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3637 Saturday, 1 June 2013:

The World Sucks

  • Tyranny is defined as that which is "legal" for government and "illegal" for citizens.
  • So ricin letters were sent to Obama and Bloomberg. We are seriously wondering whether they sent them to themselves while they... blame us.
  • And dehumanize us.
  • And advocate our extermination.
  • Last month I changed my PayPal button to say "HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS HORRIBLE PLACE". This is what I mean. Note also how the campus cop took the side of the enemies of civilization and threw out the American for the "crime" of exercising the First Amendment.
  • While at the same time, while all this hate speech is directed toward us, our free speech is violated.
  • And the "watchdogs" are securely leashed.

    Connect some effing dots, people! If things like this are happening where you live, don't be like Aaron Jastrow. GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE NOW.

    And of course, BURN THE SCHOOLS

    In Lighter News


    October when I arrived, June when I left. CMP Garands, long Course B, 5 sighters, 20 slow-prone, 10 rapid-prone, 10 rapid-sitting, 10 slow-standing. Haven't live-fired the Queen since November. And I've been having back trouble, making the positions more difficult. But still, starting with slow prone, with convertible sighters (worst five not counted for score):

    For the record, those four low 8s were not the first rounds I fired. I seriously need a Better Spotting Scope. Mr. E. graciously loaned his Kowa (there were two relays), which was a significant help.

    Moving on, with a sense of confidence, to rapid prone:

    And I completely blew it. Also, I didn't have 55 of the exact same rounds handy, so I grabbed the stray clip I keep next to the arms locker for close-encounters-of-the-badged-and-armored-home-invader-kind, which was the same load but not the same batch. That clip got used in rapid-prone and might have caused the big difference in POI but actually I made several mistakes in this stage. Which I don't want to talk about. :(

    Continuing, shaken, to rapid sitting, which was also bloody damn uncomfortable:

    But also a considerable recovery, reminding myself of the many things I did wrong a few minutes before. Finally, slow standing:

    And that's about normal for the stage, especially considering how long it's been.


    402/2X, 80.40%. At 433, 86.6%, one gets a nice bronze(-colored) pin; silver and gold can also be had. If I hadn't completely blown rapid-prone I'd'a come awfuldamnclose to a new pin for my hat.

    There is nothing wrong with the rifle. I just can't afford to practice like I should.

    3638 Sunday, 2 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    When a Republican is president, we don't talk about exterminating all Democrats.


    It's not a paranoid conspiracy theory if they really are conspiring against us.

    Meanwhile in Glorious Worker's Paradise Venezuela, and everywhere else it's been tried for over a hundred years....

    If you're not hoarding ammunition you're not paying attention.


    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Movement in Illinois-of-all-places. (Dave Workman is working very hard to rehabilitate Neville Chamberlain Alan Gottlieb....)

    Soooo, I'm cleanin mah gunz after the last couple matches and one range session, and I'm reminded again of my search for the Perfect AR Gas Block, with a bayonet lug and a sling swivel and a rail in the same plane as the upper receiver, so I can mount A2 metallic sights at 45 degrees, Miculek-style, and use whatever optics I feel like. This is the gas block I have, which I haven't even taken out of the ziploc yet because it turns out, seventy-odd bucks later, the rail is not in the same plane (I'm still new to ARs). Windham is using the block I want on their uppers and barrels but do not (yet?) offer it separately. To the Almighty Internets, Again! Same-plane blocks are available but don't have the other features I want. Risers are available but I can't be sure they add up to the correct height. But hark! SHALL THE ALMIGHTY INTERNETS, AT LAST, PROVIDE? I'm'a find out. It's all in the search terms....

    Examining the McCormick Power 10 magazine which was giving me trouble last weekend:

    On the left, an undamaged Power 10. On the right, the one I know was giving trouble, with notably spread feed lips. That probably happened when I ejected a partially-loaded magazine, either earlier in that match or at a previous. The remaining rounds would have bounced past the lips on impact, deforming them. Hmm. I have two more of these F*** I appear to have mislaid the third, and a Tripp Research 10, all bought or ordered new, but I've used the Tripp maybe three times so far so I can't judge it yet. Though it does appear more substantial in that area. I also have three McCormick Shooting Star 8s, all acquired used. One sometimes doesn't drop free but that's the only comment I can make on them so far.

    3639 Monday, 3 June 2013:

    The World Sucks


    Michael G. sends more proof that Government Makes Everything Worse Forever. I said: "government supplies rotting in warehouses, government funds evaporating under corruption and graft, the needy never getting a fraction of it, except when news cameras were present." AND I WAS RIGHT.

    Likewise, from the latest GRNC alert, I've been telling you they don't see us as human beings. “Rape is like football,” [the rape victim] said the administrator told her, “and if you look back on the game... what would you do differently in that situation?” Rape should be a capital offense. Rapists should be executed. And sociopathic bureaucrat monsters who blame the victim are morally equivalent to the rapists themselves.

    Next time some "intellectual" proposes electronic voting, remember this.

    Astute Observation o' the Day: "...[T]hese people have no desire to do anything but scream and fling poo."

    We don't call for their extermination... but if that's the piece they want to put on the gameboard....

    This news item is perhaps supposed to be Lighter, until you RTWT and realize it may already be too late.

    It's already too late for Europe. How long will their Dark Age last this time?

    Yeah this is Suckage: Sorrentino has a long post on how not to instruct a firearm class. In my fictional utopia that would have been a duelling offense. (Contrast....)

    A while back, Bill Whittle said: "...[W]e now know how the law will be enforced in this country. It will be enforced racially." AND HE WAS RIGHT. "Columbus Police... officer Jeff Foxx... is not eligible to be hired by any Columbus government agency, [Mayor Teresa] Tomlinson said." So he'll just get a shiny new pair of jackboots in some other jurisdiction. AT VICTIM-TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

    In Lighter News

    Illinois-of-all-places, such-as-it-is.

    Just yesterday I was observing that we don't dance in the blood of our enemies, but this one is arguably responsible for thousands of deaths and violations of innocent people who should have had the natural human right to defend themselves.

    Your Daily PR0N. Also see.

    Sigh, match results - 10th of 12. Shoulda been 8th or 7th. I know what went wrong and the only solution is practice. Which no one can afford right now....

    3640 Tuesday, 4 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    IT'S NOT PARANOIA IF THEY REALLY ARE DECLARING WAR ON US. “Can you give us a good reason why we shouldn’t return the favor?” “...[I]f anyone has justification to feel betrayal and anger, it [is] those arrested for exercising their rights and portrayed on law enforcement training aids as valid targets.” We're not the ones hurting people. All we ever wanted was to be left alone.

    Instead we are the Jews of the 21st Century.

    (Not that the actual Jews are safe now.)

    Aaaaand Illinois still sucks.

    "...[Q]uasi-religious fanaticism." THE SCHOOLS. BURN THEM.

    Looks like someone's been watching too much Judge Dredd. It's not paranoia if they're acting like Minority Report is a documentary.

    Sink the Island, Chapter MMMDCXL.

    Last weekend I was in a highpower rifle match at 200 yards, with over 600 full-power battle-rifle rounds fired, and no injuries of any kind. The weekend before I was in an action handgun match including diving into the prone position with loaded weapons, with no less than 1,600 rounds fired, and no injuries of any kind. But they don't trust us.

    [thought=random] The lack of Molotov cocktails applied to police radar vans is a sign of the degeneracy of the American people.

    Much like the lack of TSA-agents'-heads-on-spikes.

    And here is a sign of the degeneracy of all of Western Civilization.

    [thought=notrandomatall] "Instead of being a nonpartisan tax-collection and compliance agency, the IRS becomes an agent of Democrat Party ideology where tax compliance is the tool rather than the purpose of the agency." "The organizational culture in American federal service has become not just partisan but positively messianic during the age of Obama — they’re doing it for your own good, whether you know it or not!" Which meshes with the Thought I've been having for QuiteSomeTimeNow - an Obama bumper sticker is somewhat comparable to the Nazi party pin. That sense of belonging, that feeling of superiority... that urge to exterminate the subhumans, FOR THE GREATER GOOD....

    Those "I [heart] Obamacare" stickers? They [heart] it because we're paying for it. Theft is the least evil thing to call it.

    Which ties into Government Makes Everything Worse Forever.

    In Lighter News


    Also in Colorado.


    There are times I regret never having served in the military. (Don't just look at the cartoon, read the bloglikething underneath.) Buuuut I'm not wired for it. The military and I are better off without each other.

    Linux is looking more and more attractive.... Too bad the existing high-end applications, big FPS games, etc., don't/won't run in it.

    THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. -What ever happened to those $600 commie mill-drills at Harbor Freight? Couldn't find them on their website last time I looked. Have they been Volsteaded like I predicted? Oh there it is. Maybe they just didn't have any for a while. Note in reviews, one customer bought it specifically for 80% AR lowers, and it worked. Volksgewehren fur alles!

    Well how about that? I have this cheap old Simmons red dot, 40mm with an integral Weaver mount, it's a cheap one. Looks a lot like this, very slight differences like the size of the numbers on the brightness wheel. I haven't used it much because I never got in the habit of mounting it on my 1911, the .22 conversion I got for the 1911 isn't working, and Precious' A2 front sight is in the way. But I was taking Precious out for further familiarization and I decided to slap it on and it appears to be co-witnessing with the A2 sights. If I understand correctly how a red dot sight of this kind works. The dot is clearly visible and within easy adjustment distance of the metallic sight picture, but it's way offset toward the top of its tube. Anyway, I've mounted it ahead of the A2 rear and adjusted it so the dot appears on the tip of the front sight post when that is centered in the smaller rear aperture. -Interesting visual effect: With the small aperture, the dot appears dimmer than with the larger, though that won't show in these photos. Also the dot appears much larger in the photos than to the eye. Click thumbnails for half-Mb pics, in which aperture and brightness selections may easily be seen:

    But is this working the way I think it's working?

    (Yeah, I read the manual for my digital camera, and I'm using a rather nice tripod I found, unusually complete, at Goodwill for $13, with the flash turned off, the camera in closeup mode (as opposed to default), using optical zoom (as opposed to digital), and the 2-second delay selected to eliminate wobble.)

    So now I'm getting closer to making Precious optics-capable and I'm thinking of just getting another proper scope and slapping that on, while having the metallic sights offset for 3-Gun racing. And that makes me think of an accessory I've seen, an extended throw lever to rapidly change the magnification of a variable-power scope. Purely for racing. My understanding is some of these are available as clamp-on rings for existing scopes - and the Almighty Internets Shall Provide again. Eventually. For example, I have a 2-10x44mm Tasco on la Infanta, the presumably-Spanish .308 commercial Mauser which I've rarely used. The adjustment ring is 35.3mm in diameter. Some chicken-and-egg-ing there....

    I wonder if I could just make one? Starting with an automotive hose clamp for example? And maybe some electronic heat-shrink tubing for comfort? Hmm. Cheap used scopes are all the heck over any gun show.

    3641 Wednesday, 5 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    One thing to say about IRS - they haven't murdered anyone. Yet. That we know of. (-Wasn't there an Oleg poster a few years back about IRS getting a bunch of pistols and shotguns?)

    But seriously, abolish the IRS. Repeal the 16th Amendment. And let's have some public hangings while we're about it.

    I dub thee Professor Dalek. EXTERMINATE

    BURN THE SCHOOLS. "The child is learning to feel guilty if he catches himself in possession of thoughts unacceptable to the state as such; that is, he is learning to submit."

    The "laws" are wrong...
    ...and the enforcers evidently want to hose down the peasants with "spray-fire from the hip". POLICE ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO PUBLIC SAFETY AND SHOULD NOT EXIST. Anyone who collaborates with them is equally the enemy of the people.

    I won't believe this country still cares about freedom until they turn the Army loose on the cops....

    25 26 Shot, 6 7 Dead in NYC and Bloomberg Says Gun Control Agenda Works? Yeah, it works. But not for the STATED goal.

    If they weren't trying to destroy America, what would they be doing different?

    GFZ's Miguel does some investigative reporting. Astroturf, dey iz et.

    I checked this one, searching for the names, and got hits on MSM sites. It appears to be real. If you're not going Whiskey Tango Foxtrot you're not paying attention.

    Hey look, taxation without representation. If it weren't for all those f***ing EBT cards being swiped by parasites wearing gold jewelry and diddling their iPhones....

    I believe this administration is capable of anything. I keep telling you, IT'S NOT A PARANOID CONSPIRACY THEORY IF THEY REALLY ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST YOU.

    And we are just about out of things to lose.

    In Lighter News

    Not entirely Lighter: They'll just write more tickets and rob more innocent citizens at gunpoint. The right people are getting paid but the wrong people are paying.

    Codrea has perspective.


    Now there's something you don't see every day. Or, like, ever.

    Y'all should be aware of, among competitors, the UltraMag50, a drop-on upper which converts any standard AR lower to a .50BMG bolt-action repeater. Michael G. sends: There was a thread at "Mike's Madhouse" where the poster had gotten a stripped AR15 lower and someone had told him it could be set up in 7.62x 51. He didn't think that sounded right but was checking. He was quickly reassured that you can't run 7.62x51 through an AR15 but it gave me a crazy idea: running 7.62x51 over an AR15. Picture an upper laid out like an FG42, extended forward so that the barrel extension is overhanging the pivot pin. The lower is contributing the stock, buffer, pistol grip and fire control group. [One presumes a heavier buffer and spring for the heavier recoil - but it should fit the same tube.] It was pointed out that this configuration is similar to the Ultramag 50 manually operated upper, so it actually seems possible. Of course actual design and development wouldn't be cheap. Something else to add to the "When I win the Powerball" list.

    Actually I think the hardest part would be the upper receiver itself; many of the guts already exist. Lemme see here, barrels, with or without gas blocks installed; charging handles; magazines including PMAGs (all of this ignores current stock levels); bolt carrier groups - looking at Precious I see no reason why the rounds can't be stripped from the magazine by these locking lugs instead of those. Modern computer design saves a lot of time and effort. Start with the CAD file for a "standard" AR10/SR25/whatever (they are converging toward a "standard", aren't they? Like SD cards eventually did?) upper, then just start 'puter-doodling. Close the bottom, open the side- ah, the cam pin, that's a problem. Might need a new carrier after all. Hmm. (I wonder if an existing carrier can simply be machined to accept the cam pin on the other side? The firing pin holds it in place either way.) But still, rotate some features 90 degrees, others 180, have the computer smoosh them together. -Feed from the right? No, that negates existing bolts' extractors. Or, since you're making a whole new upper anyway, rotate the whole gas system 90 degrees. A gas block can't be very difficult or expensive to make if you even need to. Many have no provision for sights anyway, on a purely-optical rifle or one with lots of rails, so just use one off the shelf. This would necessitate a different charging handle, probably sticking out of the starboard side of the weapon and gosh no one's ever had a bolt handle there before... but no, the direct-impingement key would be right where the ejection port's supposed to go. And, the carrier needs to be cut a certain way to clear feed lips. So, new bolt carrier and leave the gas on top. Which means you can use existing charging handles.

    3642 Thursday, 6 June 2013:

    "The hopes and prayers of liberty loving people everywhere march with you."
    "If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone."

    The World Sucks

    Yesterday Codrea, via Michael G., had news of POF-USA selling eee-vill assault rifles to California Fish & Game wardens; rifles of a type which are not legal for citizens in California. I found their contact information and asked:

    Dear Sirs,
    Questions are being raised about the recent sale of your rifles to the California Department of Fish & Game.
    David Codrea, one of the investigative reporters who broke the Operation Fast & Furious scandal, wants to know:


    "Are they getting your guns through a dealer or do you have a contract to supply them?
    "Will you sell guns to California game wardens [which] the state won't let you sell to citizens?
    "If so, how does that unite us against tyranny? How is that in the spirit of 1775?
    "If not, I'd say a statement would be appropriate so gun owners uniting against tyranny won't draw any wrong conclusions."

    I want to know the answers to those questions too.

    And they answered:

    Sadly it appears that David Codrea and many others are misinformed as to what citizens of the state of California are currently allowed to purchase. The only difference between the weapons purchased by the California Fish and Game and weapons that can be purchased by law abiding citizens in the state of California is that citizens are restricted to 10 round magazines and currently must have a “bullet button” installed on their lower.

    Quality Control/Tech Support
    BATFE & Export Compliance

    To which I further responded:

    So... you *are* selling guns to California game wardens which that state won't allow you to sell to citizens.


    Is anyone among Our Kind still expecting actual valid information from TV or newspapers?

    It's all lies.

    IT'S THE JOOOOOS NRA! Like I told you years ago.

    Tell me again how I'm a "paranoid conspiracy theorist".

    Tell me again how people shouldn't be influenced by out-of-state activists and money.


    Lemme revisit this reason-to-BURN-THE-SCHOOLS. And lemme add a visual aid:

    So there's this little homeless camp in the area where I work, and the graffiti says, "HEALTH CARE YES - INSURANCE COMPANIES NO". How exactly is that supposed to work? Like that video the other day about Venezuela. What's the motivation? Everybody who ever invented or produced anything did it for profit. Profit of some kind, tangible or intangible. All the way back to the harnessing of fire. They did it because they were expecting some direct and personal advantage out of it. That is how humanity works. Every attempt to change this basic human nature ends in bloody horror.

    "Somehow or other, it will all end with armored law enforcement officers in my yard, shooting my dogs." Yah that's not a joke anymore.

    Some time ago the question was asked, When should you shoot a cop? How about now? If you don't stop treating us like cattle we will have no reason to not start treating you like targets.

    In Lighter News

    Welcome to the Information Age, anti-self-defense perverts.

    Researching how to change Precious' gas block myself. Looks like I want more tools, barrel vise and/or action vise, to not muck things up. I do already have a bench vise installed, and the big multi-wrench-SuperTool thing for ARs. And spare crush washers for reinstalling the flash hider; presently I'm figuring on keeping the original A2. Looks like I'll need a bench block for hammering out the pins - eh, I can grab some scrap wood from some builder's-supply store's "FREE WOOD" bin. And a proper roll pin punch for the gas tube pin. Unfortunately, last time I visited the local Big Hardware Store I noticed an anti-self-defense sticker in the window - won't be going there anymore. They wanna be Judenfrei, they can do without my shekels.

    3643 Friday, 7 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    We are the Jews of the 21st Century.


    The Problem, Illustrated. See also.

    This is why I make Basic Firearm Tutorial videos. Some reference to Darwin, while arguably in poor taste, would not be uncalled for. What degenerate mentally-stunted evolutionary-dead-end allegedely-"adult" fleshlump, in the United States of America in the 21st Century, doesn't know how a revolver works?

    Never trust a cop of any kind.... Reader Wil sends an intertesting case in Florida. Or is it? Is this an actual sworn peace officer upholding his oath to the Constitution, or just cronyism-as-usual and "laws"-for-thee-but-not-for-me? Would an ordinary taxpaying citizen without connections get the same treatment or is this a Special Friend of the Almighty Badge? SMLE Fan, being there-ish, opines.

    'That "side job" turned out to be running stolen contraband - mainly untaxed cigarettes - alongside his fellow officers. They were moving untaxed cigarettes at first, but moved into firearms later. Oklu has changed his story repeatedly, claiming that he never knew what he was doing was illegal....'

    "Citizens do not have the legal right to physically challenge the authority of an officer lawfully performing their duties." "Lawfully" you say...? POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST because EVERYTHING THEY DO IS WRONG.

    When I say THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. The COPS CAUSED a BABY to BURN to DEATH. There is no excuse a human being can make.

    And they get paid vacation funded by the grieving, electro-tortured father's taxes.

    Read SMLE Fan's post again. Cops have spent all the goodwill credit they ever had, and have run an umpty-figure deficit for decades. If I saw a cop on fire I would walk to the corner market for marshmallows.

    And they all look the same to me.





    In Lighter News

    Prohibition Will FAIL

    And we will shake our guns in the tyrant's face.

    GPS jammer on sale.

    Thoughts on bullpup design. ...The Tavor, a quarter-century later, appears to be more ergonomically correct, particularly in the magazine release, which can simply be whacked with a rearward movement of the strong hand, resulting in drop-free according to the videos. Looks like the Israelis, at least, have finally discovered how a bullpup should be built.

    Still looking for a SLED for the AR. The big solid Delrin ones are $40. Mr. P., CMP guy, says he only paid a few bucks for his (but that could have been thirty years ago...). There are other options. -Alas Sinclair now boasts of being "A Brownell's Company" and I don't want to shop with a company which issues a separate law enforcement catalog and stocks products from HS Precision, endorsed by escaped murderer Lon Horiuchi.

    So I'm gathering 'Tubes on changing an AR's gas block and this one showed a YHM black gas tube. Precious' Palmetto mid-length upper came with the usual shiny one Whose Reflection Will Give Away Your Position To The Enemytm. But naturally, mid-length isn't available. :( Not that I regret getting mid-length, that's what I wanted after much contemplation. Magpul makes their MOE handguard for mid-length, which is already installed and a notable improvement over factory. Mid-length is increasingly popular, giving advantages in sight radius and gas length (the shorter the tube, the less reliable the operation, as I understand it). I expect more parts and accessories to become available for this length.

    3644 Saturday, 8 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends, commenting, "The lack of wisdom of these people boggles. They really are trying to start a civil war, and at the same time they are ensuring the best leaders and fighters are part of the opposition to them." “The types of stickers on your car were creating an atmosphere detrimental to morale and were creating unnecessary workplace tension....” So a BUCK FUSH sticker doesn't?

    I've been telling you, "The Rule Of Law has been replaced by The Rule Of Man, where there are no standards, where the whims of government officials determine what actions are to be taken by the agents of those governments."

    DON'T GO TO COLLEGE. So, if you exercise your Constitutional right to talk about your Constitutional rights, you lose your Constitutional rights? Does that seem right to you?

    Why are there so few riots in response to these outrages?

    Just the other day I asked, How long will Europe's Dark Age last this time?

    Nearly two years ago I asked, "But who's really giving us new wars? Who promised to end the two we have and is just now getting around to one of them? Who started a third war in Libya and is eyeing a fourth in Syria and a fifth in Yemen and probably a twenty-third in Neverheardofitstan?" QUESTION ANSWERED, AS EXPECTED.

    As for immigration, I also said, "...[T]he United States of America... had reached a point where more than half of all government spending was in entitlements, where there were more people living off other people's work than there were working for a living - and they all had votes. Naturally they voted for more and ever more of other people's money. Eventually the money ran out. The government printed more but the whole world knew it was worthless. The whole system collapsed. There was a dictatorial coup, cloaked in an 'election'. The last of the productive class was effectively enslaved to prop up the non-workers, whose 'votes' kept the regime in power." AND IT LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING TO BE RIGHT, AGAIN.

    If you're not contemplating relocation to a defensible and self-sufficient rural location, you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    "For some gun owners, the tepid surrender may be too little too late if the preponderance of angry comments responding to that post are any indication. But what’s most telling is which side of the debate the corporation decided it was in the interests of its bottom line to heed." We are at least a quarter of the population, more like a third. Do not tick us off.

    "...oh, come ON! Not even a Communist can be stupid enough to believe this psychotic crap."

    Ah- I've been trying to track it down. When I bought the detachable sight set for Precious at a show, I was told they came off a S&W rifle, but when I looked at M&P15s on their site they didn't match. Looks like they came off a 15-22. Anyway these sights, they have a Great Big Knob on the port side. The Miculek/3-Gun style of 45-degree offset sights is, for a right-handed shooter, to starboard. Meaning those Great Big Knobs are directly in the line of whatever optic or electronic sight you've mounted, totally negating the advantage of offset metallic sights. Unless you mount them backwards. I'm not seeing a reason that shouldn't work. Sure, the small aperture has that concave thing on the eye-side but the large doesn't. Hopefully I'll have the gas block changed in time for my second, and her first, 3-Gun match at month's end. -Meaning I'll have to sight in all over again too....


    Precious' first match! With CenterPoint Picatinny camera!

    Decent turnout:

    That's at least four 10/22s, a Remington 597, two CMP-match-legal ARs, one of the others had a 5.7x28FN upper, and yes that's a Kahr/Auto-Ordnance M1927 Thompson near the right. And that's just what would fit in the rack, which was hot-bunking between relays.

    This was an informal match, not officially-official in anyone's .ORG, but it was fun. 99 rounds fired:

  • Stage One: 5 sighters and 20 for score, bench, 100 yards, SR21, 20 minutes.
  • Stage Two: Again on SR21, 2 sighters, 10 for score in 30 60 seconds, then repeat for-score, 75 yards, kneeling or sitting.
  • Stage Three: Still on SR21, 2 sighters, 10 for score in 30 60 seconds, then repeat for-score, 50 yards, standing.
  • Stage Four: No sighters, 10 rounds each on three reduced silhouette, mandatory reload, 30 seconds, 25 yards, standing.

    Sorting through the pics and vids, YouTube later. Just for now, here's my Stage One target:

    A couple weeks ago I was crowding 2MOA from the bench with used-to-be-cheap black-box Federal. For this 99-round match I decided to use the five boxes of PMC I had stacked off to the side. Obviously I need another range session because that ain't right. I was expecting much better. After the previous performance I am inclined to blame the ammunition.

    I'm also inclined to put Real Optics on Precious once her gas block is changed. And to get some heavy Sierras, like 70gr, to see what can really happen with a 1:7" bore.

    Lessons learned:

  • I should have a sling-of-some-kind installed all the time, on principle, if only for Hasty. GI carry strap reinstalled, now, on the conventional swivels. Cheap single-point is... over there, on that pile, I can see it from here.
  • The ALG mil-spec trigger isn't always two-stage. Might have to upgrade that again. $igh.
  • Use sight-black. Srsly glare from the small aperture. -Wooden match, done.
  • Lower the front post so its wings actually protect it. This necessitates sighting-in-all-over-again but I'm figuring on that when I get the gas block changed anyway, and that should be in the next week or two.
    3645 Sunday, 9 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    The other day's Darwin reference: "...[N]aturally, the anti-gunners lie in their presentation.... ...[F]lat-out and demonstrably not true.." "...[E]vidently, the only healthy man is one who is incompetent, whiny, weak and loud, who bemoans his doubts and fears for all to hear, and who downs pills to deal with his guilt and turmoil." And that's what's wrong with America.

    Likewise, "...[C]ritics of the [Armed Citizen Program] believe it far more stylish to greet a burglar, robber or rapist with a cup of latte than a load of buckshot." Again with the Ameglians....

    And then there's this. Don't blame me if you headbutt your monitor.

    May Frank Lautenberg burn in hell for enabling the violation and murder of the innocent. (ref)

    AmMerc warns us that Cooper's Fourth Rule has broader implications.

    Europe? "Others will note that this makes the third time in a century that you fubar’d the place...."

    Radio news, Obama warns China that cybercrime could be "an inhibitor to US-China relations." And we have always been at war with Eastasia. IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION!?

  • "To CNN, the type of gun used in a shooting was bigger news than the biggest presidential scandal in many years."
  • “It seems like with the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – that the Christians have been the ones who’ve had to go underground and in the closet – for fear of retaliation and reprisals....”
  • "Holder refuses to prosecute Black Panthers in Philadelphia for voter intimidation… DOJ investigates itself and finds no cause for alarm. DOJ also says they will selectively enforce ‘certain’ laws."
  • "Government lawyers are trying to keep buried a classified court finding that a domestic spying program was unconstitutional government action."
  • “From a civil liberties perspective, the program could hardly be any more alarming. It’s a program in which some untold number of innocent people have been put under the constant surveillance of government agents....”
  • "The IRS scandal shows you can't trust government."

    Outrage fatigue. I'm cleenin mah rifle.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Hey- there's word this chatroom will be dying, or something, soon. Sure, only a handful of Elves use it, but can anyone recommend a free, simple chatroom with a minimum of hoops to jump through?

    The cheap Chicom 45-degree offset rails I now have a pair of... are not on-bore offset. So even when I roll the rifle 45 degrees to port, the sights will not be square. Like a Bren or Nambu top-feed LMG, you know? Eh, they weren't that expensive, I've already used one for the CenterPoint camera, they have other uses, and they will probably be bloody well close enough for minute-of-zombie-JBT.

    Speaking of cleenin mah rifle, the green anodizing on the Mega Arms lower makes fouling much more obvious - but there doesn't seem to be much fouling on an AR lower. (Not much on the charging handle either.) I have a matching stripped upper, which I intend to $omeday build Something Special on - 6x45mm for example. Modularity.

    133 rounds fired to date; zero malfunctions so far except, a first-round failure to feed from one of my 10-rounds during the match, but it was at the beginning of a string upon the "Load" command. The round did not seem to be damaged, just a stiff magazine, not fully stripped, I remember it being stiff to load the last round. Pulled and released the BCM Large and it went in and ran perfectly thenceforth. Magazine issues are not a malfunction of the rifle - that's why we have stacks of magazines. After the range session I lubed liberally with CLP, which appears to have worked in the match.

    A 20ga bore brush works pretty good for cleaning the bolt carrier/gas cylinder. It gets smooshed though, so buy another if you have an actual 20ga. Remember, the bolt is the piston, the carrier is the cylinder, and it's the cylinder which moves.

    3646 Monday, 10 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    'If the cost of "100 percent privacy" is the acceptance of less than "100 percent security" (even if it's well less than 100 percent), that's a price Americans must willingly pay, or spit on our own heritage.' Or in other words, Niven's Second Law (revised ed.).

    '...Doug Carl... became an interim director of the Fulton County Department of Human Services in February 2007, and when it came to being promoted to director, he was denied because he was a white male and County Commissioner Emma Darnell, who is black, had stated, "there were too many white boys on staff".'



    Words... fail. Except Their Minds Don't Work Right. They really would rather see your wife or sister or mother or daughter raped to death in an alley than allow her to defend her own life. WAR. ON. WOMEN. (Contrast this you gibbering subhuman hoplophobes....)

    In a similar vein, "Decent people know that waving around pictures of murdered children is wrong. But we are not dealing with decent people."

    You know why we don't have flying cars and robot butlers and hotels on the moon? This is why. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK - on everything but what they're supposed to be spent on.

    It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

    Michael G. sends an example.

  • "...[C]ongratulations, America, on making it almost normal to have a parent in prison or jail." And what "crimes" are all these people being "convicted" of?
  • New Jersey police officer accused of shooting man dead in road rage incident. But they don't trust us with guns?
  • I've already asked, What happens when a Marine comes home from the sandbox to find his wife and child butchered in another "wrong address" raid?
  • "We're seeing the collapse of trust in the government." AND THEN WHAT HAPPENS?

    In Lighter News

    Project Gunwalker, in your library.

    Nyah-hah. These appear to be the rails I want. But not at $120+shipping per pair, no. And I still don't have the gas block changed; not going to start that until the riser is here. But still, the Almighty Internets $hall Provide.

    The riser is here! And it's an actual YHM riser for the actual YHM gas block and why couldn't I find the thing on YHM's own website? Discontinued? Anyhow now I have to work up gumption to change Precious' gas block.

    3647 Tuesday, 11 June 2013:

    The World Sucks


    The best of enemies....

    Michael G. sends: "I’m concerned about the surveillance powers affored the state by the PATRIOT Act and its descendents not because I know for sure that those powers have actually been abused by the current administration, but because they tempt any administration to abuse them." WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD YOU ALMOST ELEVEN YEARS AGO AND HAVE REPEATED MANY TIMES SINCE.

    "If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged." - Cardinal Richelieu -And now your every email and every board posting are available for the amusement of the Richelieus. Also: "I used to think that the US you portrayed in Fallen Angels was a wildly improbable dystopia. Satire, I thought it. I never thought I’d live to see the day when it became real...."

    An argument we should be making more often.

    Yeah. It's like that. That little old lady was an eee-vill racist Tea Party one-percenter! She had it coming! AND HER LITTLE DOG TOO!

    Apologies to slandered NRA members in 3, 2, never. -Class-action suit?

    Cops - city, county, state, federal, TSA, meter maids and dogcatchers - they all look the same to me.


    In Lighter News

    Prohibition Will FAIL

    New videos online! Angled magazine carrier modification - PIG Match!


    Beginning to change Precious' gas block!

    1) Disassemble. Remove everything which conveniently can be - separate upper and lower receivers, remove bolt carrier group and charging handle, handguard, and rear sight. And front sight post, plunger, and spring, not least because that's a nonstandard smaller post which I'll be reusing.
    2) Devise a method of securing the barrel in a bench vise without marring or otherwise damaging it. One of the 'Tubes I've collected wrapped it in a towel. I am using an old leather work glove. I clamped the portion forward of the gas block.
    3) And that worked quite well. Remove flash hider. Success!
    4) Bracing carefully, hammer out the taper pins to release the GI-style gas block. (Looking at the photo of Brownell's specific bench block for exactly this task, indicates which way to go.) Cobbled together a "bench block" from wooden clothespins, two of them disassembled and reversed, without springs, to support the barrel. Oh my gosh that actually worked. I used an oversize punch first, to move the protruding portion with less risk of a smaller punch slipping off the slightly rounded ends. There was a significant amount of hammering before movement was detected. Jes' lahk on YooToobe!

    5) Little nylon brass gunsmithing hammer to Encourage the gas block off the barrel. That took more effort.
    6) Little bitty punch to remove gas tube pin, to remove gas tube. That took exactly as much effort as it should have. (Never did get a roll-pin punch....)
    7) Clean everything.
    8) Finally remove the YHM rail gas block from its ziploc bag. Transplant gas tube.
    10) Install! New! Gas block! Tighten four bolts carefully while watching for squareness.
    11) Reinstall flash hider, having taken note of the direction of the original crush washer - of which I have four spares. Which were not necessary.

    That took less than an hour, including searching for scattered tools. As you can see, the construction of the YHM riser interferes with the MOE handguard, unless I cut some material away, which I am not yet inclined to do. Likewise the front sight must go another slot forward - but that just gives me a touch more sight radius, and I could buy a different front sight, a Magpul flip perhaps, I've seen those still in stock at some stores; and the 45-degree rails I have still won't work, though they - actually just one - can be Dremeled down to clear the riser clamp. (If I were left-handed it wouldn't be an issue.) But- there's nothing in the way of whatever optics I want to mount, now.

    Aaaaand I might have to go back and remove a degree or three of portsideward cant from the New Gas Block. (Suggestions for getting it square SQUARE to the receiver?) But at least the hard work is done. And most important of all:

    And next I $hop for optic$.

    3648 Wednesday, 12 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker and the Stupid Party.

    CSGV characterizes oath to obey Constitution as 'treason'. Title pretty much says it all. "[I]f our men and women in uniform reaffirming their oath to refuse unconstitutional orders so bothers you, what unconstitutional orders do you expect them to receive, and want them to obey?" I've been telling you, they hate us and want us to die.

    They also hate the troops and want them locked in cells.

    Is this for real? Because Huxley and creches and Soma and HOLY EFFING ESS.

    Permits are infringement and anyone who requires them is evil.

    They are all monsters. THAT'S WHY THEY BECOME COPS.

    Islam is incompatible with civilization. They say so. In so many words.

    "Step one would be outlawing government-employee unions." Yeah I have that.

    Remember that line from The Hurt Locker? "If he wasn't an insurgent, he is now."

    In Lighter News

    Many years ago I wasted a lot of time and money on an RPG game called BattleTech. MechWarriors piloted giant BattleMechs, which were controlled in part by a neurohelmet. That is being worked on. -Implications are vast; exoskeletons getting paralytics out of wheelchairs, bionic limbs for amputees, telepresence and teleoperation in hazardous environments, not least space exploration....

    Finally finished Captain Vorpatril's Alliance. My standard for a Good Read is wanting-to-find-out-what-happens-next. By this standard Bujold is a Good Read, especially with the other umpty books for context. Beginning, um, so many, Rob Wells' Feedback.

    3649 Thursday, 13 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    A right delayed is a right denied, Chapter MMMDCXLIX. -But as stated, I intend to never fill out another Form 4473.

    Meanwhile, it's not paranoia if tax collectors really are are training with military-style rifles. Of course they don't want us to have them. They know we're better shots.

    The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.

    Visual Aid o' the Day. But the O-bots stick their fingers in their ears and go "LALALARAAAAACIST" and keep pulling that "D" lever, so they can keep swiping their EBTs....

    Aaaaand we're doomed.

    In Lighter News

    A tiny little spark in the dark and evil place that Connecticut has become.

    Huh. Once in a very great while, the system works. But that's not the way to bet.

    Sigh, gumption-deficient. But I need to get that gas block squared and I need another range session to sight-in Precious again, before the upcoming 3-Gun match.

    Meanwhile I have word from a local gunsmith that a certain modification to Saint John is complete....

    3650 Friday, 14 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    A big rolling Potemkin Village (ref). But you can do something about it.

    Hypocrisy - and discrimination-of-a-different-kind. (Didn't I mention, just the other day, a class-action lawsuit?)

    And ever more prohibition.

    Didn't I just mention discrimination? Dehumanizing an opponent is a precursor to genocide.

    "Obama to step up military support of Syrian rebels." Like I've been telling you. And they call Republicans "warmongers"? -Just wants to get more OathKeepers slaughtered before they can come home and vote.

    Not sure which side of the line for this: First Amendment issues while in military service.

    "He says there were no standards so he basically made them up as he went along." Next time someone advocates "mental health reform", remember that.

    "You have to wonder how anyone could be dumb enough to trust Congress and still be smart enough to answer a phone."

    "I think that when we find out about everything, it’s going to make Watergate look like a parking ticket."

    "Feds Say: 'Pilots Have No Rights'" - and how short a step is it from there to none of us having rights?

    'It takes a special brand of chutzpah to use one’s own misdeeds as an occasion for “debate” or “updating” the law.'

    "When a government chooses to view itself as separate from the people and masters instead of servants, we are right back to 1775."

    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    If they weren't trying to destroy America what would they be doing different?


    Hey- you. Next time you see some at the store, buy more MicroSD cards.

    For rainy days.

    And remember to pay cash.

    In Lighter News

    PR0N - and another of its rare breed I'd never heard of. That makes... five? W-F, Mateba, Union, that Spanish(?) thing a couple weeks ago, and now this Norwegian attempt?

    I visited the gunsmith after work.



    Some Loctite, or the like, will be needed on the threaded knob. (Or maybe just a lockwasher. Except I can't go to that hardware store anymore, it's not safe....) OTOH the takedown pin does clear it so I don't need to wear the threads or disengage whatever tightener I use. I repeat, I still have all the original 103-year-old parts, unaltered. The short barrel, and this spare bolt handle, were from a wrecked parts gun, estimated 2-3 years younger. The spare bolt handle I had already tried, since it had milder checkering instead of the original's big sharp grooves, so I knew it worked, but now I have a racing handle.

    As long as I had him apart, I dug out the Dremel and made one hole in one side of the extension tube. Loaded with five dummy rounds, a pin of appropriate diameter and length is inserted to capture the spring, vastly simplifying dis- and re-assembly. (And storage of the racing tube should I have cause to return to the original length.) Pin length needs to be specific to a) not get lost in the tube and b) clear the barrel during rotation. I'm using a piece of bamboo cooking skewer, which has the added advantage of not marring anything - though my clumsy Dremeling already has, despite using a center punch before drilling. Eh, at least I didn't mar an original 103-year-old part, just the modern extension tube. (BTW, the Choate tube has a press-fit plastic end-piece, allowing full cleaning of the tube. Just use dummy rounds or a rod section to remove and replace.)

    So... I have this derelict parts gun, near-enough in manufacturing date to be interchangeable. And this pile-of-spares includes the carrier. I have read about someone fitting an Auto-5 carrier to a Model 11 to allow weak-hand speedloading, so one doesn't have to hold the carrier latch button. Can that be done with a regular M11 carrier? Since I have a spare?

    [thought=random] What would a spacesuit look like, if it had been designed by John Moses Browning? For one thing, it would be impossible to put on wrong....

    3651 Saturday, 15 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Tucson Tom sends Syria. I've been warning you. FOR YEARS. -The hippie cars with their hippie bumper-stickers - "I'M ALREADY AGAINST THE NEXT WAR" doesn't go with "OBAMA 2012". See also.

    I'm sure this is, somehow, all the fault of George W. Bush, the Tea Party, and the NRA.

    Which segues to: Michael G. sends, 'We didn’t dismantle the IRS when we had the chance, but instead let the “good guys” use it to pick winners and losers. We didn’t dismantle the surveillance state, but instead introduced it ourselves as a response to a post-9/11 world. We just trusted that we weren’t going to exchange freedom for security because the “good guys” were in charge. And I admit I fell for it hook, line, and sinker myself.' This awakening could go in Lighter as a spark amid the darkness but I fear it's too late and little. Which I also told you years ago.

    Likewise I'm putting this in Suckage, which I've been following in VCDL alerts: "Virginia resident Michael McNeill filed a petition with the Virginia Supreme Court requesting a Writ of Mandamus to compel Petersburg Circuit Court Clerk Shalva J. Braxton to follow Virginia law when it comes to concealed handgun permit application processing procedures." Permits ARE infringement and anyone who requires them is EVIL.

    That very much includes any oathbreaking thug who enforces any such "law".

    -I also can't help noticing the lawbreaking clerk who discriminated against innocent citizens by denying their natural human rights is black. Did her parents or grandparents march in the '60s? Did they face the dogs and the firehoses? And now she is Bull Connor. Nor am I the first to notice how many such racist bigots are drawn to tax-eating bureaucracy....

    Speaking of bigotry, I have been telling you this is an argument we should be making more often.

    Similarly, this free-market solution doesn't belong in Lighter News because it illustrates the ongoing atrocity that is government "health" "care". And it will probably be raided, closed, and "accidentally" burned to the ground any day now. To say nothing of some kind of "criminal" "charges" against its customers.

    Speaking of government poisoning everything it touches, DON'T GO TO COLLEGE

    This is why we're going to have a bloody civil war. Because some troops will follow unConstitutional orders, and some won't.

    This is why I haven't even plugged in a TV set for years.

    In Lighter News

    Actual USAF veteran Michael Z. Williamson has more on the First Amendment in the military.

    Has the AVG update-restart loop finally fixed itself NO IT EFFING HASN'T.

    Attempting to square Precious' new gas block. Another problem is, the triangular nosecap isn't as tight now as it was with the pinned A2 block, which results in handguard movement. Hmm. The Ideal Gas Block which Windham Weaponry uses on their barrels is pinned... and not available separately. I want that gas block. 9_9

    A thin piece of packing foam - trimmed from the little donut that comes with a spindle of CD-R, some are thinner than others - may serve as a lockwasher for Saint John's new bolt handle. ...No it won't; dry-cycling dummy rounds shows it won't hold with the big slab of steel whacking back and forth. Leather perhaps? Might work - I've had that bag of scraps from the craft store for years. Live-fire will tell. I might even just silver-solder it, since I don't need to remove the knob to disassemble the weapon.

    3652 Sunday, 16 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Radio news, twenty-four thirty people shot, six seven killed this weekend in disarmament-paradise Chicago. We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Just yesterday I was predicting a free-market clinic would be raided, closed, destroyed, and its patients criminalized. "Mark my words, if they have their way, they will make it a crime for patients to see doctors for cash."

    And who will be enforcing these "laws"? I keep hearing about how rank-and-file street cops support the Second Amendment and are not our enemies. And I keep not believing it. NEVER TRUST A COP OF ANY KIND.

    Because they are all sadistic perverts. That's WHY they're cops.

    Via SMLE Fan, "PRDS: Projective Racist Derangement Syndrome" and "Apparently 95% of IRS workers are Democrats."


    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    3653 Monday, 17 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    The Potemkin Village rolls on. "...[T]hey saw lawful activity they do not approve of and still attempted to use armed authorities to put a stop to it, which means they're not above using law enforcement to endanger peaceable citizens exercising freedoms they oppose."

    Because we have a legal system, not a justice system.

    Suuuure, cops are friends of the Second Amendment. That's why they thought it was a good idea to kidnap-at-implied-gunpoint a 14-year-old for the "crime" of wearing an NRA shirt. 'There is no free speech when speaking against the government's wishes is a "crime," that can lead to a child spending a year in a cage.' And in comments: "I doubt the gutless NRA will do anything about this kids problems." - 'Let this be a lesson to any of you fools out there who think that the cops are the "good guys". At all levels, their job is to BUST you. That's it.' - 'When will folks realize that the NRA has become just another cog in the Democrat/Republican Party Machine that is bent on governmental control over every " right" people think they have? The NRA is part of the problem - just like the one political party that claims two names.'

    And yes, NRA's "Life of Duty" videos do begin to offend me. Police and military are NOT the same.

    For-further-example, WoGged again.

    "Let's all assume what is too often proving to be true: that any confrontation with a police officer is likely to end with the citizen dead and the policeman cleared of wrongdoing. And let's all act accordingly."


    Speaking of never trust, "[IRS director Lois Lerner] is not just a bureaucratic bully and a slithering partisan. Now she also is a national security problem because she is contributing to a comprehensive distrust of government."

    And as if on cue, Tucson Tom sends:

    "It must really p!$$ 'em off every time it turns out to be a leftist or a Muslim."

    Patrick Henry said, "It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!"

    Next time you see an "I [heart] OBAMACARE" sticker, remember this.

    As an example of how low "mainstream" media has sunk: The Muse comes and goes as she pleases, and says what she chooses. My intention is to continue Aurora but she's presently telling me a War Story instead. While researching for it I surfed across... this: You actually published a cartoon mocking a battle-wounded United States Marine. You actually did that. On purpose. And you wonder why your ratings and circulations are down.

    'The thing the new "masters" should understand is that they are NOT "untouchable" in the event they spark a civil war.'

    In Lighter News

    Looks like Magpul is introducing a 40-round PMAG - though I furrow my brow at the marketing toward door-kicking puppy-shooting child-abducting "law" enforcement. (-Huh; the email alert used the LE words but not the web page I've linked here. There's a YouTube as well, which I haven't watched yet because I ration bandwidth at the hovel and the libraries are closed Mondays and I'm too pooped and low on fuel to go wardriving somewhere else.) Meanwhile the Fixed Carbine Stock should be available any day now.

    When I say FABBERS will CHANGE the WORLD, this is the sort of thing I mean. Nobody knows.

    Sigh. No existing studio will ever make anything short of complete butchery (Verhoeven's Starship Troopers for too-graphic example).

    (I have a copy of the book within arm's reach of where I am, at this moment, typing.)

    3654 Tuesday, 18 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    A right delayed is a right denied, Chapter MMMDCLIV. How many innocent people are being robbed, raped and murdered while this sociopathic tyrant decides whether to allow them to defend themselves? This deserves the Nuremberg Treatment.

    The county sheriffs will come to our rescue? No. They will not.

    Police Confiscate Antique Guns Without Charges Or Arrest. Because cops are such friends of the Second Amendment and protectors of people's rights. Never trust a cop or a doctor of any kind. -Which Codrea has already observed.

    It is reasonable, rational and logical to feel fear for one's life at the mere presence of any law enforcement officer, of any kind, under any circumstances. They are the greatest danger to public safety and must be dealt with as such.

    Like any other violent, disease-ridden vermin.

    War on Women....

    "Heidi Yewman, Brady Campaign Board Member, does not want free speech. And when she has the power she will enforce restrictions on it." And, "It is my guess that she had a set of beliefs totally at odds with reality."

    Snark o' the Day: "Can’t trust school teachers to be armed but the Obama administration wants to give machine guns to Al Qaeda."

    Speaking of schools WHICH SHOULD BE BURNED, FOR THE CHILDREN, "At some point, we’re going to need the pitchfork weilding peasants...."

    "The house of cards will eventually fall." I think it already has - it was just so high up no one's noticed yet.

    I seem to recall a Heinlein essay, Cold War bomb-shelter stuff, about prepping-which-wasn't-called-that-yet - something like, "Pack a can opener. Pack two can openers."

    "The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization... is knowing that you are." - Robert A. Heinlein

    In Lighter News

    'Serbu Manufacturing was contacted by NYPD S.W.A.T. for a quote on this rifle, but turned them down. It was explained that if it was not legal to sell such a rifle to a New York Citizen (per the so-called "SAFE Act,") he would not consider selling it to the cops.' MORE. OF. THAT. PLZ. Starve the thugs, don't supply them.

    Off the plantation!

    And Uppity! ...I would not go to any such event, though I would donate to such a cause if I had any to spare (remember Preciou$ took half a year to accumulate and build). I would genuinely expect another Waco Massacre right there on the capitol steps. And lapdog media would swallow and parrot whatever story they were told and whatever "evidence" they were shown.

    Y'all go ruffle the Yankee Vulture's feathers.

    PMAG 40. I note the words "law enforcement" no longer appear in the marketing copy on Magpul's site, though TFB and TWB appear to have pasted what I read in the email alert the other day. Hmm. I would really like to see Magpul halt all sales to law enforcement - the very same door-kicking puppy-shooters who high-five each other after murdering a citizen for the "crime" of owning a Magpul product.

    3655 Wednesday, 19 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Self defense is a natural human right and anyone who infringes upon it in any way is irredeemably evil.

    It's not paranoia if, "A few weeks ago CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson phoned me to ask about my Benghazi contacts. I assumed the call was being recorded. Now I read that her computer is bugged. It turns on and off by itself in the middle of the night."


    Government Makes Everything Worse Forever

    "Rapists and child molesters are getting out early to make room for peaceful potheads. That ain't right." And, "Today, many people are afraid to seek treatment because they may get arrested or get their house raided." DOES THAT SEEM RIGHT TO YOU? The creatures who enforce these "laws" are monsters.

    Michael G. sends, we don't need police. But the Suckage is, no one wants you to know it. I've been telling you for years now, police are a cure worse than the disease.

    Police are the disease. An innocent citizen is far more likely to be robbed, kidnapped, brutalized, raped, and murdered by a "law" enforcement officer than by an "actual" criminal.

    Speaking of kidnapping, looks like NRA is finally taking notice of an innocent young citizen victimized for wearing their own emblem. But will they do anything about it?

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in Washington State.


    The Muse is a fickle f***ing b****. Kept me up past midnight, on the heaviest work day of the week, with that War Story I mentioned the other day. A little proof-reading and polishing and you should see it soon. I hope it doesn't suck.

    Meanwhile, finished Rob Wells' Feedback, sequel to Variant. Not bad. Next is... Drake & Daniels' The Heretic, the new Raj Whitehall story. -Er, no. Next, and before I post my own latest, Armored, a Baen collection all inspired by Starship Troopers.

    3656 Thursday, 20 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    'The reports are out. They’re available. “Gun control” groups will use them. Gun rights advocates need to be aware of this, to understand this and to be prepared to refute the spin.'

    "If we cannot use the First Amendment to protect the Second, we'll be forced to do it the other way around--is THAT what the government wants?" EVIDENTLY.

    "We have heard of the impious doctrine in the Old World, that the people were made for kings, not kings for the people. Is the same doctrine to be revived in the New, in another shape...? --James Madison (1788) EVIDENTLY.

    “This is so far beyond insulting, I’m not sure there’s a word in the dictionary to describe it.” (And the rehabilitation of Neville Chamberlain continues.... But srsly,) Their Minds Don't Work Right. And furthermore, "...MAIG - a group that has more members in jail than any state's 2A advocacy group...."

    Dear GOP: F*** you very much.

    Never trust a doctor of any kind, and NRA WTmonkeyF?!

    Your Scandalpalooza Roundup o' the Day. And they just keep coming.

    For example, "...[A] combination of staggering naiveté, the appeasement of America’s enemies and strategic adversaries, and the championing of more big government solutions."



    [thought=considered] Environmentalists don't care about the environment. They only see it as a club with which to beat into submission anyone who won't submit.

    The government claims their broad and warrantless surveillance of everyone has thwarted multiple terrorist attacks. And the chocolate ration has been increased to 25 grams.

    Vanderboegh prepares to put his whole hide where his mouth is. Prepare to send help.

    Speaking of warrantless, let's revisit this case of kidnapping-at-implied-gunpoint. Because that's what it is. Those cops deserve to have been killed in self-defense by their intended victims. When any interaction with police is likely to end with an innocent citizen brutalized or murdered, and the badged monsters getting paid vacation for doing it, what incentive do we have to not execute them all on sight? Who do you call when the ones who are harming you are the police?

    What are we paying for here?

    "...[A]nd outrage is building."

    In Lighter News

    Aaaaaand they're gone. Poof

    moar uv dis plz - take the jobs and the tax revenues elsewhere and let the totalitarians starve.

    Founders search engine!? -Except, being .GOV, it'll be run through MiniTru any day now and TJ will somehow end up endorsing Obama....

    The AVG update-and-restart loop is getting worse, as in it's using more of my rationed bandwidth. Fortunately AVG's systray icon, or Cricket's connection status monitor, alerts me, so I launch the interface and cancel the update. Once a week, or more if I don't catch it, I let it go, hoping it'll resolve itself.

    Aaaaand it turns out I already have read Armored. Which you should if you haven't. Baen, edited by John Joseph Adams. So, back to the proofreading and polishing for my own work, and beginning The Heretic.

    3657 Friday, 21 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea attempts to unravel the immigration thing. There is no good side.

    Colorado rape-enablers condemn out-of-state interference while begging for out-of-state interference.

    And as if that weren't enough.

    "Obviously, there needs to be more technical changes to the SAFE Act...." STOP POLISHING THE TURD AND FLUSH IT.

    Michael G. sends, '“Chrysler Group reversed course and agreed to a recall of 2.7 million Jeeps Tuesday,” reported CNN Tuesday in a story typical of media coverage, “giving in to the government’s request in the final hours before a deadline. ...No it didn’t.' '...The recall was initiated in 2010 by trial-lawyer funded Clarence Ditlow, president of the Center for Auto Safety. This is the same Clarence Ditlow who championed the fraudulent 1992 NBC Dateline rigging of GM trucks with tiny rockets so that they would burst into flame....' "The NHTSA backs down from Chrysler/Jeep because C/J can prove that their gas tanks are safe, but spin it in the press as Chrysler/Jeep backing down to them. C/J winning might put this in lighter news but the government not changing its behavior and the press collaborating keep it firmly in WorldSuckage." So many people still believe what Old Media is telling them, and they don't want to know different....

    "...[T]heir loved ones were left vulnerable to attack by military leaders who outsourced watchtower security on the base to soldiers from Tonga." "...[A]s with Benghazi and Fast and Furious, getting the truth about Camp Bastion is only half the battle. Truth without consequences is a recipe for more dead Americans."

    If he wasn't trying to start a bloody civil war, what would he be doing different?

    If he wasn't trying to start another world war, what would he be doing different?


    "To sum up: they go not just to the wrong address, but to the WRONG TOWN(and wouldn't that open them up to a really nasty lawsuit?), shoot a dog that's not actually a threat, and put a kid in danger...." Why are these monsters not being torn limb from limb by their outraged victims?

    If you're not furious yet, click through and read of the contempt the servants hold for their employers.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention. And you... need to subscribe to that YouTube channel.

    In Lighter News

    Uppity... waitaminnit, 'I-591 is being described as a reasonable alternative to a complicated 15-page “universal background check” measure....' Why does that make me nervous? Seems simple enough but so did the original....

    Michael G. sends the only real-world answer to the public-safety question.

    So news is going around about a black Louisiana Senator switching from Democrat to Republican. Since the GOP is aptly named the Stupid Party I had to wonder where the man really stood. And right there on his own website was an answer. -Which would've been a helluva lot more convincing if he'd used an AR for a prop instead of an antique fowler, and mentioned any use for RKBA besides hunting....

    3658 Saturday, 22 June 2013:

    The Problem, illustrated.

    Yet another parasitic racist bigot drawn to tax-eating bureaucracy....

    Related, 'TRANSLATION: "I demeaned a group based on their race. By objecting to this, they're racist, even if they're not of that race."'

    "...[A]nd the armed citizen is right to hate their guts."

    In Lighter News

    So... yesterday I had the day off from work, and I went to the range as a member's guest, taking Precious to sight-in-all-over-again since changing the gas block, and Saint John to function-test.

    Precious got sighted-in adequately, later, though I now notice her front sight is offset to starboard, requiring a large windage adjustment and probably some convergence issues at longer ranges. Possibly this is because I have the YHM riser backwards on the YHM gas block since I didn't want to whittle the MOE handguard. I'm considering a cheap Leapers folding front sight.

    But before this I began with a quick function-test of Saint John, with the refinished barrel and new bolt handle.

    And I inadvertently bump-fired four rounds, three of which went into the range baffles. Damage to which I might have to pay for.

    Last night I changed the whole trigger group for that from the wrecked parts gun (which continues to be forty-five of the best dollars I've ever spent). Today I got up early and drove fifty miles to The Hills, where I haven't been for approximately a decade - and two spots were just as and where I remembered. I parked, loaded Saint John, and fired nine rounds at various debris which was already there. Without incident.

    Then I put the original trigger group back in and repeated. And this is not an Olofson/Fincher case - it's not broken, it's not malfunctioning, it's bump-firing because the Model 11 has these huge slabs of steel whacking back-and-forth in long recoil and the effect is inadvertently similar to a slide-fire stock - there is a bunch of activity on the seismic graph when an Auto-5 or M11 cycles: barrel and bolt rearward together; barrel forward; and then bolt forward, which is about a pound by itself, under heavy spring pressure, by which time the trigger has reset and then the whole weapon is nudged forward... against your trigger finger.

    Having determined what was happening, I put the other trigger group, with a heavier pull, back in, and fired two whole precious boxes of 12 gauge birdshot without further incident.

    During which time the rear sight flew off its base.

    Which I did eventually find, and tightened.

    Then I tried a couple slugs, because the event info for the upcoming 3-Gun match says there will be some. Windage looked good but elevation was way high, so I brought it all the way down and tightened the screw, which is a split-clamp-type arrangement on the Remington sporting rear sight:

    And. Yes. The screw broke.

    Stopped at a hardware store and got a replacement screw for 28 cents... which of course is not the correct thread. At least I did get the broken screw out, by brute-force-Dremeling a slot into the exposed far end, slicing into the Cerakoted base too because F*** IT. Now I have one week to get the elevation clamp screw for the Remington rear sight.

    ARE OUT.
    TO GET ME.

    3659 Sunday, 23 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Midway wants $6.something for the rear sight screw, and then I'd spend a bunch more money making the order worthwhile. Remington wants only $4, via Amazon, plus ten bucks for two-day shipping because GODS DAMMIT I'M'A GO TO THAT MATCH.

    Fourteen freakin' dollars for a screw. But the Almighty Internets $hall Provide....

    "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

    You may have heard, Kansas "law" now "allows" certain school employes to carry arms at school under certain circumstances. An increment, yes, but now, "EMC Insurance Companies, the largest insurer of schools in the state of Kansas, recently announced that it would not be willing to provide policies to schools which allow their teachers or other staff, to carry concealed firearms on school property. The only exception would be for police officers." The same police officers who terrorized and humiliated a child for having a plastic toy and kidnapped-at-implied-gunpoint another for exercising the First Amendment?

    "The more laws there are, the more crimes there are. It doesn’t take an economist to understand this."

    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    It's worse than you think.

    "We have to protect our informants, so don't worry about a couple of innocent men dying in prison."


    Eating their own....

    Even the online sellers are getting outraged. WTF happened to my country?

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. FFUUUUUUU the chatroom is dead now! "Expired jre", neither Opera nor Firefox will let me in and I'm not going to try MSIE. If there are any Elves reading this, lemme know where y'all move to.

    Akshualy this appears to be working quite well. See you there next week. -I'm told the previous chatroom is working again after a Java update but screw it, let's move.

    Meanwhile, uppity. But I want out of this horrible place....

    $igh. Monthly theme "Military Arms and Accessories" - shoulda took a camera. Very impressive displays, one table had an MP40, Sturmgewehr, two G41s, a G43 and K43, an MG42 on Lafette tripod and MG34 on AA tripod, and heaps of related stuff. Another had nearly every officially-generally-issued rifle in American military history, except the AR and the Henry (there was a Spencer). Looking forward to the August show.

    Cleaning Saint John. The bolt handle is holding, after I wrapped some thick paper around it to protect the handsome knurling, then Applied Force with the big teeth of my multitool pliers - the leather washer appears to be working. The magazine spring retention technique is a Big Help. The tube protruding past the muzzle is Not An Issue, just wipe it off - okay the finish is getting blasted after 60+ rounds but it won't be a structural or functional issue until more rounds than I conceive of ever firing:

    And much of that wiped off later with more elbow grease. Proportions for reference:

    Yes the tube isn't entirely straight, the plastic spacer isn't entirely square. I've seen other competitors' YouTubes and their magazines often appear a little crooked too. This also is Not An Issue, unless it's so crooked it's on wrong.

    Amazon sez the sight screw should arrive by Thursday and the sight's pieces are right here, in a little bag in this drawer.

    3660 Monday, 24 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Aaaaand the car's head gasket appears to be going for real this time. Just in time for the DEQ theftscam.

    Yesterday SMLE Fan raised the point that "His Rights got trashed, no matter how execrable a human being he is... he still has the same Unalienable Right to Arms that you or I have." And today Hofmann observes "...[I]f his making himself more difficult to shoot to death is to be considered grounds for suspicion of a crime worthy of suspending the Bill of Rights, why should any of us consider ourselves immune to the same abuses?" Or as I've been telling you, THE "LAWS" ARE WRONG AND THE ENFORCERS ARE EVIL.

    And as if on cue, "What am I missing? Does the First Amendment no longer apply to opinions that the police might find disturbing?"

    Likewise, Fifth Amendment repealed. Because F*** us, that's why.

    What if the ammunition shortage really is the government's fault?

    Scroll up just a bit for the Constitutional definition of treason. Barack Hussein Obama isn't just giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States - he is one.

    Speaking of enemies foreign.

    Speaking of foreign, "The Democrats have breath taking contempt for poor minorities... and care only about new potential votes rather than their existing clients. The Republicans are stunning in their stupidity here...."

    Michael G. sends a rich deposit of hypocrisium. “If you’re so opposed to gun violence, why did you agree to be in this movie? And if you’re worried about kids dying, why do you preach that vaccine truther nonsense?” Because TheyDon'tSeeUsAsHumanBeings, that's why.

    This is one of a bazillionty reasons to oppose "universal background checks". A right delayed is a right denied.

    And they don't trust us.

    I might be the last in the gunblogosphere to report that Bloomberg's anti-Constitution jihad is using tax-funded resources to attack human rights. Which still puts me ahead of nearly all Old Media.

    Title says it all: Education: An industry of mediocrity.

    Visual aids o' the Day. (Via)

    This surely counts as Suckage: One of our most powerful voices is going to have to get a day job. -I don't recall the last National GRE column I didn't link here on one side of the line or the other, and I read WoG every day, even though he rarely posts on weekends - heck I've been WoGged several times. And I link them both from my front page.

    If you're not GETTING OUT OF THE CITIES you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Uppity... but the language seems awful weak to me.

    So... a few days ago I net-ordered plugs, wires, rotor and cap for Shambling Wrecktm, picking them up the day after at a local store. They rode around in the back seat for a few days because meh. Today, hoping the car's problems are something other than the headgasket (this would make the third I've blown), I changed the oil, topped the coolant, and replaced the ignition parts.

    And she's Very Obviously Missing on One Cylinder.

    Fiddle, fiddlefiddle, encore l'fiddle - put the old wires back on - nope. Put the old cap back on - nuh-uh. Pull wires from the distributor cap with the engine running - it's the #2 cylinder because nothing changes when I dis-co-effing-nect it. Pull the #2 spark plug:



    The obvious corrective measure was taken and all seems well now, until a GIANT FLAMING METEOR OBLITERATES THE CAR AS SOON AS I UPLOAD THIS FILE BECAUSE THAT'S HOW MY WORLD WORKS.

    It's not hyperbole when the gods really are out to get me.

    And then the local stray kitteh jumped in my lap and presented his tummeh for rubbinz. -Did you know kittehs have whiskers on their wrists? Makes them stealthier killing machines I guess, alerts them to obstacles as they set their paws down while stalking juicy succulent prey.

    3661 Tuesday, 25 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    '...Nature, ostensibly a fact-driven and unbiased scientific journal, has jumped on the “gun control” bandwagon....'

    That reminds me- while I was getting the Wrecktm fueled the other day I saw Western Shooting Journal on the rack and flipped through it. And it seemed to me that every third or fourth advertisement was aimed at door-kicking puppy-shooters. >:-[

    They hate us and want us to die, Chapter MMMDCLXI. There's so much it's too much work to come up with witty commentary.

    Yeah, like that.

    They really, really hate us. And all we have ever wanted was to be left alone.

    Politically Incorrect Observation o' the Day: "This is why Democrats like gun control. So people can't protect themselves against the thugs of Obama's black constituency." It's not racism if it's, you know, PROVABLY TRUE.

    Meanwhile in the NRA t-shirt case, Holy Gestapo, Batman. "How much further can they push before we aren’t the bad guys for fighting back?"

    Of a feather, "...[W]hat [the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association] really object to is a loss of power and a loss of revenue." And what oath do they swear?

    But they don't trust us.


    Tucson Tom sends Visual Aid o' the Day. Yeah that's not funny anymore.

    "Obama is not only getting away with stuff Bush never would have gotten away with, he’s getting away with stuff even Nixon didn’t get away with."

    "It is coming down to rebellion. And it won’t be done in the courtrooms via criminal complaints and attorneys and judges."

    In Lighter News

    Tucson Tom sends Jihawg pork-laced ammunition. This sort of thing has been tried before - "Bin Bacon" firearm lubricant - but hasn't had much commercial success.

    Slate, of-all-publications, actually admits out loud that armed self-defense works? DOWN THE MEMORY HOLE! -And Bloomberg is a lying thieving lawbreaking Enemy Domestic who belongs on a chain gang or a gallows.


    Via Oleg, and Appleseed, UR BUT. GET OFF ET.

    3662 Wednesday, 26 June 2013:

    The World Sucks


    63 packages, 52 locations, three all-the-way-across-town on-demands, 221 miles, $32.73 to refuel.

    Car doesn't seem to be getting worse but I still haven't taken it through the DEQ theftscam. -Technically I'm still a registered Republican. I wonder if that shows up on the DEQ computers and tweaks the numbers? It's a valid concern.


    And as if that weren't enough I get the FedEx package from Remington/Amazon... and it's the WRONG EFFING STUFF, a couple paracord bracelets supposed to have gone to some guy in PENNSYL-FREAKIN'-VANIA. I know that because it says so right on the packing list AND on the other side of the box to which some BLOODY INCOMPETENT obviously mistakenly attached my address label. Might take weeks to sort that out. Last chance to repair Saint John's rear sight before the match is a particular gunsmith shop, tomorrow after work, if the car hasn't caught fire on the freeway during rush-hour traffic by then BECAUSE THAT'S HOW MY WORLD WORKS.

    Codrea asks The Question: "If alleged rapist cop Sergio Alvarez is found guilty, would the victims have been justified in using force to defend themselves?"

    "Under what circumstances would you find it morally justifiable to shoot a police officer?"

    While on the topic of rape, there are different kinds. Why are these uniformed sadists not dangling from streetlights all over Logan WV, birds pecking at their lifeless eyes?


    I repeat, Michael Bloomberg belongs on a chain gang or a gallows.

    I've also been telling you, rule of law is dead. Example: "...[H]aving one part of Government ruling on the actions of that same Government is not a good thing." Yeah, exactly like this.

    BURN THE SCHOOLS o' the Day.

    Too much suckage, can't keep up.

    One of the computer games I often play is FarCry2. I could nitpick endlessly on the inauthentic weapons and the downer plot, but for largely mindless FPS blasting it's quite playable. I'm reminded of something from one of the opening scenes, one of the NPCs is saying something like, "This country... it's like a plane and the engines fell off, and the pilots are too busy choking each other to notice there's a problem."

    "As long as everyone believes the lie, the system holds together, if just barely."

    "The vast majority of Americans are going to be absolutely blindsided by what is coming."

    In Lighter News


    3663 Thursday, 27 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    The car is getting worse. Pooped after another heavy day, but I have tomorrow off - I'll try DEQ, probably fail, curse the universe, and I dunno.


    “...[M]ake people take a photo of any magazines they currently own, get it notarized with date and time to show that the magazines were purchased before the ban, and then have folks carry the photos around.” Where have I heard that sort of thing BEFORE? There can be no peace, no "compromise", with these monsters. All we want is to be left alone and all they want is OUR EXTERMINATION.

    I keep telling you, they hate us and want us to die.

    The Carolyn McCarthy Show....

    Michael G. sends, "...[T]he British government is behaving like a de facto Islamic state. The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead." "Free speech doesn't give you a right to incite hatred against people," [some self-genocidal Brit] said? I told you before, Freedom of religion cannot extend to a religion which actively destroys freedom. Tolerance of other cultures cannot extend to a culture which is absolutely intolerant. This is a war for the survival of civilization itself and we're not even allowed to identify the enemy?

    And we are identified as the enemy? I repeat, THESE ARE PREREQUISITES TO GENOCIDE.

    WoGged again. "Anyone doubt there are those in the employ of government who would enthusiastically staff death camps?" Not me - I've met some. "Under what circumstances would you find it morally justifiable to shoot a police officer?" I'm leaning toward "any".

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    Like clockwork, prohibition. Because it's worked SO WELL EVERY OTHER TIME IT'S BEEN TRIED. -Do note the comment though: "This cat doesn't fit back in the bag."

    Like others, I am not following the Zimmerman "trial" because bah, but: "It’s almost like they’re setting it up for an acquittal from a mostly-white jury so they have an excuse for race riots."

    Uppity in Colorado... not lighter because enemy-occupied territory. Like California, I intend never to set foot in that Founders-forsaken "state" except as a soldier in an army of liberation.

    Reader JN, "Trapped in New York State", sends Government Makes Everything Worse Forever, commenting, "The building owner cannot make a change to elevator operation without STATE approval?!? ...And this crap is going to spend years wasting my tax money in court." "Certificate of occupancy" - there shouldn't be any such thing.

    Related, THIS IS WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICA. Billboards and bus placards around town too. >:-[

    And this too. I hate going to the supermarket anymore.

    Likewise Europe continues its plunge into a new Dark Age.

    MidwestReader has like six emails backed up, I've just been too pooped and di$tra¢ted to give them the thorough response he deserves. :(

    In Lighter News

    Florida Open Carry Petition. FWIW.

    Actual scienty-fictiony cloning is just about a reality. Dolly the Sheep was so TwenCen....

    Prohibition Will FAIL

    I DEFY THE GODS! After work I stopped at the gunsmith recommended by two different arms shops and he was still there, he was open, and he had the Remington rear sight elevation clamp screw. For the same four dollars. Saint John is ready to race! GIANT FLAMING METEOR IN 3, 2, 1....
    3664 Friday, 28 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    If "smart guns" were supposed to save cops' lives, why are they the Only Ones who won't have to use them?

    Yeah I've a pretty good idea. It's not paranoia if they really do want to flip a switch and render an entire population incapable of defending themselves.

    (Though SMLE Fan observes that sword has two edges.)

    If gun rights advocates are going to Hell, we'll liberate the place. 'Some might argue that the government itself is doing a pretty thorough job of "selling fear of government...."'

    Related: 'In other immigration news, it was discovered that in 2011 the IRS sent 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46 million to "unauthorized" alien workers using the same address in Atlanta. The agency also assigned 6,411 taxpayer ID numbers to illegals using a single address in Morganton, North Carolina, a town with a population of 16,000 according to the 2010 census. Evidently, IRS agents were too busy worrying about Tea Partiers to bother with verifying legal status.'

    But we're supposed to trust the government?

    And as if on cue, Visual Aid.

    Seriously. We all need to know. When is it morally justifiable to shoot a cop?

    Treason against the United States is defined as "...[A]dhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Okay I kinda am following the Zimmerman "trial" a little bit: "Riots if Zimmerman is acquitted? I’d bet on it." SMLE Fan already has the bottled water, pork-n-beans, and ammunition stockpiled. Do you, for when the thin mask of civilization is torn off the face of your city?

    "British schoolgirls are being systematically gang-raped by Muslims and British soldiers are being hacked to death in the street by Muslims and yet this despicable gutless appeaser, [British Home Secretary] Theresa May, thinks the way to solve the problem is to ban critics of Islam?"

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in Wisconsin: "...[W]ould make it illegal for any local or state law enforcement officer to carry out orders from a federal mandate to restrict magazines or other firearm accessories or types and amounts of ammo in your possession.... [I]t would make it a crime for any state official to carry out federal gun confiscation orders here in Wisconsin." They're also (still) trying to get Constitutional Carry.

    "Gliese 667 C has been found to have a system of five confirmed extrasolar planets... three planets orbit in the habitable zone of their host star, allowing them to possess liquid water at their surfaces and thereby making them possible locations for the emergence of extraterrestrial life." Distance 22 light-years, possibly the closest exoplanets yet known. When I wrote, "The known-space-record six habitable worlds of the fantastic Gemstone system", YEAH, THAT COULD HAPPEN. They are everywhere. Let's go....

    Science-fiction regen to cure paralysis? Working on it. I've already been presuming it in my fictional utopia, inspired by ÜberSerien from Weber and Ringo, and others all the way back to The Prophet Himself.

    This judge... will have kiddie porn "found" on his computer in 3, 2, 1....

    Linux... is looking better all the time.

    Speaking of "trials", a little bit of sanity in West Virginia - but "I'd still sue."

    Or perhaps I could equip Precious with these. After the car is fixed. But then I'd have to spend more money on optics, which would be the whole point. (I notice Jerry Miculek, who would know, uses one of those little red-dot thingies on his race rifle in place of the 45-degree metallic sights. But then batteries....)

    You know how you go all d'awwww at little kitty pawprints on your windshield? I got that beat. (You have to click on the other photos.)

    A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised.

    The car passed DEQ.

    At a cost of ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE EXTORTED-AT-IMPLIED-THREAT-OF-GOVERNMENT-VIOLENCE DOLLARS for a few minutes' "work" and a pair of little reflective "15" stickers.

    Only the second of the five cars I've owned to have passed this useless theftscam. Now I have "legal" transportation - and a job - for another two years.

    Until the headgasket lets completely go.... I have a bottle of Bar's Leaks on board, didn't want to use it before DEQ fearing it would skew the results.

    Sudden-$tress-withdrawal. (Though there's still plenty about the ga$ket.) It's ice-cream-and-kitteh-tummeh time.

    3665 Saturday, 29 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Rule of Law is dead, Chapter MMMDCLXV. "I never thought I'd live to see a lawsuit filed to say that the Constitution is unconstitutional...."

    When is it morally justifiable to shoot a cop? HOW ABOUT NOW?

    'How can we be the good guys when we come into the house looking like this, screaming and pointing guns at the people they love? How can we be the good guys when a little girl looks up at me and wants to fight me?'

    Or these too. Trespassing, burglary, theft, all under color of "law". Dr. Pournelle has been following this for months at least.

    As for the Zimmerman "trial", this is what's wrong with America. It really is like the powers-that-be want a race war. What's next, the judge finds him guilty-of-not-being-black and destroys his life to appease the mob? Or if not guilty can he expect protection against the hundreds of death threats he's been receiving?

    In Lighter News


    IPSC(-style) handguns at Wolverton! While packing last night, found my third McCormick Power 10, which I feared I'd left at the range. But two of the three are definitely spreading in the feed lips, as previously illustrated. Fortunately they disassemble easily and, with the guts safely out, I hammered them back into shape as best I could - and one still looks good and I also still have the Tripp Research 10, and three Shooting Star 8s which all look correct.

    Ugh, tired, have to add more coolant to the car - more later. However, there are indications something is Wrong with my 1911 - keyholing of all things, I had what appears to be a light-strike misfire, and the McCormick Power 10s I was praising so highly last year are definitely beginning to let go, I had a quite bad nose-up last-round misfeed with one.

    And I forgot HatCam!!! when loading Shambling Wrecktm this morning.

    3666 Sunday, 30 June 2013:

    The World Sucks

    Didn't I just say? "[L]et's prosecute to avoid a race war."

  • No such thing as a good cop. They are predators who view us as prey. Any badged thug who enforces these "laws" is the enemy of the people.
  • Speaking of badged thugs, "It's a chilling combination: more accidental discharges than intentional ones in 2009-2011, and agents training with deadly bullet hoses."
  • "You stole their property and now they have to prove they own them?"
  • 'You can no longer shield yourself… “I was only following orders”. You cannot hide behind the banner … “I didn’t know”.'

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT - old chatroom which may not be working due to Java and other updates - new chatroom I discovered last week. But I wasn't there today....

    Lifespan extension is a staple of many science-fictional universes. Nanotechnology likewise, as both miracle and catastrophe, i.e. "grey goo" - Mark van Name is doing a whole series. Niven wrote a Known Space story about it, and I think Greg Bear(Benford? Someone else?) did a novel or novelette. I seem to recall a novel by Crichton(?) on the topic, which I haven't read. In any case, working on it.


    But first, clean and inspect the 1911 (and Precious from the last very distracting range trip). LEADING IN THE BORE. Because this is the batch of cast bullets to which I applied only one coat of Lee Liquid Alox, not re-coating after sizing. The Cheap Philippine Clonetm 1911's barrel has rather shallow rifling anyway - maybe I'll just replace it $omeday. But yeah, I think that would cause tumbling and keyholing. NOTED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: APPLY THE SECOND COAT OF LEE LIQUID ALOX AFTER RUNNING THE BULLETS THROUGH THE SIZING DIE. Because until now the bore has been Remarkably Free of Leading. Can't do anything about it now though, have to use up what I have, no time (or gumption) to make more (which I can do... some other time) before the match.

    Also, the light strike is from one of the Magtech primers. They're mixed in, with the Winchester I've been using for years and some PMC lead-free I found at a show. Everything else went "bang".

    In the photo above, the little dimple appearing in the brass-colored primers is the letter "E", probably denoting "Eco-Freak" or somesuch. Winchester primers which have gone BANG in Every Single Round Of Every Kind I have ever loaded with them are the same color but smooth. The silver-colored primers are Magtech. This is the first misfire I've ever had with the 1911 or the .45ACP cartridge (I used to own and use a Tanfoglio Witness). I did clean the firing pin channel the previous time I cleaned the 1911. I'm having a hard time figuring what happened with the light strike, because the pistol continued to function (except for magazine issues) the rest of the day. Don't think it was a high primer either. Yes, that's military brass, probably from a sack I found at a show, but if the primer pocket ever was crimped it had been swaged before I bought the sack. I prime with an RCBS hand tool, by feel, and I am Highly Doubtful I had an insufficiently-seated primer. Inspecting last night, no damage to the firing pin, no detectable obstruction of the channel. Maybe just a hard primer, as Federals are known to be soft more sensitive.


    So! On to my second-ever 3-Gun match! With Precious and Saint John!

    ...With the temperature in the mid-30s and my shoes wearing out. Really Quite Pooped from hiking all over the club between stages, helping with setup and reset and teardown. Didn't stay for awards, nor yesterday neither. I'll wait for the spreadsheets in email. At least I always have plenty of drinking water in the car.

    And sunburn too, yeah. That'll feel great in the shower tomorrow morning. 8-(


  • For the love of all the gods that ever were, KNOW YOUR WEAPON. Buy or make dummy rounds, especially for a racing shotgun, and PRACTICE YOUR MOTHERGRAPPING RELOADS. The most common thing I've seen so far, in my quite-brief-to-date association with 3-Gun, is people fumbling their tube reloads and losing track of how many rounds are in magazine and/or chamber. The same lesson applies to rifles and pistols, though to a lesser degree.
  • The leading issue in the 1911 is serious, causing severe bullet tumble and dramatic loss of accuracy. I mean my sights were on the A Zone and the bullet went - sideways, the hole was oblong - into the no-shoot. That must be addressed... but I don't want to pull 200+ rounds from the last Big Batch. Possibly, make another large batch with two coats of LLA and repack the cartridge boxes to alternate them; when loading magazines I grab two at a time. But the rifling is very shallow and a replacement barrel might be called for.
  • Ain't nuthin' wrong with Precious. The long-range stage ended with six clay pigeons at 40 or so meters, clipped to a string. Some folks were spending twenty or more rounds on those six targets. I spent- eight? No more than ten, I'll review videos later.
  • Time to rebuild HatCam!!!. 'Cause the mount broke. -And in my mind's eye I just got a Plan, involving moar half-wrecked second-hand-store tripods, beefier then the dollar-store minis I've been using....
  • Not much wrong with Saint John either, he ran perfectly all day and made good hits with the new Remington sporting-rifle sights - until the silver-solder let go and the whole rear sight, base and all this time, fell off. (At least I found it.) The front is loose too. Recoil was manageable and I had no more bump-firing since swapping the trigger group.
  • The angled pistol magazine carriers are a marked improvement, though the angle could be increased even more. Now the shotshell carriers need the same treatment for the same reason.
  • Bring a snack. And sunscreen. And "bring more to drink" would be a lesson too if I hadn't already learned it.

    Tomorrow morning I go back to work, in DownTownIck no less. Tomorrow afternoon I buy new shoes.

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