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3697 Thursday, 1 August 2013:

The World Sucks

Meanwhile at the door-kicking puppy-shooting kitten-stompers, GOP sells out, AGAIN.

Permits are infringement, and prohibition is inevitably more evil than whatever it tries to prohibit.

Example: 'The city claims these objects will be illegal to possess during a "protest," but a protest can be defined as any two people standing around, or walking down a street, or even just talking loudly. There is no official definition of a "protest," meaning the police can invoke the ordinance any time they wish.' What was that about selective enforcement of "law"? What "law" would you NOT enforce? What order would you NOT obey? WHAT OATH DID YOU SWEAR?

Pointed Question o' the Day.

Their Minds Don't Work Right, Chapter MMMDCXCVII.

  • Armed agents kill harmless baby deer in raid. They become cops because they like to cause pain and suffering.
  • "Marshal Wiggins and company used the fact that they'd scared the hell out of Goldsberry as the justification for entering and searching her home." WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR HERE?
  • "An Anne Arundel County grand jury has indicted a New Jersey police officer with a first-degree murder charge in the apparent road-rage shooting in Gambrills that left a former Millersville man dead." We're paying for a vicious gang of predators who see their employers as prey.
  • "We are supposed to be free citizens, not subjects, and it’s way past damn time we took that status back."


    In Lighter News

    I suppose Lighter because no one's using it as an excuse to send Our Kind to "reeducation" camps, but it still coulda killed a guy: A while back I asked, What would a spacesuit look like if it had been designed by John Moses Browning? ...Nnnnnnnot like this.

    (...Sheila Jackson-Lee blaming the Tea Party in 3, 2, 1.... The spacesuit is white and therefore OBVIOUSLY RACIST!)

    3698 Friday, 2 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    DownTownIck.... Effing shoes. Won't buy that brand again. The heels have worn through the insoles and ate my socks. At least my feet have toughened from the last year-and-more of hiking.

    Benghazi is not a phony scandal.

    "I had a drunk cop pointing a loaded gun at the back of my head -- he's still on the force?” It's not "just a few bad apples". BURN THE TREE.

    They hate us and want us to die and their minds don't work right. At the same time.

    Speaking of minds not working right, "Global Warming" MY ASS. They are actually saying these things out loud.

  • "As police and onlookers stood on the sidelines, Monu Valmiki was viciously trampled by about nine other students for over half an hour."
  • They like to hurt people.
  • That's why they become cops.
  • And if they can't cause the pain and suffering themselves, they'll stand by and watch while someone else does. Because they think their pensions are worth more than our lives.


    In Lighter News

    I have these training videos queued. They're a quarter-hour each and take some time to capture, I've only watched the first so far. It's not a holodeck, but it's probably as close as we can get with available technology.

    [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    3699 Saturday, 3 August 2013: CATURDAY ZZZZ

    The World Sucks

    "Think about that. In 2013. 47% of adults cannot read and write." IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    Next time someone tells you to "work within the system", fill your hand.

    Because they are out to get you.

    Visual Aid and Astute Observation o' the Day.

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, burning your house down and murdering you.


    In Lighter News

    "The best defense in a fight against an opponent that fights dirty is the truth."

    What a wonderful modern age we live in.

    Today I was in Wal-Mart (Ick) buying new shoes for the umptieth time (if anyone is attempting to develop a really good walking or light-hiking shoe and needs a real-world tester, YO, your shoes cannot repel feet of my magnitude!), and while there I naturally looked at the munitions counter - which was as all others have been for the last eight months. But while in that part of the store I also looked at Fieldline Tactical packs for attractive prices. While reading the little dangly brochure-tag another shopper said to me, "You don't want that." He was a veteran, explaining it was a cheap knockoff of what he'd been issued and that the straps were prone to rapid failure. I think he would know. So, passing it along.

    3700 Sunday, 4 August 2013:

    Today marks my Eleventh Blogiversary.
    You darn kids and your FaceBlogTwitBooks....

    The World Sucks

    All you need to know about Old Media.

    Likewise, "Where is the outrage over a white middle school student having bones broken and being robbed on a school bus in a beating by three black students?" Yeah, I know where.

    Man-hating feminazis' minds don't work right.

    Cops and cameras - WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

    Yeah I have a pretty good idea.

    But they don't trust us.

    If you're not terrified YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. Among other topics, the First Person Defender series on GunTalkTV. One scenario they're guaranteed to not cover: The Wrong-Address Raid. >:-[ Home-invaders are using cop tactics because those tactics are indistinguishable. Anything coming through your door without your permission DESERVES TO DIE, NO MATTER WHOSE GANG COLORS THEY'RE WEARING.

    3701 Monday, 5 August 2013:

    The World Sucks


    It's not paranoia if....

    Gleiwitz Incident. LOOK IT UP. HEY LOOK OVER THERE

    "At what point should it be recognized that the United States has become a totalitarian country?"

    "...[A] person who is alleged to have retaliated against a whistleblower is now the director of an agency that could use a lot more whistleblowers to help clean it up." -Still wrong though - BATFE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

  • Police are predators who view citizens as prey.
  • They are also sadistic perverts and serial rapists.



    In Lighter News

    Codrea exhorts us to think of the children.

    Speaking of you darn kids and your FaceBlogTwitBooks, uppity.

    3702 Tuesday, 6 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    In bunraku theatre, the audience is supposed to ignore the black-clad puppeteers and pretend the puppets are real. NOPE

    Permits are infringement and taxation is theft and we used to HANG thieves.

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    And they call us "racist".

  • "...SWAT teams are actually creating violence where there was none before.... This is government using violence to send a political message."
  • In addition to being vicious predators and serial rapists, police are also lying sociopathic cowards who do not recognize us as human beings.
  • "...[T]herefore it is up to the general government to be generous – not with its own money, of course, but with money forcibly extracted by the tax collector [backed] up by the BATF and Federal executioners if needed. Of course it is easy to be ‘charitable’ with other people’s money. It is easy enough for A and B to work together to determine what C must give to destitute D."
  • "Then police arrive. Within 16 seconds, the officer is seen throwing the 60-year-old business owner to the ground."
  • 'How armed "Only Ones," who have no duty to protect -- and who lock themselves up and hide when real danger appears, with no legal repercussions -- have the gall to suggest unarmed bus drivers have a greater duty than they do is just insane.'
  • "...[T]heir actions amount to warrantless searches in violation of constitutional protections."
  • "...[W]hy is a potentially lethal assault only a misdemeanor?"
  • When I say "The 'laws' are wrong and the enforcers are evil, this is what I mean.

    In Lighter News


    Armed self-defense works. Anyone who says otherwise is more than wrong.

    Correia's Warbound is out. It's been in my library hold queue for weeks 'cause I'm a cheap bastard. :D

    Vat-grown meat is a recurring trope in science fiction, all the way back to Burroughs and Barsoom. Working on it.

    Speaking of looking for gun parts (like the gas block illustrated below), I used to have some percussion revolvers. They were stolen years ago. Years later I acquired a quite rough brass-frame CVA non-authentic replica of the Colt 1860. There was rust... so much that two of the nipples had to be destroyed, with a screw remover, to get them out for cleaning the cylinder. Naturally they're not the same thread as the other revolver nipples I have two complete spare sets of. 9_9 I think the ones I need are 5x1mm 6x.75mm, if I'm measuring reading the catalogs right oh hell I don't know, I'll have to take the survivors and the cylinder to an actual arms shop. But the Almighty Internets Shall Provide, eventually.... Everything else is there the only other thing it needs is the notoriously breakage-prone trigger-and-bolt spring, (...and apparently the mainspring screw and where the hell could that have gone dammit) and it's mechanically identical to the 1861 and 1851 I used to have, so I can reassemble it from the box-o'-parts any time. If I were buying a new one I'd go Remington, a much stronger and simpler design, also with an actual safety feature. (The Colts have a safety too, a pin on the blank space between each chamber, but this one does not have the pins, though its hammer is cut for them.) But this is the one I have.

    3703 Wednesday, 7 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Cartoon appearing in the November 1973 issue of Playboy magazine:

    Not a joke anymore.

    Residents of the Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock, Colo., have until October 1 to get rid of their books or they’ll have to move out. OH WAIT. "There may be no civil rights violation, even when the problem revolves around the exercise of a civil right."

    A legal system, not a justice system, Chapter MMMDCCIII.

    I told you they'd have to destroy the internet and close the hardware stores and burn the libraries AND I WAS RIGHT, AGAIN. If I win the lottery I'm 1) moving to Wyoming and 2) buying a proper CNC mill and learning how to use it.

    They hate us and want us to be their slaves.

    Today in Old Media, Michael G. sends, commenting, "The same day a new owner took possession of The Washington Post, they ran a piece regurgitating lies about online gun sales from an anti-gun group even though one of their own bloggers had already exposed the lies." -The very day before.

    Also: "...[Y]ou’re doing it wrong — and you’re the real threat to public order." "I don't know if you can call British ex-pat Mark Steyn a metrocon, he guest hosts for Limbaugh. Even if he is I don't know if you can generalize from him to other metrocons catching a clue, he was sensitized when he had to face hate speech charges in a Canadian kangaroo court for accurately quoting a muslim leader. Still, it looks like he is seeing what you see."

    Furthermore, still trying to go judenfrei.

    "...[G]un violence going down--that's not the issue." YEAH. WE KNOW. Virgnia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe just admitted what I've been telling you for years: IT'S NOT ABOUT SAFETY.


  • "So they're just randomly harassing people to get us used to it."

    They are out to get us.

    Train and prepare

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition Will FAIL - in every way.

    Praxis: Bullet casting. Personally I'm pleased with Lee.

    Finished Beginnings: Worlds of Honor 6, consisting of five prequel novelettes. The last was a bit... unfocused. Beginning The Iron Breed, a Baen reissue of two Andre Norton novels, Iron Cage and Breed to Come, which is supposed to feature überkittehs at some point.

    3704 Thursday, 8 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker, still. 'How long does the guy's nose have to grow before "Authorized Journalists" stop calling lies "mistakes"?'

    It's been tried their way and it doesn't work. FOR THE STATED GOAL.

    "...[B]ypasses concerned citizens being able to make alternative views known...." Because their ideas can't survive competition.

    Encore l'Missouri WTF?

    T'other day Michael G. sent that Mark Steyn article, questioning whether he deserved to be called "metrocon" anymore. "You know you’re really living in a police state when NRO conservatives sound like libertarians." -This bit bears pasting: 'Another horrifying incident recently in the news involved a 2-year-old girl who was snatched by CPS from her loving (but marijuana-smoking) parents because they smoked pot. The CPS bureaucrats then casually handed over the child to a “foster” parent who murdered the girl before the parents could get her back.' AND THOSE CPS BUREAUCRATS THINK THEY'RE THE GOOD GUYS. THAT'S REALLY SICK.

    "It’s dawning on a lot more people that a government run by secret spymasters is illigitmate even by the most conventional, mainstream standards."

    Never trust a cop of any kind. None of them are our friends.

    I keep telling you, government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care: "Security wasn't an afterthought: it wasn't thought of at all."

    Years later, survivors of the Fort Hood massacre are being treated like criminals. Likewise the Benghazi next-of-kin, and now even the families of the firefighters killed in Arizona. And we're supposed to "work within" that system?

    "What will the NSA spies seek next? Our passwords? We already know the answer to that one. They asked for them last week."

    Action in New Jersey. If you're there, you should already know.

  • "And if less-than-ethical police officers are involved, well, it could be a nightmare." As if there were any other kind.
  • "...[H]e thinks we are the enemy in need of a paramilitary response." Like I've been TELLING you for YEARS.
  • “It sounds like they are phonying up investigations.” Who do you call when the people who are harming you are the police?
  • "It is this intersection of law enforcement and military capability which so worried the founding fathers and which should worry us today." The Founders would be SHOOTING by now.


    In Lighter News

    A tiny flicker of sanity in Colorado. But that's not the way to bet.

    Prohibition Will FAIL

    3705 Friday, 9 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Many times in these pages I have berated the self-destructive Jew. Yeah Blacks too. Are they really that ignorant of their own history?

    For the umptieth time I tell you IT'S NOT ABOUT SAFETY. 'Hint: cartridges are not "hidden" in the chamber of a firearm, any more than gasoline is hidden in a car's gas tank.' They used to teach this stuff in school and all these shootings began after that stopped.

    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory....
    ...if they really are out to get you.

    For further example, "Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, whenever they like." Why don't cops want their pictures taken? What have THEY got to hide?

    "The Republicans are doing their best to blow whatever advantages the disastrously corrupt and incompetent Obama administration has handed them on a silver platter." Visual aid.

    During The Best Period Of Economic Growth In U.S. History There Was No Income Tax And No Federal Reserve - and look at us now.

    Speaking of income tax, Commit a felony, get promoted.

    "Since 1967, homicide figures for England and Wales have been adjusted to exclude any cases which do not result in conviction."



  • 'You, on the other hand, could face a felony rap, a year in jail and permanent "prohibited person" status-- and guess who it would be who would come to take you away?'
  • "What a disgusting sham we have for a legal system." YEAH I KNOW
  • Pointed Question o' the Day.
  • "They don't shoot your pets to protect themselves, they shoot your pets to emotionally abuse you."
  • Because they are sadistic perverts.
  • All of them.
  • "Run, children, run for your very lives. Here comes a cop."


    In Lighter News

    Some Jews are not self-destructive.

    Reader Wil sends, "The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court unanimously reversed the denial of Simkin’s license...." Wait the who of the where did what?


    Real Man o' the Day: "Brown and Martindale examined the booklet and after several practice attempts at hovering and controlling the craft, followed by a stiff drink, they set off for Farnborough." Also: "Test instrumentation on Brown's flight recorded during the oscillations accelerations of +4 and -3g's at 3 Hz." And he lived.

    Now there's something you don't see every day.

    Prohibition FAIL

    Discrimination FAIL

    Similarly, sometimes the bigots get what they deserve - but that's not the way to bet.

    Cryogenic suspension is a key trope in much science fiction: "Space Seed"/Wrath of Khan; Bujold's Vorkosigan saga; the Alien franchise - I've used it myself. Working on it.

    3706 Saturday, 10 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Yet another reason I need to get out of this death-spiral Blue State and head to Wyoming.

    'A legitimate American business that offered its customers email privacy has been destroyed by the government. It’s “crime”? Refusing to cooperate with the disgraceful and unconstitutional surveillance network which considers itself entitled to spy on all Americans.'

    "At some point this whole charade may blow wide open." By which time the whole world might look like Detroit....

    "As sovereignty rests with the citizens of The United States and the national government has grossly violated it’s obligations under The Constitution which we, the Sovereign People, put in place as the supreme law of the land, we are no longer under any obligation to obey or cooperate with the national government in it’s lawlessness or acquiesce to it’s demands."

    In Lighter News

    $IGH. Helped a friend's widow set up, then dashed off to


    CMP Garands at Clark Rifles. A problem I have been having is feathering the trigger on a semiautomatic long gun - must remember to follow through. Today I did. Still didn't win, nor even place (Mr. R. won as usual, despite showing up a full hour late and rushing through his slow-prone stage to not delay the rest of the match more than necessary), but all my rounds were on the paper. I didn't have enough handloads of the same batch - remember there are a lot of variables in handloading, very possibly including astrological signs - so I used some Precious LC72 I've been saving for rainy days. Since I have Precious-the-NATO-eating-AR now, and since the enemy doesn't issue M2 Ball on en bloc clips anymore, the decision was less difficult.

    Long Course B, 200 yards. Five sighters, not convertible this time:

    Top left was the first, way high since even 41-year-old rounds are hotter than my handloads. Four clicks down and I was in the black. Encouraging!

    Stage One, 20 rounds in 20 minutes, slow-fire prone:

    Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I was sawing at the sights like the steering wheel of a car with a front-tire blowout. The legendary deliberate variances in military ammunition? This stuff was delinked machinegun rounds.... But at least they were all on the paper. And more than half were in the black.

    Stage Two, 10 rounds in 80 seconds, rapid-fire prone, starting from standing. Last time I bump-fired my first two, which not only cost me points but was very damn embarrassing. This time:

    But at least they were all on the paper. Note the weird low flyer. My 8-round clip ejected prematurely, taking one live round with it. As I was beginning to get out of the sling I saw it bouncing across my prone mat, uttered an expletive, grabbed it, and threw it into the chamber by itself. Previous experiments have convinced me there is a difference in point of impact between loading directly into the chamber and feeding from a clip or SLED - which is why I made a SLED. I think that's what happened here.

    Stage Three, 10 rounds in 80 seconds, rapid-fire sitting, starting from standing. The gut was less trouble this time than my back and knees. Again I remembered to follow through on the trigger (which is one of the Six Steps taught at Appleseed by the way):

    But at least they were all on the paper.

    Finally, Stage Four, 10 rounds in 10 minutes, slow-fire standing. The sling may not be used as a shooting aid. This stage is where my flinches really show up and I had to consciously tell myself I was only dry-firing, and let the shot surprise me:


    Final score, 403/2X, 80.6%, nowhere near the top three, nor new pins for my hat. Can't afford to practice. But at least this performance suggests I've stopped backsliding.

    Then I went back to the show, which was packing up to leave. Almost bought a few boxes of Hornady 60gr .224 somethingorother, projectiles for loading, but finished walking the aisles first and, though it resulted in the blowing of all my remaining cash, I'm glad I did:

    $200 and up online, marked $150 on the d00d's table, sold for the $139 I had in my pocket. AND NOW I HAVE ONE. Magazines can be ordered, including 10s for more comfortable prone shooting. I was going to buy one when they were on the shelf of a major sporting-goods chain for $180. I made the sighting like one week before Sandy Hook. *poof* Not used much; definitely fired but perhaps only at the factory. I understand there's a different charging handle available to improve handling. I might do a video review on this.

    3707 Sunday, 11 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    “A skeptic could surmise that a better-armed populace might have made no difference, but the National Socialist regime certainly did not think so -- it ruthlessly suppressed firearm ownership by disfavored groups.” It's not Godwin if it's true.

    "The ultimate goal of gun prohibitionists is to disarm everybody. Working up to that, they push social bigotry...." Like I've been telling you.

    And then cram us all together in a few small places for convenient dispoposal. GET. OUT. OF. THE. CITIES. NOW.

    And on the other end of that equation, "The FedGov has incentivized people who have the wherewithal to leave to do so."

    Hey look, NPR is a pack of liars. Well duh.

    The GOP may not be dead, but I'm ready to sign a do-not-resuscitate order. And party leadership is talking about this... oath-breaking traitor for a Presidential run. WHAT'S THE DAMN DIFFERENCE?

    Why would any returning veteran want to become a police officer? So they can harrass, humiliate, rob and murder their former comrades?


    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom.

    George Zimmerman's brother Robert on the radio again. Before I posted this. I expect .MP3s will be available soon if you want them.

    Official match results, 4th of 10. I'm okay with that.

    A brief first-impressions video on the CMMG .22 conversion is online.

    Finally hitting some backed-up email! MidwestReader sends range report on a rented FNS .40:

    The good points of the FNS:
    Balance is excellent, grip angle is perfect, the gun points very naturally. The molded-in checkering on the grip frame is just right, aggressive without being excessively so. It feels really good in the hand. The sights are big and blocky with white dots on them, and tritium sights are available as a factory option. In .40 the gun holds more than most .40 caliber service pistols, 14+1. Recoil is not at all bad. Cycling and function were 100%. They are available with and without a manual safety. This one had the manual safety. It is frame-mounted and ambidextrous, and works like a 1911 safety. The safety catch is a very small button but it's easy to manipulate and in exactly the right place, and works in the right way, crisp and positive without being in any way difficult to manipulate, and if you learned to shoot a 1911 with the thumb high, the FNS does not mind at all if you use the safety as a thumbrest (in marked contrast to the FNP and FNX, which will let you know in no uncertain terms that they were never designed to be shot that way). The rental counter guy says that the two FNS pistols they have available have not broken any parts yet despite many thousands of rounds being put through them since they were purchased seven months ago, and appear reliable.
    The bad points:
    The trigger is bloody horrible, the worst I've ever felt on any polymer service pistol. The special horribleness of its character is not necessarily apparent by dry-firing it. When you dry-fire it, it feels like there's a long takeup, then it stops moving, then you yank on it very very hard and the striker fires more or less sort of crisply with no further sense of creep or movement. Fire it with live ammo, though, and the second stage feels like it starts in different places from shot to shot. You can feel all manner of strange and distracting things going on under your index finger as the trigger moves back. Sometimes the release is crisp, more often it is spongy and draggy in a manner reminiscent of dragging heavy furniture across an uneven floor, with hitches and stops and starts before it eventually goes bang. Trigger pull is advertised at 2.5-3.5kg, or 5.5-7.7 pounds. Every review I find says the pull is hovering around the upper portion of the stated range if not above it, and this one was no exception. I estimate it at ten crunchy, draggy pounds if not more. Reset is short, and you can shoot it like a Glock trigger, riding the trigger forward just until you feel the CLICK of the disconnector resetting, then shooting again, which helps a little, but the release is still usually spongy, draggy, gritty, crunchy, and heavy. I was able to hit with it, mainly, putting 47 of 50 in the 10 ring and 40+ in the X-ring at seven yards. But the trigger made it a lot harder than it had to be. Granted, this was a rental range gun that's apparently very popular, being the Newest Thing. Maybe a detail stripping, thorough cleaning, and appropriate application of lube would help.
    Also, all the brass is visibly bulged on one side in the middle, and not over the feed ramp, either, it's in the middle of the case, as if the chamber were somehow potbellied in the middle on one side. I'm wondering if the chamber is extra sloppy and/or a bit asymmetrical. I haven't any unfired brass to compare it to, but it's visible and all the cases are identical. I have no .40 dies. Maybe it'll iron out. Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

    MidwestReader also sends these three photos of a Kalashnikov with anti-aircraft "sights", followed by... this from what Col. Cooper called the Marketeers. 9_9 And then more of the same, commenting, 'Apparently this is a big Cultural Thing with certain, ahem, "holy warriors." They make minor repairs to, and also decorate, their rusty and ill-maintained personal weapons with a particular brand of shiny and metallic-looking green plastic electrical tape that is made in Pakistan. Other popular modifications include lots of shiny brass thumbtacks and occasionally stick on a picture of a woman's face cut from a page of a magazine; some even hang good-luck charms from the sling mounts. Ten out of ten for personalization, minus several million for camouflage discipline. The color green being holy to a particular religion may also have something to do with it. THE TRUE PAKI TAPE IS MOST HALAL.' And aiming is not required because Allah will guide the bullets.

    3708 Monday, 12 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Again with the UN? Or not?

    Oath-breaking traitor.

    Mentally-unstable hoplophobes wanting to make childhood a crime.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...." Related Visual Aid.

    "Money" isn't going to be worth anything for much longer. Start investing in something else. Also: "In Japan there has been no surge of immigration, however young educated Japanese businessmen have been leaving the country as the culture of Japanese corporations keep rules in place to protect the older generation, denying full time employee status and promotions to younger generations." I'M A PROPHET

    A "no-guns" sign is the moral equivalent of one that says "whites only" or "no Jews allowed".

    Your Tax Dollars At Work!

    Yyyyyeah f*** Hollywood. Having a hard time imagining any movie, which would actually be made, which I would want to go to a theater and buy a ticket to see. -And TSA perverts will be digitally raping moviegoers in 3, 2, 1....

  • "We need to correct this behavior." We need to eliminate the violent sociopaths committing it.
  • "The right of the people to be secure in their persons...."
  • It's not paranoia if they really are tracking your every move.
  • No such thing as a good cop. EVER.

    In Lighter News

    I've only been in two 3-Gun matches so far but I've already learned that shotgun reloads are where matches can be won or lost. Which is why I made ten weighted dummy rounds for dry practice with my shell carriers.

    Here's the .MP3s of yesterday's interview with Robert Zimmerman.

    The Almighty Internets tell me the alternate charging handle for the CMMG .22 conversion is simply a conventional charging handle with the space for the gas tube filled with something so spent cases don't get stuck in there. I still have an ordinary charging handle, which has been replaced with a BCM. So if that becomes an issue I'll get some binary epoxy or whatnot.

    3709 Tuesday, 13 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Whoever invents a cure for arthritis deserves to die... fabulously wealthy at the age of 120.

    Another Lee Paige Award - if one has the patience to dig through the Old Media hatemongering. But they don't trust us.

    '“In this scenario, police killed the shooter,” Hendricks shared from a set-up triage area. Tellingly, that didn’t happen until many simulated murders had taken place before the training teams had even arrived on scene.' And if a student picked up a chair and threw it at the shooter (while the real sociopaths were still outside hiding behind their theftmobiles and adjusting their ninja suits) the student would be suspended for "an incident involving a gun". BURN THE SCHOOLS. FOR THE CHILDREN.

    Encore l'oath-breaking traitor. If they're going to treat us like "terrorists" anyway, what incentive do we have for not engaging the enemy which has declared war on US?

    "Then call us Rebels, if you will,
    We glory in the name,
    For bending under unjust laws,
    And swearing faith to an unjust cause,
    We count as greater shame."
    Richmond Post Dispatch, May 12, 1862

    Government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care. Chapter MMMDCCIX.

    SINK THE ISLAND o' the Day: "I asked if they saw the problem, perhaps just the symbolism, of Hamlet being banned in the British Library. They shrugged."

    "...[T]hey absolutely view themselves as above us."

    And they call us "racist" o' the Day: "Some Hispanics are busily constructing a breakaway confederacy called Aztlán, to consist of the southwestern states and southern California. The goal is to evict Asians, whites, blacks and all others not of La Raza—The Race—which goal they declare at street gatherings large and small."

    Not all the suckage is from the usual sources. THIS IS WHY REAL SPACE ENTHUSIASTS HATE NASA.

    In Lighter News

    "Global Warming" MY ASS. And it looks like the scientific community is starting to pull their collective heads out of theirs.

    PR0N o' the Day.

    Who's got cat pictures? I've got cat pictures!

    3710 Wednesday, 14 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    "...[T]to minimize the chances of opposing views being heard...." Because their ideas can't survive competition.

    Ideas like Project Gunwalker, which in a sane universe would be an act of war against a sovereign nation.

  • "We’re important and your kids aren’t, so f*ck you."
  • Video Shows Pembroke Pines Cop Punching Mentally Ill Girl. They become cops because they like to hurt people.
  • "But never mind the chilllldren, they’re always ready to shoot your dog."

    In Lighter News

    '...[A] federal court found [Bloomberg's] rampant "stop-and-frisk" policy to be both unconstitutional and racially discriminatory.' Great! So where are the prosecutions of every badged, racist thug who ever did it, and every bootlicking fascist who ever advocated it? Such as: "The fact that there [is] not an arrest or summons does not mean that somebody was innocent." This won't stop until some people get the Nuremberg Treatment.

    "...[T]he City of Bellingham is paying $15,000 to a man who was confronted by a police officer for legally open carrying in a city park; an incident during which the cop drew his gun and aimed it at the armed citizen." So, terroristic threats of kidnapping and murder can be washed away with money stolen from the same violent thug's other victims?

    Dilemma: On the 25th, do I drive to Wolverton for yay fun YouTubegenic action handgun, or drive twice as far to Lone Oak for CMP Garands in which my performance contributes to an actual national ranking?

    3711 Thursday, 15 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    F*** Hollywood, Chapter MMMDCCXI.

    Tin-pot dictators love gun control.

    For the same reasons rapists do.

    Michael Bloomberg belongs on a chain gang or a gallows. For his crimes.

    Some days ago it was observed that "You know you’re really living in a police state when NRO conservatives sound like libertarians." Michael G. sends more, commenting, "Even National Review is calling out the dead elephants!"

    "When legislators fail to represent the will and beliefs of their constituents and become beholden to outside influences, it is up to their constituents to fire them." "State of Emergency" and "Suspension of Elections" due to a "Need for Stability" in 3, 2, 1....

    New bumper sticker:

    "Man, I never thought things would come to this."

    “[W]e would rather you suffer financial and/or physical injury, including death, rather than let you defend yourself.” I told you they hate us and want us to die.

    Meanwhile in Arizona, yet another reason to BURN THE SCHOOLS

    As if more such were needed.

    Oh look, yet another reason to hate NASA.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-worshippers don't WANT to know.

  • Never trust a cop. Of any kind.
  • Visual Aid o' the Day.
  • Cops can't tell difference between pot and tomatoes. But they'll put you in shackles, steal your stuff and wreck your home anyway.
  • Activist kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint, for reading a book in public. OH WAIT
  • "No wonder people are so afraid to have the police come to their homes."
  • "So how did the department justify the arrest? By invoking... the kind [of law] the Supreme Court declared unConstitutional - ten years ago." Because "law" is whatever some thug with a badge says it is.
  • All cops are rapists. That's why they're cops. Prove me wrong, I dare you. You badged monsters know which of your "brothers in blue" are violating innocent human beings EVERY DAY. And you do nothing. And you think you're the good guys?
  • "It's a very perverse incentive.... People are really pointing to the policing-for-profit as the fundamental problem behind the law.... What you're seeing often times on the highways now are just shakedowns." All cops are thieves. That's why they're cops. That's what cops are FOR.


    In Lighter News

    Perspective o' the Day.

    AR receiver flats? For $31 shipped. Drilling/tapping and welding required but if you already have those tools or know someone who does....

    There are many lessons to be learned from the ongoing unrest in the Middle East. Here's one.


    3712 Friday, 16 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    So... the whole blogspot system was intermittently Not There, and all the embedded YouTube videos on all the blogs everywhere are autoplaying. And me on rationed bandwidth. >:-[

    Genocidal totalitarians love gun control.

    They hate us and need us to die.

    This give me ambivalence - media hypocrisy, yes, but government schools should not exist any more than should the badged monsters they're talking about putting into them. LaPierre is right in broader terms, that schools should be armed to defend their children, but wrong that only government can do so - or would even do as well as citizens.

    WTF is happening in Tennessee? The other day the schools were trying to revoke parents' 2nd Amendment rights (wrong, that was Arizona) and now they're trying to BAN BACON? And as if on cue, "...[A] teacher in Knoxville was arrested for indecent exposure." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? And of course, BURN THE SCHOOLS.

    And they call us "racist" o' the Day.

  • "The National Security Agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008...." Thousands that we know about.
  • "...[T]his is about the tenth time in his administration in which he has gone around the Congress in ways that are clearly unconstitutional...." The tenth that we know about.
  • No, really. He hates the troops.

    And the EBT-swiping Obama-voters say "What scandal?" and call us "racist".

    So many lies... and the EBT-swiping Obama-voters are swallowing them whole. Even some of our alleged "friends" like Alfonzo Rachel.

  • A while ago, cop fired for objecting to quotas. Now, more of the same. Police are predators who view citizens as prey.
  • The only good TSA agent is a dead TSA agent. SHOULD NOT EXIST.


    In Lighter News

    In case you missed it, that darn pesky First Amendment thingy. Maybe Muir can share a cell with whatshisname who made that video which didn't cause the Benghazi murders.

    The Ronnie Barrett Club!

    3713 Saturday, 17 August 2013:

    The World Sucks


    Seriously. Get your "money" out of the banks and get your assets out of "money". While you still can.

    And for gods' sakes get out of the cities. Now.

    Dial 911 and get sued by your "protectors" who just murdered a member of your family WHO YOU CALLED THE MONSTERS TO TRY TO HELP. This is something we've seen before. What kind of sociopathic inhuman MONSTER does it take to become a police officer?

    Similarly, "Now they want his ass in a jail cell for refusing to screw over his clients."

    And the CNN-watching EBT-swiping Obama-voters say "WHAT scandals?"

    In Lighter News

    That darn pesky First Amendment thingy! -One of my courier stops is a very hippie cafe in a very hippie part of town, and on their front door they have the "I [heart] the First Amendment" bumper sticker. No I don't think they do. And I wonder if they still think "Dissent is Patriotic"?

    3714 Sunday, 18 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    $igh, brake$ time for $hambling Wrecktm again. Rotor$ too this time. At least I know how, and the Almighty Internets tell me they're in stock at the local store. I'll grab 'em after work-and-paycheck tomorrow, then get grubby that afternoon.

    Well it looks like the YouTube autoplay thing has been fixed....

    Not a joke anymore. BURN THE SCHOOLS.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    Any who try to not be evil are denounced as "traitors to law enforcement".
    And the rest think they're heroes while they rob, rape and MURDER innocent human beings.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. Featuring intended uppityness from Arkansas Carry.

    Michael Z. Williamson, a Baen author, wrote a short story in his Grainne universe, "The Humans Call it Duty", about a gengineered leopard used as a warcat. It is free online as part of his new collection, Tour of Duty, which is already in my library queue. Because ÜBERKITTEH

    Speaking of, Andre Norton's Iron Breed has... more than a whiff of "Four-legs-good-two-legs-bad." >:-[

    Sigh, I've been leaning toward the IPSC match next Sunday but this is supposed to be a Rifleman's Journal and now I'm leaning toward the CMP match instead. -Did I mention, a few shows ago, I snagged a Lee .30-06 die set? It appears to be Brand-Spanking New. I've broken the decapping pins on both the RCBS and Wells sizers I had, but now I have a new Lee full-length sizer, which have a reputation for indestructability (and I've had the Lee uiniversal decapper for years as backup). Just need to remember to use enough case lube. But it is time for another Great Resizing if I'm going to continue using '06 handloads in the Queen. OTOH the upcoming match issues CMP ammunition to level the field so I don't need to make my own right now, hmm.

    3715 Monday, 19 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Hm- a typical day's courier-driving suggests the brakes don't need urgent work after all. Might have just been an anomaly, something wind-blown between rotor and pads. I'll keep an ear on it.

    DownTownIck today and the shoes I bought two weeks ago are already beginning to fail. Admittedly I got them at Wal-Mart for $19.92 and I know to never get the twenty-dollar shoes....


    "...[R]elying on comic book superhero fantasies...." "I'm not going to waste my time arguing with a man who's lining up to be a hot lunch."

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Et toujours l'oath-breaking traitor. And party leadership is still talking about this thing for president.

    Judenfrei! “We know this won’t stop someone determined to cause violence....” But that's not why they're doing it. They're doing it because of the DIRTY JOOOOOS GUN OWNERS!

    Speaking of discrimination, go to any college campus and you'll see a bazillionty "I [heart] the First Amendment" stickers. No they really don't. Don't go to college.

    They hate women and want them brutalized.

    Michael G. sends more from the metrocons - even the law and orrrrrder conserrrrvatives are beginning to sense something is wrong. "A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged - a libertarian is a conservative who's been searched/siezed/wiretapped/arrested."

    And as if on cue, even leftmedia is feeling an itch and beginning to wonder where to scratch.

    Government Makes Everything Worse Forever o' the Day.

    Snark o' the Day: "...Barack Hussein Obama is the political equivalent of a suicide bomber who is using presidential policy instead of an explosive vest to do as much damage to our country as possible."

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, Chapter MMMDCCXV. And that's why I hate going to the supermarket.

  • Speaking of discrimination on campus, "Police charged student with felony for wearing fashion belt made from fake ammunition."
  • They steal your property at gunpoint, then destroy it before giving a little of it back to you.
  • The murderous-sociopath-with-a-badge from the other day also gets WoGged.
  • Dial 911 and get thrown out of your home. And I see in comments, someone else has picked up "GET OUT OF THE CITIES"
  • "Compare that with the ignorant unaccountable bullies that infest the 'police service' today."

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in Arkansas! -But be sure to take lots of cameras. If at all possible, have live transmission to offsite recording. The enemy has a history of destroying evidence. Have remote backup teams ready to hit YouTube immediately.

    Terabyte USB "thumb" drives are on the way. I've already seen 128Gb advertised and I can buy 32Gb MicroSD cards at the same variety store where I buy primers-if-they-have-any.

    As mentioned the other day, this book is already in my library queue.

    3716 Tuesday, 20 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Nope - brakes time after all. $igh.

    "What’s truly insane is our government oversaw a gunwalking operation where people have been murdered and are still in danger of being killed throughout the foreseeable future, and no one responsible is facing criminal charges. Meanwhile, Holder continues thumbing his nose at the entire process...."

    The government of the United States of America has no legitimacy.

    Discrimination and harrassment and comic-book superhero fantasies. Why are these psychotic bigots not being jailed, and why are we being punished for exercising natural human rights?


    Al Sharpton had this to say about the tragic murder of a young white male by armed black youths:


    Michael G. sends yet more. Metrocon erwacht!

    Sink the Island o' the Day.


    Their Minds Don't Work Right, Level Epic.

  • Hofmann expands: "...[M]any of those who most need protection face eviction and homelessness for calling the police." We are paying a vicious gang of sadistic perverts for our own subjugation and slavery.
  • Reward offered for weapons stolen from FBI vehicle in North Carolina. But they don't trust us.
  • In these pages I've sometimes wondered if police badges were made of the faux kryptonite from Superman III. Tam offers a data point.
  • "The Minneapolis Police Department is defending itself against 61 lawsuits alleging that officers used excessive force that led to injuries, 53 of them filed from 2011 to 2013." It's not "a few bad apples". BURN THE TREE.
  • Arming and equipping for bloody civil war.
  • School bus hijacking drill held without informing students.

    And finally, a true champion of the Cause is getting continually pooped on by the universe. I sent him a little fiat currency a month or so ago, but now I just blew $64.97 on rotors and pads....

    In Lighter News

    Now there's something you don't see every day.

    Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Counterattack in Colorado.

    Remember the robot sentry guns from (the extended version of) Aliens? That is a real thing now.

    Hmm, shotgun reliability. So far Saint John, when properly fed, has performed well - because Saint John, All Hail. But as for slide-actions, I have owned Mossbergs and a Remington, and I believe the Mossberg to be the more robust design. The Remington 870 is prettier and can reportedly be tuned to be much smoother, and of course it has the extendable magazine, but I believe the Mossberg is less prone to jamming and more forgiving of operator error (i.e. the short stroke), and it's less expensive besides.

    The Panic is still on, though there is the occasional glimmer of hope. Found one 20-round box of PMC X-Tac #5.56K (with bootlicking package art), 62gr "Green-Tip-LAP". $9.97. "There were four," the guy said. As in that was all they got. Some CCI Small Pistol primers, some Winchester Large Pistol, still a sufficiency of #209, still Pyrodex and 777, but the smokeless they had a couple weeks ago went *poof* and .22LR's shelf-life is measured not in hours but minutes. There is 12 gauge buckshot and slugs, and plenty of birdshot.

    3717 Wednesday, 21 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    $igh. Couldn't get the front rotors off, they're held by two countersunk screws which are not moving, and whose slots begin to deform as I try. But I did manage to install new pads which will buy at least half a year I reckon. I know the portside rotor was already damaged, from last time, and now the opposite surface of it is too:

    At least now I have rotors for future use. Last time it was the outer surface of the rotor which was damaged, which appears to have been worn smooth-ish since. With fat new pads (yes, test-driven before I finally took my shoes off for the day) I expect them to wear in with the morning commute and I probably won't have to worry about it for the next several moons. Then next time I'll try the rotors again, with Kroil or the like - not as much time (or gumption) to mess with it now, with work early tomorrow (I'm typing this Tuesday evening - updating Wednesday evening after another 164 miles, all seems not-disastrous).

    As long as I had steam up I checked one of the rear drums, presuming the other would be the same, and the shoes there had plenty of material left. Naturally the front discs take most of the load, the rear used mainly for the parking brake. But I have spare shoes for those too.

    Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules. Which they make up as they go along.

    "...[A] law that will, among other things, impose requirements--on pain of criminal charges--on victims of crime." "...[A]nd C) makes it easier for cops with a mental illness history to have their gun rights restored than is the case for the rest of us." HEY MAYBE NEXT THEY COULD MAKE US WEAR SPECIAL PATCHES ON OUR CLOTHES AND LIVE IN ONLY CERTAIN PARTS OF TOWN AND NEVER LEAVE THEM WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

    And they call us "racist". White NRA members are NOT the ones carjacking and home-invading and serial-raping and randomly murdering innocent people out of boredom. Why are we the only ones being punished?

    Because the other side is too sick for words. Not human.

    'For all of our more liberal leaning readers who continue to ask “what’s so bad” about universal background checks before we’ve even seen the specifics, this is your answer."

    YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. I don't think I've netted $50k in any three years combined. "What happens, though, when the number of producers falls short of the number of consumers?" What indeed.

    Real space enthusiasts hate NASA....

  • Anniversary of domestic terrorism and murder. And they call us "terrorists".
  • Stossell: 'In the 1970s, there were about 300 SWAT raids per year. “As of 2005,” says Balko, “100 to 150 per day.”' "...[F]ew freedoms are more basic than being able sleep securely in your bed without armored men bursting through your door."
  • They'll steal your HOUSE and LIVE in it. What kind of inhuman freak even thinks like that?
  • CHILD-RAPISTS WITH BADGES. And their "brothers-in-blue" still have beers with them at the end of their shifts and barbeque over at their place on the weekends and donate sick days to each other.


    In Lighter News

    Because, in comments, it's suddenly not suckage: "In response to the reaction of our customer base, Jody Weis will not be joining the Troy Asymmetric cadre of instructors."

    3718 Thursday, 22 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Rapists love gun control, and so do murderers. EPIC DUH.

    Hate-filled racists.

    Official government GENOCIDAL racists. Who's "paranoid"?

    And they call us.


    The Prophet Heinlein said, "The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization... is knowing that you are."

  • Visual Aids o' the Day. I've been telling you, the job doesn't make them monsters, the monsters apply for the job. THE JOB SHOULD NOT EXIST.
  • Of-a-feather: "Bad organizations make sure no more evidence will come to light." Which is why so many dashboard cameras "mysteriously" "malfunction".
  • "...[D]ehumanizing and degrading to another human being." Well I'm not sure about that last bit, in context. But if they treat each other that way how can they be expected to behave toward us, their employers?

    In Lighter News

    Finished Andre Norton's The Iron Breed, consisting of Iron Cage and Breed to Come. The überkittehs in the second novel were well-presented but, as aforementioned, the whole volume had a definite four-legs-good-two-legs-bad slant, even when the evolved protagonists were in fact bipedal, as well as eee-vill-humans-are-destroying-Mother-Gaia eco-freakiness. Beginning Jerry Pournelle's Fires of Freedom, also consisting of two novels, Birth of Fire which he's been plugging as an e-book lately, and King David's Spaceship which I've read before but I expect to be worth reading again. -I may have read the first before too, and I think they bookend Pournelle's future history, from pre-CoDominium to Empire of Man.

    3719 Friday, 23 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed.

    “Many [Chief Law Enforcement Officers]s around the country are refusing sign or even acknowledge the ATF Forms. There is no legal remedy in most states to force the review of these forms.” And if it were books getting the same treatment?

    "Base is the slave that pays!"

    '...[A] double standard in reporting “black-on-white” crime....' And they call us "racist". At every opportunity.


  • "Is America Inching Toward a Police State?" Whaddaya mean "inching"?
  • "...[A]ccidental discharge of a campus officer’s weapon.... The bullet went through a window in one wing... and traveled into a window of another classroom. ...A class was in session at the time.... The officer faces an administrative suspension." While we would be facing decades in prison and death threats from mobs of genocidal bigots.
  • "I wish to report a multiple kidnapping/hostage-taking situation that includes assault, battery and conspiracy, not to mention reckless endangerment."
  • "I do not want to live in an America that terrorizes its populace."

    In Lighter News

    Troy Industrries receives the cluebat. Though, in links, there are other issues.

    In the news, the XM25 grenade launcher is being officially adopted. I'm still leery about radio-controlled airburst grenades, considering reports of the enemy hacking our drones' video feeds and nonexistant security for various government data systems - but I'm not the one using it* and the ones who do express satisfaction.

    (*Unless I find myself taking one off a dead HomeSec thug....)

    3720 Saturday, 24 August 2013:

    The World Sucks


    "...[P]imping dead kids...."

    Obamacare is so bad even the union parasites don't want it.

    Next time you see some Prius with hippie stickers all over it claiming to "[heart] the First Amendment", make 'em prove it.


    Astute Observation o' the Day.

  • From VCDL's email alerts (which are often weeks behind current events but still): "Anti-gun Senator McEachin had a bill in 2011 (SB 1395) that would have made it a crime for a citizen to be under the influence while carrying a gun openly or concealed, BUT PERFECTLY LEGAL for an on-duty police officer to be totally drunk! Obenshain correctly opposed that bill. Herring seems to be comfortable with police officers being intoxicated while on duty."
  • "Anaheim, California property owner Tony Jalali faces the loss of his office building, which is worth $1.5 million, even though he has committed no crime."
  • Any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out and destroyed.

    In Lighter News

    RHJunior takes another swipe at Trek. Do the archive grind for more such.

    $IGH. Got not-as-many photos as last year, they'll be posted soonish. But there was one display, featuring many Remington Model 8s and 81s. It caught my eye particularly because the very first firearm I ever owned was a Model 8 in .35 Remington. $omeday I will replace it. Anyway the exhibitor said that several of the rifles, the ones with small brass tags in the photo-I-haven't-processed-yet, belonged to the author of "the book" - and I think he meant the book linked here.

    All Hail Saint John.

    But, $igh, I went hoping to find a vendor of reproduction percussion revolver parts with which to finish salvaging the brass-frame CVA Colt M1860. If there was such I didn't see it.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. Won't be there as I'll be a hundred-odd miles away at a CMP Garand match, if I'm not ambushed, robbed, kidnapped, framed, and/or murdered along the way by the army of occupation. It's not paranoia when they really do plant and destroy evidence.

    3721 Sunday, 25 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    IRS targets American Legion. Still think you live in a free country?

    So I'm reading the September issue of American Rifleman and on page 31 is a full-page ad for yet another commemorative, "The NRA Shotgun" from American Legacy Firearms. "Official NRA Licensed Product". It's an NEF (advertised as H&R) Pardner Pump, a derivative of the Remington M870. I've seen those. THEY'RE MADE IN COMMUNIST CHINA. RONG U R DOIN ET. -Also they didn't bother to wipe off the big greasy thumbprints from barrel and magazine tube before taking the photo. 9_9

    -Hey: There's already word, for years, of the enemy, i.e. Feinstein and Boxer, being invested in Chinese industries. Whaddaya wanna bet Pelosi, or someone like her, owns stock in Norinco?

    There is a purge underway. In America.

    "...[T]he federal government continues to face an unsustainable fiscal path." Get your "money" out of the banks and your assets out of "money".

    "And they wonder why people don't like them or support them the way they used to?" Police are what's wrong with America. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    A while back I noticed something that scared the hell out of me. If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    In case you missed it, photos from this year's Oregon Arms Collectors show are online.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom - new chatroom. Not there because


    CMP Garands at Lone Oak. (Returned unmurdered by occupation forces....) Nine shooters, three relays of three each - this allowed the target pits to be used properly, one relay shooting, the second spotting and scoring, and the third in the pits. Ammunition this time was Greek HXP, very obviously delinked:

    I used the worst-looking ones for sighters. Standard SR targets at 200 yards:

    I didn't get photos of my targets as I do at the other club, as each shot is scored and patched in sequence (except the rapid stage, and hiking downrange for a snapshot is not practicable and I couldn't get one through a spotting scope as I'd done before). There were some odd flyers, mine and others', and it really could have been the somewhat battered ammunition because that is not where my front sight was when that bullet left the barrel. Mr. P., the other club's CMP director and ranked higher than I, totally blew his slow-standing stage, and Mr. C., who I was spotting for in the second relay, was all over in slow-prone (yet still took third place (after the usual Mr. R. and Mr. E.) if I recall correctly).

    This was the short course, 35 rounds:

  • 5 sighters and 10 for score, slow-fire prone, in 15 minutes
  • 10 for score, rapid-fire prone, starting from standing, in 80 seconds, mandatory reload
  • 10 for score, slow-fire standing, in 10 minutes

    The other club is running the 55-round long course this year, with 20 for score in slow prone and an additional 10 rapid sitting/kneeling.

    I didn't totally blow my rapid stage though I did hold too low. At least I didn't feather the trigger as I've done before. My position needs work, I find myself creeping up the stock and getting smacked in the glasses with the receiver - I need another Appleseed is what I need, but there are too many other and more immediate expenses (and I think the next one's sold out anyway). My single miss, in standing, was jerked low, hitting the edge of the target holder, and I called it before the target came back up with the scoring discs. Those 5s (and the 6, sure) in slow prone did not feel like my fault. I've never heard anything bad about HXP ammunition, and I've been reusing a heap of HXP brass for years, but maybe this batch got knocked around more than usual.

    If the Panic weren't still on I'd be buying BL-C(2) and Hornady #3037 and WLR and fuel to go to the range and practicing.

    3722 Monday, 26 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea strikes yet another rich vein of hypocrisium.

    "That's right--the military is being trained to think of the Founding Fathers as being akin to Hezbollah or the KKK." If you're not terrified...
    ...you're not paying attention.

    Oh look, they're gonna bring back prohibition! Looks like I'M'A BE THE NEXT AL CAPOOOOONE after all.

    Linux is looking better all the time.

  • But they don't trust us.
  • But THEY don't trust US.
  • Chillicothe Police Chief Told 911 Dispatcher To ‘Disregard’ Call For Help. What are we paying for here? -Oh yeah, WRSA posted the Visual Aid a while back.

    Most Americans will be completely blindsided by what is coming.

    In Lighter News

    A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised: The occupation forces did not perpetrate a Fort Smith Massacre. Let me be plain: I support Open Carry, Constitutional Carry, and what some have called Diplomatic Carry. Absolutely and without reservation. If I had money to spare I would give to support that cause. I'm just personally too afraid of being kidnapped, tortured and murdered by thugs with badges to participate, in the currently hostile socio-political climate. I'd have to shoot back, see, and then we'd have a bloodycivilwar.

    3723 Tuesday, 27 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Oath-breaking RINOs in Connecticut.

    Murderers for gun control. "...[H]ow much more reprehensible can murderers and rapists be, than those who seek to provide them with a pool of helpless victims?" Which is what I've been saying. Codrea also has a Visual Aid.

    Taxing the Cherokee to pay for the Trail of Tears. Taxing the Jews to fund the construction of Auschwitz. OH WAIT. Are you set up to handload? And to cast your own bullets? Have you been stockpiling primers? Do you know the thousand-year-old formula for blackpowder? I have successfully fired my GP100 with blackpowder .357 Magnum cartridges. Others have done the same with the 1911 in .45ACP, both of which were designed at the beginning of the smokeless era with blackpowder still very much in mind.

    "And, of course: The bill would exempt all federal, state and local agencies, including police departments, from paying the tax."

    Likewise, poaching the king's deer. Didn't we fight a big bloody War of Independence over THAT EXACT THING?



    Butbutbut Obaaaaama will end the wars and bring the troops home! NO HE WON'T YOU DELUSIONAL HIPPIES

  • Cops hate citizens and want them to be murdered. Prove me wrong.
  • "If that happened in a regular criminal case...."
  • "...[B]oth deputies have been relieved of duty with pay." And what would a citizen get?
  • "...Marion Superior Court Judge Kimberly J. Brown... is facing 45 counts of alleged misconduct." But they are deemed fit to judge US? I've said before, every judge I ever met creeped me right the hell out.

    Are you prepared?

    Are you paying attention?

    In Lighter News

    It's not paranoia if they really do have us in their crosshairs. Someone is trying to do something about that. Send help.

    Likewise, uppity in California-of-all-places.

    Not long ago I was postulating the Labor Revolution. Faster, please.

    (Or maybe not....)

    In the two-story volume Fires of Freedom, Pournelle's Birth of Fire appears to be the very beginning of his CoDominium future history, and King David's Spaceship is at the other end, set near the time of The Mote in God's Eye. Anyway it's all Pournelle and damn good. -An unkind person might call it The-Moon-Is-a-Harsh-Mistress-on-Mars. To which I would say not that there's anything wrong with that. And besides the Prophet himself gave Niven & Pournelle extensive advice on Mote.

    3724 Wednesday, 28 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    HugeAwfulLoad with additional DownTownIck. And the shoes are crap, need new ones on the very next paycheck. "Faded Glory" brand at Wal-Mart, do not buy. Wrecked them in less than a month. In fact this morning I went back to the previous pair, whose seams were bursting and soles wearing through at the ball, but at least the heels weren't trying to eat my socks.

    They don't want to debate. They want to dictate.

    Yet more totalitarians for disarmament.

    It's not hard to understand why.

    No, really. Genocide.

    In fairness, "Mr. Belton's actions were both appropriate and justified. In fact, I encouraged individuals to fight back against attackers and acknowledged that Mr. Belton was correct in doing so." Yet your first instinct was to call self-defense "unfortunate". Never trust a cop of any kind. They don't see us as human beings.

    It's not paranoia if police really are confiscating legally-purchased firearms from peaceable citizens right here in America.

    Why are cops so afraid of having their pictures taken? What have THEY got to hide?

    BURN THE SCHOOLS. They're nothing but brainwashing factories.

    Blatant, official, discrimination.

    And they call us "racist".


    In Lighter News

    Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire is in theaters now-ish. Looking forward to my kickstarted DVD.

    Prohibition FAIL, Chapter MMMDCCXXIV.

    3725 Thursday, 29 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Making up the "law" as they go along.

    Witch hunt in Connecticut. “The door is now open for this to happen to an FFL anywhere and everywhere.” Which is another reason why the whole FFL system, and the kitten-stomping sadists who enforce it, SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    "EQVAL JVSTICE VNDER LAW"? That's crazy talk!

    Third Florida mayor arrested this month. But they don't trust us.

    It's not paranoia if they really are keeping a list of everyone who even learns how to fire a gun.

    "Now, under Nobel Peace Prize-winning Obama, Islamist coalitions are thriving and oppressing millions." And now he's going to launch missiles at them and probably send troops. That's Nobel Peace Prize material!

    So... we can't have hundred-year-old five-shot bolt-actions, but they want to send machineguns to Islamic terrorists. And they call it "common sense".

    And they call us "bigots".

    "Basically a white guy telling black folks that they can’t have guns." But they call us "racist"?

    This is why I strove for clarity in my fictional utopia.

    "I don’t see you as some kind of hero." That you see yourselves that way is truly sick.

    In Lighter News

    Someone to vote for in Arkansas?

    THIS IS WHY I make my Basic Firearms Tutorial videos. (Will Maryland seek to extradite me for thoughtcrimes...? Or are they simply going to ban YouTube in the state?)

    TFB announces a new, free, arms auction site.

    The Space Frontier Foundation has begun a series of author interviews titled Heinlein's Children. How 'bout that?

    3726 Friday, 30 August 2013:

    The World Sucks

    So I'm examining the video autoplay problem and it appears to be in Opera, because the same URL in Firefox ain't doin' it. Download newest version of OperaWHATTHEFLYINGF***ISTHISWINDOWS8TABLETCRAPNO. Download previous version of Opera and do an overwrite reinstall - no change. Export bookmarks, screenshot my Speed Dial blank tab and other preferences, nuke Opera into electronic oblivion and install fresh- seems to have worked. Now I have to rebuild preferencesGODSDAMMITIT'SSTILHAPPENINGHOWDOIKILLIT

    'In other words, the leadership of a national influential collectors group petitioned ATF and endorsed more “gun control....”' There's a word for that.

    And as if on cue. (Visual aid.)

    Speaking of visual aids, as if you weren't depressed enough already.

    "...[I]s anyone seriously trying to argue that the right to effective fighting arms is less fundamental than the right to vote?" Yes they are. And there are only a few reasons to do so.

    ...[A]nd to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Of course there's a real possibility they're only using the petition to create a self-generated list of targets for IRS audits and "reeducation".

    ("Will ye pray them or preach them, or print them, or ballot them back from your shore? Will your workmen issue a mandate to bid them strike no more?" We're not VOTING our way out of this.)

    SMLE Fan reminds us of really basic fieldcraft.

    I. Keep. Telling. You. The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.


    In Lighter News

    Progress in Mississippi? Or do they even know?

    Opposition increases among law enforcement on more Obama gun control laws? But never trust a cop of any kind....

    A .22 bolt-action rifle is a nigh-ideal training and introductory piece. Sooo, the Ruger 77/22 turned out to be as expensive as a centerfire. And the new offering is... still $300 and up. Wasn't a base-model 10/22 on sale in the chain stores for a hundred and twenty freaking dollars new in the freaking box just a couple presidential terms ago? That's doubled since. ...Maybe this belongs in the suckage....

    3727 Saturday, 31 August 2013: CATURDAY

    The World Sucks

    "...[I]t’s highly unlikely that police could have responded quickly enough to have stopped this attack." But self-defense is "unfortunate" and police "don't recommend" it and advise the peasants to "just give them what they want" - and rob and kidnap us if we don't. Does that seem right to you? Whose side are these badged thugs supposed to be on? I AM SERIOUSLY ASKING, WHOSE SIDE ARE THE COPS ON?

    But anyone who's been paying attention has known the answer for years.

    Meanwhile, Quislings. How's that hoping-to-be-eaten-last thing working out?

    I see this as yet another in a very long list of reasons to BURN THE SCHOOLS. This kind of bullying is almost exclusive to government schools. They INVENTED it. "However, if history teaches us anything, it will be easier to blame the gun."


    As if more were needed: "...President Obama, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, also has a dream — one of leaving every black child in the Pelican State behind, trapped in schools that cannot educate them."

    The immigration issue, explained. (I have attempted to remedy this. Neither handouts, nor stealing same from other people who get no benefit from them - and citizenship is earned, but not required to reside and work. Likewise there are no mandates to accomodate parasites who refuse to assimilate.)

    In Lighter News

    So a while back I posted an excerpt of my fictional utopia inspired by one of the Prophet's more-misunderstood works (which I have read at least four times and have a dead-tree copy of within arm's reach at this moment). Working on it.

    New digital editions of Guns and American Handgunner magazines are no longer available for free download, but the vintage issues are. July 1963 Guns and July/August 1983 AH are online.

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