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2968 Monday, 1 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

...When I see this I think of that scene from the movie. In the elevator. "TOUCHABLE." -Who are the bad guys?

Making up "laws" as they go along, Chapter MMCMLXVIII.

Norwegian nutcase murders a bunch of people and cops deliberately and officially persecute everyone who didn't do it.

"The first thing I thought was they were terrorists who want to kill me because I served in Iraq." Well... yeah.

Michael G. sends a Quartzsite update. On a certain anniversary no less. Is it time to shoot the bastards yet? Seriously.

And they still think they're the good guys.

Uh huh....

This reminds me of something I surfed across years ago:

"Then call us Rebels, if you will,
We glory in the name,
For bending under unjust laws,
And swearing faith to an unjust cause,
We count as greater shame."
Richmond Post Dispatch, May 12, 1862

The phrase, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", is gaining new meaning.

In Lighter News

Four-column magazines. I told you so.

Well now, looks like I'm changing jobs. Hopefully for better pay and steadier work. Same kind of work, different company, different product, and regular hours, starting with noon-8pm M-F and weekends off. Tomorrow is my last with the previous, I start the other Wednesday.

("I started to break out in hives." That's how I felt when I had to make That One Stop at That One Place. The new job is not that kind of places.)

Actually this morning's paycheck was bigger than expected. Rent paid, electricity shutoff avoided, fuel in the car (thanks to LoyalReader) and food in the fridge (and the cats too, also thanks to LoyalReader).

2969 Tuesday, 2 August 2011:

The World Sucks

There is no justice, only "law".

Who are the "terrorists"?

Who's ignorant of history?

"[A] Toledo police department spokesperson is reminding citizens that while they have a right to defend themselves, they really shouldn't bother."

"[Canton City Council President] Allen Schulman believes the violence and profanity-laced tirade from one of his city's police officers... is the fault of the Second Amendment, and not the angry cop."

"Officer Harless had a right to be upset. The idiot driver should be banned for life from ever being allowed to get near a gun. There is only ONE reason to have a concealed carry, and that is to shoot an officer."—'NSP404R' PoliceOne.com (-Well if you insist, you sack of delusional fascist filth, maybe we'll start doing the things you're falsely accusing us of, since you seem determined to justify our acts of righteous self-defense....)

"The five deputies made a kill box around the car and emerged with assault weapons. We were ordered out of the car at gun point."

"She was really nervous. She was shaking. Then she pulled out a badge," said Capo. ("Ohboyohboyohboy I get to destroy some peasant's life and get PAID for it *pant*pant*!!!")

"An Elk Grove police officer acted lawfully in January when he fired his AR-15 rifle at a handcuffed suspect, seated in the back of a patrol car, who officers thought may still have been armed... No weapon was found on then-32-year-old John Hesselbein when officers searched him for the second time after the shooting."

"He was tasered at least five times and beaten until brain-dead while pleading with the officers and crying out for his father. Multiple eyewitness accounts have disclosed that the beating continued – punctuated by the familiar demand that the victim 'stop resisting!' -- long after Kelly was on his back, motionless and defenseless."

"Protect and Serve" WHO?

In Lighter News

Reader sends word that J&G Sales, whose advertisements we all know and drool over in Shotgun News, is suing BATFU over the multiple-purchase reporting requirement. If ever I'm in $hape to start building an AR again, I know where to do some of my shopping.

Mr. E. sends word of a Great Big Rifle Match on the 13th. Which is on the same day as a 300yd match at the regular club and the same day as the show. The Queen needs work, I need practice, blah blah whine, I'll be at the show, and probably not early as Cruffler likely won't have a table there this month. $igh....

Speaking of Can't Stop the Signal.

When I buy gooshyfood for the stray kittehs, first I find what's on sale, then I get some of each flavor so they're not nomming the same stuff every time, then I shuffle the cans before stacking them up. Judging by how long they spend licking the empty plate and batting it around the floor hoping to find more underneath, Friskies Meaty Bits With Beef in Gravy is the Best!Cat!Fud!Evar!

2970 Wednesday, 3 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Objectivity, there is none.

Bigotry, there's plenty.

Jackbooted thuggery, there's entirely too much.

Quote o' the Day from the email lists: “The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

"Terrorists"? We glory in the name.

Burn Down All Government Schools, Chapter MMCMLXX.

Outgoing email still chokes.

In Lighter News

NSSF has had moments of ideological impurity, but comes now word they're also suing BATFU on the reporting thing.

Starting the new job now. Longer and much later hours, and again I only get paid for driving. Sitting around on call... but at least the pickups and deliveries won't be places infested with uniformed sociopaths.

2971 Thursday, 4 August 2011: Blarg. Less hiking, much more driving. 200 miles today. At least they finally got the tablet working so I have navigation - some of the places are off (meaning not sufficiently detailed) all my paper maps. The hours are suboptimal, my rythms are off.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker. And it's not just for Mexico anymore! (That's a Mk19 in the pic if I'm not mistaken. Ain't seen nunna those at no gun shows.)

As if that weren't enough, comes now word of Project Drugwalker? (-Actually the libertarian position is anti-prohibition. If the stuff weren't illegal it wouldn't be worth billions and the gangs wouldn't be slaughtering folks over it. So I'm ambivalent on this one.)

%$@# Illinois, Chapter MMCMLXXI.

Radio news on the stock market dip, some expert telling investors to make descisions based on rationality instead of emotion - THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE DOING YOU NINCOMPOOP! The market has realized the President and Congress are insane and is reacting rationally! -Followed by radio news that Italy (!!!) and Spain (!!!) are also facing crises. We're all going to be stars of our own biographical post-apocalyptic action films, shot on location....

Reader sends more video of sadistic perverts, which I do not have the stomach to watch. These evil creatures are doing these horrible things and I'm not killing them for it. That makes me feel bad.

Speaking of evil animals, more on Harless from Cheyene GRE and WyGO head Bouchard.

EvilWoman sends op-ed toon. Our Kind has known this all along. To which Tam adds the Snark o' the Day.

Every cop, everywhere, is an immediate threat to your safety.

I'm not *&%#ing kidding. "...[T]hey will kill you, and they will get away with it." I would rather live in a world without police. It would be safer and healthier.

Obviously they've caught all the real criminals so they have plenty of time on their tax-funded hands. If this was still a free country we'd be hanging these fascist scum from every streetlight.

Meanwhile in "civil discourse", if this isn't Stalin's Soviet Union yet, we can see it from here.

"...[I]t is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it...." "...[A]nd those rights supersede the authority of the Constitution itself as they are the inherent rights of man." -Actually the right of rebellion is in my utopia's Constitution.

In Lighter News

NRA is also suing BATFU.

"...[H]old lawmakers and law enforcement officials accountable."


...My utopia postulates freedom-minded folks simply... leaving. To where, you might ask? There are possibilities. -Now one of the very first things we have to do upon arrival is to arm ourselves to the &^%$ing toenails 'cause they will come after us to steal what we build.

2972 Friday, 5 August 2011: This job better pay more 'cause I'm already spending it in fuel.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Aaand the usual lies from the enemy.

They openly call for the destruction of free speech and they call us "terrorists"?

Another company I won't be buying from. I refuse to sponsor domestic terrorism.

Speaking of which, Michael G. sends another Quartzsite update.

Can we shoot the murderous sadistic bastards yet? No? How 'bout now?

"What language do our rulers understand? Tar and feathers?"

"What planet are these people on?" "I dunno. But I wish they’d go back."

If they were trying to deliberately destroy America, what would they be doing different?

Correia expresses grievances and Firehand has a worldsuckage roundup.

GFZ has the Visual Aid o' the Year.

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends more on Ron Paul's legislation to eliminate the self-defense-free school zone.

JOHN MOSES BY-GOD BROWNING. The M1911 and several of his Winchester rifles are past the century mark of continuous, or near-enough, not just widespread use but production, and now the M2 is on the way.

Finally starting work on last weekend's IPSC shoot videos. Every time I do one it gets more complex as I discover more features in the editing software.

Yeah, email's behind. I drove 178 miles today.

2973 Saturday, 6 August 2011: We got yer anniversary right here. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved millions of lives on both sides.

The new job is delivering small packages of supplies to old-folks' homes, retirement centers and the like. So the only armed-robbers-in-uniform I see are the ones on the roads. But... and it may be too early to authoritatively state the opinion... it seems to me that the staff of such places are among the most slothful and apathetic members of the "work"force I have yet encountered. No sense of urgency, no hustle. Maybe it's their product rubbing off on them?

The World Sucks


Speaking of sadistic murderers, Danziger Bridge Murderers Convicted... but not of murder? How is that not murder? "...[P]ublic officials, and especially law enforcement officers, that they will be held accountable and that any abuse of power will have serious consequences." No I don't think so. I really can't believe that.

No I don't think I'll be voting for Chris Christie either. Let's not forget his weaselyness and half-measures in the kidnapping and armed robbery of Brian Aitken. Gary Johnson and, to a frankly lesser extent, Sarah, are the only candidates who don't make me gag.

Meanwhile in Mexico, "The officers' resignation Thursday left the 13,000 people of Ascension without local police services...." Considering some of the "services" our citizens have been receiving lately that's not necessarily a bad thing. (See Thursday's visual aid.) Except the Mexican peasants have been disarmed and forbidden to defend themselves.

(...By whom?)

S&P cuts us down and China cuts us off and the lunatic-in-chief blames everyone who tried to prevent it. Second Great Depression, folks, world-effin'-wide. Canned food and ammunition. While there's still factories to make it. Because "it's going to be ugly."

Stalin's Soviet Union, with political "psychiatrists" declaring any enemy of the almighty state "insane"? DON'T SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED.

Still trouble with outgoing email. The last batch got sent three times 'cause MSOE didn't seem to realize they were sent and kept trying.

In Lighter News

I have a nit to pick with this 'toon. Specifically this right here.

Part of me is legitimately deathly afraid of wearing anything like this in public anymore because I know sadistic perverts with badges would use it as an excuse to assault, rob and murder me. Another part wants to see a few hundred of My Kind so attired, with a rifle on every shoulder and a pistol on every hip, marching on City Hall to disinfect the place.

As for NASA, real space enthusiasts hate them, with good reason.

2974 Sunday, 7 August 2011:

The World Sucks

I %$^&ing Hate Oregon, Chapter MMCMLXXIV.

"This war is a war of vengeance, and is entirely justified." Some folks need reminders.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

The Shipstone is a fictional invention by Robert A. Heinlein, described in some detail in, IIRC, his novel Friday and mentioned briefly in some of his other Future History work. WORKING. ON. IT. (-Except there are Issues with who is working on partially funding it.) Not a fusion rocket, no, but anything that makes energy cheaper is good for everyone and everything.

Official results from last weekend's IPSC, 7th of 27 overall, that's all right. Still fiddling with the keyframes for pan-and-zoom on the first video, should be ready tomorrow. I could really use an assistant videographer to point the camera in the right direction instead of wrassling the software after, but someone keeps refusing to touch the camera.

2975 Monday, 8 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Codrea has more on Norway.

Again with the "buybacks". There are so many levels of FAIL, not least that our taxes fund it.

More bigotry and psychosis from Illinois.

All prohibition is evil. It always causes more harm than it even pretends to remedy. How have we not learned this lesson?

Stock market dropping. MSM headline, "Fear has taken over on Wall Street", blame being flung about - some radio expert sez Republicans didn't compromise enough. They compromised entirely too much you delusional cretin! That's how this happened! MY side was trying to STOP it!

...The United States Constitution, Amendment Twenty-Five, Section Four: "Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President." First, hardcore collectivist/statists and spinless RINOs would never make such a declaration; and second, yes it can get even worse, difficult though it may be to imagine. Why replace a lunatic with an imbecilic lunatic?

And they call us "fascists"?

"They do not have the mental tools to determine truth from falsity...."

Via The Patriot Post, Quote o' the Day: "An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens.... There has never been a moment of my life in which I should have relinquished for it the enjoyments of my family, my farm, my friends & books." - Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Melish, 1813

...I am constantly disappointed to not read about TSA screeners being found dead in their homes, or those radar-photo traffic vans getting firebombed.

(...But there is this sort of thing....)

The other day I saw a banner ad for tourism, and one of the Exotic Localestm flickering by was New York City. Whhhyyyyyyy?

Is the Island finally sinking?

In Lighter News

In Portuguese I think, melancholy yet fascinating photos of shipbreaking.

I have seen the film Inglorious Basterds. Tarantino is improving, but still isn't as fahbulous as he thinks he is (recall the Stupid Worthless Stage Production in Atlas Shrugged which Everyone Important Praised Endlessly because they were too dumb to realize it was Utter Dreck - there are drecky bits in everything I've seen from Tarantino so far, and Deathproof was IMO a dreckapalooza). Anyway that was fiction. This ain't.



Reader sends bumper sticker .PDF, 700kb. Office stores have bumper-sticker paper for inkjet printers. See also.

Build your own virtual AR. No, not the Brownell's one.

'...[I]t goes from "honey, get down;" to "honey, cover me while I reload."' Alas I know of no such women around here....

The first two videos of last Sunday's IPSC shoot are processed, in honkin' huge high-def .MP4s, 807 and 551 Mb. Now here's the issue: Cricket sux and would likely restrict my bandwidth again if I tried to upload them from here; the library only allows one hour per user per day on their machines, and they often choke; the library opens at 10am and I start work at noon; while the library is a WiFi zone, my only laptop has only a 802.11b card and takes a quarter-hour to boot, if it even does. So it may still be a few days before these ginormous files appear on my YouTube channel. By which time the third video will probably be ready.

...Oh look, here's Stages One and Two and here's Stage Three! Four was complex, so much that several shooters had Failures To Engage 'cause they just couldn't process that many targets. Working on it.

2976 Tuesday, 9 August 2011:

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker. I believe the term is "callous disregard for human life".

The Island is sinking....

"...[A] free economy would result in a rapid fall in energy costs." And naturally that's not going to be allowed.

Speaking of creatures who should be found dead in their homes, Michael G. sends more TSA outrages.

They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.

"Over half (53%) of Americans now believe the federal government is more of a threat to individual rights than a protector." Well. DUH.

We know who the real enemies of civilization are.

Who's "racist"? Chapter MMCMLXXVI.

Something to boycott in Knoxville.


In Lighter News

Still working on the Stage Four video. Those still images, with the colored lines, I make in MSPaint and save as individual .JPGs, and there is a lot to paint in this stage.

2977 Wednesday, 10 August 2011: FWIW, Google Nav on the company-issued tablet PC works pretty good. There are imperfections, but mostly it performs as advertised.

The World Sucks

The concept of American Federalism is variously interpreted. My definition, and I believe the definition of the Founders, is that federal protections on individual rights and restrictions on government, should apply throughout the nation. The 14th Amendment partially clarified this, and I've tried to make it plain. Unfortunately, too many people take entirely the opposite view.

We have to boycott Crimson Trace now? "...Crimson Trace's MVF-600 - a foregrip currently available only to military and law enforcement...."

"Dial 911 999 and Die." (ref.)

Related, Snark o' the Day: "In the UK, good men doing anything is illegal."

And SMLE Fan has the history lesson.

Tucson Tom sends:

Every day in every way, the world is getting worse. Regulations and restrictions and intrusions and violations, armed robbers and serial molesters in uniform, everything costs more and then it doesn't work because the people who made it are illiterate parasites.... When society does collapse, some of us will actually prosper. But too many of us will be destroyed by the System's death throes, as the sadists with authority scramble to divert blame and justify their existence, and the looters - meaning Ayn's description too, not just the obvious - grab all the taxbucks and wide-screen TVs they can with no thought of what they'll be eating two days later.

In Lighter News

Bumper sticker.

And t-shirt.

Extraterrestrial life? That might include us. Look at the numbers. We can't be alone.

2978 Thursday, 11 August 2011: Fuel costs are an issue, well over 100 miles a day. I'm juggling that vs. trying to buy back a Precious Item vs. stressing over how much I'm getting paid for this new job while the pay from the old job runs out next week.

At least I don't need to shop for a smartphone anymore, since I was issued the tablet. Rigged a dashboard mount from coat hangers and duct tape.

I remind my readers I'm now working noon-8pm, meaning my blog gets posted late. I'm contemplating asking for earlier hours but other drivers say there's no work that early, meaning no per-stop/per-mile pay.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

If they're going to treat us like terrorists anyway, what reason have we for not acting like freedom fighters? Law enforcement specifically and government in general have declared war on the American people. Why are we not fighting back with legitimate acts of declared war?

[British Prime Minister] Cameron told lawmakers there would be no "culture of fear" on Britain's streets, as police raided houses to round up more suspects.... Uhhh... fear of what?

Oh I know: Aurora, Colorado - "A woman said the man pulled her over in a phony police car at Alameda and Havana last Sunday night. She said he forced her out of the car and sexually assaulted her on the side of the road." How do they know he was fake?

...Radio news, school shooter Kip Kinkel wants out of prison, his attorneys are going for a retrial on an insanity defense. Questions about where he would end up if he got out. Well heck, the Portland Police Bureau is hiring, then there's the Pima County Sheriff's Department down in Arizona, the Las Vegas Metro Police... I'd expect departments to be lining up to put him to work. He's just their kind of guy.

Texas governor Rick Perry will enter the race for President. Better than Romney, but does that mean "good"? So far I'm still for Gary Johnson.

Incompetence. Yesterday I had three cancelled orders, one of which I was already en route to, because the dispatcher couldn't act like an adult. Today at the warehouse where I get the things I'm to deliver, I pounded on the door for five minutes before they finally let me in, claiming they didn't hear the doorbell which I could hear from outside the building with jet aircraft making their final approach to Portland International Airport directly overhead. I get to the old folks' homes and the staff are slothful and apathetic and don't listen when I say very clearly I need a signature and a printed name and the date and the time and then they get offended when I politely and professionally repeat myself. The postman delivers mail to the hovel addressed two blocks over. Not to forget gods above and demons below how do these people dress themselves in the morning.

British riots - tactical analysis, because it can happen here. ...And don't forget potential Threeper applications.

In Lighter News

Codrea still has a radio show which I can't really listen to for reasons of bandwidth or connectivity.

La mitrailleuse infâme! And All Hail Saint John. -In comments Tam has perspective, and I'm thereby reminded of the L85/SA80 British bullpup infantry rifle, the quality of whose design we cannot determine 'cause the manufacture was a dirty word.

Finished Ring of Fire III. Dirigibles, hoo-aah. Starting David Drake's Loose Cannon: The Tom Kelly Novels.

2979 Friday, 12 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Luna-cy in Project Gunwalker.

Founders' Quote o' the Day: "Not all the treasures of the world, so far as I believe, could have induced me to support an offensive war, for I think it murder; but if a thief breaks into my house, burns and destroys my property, and kills or threatens to kill me, or those that are in it, and to 'bind me in all cases whatsoever' to his absolute will, am I to suffer it?" - Thomas Paine, The American Crises, No. 1, 1776

"...[I]f a robber meets me in the street and commands me to surrender my purse, I have a right to kill him without asking questions...." So sayeth John Adams, second elected President of these United States. So why aren't we killing cops on sight as a civic duty?

And now we have to boycott Winchester? For giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war? Dammit, they make good primers.

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

Pournelle reviews the debate.

More analysis of Perry. “The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of every law-abiding citizen of our country.”—Gov. Rick Perry. Yeah well, I take exception to the term "law-abiding".

For-timely-example, Michael G. sends The Knox Report on unstable freaks in black robes making up the "law" as they go along. Why should we respect any law when the "law" has nothing but contempt for us?

I'm starting to regret less never having served in the military.

In Lighter News

Want... and I'm not even a water person.

Analysis and tips for the kind of rifle shooting I do most. The Queen probably needs her gas cylinder and barrel band tightened up again, meaning she'd have to be sighted-in all over again, and I have neither time nor gumption nor cartridges nor funds to do so at present. -Oh, and a score of 283 is Really Damn Good. My personal best is 276, with convertible sighters, and that got 2nd place of 26 by one point.

2980 Saturday, 13 August 2011: Made less at the show than from cans & bottles donated by Yuri and Cruffler. But it was pleasant to sit down and yak with Cruffler, whose knowledge of firearms is approximately as broad as my own; pleasant to talk with someone who knows what the hell he's talking about (timely example) and knows what the hell you're talking about. LoyalReader, OTOH, complained about the unfair advantage I gain from the MicroSD card slot behind my left ear. ;)

$IGH, at least twenty revolvers I'd've loved to walk out with, Blackhawks, K-frames, percussion - other stuff, reproduction WBtS .58s, Sharps .45-70s, a 20" -A2 AR with all the necessary eee-vill features from some maker or other for $750, a full-up Springfield M21 rig for about what I've grossed so far this year, and one table had two Marlin M39M straight-stock carbines and one looked to have a sixteen-inch barrel - half a grand each of course. The guy at the table behind ours had a Cheap Philippine Clonetm 1911, very basic -A1, $450; and next to it a SIG P220 in Excellent condition, "MADE IN W. GERMANY", with original box and test target and all, $550. Except I dislike the SIG's controls. And I already have a pretty good .45.

The World Sucks

Who's a "terrorist"?

Who has "legitimate authority"?

Oldest known Warsaw Ghetto fighter speaks. What have we learned from history? Our self-declared enemies are saying, in as many words, they'd love to do to us what their National Socialist predecessors did to the Jews.

Remember all that rioting and slaughter in Egypt a little while ago? And they shut down the internet and cell phones? It is happening here.

In Lighter News


Maximum Historical Awesome.

2981 Sunday, 14 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Constantly adjusting my utopia's Constitution. Comes now word, if I heard it right, that the awthoritays shut down cell phones during the Wisconsin race-mob attacks too (after the racist attackers had already coordinated their actions and while their victims needed to call for help; whose side is the "law" on? "They shouldn’t be permitted to have it both ways"). To my equivalent of the 1st and 4th Amendments, I've added "communication".

Somewhat related, Michael G. sends more from the sinking island, commenting, "The problem is not disarmed police it is disarmed citizens. And the answer is not the government letting them carry guns, it is for the government to stop preventing them from carrying guns and to stop punishing them when they exercise their inherent right to defend themselves and others."

Speaking of having it both ways, on one hand there's Ready.Gov exhorting us all to prepaaare for emerrrgencies, and on the other is the FBI memo labeling anyone who actully does prepare a "terrorist". Why should we respect ANY "law" or ANY "authority"?

"The moral compass of right and wrong is so far away from legal right and wrong that it's a serious wonder to me that prosecutors, judges, lawyers and cops can find their way to and from work every day."

As for the Presidential race, one of the chatroom Elves sez "I vote for BB Netanyahu." To which I responded, "We could do worse. And probably will."

And probably will.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

...At the show yesterday I saw an NEF Pardner, the not-fully-interchangeable ChiCom derivative of the Remington M870. The barrel ring is in a different position because the standard magazine tube is longer. But - aside from barrels, how many other Remington accessories would fit? SideSaddle fits on the receiver pins and they look the same, and if the magazine cap threads are the same then the magazine extension should work too. And the Pardner is inexpensive, which really matters for some folks. Must investigate.

Another thing I saw but didn't closely examine was the Remington R1 1911, complete and new in box with two 8-round magazines, $675.

Cruffler had three Browning autoloading shotguns:

Note the subtle differences, particularly in the safety catches. Top was "MADE IN BELGIUM", with a Garand-type safety and a different contour on the bottom of the receiver. Next was Browning-marked from St. Louis MO, Cruffler estimated it was made about 1946-49 and made on Remington machinery, with a conventional button safety. Also note the sandblasted anti-glare receiver top, which Cruffler said was factory original. Third was the Remington M11, specifically missing the magazine cutoff (not shown on the other side of the receiver) the other two had, with a sort of PPSh-type safety inside the trigger guard.

A guy was wearing this t-shirt:

And another table had this fantastic double Howdah pistol!!!

2982 Monday, 15 August 2011: Fred Meyer is the regional part of the Kroger supermarket chain. Today they had MotoTech brand motor oil in 5-quart jugs for $9.99, which is about two-thirds the cost per quart of any other store or brand. Got two, with my last pay from the old job.

The World Sucks

Hofmann also notes one part of the Federal government scolding us to do a certain thing, while another part treats us like terrorists if we actually do it. Do you still have any respect for "law" and "authority"?

Oakland GRE Chang questions authority (and invokes Heinlein no less).
While Codrea points out the real danger to society from people who carry guns.
Click through for the kidnapping-and-assault-with-deadly-weapon-under-color-of-authority o' the Day.
Still more video I haven't the stomach to watch - and remember, the back-shooting murderer-with-a-badge got less than two years in jail.
But cops still think they're the good guys. That is perverse.

Well, there's your problem.

In Lighter News

More Guns, Less Crime. Epic DUH.

Movie Idea Which Will Never Be Made By Hollywood: Nineteen April Seventeen Effing Seventy-Five. -Chuck Norris could play Sam Whittemore. (Yes I already knew about Sam.)

Oregon has many different license plates for cars - salmon, Crater Lake, "cultural trust" whatever that bureaucrat-pocket-lining scam is supposed to be - and veterans' plates with medals, like Vietnam service, Purple Heart, etc. As I was driving about on the job today, I saw a car with the latter. It was the Distinguished Service Cross.

LoyalReader sends a couple links on maintaining the Queen. Most of which I already knew, but dig the photos at the first link. I thought the threads on my barrel were bad. -I'll keep any eye out for replacement locking rings; somewhere else I saw a post about swapping those around to get the right thread timing, there was a photo with a fistful of them next to the muzzle. Hopefully I won't have to replace the cylinder itself, that's expensive. Barrels can be had for about $200 but it's been years since I had that much to spare, and then I'd have to pay someone for installation, not least because a new barrel will be short-chambered... and I think the barrel doesn't need replacement anyway.

...Frankly I wouldn't mind a whole trigger group either. I have some spare parts for that, somewhere, sears I think someone donated. The trigger has room for improvement.

I've been trying to download the October 2011 digital edition of Guns magazine, to read and to add to my archive. The download chokes, at a different point each time, in either Opera or Firefox. Finally I tried MSIE and got what appeared to be the whole file, 22Mb, but it still won't open in the Adobe reader. That don't make no sense. Can anyone out there acquire the entire functioning file? (Don't just email it to me though, I still have bandwidth issues.)

2983 Tuesday, 16 August 2011:

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker. An entire bureau of sociopaths, incapable of recognizing people as human beings whose lives have value. Blaming us for their actions.

Cops hate citizens and want them to be stabbed, Chapter MMCMLXXXIII.
They lie about it being illegal for you to take their picture, then claim it's not illegal for them to destroy evidence.
And I lump the TSA perverts in with the rest of the badgethugs.
Someone else has said this, I'm only repeating it: I don't want police "reformed" or "overseen" or "regulated" or "cleaned up" - I want them gone. I want a nation without police. You can't polish a turd.

Lunatic. In. Chief.

We glory in the name.

In Lighter News


Want. :(

Do Not Want. Never mind how it looks, where the ^&%@ am I supposed to put my other two fingers?

There have been reports, plural, of certain US military bases, here in US territory, requiring servicemembers to register, with base authorities, privately- and legally-owned firearms stored off base. Stick in the eye. The troops, I trust. Their leaders? "I don't think so, Tim."

Garand MindPr0n. Likely the Queen is not wearing her original Springfield stock; no evidence of such markings, and that piece of wood would have plenty of tales to tell.

Finally got a good copy of Guns for October 2011. It's archived. -And I almost forgot the "latest" 1961 issues.

Almost done with Stage Four of the IPSC shoot from the 31st. Keyframes, panning and zooming... then I still have only a handful of suitable music tracks which I'm forced to reuse.

Continuing Drake's Loose Cannon: The Tom Kelly Stories. Two novels, 1983 and 87, intended at the time to get in on the techno-thriller market Tom Clancy was about single-handedly creating. Anyhow it's David Effing Drake. Examples: "There was no time [for reflection] when your life depended on keeping your muzzle down and killing the other bastard first." (Remember Drake has seen the elephant, with the 11th Armored Cavalry.) And: "Folks with guns in their homes were often willing to make their own decisions. That was a fact that had not escaped many governments." Plus Lots Of Action, approximately Ringo-level. (-Which comparison, if you've read Ringo's Princess of Wands, ought to be rather amusing, but I'm not sure to whom....)

2984 Wednesday, 17 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Media? Bias.

Hofmann predicts more Gleiwitz Incidents. I wouldn't bet he's wrong.

Prohibition FAIL, Chapter MMCMLXXXIV.

Michael G. sends, meanwhile in academia and, setting aside what side you take on the issue in question, multiple standards of "justice".

Union thuggery.

...Cops are unionized. Think about that.

Pointed Question o' the Day: "Now what happens when the government expects a lone wolf, but instead meets up with a pack?"

In Lighter News

Starbucks is where all the treasonous statist collectivist redistributionist hippies spend the money they've scammed from our taxes. Buuut, the CEO is surprisingly different.

That Darn Pesky First Amendment Thingy!

2985 Thursday, 18 August 2011: GoogleNav remains imperfect. One of the greatest lacks is the ability to plot a multiple-stop route. Reportedly, standalone GPS units like Garmin can do this, but the supposedly-much-more-powerful Dell tablet the company issued can't?

Staggering, widespread incompetence and apathy in the workforce. I get to the delivery point and if there is anyone at the reception desk they shrug and say "someone else has to sign for that", while not lifting a finger to find that someone or even direct me to them. Does anyone in this country do their job anymore? (I mean aside from Marines....) -And the people in the warehouse where I pick up the stuff, gah. Yesterday I went to pick up six orders, all of them due in a certain timeframe, and they were still packaging them despite the tablet telling me they were ready to go. Today they had one mislabeled for a whole other city in a whole other direction. I've worked in warehouses. I was good at it. I could read and count. I cared whether stuff got onto the correct shelf. I quit that job....

The World Sucks

Less Guns, More Crime. Which is just the way some people want it.

Again with calling the American people "terrorists". The government, and their badged enforcers, have been terrorizing us for decades. And they act surprised if some of us become freedom fighters? We didn't start this war. All we want is to be left alone.

In local news, robber impersonates cop. What's the difference? Crooks impersonate cops because there is no difference. It certainly makes little difference to their victims!

Now, just like their idol Stalin, the Regime is persecuting Standard & Poor's as payback for the credit-rating downgrade. Whatta they gonna do, pack a pack of analysts off to Siberia as Enemies of the State?

(That's getting less funny by the day....)

BTR reports on the pervasive totalitarianism innocent citizens must suffer every day. America has become like every third-world dictatorship our ancestors came here from, except we have - for now - a veneer, an illusion of freedom and quality-of-life in our automobiles and freeways, our internet and iPods.

For now. I'm pleased to see someone else using the phrase "enemies of civilization" in reference to government regulators.

The United States Government, and every state and local government, are kleptocracies. They exist to steal from the productive, using what we work for to bribe the parasitic masses to keep them in power. These governments have become destructive of these ends, and it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish them.

Radio news, gold is over $1,800/ounce. Gold isn't worth more, the dollar is worth less. And someday soon a can of beans or a box of cartridges could be worth its weight.

Today I saw a bumper sticker: "No one is free when others are oppressed." I have to wonder how the hippie whose hippiemobile it was would reconcile that sentiment with his demographic's stated desire to put me and all my friends in a "reeducation" camp.

In Lighter News

Meanwhile in Florida, I love the sound of weeping statists. It sounds like... victory.

Traffic laws.... If we don't have police – and we can't have police because that is a cure worse than any disease – how does society prevent or deter people from antisocial acts such as speeding, reckless driving, breaking Mach over populated areas, etc.? But the answer already exists: The Code Duello. For example, some public-minded individual or group, perhaps supported by subscription or usage fees, would act as aircarspotters, and with an evolved internet it would not be hard to track down offenders, then individuals with legitimate grievances - “You killed my brother”, “You wrecked my car”, “You collapsed my souffle” - could challenge them. The same Code would prevent abuse of power by whatever individual or group was doing the tracking-down. Without mountains of intrusive regulations and violations of the rights of the innocent, without punishing everyone who didn't do it, without creating venomous armies of corrupt-by-definition enforcers. In early days there would be an adjustment period, but after a time - probably short - society would adjust to the idea that "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others," without the moral failure of recourse to "law", which "is often but the tyrant's will".

I have, hotlinked on my desktop, a word processor file I poke at from time to time as the Muse whispers, to rewrite and modernize the original Code Duello. A work in progress. Your input is welcome.

2986 Friday, 19 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Michael G. sends the Knox report on the "buyback" fraud. "...[W]holesale disregard for laws that shouldn't exist by the very people who demanded that they be passed in the first place goes beyond the realm of sense."

The next chapter in the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC.

Regional news: City of Oakridge is missing a bunch of money. Connect this dot to those drawn in Quartzsite, AZ; Gould, AR; LaVergne, TN; Canton, OH; Fullerton, CA; Pima County, AZ; Danziger Bridge, New Orleans, LA; a CostCo in Las Vegas, NV; and more dots popping up everywhere. The looters are grabbing everything they can before their victims realize whose fault everything is.

Cyril Kornbluth wrote an infamous SF story called The Marching Morons. It's coming true.

In Lighter News

Cruffler sends:

You know, I actually kinda want one of these. Or perhaps a half-dozen, ya know.

2987 Saturday, 20 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Add another dot to the picture: Santa Fe, NM sheriff Greg Solano jailed for selling department equipment paid for with his employers' taxes. They do not recognize us as human beings, they have no concept of right and wrong, they believe they have the right to take the very things they are sworn to protect. Have "justice" and "law" ever been so far apart?

Reader suggests, for a society, instead of police officers, peace officers. Which was how it used to be here, and for a while it worked. But no; that's where the current crop of authorized sociopaths came from. That was the seed from which they grew, the idea that some people have the power to violate other people's rights, the idea that the law does not treat everyone the same. My way, every citizen is his own peace officer and they don't have to fear each other.

Let's not forget that Wyatt Earp was no hero. He was a prohibitionist, disarming and restricting everyone who was not guilty, in blatant violation of several parts of the Bill of Rights. That's where all these current violations come from, "temporary" "emergency" measures everyone thinks are good ideas at the time, but which never go away without bloody revolution.

Every time you see a union sticker, any union, on the car in front of you, understand what it really means.

Oh look, collateral damage from the government takeover of General Motors. You thought "contracts" and "laws" still functioned in this country?

In Lighter News

Comes now the heat wave, forecast at or above 90F for some days. The car's air conditioning works, but the engine has caught fire once... (yes I carry an extinguisher where I can reach it) (and spare coolant and regular water).

Finally done editing Stage Four of the IPSC shoot from the 31st. It's a bit over a Gb in high-def .MP4, so uploading it might take a while as I arrange for less-restricted bandwidth. -Would someone please point me to music I can use without getting sued? I only have four or five tracks I deem appropriate.

Don't know if I'm going to the Lone Oak Garand match on the 27th. I'll have a better idea after I get paid. But aside from that, and the next IPSC in late September, future video projects include an instructional this-is-how-you-work-it video on the M1 (already scripted, I need a time and place to wave a rifle around in front of a camera without getting murdered by tax-paid sociopaths), and on a burner even further back, a multimedia recital of Kipling. And perhaps Kipling.

2988 Sunday, 21 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Gunwalker, and bigger pictures.

President Marie Antoinette. -Ohh, is that a terroristic threat now?

Jury awards 1/3 $million to family whose dog was shot by cops. In yet another wrong-address, nothing-found raid. And where does that third of a million come from? Taxes and tickets and illegal seizures of innocent citizens' property. The wrong animal got killed in that apartment, all right.

"Self-defense is not an acceptable reason." They actually say that out loud.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

Some of us are burying stuff for the rainy days ahead. Genuine authentic Cosmoline is available.

EvilWoman sends Oregon wild pig news. Now if I could just make some rancher friends....

I am already first in the hold queue for Spellbound: Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles. I am now also first for Dead Six and Monster Hunter Alpha. Hoo-aah!

2989 Monday, 22 August 2011: First paycheck from the new job....

A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised. And I am. Still bunche$ of catching up to do though.

Today I drove 291 miles and spent $56.20 on fuel. OTOH the rent is set aside in a stamped & addressed envelope, and the electricity is caught up in full for the first time in several moons.

The World Sucks


"...[I]t seems the sheriff is in the habit of informing on students to the administration." "Protect and Serve" who?

Bigotry in Seattle. And St. Louis: "One particular enforcement problem stems from the privacy guarantees of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution...." In their own words. In official statements.

There can be no peace. All we want is to be left alone. All they want is everything we have.

"Pravda" means "Truth", Chapter MMCMLXXXIX.

Cops terrorize children. No wonder they don't like having their pictures taken. That's what cops are.

Speaking of, Firehand links more spin and coverup in the murder of Erik Scott, US Army.

And speaking of Authorized Child Molesters, the enemy is already saying anyone who owns guns is craaazy, already using psychiatric "evaluations" as a Stalinesque weapon of intimidation and control. And what kind of creatures are running those tests?

"Without justice being freely, fully, and impartially administered, neither our persons, nor our rights, nor our property, can be protected. And if these, or either of them, are regulated by no certain laws, and are subject to no certain principles, and are held by no certain tenure, and are redressed, when violated, by no certain remedies, society fails of all its value; and men may as well return to a state of savage and barbarous independence." - Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

I has a sad.

And so do Joe and Kevin.

In Lighter News

In Tennessee, bigotry overturned.

EvilWoman sends a little pr0n. I've seen the site before; link to the front page is at the bottom. Grab a snack first, you'll be there a while.

Finished Drake's Loose Cannon. It's a bit over-the-top, but it's still Drake. Next will be Exiled: Clan of the Claw, which appears to be a franchise standalone of an alternate Earth with alternate evolution. It contains Turtledove and Stirling, :-6, but also contains Ringo and Williamson, :-9.

2990 Tuesday, 23 August 2011:

The World Sucks

Again with the "buybacks" and brainwashing children.

Speaking of brainwashing children, the island is not sinking fast enough.

Rather related, Quote o' the Day: "Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again; poor fools. And their grand-children are once more slaves." - D. H. Lawrence

Another dot to connect.

The new issue of American Rifleman. Feature article on Gunwalker and, as usual, no mention at all of Codrea or Vanderboegh, the two who broke the story.

Then, the very day after Huffman's article seriously questioning whose side NRA is on, an article on the Federal Bureau of Incinceration's handguns through the years, and mention of an online vintage article from J. Edgar Himself. Then, a feature article on "Life of Duty". How wrong is this? Let me count the ways:

  • Full page photo of a Spokane stormtrooper in full tyranny gear with tax-funded MP5. How many unConstitutional "laws" has this creature happily enforced? How much property has he stolen from the citizens whose taxes he also steals? How many raging bigots does he call "partner"? How many lives has he destroyed and called it "duty"?
  • Equating military with police - which is a) a slander to the military and b) HELLOO!? JOSE GUERENA?! ERIK SCOTT!? and furthermore c) isn't the #1 mantra of the antis that "only the police and military" should be armed?
  • "Life of Duty, presented by Brownell's", who still stocks and advertises products from HS Precision.
  • In the second paragraph of the three-page (four if you count the JBT recruiting poster) article they repeat the "few bad apples" lie.
  • And they're not even internally consistent - later they have a much shorter article on Chicago police superintendent McCarthy equating fundamental human rights with racism.

    What is the AR editorship thinking? Can they be this ignorant? Or are they doing this on purpose? To curry favor for future wind shifts?

    Timely example: road-rage cop. Now look at this one. People have been complaining about him for years, his city paid a third of a million (stolen tax)bucks in one case, and the cop not only keeps his job but at some point gets promoted to captain and put in charge of official armed robbery for a major city. This is a clear pattern, from the top down. There is no such thing as a "good cop". Even the ones not shooting innocent citizens in the back are actively covering for and rewarding those who do.

    In Lighter News

    Prepare. Pretty good list. Hard choices to cram it all into a daypack or .50 can, but this list appears to be crafted with shelter-in-place in mind. SMLE Fan, who according to radio news probably won't get hit by the latest hurricane (in email he sez: "It appears that it's aimed at DC, which would prove the existence of God...."), also contributes.

    (I can just imagine FEMA bureaucrats swaggering around with perverted grins, eagerly awaiting the chance to treat human beings like cattle... again. I can just imagine cops coast-to-coast signing up on volunteer sheets to "help"... themselves to more citizens' property.)

    My SF story has partial cloning to grow replacement parts. (Don't need no steekeeng VA hospital.) Working on it.

    2991 Wednesday, 24 August 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker hypocrisy.

    Every tool being used against real terrorists today will be used against "enemies of the state" tomorrow. -I'm not offering an alternative. Only a warning.

    Recording police is not a crime. We know why they don't want us to.

    In Lighter News

    The argument is over and Tam has won it.


    Recording police is not a crime. What have you got to hide, badgethug?

    Still haven't decided on Lone Oak Garands Saturday - I'm thinking not. The rent is in the mail but what cash I have, I should conserve for job fuel, and it's a long drive to Longview (with revenuers hunting for their end-of-month quotas). And I do want to get the Queen tightened again, and then get some proper bench practice with her, then position practice if I can arrange it. I could use another Appleseed but can't afford that either.

    2992 Thursday, 25 August 2011:

    The World Sucks

    It seems we’ve gotten to the point where if you kill a mother bear you go on trial, and if you murder a mother human you don’t. That is, assuming you’re one of the exalted super citizen “Only Ones.”

    And this is why they don't want their pictures taken. They know they have a lot to hide.

    We have a saying: Freedom comes in four boxes - Soap, Ballot, Jury and Cartridge. Now, even "mainstream conservatives" - who on their particular issues are just as much "do it this way or we'll send government thugs to force you" as the other side - are wondering out loud which one we're on.

    EcoFreaks are enemies of civilization.

    As are all regulators and 99% of everything government ever does. Remember a winter or two ago, when North Carolina burned the Constitution for warmth when they had three snowflakes on the ground? Different weather, same fascism.

    Radio news, $1.5 billion held in US banks - presumably in accounts frozen after the Lockerbie bombing and other incidents - may be released to Libya. And the first thing I thought of was all that oil and scrap metal we were selling to Imperial Japan in 1941. Yeah, we'll be seeing those dollars again....



    So it's near the end of my shift and I'm cruising along at freeway speed toward McMinnville, which is way the eff down thataway from both warehouse and hovel, and suddenly! there is a disheartening twang-rattle from the place twang-rattles are never good. Coasted to an onramp's gore strip. Moments later one of those tax-funded roadside-response trucks happened along and the guy helped me inspect - the politics of tax-thievery aside, he seemed to know motors like Our Kind knows arms, and quickly determined my timing belt was a mile or so back on the Interstate. Thanks to the miracle of cellular telephony I had the remainder of my route reassigned and then called EvilWoman and Woodworker for a tow back to the hovel.

    Now it's fifty-odd bucks for a new belt, and sweat & blood to do the work 'cause I sure can't afford to shop it out, and I won't be earning any money tomorrow. Fortunately I didn't buy those gallon buckets of ice cream the other day like I was inclined to (though I could really ^#$!ing use some ice cream right now) and I have forseeable expenses covered and the rent is in the mail and the electricity is paid too, but if, as I've read in the Haynes manual, the valves were damaged when the belt failed, then I might be in real trouble. Don't know yet, too pooped and disgusted with the universe to even start checking tonight.

    Every single time I get a little ahead start catching up from the last disaster even slow the rate of decline just a little bit:

    Yyyyeah I'll probably get a bill for nine hundred seventy-two dollars and twenty-three cents because the ODOT employee stepped out of his truck for two minutes....

    In Lighter News

    JESUS H. TAP-DANCING CHRIST. ...Ya know, with real live people doing that sort of thing IRL, some of that over-the-top stuff on page and screen... isn't so over anymore.

    A new kind of concealment holster. Hm?

    I dream of Wyoming over Idaho because a) Wyoming is emptier, b) Idaho isn't quite far enough away, and c) yah there's some Nazis or used to be. But, while Idaho is further down my list of places to escape to, it's still on the list.

    Continuing Exiles: Clan of the Claw. Managed to get through a whole S. M. Stirling story without 1) the main characters being gay, 2) meteors falling on the United States of America, or 3) urination on the right to keep and bear arms.

    2993 Friday, 26 August 2011:

    The World Sucks

    Five thousand years ago, about the time the wheel was invented, my ancient Teuton ancestors were driving their wagon through a village and ran over the shaman's goat and he laid a transportation curse on them "aaannnnd alll yooouuurrr liiiiinnne!!!" I'm obviously not driving to Longview for the Garand match. The CMP guys at the other club have repeatedly offered a carpool, but I need to get my car fixed or I'm uneffingemployed again. So that's what I'm doing this weekend.

    Not sure about making the Awesome Two-Day OAC Show either. Could walk there I suppose....

    UPDATE: Car's screwed, valve and probably head damage. So instead of $43.99 for a timing belt it's $5/6/700 for another car. Fortunately Woodworker and Blacksmith have Experience In This Area, and have offered to front me for a replacement (craigslist...) in lieu of the expected scrap value of this and the previous dead car, which they know how and where to get. Now I have to Search the Almighty Intarwebz while also stripping both cars of anything I don't want crushed.

    And I just topped off the fuel one hour before that happened. That's how my world works.


    To CSGV and other "progressives," the people cannot be trusted to act in their own best interest if given the choice, and thus must be coerced by the government--using, if necessary, armed government enforcers who will, if the defiance goes far enough, kill the recalcitrant peasant. That's what it's all about. That's what it's always been about. All we want is to be left alone and all they want is everything we have.

    Michael G. sends more on the place where Australia used to be. Disgust.

    Related, Island-Sinking Quote o' the Year: "I'm scared that the police and the government will attack us if we defend our businesses."

    Ideological impurity, tying in to my American Rifleman rant the other day. As Pournelle says, free people aren't equal and equal people aren't free. My way, there are two distinct legal classes, but everyone has not only the right but the expectation of climbing - and there is no special class. My utopia is not Pure Libertarianismtm, but I believe it would be a great improvement over what we suffer now. (Note comment. Have I mentioned I've read Starship Troopers like six times? I carry a copy in the car.)

    (-As for a Navy-like-organization and who pays for it, I have something in the works on that, in the Aurora series; a bit more detail on the Reserve Privateer system. The Muse, curse her fickle fickleness, seems always to tell me stories somewhere in the middle or end, making me work out the beginning the hard way.)

    In Lighter News

    Uppity in Seattle. Take lots of cameras....

    Uppity in San Antonio.


    A reader is asking for load data for .44-40 in a 20" Rossi M92 with a 180gr lead bullet, no gas checks, with Magtech brass & primers. He wants 1400fps. Anyone?

    Oh hey, I actually got the Stage Four IPSC video uploaded the other day. If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, you'd've received an email notice if you have that option turned on.

    2994 Saturday, 27 August 2011:

    The World Sucks

    $hopping for car$....

    Depressing Observation o' the Day: "Claire Wolfe was wrong. It's not too early, it's too late." "[T]he state is the enemy." What are we going to do about it?

    Related Question o' the Day: "Where do you go to vote out the EPA?"

    In Lighter News

    LoyalReader drug me off to the Awesome Two-Day OAC Show, and will again tomorrow. I'll make a page like I did last year. Teasers:

    2995 Sunday, 28 August 2011:

    The World Sucks

    At lunch with friends today we were talking about this very thing. And this. And this too. Visual aid.

    Tucson Tom reports sighting fourteen armed-robbers-in-uniform on the Seattle-Portland I-5 corridor today. End of the month, quotas due.

    We've all been reading about cops who like to shoot dogs. The sadistic perverts like to murder beloved family cats too. (Even when off duty.) Cops' one and only answer to every situation is violence, destruction, theft and murder. Because government's one and only answer is the same.

    In Lighter News

    I really must go hunting some year, if only to tick off PeTA.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Likely I'll be elsewhere.

    Like the Awesome Two-Day OAC Show! Where I took many photos like these and will be making a page soon. Not everyone allowed pics - one table had a breechloading rifle marked "J M BROWNING OGDEN UTAH", the direct and sacred ancestor of the Winchester M1885, likely Touched by Saint John's Own Hands (marked $26k). ZOMG HISTORY 8-O

    Yesterday I saw a very nice repro Colt M1860 revolver for seventy-five dollars. It probably sold three minutes after I left the table. :( Today I got a photo of an estate sale collection of Colttm repro Colts, with the majority of the percussion family represented, you'll see that soon.

    I met Tucson Tom!!!1!1!11!!!! He treated me and LoyalReader to lunch and we commisserated on the decline of the republic, and then he gave me a .30 can full of LC69 M2 Ball on clips Great Googly Moogly!!! So now I have fodder for the Serious Practice Session I need, and a couple matches besides (and quality once-fired GI brass after (yes I have a primer pocket swager, the RCBS for a single-stage press)). BTW, Tucson Tom says cats kill scorpions! Which are a concern in southern Arizona. Kittehs are even more awesomer than previously known!

    2996 Monday, 29 August 2011: Michael G. sends an economic issue I'm finding myself face-to-face with. This morning, with much help from Blacksmith and Woodworker, scrapped two dead cars, got less cash than hoped. Craigslist coughed up some candidates - examined one today, should be very economical and is of a type Woodworker and EvilWoman are deeply familiar with, put a deposit on it; but naturally the tags are expired and it's unknown if it will pass the thieving scam DEQ. The seller will run it through tomorrow and call me. If it fails so does the deal and I start over with the search (after driving all the way across town to recover the deposit of course). Meanwhile WW/EW have loaned me their spare, which I intend to not use for two hundred miles a day work, and LoyalReader is offering transport for two hundred miles a day work tomorrow, by the end of which time we may have killed each other if a giant flaming meteor from the heavens (or a thrown rod or blown transmission or Spontaneous Vehicular Combustion) hasn't done it for us by then because that's how my world works.

    The World Sucks


    Atlas is Shrugging. -Tucson Tom does contract work for Large Airplane Companies and is Well Aware of the Boeing/Washington/North Carolina situation. Same thing - killing the goose that lays golden eggs. Of Boeing he said, "They could have gone to China." So who's really killing jobs?

    More on the self-defense shooting of a bear in Idaho. What does this remind me of...?

    Bush Derangement Syndrome, Chapter MMCMXCVI.

    The film Soylent Green was science fiction. This isn't. Are you bloody terrified yet?

    I never liked this analogy either.

    Codrea's radio show is no more. I only listened to a couple episodes, it wasn't on when I was in a position to listen and I don't have the bandwidth to download every 60+Mb file (or to stream it either for that matter). Maybe another station/syndicate/whatever will try, now that Codrea has experience with it - and the thing to do with experience is learn from it, which he doubtless will.

    In Lighter News

    Yesterday LoyalReader came over and helped me salvage nine gallons of precious fuel ("The juice, the precious juice, was hidden in the vehicles....") from the dead car. Thanks, man.

    Remember why we're boycotting Walgreen's? (Same reason we're boycotting Domino's and Pizza Hut.) Gettin' uppity.

    Also uppity in Michigan. Basic human rights do not end at some imaginary line on the pavement.

    Tucson Tom sends O'Malley Scorpionsbane:

    Yes, that's a honkin' humongous wunna these.

    2997 Tuesday, 30 August 2011: $tre$$.... Fortunately I got word that the car in question passed DEQ, so I'll have a "legal" (according to all the parasitic scams) car for the next two years; I'll be closing that deal in the morning, then scrambling to get the registration transferred (which get$ me even further in debt to EvilWoman) then if I accomplish that I'll be stressing all day over an unfamiliar car on a two hundred miles a day courier job (and it probably need$ new front tire$ $oon).

    I'm not getting ahead. I'm not holding my own. I can't even slow the rate of decline. Just like those old cliffhanger serials, I'm dangling over the chasm and every vine I grab for drops me a little farther from the edge. How long can a man balance on the razor edge of collapse? How long must Sisyphus push that godsdamned rock before he lets it roll right over him?

    The World Sucks

    More Project Gunwalker....

    Meanwhile from CSGV, they hate us and want us to die. Connect the dots, people. That "Green Jobs" treadmill-hooked-up-to-power-grid thing - how long until someone gets the idea to make it mandatory? They do not recognize you, your family, anyone you've ever cared for, as human beings. They see you as animals and have no scruples about treating you like animals.

    Speaking of animals vs. humans, Michael G. sends more on the Idaho bear-defense case, reporting that Bill O'Reilly is giving it coverage in the "Is it legal" segment. Our lives are worth nothing to the ruling class.

    Q&A o' the Day. They don't see us as human beings, only animals to be harvested and discarded.

    Unstable freaks in black robes, Chapter MMCMXCVII.

    And their victims.

    Dots to connect? This leads to this leads to this. We know that's how it works, we've seen it before and the self-identified, proudly-confessed enemy is admitting it out loud. Can we just skip ahead to this? Because we're going to end up there eventually.

    A month ago I was at an IPSC-style action-handgun shoot. 27 shooters, at least two thousand rounds fired, and the only "injuries" all day were the guy who broke an arm and a finger mountain biking a week or two before. (If you watch closely, you'll see him seating his magazine with his elbow.) But WE can't be TRUSTED?

    In Lighter News

    ZOMFG GLOBALUR WARMERING WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIEEEEE nooo.... See this? This right here? That right there is why we laugh at you, you silly subliterate cultists. You can't get the weather right twelve hours in advance but you preach the world will come to an end in thirty years if we don't surrender all technology and start living in caves last week? And you've been preaching it, swinging from zomg NOOOkular WIINNNter to zomg IIICCCEE caps are MELLLLLting every generation or two for the past half-century at least two hundred freaking years. Eff off, losers!

    In Florida, another stick in the fascists' eye. I wanna see it come out the other side.

    2998 Wednesday, 31 August 2011: Get up early, race all the way across town to buy a battered subcompact 'cause all the good ones got scrapped in a government scam, wait at DMV for racist parasitic bureaucrats to give poorer service because I speak English, pay extortionate fees for the basic human right of travel - and then the car need$ work before I dare take it on the job.

    The World Sucks

    Project Gunwalker revelations & analysis, and related news. An entire bureau of sociopaths, paid with their victims' own taxes.

    Reader sends Michelle Malkin's take on the Idaho bear case, and more connected dots, while Michael G. sends commentary thereupon.

    Prohibition FAIL, Chapter MMCMXCVIII. Every time. Much more of this, I'm'a start drivin' bootleg somethingorother myownself.

    There are subtleties and nuances, but this is essentially accurate.

    That Day is coming. RAoP has the perspective while Tam asks The Question.

    If a citizen gets drunk and shoots people he's prejudiced against, the Entire Media Establishment calls for his execution by slow impalement. If a cop does exactly the same thing, he gets paid vacation funded from his victims' own taxes.
    "Until you make cops, politicians, aldermen, etc. personally responsible for their actions, this kind of crap will continue until the sun runs out of fuel."

    Newbius has a somewhat-related Quote o' the Day.

    In Lighter News

    I guess it doesn't quite fit in the suckage: Representative Allen West, R-FL, voted to renew the PATRIOT Act, and that's a problem. But at least the man has a &@*!ing spine.

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