How about suing car dealers for drunk driving? The supermarket where the booze was bought? The department store the kitchen knife came from next time there's a stabbing? Major League Baseball next time someone's brained with a bat? Do you not see where this is going?

    The Battle of Washington State....

    Michael G. sends DON'T GO TO COLLEGE BURN THEM instead. "Liberal education should equip our students to question the cynicism and foolishness of our politicians, not to make common cause with it."

    Really, just don't go.

    The next time someone uses the term "Islamophobia" in my presence I'll probably just slap them.

    Which seems a good place to link Col. Kratman's latest column, continuing to examine Israel. With discussion in comments.

    So Ebola is threatening to launch, not necessarily a classical zombie apocalypse but a Depopulation Event. To which dot connect, tuberculosis. Which I heard about coming through our southern "border" years ago.

    Which gives yet another facet to the term Demographic Warfare.

    "The amendment in question, sponsored by New Mexico senator Tom Udall, would give Congress and the states unprecedented authority to regulate and limit every penny raised and spent to say anything about any candidate." More detail here. If you're not stockpiling ammunition you're not paying attention.

    Speaking of ammunition, Oregon totalitarians attempt to ban lead ammunition.

  • So I get a Midway flyer in snailmail and one of the items is this slap in the face of their customers. Like Brownell's still carrying HS Precision products. WTF? Anyway I won't be buying anything from !!BlackHawk!1!!!1!!. Ever.
  • Speaking of companies that collaborate with the Occupation, here’s their promo video about how great their vehicle is for crushing American citizens' civil rights.
  • Speaking of crushing civil rights, another innocent person kidnapped at implied-or-actual gunpoint for exercising that free speech thingy. Pattern forming, precedents being set.
  • Speaking of crushing American citizens, unquestioning murderers. I wish John Crawford did have a real "assault weapon" and had defended himself against that death squad.
    ("Look, Mummy, FirePolicemen! Is there going to be a firemurder?")
  • And any one of them who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed.


    In Lighter News

    4101 Wednesday, 10 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Sooooo, a while back Target stores, under political extortion, became self-defense-free zones, and like clockwork, there were robberies and shootings at their facilities. Same now with Panera Bread. One would snicker at the schadenfreude if not for innocent people getting hurt. "The immediate thought that came to mind was just what anyone inside the building was prepared to do about it should someone intent on evil ignore their stupid sign and bring one in."

    Codrea observes more Demographic Warfare.

    The Battle of Washington State....

    The Death of Free Speech....

    ...See also.

    Blood Libel....

    Quislings and Chamberlains....

    Occupied Connecticut....


    AND THEY CALL US "RACIST" and if the innocent citizens who had a right to be there had defended themselves, guess who their "community heroes" would have robbed and kidnapped.

    As if there weren't enough outright psychosis in politics and the justice legal system, Oregon Supreme Court takes step in granting personhood to animals. Do they get driver's licenses and EBT cards? Can they swear an oath and testify in court? Do they get a VOTE? Oh, with a suitable proxy to "interpret" "their" wishes, of course....

  • "...[M]ilitarized police departments are about to get their hands on a new toy that blinds people."
  • Unstable Freaks in Black Robes, Chapter MMMMC.
  • But they don't trust us.




    Something bad is going to happen tomorrow. It won't be my fault... but I and My Kind will be the ones punished.

    In Lighter News

    Star Trek holodeck? Working on it kinda by accident?

    Struggling some with Flint & Gannon's 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies. Kinda sluggish. Skimming some of the Weber-esque clutter.

    4102 Thursday, 11 September 2014:

    Visual Aids
    o' the Day.

    The World Sucks

    Ocala, Florida, attempts to outlaw an American flag. Hey Ocala:

    Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.

    The Battle of Washington State....

    The Lairds of Fairfax....

    'Obama said... "ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents...."' EXECUTIVE PSYCHOSIS

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    The next time someone uses the word "Islamophobia" in my presence I just might nail them into a crate and ship them to Saudi Arabia Nigeria Pakistan Iraq Detroit Syria Kenya Sudan "Palestine" Sweden Australia England Jordan Canada Gaza Germany Rome Denmark Seattle the border COLLEGE New York.


    "A D.C. public school gave a sixth grade class a homework assignment that required students to draw comparisons between former President George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler." CAN WE BURN THEM NOW? You want some comparisons?


  • Already linked yesterday, Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends Super-Tough Cops Take Down 70-Pound High School Girl Who Wanted To Keep Her Cell Phone. BECAUSE THEY'RE THE GOOD GUYS.
  • Cops crush cyclist to death. BECAUSE THEY'RE HEROES.
  • Only police can be trusted with guns. BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL THAT TRAINING.
  • NSSF Quislings, Chapter MMMMCII.

    PREPARE (On the net and even in some stores, I'm seeing 5.56x45mm for sale on chargers. One can presume, in a worse case, to be scavenging enemy/government corpses and likely find the same. Get some charger guides, enough to have one everywhere (like in the storage compartment of your AR's buttstock (no, it won't fit in a MagPul MIAD pistol grip, I checked)), and know how to use them.)

    In Lighter News

    Bit of progress in Missouri.

    NRA's latest series of videos is having its moments.

    Speaking of NRA not being all bad, Museum Pr0n

    4103 Friday, 12 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    "...Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected victim family requests for the release of an in-store surveillance video showing police shooting a man who had taken a pellet rifle off the shelf...." WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE, THUGS? And why isn't the bigot who called them in jail for conspiracy to commit murder?

    The Battle of Washington State... and epic elitist billionaire "EEE-VILL ONE-PERCENT" hypocrisy. And WHERE THE F*** IS THE NRA?

    "Precursor to genocide" IS NOT HYPERBOLE

    "Drive out all competent white officers, NCOs, and enlisted men. Return them to CONUS forthwith with their careers wrecked and the true nature of their government burned into their souls." ...Come the festivities that could should be a good thing, for Our Side....


  • "There’s a good chance that the other officers will harass and ostracize officer Bays." Because any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed.
  • Remember, peasant, only police can be trusted with guns! And Target stores are safe because no one else has them! (See also Panera Bread and Kroger's.)
  • If you kill a trained-to-be-vicious police dog in self-defense, it's a felony and your life will be destroyed. If a cop tortures one to death it’s apparently a minor disciplinary matter.
  • "It's very easy to pay a settlement when you're using tax dollars to pay for your crimes.... As usual, the tax payers were the victims... twice."
  • Speaking of Your Tax Dollars At Work and what exactly are we paying for THERE?
  • Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., Trapped in New York, sends "Theft under color of the law, pure and simple. No conviction needed and the police and their paid court cronies get to split the profits." (See also below, from Wyoming.)
  • Directly related, Michael G. sends When Politics Drives Law Enforcement. "After Sutter dropped or downgraded the charges, he said he did so because he agreed with their political views..." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • It sure as hell ain't us: "...[TSA] abruptly called off air marshals from duty on nonstop, long-distance flights -- just two days before the anticipated hijacking." Because they had something more important to do?
  • Are L.A. School Cops 'Protecting the Children' With Grenade Launchers?

    We are all so f***ed... but you know, looking at it cold-bloodedly, a Depopulation Event could be just the big-ass reset-button humanity needs.

    In Lighter News

    Gun Owners of America is at least trying to do something. And me with a car threatening to catastrophically fail (THRICE in the last seven weeks), thereby rendering me unemployed, every time I turn the ignition... you send some money.

    "What gun opponents refuse to discuss is the precipitous fall in violent crime and deaths by firearms over the past 20 years, and how it coincides with an equally dramatic increase of guns in circulation in the US."

    Finally some Jews are beginning to wake the f*** up. Discussion in comments.

    'The bill would eliminate the practice of “civil forfeiture” in Wyoming, which allows police to seize, and the attorney general to permanently deprive owners of, property that is allegedly related to the drug trade.' Which certainly sounds like an improvement until you realize the thugs will still raid the wrong address, shoot your pets in front of your children, electrocute your grandmother, shoot you a couple dozen times (out of the several hundred rounds they'll fire in your general direction), keep the paramedics away from what's left of you for an hour and a half for "safety", plant evidence to hide their mistakes, burn your house down after sacking it, then perjure themselves on each other's behalf after high-fiving each other all the way back to the precinct. And then you'll get your day in court?

    NFA action? Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules....

    Adding Minnesota's Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance to the front and links pages.

    A new Basic Firearms Tutorial, for the Marlin Model 101 single-shot bolt-action .22, is online. Kalashnikov should be next, after LoyalReader delivers some dummy rounds he made. In future, FN-FAL and '98 Mauser.

    FluffyTux is Rather Territorial, vigorously driving off Other Kittehs. But as I type, Earl Gray, a gray-stripe tomcat, has snuck into the hovel and is nomming FluffyTux' noms while the Fluffity One is away somewhere. Kitteh Drama! Speaking of which, iz kitteh pic tiem:

    Pretty soon now FluffyTux will be spending the nights with me again kittehcuddlesSQUEEE, but the Earl, still Fully Equipped, I'm not sure I want to trust inside.

    4104 Saturday, 13 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea Examines more doctors as agents of Big Brother. 'Based on a lifetime of avoidance and an appalling lack of any personal experience or training whatsoever, she considers herself qualified to use her position as a medical authority to dispense “firearm safety” advice for others, who trust her solely because she’s a doctor?'

    Speaking of Big Brother, I WILL NEVER BUY A NEW CAR

  • In the place where Britain used to be, Muslim-gang-child-rape whistleblower gets threatened by police. SINK THE ISLAND, RAISE IT UP AGAIN, THEN DROP IT INTO THE SUN.
  • “Shaneen Allen wants to know what makes her so different from Ray Rice.” AND SO DO I.
  • This has been around a little while already but bears repeating: U.S. Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11.



    In Lighter News

    I am calling this Lighter News. Because it's one sadistic pervert temporarily, and one permanently, no longer able to harm innocent, decent human beings. But it's probably just another of their own Brothers in Blue who snapped.... I wonder how many newspaper delivery drivers and surfer dudes they'll shoot up this time?

    $IGH bartered cash and powder for five hundred precious Hornady #3037 150gr .308 FMJBT, which should carry the Queen and I through the next CMP season and maybe have some left over for la Infanta. Blew $30 on a low-profile gas block with roll pin, and another $15 on a rifle-length gas tube, for the Rapunzel Project - soon I'll order the free-float tube I've selected, then start saving up again for the barrel. LoyalReader delivered some dummy 7.62x39mm rounds so I can proceed with a tutorial for the Kalashnikov.

    4105 Sunday, 14 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Comes now a radio news item that SEATAC, the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, is warning travelers that someone passing through there had contaigious measles. I'LL BET YOU A DOLLAR-I-DON'T-HAVE IT WAS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, WELCOMED BY THE ADMINISTRATION, BEING TRANSPORTED, AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, TO A NEW ALSO-TAXTHEFT-FUNDED HOME. WITH AN EBT CARD.

    To which dot connect.

    A concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.

    I've never been able to afford getting into the NFA world, but it is apparently infected by Quislings.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Not there for most of it because LoyalReader dragged transported me to a more-distant gun show, where I found three used Safariland speedloaders for my GP100 for $12, and... not much else I could afford. Two items in particular, very similar: an original Ruger Redhawk (not Super), stainless, .44 Magnum, 5.5", and a pre-Zit S&W M629 6.5", both in the neighborhood of $800. $igh....

    4106 Monday, 15 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea Examines the concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything. Also see.

    To which dots connect, Michael G. observes "The story about the jihadist who killed 3 in Washington state and one in New Jersey is that the MSM refuse to cover the story."

    The next time someone uses the word "Islamophobia" in my presence I just might nail them into a crate and ship them to Saudi Arabia Nigeria Pakistan Iraq Detroit Syria Kenya Sudan "Palestine" Sweden Australia England Jordan Canada Gaza Germany Rome Denmark Seattle the border COLLEGE New York the place where Britain used to be.

    The Battle of Washington State....

    Comcast fails the test.

    Speaking of which.

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.


    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion...."

    Still more on Aktion T4 the Veterans Administration.

    Butbutbut Obaaaaaama will “foster greater accountability and transparency”OH. WAIT.


    The original Sagan Cosmos was pretty damn good. I only watched the first few episodes of the remake before concluding Tyson, you suck. I observed, back when the show began, he seemed more bureaucrat than scientist and doesn't seem to have ever accomplished any actual science.

  • Around town now are (taxtheft-funded) billboards showcasing city cops who were allegedly born and/or raised in or around this city. Are they anything like this lying sadistic pervert? I bet they are.
  • THIEVES AND KIDNAPPERS SHOULD BE KILLED no matter what costume they're wearing.
  • "...[T]he Sheriff's blatant distrust of his own constituents and a lack of respect for fundamental civil rights." POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.


    In Lighter News

    Prohibition Will Always FAIL but the only answer the real thugs come up with is to punish everyone who didn't hurt people.

    Artificial organs. Working on it. "Faster, please."

    4107 Tuesday, 16 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Yes, the site is down again, no, you can't read this until it's fixed. If it goes more than a couple days I'll put something on the .NAME server and you can't read this yet either.

    The Battle of Washington State....

    Col. Kratman's latest column tells an Army story. -Now, in my own fictional utopia, a standing army is unConstitutional, but for most of its existence the United States Army has been the exception proving the rule, that standing armies in time of peace are a threat to liberty. Anyway with the current administration's racial/ideological purge of the armed forces, this belongs in Suckage.




    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."


  • U.N. to dump flood of Muslim refugees on U.S.
  • "The World Health Organization warned Tuesday that the agency now expects tens of thousands of people will be infected with the Ebola virus before the current epidemic is contained...."
  • Illegals rushing border fearing U.S. crackdown which will never actually come.
  • State Department orders 5,000 BODY BAGS and 160,000 hazmat suits for African Ebola outbreak
  • 3.5% compounding daily

    Now connect that picture to this:

  • Texas Police Prepare to Defend International Bridges From Militia Groups who claim to be attempting to stop the above clear-and-present dangers to American citizens and interests because government won't.

    Which dot connects, in turn, to all of these:

  • More data on the Pennsylvania thing. I'm reminded of the film Jack Reacher. I've said before, I wouldn't be surprised if the thugs sacrificed some of their own to fabricate an excuse for more power. It is an historically proven tactic. "Hell, if 1/10th of the people that hold anti-LEO views killed a cop, the Nation would be rid of cops tomorrow." And that's not the NRA's fault.
  • Because "...[L]ooking at the news each day to find yet another shocking case of American police officers using excessive brutality and belligerence against the public." POLICE SHOULD NEVER HAVE EXISTED. Stop trying to polish the turd and flush it.
  • "...[T]he cop put his foot on his back and moved it back and forth like he was putting a cigarette out and asked him ‘are you ready to get up now?’ You could tell the kid was going into convulsions." BECAUSE THEY'RE COMMUNITY HEROES.
  • "...[F]our cops who left him choking on his own blood...." BECAUSE THEY'RE OUR PROTECTORS.
  • 'Cops, explains Andy Falco, a former K-9 handler and officer for the Anaheim Police Department in California, "will often motivate their dog or cue their dog to alert when there's absolutely nothing there."' AND HOW IS THIS NOT ASSAULT, KIDNAPPING, ARMED ROBBERY AND FORCIBLE RAPE?
    I think it is.
    You all look the same to me.

    In Lighter News

    Codrea Examines non-self-destructive Jews.

    He also reports a stick in the eye of the kitten-stomping baby-burners of BATFE.

    Speaking of army stories, here's one from the Marines.

    "Global Warming" MY ASS

    "...I think that I learn more about weapons handling in the real world by doing this sort of thing than almost anything else I could do (short of enlisting in a military force and going to war)." That's why I do it too.

    Polishing script, getting ready to record a BFT for the Kalashnikov.

    4108 Wednesday, 17 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    I've posted this, the current month's blog file, to the .NAME server whose URL I use in my email signature and at the end of my YouTube videos. Normally this redirects to the TRGG subdomain Yuri set up. Images will be absent and internal links won't work. Worst case, I can transfer the whole site back to the .NAME server, but Yuri is looking into the issue.

    VIOLENTLY INSANE BIGOTS CALL US NUTS. Also BURN THE SCHOOLS these indoctrinated bigots come from.


    Speaking of indoctrinated bigots, more Hollywood hypocrisy.

    Another reason to never fill out a Form 4473.

    But they call us "racist".

    "The hysteria around lead ammo is interesting considering the massive amounts of lead used and left behind by people other than hunters. There is little doubt that the real agenda is against hunting and gun owners and has nothing to do with saving scavengers."

    THEY ARE ALL SO WILLFULLY F***ING IGNORANT and they don't want to know better.

    In the place where Britain used to be, someone 'wanted to post an advert for a... domestic cleaner on her local Jobcentre Plus website.... A Jobcentre Plus worker claimed that the word ”reliable” meant they could be sued for discriminating against unreliable workers.'


    "If these jihadists can get to Mexico, they will, in all likelihood, have no problem coming to America."

    Because "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."


  • SWAT teams to check barbers' licenses?
  • "An annual target-shooting contest highlighting the skills of law enforcement"BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA srsly tho, NRA is not on the right side there. The word is Quisling.
  • "We rely on police officers to keep us safe, not harm citizens...."

    In Lighter News

    Not sure it really counts as Lighter but, Random Forgotten Badassery o' the Day.

    Comment o' the Day: IN SOVIET RUSSIA REVOLVER FIRES YOU. -Looking at the case dimensions alone, this new Russian offering is 12.7x55mm, while the .500 S&W is a 41mm straight case.

    Trying to cheer me up from the Endless Suckage of Life, Michael G. (I am still getting gobs of Real Use from the laptop he donated 2-3 years ago) sends bumper stickers for Our Kind.

    4109 Thursday, 18 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    If this travesty stands, no producer or seller of any product will be safe. Supermarkets can be sued for selling peanuts someone is allergic to. Farmers can be jailed for growing them. (Though if it were just Jimmy Carter....) And as if on cue. No one will have an incentive to produce or provide anything, for fear of kidnapping and robbery by their "protectors". No one will have an incentive to work. What happens when everyone has an EBT card and no one is paying the taxes that prop them up? (Meanwhile, a more optimistic view.)

    And why is it white Republicans who are trying to prevent racial discrimination by a Democrat administration? NOPE EYES CLOSED FINGERS IN EARS LALALALA I CAN'T HEEEEEAR YOU

    Butbutbut the suuuuuuuuper-rich shouldn't be allowed to influence electionsoh. wait.

    Butbutbut government should never suppress free speech to promote a political agendaoh. wait.

    So I observed that Tyson seems more bureaucrat than scientist and others are seeing the same thing. ("But I don't think of you, Mr. Toohey....")


    "Most Americans do not know that gun homicides have decreased by 49 percent since 1993 as violent crime also fell..." because there is a concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.

    Their Minds Don't Work Right and I've given up wasting breath on them. Even if they don't say it in so many words - and often they do - they want me enslaved or dead. All I want is to be left alone. I just hope I can take some of the monsters with me when they come.



    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    THEY ARE ALL SO F***ING IGNORANT and they want to ram their delusions down our throats at the point of a government gun. "...[T]his product gives shooters a better accuracy than, on average, most cops"BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA riiiiiight, the steroid-addled thugs who mount thousand-dollar electro-optics backwards or insert a rifle magazine backwards are sooooo much better than us.

    Which segues to the daily roundup of jackbootedthuggery:

  • "The wealthy, politically connected and powerful get their permits, while others have to demonstrate why they need one to the approval of the top cop, as if self defense isn’t good enough and the Constitution doesn’t speak loudly enough on the issue." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "...[S]ends the message that local officials are at war with students...." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "Did you catch that? It’s fairly subtle but unmistakable: If you do not allow us access to your data, then crime will rise and you will be unsafe. There might even be another terrorist attack." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?

    In Lighter News

    Apparently some people, somewhere, are able to view the TheRealGunGuys sites - I did so myself at the library this afternoon. But I can't see them from here, and LoyalReader can't from the other side of the state line, though SMLE Fan says everything looks fine from the other end of the continent. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I may transfer the whole site to my own domain after all, that seems to be working.

    4110 Friday, 19 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH CRICKET, which has been my internet provider for five or six years now through a little USB cellmodem. EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET APPEARS TO BE WORKING but I can't access anything under TheRealGunGuys.com either with browsers (Opera or Firefox) or FTP. I can get full access with my laptop on Other People's Bandwidth and that makes no sense at all. Perhaps it is time to switch. Also they downshifted my speed again.

    I'm about to give up on this subdomain and dump all 650Mb of the site onto the domain I'm actually paying money for.

    I'm also about to Stop Using Windows and jump completely to Linux. Alternate- or dual-boot experiments may begin soon.

    Aaaaaaand now everything's back to normal W. T. F.

    Srsly tho I need a better ISP, Cricket suxxors. I was going to look at Clear, but they've now been absorbed by Sprint. Comcast is probably eee-vill. Qwest CenturyLink maybe, but they always want to bundle a bunch of crap I would never use. $igh....

    AND THEY CALL US "RACIST". How many of the people getting killed in Chicago were shot by WHITE NRA MEMBERS who bought their guns through a FEDERALLY-LICENSED FIREARM DEALER and FILLED OUT FORM 4473 before SUBMITTING TO A BACKGROUND CHECK? Eighty years ago, blame everything on the Jews. Nowadays, me.

    Speaking of Jews, they're not allowed at Fort Laurens, Ohiooh. wait.

    "WAR ON WOMEN" "...[N]ow what we have is a culture of purposely weaklings that make June Cleaver look like an MMA fighter packing a recoilless rifle."

    According to Old Media, "...[Y]ou want to treat the predatory scum threatening your life, and the lives of your loved ones, like royalty?" It's difficult to not wish these people find themselves gang-raped to death in an alley when that is exactly the fate they are wishing upon all of us.

    Because “Liberals who preach the gospel of accommodation, negotiation and disarmament will never understand.” “The answer to the terrorists and jihadists is not to surrender our rights and liberties, but to embrace them.”

    "Four Terrorists Captured on US Border on September 10 – Day Before 9-11" AND HOW MANY GOT THROUGH?

    While Michael G. sends, Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) says securing the border would be a dereliction of his duty to protect America. See also. PSYCHOSIS AND TREASON.

    A concerted and deliberate effort to misinform everyone about everything.

    CALLING IT A PRECURSOR TO GENOCIDE IS NOT HYPERBOLE. I also could have titled the link, "Logan's Run was just a story... right?" And as if on cue Codrea makes the connection.

    But Matthew Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic was just a story... right?

    This is almost Lighter News, for the longer-term implications: Bad Blood between Obama and the Military On the Rise. You think they'll obey your orders to round up their family and friends?

    "Exactly when will the last forty years of national education reform efforts, coupled with the last twenty-three years of Oregon state education reform efforts, pay off?" I'M BETTING NEVER - for the stated goal. I think it's paying off just fine for something else.


    Astute Observation o' the Day: "Environmentalists always turn against forms of energy as soon as they become widespread and inexpensive." Remember when nuclear energy was going to be "too cheap to meter"? Who stopped it?

    It's never been about guns, or safety. It's always been about control.

    SMLE Fan observes .22 Reloader. Which could matter soon, because

  • Searches and seizures without warrants CAN'T HAPPEN HERE!
  • They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.

    In Lighter News

    I observed a month and a half ago, Paul Tibbets and crew saved up to 20 million Japanese lives and at least a half-million Americans.

    Codrea keeps an eye on potential NFA action. Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules....

    It's 2014. Where the f*** is my robot butler? Working on it.


    TFB has how to buy an armored personnel carrier. ...I have a cheaper method....

    Because Racegun noooo I don't think so. I mean, professional world-class racer, big prizes and corporate endorsements, nothing against it, but that's not why I race.

    Speaking of racing, still more shotshell carriers. The 2-round didn't make sense the first time I saw them but I've seen them in use since. Takes practice, that does. Meanwhile I can do four at a time with things like these.

    4111 Caturday, 20 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker. “Who started this horrific program?” It wasn't George W. Bush or the NRA.

    So just the other day I was warning about supermarkets getting sued for selling peanuts someone might be allergic to AND AS IF ON CUE.

    Which segues to, when I say BURN THE SCHOOLS I mean Girl aged 14 raped in school toilets after teachers' plan to 'use her as bait' backfires. Why are the faculty members not in jail as accessories to the crime? 'Several months after the incident, principal Blair told Al.com: "It's a sad situation. At the same time, I feel very comfortable with the way the situation was handled. That's about all I can say."' And why isn't the principal hanging by the neck until dead?

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

  • Armed robbery in uniform. THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED.
  • "...[G]overnment and law enforcement officials... say they’re not misusing the systems and that tracking and storing the data can help with criminal investigations, either to incriminate or exonerate a suspect." AND YOU THUGS WONDER WHY WE CALL YOU NAZIS.

    In Lighter News

    4112 Sunday, 21 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The Battle of Washington State....

    This book review is supposed to be Lighter News but: "On the one hand, you have the criminal gangs who trade and use guns (illegally); on the other, you have a fast growing segment of the law-abiding population who have decided to arm themselves for defensive and/or sporting purposes." And the pro-rape, anti-self-defense perverts WILL not see any difference. They really believe jobholding, taxpaying, Republican, white NRA members are knocking over liquor stores while EBT-swiping, Obama-voting, carjacking, home-invading, serial-rapist gang members are somehow victims of eee-vill gun rays casting dominion over their sooooouls.

    Speaking of psychotic bigots who should be institutionalized for public safety, Michael G. sends, "In a column in the New York Times, Nadine Unger argued that we should not plant any more trees because trees are killing the planet." "Why if the trees recycle all the carbon dioxide, we won't need the government to run industry. Nooooooooooo!"

    Speaking also of psychotic bigots, "There’s only one problem. None of the straw man quotes that Tyson uses to tear them down are real."

    Speaking also of pathological liars.

    Which relates to "CULTURE OF CORRUPTION"OH. WAIT.

    Calling it totalitarianism is not hyperbole.

  • School vice-principal arrested robbed and kidnapped at implied gunpoint for being in TOTAL COMPLIANCE WITH THE "LAW". “It was an illegal arrest,” attorney Daniel Rodriguez, retained by Williams, told Bakersfield Now. “They say, ‘Hey, we get a free pass, because we made a mistake. We were ignorant of the law,’” he said. “Ignorance of the law is not a defense. The same goes for the police.”
  • Reminder: "Under the still-valid Supreme Court precedent John Black Elk v. U.S. (1900), a citizen has a legally recognized right to use lethal force to prevent the consummation of an unlawful arrest." Lethal force is the only thing these bigoted thugs seem to understand. It's long past time we used it.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Okeh, so, I'm doing a little local 3-Gun with a 104-and-counting-year-old shotgun.

    And that worries me.

    A year or two ago I saw, at a show, a scruffy-lookin' Remington 1100 marked $150. Somebody who wa$n't me bought it pretty quick.

    And that's been irritating me ever since.

    (Like the straight-stock Marlin M39M carbine I saw in a pawn shop eleven years ago for $189. I went back the next day with cash and it was gone. I've seen two in all the years since, both over twice that.)

    My birthday was Thursday and, just a couple days late, a friend has given me... this:

    Says it went for $100, as a heap-o-parts in sumdood's shop. Basic model and grade, pressed checkering, 12 gauge 2¾". Missing fore-end, obviously; operating handle; piston-ring-thingies; buttplate; internal link bar, between the action bar and action spring; receiver pins (holding the trigger group); one of the shell stops, which is supposed to be staked into the receiver, is loose (the receiver pin, and the wall of the trigger group, might negate the need to stake it again); and the big nut thingy on the aft end of the action spring tube, which holds the buttstock on, is badly rusted and split from an attempt to remove it, so the whole tube assembly (somewhat analagous to the buffer tube in an AR) might need replacement too. The hunt begins and The Almighty Internets Shall Provide. Eventually I'll have a 42-year-old (probably made 1972 if I'm reading the forums right) gas-operated shotgun, still in current production, instead of a century-plus-old long-recoil antique.

    Though, taking a century-old Humpback, designed by the Single Greatest Genius in the Entire Thousand-Year History of Gunpowder, racing against Benellis and FNs and Saigas and all is pretty damn cool.

    This one needs a Name. I think it might be female, not sure. I thought about Agent Franks (spoilers), since there are (or will be) obvious similarities in (re)construction. I also thought of The Bride, as in -of Frankengun, but that would lead to an inevitable and wrong Tarantino/Thurman connection. Hmm. Meanwhile:

    [name TBD] Project
    Receiver pinsMISSING
    Piston rings and O-ringMISSING
    Action linkMISSING
    Action spring tube rear nut & washersBROKEN
    Action spring & tube assemblyPOSSIBLE DAMAGE, MAY NEED REPLACEMENT
    Rifle-type sights for action competitionAFTERMARKET CLAMP-ON TO BE ORDERED, AWAITING FUNDS

    And I'll update that when something happens. Likewise, once I get... her?... back together and running, there will be a BFT and BFD. The biggest problem so far is the damage to the action spring tube nut/washer/lockwasher, which holds the buttstock on:

    The other end of the action spring seems to be functioning properly and I suppose I could slap a buttplate on and continue, but I want everything fixed. Hmm. Might have to destroy the wooden buttstock to get access to the spring tube assembly. Not a collector's item, plenty of aftermarket choice$ available....

    And all thi$ when I'm al$o trying to build Rapunzel, a long-range AR upper. Well I did get some fiddly-bits for it at the last show. All I need for her now is the barrel, free-float tube, Big Honkin' Scope (& mount), backup folding sights (almost bought a plastic set for $30 but I don't have the tube-with-rail to put the front on yet and I think I want genuine Magpul, in the Right Color), and a quality trigger upgrade which I want for Precious anyway.

    Rapunzel Project
    Folding backup sightsTO BE ORDERED, AWAITING FUNDS
    High-quality optic & mountTO BE ORDERED, AWAITING FUNDS
    Upper receiver & partsACQUIRED
    Low-profile gas block (.750") & roll pinACQUIRED
    Rifle-length gas tubeACQUIRED
    Folding rail-mount bipodACQUIRED
    10-round magazines for prone shootingACQUIRED

    4113 Monday, 22 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The Battle of Washington State....

    Didn't I just say? They really believe we're the ones going around shooting people. "What criminal is going to trade in his $700 Bushmaster for $250 from the state?" What "criminal" spends $700 on a high-quality precision rifle and then knocks over a liquor store with it? Actual criminals use firearms ACQUIRED ILLEGALLY - less than 2% from gun shows according to data from the very same federal government these bigots want us to trust - and I'd wager a much higher percentage of "crime guns" come from dirty-as-if-there-were-any-other-kind cops making a buck on the side than from any gun show I ever attended.

    Timely Visual Aid.

    Students Banned From Distributing Constitutions. DON'T GO TO COLLEGE

    Remember all those green-on-blue incidents in the Sandbox? EuroReader M. sends Missing Afghan soldiers located near Canadian border. How many more are getting away? Wandering up through the southern "border"? Even getting taxtheft-funded EBT cards for doing it?

    'Robert Kennedy Jr.... lamented in an interview with Climate Depot, is not permitted by law to “punish” or to imprison those who disagree with him....'

    "Obama is discovering it's hard to get Americans to volunteer for being cats-paws" but I know where he can look:

  • NRA posts yet another bootlicking apologia for the wrong-address, puppy-shooting, grandmother-electrocuting, toddler-flash-banging MONSTERS. I could make a fisking Video Response but it would only draw the sadistic perverts' attention and get my crummy little apartment burned to the ground.
  • “As long as I’m the sheriff in this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of their right to bear arms.” BECAUSE YOU'D RATHER DO IT YOURSELF? NEVER TRUST A COP OF ANY KIND.
  • Innocent woman kidnapped at implied gunpoint for EATING PASTA. "How effing ignorant does one have to be in order to qualify to wear the badge of an enforcer??"
  • Illinois judge rules police entitled to Swat raid over parody Twitter account "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "A Pentagon program that distributes military surplus gear to local law enforcement allows even departments that the Justice Department has censured for civil rights violations to apply for and get lethal weaponry." BECAUSE THOSE TODDLERS AREN'T GOING TO FLASH-BANG THEMSELVES.




    In Lighter News

    Cure for old age and cancer? Working on it.

    4114 Tuesday, 23 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The Second American Civil War will quite possibly begin in New Jersey. Their Minds Don't Work Right: “So do all the voluntary gun buybacks you want,” the editors conclude. “But until they are mandatory, and our society can see past its hysteria over ‘gun confiscation,’ don't expect it to make much difference.” No one wants to take your guns so GIVE US ALL YOUR GUNS OR WE'LL SEND GOVERNMENT THUGS WITH GOVERNMENT GUNS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS!

    And as if on cue, never trust a doctor of any kind.

    These psychotic genocidal bigots make Kafka look mildly optimistic.

    So Shaneen Allen is robbed and kidnapped for legally owning a gun without harming anyone and telling the truth about it, while an anti-self-defense bigot gets a wrist-slap for lying about bringing one into a school. If it weren't for double standards they'd have no standards at all.


    Butbutbut Obaaaaaama will END THE WARS and STOP THE BOMBINGSOH. WAIT.


    Let me get this straight: My taxes are paying for health care for people who are in my country illegally, but if I can't afford the very same health care I have to pay more taxes, at implied-or-actual gunpoint, which I also can't afford? Does that seem right to you?

    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence."

    My side isn't trying to start the Race War.

    So for quite some time I've been comparing various news items to the Reichstag Fire and Gleiwitz Incident and I was right, again. A difference of degree, not of kind.

    I KEEP TELLING YOU the envirofascists won't be happy until everyone but them is living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold at age forty.

    Not unrelated, SMLE Fan has the Can't Happen Here o' the Day.

  • Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.
  • Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules.
  • Prohibition will always fail but the sadistic thugs will happily high-five each other all the way back to the precinct after destroying innocent lives trying to stop it.
  • While on the other end of the stick, "These victims were denied the right of self-defense by Sheriff Gore." "PROTECT AND SERVE" WHO?
  • "The Court of Appeals ruled that the woman’s personal liberty isn’t now at stake so she’s not entitled to have an appointed lawyer." BUT IF SHE GETS RAPED TO DEATH IN AN ALLEY BECAUSE SHE'S NOT ALLOWED THE TOOLS TO DEFEND HERSELF, THAT'S OKAY?
  • "The ban, introduced by Police Lt. James Sarkos to Atlantic City Council, prohibits the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms, except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns." Because "RANK-AND-FILE LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPORTS THE SECOND AMENDMENT"?
  • So the other day NRA's Bootlicker Battalion posted pro-sadist propaganda and today the other hand posts the victim of unquestioning thugs who will obey any order and enforce any "law". It wasn't Chris Christie or Michael Bloomberg who dragged Shaneen Allen out of her car, stole her property, threw her in a cage, and would have tortured or murdered her if she "resisted" or even objected, it was the very same Brotherhood of Blue you're trying so hard to excuse. DISCONNECT MUCH?
  • WHAT OATH DID YOU SWEAR? "They have to worry that... the Marine Corps will flip on them...." Rhodes, et. al., are trying real hard to avoid it but I gotta say, Cops vs. Marines sounds like a real short game - and it's a game the Marines already have skin in.

    Yeah, you thugs can probably murder me. Can you murder a million, ten million more like me, most of whom are better trained, in better condition, and whom you have left nothing to lose?

    In Lighter News

    At Baylor University (Texas), Student Board Approves Concealed Carry on Campus, awaiting bureaucrat approval obstruction and discrimination. Pants-Soiling Hysterics in 3, 2, 1....

    Col Kratman's latest column covers wargaming.

    Some time ago I observed, IIRC in a caption to one of my 3-Gun videos, that you don't need the Very Latest Most Expensive Thing to go racing, even your $150 pawn-shop Mossberg will do. Jerry by-Gawd Miculek demonstrates. Know Your Weapon.

    Unobtanium. Working on it.

    It's pr0n time:

    That-there's mah 19-by-Gawd-11. Cheap Philippine Clonetm, picked up used and not running years ago. Had to replace the extractor, barrel bushing (it came with a spare), and slide-lock lever. A reader sent the Stagalon imitation-stag stocks, which took a year or two for me to discover were right, and the magazine well funnel which attaches to the lower stock screw bushings (requiring stock inletting, you can see it peeking out). My preferred magazine is the McCormick 10-round. Long trigger, tediously file-fitted, with overtravel stop, and extended magazine release, were ordered from somewhere-or-other along with the replacement slide-lock lever. The bushing-compensator is the most recent change. A previous owner hammered the LPA (Low-Profile Adjustable) rear sight into the original factory dovetail, you can see the battering on this side. Had to take a Dremel to the original thumb safety to get it to fully engage. Grip safety is actually deactivated, common among competitors, and once you understand how the guts work you can see that a lot of the aftermarket trigger-stirrups are designed to disable the grip safety - mine was by coincidence, a matter of thousandths.

    4115 Wednesday, 24 September 2014:

    The World Sucks


    Directly related, The Battle of Washington State....



    Just yesterday I linked Stewart Rhodes' speech in which he warned the regime that the Marine Corps could flip on them. They didn't swear their oaths to HIM.

    WoGged again....

    Don't go to college....

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"OH. WAIT.

    “Who cares about the confidentiality of a black, or Jew, or gay? We don’t want it, so expose yourself.” OH. WAIT.

    To which dot, as if on cue, connect: It's not Godwin if they really are PRAISING THE WISDOM OF HITLER'S PROPAGANDA MINISTER.


    It is being observed that "Private gun ownership in Venezuela was banned in 2012. Yet the country has the second highest murder rate in the world." AND HOW DO YOU ANTI-SELF-DEFENSE PERVERTS EXPLAIN THAT?

    Meanwhile, "Dire new estimates show that people who contract the deadly Ebola virus have a 70.8% chance of dying.... The latest projections propose a worst-case scenario in which 1.4 million new cases will emerge in the next four months." HEY I KNOW, LET'S LEAVE THE BORDER WIDE OPEN AND GIVE CITIZENS' TAX DOLLARS TO PEOPLE FROM ANYWHERE!

  • "...TSA is creating its own blacklists of people who are hypothetical threats." "...[T]he redress process for travelers who have been incorrectly caught up in the watchlisting system does not apply...."
  • "The fact that a bear killed a man wouldn’t be considered an urgent necessity for self protection by the authorities. They would rather see people die...."
  • Think about the kind of people who don't want you able to defend yourself.
  • '...[A]fter they kill me, I’ll be described as some flavor of “extremist” for defending an Unalienable Right, while the dead/surviving thugs that put me into the ground will be hailed as “heroes” and great big crocodile tears will be shed over the now fatherless children. Not a whisper will be heard about enforcing an unConstitutional law.'
  • WHAT "LAW" WOULD YOU NOT ENFORCE? WHAT ORDER WOULD YOU NOT OBEY? 'In a statement Tuesday night, police said they have been "diligent in respecting the rights of the public while" FORCING INNOCENT CITIZENS OUT OF THEIR HOMES AT GUNPOINT AND KIDNAPPING THEM IF THEY TRY TO RETURN.


    And I wonder how much silverware, electronics and beer will be left in those peasants' homes when they are "allowed" to return. Katrina and Boston rolled together....

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in St. Louis, Missurruh.

    NRA has been ticking me off lately, with bootlicking and pushing the Nuremberg Defense for thugs-with-badges but this video is good.

    Yet another AR brass catcher.

    Having to put 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies aside again, beginning The Savior by David Drake and Tony Daniel, 10th in the Raj Whitehall series.

    4116 Thursday, 25 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker, among other crimes. "...[T]here is no broadcast journalist who has shown any interest in pursuing this disgraceful story." Try to talk to people about this and they really believe you're making it all up.


    Remember, peasant, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS!

    The Battle of Washington State....

    ...and Oregon too.

    The place where Britain used to be has tried it their way and it doesn't work. FOR THE STATED GOAL.

    "If human history teaches us anything at all it is that those who become uncriticizable quickly become unaccountable, too."

    "They have to worry that... the Marine Corps could flip on them...."




    Legislative psychosis. "Any law against a violent felon or dangerously mentally ill person making a gun at home without submitting to a background check depends on the aspiring gun maker complying with that law. Are we really expected to count on that happening?" People aren't spending thousands of dollars on milling machines or 3D printers to make a gun they'll use to knock over liquor stores. But the prohibitionists will not see any difference between an NRA member and a gang thug.

    Speaking of gang thugs:

  • EuroReader M. sends Timely Visual Aid.
  • What peaceful recourse do we have when "law" is whatever some steroid-addled bigot-with-a-badge says it is?
  • "...[H]omeowners found with food scraps in their trash will be fined $1 for each violation...." AND WHO WILL ENFORCE THAT "LAW"? AT IMPLIED-OR-ACTUAL GUNPOINT?
  • "Yes, the Forest Service, the people who spent money they supposedly didn't have to block SCENIC TURNOUTS ON HIGHWAYS so the peasants couldn't gaze on the scenery...." And were, and remain, emotionally prepared to pepper-spray or electrocute little old ladies and their grandchildren for TAKING A PICTURE OF A TREE.
  • The thugs have still never faced a real opponent with a real plan. The proof is, most of them are still alive.



    In Lighter News

    In Truly Lighter News, JUSTICE FOR SHANEEN ALLEN. Of course real justice would be her robbers and kidnappers dangling from streetlights, birds pecking at their lifeless eyes but we aren't quite there yet so this'll hafta do. -Suggestion to Ms. Allen: Pack up the kids and change time zones. Thugs and bureaucrats in New Jersey will be holding grudges and hunting for The One That Got Away. Wyoming and Arizona have Constitutional Carry, you don't have to beg some bureaucrat bigot's permission to defend your own life, and I'm sure they need phlebotomists there too. But I'm one to talk, still stuck here....

    Notice also, the very same people and organizations endlessly slandered as "racist" and "sexist" were the only people coming to the aid of a BLACK WOMAN.

    Michael G. sends Federal Appeals Court denies Qualified Immunity for jackbooted thugs. 'Of course they've already nixed it twice before, but as the judge says, "Maybe the third time will be the charm." Maybe if those violating rights had to pay themselves rather than have the taxpayers pay instead.' Which certainly sounds nice but instead I predict more witnesses will be conveniently silenced by "furtive movements" toward "found at the scene" weapons, in the name of "officer safety".

    Uppity in Occupied Connecticut.


    4117 Friday, 26 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    As summer ends and the weather begins to turn, the family arthritis looms and a great poopedness befalls me.

    Also, depression and anxiety are not signs of mental illness or a chemical imbalance, but logical and rational responses to viewing the world as it truly exists.

    Such as:

    Codrea Examines the people who don't want us able to defend ourselves or speak our minds. And of course, epic hypocrisy.

    To which dot connect.

    Project Gunwalker... while a professional racist helps another racist select the next racist to replace the departing racist.


    The Battle of Oregon....

    Why do I keep telling you DON'T GO TO COLLEGE? 'The university has updated its domestic violence policy to include “withholding sex and affection” as well as “discounting a partner's feelings” as examples of abuse.' So... not having sex is now a form of sexual abuse.

    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion...."

    Related, I'm a little ambivalent about this one - after all, I use it in my own fictional utopia. But under current conditions, with the current regime and their blatantly treasonous agenda, it's a big fat NO.

    Related, in the news, Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Oklahoma. Hey I know, let's let more of them in!

  • "What the FBI and other law enforcement agencies just don’t seem to understand is the wrath felt by honest Americans who don’t want their information stored and examined as if they’re terrorists or even common criminals." Pretty soon you're going to run out of cops.
  • "...[T]he prosecutor is likely to blame for the fact that Mr. Murphy has to defend himself in court for saving his own life." WHAT "LAW" WOULD YOU NOT ENFORCE?
  • You sadistic thugs all look the same to me. WHAT ORDER WOULD YOU NOT OBEY?
  • THIEVES. SHOULD. BE. KILLED. I disagree with one of the experimenter's conclusions. The job doesn't make them lying thieves. The lying thieves apply for the job. THE JOB SHOULD NOT EXIST.
  • 'Asked how to avoid being raped by a cop, Captain Brown urged potential victims to “…follow the law in the first place, so you don’t get pulled over.”' AND WHY SHOULDN'T WE SHOOT ALL OF YOU ON SIGHT? (Blogbrother SMLE Fan dissents. I don't have the bandwidth to hunt for original video.)

    In Lighter News

    Discussion of pr0n $igh.

    4118 Saturday, 27 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The place where Britain used to be....

    But "don’t shed any tears for Britain, remember, this is what they wanted."

    Michael G. reminds us of another charge to bring against Eric Holder during the war crimes trials.

    Speaking of the Chicago machine, how many of these people were shot by NRA members attending the Gun Rights Policy Conference?

    Any minute now the Usurper will get on LapdogMedia and declare that "Islam is not Islamic!"

    Man-Hating Feminazis du Jour.


  • Armed robbery in uniform, Chapter MMMMCXVIII. This also illustrates the inherent evil of malum prohibitum; if the stuff, any stuff, weren't illegal, it wouldn't be worth billions and people wouldn't be slaughtering each other over it.
  • Speaking of the inherent evil of malum prohibitum, WHAT "LAW" WOULD YOU NOT ENFORCE?
  • WHAT ORDER WOULD YOU NOT OBEY? POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST. The invention of a full-time police force is one of the most horrible mistakes in human history.
  • And the very few things you're supposed to be doing, you really suck at.
  • "But for the existence of that damning dash cam video, Groubert might well be back on patrol today and Jones would be the one in custody."
  • "The guy hanging from the lamppost earned it."

    In Lighter News

    I hereby issue a retraction for... one... of the Sadistic Thug links yesterday.

    4119 Sunday, 28 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The Battle of Washington State, with examples from Occupied New Jersey. We are going to have to go to war with these people in self-defense. Because they hate us and want us enslaved or dead. All we ever wanted was to be left alone.

    And that's not hyperbole: Sandy Hook Commission Calls For Government Crackdown On Homeschools. The only thing they can ever come up with is punishing everyone who didn't do it. Also BURN THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS

    It's not paranoia if they really are openly calling to replace the Constitution.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"


  • "...I’m supposed to believe being able to crack the data on an IPhone is going to stop, oh, another Boston Marathon bombing? When they lost track of a guy because they didn’t spell his name right?" "This, and the greater interest in encryption, is directly due to the NSA and EffingBI and DHS breaking the law and recording us. And lying about it. Repeatedly."

    In Lighter News


    Michael G. sends, "The University of Oklahoma's newspaper ran an editorial calling flesh colored bras a subtle example of racism. Now they are begging everyone on the internet to please stop laughing at them." [pointing] HAH-HAH! But seriously, don't go to college.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Not there because LoyalReader and I went shopping at a new Cabela's store so nyah! Also $igh. But between the two:

    [name TBD Remington M1100] Project
    Receiver pinsMISSING
    Piston rings and O-ringMISSING
    Action linkMISSING
    Action spring tube rear nut & washersBROKEN
    Action spring & tube assemblyPOSSIBLE DAMAGE, MAY NEED REPLACEMENT
    Rifle-type sights for action competitionACQUIRED

    Probably the original wooden buttstock will have to be destroyed, to access the damaged rear nut, to assess damage to the action spring/tube assembly.

    4120 Monday, 29 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    St. Louis Police chief Sam Dotson hates Missouri citizens and wants them to die. We no longer need to ask why. The next time some ignorant bigot bleats that law enforcement "supports the Second Amendment" I just might spit in their face.

    I hope I live long enough to watch the war crimes trials.

    But they call us "racist".

    And they call us "terrorists".





  • "[CA] Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have placed strict limits on law enforcement agencies using unmanned aerial drones for surveillance."
  • Timely Visual Aids.
  • CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER and the Einsatzgruppen high-five each other all the way back to the precinct.

    In Lighter News

    George Zimmerman to be interviewed on Armed American Radio, probably the only place he won't be at risk of assassination, character- or otherwise.

    Aside from the liberation of Shaneen Allen, progress in Pennsylvania, with national implications. Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules....

    ProMag escapes Occupied California.

    Uppity in New York-of-all-places.

    Report from GRPC. -It's not tinfoil, anymore, to wonder if there really was a "fire" at O'Hare Airport just in time for the Gun Rights Policy Conference. Just like those shutdowns of the background-check system for "maintenance" coincidentally the same weekends as really big gun shows.

    Larry Niven's Sinclair Molecule Chains. Working on it.

    Via Foreign Correspondent Jacob N., and elsewhere on the Gunternet, Arkansas arms shop prohibits Muslims. Compare and contrast: The anti-self-defense perverts always slander all of us, saying we could snap at any moment... and every time there is a mass shooting it's one of THEIR own kind, a whiny, entitled, arrogant, EBT-swiping Obama-voting sociopath, and if they are stopped before they can run up the score it's usually by one of us. While, us using the exact same justification against Muslims is actually justified based on observed and documented incidents and patterns of behavior.

    Comparably, restaurant offers discount for armed customers.

    Not entirely unrelated, BACON NEEDS NO EXCUSE

    I previously reported that a NATO/STANAG charger guide for AR magazines, the "spoon", would not fit in the Magpul MIAD pistol grip's storage compartment. Apparently I was mistaken and now I've got one tucked in next to the little baggie of spare pins-and-such. Also, I finally found (yesterday at the Cabela's store), without having to order one from the Net and inevitably Spend More Money to make the shipping worthwhile, the StripLULA for ARs. ...Which won't fit inside anything Magpul of which I'm aware, though it might in a GI A2 buttstock. Tested, works as advertised, into the 3-Gun range bag with that. Eventually I'll get another, for the load-bearing vest, and another for somewhere else.

    4121 Tuesday, 30 September 2014:

    The World Sucks

    The persecution of the Reese family. A legal system, not a justice system.

    Speaking of persecution, Nevada group demands all Jews wear a yellow star on their clothesOH. WAIT. Background checks are de facto registration, and registration always leads to confiscation, and disarming a population is a precursor to genocide.

    Speaking of discrimination, blacks, gays not allowed at North Carolina State FairOH. WAIT.

    'When the final stage arrived in 1997, and virtually all handguns were banned via the Firearms Act, the promise was a reduction in crime and greater safety for the British people. But the result was the emergence of Britain as the "most violent country in Europe."' And how do you anti-self-defense perverts EXPLAIN that? Maybe it's those darn American gun shows.

    It is difficult to not wish the open-border, race-baiting, redistributionist traitors catch Ebola from one of their beloved "undocumented" "workers" and die choking on their own blood.

  • Litmus tests and Quislings....
  • Michael G. observes "Even Dr. Frankenstein has realized he created a monster." THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED.
  • "You swore an oath to uphold both the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions and to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth. Your actions against the 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights of Virginia’s gun owners belie that oath...."
  • "In a stunning admission that their current background check/gun buyer harassment scheme is a failure, the Oregon State Police have released statistics proving what we’ve said all along." AND WHAT OATH DID THEY SWEAR?
  • The term "militarization of police" is a slander to the military.
  • Maybe the demonstrated fact that they become cops because they like to hurt people?
  • THIS GANG OF ARMED HOME-INVADING SADISTIC THUGS DESERVES TO HAVE BEEN EXECUTED IN SELF-DEFENSE BY THEIR INTENDED VICTIM. Anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to die because it is there to murder you no matter what you have or have not done and you have nothing left to lose.

    In Lighter News

    An increment in Illinois-of-all-places.

    While in California, Codrea endorses McLintock.

    "WAR ON WOMEN"OH. WAIT. Who's "sexist"?

    The Canadian C7, which is also exported some, looks like a straight clone of the AR family, but there are reportedly significant differences, like a squeeze bore.

    Speaking of ARs, Ruger offers yet another, with a bayonet lug. Bill Sr. must be spinning in his grave.

    Col. Kratman's latest column examines "Global" "Warming".

    So, a piece and a paycheck at a time, I'm also pecking away at Rapunzel, a precision long-range AR upper. I may have just found the scope.

    Some time ago I wrote, "Aurora's machine shop had four [fabbers] of different sizes and, given time and raw materials, could build an entire aircar." AND I WILL BE RIGHT, AGAIN. Because FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD.

    Drake & Daniel's The Savior, tenth in the Raj Whitehall series, is proving More Readable than Flint & Gannon's 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies, umptylebenteenth in the 1632verse. But I'll go back and finish the latter; like Weber's Honorverse, can't abandon the investment now.

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