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3425 Thursday, 1 November 2012:

The World Sucks

No, not going to Appleseed at Wolverton this weekend, not prepared, pooped, still saving for the AR, blah whine.

Srsly, the other driver had car trouble. She filled in for me several weeks ago when the Wreck was down, so it's only fair I cover her route in downtown ICK again. At least the hub-boss stripped off the outliers (there's a dozen-odd drivers, each with a chunk of the sprawl, and one usually borders another) so I wouldn't have to drive another twenty-odd miles forthing-and-backing. Anyhow I'd be limping if I knew which leg to favor, after tromping all over the urban deathtrap, with a pack, in the HorribleSoakingRaaaiiiinnnn and wind. To say nothing of the stairs. (The trick is to keep your momentum.... "Good Training." I might actually outrun some of the cannibal looters when their EBT cards stop working.) Boss asked if I wanted any more on-demands today and I declined. Especially since the other driver is waiting for parts - just as I was - and I'll be covering her route again tomorrow.

Speaking of cannibal looters, yesterday I saw posters for some kind of feeding frenzy this Saturday. Athens is already burning, and the fire is going to spread.... GET OUT OF THE CITIES. And get in some kind of physical condition 'cause the ARCO stations won't be open any more than will the ammunition counter at Wal-Mart.

You... do have a couple spare fuel cans, yes? Already filled? I've been in the habit of carrying a gallon or two reserve for years, rotating it for freshness every several months.

("The juice, the precious juice, was hidden in the vehicles....")

I don't think I can snark this headline: Obama Admin gets court approval for warrantless cameras on private property. I know, conserrrrrvatives will turn up their noses at those filthy potheads... until these exact same tools are used to sniff out anyone who owns guns, or a Christian bible, or is "hoarding" whatever some parasite wants redistributed.

'In CSGV's eyes, though, to insist that a government follow its own laws is to be "anti-government."' If "laws" don't protect us, they don't protect THEM FROM us.

The Constitutional definition of Treason is very specific....

And they call us "racist".


And speaking - so to speak - of that First Amendment thingy....

  • "...[W]e saw an NYC food inspector bust down the door of a Chinese restaurant that was serving food to dozens of people even though they had no power and no running water." Because feeding people in the middle of a disaster is wrong?
  • "Tester X, I later learned, enlisted in the Police Academy." Because he's their kind of guy!

    They can't have no idea how many of us they're ticking off.


    In Lighter News

    Mainstream media, illustrated.

    Ordered a spare battery ($16.98 shipped) for Petze the Linux laptop, donated by Michael G., from which I continue to get bunches of use.

    Such as: >:-[ The upload of Stage Three choked again, "Failed (unable to convert video file)". I'm using the same format I've been using, .MP4 out of PowerDirector 9. The only difference is it's my largest upload yet, but YouTube told me years ago that my account was authorized for even larger. Sigh, I'll trim some and reprocess.

    While Upon the Almighty Internets and the Biggest Shopping Mall in the Universe, came very close to ordering a digiscope adapter - there's a couple available now for under $40, they clamp universally to the telescope and then you mount the camera to the standard ¼" threaded thingy, then slide it around to get the right focus.

    But AR FIR$T. After this week, for which I get paid on or about the 12th, I should have enough to order the Del-Ton upper. The hunt for a lower continues (preferrably private sale, on principle, which is why the hunt continues); guts and buttstock I can get from That One Guy at the show, like I did before. Then I can buy more MagPul furniture from That One Shop, or that other store, or just order it. I might want an aftermarket trigger too, last time - later liquidated - was heavy and rough, but perhaps the next sack-of-guts will be different.


    3426 Friday, 2 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    GODS AND DEMONS WHAT A WEEK. Over seven hundred miles, 57 actual locations just today. And now I have a four-day-weekend ZZZ. Going to be a big fat paycheck in a couple weeks....

    Again with the Authorized Journalists....

    They hate us and want us to be slaves.


    F*** New Jersey. Let it sink.

    GET OUT OF THE CITIES. And haven't I been telling you? 'Just imagine what would happen if a "Stuxnet" type virus shut off the EBT (foodstamp) system and none of them could get their "free food"....'


    In Lighter News

    That's pretty cool. And eventually the price will come down. I remind you again to look up how much the first pocket calculator cost. Now you can get a scientific model with all that trigonometric stuff for $7.99 at your local supermarket's school supplies aisle.

    I follow a few daily-deals websites, I have them bookmarked in my blogtrawl so I visit them every day. I see now that USB drives are available with a capacity of ONE EIGHTH OF A TERABYTE. For a mere sixty bucks from the sale which will expire so soon it's not worth linking. But NNNOOOOOOO AR FIR$T

    3427 Saturday, 3 November 2012: CATURDAY ZZZZ

    The World Sucks

    Reader sends:

    I've been at stage 6.5 for the last several cycles.

    (If only....)

    And there can be no peace. Must... get... AR.... 'Cause it's gonna be rifle-musket time all over again.

    Armed robbery under color of law. If the "laws" don't protect US from THEM....


    Their minds don't work right.


    And F*** NEW YORK. The place could use a good flushing. "Butbutbut what about the peeeepul?!?!" F*** THEM TOO. They voted for it.

    In Lighter News

    CTD interviews Clint McKee of Fulton Armory on the care and feeding of gas-operated autoloading rifles. -I've been having target-fixation on a particular upper, specifically for its 1:7" twist, chrome-lined bore and chamber, and military-dimension chamber, but I wonder if an alternative - 1:9", not chromed - would be viable? -OTOH the Date expected in stock for the latter is next year and for the former, just got shortened by five days from the last time I checked, by which time I should have the money. (Email notification confirmed!) I already have several magazines and a few hundred rounds of 55gr stockpiled; better keep my eye out for some 62gr, saw some at a recent show so I wouldn't have to pay shipping.

    Speaking of building an AR, moar instruction. So far I'm figuring on the 1:7" chrome-lined upper, and at this point whatever buttstock That One Guy happens to have on his table - last time I used a fixed A2 but a GI-type telescoping unit might be more appropriate for the 16" barrel. The same Guy, or someone else at the same show, should have an A2-sight-in-carry-handle to complete the weapon, and I can worry about optics and the Magpul catalog later. I'm not buying guts and buttstock until I have the lower; maybe I'll happen across an assembled lower, or even a whole rifle, instead.

    D'OH. A reader notified me that the archive of Guns and American Handgunner magazines was malfing on the 1981 & 82 AH entries. I checked FTP and the files were there WTF? Turns out, when I copied-&-pasted the links from one year's archive to the next, I forgot to change the one digit. Should be fixed now.

    [thought=not-so-random] According to Leslie Fish's Wikipedia page, "There's no reason for a government-free society to be nothing but agrarian, no reason at all that it couldn't be industrial and space-faring." Which I've already touched upon. I've also wondered aloud in these pages - not advocating, bemoaning - whether a society must go through a Big Government Phase - Apollo as the most convenient example - to reach such a state. Thomas Paine rightly observed, "Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one...." What I think few people have the cerebral fortitude to contemplate is that government is not permanently necessary. I might, might be willing to concede that some, extremely limited government - like what we were supposed to have started with - is necessary to lift humanity out of the mud and get it on the path to indoor plumbing and Internet. Once a society is on that path, however, government should get the hell out of the way. A time, a level of development, can be reached where government is not necessary anymore.

    And fabbers, the ability to make anything out of anything, are a big part of that, of which we are seeing the very infancy. Not the only part, to be sure; as Dr. Pournelle says, cheap energy and freedom generate prosperity. I've already used the term "Cheap Energy Age" elsewhere.

    3428 Sunday, 4 November 2012: BONUS ZZZZ

    The World Sucks

    "Legal" precedents can come from anywhere, and the unstable freaks in black robes have one and only one agenda: Control.

    Speaking of F*** NEW YORK, radio news, "homes without power will become uninhabitable" as the weather grows colder... so, thugs with badges will go around dragging people out of their homes like they did in New Orleans? "For their own good"? Which homes they will then leave unlocked with broken doors so all their stuff can be looted? Because they're "Protecting and Serving"?

    GET OUT OF THE CITIES. I know, mo$t of us ¢an't. But we can stockpile canned food and ammunition, and rinse out those apple juice jugs and fill them with drinkable water. Don't forget the water.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Oh yeah, I finally got all the 3-Gun match videos done: Stage One - Stage Two - Stage Three - Awards & results.

    3429 Monday, 5 November 2012: MOAR ZZZZ

    The World Sucks

    Again with censorship. That darn inconvenient Bill of Rights thingy, it's always in the way.... As for the specifics, the formula for blackpowder is ancient and simple, as are even some advanced applications. On the other end of the spectrum, even a fission bomb can be simple to make - Williamson had one made in, and with, an elevator shaft in one of his Grainne books. The hard part is finding the material and that's probably not as hard as most people want to believe. But the point is, the enemy wants us all to be illiterate slaves incapable of imagining resistance to their tyranny.

    Government doesn't create jobs, it prevents them.

    That's what government is for: "Actually I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these people were committing some obscure federal crime."

    The American Association of Pediatrics wants children to be abducted and their parents to be murdered.

    Why are anti-gun people so violent?

    Got a little drinking water set aside, hard-boiled the last of that carton of eggs, got some butane fuel for that little emergency stove I've had for years no, the corner Asian market was sold out of the fuel, though they had a few stoves. Not that I'm expecting power failures in this area, that usually only happens once every several years when the tax-paid-limousine crowd is "surprised" by winter weather, and it's usually repaired quickly because the damage is rarely severe. I suppose some frustrated EBT-swiper could drive their scam-funded Cadillac into a substation....

    But you watch. New York particularly, first the FreeStuffArmy can't recharge their Food-Stamp-scam iPhones, the stores won't take their EBT cards because the cash registers and computer connections aren't working either, and then on election day, with the lights still out because the union thugs are turning away any non-thug help, they lose their Great Provider? Who is telling them in so many words to get "revenge"? Gangs of cannibal looters. If you haven't got out by now, shelter in place, show no lights or activity, and be prepared to kill anything coming through your door (or window or wall) without your permission. (We already saw cops joining the lootmobs in New Orleans, and they already have the mindset and positively-reinforced behavior pattern of armed-robbers-in-uniform....) Once you're found you'll probably be headed for the stewpot but at least you can take some of the filth with you. You have been practicing your speedloading? You do have several tested and known-reliable magazines? Kinda late now....

    Of course I could be wrong and there might be no riots and maybe Mitt-Gun-Banning-Health-Insurance-Mandating-Romney will put the country back on track.

    But I'm not betting on it.



    In Lighter News

    A review of the SureFire 60-round AR magazine. ...I'll $tick with STANAGs and PMAGs. Though I note Magpul also offers, or is working on, a 60.

    -The article makes reference to tactical vests on Amazon, for manageable prices. Noted. Almighty Internet$! What I'm after is something I can keep filled indefinitely - AR magazines, pistol (several models come with an M9(/M1911)-size crossdraw/chest holster), pistol magazines (would my McCormick 10s fit? Well, I have 8s, and I can take a SIG or B92 or even - ick - a Glock off a dead jackboot), some first-aid and a few tools, small radio, some kind of hydration, maybe a ration or two - and quickly shrug into without untangling all that ALICE stuff which would still give me puncture wounds no matter how I wore it. Hmm. But AR FIR$T!

    Speaking of, reader sends ballistic tests, and on rifling says: "You sometimes hear that these 1:7" barrels "overstabilize" lighter weight bullets, supposedly causing poor accuracy with anything 55 grains or under. When I look for tests people have done, though, I see reports of 1.5-2.0 MOA with surplus 55gr M193 and commercial .223 ammo with 55 grain bullets [which is what I have a few hundred rounds of stockpiled already]. This is still quite acceptable in a rack grade AR, in my opinion." And mine too. 2MOA will win most of the rifle matches I attend, and will likely be plenty for anything else I'll need it for. My biggest concern was a loss of accuracy with the commonly-available 55gr at 1:7", but if XM193 can break 2MOA that will do just fine. -And then I'll have a chrome-lined bore and military chamber.


    So I'm watching a movie and there'a a Mexican-revolutionary soldier leaning out of a rail car aiming at a fleeing Burt Reynolds... with the unmistakable muzzle and gas cylinder of an M1 Garand. 9_9

    3430 Tuesday, 6 November 2012: FINAL ZZZZ

    The World Sucks

    "Two separate mentions by committed anti-gunners of using nukes against Americans in America?" We fantasize about being left alone to live our own lives our own way without hurting or forcing anyone. They fantasize about GENOCIDE.

    It's not paranoia if they are saying out loud that we all need to be locked away indefinitely.

    Vote fraud....

    Thoughts on surviving riots.

    I'm constantly amazed that these brutal thieving scum are not torn into bloody chunks by righteous mobs of their victims.

    Anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to die. They're going to murder you anyway. You have nothing to lose.


    In Lighter News

    Found the butane fuel for the little emergency stove! Of which I also happen to have two. Four cans for $5, if they're not at one Asian market try the next. Now I will be able to generate some heat and cook some food when the tax-eaters, official or parasitic, fumble or sabotage the power grid.

    From the lists, just learned something about making silver bullets: The melting point of silver is higher than that of aluminum. Meaning using the Lee molds would be a Bad Idea.

    Reader RD points out that, if I'm getting the mid-length upper because it can correctly accept a bayonet, I should use a fixed buttstock so both ends will have combat utility. Which is what That One Guy usually has on his table-o-parts anyway. And which will be fewer moving parts besides.

    3431 Wednesday, 7 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Just the other day I was emailing a reader and saying that I wasn't actively depressed, because at least I have income (which the reader doesn't at present). Well I'm effing depressed now aren't I. This... is... insane. There are more takers than makers. More people riding the wagon than pulling it. Fewer people who want to work for a living than want to live off other people's work.

    What happens now? Imagine not being allowed to keep what you earn. Imagine what you've worked for being stolen from you and given to someone who "hasn't worked in five generations". Imagine being forbidden to defend yourself against robbers, rapists, murderers, in uniform or out.

    Imagine an iron boot, stamping on a human face, forever.

    "Butbutbut Connnngress!!!" Already bypassed by Executive Order and Legislating from the Bench and "We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it". "Butbutbut SCOOOOOTUS!!!" They know who signs their checks, and some of the worst decisions have already come from "conserrrvative" appointees. "Butbutbut Twenty-Sixteeeeeennn!!!" Like we'll last that long - there will be millions more looters on the rolls by then, and ever fewer of the productive to prop them up. (Stocks down at open... dollar falling....) And once that tipping point is reached do you think another election will be allowed? Except for show?

    I see now why Obama hasn't brought the troops home from Afghanistan. He sure doesn't want them here.

    Now would be a really good time to relocate to an isolated compound in Wyoming.

    (For the record, the Oregon spread appears to be 53.7% Evil A, 43.6% Evil B, and 2.7% Everybody Else - so Gary Johnson didn't spoil these Electoral College votes.)

    It might be too late to get an AR. I might have to jump on any lower I can get, whatever's hung off it, and reconfigure later. Big paycheck next week....

    WoGged again. No such thing as a good cop.

    In Lighter News

    Don't get mad. Get even.

    The spare laptop battery arrived today and appears to be charging correctly. Remember a laptop can be as powerful a weapon as a rifle, and I just got a spare magazine.

    3432 Thursday, 8 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    F*** THE GOP.

    More Project Gunwalker? Down the memory hole!

    And it could get even worse.

    And probably will.

    "...[A] mockery of the rule of law."

    Doctors going Galt? I wouldn't blame them. Of course that would leave society with brainwashed incompetents to "care" for us under approved government policies. Which would drive the few remaining good doctors to head for the Gulch. Downward spiral, as has pretty much reached bottom with cops - the ones who weren't serial rapists and professional kleptomaniacs are functionally extinct now.

    Prepare. Now would be a good time to learn how to handload....

    In Lighter News

    Little bit in Louisiana.

    3433 Friday, 9 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Full day. Covering for the other driver due to low numbers, combining her route with mine, so downtown ick but not very much of it - indeed I sat at a favorite warparking spot for a half-hour (the new battery is notably healthier than the original), bandwidthing, waiting for places to open so I wouldn't have to go back to them. Then, with only three left in a particular part of town known for difficult traffic, I get a call for a rush on-demand, from just across the river from where I was, up to Vancouver. Money. Did that, went all the way back down to finish those last three, and headed to the hovel, or rather the library to webmail my report, then got another call, a pickup at a place just the other side from where I was heading, back to the same location in Vancouver. Money. Did that, heading to the library or hovel again, got yet another call for a pickup down in Clackamas and a delivery all the way down in Wilsonville. 147 miles. But moar money.... Gonna need it.

    And now the GOP is blowing it even more, Boehner and Hannity talking about "reform" for illegal immigrants. You mean abject surrender? Rolling over and showing your belly?

    And why is there no talk of massive vote fraud? They'd be screaming - and looting and burning and murdering - if it went the other way.

    Impeachment... even if it happens it will, like in Clinton's case, be for the wrong thing, something trivial, meaningless, having nothing to do with the blood of hundreds if not thousands of innocent human beings on Barack Hussein Obama's hands.

    And that's something that really creeps me out. People I know, friends even, evidently have NO CLUE AT ALL about Gunwalker or Benghazi or any of the thousand entitlement scams. Of course they don't follow the same channels we do, but the ones they do follow have them so thoroughly programmed they're not capable of imagining anything else. But they call us "greedy" and "closed-minded" and "mean-spirited"....

    Some people still have hope. I, instead, expect the Republican Party to veer in two directions at once - GodGodGodAllTheTime, BanAbortionsAndGayMarriage, and We'llGiveYouMoreFreeStuffThanTheOtherPartyComeOnInAndStayNoDocumentsNeeded. -I would love to be able to vote for Rand Paul in 2016 but at this rate I expect to have been "shot while trying to escape" by then.

    I don't blame the registered Republicans who turned out in fewer numbers than last time - yes, I voted for Gary Johnson - I blame the party for trying to counter tax-and-spend with spend-and-scold. Crap vs. Crap and they expect us to be excited?

    And Tam has cancer.

    In Lighter News

    More on Louisiana.

    I have got to get me one of those.

    New shotshell caddy? Simulation with dummy rounds... Iiiii'm not seeing it. Might work better with a modern shotgun where you don't have to switch hands to hold the carrier latch button. The four- and six-place caddies I do have do work.

    Bionic arm? I can see it from here. (Except you won't be allowed to have one because it's not FDA-Approved, not Union-Made, and not a Justifiable Expense under the enforced-at-implied-gunpoint "fairness" of Obamacare....)

    3434 Saturday, 10 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Jews Gun Owners are subhuman and should be exterminated! I warned you.... Now prepare to defend yourselves.

    Massive vote fraud. I warned you about that too.

    No such thing as a good cop, or a competent one either.


    Is this what America has come to? We have to make travel plans with the expectation of being robbed?

    In Lighter News


    Allies vs. Axis Match, using WWII-era rifles, held as close as practicable to Veterans Day. Not an official match, nor even a very formal one:

  • 3 sighters, 100 yards, SR1, prone
  • 3 sighters, 100 yards, SR1, standing
  • 10 rounds in 3 minutes, 100 yards, SR1, standing
  • 5 rounds in 2 minutes, 100 yards, B27, prone
  • 10 rounds in 1 minute, 100 yards, B27, prone, mandatory reload
  • 5 rounds in 2 minutes, 200 yards, SR, prone (expanded to 5 minutes to allow proper sight adjustments)
  • 10 rounds in 1 minute, 200 yards, SR, prone, mandatory reload (I think the reload was waived)

    All stages could be fired single-loaded or from magazines as desired. So, 40 for score. The targets:

    For scale:

    My sighters (I took the photo after I'd pasted them, you can make them out well enough - the one near the X ring was the first from prone):

    Sort-of-rapid standing (better than I've come to expect from this position; I wonder if the speed, counterintuitively, helped fight the flinches?):

    Slow and rapid prone at 100 (can't make out the scoring rings over metallic sights, I was holding too low):

    And slow & rapid prone at 200 (the low 5 was the first shot from slow prone; the rounds were cold by then; I'd already learned that 100 to 200 yards is +4 clicks, and when I saw that I figured the temperature was a factor and added two more - I'm pleased with the windage, I'd rather suffer vertical stringing than horizontal; and every one of these fifteen would have been a human-torso hit):

    Final score, 88.75%, though not on all the same targets as a CMP match so comparisons don't matter:

    Mr. E., recovered from illness, won (I think someone said he had 14X for the match) - here's his 100-yard rapid, from an ordinary-looking Garand:

    Someone else whose name I can never remember got 2nd, Mr. R. got third, and I was right behind him with the same base score but he had a higher X count. I did not blow my rapid-prone stages, either by feathering the trigger or losing control of my position. I did use foam earplugs instead of muffs, blocking more sound, which may have been a psychological factor, as mentioned after my first 3-Gun match.

    In the videos from that match you can see me wearing a short leather jacket I found at Salvation Army for $4 (marked $8, half-price sale). It's a rather nice jacket, quite warm and reasonably comfortable, but it does not make a good shooting jacket. The sleeves are too baggy for proper sling use and the collar knocks earmuffs askew when prone, another reason to use foam plugs. Still, I went slower dammit in rapid-prone, and the Queen did her part as she always has. (Another thing I think I discovered in rapid prone is, my cheek weld drifts and my eye alignment to the rear aperture goes astray; I caught this and steered my face back into the rear sight so the front sight wasn't WayOverThere relative.) Not Bad.

    Yes, a tutorial video on the M1907-style shooting sling is in the works. Which will unavoidably have to cover positions. Next match, though, I'm digging out my M65 field jacket again.

    Further blogfodder - one shooter was using one of these. I'd seen one at this same match years before and noted it hurled brass halfway across the line; this shooter confirmed the violent extraction and ejection, and reported several case-head separations with a particular brand of brass, I forget which now. Anyway he had another during the match, in one of the rapid stages, so it fed the next round into the broken case and it's going to the shop. Darn!

    As for video, there was only one relay so I had no chance to set up cameras - woulda liked to get some high-speed of the AG42 cycling. Would also have liked to get some stills of Mr. R. & Mr. E. in prone - they're the two best riflemen I know and I can't think of better models for a correct position.

    3435 Sunday, Veterans Day, 11 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    "Activist gun owners should understand that they are targets of someone who takes their opposition personally...."

    Less Guns, More Crime. And of course: "Other guns used to commit crimes come from police and military arsenals, either stolen or sold by corrupt soldiers and officers." We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Doesn't work. For the stated goal. -I'm reminded of a news item a couple-few years ago: Washington state, in the name of the enviiiiironment, banned the sale of some... thing in dishwasher detergent which made it actually work, so Spokane residents were driving twenty-odd miles to Idaho to buy the stuff. And I already mused about being a bulbrunner when incandescents are outlawed. Smuggling is an American tradition....

    Speaking of not working, Your Tax Dollars.

    And they call us greedy, corrupt, and untrustworthy.

    Race War? I told you, our side wouldn't start it. All we want is to be left alone.

    Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules. Most minds cannot stretch enough to recognize that the rules are what's wrong.

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in Tennessee.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Not there because


    Yesterday of course was the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, and today is Veterans Day. On both these days I have attended highpower rifle matches, exercising the freedoms our servicemembers have suffered and died to protect, and honing skills which may be needed in their further defense.

    Yesterday was an unofficial fun match with a WWII theme, but today was CMP Garands at Lone Oak, way the heck up past Longview. Good thing I have Monday off work. Long drive. HorribleSoakingRaaiiinn on the way back. But worth the trip-

    Short Course A, 30 for score, no sitting stage. Better turnout than expected, 12 or 13; the directors underutilized the 7-lane range so we could have three relays, shooting, spotting/scoring, and marking targets in the pits. This makes for a longer match but a more correct one and I prefer it so. Got some pics and video for the M1907 sling video project, but more to the point I had a good day at the range:

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the standing stage. With target pits and three relays, each shot in the slow-fire stages can be scored as it is fired, but rapid fire is scored all at once at the end of the string. Somehow I finished very strong - I thought I was pulling them over here and over there. It's more surprising considering the ammunition which was issued: Greek HXP of different vintages. Mostly 82 in my bag, which I sorted for the first twenty-four, then 76, 77 & 78, one of which I used as my first sighter and the rest in standing which I figured was going to suck anyway. Weird! Warm and fuzzy but weird. Mr. E., who was working the pit for my relay, tells me my last four in rapid-prone were in the white, low and right IIRC - couldn't get a photo. Unofficially second place overall, ahead of both Mr. R. and Mr. E. WOO

    And I got a bunch of bonus brass, first a heap of Remington .30-06 scattered all over the line, then a heap of once-fired HXP from other shooters. Next match might be in December, at a club I've never shot at before, Mr. E.'s been trying to get me to start matches at that club for years.

    Lens pens. I need like five of them. I wasn't shooting with optical sights but the spotting scopes get dusty too. I need like five because I want one in this range bag and one in that compartment and one in the butt trap of this rifle and another in that rifle and.... Anyway local retail has them for about ten bucks so it's feasible.

    The corner of my ribcage gets bruised in prone, annoying. I try to roll myself, cocking the strong-side leg, so the weight is spread more, but it usually doesn't work.

    3436 Monday, 12 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

  • Gunwalker....
  • Benghazi....
  • Massive vote fraud....
  • Dereliction of duty....
  • REVENGE....
    I believe this government is capable of anything.

    Hofmann discovers another deposit of hypocrisium. And for the record, if you haven't figured it by now, I'm against prohibition. Prohibitionists are always more evil than whatever they try to prohibit.

    Secession movements spreading....

    Tipping point....

  • Groundwork laid for Food Police.
  • Clear and present danger to public safety.
  • "Can a cop shoot anyone they want or is there some boundary which even our Betters cannot cross?" That first thing, evidently.
  • "She's screaming in pain, and [the cop's] response is, 'This isn't supposed to be comfortable,'" Hutchison said. They become cops because they like to hurt people.
    If I ever see a cop bleeding to death on a sidewalk, I'll figure he had it coming.

    In Lighter News

    "The thousand nations of the Persian Empire Gunblogosphere descend upon Tam's cancer." And I get a big fat paycheck tomorrow....

    Contemplating yesterday's match. I was going faster in standing, as I did in Saturday's match; counterintuitive, I think I'm over-psyching myself. Going faster gives me less time to flinch. Meanwhile in rapid prone, letting the last four out of the black (thanks Mr. E.), that tells me, as I've pretty much known for some time, I'm losing control of my position as the string progresses, getting sloppy. The only cure for that is to do it a bunch more and get conditioned. Another Appleseed surely wouldn't hurt, to get some coaching.

    3437 Tuesday, 13 November 2012:

    The World Sucks


    That darn Constitution thingy is always in the way.

    I believe this government is capable of anything.

    CHARITY EPIC FAIL WWP WTF? Note alternatives in comments.

    Their minds don't work right.

    Can we start shooting the bastards now? They like to hurt people....

    Looks like some parasites will be getting less of Other People's Money. This is in the Suckage because a) news suppressed until after the election ("election") and b) gangs of rioting cannibal looters.

    Many of them in uniform.

    Prepare... because no one else is going to help you.

    In Lighter News

    Aaaaaand that's why I don't watch TV anymore.

    Due to library holds, having to return Midst Toil and Tribulation about 2/3 done, and Fire Season not even started. I'll probably have to return 1635: The Papal Stakes in a few days too. Instead, beginning David Drake's Night & Demons.

    BIG FAT PAYCHECK. Savings goal achieved, and to spare. And now I wait for an email from Midway, while sniffing everywhere for a loose lower....

    3438 Wednesday, 14 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Secession.... Personally I intend to never fill out another 4473.



    I've noticed, in my work, that the panhandlers are getting more aggressive. Like they have a sense of... entitlement.

    I've been warning you about this sort of thing.

    Because the unstable freaks in black robes only care about control.

    And the sadistic armed robbers in uniform are only too happy to help them get it.

    Encore l'EPIC FAIL. Does no one remember Zumbo? It's in the effin' dictionary now, next to Quisling.

    “If you walk up to somebody and grab their crotch out on the street, it will land you in jail. Blue uniforms and federal badges don’t grant some goon the power to sexually assault you, or at least they shouldn’t. A person doesn’t forfeit her or his personal dignity with the purchase of an airline ticket.” In the Suckage because I know the effort will fail and the infection will continue to spread and the uniformed perverts' heads will continue to not adorn spikes.

    Craaaaaap I'm'a break out in a rash if I can't get an AR....

    In Lighter News


    3439 Thursday, 15 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    0545: Clutch sproing. Waiting for daylight to finish diagnosing, then bumming a ride from neighbor to the junkyard for parts. That's how my world works.
    0800: The pedal is working, but I think the cable is broken - no movement on the linkage. Curs'd cold outside, waiting for a few more degrees. Besides the junkyard opens at 9.
    0930: Broken cable confirmed. Ask neighbor for ride to junkyard - no, he's puking from cancer meds and can't drive.
    1015-1105: ICKY BUS PEOPLE
    1120: Replacement cable acquired at junkyard.
    1130-1210: ICKY BUS PEOPLE
    1230: Qapla'.
    1245: Test-drive to Bi-Mart to buy moar ammo for the rifle I still don't have yet. Some people eat when they're stressed....

    Can't trust nobody....

    AND THE LIGHTS ARE STILL OUT and the cannibal looters have no idea how to turn them back on or live without them - they'll just take yours.

    Or have the professional sadists take it for them.

    Are you prepared?

    In Lighter News

    CLUEBAT APPLIED: "One thing that's evident in spite of much noise to the contrary by anti-gunners who can't marshall and mobilize such grassroots force on a moment's notice -- the firearms community can." -I am still a bit weirded out by my gunfolk acquaintances who actually refuse to have anything to do with That Internet Thingy. The older ones of course....

    What was that about Prius butter?

    Next paycheck - presuming a GiantFlamingMeteor hasn't obliterated Shambling Wrecktm by then - I'm'a order a digiscoping adapter.

    Drake's Night & Demons is a collection of his horror and fantasy stories, some of which I've read before. Not the kind of thing I usually go for, but Drake has delivery. You know, the kind GWB never had. And of course we're all reading Correia now.

    Speaking of ARs, one of the wonderful things about them is, once you have a functioning lower - and money of course - until the next executive order naturally - you can swap uppers for anything from .22LR to .50BMG. Possibly I might find a good bargain on a stripped-lower-and-stripped-upper together, I've already seen some. I still have every intention of getting the Del-Ton upper the money is in my account WAITING, but presuming I get a nekkid upper too, I'm inclined to build a precision upper - 24", 1:7 or 1:8, still 5.56x45mm so I can use the cheap stuff if I have to, optics only, free-floated. Then I'd $plurge on some of those long, heavy Sierras, like #9377 or #9390, and weigh every charge of some powder I probably haven't selected yet. I've already captured some upper-build videos from teh Tubes and Midway appears to stock everything I could need. $uggestions? By which I mean particular barrels, bolts & carriers, etc. Remembering I'm usually broke and probably will be again any minute.

    Speaking of Midway, if someone out there wants to really Make My Christmas, a Big Fat Gift Certificate from Midway would really hit the spot.

    3440 Friday, 16 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    "The union has been the death of this company...." And will be of many more. -Waitwhat: "Hostess... is seeking a U.S. court's permission to go out of business...." It's bad enough all the hoops one must jump and bureaucrats one must bribe to go into business, now the tax-paid parasites demand their permission to quit? Wasn't there a Constitutional Amendment against slavery?

    -Oh right, that darn inconvenient Constitution-thingy: "Mark my words - within six months of the official start of ObamaCare there will be pushes to up the minimum wage and/or force businesses to have a certain number of full time employees."

    And: 'President Obama’s labor regulators are preparing to give his “army” of unions the private contact information of workers employed by non-union companies, as part of an array of rules to facilitate and finance union expansion.'


    The only good cop is a....
    ...you know.

    "...[T]hugs with PhDs."

    CommSec. Don't forget it.

    In Lighter News

    Constitutional Carry for North Carolina?


    As I was making the last delivery of the day, a late on-demand, approaching the I5 bridge at 1433hrs, I saw several hundred - by which I mean probably a thousand - geese forming up for migration.

    And then that jerk in the white Z350 with California plates ignored the space I was leaving for him to merge and just had to go to the very end of the merge lane and force his way in front of someone else.

    3441 Saturday, 17 November 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    ICKY LAUNDROMAT PEOPLE but I don't have this Monday off. And besides the cat peed on stuff.

    Again with the "smart" guns... which the people trying to force us to use them, are exempt from using.

    Yeah yesterday's link just isn't enough, we're talking about DANIEL EFFING HARLESS, the domestic terrorist who threatened to MURDER AN INNOCENT CITIZEN and not only got away with it but will be PAID, WITH OUR TAXES, TO DO IT AGAIN.

    And that's why we are stockpiling arms and munitions. They declared war on us and we will defend ourselves.

    In Lighter News

    Mr. E. sends a detailed email on building ARs. Adding bit$ to my Midway Wi$h Li$t.

    More magazines archived.

    3442 Sunday, 18 November 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    It's not paranoia when they're officially scheduling taking our guns away. And our "representatives" sure aren't representing us anymore....

    By which I mean: "If the GOP is going to be competitive in 2016, it has to communicate to young people that intrusive federal government makes their lives worse. It has to communicate that it’s the party that respects personal choice and individual responsibility. And it would probably help to communicate that when in doubt, the GOP doesn’t automatically take the side of the insanely expensive branch of the federal government that breaks into people’s homes, shoots their dogs, and imprisons them because they added a funny ingredient to their brownies." But what are we getting instead?

    SMLE Fan reminds me to buy moar .22LR rounds. You-all... do have a .22? As SMLE Fan points out, it's this generation's FP45.

    Speaking of: National Ammo Day. Buy a hundred, or more, of something. Or a brick of primers or a pound of powder or a box of projectiles or a set of dies or etc. Personally I'd also count magazines or even load-bearing equipment or new boots. They are coming to get us. Prepare.

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." And for the products of public education: REF.

    Helluva thing, when the founding documents of this nation are considered treasonous.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Wounded Warrior Project spokescreature... is not convincing. "We'll take your money but won't let you use our logo." The cluebat bounced right off their solid, empty skulls. DO NOT DONATE TO THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. They are anti-freedom bigots. -Alternatives on the air following the interview, HAVA for example.


    And this too: Mosins are still affordable, powerful, accurate, and nigh-indestructible. Do not mock the Mosin.

    3443 Monday, 19 November 2012:

    The World Sucks


    Regular route was nuthin' special, done by 11, and got much good bandwidthing done at my favorite warparking site too. Back to the hovel- but then an on-demand in the afternoon, cross town and back in the HorribleSoakingRaaaiiinnn. -Fine, money, and unlike the commiefornian intrusive species I actually know how to drive in the stuff. But then another on-demand, from the same place I picked up the other two just two hours earlier, going to a place which closes at 1530 - and they call me at 1501? With HorribleAfternoonTraffic? I made the pickup but that one isn't getting delivered until tomorrow. Fortunately I go within two blocks of the destination on my way to start my regular route nearly every morning but c'mon, people, plan the eff ahead.


    Hofmann illuminates the real "insurrectionists". All we want is to be left alone. All they want is everything we have.

    ZIMBABWE! (ref) That's right folks, we're heading for wheelbarrows-of-cash-to-buy-a-loaf-of-bread-which-the-store-will-be-all-out-of-anyway.

    Michael G. sends, race-baiting warmonger. ...And by remarkable coincidence The Patriot Post's Founders Quote of the Day is: "But the safety of the people of America against dangers from foreign force depends not only on their forbearing to give just causes of war to other nations, but also on their placing and continuing themselves in such a situation as not to invite hostility or insult; for it need not be observed that there are pretended as well as just causes of war." --John Jay, Federalist No. 4

    Meanwhile with Enemies Foreign, Islam is incompatible with civilization. One must destroy the other. Which will it be?

    Government poisons everything it touches AND THE LIGHTS ARE STILL OUT.

    Wounded Warrior Project EPIC ENDLESS FAIL

  • No such thing as a good cop.
  • They like to hurt people.
  • They are the enemies of the people.

    Not Lighter: Speaking of National Ammo Day, prepare. Consider your Area of Operations. Contemplate where some of these could be cached. -Of course there are other and perhaps cheaper ways to cache munitions, like the PVC-pipe-and-dry-ice thing. The pipe can be found at any hardware or plumbing store, and the specific goop to seal it too; dry ice is at your local supermarket and has been for years.

    In Lighter News

    Speaking of causes worth donating to, Knife Rights.


    Applied riflery.

    Compatibility issue with newest version PMAG. Something to remember when shopping for lowers.

    This is another reason to own an AR with eee-vill high-capacity magazines. Epi-freakin'-demic of free-range BACON

    3444 Tuesday, 20 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker, and the cesspit in general. So much for that "of the people, by the people, for the people" nonsense....

    Race war. We're not the ones starting it.

    Savages. And media collaboration with terrorism and murder.

    "...[T]hey need to be rounded up and killed...."

    Meanwhile in government school. It's not about education.

    It's not about safety either. And of course, Their Minds Don't Work Right.

    Is anyone else getting really mad when the gold-wearing iPhone-fiddling parasite in line ahead of you at the supermarket swipes his EBT?

    Speaking of your tax dollars....

    Government doesn't create jobs, it prevents them.

    I have been telling you, the job doesn't make them monsters, THE MONSTERS APPLY FOR THE JOB. THE JOB SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    "The question isn't whether you're paranoid, it's whether you're paranoid enough."

    SMLE Fan prepares.

    Have you?

    In Lighter News

    MOAR CORREIA MOAR. And I appear to have guessed wrong about his upcoming collaboration with Ringo.

    MAKE. YOUR. OWN. #@%^ING. FABBER. That's the next thing I'll be saving up for. There are, Upon the Almighty Internets, complete technical drawings of an AR15 lower receiver (and several others like the 10/22 and 19-by-God-11), and also a set of drawings for building an AR lower out of more-easily-machined slabs which are then bolted together.

    3445 Wednesday, 21 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    "Laws" no longer protect us. That's no longer what "laws" are for.

    Congress? I told you, already bypassed.

    "...$1.9 million in overpayments to District workers who collected unemployment benefits while on the city's payroll."

    And these are the kind of people we're supposed to trust with our health care?

    The kind of people who don't want us able to defend ourselves?

    All cops are monsters. That's WHY they BECOME cops. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.


    In Lighter News

    No, I didn't buy anything for National Ammo Day, too target-fixated on my AR. And that pesky rent thingy. But I have been stockpiling XM193-or-equivalent when Bi-Mart has it on sale. -I am suddenly compelled to repeat a bit of wisdom whose source I do not recall but it might be Fred, founder of the Appleseed Project: "It is better to have 100 rounds of ammunition and 900 rounds of practice, than 1,000 rounds of ammunition." This may be my very last chance to get my very own AR before having to take one off a cooling fascist corpse and I intend to use the result. I forsee many range fees and fuel expenditures in the near future.

    That reminds me, I'll be needing mass quantities of Hornady #3037 soon too....

    3446 Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 22 November 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    "In other words, everyone who carries a gun will be considered a criminal...." As far as I'm concerned that includes the badged monsters committing these blatantly unAmerican crimes.

    The death of free speech....

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Israel... would IMO be entirely justified in responding to this Palestinian war of aggression by unrestrainedly reconquering Gaza and keeping it. You don't cut real-estate deals with rabid dogs. You just put them down.

    In Lighter News

    Finally some movement on Aurora, though perhaps unfortunately it's coming out as a Randian lecture. I have better stuff in mind, the problem is progressing to it.

    3447 Friday, 23 November 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

  • Any cop who tries to not be evil is driven out or destroyed.
  • Every time there's an accident or disaster, thugs with badges show up to rob the victims at gunpoint.


    Blaming everyone who didn't do it....

    Massive vote fraud....

    "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it."

    The government can read your private communications and you can't read their "public" ones.

    "...[I]f the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world." Just about there.

    In Lighter News

    3448 Saturday, 24 November 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    Codrea illuminates more lies from the totalitarians.

    Speaking of totalitarians....

    "It can't happen here"? It already did. And the EBT-parasites would love for it to happen again.

    Visual aid.


    Not paranoia....

    The Upper's availability date has been pushed back until April!
    Well, I'll get the rest and keep saving.

    In Lighter News

    Progress, I guess, toward restoring the fundamental human right of self-defense... but permits are infringement, and requiring them is evil.

    A fine rant on customer service.

    3449 Sunday, 25 November 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

  • If this were still a free country we'd be killing TSA agents on sight.
  • Yes, background checks are infringements too. Disband, dismantle, and prosecute everyone in or connected to BATFE.
    We need to stop funding these monsters and start hanging them.

    I keep telling you, government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care.

    I repeat, Israel would be entirely justified in reconquering Gaza and keeping it.


    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Show $IGH.

    [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    See also: "So the only thing it could be is that more guns are causing less crime." We Told You So.

    Moar Applied Riflery.

    3450 Monday, 26 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of bed and went back to work. :-6

    Then, just as I was exiting the shower, a text from the hub telling me to stay home due to a very light load. Fine, I still need to do laundry from what the cat peed on.

    Speaking of, a few loads ago the laundromat I've been using, with WiFi, closed down, so I'm having to drive even further to one which isn't across the street from a police station and therefore a clear and present danger to public safety. And this one of course is WiFiless. And it takes more quarters too. That's how my world works....

    But then I get a couple on-demands so I get paid a little today after all.

    Gunwalker, and a culture of corruption.

    Background checks are infringement. And they don't work anyway, at best it's a revenue scam. Should you pay a fee and submit to investigation to go into a bookstore? To go to church?

    Again with the Caswell case. "Laws" do not exist to protect us. That's not what "laws" are for.

    Example: Government "Health" "Care".

    Example: "...[A] more than 30% increase. Coverage will not significantly change."

    Example: "...[F]ollowing the USDA’s dietary guidelines seem to reliably lead to human malnutrition."

    Your Tax Dollars....

    Self-defense is a human right, regardless of age. BURN THE SCHOOLS for indoctrinating otherwise.

    Their Minds Don't Work Right and they hate us and want us to die.

    Massive vote fraud and callous exploitation of the most vulnerable members of society.

    Prohibition is always more evil than whatever it tries to prohibit. I've said, if the stuff weren't illegal it wouldn't be worth billions and people wouldn't be slaughtering each other over it.

    Besides, prohibition doesn't work for its STATED goal.

    (No, I don't think there should be driver's licenses or vehicle registration or a DMV either. No, nor speed limits. And before you go off with a YouDidn'tBuildThat about the roooooaads, if it weren't for the FAA we wouldn't $%^&ing need roads. Certainly not ones built by the government, with massive taxtheft, which become hunting grounds for sociopaths-with-badges whose only reason for existence is to rob peaceable citizens at gunpoint without fear of their own righteous execution in self-defense.)

    All cops
    are monsters.
    That's why
    they're cops.

    In Lighter News


    Moar rant on customer service.

    Texas WTF? TSRA Quisling much?

    I suppose I'll have to pick up another M500 or M870, on principle. But it can wait I think.

    Hmm, a dissenting review of the Red Dawn remake. The library will get the DVD eventually, I don't go to theaters anymore....

    3451 Tuesday, 27 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    And then I got out of a warm bed on a cold morning and went back to work. -This week's paycheck was less than my spreadsheet projected, only the fourth time that's happened this year - it'll have to do. I have enough in the bank to cover rent and fuel and all, I was hoping to spend it on my AR upper. :(

    Gunwalker, hypocrisy, and betrayal. '...[S]uch a move would do nothing less than destroy any “rule of law” illusions the government is relying on to convince the disaffected that the justice system, which protects them as much as, if not more than it protects “us,” still works.'

    To which can be added this illustrative explanation of "law".

    They hate us and want us to die.

    Speaking of wanting us to die, rule of law was killed in a drone strike.

    "If some anti-gun administration didn’t want citizens obtaining more firearms, for whatever reason, all it would essentially have to do is pull the plug." Buy now and buy private. -Don't get too target-fixated, as I have been on my Dream AR; get something, anything, in 5.56/.223 or 7.62x51/.308. (Yes I know they're different, they're bloody well close enough under most conditions.) Or hell, get a Mosin, they are not to be sneered at and Real People can actually afford them. Then, get yourself a metric f***ton of ammunition and practice practice practice. -And get into some kind of physical condition. I've said already, one reason to stick with this dead-end, low-paying courier job is, the way I do it, I walk a lot, with stairs even. I can hike, some miles, with a pack. I know I can.

    Prepare now, because wheelbarrows of paper "money" won't buy the can of beans that will be worth murdering for.
    Also see: "The only way totalitarian governments can exist in the long run is by suppressing accurate information."

    "I’m getting very tired of being accused of racism by virulent racists."
    Also: "...you bet that Tommy sees!"

    The job doesn't make them monsters. The monsters apply for the job.

    Doctors going Galt? Ain't just me saying it.
    (See also)

    In Lighter News

    Riflery. I already know I've been going too fast.

    UNDER $50 PER TERABYTE. But the drives I do have aren't quite full yet and I have more immediate expenses....

    Such as the BLACK! FRIDAY!! SALE!!! The Del-Ton upper is projected to be out of stock until April but thanks to the Almighty Internets and the fifty-odd blogs I read every day I discovered... THIS. Which appears to have all the same features, particularly the barrel, chamber, and twist. And I just blew not-quite-three-hundred (with $15 ground shipping) of my very own dollars to order it. Probably the sale will end by the time you read this.

    And now I need a lower. Very much preferrably in private sale on principle - I know I'm already on their lists, as are most of y'all, but there's no sense making it too easy for the enemy and their computerized databases.

    3452 Wednesday, 28 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    GodsAwfulHugeLoad, with BonusDowntownIck. 80 packages, 66 locations. -So I have this clipboard, for my manifest, and the manifest is printed with the customer name and address and a couple blank lines off to the right for them to write a signature and printed name, and me to write the time. And I mark them with little X's to indicate which lines, and I point to the lines with the little X's on them, and they still just scribble something on the wrong damn lines. And these are "doctors and lawyers and such". If people making twice or thrice what I do per paycheck can't figure out something that simple, I depair for the future of humanity.

    Another thing - this afternoon I paid $3.179 for regular at an Astro station. That worries me. This country just "elected" (MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD) the most anti-business, anti-property, anti-freedom chief executive in American history since George the Effing Third. The stock market noticed. Hostess Brands noticed itself to death. We're not drilling, we're not building new refineries. What's causing this drop in fuel prices? I fear it's artificial and will not last.

    New York is gone. As is Illinois. Free people are not getting them back without fire and blood.


    Meanwhile in the religion of slavery....

    Not to forget Enemies Domestic and the death of that free-speech thingy. -One of my delivery stops is a hippie café and they have a bumper sticker on the counter, "I [heart] THE FIRST AMENDMENT". Do you? Really? "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion [except mosques should be tax-funded and we should send foreign aid to the Palestinians], or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [except those filthy zionists]; or abridging the freedom of speech [unless it offends or frightens us], or of the press [except Fox News, talk radio, conservative bloggers...]; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble [except the Tea Party], and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances [oh HELL no get the water cannons!]."

    Related, BURN THE SCHOOLS.
    By which I mean all the ones run, or funded, or licensed/approved, by government and unions (like there's a difference). But I fear the tipping point has been reached and it's too late for free-market education to pull this society out of its death-spiral....

    Wheelbarrows of paper "money"....
    A can of beans worth murdering for....

    Their Minds Don't Work Right.

    I've said before, we fantasize about being left alone. They fantasize about genocide.

    It's all a game to them, and we're the pieces.

    CIVIL. $%^&ING. WAR.

    In Lighter News

    More thoughts on customer service and voting with one's wallet.

    Ah: It seems the bolt, carrier, and charging handle are not included in the Palmetto State Armory upper, despite the item being pictured with a charging handle. That's where the other hundred-fifty dollars in cost went, vs. the Del-Ton. Well, I can get those at the shows, or order them with later paychecks, and with new components headspace should not be an issue.

    Yep, I was right to jump on the PSA upper, even without the bolt carrier group - the Del-Ton at Midway has now been pushed back to May.

    3453 Thursday, 29 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    I'm putting this in the suckage because government poisons everything it touches. Whistleblowers are supposed to have "protection" now - I'd wager it's only a ploy to get them to expose themselves. I predict an Unexpected! outbreak of Vince Foster Syndrome.

    "Yep--CSGV just admitted their sick belief that if you agree with Tench Coxe and other Founding Fathers, you are guilty of treason, and subject to execution."

    I am a life member of the National Rifle Association, but there are serious questions of ideological purity. I'm signed up for email alerts from a dozen-odd other outfits across the country - see my front page for links.

    Thought exercise: Term limits for anyone who works in any government job.


    Comment o' the Day: "Honestly, I am disgusted by people who are NOT disgusted by the TSA." The only good serial-child-molester-and-habitual-thief-in-uniform is a dead serial-child-molester-and-habitual-thief-in-uniform.

    ZIMBABWE! They really believe that companies will just cough up these unsustainable wages because they say so, despite Hostess explicitly proving otherwise.

    "...[O]nly a fool believes that it can never happen again."

    In Lighter News

    Thoughts on riflery from someone who's doing more actual live shooting than I am.

    Lifespan extension? Working on it.

    And FTL too.

    Also getting off this rock.

    The Almighty Internets Shall Provide! Next paycheck. -Actually I could ju$t barely do it now, I budgeted for the Del-Ton with- but no, I want a little slack. And I get paid every week.

    3454 Friday, 30 November 2012:

    The World Sucks

    I'm no longer a member of the club but still attend rifle matches there. Tomorrow is the Turkey Shoot - I used to be the director for the 2x4 shoot. Comes now an email from Mr. E., inviting me as his guest. Darn! I'm just too pooped after tromping all over town this week - 66 locations Wednesday, 58 yesterday, though only 27 today. And I haven't prepared and I'm low on rounds and blah whine. I'm going to have to start accepting some of these invitations soon though. The next is a rifle match at another club on the 8th, which unfortunately is the same day as the show, which is where I'm figuring on being instead, looking for more parts - separately I'm close to acquiring a lower at last and one of the regular vendors has the sack-o'-guts to fill it. If the car doesn't catch fire I might have my AR by Christmas.

    I should not have typed that out loud....

    $igh, I also sorta kinda want to try more shotgunning - Saint John still has his original 30" barrel - as I was contemplating a couple moons ago, there are a couple local clubs. Too busy working for a living....

    NNOOOOOOOOO the PSA BCG is out of stock! Everyone else jumped on it too. Well, moar eee-vill in the hands of more citizens. And I got the rent paid.

    'Here you have a municipal legal official admitting murders are on the rise, criminals are running rampant, a dwindling police force is powerless to prevent it, and the same city and county authorities... won’t give their permission to carry the means of defense unless you can satisfy them that your “cause” is “good.”' The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.

    The enforcers are evil. Naturally they don't want their intended victims able to defend themselves.

    I don't know whether to call this racist hypocrisy or Baghdad Bob-style psychosis.

    Speaking of psychosis, I remember an episode of The Simpsons where Burns had gone all Howard Hughes and was telling Smithers - at gunpoint - to "Hop in" the scale model ("...Model?") of the Spruce Moose. This administration's economic strategy is a lot like that. -So you're going to steal what people have worked for all their lives, remove all profit motive from all business, and then act surprised when no one wants to work for a living anymore?

    Related: The end of the Obamacare road. (Full original text, originally published in the February 1958 Playboy, here.)

    The war on free speech....

    They hate freedom and want us to be slaves.

    And three times is enemy action.

    In Lighter News

    I've seen photos of non-functional concept models, and passingly mentioned it in my story - a technology which allows, i.e. by tracking and mapping finger movements, a sort of inside-out VR, the creation of an interface from any surface. Working on it.

    View my YouTube Channel

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