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3728 Sunday, 1 September 2013:

The World Sucks

"...Obama is putting America on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in Syria, without regards to the truth...." But Bush "lied". -Oh and look:

How long until that goes down the memory hole? It's not paranoia.

And the men who conn the ships and fly the planes and push the buttons - they get a vote too. How many of those servicemen lost family in the 9/11 attacks, or in Iraq and Afghanistan, at the hands of the same Al Qaeda terrorists they're now supposed to be giving air support to? Barack Hussein Obama is committing the Constitutional definition of treason.

Okay you see that previous paragraph? I wrote that before I did my afternoonly blogtrawl and found this.

Holy. F***ing. S***.

As for the rest of the sucky world:

Troy Industries. Guess I won't be buying any BattleMags for Precious - well, PMAGs and STANAGs are back to almost-normal now.

Astute Observation o' the Day: "What amazes me is these thugs will want our help and respect in the coming civil disorder. Good luck with that."

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. ...Rerun.

Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire could still use some help.

Firearms Freedom Acts not dead yet. "The time is ripe in America for states to challenge federal power, from Obamacare to indefinite detention, to illegal spying on U.S. Citizens and media, to IRS abuses of power, and more. It was the states which created this federal government that has grown to become such a monster. It's time for the states to get their creature back on a leash." Didn't I just say, we're not voting our way out of this? But a pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised.... And I am pleased to see Gunfolk taking a broader view and recognizing Intolerable Acts outside our own Culture.

As expected, King David's Spaceship is worth re-reading, just as Birth of Fire was worth my time.

3729 Monday, Labor Day, 2 September 2013:

The World Sucks

On this day 68 years ago, a defeated enemy empire surrendered, on the deck of our battleship, in their capitol's bay. Today the same navy is preparing to bombard a foreign government on behalf of declared enemies of the United States. What the hell happened to my country?

And what the hell is wrong with this country when the only column space a black man against gun control can get comes from Al Jazeera?

Ruling by decree. We're running out of peacable chances to stop them.

Hofmann has more on the Korean Garands, prohibition, confiscation, and "a remarkable immunity to the wishes of the American people".

So Ruger has this petition to integrate mental health records with NICS. '...[W]hy does that remind me of the way some regimes have treated "mental defectives"?'

"I think my IQ dropped 20 points just reading that, I do."

No blacks or Jews allowed at county fair. OH WAIT

Get your "money" out of the banks and your assets out of "money". And GET OUT OF THE CITIES

A while back I wrote an excerpt about a world being subjected to prolonged meteoric bombardment. I would have mixed feelings if that happened to Europe.


Do you still think you live in a free country? And you fascist filth who are doing this - do you think you're some kind of heroes? What order would you NOT obey?



In Lighter News

[pointing] HAH-HAH

On the other end of the continent, the Virginia Citizens Defense League has been steadily reclaiming ground from the enemy for years - putting teeth in shall-issue (yes, permits are infringement but the enemy has been incrementing us for decades and we can increment them right back), instrumental in the passage of National Park carry, and reinstituting open carry right across the river from the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is the national capitol. Their email alerts are sometimes a month or more behind current events, and it similarly takes weeks for those alerts to be added to their website archive so I could bloody well LINK them, but their latest bears pasting: 'Look at it this way: if we aren't free to do things that somebody, somewhere, thinks are "stupid," or "unreasonable," then we aren't free at all.... Suggesting that VCDL discourage someone like Brandon from carrying his rifle openly is to ask VCDL to support gun control, for that's exactly what we would be doing! If you don't like how someone exercises a right, you don't have to do what they are doing. But don't draw some artificial limit on what other gun owners can **legally** do, or you are no better than Sarah Brady.' VCDL has ideological purity - within the framework of enforced-at-government-threats-of-robbery-kidnapping-and-murder "law".

I have encountered at least one of these in the flesh. Have a couple photos somewhere - pretty sure in these pages, years back.

So I went out to grab a bunch of .FLVs with Other People's Bandwidth and realized I'd forgotten a dead-tree book to read while things were downloading, but fortunately I have several ebooks on Petze and one of them is the 2012 collection of Baen Free Stories, the second of which is "Grayson Navy Letters Home", meshing with the fifth novelette in Beginnings: Worlds of Honor 6. I still find it... unfocused, and perhaps even reverse-sexist, but it does add flavor to the Honorverse.

3730 Tuesday, 3 September 2013:

The World Sucks

And then I got out of bed and went back to work.


Yet another door-kicking puppy-shooting kitten-stomping witch hunt in Connecticut. Couldn't find a churchful of toddlers to burn, or a mother-with-infant to shoot in the head? And these monsters think they're heroes.

Ruling by decree. And what recourse have we? Didn't JFK say something about inevitability?

Illinois police still hate citizens and want to murder them on sight. Are they going to have the gall to act surprised when we defend ourselves?

"State lawmakers should not be influenced by outsider activists" OH WAIT.

Visual Aids o' the Day. Whose side are we on?

I keep telling you, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get us. And they think they're the good guys. As SMLE Fan says, they will be standing on the gallows with the nooses around their necks and have no idea why they are there. The question is, how many millions of us will they murder before the survivors put things right?

In Lighter News


Factory rounds for Garands?

Uppity? (Perhaps not....)

Action in Colorado.

Michael G. notes the metrocons are awakening.

Soooo, my neighbor is trying to sell some artwork, but is internet-illiterate despite owning a rather hot laptop which he barely knows how to switch on. Can y'all suggest some real beginner-level tutorial stuff? Even on YouTube, I can capture a .FLV and transfer it to his computer (Vista) (it's what he has and I'm not about to start juggling OS's on him), or perhaps a DVD or dead-tree book in the library?

There is a re-release of Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon and Orphans of the Sky, both of which I have read at least twice, this new edition featuring an afterword by Mark L. van Name of the Jon & Lobo series. The library has it and I'll put it on hold as soon as I have a queue slot free. OotS (not to be confused with OotS) is a horror story which I probably won't read again but that Harriman guy, yeah.

So I'm contemplating building a long-range precision AR upper, which could take a year or more due to cost. Precious, as she is now, is a fighting carbine, and still awaiting more parts, like the elusive gas block below and the Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock which appears to vanish as fast as retail .22LR these days (at least in the color I want). But a precision upper - I'm figuring 20", fast twist of course, I'd be handloading with heavy bullets; might as well stay with 5.56, if we don't have a bloody civil war I can build another other upper in 6x45 or whatnot some other day year. Gas block and nose cap and handguard - if I get a pinned gas block it should hold the nose cap tightly enough that a conventional handguard won't wiggle, which is what happened with Precious' MOE before I changed to a clamp-on gas block which I can't get quite that tight which is why I want that pinned Windham block so bad. Or do I go free-float? A rifle-length MOE handguard would look really cool - but I use the sling as a shooting aid, since I finally learned how to use a proper loop sling some years ago, and doing so could change the POI on an AR. Hmm. -I already have the stripped upper (with ejection port cover and forward assist, so not really "stripped"), anodized green to match Precious' lower.

Gah, I'll have to spend real money on a real trigger if I really build a precision upper....

3731 Wednesday, 4 September 2013:

The World Sucks

A legal system, not a justice system. Again, send help.

I'm... not entirely sure how to view Hofmann's latest. I've been encouraging people to buy weapons in private sale, in these pages, for years. This report could even be spun as justification for more restrictions because "SEE SEE IT WORKED DO IT AGAIN HARDER". A background check is also an infringement. Are men free or not? Do we need a tax-eating bureaucrat's permission to go to a bookstore or a church?

'In particular, Pistole touted the TSA's "Pre-Check" known passenger program, which allows passengers to volunteer information to the agency in exchange for the possibility of receiving expedited screening.' Base is the slave that pays! The only good TSA agent is a dead TSA agent. The commenters grok.

"They don’t care about security. This is a massive, frontal assault on privacy, and the idea is to just ramrod it through (before the October 1 deadline) and basically drop the bomb and get the damage done before people have time to muster a defense. (Perhaps a new overseas war will provide cover?)"

Visual Aid o' the Day. Anyone who voted for or supports Obama can be presumed to be mentally incompetent.

No blacks or Jews allowed in local bar. OH. WAIT. I've said before, a "No Guns" sign is the moral equivalent of one that says "Whites Only".

Example: "...[T]hese people saw some guys with guns, and they didn't like guns, so what did they do? They called other people with guns to come take these guys' guns away."

  • "As for the Jews, well, I can tell you quite frankly that one way or another we have to put an end to them." (ref) OH. WAIT. This is exactly the kind of "person" who would enthusiastically stuff human beings into cattle cars for industrialized murder. Don't go to college unless you want to take part in the next Holocaust.
  • "Back when real history was taught in our own schools and universities, all this would be recognized as the latest version of Robespierre’s nightmarish vision of the Terror."
  • "In fact, fourth-grade reading test scores in the Sooner State have declined since 1998, when the state first implemented universal preschool."
  • "Mass murder under Stalin? Never happened, he says."


    Stossel: "Competition keeps prices low, not generosity or warm-heartedness. Or government." But what do we have now?

    Example: "Needless to say, no commercial powerplant like this has been built. One like it is… at least 10 years away." And has been for fifty. FAA is why we don't have flying cars, USDA is why food costs so much, FDA is why there's no cure for younameit, and AEC & NRC are why we still even have electric bills. Government Makes Everything Worse Forever.


    How long have I been telling you now to get your "money" out of the banks and get your assets out of "money"?

    WE'RE F***ED.

    Are you prepared?

    In Lighter News

    Encore l'$igh

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work and a couple of Our Kind have written a book about it.

    As I continue re-reading King David's Spaceship I realize it, and The Mote in God's Eye, partly inspired my own fictional utopia. My FTL drive is different but its side-effects on organic intelligences were definitely influenced by Pournelle's work, as are the dual-orientation furniture for varying accelerations. Another thing I've always liked about Pournelle is the hardness of his science fiction - no artificial gravity for example, and I'd bet a dollar he has an at-least-theoretical equation somewhere for the Langston Field. And besides all that he tells a damn good story.

    3732 Thursday, 5 September 2013:

    The World Sucks


    "...[T]here is growing evidence chemical weapons used in Syria may not have come from Syrian President Assad, however from the rebels who are fighting Assad." But which side are we going to bomb because chemical weapons were used?

    When I read this I just... sat at the desk for a full minute doing a double-facepalm.

    "So: in one of the easiest locations in America for people to legally gun up, a homicide and questionable-death wave has produced 6 deaths of known cause; in none of the six was a firearm the instrumentality of death." But who always gets the blame?

    Not unrelated, 'There has been a "leadership" contingent eager since Day One after Newtown to come up with a sacrificial goat to give to government.'

  • "I'm trying to figure out just what a POLICE CHIEF thought was going to happen when he held a gun to his wife's head. I mean, the thin blue line is one thing, but damn." They don't even see each other as human beings.
  • Who are police at war with?

    In Lighter News

    Reclaiming the GOP? (Is that still possible?)

    Heinlein's Orphans of the Sky is probably the first of its kind, but not the last; Harlan Ellison's aborted Starlost, which was eventually followed by a 4-issue comic from IDW Publishing, Phoenix Without Ashes; and Slow Train to Artcurus from Freer if I recall correctly. -I think I've called Burt Rutan the John Browning of Aviation. Heinlein might fairly be called the John Browning of Science Fiction.

    Speaking of science fiction, in my fictional utopia I have a non-compulsory requirement of service for Citizenship, without which a person may not vote or own land (or "equivalent real property", which I wrote quite some time before I saw a mention in the last Honorverse volume about sections of broadcast spectrum being considered legally equivalent). I am rethinking the landowning thing. True, there's always a new world being colonized, very often not under my Republic's flag, and their laws may be different. But as stated, it's my universe and I can make adjustments if I want to. Y'all's thoughts? Likewise the inheritance clause, which is rather obviously coupled. Probably oughta rip 'em both out, like I did for the Commerce Clause moons ago.

    3733 Friday, 6 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    A legal system, not a justice system. (-Yeah I'm ripping out that landowning prohibition in my version. Which requires a bit of editing elsewhere.)

    Meanwhile in Chicago, lining up to be a hot lunch.

    Any woman who supports Islam is suicidal.

    Don't go to college-fatigue....

    "We have seen municipalities that have installed these devices shorten yellow light times and set arbitrary standards on right-turn-on-red violations." The column itself probably belongs in Lighter News because of the backlash, but the very idea of such things is fundamentally unAmerican.

    Of course they want us to "work within" their "system".

    Not unrelated: "You’d almost think they don’t want people to be afraid of wolves."

    Likewise, “[S]it back like a good little peon and let us tell you what is good for you.”

    Because it's never been about "safety".


    I guess "laser-like focus" is now racist code-words?

  • "TEN ARMED AGENTS in a town of 17 people. For the Clean Water Act."
  • But they don't trust us.
  • And they call each other Brothers in Blue.

    LCOL Tom Kratman (ret) wrote in the first volume of his Countdown series, "Civilization is dying." I think this is exactly what he meant.


    In Lighter News

    FABBERS I've been telling you they will CHANGE the WORLD when anyone, anywhere can make anything without PERMISSION.

    Directly related: I... am not a qualified machinist or certified gunsmith, but even I know dozens of ways in which Prohibition Will FAIL

    In my fictional utopia there are no power grids, no vulnerable infrastructure. Even in a "city" (which would have a delightfully-small fraction of the density we suffer today) often every individual building is separately and independently powered. That is apparently being worked on. -But just the other day I was saying how Government Makes Everything Worse Forever....

    3734 Saturday, 7 September 2013: CATURDAY

    The World Sucks

    Hooky the bent-tail kitteh appears to have vanished. Like Underfoot and Shedsalot last summer (or was it the one before?), his regular human appears to have moved away with him. :(

    Well, I suppose another will be along eventually....

    This is why I'm furious at the mere sight of an EBT card, or signs in front of stores saying they accept them. Our Tax Dollars At Work.

    Speaking of "dollars", get yours out of the banks and get your wealth out of "dollars".

    Quite some time ago I began wondering if, with government-mandated "health" "care", doctors would Go Galt. YES. YES THEY WILL. And then where will we be?

    Michael G. sends an answer from someone who escaped the path America now seems to be on: "We had only government-run medical clinics, where the conditions were filthy and services were horrible. I was afraid of going there because I might get some other infectious diseases." And of course: "It was frightening that local police could stop by our home to pound on the doors at night and search us for no good reason. People were arrested without court papers and locked up for months without trials." "Chinese people were helpless when they needed to defend themselves." Like Chicago. Or DC. Or New Jersey. Or Connecticut. Or California. Or....

    But they call us "terrorists".

  • What are we even doing there?
  • 'Left Mocked Bush For Going Into Iraq With 50 Allies But "Obama Can't Even Get One And A Half"'
  • Arrogant hypocrisy. "Servant of the People"? Which "people"?
  • Proof they are lying to us. The Obama administration is about to launch a war of aggression while committing the Constitutional definition of treason.
  • Are they trying to start a bloody civil war?

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    MidwestReader sends, from ArfCom, Soviet rifle qualification, commenting, "Conscript armies have pretty low standards." Ouchie. Cowpens and Belleau Wood all over again, if it had ever come to that.

    Setting King David's Spaceship aside for Correia's Warbound!

    Philosophy o' the Day: I believe, and I have said before, nor am I the first to have, it is possible to have a technological, even spacefaring, society without government. Fabbers will play a major role in this - pour beach sand in one end, get a fresh-printed 'puter out the other (and just the other day I was linking Elon freakin' Musk printing freakin' rocket engines). But what I- do not advocate, do not argue, do not WANT, what I fear is, government is necessary to reach that stage of development. Would SpaceX or Virgin Galactic ever have existed without Apollo?
    Would Apollo ever have existed without Sputnik?
    Would Sputnik ever have existed without Peenemunde?
    Would Peenemunde ever have existed without Adolf Hitler?
    Tsiolkovsky, Goddard, von Braun and Korolev - what would they have accomplished if left alone to do so?
    Would 3D printers ever have existed without Apple? Would Apple ever have existed without IBM and would IBM ever have existed without Ellis Island? (Yeah, gettin' mah James Burke on.)
    These are questions to which I doubt we will like the answers. My point being, whether government ever is necessary or not, I believe society can reach a point where government is no longer necessary.
    3735 Sunday, 8 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Tire$. Slow leak portside aft, and bald anyway. So there's another 60+ bucks (for a used pair) I had other plans for....

    It's not paranoia if they really are trying to start World War Three.

    And a bloody civil war too.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    And they call us "racist".

    And they want us to "work within" their "system".

    What happens when all the "money" runs out?

  • Permits are infringement, and worse: "[Maryland State Police] has put out a press release to assure you that since all of these temporary employees have promised not to share your information that you have nothing to worry about." Never trust a cop. Of any kind.
  • Sheriff's deputy arrested for robbery. All cops are thieves. That's their job description.
  • Police boat sinks "civilian" craft. Police are civilians and don't want anyone to know it. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    But they don't trust us.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. Featuring discussion of the Colorado usurpation.

    JETDUCTED-FANPACK! DO WANT! They have a YouTube channel and I have been subscribed to it for some time.

    3736 Monday, 9 September 2013:

    The World Sucks


    But they think WE'RE the "enemy".

    The National Firearms Act of 1934 is blatantly unConstitutional, and now they're trying to make it worse?

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

    There is a reason the United Nations plays the villain in so much republitarian fiction: "The U.N., after all, has long maintained that there is no fundamental human right to self-defense. That's right--according to the U.N., defending your life against a would-be killer might itself be a violation of his human rights."


    In Lighter News

    This is supposed to be Lighter News, arms companies escaping states which hate them, but I can't forget that bit in Atlas Shrugged, where the government passed a "law" making it "illegal" - or how, in real life, Boeing had so much trouble opening a non-union shop in the Carolinas.

    "Global Warming" MY ASS, Chapter MMMDCCXXXVI.

    Korean Garands?


    After reading Spellbound, and contemplating the Marvel Civil War (and how the label pooped all over its fans), I was wondering how Correia would handle the Superhuman Active Registration Act. And in Warbound I'm going to find out: "Soon it was going to be the law of the land that every person in America with magic was going to have to wear an armband identifying them as an Active and what type of magic they were capable of, all in the name of public safety." (Recall the story is set in the early 1930s, when certain precedents had not yet been set....) -Correia is also getting his Wookiee Suit on - among many examples, pg 140, in reference to FDR's Works Project Administration: "When I get mugged, I'm not expected to thank the mugger." Furthermore Correia is maturing as an author just as Howard Tayler has matured as an artist - Correia keeps each character's dialogue-mannerisms consistent, even the internal dialogue. Skillful.

    3737 Tuesday, 10 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "It seems fair to ask why NRA does not show leadership by suspending law enforcement training activities in states they recognize as repressive, and that even gun makers feel compelled to flee." I've been asking whose side NRA is on.

    “People should not have to hire lawyers and accountants and get the government’s permission to work with their friends and neighbors to speak out about politics.” But that is what we have now.

    If Obama weren't trying to destroy America, what would he be doing different?

    "Isn’t using partial datasets to justify an anti-self-defense agenda racist in itself, and especially when restricted self-defense laws create racial disparities by inhibiting blacks’ civil right of self-defense?"

    But they call us "racist".


  • Never trust a cop of any kind. And never trust the thugs to follow their own rules.
  • No one becomes a cop to help people. That's not what cops are for.
  • "Germany relied, especially in Western Europe, on the help of local police forces to deal with partisans, and, especially in France and Holland, whose local police were quite helpful." And do you really think it will be any different here and now?


    WE'RE F***ED

    In Lighter News

    Hofmann offers an alternative view.

    3738 Wednesday, 11 September 2013:


    The World Sucks

    Big huge load, and a hot day, and Cricket has downshifted my connection speed again because of those thrice-damned autoplay videos.


    But they call us "racist".

    Years ago I made a bumper sticker - AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. -And wasn't I taking a passing swipe at USDA just the other day?

    Visual Aids o' the Day. The Constitutional definition of Treason.

    But they treat us like the enemy.

    The other day Codrea wrote a column questioning NRA's ideological purity and evident collaboration with the occupation forces. Now EOTech? Furthermore NRA attempts to glorify thug culture, while a new company wraps their whole tongue around the boot.

  • "Understand in very simple terms: Your recent order with Amazon.com is FAR more secure than your personal identifying information with the Maryland State Police."
  • But THEY don't trust US.

    In Lighter News

    In the news, Colorado resists. Snark o' the Day: '“Senators Morse and Giron were acting on behalf of the will and well-being of their constituents.” Which explains why they were kicked out of their offices by their constituents.'

    Prohibition FAIL Chapter MMMDCCXXXVIII BU-WA-HA-HA

    Progress in Chicago-of-all-places? Kicking and screaming and dancing in our blood....

    A while back, while reading- I think it was Bujold's latest Vorkosigan, I described my standard of a Good Book being wanting to find out what happens next. Larry Correia writes Good Books.

    3739 Thursday, 12 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker, under the rug.

    Yet again with the Authorized Journalists.

    Speaking of, Reader J, "Trapped in New York State", sends: 'Unlicensed dinner parties in NYC. Note the knee-jerk reaction of The Authorized Journalist: these kind of events are properly illegal because they are (gasp) "completely unregulated"! And it is illegal to "serve food to members of the public in a private home". Thank goodness we have the NYC health department to save us from unlicensed dinner parties. This is, of course, the same city that banned food donations to city run homeless shelters because they might not meet the legally mandated nutritional requirements. I dunno, when I was in college, I travelled extensively and I went to the local synagogue in every place I went, and I was always invited to have sabbath dinner by some random family. That would appear to be illegal in NYC. What a world.'

    And as if on cue.

    And I'm still trapped in Oregon. Which is not quite so insane, but I can see it from here.

    GET YOUR "MONEY" OUT OF THE BANKS - and bonds and funds and anything you can't lock up in your own vault and defend with your own rifle. And get that fiat currency converted to something real - while it's still worth anything.

    Oh for poop's sake Self-Destructive Jews, Chapter MMMDCCXXXIX. "Lining up to be a hot lunch."

    If they weren't trying to destroy America what would they be doing different?

    How long have I been asking, WHAT ORDERS WOULD THEY NOT OBEY?

    Yeah I have a pretty good idea.

    "Then, just about the millisecond the party of D was in charge they decided the Patriot Act was totally awesome." I TOLD YOU SO YEARS AGO DAMMIT

    YEAH. IT'S LIKE THAT. Some of the places I make deliveries to, they'd take it seriously.

    And then they'd try to figure out how to donate to the project using their EBT cards.

    In Lighter News

    More from Colorado.


    Labor revolution?

    3740 Friday, 13 September 2013:

    The World Sucks


    THEY ARE TRYING TO REPEAL THE FIRST AMENDMENT. And all those hippies with the "I [heart] the First Amendment" stickers on their Prii voted for these very same people.

    Republican sellout in Missouri. "Perhaps it's far less important to know why they turned Quisling than it is to simply remove them from the position of being able to betray the rights of Missourians. You don't, after all, ask a rattlesnake why it's trying to bite you--you simply kill it, so its biting days are done."

    And California too. Like that's news.

    SELF-DESTRUCTIVE JEWS. Insane. Centuries of ghettos and gelber sternen and now they're promoting the exact same policies which will have the exact same results. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE

    Aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States is the Constitutional definition of Treason.

    Still think you live in a free country? There are no more free countries.

    Get your "money" out of the banks and get your assets out of "money" right now. Next winter, when you're trying to beat someone to death with a rock over a can of pork-n-beans, don't say I didn't warn you.

    In Lighter News

    SMLE Fan has said, They will stand on the gallows with the nooses around their necks and have no idea why they are there AND HE WAS RIGHT. -It would be even better if we could get some actual rope involved.

    I still have a lot of trouble trusting a cop of any kind. And I always will. That well is poisoned.


    3741 Saturday, 14 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker. For which a case of treason could also be made.

    Weapon RFID System Bill – Mandatory Tracking Of Kentucky’s Gun Owners. Among the comments, from the supposed author: "I for one believe that criminals can change, and that there’s a common thread of decency among all of us. Once they see their fellow citizens handing over their guns to register they will comply as well, surely.There’s no reason to mistrust our Government. They have only our best intentions in mind here." Can't tell if EPIC SARCASM or GENUINELY BAT$#!+ INSANE.

    When you make peaceful revolution impossible....

    "...FBI yesterday acknowledged that it secretly took control of Freedom Hosting last July, days before the servers of the largest provider of ultra-anonymous hosting were found to be serving custom malware designed to identify visitors." And they think they're the good guys.

    To which can be connected another dot.


    In Lighter News

    $IGH. Saw a Sears/Ted Williams-marked Winchester M1894 go for $250. $omeday....

    3742 Sunday, 15 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    With a crash of thunder and a downpour of rain, summer has ended.


    Codrea, as expected, stays on top of the NFA Trust rules thing. Among other topics. The show might be over by the time I post this but .MP3s will be available shortly.

    In the news, NYPD opens fire on a jaywalker and SHOOTS TWO INNOCENT CITIZENS. Which we have seen before. Likewise, in North Carolina, police shoot and KILL a man who may have been running to them for HELP. AND THEY THINK THEY'RE THE GOOD GUYS. THAT'S REALLY SICK. It is logical and rational to shoot all cops on sight, as clear and present dangers to public safety, in legitimate fear for one's life.

    And they think they're experts.

    And they think they're heroes.

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom.

    Michael G. illuminates, "National Report is like The Onion, or The Duffleblog, only not as funny. They make it all up (not so different from the MSM). They once had the Arizona legislature mandating gay to straight conversion therapy in all public schools." The original link still belongs in suckage because WE CAN'T TELL ANYMORE.

    Finished Correia's Warbound. WOO. He could end the story there if he feels like it, but doesn't have to. Resuming Pournelle's King David's Spaceship in the omnibus Fires of Freedom.

    3743 Monday, 16 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Dancing in the blood of their own lies, Chapter MMMDCCXLIII.

    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if they really are lying to us and leaping upon any incident as though they were expecting it.

    I never really wanted a full-auto weapon or a slide-fire stock, until now. -But it doesn't matter; if this goes on I eventually expect to take a G36 or the like off a dead Hessian.

    Get your "money" out of the banks and your assets out of "money".


    And never trust a doctor of any kind.

    Fudd + Quisling = Fuddling?

    Boycott Prudential Insurance?

    Here's the news on the cop who apparently murdered an innocent man WHO WAS TRYING TO GET HELP. Amazing the cop is facing any charges at all - and of course: "All three officers have been placed on paid leave." We're paying them to murder us. THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP.

    Hey hippie! Do you still [heart] the First Amendment?

    All you EBT-swiping hippies who voted for Obaaaaama because he would end the wars and bring the troops home - you are, at best, morons. How many times have I said, in these very pages, he doesn't want our troops here at home where they can vote? He wants them slaughtered in yet another useless misadventure so they can't change his regime.

    There have been damn few mutinies in American military history. I fear, and hope, we're about to see more than all before combined.

    Train and prepare

    In Lighter News

    Tomorrow is Constitution Day.

    "Note to gun banning moonbats: when the Kos Kids are the voice of reason on your side, you've well and truly jumped the shark."

    Prohibition Will FAIL - and see above about G36s and dead Hessians.

    I've been whining about Wyoming for years, and I've suggested to an e-buddy a couple timezones away to get the hell out of his deteriorating environment. Yeah. Like that.

    I see there will be a fourteenth installment of Man-Kzin Wars.

    Hmm, something may, after many moons, have finally broken loose with the Muse and Aurora. Maybe. Now Correia, he's contributed to the Writing Excuses series, as has Howard Tayler, who has a similar view of illustration - if you work at it you get better at it. Likewise the Prophet Heinlein said that after he sold his first story he never did an honest day's work since. Me, I but dabble.

    3744 Tuesday, 17 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "Hillary Rodham Clinton is the recipient of the 2013 Liberty Medal.... Introducing the award was former Florida Governor and speculative 2016 presidential contender Jeb Bush." And that tells you all you need to know about the whole system.

    Another click of the ratchet in California. If you're there GET OUT. eBay a freakin' kidney if you have to.

    As if they were expecting it. And the only thing they have is lies.

  • "In each case the shooter was able to kill multiple people long before any coherent response could be mounted by security personnel or first responders.... Denying people the ability to respond is criminal...." Yeah I know.
  • "A rational person would observe that the military members at WNY did, in fact, need weapons this morning, and did not have them." But we're not dealing with rational people.
  • "And yet, I was not allowed to carry a gun on base. Because I couldn’t be trusted with it."
  • "This would have left, once again, a large number of defenseless citizens at the mercy of an armed maniac… in this case, armed by the government."
  • "With just one single exception... every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns."

    Michael G. sends "Another for the 'Burn the Schools' category - also fits into the Unions category." Teachers' union protecting a known pedophile. I may have linked this one before but this appears to be either an update or a whole separate incident - which is not outside the realm of possibility, considering we had cops committing murder and attempted murder in two different states on- was it in fact the same day?

    As if more such were needed, JPFO offers further examples. If these are "just a few bad apples" why is the rest of the tree not bringing them to justice for their crimes?

    Because "BROTHERS IN BLUE." That's why. They know, and do nothing. They know, and approve, and even assist in the ongoing violations of innocent human beings.

    There is no such thing as a good cop. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    It's not paranoia.
    They are out to get you.

    In Lighter News

    Visual Aid o' the Day.


    Uppity in Texas. ...Take lots of cameras and if at all possible arrange offsite recording of live transmissions. The enemy has a history of destroying evidence of their crimes.

    I was in Bi-Mart yesterday and again today, and there is M193-equivalent on the shelves, just sitting there. (Independence brand blue-box IIRC, $8.99/20.) Don't know if it's still rationed since a) I'm trying to control my spending and b) it's 55gr and I want the heavier stuff for Precious' fast twist. More primers than I've seen for a year, though still not the full selection. Yesterday they had a couple pounds of Hodgdon Clays but that was gone today. Bought two boxes of Winchester 12 gauge #7˝, for future 3-Gun use, $6.49/25. -Oh and there was some .22LR, a couple boxes of CCI Standard Velocity for $3.49/50.

    3745 Wednesday, 18 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    All lies, all the time.

    All they have are lies.

    "...[A]s usual, the facts undermine rather than serve their argument."

    Visual Aids.

    An Obama voter, given a secret security clearance by the government. Who's "paranoid"?

    "...[A]nd they could've stopped the rest of it."

    '“No one in this country should have books,” the judge reportedly stated....' OH WAIT. Also, "...[P]roclaimed from the bench that those who support the Second Amendment should be ‘ashamed.’” Now connect that dot to these. "Crazy people shouldn't have guns and if you want a gun you're crazy!"

    Gaming the system while innocent human beings are denied fundamental human rights.

    This image is supposed to be all patriotic and heartstring-tuggy, flag at half-mast on the Capitol Building with the moon in the background, but you know what my eye was drawn to? The f***ing camera.

    If anyone who questions or denounces Barack Hussein Obama is racist, does that include Barack Hussein Obama? It goes without saying that anyone who voted for him is demonstrably either mentally incompetent or deliberately evil.

    Michael G. sends new posts from AnarchAngel, particularly calling for accuracy in our reporting. One of my links yesterday was the referenced image. (Though in comments Mad Mike Williamson the Baen author is making a case for it.)

    But nonetheless: TREASON.

    Years ago I made a bumper sticker, AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. Buy Organic and Commit Genocide.

    I keep telling you government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care.

    That First Amendment thingy is just so darn inconvenient. -So, SpecialDetectiveAgentSergeantLieutenant Jackboot is proposing to make internet anonymity a crime. But requiring voter ID is still raaaaacist, as is any accountability for the hundreds of millions of tax dollars burning every day in welfare scams....

    Violent sociopathic murderers with badges. Again and again and again....

    In Lighter News

    Correia gets his knives out again.

    Tucson Tom sends KITTEHS

    Garand pr0n


    A couple years ago Tom Kratman called me a cheap bastard. Reference: Season 1 Episode 13 of the Dilbert animated TV series:

    3746 Thursday, 19 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "...[A] proposal to arm rebel groups with terrorist and al-Qaeda ties." The Constitutional definition of treason.

    Just yesterday I was warning about punitive psychiatry. So now the best people in the country, who may need the most help, will be terrified of seeking it at the cost of losing their natural rights as human beings. To say nothing of a flock of agenda-driven bigots redefining "mental illness" to suit policy.

    Or Quislings.

    For example, I KEEP TELLING YOU THEY HATE US AND WANT US TO DIE. How short a step is it from wanting us dead to seeking a "final solution"?

    To which I replied:
    According to this Examiner column, one of your professors is calling for the death of innocent children because their parents choose to exercise a Constitutionally-guaranteed natural human right.
    Does Professor Guth's behavior represent the ethical standards of your university?
    Would his remarks be as acceptable if he called for the deaths of children whose parents read banned books, or attend a certain church, or whose skin is a certain color?
    And what exactly would the difference be?

    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if a tactical response team of the Capitol Police, a force that guards the US Capitol complex, really was told to leave the scene by a supervisor instead of aiding municipal officers.

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Government Makes Everything Worse Forever

    Two categories - BURN THE SCHOOLS and POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST: California College Forbids Passing Out Constitutions...On Constitution Day.



    In Lighter News


    3747 Friday, 20 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "...[M]aking those of us who control ourselves pay for the evil choices of others."

    Hofmann on Starbuck's. I never went there anyway but the point is, the enemy will not be satisfied with anything less than total prohibition and total control. Also see.

    Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims. Because they are sociopaths who do not see us as human beings.

    Speaking of not seeing us as human beings, apparently wishing horrible deaths on innocent children is a thing now.

    "...US pension funds are nowhere close to covering their liabilities." Last gun show I was talking about monetary policy with one of the regulars - actually a few throughout the course of the show, with all that Magical Green Paper flying around the exhibit hall. He asked, rhetorically, about the dollar, "What's holding it up?" - because anyone who's not delusional can see there's nothing under it and hasn't been for decades. To which I could only reply, "Faith." What happens when that faith is lost?

  • "The police department stands by Hart's actions..." which include kidnapping, assault, battery, terroristic threats of electric torture and murder, and what would be Assault With a Deadly Weapon if any of us did it.

    One reason I stick with this low-paying dead-end job is it keeps me in some kind of shape. And by golly I know I can hike. Can you?

    In Lighter News

    Yesterday, on the recommendation of Detroit Gun Rights Examiner Rob Reed, I emailed questions to some members of the University of Kansas administration. To which they respond:

    Thank you for writing to me regarding the repugnant comments made by a member of our faculty on his personal Twitter account. The comments were inflammatory and in no way represent my views or the views of the University of Kansas.
    In order to prevent disruptions to the learning environment for students, the School of Journalism and the university, I have directed Provost Jeff Vitter to place Associate Professor Guth on indefinite administrative leave pending a review of the entire situation. Professor Guth’s classes will be taught by other faculty members.
    What I ask is that you not allow the comments by a lone professor impugn an entire university, and the thousands of students, faculty and staff who are part of our community.
    Bernadette Gray-Little


    Thank you for contacting the Kansas Board of Regents regarding this matter.
    Following an Executive Session meeting of the Kansas Board of Regents on Friday, September 20th, Andy Tompkins, president and CEO of the Board of Regents, issued the following statement on behalf of the Board with regard to the controversial social media comments made by David Guth, an associate professor at the University of Kansas:
    “The Board of Regents expresses its disgust and offense at the statement made by David Guth. The Board also notes that these views in no way represent the views of the university or the Board of Regents. The Board wishes to reiterate the statement made by Dean Ann Brill when she said that ‘while the First Amendment allows anyone to express an opinion, that privilege is not absolute and must be balanced with the rights of others.’ The Board realizes that this matter is a legal and personnel issue for the University of Kansas and is being kept informed of the actions taken by the university. The Board expresses its appreciation for the immediate response by the Chancellor to the situation and expresses its confidence in her leadership.”
    Breeze Richardson
    Associate Director of Communications & Government Relations
    Kansas Board of Regents

    I notice they didn't answer my second and third questions:

  • Would his remarks be as acceptable if he called for the deaths of children whose parents read banned books, or attend a certain church, or whose skin is a certain color?
  • And what exactly would the difference be?

    And it sounds like the genocidal bigot is still getting paid.

    Just like cops.

    A small ray of light in Maryland? You can still smell the arrogance from the badgethugs - "[MSP] have since planned to limit the ability.... They have agreed to add additional logging.... We do not know when this will be completed."

    Michael G. sends, "CNN's Don Lemon stumbles over truth! No doubt will pick himself up and continue along as if nothing happened." More likely he's already been fired and CNN will pretend he never existed....

    Larry Correia Explains the Internet. -And Comment o' the Day: 'From my experiences, whenever a liberal accuses someone of something there’s a very real chance they’re already doing it themselves. If I woke up tomorrow and read that the Left was accusing conservatives of cannibalism, my first thought would be “Oh, my God! The Left is eating people!”'

    This would be funnier if we all didn't know people who would take it at face value.

    SMLE Fan is ready to pack his bags. Or there's this line from the 1955 film Conquest of Space:

    Pournelle's King David's Spaceship was worth re-reading. Beginning Michael Z. Williamson's Tour of Duty.

    3748 Saturday, 21 September 2013: CATURDAY ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    Enemy sighted in Vermont. Repel. And another icon for the front page.

    "Before an answer can work, the person asking the question must be willing to abandon their prejudices." And that is something the enemy will never do.

    Hmph. October American Rifleman, another article glorifying the Federal Bureau of Incineration and all the NFA items they'd summarily execute any of us for possessing. Followed by a full-page advertisement for a gold-plated M1927 Thompson rifle glorifying the prohibitionists. -What's next, an article on long-range riflery with Lon Horiuchi as guest columnist? I'm not the only one, so to speak, asking these questions.

    And they think they're heroes.

    Train and prepare

    In Lighter News

    3749 Sunday, 22 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if foreign media really is calling for invasion of the United States and subjugation of the American people by an army of occupation. -Where is it... yes, Visual Aid. But come ahead, Limey, and your Hessians too. We've kicked your tyrannical asses off our continent twice before and we can do it again. There will be a rifle behind each blade of grass and many of them will be formerly yours.

    (Though what we'd want with that L85/SA80 piece of crap I can't imagine....)

    Third-world-style death-squad murder. Tucson Tom adds, "This SWAT gang had members from the local towns as well as the county so as an example the town I live in is on the hook for at least $xxxK. No one gets fired however." And the people who never get fired or charged with MURDER will be ordered to rob MORE citizens at gunpoint to make up the funds.

    And they think they're the good guys.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. ...Aaaaand the new chatroom appears to now be a coin collector's domain WTF? The new new chatroom will likely be here - registration with email address required but real names not.

    Meanwhile, speaking of WTF, halfway through the first segment Tom Gresham takes Starbucks' CEO's side on his new discriminatory policy and calls open carriers names. John Pierce of OpenCarry.org reacts appropriately but then Gresham brings a string of guests on to support the discrimination. So Tom Gresham is okay with a policy which is morally equivalent to "WHITES ONLY" or "NO JEWS ALLOWED"? I'm reminded, again, of the old sick joke: Two Jews were in the concentration camp and the guards came to drag them away to the gas chamber. The first Jew struggles and shouts, "You can't do this, you Nazi bastards, this is murder!" And the second Jew Tom Gresham turns to the first Jew and says, "Quiet. Don't make trouble." -And wasn't Gresham promoting the Starbucks Appreciation Days on previous shows? Can't find proof of that....

    Here's a business that doesn't discriminate.


    $igh. Saw a couple scruffy old M870s, both 3" with long sporting barrels, one marked $180. If I didn't already have Saint John... but I do. -One vendor had a used AR barrel, I think it was 20", stainless and heavy. The only possibly-meaningful marking on it was "CLE 7.7 4-00" - not even sure which chamber it has, nor twist. But the guy only wanted $140 for it and I can probably haggle that, if the barrel is worth having for my intended precision long-range upper. Anyone familiar with those markings? I presume the last bit is a production date of April 2000. It appeared to have an M4 barrel extension and a conventionally-placed step, and pin locations, for a standard gas block, as well as a threaded muzzle for standard attachments. Hmm. -It might be one of these, since I see mention there of a 7.7" twist on a Krieger barrel. ...If I do make an attempt to buy that barrel I probably shouldn't tell the vendor about it. ;) -But I need to double-check the length at the next show, I want 20" or more, if it's a 16" I'll pass.

    3750 Monday, 23 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Blatant lies and bigotry. And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know. They've swallowed the whole package and they think the next civil war is going to be our fault.

    The crazy people want to treat the sane people as though we are crazy. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    Speaking of crazy people.

    The crazy people hate us and want us to die for the "crime" of not being crazy.

    The Fudds can't say they weren't warned.

    Butbutbut the conserrrrvatives will saaaave us Fox News host Chris Wallace said on Sunday that top Republicans had sent him opposition research throughout the week on Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

    Again two categories: BURN THE SCHOOLS and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD COP. The schools are cult-indoctrination centers and police of any kind are unaccountable thugs who like to hurt people.

    Yes, as a matter of fact I did buy more canned food today. Never mind the warbugs or runaway flu strains or SecretUndergroundGovernmentLaboratories, what happens when the EBT cards stop working?

    Are you prepared?

    In Lighter News


    FREE LUNA yes I have read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - twice.

    Hmm, examining Precious' Palmetto upper and remembering what I saw at the show yesterday, the barrel I saw did not have an M4 barrel extension - and the special upper I intend to put it in does have M4 feed ramps, and that's a bad combination. So that search continues. Besides which I can't really afford it anyway. I want a good, fast-twist, 20" or longer barrel, preferrably with a NATO or Wylde chamber in 5.56x45mm, for long-range precision use with heavy bullets. I don't know if chrome-lined or chrome-moly or stainless is better for this application. I'd like it to accept a pinned gas block so I don't have to worry about it sliding, and I wouldn't mind a muzzle threaded for a flash hider either. As for barrel nut, delta ring, and the difference between conventional and free-float handguard, I'm sure the Almighty Internets will educate me in due course, just as they have for the feed ramps.

    3751 Tuesday, 24 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    '...Kenyan law effectively assured the “al Shabaab militants” a guaranteed unarmed victim pool.'

    "The only logical option is to stop creating soft targets." But what do we have instead?

    It's not paranoia if the IRS really is a gang of partisan thugs.

    And they call us murderous bloodthirsty nuts.

    Massive vote fraud. Anything the left accuses the right of doing is something the left is already doing.

    Aaaaand the GOP is dead.

    VISUAL AID O' THE YEAR. (moar) But Bush "lied".

    "President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder seem bent on preventing smart black children from getting a good education."

    But they call us "racist".


    What happens when FirstWorldProblems start looking exactly like Third World Problems? What happens when the mobs can't get their electronic Soma? (They already threatened to burn their own cities, last year, if the NFL season was cancelled.) What happens when the EBT cards stop working?

  • "A right delayed is a right denied." I suppose that's racist hate speech now?
  • Never trust the thugs to obey the "laws" they cram down our throats.
  • Murderous, trigger-happy sociopaths, with badges.
  • Anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to die.
  • Thieving thugs suppressing free speech. So much for the myth of street cops supporting the right to keep and bear arms. And it doesn't matter whether the thug was doing it out of personal bigotry or by order. I've asked many times, what "law" would you not enforce? What order would you not obey?
  • The answer appears to be "none".

    In Lighter News

    PROHIBITION FAIL. I know people who could build their own drones. I've had a little electronics training myownself, if I were really motivated I could probably spend a few hours in the library taking notes and cobble something together. Now watch, they're gonna require Special Licensing for R/C toy trucks and will conduct SWAT raids on 10-year-olds playing in their own back yards....

    ARRRRGH Mr. E. sends moar 3-Gun. Noted for future reference - but not thi$ weekend. Sigh, it is time to dig out the Load Master and get to work.

    3752 Wednesday, 25 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    'Why is it that those who rail against so-called "weapons of war in our communities" are so quick to send the military into those same communities?' Because they're bloodthirsty would-be totalitarian dictators? -Separately, who among our troops would follow these blatantly illegal orders? There has been a systematic ideological purge of the officer corps since at least the Clinton administration.

    And as if on cue.

    Anyone who's been paying attention has known, for many years, that the whole system is dirty and broken. Oakland Gun Rights Examiner Yih-Chau Chang provides evidence. We're not VOTING our way out of this.

    Again with the child-raping tinpot dictators of the United Nations. Blue Helmets Make Good Targets.

    "He used a valid badge to gain access to the Navy Yard, where he had worked for only a week...." Just sayin'.

    Ted Cruz is the exception that proves the GOP is dead.

    Bigotry in North Carolina, with probably-national implications. Boycott Authorize.net and CyberSource and any business who uses them. ...Good on GRNC for keeping their website archive of email alerts up-to-freakin'-date unlike some .orgs....

    This Just In: New Jersey is still a totalitarian cesspit devoid of human rights and the rule of law.

    "A society where everyone is drawing peace signs on colored notepaper while waiting under their desks for the bomb to fall." "Instead of doing something about it themselves, they blame the freedom that left the killer free to kill, instead of the lack of freedom that prevented them from being able to stop him."

    BURN. THE. SCHOOLS. And get your children out of them any way you can.

  • "The police are widely considered to be corrupt and in collusion with criminal groups." Well duh. Or in other words, "...once you allow police to exist, there are inevitably more bad cops than good."
  • Only an idiot calls the police.
  • They like to hurt people.
  • That's why they become cops.
  • That, and the blatant fraud and unaccountability. (To say nothing of the "perks"....)
  • Penn Gillete, a more-fangs-out libertarian than even myself, has asked, "Who do you call when the ones who are harming you are the police?"

    If you're not depressed, and terrified, you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    DC GRE Mike Stollenwerk reports some ground being regained.

    So all these red-dot holo/reflex/whatsis sights are a New Thing. Right?

    Television bah. And besides, Joss Whedon endorsed Barack Hussein Obama. Now I can't re-watch Firefly anymore....

    I have read Dead Six which was pretty damn good, and am eagerly awaiting Swords of Exodus. Meanwhile, Correia posts a prequel.

    3753 Thursday, 26 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker would be an act of war if George W. Bush had done it. And again, any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed: '[BATFE Group VII Supervisor David] Voth infamously told subordinates involved in the operation “If you are going to make an omelet, you need to scramble some eggs,” and invited dissatisfied agents to find another job serving lunch to inmates.' Those "eggs" happen to be innocent human beings and David Voth appears to be a sociopath who facilitates mass murder to advance a political agenda.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters don't want to know.

    They hate us and want us to be slaves. And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters are lining up for free ObamaChains.

    They hate women and want them to be abused. And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters evidently think those uppity b*****s had it coming.

    And they call us "racist".

  • A legal system, not a justice system.
  • So much for the myth that "police support the Second Amendment".
  • But they don't trust us.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    FUSION ROCKETS FASTER PLEASE. Complicated, delicate, accelleration measured in centimeters - sure. Now compare your AR to a matchlock, or the phone you use today to what you had ten years ago. They have to start SOMEWHERE. You want Millenium Falcon? Well so do I. What would our guys at Bunker Hill have given for just one squad's worth of the same Trapdoor Springfields often blamed for the Massacre at Little Big Horn? What would Wilbur and Orville have thought of XCor and SpaceX and Scaled Composites?

    So I get this email a few days ago asking about adding a magazine extension to a Remington Model 11. Turns out the correspondent has the "Sportsman" model with a whole different magazine tube which is permanently blocked to two rounds, and a different fore-end too:

    Soooo I dug out the scruffy-lookin' tube and fore-end from my spare wrecked-and-for-parts M11, which has already contributed a barrel and bolt handle to Saint John, and sent them to him:

    Because SAINT JOHN AND 'MURICA. Now if a web search for "remington model 11 sportsman magazine tube" turns up this page, pretty much your only option to increase capacity appears to be replacing the whole tube, and necessarily the fore-end and magazine cap too (if you're using an extension tube, that is your new cap) - and those parts are hard to find. Although, everything else, the recoil bits, the receiver, the barrel, should all work as-is.

    3754 Friday, 27 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Full Day. I've had worse, but I got to the hub at oh-dark-thirty to discover what would have been my regular load had increased by about a third due to another driver not being available. Some difficult navigation on a couple stops only cost more time. But I still made 55 stops by deadline, and an on-demand too. That'll count, come the Black Friday sales, wherein I got Precious' upper from Palmetto State Armory last year.

    But meanwhile, pooped.

    '“We must not, however, take away freedom for law-abiding citizens in the process,” [candidate for US Senate from Massachusetts Gabirel Gomez] proclaimed, counting on most not noticing he’d just endorsed doing precisely that.'

    More lies about guns in Mexico.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters call us liars.

    Michael G. sends, "In truth, the implications here are much wider and much more troubling, touching as they do on foundational questions about property rights, the remit of the public school system, and the nature of American civil society." Which is why I keep telling you to BURN THE SCHOOLS, FOR THE CHILDREN.

    This Just In: The GOP is Still Dead.

    Sink the Island, Chapter MMMDCCLIV.

    As for the Cult of Mother Gaia, "I don’t know what this is, but sure as hell isn’t science."

    Very often I have said, They hate us and want us to die. AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN: "I'm the same person I was last week, last month, last year, last decade, yet now that they know that I am a gun owner, all of a sudden I'm every mass murderer they've ever seen on TV."

    "I guess this means it's okay to kill us." And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters think we're the bad guys.

    JPFO also notices trespassing, vandalism, theft, suppression of free speech and violation of due process. (See also.)

    And the criminally-incompetent thugs doing it think they're the good guys.

    In Lighter News

    SAF sues New York. And what has Mr. LaPierre done for my Life Membership lately?

    SMLE Fan exhorts us to open our minds.

    Williamson's Tour of Duty is some pretty good stuff, but I'm putting it aside for Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky.

    3755 Saturday, 28 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Matt Bracken illustrates why we will have Bloody Civil War - because some troops will break their oaths and obey the unConstitutional orders, and some won't.

    It's not paranoia if genocidal, Christian-hating Islamic extremists really have infiltrated HomeSec.



    "...[E]ventually their racism comes out."

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    So a while back Cyprus robbed its own banks. The virus is spreading. Every government currency in the world has nothing holding it up but faith. What happens when that faith is lost? What happens when the EBT cards stop working? -Now me, years go by without my checking balance being halfway to four figures - it'll take some time for the enemy to get down to my level. But I know what I'll be spending some of my next paycheck on: Some proper damn boots. When the mobs have torched the Wal-Marts and the ARCOs, I can still hike.


    In Lighter News

    Government's own study proves guns are more benefit to society than cost. "It was also discovered that when guns are used in self-defense the victims consistently have lower injury rates than those who are unarmed, even compared with those who used other forms of self-defense." -IRS audits of CDC leadership in 3, 2, 1... unless King Hussein just decides to start whacking people, as he's been fantasizing and laying "legal" groundwork for years.

    MidwestReader sends rental range reports:
    Went to the range today and tried a Kahr CW45. Trigger is about the same as the P9's. It is a 20 ounce pistol firing .45 ACP, but recoil isn't at all bad. I did see an odd malfunction: cartridge came out of magazine, and bullet end of cartridge went toward the chamber, but the side of the cartridge case was lying against the feed ramp and the slide had closed on it, pinning it in that position. Maybe the gun needs new springs--they tell me it's a fairly popular rental. Ammo was Seller & Beillot 230 grain ball. All primers had a tear-drop-shaped firing pin mark, meaning the slide was opening and the breech end of the barrel was dropping before the firing pin could retract fully. Which also doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy. Though Kahr says all their handguns are rated for +P ammo. Speaking of which, the 3 1/2" barrel doesn't seem to cost a lot of power--see chrono data here, and note that those are mostly +P loads that were tested. There are aftermarket trigger parts now available.
    Tried a Kel-Tec PF9, the "Zimmerman Gun." Horrible trigger. Everything about it felt flimsy and plasticky. Didn't inspire confidence. Very difficult to shoot well. Had to fight the trigger.
    Tried a Ruger LC9, which is supposedly "strongly influenced" (ahem ahem) by the PF9. Felt less flimsy and plasticky than the PF9. Trigger was heavier but shorter. Found myself fighting the godawful trigger the whole time. Very difficult to shoot well. Pulled lots of rounds low left, some as far as the 7 ring, at 10 yards, due to the Arrow Staple Gun trigger. There are aftermarket trigger parts available.
    Tried a Ruger LCR38, polymer framed 5-shot .38 snubby. DAO trigger somewhat less horrible than the semiauto DAO/striker fired triggers listed above. Recoil stung my hands with every shot despite weighing the same as the CW45 and being about half as powerful. Very fatiguing to shoot in a way none of the semiautos I mentioned is. I suspect that the cycling of the slide eats up a lot more recoil than we think. Was easier to hit with it and there were far fewer rounds pulling low left.

    Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky pulls one right in, efficiently providing backstory and character-depth (coughDAVIDWEBERcough) while going right to the politically-incorrect action. That's the kind of book I want to read - and it's first in a series.

    If only it weren't so topical. Replace "flu" with "fiat currency" and....

    3756 Sunday, 29 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Yet again with "Authorized Journalists". Also Codrea is on the second hour of the show.

    Are Government Schools a Form of Child Abuse? They were when I dropped out 30-odd years ago and I know they've only worsened since. BURN THE SCHOOLS.

    Speaking of burning, Get your burner phones now. Which I've told you in these pages before. TracFone, Net10, or comparable types, available in many supermarkets now, some under $20. During the automated voice-recognition activation, say "NO" to bypass, or just lie.

    Because These people intend to crash it all.

    "The lesson: when faced with jihadis… surrender is not an option."

    Topical Bumper Sticker o' the Day:

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom I guess. ..."...Gresham noted that sometimes, gun owners can be their own worst enemies... bickering amongst themselves, rather than unite behind a common cause." Oh you mean like CALLING OPEN-CARRIERS NAMES AND BLAMING THEM FOR MORE INFRINGEMENTS?

    SPAAAAAACEEXXXXXX yeah it broke a little but they kinda did that on purpose.

    Linux is looking better all the time. Been using Ubuntu 11 on my laptop for a couple years now, with only one real, though catastrophic, issue due to outdated chip architecture not being supported by Ubuntu 12 - wiping and reinstalling 11 fixed it, though there's an annoying upgrade popup every couple weeks. Not yet ready to make the leap on AwesomeBox, though I might download the latest and make a bootable something. Major problem there is bandwidth, which is restricted at the hovel and subject to downshifting if transfer caps, i.e. updates, are exceeded.

    UP. PAST. F***ING. MIDNIGHT reading John Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky. Nearly half through already. -Evidently Ringo's daughters really are like that because he's used similar characters in the Posleen series.

    3757 Monday, 30 September 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Apparently women in Ohio are lining up to be abused, raped, and murdered. WHO is waging a "War on Women"?

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work. Chapter MMMDCCLVII.

    They can't have no idea why we hate them.

    The premise of Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky is, someone, presumably ecoterrorists, deliberately release an engineered plague to effectively wipe out humanity. (Clancy's Rainbow Six had much the same premise, but the bug didn't get loose.) People with such ideologies really do exist. The Twitter meltdown is supposed to be funny but I don't see it that way: How short a step is it from hating us and wanting us to die, to helping the process along?

    And they will find "people" willing to help.


  • "...[A]n American citizen is eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than [by] an Al-Qaeda terrorist."
  • "Distraught family members were pepper-sprayed, chained to a bench while daughter was dying of self-inflicted gunshot wound."
  • "A former Ohio sheriff’s deputy convicted of raping a 5-year-old girl he was baby-sitting...."


    In Lighter News

    As patents for laser sintering expire in five months, Prohibition Will FAIL. "Freedom can exist only to the extent that those who presume to impose restrictions on it can be made to live in abject fear."

    I think this is Lighter: The Marines have a history of cleaning their own house. Dunno about the cameras and all, but for an all-volunteer force, within their own installations and under military discipline and law, I can't really raise a libertarian hackle over it. And if the plan is implemented there will not be another Fort Hood or Washington Navy Yard massacre. Not for more than a couple minutes anyway.

    This is why I make my Basic Firearms Tutorial and Disassembly videos.

    And of course, ALL HAIL SAINT JOHN

    Received my copy of Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire on Kickstarted DVD. I'll review in a day or couple.

    View my YouTube Channel

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