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3303 Sunday, 1 July 2012: Zzzz....

The World Sucks

Another reason I allow inertia to keep me in this going-nowhere courier job is, it gives me a reason to exercise.

Police are the clear and present danger to public safety.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

The match ended just minutes before the HorribleSoakingRaaaiiiinnn began, fortunate. Got a little bonus lead, lost a few .45 cases (I should grab a sack next time I see one at a show; .45ACP is very simple to load for and the brass doesn't have to be Always Precisely the Same like rifle loads), got a bunch of LC 5.56mm bonus brass, and someone threw out 30-odd pieces of once-fired Federal .308.

While emailing my sister with news of my SWEET, SWEET VICTORY it occured to me I could just make a Proper Gunbelt, I live a mere thirty blocks from a Tandy leather store DUH. Here's my current rig, on a somewhat flimsy 1¼" trouser belt, through the loops on my jeans:

Tandy's website lists 1¾" blanks, kits, and finished belts (add your own buckle) (where did I leave my CSA buckle...? I can probably find something appealing at the next gun show) for manageable prices. 1¾" would fit the Uncle Mike's Kydex pieces I'm already using, except I'd need to order one more piece because the holster I have is a paddle version. I can already visualize adding screwposts to lock the pieces in position so they won't slop around when I take the belt off and stuff it in the range bag.

Ah-ha, I think I may have found the cause of the 1911's last malfunction. When the magazine is inserted into the Uncle Mike's Kydex magazine carrier, the first cartridge might contact the bottom of the carrier and be shifted in the magazine and therefore not be in position to feed correctly:

Those are both McCormick eights (the Shooting Star model with welded floorplate), either found used at shows or the one of the three I have which came with the pistol. On the left in background, how the cartridge should be aligned. On the right in foreground, what I discovered when pulling a magazine out while fiddling with the carrier while anticipating building my own racing rig. That cartridge is positioned exactly like the last misfeed I suffered, at the last IPSC(-style) match. Something to keep watch for, and to doublecheck before a run.

...Except when it happened it was like the fourth round in the magazine WTF.

I think I'm using too much Lee Liquid Alox. The bullets I'm casting, in both .45 and .357, are the tumble-lube type with several little ribs to catch the LLA. I have over 200 of the last batch still live, that should be enough for the next two IPSC shoots, but the batch I cast a couple weekends ago, I will not be adding a second coat. This should pick up less grit and be generally less gunky overall, but the next question is, will that increase leading? With the two-coat system I've been using, not only is there no leading in my 1911, the equivalent removed leading from my GP100's bore. Might be some months before I find out.

Looking ahead to 3-Gun, this product's description says it will hold either four rounds of 12 gauge 2¾" or one 20-round AR magazine - meaning a 30-round can be stuck partway in and will probably not fall out when charging through a course. Meaning I won't have to spend more money on AR magazine carriers. ...After I spend a bunch of money I don't have on the AR I still don't have. $igh.

(Speaking of 3-Gun OOOHHHHHH)

Hm, the Chet Plotner precision highpower rifle match on 11 August. I'd need more work with the M100 first....

Stage One video mostly processed - in the interest of getting them done I'm not doing fancy transitions or music tracks anymore - waiting for official results spreadsheet in email so I can brag about my scores.

3304 Monday, 2 July 2012:

The World Sucks

Again, and again, with the lazy hippies. I'd'a been done at least an hour earlier if some people actually showed up at their offices by the time painted on the front door.

And then the libraries, all of them in the county, are now closed Mondays. Because the peasants haven't coughed up enough taxes for all the foreign-language classes on how to collect the maximum tax-funded entitlements. At least they left the WiFi on.

And our paychecks were delayed. See, the car is back together so the universe needs to find some other way to poop on me.

As if there weren't enough poop in my universe, Correia explains Obamacare. As does Alvie. While Theo provides the visual aids. If you're not depressed, you're not paying attention.

This is why I hate going to the supermarket anymore.

This Gunwalker business - Eric Holder, the top law-enforcement officer in the nation, deliberately running weapons to vicious Mexican gangs in the expectation they would be used to cause innocent deaths, in the calculation of using this as an excuse to infringe on the natural human rights of people who had nothing to do with it; and now refusing to be held accountable, rejecting even the pretense of the rule of law - is simply the ultimate expression of the problem Americans have been facing for decades and humanity has been facing throughout history. Who do you call when the cops are the criminals? Who will protect you from your "protectors"? When common street cops can rob any random citizen at gunpoint for no cause at all, falsifying statements and planting evidence to excuse their actions? When a SWAT team can kick down the wrong door, throw in grenades and murder everything inside, and not only get away with it but throw any survivors in jail for "resisting"? Oh sure, you out there in sheepleland are fiddling with your iPods and watching reality TV and thinking not only "It can't happen to me", "It can't happen here", but "It's not happening at all."

Until it happens to you.

And then what?

In Lighter News

New Hampshire gets jury nullification.

Video from Saturday's IPSC(-style) for all four stages, and the awards, are mostly edited, awaiting official results and final voiceovers. And lots of CPU cycles.

After much polishing, Aurora, Part XXVI, is now online. Longest single piece yet, and I think I'm improving. The Muse, she is fickle.

3305 Tuesday, 3 July 2012:

The World Sucks

HorribleHugeLoad, 70 stops, 109 miles, 8 hours. Tomorrow I sleep!

Project Gunwalker....

I. Have. Been. Telling. You. The job doesn't make them monsters. The monsters apply for the job:

  • "His police car was inspected, and investigators found an empty Smirnoff vodka bottle, a small bag of cocaine, crack pipes, Florida license plates, a pile of driver's licenses he had seized, along with a stack of arrest reports he had never turned in. But the state attorney declined to prosecute, saying there was no evidence of criminal intent...."
  • "...[I]nvestigator Tim White is out of a job for swiping grass from an evidence locker and planting it at a residence to beef up the grounds for a search warrant application. Even more interesting, he says he did so on orders from a supervisor."
  • This is probably going to happen, somewhere in this country, tomorrow. And the uniformed monsters will be high-fiving each other all the way back to base, still believing they're the good guys.

    Which party is "tolerant" and "inclusive" and which are heretic-burning ideologues?

    "Take a child throwing a tantrum off the playground, give him every privilege in life, leave out any real challenges, keep telling him that he's special for 50 years and he will be an actual tyrant."

    And that's what we have now.

    In Lighter News

    Got the official results from Saturday's IPSC(-style), now the videos can be finished. But, they probably won't be uploaded until Thursday, since I'm not working tomorrow, meaning I have no reason to exit the hovel and spend fuel and put my feet in the horrible $20 shoes, and the library will be closed anyway.

    3306 Wednesday, Independence Day, 4 July 2012:


    The World Sucks


    Project Gunwalker....

    The "laws" are wrong....
    ...and the enforcers are evil.

    In Lighter News

    Don't get mad....

    IPSC(-style) videos fully processed, awaiting bandwidth.

    3307 Thursday, 5 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    MiddlingLargeLoad. Not so bad by itself, but it was downtown, blech. Here's how I did that part, in addition to another 31 outside this map:

    I parked at the red spot - found an unmetered 2-hour slot because Eff the City Revenue That's Why - and walked. Took about an hour and a half. The lines are what YahooMaps offers for driving, in the city's one-way street grid, so I didn't walk the whole 4.97 miles it calculated for driving distance, but you get the idea.

    And they call us "nuts".

    It's not funny anymore. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    In Lighter News

    IPSC(-style) videos from 30 June are online:
    Stage One
    Stage Two
    Stage Three
    Stage Four
    Awards & results
    Encore l'WOOO

    3308 Friday, 6 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    And then I did it again:

    A couple fewer stops, but about the same amount of pavement covered. Sounds like Monday off again.

    I am building a tolerance for marching, I could feel it today. The legs are okay and the feet are toughening. That could be important when I'm in the sticks dodging modern-day redcoats and Hessians.

    ...And there are still a few "99%ers" camped outside City Hall. I do wonder if any of them have ever done a real day's real work in the real world in their lives.


    Prepare.... I can see rigging up a bucket of these under the tail of Shambling Wrecktm, with a cord to pull on the dashboard to release. Ya know? And whatta they gonna do, outlaw tin snips and pliers and metal?

    In Lighter News

    Quote o' the Day: "Deliberately choosing to remain defenseless is like choosing to remain an infant, and it makes no sense at all. Those who advocate it do not have your best interests at heart."

    Poking a bit at Aurora, Part XXVII. It's alarmingly easy to write oneself into a corner, I think I've mentioned before.

    3309 Saturday, 7 July 2012: Zzz....

    The World Sucks

    They hate us and fantasize about murdering us.

    Tam examines the DHS terrorism report.

    Meanwhile in the Religion of Piece.... Looky, hippie, Islam is, at its core, violently and irredeemably incompatible with any society capable of producing iPods and Starbucks. So fold your Palestinian flag until it is all corners and shove it in the place you haven't washed.

    This would be BWAAHAHA if not for the methodical dismantling of human liberty and the American way of life.

    In Lighter News

    Today is Robert A. Heinlein's 107th birthday.

    Joe Huffman remains optimistic.

    3310 Sunday, 8 July 2012: Zzz....

    The World Sucks

    'Apparently all the "Handguns are banned so it's peaceful in Britain" people are lying to us.'

    George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. "Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six"? No, not anymore....

    Radio news, FBI urges computer users to visit a particular site to check their systems for malware. And this government, and that agency, has demonstrated so much corruption, dishonesty, and outright malice, my very first thought is it's a plot to install Orwellian spyware.
    (One advantage of Cricket, as a cellmodem, every time I connect it has a different IP. Meanwhile Petze runs Linux and connects to any unsecured WiFi I can find, and in the worst case I can wipe it, download another Ubuntu install package, make a bootable USB device from it, and do the whole machine all over again.)
    (Still not in my own name.)

    Got metal?

    It is said that freedom comes in four boxes: Soap, Ballot, Jury and Cartridge. I have said before: The soap box is censored, the ballot box is stuffed, the jury box is stacked....

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    In backed-up email, Tucson Tom sends free online encryption. (...Until DHS sends a SWAT team to raid the place, sieze their servers, and threaten the employees' families with decades of jail time, asset forfeiture, and millions of dollars in fines if they don't surrender the passwords.)

    They can't have no idea how much they're ticking us off.

    Due to holds, having to return Paul Revere's Ride half-finished, but I'll be going back to it. This is the same author who, ten years later, won the Pulitzer for Washington's Crossing, which was far more butt-kicking than a history book is expected to be.

    I see from the Baen site that Bujold is continuing the Vorkosigan saga with Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.

    3311 Monday, 9 July 2012: Zzz....

    The World Sucks

    More Project Gunwalker....

    They hate us....

    The Commerce Clause may be the Founders' biggest mistake. But how were they, sane people, to know their republic would fall into the hands of perverted lunatics? (-Me, I ripped it right out and added more chains.)

    This is supposed to be motivational but it makes me queasy. I kept expecting the professional sadist to electrocute the innocent citizen, stomp on his camera, "accidentally" shoot him dead, and then burn his house to the ground.

    Because that's the pattern now.

    In Lighter News

    Permits are infringement and anyone who requires them, or enforces any law requiring them, is guilty of crimes against humanity. Still, improvement in Minnesota.

    Improvement, or at least awareness, all over the world.

    The other day I linked something Tucson Tom sent for internet anonymity. Joe Huffman has more.

    I remember when the SciFi Channel debuted. My fellow-nerd then-neighbor and I would watch that cable channel as snippets floated among the static like the icosahedron in a Magic 8-Ball, taunting us as the day approached. Since then I've kicked the TV habit, thanks to library DVDs and the Almighty Internets, but still, phooey.

    3312 Tuesday, 10 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Still Project Gunwalker....

    The "laws" are wrong. And as seen in the second Gunwalker link above, the enforcers don't care about right or wrong, they only care about force. There is no such thing as a good cop. If they truly believed in individual human rights they wouldn't be cops, enforcing those evil laws and collecting their pay from their victims' taxes. But no, instead they hunt for any transgression, however innocent or empty of malice, so they can "make a collar" and justify their existence. An existence which preys upon people who harm no one.

    I've been saying, "They hate us and want us to die." "They want to leave 92-year-old women who live alone defenseless" works too.

    Workman examines the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Just look who's supporting it, that's all you need to know. It's not about OUR "safety".

    Typically, I get paid at the beginning of the week, and after making my deliveries that day I hit the bank, then get fuel and groceries and such. If I buy enough groceries, the supermarket receipt has an internet survey on it where I can enter to win a supermarket gift card. In the part where it asks, "What can we do to improve your shopping experience?", I always enter, "Stop accepting EBT."

    I see people dressed like this and I begin to feel contempt. They come to the last nation in the world without some form of slavery, a nation which spilled a river of its own blood to end slavery, a nation which spilled more rivers to fight slavery of many kinds worldwide for nearly every generation of its existence, and they embrace their own slavery.

    In Lighter News

    This is mechanically interesting. Somewhere I've seen an animated .GIF of its operation - the cartridges are inserted into the magazine from behind, and drawn rearward, then lifted, before being fed into the chamber. It's like a bullpup handgun. It's like a belt-feed without the belt. But... I'm not entirely sure it's entirely new.

    Hit the leather store and got a belt blank, 1¾", thinner than I wanted, but on sale for $11. Snaps on the end to secure the buckle, which might have to be replaced with screwposts later because I've seen the snaps lose their grip before. Found a decorative SAF buckle in the junk drawer, it'll do, and somewhere I have a leather punch to make holes. Now I need the belt-loop adapter for the Kydex paddle holster. -Which I've just ordered from elsewhere upon the Almighty Internets for less than $10 shipped, rather than buy a whole bunch of stuff I can't afford to justify Midway's shipping. -D'oh, forgot the keeper, and if I'm going back anyway I might as well pick up some screwposts. Maybe tomorrow, or next week. And maybe I want a conventional buckle anyway.

    Making '06 rounds for Saturday's match. TM 43-0001-27 says 3.34" COAL. Actual LC72 M2 Ball measures 3.33. My stuff was obviously somewhere over that, but not anymore. If I seat the Hornady #3037 to the cannelure it'll be way short and have a big jump to the rifling, but I'm using the Lee FCD to force a cannelure, and turning-and-measuring the seater so I won't have that problem anymore. ...Turned into a sort-of-Big-Batch, 181 rounds (and another reloading tutorial video in the works), all the HXP brass I had ready, and just enough BL-C(2) in that one jug whose lot number doesn't match the four I bought recently. (Strays from previous Batches, no longer matching the powder lot number or phase of the moon under which they were made, need to get used up somehow to free the brass.) But that's three Long Course B CMP JCG matches and a few extra, or five Short Course A or some other match like the PIG or Allies vs. Axis.

    And now I have to move all the junk back to burying the DDRToD so I'll have a place to sleep.

    3313 Wednesday, 11 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Big load, warm weather, crappy shoes, tired. Yesterday I was done four hours after I got out of bed, good thing I got the '06 rounds loaded when I still had steam then, 'cause I'm all out now.

    And I need new $hoe$.

    Patriot Post Founders' Quote o' the Day: "To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." - Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, 1816
    And that's why I hate going to the supermarket.

    Who's "racist"? “What if the ‘ethnicity’ question demanded ‘Jew or Not a Jew’?”

    Arms Trade Treaty....


    Not funny anymore. Really not.

    This bureaucrat vermin deserves to be hung by the neck until dead. Or more economically, greeted with a charge of OO.

    And so do all of these.

    I have been telling you, government "health care" is about neither "health" nor "care".

    In Lighter News

    The original owner of the cheapshooting email list, of which I became moderator some years ago, is searching for a very particular scope base, the B-Square #15580 Scout Scope base for the Remington M700. The Almighty Internets, astoundingly, are failing to provide. Anyone?

    I expect many of y'all have watched the series, 24. You know all that WickedJackBauerStuff like biting the throat out of his captor while strapped to a chair for torture? SRSLY.

    Cheap reusable spacecraft? Working on it. -In comments, this appears to be the functional resurrection of Delta Clipper, hoo-aah.

    Oooorrrrr I could cannibalize that other 1¾" belt I've had for years, using the keeper and conventional buckle and who cares if the colors don't match? And I have three screwposts left in that junk drawer and two more on that other other belt; if the snaps fail I really only need one to secure the buckle, and these are fresh and seem very stout; leaving four to lock pieces onto the new belt, and I have one holster and three carriers and I don't have to spend any more money on the gunbelt! But I do wish it were thicker. They had one but it was 2" and wouldn't fit the other pieces I have, and would have cost more anyway. It should be ready for the next IPSC(-style) shoot I actually figure on competing in, you'll see it then. The idea is to have an Actual Gunbelt I can Put On and Take Off without threading everything through my pants.
    3314 Thursday, 12 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Stupid hippies on the roads, and sadistic-pervert-revenuers too, screeching brats at the library, and comes now a snailmail notice of non-payment of rent and a $75 fine. Which rent I mailed on the 29th and I have a receipt for the money order. Left a message. Either it's in a heap on some secretary's desk - which is why I switched to money orders and don't write them checks anymore, since the last time it took them three weeks to clear the check - or my tax dollars have lost it. The money order outfit's automated thingy says it hasn't been spent yet. >:-[

    And then my favorite USB drive, for transporting all the stuff I download with other people's bandwidth from Petze to AwesomeBox, is glitching - with the 8Gb MicroSD card I use in it but not with the 32Gb from the Funai or a 2Gb I borrowed from one of my other cameras and the same 8Gb works fine in an SD adapter in AwesomeBox's reader WTF? It's because the gunbelt project is going so well, that's why, the universe can't allow me to succeed at one thing without pooping on me in several other ways.

    More Project Gunwalker, and elsewhere at BATFU. -You know that part in Chinatown where John Huston says, "...[M]ost people never have to face the fact that at the right time and the right place, they're capable of ANYTHING." In that context, I believe this government is capable of anything.

    Related Quote o' the Day: "Playing Calvinball is no way to run a country." (ref)

    No such thing as a good cop. Never trust a cop of any kind.

    Who's "racist"? Larry knows.

    In Lighter News

    Speaking of Delta Clipper....

    Finished 1636: The Kremlin Games, and the Russian Civil War is on thanks to those darn disruptive Up-Timers. Papal Stakes in the queue. Next to read will be Weber's War Maid's Choice, fourth in his War Gods fantasy series it's-not-like-I-can-stop-reading-them-now-dammit.

    Speaking of books, I think... yes I do have a 76Mb .PDF of Hatcher's Notebook. No idea where it came from.

    The gunbelt is just about done, waiting only for the belt loop adapter for the paddle holster, which should arrive next week according to Amazon. The belt blank was shorter than I might have thought but still long enough. Experimenting with fit, higher around the waist, lower on the hips; the loop adapter will make the holster ride higher on the belt than the paddle did. Screwposts might not be the best solution to lock pieces in place on the belt, because of the shape and width of the belt loop material relative to the size of screwposts I have (though some washers from the hardware store six blocks from the hovel would solve that problem), possibly plastic cable-ties instead - OTOH when it's on the body it probably won't be necessary to lock them in place. Yeah, not bad for eleven bucks and bits I already had. (At some point I bought a leather punch, the pliers kind with a wheel with six different sizes - first time it's seen daylight in years, I have all my leatherworking stuff and scraps in an ammo can.)

    Or, since the magazine carriers start at the left hip and go forward to jam against the keeper, and against each other, I only need one point to lock all three in place, behind the rearmost one. So I only need one washer on that side or I could Dremel one out of a penny since I already invested in a Dremel years ago which saves me a trip to the hardware store. Same on the other side for the holster, whose belt loop dimensions will be the same. Then I can throw the whole belt into a range bag without anything shifting. Yeah, just about done. Pics when the last part gets here.

    3315 Friday, 13 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Landlord agrees to waive the late fee, but now I have to sort out the missing money order. Meaning going to the supermarket where I bought it and dodging the EBT parasites and trying to communicate with, well, supermarket employees. -Actually they do tend to put grown-ups at the customer service desk.... ...And they say I have to fill out an actual paper card and mail it to the money order outfit and wait two-to-several weeks. And they'll deduct a $15 processing fee from the refund if it even goes through if the CARD doesn't get lost in the mail either. Because that's how my world works.

    Furthermore, one stop today was at a police precinct. Not on my regular route, fortunately, I was only filling in, or I might have to quit the job again. But still I'll be some time shaking it off.

    Because (via EuroReader M.) NEVER TRUST A COP OF ANY KIND.

    Speaking of all cops being untrustworthy, all the way to the top.

    "He who votes counts for nothing. He who counts the votes counts for everything."

    Half the country living off the labor of the other half while contributing nothing. Parasites behaving in the most contemptible and deliberately offensive manner. Complete breakdown of the rule of law, leaving no recourse to victims of official bigotry. Lapdog media openly fabricating and falsifying. Every attempt to get ahead or even stay afloat crumbles while people who "haven't worked for five generations" drive new cars and buy gourmet food with my taxes. Government gaining powers that "make martial law look like anarchy". My world is becoming more disgusting and more terrifying every day.

    In Lighter News

    Now there's something you don't see every day.

    If I ever do get into 3-Gun I can see having to make Moar Belts for the different stages and combinations - shotshell carriers, pistol or rifle magazine carriers, in certain arrangements, i.e. a pistol/shotgun belt, a shotgun/rifle belt. But now I know how.

    3316 Saturday, 14 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Another reason I go Condition Orange whenever I see a badge or a blue light is the Harless incident from Canton, OH. Comes now lawsuit. ...Which, if won, will be settled with tax dollars or ticket revenue stolen at gunpoint by monsters just like Daniel Harless (and his partner-in-domestic-terrorism Mark Diels) who will still be on the job.

    It's not "a few bad apples", it's the whole damn tree.

    And all its offshoots too. None of them should exist.

    Alarming Graph o' the Day. What happens when they run out of other people's money?

    In Lighter News

    Weber, as expected, remains eyes-glazing wordy. Alas Ringo's influence, in the Prince Roger series, did not rub off.

    But- BAEN BOOKS SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS. And not just with "magic teleporting ninja fights on top of burning pirate dirigibles".


    CMP Garands, long course B. No big presentation video in the works, just some of my rapid-fire stages, largely for my own review, might not even post anything. Mild weather, overcast until the match was done. Another disappointing turnout, only seven - used to get two or three dozen WTF?

    Need another Appleseed. Still struggling with NPoA and sling but maybe a little progress made - I try to get the sling high on the support arm but it usually slips down toward the elbow. With the current MRT sling, though, using both keepers, I may have addressed that problem. Strong-side elbow slips out from under, support arm gets fatigued and starts trembling even though I'm trying to relax it and let the sling and bones hold up the rifle.

    This time, due to the poor turnout, we took the time to record and patch sighters before shooting for score:

    The low flyer was the first shot, as expected; I know my own loads shoot lower than the GI M2 Ball I use at Lone Oak, though last time I chrono'd them they weren't that much slower. OTOH I can't recall having chrono'd M2 Ball lately and I'm only comparing to official figures.

    Slow prone, 181/2X:

    Not humiliating but I know I can do better. (Bear in mind, the black of an SR target at 200 yards is smaller than the width of the standard M1 front sight. And I use center hold all the time, slicing it in half.) Rapid prone - last time out I feathered the trigger, this time I remembered to follow through:

    But still pulled them high and right as I've been doing. Coulda been worse though, like rapid sitting:

    That sucked real bad. My gut is in the way, had trouble breathing in that position, couldn't get my elbows over my knees where they were supposed to go despite crossing my legs the other way as I learned at Appleseed. Also, while I deliberately went s l o w e r in rapid prone, I forgot to in sitting and pretty much blew the stage. Finally, slow standing:

    See that one low and right? You know that mental snapshot you take of your front sight at the moment of firing? That's exactly where my front sight was. There's nothing wrong with the rifle. Or my cartridges, which loaded and fed perfectly since I fixed the OAL problem with this batch. Final score 399/2X, 79.8%, awaiting official results.

    Regular shooter, and longtime #1-in-the-whole-country-for-CMP-JCG, Mr. R, showed up late with news that his friend Mr. E., another regular and usually very highly ranked (he was the one who gave me that tip about turning down a scope's magnification for offhand), is hospitalized with some kind of infection. 8( We all signed a get-well card for him.

    Stopped at the show after - nuthin'. Couldn't even find a sack of .45ACP brass. One table had a small one, but with Small primer pockets, and two bags of .45GAP. Also, lots of empty tables, likely due to other shows in the region.
    3317 Sunday, 15 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    This is why I hate driving... less than any other job I've ever had. There's a lot less breathing down one's neck.

    Which is not to say I don't hate it.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Michael G. sends official discrimination, and further evidence of the death of the rule of law, when "law" is whatever any bigoted bureaucrat or badged thug says it is.

    Meanwhile in Orwellia....

    And prohibition marches on.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    For the slang-challenged, InternetSlang.com. Y U NO NDRSTND WHT I TXT U?

    No, I can't. I'm giving up on Weber's War Maid's Choice, and by extension the whole War Gods series, it's just too cluttered. Six pages of thought processes and backstory for one paragraph of dialogue? No. Beginning Van Name's No Going Back, fifth in the Jon and Lobo series. -Toward which criticisms can also be leveled, like Machine Emo (although certain revelations in the last volume might raise doubts about "machine"), but at least something happens.

    Thoughts on drum magazines.

    In backed-up email, EuroReader E. sends a bit of Swiss history, explaining:
    "On 9th July 1386 there was a rather unknown battle here in Switzerland between the first Swiss federal states and the Habsburger's. (Guess what it was about: tax collection.) Curious enough the Swiss did win despite being numerically inferior (about 5000 versus 8000) and being armed substandard (light infantry versus a mixed group including heavy cavalry). To celebrate the event our sword fighting group tried the forced march that was undertaken by the Swiss prior to the battle. And we made it!! About 48 kilometers through the night in historical costumes including weapons.... We started Sunday night around 6:00pm and arrived Monday morning around 6:15am."

    Contemplating upcoming matches. Bowling pins at Wolverton on the 21st - haven't done that for years, and it's not as exciting as IPSC, but the gunbelt might be finished by then. Can I afford to drive up there? 3-Gun on the 22nd - I want to get video but am not ready to shoot, and again can I afford the fuel? Besides I have a leaky tire I need to get addressed tomorrow, which I won't be working yet again due to low package numbers, don't know what that will cost; and besides there's the small OAC show on the 22nd. 4 August, Lone Oak Garands - that one issues M2 Ball so it conserves the stuff I made. Appleseed that weekend too but I'd rather put more numbers into the CMP system. 11 August, the Chet Plotner match, named for the last surviving founding member of my old club - awaiting course-of-fire info so I can plan, I'll want a bench session with the M100 first. I might be using some 150gr Hornady FMJBT I made three years ago, if I can get it to group, otherwise I'll have to make more Noslers like I used last time. Handgun-only IPSC(-style) again on 26 August; and the big museum-quality OAC show both days that weekend.

    ...Comes word the Plotner will be two matches in one, metallic sights and scope, both at 100/200/300 yards, ten rounds each, presumably all prone, presumably some sighters before. So that's 35+ rounds for the M1 and M100. If the 300yd line gets reopened in time I will need to go up there some Sunday and get my sight settings back. I have plenty for the Queen, and... enough I think, for la Infanta, if they group.

    Aurora, Part XXVII, is beginning to flow. -Van Name puts a lot of flavor into the worlds he creates, particularly in technology. Thought-provoking. I've said, SF authors trying to predict future technologies usually shoot low.

    3318 Monday, 16 July 2012: Zzz.

    The World Sucks

    BAH I say

    Project Gunwalker....

    Quote o' the Day: "Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."

    And that's why they hate the Constitution and anyone who loves it. "Just because you legally possess a gun in the sanctity of your locked home doesn't mean that we're not going to walk into that home and check to see if you're being responsible and safe in the way that you conduct your affairs," [California Attorney General Kamala] Harris said. Anyone who does deserves to be shot dead on the threshold.

    Unfortunately it's the other way around. All cops are murderers. That's why they're cops. -"You getting this, Mister Police Man, or are you going to be surprised when folks start shooting you on sight?"

    Karma takes too long. The threats to public safety need to be removed now.


    Visual Aid o' the Day.

    Why would anyone want to go to the Olympics anymore? For what?

    In Lighter News

    EvilWoman sends KITTEHS

    I am instinctively distrustful of any law enforcement officer, anywhere, under any circumstances. But.

    Hm, Aurora, Part XXVII, nearing readiness for posting. Bits of it had already been done, I had to fill in the blanks while keeping the larger picture in mind. The Muse, she comes and she goes, months at a time. I can never remember if it was Asimov or Ellison who said "Writer's block is the rule, not the exception." Yeah okay, here it is (subject to further unannounced polishing as 26 has been these last several days).

    Not least because a certain tire shop has free WiFi (which allows torrents!), and said tire shop fixed the puncture at no charge, which is a very good deal for me. So while I was sitting there waiting and torrenting, I'd had the foresight to copy the .HTML file to a USB device so I could poke at it on Petze. During which I also discovered that Ubuntu Linux's Gedit text editor, like CuteHTML I use on AwesomeBox in Windows, goes color-coded when it recognizes HTML, which helps with editing and visualization. But not all is Lighter, the front tires will need replacement $oon. OTOH the other tire shop, a bit scruffy-lookin', was a lot cheaper. I'll have to get an estimate after work (and pay) tomorrow.

    Gunbelt is done! Click 'em:

  • 1¾" belt blank from local Tandy Leather store, $11.
  • Keeper and buckle from another, flimsier 1¾" belt I already had, $free.
  • Three Uncle Mike's Kydex two-place magazine carriers, about $15 each.
  • Uncle Mike's Kydex holster, $20.
  • Adapter to convert paddle holster to belt loop, $10.
  • Screwposts I already had from a previous leatherworking project, to lock pieces in place, $free.
  • Pennies for washers so the screwposts wouldn't slip out of the belt loop slots, $inconsequential.
  • Dremel for drilling holes in pennies, $already had for years.
  • Leather punch tool from previous project, $ditto.

    Now I have to figure out how to wear it, low on the hips or high on the waist. The low way has the advantage of not giving me an appendectomy-by-magazine-floorplate, the high, less movement of the holster while drawing. Furthermore the inexpensive belt blank is quite thin and I really should have a thicker one for less flex, so I might be doing it all over again in future - but now I know how.

    3319 Tuesday, 17 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Back to the hippies. The gay bar was vastly less hackles-raising than the police precinct.


    "Law" is whatever some thug with a badge, or even without one, says it is.

    Knoxville GRE points out more bigotry and double standards.

    Unpossible! Canada has gun control!!

    I suppose I should consider myself fortunate that my job can't get outsourced overseas?

    Robb Allen has the Olympics Rant o' the Bi-Annual Cycle. I will not be watching. And I feel a touch of pity and a touch of disgust for any American athletes who put themselves through the mill to participate. FOR WHAT?

    It is no longer hyperbole to state that police in this country are kicking down the wrong door, murdering innocent citizens inside, and getting away with it. It is no longer paranoia to feel in fear for one's life at the mere sight of a police officer. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST and their creation was one of the deadliest mistakes in human history.

    In Lighter News

    Reader sends Cat has been mayor of Alaska town for 15 years. First comment: "Finally, an elected official who can be trusted."


    Atlas Shrugged movie Part 2? Being worked on.

    3320 Wednesday, 18 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    The witch hunt continues....

    More yet on murderers with badges.

    And on double standards. Because that "EQVAL JVSTICE VNDER LAW" thingy is just silly.

    Oleg brings the Visual Aid o' the Day.

    Thought-Provacateur o' the Day. (Yeah you kinda hafta do the archive grind, not that there's anything wrong with that.)

    In Lighter News

    Your very own personal tiltrotor? U can ha$.

    Several times I've postulated a VolksGewehr or VolksPistole, of which the FP45 Liberator is perhaps the most-recognized example, though my own concept is meant for meaningful durability and accuracy. Innnnteresting.

    MEU(SOC) pistol selected. First thought: 101 years and the Marines are still buying new ones All Hail Saint John. Second Thought: Coulda done bunches better for the taxpayers....

    I am probably going to need some way to secure the new gunbelt so it doesn't slide up to my armpits when I try to pull a magazine from the Kydex. Of course before I figured on making my own I was figuring on buying one of the velcro under/overbelt $ets. The idea still being to put it on and take it off with a minimum of effort. Perhaps velcro cable-ties, like for bundling computer cords, to fix the gunbelt to the trouser belt I'm going to be wearing anyway - but that would limit the high-vs-low options for positioning said belt. OTOH the one I couldn't afford to buy was going to be positioned relative to a belt going through belt loops anyway. I'll see what I can find cheap next time I'm in an electronics department.

    3321 Thursday, 19 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Meanwhile in the rent debacle, the money-order-outfit's automated phone thing says a refund is on the way, likely minus fifteen dollars for processing. And I have most of next month's set aside, so I should be okay. But poopy, can't get ahead. Now I'm going to have an added expense for certified mail so I know it gets there? -That's like, what was it, UPS refusing to ship firearms except by their most expensive method because they can't keep their own employees from stealing them? Now apparently the USPS employees simply lost last month's rent but the principle is similar as I see it, me having to pay for someone else's incompetence.

    Project Gunwalker. Rule of thug, not rule of law.

    And let's not lose perspective here. I have no sympathy for any employee of BATFE, "whistleblower" or not. These are the same guys who are perfectly fine with stomping kittens to death. Do not lose sight of the proven fact that they are all monsters by nature, even if some of them seem to be on our side at the moment.

    It's all related: Regarding the Leesburg Murder, reader sends, "Brown, a former Groveland Police Officer, was arrested several hours later...." So the guy they were actually looking for when they murdered an innocent citizen in his own home was actually one of their own kind. I have been telling you who the real threats to public safety are.

    Not quite Lighter: SMLE Fan & Codrea have the Ideological Purity o' the Day. I have been telling you, it's a human right. Anyone who requires their permission to exercise it is evil.

    In Lighter News

    Um, really light load, done really early? OTOH that means I don't get paid as much.

    3322 Friday, Moon Day, 20 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    The gunblogosphere is abuzz about the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Match, halfway down the state from the urban cesspit in which I live. Tam did the tourist thing. Well, today I was filling in for another driver in downtown again, and one stop was in the high-rise above the underground mall-and-food-court. I had to use the restroom and I knew there would be one there.

    There was a security guard at the entrance. Even went inside to check the stalls. For... what?

    Is this what America has come to?

    Beslan, Mumbai, Colorado. It was only a matter of time. And what are our "protectors" doing about it? Guaranteeing that the next batch of victims will be defenseless.


    Speaking of "protectors" - Mark L. Van Name's No Going Back, Baen 2012, page 165: "...Try to remember the simple things. If they shoot you, they're not on your side."

    This is why socio-economic collapse is possible even here in America. Filthy tax-eaters....
    (I see someone is rebooting the Mad Max story. Why do I instinctively fear the result?)
    (But heck, I quit going to movie theaters years ago....)

    In Lighter News

    Speaking of the Midnight 3-Gun, for HatCam!!! I've been using the fifty-fiat-Funai I picked up a few moons ago. And it has a night-vision mode with IR lamp. Probably won't reach far enough to matter but it'd be fun finding out....

    Oh, and the archive of Guns and American Handgunner .PDFs has been updated.

    3323 Saturday, 21 July 2012: Zzz....

    The World Sucks

    Not bothering with Wolverton pins today or 3-Gun tomorrow, pooped and fuel is still expensive.


    Innocent blood is as much on the theater's hands as on the killer's.

    And the media is reaching for its share.

    The timing is so convenient for the enemy, one really has to wonder. Seriously for the past year and a half we've been watching a mountain of evidence accumulate indicating that the top law enforcement officer in the country deliberately enabled mass murder to fabricate an excuse to infringe on natural human rights. It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    Codrea reminds us that more is at stake than just our favorite amendment. As another gunblogger often says, "Anti-freedom, not anti-gun."

    Visual Aids o' the Day.

    In Lighter News

    "Prius Butter" LOL

    3324 Sunday, 22 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. See also. Not Lighter due to content: Opening with Ted Nugent on the Colorado murders, to the effect of "People have been trained, brainwashed, to call 911." -I still have reservations toward The Nuge due to his association with law enforcement, but that one bit resonates. -Did I hear that right? Whatshisname was running up the score in that theater for TWENTY MINUTES and nobody even threw an overpriced soda at him? Can't fight back is one thing. Won't is just sick.

    Visual aid.

    Then radio news, the United States Marine Corps is introducing "Law Enforcement Battalions". There are so many ways for that to be extraordinarily bad, for all sides....

    Speaking of, heads-up from a chatroom Elf, Stossel may have mentioned the Leesburg Murder in his latest episode, I'll have to wait for the Almighty Internets to provide.

    Speaking of the Almighty Internets providing, "...I've seen my last movie in a theater."

    SMLE Fan also weighs in. Or as someone once said, "Every time there's a shooting, they want to take the guns away from everyone who didn't do it."

    A reasonable person must seriously wonder.

    Meanwhile in Georgia, unstable freak in black robes rules on something the plaintiffs didn't even claim.

    And F*** THE AIRLINES.

    Since I like to at least think of myself as a decent human being who doesn't dance in the blood of the innocent, I don't usually link items like this one (though there are plenty...), but "Of course given that this is a COP in New York, he’ll eventually get his gun and his job back for this mistake... if he didn’t have the badge he’d be skewed for life." Does that seem right to you?

    I have found myself in this position many a time. If you have any money to spare....

    In Lighter News

    The difference between Communism and Capitalism, illustrated.

    Bullet-casting tip from a chatroom Elf: Block of wood under the pot, to rest the mold on during a pour. For the big multi-cavity molds which can fatigue one's arms. Some models of pot have a sliding platform for that purpose, but a block of scrap wood means you don't have to buy another pot. Remember your local builder's supply store usually has a "FREE WOOD" bin out front, hit it on the way home from work some time.

    $igh. That same M625 in .45 Colt, 6" ported, still $895. And, blued M29, also pre-Zit, 5" yes five inch, unfluted cylinder, $850. (Both full lug.) $IGH.

    3325 Monday, 23 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Yet another Monday off work.

    At least the rent-money-order refund came, minus fifteen dollars processing. >:-[

    Codrea Examines Newspeak. Somewhere between psychotic wishful thinking and outright lies with evil intent.

    EuroReader M. sends protestors storm police station in Anaheim, CA. (Video.) More people are correctly identifying the real threats to public safety. How long until there's a(nother...) real massacre? In the name of "officer safety"?

    And then Workman has "Feinstein may need to temper her rhetoric that semi-auto rifles are designed only for killing lots of people because someone is bound to ask her why, then, are growing numbers of police patrol officers carrying them? Are the cops planning to kill a bunch of citizens?" Workman asks the question as though it were ridiculous, to make Feinstein seem likewise, but the question is increasingly valid. Horiuchi? Danziger Bridge? Mehserle? Harless? Leesburg? The question is more valid than blinders-wearing "conserrrrvative" pundits who "Support Law Enforcement" want to contemplate.

    To which can be added more on the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalions. Glad I'm not the only one to raise a hackle over it.

    Meanwhile in the place where Great Britain used to be....

    Not funny. Government only knows how to steal.

    In Lighter News

    More on the MEU(SOC) pistol. Doing some basic math from numbers in the article, coulda done bunches better for the taxpayers. >:-[

    Speaking of.

    Not sure if Lighter, but Authentic: Guns & Coffee blogs his deployment to Afghanistan.

    Finished No Going Back. Won't be giving up on that series like I did Weber's War Gods. Next is... Armored, anthology recommended on some gunblog or other moons ago, Baen of course, stories in the vein of Starship Troopers. From the foreword by Orson Scott Card, "What propels these tin cans forward are the men inside; shields, mail, suits of armor, tanks, and other personal enhancements are merely decorative until the will of a human being causes them to move close enough to an enemy for the contest to begin."

    3326 Tuesday, 24 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    MAKE WAY FOR THE KING: The Narcissist-in-Chief is visiting today. There was concern at the hub this morning, as we were sorting our loads, about being stuck in traffic disruptions caused by the High Narcissist. I had a light load and was done in record time, back at the hovel two hours before the VC-25 arrived. But then, as I'm halfway through my three-dollar supermarket salad, comes an on-demand run across the river to Vancouver. As I'm eastbound on US14, just the other side of the river from the runway, I see Air Force One on approach.

    I still didn't get stuck in anything, but I was passing a particular surplus store and pawn shop on the way back and stopped to browse, hoping for something resembling a shooting jacket (nope). Then, on the way back to the hovel on surface streets, Portland Police were seen blocking freeway onramps and parking alongside overpasses. To what end? Do they seriously think someone's going to pull a Stinger out of their minivan? Or are they just sticking it to the peasants on principle?

    A reasonable person has to seriously wonder.

    More on Anaheim. In yesterday's list of murder-by-badge I somehow forgot Erik Scott and Jose Guerena. Watching the video, you'd think it was Iran, or Syria, or Tianenmen Square, but these monsters are here, and perverted enough to wear an American flag on their uniforms. It's not paranoia if they really are shooting into a crowd of unarmed women and children.

    Yeah, that's why you became a cop. That's what makes you proud to wear that uniform. And you STILL think YOU'RE the GOOD guys.

    Speaking of cops, Bloomberg drops his mask. It's NEVER been about "safety". It's always been about CONTROL.

    Also, more hackles raised by the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalions. "First to fight for right and freedom/And to keep our honor clean"? While the kind of... things someone wants to turn you into, are murdering your brother?

    To which can be added, our troops sacrifice and endure hardships and risk their very lives to defend a government which treats them like animals? So what's the motivation to enlist or reenlist? And then the best people don't anymore and we get a downward spiral....

    Not to forget the sadistic perverts of TSA, displaying callous disregard for human life.

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Hey guess what! Genocidal hatemongers prefer unarmed victims! Who'd'a thunk it?

    UN Arms Trade Treaty....

    Witch hunt....

    Astute Observation o' the Day.

    In Lighter News

    Progress? With recent news out of Leesburg and Anaheim, it sounds like a massacre waiting to happen. I do not oppose Open Carry. I am an absolutist regarding the right to keep and bear arms. I'm not one of those so-called Second Amendment supporters who pees himself every time someone actually exercises that right. I wish the Open Carry activists all the success in the world. I would send them money to support their cause if I had any. I'm just saying, recognize the enemy. Take off the blinders.

    Correia brings out his knives again.

    Saint John strikes again. Add this story to the MEU(SOC) pistol from last week. That's a 101- and a 91-year-old design still in front line use with the last superpower because no one can come up with anything better.

    Despite all of this, all the suckage and perversion and official sadism, America is still the best country in the history of countries. -I read that post with a rather spoiled stray kitteh in my lap, turning her nose up at fresh national-brand gooshyfood and demanding a share of my brown sugar beef jerky.

    3327 Wednesday, 25 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Another day in hippieville. Standing at the entrance to a secure building, waiting for the intercom to answer, I'm accosted by a panhandler. Interfering with my work. Then I'm in an elevator and a hippie - who rode up on a bicycle with a cupholder on his handlebars for his gourmet coffee I kid you not I shoulda got a picture - selects the third floor. The elevator arrives on the third floor and he just stands there a moment, then presses 3 again.

    Gods, how I hate this city.

    Reasonable people must seriously wonder....


    Unexpected Source o' the Day: "If wide-spread private gun ownership equalled mass murder, Lucerne and Zurich would be running in blood." Which is what we've been saying but to hear someone from there say it is a bit of a shock.

    Meanwhile at MiniTru....

    Speaking of government making stuff up, Codrea has more on the Reese witch trial.

    As SMLE Fan observed yesterday, You say "police on strike" like it's a bad thing.

    You shot into a crowd of unarmed women and children and let a vicious attack dog loose on a baby in a stroller. You can't spin that.

    Narcissist-in-Chief.... -I live near the Portland International Airport, which also includes an Air National Guard base. One doesn't usually see Globemasters here - they fly Eagles, and occasionally a Falcon or Hornet stops by on their way to somewhere else. The day before the visit a C-17 landed here, and today, the day after, I saw it taking off. Full of arugula and teleprompters? At taxpayer expense?

    If you have any money to spare....

    In Lighter News


    Primer storage tip.

    Progress in Maryland? With implications. I repeat, permits are infringement and anyone who requires them is evil.

    3328 Thursday, 26 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Aaaand there it is. “Obama told the National Urban League here that he believes a lot of gun owners would agree that ‘AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers,’ not civilians on American streets....” Which is why the cops are all driving around with ARs now? "That busload of kindergarteners had it coming! They were a threat to officer safety!"

    There is no such thing as a good cop. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST. They are worse than anything they claim to be "protecting" us from.

    “The [Arms Trade Treaty] is, in essence, an attempt by the rest of the world to impose their view of civilian firearms ownership on us, and negate the Second Amendment....” The rest of the world is wrong.

    Yeah, it's like that. (Language warning.) I believe this government is capable of ANYTHING.

    Michael Savage famously coined the phrase, "Liberalism is a mental disorder." He suffers one of his own.

    Illustrative Quote o' the Day: "If Muslims believe gays should be killed, that’s OK, but if Christians believe marriage should be limited to the opposite sex, that’s bigotry."

    I hate going to the supermarket....

    In Lighter News

    EuroReader M. sends encore l'Prohibition FAIL. Because FABBERS!

    You know those stories of 19th Century generals getting their horses shot out from under them? You know that line in Mel Gibson's movie, We Were Soldiers, "Welcome to the new cavalry - this will be your horse"? Random Awesome o' the Day.

    The Almighty Internets Shall Provide. A few years ago I found, at a BigLots store, a wireless keyboard-and-mouse bundle for $25. They don't get much use but do allow me to control VLC for movies, or type when the Muse strikes, from three meters away so I don't have to get out of bed. Then Michael G. sent me Petze and the mouse started getting a lot more use, as I typically stop at a library after my route to recharge the laptop battery while typing my report and downloading (or uploading) some honking huge file with Other People's Bandwidth. Then I stay a while to capture FLVs of the various YouTubes I thought I wanted to see, but didn't have the bandwidth for, during the previous evening's blogtrawl, having emailed the URLs to my webmail. So I've been carrying the mouse in the backpack I found at the second-hand store for five bucks, while hiking through the metered-parking area I don't want to pay for, having parked outside it, to make deliveries. Eventually the mouse's scroll wheel broke, though it still works as a third button to open links in new tabs and such. AN-Y-HOW, DailySteals has assorted stuff every twenty-four hours, most of which I either can't afford or have no use for, usually the latter. But last night when they updated at 2100PT, they had a Microsoft wireless mouse for $9.98 shipped, with a dongle which snaps into the body and, according to the description, shuts off the mouse when so stored, saving battery life. Which except for the side buttons (forward and back in browsers), which the old slightly-broken one has but this doesn't, is very much what I wanted. Now (or when it gets here) I can leave the old mouse, and its dongle, at the hovel all the time, and put the new mouse in the laptop/courier bag all the time and not get to the library to discover I forgot to pack it that morning so I have to fuss with the touchpad which gets cranky when Petze's chassis heats up in extended use. Yay Internets!

    3329 Friday, 27 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Rough day. 81 packages, 60 locations, 88 miles, 10 hours counting the typing, much pavement pounded to prevent paying for parking which I can't bloody afford anyway. New shoes though, donated by a friend of EvilWoman, they got me through the day. It's bacon time.

    Encore l'MiniTru....

    Meanwhile with the prohibitionists, how is this not armed robbery under color of law? Or this either? I know, I shouldn't expect the thugs to follow their own rules. Which means we have no incentive to follow them either.

    Speaking of not following their own rules, Unstable Freaks in Black Robes, Chapter MMMCCCXXIX.

    Meanwhile in the Reese witch trial, the real threats to public safety. Everywhere, all the time. As I have been telling you.

    The war on shooting ranges....

    Where we're headed....

    Two candidates for Quote o' the Day: "Quoting the President of the United States is racist" or "This guy makes Richard Nixon look like George Washington."

    Succinct Visual Aid o' the Day.


    In Lighter News

    Arms Trade Treaty?

    Moar Prohibition FAIL


    3330 Saturday, 28 July 2012: ZZZ.

    The World Sucks

    I believe this government is capable of ANYTHING. In small things as well as large.

    Prohibition doesn't bloody work. For its stated goal....

    I may not be taking exactly the same lessons from this incident as the poster intends.

    Because I know who the real threat to public safety is.

    In Lighter News

    Ray of hope.

    Okay, I'm still nowhere near real military condition, but I have been getting some PT. Walking the shoes right off my feet, I've been. -In fact, while getting fuel for Shambling Wrecktm today, I stopped at a second-hand store and found a Rubbermaid 2-liter canteen, with case and sling, for three and a half bucks, in surprisingly good shape. The kind of civilian thing that will draw less attention than military surplus when you're out training.

    3331 Sunday, 29 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Oh look, another "Conserrrvative" sells us out. (Words mean things....) Remember, VOTE for ROMNEY so he can appoint CONSERRRVATIVES to the SUPREME COURT. >:-[

    Seriously, you have to wonder.

    'When someone says "There ought to be a law!" they're saying they're willing to send [the] police to kill you, if necessary, to force you to do what they want.'

    Visual aid....

    It's not about "health" or "safety" or "fairness" or anything they ever CLAIM it's about. IT'S ABOUT TOTAL CONTROL.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention....

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. -Kimberly Rhode wins Gold again, naturally. And that's about all I care for the Olympics anymore. Unless they'd, like, do a remake.

    Or a reboot.

    Ringo's latest Kildar, Tiger by the Tail, and Correia's Monster Hunter: Legion, are in my library hold queue squeee.

    3332 Monday, 30 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Moderate load, but when I was done I stopped at a library parking lot - they're closed Mondays now, remember - to use their WiFi to webmail my report. And now they shut down the WiFi on Mondays too. Grump!

    Reese witch trial....

    Encore l'buying frenzy.... Got paid this morning, going to Bi-Mart tomorrow to see if I won a bag of chips with my membership number, going to buy another brick of primers and/or pound of powder. Going to.

    Because I believe this government is capable of ANYTHING.

    "Where there are sheep, wolves will always thrive." Any infringement upon the natural human right of self-defense is unforgiveably evil. Anyone who demands or passes or enforces any law infringing that right is guilty of crimes against humanity. I'd pull the lever on their gallows myself.


    Dr. Pournelle posts some suckage, on the Olympics and, via fellow SF author Michael Flynn, this bit: “If Al Gore reaches more people and convinces the world that global warming is real, even if he does it through exaggeration and distortion – which he does, but he’s very effective at it – then let him fly any plane he wants.” – Richard Muller, 2008. And that's the Other Side. So convinced of their moral superiority they are not capable of seeing the pyramids of skulls they stand on. So indoctrinated that theirs is the Only Right Way, that their desired ends justify any means. (Click through on that last link to get the poop scared out of you. Iran, Syria, Tianenmen, Anaheim?)

    In Lighter News

    Again contemplating upcoming matches. CMP Garands this Saturday, and my sister might be daytripping down to spectate; Plotner long-range match next weekend, in which I could shoot both the Queen and la Infanta, but I think I'll only go with the latter. The M100 has a Bold trigger installed and I'm beginning to believe the Queen's trigger is causing flinches. Hmm.

    3333 Tuesday, 31 July 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Yeah. It's like that.

    And like this too.

    More Project Gunwalker. ...So they've selected a handful of scapegoats for a public auto-da-fe and the actual baby-burning kitten-stomping mass-murderers-with-badges are still pulling down their tax-funded salaries.


    Race War.... My side's not starting it.

    Not long ago SMLE Fan asked, "What are we paying for here?" Are we funding our own slavery?

    (By the way, I seem to recall Larry Niven writing about flash mobs - "floating riots" - like, forty or fifty years ago....)

    Everything they do is WRONG. And they are not capable of imagining they are other than right.

    Speaking of crimes against humanity....

    The nuts and bolts of guerilla warfare. Someone is in for a rude awakening....

    In Lighter News

    Libertarianism o' the Day. And I'm not even a music person.

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