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3789 Friday, 1 November 2013:

The World Sucks

The racists call us racist. At every opportunity.

They're after everything. One piece at a time, whatever excuse they have to fabricate and whatever "law" they have to twist. -I've observed this phenomenon before.

Guilty until proven innocent - if they don't just murder you on sight.

"...[T]he state had no duty to warn students...." And yet they use force, up to and including lethal, to prohibit self-defense.

Speaking of, enemy attack in Florida.

Speaking of identifying the enemy, I do not look at this event as an act of terrorism. Also see.

Remember, peasant, work within the system.

Brainwashing the military. Comment: "They’re building a killing machine and we’re in their sights." They are being indoctrinated to not see us as human beings, and that is a prerequisite for genocide.

What's the damn difference? Anything coming through your door without your permission DESERVES TO DIE, no matter what costume they're wearing.

"The kids were being conditioned to accept that getting searched by police dogs without cause is normal behavior that should be supported." "But if you or your dog don't immediately go into fawning submission before the Masters, it's time to be put down." And these monsters think they're the good guys.

Crashing down....


In Lighter News

Vote for the Heinlein Award.

I have often said, There is no such thing as a good cop. There is the occasional, rare, and no doubt only partial and transitory, exception.

3790 Saturday, 2 November 2013:

The World Sucks

"Protect and Serve" who? FROM WHAT? I do not extend sympathy to the families of the TSA agents injured or killed in this incident, no more than I would to the families of those hung at Nuremberg. Those blue-gloved perverts knew what they signed up for and have no right to be indignant when their victims finally defend themselves.

Though the shooter is probably yet another leftist crackpot.

And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters do not want to know.

Speaking of trying it their way and it not working, Michael G. sends wishing for the end of human liberty. Out loud. Still think we're going to vote our way out of this? (Though I must note, the comparison of a Constitution to computer code is one that has occurred to me - make sure all the loops are closed, each IF has a THEN, etc. As for its supposed obsolescence, I was in a shooting competition six days ago. My pistol was designed 102˝ years earlier, and my shotgun was built a year before that - and they both worked just fine.)

Visual Aid o' the Day.

"White House officials have pressured insurance industry executives to keep quiet amid mounting criticism over Obamacare’s rollout, insurance industry sources told CNN." Even their own official propaganda arm....

But will our conserrrrvative saaaviors do a damn thing about it? Not bloody likely, with John Effing McCain advocating the reinstitution of human slavery.

They are predators who view us as prey. And they all look the same to me.

In Lighter News

Stage One of Sunday's 3-Gun match is online.

3791 Sunday, 3 November 2013:

The World Sucks

“Don’t buy insurance just because the President tells you to and threatens to fine you if you don’t.” Who's "terrorizing" who? THE FOUNDERS WOULD BE SHOOTING BY NOW.

Michael G. sends, "Not content to try to write Colorado's gun laws, now Mayor Bloomberg wants to write their tax laws as well." Michael Bloomberg belongs on a chain gang or a gallows. For his crimes. ...Again I note the Constitutional definition of Treason is very specific. I do suggest a case could be made that Bloomberg, like Obama, Holder, & co., is an enemy of the United States.

But the EBT-swiping Obama-voters call us "paranoid conspiracy theorists".

Seriously though, a reasonable person has to wonder.

So a couple weeks ago Senator John McCain proposed making a slave raid on Silicon Valley to fix Obamacare's website. How long until public school teachers rediscover serfdom?

And as if on cue.

Radio news of the New York City Marathon: "...and over a thousand private cameras will be allowing NYPD to access their feeds during the race." And they think they're better than the terrorists they're supposed to be "protecting" people from? And those cameras' owners think they're helping?

I'm sure the people who turned in Anne Frank thought they were "doing the right thing". "For the greater good."

In comments: "No section of the Republic is without a trigger happy cop killing unarmed Americans."

In comments, Question o' the Week: "Just curious, how many children would a TSA agent need to sexually assault before he’d be worthy of getting shot?"

Seen on an email list somewhere:
'Spent the week working, came in on my day off yesterday because two others in my department were no-call, no-shows, and my frantic supervisor was trying to run the whole show himself. When I came in he said "you're my hero." This afternoon when I went in I found the two employees who neglected to phone off yesterday back in their normal seats as if nothing had happened; at any other place I've ever worked in my life, they wouldn't have jobs any more. Each of them, of course, has a uterus and plenty of melanin, so not much is expected of them, and they know it, and give every indication of liking it that way. Who was it that spoke of "the soft bigotry of low expectations?"'
I believe that was George W. Bush. But they call us "racist" for showing up to work on time and actually doing what we're paid for. When the EBT cards stop working - and what did happen with the predicted parasiteocalypse Friday? - well... get out of the cities.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom while it lasts - new chatroom I guess. Featuring another Zumbo moment. And yes, as a matter of fact I do believe driver licenses are an infringement of natural human rights. (Also see an argument we should be making more often, and comments.) In fact I just made an adjustment.

So Ruger was having a contest to design the 50th Anniversary variant of the 10/22, and the winner appears to be a factory LTR. Which I would surely call Lighter News.

(Though I still think it needs a bayonet lug.)

My sister is sending me an early Christmas present: a pair of these. And now I shop for optics. Oleg Volk pointed out this a few moons ago but that's a bit beyond my means. This sort of thing looks affordable but are some of them worth even that much? ...Really beginning to lean toward that last one, the Primary Arms 1-4x. Might be my Christmas present to myself. Needs more research though - the whole idea is to be able to roll the weapon, with its straight-line, no-drop stock design, so an optic over the receiver rail is at the same height as the offset metallic sights on the 45-degree rails, with the same cheek weld on a stock without a cheek riser. That means I need to choose rings, or a riser mount with integral rings, carefully.

3792 Monday, 4 November 2013:

The World Sucks

"...[T]he evil of those who would require us to seek divine intervention as our only chance of survival."

As though they were expecting it.

Still trying it their way...
...still not working.

And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters...
...say you can't make an omelet without letting innocent human beings die horrible agonizing deaths.

Not at all unrelated: "...[Y]ou'd have to be a pretty lacking in moral sensitivity to defend a thinker whose work sent millions of people to an early grave" and "Obama says he's 'really good at killing people'." Dots. Connect them.

They really do hate us.

Taxation is theft and WE USED TO HANG THIEVES.

Over the past couple weeks I've been warning of the reinstitution of slavery: "I want to just let that sink in for a minute. A professional was asked to work for no compensation. She declined politely. And was called a whore." See also.


These are Heinlein's Crazy Years.

More on Zumbo Metcalf.

They like to hurt things. That's why they become cops.

And they keep proving me right.

In Lighter News

What have we done for freedom?

More free Bracken.

[pointing] HAH-HAH!


By spending... pretty much this week's entire paycheck, I have made the final payment on a full 1,000-round case of Wolf .223, 62gr, steel case but lead/copper bullet (I checked, with an actual magnet). I intend to use this in 3-Gun matches where long-range precision accuracy is less-often called for, and where I usually don't have time to recover brass. Putting it on chargers. Need to sight-in again....

Setting Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon aside for Weber & Linskold's Treecat Wars.

I had intended to use Other People's Bandwidth at the library today, to upload Stage Two of last weekend's 3-Gun shoot, but when I finally reached the hovel after a fuller-than-expected day, FluffyTux was indignantly demanding a three-day backlog of noms and pettins and warms. I couldn't leave him inside alone without a litterbox and didn't want to leave him outside in the weather, so you'll have to wait. Anyway it's a good thing I waited, rather than hitting the library after the radio show and chatroom yesterday; I had the wrong screenshot of the scoresheet and a couple typos.

OTOH, more Tutorial and Disassembly videos are in the works: Mossberg 500, Remington 870, Ithaca 37, and FAL. The first two I've owned and have to refresh myself on, the other two I have to learn. Probably some weeks.

3793 Tuesday, 5 November 2013:

The World Sucks

'Despite contacting “about 65 individual reporters … from about 30 different media outlets …[n]ot one showed up....”' And the good Germans living outside Auschwitz had no idea what was going on over there.

The facepalm is displacing the snark: We keep telling you they want to ban everything. Including your grandfather's deer rifle and his grandfather's Colt.

Brainwashing the military....

More Zumbo Metcalf....

More on the closure of the last lead smelter in America. Part of the reason I splurged on that case of cartridges yesterday. It's only going to get worse.

The EBT-swiping Obama-voters....

Still trying it their way and still not working.

I told you to get your prepaid TracFone, Net10, and the like, while you still can, AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. I TOLD YOU SO.

Wrong Question o' the Day:

No. We should hang them.

Speaking of people who need some rope therapy, the very first comment is exactly what I was getting ready to type while sucky Cricket loaded the page so I could read the comments. The monsters think they're heroes while they treat us like monsters.

This is something I really worry about. Because we're f***ed.

In Lighter News

Now why can't there be a drum magazine, like this, for the AR? Instead of those single-track space-wasters that are nothing more than a big bent double-column, or the Betas which are the same thing split and thrice the cost?

Stage Two video is online. Three should be up tomorrow, already processed. Four, and final results, hopefully by the end of the week but I've been filling in for another driver this week and now I have a kitteh in my lap so feh.

And I'm spoiling FluffyTux rotten with noms and pettins.

3794 Wednesday, 6 November 2013:

The World Sucks

I have been warning you. Someone, somewhere, in the United States of America, is already drafting legislation to reinstitute human slavery.

"Don’t ever forget. There are a sizeable number of anti-gun people that want you dead. They want your children dead."

And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

"...[A] dedicated Marine’s military career could be over for trying to sound an alarm intended to protect the Corps."

More Zumbo Metcalf. I like mine better.

Aaaaand the GOP blows it. Again. They're trying to solve the wrong end of the equation. (It's worth noting that this time, Libertarian spoiler votes really were a factor. If the GOP didn't suck so bad they wouldn't have been.)

Meanwhile in the Religion of Pieces, I got yer "War on Women" right here.

Yeah, it's like that....

  • If any of us had done this we would be in a cage for MURDER. "But you or I didn’t kill that kid, a police officer did. And they play under different rules."
  • "...I can't think of any job I ever held where my employer would wait on the jury verdict to fire me if I'd killed somebody with a company car while three sheets to the wind."
  • YEAH. IT'S LIKE THAT. Plus, the Federalized perverts could then shoot and kill the parents of any five-year-old who doesn't want to be raped. In the name of "officer safety".
  • Cops electrocute and kidnap father who tried to save his child from burning to death.
  • "A man is dead because he had the gall to whittle on a piece of wood in public. A man is dead because this cop is a pussy."
  • "That’s right, having a concealed weapon firearm license (CWFL) does not keep you from being arrested, you can explain that to the judge at first appearance, after you spend a night in jail and get a felony arrest record."
  • I can't even snark this one. I'm spending too many CPU cycles trying to not smash my monitor.


    In Lighter News

    Ian & co. continue bringing teh pr0n.

    Yes I LOLd.

    Stage Three of last weekend's 3-Gun match is online.


    3795 Thursday, 7 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Ronnie Barrett = Hank Rearden? And that's why they have to destroy him.

    "The rate structure is not based on the state of the patient’s health, it’s based on the state of the patient’s wealth!"

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters aren't allowed to know.

    MONSTERS. ALL OF THEM. "How long have their co-workers, their brothers in arms, their Thin Blue Line fellow Gangsters allowed them to get away with it?"

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.


    In Lighter News

    ZUMBO METCALF IS OUT. The First Amendment doesn't give him a right to be listened to. Although, Codrea has deeper analysis of this and comparable cases, as does Michael Bane. See also discussion in comments.

    Tucson Tom sends countermeasures against NSA? Deadly SWAT raid at McAfee headquarters in 3, 2, 1....

    Prohibition FAIL -Ya know I seem to recall, in The Probability Broach, reference to "Mine's a Browning too, but it wasn't made, it was grown...."

    Stage Four of the 3-Gun match is processed and should be online tomorrow. Needed a little polishing, and a movie reference. ;)

    FluffyTux spent much of last night at the hovel! And is curled in my lap as I type. I STEAL UR KITTEH

    3796 Friday, 8 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Their way. Not working.

    See also the blood-soaked nightmare where Britain used to be.

    I can see the headlines now: IRAN NUKES ISRAEL - TEA PARTY SUSPECTED

    Michael G. sends Government Makes Everything Worse Forever, Chapter MMMDCCXCVI. Neither "health" nor "care". Also see Stossel.

    "That should scare the living hell out of any thinking person."

    Likewise, "If hitting an object in the road causes your vehicle to burn to the ground, that's something wrong. That's a design flaw. Continuing to pretend that this is perfectly normal, while bashing gasoline-powered cars that DON'T routinely burst into flames, isn't going to win you any fans...." And they want to FORCE us to buy them.

    Their Minds Don't Work Right o' the Day.

    There's nothing holding it up.

    Zumbo Metcalf responds. Evidently unrepentantly. It still can't be called Lighter because of the damage he did and the weapons he gave to the enemy in the doing of it. What "law" does he think shouldn't be enforced? What order would he not obey?

    As for those who give the orders and enforce the "laws"- sadistic monsters. ALL OF THEM.

    In Lighter News


    Enemy attack repelled in Florida.

    Weber & Linskold's Treecat Wars is, well... young-adult teen-angsty. 9_9 Also, after the Barrycades, I can't help comparing the greenshirts of NPS to the Sphinx Forestry Service [howls, shakes bowcaster]. But it does have treecats.

    Whee sister sent me a pair of JPROS! ...Now I need optic$, for which I am $till $hopping and $uffering $ticker $hock. The aforelinked Primary Arms 1-4x, with their mount discounted when bundled, would be well under $200. I so rarely get new things....

    3-Gun match videos are all done:
    Stage One
    Stage Two
    Stage Three
    Stage Four

    Now I begin work on a general Tutorial for slide-action shotguns. Been poking at the script already. It will show all three models I've borrowed together, Mossberg 500, Remington 870, and Ithaca 37 (Chinese clone but still). Then Disassembly videos for each separately, then the same treatment for the FAL (Century L1A1 actually but it should be representative of its breed).

    3797 Saturday, 9 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    We warned them. About this exact thing. For THREE SOLID YEARS. And they called us every name in the book and hoped for our children to be murdered.


    In Lighter News

    AND ABOUT F***ING TIME. -Governor Jindal denounced as "racist" in 3, 2, 1....


    The 2013 Allies vs. Axis WWII-theme highpower rifle match at Clark Rifles.

    Poor turnout, perhaps nine total and at least two of those were using ARs and therefore not counted in "official" scoring. I think only one shot on the Axis side, the match director with a fondness for Arisakas, and he shot after the rest of us had packed up and gone - awaiting official results.

    Course of fire:

  • 5 minutes unlimited sighters at 100 and 200 yards.
  • Break to check and patch targets.
  • 10 rounds, 3 minutes, 200 yards, full-size B27 silhouette, standing.
  • Break to prep, reload clips, etc.
  • 10 rounds, 3 minutes, 100 yards, reduced-size B27R silhouette, standing.
  • Break to prep, reload clips, etc.
  • 10 rounds, 60 seconds, 100 yards, full-size mugger photo, conventional prone, starting in position.
  • Break to score and patch targets.
  • Final stage: Prone over sandbags (sling optional), 5 rounds each at all three targets, order optional, sixth shot allowed at chosen last target, best five scored. Autoloaders start empty and may only load on signal.

    Being too lazy to have processed a literal bucket of '06 brass I used effectively the last of the LC72 I bought at this club years ago. I have some LC69-ish gifted to me by Tucson Tom when we met at the Oregon Arms Collectors show a couple years ago, and some KA Korean (which I understand is corrosive as opposed to the later PS). Can't afford components to make my own, I have plenty of primers now but not so much powder and only about 200 Hornady #3037. When I make a big batch I want to make a Big Batch- and I don't have enough.

    Cold, near or under 40F, and damp but not precipitating. No wind to speak of, and clear, unlike the very thick fog seen at this range on other occasions.

    My sighters were a bit low, so I threw a few more clicks on as the sighting period ended and hoped it worked.

    The first 200-yard stage, I was still fighting the flinches, as always from the offhand position. I actually find I do better if I go faster in Standing, as I have less time to anticipate the approaching recoil. Shots outside the B27's 7-ring were counted as misses - even the one in the jugular:

    Or, at 100 yards, in the belt buckle. Also, I flinched one right off the paper on the burglar (and no, the image had nothing to do with it, the same thing happens to me on the big black SR dot and I've been fighting it for years):

    I was using the Queen, of course:

    Having got the flinches out of my system for the day (it's been months since I fired the Queen, and Precious is truly mild by comparison), the last stage was less embarrassing:

    I spent my 16th round on the 200-yard full-size B27, and one of the six didn't score, low and right. I need another Appleseed to fix my position, but I can't afford that either. :(

    My final score:

    Which, with the low turnout, was enough for Third Place and getting half my $10 match fee back.

    Well. Any shooting is better than no shooting.

    3798 Sunday, 10 November 2013: On this day in 1775, the United States Marine Corps was born.

    The World Sucks

    Last night FluffyTux sprayed the gun safe. >:-[ -Now admittedly that's approximately where the previous gray kitteh had pooped, but that was a year or so ago and I'd hit it with Febreeze - but kittehs can tell. Anyway I grabbed him by his fluffy scruff and rubbed his fluffy nose in it and tossed his fluffy butt out the door.

    And this morning on my way to the match he was yowling for more noms. 9_9 And is currently curled atop a heap of hovel-junk I hope he's not peeing on.

    But... kitteh....

    Robbed at gunpoint for daring to use a gun to defend themselves against a wanted criminal. DON'T GO TO COLLEGE. They hate freedom and want you to die if you don't hate it with them.

  • "If Barack Obama were in the private sector, he’d be prosecuted for fraud."
  • "One recent report estimates that more than 50 million Americans will be forced out of their current health care plans by ObamaCare."
  • "Completely unreported, and so the public is completely unaware of it, is the ACTUAL unemployment rate...."
  • Visual aids.

    But they insist it's all our fault.

    In Lighter News

    MidWestReader sends paint-on night sights.

    Thoughts on the Constitution. Hmm.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom while it lasts - new new chatroom rather than the one which is difficult to access and already occupied by people who aren't listening to the show. Followed by analysis with Workman and Codrea, featuring an interview of Zumbo Metcalf in the first hour, which I missed because


    Civilian Marksmanship Program Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military at Lone Oak.

    If you've seen one Garand match, you've seen them all, so I've stopped trying to get video of them. Short course, 35 rounds counting sighters. Small turnout, only five shooters, one relay, convertible sighters in the slow-prone stage.

    Shoulda got a photo of the light conditions - the rising sun was right in the shooters' faces, and in our spotting scopes too, and my cheap, years-old Konus kinda sucks anyway. Fortunately the Queen had last been fired at the same distance, 200 yards, with similar ammunition, LC72 M2 Ball, now with mixed HXP76-82.

    First stage, 15 rounds in 15 minutes, prone, worst five discarded as sighters. Knowing I had a quarter-hour, I fiddled with my spotting scope and finally caught a glimpse of a couple hits high in the 8 ring, dropped down three clicks from yesterday, and finished the string. Not awful, 91/0X (of course it probably would have been worse if the sighters hadn't been convertible - but if someone had been working the pits to mark each shot it might have been better as I could have adjusted my sights):

    Second stage, 10 rounds in 80 seconds, rapid prone starting from standing with an empty chamber. Much better than my last several tries, 85/0X, and none of them got away this time:

    Third stage, 10 rounds in 10 minutes standing. Actually gained two points over rapid-prone, and got my only X of the day, which I called:

    Nothing wrong with the rifle. Note the one low and left in the 8 ring. That is exactly where my mental snapshot showed my front sight. Light conditions had changed by then and I could actually use my spotting scope, and there it was, exactly where I sent it.

    Final score, 263/1X, 87.67%, far from my worst:

    I know I can do better. I have done in the past. Can't afford to practice. :(

    And that's probably the last competition, and possibly the last live-fire, I'll do 'til spring. 8-(

    Meanwhile, after yesterday's match I stopped at the show and blew what few bucks I had left on moar STANAG chargers:

    3799 Monday, Veterans Day, 11 November 2013:

    Among many others, remembrances and contemplations from:
    Mallard Fillmore
    Bring the Heat
    Classical Values
    (No longer) MA-Rooned
    Joe Huffman

    I spent Veterans Day weekend at two highpower rifle matches, with the weapon that won the Second World War (though mine was made a decade later), honing my skills to put down fascists foreign and domestic. I had the day itself off work and spent it recording another Basic Firearms Tutorial which should be online tomorrow-like, to enable more of my fellow Americans to resist tyranny of any kind, from any source.


    The World Sucks

    ..."we not only owe our veterans deep thanks...but the sincerest of apologies."

    Because the regime is brainwashing the military.

    Codrea has more on NFA trust rules.

    Hofmann has more on the closure of the last primiary lead smelter in the United States. -Note the mouseover text in his visual aid. I shoulda got me one of those CZ52s back when they were under $100, you know? Or hey, imagine a revolver chambered for it, like a Ruger Blackhawk originally in .30 Carbine - replacement cylinder, handloading, use .308 bullets (huge variety available), and with all that Ruger beef around the chambers you could load it hot (though you might then experience topstrap cutting like the failed .357 Maximum (which apparently still has a following in Contenders and the like for IHMSA)). And there would be no ejected cases for forensics.

    Just sayin'. The occupation forces can't keep treating their employers like cattle and not expect to be held accountable for their crimes.

    Crimes such as, "The students did the right thing by calling police...." and had their legally- and peaceably-owned property stolen from them at implied gunpoint.



    'It's hard to accept "you don't need a gun, the police will be there to protect you" when the police themselves are attacking you - with no repercussions.'

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    Speaking of visual aids, I'm not seeing any provenance on this but it sure sounds authentic:

    Because it reminds me of another, properly documented incident. The inmates are truly running the asylum and forcing their delusions down our throats at the point of a government gun.

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work, Chapter MMMDCCXCIX. And who is that sign even directed at? WE'RE NOT THE ONES DOING IT. We're just the ones they can catch.

    Still more Zumbo Metcalf.

    Enemy action in Oklahoma.

    Can we please BURN THE SCHOOLS

    "Subjects need to be forced to live in cities, in the densest housing conditions possible, so they can be more easily ruled." How long now have I been telling you to GET OUT OF THE CITIES?

    Because when the EBT cards stop working....

    "CBS put all its marbles on a liar." WELL DUH

    "...ATF is violating the law it wrote...." WELL DUH

    "...[T]he purpose of healthcare.gov is to collect information...."

    "The fact that the federal government would fight this is a stark testament to what a huge encroachment on liberty this monstrosity is."


    In Lighter News

    Matthew Bracken's Castigo Cay is free online.

    This really belongs in Suckage because multifaceted bigotry is demonstrably official New York Times policy, but Correia makes me LOL.

    When I say, often, FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD, this is what I mean. ...Gonna upset ev'ry damn applecart on the whole damn street....

    Tucson Tom sends kitteh:

    Beginning recording of the slide-action shotgun tutorial, using borrowed examples of the Mossberg 500, Remington 870, and Ithaca 37, and yes there is a way to unload the Ithaca without cycling live rounds through the chamber. Which you should see on YouTube in a few days tomorrow-ish.

    3800 Tuesday, 12 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    You know that old saying, "Swallow a live frog first thing in the morning and that's the worst thing that will happen to you all day?"

    My day started with some domestic terrorism.

    I had driven the 20-odd miles in the dark and rain to the courier hub, my load was sorted and checked and packed, I started my car to drive away to my job-
    -and a local police cruiser drove right in front of me.

    Having done nothing wrong I continued on my way, only to be pulled over a few blocks along.

    The claim was an alarm had been triggered nearby. So naturally they just stopped everybody.

    The cop actually asked why I seemed angry. I snapped, "Due process? Fourth Amendment? Ever heard of them?"
    He said, "I have. I'm following them."
    Like he BELIEVED it.

    Eventually I escaped without being electrocuted, anally raped, or summarily murdered - but I knew they were considering those options.

    If I refused to be interrupted in my innocent and peaceable travel, they would have committed vehicular assault to stop me.

    If I refused to show identification or answer their questions, they would have electrocuted me, dragged me from my private vehicle, beaten me with sticks (while shouting at me to STOP RESISTING), thrown me in a cage, and stolen all my stuff.

    If they had "cause" to "fear" for their "safety" they would have murdered me and got paid vacation for doing it.

    Oh, I can hear the objections now:
    "Probable Cause!"
    "Just doing their job!"
    "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear!"

    Funny, that last one. You see, I am a gun owner.

    I don't commit school shootings or workplace shootings or carjackings or home invasions. I don't burn people's homes to the ground or rob innocent people on the street at gunpoint or shoot puppies or stomp kittens or molest children.

    And yet I and all my friends are punished for all of those things.

    But why? I don't know any of the people committing those crimes. I have no access to them, no control over them. If I did go hunting them, or even defend myself against them, I'd be denounced as a "vigilante" and have my property stolen at implied or actual gunpoint.

    Police don't have that excuse. They do know the monsters in their own ranks. By their first names. They have beers with them at the end of their shifts and barbeque at their place on the weekends. They call them "buddy" and "partner" and "Brother in Blue".

    They know.
    They do have the "authority".
    And they do nothing.

    Or, often, worse.

    Any interaction, of any kind, with "law" enforcement, of any kind, is likely to end in robbery, kidnapping, torture or murder.

    And they think they're the good guys.

    And they wonder why we hate them.

    They all look the same to me. And they all look like monsters.

    Gods dammit my skin won't stop crawling. I know what they are.

    I was in fear for my life. Who do you call when the people terrorizing you are the police?

    Codrea discovers yet another rich deposit of hypocrisium. "They all believe they are the ones who should make decisions the rest of us must abide by (or else).... These are the types from which monsters are made."

    Speaking of monsters. What "law" would they not enforce? What order would they not obey? NONE.

    Living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold at age 40.

    "Universal" "health" "care" will destroy health care.

    See also: "...[I]f they can ignore privacy in this, they can ignore it in ANYTHING."

    Visual Aids o' the Day. Lunatics running asylum.

    Speaking of: There are more people living off other people's work than there are working... and some other tax-eating parasite wants to cut the pay of the only people in the country who earn my tax dollars.

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends what may be the last flickering spark of decency in Britain.

    PR0N o' the Day

    BFT#8 is online.

    3801 Wednesday, 13 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "And here is yet another example of the failure of such edicts to do anything but make conditions more dangerous for those who have accepted being disarmed as their lot in life." Or as I've been telling you, We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    'By [Los Angeles Times columnist] Skelton's "logic," being law-abiding is evidently grounds for suspicion of future criminal intent.'

    Again with "smart" guns: "If cops don’t trust such technology in life-or-death situations, why should it be foisted on everyone else?" Oh I have some ideas why.

    And more dots to connect:

  • "I rarely hear the crazy theories now. Now everyone's worried mainly about the collapse of the dollar."
  • Bill would outlaw U.S. dollar in Russia.
  • There's nothing holding it up.

    "...[Y]ou don’t change an entrenched culture like that other than to wipe the slate clean...."

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get us.

    In Lighter News

    Stolen property returned to victims. Now SUE THE JACKBOOTED BASTARDS HOMELESS.

    ...Orrr something like this. But then I couldn't use my special matching-color-anodized stripped upper. And, building an upper might be educational. And besides I can't bloody afford it.

    3802 Thursday, 14 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Sign up for Obamacare and give all your personal information to convicted criminals.

    The sadistic perverts blame us for not wanting to be their victims. The only good TSA agent is a dead TSA agent.

    Astute Observation o' 238 Years Ago: "The nature of the encroachment upon American constitution is such, as to grow every day more and more encroaching. Like a cancer; it eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity and frugality become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, foppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole of society." --John Adams, to the Inhabitants of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, 1775

    And what do we have now? Lunatics running the asylum. "[M]aybe it's time to start rooting for the giant comet."

    And they call us "racist".

    Linux is looking better all the time.

    Still more Zumbo Metcalf. "You do not agree or make commitments with a party that is negotiating in bad faith."

    WE USED TO HANG THIEVES. Now they get paid vacation for murdering us if we resist.

    They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops. That, and the very special treatment. "They were all known by their colleagues and employers to be bad cops long before they came to the public's attention." They knew. And did nothing.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get us.

    "Oh you're just a paranoid conspiracy theorist! No one is going to go door-to-door looking for your guns!"
    And the "rank-and-file street cops" who "support the Second Amendment" will obey these orders and enforce this "law".

    For which they deserve to die. As would any foreign invader in time of war.

    In Lighter News

    3803 Friday, 15 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Self-defense is the most basic human right. Any who oppose it are enemies of humanity.

    "...BATFE has decided that now is the time to frighten the ill-informed public..." by lying wholesale and rigging tests to fail catastrophically.

    'You cannot negotiate with people for whom the term “negotiate” means they want half today, and will return for the other half tomorrow.'

    Many, many times I have said in these pages, They hate us and want us to die. I have also considered how short a step it is from wanting us to die to deciding to do something about it. AND I WAS RIGHT. AGAIN.

    But we're the ones who are supposed to be some kind of threat to public safety?

    Us, instead of: "He almost killed his brother officers and they STILL tried to cover for him."

    "Oh you're just paranoid! No one would use threats of imprisonment against political opponents who have broken no laws!"

    Michael G. sends more Unstable Freaks in Black Robes. No help from that direction.

    If we strapped them to a chair and held their eyelids open with little hooks like A Clockwork Orange and made them look at all his crimes, the EBT-swiping Obama-voters would still call us "racist".

    Executive Psychosis: "He doesn’t even believe he’s done anything wrong."

    They do not see us as human beings.

    MiniTru Newspeak double-plus good! Or else.

    The whole thing will come crashing down. All over every one of us.

    In Lighter News

    ForgottenWeapons.com has been on a pr0n binge the last week or so. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Also see.

    Not exactly Lighter but just imagine if someone were to print out some copies of this Oleg Volk visual aid and leave them laying around an airport terminal.

    Desert Hermit Joel lives in poverty in a shack in the middle of a seasonal swamp in the middle of nowhere and you know? I'm kinda jealous. As long as I have my Internets....

    3804 Saturday, 16 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Meanwhile in "security" theatre....

    “In D.C. Only Criminals and Cops Have Guns and You Can’t Distinguish Between Them.” Not just DC.

    Now just imagine, a situation like this, over-armed roid-rage sadists-in-uniform, their fingers itching for some "bad" guy to blow away... and someone throws a string of firecrackers.

    And Kent State looks like a fender-bender.

    And they'd still blame the NRA and demand more powers and weapons for the mass-murderous sociopaths who actually did it.

    Just the other day I linked a different report of this would-be genocider (no that is not a fashionable new microbrew). Comes now the selfsame Short Step I was warning about in so many words. That right there is why everyone who's paying attention has been stockpiling everything that goes "bang" for the last five years.

    The Other Side is always bleating about "compromise" and "conversation" and "debate". But how can we have a conversation when we're using the same words for completely antithetical concepts? "Rule of Law" for example. When we use those words we mean the Constitution, the rules, restraints on government, guarantees of natural pre-existing rights, leaving people alone. In their minds, those words mean "Make more laws, and with them, rule."

    There can be no peace. There can be no compromise. There can be no coexistence. One side must destroy the other.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters do not want to know.

    In Lighter News

    In the latest Baen e-newsletter one finds the second installment of Tom Kratman's essay on military training. (Part 1)

    FluffyTux spent most of the night in the hovel and didn't pee on anything!

    3805 Sunday, 17 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    As expected, the enemy dances in any blood they can find on any anniversary they can exploit - and they will come for your grandfather's scoped deer rifle EEE-VILL SNIPER DEATH WEAPON.

    "The problem is with anyone who thinks another law will stop criminals; anyone who believes that wealth and elitism trumps the civil rights of average citizens anywhere." Or as I've been saying, Their Minds Don't Work Right. But go ahead, "professor" Penrose, start your bloody civil war.

    We're better shots.

    As for the enforcers, the followers of orders: "Your death is inconsequential to the regime." And since you haven't been treating us like human beings for decades, your death is of little consequence to us either.

    Michael G. sends political suppression of free speech- not in North Korea or Cuba or Iran, but Wisconsin. Complete with "at least three of the targets had their homes raided at dawn, with law-enforcement officers turning over belongings to seize computers and files." "...[T]he process is the punishment." And if a real "right-winger" of their delusional stereotype gets in power, the leftists think they won't use the exact same powers and precedents the leftists are now creating?

    ...The leftists think they're different from any other mass-murdering dictator in history?

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters are not CAPABLE of knowing.

    Are you paying attention?

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom while it lasts - new new chatroom.

    Vanderboegh links the epic test LuckyGunner performed several moons ago on steel- vs. brass-cased ammunition in ARs, with discussion in comments. Which is of recent interest as I acquired that 1,000-round case of steel-case Wolf for Precious, though I'm rather certain the projectiles are copper/lead. Of course I haven't tried any yet, but Precious' barrel is chrome-lined, with a NATO chamber.

    A while back I wrote, The Jeffersonian notion of traffic control was one of mutual consent, not forced compliance under threat of government violence and theft. It worked itself out, and had for centuries. YEAH. LIKE THAT. But the revenue-addicted uniformed sadists can't let go.

    THIS RIGHT HERE is my notion of "FABBER". "They belong in the same machine." The first one will be obscenely expensive - the laser-sintering rig Solid Concepts used for their 1911 demonstrator is likely in the mid-to-high six figures. But the thousandth one, eventually, you can pick up used on eBay for maybe a couple grand - the patents for it are already expiring now-ish.

    3806 Monday, 18 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "No constructive dialog is possible with people who omit and misrepresent the facts."

    From the image's mouseover text: "Al-Qaeda started the job of tricking Americans into giving up their own liberty, and the Brady Campaign hopes to finish the job." Which is something I noted some time ago.

    BURN THE SCHOOLS o' the Day: "...[T]he Justice Department's position is that the racial balance of a school is more important than whether anyone is learning."

    Legislative Psychosis o' the Day: “There's nothing in the Affordable Care Act that says that your insurance company should cancel you. That's not what the Affordable Care Act is about. It simply didn't happen.” Tell that to the millions of Americans it actually has already happened to.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters stick their fingers in their ears and go LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

    Their Minds Don't Work Right o' the Day. All these dots I see, connecting, and the Other Side pretends they don't exist.

    And they call us "racist". Our side won't start the race war.

    More enemy action in Vermont. I linked VTFSC on my front page a couple moons ago.

    Never trust a cop. Of any kind. If they won't treat us like human beings, why should we recognize them as human at all?

    POLICE ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA. A cop wearing an American flag on its uniform is obscene.

    In Lighter News


    3807 Tuesday, 19 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    So much suckage....

    The Other Side doesn't even listen to the words coming out of their own mouths.

    "...[O]ne of the officers fired at least three shots at their minivan, with five children on board." Because they don't see us as human beings. -Alas, Workman's blinders remain in place: "The one lesson to be immediately taken is that if you are stopped by a cop for speeding, just sign the ticket and fight it in court." Some of us can't bloody afford it and the thieves-in-uniform regularly lie under oath to "justify" their kleptomania.

    As if on cue: VCDL is an awesome civil rights organization which gets things done, like National Park carry and the reinstitution of Open Carry - but I do wish their email alerts were more up-to-date. From 21 October: Who Will Protect You From The Police? Who indeed. "Actually, we may be worse off today than our colonial ancestors...." And they launched a bloody War of Independence.

    Likewise, from 23 October: Giffords, Kelly Claim '16 More Mass Shootings' Since Sandy Hook. Because they think no one will ask for proof?

    (Well they might have a point there. No one who would ask is allowed to.)

    From 25 October, the Ridgecrest, CA shooter 'wanted to come to the police station and "kill all the officers but they had too many guns."' And those very same officers can't stand the idea of any of us having guns. Because they don't see us as human beings.

    Michael G. sends The War Against Achievement.

    "...[T]hose same contraptions were able to collect data on internet-ready devices of anyone within reach, essentially allowing the Seattle Police Department to see where cell phones, laptops and any other smart devices operating within reach were located." Because to a thug with a badge, there are no innocent citizens. See also. No this is not Lighter News - they say they shut it down? Are there crews out tearing down every module? And if so, is there any proof they're not replacing them with something less blatant?

    JPFO notes "...[F]urther hypocrisy by elite anti-gunners who don't believe that private citizens should be armed, but enjoy round the clock armed protection themselves." Because they don't see us as human beings.

    Also Their Minds Don't Work Right.

    Speaking of minds not working right, who defines? Yeah we know who.

    Who are police at war with?

    More enemy action in Vermont.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    In Lighter News

    Fundraising for the cause in Connecticut.

    Lindskold & Weber's Treecat Wars finally picks up with some actual warring treecats about 2/3 through. It seems evident to me that Lindskold did most of the writing in Weber's universe, 'cause there's not five pages of internal dialogue for two seconds of thought processes. 9_9

    3808 Wednesday, 20 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Yes, I know the site is down, so is SMLE Fan's. I'm posting this to the .NAME server meanwhile so you know I haven't been SWATted. Images and links will be dead until whatever issue exists with the TRGG domain has been resolved. Dunno about SMLE Fan but all my stuff is backed up here, I just have to dump it to my laptop and go to the library.

    Their way doesn't bloody work - or bloodily doesn't work.
    For the stated goal.
    And of course: “...[T]he police … have been accused of perpetrating a troubling amount of the violence directed at Hondurans, especially the most vulnerable groups.” Because that's what police are for.

    But they just keep trying the same old thing. -As if I needed another reason to boycott commercial air travel.

    "You're just paranoid! Nobody needs a high-capacity magazine to defend themselves!" THE. HELL. YOU. SAY.

    Smart TVs track filenames on your USB devices. For advertising, which is creepy enough, but how long until NSA decides they "need" that data? If they haven't already.

    "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear?" Tell it to Anne Frank. Because they don't see us as human beings and these are the precursors to genocide. They're the sick ones. All we want is to be left alone.

    "These laws aren’t about protecting the public...."

    "Only in the unionized public sector could you think that a 14.5% raise wasn't good enough."

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters will never want to know.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Action in Ohio. That's BFA's main site, the links should be at the top. Looks like there's already progress.

    JPFO has more on the free defensive shotgun thing.

    3809 Thursday, 21 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Supreme Hypocrisy.

    It's not paranoia if "Very few of the 12 provisions have not been seriously proposed somewhere, some time." And it's not hyperbole to compare such proposals, satirical or not, to the Nuremberg Laws - which actually did happen.

    Burn the schools already....

    Yes. Burn them.

    All of them.

    And now burn the hospitals too?

    Does anyone else think the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a thinly-wrapped anti-gun piece? As in "objects are evil and normal people become monsters if they touch them and only the Magic Fairy Dust of Government can handle it"? S.H.I.E.L.D. are not the good guys. They're prohibitionists, kidnappers and enforcers who, in the words of Ward's character just an episode or two ago, want to hurt people - even without eee-vill deodands casting dominion over their soooouuuulllls.

    And it might also be interpreted as as Ásatrú-bashing. Because "tolerant" and "inclusive"?

    Enemy action in Florida. 'Like a child who has been told “no”, this bill is the legislative equivalent of throwing a fit.'

    In North Carolina, 'Sheriff Terry Johnson stated: “I am a believer in a man’s right to bear arms, but you don’t walk into a county building with a gun strapped on the side of you.” Which is it?' Like the domestic terrorist who accosted me last week - they really believe they are not breaking their oaths with every word that comes out of their mouths.

    Speaking of terrorism, Michael G. suggests a countermeasure: "Attach a small prism over the lens so that the image is captured from the side. That way if you are recording police tyranny you aren't holding the phone up, or even facing them so they are less likely to realize they are being recorded. Obviously should be used in conjunction with those camera apps that let you immediately upload your images to a secure location and hide what you were doing." What the hell happened to America, when we have to think of things like that?

    I've mentioned before, over the last couple-few years, Boeing and unions and Directive 10-289. (Yes I have read the actual book.) Comes now: "In effect, rather than the union looking out for the well being of its membership, the membership is looking out for the well being of the union...."

    The EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know....

    WorldSuckage Fatigue.

    In Lighter News

    Here's some credible data on Staples and whether they post WHITES ONLY NO JEWS ALLOWED NO GUNS signs.

    Quote o' the Day, just 'cause: "...[T]he dreaded yet inevitable misery of human interaction." Which is another reason I stick with the low-paying dead-end courier job rather than seek to reenter the computer or electronics fields I used to be in. Slap the mask on for thirty seconds, get a "Signature and printed name right there please", then get back in the car and snarl at the universe like normal.

    3810 Friday, 22 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Dancing in blood, on schedule. Not to mention suppressing dissent. Which their bumper stickers say is patriotic...?

    -You know it wouldn't surprise me if their Party - which is being hurt badly by Obamacare - would martyr their own, on the anniversary. Except do any of them know how to shoot? (Well of course they'd hire someone....)

    And as if on cue. Here's something I guarantee: If the racist-in-chief ends up a case-study in terminal ballistics, it won't be one of us who released the sear.

    And they call us "racist".

    Blatant lies and epic hypocrisy. Dehumanizing a despised element of society is a precursor to genocide.

    Speaking of dehumanizing, they don't see us as human beings o' the Day.

    Really. They don't see us as human beings.

    “Please note, an indictment contains only allegations against an individual and, as with all defendants, [BATFE Seattle supervisor] James Contreras must be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.” A courtesy he and his kitten-stomping kind have extended to how many of their victims?

    Remember, peasant, work within the system....

    This system right here? "...Oregon received $245 million in federal money to build its online exchange, only to be processing 18,000 paper applications by hand three weeks into November." So where did that quarter-billion taxtheftbucks go?

    Or how about this system, where an innocent man's life can be destroyed for something the cops didn't find?

    Visual Aid o' the Day. But everything is our fault.

    Another Zumbo? After Metcalf was plastered all over the gunblogosphere for the last two weeks?

    In Lighter News

    Ground regained in Michigan! And another logo/link for my front and links pages when the other server finally gets restored. Worst case, I'll put everything here on the .NAME server, which I switched from because of GoDaddy's banner ads, but I've kept the domain maintained 'cause it's also my email account and is handy for file storage.

    Suddenly! the TRGG servers are responding again no I don't know why. Posting this there as well as .NAME, just in case. (SMLE Fan, if there is a backup you can perform on your FaceBlogTwitBook, now would seem to be the time.)

    3811 Saturday, 23 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    When I say BURN THE SCHOOLS this is what I mean.

    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    Obamacare is totally, completely, unquestionably and irrevocably owned by Obama and the Democrat Party. Our Side bears no responsibility for its catastrophic failure and the millions-so-far of Americans whose insurance has been cancelled because of it; to the contrary, we warned them, for three solid years, this very thing would happen. But they still REALLY BELIEVE it's all our fault.

    Kent State will look like a fender-bender. And the Other Side will still blame us and give the real murderers more power and weapons.

    This here is another reason I stick with the low-paying dead-end courier job. It often involves hiking, with a pack. And besides, "money" won't be "worth" anything for much longer.

    If you're not terrified you are not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire, which I reviewed upon receiving my kickstarted DVD, is now more widely available.

    February uppityness in Maryland.

    In my fictional utopia I postulate growing replacement organs. JUST ABOUT THERE.

    On library disc last night, I finally watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. They tried to recapture the WIN of STII:TWoK but, in my opinion, failed. Not taking itself seriously enough. More CGI and stunts, less story, and I had the Admiral's agenda pegged no more than halfway through the film (which plotline bears more than a little resemblance to STVI:TUC). And what's-his-name, he's good at Sherlock but he is not Khan.

    Finished Treecat Wars, which didn't suck but I skimmed over a lot of the teen-angsty bits. Remember this is set several centuries before the current Honorverse, which has been running for at least a couple in-story decades. Resuming the recent Baen reissue of Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon.

    Speaking of The Prophet, I thought voting had ended?

    Speaking of books, Max Velocity's Patriot Dawn will be free on Amazon Kindle presently. There is a free Kindle application for Windows and I actually do have it working on AwesomeBox and I'm sure someone somewhere has ways to remove DRM and convert .AZW to .PDF.

    This site seems to be back. I drove out to Yuri Orlov's meatspace place this morning and he's not dead, but was unaware and promised to investigate. SMLE Fan and I have offered to take over payments on the account if he can provide us with the necessary information. I am therefore restoring the automatic redirect at the .NAME server, but if this place goes down again, check there.

    3812 Sunday, 24 November 2013:

    The World Sucks


    Visual Aid o' the Day. And they really believe it's our fault.

    Not unrelated (read the caption on that mallet): the media is trying to kill you.

    But we're supposed to trust our lives to these "people"? We really need to start hanging cops. In the name of justice and public safety.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom while it lasts - new chatroom.

    $igh. Just... $igh. Actually a poor turnout of vendors, several empty tables, and this show is more exhibition than marketplace. Actually didn't spend any money today. Gouging on powder, primers, and decade-old .22LR continues.

    3813 Monday, 25 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Remember, peasant, "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear!"


    It is time and past time for NRA to make their position clear. How about we-all make ours clear?

    Astute Observation o' 197 Years Ago: "To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father's has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, 1816

    But that is what we have now.

    For example: "When someone has an addiction, to say, drugs, a threat to their access to that drug may very well seem like a threat to their survival." And what is government addicted to? ROBBING PEACEABLE CITIZENS AT GUNPOINT.

    I had to facepalm this one for a minute before I could type again: "The Internal Revenue Service’s Section 501 goes into effect under Obamacare. The provision stipulates new financial penalties for charitable, tax-exempt hospitals that treat uninsured poor Americans." And they STILL think it's OUR fault.


    "Oh you're just paranoid! The government is not going to send enforcers door-to-door looking for trivial little things to punish you for!" "Last week, the San Francisco suburb [of San Rafael] made active a smoking ban that officials say is the strictest in the country, prohibiting smoking cigarettes in your own home." Because that Fourth Amendment thingy is just silly!

    And who enforces this ban?

  • "...Phoenix police officer who was arrested more than a year ago and is now in jail awaiting trial for his role in the abuse of both children."
  • "Durham (NC) Police have been involved in three shooting deaths recently, with the most recent one, the in-custody death of [a] 17-year-old in the back of a squad car...."
  • "27 corrections officers are under investigation for either assisting the gang or outright being members."
  • 'Citizens in Wisconsin are being asked to support a petition to "demand independent review of police-involved deaths."'
  • San Antonio Cop Accused of Raping 19-Year-Old During Traffic Stop - "Even more horrifying, this is the third accusation of sexual misconduct against Neal." His "Brothers in Blue" knew and did nothing. Because they are all the same.

    Tucson Tom sends, living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold starvation because farming has been outlawed.

    No, really. It's not paranoia if...

    ...they really don't see us as human beings...

    ...and they really are openly talking about exterminating an entire race.

    From Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon: "The whole principle is wrong; it's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't eat steak." And there's a lot of that going around these days.

    In Lighter News

    3814 Tuesday, 26 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    NSSF feeds the crocodile.

    As for school "safety", they don't trust us to defend ourselves and they won't show up in time to make a difference. What are we paying for here? Why do we even have police if the only thing they're good at is robbing us at gunpoint?

    This. This is what we're paying for.

    Remember, peasant, work within the system whose rules change at every ideological whim.

    Old Media is trying to kill you.

    And they're ignorant lying bigots. Fer poop's sake I shoot 3-Gun competition with, you know, three guns. Carrying more than 100 rounds on my belt.

    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    But they call us bigots.

    Real space enthusiasts hate NASA....

    Government claims absolute power over your children. We've seen that kind of thing before.

    "Oh you're just paranoid! No one will use registration lists to go door-to-door taking guns away from people who haven't hurt anyone!"

    If you're not preparing you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News


    Robb Allen scores a direct hit.

    Prohibition FAIL

    Room-temperature superconductors often appear in science fiction. Working on it.

    3815 Wednesday, 27 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    'And NRA still gives them an “A”?'

    “If, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so.” But he's not a dictator? It's not paranoia if he really was "invited on-stage by the White House specifically because he was an Obama-supporting illegal immigrant, and... Obama not only let him go unpunished but then repeatedly used the outburst as a reference point in his scripted speech...."

    Visual Aid o' the Season.

    (Speaking of brainwashing....)

    Government Makes Everything
    Worse Forever

    "...[L]eaving that determination up to police."
    Really? These police right here? I've called them professional sadists AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. If they weren't ALL like that THEY'D BE SHOOTING EACH OTHER.

    "Oh you're just paranoid! No one will use police-state tactics against political opponents here in America!"

    If you're not depressed you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Once in a while, a Republican actually tries to limit government. But that's not the way to bet.

    Progress in Texas?

    3816 Thursday, 28 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea posts his traditional condemnation of modern American weakness.

    George W. Bush Intimidates Hollywood, Demands Censorship! OH. WAIT.

    "You will be told to go home and die."

    I'd've given up on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. by now if I were paying to watch it (and if I weren't a recovering comicoholic). Last week was eee-vill gun ancient-Asgardian-staff rays, this week it's half-hearted Christian-(or at least church-)bashing and shooting innocent people in the back and kidnapping them. It's a cop show and there is no such thing as a good cop.

    In Lighter News

    On this Thanksgiving Day, I'm thankful I was born in the United States of America, the last place in the world where people can even pretend to be free.

    Why we read Heinlein, from "Requiem", originally published January 1940: "It's neither your business, nor the business of this blasted paternalistic government, to tell a man not to risk his life doing what he really wants to do."


    3817 Friday, 29 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    To whom does one appeal when the government breaks the law?


    I could go the whole rest of my life without ever watching, listening to, reading about, or otherwise taking notice of another game of football. Also: "I wonder how many gun owners will be participating in Super Bowl parties?"

    It's not paranoia if the government really is using an IRS audit to punish and intimidate a cancer patient who spoke out against the government "health" "care" plan that is dooming him to a slow and agonizing death.


    Serial rapists with badges. -And I won't be taking any road trips to New Mexico, ya know?

    'It all boils down to "Obey or be destroyed."'

    In Lighter News

    Who's domesticating whom? Yeah we know.

    Finished the latest (there have been others) Baen reissue of Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon. Skipped over the horror-story Orphans of the Sky but the afterword by Mark L. van Name, author of the Jon & Lobo series, was worthwhile. Beginning 1636: The Devil's Opera by Eric Flint & David Carrico.

    3818 Saturday, 30 November 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Inexcusably irresponsible ignorance.

    And they really believe it's our fault.

    Not long ago was a news item about a teachers' union defending a known child molester within their ranks. Comes now word of the largest such accusing us of being pedophiles. Anything a leftist, a Democrat, a union thug, or an EBT-swiping Obama-voter accuses anyone else of doing is something they are doing themselves.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Note: A couple years ago, when I was hosting a pair of summer kittehs, I declared a beef variety of canned Friskies to be the Best Cat Fud Evar based on observations of its reception. 9 Lives Chicken & Tuna Dinner, on the other hand... makes FluffyTux eat his kibble. $igh.... (9 Lives "Shredded With Real Turkey in Gravy" was better received. Perhaps it's the texture...?)

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