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3242 Tuesday, 1 May 2012:

The World Sucks

So the parasites called for a general strike today, on the genocidal collectivist holiday. Fortunately I didn't have to go downtown today, and was done with the adjacent area before any riots started, though the Old Media helicopters were buzzing the area waiting for blood to spill. (Alas, they did not collide and scatter flaming wreckage over smelly vandals and professional-sadists-with-badges alike....) Seriously folks, get out of the cities. They're all deathtraps a thousand different ways.


Project Gunwalker....

Didn't I say? Prohibit the next thing, and the next, each using the consequences of the previous for an excuse.

They hate us and want us to die. (Don't doubt me.) It's gone beyond "the servants need to be put back in their place" - most of those "places" should not exist.

It's not paranoia when....

No really, it's not paranoia. This is the umptieth time the Feebs have facilitated such incidents, including one right here in Hippieville last Christmas. Compare to Gunwalker.

In Lighter News

Petze's optical drive arrived and dropped right in because Almighty Internets That's Why. Successfully tested too, now my laptop is complete. The one I ordered is also a burner, meaning more tools in the box. Next time I have bandwidth I'll have to look for Linux DVD utilities....

3243 Wednesday, 2 May 2012:

The World Sucks

Big load. Need new shoes.

WTF my torrents don't work at the library anymore? They do on other connections. >:-[ Next test, see if it's just that branch.

Project Gunwalker, the Sequel.

Quote o' the Day: "A major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that it ... gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." --economist Milton Friedman (1912-2006)

Also: "It is sufficiently obvious, that persons and property are the two great subjects on which Governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted. These rights cannot well be separated." --James Madison, Speech at the Virginia Convention, 1829

And look what we have now. Visual aid:

Furthermore, NSSF supports adding mental health records to NICS. Leaving aside the unConstitutionality of NICS and everything connected to it, who defines "mentally ill"? Using what criteria?

To which can be added, "...law is not necessarily justice, nor is justice necessarily legal." As has been observed, we have a legal system, not a justice system.

Setbacks in Iowa.

Happenstance, Coincidence, Enemy Action?

"Protect and Serve" who? No one becomes a cop to help people. They become cops because they like to brutalize the innocent, rape teenagers, and steal their stuff.

They all look the same to me.

In Lighter News

A little less suckage in Florida.


So Mr. E. invites me to a great big rifle match this Saturday (the first I was figuring on is next Saturday) so I check the status of the locking ring I ordered to repair the Queen:

And postal workers wonder why they get no respect.

3244 Thursday, 3 May 2012:

The World Sucks

Craaap, downtown tomorrow, then Monday off. At least the smelly vandals should have thinned out from Tuesday, but the uniformed monsters are always there.

BAH. Paul in the GOP primary, Johnson in general.

More Project Gunwalker. Contempt, hell. Accessory to murder. Fomenting civil war in a foreign state. The Constitutional definition of treason is very specific - a lot of people throw the T-word around without much thought - but I think a case could be made for that too.

Authorized Journalists, Chapter MMMCCXLIV. "...CBS 5 is there to make sure they get their way—even if they have to sneak and agitate to create hysteria where none was before." Yeah, like that.

WoGged again. (I gave up trying to track this site's traffic years ago.) Whose side is NSSF on?

Just the other day was a graphic about the Four Boxes of Liberty. Which one are we on again? (Meme: "those who vote for their living rather than work for it". I'm getting real damn tired of them....)

And they call us racist. (Reminder: "...[W]e now know how the law will be enforced in this country. It will be enforced racially.")

Michael G. sends the real scandal: "The Obama administration persists in believing that government is wiser than and morally superior to the average American."

Enemies Domestic: Boycott Best Buy for supporting CAIR.

Remember your commsec. -I have Skype, it's usually live on AwesomeBox at the hovel and on Petze when I remember to launch it, but no one ever Skypes me. Anyhow, with used laptops and Linux and logins-d'guerre, get online, there's WiFi all the heck over the place, send some text, close the laptop's lid and scoot. And don't forget $20 TracFones which take a few minutes to set up, you can say "NO" when the automated voice-rec thing asks for your name, or lie.

"Although there were no victims found in any of the trial, Giles and Corsi will spend more time behind bars, at taxpayer's expense, than most rapists, fraudsters and thieves."

"...[L]eft at DEA San Diego headquarters in a cell for four days handcuffed without access to a toilet, water, food or the ability to contact an attorney. "...[N]ever charged with any crime... will not be charged in the future.... DEA's actions were to enforce a law where no victim existed...." Right here in America. When I call them "professional sadists" that is what I mean.

In Lighter News

Photovoltaic glass? Am I grokking that right? See-through solar panels? Electricity-generating windows? 'Cause that would solve a big marketing problem - who needs big ugly panels on the roof when the windows you're already going to have anyway can do the job? (Didn't I say, just the other day, SF writers predicting future technologies usually shoot low?)

SMLE Fan points out some designers who are unclear on the concept.

The Queen's replacement locking ring has arrived. Looks new-ish. Now I'm scripting a video describing the repair process, as the forward band is also being replaced.

3245 Friday, 4 May 2012:

The World Sucks

Well that sucked less than expected. Didn't have to put down any rabid vermin, uniformed or not.

Three different branches of the county library, my torrents will not run, though they still do on other signals wardriving around. Spoilsports. -OTOH I noticed it about the time I accepted the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, hmm? Any Linux gurus reading? It's Transmission, built in to Ubuntu. -But, since the torrents still work elsewhere I expect it's the county IT person.


Gunwalker III, The Walkening? It'd be funny if not for, you know, hundreds of innocent people getting killed.

Astute Observation o' the Day: "People the world over risk everything to leave the countries you want to make us like."

Random Discouragement o' the Day, In the Lion's Mouth by Michael Flynn: "Many a heart may yearn for justice, or retribution, or simple relief, but still play the obedient servant because the price of failure is too great. A man might put up with much if the alternative is putting up with worse. That's the secret of government, my friend: To know how far into the mud you can grind people before they find rebellion worth the play."

Burn Down All Government Schools, Chapter MMMCCXLV.

Your Tax Dollars At Work. (But note countermeasure suggestions in comments.)

Prohibit the next thing, and the next....

Many times I've said, they hate us and want us to die. Many times I've asked the professional sadists, What law would you not enforce? What order would you not obey? Statement proven and questions answered. They would happily march us all off to the "showers" as long as the correct forms were filled out or some unstable freak in black robes told them it was "legal".

In Lighter News

Uppity in Pennsylvania.

Breda returns.

Yesterday SMLE Fan pointed out a Flawed Designtm for a folding stock for the AR. Even the flaw has a flaw.

3246 Saturday, 5 May 2012:

The World Sucks

Prohibit the next thing, and the next.... This country was in a lot better shape before we were infected with prohibitionists.

The Race War has begun. My side didn't start it. The other was just waiting for an excuse. We're not "out to get" anybody. All we want is to be left alone.

In Lighter News

Gary Johnson officially nominated. And he still has my vote.

Armed Self-Defense Works. There is no non-evil reason to prohibit, restrict, or infringe upon that right.

The Queen's repairs are complete! With video forthcoming. Now for some range time....

3247 Sunday, 6 May 2012:

The World Sucks

"Coming soon to a locale near you."

"When coercion and theft are considered moral, anything is possible, and none of it good."

In Lighter News

Yeah I got yer "tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity" right here.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Got there late because


You know what I need? I need a better spotting scope.

That's the Queen, with handloads of unknown vintage, from the bench at 200 yards on the MR31 target. Yes there are several more scattered all around those but I think the rifle is fixed. Didn't get any prone practice, the range rules are accumulating and I had other stuff I wanted to do. I started with LC72, figuring since I couldn't count on my handloads all being made under the same phase of the moon I'd use something which could be presumed consistent - and it wasn't consistent. I did bring some of my usual handloads though and woah 2MOA WTF? I'll just make another batch and mark it clearly. -I did notice my handloads had lighter recoil than the LC, hmm. Last time I ran them through a chronograph they were pretty close to M2 Ball.

Speaking of spotting scopes, a few years ago I net-ordered a Konus 90x, made in China. Lots of backlash in the controls, light-gathering drops markedly as magnification increases, the higher the magnification the narrower the useable focus (whose control has lots of backlash), and if you actually fire a rifle within three meters of it, its guts vibrate for the next five minutes. IIRC that scope was about $100. The 32x Halleyscope I picked up used at the last show for ten bucks, at least 26 years old and cranked out cheap for comet fever, is more rugged, has solid controls, and lets me see a .30 hole, in the white at least, at 200 yards. 9_9

I finished the day with a little handgun practice - the EAA .22LR 1911 conversion I bought a few years ago... needs a lot more work. Light strikes and misfeeds and I gave up. I disposed of the 20 rounds of Hornady premium defense ammunition - first-round misfeed from the Tripp Research magazine, no other failures, so I can presume my 1911 feeds hollowpoints. Then I ran twenty rounds of my handloads through, one misfeed in a McCormick 10, and made a windage adjustment.

In between, finally function-tested the Model 11 with factory rounds, Remington #GL127. One round, boom, locked back like it was supposed to. Two rounds, boom, boom, locked back. Full five rounds, perfect function. Repeat, perfect function again. This with the 18-3/8" 1912 barrel (the original 30" 1910 barrel, numbered to the receiver, is set aside; the other is from a 1911/12 parts gun I picked up a while ago for $45), with the friction pieces set for Heavy. So now I know the shotgun works. Trigger slap was less an issue this time, since it was functioning normally, instead of short-stroking with my old superlight handloads. Noticeable clunk noises from inside the receiver, lots of steel whacking back and forth, and the fiber buffer vanished possibly before I was born - OTOH the original Belgian had no such buffer. More testing is in order, as well as probably much load development - I want a milder load, no sense beating myself up. Opportunities to test are the difficulty.

$omeday I'll order the magazine extension and then I'll have two of the Three Guns for 3-Gun (though others have used Garands). And I got 120fps video of the Remington cycling, though it's not very good due to light conditions. Also got some of the Queen, though only in single-shot from the SLED. That, and the repair video, should be online by Tuesday evening.

And then the kitteh visited because the weather was so nice I could leave the hovel's door open KITTEH!!!! TUMMY RUBZ!!!!

While at the range I got a little bonus .45 brass, a few bonus 12 gauge hulls, and I noticed something. This is one of the new baffles they installed on the rifle line to prevent rounds from leaving the range:

I see they still let cops shoot there:

3248 Monday, 6 May 2012: Zzz....

The World Sucks

BAH. "The GOP cannot offer a credible alternative...."


A right delayed is a right denied. There is no non-evil reason.

This Julia thing is all over the internet. "Creepy" isn't a strong enough word.


It's not paranoia.

Child porn "found" in Rand Paul's luggage in 3, 2, 1....

  • Call the cops, get raped, kidnapped, falsely imprisoned and framed.
  • Call the cops, your daughter gets molested.
  • Call the cops, get shot by your "protectors".
  • "...[T]hinking is apparently not allowed by Dallas authorities."
    Why call the cops?

    Prepare, and fight light.

    In Lighter News

    Yeah, it's like that. I was building an AR but had to liquidate. :(

    Be uppity.

    Their Minds Don't Work Right and Correia has the slide show.

    A little ray of hope in Kentucky. I'd be happier if they were hanging the thieves.

    Finished Flynn's In the Lion's Mouth, far-future continuation of his Firestar saga. Very stylistic without being difficult, and the story is far from over. Beginning Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer, which the Appleseeders are reading these days. Also, some distance through Correia & Kupari's Dead Six in ebook.

    And the library is still blocking torrents, at least with Transmission in Ubuntu.

    3249 Tuesday, 8 May 2012:

    The World Sucks


    Project Gunwalker....

    Yet more prohibitionists in patriots' clothing.

    Prohibit the next thing, and the next....

    They hate you and want you to die.


    Professional sadists. They become cops because they like to hurt people.

    And the ones too dumb to become that kind of "professional" end up serially raping, habitually stealing, and putting innocent lives at risk.

    I warned you about just this sort of thing.

    In Lighter News

    Progress in North Carolina. Related action in Maine.

    Marines are like a different species. And I mean that in a good way.

    There are other WiFi spots around which allow torrents, whether they know it or not. ;) Not as convenient as the library though, and the battery only lasts so long.

    Slow-motion video of the Queen and the M11 is online, as is the repair video.

    3250 Wednesday, 9 May 2012:

    The World Sucks


    Gunwalker Theatre. "President Obama has threatened to veto this appropriations bill because, among other things, it limits the gun control authority of ATF." And he just can't have limits on awthoritay, no matter how many innocents die.

    Sink the Island, Chapter MMMCCL.

    They hate us and want us to die and it's not just me memeing it.

    So much for that "of the people, by the people, for the people" thingy.

    "We are no longer governed, but we are ruled." First comment, "The police are now the enemy." I had that figured out years ago. Didn't y'all? (Note the first comment on that last link, and scroll up this page for my prediction re: Rand Paul.)

    Example: They hate your children and want them to be molested. (I'm a bloody prophet, I am....)

    When they're not doing the molesting themselves. The logical question is, Where are the good cops working to get rid of the bad ones? To which the logical answer is, There aren't any. They know, and they cover for their child-raping "brothers in blue" for years, until the victims finally get on TV. How many are still active right this minute?

    But they're the Only Ones mature, responsible and trustworthy enough?

    "...100% unsuccessful...."

    It's not paranoia.


    In Lighter News

    Progress in Indiana.

    And Chicago.

    Hey, prohibitionists: Up yours.

    Via VCDL: Kennesaw. That's how it's supposed to work. AND IT DOES.

    Another mention of Lacey Lady.

    100+ pieces LCNM brass primed, and I think I have enough BL-C(2), and a single box of Hornady #3037. Now where the eff did I put my '06 dies on the DangerouslyDisorganizedReloadingTableofDooooommm? -Ah, there, between the second Pro 1000 and the single-stage, under the gas checks. All I need is the seater and the Lee FCD. The Load-Master has the .45/'06 shellplate (I could make Mauser rounds on it too if I ever dust off my VZ24 again, to say nothing of the M100) already; the single-stage shellholder is on the RCBS hand priming tool.

    3251 Thursday, 10 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Light loads all week, and none at all Monday. The 14th's paycheck will be average or a little above, but the 21st's will suck.

    BAH I say


    No progress in Iowa.

    Yet again with the self-destructive Jew. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Sink the Island....

    If you're not terrified YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

  • Never trust a cop of any kind.
  • It's not about your safety.
  • “But you had no proof that money was being used for drug trafficking, correct? No proof?”
  • "Within hours, police investigators, prosecutors, and the chief of police had seen every second of this video. They all KNEW a murder had been committed.... They did nothing but protect the perpetrators...."
  • This is why they don't want us to have guns.
  • "...[E]very officer on the scene was aware of the expectant mother’s condition – and all of them instinctively collaborated in covering up the crime committed against her."
  • They cover for each other for years.

    In Lighter News

    Open Carry rally along Interstate 5. ...I won't be attending, as I would be in legitimate fear for my life if a cop showed up and would feel compelled to act in righteous self-defense. But if you have the stomach for it by all means do.

    This also is a reason behind my Basic Firearms Tutorial videos.

    Progress in D.C./Maryland.

    Tucson Tom sends (click for 2.5Mb each):

    That's two different models of Barrett, and you can tell that's a PKM because of the smooth barrel. The original PK had machined cooling fins, which were eliminated to ease production.


    3252 Friday, 11 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    *(&%^$#$%^&*(@!!!!! Opera, my primary browser which I've been using for years and has all my bookmarks, has crashed really hard. I've found and saved the bookmark file, and a couple preferences files too, so that's not an issue - I've downloaded the latest install package, v11.64 at 10Mb, and it refuses to run. It tries to, it pretends to, it says it's extracting files, then it just... stops. Goes away. Disappears from TaskMgr even. Add/Remove Programs does pretty much the same - click Remove and it ponders a few seconds, then v11.62 is still there in the list. What the EFF? Delete the whole Opera folder from Program Files - no help (except it finally got removed from the list of programs). Download older versions back to 9.64, try the v12 beta, nothing. DAMMIT! 'Blog content will be reduced until I get my blogtrawler back. Y'all should know where to go by now....


    Genocide enablement lobby. There is no non-evil reason to infringe upon the natural human right of self-defense.

    Race war....

    What's wrong with America....

  • Even when they do get caught, it's catch-and-release for the Magic Badge. "According to Yuma police, [officer Torrin] Fannin was terminated for several administrative violations, including willful dereliction of duty, dishonesty, unbecoming conduct of an officer and jeopardizing the public trust in law enforcement. ...[D]epartment does not yet know if Fannin plans on trying to get his job back."
  • "..[T]wo counts of theft by unlawful taking.... ...[T]hree counts of theft by failure to make required disposition.... ...[C]ited for official misconduct, accused of creating a false report.... [S]heriff's deputy had tipped off registered sex offenders to an upcoming compliance check."
  • "...[T]he state agreed to return his money -- if he'd sign a statement waiving his constitutional rights and promising not to sue."

    In Lighter News

    3253 Saturday, 12 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Craaaap, it's looking like I'll have to re-OS AwesomeBox. First the trojan back in February, now this Opera thing which appears to have also killed the Adobe .PDF reader and how does THAT happen? Furthermore a recent Windows Update is refusing to install, which in turn refuses to allow the machine to shut down normally unless I do the hold-the-power-button-five-seconds thing. Unfortunately, with Cricket's restricted bandwidth, re-OSing involves more than simply inserting the CD, typing in the key and waiting for the half-gigabyte of updates to download - I'd have to transport the machine to a friend's place with real bandwidth, EvilWoman for example, and set the whole thing up there. (Which would also give me an opportunity to reinstall the wireless card which I had to take out after the trojan.)

    Poopy. This is why I keep most of my actual files on physically separate drives, with the OS and applications and as little else as I can manage on C:.

    "...[T]o have the very people who are trusted and sworn to serve them then steal their property after they've been exonerated is inexcusable." THIEVES SHOULD BE HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD.

    Oh look, pogroms in my backyard.

    In Lighter News


    Ain't nuthin' wrong with the rifle. Small turnout, only ten shooters, which would have fit in one relay except:

    The SR targets were placed at 200 yards, and the 100yd berm partially obscured several of them from prone. Simple enough fix in a few minutes with a couple shovels, but grump. I was in lane 6, using even numbers only forward of a 20-place bench line, and even my target had a bite out of it:

    That's through the quarter-century-old Halleyscope at 32x, which I found used at the show for ten bucks. Compared, the 90x Konus I ordered for ten times as much sucks.

    Anyhow, to work. Ten months since my last match. Encouraging bench session Sunday, but no position shooting since July, not even dry practice 'cause I'm a fundamentally lazy person. Long course B, 50 rounds for score plus five convertible sighters (throw out the five worst in Slow Prone). Starting with Slow Prone:

    Yeah that didn't suck, 186/3X, 93% for the stage. Considering all the time away and I whipped up the rounds last night (113, just enough for two full matches of this size).

    Next came Rapid Prone. ARGH. I made those rounds just a little bit too long, which I've done before but thought I fixed (and this very minute as I typed this I got up, stepped over to the DDRToD and screwed that seating die down about half a turn - and then another half). Slow fire with the SLED, it didn't matter. The two-round clip, holding its cartridges above the bullet guide, didn't give an indication. BlamBlamPING slap the hand out for the next clip as I've done many a time and ARGH. I knew instantly what was wrong. The match director came over to help - by which time I'd jammed it in there real good - and fortunately I had the full clip already loaded for the Rapid Sitting stage, so I asked him to grab that for me, and those rounds were just enough shorter that I could cram it in and finish the stage. But, as one might expect, by this time I was distracted:

    75/0X, bleah. Didn't get video of my Rapid Prone stage - I'm going for three camera angles this time - but that's just as well, except actually it would have been educational. At least they all scored. Then the second relay did their first two stages - we had to use two relays for only ten shooters on a ten-place match line because of the berm issue.

    (Continuing Fischer's Paul Revere's Ride, which like Washington's Crossing ten years later is far more entertaining than one expects a history book to be.)

    Back to it, Rapid Sitting and I haven't squashed myself into that position since maybe my last Appleseed and that was almost three years ago. This time I was prepared for the clip issue, eyeballing the rounds and reloading the clip with the ones that looked shorter, and they were just barely short enough. But again I was distracted, and I could stand to lose some gut:

    Yeah, one off the paper. Hate it when that happens. 72/1X. Finally, what's usually the worst stage for anyone, Slow Standing (I took the M1907-style loop sling off altogether rather than fuss with tightening it so it wouldn't pendulum):

    81/1X, total 414/5X, 82.8%. Well I wasn't expecting to win my first match in ten months, and I know what went wrong and why. It ain't the Queen's fault:

    Official results to follow. And the Queen is holding up quite well, the repairs to gas cylinder and lower band are holding.

    3254 Sunday, 13 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    *(^%@#($&*! Bill Gates. I'm almost inclined to redo AwesomeBox in Linux except so much of my stuff, not least games, is in Windows. Can't get into the chatroom this week either, as Java refuses to integrate with Firefox and Opera still refuses to reinstall.

    Who's waging a war on women?

    Who's racist?

    "Note that: no warrant, no court order, the popo just decided to steal his property under color of law." But they still think they're the good guys.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring Philip van Cleave of Virginia Citizens Defense League, one of the ass-kickingest RKBA orgs extant. Remember you can download MP3s a few hours after the show if you can't catch the broadcast.

    Cleaning weapons, starting with the Queen. The gas cylinder did drift back a little, evidenced by the relative fit of the locking ring when I removed the gas plug to clean the cylinder, but as I hoped that ring is grabbing the barrel threads better and the plug holds everything in place. The lower band hasn't moved at all, the roll pin holding much more securely than the battered old solid pin in the previous band. Need a better $potting $cope....

    Next, the M11, which I now know functions correctly with factory rounds. Nothing out of the ordinary there, and the 102-year-old wooden action spring guide is still intact as well, though I know at least two guys with lathes who could whip out a replacement, and I can find solid metal stock at the hardware store six blocks from the hovel.

    Finally the 1911. I only got one round out of the .22 conversion when I tried it a week ago, giving up on it for now.

    Need practice. Marksmanship skills are perishable, particularly position shooting. The over-long rounds I made can be used up in position practice, as they work fine when single-loaded in the SLED. My reload technique, actually inserting the clip when the previous ejects, probably doesn't need near as much work as my positions do.

    Match video is mostly processed, including three camera angles this time. Awaiting official results so I can insert them.

    First actual warm weather of the year.

    3255 Monday, 14 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Warm today, and no air conditioning in Shambling Wrecktm. Fortunately I start very early and am usually finished by noon. -Before 10am today in fact.

    Mosquitoes last night argh. Fortunately I still have a large citronella bucket-candle from my SCA days.

    Today I paid $4.039 at an ARCO station. I think that's a personal record. The usual staion was $4.05, but this other a couple miles away tends cheaper, and it was on the way to the library's WiFi from the bank. Just last week another ARCO was under $3.80.

    Gunwalker. They don't see us as human beings.

    Because they are all monsters.

    THIEVES SHOULD BE HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD. No matter whose gang colors they're wearing. It's the only way to stop them. Getting a settlement from other people's stolen tax money isn't working.

    Prohibition, of anything, will always cause more evil than it claims to prevent. It attracts the worst monsters society is capable of producing, on both sides of "law".

    If you're not stockpiling canned food and ammunition, you're not paying attention.

    Snark o' the Day: "...[I]ntelligent design in biology at least argues that the designer is divine and lives in heaven; in Progressive economics, it just assumes that the designer has a PhD and lives in Washington, D.C."

    In Lighter News


    I got yer "intent of the Founders" right here.

    3256 Tuesday, 15 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Still no Opera browser, and I have to read .PDFs on Petze. (Thank you Michael G. I am using the heck out of that laptop every single workday.) Figuring to haul AwesomeBox down to EvilWoman's place this weekend to re-OS. Suffering a bit of webcomic withdrawal.... Not as bad as last time though.

    Drove past that same ARCO station today, $4.09.

    BAH. I voted Wookie and will again.

    Project Gunwalker....

    Quote o' the Day: "It is Bizarro world: CSGV who has no problem with concentration camps are the good guys and those of us who would take up arms to avoid a new genocide are called Nazis." I've been telling you. They think they're the good guys. That's really sick.

    Tucson Tom sends op-ed cartoons. How can Ron Paul's foreign policy be worse? [howling, shaking bowcaster]

    You see this? This right here? That right there is why I drive an extra twenty blocks to the other supermarket which is not within walking distance of the transit center where three light rail and a dozen bus lines come together. -Yes, I used to use light rail. I hope I never will again.

    New Jersey criminalizes walking. Not making it up.

    Not paranoia....

    Michael G. sends more on thieves who need to be hung by the neck until dead.

    Theft is such a part of their thug culture they can't even resist stealing from each other.

    No functional difference.

    In Lighter News

    Streisand Effect HAH-HAH

    Speaking of the evils of prohibition, Moms United to End the War on Drugs. Linked on my front page and on my links page.

    3257 Wednesday, 16 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    For the record, Hussein's anti-gun record.

    Prohibitions' minds evidently work kinda like this.

    And like this. Because they've solved all the important problems?

    What's the word I'm looking for...?

    Again with TSA. SHOULD NOT EXIST. Don't "reform", "train", "educate", "improve" - stop polishing the turd. Every one of those animals belongs in a cage or, less burdensome to their taxpaying victims, on the gallows.


    In Lighter News

    Be uppity. VCDL sends an alert which I cannot presently link to due to AwesomeBox's OS and browser issues, but it goes like this:

    Washington Times reporter Emily Miller, who has been a firecracker on Second Amendment issues in DC, has turned up another abuse of a gun owner by Washington, DC and its Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

    (Story link)

    Let's help Lieutenant Kim by flooding the D.C. MPD with emails, politely, but firmly, demanding that Lt. Kim get back all of his guns and property forthwith!

    Send your email to Gwendolyn Crump with the DC Metropolitan Police Department at:


    Suggested subject: Return Lt. Kim's firearms immediately!

    Suggested text:

    Lt. Augustine Kim's charges have been dismissed and there is no longer any excuse for the MPD to deprive Lt. Kim of his lawful property. I am outraged that while he has served his country proudly and has paid a high price health-wise while doing so, DC's way of repaying him is to violate his Second Amendment rights and treat him like a low-life criminal! Refusing to return his lawful property is what I expect from a gang-banger, not a professional police department in our nation's Capital.

    This is the United States, not North Korea. Return Lt. Kim's firearms and any other property immediately.



    Furthermore, don't be confused into thinking there's only one such case. All cops are thieves, coast to coast. And you know how I feel about thieves....


    Not long ago I referred to lifespan extension as a staple of science fiction. Working on it.


    3258 Thursday, 17 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker. And more on the Alaska records thing.

    They admit they hate freedom. They can't stand the idea of anyone doing anything without permission.

    Back here I compared the worst-case scenarios in Atlas Shrugged to current real-world legislation. Holy. %^$&ing. @*#^. If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    TSA. Useless. Disband, abolish, prosecute.

    ReasonTV on the Fullerton murder. Talking about law enforcement regaining the trust of the people? Never. POLICE SHOULD NOT EXIST. They are a cure worse than any disease.


  • Armed thugs shut down quarter-century-old ice-cream stand.
  • Yet another child-molester with a badge.

    In Lighter News

    Behold, the Queen.

    Aaaand not unrelated, Challenge. Accepted? I know she can do it, I don't know if I can. -This sort of thing, and something similar referenced by Col. Cooper IIRC, inspired my passing references to the Fast Forty.

    Browning Museum video tour. Later parts in YouTube sidebar. My sister and I never did get there....

    WHEN I TALK ABOUT FABBERS THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. And it can CHANGE the WORLD. I want this genie to bust its bottle all to pieces, I want fabbers in every home like color TVs and flush toilets. Prohibition Ultimate FAIL when any Joe Sixpack can print a fully-functional sturmgewehr in his garage. -So it's $3,000 for the scanner and probably ten times that for the printer, for now. How much did the first pocket calculators cost?

    Think about this. FiFi, the last airworthy B-29, could continue flying forever. You could buy an antikythera at Wal-Mart print your own HoverBike. Who imagined, back in 1960, what the internet would become? Not even Heinlein. Most minds are not capable of stretching far enough to grasp this potential and I don't think mine is either. The end of factories? The end of dealerships? The end of retail? I want a fabber that can make more fabbers, that's the end of malum prohibitum.

    3259 Friday, 18 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Downtown yet again. :-6 Then just as I was typing up my report at the library, an On-Demand pickup-and-delivery, those pay more. Though it's a valid question whether they pay enough to be worth the fuel, which is $4.13 at ARCO now, which is the cheapest I saw today except for the one grungy place marked $4.09 and just looking at it, it was probably half water.

    Speaking of the library, looks like they've blocked FTP as well as torrents. >:-[ Which is why the latest modern and vintage issues of Guns and American Handgunner are not yet archived 'cause I don't want to cram 80 or 100Mb through Cricket.

    Project Gunwalker....

    "It raises serious questions about the fairness of the proceedings and both the actions and motives of those behind the prosecution." So much for that "due process" thingy. I've been telling you, "law" is whatever some thug with a badge or unstable freak in black robes says it is, and if you object they murder you, or worse.

    Quislings. Look up the word. It means something.

    But they don't trust us.


    "The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization... is knowing that you are." - Robert A. Heinlein

    In Lighter News

    Just noticed something: back cover art for First Blood, Ultimate Edition DVD, Rambo is wearing a belt of .30-06 rounds. To go with his M60. 9_9 (Yes I can tell, they're longer, and the CMP rounds I've bought or been gifted are usually de-linked, and I do still have a rifle in .308 Winchester.

    Almost forgot, official match results in email a couple days ago. As expected, Mr. R. was 1st, Mr. E. was 2nd, and 3rd was quite some distance. I placed 8th of 11 but I know I can and will do better. Now I can finish the match video and get it YouTubed.

    3260 Saturday, 19 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Spent all day at EvilWoman's place, using her bandwidth to reinstall XPPro64 and all. Yes, the library blocks FileZilla now 'cause it works pefectly on her connection.

    First, back up everything from C: which isn't already on other physical drives. This includes hunting down the Outlook Express (yes I still use it) folder, five or six layers deep, where the .IDX and .DBX files of years-old emails are stored. I have done this before. Pity I can't figure how to transplant the filters.... The account settings are already saved in a text file on a separate drive.

    Take screenshots of my desktop icons and Start Menu hotkeys.

    Disconnect all other physical drives, except the optical drive I'll need for the XP CD. Thus I'm sure I won't be wiping the wrong one.

    NUKE C: into fiery oblivion. (With Windows Disk Management (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management).) Nnno, it's not letting me do that to C: from within Windows... boot from CD (remember the PS/2 legacy keyboard because the USB won't be live yet during the boot cycle), from there I can kill the partition.

    (Typing this on Petze of course. Which is happily torrenting away on the other end of the table. :)

    Format with NTFS, not-quick. Nuke it.
    ...And that's why I also brought Petze....
    ...Get the magazine .PDFs archived uploaded (too much trouble to update the archive page at present)....
    ...Upload the match video....
    ...Go through my alternate webmail account for all those URLs I emailed to myself for videos I want to watch but don't have bandwidth for at the hovel, capture .FLVs with DownloadHelper added to Firefox for later viewing when VLC is reinstalled on AwesomeBox....

    Ooookay the initial install is done. Now the tricky part - reinstalling the WiFi card I had to remove after the trojan attack in February when AVG finally fixed their 64bit problem. The 600W power supply is already at the quivering incandescent edge of capacity, though it shouldn't be as bad with four of the five HDDs unplugged and all the usual USB stuff out as well... attach plastic antenna SMLEFan sent... press power button... boots successfully without combusting, launches Found New Hardware Wizard. BUT. I remember from last time, I have to use an RALink install package instead of whatever is supposed to go with the Belkin card. That package is on my USB drive. ...Which is plugged into Petze. Which is downloading a bazillion .FLVs onto it, which I don't want to interrupt. More LOLKITTEHS....
    ...Or make initial display and performance adjustments....

    ...Eventually, access the USB device and attempt to install WiFi drivers. I know this worked before... but it's not working now. Try Windows' Hardware Update wizard after reinstalling Cricket... which has minimal signal strength at EvilWoman's place of course. Search the Almighty Internets... dammit I thought I had the solution right there in that self-ex file. Use Petze to search again - found another Belkin install package which claims to work with XP64... "Please shut down your computer now and install the Belkin wireless adapter to complete the installation." Um, it's already in there. Reboot- nuthin'. Keep digging- this seems familiar- but I CAN'T FIND THE DRIVER IN THE LIST OF STANDARD DRIVERS BECAUSE I CAN'T CONNECT TO THE INTERNET TO UPDATE THE LIST OF DRIVERS BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THE DRIVER FOR THE WIRELESS CARD TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET (#^@(*%&*()!@^*(%#(

    FINALLY I fumbled my way through and got connected to EvilWoman's WiFi some three hours after I arrived. BLARG! Now I have to download the updated Windows Update software before I can update the updates to get the updates. GAH. First batch 325.5Mb. Not to mention video and sound and so on. This is why I unplugged AwesomeBox and drove twenty-odd miles for real bandwidth. Install AVG- MSIE6 (I think) crashes when the download tries to begin. Install Opera WHICH WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE EXERCISE- finally underway. Yet system instabilities continue, not least with the power supply. Argh. Now it won't shut down or restart normally, and if I try to launch system properties, like Device Manager, that window goes blank and freezes. Same with Windows Update from the start menu, MSIE crashes. Did I make things worse? How many times am I going to have to wipe and re-OS this system? Maybe I should be looking into Windows 7. Oh great, now I have VPROT malware, where the eff did that come from? -And email will be behind until the six-deep folder where the .IDX/.DBX files belong magically reappears.

    And that's how I spent my day. NO BLOGTRAWL FOR YOU!

    In Lighter News

    3261 Sunday, 20 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    No work tomorrow. And this period's paycheck might be less than $200, with the cheapest fuel I feel like putting in my car at $4.13.

    Codrea connects dots. It's about control.

    It's never been about anything else.

    To further illustrate, lemme connect this dot to this one. I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU, the "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.

    I haven't said much, if anything, on the Zimmerman case. Others have been keeping plenty of eyes on it. My only comments at this point are: Self-defense is a human right, and there is no non-evil reason to infringe in any way upon that right; and: There is no "equal justice under law" and hasn't been for some time. Some people are trying very hard to throw one man to a real lynch mob, apparently hoping to be lynched last.

    The next time some parasite with a petition asks me to "support public schools" I won't be responsible for their safety.

    Michael G. sends thoughts on the current environment, asking, "Is it ethical to not warn the uncivilized about the presence of uncivilized badgethugs?" Food for thought indeed, although I've already given it some.

    Speaking of the current environment. Call who for "help"?

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Interviews with Calguns Foundation, Kimberly Rhode (if you don't know who she is you're reading the wrong 'blog), Dave Workman, and mention of a switchblade repeal in Missouri. -Now can we arrest, prosecute, jail, and perhaps execute the uniformed thieves who've been stealing property from citizens who harmed no one?

    In light of the Calexico case, adding Calguns Foundation to my front and links pages.

    (But I don't think I'll be linking this one....)

    SMLE Fan (who provides the visual aid for yesterday's re-OSing) comments, "Bah. Being able to tell the difference between 7.62 and .30-'06 on a DVD is greasy kid's stuff. Lemme know when you can see the diff between 30'06 and 8mm, heh." Well duh, the necks are shorter. ;) And the belts will likely be constructed differently.

    Eclipse today. The weather is all Oregon-y so shrug.

    The magazine archive page is updated.

    Finally got my case-trim station video YouTubed for more convenient viewing, it crashed for some reason last time I tried.

    Finally AwesomeBox shut down normally, installing 114 updates after downloading another hundred or more Mb through Cricket. And more yet. Meanwhile reinstalling other apps like Firefox, tedious. Lost the MSOE address book, didn't think to export it before wiping the drive. :( Account successfully reactivated but I still can't find the double-secret folder where the .DBX are saved so I can transplant the old ones like I've done a half-dozen times over the years, so I may have lost some archived emails (OTOH it would be an excuse to abandon them...). System finally restarts normally too, and I can access Device Manager and Add/Remove Programs. Web research suggests VPROT is a legitimate part of AVG. Except for the MSOE files I think the re-OS is done. Whew.

    -Except I still can't install the Adobe .PDF reader WTF:

    That's with v9.5 or 10.whatever, 32- or 64-bit. Found an archive site, trying 8.1.3- okay. But with all this downloading I'm expecting Cricket to downshift me again any day.

    -Oh cool, MSOE's Import feature actually works with the files I saved, there they all are. Now the re-OS is done.

    Nice to have Opera back. I like the mouse gestures and the speed dial and the independently-zoomable tabs (Firefox only zooms so far, and it zooms all tabs the same) and many other features. And it's where all my bookmarks are, saved in an actual file which doesn't need to be separately exported so when it crashed it was easy to salvage.

    3262 Monday, 21 May 2012: Zzz....

    The World Sucks

    "Even by Stupid Party standards, it was an impressive display of preemptive surrender." BAH.

    Looks like rain all week, and I'll be hiking in it. :-6

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, Destroying Your Natural Human Rights. And we were warned.

    Like I've been saying, our wars are not being lost on the battlefields.

    Don't get me started on public education....

    Urgent action in North Carolina.

    Urgent action in Ohio.

    Urgent action in Illinois.

    Uncomfortable Truth o' the Century: 'Most “progressive” policies, such as gun control, and minimum wage, started out in life as a way to keep black folks down.'

    InjusticeEverywhere changes hands. But it looks like they'll be good hands.

  • "...[N]othing more than theft under color of law."
  • "The licenses used to act as a check that someone has met certain qualifications.... Now they act as revenue measures and a sort of punishment."
    They can't have no idea how much they're ticking us off. -Coincidentally I'm still reading Fischer's Paul Revere's Ride and Gage didn't have no idea neither. If you can afford it, pick up a couple more of those prepaid anonymous cellphones, ya know? Take note of where and when the enemy is likely to be found, i.e. favorite donut shops, favorite revenue traps....

    In Lighter News

    Codrea has a few words about priorities and authenticity.

    Looks like BATFU is having trouble hiding the kitten-stomping. That darn inconvenient internet thingy, allows the peasants to communicate....

    Progress in Tennessee?

    Adding New Jersey Second Amendment Society to front and links pages. Moar?

    3263 Tuesday, 22 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Very light load, done very early - but still ended up driving 122 miles today (not counting the daily 18 to begin) because an on-demand pickup-and-delivery came in right after I texted that I was done with my regular manifest. Vancouver to Canby. Well, I was driving farther in the previous job-which-paid-really-well-but-threw-me-away-like-a-used-tissue.


    More on Illinois.

    More on Ohio.

    Suspended with pay. And that's our tax dollars.


    "...[W]hen one side violates (repeatedly) a contract, how can that contract be valid?"

    AGE RES PROPRIAS TUAS (ref). If they're not punished for destroying innocent lives, they have no incentive to stop being evil....

    "I don’t have faith in the police to protect me...." WELL DUH. They're probably the ones trying to rape and murder you.

    They can't have no idea....


    In Lighter News

    SpaceX. Hooaah. Without a gazillion tax-eating bureaucrats. GET OUT OF THE WAY.

    Cure for cancer? Working on it, without a gazillion tax-eating bureaucrats. GET OUT OF THE WAY.


    According to the official CMP results, I placed 6th of 10 in the match on the 12th (5th of 9 for Garands only). Okey.

    3264 Wednesday, 23 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Revenuers out this morning, robbing at gunpoint, under color of some made-up "law", citizens who have harmed no one. It's getting harder to not twitch the steering wheel over. It's not like there's a lot left to lose.

    Project Gunwalker....

    It used to be, "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed". But now it's your tax dollars at work destroying those very rights. Which, as per instructions, brings us to "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it".

    And as long as we're channeling TJ: "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."

    Or in other words, burn down all government schools.

    Just yesterday SMLE Fan asked, "How Can You Avoid Calling Them Nazis?" SERIOUSLY. Godwin's Law just got repealed. (No rly, source.) Are these creatures really that ignorant of history, or are they simply taking the wrong lessons from it? -And I won't be reading any of her books....

    "Can Marysville officer get fair trial in daughter’s death?" If by "fair" you mean a tax-funded, pension-keeping wrist-slap compared to what one of us peasants would get....

    The other day Michael G. asked whether it was ethical to warn a jerk about the presence of a professional sadist. SMLE Fan has a better answer.


    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends history. Whatever Norway has become today under Eurocommie influence, it was once a land of giants who, despite being sold out by their own, destroyed the Nazi nuclear weapons program in its infancy with a handful of commandos under the most brutal conditions.

    3265 Thursday, 24 May 2012: WHOA Random Unexpected Reader Donation WOO. -And when I go to the PayPal site to process it I notice a handful of additional dollars from LuckyGunner.com, my one and only actual sponsor linked from my reloading pages.

    The World Sucks

    Another light week, and no work Monday. OTOH that'll give me time to answer some backed-up emails.

    Codrea keeps an eye on the Shipley case. Who is, yes, an Only One, but as SMLE Fan pointed out yesterday, there are precedents to be set.

    What's wrong with the world today.


  • Once in a very great while that old Constitution thingy still works. But that's not the way to bet. It's not about safety. It's about armed robbery in uniform and we used to HANG thieves AND SHOULD RESUME DOING SO.
  • Never trust a cop of any kind.
  • NEVER TRUST A COP OF ANY KIND. Codrea points out this is the same professional sadist who hates us and wants to grind our faces into the pavement in his very own words.
  • And they don't trust us.
  • You've got to stop thinking of them as human beings and recognize them as the rabid vermin they really are.
  • Thieves should be hung by the neck until dead no matter whose gang colors they're wearing. 'I really don’t give a rip about whether or not it is “legal”. Many a dictator has made murder legal but it didn’t change the morality of the act, did it?' Or as Dr. Pournelle said a few weeks ago, to the effect of, "'Justice' is not always 'legal' and 'illegal' is not always 'wrong'."

    If you're not morbidly depressed, you're not paying attention.

    If you're not terrified you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    Someone once pointed out that the Spartans were not the best pro-liberty example to be had, but you know, if yer gonna cherry-pick, pick the biggest cherry.

    Permits are infringement, and there is no non-evil reason to require them. But, improvement in Virginia.

    Tucson Tom sends that we ain't done yet. (To say nothing of these guys who will, come the Day, hurl many a monkey wrench into the works.)

    Loyal Reader has disappeared - perhaps the squirrels ate him - but he once raised questions of sustainability on long-duration spaceships, stations, or outposts with hostile or no atmosphere. First, I would have expected a Navy guy to know something about that, but comes now a very interesting graphic indeed. I have already postulated that once you have a relatively cheap and reliable way to reach orbit, you'll never run out of anything again ever because it's all out there somewhere, surrounded by free solar power to process it into fusion fuel and rocket propellant and clean drinking water and breathable air and whatnot. This suddenly becomes both less and more ridiculous.

    LOL (ref)


    Preparing for Wolverton IPSC Saturday. Hit a couple second-hand stores looking for something to be used as a gunbelt - nuthin'. I have a couple GI ALICE belts and a couple Bianchi military holsters, which would work just fine for IPSC with the flap removed which takes about three seconds, but the Uncle Mike's Kydex magazine carriers I have (picked up a third a couple weeks ago, now I can carry all my magazines... until I buy moar magazines) have loops too small and I can't afford to just go buy a whole new rig. So I'll be using the trousers belt again, laboriously threading it through everything (the Uncle Mike's Kydex holster I usually use with the 1911 is a paddle type, though I expect I can find a loop adapter to bolt onto it).

    A few weeks ago SMLE Fan sent me a CARE package which among other things (like the antenna for the Belkin wireless card to improve signal strength for the re-OSing last weekend) included some spent, Berdan-primed (and therefore not preciousss) 7.92x57mm cases. With these, and a couple A-Zooms in .308 I already have, I might get around to doing a tutorial video on the '98 Mauser, as exemplified in my VZ24 and M100, to demonstrate both sporting and military versions. I already started, in fact mostly did, the script back when I was posting a slew of such. I probably won't be doing disassembly videos on the Mosin or Mauser; for routine cleaning, just remove the bolt, which I've already shown for the Mosin and will spend a few seconds showing for the Mauser.

    I do notice my disassembly videos are quite popular, with the 10/22 and GP100 both well over 1,000 views, and Analytics show hits from all over the world.

    3266 Friday, 25 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Another light load, so light it took only moments to sort, meaning I got into the delivery region before most of the places had opened. Some have a mail slot, some I can slip the package under the door - others are Signature Required so I have to go make other stops and come back. At least Petze's battery is healthy so I can finish reading Dead Six, which is as good as all the other 'bloggers have been saying. And there's WiFi all over so I can run torrents while I wait.

    Apparently Starbuck's blocks torrents too.


    Lies and statistics....

    "The legislative department is everywhere extending the sphere of its activity and drawing all power into its impetuous vortex." - James Madison, Federalist No. 48, 1788
    Yes. Yes it is.
    (Related, WoGged again.)

    Via Michael G., your tax dollars still at work destroying your rights.

    Speaking of tax dollars at work....

    Burn down all government schools, Chapter MMMCCLXVI.

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    But they think they're the good guys. Same philosophy as the professional sadists, same results.

    I have been telling you....

    ...And they're very busy proving us right.

    Not to forget enemies foreign.

    Prepare. Yeah I'm nowhere near the shape Our Kind should be in. At least I do some hiking and stairs in the courier job, and I got new shoes this week.

    In Lighter News

    SpaceX hooaah. May their tribe increase.

    Needs more rope, but still, progress in Louisiana.

    I've often said, never trust a cop of any kind. Exception.

    3267 Saturday, 26 May 2012: Remember....

    The World Sucks

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, Chapter MMMCCLXVII.

    Meanwhile in government school, how is this not attempted murder?

    I have been telling you, the cure is worse than the disease.

    And what the hell's the difference between law enforcement and any other crime syndicate?

    In Lighter News

    In Ohio, I'm not sure this really counts as a "victory". Victory would be a whole bunch of repeals, impeachments, and as long as I'm dreaming, public hangings.


    IPSC(-style; unofficial) at Wolverton. I was apprehensive about armed-robbers-in-uniform on a holiday weekend, but I took the scenic route, which is actually shorter than the freeway according to Garmin and YahooMaps. Quite good weather, cold and damp on the way up but no rain and warming notably by the time we finished (despite a thunderstorm last night). Videos forthcoming. Teasers:

    One misfeed in Stage Two (or was it Three?), with a McCormick 10-round, no other malfunctions. The Tripp Research 10-round magazine worked perfectly, the others are all McCormicks. I would suspect my handloads before the magazines. One grazing-but-actual hit on a no-shoot target (due to poor technique and improper position and I need to work on my grip), no procedural penalties, didn't completely blow my strategies for each stage. You'll see the colored lines in a few days. My rig worked but I need an actual gunbelt, which might help me avoid a self-appendectomy-by-magazine-floorplate every time I bend over to pick up brass or reset a steel target.

    Bonus brass as usual, some .223, and a couple hundred mixed 12 gauge hulls (I'm thinking of settling on the Remington low-base black plastic, which matches the factory loads I've purchased recently; many are present in the box I grabbed and might even be once-fired). I want to try 3-Gun, but the tube extension for the M11 is $76, shell caddies $24 each and I figure I'd need at least two, and the only rifle I have which I could possibly use is the Queen herself, and her diet is expensive.

    Speaking of, on the way back I stopped at Wholesale Sports, formerly Sportsman's Warehouse, and blew my last unallocated $48 - three of which were from the little change pocket in Shambling Wrecktm's dashboard for parking meters which I'd rather hike twenty blocks than feed revenue to - on two boxes of Hornady #3037 (the branch on my side of the river was out; this other appeared to be recently restocked and is accustomed to accepting Oregon ID to void Washington sales tax) so I can make more .30-06 M2 equivalent for the Queen, correctly this time. Now it's time for a Great Resizing. Fortunately I seem to have stockpiled at least three cans of Hornady One-Shot case lube.

    I should have enough live .45 rounds left for the next IPSC shoot, 30 June, but then I'll have to melt more lead. (Which would give me an opportunity to make casting videos....) It's unlikely I'll be participating in the 3-Gun shoot on 22 July - aside from equipment shortages, I haven't even started developing a new 12 gauge load, and my '06 rounds - except for GI surplus like the can of LC69 Tucson Tom gifted me, or the can of LC72 or corrosive KA73 I purchased years ago - will be allocated to five more CMP matches this year, and maybe one or two others like the PIG and Allies vs. Axis. (Speaking of that last, I could dust off the VZ24... for which I have brass and primers, might have powder, and don't seem to have projectiles, hmm, that'd be another $25-$30 for a box of, probably, Sierra #2400; and I don't think I have that much W748 either).

    3268 Sunday, 27 May 2012: Remember....

    The World Sucks

    Hey look, getting eaten last. Or perhaps sooner. (ref)

    No such thing as a good cop. I wouldn't urinate on one if it was on fire.

    Speaking of on fire, arson and attempted murder under color of law. Anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to die.

    Meanwhile in the place where Great Britain used to be....

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT:

    A chatroom Elf asked me to add California Rifle and Pistol Association to my front page icons, but I value ideological purity (ref). I did a search for crpa "open carry" and one of the hits was this forum thread indicating a lack thereof. Anyone have more data?

    Speaking of ideological purity, from a recent VCDL email alert:

    A gun owner who open carried at a Jimmie Johns restaurant in Henrico was asked to leave by a new manager. The owner was contacted about it and was mortified. The letter below was his response. Because of his strong statement of support for our right to keep and bear arms, our after-meeting dinner in Richmond was held there to thank Mr. Pratt. We had over 25 members there on Thursday night.
    My name is Michael Pratt, and I am the franchisee and Managing Owner of the Jimmy John's locations in Short Pump and near UR. I was just today made aware of the situation last week between the General Manager of the Short Pump store, Chris Springer, and our patron John Oliver. I apologize for this entire situation, I attribute it to my own schedule and not always being able to be available for teaching moments.

    We are not an anti-gun establishment, in any way, shape, or form. Chris is a new GM, he only started with us in that capacity in February and thus is still learning the ropes. Jimmy John's corporate has no established gun policy, and thus in his corporate training was not taught about any gun laws or policies. We are continually training and teaching him all about our business. Our company policy is that we follow the law - lawful, open and concealed carry is accepted in our establishments and we welcome all patrons. Our employees are being educated about legal gun carrying practices and the safety it provides. I cannot guarantee that education will make every employee comfortable, in this industry they come and go quite often, but we will continue to make our best efforts to educate our employees on legal and safe firearm practices.

    I, myself, am a concealed carry permit holder. I have never open carried but respect those that do. Please accept my apologies on behalf of myself, my management team, and my staff. They have all been made very aware of our policies and I hope that we will see you again soon. I am going to personally respond to each person that emailed me, and I hope that they will also accept my apologies for the mistake.

    Michael Pratt
    Managing Owner
    JJ's 1131
    [11301 W. Broad St., Glen Allen] & 1300 [7005 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond]

    So if you're on that end of the continent, there's where to go for lunch. That kind of standing-up-ness must be rewarded.

    Speaking of VCDL, stolen property returned (ref). Now where's the jail time, or gallows, for the armed-robbers-in-uniform and their bureaucrat bosses?

    SMLE Fan gets his tactical on and reviews it.

    Bunch of .45ACP brass sized, deprimed, and tumbling. Now I have to give that .30-06 sizer a good cleaning.... ...Aaaand the Great Resizing grinds to a halt as both my sizers are damaged in the process of removing stuck cases. Specifically the expander balls and the decapping-pin-shafts on which they ride. -But: the die bodies are intact and I have a .308 sizer with expander ball; if I raise it very high in the turret, so it only affects the neck (yes of course I have the Lee Universal Decapping Die duh)... Improvise, Adapt, Overcome! And moar Hornady One-Shot. MOAR.

    Yes I have a .30-06 cartridge headspace gauge and it tells me all is well.

    Lesson from yesterday's IPSC(-style): "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast." You can't miss fast enough to win. Slow down and aim and your actual scores will improve. Same lesson applies to movement and reloads, the faster you go the more you fumble. I've said this before too, as Robert Culp told Raquel Welch: "First comes right, then comes fast. Again, Hannie, again!"

    Net-shopping for gunbelts. Safariland offers what I think would be appropriate, especially if I were going to change weapons during a match: the velcro underbelt and overbelt. But, I'm inclined to boycott Safariland as collaborators, for manufacturing zipties, and much else, for JBTs. (My Safariland speedloaders, all three, were found used at shows.) Suggestions?

    3269 Monday, Memorial Day Observed, 28 May 2012:

    Normandy invasion broadcast
    Prickly City
    Michael G. sends two stories of heroism
    Classical Values
    Robb Allen
    David Codrea

    The World Sucks


    In my fictional future history I have: "140 JR/2097 CE - United Nations secretly begins releasing fertility-suppression agents to targeted populations worldwide". Now where would I get such a crazy idea?

    Remember, government bureaucrats are smarter than you and know what's best!
    No really, they do!

    ",,,[J]ust more security theater."

    In Lighter News

    Not entirely lighter: InjusticeEverywhere has, as previously mentioned, changed hands. My front page icon is appropriately updated.

    MidwestReader sends forum discussion on the New! Improved! Remington Golden Bullet in a 225-round bulk pack now appearing in Wal-Mart, for what full bricks sold for in 2007, additionally commenting: "Some who have tried them report noticeably fewer duds and some claim improved accuracy, at least in some guns. A representative of Remington dropped by and said that they have changed the priming process--whether he means a different mixture, or a different means of installation, or just better QC in manufacture, is unknown to me--to reduce the number of duds and improve overall consistency and reliability." And later: "In two of the new small bulk cartons, totaling about 450 rounds, I had no duds and one failure to eject [in a Ruger pistol I believe]. Which is a lot better than Remington bulk .22 LR usually is. I was pleased with the accuracy I got...."

    Reader sends review: "I sent off the 10/22 trigger group to Brimstone Gunsmithing of Yacolt, Washington. It came back with a wide target trigger installed, set to 3.0 pounds exactly. It is the best trigger I have ever felt on any firearm. I can sense no takeup, no creep, no overtravel. Lock and load, take off the safety, put finger on the bang button and press with just enough force to require an intentional press, and off it goes, with a very short reset too.

    During my last Appleseed, which unfortunately was, what, three years ago? The LTR, a 10/22 with factory basic stock and smooth plastic buttplate, kept slipping off my shoulder. There are various solutions, replacement/extended buttplates, skateboard tape, I saw one Appleseeder had attached a piece of suede with rubber cement or epoxy. Reader suggests stippling the factory plate with a soldering iron, hmm. Anyhow in the process of replying to that backed-up email I became curious and made a comparison:

    How 'bout that? Almost looks like a 10/22 has a longer length-of-pull than the Queen. (The Queen shows the same length as any other M1 in a rack at a match.)

    Yyyyyeah, hundred-odd .45ACP brass ready to prime, closer to four hundred '06 waiting its turn in the tumbler. (See, I have to move stuff to get at any given portion of the DDRToD. And I'm lazy. So stuff accumulates.) Rifle primers (WLR) I still have, though I'm out of WLP; I have a brick of Magtech #2˝. Not quite out of W231 yet, but only one can of BL-C(2) and that won't be enough for a Big Batch.

    The last hundred-odd '06 were once-fired military, nearly all LC. It shouldn't be too hard to make a quick little video on the RCBS Primer Pocket Swager - and I'll want to get those swaged soon, as that portion of the Table is where I'll be setting up the Load-All II to start developing a 12 gauge load for the M11. -Video processed, quick & dirty, probably online tomorrow.

    SMLE Fan suggests belt, but methinks it insufficient - the idea being to arrange the holster and carriers and leave them there. I suppose another option would be something like this to go with the ALICE belts and UM84s I already have, though they wouldn't be as fast. Hmm.

    3270 Tuesday, 29 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Bigger load today, still done by noon. Next week's paycheck will be skinny, though today's was adequate and the rent is in the mail. No, stop that, BAD spendthrift, you do NOT need another SD card or USB drive or that dinky little 15-inch "wide"screen monitor on sale for $88.... Though I did pick up a pound of Unique for 12 gauge development. Shoulda got two of BL-C(2). Maybe next week - or maybe I'll get lucky and Bi-Mart will have it on sale again.

    Hey - is the WT12 a good wad? 'Cause Bi-Mart has a bag of five hundred for two cents each.


    Communist China condemns a human right as a violation of human rights. Not making it up. (Also see.)

    Similarly, "It’s disgusting that someone would say that the violations of rights from Jim Crow are no big deal because we made it through so let’s do it again, and make no mistake, that’s exactly what Councilman Suarez said."

    The Onion isn't funny anymore.

  • They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.
  • They hate US and want US to die.
  • We're not the ones randomly shooting up the neighborhood. So why are we getting robbed, raped and murdered by the same uniformed monsters who are?
  • "The police turned on the electric stove and never turned it off and left without securing the broken door." "Maybe they hoped for a fire to destroy the evidence of what assholes they are?"
  • "...[T]he United States is no longer a free country if I have to worry about being raided by a SWAT team because of something I said in a blog post." And there is nowhere else to run to.

    In Lighter News

    Uppity, nationwide.

    SpaceX encore l'HOOAAH.

    Maybe this belt, which includes both under and over. Which would work out to less than the separately-purchased Safariland. $igh.

    Primer pocket swaging video is online, as is Stage One of Saturday's IPSC(-style).

    3271 Wednesday, 30 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Enormous load today, and part of another driver's too. Done late, back late, pooped. (And yeah, it's like that.) I was figuring on doing laundry today but by the time I got back to the hovel it was less effort to hit the second-hand store on the way back and buy a clean shirt. -I am getting some exercise though, hiking and stairs and even a bit of jog now and then.

    Not "post-racial", most-racial. And they call us....

    Quick, let's take the guns away from everybody who didn't do it!

    There is no non-evil reason to make lists of gunowners.

    There is no non-evil reason to infringe on the human right of self-defense.

  • Happily kicking down anyone's door. They don't care whose, or why, as long as they get to do the kicking.
  • Sadistic perverts with badges. That's why they become cops.
  • No, really. The job doesn't make them monsters. THE MONSTERS APPLY FOR THE JOB.


    Looks like Fobus might be on the boycott list too, having decorated their website with JBTs.

    In Lighter News


    Some time ago I asked where I could find bulk Kydex to make my own gear. Found.

    3272 Thursday, 31 May 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Normal load today, finally got the laundry done. Not much of a signal at the laundromat, but every bit helps with torrents. ;)

    Gunwalker. I have been telling you. Any cop who tries to be other than evil is deliberately destroyed by the mainstream.

    A little bit of justice? Just wait, "qualified immunity", "officer safety", "failure to obey", and the innocent citizen is still dead.

    Aaaaand blood-dancing, on schedule.

    See, here's how the system actually works: Someone invents a device or software to do something unAmerican, then they lobby some statist legislator to make it required by law, where everyone was getting along just fine without it for decades. So that "corporations=evil" thing, sometimes, is true.

    Of course it doesn't take a corporation to be evil. Bureaucrats can be evil without any help.

    Prohibition is fundamentally evil, Chapter MMMCCLXXII. And besides that it doesn't even work.
    ...For its stated goal. Do not get hung up on what is being prohibited. Look, as I have been telling you, at the precedents being set and the mechanisms being constructed. What is next on the prohibitionists' list?

    In Lighter News


    SpaceX Total WIN

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