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3758 Tuesday, 1 October 2013:

The World Sucks

Shambling Wrecktm lost a headlight this morning. I went to Bi-Mart to get a replacement... and forgot to. What I did buy was a $48 pair of boots. Work boots, not hiking, and considerably heavier than the ragged scraps of soft-hikers I put on this morning. Anyway to break them in I hiked a dozen-odd blocks to the nearest auto-parts store, then bought the replacement headlight, and hiked back.

In the rain and wind which has been going since, like, Thursday.

"Good Training."

And then the brand-new in-the-box replacement headlight doesn't work either. (I should be used to such things by now....) Swap the other old light to the bad side and it does work, and the new one doesn't on the good side. Drive back to the store- simple exchange. Test in the parking lot- okay.

But That's How My World Works.

Project Gunwalker....

Still trying to lynch George Zimmerman.

Government Makes Everything Worse Forever.

Visual Aids o' the Day. 90-year-old heroes mass-tasered in 3, 2, 1....

"We don’t have a drug problem. We have a Government problem." And, "You think Afghanistan and Syria are stupid wars for us to be involved in? Look at the one on our own soil!"



So the other day I linked to a proposed Marine Corps policy to arm officers and NCOs regularly. There may be some suckage in that after all.

Private charity blows government's doors off, every time. Naturally government wants to kill it.

The GOP is already dead.

It's not paranoia if everyone really is out to get you. Got an NRA decal on your car? Yer gonna get SWATted by the commie bigot next door. You know the one, with the "I [heart] the First Amemdment" sticker on her Prius.

They hate us and want us to be murdered, Chapter MMMDCCLVIII. What other explanation fits the available evidence? And note the scan of the newspaper article at the JPFO link - "Do not make sudden movements or question law enforcement." "...[W]itnesses should stay in the area until they are officially released." They treat victims like villains and they think they're the good guys. 'A society that prohibits decent people from standing their ground, a society in which they must retreat from predatory thugs, is a society in which the thugs rule, where bullying and intimidation are legally protected "rights," to be enforced by the government's own bullying thugs. Americans must not shrink from standing their ground against all such creatures, in government and out.'

The invention of police was one of the greatest mistakes in human history.

In Lighter News

Remember after SpaceShipOne's X-Prize-winning suborbital flight, someone among the spectators had a sign saying "SPACESHIPONE - GOVERNMENT ZERO" and the test pilot saw it and had it brought up to him? Yeah. Like that. Government is the reason we don't have flying cars and robot butlers and hotel-casino-resorts on Luna. Good things happen when government gets out of the way.

NICS not victim of shutdown. Well, I intend to never fill out another Form 4473 anyway....

Israeli-converted K98s. Poetical. I held one in my hands a couple years ago.

I'm eagerly awaiting Tom Kratman's next... anything. One of his series is a contemporary action-adventure thing, about a mercenary regiment created and led by retired military from the US and elsewhere. Apparently, while researching it, Kratman contemplated field-expedient training ranges, and Michael G. sends. -I have never served in the military; the spit-and-polish, yes-sir-no-sir, I am not wired for. But I do know some things about the military, and I feel compelled to note that the abovementioned Commandant of the Marine Corps does not have the Combat Action Ribbon, while one of my favorite science-fiction/adventure authors does have the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Ranger tab.

Meanwhile, I have finished Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky, first of at least four. My standard for a "Good Book" is Wanting to Find Out What Happens Next, and by that standard this was a Very Good Book. Resuming Williamson's Tour of Duty.

3759 Wednesday, 2 October 2013:

The World Sucks

Regular work day with the $48 boots. No actual blisters, but some sore spots after a couple-mile hike-with-pack. Nowhere near military requirements but I expect I'll be able to outpace the EBT-swipers. And the feet are getting toughened more.

“Despite OFCC addressing council and telling them what they were about to do was illegal they proceeded anyway....” Remember, peasant, work within the system!

Still trying to start a bloody civil war. I know people who seem to think all the bloodshed will be our fault because we won't meekly surrender to their racist messiah's genocidal dictates. Do they also think the Jews had it coming?

"War on Women".

More discrimination on the way?

If Obamacare is soooo wonderful, why is everyone behind it exempt from it? -Snark o' the Day: "As far as we know, the White House Kwanzaa celebration will still be held, and will include the First Family's festive ceremonial lighting of George Zimmerman."

Not unrelated, Their Minds Don't Work Right o' the Day. The EBT-swiping Obama-voters DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

Holy crap Tom Clancy just died? -I never finished Dead or Alive because my evolving libertarianism balked at Yet Another Gang of Only Ones, but I read a lot of his books before then, and he pretty much created the genre Ringo (Ghost) and Kratman (M-Day) and others are writing in now. -It should also be noted (FWIW) that Clancy did a full-page "I'm the NRA" ad.

"Oh you're just paranoid! Police would never seize firearms from innocent citizens who had done nothing wrong!"

And they think they're the good guys.


In Lighter News

Whoa. Pr0n.

Also finished Williamson's Tour of Duty, skimming over the essays and miscellany at the end. Much was entertaining - I like "The Humans Call it Duty" - and much else was at least amusing. Beginning Flint & Spoor's Portal, sequel to Boundary and Threshold.

The August and September 1963 issues of Guns magazine are archived.

3760 Thursday, 3 October 2013:

The World Sucks

WTF now all those autoplay embedded videos are muted so I can't tell when one in some tab or other is sucking my rationed bandwidth.

Another regular day with the boots. Because prepare.

And just yesterday I mentioned Tom Clancy's NRA affiliation.

It's not paranoia when everyone really is out to get us.

"Modest" "common-sense" anti-self-defense measures? I'm reminded of the scene in Schindler's List where the Jews are being evicted from their homes and sent to the ghetto, saying to each other, "It can't get any worse."

Michael G. sends, "All that matters is the president wants to coerce people under Obamacare, so no one has a right to object." (And what ever happened to "We have a right to debate and disagree"?) It's not about "safety", it's not about "health", and it's certainly not about our "protection". It never has been.

  • "...American citizens are either hiding from or protecting themselves from agents of our government, even though they have done nothing wrong."
  • They like to hurt things. That's why they become cops.
  • "...[I]n conformance with Department policy and established law-enforcement protocols for use of force...."
    But they think they're the good guys.

  • “You do have to wonder about the wisdom of an organization that would use staff they don’t have the money to pay to evict visitors from a park site that operates without costing them any money.”
  • Government Will Shut Down Websites Even if It Costs More Than Keeping Them Up, Just to Show You Who Is Boss
  • Visual Aid o' the Day.
  • "No matter how cynical I get, I can’t keep up."
    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    In Lighter News


    WANT ...That's what they were live-testing parts of the other day.

    Searching the library website to fill the one precious slot in my hold queue, I also think to search the Baen site so I know what to look for, where I discover there will be another volume in David Drake's extra-tasty Leary-Mundy series: The Sea Without a Shore. Which of course the library doesn't have yet, likewise Correia and Kupari's Swords of Exodus. They do have, or at least have ordered, Kratman's Come and Take Them. Much more of this and I'm'a hafta start buying ebooks.

    3761 Friday, 4 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Ow bruised heels

    Lies and bigotry in Ohio. -I can't recall if anyone ever answered my question: Who invented this "duty to retreat" nonsense?

    Also, bigotry and lies abroad.

    Speaking of bigotry.

    It's not paranoia if they really are suppressing political dissent. But I thought "DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC"?

    I keep telling you it's not paranoia if they really are calling for our mass murder.

    And they call us "Nazis".

    It's still Suckage because it never should have happened: "The student and family received an apology and assurance that training will be provided to staff so an incident like this does not occur again." Because they "[heart] the First Amendment" soooooo much.

  • "...[F]unny how NPR is still running since the federal money spigot was turned off. I guess they don't need the money and can run on their own."
  • This would be funnier if I didn't know people who really do think like that.
  • Visual Aids.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

  • "In fact they might BE among your assailants."
  • "But you don't mind doing it, do you, you bastard."

    In Lighter News


    SMLE Fan is supposed to have kitteh pics soon. Gonna need 'em.

    3762 Saturday, 5 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Again with the newspapers. Past time for turnabout. Expose the bigots and their sponsors.

    Their Minds Don't Work Right - and never will.

    And they call us "racist" - and always will.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters do not want to know.

    Not that the Dead Elephant Party is displaying any functional difference.

    Because Only bureaucrats can give you true evil.

    GANGS OF VIOLENT SOCIOPATHS WITH BADGES. We need to start HANGING them. Comment: "Perhaps bikers should be more selective in their associations while they still have a good name!"

    ("99.999 percent of all cops give that other guy a bad name.")

    Likewise, no way to tell if this is true, but it sounds plausible. On multiple levels. It's never been about "safety".

    In Lighter News

    Looks like RHJunior is doing a webcomic adaptation of The Cold Equations.

    A recent comment to BFT#3 inspired me to make a video describing how to make your own automatic bolt release for the Ruger 10/22.

    I told you, There is no non-evil reason to deny the right or the means of self-defense. But who outside the choir will be convinced by reason and logic?

    Which segues to, this almost belongs in Suckage: Watched Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire. The production values, that is the technical quality of the work, leave nothing to be desired, and the content is informative, reasoned, backed up with facts and logic - and therefore totally ineffective against the enemy who WILL NOT open their minds to it if we held their eyelids open with little hooks like A Clockwork Orange. Which is the kind of thing they fantasize of doing to us. -The recap of the Katrina atrocities (no mention of the Danziger Bridge murders) and the abandonment of LA during the Rodney King riots are infuriating. Never trust a cop of any kind - and get out of the cities. Closing comments by narrator Ice T: "Do we abandon our natural rights for a promise of safety the government can't or won't provide...? ...If we surrender one, we surrender them all." -Also the documentary states it was Reagan who ended open carry in California after an armed march by the Black Panthers. >:-[


    3763 Sunday, 6 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    You may remember the story of Brian Aitken, victim of New Jersey fascism, kidnapping, and armed robbery. Buy his book. Also interviewed in the first hour of the show.

    There's a reason I've started calling Heinlein the Prophet.

    Gerber Knives licks the boot?

    Get your "money" out of the banks and your assets out of "money", Chapter MMMDCCLXIII.

    Visual Aid o' the Day. Who are the bad guys here?

    Who indeed?

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom I guess.

    Scienty-fictiony brain-computer interfaces? Working on it.

    Finally excavating the Load Master and making .45ACP for the 3-Gun match at month's end, this batch with two coats of Lee Liquid Alox on the cast bullets - then tediously repacking my cartridge boxes to alternate those with the one-coat batch which caused leading and keyholing. A replacement barrel for my 1911 is still not out of the question, except financially of course.

    3764 Monday, 7 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    I was never a football fan to begin with, less so now they've declared themselves bigots.

    "...[R]emember that they hate and despise us, and would rather see us killed...."

    "Justice" Department shuts down Amber Alert system. (Later, after someone noticed, they pretend it never happened.) ...I had to sit at my keyboard for a couple minutes double-facepalming. They have "money" to spare to erect and enforce Barrycades on open-air national monuments, they have "money" to spare to kick people out of their private homes, they have "money" to spare to send brand-new military airplanes straight into mothballs, but they don't have "money" to shove electrons around to help find missing children. THE COUNTRY IS BEING RUN BY SOCIOPATHS WHO CALL THE SANE PEOPLE CRAZY AND BLAME US FOR EVERYTHING THEY ARE DOING.

    And the Obama-voters keep swiping their EBTs as though they will never stop working.

    And no one is being allowed to know any different.

    Gods dammit I'm not ready for the zombie socio-economic apocalypse.

    OTOH if it does start I won't have to worry about "paying" for stuff anymore....

    Michael G. sends. A hymn before battle?


    I keep telling you the "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.


    In Lighter News


    3765 Tuesday, 8 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    Lies and lawbreaking in Ohio. Codrea digs. See also.

    "...[T]he argument that you and I should have less access to the palladium of liberty."

    They have "money" to kidnap and rob people who have harmed no one. But of course that's self-funding - plant a baggie, lie on the stand, steal everything the victim owns, electrocute him if he objects, murder him if he resists, get paid vacation and a medal for "bravery" for shooting a puppy and zip-tying a 5-year-old.

    Didn't I just say? "The default position is dead until proven innocent -- execute first, find out later."

    (They don't have "money" to help find missing children but they have "money" for this?)

    Wait- truckers plan to rally in support of the very same sadistic perverts who will taser them to death on a whim?

    The same thugs who harrass and intimidate senior citizens.

    Because they like to hurt people.

    And they still think they're the good guys.

    "...[T]he most spiteful, petty and vindictive presidential administration in history."

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    Another view, and a highly credible one I should think, of the new Marine Corps barracks policies.

    One advantage to the ideological purge and politically-correct wussification of the United States Military: Come the inevitable Bloody Civil War, everyone who knows how to fight will be on our side... and the Regime will be stuck with the dregs.

    In Lighter News

    I'm calling this Lighter for a different reason from the obvious: "...[H]e was relying on immediate subservience simply because he had a gun. When that failed, he panicked and went into full HOLY S**T mode." LET'S SEE IF THAT WORKS ON THE SADISTIC PERVERTS IN UNIFORM. They have never faced a victim who can really fight back. They have never faced an opponent with a real plan. They have been hunting the innocent for so long they have no idea what it is like to BE hunted for THEIR crimes.


    3766 Wednesday, 9 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Enemy action in Vermont.

    "Kenya has every gun law Gross advocates... and more, and those laws simply provided the killers with 67 soft targets." There can be no claim of innocence. They can't not know the blood of thousands of innocent human beings is on their hands.

    Likewise, outlawing the most basic natural human right in Florida.

    I linked-in-passing to this story before, but now: "New York librarian fired after speaking up for child who read too much." Shall I count the reasons to BURN THE SCHOOLS



    I keep telling you government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care.

    "...[S]hocking willingness to bend the rules for partisan and ideological purposes. Well, duh."

    When I saw this item my first thought was Lighter News, because backlash and countermeasures. But my second thought was Suckage because DEADLY SWAT RAID ON UNIVERSITY CAMPUS IN 3, 2, 1....

  • Sadistic perverts with badges.
  • They like to hurt people.
  • That's why they become cops.


    In Lighter News

    'In my perfect world, “law-abiding citizen” would be at least a mild insult.' MINE TOO

    "Everyone who can't fly, get on the dinosaur." BWAAHAHAHAAAA

    3767 Thursday, 10 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    A legal system, not a justice system....

    More action in Vermont. Not Lighter because the enemy will never stop.

    I keep telling you, they hate us and want us to die and they don't recognize us as human beings.

    These people would be perfectly okay with Our Kind being rounded up for "relocation in the east".

    They are trying to start a bloody civil war.

    A while back I linked an image of a flag and a camera. EuroReader M. sends another symbol of the times.

    Because it's not paranoia. Linux is looking better all the time. When M$ finally stops supporting XP I think I'll make the jump. Especially since I discovered Windows emulators which at least theoretically allow high-end Windows apps and games to function - and the Linux community is constantly improving same.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters do not want to know.

    While claiming, very loudly, to [heart] the First Amendment.

    "The worst part is that I am actually the customer. It’s my damn taxes going to buy this crap. If you test My Little Pony Adventures and it crashes at every turn and they ship anyways, at least you are not legally forced to buy it after it ships." Visual Aids.

    When I say, next to my PayPal button, HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS HORRIBLE PLACE, this is what I mean. (I, too, used to spend money and time at Powell's City of Books. I still drive, or hike, right past it a couple-three times every week. Haven't gone inside for years. It's enemy territory now.)


    IS A


    In Lighter News

    Help the troops.

    Scienty-fictiony lifespan extension? Working on it.

    3768 Friday, 11 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Actionable malpractice in Connecticut. Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM!


    It's not paranoia if Islamic terrorists really have infiltrated HomeSec. Again.

    It's not paranoia if Big Brother really is watching. Private sale. Whenever possible. And pay cash for ammunition.

    Michael G. sends dying of the common cold at age 40. "Of course the researchers claiming that are undoubtedly too important to the welfare of the world to do it themselves."

    And, "...SPLC also has a history of lumping together truly hateful groups with groups it finds offensive, vilifying the latter in an attempt to curtail free debate." And how many of their operatives have that "I [heart] the First Amendment" sticker on their cars?

    "Lining up to be a hot lunch," Chapter MMMDCCLXVIII.

    Up yours, Fudd. You can't say we didn't warn you.

    "...[A]n inability to imagine human society without the state."

    "The thing about playing Chicken is, both drivers get into the contest assuming that the other doesn’t actually want a head-on collision."


    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

  • Police still looking for AR15 rifle stolen from officer's car. "Unsecured and in plain view on the back seat." But they don't trust us.
  • You cannot make this stuff up.
  • A six foot tall, three hundred pound Probation Officer shot and killed a twelve pound Jack Russell terrier... because he was in fear of his life. Will he be getting a medal for "bravery"?
  • Cops tell volunteer to stop mowing veterans' lawns. And they think they're heroes.
  • What kind of "hero" ELECTROCUTES AN 8-YEAR-OLD GIRL?
  • No prosecution for the third-world-style death squad that murdered Lance Corporal Jose Guerena.
  • "Does the Park Service think we're going to forget...?"
  • Who are police at war with?
  • And they treat us like criminals.


    In Lighter News

    Sometimes the system works. But that's not the way to bet.


    3769 Saturday, 12 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker.... "The higher-ups sided with the Phoenix decision to withhold the information from Mexican authorities." Any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed. And how is deliberately arming vicious criminal gangs in a foreign nation not an act of war?

    "President Obama and his enforcers have the same concept of the royal forest that King John did." "...[T]hese uniformed hacks deserve our utter contempt for their blind obeying of illegal orders." "QUESTION: Under the conditions set forth in The Declaration of Independence, is the government of The United States still legitimate?"

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters thought it was a good idea. And how many years did they have to get the damn thing working?

    Speaking of EBT OH HOLY F***. I've been warning you, if that spreads "Eat the Rich" won't be just a figure of speech anymore.

    "The intention clearly was to intimidate people from entering the memorial area." Because that's what cops are for.

    "You've been lied to, and police protection is anything but protection."


    In Lighter News

    PLANETS EVERYWHERE there can't not be someone on one of them we can talk with. There can't not be one somewhere we can walk around on without a suit.

    Perhaps not truly Lighter when one sees life imitating art, but Bracken's Enemies trilogy will be free on Kindle for a limited time.

    $IGH. $o much $tuff I wanted to take home with me - like a 4" pre-Zit M629, $750. Still some gouging on primers and powder, though other tables were asking $30/brick for not-very-old primers and that's below current local retail when they have any. Factory centerfire ammunition prices are still not "normal" and probably won't be, but show prices weren't too outrageous, except .22LR which is still ridiculous.

    A few days ago I saw notice that IceArms is offering three new barrels for the AR, 18" with 1:8" twist, stainless or not and different contours, $209 each. Unfortunately they all link the same photos. Fortunately the one they do link shows M4 feed ramps on the barrel extension (if it's not a generic image from a whole different product), to match the cuts on my stripped upper for the $omeday $pecial Upper for Precious. Hmm. -Precious, as she stands now, is complete and functional as a fighting carbine, though I really want that Windham gas block, and I'm waiting for the Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock in the correct color and diameter to become available. (I think it was, for about seven minutes, a couple months ago....) Once you have an AR lower you can have a bazillionty different uppers from .17 ShrewSlayer to .50 GodBlessAmerica. My second upper, as I presently visualize it, would be a fast-twist, probably heavy, 20" or longer barrel of good quality, and perhaps a low-profile gas block and free-float tube, though some features are still in flux in my mind and a Magpul MOE handguard would look awsumm.

    Srsly I want that Windham gas block. Or two. Anyone?

    But I'm broke anyway. :(

    3770 Sunday, 13 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Their Minds Don't Work Right, Chapter MMMDCCLXX. But they call themselves "tolerant" and "inclusive" while forcing their delusions and bigotry down our throats at the point of a government gun.

    And they call us "racist".

    RESISTANCE to DISCRIMINATION and TYRANNY. -But not Lighter because I'm waiting for the tasers and nightsticks to come out against 90-year-old wheelchair-bound American heroes.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters will think those bloodthirsty white warmongers had it coming BECAUSE THEIR GLORIOUS LEADER SAID SO.

    The approaching Labor Revolution could be a bad thing. ...I can visualize my job being replaced by a robot. The GPS device in Shambling Wrecktm, bought used for $50 at an electronic-junk store, already does a significant fraction of it.

    Now connect that dot to "...[I]t’s a rational economic decision to remain unemployed, on purpose."

    And then what happens?

    The next time you see someone with a pin or sticker saying "I [heart] Obamacare", SMACK 'EM.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom I guess.

    SMLE Fan finally posts the kitteh pics! MOAR KITTEH PICS!

    3771 Monday, 14 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    The Battle of Vermont. Remember your Churchill. Smash the enemy now, before they crush you.

    Aaaaand lies. Which the EBT-swiping Obama-voters swallow whole.

    Anyone with an EBT card can be presumed crooked until proven needy. I know one man in the latter category. Just one.


    Stossel: "If the public starts noticing that life goes on as usual without all 3.4 million federal workers, we might get dangerous ideas, like doing without so much government." AND WE JUST CAN'T HAVE THAT

  • "...[T]hey were more afraid that letting people see the underlying cost of Obamacare’s insurance plans would scare people away."
  • "...[E]ven the left is beginning to realize that lying and covering for Obamacare isn’t going to change the provisions...."
  • 'Here's his senior adviser throwing out words like "economic traitors" against those who oppose his policies.' Public guillotine on the National Mall in 3, 2, 1....

    Remember that scene in V for Vendetta where the Fingerman shoots the little girl (in the back like Erik B. Scott or Oscar Grant) for the "crime" of wearing a Guy Fawkes mask? I am expecting that to happen any day now.

  • "The people giving the orders look like tyrants. The people carrying them out look like thugs."
  • "What kind of leader wants a military more loyal to himself than to the rule of law? And why?" I've a pretty good idea.
  • "Becoming a bigger threat than the one you’re supposed to be on guard against. Great plan there, Sparky."
  • "So they're luring dangerous criminals into their towns" to justify more overtime pay? "Protect and Serve" who? From what?
  • Sadistic perverts with badges. We have seen exactly that type before. "...[V]isibly pleased by the terror her presence inspired...."
  • But they don't trust us.

    I bet the Einsatzgruppen thought they were the good guys too.

    In Lighter News

    Repeating, Bracken's Enemies trilogy will be free online over the next three weekends.

    FABBERS!!1! And of course Prohibition FAIL

    KITTEHS!1!! Since Hooky moved away others have been encroaching on his former territory. I saw two tux kittehs on the hovel grounds this afternoon, and a cowkitteh across the street. Need more kibble to lure them into my clutches cuddles....

    3772 Tuesday, 15 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Their Minds Don't Work Right. But we knew that.

    Michael G. sends projection. And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't know there is an opposing view.

    Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanour battery against women. No wonder THEY don't want US able to DEFEND OURSELVES.

    Boycott Staples? Well let's give them a chance to respond first.


    Because they [heart] the First Amendment. Soooo much.

    SINK THE ISLAND - and any cop who tries to be honest is driven out and destroyed.

    Speaking of the kinds of people who claim authority over us:

  • Obamacare navigator has shady financial history, outstanding arrest warrant.
  • 'If the “Affordable Care Act” truly did make health insurance more affordable, there would be no need to hide these prices from the public.'
  • "It’s almost like the whole thing has been based on lies, for years."
  • "That our current state of affairs is making Atlas Shrugged look more like a ‘best case scenario’ is depressing, to say the least."


  • Violent drunken sociopaths with badges. One begins to wonder if there is any other kind.
  • "The claim of just following orders rings hollow." And it won't keep you from the gallows. Whether it's an International Somethingorother or a People's Court.

    Yet another reason to never fill out another Form 4473: "...[E]ven the ATF has told dealers it is legal to purchase a firearm for another person...." "Countless lawful transfers could suddenly become the target of felony allegations...." If you know how to shop you can get even ARs in private sale, without de facto registration - legally even. (Well, for the present value of "legal", which isn't worth much when "law" is whatever some thug with a badge says it is.) (Or just join a Mexican drug cartel and The Great Obama will give them to you for free.) (Or there's this method too. Any day now.) Once you have the lower receiver the rest is like Lego. The Almighty Internets have detailed technical instructions.

    And why would you want an AR? Well it's getting kinda late now innit, but I've asked in these pages several times, What happens when the EBT cards stop working? We might be about to find out.

    In Lighter News

    Some have criticized Oath Keepers, for... "reasons" I guess, but they are putting skin in the game.

    Another reason to move to Wyoming:

    Did anyone ever make a carbine upper to accept a P35 (Browning Hi-Power) lower, or at least a carbine that accepted the same magazines? I once read Mech-Tech was going to, years ago, but they never did as far as I can tell.

    Just yesterday SMLE Fan posted FABBERS!!1!. I already knew laser sintering exists, though I wonder about strength. Could one 3D-print, with available technology, an AR gas block, for example, that would hold up to extended use? Maybe so. (Also FUSION!1!!)

    MU-WA-HA-HA the kittehs have eaten the food I left out my plan is working!

    3773 Wednesday, 16 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Yet again with the "smart" guns. I refuse to accept a government kill-switch on my natural human right to self-defense.

    Because I keep telling you they hate us and want us to die. In so many of their own words. These are the historically-proven precursors to genocide.

    Connect that dot to this. It has been established that there are no orders they would not obey.

    Not unrelated, war on homeschooling. Door-kicking puppy shooters for the "crime" of teaching your own children to read and write without some agenda-driven bureaucrat bigot's permission.

    Remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM!

    "When Nouria [parent company of Shell gas stations] forbids an employee [or customer] from protecting himself, are they also accepting a duty to protect his life and safety?" NOPE

    Michael G. sends "The people we elect to represent us come to believe that they are there to rule us...." That's supposed to be Lighter perhaps, resistance and backlash, but I fear we're past the tipping point. The takers outnumber, and outvote, the makers. I postulated, "The last of the productive class was effectively enslaved to prop up the non-workers, whose 'votes' kept the regime in power." I'm sure they'll call it something else.

    Example: "Private charities are pretty good at separating real victims from malingerers. But government is not."

    Because Government Makes Everything Worse Forever.


    In Lighter News

    Not sure if Lighter, considering recent developments, but Col. Tom Kratman essay on military training. He should, like, know.

    FABBERS - and paradigm traps. Hmm. Though eventually the technology will evolve to a point where you can 3D-print a fully-functional and dimensionally-correct M2HB.

    True scienty-fictiony artificial intelligence? Working on it - implications and all.

    3774 Thursday, 17 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    DEATH TO WHISTLEBLOWERS! And, any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed.

    More on NFA Trusts.

    A legal system, not a justice system.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Meanwhile in Illinois, '...[R]efusing to be a victim, and thus carrying the means to avoid becoming one, would leave a judge with no choice but to toss the "offender" in a cage--for years.' And they think they're the good guys.

    Meanwhile in Wisconsin, special rights for sociopaths and none for their employers.

    There is no order they would not obey.

    Saw this on the demotivationals today:

    I am expecting that to happen any day now.



    And the Republicans surrender. "Money" isn't going to be worth much for much longer, once the rest of the world catches on. Get your assets out of it.

    "...[T]he program’s useful idiot defenders won’t allow reality to intrude on their fantasies." "But what I can see clearly is that it’s working(!) just the way they wanted it to." And Burns tells Smithers to "hop in".

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters really believe it's all our fault.

    Not unrelated, since so many of the "tolerant, inclusive" people are also antisemitic, "...[T]he differences between the regimes’ propaganda and reality in the region."

    Richard Branson is by no means some kind of libertarian hero for pioneering commercial spaceflight. (Also he hates us and wants us to die.)

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition Will FAIL (Deadly SWAT raid on shop department in 3, 2, 1....)

    Still not sure if Lighter: Uppity in San Antonio. I strongly recommend live off-site transmission, as the enemy has a history of destroying evidence of their crimes. By which I mean stomping on cameras and electrocuting, or simply murdering, photographers.

    JPFO is raffling a Remington R1 1911, and has new activism posters.

    Finished Flint & Spoor's Portal, which probably ends the Bemmie trilogy. Sometimes melodramatic, sometimes Weber-esque in dialogue, but I still couldn't stop reading. Good story, happy ending. There's a bonus, potentially spoiler, here. Beginning the Baen reissue of Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon (a collection of six shorts, introduced by John W. Campbell and prefaced by Heinlein himself), with Orphans of the Sky which I don't intend to re-read 'cause it creeps me out and reminds me too much of what's happening in the world today (see above, that bit about Burns and Smithers - and if you can find it, Harlan Ellison's original Starlost and the IDW comic Phoenix Without Ashes - or easier to find, Flint & Freer's Slow Train to Arcturus). There is a chart, in the front, of The Prophet's Future History, which these two stories somewhat book-end. I think I've read all that was published.

    3775 Friday, 18 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    WoGged again. What happens when someone with a spine sees one of these "fake" terrorists and beats him to death with a chair in defense of self and others?

    Speaking of schools, BURN THEM

    Mental health reform? That's not going to work either - and who defines? "If you don't worship our Glorious Leader you're CRAZY!"

    "Use your imagination and figure out what else will go wrong with this thing." Besides the government kill-switch on the natural human right of self-defense.

    The EBT-swiping Obama-voters. If it rained gold coins every Monday morning, there would still be people begging for dinner every Tuesday evening - and when the magic cards stop working, all of us will be on the menu. There's your Zombie Apocalypse.

    But they call us "racist".

    So all the drama and demonization and jackbooted thugs threatening to electrocute 90-year-old American heroes for the "crime" of visiting their own memorial and the result is a paid vacation for bureaucratic parasites who have never worked a day in the real world in their lives.

  • It's not a joke anymore.
  • "...[F]urther blurring the line between lawbreakers and law enforcers." One begins to wonder if there ever was such a line.
  • There is no "law" they would not enforce.
  • There is no order they would not obey.
  • They are predators who view us as prey.

    In Lighter News


    Hofmann points out one slight and temporary benefit of the government shutdown.

    Whether it's Lighter depends entirely on which way it's pointing: A while back I linked some remote-operated weapon turrets, comparing them to the robot sentry guns from the extended version of Aliens. Now man-portable.

    Not-so-Random Awesome o' the Day: In this video of the Oath Keepers removing barrycades from the WWII Memorial, a particular veteran was interviewed and told a war story. This war story. And the man wants to jump again on DC. If science-fiction rejuvenation, like from Time Enough for Love or The Probability Broach or Ringo's Posleen series, ever becomes reality, that man goes to the head of the line.

    3776 Saturday, 19 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    As another gunblogger often says, Not anti-gun, anti-freedom. They hate us and want us to die.

    "Mainstream" media explained: "Clearly, you fear that your position will suffer if you can't cram it down people's throats."

    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    Mental "health" reform? Who defines? The problem is not "installing safeguards" or "checks and balances" or "external oversight" or "finding someone who can be trusted with the power" - THAT POWER SHOULD NOT EXIST. I would rather live in a world with crazy people in it, than a world where any government or organization has the power to sweep them away. (I would also rather live with the statistically negligible threat of terrorist attack, than in a world with the legally-enforced certainty of sexual-assault-in-uniform by TSA.)

    WHO DEFINES? Some delusional thug who thinks he's a "professional" "expert" because he fires fewer rounds for "qualification" in a year than I do for fun in a weekend?

    "It’s almost like earlier shutdowns of the [Blue Angels] and Thunderbirds were aimed more at making the public hurt than saving any money."

    The Island is Sinking.

    The mask slips....


    In Lighter News

    SMLE Fan covers all the points, but I'll repeat: Permits are Infringement no matter how Uppity in Rhode Island one gets. But still, increments. They've been doing it to us for generations. Our turn to carve off a slice.

    Info, images and reaction from the San Antonio Open Carry Rally. No massacre! (...Although, like Wilford Brimley's character in Crossfire Trail said, "Well hell... day ain't over yet.")

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom I guess.

    3777 Sunday, 20 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care. Like I've been telling you. Anyone wearing one of those "I [heart] Obamacare" stickers or pins can be presumed sociopathic.

    Also sends, the "laws" are wrong.

    And speaking of sociopaths, the enforcers are necessarily evil.

    Lining up to be a hot lunch, Chapter MMMDCCLXXVII.


    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    I postulated, "The last of the productive class was effectively enslaved to prop up the non-workers, whose 'votes' kept the regime in power." AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN: "Send Air Force One out to Silicon Valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them back to Washington and fix this problem." At gunpoint, Senator? Maybe you should stop along the way for some molasses.


    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom I guess. -Humorous byplay:

    MSM's take on the San Antonio rally. For what that's worth. Meanwhile, Vanderboegh's speech, which will probably be on the Tubes any minute, and he'll be interviewed this evening, about an hour after I post this. I don't have the bandwidth to stream but I'll grab a .MP3 with the laptop tomorrow-like.

    Prohibition FAIL - hey Eurod00d, weren't yer grandfolks making STENs in yer basement 70-odd years ago? And why were they doing that?

    3778 Monday, 21 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Yes, the video autoplay bug in Opera is still there and still gobbling my rationed bandwidth.

    Meanwhile in Illinois, Bloomberg still hates us and wants us to die.

    And so does Eric Holder.

    If it weren't for double standards they'd have no standards at all.

    Visual Aid o' the Day. Magic spells and wishful thinking....


    CALL US.

    "Right out of the playbook."

    Government Makes Everything Worse Forever....
    ...and our ammunition prices too.

    Violent drunken sadistic perverts with badges, Chapter MMMDCCLXXVIII. I no longer believe there is any other kind. If there were, they'd be whacking each other instead of innocent citizens whose taxes pay their obviously-excessive salaries.

    This is almost Lighter: Jews who know when to get the hell out. But France is heading the same direction as Britain:

    Decades ago Larry Niven postulated organlegging, the murderous harvesting of organs for black-market transplant. For about as long have existed urban legends about waking up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney missing. There have been reports for nearly as long of the thing actually happening in communist China, particularly harvesting from "convicted" "criminals". And now it is an actual documented thing in the place where Great Britain used to be. When I said, the other day, that when the EBT cards stop working all of us will be on the menu - yeah. That's what I meant.

    In Lighter News

    Recognized Uppityness in Connecticut. CCDL has been linked from my front page for many moons now.

    The second novel in Bracken's Enemies trilogy is free online.

    A generation or two ago existed the Randall mirror-image left-hand 1911 pistol. There is another. ...If you're fabulously wealthy at least.

    More AAR from the Alamo.


    Prohibition Will Always FAIL - one way or another.

    3779 Tuesday, 22 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    That's right, Fudd, they're after your grandpa's Woodsmaster too. We warned you. But you voted to take away our eee-vill man-killer Saturday-night-special "assault weapons".

    We'll remember that.

    There's a reason the UN plays the villain in so much republitarian fiction.

    Bloomberg buys Virginia. But people shouldn't listen to out-of-state extremists and their dirty money - when the votes go the other way.

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work. (Interpol Chief burned at stake in 3, 2, 1....)

    Speaking of the place where Britain used to be, its lights are going out. Do you get that? People freezing to death, in their own homes, in the very definition of First World.

    As for the "Affordable" "Care" Act, it is neither of those first two things. Connect another dot from Michael G.: The same company which wrote the computer code for the Canadian firearm registry built the Obamacare website; and, "...[A]s many as 5 million lines of computer code will need to be rewritten before HealthCare.gov works... the site's source contains approximately 500 million lines of code." Compared to 400,000 for the Space Shuttle, 16 million for Linux, and 45 million for Windows XP. How about we reformat it and never find out what's in it?

    Because Government Makes Everything Worse Forever. That's what government is for. -Example: This one is supposed to be Lighter because Robot Doctors like Larry Niven wrote forty years ago, "But only if we don’t tax them out of existence, or punish those developing them."

    This is why I don't give change to beggars. They probably have three EBT cards apiece already. Some of them make more in a day of panhandling than I do in a week of working.

    WoGged again. I don't track traffic on this site but if any WoG readers are here, welcome. -Unless you're an Only One, in which case I hope you die screaming you evil sadistic genocide-enabling sociopath.

    ...Take another look at Dr. Pournelle's link: "Enslaving the doctors and nurses might accomplish that goal, but no one is suggesting that." JUST TWO DAYS AGO SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN DID SUGGEST EXACTLY THAT.

    Astute Observation o' the Day: "Math doesn't care about fairness or good intentions.... Two plus two doesn't equal 33.2317 after you factor in a secret 'Social Justice' multiplier."

    The nation is in the very best of hands.

    In Lighter News

    More coverage of the Alamo Rally, including video and transcript of Vanderboegh's speech. And no massacre! A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised!

    Encore l'Prohibition FAIL

    Today was very Indian Summer and I could even leave the hovel door open a while, during which time a wild kitteh appears!



    And now I know it's not just the raccoons eating the kibble. But OMG I've never had, or hosted, a long-hair cat before (so fluffy I can't even tell gender yet). That could be a problem, the stuff gets everywhere.

    3780 Wednesday, 23 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    No FluffyTux today. :( But he/she knows where the noms and pettins are....

    "...[T]he ongoing struggle... is not about guns, it’s about freedom."

    Using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution. THE FOUNDERS WOULD BE SHOOTING BY NOW.

    Out-of-state extremists and their dirty money....

    "Why is it that the local DC regulators are hell-bent on still trying to fix something that has shown no signs that it needs to be fixed?" (The Noble and Honorable Association of Buggy-Whip Makers could not be reached for comment.)


    It's not "islamophobia" if they really have been attacking us for generations. Or, you know, even longer.

    BURN THE SCHOOLS - also Visual Aid.

    The Battle of Vermont....

  • They like to hurt things.
  • That's why they become cops.


    In Lighter News

    Possible progress in Farragut, Tennessee. Meeting there 7pm Thursday. Increments.

    Robot butlers? Well robot restaurant anyway. Lil' bit. -Visual Aid:

    Consider also the self-scan checkout at many supermarkets these days. Labor Revolution! Of course someone somewhere is drafting legislation to drag all of us, at implied gunpoint, down to the lowest common illiterate denominator. (I am also reminded that Oregon is one of perhaps two states in the union that considers taxpaying automobile-owning licensed-to-drive citizens too stupid to pump their own gas.)

    Better video of Vanderboegh's Alamo speech. Yeah the first one sucked. Scroll up on this page for a link to the transcript. Also, more analysis. The badgethugs blinked. ..."The overwhelming number of cops I encountered were friendly to the point of insubordination to the Chief"? Geez, those tourism commercials must be true, it is like a whole other country. But I will still never trust a cop of any kind.


    In my fictional utopia I postulate partial cloning to replace damaged, lost, or failing body parts. That is apparently being worked on.

    Speaking of things being worked on, The Prophet Heinlein postulated the Shipstone, which among other things was a battery with an absurdly long life or large capacity. Contemplated.

    3781 Thursday, 24 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "...[T]he shrilly anti-gun, fawningly pro-Obama Washington Post found the claim very unconvincing...." Even the True Believers are having doubts.

    But not enough of them, because the EBT-swiping Obama-voters really believe that we're the bad guys. It's like a five-year-old ongoing Reichstag Fire.

    Sooo... Tom Hanks, star of Saving Private Ryan, was in those PSA spots to get the WWII Memorial built, right? And he's also a documented supporter of Barack Hussein Obama, right? And Barack Hussein Obama sent thugs with guns and electric torture devices and Barrycades to keep World War Two veterans OUT OF THEIR OWN MEMORIAL. And do you think that bothers him, or any of his kind, even a little bit? ...How many of those thugs had parents or grandparents who fought in that war? AND THEY STILL FOLLOWED ORDERS.


    Ban hunting, get overrun by wild animals. We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    But remember, peasant, WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

    Very often I say "They hate us and want us to die" in reference to some bigotry from the Other Side that would get any of us summarily lynched and/or terminally SWATted. Michael G. sends a roundup:

  • "Rolling Stone runs an article by a leftist historian that says since 'progressivism' is self evidently right, any views 'non-progressive' are lies and should be suppressed rather than debated. Sounds like the kind of thinking Vanderboegh has described from his early days." Because they "[heart] the First Amendment" soooo much.
  • "But that guy is a piker compared to the professor predicting and hoping for the near future extinction of the human race." Because they're humanitarians who care. Someone like that would read Clancy's Rainbow Six or Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky and think the counter-terrorists or zombie-hunters are the bad guys.
  • And, "...[I]nnumerable organized and unprovoked physical attacks on whites by young black gangs in shopping malls, on beaches, and in other public places all across the country today." Because we're "racist"? "We are slipping down the bloody path to ignorant tribal armies clashing by night." All we ever wanted was to be left alone.
  • While EuroReader M. adds, "A former UC Davis police officer whose pepper-spraying of protesters gained worldwide notice thanks to a viral video has been awarded more than $38,000 in workers' compensation from the university for suffering he experienced after the incident." Note also the SIX-FIGURE TAXTHEFT-PAID SALARY the professional sadist was pulling in. WHEN I SAY THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP

    ...This is what I mean. The people claiming to protect me from terrorists are domestic terrorists. THERE IS NO PURPOSE FOR THEM.


    In Lighter News

    This is why I made dummy 12 gauge rounds with actual shot in actual hulls for 3-Gun competition training.


    You say "government shutdown" LIKE IT'S A BAD THING (and, Real Space Enthusiasts Hate NASA)

    Uppity in Minnesota. (Deadly SWAT raid on Harley dealership in 3, 2, 1....)

    I likes me some anime, I do, but there is something deep within the Japanese national identity that has been really sore for three generations about losing the war.

    I think I've found the barrel I want for Precious' long-range upper, $igh. Because the upper I'm putting it into has M4 ramps. It appears not to accept a traditionally-pinned gas block, so I might go low-profile and free-float after all. Then there's the question of twist; do I want the fastest for heavy bullets, or 1:9 for a compromise with a wider variety? I lean toward the former but I want this upper to reach. But it will be months before I can afford it and the EBT Apocalypse might happen any day.

    3782 Friday, 25 October 2013:

    On this day in 1944,
    the United States Navy
    engaged in what may be the single
    most glorious day in all of naval history:

    The Battle off Samar.

    The World Sucks

    Still no more FluffyTux. But... but there was pettins! And lap! :( At this rate I'll have to wait for summer when I can leave the door open.

    Most revolutions carry within them the seeds of their own destruction. Some take longer to sprout than others.

    Remember, peasant, work within the system and obey your masters.

    (Meanwhile, get what you can, while you can, in private sale. Remember if you have any standard-dimension AR lower, whatever it came with and wherever it came from, you can build the one you want on it.)

    (Or just use what you already have, or what no one is looking too hard at yet. A .270 Remchester with an old Burris or the like, $200 or so at any arms show in America, will be more accurate than most shooters can demonstrate and more ballistically effective than the enemy can yet comprehend.)

    (Or just get a real full-auto M4, G36, or MP5 from your local badgethug the old fashioned way. Your taxes already paid for it - and the situation is essentially the same.)

    An argument we should be making more often: "If talking about selling guns can be banned on Instagram, or anywhere else on the internet, what logical distinction remains as an obstacle to banning such discussion everywhere?" But they "[heart] the First Amendment", don't they?

    Didn't I just say? Even the True Believers are having doubts - but not in their crusade to establish totalitarianism, only in that plan's method of execution.

    IT'S A CULT. They really believe, and would rather destroy reality than recognize it.

    They also burn heretics.

    Bigotry in Florida. Also, lining up to be a hot lunch.

    "They say they must seize the private property, which is currently being used as a parking lot, in order to turn it into … a parking lot."

    Meanwhile in the place where Great Britain used to be, an innocent subject was robbed at implied gunpoint, kidnapped and caged, robbed again before being released, for doing absolutely nothing illegal.

    Perhaps I'm oversensitive - or perhaps not: Is anyone else noticing Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. smelling like authoritarian propaganda, preaching how people with superpowers (which are a convenient metaphor of guns) can't be trusted to live their own lives without government supervision and anyone who objects must be some kind of villain whom the "heroes" have no choice but to cage, or kill, like a diseased animal? The "index", the "case agent", the "power protocols" - how are these any different, morally, from the Geheime Staatspolizei and the Judenstern?

    It's a cop show and there is no such thing as a good cop. Back when I was an active comicoholic The X-Men were my favorites. The hated and feared mutants, hunted and caged and murdered and just trying to live their lives in peace. You know? But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since its creator Joss Whedon endorsed Barack Hussein Obama, the same would-be dictator who is forcing everyone in America to buy something they don't want, from a website that doesn't work, fining them if they don't, and sending thugs with guns to collect if we refuse to pay.

    F***. If you're not depressed you're not paying attention.

    (And srsly, how do you go from “That’s what governments are for, get in a man’s way” to ENDORSING BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA? Like Jayne Cobb said, “It don’t make no sense.” Someone somewhere said Tim Minear was responsible for the libertarianisms in Firefly....)

    In Lighter News

    Sometimes the system works. But that's not the way to bet.


    3783 Saturday, 26 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    THEY REALLY BELIEVE. And will use force on anyone who doesn't.

    And they call us "racist" o' the day.

    Armed government thugs would never be used here in America to suppress journalism and free speech for political reasons! That's paranoia!

    Never mind that it is already happening in the place where the very idea of free speech came from.

    It's not paranoia if they really are purging and brainwashing the military.

    "Whose war is this, and what side are we on?"

    Whose war indeed?


    Visual Aid o' the Day. I'm (pleasantly) surprised there haven't been a hundred repetitions of Beslan all across America. Our "betters" have certainly ensured all the necessary conditions for them.

    In Lighter News


    Soooo, the whole reason I changed Precious' mid-length-upper's gas block was so I could use 45-degree offset sights for 3-Gun racing in combination with optics. Along comes a CDNN email alert and they're on sale for $49.99. But before I blow that much, which is real money to me, I inquire among the Almighty Internets and discover the exact same thing at half the price with 4½ stars in nearly 600 reviews. The Almighty Internets Shall Provide! -Now these are still not square to the bore, they're offset like a BREN or Type 99 - sights like these, which are positioned over the bore on standard rails, or adapters therefor, do exist but are horribly expensive.

    And then I wandered all over Amazon looking for more things to add to my cart and then I stopped and didn't spend the money. Yet. At least now I know where they are.

    3784 Sunday, 27 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    The Battle of Vermont. Arise and crush this enemy NOW before they destroy YOU.


    I told you so. AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN.

    Internecine Facepalm o' the Day.

    They still believe it was a good idea.

    "This is nothing more than a witch hunt."

    '“What kind of moron would mess with the traditions of the finest fighting outfit in the world?” But we already know the answer to that.'

    "A Los Angeles Police Department officer was charged with assault for kicking a handcuffed woman seven times in the groin, abdomen and upper thigh before the woman lost consciousness and died." And that's not murder? And they think they're HEROES.


    In Lighter News


    FluffyTux returned last night! As I was checking Shambling Wrecktm's fluids and loading for the drive to the match I heard a "meow" and there he was! I think it's a neutered male but am still not sure. So... magnificently... fluffy....

    VOTE for HEINLEIN who was also very fond of kittehs

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom while it lasts - new chatroom I guess. Not there because



    Third-ever 3-Gun match, second with the AR, third-ever match of any kind with the AR. Preparations:

  • Set alarm for 0630.
  • Charge HatCam!!! (Funai SV310) and RifleCam!!! (Centerpoint CPAC2X) internal batteries by USB.
  • Charge NiMH AA for the other two cameras (RCA EZ207 and Canon A580).
  • Pack dollar-store alkaline AAs too.
  • Round up the tripods and put them in the car now.
  • Pack the range and ammo bags (including the sack of full-size Sugar Daddies my sister can't get where she lives) and set them near the door.

    And most of all,

  • Repair HatCam!!! whose hardhat mount was broken just before the last match.

    HatCam!!! was originally a hardhat from the second-hand store a few blocks from the hovel, $2.99, and a mini camera tripod from a dollar store. The tripod legs were held by a single small screw in the plastic base. A flange on that base was cut off to get the threads down to where the repurposed screw could reach them through the hardhat's bill. HatCam!!!'s first incarnation was with the EZ207, which is not the best camera ever made but I have one and it works and it's small and light enough to mount. Later I got the SV310, which takes better video in essentially the same space and weight. But eventually the plastic hardhat cracked where I had drilled through for the screw to mount the abbreviated tripod. I drilled a new hole and that soon cracked too. It was simpler to walk to the second-hand store and buy another hardhat for $2.99.

    (For the superstitious, it's worth noting that it was on sale, some percentage off, I paid with $20, and got $17.76 in change. Hmm.)

    Using a hobby knife I drilled a hole in the plastic - from the last try I know this type of plastic is impervious to all the adhesives I have - and mounted the base, which has the standard ¼" screw mount for photo equipment. A piece of electrical tape between base and hardhat to reduce slippage - and, since the replacement hardhat is yellow, a quick trip to the nearby auto-parts store for some Gadsden decals I saw there when I was getting the replacement headlight a while back - and HatCam!!! v1.1 is ready for use!

    To the range! Keeping an eye out for sadistic-perverts-with-badges scrambling to meet their end-of-month quotas for armed-robbery-in-uniform. -Of which I saw none. Unfortunately there was a cold drizzling rain methodically soaking everything so it was going to be one of those days. But at least it wasn't a Horrible Downpour like some matches I've attended.

    As expected, setup was not complete because rain; the cardboard targets, even if sheltered under plastic bags as is usual for such conditions, would have wilted if left overnight. So the first hour was spent slogging around hauling stuff and nudging it forth-and-back to adjust sight lines and conform to the spirit of the match designer's vision. There were 20-22 shooters, details to follow, divided in two squads. I was in the first squad and shot the four stages in order - details, and videos, to follow over the next several days. To summarize, I won 2nd Limited (no optics), and was very pleasantly surprised to have hit the no-more-than-twelve-inch (more like eight I think) self-resetting steel targets with Precious, with ordinary A2 sights, at about 100 yards, with Very Few Rounds. Like the hanging clays last time, or the pin-heads before that, some folks were throwing whole PMAG30s at them without result. I don't suck with a rifle. And I have RifleCam!!! byteage to prove it.

    The compensator bushing on the 1911 worked, but is tight and at day's end as I was clearing and casing the weapon for the return trip it was very stiff. Hopefully just a lube issue. Saint John and Precious both ran perfectly, and Saint John's re-silver-soldered sights did not fall off - though as the stages were laid out and rules written, I only fired 18 rounds of Winchester factory birdshot all day and didn't even use my carriers to reload. Speaking of, those carriers, the 6-round anyway, will need the same treatment my pistol magazine carriers got because SpontaneousFieldExpedientAppendectomy. I also got byteage of two Kel-Tec long guns in action, an SU16 and the KSG (separate owners). The former had some issues which might be either lube- or break-in-related, I think it was new-ish - specifically I saw (but I don't think I recorded) the bolt(carrier)'s return stroke rather slow at one point, which is almost certainly not an ammunition or gas system issue. Don't recall any issues with the KSG but will have to review the video.

    The eternal lesson: Know Your Weapon. Most folks I saw today did, well enough, but it is difficult to be too familiar - reloads, malfunction clearing, simple handling and movement, should be instinctive. A weapon is supposed to be an extension of your body and your will. I don't claim to have reached such a level of expertise but I know what it is. Shotgun reloads were not an issue (among the winners) today as the only two shotgun stages were arranged such that reloads (for a shotgun with 8+ round capacity) were not necessary (if you didn't miss any of the standing clays (which I didn't)) and remaining reactive targets could be optionally engaged with pistols, and nearly everyone did so because tube-fed shotguns take tactically forever to reload.

    My sister drove 140 miles to meet me and observe, and we stopped for burgers on the way out before splitting to go our separate ways on I5. Alas, the family arthritis is more advanced in her than myself so she's not likely to be joining me for such endeavors. :( Which do include an element of physicality. Back to the hovel about 17:15.

    And FluffyTux was waiting for me and there were noms and pettins and lapnaps.

    So, in all:

    ...Except now I can't get out of the chair and I'm cleaning my weapons tomorrow. Also see.

    3785 Monday, 28 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of a warm bed on a cold morning and went back to work.

    And FluffyTux was meowing at me as I came out the door. :( Not about to trust a new cat inside alone, especially without a litter box. Not waiting when I got back from work either. (Turned up later yay)

    Still trying it their way...
    ...still not working.

    BURN THE SCHOOLS. I demand separation of School and State.

    Speaking of "education", 'The establishment popular "science" community is just another part of the propaganda machine.'

    They hate us and want us to be horsewhipped. In so many of their very own words.

    '“You’ll find a way to afford it when you see how much we can hurt you if you don’t” is not the argument of someone with your best interest at heart, no matter how the argument is actually phrased.' And Burns tells Smithers to "Hop in."

    Michael G. sends, they call us "racist". They're doing it to themselves and we tried to stop them.

    Yes, they really do call us "racist".

    SMLE Fan observes, "If you think that the Gummint doing bad things to your opponent is OK, then you think that the Gummint doing bad things to you is equally OK." WHICH IS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY YEARS AGO.

    (Who Would Jesus Rob?)

    "Obama wants a deal. The Iranians want us dead or dominated."

    Meanwhile, Syria reintroduces polio.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters bleat about moral equivalence and the value of other cultures....

    Speaking of reintroductions and moral equivalence, during the Road Trip six and a half years ago the Wolf Issue was observed. New Mexico's solution seems to be dangling innocent and of course defenseless schoolchildren in front of them like juicy tasty wolf-treats. They really believe a vicious wild predator has the same worth as a human child and will send thugs with guns to kidnap and rob anyone who defends their children against those predators.

  • Michael G. sends police wasting money rather than depart from their bigoted and reality-disconnected worldview.
  • "Law" is whatever some thug with a badge says it is.
  • Never trust a cop of any kind. If there were any "good" cops left, thousands of the usual kind would be dangling from streetlights coast-to-coast, birds pecking at their child-raping eyes.
  • (..."I asked if they do many sales to the government or law enforcement, and they said absolutely. One of their hot sellers is their integrally suppressed Ruger pistol that they said local police use to take out lights and such!" Aaaand you just lost any business you might have had from me.)

    In Lighter News

    The last book in Bracken's Enemies trilogy is free online.

    Meanwhile in the place where Britain used to be, despite the armed robbery and kidnapping under color of "law", Hofmann takes the lighter view: Prohibition Will FAIL


    States ranked by right-to-carry. Wyoming #3.

    Cleenin mah gunz! The 1911's new compensator bushing is quite tight indeed, and I will need to remember lubrication there. But it didn't freeze up during the match. Also, no evidence of wear after about 50 rounds. Keeping it. Accuracy... I think my plan of interleaving the bullets with two coats of Lee Liquid Alox between those with just one worked. No really obvious flyers or keyholes that I recall, anyway, and I was knocking steel over and hitting the brown part without hitting the white part. Nor is the bore furry with lead like last time. So I'll consider that fixed.

    Saint John also exhibits no noticeable wear or fatigue; the sights are staying put, but a mere 18 rounds seems an inadequate test. Anyway every one of those 18 was a hit.

    And there ain't nuthin' wrong with Precious. I was worried about those 100-yard targets but my first shot at them was a hit and I have the forthcoming video to prove it. Still, I really want that very particular gas block, because I can't get the Yankee Hill clamp-on tight enough against the nosecap to eliminate movement in the handguard, which movement did vanish when I installed the MOE behind the original pinned A2 block. Anyway the YHM riser for the YHM block is working, and I'm not about to fuss with the block trying to get it tighter when Precious is sighted-in.

    I need more practice and can't bloody afford it between ammunition, range fees, and fuel to drive there. $igh.

    3786 Tuesday, 29 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Facepalm o' the Day from California. -The government of the state of California is a hostile force. If you want to live as a free man, keep what you earn, be secure in your own home and possessions, exercise the natural human right to self-defense- if you want those things, California hates you and wants you to die. Get out.

    Dancing in the blood of the innocent...
    ...and the guilty too.

    It's never been about "safety" and it's never really been about guns. It's always been about control. And it looks like the Lairds of Fairfax are perfectly willing to feed innocent, peaceable American citizens to the figurative crocodile.

    Executive Psychosis. Twenty-Fifth Amendment, anyone? PLEASE? -Except then we'd have President Joe Biden....

    Michael G. sends, "On Obamacare, they’re a mere three and a half years late. On Benghazi, they’re just now discovering it’s a real scandal. These things might’ve been news if reported when sentient beings became aware of them, or at least before the 2012 election. Now, it’s just CYA noise."

    Already linked this a couple days ago (they also burn heretics), but it bears repeating: "Someone called the ObamaCare hotline with a question about ObamaCare, and she answered it. That's her job. And she was fired for doing it."

    Even the True Believers are beginning to feel the Cluebats.

    But that's not whe way to bet: Enemies Foreign and Domestic, at the same time.

    "...I wonder if the left will realize what precedents it is setting now...." Oh but they do. They really believe they will never lose power. -And of course, the only good cop is a dead cop.

    By which I mean, "trained to treat ordinary citizens as enemies" and "Both deputies are on paid administrative leave" and Visual Aids.

    In Lighter News

    Tucson Tom sends KITTEH:

    Beginning editing of the 3-Gun match videos. First will be an overview, then separate videos for each stage.

    3787 Wednesday, 30 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    We've tried it our way and it does work and they can't stand it.

    Don't go to college.

    "While most acknowledged pedophiles do prison time, California rewarded [Harvey] Milk with his own state holiday. Now the Obama administration is featuring him on a commemorative stamp as if he is some sort of martyr."

    "The U.S. Treasury has booked a $9.7 billion loss on its $49.5 billion bailout of General Motors...." Our tax dollars on fire.

    Living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold at age 40.

    A Georgian activist with a strong stomach talked his way into the monsters' lair. There can be no peace. In this conflict, one side must destroy the other. And all we ever wanted was to be left alone.

    Meanwhile in the Religion of Pieces: "Her father... told police his daughter had been taken, but they refused to cooperate." Why should they? They're all alike, all over the world.

  • More than 2 million people getting booted from existing health insurance plans. Yes. A lot more.
  • "The doctors who were surveyed remained anonymous for reasons that patient or government backlash may ensue."
  • 'A “chilling effect” only exists when government passes laws that private citizens have to obey. Not when government is overstepping bounds that have been in place for hundreds of years.'
  • Cop beats mentally disabled man over ‘bulge’ that turned out to be his colostomy bag.
  • Violating the First Amendment and terrorizing innocent citizens.
  • "...[D]oes modern police training teach officers to instinctively shoot anyone holding a gun, regardless of intent?" Evidently. Note the accompanying visual aid, the "No More Hesitation" targets stuffed down the memory hole several moons ago. (Who the hell did they get to model for those? Did they know what they were doing?)

    Do you still think you live in a free country?

    In a couple days we might find out what "free" really means. Are you prepared? -Hiking my courier stops today I thought, "All these useless people traipsing through life three-quarters blind, thinking it will go on forever." The whole thing will come crashing down. Maybe this Friday, maybe next decade, but there's nothing holding it up anymore. The only way out is through.

    In Lighter News

    Tucson Tom sends Uppity Kitteh:

    3788 Thursday, Halloween, 31 October 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea posted after I did last night: They really would rather see us horribly burned to death than defending ourselves against the very same monsters they let out of cages to make room for putting us in.

    We keep trying it their way and it keeps not working.

    Pathological Liar-in-Chief. And minions.

    Outright "legal" bigotry in Seattle. -Didn't we have riots and a damn-near civil war over this sort of thing about fifty years ago? I told you, a "NO GUNS" sign is the moral equivalent of "WHITES ONLY" or "NO JEWS ALLOWED". But they really don't see us as human beings.

    Executive Psychosis. They really believe it's all our fault.

    Or someobody's. Never their own.

    "Printed guns result in freak outs. Encryption means you must be a child molester. Objecting to NSA metadata sweeps means that you have something to hide."

    But we're "paranoid"?

    Meanwhile, establishment conservatives lick the blood off the boot. We'll remember that. The commenters already do, I'm relieved to see.

    "Protect and Serve" who? From what?

    The whole thing is going to come crashing down. Are you prepared?

    In Lighter News


    Prohibition Will FAIL

    An introduction to Sunday's 3-Gun match is online.

    The September-October 1983 issue of American Handgunner is archived.

    I am also posting a new, if short, excerpt.

    AR stuff... Precious uses a complete upper from Palmetto State Armory, purchased elebenty moons ago during their Black Friday Sale, without bolt carrier group. The 'Nets told me a new barrel, with extension, already mated to an upper, should not have headspace issues with a new bolt head. I've never headspaced it and have not noticed any warning signs on recovered cases.

    In fact I don't think I've had a single malfunction yet, or if I did it was so minor I've forgotten it.

    Still, it would be nice to have (a) headspace gauge(s). But which? I know there are dimensional differences between chambers, i.e. ".223 Remington", "5.56x45mm NATO" (which is what I have at present), and ".223 Wylde" which I believe is between and probably can't afford a barrel chambered for. Do I really need to blow $50-60 on a pair, GO and NO-GO, for my particular chamber, or would the NO-GO alone be enough, presuming too little headspace is not something I have to worry about? Which chamber do I want for the High Quality Barrel I hope to purchase $omeday for the long-range upper I hope to build $omeotherday?

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