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3395 Monday, 1 October 2012:

The World Sucks

Finally figured out how to get the drums off - portside aft wheel bearing is truly wrecked, bits sticking out:

Waiting for advice and help, going to miss another day of work.

Ever more Project Gunwalker.... They don't see us as human beings. They'll spill a river of innocent blood in order to make more innocents unable to defend themselves. We're governed by sociopaths....

Enemies foreign and domestic....

...And drooling imbeciles whose vote cancels yours.

In Lighter News


As expected, the Red Dawn remake is full of timidity and suck, but there's an alternative in the works.

Finished When Diplomacy Fails..., plenty of action, and the epilogue sets up the next volume. Finally beginning MHL, which is not, as I previously typed, Monster Hunter: Legion, but Monster Hunter Legion. No waiting around here either, starts with an efficient recap followed by a Big Buffet Brawl. (Good description of the buffet, made me hungry....) There have been loose bits in the same universe posted on Correia's own site or Baen, and at least one of those is woven in too.

3396 Tuesday, 2 October 2012:

The World Sucks

SCREW IT. Rather than buy new bearings from the parts store or a bearing shop and worry about installing them correctly without damaging anything, I bummed a ride to the junkyard from my neighbor and yanked a whole drum-with-bearings off a wreck. And it worked. I AM REMOTORIZED.

Visual aid....

ZOMG EEE-VILL REPUBLICAN CAPITALIST PIGS ARE LAYING OFF WORKERS WITHOUT WARNING no. No they're not. I know people who cannot, will not allow into their minds any thought which challenges their prejudices. Urge to slap... rising....

I have the solution to the global energy crisis: Go to the place Britain used to be, dig up George Orwell's corpse, wrap it in copper, and stick it between some magnets.

Carpet-nuke everything between Israel and India, Chapter MMMCCCXCVI.

It's not paranoia if they really are building a police state. There is no such thing as a good cop because POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

SHOULD NOT EXIST. They are all monsters. That's WHY they're cops.

And the same goes for the arrogant official frauds in black robes.

To which dots can be connected the Depressing Observation o' the Day: "The United States was formed to protect liberty. It now has a major party that is afraid that someone, somewhere, is doing something without permission."

And: "Folks, 200 years ago, we fought a war over a government that imposed its will on us without giving us a say. Now we gripe for a few days, then get distracted by the next episode of Dancing With the Stars. Worse, our children are growing up and accepting this sad state of affairs as normal." -Remember what I said about airports a few weeks ago?

And this one too.

Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire still needs your help.

Encore l'Prohibition FAIL. I repeat, fabbers can change the world, even moreso than the internet has. No stores, no factories, massive social reorganization, or perhaps I should say deorganization. Difficult to even imagine. -According to Wiki, The Pirate Bay has already launched a "Physibles" category early this year, as I predicted. -But then it goes right back to the suckage as EuroReader M. sends bigotry and rules-changing (also see).

In Lighter News

MHL is a very good read, nearly half done already. It "goes down smooth". And I can see Correia and Ringo bringing their respective series together (Correia said they were going to collaborate soon) - neither has written themselves out of the other's universe yet.

3397 Wednesday, 3 October 2012:

The World Sucks

Long day. Spent pretty much my whole paycheck on groceries and fuel and car parts and a money order for the utility bill, while waiting three hours for an on-demand pickup-and-delivery to be ready. 9_9 And that $20-extra-per-day isn't quite enough for the Horrible Afternoon Crosstown Traffic.

Still Project Gunwalker....

Speaking of the debates, the line between satire and official policy was erased a long, long time ago.

Insane bigots on campus. Don't go to college.

And burn the other schools too.

The brainwashing of the military continues....

Too dangerous to exist, Chapter MMMCCCXCVII.

Collaborators. "Concerns of Police Survivors"? You mean like the survivors of the New York shooting rampage perpetrated by cops? You mean like the widows and children of Erik Scott and Jose Guerena and Oscar Grant? Those "survivors"?

When driving around, I often see "Law Enforcement Memorial" license plates. My idea of a "Law Enforcement Memorial" would look more like this.

It's the last day to help Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.

In Lighter News


3398 Thursday, 4 October 2012:

The World Sucks

Light day, done early, except for the HorribleCrosstownCrawl hours later. Which I shouldn't have to do much longer.

It's not paranoia when cops really are conspiring to take away our guns.

Police are too dangerous to exist. We used to HANG thieves. Now we give them badges and tax-funded pensions. Does that seem right to you?

Government poisons everything it touches. IT'S NOT ABOUT SAFETY.

IT'S NOT ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT either. I've told you, the eco-freaks won't be happy until we're all living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold at age forty.

Fundamentally different worldviews. They believe people have a right to what other people have worked for, but don't have a right to defend themselves or criticize government. We believe the exact and complete opposite.

The definition of treason is very specific, and the penalty is ancient in custom and law.

In Lighter News

It looks like Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire has achieved its funding goal! Every bit extra helps.

I don't usually listen to podcasts or streaming audio, as I usually don't have the bandwidth, but I had to comment on the headline: ZOMBIES INVADE CALIFORNIA!!! ...I thought that's where they came from.

Among much else worth reading, from Dr. Pournelle I cherry-pick the following and call it Lighter:
"Many parents, frustrated by the government schools, have pulled their children out. Home schoolers – who almost always use phonics, not look-say – now educate about 4% of American children. Private-school enrollment is rising. Some government schools are losing 8% of their enrollment annually."
"I do point out that with the Internet it is possible to have real education without government schools."
And that must scare the steaming poop out of the parasitic monopolistic indoctrinators. They know they can't survive in a competitive market.

Field Expedient, with Science.

Finished Monster Hunter Legion and it was, to quote Earl Harbinger, all right. It wouldn't be difficult at all to merge it with Ringo's Special Circumstances, and both are heading in the same larger-picture direction already. Beginning Kratman's Countdown: M-Day, finally. Plenty of jargon and acronyms, but most of it an avid reader will have picked up years ago from the Tom Clancy novels and the appendices of the Honorverse, and the rest you can bloody well look up on the internet can't you. In this series, and his Carrera saga which has many similarities, Kratman addresses certain social questions - gays in the military, women in combat - and whups them upside their heads.

Speaking of books, writing tips from Robert Effing Heinlein.

Still trying to gear up for 3-Gun on the 21st. Pistol is covered - should have more than enough rounds, and already have magazines, carriers, and holster. Rifle will have to do; selected stray end-of-batch rounds for the Queen, should be enough and to spare, and they can wedge into jeans pockets for carry. Focusing therefore on the shotgun. Another thing I blew my paycheck on yesterday was a hundred rounds of Winchester XU127, on sale for $4.99 a box. Since it's difficult for me to get Random Range Science Time anymore - and since a sack of #7½ shot is another $45 I really shouldn't spend right now - I'll just go with factory, put the recoil bits in Heavy mode, and Trust In Saint John. Also, yesterday I visited that particular arms shop again and found an AR magazine carrier in their clearance bin, and elsewhere another 6-place shell caddy, I think just like the Choate I ordered, for $20, which figuring Midway's shipping is a fair price. Still looking for an extension for the M11 - a recent comment to one of my Tutorial videos stated with conviction that this one will work, but needs a spacer; which I can probably make or have made from washers at the BigHardwareStore near the hovel. The parts M11 I also have has a mismatched magazine cap, lending considerable weight to the hypothesis. I might have to break down and order one blew $54, hoping expecting it arrives before the match. At least I now have enough dummy rounds to fully test it. -Interesting, the Winchester stuff I just bought is noticeably shorter than my Lee-made dummies, which in turn are the same length as the Remington GL127 but longer than the GL128:

Probably this will make little difference to Saint John (egad, I think I just named my shotgun), but it's likely to change the feel of the caddies. Hmm.

Speaking of the AR, the magazine carrier is from Safariland, with studs for their duty belt - it's thug-gear, but new-in-bag so no actual thug cooties on it. For ten bucks I got it. I can punch holes in the gunbelt I made to accomodate the studs, they work just like the screwpost-and-drilled-penny I already made. Probably I'll go back for the other shotshell caddy next paycheck, that will give 16 on the belt not counting the 6-place Cowboy leather thing.

One of the main reasons I want to try 3-Gun is to gain at least some experience moving-and-shooting with long guns. I've been gaining some with the 1911 for the past couple years, but it's not enough. One can also expect the handling of an M1 Garand - I mean weight and balance and placement of hands, not just loading and reloading and manipulating controls - to be meaningfully different from that of the AR-if-I-ever-get-one. Also, since I'm not a New York (or any other kind of) cop, I have this quaint notion of handling firearms safely instead of sweeping the muzzle across every taxpayer on the sidewalk (I've seen some truly alarming weapon handling, by Our Standards, from government forces (not necessarily our government; Canadian, Danish) on the Almighty Internets). I've always viewed matches as training of one kind or another, while bearing in mind the differences between peaceful competition and real ZOMG-the-O-bots-are-going-to-make-a-stew-of-me-because-their-EBT-cards-stopped-working.

Yyyyeaaahhhh new bumper stickers:

3399 Friday, 5 October 2012:

The World Sucks


Again with microstamping. I just checked; I can replace the firing pin in my 1911 in less than one minute, without field-stripping and using no tools but a ball-point pen. Or, remove it, scrape the end on a concrete sidewalk for a few seconds, and put it back.

So the National Rifle Association has officially endorsed a Presidential candidate who said, “Deadly assault weapons … are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” And then signed state legislation banning them. And this is supposed to motivate me?

Tell me again how we're supposed to trust the police and work within the system?

"The rule of law no longer exists in this nation...."


In Lighter News

According to the news, the fabbed firearm will be discussed on Gun Talk this Sunday. Don't forget the (very unofficial and no longer recognized) chatroom.

Hearing protection in the field, hmm. And Amazon lists the behind-the-head Peltors for about twenty bucks less than Midway, hmm. Almighty Internet$!

Robb Allen engages in a teachable moment.

3400 Saturday, 6 October 2012: ZZZ

The World Sucks

THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE, THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU: "...[Y]ou're treated like a suspect in a crime that may never happen.... ...[T]his may not alarm you, as long as the government is run by good and decent people; but if that should change, the new regime will still have your data." Every, every tool used to "fight terrorists" or "defend the homeland" will be misused, will be abused, will be directed against we the people. I repeat and repeat, I would rather live with the threat of terrorism, would rather have to defend myself against criminals, than suffer the police state this once-free nation has become.

And as if on cue. The only thing the statists know how to do is blame everyone who didn't do it. Any promoter, supporter, or enforcer of these "laws" is guilty of crimes against humanity and must be dealt with as such.

And they call us "racist"....

Legend has it that in Communist China, when an Enemy of the State is executed, the State sends a bill for the bullet to the victim's family.

Don't go to college....

In Lighter News

Still daydreaming of an AR, and thinking of future 3-Gun matches. This product looks interesting, and surprisingly affordable - it appears to use a Novak-style 1911 rear sight and M16-standard front post. Sights are a very personal thing; for handguns I prefer a red or orange ramp, though a post would do, and a square white outline rear - essentially the traditional S&W revolver sight picture. If that really is a Novak cut, I can slide something in there if I'm not satisfied with what it comes with. Mounted forward, for 3-Gun for example, giving a quick alternative for close-range targets with an optics-equipped rifle, this would have a sight radius and eye relief comparable to a handgun. My concept would be for this to go at 1-o'-clock on a Magpul MOE mid-length handguard for the Del-Ton mid-length upper. Which, after the latest automotive drama and my own spendthrift ways (and the car insurance and utilities bill and, any day now, the electric bill), I'm trying to save up for all over again.... I repeat that Wholesale Sports, formerly Sportsman's Warehouse, at least the one here, now has a large retail display of Magpul products you can just walk up and pluck off the rack instead of paying Midway's shipping and waiting for it to arrive. Also that particular end-of-route arms shop has a mid-length handguard just sitting in their display case for a competitive price. I really need to stop buying AR accessories until I have an AR....

3401 Sunday, 7 October 2012: ZZZ

The World Sucks


"ONLY ONES" MY ASS. They barely know which end the hot stuff comes from and can't imagine that anyone else does. -OMG eight whole hours of traaaaiiiining they must be eeexxxxxperrrrtsss!!!11!!!!one!!!

Then, looking through a .PDF catalog for Magpul. Page 76-77, a two-page photo of our troops in the sandbox and the Thomas Paine quote, "Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered." And on the very next page, a two-page photo of door-kicking, puppy-shooting, grandmother-tasering, 5-year-old-zip-tying, asset-seizing tyrants-with-badges. Unclear on the concept.

Query o' the Day: "The 'price we pay' is being robbed because people like you think it's FAIR?"

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Defense Distributed in the third hour.

Priming a big bucket of .45ACP. Went through a whole brick of Magtech #2½, no issues with installation, and they're a different color (silver) from the Winchester I usually use (brass), so if I have performance issues I should be able to identify which primer was used. Starting a brick of PMC non-toxic; they seem a bit oversized in diameter, more resistance seating. They're the same color as Winchester but have a tiny "E" stamped near the edge. The brick was $20 at a show so I grabbed it. I should probably have another casting session before the weather turns....

3402 Monday, 8 October 2012:

The World Sucks

No regular route today, but I had to do the crosstown crawl to pick up the bundle for the other contract tomorrow morning. At least I got a little wardriving done on the way.

"ONLY ONES" MY ASS. As SMLE Fan asked, What are we paying for here? They're the ones who shouldn't have guns. Immature, unprofessional, untrained, untrustworthy, and out of control.

And what are we paying for there? F*** Afghanistan. The place doesn't deserve an American occupation. There is nothing left there worth another American life. And WTF is happening to our armed forces? One has to seriously question whether these orders, these rules of engagement, these policies, are enemy action.

Aaaaand here come the prohibitionists, with their drop of reason and their flood of "laws". And calling it a drop is being generous. It's never been about "safety". These creatures, deep inside, know they're evil, even if they can't admit it to themselves. They know they deserve what Mussolini got, for the same reasons. And that's why they can't stand the idea of the peasants doing anything without their permission.


In Lighter News

Today I got an unusual request, from a YouTube viewer in the Middle East. He has an old Auto-5 which he's trying to restore, and the action spring plug needs replacement. As one can imagine, there are no arms shops or gun shows over there, no Parts Geezerstm with bins of parts to rummage through. Furthermore parts for this design can be difficult to find anyway, despite about four million of them being made over 96 years. The viewer asked me to purchase the part and send it to him, but I'm Strongly Disinclined to have anything to do with international shipments of anything to do with firearms. On the other hand, since this is a wooden part, I'm kind of expecting it to fail, especially when I start using the M11 in competition, so I already took measurements, months ago:

And there they are. (25.4mm per inch.) A replacement can therefore be fabricated, from a suitably hard wood, or perhaps aluminum, brass, bronze, etc. Anyone with a lathe and drill press (for the retaining pin hole) should be able to whip one out fast and cheap. Or if there's a Pashtun around he can wave his hands over a twig he picked up off the ground and conjure the part, heh.

Michael G. sends more on boots, from the IDF no less, who oughta know after fighting for their very existence for more than half a century. He sent it to Vanderboegh originally, for Praxis, but since Mike's ill he asked me to post it here and ask for reviews, particularly on the lacing method. I still don't own proper boot$, and for my own part would like some suggestions - the LastSurplusStoreInTown has some.

Speaking of gear, both Michael G. and SMLE Fan have sent emails with their thoughts on LBE, particularly vests. SMLE Fan sent pics even. This darn having-to-work-for-a-living stuff is so inconvenient, taking time and energy away from preparing for the socio-economic collapse....

Continuing Countdown: M-Day. Kratman, as an actual combat soldier, has actual sympathy for actual combat soldiers, even moreso than Heinlein in Starship Troopers, which work the author described as a tribute to the Poor Bleeding Infantry. I find myself rooting, a little, for the bad guys, hoping they get weapons and orders and training that make sense, because they're just poor grunts too and it's not their fault their national command authority is a totalitarian megalomaniac.

Today is probably the Last Good Weather Until May, so upon return I scrambled to set up my casting gear, outside for ventilation, and whip out a few hundred more .45 bullets. Now I can, at leisure, make a Big Batch of .45ACP and not run out for a while. (Although, .45ACP is going to be a lot less sensitive to phase-of-the-moon stuff than rifle rounds, so I don't even have to make the Big Batch all at once like I would for the Queen.) This batch is only getting one coat of Lee Liquid Alox - previous batches were tediously double-lubed, the second coat applied after sizing to cover metal exposed by the sizing die, but that takes up too much space for too long on the kitchen counter, and this is a tumble-lube design, with the multiple ribs to catch the LLA. Since I started using LLA, leading in my GP100 disappeared and I've never seen any in my 1911 - I swear the stuff actually makes the bore cleaner. But it will probably be several moons before I run through the last of the old two-coat stuff and am able to report on the one-coat.

3403 Tuesday, 9 October 2012:

The World Sucks

The weather is beginning to turn, despite lingering appearances - the rain is supposed to start later this week. With this change my electric bill will begin to rise again, but at least I still have a job. And the damnable little black ants are going into hibernation.

MOAR DOWNTOWN ICK. But I don't have to do that crosstown afternoon crawl anymore. But I don't get paid for doing the crosstown crawl anymore.

'If we are to have a "violence tax," then we should impose it directly on the criminals committing the violence, and make it payable in blood.' But of course they're sending government violence to rob people who didn't hurt anyone. "What? Chicago politicians taking responsibility for a mess they created? Dream on."

A few days ago, Pournelle said, "The United States was formed to protect liberty. It now has a major party church that is afraid that someone, somewhere, is doing something without permission."

Rule of law is dead. And the enforcers of "law" are monsters.

In Lighter News

Progress in Washington state. Now when do we restore the right to execute, in self-defense, the badged thugs who rob peaceable citizens at gunpoint?

In a twisted sort of way, the Obama regime might have actually done some good for the country.

A modest proposal. Which I have also contemplated.

Aaaaaand then Bi-Mart had the 25lb sack of #7½ shot on sale and I really shouldn't'a spent that much money but now I can start production of my reduced load, 1-1/8oz shot, 17.5gr Unique just to make sure it cycles.

3403 Wednesday, 10 October 2012:

The World Sucks

Actually cold today. By recent standards at least.

Back to "normal", done and back at the hovel by noon, despite a long crosstown on-demand - I had to wait for the one hippie shop to open half an hour later than their posted time anyway. What's with that? If I ran a business with a storefront I'd damn well be there opening the doors on the tick, if not a little earlier. The other day I had a stop which officially opened, I dunno, maybe 9am, but from previous stops I knew a guy would be there ReallyDamnEarly and made the delivery at a quarter to seven, meaning I didn't have to drive back down there when the traffic was horrible. That's nice. But there are several businesses I deliver to who are very much the opposite. Some of them I can deliver to a mail slot, or slip the envelope under the door, no problem there, but others, that's just rude. It's another sign of the degeneration of American society, everyone expects a handout funded by other people's money, no one wants to work for a living even when they're theoretically working for a living. I get out of bed at 5:30am, drive a Shambling Wrecktm twenty miles in the dark just to begin the day; today was 114 miles after sorting the load, not counting at least one and usually two or three hiking.

And I still hate driving less than any other job I've ever had.

Project Gunwalker....

The Benghazi attack isn't a false-flag event, but it's being used like one.

I believe this government is capable of anything.

They hate us and want us to die.

What are we paying for here? Especially when an openly racist event can be held in a major American city's expo center? We're not getting what we pay for - we're just paying.

And if the "protectors" won't do the "protecting" they're being paid for, someone else will.

But we can do without their "protection". They like to hurt people. That's WHY they become cops. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST and they have no right to act surprised when decent people start putting them down on sight.

In the name of public safety.

Government poisons everything it touches, Chapter MMMCDIII.

In today's snailspam, an advertisement from the Big Hardware Store within walking distance of the hovel, offering carbon monoxide detectors and a model including a smoke detector... with an asterisk. "*Not available where prohibited by law." WHUT? Are you telling me some totalitarian bureaucrat bedwetter has outlawed home safety equipment? For what possible alleged "reason"?

If you have any money to spare, send it to Mike. Snailmail address in his sidebar under "Contact us".

In Lighter News

SpaceX is becoming what the Shuttle was supposed to be - the pickup-truck of space. That's... really cool.

3404 Thursday, 11 October 2012:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker.... Facilitate hundreds, perhaps thousands of murders, get the protection of the most powerful office in human history. Try to stop it, get fired. And they wonder why we fly Gadsden flags?

They hate us and lie about everything. -This sort of thing makes one connect dots to the recent, and spreading, First-Amendment-bashing by the administration after the Benghazi attack. They don't want the peasants learning the truth for themselves.

Tucson Tom sends more evidence that rule of law is dead: "...[T]he ruling says, in effect, that the legal tender laws don’t apply to judges’ salaries. That is, the court is suggesting that, at least in the case of judges, 100,000 dollar bills will not suffice in 2012 for a contract to pay $100,000 that was entered into in, say, 2000. There's some ambivalence on this one, yes; inflation should be adjusted for. But why do the blackrobes get it and the peasants whose taxes pay those salaries don't? -And of course we're madly careening toward fiscalgeddon and a can of pork-and-beans will be worth murdering for but hey look over there!

Related, I know people who would take the Answers seriously. You just... can't... talk to them. It's really disturbing, they seem like functional sentient beings most other times....

Also related, the other day in a supermarket parking lot I saw a minivan with a slogan painted on the window: "UNEMPLOYMENT BELOW 8% - PROMISE KEPT!" How can any allegedly-human being capable of reading and writing and operating a motor vehicle not know they're being lied to? How can they expect us to not know it?

And you can't make this stuff up. As Dr. Pournelle observed, the legions are loyal... but to whom?

And cops wonder why people hate them.

In Lighter News


SQUEEEE. Today I received a brand-new Choate +4 magazine extension tube for the Remington M870/1100. AND THE THREADS FIT THE 102-YEAR-OLD MODEL 11. So now y'all know. But a spacer will be required for correct seating of the fore-end and barrel, so it's off to the Big Hardware Store, with the non-sheeple-incontinence-inducing dismounted tube from the parts-M11, and its mismatched magazine cap, in hand, which combination approximates the space of the extension relative to the threads. But that will be tomorrow 'cause I already have my shoes off after a long day including more hiking in icky downtown. Anyway I think an installation video will be in order, not least because there is an actual change required to the M11, removing the internal cap to allow the long spring to pass through.

3405 Friday, 12 October 2012:

The World Sucks

The rain has returned, and with it the Commiefornians who moved up here to get away from their failed state but tracked it in with them like dog poo on their shoes are bouncing off every guard rail and cement barrier in sight, to say nothing of each other. GET OUT OF MY GENE POOL

More Project Gunwalker....

Michael G. sends a case study of the epidemic of mental illness sweeping the nation - the demonstrably psychotic belief that government solves problems.

No such thing as a good cop. They are all monsters. That's WHY they're cops.

Tam has frequently mentioned the Flashman novels. Now Yuri sends the author describing the death of formerly-great Britain.

Vanderboegh needs some support. I know from personal experience how astoundingly generous Our Kind can be. Pitch in!

Suuuure, all us gun-nuts are paranoid. But when the mob comes after you because you drive a nice car or wear nice clothes or you're just white so you must be an eee-vill one-percenter, we are not letting you into our barricaded redoubts.

In Lighter News

Perhaps related to the last Suckage link above, a glimmer of hope. But we knew that....

They're like a different species.

Hmmmm... the spare barrel from the parts M11 is short and handy, but has no sights at all. The magazine extension will go a few inches past it, but other webgunfolk have already debunked the notion that it matters - function is not affected and powder residue comes off with a bit of Hoppe's. But, I do still have the original 30" full-choke barrel, which still has a conventional bead, something to aim with. The event copy for the upcoming match says no slugs, just birdshot. I have 125 rounds of factory (got their very last box at the sale price on Tuesday, when I also bought the sack of shot), and the Load-All II is still set up, all I have to do is fill the powder measure and check its throw weight, the hulls are already sorted. I'm kind of thinking of using the long barrel. This would be a handicap if I were going through doors or swinging from ropes or such, but the matches at this club are designed with broken-down-old-guys in mind so I don't expect anything of that sort. Can anyone give me a good reason to not use a 30" full-choke barrel in my first-ever 3-Gun match?

I must remember, Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast.

Meanwhile, TO THE LABORATORY HARDWARE STORE! I need a spacer about .2" thick, larger inside than the magazine tube, and no larger outside than the magazine cap or the rear end of the extension tube, so it won't interfere with the barrel:

My first thought was to look for steel washers, either of the correct dimensions or a number that could be stacked for the necessary thickness. I did find one with what looked like the correct thickness, and a perfect inside diameter, but the OD was much too large, it was $4.37, and it was probably hardened, meaning I'd run out of Dremel cutting wheels before reaching the necessary relief (I also figured on just taking a bite out of one side to clear the barrel, but even so, lots of work).

But I only looked at the washers later, after I found what I think will work, with less effort:

It's a ¾" plastic plumbing pipe coupler for 39¢. Figuring it might wear, I got two. Each should be sufficient for at least four spacers. I wrapped a piece of paper around it, aligned with itself, for a reference, slipped it along to about the right distance, and ran a Sharpie around it for a cutting guide. Then I dug out the small precision handsaw I can't even remember where I acquired, put the thing into the bench vise, and got to work. Sandpaper and files to clean up, and... SQUEEE. Video production underway, should be online by Tuesday.

Now, with the POWER of the ALMIGHTY INTERNETS, you know how to install a magazine extension tube for the Remington Model 11.


3406 Saturday, 13 October 2012:

The World Sucks

I think Shambling Wrecktm's head gasket might be going.

Because that's how my world works.


Who's waging a war on women? "...[N]ever bothered to think...."

Next time someone calls you a "paranoid anti-government extremist", smack 'em. HARD.

For that and similar reasons I've been avoiding covering the election or debates here, but Correia points out how the country is in the very best of hands. Canned food and ammunition, folks, canned food and ammunition.

'To an old peace officer, this is beyond unacceptable. It is a call to arms. As I stated in the comments of another blog quite recently, it makes me long for a day when citizens will declare open season on LEOs who abuse the citizens they were hired to protect and serve. I would gladly buy a couple of tags and begin the hunt. Any "good" cops out there who don't have the stomach to clean their own house should find another line of work. Proximity to all of the bad cops - who seem to predominate the rolls these days - could be fatal, in the not-too-distant future.'


Vanderboegh still needs help.

What's wrong with America, illustrated.

In Lighter News

Any Oklahomans in the audience? A friend is considering escaping Michigan. How's it? Arms laws, apartment rent, fuel prices, job opportunities?

The Remington Model 11 magazine extension tube video is online.

zzzNRK must... attend... gun show.... Spent one dollar, on an MTM 50-place 12 gauge cartridge box. Saw an M4gery on a CavArms lower - seemed to have a very short length of pull, but that's better than too long - for $650. But I have a very particular upper configuration in mind, and that wasn't it, and I'm broke again anyway and the car is $ick too.

3407 Sunday, 14 October 2012: Zzz....

The World Sucks

Michael G. points out media bias. Which we've known for a long time, but they are not capable of recognizing.

Yet another disproportionate use of deadly force from the Only Ones Professional Enough. Even ex-cops are saying the only good cop is a dead cop....

...And I see no moral or functional difference between one badged thug and another.

Nor between them and any other tax-eater.


In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Featuring - perhaps in rerun - NOMS. I really must go hunting some year, if only to tick off the hypocritical faux-vegan EBT-swiping parasitic bigots.

In the news, Felix Baumgartner successfully sets a new skydiving record and becomes the first human to break the sound barrier without a vehicle, with the active assistance of the previous record holder, Joe Kittinger - and they do it on the anniversary of Chuck Yeager's first manned controlled supersonic flight - which he reenacted this morning at age 89. That's pretty cool.

Whipped out 70+ rounds 12 gauge last night, 17.2gr Unique, somewhere between 1 and 1-1/8oz #7½ - the bushing in the Lee Load-All II had as much as 10gr variance in the shot charge, but out of 470-480, probably not worth worrying about. So I have plenty of shotgun rounds, enough handgun (150+), and should be enough rifle (96) - the event copy says 35, 40 and 55. The rifle stage concerns me most, clay pigeons at... did he say 60 yards? I know the Queen can do it, not sure I can. -Ah, email response, 60 feet. I can do that with my pistol. Dry-firing at cabinet knobs - the Queen's sling will have to come off, as I described earlier it either pendulums or interferes with reacquiring the firing grip after reload.

While making shotshells, I also recorded a quick-and-dirty tutorial on the use of a powder measure, which is being rendered as I type and should be online by Tuesday.

And, wrassling the M11's extension spring to change the recoil bits back to Light for my handloads, which are slightly more powerful than the batch tested but will be less harsh than factory.

3408 Monday, 15 October 2012:

The World Sucks

A day off from my regular route - needed it to do laundry; never ever go to a laundromat on a weekend. Early Monday morning you can have the place almost to yourself. Alas, whoever has the unsecured WiFi I used last time (I bought more clothes so I wouldn't have to go more than once every two weeks), has not paid their bill, and everything redirects to the service provider's site. :( Well, at least I can read more Kratman.

Then I got an on-demand and just as I hit the freeway there was some HorribleAwfulWreck downstream. Fortunately I'd started early and had a huge time margin.

Then, after making the pickup and proceeding to the delivery, the HorribleSoakingRain struck. It's supposed to be dry again mid-week; after the wheel-bearing-drama the fresh tires are on the back, and I think I should rotate them back to the front(-wheel-drive) when I have a chance.

Again and again and again with punishing everyone who didn't do it. And wife-beating, child-raping cops would be exempt again, of course.

There is no such thing as a good cop.

No such thing.

Or anything like a cop.

  • Another dot to connect: They're after the First Amendment too. Because it's in their way.
  • Related: "I thought liberals were supposed to be ‘open-minded.’ I thought they were supposed to accept divergent viewpoints to at least say, ‘hey, everyone in America has a right to an opinion.’ But it’s really about– ‘I love free speech as long as it’s the free speech that I want’ … Liberals have this sense of themselves, but 90% are as nasty, as vitriolic, as vicious as the conservatives they say are...."
  • And: "...[T]hey do not believe you should be able to express your political views on a t-shirt if those views are in the minority and the majority is left-leaning."

    BURN THE SCHOOLS BURN THEM. de Tocqueville called the United States the most literate nation in history... before government took over the schools. Free-Market Education Now.

    Get out of the cities... and prepare.

    In Lighter News

    Free topographical maps. Not very good, and quite old, but there they are.

    Still prepping for 3-Gun - I mis-mathed, only 88 rifle rounds. Selected another 16, now 104. I have another 150 in handloads, but I intend to save those for matches, since they somewhat match. Really mu$t $ave for an AR, my spendthriftiness has already hoarded several magazines and a couple hundred rounds of M193-equivalent....

    3409 Tuesday, 16 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    I dunno what's going on with the car. EvilWoman emailed diagnostics and they were negative for a head gasket. Could be ignition, I replaced the plugs a couple weeks ago but couldn't afford wires or rotor, and that belt has needed replacement for a year.

    Gunwalker.... Rule of law is dead.

    Largely due to the unstable freaks in black robes. They don't see us as human beings with natural pre-existing rights.

    And they cannot imagine anything belonging to anyone but them.

    No such thing as a good cop. I suppose the kid was lucky he wasn't sodomized with a taser. And of course, BURN THE SCHOOLS.

    In Lighter News

    Despite decades of enemy action, AMERICA'S NOT DEAD YET.

    Virtually-Ginormous Data Storage? Working on it. "It's bigger on the inside!"

    3410 Wednesday, 17 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Craaap, with car drama and 3-Gun expenses (I want that shell caddy I saw at the end-of-route arms shop, and a butt-cuff carrier besides) I might not make the November Appleseed. I might po$tpone until the one in December.

    When my electric bill will be horrible. 9_9

    Rooooomney will saaaave us nope.

    The NRA will saaaave us nuh-uh.

    But still, the mask comes off.

    Speaking of masks coming off, no such thing as a good cop. They are all monsters and that's why they become cops.

    Question o' the Day: "What’s with the notion that giving the Bad Guy a free chance to attack anybody is something morally and ethically right?"

    They hate us and want us to die, that's what.

    2017, ObamaCare II: All citizens will be required to wear pacemakers for the good of the Almighty State.


    Your tax dollars at work....

    F*** BRITAIN. That right there, that's why I have a YouTube channel and put instructional stuff on it. Because F*** BRITAIN and all malum prohibitum.

    And send Mike some money 'cause he's working. For us.

    In Lighter News

    SCOTUS action from Georgia.

    The powder measure video is online. Beginning to script a video for the use of the M1907-style military loop sling. I have two proper ones at 1¼", and one aftermarket at 1", for the Queen, la Infanta, and the LTR.

    3411 Thursday, 18 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Late cross-town on-demand, icky traffic.

    Indian Summer day, probably the very last, got the tires rotated back so the fresh ones are on the front. Popped the distributor cap and wiped off the rotor and points, which did not seem particularly eroded; seemed to start normally but it often does.


    Hofmann connects more dots. Because po' folks gots RKBA too, whether the arugula-and-VC25 crowd likes it or not.

    So someday the dollar really collapses and the EBT cards stop working and the stores won't take them anymore and there are mobs of spiky-haired cannibals roaming the streets and you didn't prepare, did you?

    Yeah, it's like that.

    Philosophically related, the war on free speech.

    In Lighter News

    I'm calling this Lighter: "The bottom line is almost every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and god blessed Marine I spoke with pretty much hates Obama." Never give an order you know won't be obeyed....

    Muwahaha, got another 6-place Choate shotshell caddy, and the typical elastic 5-place butt-cuff, at the end-of-route arms shop today. Now I can carry enough rounds for the shotgun stages in my first-ever 3-Gun match. -I've used the butt-cuffs before; they tend to slip forward under recoil, but also tend to stop at the pistol grip. A few minutes with needle and thread, after rummaging in the ammo can where I keep my leatherworking stuff, to find the bit of spare nylon strap I know I have, and:

    Hm, since the elastic is fresh, I think I'll put those rounds base-down to reduce Therbligs. Pro Tip: Don't leave the elastic things filled, they will loosen over time. For racing this is not a big deal, but for fighting or long-term defense, where you want them to stay put indefinitely yet still be ready for immediate use, get something rigid like a proper SideSaddle or comparable brands.

    Gear Review: Though the designs are almost identical, the Choate 6-place caddy does not restrain the rounds as positively as the 4-place California Competition Works. The reason is obvious:

    On the right, the CCW caddy has a heavier wire, with a larger loop to create the friction bump, while the Choate on the left has a smaller wire and much smaller loop. Vigorous movement might spill rounds from the Choate caddy; the one I bought today won't hold them inverted. However, it should be feasible to retrofit the Choate caddies with heavier wire; the metal belt loop is screwed on, and the wires - two separate - are attached very simply:

    Hardware stores, hobby shops, music shops, and the like will have suitable wire, and I already have a bench vise and a couple pair of pliers. But that can wait, the match is soon and I've already spent too much money.

    Speaking of, I'm approaching a need for shoe$ again, not least because what I have now, while quite good for walking city streets, will be unsuitable for charging across muddy gravel in a 3-Gun match. And I've compressed the heels on these anyway, the bounce is gone. I walk a lot....

    3412 Friday, 19 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Well at least the car doesn't seem to be getting worse. EvilWoman suggests it's just the weather.

    Relatively light load, but scattered, including downtown ick and a difficult-traffic region, but still done shortly after 11. On the way back, blew $25 on half-price shoes, typical ChiCom soft hikers like I usually wear - I've been going without ankle support with the donated walking shoes. Reader recommends Carolina boots - $pendy. Also I live near the Danner factory. Also $pendy but maybe I can save money on seconds. Meanwhile, for me shoes are a consumable, not a capital investment. I should do something about that before the mobs of spiky-haired cannibals burn all the shoe factories....

    Gunwalker, and the usual media bias.

    "...[A] rather tenuous grasp on reality." But they endlessly want to ram their psychoses - and their bigotry - down our throats.

    Same disease, different symptom: The war on free speech. They can't stand the idea of anyone doing anything without their permission. Are you seeing this? Are you understanding? There are people, right here in the United States of America, today, who want to outlaw the very first thing ennumerated in the Bill of Rights.

    They think freedom is evil. If that doesn't bloody terrify you, you belong on a target list. As a collaborator.

    Remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment? Nazi euthanasia of the mentally ill or simply "undesireable"? A difference of degree, not of kind. I said I believed this government was capable of anything, I've been saying they don't see us as human beings....


    In Lighter News


    Whipped out another 60 rounds of 12 gauge. Because I can.

    3413 Saturday, 20 October 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    November American Rifleman, cover overlay: "Romney and Ryan strongly oppose the 1994 ban on common semi-automatic firearms." Oh is that why Romney signed one just like it in Massachusetts?

    -While searching for that link I found one from a supposed gunblogger trying to spin it: "...Romney has never signed a gun ban, and anyone who suggests he has is missing the facts." An official press release from the governor's own office SAYING IN SO MANY WORDS "Governor Mitt Romney today signed into law a permanent assault weapons ban" somehow means he "never signed a gun ban"? FOR. F***'S. SAKE.

    San Rafael, CA, bans smoking... in homes. Can we hang the bastards NOW?

    All these people blindly - very blindly and unquestioningly - supporting the would-be dictator remind me of the Germans who "didn't know" about Auschwitz and Dachau and Treblinka. Even when they lived just down the road from them.

    Connect the dots. There are people right here in America, today, who would smile and laugh while you and I went to the ovens. "It can't happen here"? Right there in public they're saying how much they want it to.

    Eric's title cannot be improved upon: Your tax dollars at work.

    Never give an order you know won't be obeyed - but they don't know. It's going to be a very bad day for everyone when they find out.

    In Lighter News

    Hmm, uppity in Florida. I am of course opposed to any individual mandate; philosophically and logically this must therefore include helmet and seatbelt laws. Not government's business.

    3414 Sunday, 21 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    The usual incoherent hypocrisy from the amoral psychotics.

    I have been telling you, they don't see us as human beings and don't believe in natural rights.

    Although some people believe they have a natural right to other people's stuff.

    Police group receives donation from Taser stun-gun maker. Does that seem right to you?

    In Lighter News

    Vanderboegh will recover!



    So now I'm hooked on 3-Gun. As if I didn't already have too many things to spend money on.

    Many times, since the astonishing donation from Tucson Tom the Benevolent, the Queen has spoken. Today she sang. The Queen performed flawlessly, and I was surprised to find that under these conditions, her perceived blast and recoil were much less than in the slow-standing stage of a CMP match. Hmm. -Possible contributing factor: Forgot my earmuffs, remembered the foam earplugs, which blocked more sound. I've read articles about this, where better hearing protection helps fight flinches - or perhaps Cooper mentioned it in The Art of the Rifle. An experiment to be repeated at my next CMP match.

    Had a couple misfeeds with the 1911 in my first stage, too busy clearing them to determine the cause. No problems in the other pistol stage. The problem I did have was with the M11, and I'm pretty darn sure it's not the shotgun's fault. Even with the recoil pieces set to Superlight, my mild handloads rarely cycled the action. One possibility is that I was using the heavier, because there was more of it, original 30" barrel as opposed to the 18.5" with a pound or two chopped off; this load was tested only with the short barrel, which had less mass for Browning's long-recoil action to deal with. Also very likely, it was just the cold. Learning.

    Also learning, the shell caddies worked as advertised and as practiced, but the 6-place Choates dug into my gut very uncomfortably. Another shooter had the 4x4 caddies, two columns of four each in the same belt space as a regular caddy, but those are like sixty bucks each and it's unclear whether they offer one with a conventional belt loop. I use what I can afford.

    Didn't win - didn't disqualify. Only one penalty, a failure to engage one rifle target which was suboptimally visible. Cold and wet, though not quite as bad as feared; sun breaks on the drive back. But the cardboard targets were covered with not-entirely-transparent plastic to keep them from turning to mush in the rain that never really went away. Reflecting light, moisture clouding the plastic, wind moving it to make new wrinkles, all contributed to poor target identification.

    Videos forthcoming of course, not least for my own use - where was I putting my support hand? - but here's a rough overview: Three stages, reduced from four - pistol/rifle, shotgun/pistol, shotgun/rifle. Half-scale IPSC cardboard were used for rifle targets. The original plan was static clay pigeons at 20 yards for the rifle, but that was eliminated considering the poor weather; judging from last time we'd'a been at it all day pecking at the little targets. Static clays were used for one shotgun stage; all other shotgun targets were falling steel. Pistol targets were full-size IPSC cardboard and a couple steel plates.

    Probably lost quite a lot of brass, but I do have rather a lot of .45ACP and .30-06 at present. Don't think I lost any hulls, and then got a boxful of bonus, and I still haven't opened that bag of matching Federal I got a couple shows ago. (Also got bonus mini-cupcakes!) Upon returning, Stray Cat #4, Cloudy, the small, old, presumably-female gray tux, after devouring her portion of gooshyfood, curled up on top of the box of hulls. They couldn't still have been warm after the 40 mile drive back to the hovel, but I expect they smell fresh to something other than human noses. Cats are weird.

    3415 Monday, 22 October 2012: Zzz....

    The World Sucks

    Boy am I glad I have today off work. I had to do knee bends and squats to pick up magazines, clips, brass, and hulls, or get eviscerated by the shotshell caddies. ZZZ.

    Cold 'n' wet 'n' icky today. Zzz.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Oh look, yesterday, while about twenty people, all armed to the teeth with semiautomatic pistols and rifles and repeating shotguns with extended magazines, were firing a thousand or more combined rounds, and no one got the slightest bit injured except for the aches I'm feeling right now from my inherited arthritis and a decade-old back injury, there was yet another mass shooting in a self-defense-free zone. Funny how that works.

    The enemy hates free speech and self-defense. Because both those things are in the way.

    Related, I'm not calling this Lighter: Resistance in France, but I fear too little, too late - the regime is already against that free-speech-thingy.

    And a few hundred klicks away, another regime is against all logic and reason.

    Screw it. Nuke Europe. All of it. Well, except Switzerland I guess. And maybe the Czech Republic.

    "Note that more than doubling pretax income from $14,500 to $30,000 results in a loss of 28% of their net income." Because EEE-vill corp-o-RAYYY-shuns!!!11!!!

    "The OSHP has specifically asked that the provision that made it illegal for them to drive drunk, with a gun, be removed from HB347 before they would drop their opposition." "Opposition? Yeah, essentially to you and me being armed while sober." Let me repeat that: COPS want to DRIVE DRUNK WITH A GUN but don't want YOU to have guns AT ALL.

    And more of the same. Because they're better than us? More trustworthy?

    And WoGged again. They've made an industry of torture. They become cops because they like to hurt people.

    And furthermore, "In Arlington MA, you can provide alcohol to minors and not be charged with a crime, but if you say something untoward online you lose your right to keep and bear arms."

    If cops want to know why people hate them, they should look in the gods-damned mirror. But no, they still think they're the good guys. They still Stand, and even March, in Solidarity with their lying thieving raping murdering child-molesting Brothers in Blue.

    In Lighter News

    ALL HAIL SAINT JOHN: Cleaning weapons, I discover that a hundred and twelve years ago (Auto-5 patented 1900) John Moses Browning incorporated a firing-pin block in the single overhead locking lug to prevent firing out of battery, just like those newfangled upstarts the Mossberg 500 (1961) and Remington 870 (1951).

    Yyyyyyeah that was fun. I'm'a do that again. Also training; learing to move safely with long guns, applying all Four Rules - unlike these guys. -Or these guys or this one or this one or....

    Two separate readers recommending Carolina boots. Which can also be found all over the Almighty Internets to save money. Gotta pay that pesky rent first.... (Dang, one listed retailer is within walking distance of the hovel. Which would also provide a Proper Professional Fitting, which one should have if one's going to spend that much on boots.)

    ...And someday save for an AR. -For the record, this is what I have in mind. I had it underway before, the whole lower done and ready to receive an upper, but then the universe pooped on me and I had to liquidate. Stripped lowers can be had for about $150, often less. I'll start with that; then, one of the regular vendors at one of the little monthly shows almost always has a sack-of-guts and a couple buttstocks, which is where I got the last such. I intend to get a whole preassembled upper, don't want to mess with headspace or barrel torque or any of that, and I have a very particular one in mind.

    Mr. E. suggests a Honkin'HugeRifleMatch this Saturday, I dunno. I have the rifle and the rounds (80 plus sighters) and the rest of the gear, but I don't know if I'll have the fuel. Or more to the point, the gumption. Also I want to conserve, or will have to make, rounds for another CMP match and the Allies vs. Axis in November.

    My weapons are clean, a kitteh is in my lap, and -well no, not all is right with the world, but still. Clean weapons. Lapkitteh. And cupcakes! -Except there's this kitteh in my lap so I can't go to where the cupcakes are....

    3416 Tuesday, 23 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    More Project Gunwalker....

    They really are trying to start a civil war....

    "Gun. Control. Failed." But WE knew that.

    And they call us violent bigots.

    I keep telling you there's no such thing as a good cop and they keep proving me right.

    Related, I continue to be disappointed in the lack of TSA agents' heads on spikes.

    Reader sends more reasons to sharpen the axe.

    BURN THE SCHOOLS. By which I mean the ones run by the government.

    Because they produce clear and present dangers to civilization like this one.

    In Lighter News

    It's funny because it's true.

    I continue to get a great deal of use from the laptop Michael G. donated. As previously stated, I sometimes leave it downloading a big file, having parked Shambling Wrecktm in a good wardriving spot while hiking some deliveries. I find that battery life varies with use; apparently there's a significant drain from using WiFi, and of course accessing the HDD as the file downloads and is stored, because back at the hovel, when I'm using it to read a Kratman ebook and nothing else, the battery lasts much longer. I'll order a spare battery eventually but so far the one it came with is healthy enough.

    3-Gun video mostly edited for Stages One and Two, starting Three while awaiting official results in email - which have arrived now, but I'm pooped after tromping through downtown ick and driving across the entire sprawl. Turns out the Funai camera was in high-speed mode the whole time, meaning 4:3, instead of one of the HD settings for 16:9. Fine, you'll get bonus slow-motion instead of widescreen.

    Those other sixty 12 gauge rounds I whipped out the other evening are the same underpowered load. I expect they will cycle with the short barrel, and/or in warmer weather. After cleaning I reassembled the M11 with the short barrel, the magazine extension, and the recoil pieces in Heavy mode, anticipating using factory rounds next time, whenever that may be. I'm still thinking of trying some aerial clays, there are a couple clubs around; I can switch to the long barrel and short magazine quickly enough (I can pick up a plastic magazine plug at a couple different sporting goods stores, meant to be cut down for a specific capacity), and I'm getting used to wrassling the long spring so swapping isn't too big a deal despite juggling the spring, the spacer, the extension, and holding the barrel & foreend compressed against the recoil spring. I trimmed the spacer some - remember it was cut unevenly. It's still uneven but less so. During the course of the match the extension did loosen a little and the unevenness probably caused it. At worst I can cut another slice from the plastic pipe, I have three fresh factory-square ends and can buy more for 39 cents each.

    3417 Wednesday, 24 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    "Two things could have prevented this atrocity: the killer's imprisonment before it ever happened, or the ability of his intended victims to effectively resist. The police chose not to make the first happen, and would have enforced the prohibition against the second." The "laws" are WRONG and the enforcers are EVIL.

    WoGged again, from an article sent by reader RD. And they don't trust us.

    And they don't trust us.

    Pournelle on Benghazi. There are certain things that Marines are for, and that was one of them.

    Remember how the Nazis tattooed people in the concentration camps? Yeah neither does anyone else.

    This... can't really be Lighter: Prepare.

    In Lighter News

    “We intend to roll back more than 600 local anti-gun laws....” “These laws are illegally on the books....” The "laws" are WRONG and the enforcers are EVIL.

    3418 Thursday, 25 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Today I made a delivery at the VA hospital. YE. GODS. Rarely have I encountered a more wretched hive of apathy and authoritarianism. -And you might think those attributes mutually exclusive but believe me, government can smoosh them together real good.

    SPEED 15MPH!

    Except of course for the armed guards and Official Vee Ay Police swaggering about in their SWAT pants because all dem vet'runs gots Pee Tee Ess Dee and they could GO OFF at ANY MINUTE! Tax-eating staff lounging about because hey why work? It's a government job, they can't get fired!

    Allen West... is not perfect. NDAA and the PATRIOT Act as the most glaring examples. But would it not be right and proper and just to put him in charge of the Veterans Administration? With a big coil of rope?


    Speaking of hating the troops....

    "...[P]aranoid control fetishist projecting his sickness on everybody else."

    Stuffing the undesirables into cattle cars has happened before, and there are people right here in America, today, who want it to happen again.

    Government poisons everything it touches and every day I see cops talking on cell phones while driving - the same cops who would rob us at gunpoint for doing the exact same thing. How many citizens are being maimed by the Only Ones and swept under the rug with more stolen tax money and armed-robbery-revenue?

    Arizona cops arrested for drug and human trafficking. Eff the drugs, malum prohibitum is a greater evil than whatever it prohibits. But slavery is malum in se. Get a rope.


    “It’s not a conspiracy it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected.” How much longer are we going to fall for that? Especially given recent examples?

    In Lighter News

    MOAR Prohibition FAIL MOAR because FABBERS can CHANGE the WORLD.

    Michael G. reminds us that today is the anniversary of the Battle off Samar, one of the most glorious moments in the history of any navy since the invention of navies.

    Semi-Hysterical BWAAHAHAHA o' the Day: "It’s unclear whether the Navy knows that a humanoid robot named Ash might be a disturbing thing to have on a ship."

    Stage One of Sunday's 3-Gun match is online.

    Finished Kratman's Countdown: M Day. Entertaining. -Wish-fulfillment for the author I suspect, but he serves it up right. The next volume, H Hour, is set concurrently, half a world away, and set up in the opening of M Day. But I'm not starting it yet, having instead girded myself for battle against David Weber's infamous verbosity in Midst Toil and Tribulation, latest in his Safehold saga.

    Begging off the Honkin'HugeRifleMatch Mr. E. invited me to Saturday, too pooped. Probably hiked five miles today, with a pack, and with a large box part of the way. Through downtown ick as well. And I'll probably do more of the same tomorrow. After finishing today I got me a shrimp ring dammit! Except it won't be thawed until tomorrow so I had bacon instead.

    3419 Friday, 26 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Prohibition is evil. And so is anyone who advocates or enforces it.

    Enemies Foreign...
    ...and Domestic. Little functional difference; even less moral.
    Because the monsters apply for the job.

    Speaking of Enemies Domestic, "In other words, a sociopath is someone who disagrees with taking money from Person A by force, and giving it to Person B." And it's a short step from that to this.

    They're already heading that way. It's nineteen-bloody-thirty-three all over again....

    Another dot to connect: Government health care is about neither health nor care. Who decides who's "mentally ill"? Who decides who's better off dead?

    I've said I'm no particular fan of Wayne LaPierre, and there's a reason for it.

    As for Benghazi, "...[I]t becomes even more difficult to ascribe the entire mess in Benghazi to simple incompetence."

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you....

    In Lighter News

    Stage Two is online.

    A few more magazines have been archived.

    The Del-Ton mid-length AR upper is in stock at Midway and I can't afford it yet! And it will probably be sold out again by the time I can.

    3420 Saturday, 27 October 2012: ZZZ besides which I spent all my unallocated cash on seafood and fuel.

    The World Sucks



    In Lighter News

    Stage Three video is produced and awaiting bandwidth. It's a long one, due not only to my shotgun ammunition failure but also to the size of the stage, spread over a large area and requiring multiple shotgun engagements; and there is no really fast way to reload a tube-fed shotgun, except a particular speedloader refit which most shooters either can't afford or don't know exists. The awards video for the match will be much simpler and should be ready at the same time.

    It's cold-n-wet-n-icky outside (another reason to beg off the rifle match Mr. E. invited me to), and Stray Cat #4, Cloudy, is spending more time in my lap. Awww. -But you know, I am not setting up a litter box for her. She can use the whole wide world and yowl to be let back in.

    Besides, with the frequency the world poops on me I consider a little turnabout fair play.

    3421 Sunday, 28 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Ugh, had to go against my own advice and go to the laundromat on a weekend, because I don't have this Monday off. BLECH! -Still, you get there early enough, most of the EBT-and-cerveza crowd aren't out of bed yet. Need more pant$ so I don't have to go as often.

    Thou shalt not suffer a TSA agent to live. Because the monsters apply for the job.

    Speaking of monsters, there can be no peace between we who just want to be left alone, and they who want to control everyone and everything. One or the other must be destroyed.

    Tucson Tom sends more on Benghazi. -To be clear: When I said, the other day, that I felt Kratman's Countdown series was wish-fulfillment for the author, I meant nothing so simple as "Remove that particular so-and-so from the gene pool." I mean, How troops should be trained, and equipped. How they should be treated. How a military campaign should be conducted. How a war should be WON. Kratman's own commentary, or even the briefest scan of the gun- or mil-blogospheres (between which there is much crossover), will make clear to all but the most successfully-indoctrinated products of government-school that WE'RE DOING IT WRONG, and professional soldiers who love their country cannot be other than ragingly frustrated.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring a new book.

    3422 Monday, 29 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    You know how I'm always saying

    Well it did.

    The day started, and indeed seemed to finish, normally enough - crawl out of bed, drive Shambling Wrecktm twenty miles in the dark, pick up and sort the load, get a bunch of additional downtown ick from the overloaded colleague (she gets to make deadline, I get paid per stop), drive-n-park-n-hike. Done by noon, all the way across town toward the hovel, deposit paycheck, and just as I return to the Wreck and prepare to buy more gooshyfood for the kittehs I get The Call. Another shipping company has misrouted a significant chunk of our intended load and I'm elected to help. (For which I will get paid more....) So I have to charge down to Clackamas, pick up another two dozen, guesstimate some sort of delivery order 'cause they're way outside the area I've been wearing ruts in all year and my laptop battery has been drained by wardrivingparking-while-hiking and yes it is time to order a spare, charge further down to Wilsonville, crawl back up through Tigard and Beaverton, charge crawl through Hillsboro way out to Forest Grove, crawl back to downtown ick AT EVENING RUSH HOUR, and finally give up on the last couple in North Portland because it's eighteen-hundred-in-the-blessed-pee-em and they've all gone home already.

    One hundred seventy-four miles. Twelve hours. Dark-to-dark.

    At least it will bring the AR clo$er. We wantssss it....

    Ack. Not sure I'll name the shotgun Saint John, but I think I just named the AR "Precious".

    Project Gunwalker....

    BATFU SHOULD NOT EXIST. Everything they do is wrong. I don't mean there's something not-wrong which they should be doing but are doing wrong, I mean WHAT they are doing IS WRONG.

    Everything they do is wrong. Police are the enemies of the people.

    The definition of treason is very specific and I think we're just about there.

    And another flame of goodness and un-suck flickers out.

    Speaking of lights flickering, F*** Australia. -I wrote about a refugee from there years ago.

    "Stockpile food and ammunition? That's paranoid!"

    In Lighter News

    Hofmann Strikes Back.

    Reader sends the Queen. Get one. While you can....

    3423 Tuesday, 30 October 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Another full day. 194 miles, back late. Thppbthbhth.

    Still Project Gunwalker.... The government does not recognize you as a human being whose life has value.

    All cops are monsters. All of them.

    Remember how Stalin used state psychologists to declare opponents and undesirables "insane"? Remember how the Third Reich simply gassed anyone they determined to be "mentally ill"? Does anyone remember these things?


    In Lighter News

    The awards & results of last weekend's 3-Gun match are online, but the upload for Stage Three choked, I'll have to do it again. At 1.9Gb that means the next time I'm at the library.

    3424 Wednesday, 31 October 2012:

    The World Sucks


    So I'm at the library, my route finished, ready to sit down, plug in, and retry uploading 1.9Gb of 3-Gun goodness, when I yet again get The Call. No disasters, just regular on-demands, but they wouldn't stop. 190 miles. And money of course but jeez, let someone else take a turn! -Next week I have Monday and Tuesday off.

    Pro tip for dispatchers: If you're calling a driver, who is driving, SPEAK THE HELL UP because he probably has you on some kind of speakerphone so he can keep his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road. And for gods' sakes BLOODY WELL IDENTIFY YOURSELF FIRST because the driver has enough things on his mind already.

    A reasonable person has to ask, Why do they want everyone but their own approved thugs to be defenseless?

    Here's why: "Yes--the executive director of the "Coalition to Stop Gun Violence" thinks it is a bad thing that "gun violence" was stopped, because this is the government's gun violence." Or as I've been telling you, They hate us and want us to die.

    Related, the self-destructive Jew, Chapter MMMCDXXIV. They hate themselves and want to die.

    Because Their Minds Don't Work Right.

    RKBA is a human right whether it upsets anyone or not. I put this in the Suckage because of our supposed "comrades" whose minds aren't working right either.

    "Green" Energy MY ASS. Biggest Scam Evar.

    I told you to GET OUT OF THE CITIES. Worst thing about the hurricane, it didn't get that fascist filth Bloomberg, Schumer, and the rest of their kind. But when's the last time their lights went out or they missed a meal?

  • '...[B]lack-masked local police officers "in full riot gear" with "weapons drawn...."' for a poker tournament where no one was actually betting any money. I suppose they'll start shooting people on sight on suspicion of possessing a deck of cards?
  • 'I linked three news items above, because I had to go through three before I found any evidence that the cop was “disciplined” at all for' electrocuting a ten-year-old.
  • "The thing that I don’t understand is that nobody shoots back."

    We're about to. You evil, sadistic perverts.

    In Lighter News

    Dude, cool shirt.

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