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3273 Friday, 1 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Yesterday the forecast was cloudy but warm. Instead, rain. Today, no rain, not particularly hot, but the kind of muggyness which sucks the soul from the body.

Project Gunwalker....

There is no non-evil reason to infringe.

There is no non-evil reason to register.

There is no non-evil reason.

Example: "One recent news magazine's investigation revealed widespread misogyny among the city's senior police officers, many of whom said the crimes were the fault of the victims."

Because they hate you and want you to die.

Self-destructive Jews, Chapter MMMCCLXXIII. It's difficult to have sympathy for people who are lining up to be lampshades.

Can we just nuke New York already?

I really don't feel like spending any more money at Brownell's.

In Lighter News

SPAAAAACCEE EEEEXXXXX ("We did not develop the airlines by having the FAA build and operate freight and passenger airlines.")

As Col. Cooper said, "Fight back! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back!"

Cure for paralysis? Working on it.

Wednesday, the enormous load, Petze's battery was exhausted checking and re-sorting the load. I have an AC converter for Shambling Wrecktm's lighter socket but it only does so much. While getting the money order for the rent at the supermarket, I noticed the CoinStar machine flashing advertisements for no-fee gift cards, including Amazon, which is where I got Petze's regular AC adapter and optical drive, and which has spare batteries and everydamnotherthing. Because internet!

3274 Saturday, 2 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Gunwalker. And BAH.

Michael G. sends a reminder of the murder of Erik Scott. Whose murderers, as usual, got paid vacation and a pat on the back from their fellow professional sadists.

Via a VCDL alert, a supposed "pro-gun advocate" will be the defense lawyer for Officer Daniel Wayne Harmon-Wright, who murdered an innocent woman for the "crime" of not licking his boots.

Anyone else getting tired of being scolded by the most blatant hypocrites in human history?

Speaking of hypocrisy, Codrea passes on the Visual Aid o' the Day.

Terrified yet?

In Lighter News

MidwestReader sends yet another sight option, for Appleseeds or otherwise. Also reviewed.

SpaceX... and competitor, hooaah.

Stage Two of last weekend's IPSC(-style) is processed, awaiting bandwidth. Probably Monday afternoon. Poking at Stage Three.

Military '06 swaged, accumulating gumption to begin 12 gauge load redevelopment. Choosing Remington low-base black plastic, some fresh factory once-fired from the function testing, others from the box I grabbed at Wolverton. Some has a 6-fold crimp, others 8; some has a nickel-plated base, others brass (presumably brass-plated steel judging by the rust on the ones I threw out). Inside they all look close enough to each other. Figuring on 21-ish grains of Unique, 1-1/8oz shot (all I have at present is #6), whatever #209 primer happens to be on sale (I'm leaning toward Winchester based on their perfect performance in every metallic cartridge I've ever handloaded), and I'm not sure about the wad yet, gotta hit the books again.

3275 Sunday, 3 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Unpossible! Canada has gun control! Aaaand they'll be taking the few remaining "legal" guns away from everyone who didn't do it.

Prohibition. Make up a new "law", enforce it, use the inevitable "law"breakers as an excuse to pass more "laws", and so on.

Speaking of "laws": "The [National Recovery Administration] was discovering it could not enforce its rules. Black markets grew up. Only the most violent police methods could procure enforcement. In Sidney Hillman’s garment industry the code authority employed enforcement police. They roamed through the garment district like storm troopers. They could enter a man’s factory, send him out, line up his employees, subject them to minute interrogation, take over his books on the instant. Night work was forbidden. Flying squadrons of these private coat-and-suit police went through the district at night, battering down doors with axes looking for men who were committing the crime of sewing together a pair of pants at night. But without these harsh methods many code authorities said there could be no compliance because the public was not back of it." Sure, that was eighty years ago, but look around. As usual, the powers-that-be have grasped the wrong end of the equation, never for a moment imagining that what they are doing is WRONG.

Speaking of WRONG, meanwhile in Australia. (Once again, life imitates art.)

Similarly, "Britain is a country rotting from the inside."

In Lighter News

Interesting, according to the latest Midway flyer- you remember the Bianchi Speed Strip? Simple molded rubber, holds six .38/.357 rounds? Stores flatter than a conventional speedloader? I may have mentioned this before, but Tuff Products is now offering several models from a 10-round .22/.17 rimfire to a 6-round 12 gauge. Hmm.

Michael G. sends Berdan primer information, also suggesting an alternate depriming method: hydraulic. I'd read about it before, in the tips in the back of the Dixie Gun Works catalog, but Michael suggests using the expander ball of a conventional sizer/decapper die - presumably with the pin removed to prevent damage - to make a tighter fit for better hydraulic pressure. (Recall a few days ago when I was sizing '06 and my sizers were damaged; I had to use a three-die setup, the Lee Universal for decapping (which has to be in the Load Master's first station to catch the spent primers), a well-lubed sizer in the second station, and a .308 sizer, mounted high, for mouth-expanding only in the third station.) I might perform an experiment. For Science.

According to the books, I can make a 12 gauge load with 1-1/8oz shot in a cheap Remington plastic hull - if I've identified the hull correctly - with 21.5gr Unique and a WAA12 wad, which Bi-Mart has in stock. I can probably drop the powder charge to 20.0gr, why not. I have some Federal 12S0 wads but they're for 1oz or 7/8oz - hm, I'll have to buy some WAA12 and make a few test batches. These will be for racing, in 3-Gun, so I'm less concerned with terminal performance and patterning than with reliable function. Reckon I'll need more primers too. The WT12 wad is cheaper per unit but I haven't found data for it to match my other components yet. The idea is to make a lighter load which will still function in the 102-year-old M11 without beating either it or me up. And will still knock over a steel plate at ten meters or so. But damn, I'd need at least $200 more gear to be competitive - magazine extension, shell caddies, proper belt.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Late because


Learning experience. Didn't get any video, small turnout, therefore only one relay, therefore no one to work the pits, therefore no slack time to set up my cameras. Got a few stills though, might do a slideshow. And commentary. On the learning.

3276 Monday, 4 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Big load, including filling-in in an area to which I am unaccustomed. Made deadline though, not least thanks to the laptop Michael G. donated, with which I can get a top-down, all-at-once view of my stops and drag them around in webmaps.

And I have found this to be true. Remember I have to get out of the car and walk, twenty or more blocks, every day. Grump.

Project Gunwalker. “These people are petrified of their own government and won’t open their mouths.”


They hate you and want you to die.... Or as my email sig says, Oppressive Regimes Prefer Unarmed Subjects.

Vote as you're told or get brutalized. This is why they don't want us to have guns - they know they deserve to get shot in righteous self-defense.

But they think they're the GOOD guys.

In Lighter News

National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day, June 9th. For example.

Stage Three of IPSC(-style) from the 26th is processed and online, as is Stage Two. (See also Stage One.) Beginning work on Stage Four. The slideshow-and-commentary from yesterday's Garand match is scripted and the voiceover is recorded, now I have to hunt down a bunch of stills from previous matches as filler also online.

Finished Correia & Kupari's Dead Six, yum. I read somewhere it's the beginning of a series. Beginning, finally, Bracken's EFAD.

3277 Tuesday, 5 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Epic hypocrisy....

As usual, the real racists blame everyone who didn't do it, and piddle on everyone else's carpet too.

"...[I]n the middle of the Great Recession, more firearms are sold in increasing quantities every month FOR THE PAST THREE AND A HALF YEARS...." I'm glad some people are paying attention. Me, I'm sufficiently armed I think (true battle rifle, precision-rifle-in-progress, Most Proven Pistol Evar, and thanks to the Almighty Internets (to which I try to give back) I already know my way around whatever I'm likely to pick up off a dead JBT), I'm spending what little money I can spare on ammunition and practice.

"Violent Criminal life is sacred, and peaceful lawful life is forfeit." I have been telling you they hate us and want us to die.

Well, at least this Marine didn't get shot. In the back. Yet.
...Note the comment guidelines: "4. Threats are treated seriously and reported to law enforcement." Who do you call for protection from the cops?


In Lighter News

Progress in Maryland, with implications.

Paging Wesley Mouch.... (ref)

PIG Match Saturday, 30 rounds, 7 minutes for each of three stages, plus not-limited sighters. How do I want to do this? The course of fire is 10 standing at a terrorist at 100 yards, then 10 prone at each of two terrorist/hostage targets at 200, which will be quite challenging for the Queen. From the club newsletter:

But I do have the M100, hmm. It's some work to move derelict computers away from DDRToD to access the Load Master, but not a bunch more work to install the .308 dies instead of the '06. I have a bunch of .308 brass already processed. Last time I worked with the M100, Sierra #2110 seemed to give the most encouraging results. Hornady #3037 is the only stuff I have on hand at present and I seem to recall it not being encouraging in the M100, but Bi-Mart stocks some Sierra and I go there every Tuesday to see if I won a digital camera or a bag of chips- I should be able to grab some #2110, 110gr JHP Varminter, no need to beat myself up with a heavier load. And I wisely 'blogged the load data from last time. Next question, where the heck did I leave the scope's adjustment three years ago? At least I still have my lens pen in the range bag. And I remember what Mr. E. told me, last time I tried to use the M100 in a match: to turn the magnification down (Tasco 2.5-10x) for the standing stage, so the wiggles won't be so amplified.

Nyah-hah! The Queen's name was obvious; I have in mind, $omeday, a plan for the Crown Princess, possibly FAL-based and more tactically-versatile; but I've just discovered the name for the M100. She's (probably) Spanish, after all.

...Orrrr I could dig through all those other MTM rifle cartridge boxes and discover moar already-loaded .308 rounds, including 40 with 150gr Noslers and 80-odd with Hornady FMJBT. I think I'll go with the Noslers. Ten for sighters should be enough, even at two distances.

$plurged anyway though, two pounds of BL-C(2), one tray of W209, one sack of WAA12. Shotshell redevelopment may now begin (got a fresh pound of Unique last week), and I have two lot-matched cans of my preferred rifle powder for SuddenEmergencyHandloading.

Next-next question: What for a sling for la Infanta? I have two MRT M1907-style. Infanta's Fajen synthetic stock has standard swivel studs. I found one QD 1¼" swivel and thought I had the second but can't find it. Although, technically, for a match, I only need the one, in front....

3278 Wednesday, 6 June 2012:


The World Sucks

I think I saw a micro-drone hovering over the west end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland this morning, about 0700. (For real.) Must get out of the city. It's not safe here. Unfortunately overcoming inertia to relocate takes a lot of money, and despite yesterday's ammunition expenditure I'm still living hand-to-mouth. Furthermore the only "safe" places to run to are in different time zones, such as.

Gunwalker.... (BAH)

Which side keeps calling for civility? They can't even resist roughing up each other. (Coincidentally there's a similar incident in the first few chapters of EFAD, though across the party line instead of within.) Take another look at this - the Free Stuff Army is preparing to attack, they have already resorted to violence of which this is but the latest reported.

Yet another revenuer on the way to work. What kind of creature do you have to be to want, to enjoy, to derive satisfaction from robbing people at gunpoint, people who have harmed no one, all day, every day? Well that question was answered just yesterday: 'Unfortunately "authority" positions tend to attract sociopaths. This is a fact; the person who is mentally unstable and seeking to show how "macho" he is will be attracted to a position that gives him a badge, a gun, and the "right" to abuse both.' POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST. The very concept of a police force is fundamentally unAmerican.

But they don't trust us.

Michael G. sends, suit filed against ATF over warrantless search and terrorized child. Also WoGged. Didn't I just ask what kind of creature?

The wrong animals are getting shot.

In Lighter News

Getting into Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Originally published 2003, the C-SPAN rhetoric is a bit dated, especially with Constitutional Carry restored in four states now, but still chilling. Private sale, folks. The 4473 is infringement too. Yes, that means you can't get the NewLimitedSpecialCommemorativeRemchesterSXDFX... but that's not what you're going to need.

3279 Thursday, 7 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Didn't see the drone this morning. HorribleSoakingRaaaaiiinn might have had something to do with that.

I suppose that drone has something to do with the fleet being in town for Rose Festival. But still, unAmerican. What the hell are the crews of those ships fighting for?

Light load, done very early.

I said EFAD was a little dated, but compare the premise - a fabricated massacre as an excuse to ram through unConstitutional legislation - to Project Gunwalker. Only the names change. All we want is to be left alone. The enemy wants total control, total power, and they don't care how many innocents they have to murder to get it.
"...[T]he operation, whose failure...." Oh it failed all right, just not the way we're supposed to believe.

Your Tax Dollars At Work, maiming children.

So much for that First Amendment thingy. And the difference between this and Orwell's MiniTru is...? Helluva thing to be reading about while I'm also reading EFAD.

And the professional sadists don't care whose door they kick. They're only in it for the kicking. POLICE ARE TOO DANGEROUS TO EXIST.

In Lighter News

Korean M1s....

A few hours after my regular route, I got an on-demand call. Just as I was done with it and getting ready to go back to the hovel, I see, right across the street, a skate shop. MidwestReader and I have been e-discussing solutions for the ExtraSuperSlippery standard 10/22 buttplate. Skateboard tape comes in 9" or 10" widths and is sold by the foot, $2-$3 per foot. Difficult to cut, it would wreck scissors, the shop used a box knife. Sticks real good, on both sides, you know what I mean. Next time I do an Appleseed the LTR will not slip off my shoulder. A single foot-long section is probably enough for at least 20 LTRs, you only need about 1x4". Maybe I'll chop some up ahead of time to hand out at Appleseed.

Stage Four of IPSC from the 26th is processed and awaiting bandwidth, as are the awards, which is a simple snip job. Now I'm scripting a Reloading Tutorial for the Load-All II, since I'll be making 12 gauge test loads presently.

Preparing for the PIG Saturday. Borrowing the 1" M1907-style sling from the LTR for la Infanta, rather than mess with the 1¼" or hunt for the other swivel. ...Though I'll be packing one of the MRTs, with that single swivel, just in case.

3280 Friday, 8 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Downtown again. Only four stops though, filling in for two other drivers on a very light workday. The most annoying part was waiting for a place to open.

And Monday off, yet again.

More Project Gunwalker....

Government schools should never have been created. Burn them down now. For the children.

Who the hell watches the Olympics anymore? Why even go?

"Only an idiot calls the police if he doesn't have to."

Because cops hate citizens and want them to die. They know, they publicly admit they're not capable of "serving and protecting" as they're being paid to do, yet they continue to deny us, under threat of uniformed robbery and kidnapping, the means and the right to defend ourselves. ...Against robbery and kidnapping are you connecting the dots?

Aaaaand next week we'll have cops deploying cell jammers everywhere, all the time, and shooting anyone with a smartphone on sight, in the name of "officer safety".

Too dangerous to exist. The police are supposed to "protect and serve", the military are supposed to kill people and break things. THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE and one of them admits they have NO REASON TO EXIST.

Apparently there is supposed to be a National Day of Blogger Silence. And I grok, look at my front page where I explain why most of my pages are black, and I joined the SOPA blackout. But I won't be doing that sort of thing anymore. Who ever won a fight by sitting down and shutting up?

In Lighter News

And they wonder why their ratings are down.

Moar armed citizens. As opposed to disarmed subjects. And that's just the ones going through the useless, unConstitional, unAmerican de facto registration. Most places, private sales are still legal - and most of the rest, they still happen anyway. To say nothing of off-grid options.

PMAG reversal.

Another thing I like about the Opera browser is, I can turn off images, either in individual tabs or as a default for all (in Preferences). This saves a lot of bandwidth. Then I can right-click and Reload Image for individual images, or View -> Images -> Show Images to turn them all back on. Thus I can launch a bucket of tabs, webcomics or blogs for example, and quickly scan each one for new content, loading only what I want to see.

3281 Saturday, 9 June 2012:

The World Sucks

There is no non-evil reason to prohibit self-defense, anywhere. Rapists are big supporters of gun control....

Not really funny.

Your Tax Dollars At Work. For people who won't.

Meanwhile in the Religion of Pieces.

Just yesterday I was warning about cops shooting on sight any citizen with a smartphone and the jackbooted thugs keep proving me right.

In Lighter News


EvilWoman sends, Annie Oakley auction.

Intarwebz LOL

Paul Revere's Ride, David Hackett Fischer, Oxford University Press paperback edition 1995, page 155:

"Once committed to what they regarded as a just and necessary war, these sons of Puritans hardened their hearts and became the most implacable of foes. Their many enemies who lived by a warrior-ethic always underestimated them, as a long parade of Indian braves, French aristocrats, British Regulars, Southern planters, German fascists, Japanese militarists, Marxist ideologues, and Arab adventurers have invariably discovered to their heavy cost.

"Before the citizen-soldiers of New England marched to war, they reflected at length on what they had to do, and how they meant to do it. When they believed that their homes and their way of life were at stake, they fought with courage and resolve - not for the sake of fighting, but for the sake of winning."

Even 237 years on, there are lessons to be learned from That Glorious Day. Paul Revere did more than ride a horse and get misquoted, he organized an entire network of alarms and alarm riders, backups and alternates, the 18th-Century equivalent of a phone tree or email list. Now take another look at those anonymous, prepaid cellphones - I saw some Samsung flip-types (no butt-dialing!) on clearance for ten freaking bucks, which I think included double minutes for life (you'd best figure on spending another $20 on at least one airtime card per phone). Contemplate also cheap used laptops, like the one Michael G. donated to me after buying it at a school surplus sale for $45 and which I am using the heck out of five and sometimes six days a week. (Don't fear the Linux, especially Ubuntu, which isn't too horribly different from Windows, interface-wise; and it comes with Firefox and the LibreOffice (OpenOffice (MSOffice)) suite, and there are (free!) video-editing softwares available in the Linux community.) There are several options to set up anonymous webmail; when filling out the webforms (or activating the Tracfone) you can just lie.


Busy day. Get up, load the car, off to the range. Sign in, set up gear, get briefed, shoot the match.

This was the PIG, Politically Incorrect Gun. Every year is a bit different, not least for weather. Here is it June and it was soggy and cold like October. Previous years gave bonus points for shooting with a bayonet fixed, but this year had a sniper theme. You saw the targets a little while ago:

Here's a closer look, with scoring values. Stage One, 100 yards:

Stage Two, 200 yards:

Stage Three, 200 yards (the 300 yard line is closed for renovation, and neighbors-who-drill-holes-in-their-houses,-drop-unfired-bullets-next-to-them,-and-call-the-JBTs):

The Xs in the heads are the medulla oblongata, the off-switch for the human machine. There's another for the heart in Stage Two. Yeah, that looks low to me, but the scoring areas were designated by a retired surgeon so shaddap. Here's for scale (the first target, with the Krinkov, was approximately life-size):

Here's what they looked like downrange (that's an SR1 for sighters to the left of each Stage One target):

The course is ten rounds, in seven minutes, in each stage.

I hadn't fired la Infanta for nearly three years, which is also when those Noslers were loaded. Five minutes were given for unlimited sighters, on the SR1 target, and I took them. First one was on the paper, low and left. Off with the caps, out with the multitool, up and over with the adjustment, and my last of five sighters clipped the X ring. Okey-doke!

Thing is, though, while I took my sighters from prone, Stage One for score is offhand. Although a sling was allowed I didn't use one, as la Infanta needs some contemplation where the sling is concerned. The scenario is, you're on patrol in the 'Stan, your squad is under fire by an enemy patrol numbering ten jihadis, and your job as Designated Marksman is to flank the enemy and do that Sergeant York stuff. I didn't even try for a headshot. Crank the Tasco down to 2.5x so the wiggles are less obvious, do the psychological thing where "I'm only dry-firing", squeeze the Quite Good Bold trigger... and flinch anyway. Still, all hits.

Stage Two, prone, same timing, on the airline-hostage target. Return to 10x. I wondered aloud what the drop would be between 100 and 200 yards, for a 150gr Nosler at about 2,700fps, and CMP Guy said 3-4". I went up twelve clicks on the ¼MOA-click Tasco, which turned out to be too much (one off the paper, probably to the left):

So I took four clicks off for Stage Three... and got the Lon Horiuchi award:

I wasn't the only one (so to speak) to do so. In fact, due to a very small turnout, I actually placed third, getting $5 back out of the pool from the $10 match fee. ...I'm a bit puzzled as to how I got one way the heck over there when the other nine were, at least technically, 10-point hits, but I must have flinched. The shooter to my right was firing a 6mm for Stage One and a 6.5 for Two and Three, and they're different enough in size from my .308 to be obvious, while the shooter to my left had a big gap in the target holders between his and mine, and besides he was shooting an AR. And there's only ten holes. So it wasn't cross-fired.

Natural Point of Aim remains an issue, as does proper sling use. The duct-tape-and-packing-foam cheekrest probably needs attention too. Also eyeglasses; my prescription has changed, it's been years since my last eye exam, and the image in the scope is no longer correctly focused.

Another issue was the handloads. They weren't sized quite right, a bit oversize, giving resistance when chambering and more resistance when extracting. I had to thump on the bolt handle sometimes, and ended up poking my hand on the side safety. Twice. That's not the rifle's fault, nor the Bold trigger's neither. Recoil was manageable with the Limbsaver pad, that wasn't an issue.

So. I have a scoped rifle and can do scoped-rifle-type things with it. The old Tasco, found at a show, seems quite the quality item, certainly for my level of performance, and the Nosler handload (q.v.) looks like it'll work after all.

Then I went to the show, where I spent $4 on a tray of W209, $2 on an old Safariland heavy leather gunbelt which probably isn't the solution I'm looking for but-hey-two-bucks (and it probably has cop cooties too but I'll be repurposing it, both technically and morally), and my last $34 on a coffee can containing probably at least 40lbs of lead (probably alloy) ingots. That'll be a whole buncha pistol bullets.

Then I got a big sack of cans from Cruffler and went to the supermarket for my dried pineapple rings and Oriental rice snack and a tub of ice cream, and it seems I'm the last person in Oregon who still pays for his groceries with his own money. >:-[

Finally, to the tire shop for a free air check - there are very slow leaks in both rear tires - because Shambling Wrecktm probably won't be budging again 'til Tuesday.

3282 Sunday, 10 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Gunwalker. “[Eric Holder] needs to be impeached, prosecuted here in the states then handed over to the sovereign nation of Mexico for terrorist crimes against the Mexican people who died because of his failed attempt to push more gun control....”

New bumper sticker:

When do we start shooting back?

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.


I may have linked this before, but The Notebooks of Lazarus Long online.

Paul Revere's Ride, 159: Most towns expected militiamen to supply their own weapons, and acted only to arm those who were unable to arm themselves. Newton's town meeting made special provision to arm its paupers at public expense: "Voted, that the Selectmen use their best discretion in providing fire-arms for the poor of the Town, who are unable to provide for themselves." Not many societies in the 18th century would have dared to distribute weapons to their proletariat....

Slapped together a slideshow & commentary for the PIG, like the Lone Oak match. Should be online Tuesday. Just about ready to start some shotshell reloading.

And now I have two good rifles, one of which is zeroed, near enough, for a particular load I've already developed, at 200 yards. -Hm, perhaps I should take a Dremel with buffer and rouge to the boltface, that might help a bit. -Done, looks shinier anyway. And I rediscovered something I'd forgotten: the old Tasco has a fine-focus ring on the rear end, which compensates for my outdated eyeglasses. So there's another expense deferred.

...And I could have used the lens pen I carefully packed in my range bag, to clean the lens from the marks left by the molding flash from the rubber bikini cover. Which I've since trimmed.

3283 Monday, 11 June 2012: Zzz....

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker... and MSM.

I will not fly commercial (not that I ever did) until TSA agents are hung from streetlights coast-to-coast, birds pecking at their lifeless eyes.

Og explains the economy. Also: "Every tax is an incentive for the taxpayer to relocate to a more friendly jurisdiction."

When I said de facto registration yeah I really meant it. What? You think the thugs follow their own rules?

Dear Al Qaeda: Please nuke New York.

Too dangerous to exist.

In Lighter News

This Just In: VCDL still rocks.

Examining the $2 Safariland gunbelt. Stiff enough and rugged enough, but it's too wide, 2¼", the same width as GI ALICE, though a bit thinner. I have a GP100 and a 1911; I've raced with both but mostly the latter. For the GP100 I have a Fobus roto paddle holster, and two 2-place speedloader carriers of different brands with conventional belt loops. The carriers fit but the holster doesn't. For the 1911 I have an Uncle Mike's Kydex paddle holster and three Uncle Mike's Kydex 2-place magazine carriers. The holster fits but the carriers don't. 9_9 I also have two Bianchi military holsters for the 1911, a superior design which fits nearly anything and the flap can be popped off in seconds for racing, but still no carriers that would ride the same belt. Bianchi offers a UM84R, same design, which would fit the GP100; that would make one full rig but it's seventy-five dollars (my UM84 and M12 were both found at shows, new-ish, for much less) and I already know I'm a spendthrift. The loop adapter for the Uncle Mike's 1911 holster would fit the same size belts as the magazine carriers I already have, that's only a few bucks and is already in my Midway Wish List, only four screws to replace the paddle; but it still wouldn't fit this belt. But hey, two bucks.

Making shotshells, and video. (Or I would be if there were not a kitteh in my lap squee.) Test batches, ten rounds each, 1-1/8oz #6 (actually less due to the Lee shot bushing being calibrated for #7½), Remington plastic hull, WAA12 wad, CCI209 primer 'cause I've had that tray for years, and 19gr Unique. Then 18gr, then 17gr, all charges from an old RCBS Uniflow rather than the Lee bushing. Finding time and a place to function-test them will be the next challenge; hopefully after Wolverton IPSC(-style) on the 30th. I know the M11 functions perfectly, as Saint John intended, with factory loads; I'm looking for a lighter load to reduce stress on both antique weapon and arthritic shoulder. Ideally I could set up a chronograph and do Real Science but that's probably going to be too much trouble.

$igh. Were I to place a Midway order, it would be for the M11's magazine extension, two 4-place racing shell caddies, two 2-place conventional shell caddies, the belt adapter for my existing 1911 holster, and a Bianchi 4-place military 1911 magazine carrier to go with my existing Bianchi military holsters on a wide belt. (According to the descriptions, the shotshell carriers fit a belt that wide.) That's about $175 before shipping. And that won't be happening soon. To say nothing of needing another belt if I use the Uncle Mike's 1911 holster and carriers I already have - but that's where I could save a bunch of money at the gun show. (The vendor had been hauling that belt, and a couple more, around for many moons and was happy to be rid of one. There are always boxes and piles of belts and holsters at any show, if you have the patience to excavate them.)

3284 Tuesday, 12 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Light load today, none at all yesterday, $igh. Done an hour and a half before the library opens. That was bad, because I also got paid, and blew entirely too much money on two more pounds of BL-C(2) (with, fortunately, the same lot number as the two from last week). Well, at least I know they'll get used.

Project Gunwalker....

Continuing EFAD. Given recent news reports it's sometimes difficult to remember it's fiction.

Speaking of the economy, Your Tax Dollars At Work, Chapter MMMCCLXXXIV.

Dear al-Qaeda, please nuke Massachusetts.

And DC.

In Lighter News


Wisconsin Gun Owners newsletter. With list of anti-gun establishments to boycott.

Child molester beaten to death by intended victim's father. That's how it's supposed to be. The idea that a father should be punished for defending his child is as perverse as what he was defending her from. -Now we just need to extend this to TSA and my world will be considerably less sucky.

Uppity in North Dakota.

And, as previously noted, Indiana. May both such tribes increase.

If y'all are not reading Day by Day every day I will reach through the almighty intertubes and smack you. Recently there was a short story arc about drones over America. A little bit got left out.

PIG match video.

Shotshell reloading video.

3285 Wednesday, 13 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Big load, tired. &*%@# shoes, always a problem.

Project Gunwalker....

Due process is dead. If "law" doesn't protect us anymore, it doesn't protect the enforcers either. It's a state of war.

I feel less bad about blowing all that cash on rifle powder now. Not out of primers yet, lots of brass, need bullets....

Michael G. forwards, kleptoineptocracy. Of course the real problem is very old.

Are you better off than you were four years ago? Oh some people are - bureaucrats, union bosses, professional sadists, third-world dictators....

And racists. Racists are having a grand old time.

Prohibit the next thing, and the next....

"The military continues to grapple with the moral implications of what this administration is pushing them to do...." And that's bloody terrifying.

In Lighter News

Uncle Mike's introduces shotgun racing stuff. But jeepers, those prices, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Can't somebody make a simple one out of Kydex? The $20 holster and $15 magazine carriers I have for my 1911 work great.


Philosophically similar, uppity in Michigan.


I may have to try this. Just to tick off the nannies.

Comes now official word of the 3-Gun match at Wolverton on Sunday 22 July:

4 Stages:


Bring 50 pistol, 30 Shotgun bird shot and 5 slugs and 80 rifle.
These are minimum BRING MORE.
Time Added Scoring
Donation $12

Most unlikely I'll be participating, though I might go up there with my cameras on principle, like last time. Regular handgun IPSC(-style) on 30 June anyway.

3286 Thursday, Flag Day, 14 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Moderate load. Effing shoes, never get the $20 shoes, I knew that....


I say BAH


One set of "laws" for them, and a whole other set for us.

Likewise: "...[W]e now know how the law will be enforced in this country. It will be enforced racially." (ref)

They hate us and want us to be slaves.
They hate us and want us to DIE.

But they are not capable of leaving us alone. There is going to be only one way to stop them....

In the news, all that blood and treasure and for what? -Like Vietnam, the troops in the field accomplished every mission they were given. The failure is not theirs. If you're going to have a war, the only thing to do is win, totally.

Permits are infringement. Anyone who enforces any such law is the enemy of humanity and I want them publicly executed for their crimes.


In Lighter News


I've been going on and on about fabbers. This is related.

Speaking of fabbers, I've already postulated a whole new category on ThePirateBay.

Yeah I think I'll put this in Lighter: More citizens correctly identifying the enemies of civilization.

Speaking of, Lee Paige Award o' the Day. May their tribe decrease.

Profound Truth o' the Day: "The internet isn't a luxury, it's a utility." Hallelujah and amen. I haven't even plugged in a TV for at least two years but I use the internet for everything, all the time. I got my last several jobs through the internet, I use the internet on the job, I pay the utilities through that utility.

So I have some .45 brass, and some other .45 brass. One bucket is whatever I can scrounge - .45ACP is a low-pressure cartridge, very simple to load, few concerns. Another box, however, is a particular run of Federal brass, with noticeably larger flash holes:

Even compared to other Federal. Safe to use? 5.6gr W231, usually WLP, 240gr cast lead (Lee says that mold should throw 230 but not with my picked-up-off-the-ground-wherever-I-can-find-it alloy). Except I'm out of WLP and will likely be starting my brick of Magtech #2½ until WLP is on sale at Bi-Mart again.

Oh good, BL-C(2) is a valid powder for .223 Remington too. I still hope to get an AR someday, hopefully before taking one off a dead fed....
...And Mosin and Mauser too. And the Queen's load is confirmed as a starting load, and la Infanta's load is just above starting. Settling on Just One Powder for all the rifles saves a bunch of money and time.

3287 Friday, 15 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Another light load, another Monday off. This job isn't going anywhere, but at least I can stomach it.


Still more Project Gunwalker. But the institutional murderers will continue blithely on, never accepting responsibility, never surrendering power. It's not many more steps to dictatorship - there are already "laws" on the books allowing indefinite detention, without trial or recourse; there are already precedents and official policies for remote-control murder by drone (and I saw one with my own eyes just last week - sure, "just" a miniature quadrotor, but collaborators in the industry (i.e.) are already marketing ways to mount rifles on them).

Again with China claiming a human right is a violation of human rights. And how many millions of their own, disarmed, people did that government murder?

Related: Hey Bernard Parks, are you actually psychotic enough to believe you are "giving options" while banning choice? You are a sick, evil, perverted monster and I hope you die in a grease fire at some high-end gentrified restaurant where actual taxpaying working people like me and all my friends can never afford to go. You filthy little parasite.

EFAD, pg116: "How in the hell did we wind up on the other side from our own government?" Of course some domestic enemies cannot imagine a case where anything government does is wrong. ...They probably think Dick Cheney and Haliburton were running the Trail of Tears and the Japanese interment camps....

The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil. There is no such thing as a good cop, or prosecutor, or judge. They are all the enemy.

In Lighter News

Yuri's not dead!

Prohibition FAIL

More Guns, Less Crime, we've been telling them but noooo, they won't listen.

This right here is why I have requirements for citizenship in my fictional utopia. -And why duelling is preserved in the Declaration of Rights. To help chlorinate the gene pool.

Good weather forecast for my three-day weekend at least, and no matches on my schedule, perhaps I'll cast some bullets (outside for ventilation). It's getting near time to make more .45 anyway. No answers to my question about flash holes? 'Cause I just don't have all that much brass. If no one screams STOP I'm'a use it.

Speaking of matches, this sounds like fun. Hope there's YouTube after.

3288 Saturday, 16 June 2012:

The World Sucks

The War on Gun Ranges. It's not about safety.

Didn't I say? Not many more steps to dictatorship.

Helping it along, Media Bias, Chapter MMMCCLXXXVIII.

Question o' the Day: "Who are we afraid of offending? The guys that already hate us enough to strap C4 to their own bodies and walk into a crowd of us?"

Okay, I'm casting the bullets, I need more powder and primers. And canned food.

Think of it as evolution in action. This is why I feed stray cats....

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends more Prohibition FAIL. -I'm reminded of an Israeli operation, a secret manufactory under a laundry, the sound of the ammunition presses masked by the sound of the washing machines above.

This looks useful. I may have to investigate the Ching Sling for la Infanta FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS WTF.

After America, there is nowhere to run to. Or is there?

Yeaaahhh, cast a buncha bullets, maybe 400 .45. Maybe more tomorrow. Lee 6-cavity is awsumm. And there's another YouTube tutorial in the works.

3289 Sunday, 17 June 2012:

The World Sucks

Encore l'BAH. What's the difference?

How is this not armed robbery and home invasion? How should the perpetrators not be shot in clear-cut self-defense?

Rather related, "...23 historic gravestones have gone missing under the stewardship of the federal government... and one massive granite marker was found in the home of an employee of the D.C. government." So we should give these parasites more money and power?

Like this? "Federal prosecutors in North Carolina have been aware for nearly a year that dozens of North Carolinians currently incarcerated in federal prisons should not be there, but they have done next to nothing to help them, and in at least once case are actually trying to prevent an innocent man’s release...." How are these not crimes against humanity?

How many times have you heard some self-righteous Fudd say something like, "Gun control doesn't affect me, I only use muzzleloaders, not those eee-vill modern assault weapons!"?

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

In the news, robot spaceplane successfully lands after more than one year in orbit. (Video I'll grab next time I have someone else's bandwidth.) That means a lot of the nuts-and-bolts problems are solved. And the electronics - computers, communications, controls - are adequately hardened against various radiations and temperature extremes. Seems we're several steps closer to Millenium Falcon.

Seen on the lists: "My son gave me a Smith and Wesson 40VE for Fathers Day (never new the kid hated me that much)...." LOL

Hm, maybe more like 500 bullets. Too many does not happen. But now the forecast like they know says rain, which would be Very Bad for casting bullets outdoors. No, no more casting for now, though I still have a lot of metal. First coat Lee Liquid Alox applied, spread out on wax paper, sizing tomorrow, YouTube tutorial shortly thereafter.

3290 Monday, 18 June 2012: Encore l'Zzz....

The World Sucks

Et toujours l'BAH

More Project Gunwalker....

Via Patriot Post, Quote o' the Day: "[I]f the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them." - Candidus, in the Boston Gazette, 1772

Or in other words,

the "laws"
are wrong

  • Example, just the headline: George Zimmerman’s jailhouse telephone recordings released. How many kinds of wrong is that? See also, Intimidation and fabrication, right out of the pages of EFAD.
  • Example: "...[M]ore air marshals had been arrested than had been arrests made by air marshals...."
  • Example. Hey jackboot, is your pension worth your life? You've already demonstrated you think it's worth more than ours.

    Also from Patriot Post, the line between satire and official policy continues to be erased:
    White House sources tell me Michelle flew into a jealous rage when informed of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decision to limit soda sizes. She immediately gathered her staff in the East Wing and began creating a new set of proposals to reduce caloric consumption nationwide. White House Dossier has obtained a copy of the proposals. We provide for your perusal here the ten most effective and innovative ideas on the first lady's list.
    1. Half & Half to be changed to Three Quarters & One Quarter.
    2. McDonald's employees required to apply electric shock to customers every time they say 'Supersize it.'
    3. All Marijuana imported into the United States must be specially formulated so as not to induce 'the munchies.'
    4. Donuts now required to have two holes.
    5. Parents permitted to feed children vegetables via suppository.
    6. Girl Scouts required to warn customers about the potential health risks of Girl Scout Cookies.
    7. New 'extra small' sodas in movie theaters served on a washcloth and must be sucked off.
    8. Frozen yogurt must actually be frozen yogurt.
    9. Hostess Cupcakes to be filled with mashed potatoes.
    10. Federal law now prohibits unscrewing Oreos, eating the creme filling, and throwing out the cookies. Note: Mandatory jail time for performing this act using Double Stuff Oreos.
    --White House Dossier's Keith Koffler

    I'm going to the store right now to buy some Double Stuff Oreos. (And gooshyfood for the stray kittehs.) Except I won't throw away the cookies, I'll put them in the ice cream. Come and get me, foodcopper!

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, Chapter MMMCCXC.

    And. They. Call. Us. "Racist."

    And they call us insane.

    The other day I linked to an article about Estonia and their high degree of economic freedom. Nope. :(

    In Lighter News

    If the enemies of civilization are not punished for their crimes, they have no incentive to stop being evil.

    4 October 1957: First artificial object in orbit. 20 July 1969: First manned extraterrestrial landing. 14 June 2012: First interstellar probe.

    On and on I gush about the potential of fabbers, of which the 3D printer is the present-day ancestor. And some people will look at a five- or even six-figure 3D printer and go pshyeah. To which my response is just wait for it.

    Speaking of technology, this is why some people want to censor or otherwise restrict the internet.

    Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

    Bullet casting tutorial video is produced, awaiting bandwidth. '98 Mauser tutorial is scripted, I have to process the spent Berdan cases & pulled bullets SMLE Fan donated to make 7.92mm dummy cartridges for the VZ24. I have a pair of .308 A-Zooms for la Infanta.

    3291 Tuesday, 19 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Lost another $13 headlight on Shambling Wrecktm. Which I have a replacement for, right here, next to me. And outside, where the car is, it's raining.


    Project Gunwalker. Presedential Pardon and/or Executive Privilege in 3, 2, 1....

    "...[Y]ou need to get your kids out of a system that everyone knows does not work." As observed in comments, it's working perfectly, once you understand the real purpose.

    If you have any money to spare, don't send it to me.

    I repeat:


    Frankly I would have expected the injury-and-death rate to go down with all those cops off the street. Of course there's the question of how "crimes" are being "reported". It's not murder/rape/armed robbery/assault/home invasion/arson/torture/child molestation - and therefore not news - when they do it....

    Speaking of cops off the street, a two dozen of them keeping the peasants from exercising that free speech thingy.

    Got ammo? Gonna need.

    In Lighter News

    This is why there's a big statue of Heinlein in Founder's Park.

    [pointing] HAH-HAH!

    This technique was demonstrated at Appleseed, but the key is to keep your feet flat and not roll forward on the balls or toes. And I can't do it. Can't bend that way.

    Bullet casting tutorial is online.

    3292 Wednesday, 20 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Effing cityfolk... and their screeching brats too. -And do you know how many people I see out walking their dogs at 10am just a few blocks from downtown in a major American city? Don't these people have jobs? They sure dress like someone is paying their bills.

    Project Gunwalker news and commentary. And Executive Privilege, I told you so. Rule of law is dead. The rulers do whatever they want, to whoever they want, and send SWAThugs or murder machines against anyone who objects.

    EFAD, pg141:
    "Where are you going to go that's any better? Some banana republic where they'll take your boat and throw you in jail, if you don't bribe the right people?"
    "They'll do that here...."

    Any restriction on the human right of self-defense is morally, and should be legally, equivalent to assault.

    Speaking of assault, meanwhile in government school.

    Paul Revere's Ride, pg222: "[British army] Ensign De Berniere remembered seeing that "all the hills on each side of us were covered with rebels." Keep squeezing, jackboot. You can't have no idea how deep a hole you're digging.

    If you have any money to spare....

    In Lighter News

    Dead child-rapist, no charges. As it should be. I do wonder if TSA will take notice.

    Progress in Chicago?

    Hm... reading EFAD makes me contemplate acquiring a Contender or Encore frame sometime. Because options. -This is a scary book, not unlike Ringo & Evans' The Road to Damascus. I can see I'll have to get the sequels eventually.

    Appleseeds at Wolverton! 1-2 September - which conflicts with a Course B Garand match at Clark Rifles and I want to reappear on the CMP ranking page. 3-4 November - I'm'a figger on that.

    3293 Thursday, 21 June 2012: Oh yeah, yesterday was the Solstice.

    The World Sucks

    Yet another light load, done four hours after I got out of bed. Light again tomorrow, and Monday off for the umptieth time. Next Wednesday is projected to be an overloaded horror however.

    One reason I allow inertia to keep me in this going-nowhere job is, it does, barely, pay enough, it doesn't, usually, make my skin crawl, and leaves rather a lot of free time most days, which I often spend using Other People's Bandwidth - or shopping. Today I hit a Grocery Outlet store and cleaned them out of frozen fish filets at one-third the Winco price for a comparable item. (Winco had a better price on the shrimp ring though.)

    Project Gunwalker. Also Rush via Michael G. Rush has brought this up before, but it's been some moons. Furthermore Correia brings the knives.

    Armed robbery in uniform, Chapter MMMCCXCIII. We. Used. To. Hang. Thieves. And there is no such thing as a good cop.

    On its face this belongs in Lighter News: “When you break into someone’s house, you take a chance you’re going to get shot.” But what if they're wearing gang colors?

    "It would suck doubly bad to be running an E&E corridor, recover an arms cache to re-arm yourself, and discover that the dumb mother****er who established the cache didn't know that the AKM he cached was missing the firing pin."

    If you have any money to spare....

    In Lighter News

    Speaking of NOMs, today I tried the Burger King Bacon Sundae, $2.49:

    Up yours, Michelle.

    As for the product itself, didn't suck.

    3294 Friday, 22 June 2012:

    The World Sucks



    Okay it didn't actually blow up, it's the clutch. Or the transmission. Or the boguson particle generator or somedamnthing. Everything seems normal until I put it in gear and step on the gas, then it just doesn't GO. At least it was a light load today so I'm not completely screwing someone else's work, and at least it happened here at the hovel so I'm not stranded somewhere, but *&^%. #@&*ing $%^#ity &^$!. And no warnings or indications, worked fine all day yesterday. Perhaps it's something simple like a linkage. -Telephone diagnosis with Woodworker and Blacksmith suggest a CV joint, something I might actually be able to afford to fix.

    More Project Gunwalker. Do everything we say and we'll throw you in jail. Rule of law is dead and the people are absolved from further obedience.

    I won't be doing any business with this company. What's next, a Daniel Harless Signature Edition? I mean seriously, another company already thought a murderer's endorsement was a good idea. Some parts of the industry have blinders surgically attached.

    The "laws"
    are wrong
    the enforcers
    are evil.

    Speaking of evil, G26 Paxilon Hydrochloride? Working on it. Is it still too early to shoot the bastards?

    To repeat, this is why some people want to kill the internet.

    In Lighter News

    Precedent o' the Day: “There is no economic sliding scale for the right to engage in constitutionally protected activities.... The richest and poorest among us, as well as those individuals in-between, all have the same rights under the constitution.” The implications are obvious.

    Wideners has M2 Ball bullets in bulk. $igh.

    The only way to get good at something is to do a lot of it. $igh.

    Y'all read the Prince Roger series by Ringo & Weber, yah? You may recall the optical sight Roger was using. Pretty much got it.

    With the sudden demotorized inactivity, I probably should be reading 1636: The Kremlin Games, as other people will have it on hold, but instead the Muse has returned and I'm working, after many moons, on the next installment of Aurora. Can anyone point me to an Excel (or, actually, OpenOffice Calc) formula to figure time/distance/acceleration/velocity? I know the basic formulae of course, I have them transcribed in my scrap file for reference, and I've found a few online Java calculators, but they're not entirely what I'm looking for, and this is the sort of thing which can Matter to the Story, and I can forsee a need to make many such calculations with many such variables - it would be many Therbligs saved to add cells to the spreadsheet I already have hotkeyed in the Start Menu for other unit conversions. For example: A ship is in orbit, maybe 300km above a Terra-type planet, coasting along at let's say seven kilometers per second relative to the surface, and she Suddenly Must Leave. She has Niven-esque fusion torches and can Boost Really Hard, like 70mps2. The limit to safely survivably Transition to hyperspace, in my arbitrarily-fictional universe, is .6 light-second, roughly 180,000km, from the planetary surface. Presuming her orbital position is favorable and she's just going, how long will it take her to reach the hyper limit from orbit and how fast will she be going in realspace when she gets there, presuming a constant acceleration of about 7-1/8 Terran Gs? The answer I really want is those spreadsheet formulae so I can do it over and over with different numbers.
    3295 Saturday, 23 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Replaced the CV/axle/thing, in the HorribleSoakingRaaaiiinn, $53. And... it still won't go. Now it's thought to be the clutch, which is a major operation. Replacement clutch set is available, $110, which I can barely afford, but paying for a shop is out of the question. Shambling Wrecktm has now been towed to Woodworker's place, twenty miles from the hovel, by him and Blacksmith, who lives another dozen miles further away. Both are old and creaky and no longer capable of the labor now thought to be required. The plan is for them to fetch me tomorrow morning and to set to work, which will involve an engine hoist and much venomous cussing.

    Because that's how my world works.

    So, you know, halp.

    Project Gunwalker....

    In Lighter News

    3296 Sunday, 24 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    And yet,
    it moves.

    Spent all day hip-deep in automobile. Yesterday the starboard driveaxle was replaced... which did not solve the problem. Although it probably needed replacement anyway and the portside one probably doe$ too. Today, with the help of good friends Woodworker and Blacksmith, the clutch was replaced. (At least two hours spent jiggling the transmission to get the splines to reengage the engine.) When the Wreck was all back together - with only one small bolt and washer left over! - the test drive revealed that I had become accustomed to driving with an Extremely Worn Clutch, All That Time, Since I Bought the Car. Now I have to rewrite some piloting ROMs for the new feedback.

    And I still have Monday off, which is just as well because ow.

    And no blog 4 U.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Not there 'cause elbow hip-deep in Shambling Wrecktm. 8-(

    3297 Monday, 25 June 2012: Zznrk ow.

    The World Sucks

    Missed the OAC show yesterday too, theme "Military Arms & Accessories". If I can find a belt like that $2, 2¼" Safariland, stiff like that, but 1½ or 1¾", I'd finally have a racing rig. But now I'm broke again anyway. The paycheck I'll pick up tomorrow should be enough for rent....

    -Friday morning, get up, shower, dress, start car, put in gear, HorribleSinkingFeeling as it does not GO.
    -Call work as immobile. Begin contacting Woodworker/EvilWoman/Blacksmith.
    -Saturday, partially misdiagnose and replace starboard driveaxle, $53. Still does not GO. Encore l'HorribleSinkingFeeling.
    -Tow Shambling Wrecktm twenty miles to a covered workspace with a proper hoist 'cause I buy groceries with my own money and can't afford a shop. Old Guystm park it and go to bed while I stay at the hovel.
    -Sunday morning, get fetched to where the Wreck is.
    -Hoist whole front end of car. Insert jackstands.
    -Remove hood. And battery. And front wheels. And both front driveaxles. Avoid dribbles of HorribleGunkyGearOil.
    -Unbolt this, unclip that, unplug the other, separate transmission from engine.
    -Remove and inspect clutch, "It's Dead Jim". Also notice cable linkage was incorrectly reassembled by previous owner.
    -Purchase new clutch and three quarts ShinyFreshGearOil, $125.
    -Begin reassembly. Grunt and cuss for at least two hours trying to get the transmission's splines back into the engine. ThereMustBeABetterWay?
    -Suddenly it slips into place. Reinvigorated, continue reassembly. One hose bracket bent out of shape during jiggling, that's where that bolt and washer are supposed to go, not bloody worrying about it now.
    -MomentOfPanic as portside driveaxle suddenly comes apart inside its boot - circlip is missing. Dodge splatter of ShinyFreshGearOil when driveaxle is removed for attention. Hurriedly reinsert and find a clean catchbin.
    -Driveaxle successfully reassembled, the wheel and suspension should hold it together until I can afford to replace the whole thing. Reinsert ShinyFreshGearOil. Complete reassembly.
    -Get in, start car, put in reverse, attempt to back out of workspaceLURCHSTALLHOLYPOOPINGPOOPISTHATWHATAHEALTHYCLUTCHISSUPPOSEDTOFEELLIKE.
    -Drive back to hovel, LatherRinseRepeat. Blech!

    And that's how I spent my weekend.

    Still Project Gunwalker....

    Patriot Post's Founder's Quote o' the Day: "I have no notion of being hanged for half treason. When a subject draws his sword against his prince, he must cut his way through, if he means afterward to sit down in safety." - Colonel Joseph Reed, to Mr. Pettit, 1775

    That time is coming.

    In Lighter News

    Appleseed AAR. Been a long time, I need one. Learn to hit stuff.

    Preparing the next installment of Aurora. I hope I'm not going too far in a David Weber datadump direction. I do have a general outline and goal in mind for the story, but I don't know how long it will take to get there.

    Speaking of my fictional universe, when I said ...[T]he ancient Swiss system... repelled three conventional invasions during the UN's War of Unification before the Peacekeeping Fleet resorted to orbital strikes, yeah, like that.

    3298 Tuesday, 26 June 2012: Aaaand back to the useless disgusting parasitic cityfolk.

    The World Sucks



    Shoulda got a picture, I've been carrying the Funai in the laptop/hiking-delivery bag....

    Made a test drive yesterday, getting more eee-vill soda for my eee-vill ice cream:

    ...(and getting used to the new clutch) and all seemed well. Then I began my route this morning and just as I was turning in for my fourth stop, one of the bolts holding the wheel onto the suspension exited the vehicle - probably a mile before - and the wheel popped off the suspension, dragging out to the side. Fortunately this was just as I was entering a parking lot where I wasn't likely to be towed right away. Unfortunately, when the wheel pulled out to the side, it pulled the (new!) driveaxle out of the transmission and appears to have torn the inboard boot, evidenced by the fresh blue grease in that area (and the shookasquisha noise as I was wrassling it back into place). And I lost a little more ShinyFreshGearOil too, but considering how low the HorribleGunky was I'm not worrying about it.

    I managed to get everything back together except the missing bolt, and another driver came to pick up my load - which I've done for other drivers myself in the past. Except I won't get paid for the ones she took.

    Pooping, poopity, poop.

    Eventually the lead driver came to help, driving me to a junkyard where I found the necessary bolt - and got a spare besides. ($2 admission, $1 for the bolt, nuthin' for the spare and the spare set of lug nuts I stuffed in my pockets, you know how those places work.) Then I reassembled the Wreck for the third time in five days and drove away, my work day being very much done by this point. Tomorrow is going to be a very heavy load and will test the car harshly.

    This sort of thing has been happening to my family ever since our distant Teuton ancestor ran his oxcart over the village shaman's favorite goat five thousand years ago....


    Normally a medical breakthrough like growing a replacement trachea would be In Lighter News, but not this time. Via Michael G., who found it at Mike Williamson's seat at Baen's Bar, the tiny-minded tyrants of airport security attempted to delay, and by default destroy, a vital replacement human body part. Which was saved by a private jet, from which several hints should be taken.

    -The tinier-minded tyrants of American TSA would probably have poured the thing out right there on the concourse....

    "The Administration, in a fit of pique, is trying to criminalize Arizona’s enforcement of the law, and has set up hot lines for denouncing law enforcement officers. I wonder how long it will take the Tea Party to start looking for Federal officers to denounce. This weapon has more than one edge."

    There is no such thing as a good cop. If any are discovered they are methodically and systematically destroyed.

    But there is no such thing as a good cop. It is logical and rational for a peacable citizen to be in fear for his life upon sighting any law enforcement officer, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. It is morally just for that citizen to then take the obvious actions in self-defense.

    "my G-d please tell me that not even school administrators are this f**king stupid" oh yes they are.

    And we've known for generations how useless DMV employees are.

    Nor are B.P.O.E. particularly bright.

    To say nothing of the Authorized Journalists.

    And if you haven't read the famous Kornbluth novella, "The Marching Morons", go look it up.

    In Lighter News

    Didn't I say, just the other day, something about implications?

    Continuing 1636: The Kremlin Games, which is as engaging as the rest of the 1632verse, shouldn't have trouble finishing it by due date.

    3299 Wednesday, 27 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Horrible Huge Load. 107 pieces, 77 locations, 104 miles, 12½ hours. And stairs. One stop was on the fifth floor and the elevator was undergoing preventive maintenance. Bloody damn exhausted. And dehydrated. And sunburned. And I think my legs are about to fall off like the wheel did yesterday.

    But my day was still not done! The last stop, two minutes before 1700, could not be delivered because no one answered the door, or either of the phone numbers on the packages. Those get taken back for redelivery by that area's regular driver tomorrow.

    But my day was still not done! Now I had to crawl across town to the library to type up and webmail the report, all ten pages of it. I couldn't do it wardriving because Petze's battery was near shutdown from constant map references and adjustments.

    But STILL!NOT!DONE! After all that, the bank was closed so I couldn't just stop there and withdraw gas money in the lobby - I don't carry an ATM card around anymore, one more thing for the professional sadists to steal at gunpoint. So now I have to go back to the hovel to fetch the card, then to the ATM, then to the gas station ('cause they charge 45¢ for using a card now) (and I withdrew a little extra cash anyway for a bucket of strawberry sundae ice cream at the supermarket a few blocks further).

    Finally, about twenty-freaking-hundred, I took my shoes off and those will need replacement soon.

    No blog 4 u.

    Except what I get by email:

    Which is mostly Project Gunwalker.

    And official government bigotry.

    In Lighter News

    Nothing fell off the car!

    That I noticed!


    And both my stray kittehs were waiting for me in the driveway when I finally backed the Wreck in. Awwww.

    3300 Thursday, 28 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Another difficult day. My own load was done in adequate time, but then I was asked to help out the very same driver who took over for me Tuesday morning, and I could hardly say no.

    But boy am I pooped now.

    Ever more Project Gunwalker....

    More data on the government school sunburn incident: “The girls say they were forced to watch one teacher put on her own sunscreen and then explain to the burning students that it was ‘just for her’ when they begged her for some....” And how is that not child abuse?

    No such thing as a good cop. Or a competent one either. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST.

    This is the day that human liberty died. Summary o' the Day: "You can now be ‘taxed’ on something you don’t buy because you didn’t buy it." Butbutbut Rommmmney will Saaaave us! No he won't because he invented it.

    I'm not sleeping too good, ya know?

    In Lighter News

    Directed-energy weapons? Working on it.

    3301 Friday, 29 June 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Still more Project Gunwalker....

    So now you will buy a particular government "service" or you will be forced, at de facto gunpoint, to pay a special tax. -This is reminding me of something....

    Again I ask, What "law" would you not enforce? What order would you not obey? The most horrific atrocities in history, over and over again, were committed by people who were "obeying the law" and "just following orders". The "laws" are WRONG and the enforcers are EVIL.

    The ice cream, it does nothing.

    In Lighter News

    Some of you may still be anticipating the motion picture, Iron Sky. "How can you screw up Moon Nazis?"

    3302 Saturday, 30 June 2012:

    The World Sucks


    But we can't be trusted?

    Whatsoever, for any cause,
    Seeketh to take or give
    Power above or beyond the Laws,
    Suffer it not to live!
    Holy State or Holy King--
    Or Holy People's Will--
    Have no truck with the senseless thing.
    Order the guns and kill!

    What other options are left to us? What have we left to lose?

    In Lighter News



    Official results to follow. And videos, youbetcha. -Now admittedly, most of the competition at this match is BrokeDownOldGuystm, but some of them are still quite the pistoleros, and there were a couple sons or grandsons in attendance too. And I whupped all fifteen of 'em. -By less than one second overall but I did. Zero malfunctions - it turned out I used nothing but my three McCormick tens all day. (I continue to see a lot of McCormick magazines when I take my 1911 racing, and there's a reason for it. They work, and cost less than other premium magazines like Wilson.) The first shot in each stage was the old stray SWC I'm still trying to use up, but the rest was the usual truncated-cone Lee-cast handloads. Today I went a little bit slower and ended up fastest. Like the man said, "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast." In some stages I didn't do exactly what I intended during my walkthrough, but it all worked out.


    ...And if someone tells you those Cheap Philippine Clonestm are no good, smack 'em. Sure, mine needed a little work, but it's still probably under $500 altogether including the magazines.

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