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3060 Tuesday, 1 November 2011:

The World Sucks

Lots more Project Gunwalker news.

Michael G. sends Unstable Freaks in Black Robes, Chapter MMMLX. Rule of law is dead and we the people have nothing left to lose.

By which I mean: "One minute rulers had legitimacy in the eyes of their people; the next they didn’t."

And remember, police are the Only Ones who can be trusted.

Their minds don't work right....

And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

Bandwidth restricted again. %$&# Cricket!

In Lighter News

In Seattle, SAF strikes a blow against bigotry.

In Florida, Our Kind does the same.

Economics tip: You never know what you'll find at a second-hand store. Today I stopped, upon whim, at a Salvation Army, and found the cheap cable-type tire chains, of the correct size for the current shambling wreck, for $6.99. Bi-Mart wants $30 for the precise same product. These were used and rusty of course, but they'll work. -The Portland area rarely gets really bad snow and ice. When it does everyone panics and the highway-robbers-in-uniform rack up the revenue for anyone not carrying traction devices. (Then half a year later they rack up more revenue if you haven't taken your studded tires off.) It's never been about our safety....

Many more vintage issues of American Handgunner are now archived. Jan/Feb 77 and Mar/Apr 79 appear to not be available, I expect they'll be fixed eventually. Also it appears Guns has established their own free archive.

Japanese anime... can be artistically awsumm, but the writing very often stinks. Common elements repeated to excess:
  • Giant Mecha Battletm.
  • Silly/Embarrassing High School Sequence(s)tm.
  • Japan(Earth) Conquered/Occupied by Foreign(Alien) Power(s).
  • Technology/Industry/Humanity are Eee-Vill and are Cruelly Murdering Mother Gaia.
  • Basic Laws of Physics Do Not Exist, even if it's supposed to be a science fiction story (see first item).
  • Going Completely Off the Rails Halfway Through the Series with Hallucinogenic Existential Stuff.
  • Evil is Finally Destroyed at Great Personal Cost to the Hero(ine) of the Story who Probably Gets Gruesomely Killed.
  • Everyone Who Survived Lives Happily Ever After in an Idyllic Agrarian Non-Technological Utopia.

    PTHTHPHTBPTPHPTHPTBPTBPTPH. By which I mean things like Evangelion and Code Geass. The only exceptions that come readily to mind are, of course, Cowboy Bebop, whose science, while still soft in spots, is much harder than the norm and tells a somewhat comprehensible story; and Planetes, which has made the greatest effort to take itself seriously of all the anime I've seen. I suppose I'll have to include Space Battleship Yamato for at least following its own storyline through and making some kind of sense, despite its frequent resort to dei ex machina. What's needed is, something of the visual production values of, say, Wings of Honneamise, with writing by, well- Correia's MHI series would be wonderful material, as would Weber's Honorverse if someone took a gas-powered hedge-trimmer to it first. Aside from the aforementioned, is there any anime y'all can recommend which doesn't lose itself in self-indulgence?

    3061 Wednesday, 2 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker. Gleiwitz Incident? We said so.

    Meanwhile in GovSchool, "The law means nothing to us."

    Michael G. sends more on SC sheriff Wright and media bias. Speaking of the sheriff, he'll be on the air Sunday evening. I wonder if anyone will ask the pertinent question?

    EuroReader sends treating human beings like cattle and unstable child-abusing freaks in black robes. Business as usual for professional sadists.

    To which Codrea has the visual aid.

    Armed-robbers-in-uniform I said, and armed-robbers-in-uniform I meant.

    "...[H]undreds of off-duty officers... converged on the courthouse to applaud their accused colleagues and denounce their prosecution." There is no such thing as a good cop.

    It's NOT about OUR safety. Do you understand?

    Patriot Post Founder's Quote o' the Day: "Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." --John Adams, letter to John Taylor, 1814

    In Lighter News

    Little progress in Wisconsin.

    3062 Thursday, 3 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    "How sad is it that as non-violent folks we’re discussing how to not catch our cops’ attention so that we don’t get harassed, locked up, or worse? What the hell has this country become that we’re discussing strategies to avoid abuse by police?!?". In the city where the Constitution was signed, no less.

    See also Tennessee, which appears to be occupied territory under martial law.

    More officially-sponsored bigotry in Wisconsin. "Law enforcement" does not exist to "protect and serve" you.

    And "journalists" do not exist to report news.

    Self-Destructive Jews, Chapter MMMLXII. What is wrong with you people?

    Remember how I say stuff about giant flaming meteors destroying my car? No, really. And what's NASA doing about it? Muslim outreach and environmental cultism.

    In Lighter News

    The parasite class is afraid of us. Yeah, well, that's how it's supposed to work.

    3063 Friday, 4 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    More Project Gunwalker, and of course the uniformed thugs Stand in Solidarity With Their Murder-and-Rape-Enabling Brother.

    Speaking of law enforcement, yet more officially-sponsored bigotry and willful violation of human rights. Evil is the only word that fits.

    More such violations at the state level.

    Reason has video commentary on the brutal murder of a Fullerton, CA man by uniformed sadists. I have neither bandwidth nor stomach to watch (I'm subscribed to the channel).

    Codrea has more on organized crime from the crime"fighters".

    Neverending lies and bigotry.

    "Jobs, Jobs, JOBS!" Oh, but not our jobs.

    This Just In: Illinois Still Sucks.

    Remember, Capitalism is Eee-Vill! Except when they do it!

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends The Knox Report on HR822, national CCW reciprocity.

    Related, Codrea on reclaiming lost territory.

    Reader sends, "Once officers understood the situation, the citizen was released." That's... astounding. Based on observed patterns of behavior.

    MidwestReader sends range report:

    A few days ago I went to an indoor range in search of something new or novel, and found the new 5.25" barreled adjustable-sight version of the Springfield XDM in 9mm, and a Ruger stainless 1911 in (of course) .45.

    The XDM has a fiberoptic front sight, which I'm sure would have been a lot more visible had it not been encrusted with carbon fouling, leading me to think at some length about the best way to clean it--as the fiberoptic element is just a plastic rod, the usual solvents are out. Cotton swabs, warm water with a bit of dishwashing liquid, a bit of rubbing alcohol to rinse, and much patience, I suppose? It had (by plastic service pistol standards) an excellent trigger, around five pounds with little takeup, a small amount of tolerably smooth creep, and a reasonably crisp break. Can't get more than sixteen of the advertised nineteen rounds into the mag without a loading tool, though. Mag spring is very stout and feed lips are very sharp. It balanced and pointed nicely, and is a very soft shooter with minimal muzzle rise. I actually shot it better than the Ruger.

    The Ruger 1911 had a very nice trigger, I estimate at no more than four and a half pounds, with minimal takeup and no creep or overtravel that I could feel. It also had grip screws that were silly loose, and they were hex-head, requiring an Allen wrench of the appropriate size to tighten back down. If I had something like this on the rental rack at a public range, I'd be thinking of putting some kind of little rubber gaskets over the grip screw bushings and/or the non-permanent variety of Loctite. The grips were slipping and sliding about, which caused me to start jerking the trigger, I think, as most of my shots went a disappointing distance low and left. The piece is otherwise quite well constructed and tightly fitted, with excellent fit and finish, though the stainless with blued controls look doesn't do much for me. Maybe they'll bring out an all-blued one eventually.

    Both ran 100% with no problems, using "Independence" brand FMJ in the appropriate calibers.

    3064 Saturday, 5 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Codrea's latest Rights Watch column in Guns illustrates unspeakable hatemongering of exactly the kind which led to cattle cars and ovens. They hate us and want us to die.

    Related: "If someone gets killed with that sign on their door, can we call it suicide?"

    Never mind the wrongness or rightness of using drugs, the War on (Some) Drugs is the most destructive undertaking toward life and liberty since the Good Old Days of the Austrian corporal and Georgian community organizer. And the GOP is not getting the message.

    "...[P]roving that you're just another criminal gang." -From comments: In Oakland, where an unarmed, handcuffed Oscar Grant was shot in the back and murdered, and a US Marine is comatose after being shot in the head by another cop, cops are covering their nametags so they can't be identified by their victims. THIS. IS. WAR. And too few on "our" side are connecting the dots.

    Today is the Allies vs. Axis rifle match at my old club. Just can't afford it anymore, and besides I'm out of practice and the Queen's gas cylinder is loose again. The 12th is CMP at Lone Oak and the 19th is more CMP at Clark Rifles again. I probably fired my last live round for the year on 25 September. Now I have to go get a job, when I'm inexpressibly disgusted with the entire workforce. My world always sucks and I'm damn tired of it.

    In Lighter News

    Still working on IPSC(-style) video from 25 September, and 3-Gun video from 30 October. In the interest of getting them done, skipping music tracks and fancy transitions. Stage Three of the 25th and Stage One of the 30th are ready for upload. The library doesn't give enough time on their machines for a transfer that size, I'll probably have to visit EvilWoman.

    3065 Sunday, 6 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    EuroReader sends: "Philadelphia's internal affairs investigators are now probing Lupo's conduct, and he will no longer be used as a witness in criminal cases, law enforcement sources said.... Worries about testimony from some officers are not new.... Earlier this week, a municipal court judge tossed out a drunken-driving case against a state legislator 'based on credibility' issues with the testimony of city police officers."

    And, another military veteran brutalized by police. -Do not dismiss this as some smellyhippiegettingwhathedeserves. Precedent. HABIT. PATTERN.

    Disgusted with workforce....

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Reader sends, in Wisconsin, the unConstitutional infringements on fundamental human rights are functioning "correctly". Reader comments: I for one am shocked that they turned these around so fast after all the foot dragging, wailing and deliberate obstruction by the pogues in the DOJ. My app went in the mail Tuesday night... I got my card Friday by mail... #4xx. Still shouldn't need one but it is nice to know when they are prodded with sticks, the desk riders will do their jobs."

    Also, Castle Doctrine. Anything coming through your door without your permission deserves to die. The moment some thug, uniformed or not, gets the "right" to kick down your door, or you lose the right to kill him for it, civilization is in deadly peril.


    3066 Monday, 7 November 2011:

    The World Sucks


    They hate us and want us to die.

    Open Carry fight in Washington state. We're not the ones hurting people. Why can't they leave us alone?

    "The federal probe into suspected illegal gun sales by local law enforcement officers involves at least four major police agencies in the Sacramento region, officials confirmed Friday."

    "County won't return surveillance video to Ypsilanti Township following sheriff's department internal investigation of theft."

    "...[U]nion-organized cops hurled their venom and hate at the law they are sworn to uphold...."

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD COP. They don't become dirty because they're cops, they become cops because they're dirty.

    I'm continuing Kratman's Countdown: The Liberators, and one of the subtexts is "Civilization is dying." Things are getting worse.

    In Lighter News

    FWIW, interview with Herman Cain including RKBA. Still not excited - smells like just another disconnected elitist, not really believing in limiting government.

    More Aurora.

    3067 Tuesday, 8 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Still more Project Gunwalker, while MSM runs interference.

    In Lighter News

    Spent most of the day and much of the evening stealing EvilWoman's bandwidth, getting ten, ten honkin' huge IPSC and 3-Gun .MP4s uploaded. In order to get them done I cut several corners on editing, particularly transition effects and music tracks. Also, TowerZilla, or rather my utilization thereof, has reached a point where I need a more powerful video card, judging by the screen lag when switching from PowerDirector's rendering to Wordpad to read a Kratman .RTF. I expect the quad-core 3.2GHz processor and 4Gb RAM are sufficient otherwise; indeed the Taskmgr icon I've set in the Systray rarely goes past 25% when rendering, but I expect a lot of the load is being bottlenecked at the GPU rather than CPU. Anyhow, back late, and aside from the email-alerted columns linked above, no blog 4 U.

    3068 Wednesday, 9 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Still more Project Gunwalker news and commentary, and other scandals.

    In Lighter News

    More, slight, improvements to campus safety.

    Back late again. EvilWoman is paying me food in exchange for mah l33t viddy sk1lz, on another project of this sort.

    Finished Countdown: The Libertators yesterday, beginning Clancy's Dead or Alive, finally. But I'm expecting Correia's Spellbound at the library tomorrow-ish. Fortunately the Clancy is an ebook, so I don't have to return it.

    3069 Thursday, Marine Corps Day, 10 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    More Project Gunwalker....

    Even the Other Side realizes it's not about safety, it's about control. Once in a while, they let it slip.

    Communist China criticizes United States' entitlement culture. Yeah, parse that one a couple more times.

    SMLE Fan has the control freaks du jour. How is it even their business? Who gave these uniformed armed robbers these powers? It sure wasn't by "consent of the governed".

    The next page in the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. And a reminder of another citizen murdered by his own government, if not as directly.

    Your tax dollars, "funding regime change in Africa, and tyranny in Uzbekistan."

    "...[O]ur cultural insanity makes doing the right thing just that much more difficult."

    Yes, things are getting worse, and Our Kind is aware. Dig the President's Column in the latest Wyoming State Shooting Assoc. newsletter. Gods I hate Oregon....

    In Lighter News

    Boycott Wisconsin bigots.

    CV's Simon has thoughts on social injustice. Our system was working just fine until the parasites started mucking with it. And our Founders were such genuinely brilliant men - and women, not to forget Abigail Adams for example - that even now, most of the system is still functioning mostly as intended. Stop touching it.

    The January 2012 digital edition of Guns magazine is archived.

    Books... Kratman's Countdown bears some obvious similarities to Ringo's Ghost, disaffected veterans constructing a private army and doing what they were meant to do, but that's all right. Looking forward to the next volume.

    Clancy's Dead or Alive is about the hunting and elimination of a bin Laden analogue, published a year before it happened IRL. Just as Debt of Honor's climax was an airliner flown into the US Capitol Dome, published seven years before 9/11. We need Clancy to write a novel about a libertarian President and the restoration of the Constitution and a Great Repealing! -Except Clancy is, despite offerings like Without Remorse and The Teeth of the Tiger, rather too much Establishment, malum prohibitum, Law-and-Order-or-Else for that kind of thing. :(

    Dropping everything for Correia's Spellbound.

    3070 Friday, Veterans' Day, 11 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Meanwhile in California, parasites over veterans. The only way I'll ever set foot in that failed state is as a soldier in an army of liberation.


    I will not vote for Romney, Chapter MMMLXX.

    The Other Side lacks all credibility, but bigots coast-to-coast still hang on their every word and clamor to hang us from the nearest tree.

    And too many sheeple believe everything they see on MSM and dismiss anything that comes from anywhere else.

    "One of the recent cases involves a complaint that [King County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin] Savage told a teen he could sexually assault her with a pen and she couldn’t stop him."

    There really is no way to tell them apart anymore.

    "...[T]his shows just how utterly morally corrupt our police can be...." -Note also Veterans' Day content: "This year alone the US Navy has cashiered something like 20 COs for bad behavior...." Military and police are not the same. Gods be thanked. A military coup is not the worst thing I can imagine for this country.

    In Lighter News

    Workman Examines national carry. Don't NEED no stinking PERMIT. Anyone who requires you to have one is an enemy of civilization.

    A little less injustice in Ohio.

    3071 Saturday, 12 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    Double Standards, Chapter MMMLXXI.

    "...DA’s and LEO’s continue to arrest people for banned weapons when they are actually innocent...." (RELEASE THE GURAKEN)

    In Lighter News

    Michael G. sends more on national CCW. The link I've chosen goes not to the top of the article but to the first comment, which neatly sums up my position.

    Bandwidth derestricted after billing cycle zoooom

    $igh.... Got a large haul of cans & bottles from Cruffler and LoyalReader though. Sightings: Remington Model 11, 12ga, very used but not abused, $130, went for $120; Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt 4", didn't note price, Exc. in box; RIA 1911A1 New-ish in box, $500 (plastic mainspring housing though, mine's steel (and $omeday I'll replace it with one with a lanyard attachment)). Chatter was, not much trading, people are after cash. Before it becomes toilet paper.

    Ran into three of the Garand regulars at the show, including Mr. R., who for quite some time was stuck at #1 on the CMP Garand Match listings, nationally. I felt bad about planning to not go to Lone Oak tomorrow and Clark Rifles next Saturday, but I'm so badly out of practice, and head-static-y from financial reversals, I know I'd just be wasting rounds. But if you're in the region, check 'em out, they have rifles to loan and surplus ammunition to buy. Visual aids.

    Speaking of Cruffler & LoyalReader, I got yer "Rainbow Coalition" right here.

    3072 Sunday, 13 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Friday was Veterans' Day. Yesterday, while cashing in cans and bottles, I saw a man with a Chosin Few cap on which was pinned a Lieutenant Colonel's insignia. Today I learn there is one, count him one American Prisoner of War being held by the enemy in Afghanistan. "America doesn’t deserve the military it has." Which I have said before.

    At the end of the second hour of the show, and again at the beginning of the third, Tom Gresham seemed to take a backhanded swipe at Castle Doctrine, "you might shoot your neighbor", etc. Anyone kicking down your door is evil and deserves to die. No matter whose gang colors they're wearing.

    New bumper sticker:

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    ACSWWGuy sends this old video of Milton Friedman kicking Phil Donahue's ass. (And you can see Phil's eyes glazing over until the uncomfortable reality goes away....)

    At the show yesterday, re: my desire for a repeating shotgun for 3-Gun competition, Cruffler was joking that since I'm boycotting Mossberg for honoring jackbooted thuggery, I also have to boycott Remington because of their Law Enforcement division and related policies, and I should instead be looking at the ChiCom copies, particularly the NEF Pardner Pump. I already knew that. Cruffler doesn't actually read this 'blog.... But in any case I was figuring on a used item in private sale, meaning the bootlicking manufacturer would already have gotten their money from it. Accessories would be third-party, or used if I could find them, which I can sometimes at the shows. Likewise parts, from the Parts Geezers tables, every show has some.

    New index page for OAC photos. Somehow I've lost the few photos for 2008, and I didn't attend 2009.

    3073 Monday, 14 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker....

    Look again at that first column, from Hofmann, where CSGV is calling us traitors for pointing out treason. Michael G. sends: "...[T]he National Socialists of Germany were not ideologically opposite from the Marxist-Leninist socialists of the Soviet Union. ...They were two wings of the same cult of state power...." And that cult has far too many followers. Now look again at that Friedman/Donahue video from yesterday. Government is and always has been the enemy of civilization. It always becomes a cure worse than any disease.

    Example: A cop finds a drugged, bleeding victim of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and turns the 14-year-old kid over to the care of... Jeffrey Dahmer. Said cop is later elected president of his cop union. For protecting and serving... who? How can any sane person not connect those dots?

    EuroReader sends yet another veteran's life destroyed by uniformed sadists and inhuman "laws".

    Whose side are the prohibitionists on? Yeah I have a pretty good idea.

    Michael G. also sends a call to abandon Taiwan. Life imitates art.

    GOA has concerns about National CCW, suggesting it weakens Constitutional Carry, while Workman disagrees.

    I sometimes think there has been a secret eugenics program to breed a docile population with short attention spans.

    We are so screwed....

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition FAIL

    3074 Tuesday, 15 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    BATFU lost all credibility some time ago. What's the word for negative credibility? The point at which you know everything they do is wrong and everything they say is a lie?

    No person's life, liberty or property are safe while legislature is in session.

    Michael G. sends, Will the GOP blow it? Yeah, probably.

    Via VCDL, The campus policewoman who responded to Kathryn Russell's call that she had been raped in her University of Virginia dorm took her sheets and clothing and told her, "It's a tough lesson to learn, huh?" So the students are not allowed to defend themselves, and their supposed tax-funded state-sanctioned defenders refuse to do anything when the students are violated. PROTECT AND SERVE WHO?

    "God damn anyone who would take that choice away from her."

    Charges dropped against veteran. Where are the charges of armed robbery and attempted murder for the roid-rage cops who gut-shot him? Where's restitution for the complete destruction of this innocent man's entire life?

    Rush's show, Chelsea Clinton getting some talking job at NBC, with no training, no experience, and no demonstrated aptitude. How is this different from a ruling aristocracy with hereditary title, and expected sinecures for descendants?

    KABA needs your help. I gave some, last time I had some.

    I don't remember my arthritis being quite this bad last winter....

    In Lighter News

    Uppity-er in California.

    The Jan/Feb 2012 digital edition of American Handgunner is archived.

    Job interview tomorrow afternoon, driving again, as independent contractor. I suppose I'll have to buy my own GPS now, maybe a used one at that electronic junk shop where I didn't get the netbook.

    3075 Wednesday, 16 November 2011:

    The World Sucks


    Cheyenne GRE Bouchard has fear and loathing in Casper. They hate us and want us to die.

    They hate you and want you to die.

    Michael G. sends the Quote o' the Day.

    EuroReader sends 84-year-old woman pepper-sprayed by her "protectors". I am not sticking up for the parasitic filth. I am warning of deadly precedents in the use of force. Who will be next on the professional sadists' list?

    Yet another company crouches down and licks the hand that feeds them (ref).

    Gods I hate job interviews.... Independent Contractor, bunch of nonsensical government hoops to jump through, I'm supposed to have a business license, etc. Now they're supposed to call me. The best and simplest thing government can do to stimulate jobs is to sit down, shut up, and stay out of the way. And of course they're doing the exact opposite and plenty of it.

    In Lighter News

    Random Awesome o' the Day: "Days later, when an Army team returned to the site, Captain Salomon's body was found slumped over a machine gun, with the bodies of 98 enemy troops piled up in front of his position. His body had 76 bullet and many bayonet wounds, up to 24 of which may have been received while he was still alive." -So the guy was Jewish, not Norse, he still has a reserved seat at Odin's own table in Valhalla.

    National CCW progresses. FWIW.

    Lugers... with 18Mb .PDF of 1969 magazine article.


    Speaking of awesome vintage stuff, I'd heard of the Prideaux speedloader for Webleys but had never seen one. Apparently you just push, not unlike a modern Safariland, and the crown thingy slides back inside the body to release the rounds.

    A couple readers responded with suggestions for unsucky anime. One was Rocket Girls, which through the Power of the Almighty Internet I have been able to view. Didn't suck. Some politically-improbable events, but a refreshing lack of silliness, and the science was hard enough (except for shuttle Atlantis firing SSMEs in orbit instead of the OMS pods).

    3076 Thursday, 17 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker. Michael G. sends broader foreign-policy implications, and more are grokking that: "...[N]o one has come up with a more plausible explanation than the charge that it was intended to make a case for gun control at home."

    They hate us and want us to be slaves. -The Constitutional definition of treason is very specific, but so is that bit in the Oaths, about "enemies foreign and domestic".

    WoGged again, and dig the comments. More citizens are realizing that cop=threat.

    (Correia too. Spellbound, pg200: It was difficult enough to become a real professional peace officer as a woman [in 1933]. If word got out about how her Power [to sense truth] worked, then that would be the end of her dreams. Considering the level of corruption in the world right now, no real department was going to hire somebody who could sense the internal rot.)

    Japan's expansion, even prior to the recognized start of World War II, was motivated by a need for natural resources - they were running out of stuff, except for soldiers. With this history in mind, this news from China, the single most populous nation ever (and don't forget their population policy resulting in a nightmarish surplus of boys and yet, perversely, the viewing of girls not as priceless but as waste), is disturbing. Hong Kong can only prop them up for so long before they're sucked dry too, and then what?

    In Lighter News

    Buycott in Tennessee. That's more like it.

    National CCW passes House, to Senate. I'm still not sure about it and I'm downright apprehensive of what's going to be tacked onto it. -Like it'll really go anywhere though.

    Workman offers data on the reports of recreational shooters being prohibited from using public lands. -Though, being an absolutist, I cock an eyebrow at Workman's "moderate" point of view, especially when combined with his putting-down of other groups' concerns about HR822.

    Last night LoyalReader drug me off to dinner and the ACSWW board meeting (I'm the webmaster and newsletter editor, or would be the latter if I had anything to put in said newsletter). On the drive back we somehow go to the topic of HAN SHOT FIRST. And he was unaware of the change. I musta shouted at him about that one for a good five miles. -Now, LoyalReader's argument was, from the libertarian Howard Roark POV, correct, that Lucas ownz A New Hope and can do what he damn well pleases with it and we can choose to not pay to watch it. But I was still astounded that he was unaware of the controversy. Who among even my few readers doesn't know what Han Shot First means?

    Hey - I'm a space enthusiast, as I expect several of you-all are. Off one of the space blogs I was pointed to this awesome video which I needed library bandwidth and a third-party conversion site to capture in appropriate high definition. What and Where the Eff is this Mysteeeerious Red Squiggle (722kb .PNG)? It's from ISS, which Wiki sez has an altitude between 376 and 398km, to give some idea of the field of view. It can't not be artificial, or at least artificially lit. Contours don't seem to match the Great Wall or the Amazon River, and elsewhere in the video are a couple passes over Cairo and the northern Nile so that ain't it, nor does it appear to be the Mississippi - in fact there appears to be an actual river just below it, and a larger body of water, with island, toward the upper left, to say nothing of the major urban development the squiggle runs right into on the left. I can't recognize any of the coastlines. Anyone?

    3077 Friday, 18 November 2011:

    The World Sucks


    Illegal Mayors Against Guns, Chapter MMMLXXVII. Those are the kind of creatures who don't want you to be able to defend yourself.

    Because they hate us and want us to die.

    EuroReader sends, Congress declares pizza a vegetable for school lunch purposes. Because all the issues of vital national importance are taken care of? And this one is well within the powers enumerated by the Constitution?

    Something I surfed onto last night: "On April 1, 2010, Nicholas came under fire from Somali pirates while deployed in the waters off of East Africa.... The pirates were tried in the U.S. and convicted of piracy, which carries a mandatory life sentence." So instead of being fed to the sharks as their kind has deserved from the beginning of history, they're being housed and clothed and fed at taxpayer expense for the rest of their lives, with a standard of living luxurious compared to the mud huts they're accustomed to. Who's being "punished"?

    When I warn about dangerous precedents in police handling of the smellyparasites, this is what I mean.

    Meanwhile in the place Britain used to be, Orwell's cautionary tale has become an instruction manual.

    Just yesterday I was raising hackles about China. I see I'm not the only one connecting the potential dots.

    "Maybe you're not suffering from depression. Maybe your life just sucks."

    In Lighter News

    FTL again? We can but hope. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    In the past I've pointed to the British SA80 bullpup rifle as a Bad Example. Tam points to a recent examination. Yes, it still sucks. Fer gawd's sake just go back to the L1A1 and suffer the weight penalty. At least it works. -Waaaitaminnit, what weight penalty? Except for the cartridges. Could go to a shorter and/or lighter barrel, alloy parts where practical (i.e. buttstock), etc.

    3078 Saturday, 19 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Discrimination against a Constitutionally-guaranteed natural human right.

    Bigotry against the people the "public" "servants" are sworn to serve. (I'll have the November 1961 issue of Guns archived in a few days, but Guns has their own free archive now.)

    See, first, they pass some "law" infringing on basic human rights, then they kidnap you at gunpoint for "breaking" the "law", then they rob you at gunpoint just like any third-world dictatorship. It's not about "safety".

    It's not about our safety.

    It's about something else.

    To which EuroReader sends a couple more visual aids. They don't see us as human beings. They don't question their orders. They don't honor their oaths. Police are the enemies of the people.

    And, as Michael G. sends, very often they just make stuff up. Who's a "terrorist"?

    "Mommy hired the bad man. Don't you see?"

    "...[T]he system is no longer legitimate."

    In Lighter News

    Their Minds Don't Work Right, Chapter MMMLXXVIII.

    Holograms FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS. Remember technology evolves. From Brown Bess to Henry Repeater in sixty years, from Apple I to zomgquadcore in less time. We are on the way to holodecks, or at least realtime interactive shoothouses.

    Speaking of technological evolution, no we don't have Millenium Falcon yet, but it's being worked on.

    [thought=random] Revolver or Autoloader? Yes. Some are wizards with a revolver, Miculek or McGivern as obvious examples. Others just can't figure out the technique. While some of the latter may be masters of the self-loader, and the former, all those buttons and levers may intimidate the snot out of them. Use what works.

    Continuing Spellbound. I expect Correia is aware of the Marvel Civil War, on which I've commented here in the past, and I'm looking forward to a treatment of the Jewish Mutant Super Active Question from our side.

    3079 Sunday, 20 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    "What I'm looking at is fairly standard police procedure," Kelly said. And that's why it's wrong. If they can use these techniques on our enemies, they can use them against us.

    Just like this. "Naturally, the police found nothing they claimed they were looking for...."

    They're all like that. Every cop, everywhere, is the enemy.

    Not that I'm defending the parasites....

    Chatroom Elf sends:

    And we've always been at war with EastAsia, and the chocolate ration has been increased to 25 grams. The original has been lost - no attempt at translation having been made.

    And what are we supposed to do about it?

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Codrea will be on another radio program this evening.

    December American Rifleman, pg58, advertisement for Mitchell's Mausers. In the lower left corner is a small insert for the PPS50/22 (which Oleg has photographed with a bikini model). Text sez it's "A Direct Descendant of the Soviet PPSh-41". Noooo, it's a Savage Model 6 with a bunch of stuff hung off it. As are so many dressed-up "military" models.

    MidwestReader sends range report on a NIB Colt #O1991:

    Took it to an indoor range. I ran a dry patch through the bore to make sure there was no oil present, but otherwise did not even strip or lube the gun, which may or may not have made a difference. Gun has Colt's current variation of ramp and throat work, as I've previously described: an odd looking little narrow rounded notch at the 6:00 position of the chamber lip, kind of resembling the pour spout of a glass measuring cup. It is much less of a radical ramp-and-throat job than you get out-of-the-box from some other manufacturers, such as Kimber, but it appears to work okay, at least in the shooting I did. Slide to frame fit, slide to barrel fit, and barrel to bushing fit are the tightest I've ever seen on a production gun and I just about need a bushing wrench to get it apart. Gun's trigger is very good for a box-stock 1911, especially a Series 80: I estimate around 5 or 5 1/2 pounds with very little smooth takeup and no creep at all that I can feel.

    Tried the two Colt 7-rounders that came with it, plus an assortment of aftermarket 8-rounders from Chip McCormick, Wilson Combat, and Kimber.

    The Kimber mag was highly polished inside and out and much easier to load than any of the others, but seating it on a closed chamber with all eight rounds onboard took multiple blows with the heel of my hand. Perhaps its mag catch cutout is a tiny bit high, but once I got the thing seated it never failed to feed and lock the slide back. One of the CMC mags was rough as a cob to load and felt like there might be a burr on the follower, but never failed to feed or lock open the slide, even with the hollowpoints I tried.

    With the Wilson Combat mag, I had a double-feed stoppage with the second round I tried to fire from it. From what I read this indicates extractor problems. I'm hoping it was just a burr that wore off; it did not happen again in a session of 185 rounds total. There were no other malfunctions. From what I see online, Hilton Yam (who would know) says double-feed stoppages in a 1911 are a Bad Sign that the extractor is dead and unsalvageable or nearly so. Again, I hope it just means there was a burr that wore off the extractor hook; almost 200 rounds later it had not recurred. Other possible causes alluded to are a roughly finished chamber (looks okay to me but I haven't examined it closely, and the brass is not unusually marked, except for an ejector mark that looks like it was pounded into the base of the case with a baby sledge and a stamp, possibly indicating a too-light recoil spring) and a too-light recoil spring (but I repeat myself).

    With the first fifty rounds (PMC hardball, actually, trying all mags in turn) I shot the gun very well indeed. Everything within the 9-ring of a B27 at 7 yards, and chewed out most of the X-ring before I was halfway through the box of ammo, firing as fast as I could reacquire the front sight until it ran dry, then slam in another mag, hit the slide stop, and continue. The gun got pretty hot after a while, actually.

    The gun started to get a bit fatiguing to shoot after the first 100 rounds (muzzle flip is substantial, much greater than with my XD45, especially with the 200gr +P JHPs I tried; I think the stock spring is a 16 pounder and I wonder whether going up to an 18.5 pounder would reduce muzzle rise a bit) and I started flinching a bit. This was not helped by the hammer spur, which upon close examination is about 1/8" longer than it really needs to be and chewed the hell out of the web of my hand after a while (yeah, but aren't we supposed to take the highest grip possible?). Also the manual safety has a sharp edge at the front, which got uncomfortable after a while. Yes, I shoot with the thumb high, using the safety as a thumbrest, like Colonel Cooper taught, why do you ask?

    Known compatible .45 ACP JHP ammo that ran with no malfunctions:

    Winchester white-box 230gr JHP
    Winchester "PDX1" 230gr bonded JHP
    Remington "Golden Saber" 230gr JHP
    Hornady "TAP" 200gr +P JHP
    Speer "Gold Dot" 200gr +P JHP

    I give it four thumbs up. I'd give five if not for the double feed stoppage, as I don't know whether it was just a breaking-in jam or will recur. Would buy again.

    3080 Monday, 21 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Beware the government-media complex.

    They never stop trying to destroy human freedom.

    It has happened before and it is happening again.

    Remember that Bill Whittle video, How to Steal Power? His bit about water flowing uphill after the legislature got done with it? NO, REALLY. And these insane subhuman filth believe they have the divine right to control our lives?

    "Evidently the merest twitch around police is grounds for immediate execution." Every cop is a murderer. Why are we not defending ourselves? As we would against any rabid animal? Why?

    It's like the Spanish Civil War: Communists on one side, Fascists on the other, like there's a difference.

    In Lighter News

    California's "assault weapons" ban challenged.

    Finished Correia's Spellbound, and up far too late doing it. Would make awesome anime. Resuming Clancy's Dead or Alive.

    3081 Tuesday, 22 November 2011:

    The World Sucks


    Meanwhile in Africa, "That barbaric thug governments and competing warlords will remain armed is a given." -Tom Kratman, umpty-year veteran and retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army and author of Countdown: The Liberators, about a mercenary unit rescuing the son of an African warlord from another African warlord, had one of his characters - probably based on a good personal friend and fellow-soldier - repeatedly say, "Thank God my multi-great granddaddy got dragged onto that boat." The best thing the Civilized World can do for Africa is stop spending our blood and treasure on it.

    Aaand Michael G. sends, Who's Racist? Chapter MMMLXXXI. But this is about a lot more than skin color; it's "...a profound betrayal of this nation’s pursuit of equal justice under the law."

    They hate your children and want them to die.

    CV's Eric has the Visual Aid o' the Day. It's not about safety. It's not about protecting us. I would rather live with the threat of terrorism than in the police state we have become.

    This isn't funny anymore. Liars, thieves, rapists, murderers, sadists - they don't become these things because they're cops, because of the pressures of the job; they become cops because they are these things. Without the magic badge they're just scum. With it, they get paid with their own victims' taxes. Perversion upon perversion. And among them, any who are not perverted, any who believe in human rights and dignity, any who recognize that what they are doing is wrong, are destroyed.

    In Lighter News

    SAF scores a point in Nebraska.

    VCDL is teh awsumm. But we knew that.

    I've done some freehand digiscoping (for example). Adapters are available; even some bundles are sold. Now, Yuri sends an iPhone adapter.


    The November 1961 issue of Guns magazine is archived. The missing vintage issues of American Handgunner are still missing.

    3082 Wednesday, 23 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends Gunwalker, commenting, "The worst interpretation is that they DID due diligence and this is exactly the kind of criminal they wanted and the exact kind of result they wanted. They just didn't expect their involvement to be exposed." Which comparison has been made before.

    They hate us. And will use any and all power to silence and destroy us.

    Yeaaaaahhh, Green Power!

    Sink the Island, Chapter MMMLXXXII.

    There used to be a line between satire and official policy.

    "Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you." -Note also the equating of police and military, which we've established are very much not the same.

    "There is no honor in demanding the rights of the citizenry you are sworn to protect take second place to your safety."

    NOT. FUNNY. Rabid animals with badges. What do you do with a mad dog? You don't reason with it; you don't negotiate with it; you don't object on Constitutional grounds; you don't invoke due process or the rule of law; you don't comply in the expectation of being proven innocent; you don't try to persuade it of the righteousness of your cause. You just put it down. These are not human beings and do not deserve human consideration or human mercy.

    I am informed that Anne McCaffrey has passed away. I have in fact read most of the Pern saga, which, contrary to the cover art, is in fact (soft)SF, and some of the Shellpeople stories too. Her work is one of many influences on my own meager attempts.

    In Lighter News

    Armed self-defense works. Anyone who would take away the choice or the means is evil.

    Hey, Ronnie Barrett blogs.

    The evolution of technology. This sort of thing, eventually, leads to the orbit-capable family minivan. (Or SUV.)

    On my YouTube Channel, it's stuck showing the trigger-cocking video and I can't change it to one of the later ones. Halp?

    3083 Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 24 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Michael G. sends armed robber described as "victim". We know whose side the media is on.

    They are not capable of imagining that they're simply wrong.

    Speaking of Their Minds Don't Work Right, Chapter MMMLXXXIII: A gay activist who hates Israel bashes gays who support Israel, because... Israel's enemies summarily execute all gays? And those same enemies are so very culturally advanced...?

    Meanwhile, domestic enemies of civilization: First they came for the hippies, and did we say or do anything? We've been down this path before. The cops are not the good guys, even if they're doing these things to our enemies for the time being. They don't do these things out of principle, or for an oath they swore; they'll do it to anyone, for anyone who promises them a paycheck and immunity and more victims.

    The job doesn't make them monsters. The monsters apply for the job. The job should not exist.

    In Lighter News

    Codrea's traditional Thanksgiving address.

    Workman has the latest on shooting on public lands.

    Gun Digest offers a free 12Mb .PDF of Ackley cartridges.

    About the XM25: $30k each? Yeah, that's a government contract all right. JMB coulda whipped one out on his workbench in a couple days. Where has his kind gone? Oh yeah- to evil, culturally-backward Israel.

    3084 Friday, 25 November 2011:

    The World Sucks yes it does.

    "Hiding mass murder behind 'national security.'" Government-media complex.

    "[H]ow did North American scientists ever conclude that wolves were harmless and no threat to people?"

    Michael G. gets WoGged for the umptieth time.

    They hate us and are happy when we die.

    Flying for the holidays? "I'd rather walk to Florida."

    Not funny. It's not about "safety".

    A lot more people are waking up to the fact that cops are the BAD guys. I just hope the awakening isn't too late.

    In Lighter News

    The moderator of The Integrated Close Combat Forum has requested permission to reference my revolver speedloading page. Which is also one of several tutorial videos I intend to produce someday. I've been meaning to do a Garand walkaround for many moons, it's already scripted (but there's nowhere I can shoot the video with enough light without getting murdered by the uniformed sadists who zip-tie five-year-olds and electrocute handicapped old men to death for falling off their bicycles). I've also scripted a 1911 walkaround. Since I still have two '98 Mausers that's on the list too, and though I don't own a Mosin anymore I know where I could borrow one. I envision a whole series of basic-operation tutorials, as every member of the Gun Culture has a responsibility to know how to operate, or at least clear and make safe, any firearm they may encounter.

    Spooky Coincidence o' the Day: Last night on library disc I watched the beginning of the original Connections series presented by James Burke (1978). In the first four minutes he was standing atop the World Trade Center. Five minutes later he was talking about Scandanavian Airlines Flight 911.

    But anyway, the whole episode - The Trigger Effect, about which a crappy movie was made IIRC - illustrates the need to get the hell out of the cities while you can. Like this guy of whom I am jealous. In my own writing, I've deliberately avoided vulnerable infrastructure and decentralized everything which could be. Imagine a civilization where every home is completely off-grid for power and water; where the power system is overengineered and simplified (let's say solar), where the great-great descendants of today's temperamental and expensive 3D printers are as common as personal computers are today so you can make replacements for anything which breaks; a civilization with star travel so you never run out of room and don't need to be crammed into cities. Hmm.

    3085 Saturday, 26 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Many times I've compared Project Gunwalker to the Gleiwitz Incident. Here's another example. Everything old is new again....

    Elitist hypocrisy du jour. Which I have observed before.

    New(-ish) eee-vill anti-government extrEEEEmist blog: "Jersey City Police Officer Rick Garrison will not face criminal charges in the death of 82-year-old Helen Antczak, the Bayonne woman who was struck and killed when Garrison barreled down Avenue E on Feb. 20 and crashed his car." And cops wonder why we hate them. Yeah, that little old lady had it comin'! She didn't respeck his awthoritay!

    Snark o' the Day.

    Not to forget "Global Warming" My Ass.

    This - if real - is going to blow up in a lot of people's faces.

    In Lighter News

    ALL. HAIL. SAINT. JOHN. -And buy Larry Correia's Grimnoir Chronicles books.

    Okay, the old Lupin III anime doesn't suck either.

    3086 Sunday, 27 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Cops are the bad guys, and even MSM can't ignore it all the time: More news on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC.

    But speaking of MSM, they're no longer capable of real investigative journalism.

    EuroReader sends more on the imminent civil war.

    Via Michael G., IT'S NOT ABOUT "SAFETY". Made-up "laws" for made-up "crimes". Police, lawyers, judges, guards, all part of the same machine - they've made an institution and an industry of robbing peaceable, innocent people at gunpoint. From the miniseries Holocaust, NBC 1978:

    Spending the last of my own money this morning, mailing the rent and buying a sack of potatoes and a chunk of the cheap turkey ham, as always there was some fat parasite in line ahead of me with jewelry, designer handbag, hundred-dollar hair, and the Oregon Trail EBT card. Eventually you run out of other people's money.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    SMLE Fan points out that all is not doom and despair. (But that's how my world works....)

    Reader sends:

    The man did everything, from the M1908 .25ACP pocket pistol to the 37mm automatic cannon in the P-39 Airacobra (which coincidentally was Chuck Yeager's first official government ride). He invented gas operation and recoil operation (independently of fewer-trick ponies like Maxim and Mauser; when Mauser was finishing up the immortal M1898 bolt-action, Browning had already abandoned his M1895 gas-operated machinegun because he was working on what would become the recoil-operated M1917/M1919 series). He invented the field-strip-blindfolded drill as a marketing ploy to prove how his designs were superior in their simplicity. If you can find a copy, read the official Browning company biography. From comments in Tam's post yesterday, photos from the Browning museum. Look at just the M1894. Even during the Great Depression, even during WWII, they were still making a few every year. The Winchester M1894, designed by John Browning, was in non-stop production for the entire 20th Century, and people were still buying brand new ones from the introduction of the automobile to the Information Age. What inventor, of what product, in what industry, can claim even half that much success?

    $igh. I hardly even looked, not even sure why I went. One sighting I remember, S&W M625-7, 6" ported, Exc., Zitless, $875 - in .45 Colt, not ACP. Want.

    3087 Monday, 28 November 2011:

    The World Sucks

    "Laws" apply to us, not to them.

    Self defense is a human right, and MSM hates human rights.

    "Global Warming" My Ass, Chapter MMMLXXXVII. And they expect to get away with it.

    Not funny. If a "conservative" administration can load the potheads into the cattle cars, who do you think would be on a "liberal" administration's cargo manifest? The enforcers don't care who gives them their orders or who their targets are. SMLE Fan, at least, connects the dots, having seen it before: "...[T]hose actions that we encourage today will be used against us tomorrow." And that is why both sides of the Occupy nonsense wig me right the hell out and should do the same to you.

    More yet on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC.

    The nation is charging full-throttle toward bloody civil war and I can't afford to put gas in my car.

    In Lighter News

    Progress in Tennessee?

    3088 Tuesday, 29 November 2011:

    The World Sucks


    EuroReader sends more on the electrocution murder of a disabled old man for the "crime" of falling off his bicycle. Bootlicking commenter asks, "So you guys all think that the cop had fun tasering an old man and did it on purpose?" YES. My record is broken: It's not about safety, it's about control. The job doesn't make them monsters, the monsters apply for the job.

    Speaking of monsters, more thoughts on national CCW. "Basically, if they do not know you, you are a suspect until proven otherwise." Does that seem right to you?

    Speaking of presumption of innocence, a cop walking down the street can shoot your dog in your yard because he damn well feels like it; but one of their dogs attacking your child without provocation is a good dog?

    Again with the Fudds and Zumboes....

    Equal protection, the rule of law, is dead. We are left with the "law" of the rulers.

    And the Ministry of Truth.

    In the news, American Airlines files for bankruptcy. Ambivalence: Another sign of impending economic collapse, vs. serves 'em right for allowing the TSA perverts anywhere near their customers. Not that TSA is mentioned in the story; it's the unions killing the company with their gimme-more-for-less attitude, which we're seeing everywhere (i.e. Boeing).

    Radio news from the government-media complex, something about "parents opting out" of government vaccination for their children "may have been responsible for outbreaks of measles and whooping cough". So their children deserve to get sick or die because their eee-vill extremist parents did not grovel before the Almighty State? Public health is all well and good but government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care, it's about control. A couple more legislative sessions and they'll be painting as evil extremists parents who don't let their kids get implanted with GPS trackers. Do I exaggerate? Just look at what TSA is getting away with thousands of times every day without getting righteously executed for their crimes by the outraged parents of their victims.

    You think that Bill of Rights thingy still means anything? The only thing that counts anymore is power.

    In Lighter News

    MidwestReader sends photographic evidence that SP101 grips fit the GP100. Don't know if the reverse is true.

    Affordable 1911s. It's a 1911. There isn't very far wrong to go.

    In my story I have several rotating-wheel stations, or grav-rings on ships, to create artificial weight. Working on it. (Only, what, fifty years overdue?)

    Hey - speaking of that Bill of Rights thingy, how should I explicitly codify jury nullification? I mean, like writing computer code, explicit, to minimize the risk of it being deliberately remisinterpreted?

    3089 Wednesday, 30 November 2011:

    The World Sucks


    Most judges, in my observation and experience, are unstable freaks in black robes, gleefully wallowing in their prejudices and power, willfully disconnected from reality and human dignity, endlessly slavering over ever more control. There is one exception.

    Bigotry on Campus, Chapter MMMLXXXIX.

    Aaaaand media bias.

    Quote o' the Day.

    Speaking of jury nullification, "'His speech is not protected by the First Amendment,' prosecutors wrote."

    Government bureaucrats order the peasants to beeee prepaaarrrred. And if the peasants actually do it they're branded "terrorists".

    Union parasites: Things get better when they go on strike. And speaking of Boeing....

    Not to forget teachers' unions. It's not about "education".

    Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you....

    Commit armed robbery, engage in the very same acts you arrest people for, flee the country, and your wife still collects your tax-paid pension. Helluva job!

    THE MONSTERS APPLY FOR THE JOB. Watch the police union rally in support, handing out t-shirts saying "I AM NATYYO GRAY". That one-year-old had it coming.

    Codrea has a peek inside the mind of a monster.

    In Lighter News

    Protection for fundamental human rights in the workplace.

    Here is the article censored by MiniTru. "The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

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