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3334 Wednesday, 1 August 2012:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker.... "Gun Rights Examiner has been informed that the AP story available on the WaPo site does not appear in the print edition...." Because media isn't biased?

Reese witch trial, and verdict. And we're supposed to "work within the system"?

That "due process of law" thingy is just so inconvenient.... Seriously, when any tax-eating bigot who's never worked a real day at a real job in the real world in his life can just decree stuff, how is this different from any third-world dictatorship? More iPhones?

Clear and present danger to public safety....

The anti-self-defense argument, illustrated. Their Minds Don't Work Right.

Encore l'F*** THE OLYMPICS

Words mean things and Tam chooses them correctly.

More nuts & bolts. Because awaken them rudely.

In Lighter News

At 1350 Pacific time, the US Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team brought their Falcons approximately right over the hovel. Probably for the air show out west this weekend.

Computer usage tip: Does anyone - I mean aside from spammers - still not know that when you hover the mouse over a link, you can read the link without clicking on it by looking at the status bar somewhere in your browser window?

If you listened to Gun Talk last Sunday you will have heard a funny song. Codrea links.

Codrea also has Humane Society going to court on racketeering charges. Not that I trust the "legal system, not a justice system" half as far as I could throw it, but many of Our Kind have known for many years that HSUS was as crooked as the hind legs of the puppies they euthanize by the bucketful.

3335 Thursday, 2 August 2012:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Reese witch trial....

Didn't I say? They are not capable of seeing the pyramids of skulls they stand on.


"This is how lawmakers create crime."

"Law" "Enforcement"? What are we paying for here?

In Lighter News

Hey - why are there so few decent affordable racing-type holsters for the Browning Hi-Power? For example I use this one (now converted to belt loop) for my 1911, and this one for my GP100 which I haven't actually used for more than a year.

Technology is awsumm, and most people never use it to a fraction of its capacity. Earlier this year I finally got my own GPS for Shambling Wrecktm. It's an older Garmin model, found used at one of those electronics junk stores. Well, today after completing my regular deliveries in my regular area, I had two on-demand pickups and the last stop was way out east in Gresham. Normally, I finish my route and return to the library branch nearest the hovel, plug in Petze to recharge (because, using technology, I park somewhere with WiFi and leave great big things downloading while I'm hiking around, thereby draining the battery), sit down and type up my report, then stay a while to look at LOLKITTEHS with Other People's Bandwidth. Well today I was way out at the end of the sprawl and the usual branch library was on the far side of the hovel, relative, and besides I wanted to stop at Grocery Outlet on the way back to grab more cheap frozen fish filets. I know - because I used more technology, the county library website's Locations tab, previously - there's another library I can plug in at somewhere in the area, but where?

GPS: Menu -> Where to? -> Points of Interest -> Community -> Library. 0.6 miles. YMMV - Your Menu May Vary.

3336 Friday, 3 August 2012:

The World Sucks

Downtown again today. I have been getting some exercise!

Four-day unpaid weekend due to projected light loads.

Gunwalker.... Eventually the rug reaches a state of fullness and no more can be swept under it.

PeTAfreaks threaten Olympic shooter.
Because they're tolerant?
And inclusive?
And unbiased?

Codrea illuminates another Quisling.

Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting? You can't spin that.

  • TSA to unionize?
  • HomeSec mission-creeping into censorship?
  • Statistics o' the Day.
  • "Why would they have a machinegun? We're not in a war zone." Oh yes we are, and it is long past time to acknowledge who the real enemy is.
    ("Are the cops planning to kill a bunch of citizens?" VALID QUESTION. What are we paying for here?)

    Things aren't as bad as you think. They're even worse.

    In Lighter News

    Streisand Effect, Weaponized!

    Speaking of weaponizing, someone is correctly identifying the enemies of civilization. It's not like they left him a lot to lose.

    Speaking of using the right tool for the job, AR insights. Really need to get me one of tho$e, hopefully before I have occasion to take it off the cooling corpse of a professional sadist....

    3337 Saturday, 4 August 2012: Today is my Tenth Blogiversary. Come and get me, coppers!

    The World Sucks

    And there it is: I have seen my last movie in a theater. F*** THE THEATERS. And their seventeen-dollar Red Vines too.

    "Tolerant" and "Inclusive"!

    Maybe this is why some people don't want the military to vote. Can't have informed peasants actually understanding how the world really works....

    Why, they might even learn to correctly identify the real enemies of civilization.

    I voted for Perot in 1992. And I'm expecting to vote for Gary Johnson in 2012. Because F*** THE STUPID PARTY.

    In Lighter News

    Codrea links resources.

    "Global Warming" My Ass, Chapter MMMCCCXXXVII.


    That... could have sucked much more than it actually did. Compared to last time. CMP Garands at Lone Oak, short Course A, 5 sighters and 30 for score. My sister drove down from Everett to spectate.

    No YouTube, again a disappointingly small turnout of only seven shooters, three of whom were... New. So, only one relay, no one working the pits, so no slack time to set up cameras and nothing to record you haven't seen before anyway. So, shoot sighters, go down to check and paste, then go back to shoot slow prone. Here's the sighters:

    Most places are out of Lake City by now. Today the club issued HXP, mixed vintage, somewhere in the 1970s. If I'd'a been thinking I'd'a sorted it by headstamp, at least within each stage, so it would group better. In theory. But hey, two in the black with sun glare and building August heat and a load I'd never actually fired in this rifle before - that's okay. On to slow prone for score:

    By which time my sister was spotting, with the ChiCom Konus scope which I can't use directly on the firing line because its guts get rattled out of focus if you fire a rifle next to it - she was far enough uprange for that to not be an issue. So she was telling me, "8 ring, 10 o'clock", and rather than fuss with the sights - because something bad happens every time I do - I just held low and right and finished the stage with 10s and Xs. Thanks sis!

    Then came rapid prone, in which I always make some kind of mistake, usually a crappy position and/or going too fast. I seem to have finally got the sling correctly adjusted - it feels too short, meaning it's probably just right - and the string felt really good, a less-uncomfortable position than usual and good sight pictures, so I went too damn fast again after I told myself to slow the hell down dammit. At least they were all accounted for (that's a double in the 9 ring at 1 o'clock, agreed by the scorer):

    Finally, the stage everyone sucks at, slow standing. Again, at least they were all accounted for.

    Final score 242/2X, 80.67%, and the scorecard wasn't screwed up this time:

    Now I have a busy range day tomorrow, probably the only time I can make it since I'm not a member anymore: Sighting-in both the Queen and la Infanta for 300 yards for the Plotner match next weekend, and as long as I'm there, maybe some years-overdue chronograph Science with the 1911, and those 12 gauge loads for the M11. Hopefully it'll be too hot for the Fudds and the range won't be too crowded.

    3338 Sunday, 5 August 2012:

    The World Sucks


    "The media have decayed to the point that they see no need to enforce minimum standards of decency on one side, while imposing absurd standards on the other...."

    Not funny anymore. Prohibition failed spectacularly for its STATED goal ninety years ago, and it's failing spectacularly for its STATED goal all over again.


    Prepare. Because things are worse than you think.

    In Lighter News

    Garand match video!

    I'm figuring on attending an Appleseed at Wolverton on 3-4 November, but now I see there are some even closer. Don't think I can raise the money for 8-9 September though. (1 September is a long Garand match; 10/11 November are both rifle matches at different clubs.)

    (Hm, seems the Stevenson, WA events have evaporated.)

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Got there late because


    Got elevation settings for the Queen and la Infanta at 100, 200 and 300 yards, with the current batches of handloads. Fine-tuned windage settings while I was at it. More Fudds than I'd hoped, no chance to set up chronograph, but I did get function testing for the M11 and Learned Things. First, I need to thump the powder measure when I'm throwing a charge of Unique, because I was getting inconsistent charges. Second, the M11's ejection - when it ejected - was really energetic, meaning I can reduce the powder charge even further; more test batches to make. The last batches were ten rounds each of 1-1/8oz #6 in a Remington plastic hull with WAA12 wad over 19, 18, and 17gr Unique. The next will be 17, 16 and 15, and I'll shuffle the recoil bits as necessary. Also, the 30-round test gave me more experience with the Big Slabs of Metal Slamming Back and Forth with Saint John's long recoil action, and with all that happening, trigger slap doesn't seem to matter if the weapon is cycling fully.

    Rifle work was from the bench and it went... adequately. I got a particular warmfuzzy with the Queen at 300. I currently have two spotting scopes, the Konus 90x which is useless above 60x and not much use even then, and the HalleyScope 32x which gives truth to the proverb They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore, but only goes to 32x making it nearly useless past 200yds. Anyhow I had SR1s, or MR31s, more or less the same size black, at all three distances. 100 was no trouble, meaning 200 was four clicks up, meaning 300 was about the same amount more (turned out to be three). I only fired three rounds from the Queen at 300, having guessed three clicks up from 200, but I couldn't see a cursed thing happening at 300 until I got the third one in the white. When I finally marched down there to check, I saw:

    Yeah okay make a note of the number of clicks and leave it the hell alone. Sixth-of-a-freakin'-mile, baby. And THANK YOU TUCSON TOM.

    As for la Infanta, the 150gr Hornady FMJBT shot much higher than the same weight Nosler with the same weight of the same powder which is really weird, but it seems to be grouping adequately. During the week I should get dry practice in prone with sling. Don't know if I will.

    Now, for the match Saturday, I made notes, took a picture of the notes, and left the picture on the camera's SD card:

    Likewise the Tasco's turret settings - here's 300. At 6 o'clock I had previously made a small notch for reference, then swiped a Sharpie across it. It's arbitrary, I just note where they are relative to each other.

    Not as much Science as I'd hoped, but still SCIENCE. -Not cleaning either rifle before the match; I know the principle of fouling shots, and I didn't fire very many rounds from either anyway, although the Queen also has 35 rounds' worth from yesterday's match.

    3339 Monday, 6 August 2012: Zzz.

    The World Sucks



    Aaaand yet another mass shooting in an election year. One really has to wonder. And of course, the "laws" are wrong - the article doesn't say but I'll bet a dollar the Sikh temple was yet another "gun-free zone" where the victims were prohibited by law from defending themselves. "People who believe that [gun control prevents crime] are delusional." But as seen in Codrea's column linked above, I postulate that the anti-self-defense perverts do not believe in their cause for the stated reasons.

    We're supposed to "work within the system"? "Sadly, these days it’s less about being guilty or innocent than doing the math and deciding what you can afford to defend." The "laws" are WRONG and the enforcers are EVIL.

    Visual aid.

    We're supposed to trust the system?

    We're supposed to trust the authorities?

    On this day, there was a reason we nuked Japan. They had it coming.

    In Lighter News


    Another lesson learned: la Infanta has a rough chamber. It's not the boltface (which I've recently polished), the marks on the case are obvious, and I think I heard something about it in the recent interview with David Tubb, which I captured as .FLV and skimmed over. I don't think it's headspace either, as my reloads pass a cartridge gauge and they go into the chamber normally. They stick only after firing, and there's smear marks on the case after extraction, from the shoulder aft about half the length. So either I need to polish the chamber, or possibly the brass is getting softened during my reloading process, which seems unlikely but I'll try some of the few factory .308 rounds I have left sometime for comparison.

    3340 Tuesday, 7 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Patriot Post Founders' Quote o' the Day: "We are, heart and soul, friends to the freedom of the press. It is however, the prostituted companion of liberty, and somehow or other, we know not how, its efficient auxiliary. It follows the substance like its shade; but while a man walks erect, he may observe that his shadow is almost always in the dirt. It corrupts, it deceives, it inflames. It strips virtue of her honors, and lends to faction its wildfire and its poisoned arms, and in the end is its own enemy and the usurper's ally. It would be easy to enlarge on its evils." - Fisher Ames, 1807

    Do observe current events and their... "coverage".

    For example.

    Visual aids.

    Jews in the Attic FAIL

    Ideological Purity FAIL

    Dial 911, get electrocuted and kidnapped. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST. They are worse than what they claim to be "protecting" us from.

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL - although the implications and applications are not entirely Lighter.

    3341 Wednesday, 8 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Hey kids - don't go to college. Get a real job in the real world and live a real life without soul-crushing debt.

    Now even they are telling you it's not about safety, it's about control.

    Another Quisling....

    We're supposed to trust police?

    They still think they're the good guys?

    We're supposed to trust the media?

    I'm not sure which side of the line to put this one on - Winchester .40 ammunition recall, but if it gets agents of the Federal Bureau of Incineration killed I'm not exactly tearing up, ya know?


    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL, Chapter MMMCCCXL.

    The $10 Microsoft wireless mouse arrived yesterday and works perfectly well it's a little jittery but I can live with it. Ten bucks, and the scroll wheel isn't broken (yet). Lives in the cellphone pocket inside the second-hand-store backpack which alternates between laptop and courier duties.

    3342 Thursday, 9 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Big day, pooped. Only a moderate regular load, but two on-demands after, 153 miles total. Not to mention the 3+ miles hiking downtown-again-ick.

    But I could have a worse job....

    Never expect the thugs to follow their own rules. They're all just made up anyway.

    Those of us who have been paying attention have been trying to warn everyone else about running out of other people's money. -And while buying more cat food yesterday, with my OWN money which I EARNED with my JOB, it does appear I'm the last man in Oregon without an EBT card.

    Another reason to not go to college.

    Not that the stuff before college is worth what we're paying.

    There are so many levels of wrong in this story....

    A lot of the buildings I deliver to have various security features. I've said before, they think they're locking everyone else out but are only locking themselves in. These security fetishes are getting out of hand.

    Prepare. Because.

    In Lighter News


    3343 Friday, 10 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    I think I've been underestimating the amount I've been walking. To avoid paying for parking, I find unmetered spots outside the metered area. Today's route had a total of 40 locations; these were only the icky downtown section. After all other stops were done I parked at A and hiked through K, because that's all the backpack would hold; then moved the car to L and did the rest:

    Yahoo maps says 7.49 miles driving in the city's one-way grid. Rather less by walking, but Ow. -And me with a prone, long-distance rifle match, or possibly two, tomorrow morning....


    Philosophically related, Rule of Law is dead, buried, dug up and set on fire.

    "People like that have no inhibitions about committing genocide." And they call us evil?

    Oleg once again provides the visual aid.

    You remember that part in 1984 where they didn't sell pints of beer anymore, only liters? The book was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual. Those of you who pray to a god, please request a GiantFlamingMeteor to obliterate EPA headquarters.

    Speaking of 1984, the Thought Police are real. Humanity needs to stop funding these monsters and start hanging them.

    If you're not terrified, you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    WHEN I TALK ABOUT FABBERS THIS IS WHAT I MEAN ARE YOU LISTENING TO MEEE they even got the part about setting the fabber to make more fabbers I have got to get me one of those.

    Action in Florida.

    3344 Saturday, 11 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Burn Down All Government Schools, Chapter MMMCCCXLIV.

    Government poisons everything it touches.

    There is no such thing as a good cop.


    As expected, the Red Dawn remake is going to suck.
    -But we've stopped going to theaters now anyway....

    In Lighter News




    Decent weather, early fog which burned off quickly, then not too hot - the firing line is covered there anyway. This match was named for the last surviving founding member of the club, a WWII bomber pilot, who was still there, still competing and still competitive, at age 93.

    The match winner shot 299/20X, with this:

    The rear sight alone probably cost more than my car. But seriously, one point short of Possible, and a capital-P Perfect score at 200 yards:

    I've seen a couple Hundreds at this club, by this guy (Mr. R.) and by Mr. E. (who won this same match in 2009 but could not attend today due to health issues), but that's the first 100/10X I've ever heard of. Especially from prone with metallic sights.

    The course was ten rounds each in ten minutes each at 100, 200 and 300 yards, from prone, preceded by a ten-minute unlimited sighting period. Due to some really damn stupid and discriminatory "rules" from the board of directors, certification is now required to shoot from positions, and of course the certain people who are authorized to certify shooters at 300 yards can't be bothered to actually do so. (Sound familiar? It would to Dick Heller or Otis McDonald or Emily Miller....) >:-[

    Anyway, Relay One was scoped and Relay Two was iron sights. Relay One targets:

    SR21 at 100, SR1 at 200 and 300. la Infanta is a post-war commercial-built presumably-Spanish '98 Mauser in .308 Winchester with the usual 1:10" twist, found cheap in a classified ad, wearing a 2.5-10x44mm Tasco found cheap at a gun show, in a Fajen synthetic stock on sale from Midway, contoured for a heavy barrel to guarantee free-floating for the light sporter barrel it came with, with Redneck Cheek Rest of packing foam and duct tape, and the forward part of an M1907-style sling because I can only find one 1¼" swivel to fit the standard studs. And a Bold trigger.

    I left it at 10x all day, since the whole thing was prone or "bench". I fired two sighters at each distance, having to get out of prone to shoot from a bench at 300, being only certified for prone at 200 yards, and since the spirit of the match precluded benchrest apparatus I and a couple others had to use a really damn stupid position inferior to the prone we were already in:

    Elbows-only on the bench. The position I found was, legs spread very wide, feet planted flat, knees locked. This was the position I used for 300 yards in both relays, with la Infanta and the Queen. Long-sleeve flannel despite the warmer weather, to protect elbows from chafing on the bench and to reduce discomfort from the sling. Can't afford a Real Shooting Jacket, although Mr. R. very kindly gifted me a Proper Shooting Mitt so the sling doesn't dig into my support hand anymore!

    So for Relay One, Scoped from actual prone, at 100 yards, I got 85/1X (note the smaller hole cutting the 10 ring at 4 o'clock, cross-fired by the guy to my left with an AR - not the guy in the photo above, who was in the second relay):

    That could improve with more load development and live practice, which I can't afford the fuel to drive to. Still, there was a time I was worried la Infanta didn't like the Hornady #3037; she likes the Noslers (or a Sierra 165gr GameKing) better methinks but will tolerate these. Extraction remains an issue, with distinct smear marks on one side of the case aft of the shoulder, indicating it's not a headspace, pressure, or boltface problem. Going into the chamber is not an issue so it's not my sizing or seating process either.

    At 200, also actual prone, 86/0X (note the smaller hole at lower right, again cross-fired):

    At 300 from the "bench", a disappointing 52/0X, but not the rifle's fault (though by this time I was seeing air distortions from the hot barrel; I've noticed the cast bullet shooters and other benchrest shooters have shields along the top of the barrel to direct the heat away from the scope's line of sight):

    Relay total 223/1X.

    On to Relay Two, Iron Sights, for which the targets were the SR1, SR, and SR3, whose blacks were geometrically the same:

    I again fired two sighters at each distance from the Queen, donated six years ago by Tucson Tom, a rack-grade Greek-return CMP M1 Garand, made at Springfield in 1955. The load was the same M2 Ball near-equivalent I've been using for most of the time since, with the same Hornady #3037, seated beyond the cannelure to approximate the OAL of GI rounds. At 100 yards from actual prone, 92/2X on the larger scoring rings than the SR21 for the scoped relay:

    Finally the Queen's M1907-style sling is properly adjusted and I'm leaving it alone. (Still fiddling with la Infanta's essentially-identical sling, I tightened it two notches during the scoped relay.) I came closer to Natural Point of Aim today, and by this time I was also using the mitt Mr. R. donated, which increased my comfort level.

    At 200, actual prone, 86/0X:

    Couldn't see anything in the black through the 32x HalleyScope, didn't even bother with the Konus. Still, adequate.

    At 300, "bench", 67/0X:

    Sixth of a mile with metallic sights on a 57-year-old as-issued military rifle, and a ReallyDamnStupid position mandated by ReallyDamnStupid rules dictated by people who weren't even there - and still minute-of-fascist. Acceptable. Relay total 245/2X. Essentially this was two matches at once, and the different target sizes made them roughly equal. Some shot only one relay, some only the other. This is not an official match so my scores and relative standing don't count for anything... except training.

    I kinda sorta hoped to have more 12 gauge test loads made, so I could again function-test the M11, but was too pooped from hiking through icky downtown and besides the match took about four hours and the show was half gone by the time I got there. One thing which stuck out, a T/C Contender pistol with 10" .22LR barrel with conventional open sights, $325. $IGH, because then I would have a Contender frame on which all sorts of interesting things can be done. (Literary reference. The ebook is still on Petze - the Linux-based reader remembers my last page - and I read a bit when I don't have anything else handy.)
    3345 Sunday, 12 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    The apparent stated rationale behind the ReallyDamnStupid restrictions at the club is to prevent rounds from leaving the range. But we're not the ones doing it. They do still let cops shoot there during the week IYKWIMAITYD.


    "The officers said their co-workers were increasingly targeting minorities, believing the stops would lead to the discovery of drugs, outstanding arrest warrants and immigration problems, in response to pressure from managers who wanted high numbers of stops, searches and criminal referrals, The Times reported." Do you understand? IT'S NOT ABOUT SAFETY. It's about robbing and kidnapping as many people as possible under color of law. They don't care about guilt or innocence, they don't care about right or wrong, they only want to justify their own existence and exercise their own power. NONE OF THEM SHOULD EXIST.

    None of them, anywhere in the world.

    Racist hatemonger calls peaceable citizens terrorists. “These are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.” Which is why all the cops are carrying them now?

    Television coverage of shooting and firearms, like sales spikes and more women buying - even Fox News goes with stock footage of display cases and arms shop racks and some fake-blonde firing a Glock at an indoor range on a B27. Even Fox. Why can't they show a CMP match or an IPSC shoot or 3-Gun?

    Yeah, I know why....

    Meanwhile with the enemies foreign, "By associating religion with every single violent act – regardless of whether the violence is religiously or politically motivated – then it’s hardly unfair for people outside that religion to associate that religion with violence."

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Still the best.

    Georgia Gun Owners is still working on Constitutional Carry.

    Several times I suggested the use of 4-column magazines, double-double-column, like the old Spectre which I don't think I've ever actually seen in the flesh. Such items are now available, but according to the reviews at Midway, it may not be "ripe" yet.

    ...I've noticed, in several matches, in my rapid-fire stages with the Queen, I have two rounds in one place and eight somewhere else. I have three different 2-round clips. I also have a pair of fives, which may not stay latched IIRC from the last time I tried them. I notice Mr. P., the club CMP guy and Garand match director, uses a pair of fives in his rapid stages, and his national ranking has always been higher than mine ever was. Another thing I might try is to load two rounds in a regular 8-round clip. KNOW YOUR WEAPON. Next Garand match 1 September, long Course B. Hmm....

    3346 Monday, 13 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Just a little more downtown-ick-again today. Bigger paycheck than usual but it's going for tires and brake pads instead of an AR and cartridges. :(


    Michael G. sends, "...[A] place the shooter knew was completely disarmed."

    Yeah, like that. And the anti-self-defense perverts, stuck in their one and only default mode, blame everyone who didn't do it.

    The bigotry spreads....

    Meanwhile with enemies domestic:

  • "Armed citizens who legally carry are routinely treated [like criminal suspects] in many parts of the country, merely for exercising a constitutionally-protected, fundamental civil right." And we're getting damn tired of it.
  • Never expect government thugs to follow their own rules. Which are made-up anyway: "...[T]he county attorney finally responded with a contradictory and confusing letter that baffled every attorney the Conrady’s spoke with...." (The problem with Alan Gura is there's just the one of him....)
  • "The arbitrary nature of the laws is what is proof of the tyrannical nature and presumed intent, to intimidate the law abiding population, or at least put so many ridiculous hurdles in their way that they forgo the exercise of their rights." (A parallel might be drawn with the club rules discouraging participation in matches....)
  • 'They “kept searching even after they knew they were raiding the wrong house.”'
  • "...Law Enforcement can go in any time and check that you are complying with the law without any type of warrants or judicial orders." -Yeah Venezuela but the same kind of monsters are claiming the power to do the same things right here in America.
    What are we paying for here? Why are these monsters allowed to live?

    In Lighter News

    Workman gushes over Ryan. I remain unconvinced. Stupid Party. (-And blinders-wearing "conserrrrvative" pundit....)

    Michael G. sends a thumbs-up for Kratman's latest, Countdown: H Hour, sequel to M-Day. Library doesn't have it. SMLE Fan sent me an e-copy of M-Day a while back, worth the read.

    Speaking of ARs, I found the one I want, close enough. Chrome bore, military chamber, fast twist, and if I'm going to have a StubbyLittleCarbine I want one I can actually mount a bayonet on. (Alternate furniture, rear sights, optics, magazines, etc., can be found at shows and shops everywhere without having to pay for shipping.) But geez it's more than any single paycheck I've had in the past year. Presuming I can lay hands on a stripped lower which is another hundred-odd. :(

    3347 Tuesday, 14 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Wrong link yesterday to the AR I want, fixed. $igh.

    New (used) front tires and new front brake pads for Shambling Wrecktm. Rear shoes too but expended all gumption doing the front and can't get the drums off anyway. Brake rotor damage on one side of one side, not too worried about it now, I'll deal with the rotors next time the pads need replacement or next time I have spare cash and time. I know the pads will wear unevenly now, but the way my world works a GiantFlamingMeteor will obliterate the car before it matters. Meanwhile I'm less worried about the drive tires blowing out at freeway speed, or the wheel catching fire during braking.


    No such thing as a good cop.
    No such thing.
    No such thing.
    Just exactly how are we supposed to tell the difference?

    Don't give the monsters ideas. And buy in private sale.

    While you still can....

    "There's nothing more scary than knowing that the only one in the room with a gun is there to kill you." So why are some people working so hard to make it happen?

    "That there even exist gun control organizations is a stain in our political environment. Just as gay, black, Jew, and women control organizations would be and have been."

    The only thing government is good at is forcing people to do things they don't want to do, at actual-or-implied gunpoint.

    Encore l'F*** THE THEATERS

    In Lighter News

    Moar private spacecraft....

    Mr. E. sends: "Read about your problem with the G-ran in rapid fire. Common problem, many times the problem is the shooter is not getting back into the same position after the reload. What some shooters do is to mark the stock so your cheek is back into the same position. I have used a target paster, piece of tape or some way to go back to the same position. [Mr. R.] sticks his thumb in his nose!" And that's a valid point. N-P-o-freakin'-A-dammit. I know what it is, I just have trouble finding it. I should do bench Science with different clips to see if there really is a different POI. Not least for psychological reasons.

    Another problem I've noticed is, I'm creeping up the stock so far the receiver smacks me in the mouth, so this is good advice anyway. And, staying further back reduces the apparent size of the rear aperture and theoretically increases accuracy. I consciously overcame this tendency in the last match, which fortunately was all slow-fire so I had the time to think about it, but in rapid-fire stages I must go slower.

    (I'm not expecting to go to Camp Perry and I'm not obsessing over national ranking. I want to be good with a rifle because that will be a meaningful real-world skill any day now. If I blow a stage in a match, I don't get a cool pin for my hat. If I blow a string after the socio-economic collapse, I could end up in a former-Obama-voter's stewpot.)

    Oh yeah, official Plotner match results, 6th of 7 with the Queen's Iron Sights, 4th of 5 with la Infanta's Scope. At least I wasn't dead last....

    3348 Wednesday, 15 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    You know what's rude? Having an opening time of 10am painted on your front door and not showing up 'til half an hour later, that's what's rude.

    You know what else is rude? Bringing screeching brats to a library and letting them scream for an hour. That's what's rude.

    You know what's stupid? Designing a library with an atrium going up four floors so the echoing reverberating screams can be heard all the way up. That's what's stupid.

    Are Dave Workman's blinders finally slipping? No, probably not....

    Already linked this one, but "The only good pig is a dead pig." If they're kicking down your door they're going to rob, kidnap, rape, torture, and/or murder you. That's what cops are for. You have nothing left to lose by sending as many of their shades as possible to serve you in Valhalla.

    It's Not About Safety, Chapter MMMCCCXLVIII.

    Constitution ignored in Florida.

    Government poisons everything it touches....

    And they call us "racist".


    If you're not terrified, you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News


    I don't think it can be called a "victory" to beat off another in an endless string of enemy attacks without actually gaining ground. Still, in California.

    3349 Thursday, 16 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Heat wave. Fortunately I'm usually done with my route before noon.

    And of course I get a cross-town on-demand at 2:30pm. At least I escaped the worst of the traffic.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Maybe Workman's blinders are starting to slip after all. Hofmann, OTOH, hasn't worn any for some time.

    Mr. E. sends a reminder of the murder of Erik Scott.

    Again with "public health". Like "global warming" and "Jews eat children".

    Tolerant and Inclusive!

    Speaking of, I've known about Progressive Insurance for some time but here's a recent example. (FWIW I use Geico, cheap and their website actually effing works.)

    (Of course people who harm no one are being forced at actual-or-implied gunpoint to buy this insurance, which is a whole other rant....)

    "...[S]ure as hell you don’t solve anything hiding under a desk." Anyone who advocates or enforces any "law" restricting or infringing the natural human right to keep and bear arms deserves to be publicly executed for crimes against humanity. The cops, the attorneys, the judges, the legislators. The "laws" are WRONG and the enforcers are EVIL.

    Speaking of "laws" and enforcement, "...[I]n order to placate law enforcement and control the damage from the Fast and Furious scandal by deflecting attention to other matters." Throwing bones live bait to their attack dogs.

    Their pathologically-thieving attack dogs.

    "This is unconscionable. The criminals that run that city clearly think they are above the law."


    "...[W]hen Bloomberg’s term for mayor was coming close to an end, he changed the law, allowing him another term." On one hand you have millions of sheeple voting "lining up to be a hot lunch"; on the other, like elections even matter anymore. Get a rifle, any rifle you can afford, lots of ammunition, and get lots of practice. And get into some kind of physical condition 'cause I don't think your local ARCO station will be open. And GET OUT OF THE CITIES.

    In Lighter News

    How to determine distance for riflery.

    Finished Armored, an interesting collection of variations on the theme of power armor. Resuming Fischer's Paul Revere's Ride. Page 251: "There was also some resupply of the American militia in the field. The town of Malden dispatched small boys on horseback with saddlebags full of supplies. Other towns sent wagons filled with food and ammunition to support their companies." "...[The American militia] engaged the [British] rear guard [on the retreat to Boston after the Battles of Lexington and Concord] so closely that the Royal Welch Fusiliers were compelled to march backwards, eight companies fighting in turn and leap-frogging over one another." And suffering 20-30% casualties, in turn, in the process, having to be replaced by companies from the relief brigade who then suffered comparable casualties of their own. "...British officers were astounded by the volume of American fire...." Nor was it just a chasing action; enough Americans were enough angered to surround the British column in motion, even after it joined its artillery-equipped relief, in a wonderful display of open-order, "dispersed tho' adhering" guerilla tactics, and hack the redcoats to shreds from every direction all the way back to Boston. Don't tick off the Americans.

    3350 Friday, 17 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Meanwhile at BATFU....

  • Tolerant!
  • Inclusive!
  • Tolerant!
  • Inclusive!

    Just yesterday I was calling for the Nuremberg Treatment for the infringers and I stand by my words.

    Reader sends:

    In Lighter News

    FABBER GENIE OUT OF BOTTLE tell your fabber to make more fabbers WOOO

    Natural Human Rights.

    AR magazine Science. ...I'm increasingly motivated to get one, before having to pick through a battlefield. A very nice one can be built for six hundred dollars, one for the stripped lower and five for the aforelinked parts kit. $igh.

    Not really Lighter; I've said, science fiction authors trying to predict future technologies usually shoot low. Gods and demons, what would Heinlein have written if he'd had a couple years to play with today's internet?

    3351 Saturday, 18 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    "Mitt Romney's views are closer to Barack Obama's than they are to Ron Paul's or Thomas Jefferson's." - Judge Andrew Napolitano, ReasonTV, posted to YouTube 17 August 2012.

    Gun Free Zones? Yeah, like that.

    John Shipley is an FBI agent, and therefore, like Stasi or KGB, not to be trusted or sympathized with. But his case is setting important precedents, and demonstrating that we have a "legal system, not a justice system".

    Speaking of, never trust a cop of any kind, and that includes Coast Guard and NOAA.

    And there's a clue why NOAA and other alphabet agencies are buying bulk ammunition.


    In Lighter News

    Bionic eyes? Working on it.

    Lifespan extension? Working on it.

    And that launched a WikiWander resulting in "The Poisson's ratio for carbon nanotube buckypaper can be controlled and has exhibited auxetic behavior, capable of use as artificial muscles." Whoa.

    Seen in the latest American Rifleman, at least one of my readers is left-handed. Horribly expensive of course. Yes, I've heard of the Randalls, which appear to be extinct in the wild.

    3352 Sunday, 19 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    More on the Shipley case, with obvious comparisons to Project Gunwalker.

    Blood on whose hands?

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    More on ranging. Some of which I already knew but have not fully assimilated.

    The problem with Alan Gura is there's just the one of him.

    3353 Monday, 20 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Another four-day weekend due to low projections. Zzzz....

    And then I get an on-demand call for $32. Then the other end of it has another, for less money but as long as I'm there.


    A while back SMLE Fan asked, "What are we paying for here?" This. This is what we're paying for.

    And this too now? Look past the "guaranteed scumbag" in the specific case. See the pattern, the precedent, the habit. Stop funding. Start hanging.

    So I'm out driving my deliveries and I pass one of those inmate work crews. Now, a correctly-programmed subject would look at that and think, "Criminals, repaying their debt to society." I no longer think so. Instead I see slave labor and I wonder what "laws" were "broken", what "crimes" they were "convicted" of.

    "Tolerant" and "Inclusive"....


    In Lighter News

    EuroReader M. sends.

    Longtime readers may remember my reference to the VolksPistole concept. The FP45 fits that category too. Here's the pr0n.

    Uppity in DC, of all places.

    3354 Tuesday, 21 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Shipley.... Any cop, at any level, who tries to not be crooked is methodically destroyed by the majority.

    (99.9999% of all cops give that other guy a bad name....)

    Not unrelated, Ruby Ridge. Again and again I tell you to look past the specifics and see the pattern, the mechanisms, the potential and the will to murder American citizens who have harmed no one by "breaking" some made-up "law".

    What are we paying for here?

    It looks like we're paying to get shot by our "protectors". POLICE ARE TOO DANGEROUS TO EXIST.

    Big Brother is watching you drive and leaving the barn door unlocked. Buy an older car.

    Government poisons everything it touches....

    Their Minds Don't Work Right o' the Day: "You’ve got the government and military forces to protect you. You need to put your trust in your government to protect you like other nations do." How can anyone even know how to post an internet comment and yet be so horrifically ignorant of human history?

    Obama hates our troops, Chapter MMMCCCLIV.

    If you're not stockpiling canned food and ammunition you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    VEGETERIANISM IS AN UNNATURAL ACT and I'm going to cook up some bacon right now.

    SMLE Fan sends really cheap Garand bayonets ARRRGGHHH

    The August 1962 and October 2012 issues of Guns magazine are archived.

    Finally finished Fischer's Paul Revere's Ride, a Serious Historical Look at 19 April 1775. The back third of the book is references and notes and such. Beginning Man-Kzin Wars XIII and if you don't know what that is you're on the wrong 'blog.

    3355 Wednesday, 22 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Back to work DO NOT WANT

    At least the weather is milder. But fuel prices have risen again, $3.85 and up.

    Still Project Gunwalker. It's all just a game to them, and we're the pieces.

    Don't go to college just don't.

    Michael G. points out that the nation is in the very best of hands.

    Remember, "You’ve got the government and military forces to protect you. You need to put your trust in your government to protect you like other nations do."

    There's much talk of the troops being loyal to their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution. And I reckon the grunts and NCOs and lower officers really are so. But the top brass is another matter. There's an old military maxim: "Never give an order you know won't be obeyed." Of all the ways I can imagine this trend progressing, few if any of them are bloodless.

    What, you think this can go on? Dots. Connect them.

    In Lighter News

    Yes, email is backed up again, I am aware.

    More on ranging for riflery.

    Tolerance and Inclusiveness!

    Progress in Illinois? Great, where's the compensation for the tens of thousands of innocent citizens who were robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint by government thugs for the "crime" of exercising a human right while HARMING NO ONE? And where's the Nuremberg Trials for the robbers and kidnappers?

    Prohibition FAIL discussion in comments. And tell the fabber to MAKE MOAR FABBERS

    HOVERRRRBIIIIIKE gods do I want one just for my job.

    3356 Thursday, 23 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Shipley, and BATFU.... It's not a crackpot conspiracy theory if they're actually, you know, conspiring.

    The TSA infection continues to spread. It's not paranoia if they really are searching everyone, everywhere, for anything. I hope it won't take half a decade of total war and millions cremated before they're brought to trial and hung, this time.

    Speaking of spreading infections, you may have heard of a decorated Marine kidnapped for exercising the very human rights he fought to defend. It's not paranoia if they really are dragging innocent people out of their homes and throwing them in mental institutions without charges or trials: 'Judge Sharrett said, “The petition is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy." Judge Sharrett found no grounds to hold Raub or to have him detained in the confines of a psychiatric hospital where he has forcibly been committed this past week without being charged with a crime.' And yet, government thugs went and did it anyway and will suffer no penalty for blatantly violating basic human rights. The Civil Cold War gets hotter by the day. The occupying force swaggers about knowing they're immune. What have we got left to lose?

    (No such thing as a good cop....)

    Speaking of millions cremated, The Self-Destructive Jew, Chapter MMMCCCLVI.

    SMLE Fan asked "What are we paying for here?" in reference to the law enforcement system. The same question can be asked about public schools.

    In Lighter News


    L. Neil Smith's The Probability Broach graphic novel, which the library actually had a few years ago, appears to be free online.

    Didn't do the backed-up email, but did make thirty more 12 gauge test rounds for the M11. Same recipe as last time except ten each at 17, 16 and 15gr Unique, weighing each charge which slowed matters considerably. But it will be more Sciencey. Hopefully after IPSC Sunday.

    3357 Friday, 24 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....


    A pattern has developed in my courier job where another driver covers my route early in the week and I cover hers on the other end, giving us each time off, so I'm often hiking downtown-ick Thursdays and Fridays. Several of the BigOfficeBuildings have large-screen TVs in their lobbies and as I passed by one of them this morning, I could see news of the latest suspiciously-timed mass public shooting in yet another gun-free zone, Nanny Bloomberg's Totalitarian Paradise. Where only crooks and cops have guns. Like there's a gods-damned difference anymore. We're getting it from both ends, and one treats us like criminals for even thinking about defending ourselves.

    Government poisons everything it touches. That's what government is for.

    A couple more dots to connect.


    In Lighter News

    3358 Saturday, 25 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    "All of their wounds were the result of police gunfire." "This is not to say the two NYPD patrolmen did anything improper." Workman's blinders remain firmly in place, even while smacking himself upside his own head with his own words. I would rather live in a world without police. It would be safer and healthier.

    Yet another reason to not go to college. -I have a couple stops on the campus of one of the universities here. All over are kiosks to call campus police. ...Because the campus is safe and no student would ever need to defend herself? Anything short of Constitutional Carry is an intolerable violation of human rights, and it is long past time the real robbers and kidnappers were brought to justice.

    EuroReader M. sends more government poison. SMLE Fan posts some. The President says "You didn't build that", and the bureaucrats tell the peasants to forfeit or destroy anything they actually do build. What country am I living in again?

    What country am I living in?

    Here's another dot to connect to yesterday's. They don't want peasants able to hop in their cars and drive away. That doesn't work for them.

    The first has passed. :( And that throwaway line from, IIRC, Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, just became alternate history instead of future. GODS DAMMIT WE SHOULDA HAD HOTELCASINORESORTS UP THERE THIRTY YEARS AGO.

    In Lighter News

    Progressing steadily through Man-Kzin Wars XIII. The franchise authors have, it seems all of them, managed to retain Niven's original sense of wonder and vast scale while bringing their own unique contributions to the shared universe. And of course, don't tick off the monkey-boys.

    Speaking of books, Yuri links free TJ quotes.

    Rifle SCIENCE. Don't tell me you didn't know about the cold-bore phenomenon. Many of the top competitors, and hunters, use fouling shots. So far I haven't seen the need to, I guess I'm fortunate in my rifles, or my skills aren't at a level where it matters, but I'm aware of it.

    Speaking of SCIENCE, of a sort, '...in a little over a week we will have data on how the shooting skills of "a bunch of beer guzzling, uneducated hillbillies" stack up to the qualification course for a major metropolitan police force.' Gosh, people who actually like guns and practice with them as often as they can afford to, out of their own money, vs. uniformed thieves and professional sadists who live off the fruits of other people's labor? I wonder how that will turn out.

    $IGH. Spent way too much money - brick of Winchester WLP, $30; brick of PMC Large Pistol, $20; not quite 300 more pieces .45ACP brass, $15. But U CAN HAZ PR0N.

    There were Lugers. Oh yes, there were Luuuugers. Maybe a hundred of them in the exhibit hall, maybe more. Variations! Someday I will have a Luger. $omeday....

    3359 Sunday, 26 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    "Some folks on the gun forums might suggest that should include better marksmanship by the police, but this column isn’t going that route." Poor Workman. His heart's in the right place. He knows something is wrong but can't bring himself to admit what.

    In Lighter News

    As stated, I'm increasingly motivated to get my own AR before a new Volstead Act is passed. Is there any maker of ARs and/or parts and/or accessories that does not market their products to domestic-terrorists-with-badges? >:-[

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Wasn't there because


    Aaaand I'm too pooped to post any more about it now. Didn't win, didn't DQ, the pistol didn't malf. One thing: My BrandNewHandmadeGunbelt was deemed unacceptable because there is still no way to secure it to the body, so I went back to the old way. By remarkable coincidence, my usual route often ends near an arms shop and when I rediscovered this last week I noticed a velcro underbelt in their junk bin. And there's a fabric store just a couple miles from the hovel which will have bulk velcro. Hmm.

    Videos eventually.

    3360 Monday, 27 August 2012: Another Monday off. Zzz....

    The World Sucks



    Workman posts a reminder of the Katrina robberies. No mention of the Danziger Bridge Murders, and only an unavoidable passing reference to who was actually doing the confiscating, with an implied Nuremberg Defense. Would the word "Quisling" be too strong?

    Speaking of Quislings, NRA instructs peasants to placate professional sadists. And I bet the comments are moderated.... What no one seems to understand, what everyone's mind seems to flinch away from, is the notion that POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST. There should be no such thing as a "routine traffic stop". It's not a matter of the system being broken or in need of reform. The whole thing is wrong from its very conception.

    I would rather live in a world without police. Don't need them. Don't want them. Better off without them.

    Not Lighter: Contrasts in leadership. What happened to the country I was born in?

    Are you paying attention?

    In Lighter News

    Contemplating AR bits, this might be worth the price. If I'm going to end up with the $tubbyLittleCarbine.

    Beginning work on IPSC(-style) videos. Hope to have Stage One processed tonight so I can upload it tomorrow.

    After IPSC(-style) yesterday I did manage to stay after and function-test the M11 with the latest batch of 12 gauge handloads. More trustworthy results this time with weighed charges. I started with 17gr. With the recoil bits in heavy mode, compression ring facing friction ring and both forward of the recoil spring, it rarely cycled and would not lock empty. In medium mode, with the compression ring behind the spring, it cycled better but still would not lock empty. Finally in light configuration, with the compression ring and friction ring behind the recoil spring, it cycled correctly. 16 and 15gr did not cycle at all, though sometimes recoiled enough to cock the hammer. I would like more testing but I think I can begin production of the 17gr load, and expect it to work in superlight mode. Interestingly, ejection, when achieved, remained very energetic, hurling hulls three or even five meters. This may be more a function of Saint John's long-recoil action than any particular load; barrel and bolt recoil together for the full length of the cartridge, then the bolt pauses while the barrel whacks forward under considerable spring pressure, and the ejector is fixed to the barrel. It seems that any load which will cycle the M11 at all will have comparably vigorous ejection, since the barrel is moving forward at the same rate every time, and therefore the ejector is smacking the hull with the same amount of force regardless of how much was required on the rearward stroke. And I did get low-res, but high-speed, video thereof.

    Recoil management, trigger reset, and shot-to-shot recovery will be an issue, with those humungous slabs of steel whacking back and forth, which can only be addressed with Lots More Practice. I reckon I'll leave the Load-All II clamped to DDRToD for a while now. Shotshells aren't as precise as rifle rounds; I can make a dozen today, twenty tomorrow, another fifteen next week, and expect them to perform with adequate consistency.

    (In email comes the answer to a question of shot size; I'll need a sack of #7½, and that's another $45 unless it's on sale. But once I have it I'll start full production. Also, theoretically, #7½ will throw a slightly heavier charge in the Lee bushing than the #6 I've been using, meaning a bit more recoil, meaning more positive functioning; maybe I can go back to the medium arrangement of the recoil rings. Also I run my firearms very dry, generally, but in my own video I mentioned lubricating the magazine tube - gotta remember that.)

    This will give me Two of the Three Guns for 3-Gun. A magazine extension tube is in my Midway Wish List for eighty-freaking-dollars-I-don't-bloody-have. I wouldn't even own a $hotgun at present if I hadn't bartered labor for it. I wouldn't be working it up to an action-competition piece if I hadn't stumbled on an-incomplete-other of the same model and comparable vintage for a mere $45, with a barrel already shortened to a bit over 18", so I won't have to butcher the original, numbered, matching 30" factory full-choke barrel. The chopped barrel could use something resembling a front sight though. -I know a gunsmith or two, maybe slap on a big simple blade-and-ghost-ring, or even pistol-style blade-and-notch, hm. There ought to be enough meat in the rib to accomodate them, it's the simplest matter to determine how far forward the rear sight must be to avoid striking the receiver in recoil, and I repeat, that's not the original barrel. In fact it doesn't match the parts gun it came with either.

    3361 Tuesday, 28 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Romney? Talk is cheap.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Government. It's like this.

    It bears repeating: 'The only “mass shooting” associated with this crime was perpetrated by New York’s finest.' POLICE ARE TOO DANGEROUS TO EXIST.

    And all their kind. These blatantly unAmerican inhuman monsters deserve to be publicly hung until their corpses rot.

    Unstable Freaks in Black Robes, Chapter MMMCCCLXI.

    Meanwhile in government school. Burn them down.

    Speaking of, GUN FREE ZONE. Get your kids out of them now.

    And don't go to college either. (Encore l'Self Destructive Jew....)

    Meanwhile in Government Motors.... You know how far left Portland, Oregon is? I've seen at least three of these incendiary devices in the metro area, not even with government plates. At least three people in this Founders-forsaken cesspit thought buying them was a good idea.

    $omeday I will go back to Wyoming and I'LL EFFING STAY THERE.

    In Lighter News

    You darn kids and your FaceBlogTwitBooks....

    I would rather live in a world without police.

    If you don't recognize the numbers, FM 21-76 is a Really Useful Book. A .PDF is handy, yes, but pick up a hardcopy or three also. 'Cause they won't care if the batteries die or Al-Whosis sets off an EMP.

    Official IPSC(-style) results, 6th of 26 overall, I can live with that. Sized a bunch of .45 brass yesterday, priming is always so tedious, but I'm down to about 150 rounds so it's time to make more.

    [thought=random] You know what might be awesome? Hogue monogrip - you know, soft synthetic, grippy, some shock absorption - but instead of finger-grooves and pebbles, Miculek-style. Eh?

    Winning? Bi-Mart is a variety chain in the Pacific Northwest, sort of a pre-Wal-Mart miniature Wal-Mart. They stock arms and munitions; I buy powder and primers there, bricks of .22LR, and bulk shot & wads too, though other places have better selections of metallic-cartridge projectiles. Anyhow, as data points, they're now stocking not only the Ruger BX-25 magazine for $29.97 (and the Butler Creek Hot/Steel Lips for $20), not just a Ruger-brand 20-round Mini-14 magazine (for the admittedly-alarming price of $37.97) (there was one blue/wood Mini-14 on their rack today and they always have 10/22s ($200 basic, +$30 stainless)), but also MagPul PMAG30s (this one I'm pretty sure) for $18.97. (Figure in Midway's $hipping.) (No they don't stock actual ARs.) Meanwhile I splurged on three boxes (per-customer limit) of Federal AE223J on sale at $6.49 each, for the AR I haven't even started building yet.

    Though I am halfway to the savings goal for the kit, the lower being a separate issue. WANT. If I can actually accompli$h thi$, I'll do a build video (followed, naturally, by Tutorial and Disassembly videos), my way of giving back to a Gun Culture which has frequently shocked and humbled me with its generosity (graphic example). And besides, prepare. This is the kind of nuts-and-bolts - or rather pins-and-springs - stuff we're going to need to know. And if it inspires more citizens to go build their own ARs, more power to us.

    As for cartridges, the 55gr I just bought will probably not give the best performance in the 1:7" twist I'm saving up for, I know that. M855, or equivalent, can also be found, just not at your local variety store. I don't presently have tooling to load .223/5.56x45mm, I liquidated that and a bunch of components to Loyal Reader a year or two ago for much-needed fiat currency. But I know what I need - #4 shellplate for Lee Pro 1000, Auto-Disc Pro with chain actuator instead of spring, powder-through die specifically for rifles and that powder measure, and I'll scour the shows for dies, someone will have a used set. Or I'll just order the Lee Pacesetter which will come with the highly-and-rightly-recommended Factory Crimp Die. I do have a quantity of brass already, and primers are back in stock most places, though their prices have been market-adju$ted.

    Oh yeah, IPSC(-style) Stage One video is online.

    3362 Wednesday, 29 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    The rent is in the mail. Let's see if they lose it again. >:-[

    Hey GOP, talk is still cheap, and you've been taking us for granted for decades. How about some Representative or other actually, you know, sponsoring legislation to REPEAL some infringements instead of all you country-club cowards soiling yourselves when some peasant somewhere actually reads the Constitution?


    Never trust the thugs to follow their own rules.

    In fact, never trust the thugs. With anything. Ever. A couple of illustrative quotes:

  • "The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
  • "Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim -- when he defends himself -- as a criminal." --French economist Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

    And that's exactly what we have now.

    They don't want the peasants to be able to hop in our cars and drive away. That doesn't work for them.


    Prepare. And get into some kind of shape now. I've said, another reason I stick with this dead-end courier job is, it forces me to exercise by parking the car where I don't have to pay for it and hiking with a pack. And stairs, gods and demons are there stairs....

    In Lighter News

    Stage Two video online. There will be a supplement to Stage One as some people got left out due to my misfiling the raw video files. At least I didn't lose any.

    3363 Thursday, 30 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Filled in for a sick driver in downtown-ick, in addition to my regular route. Pooped. But bonus pay.

    Email remains backed up 'cause I'm pooped. And Bill Gates still sucks and AwesomeBox/TowerZilla is going unstable again and I hate having to re-OS. Anyhow today I received an email from nationally-ranked rifleman Mr. E. criticizing my endorsement of Gary Johnson, from the perspective of WeMustDefeatObama. And I get that, 1992 all over again, a valid argument. But I am so very tired of voting for the lesser evil.

    It's not paranoia if they really are training for martial law in America.

    It's not paranoia if they really are beating people up at random. And they would have gotten away with it. That's why they want to rob, kidnap, assault, and/or murder anyone who takes their picture.

    Attention child-molesters and kidnappers: Morrisville, North Carolina, welcomes you.

    Street cops, city attorneys, unstable freaks in black robes, TSA perverts, legislators and bureaucrats at every level - we can add CPSC to the rope list. We are going to need more rope.

    All government is poison.

    Example, and Depressing Observation o' the Day: "It’s a sad commentary on our leadership when laws have to be passed to protect against politicians making laws that break existing laws."

    In Lighter News

    You've read about the government school telling a three-year-old deaf kid to change his name because the way he says it in sign language made a bureaucrat wet itself. The Almighty Internets have ARISEN IN THEIR RIGHTEOUS WRATH TO SMITE THE UNCLEAN.

    I'm obsessing some on my AR project - already scripting a BFT video. $igh. But I don't think I'll be buying this sort of thing.

    Speaking of my as-yet-vaporware AR, I was recently thinking about just this sort of thing. Because I intend to end up with stacks o' magazines. Not least because I can buy PMAG30s at Bi-Mart for $19 now without having to wait for shipping or fight crowds and dodge BATFU plants and their local uniformed wannabes at the big shows.

    (Yep, hiked me a few miles today, with a pack. Not much of one, but still. And stairs. What have you been doing to get in shape?)

    Speaking of prepare, more on mil-dots. My intended AR will be a flattop, allowing Many Options. Looks like the mil-dot, like speedloading a tube-fed shotgun, is something you have to practice a bunch.

    Prepare: camouflage comparison. Know your AO.

    3364 Friday, 31 August 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Shipley.... Look past the Federal Bureau of Incineration and see the precedents and mechanisms.

    I never had any interest in attending the amoral, self-indulgent debauchery of Burning Man. I have even less now.

    Not unrelated, who's waging a war on women? For the record, the only good rapist is a dead rapist.

    No matter whose gang colors they wear. -What, you think that's a leap? They don't see us as human beings and have no moral restraint against using any of us in any way they desire.

    And thieves too. The only good thief is a dead thief.

    'In police academy, recruits get 4.5 hours on "weapons." It is unclear if that is actual training with their duty issued weapons....' Gods and demons, I'm crowding that much instructional material on my YouTube Channel alone. And they don't trust us?

    JOBSJOBSJOBS oh wait never mind.

    "...[T]he looters run out of places to loot."

    Seriously. Prepare. Because it's not paranoia.

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