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2937 Friday, 1 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Workman reports another thieving revenue scheme which has nothing to do with improving anything and everything to do with robbing citizens at gunpoint and padding bureaucrats' wallets.

This sort of thing is why I had such concerns about the XM25 and its radio-controlled proximity grenades. Remember also the report from a couple years ago about the jihadists hacking into our UAV video feeds. "Once the pin is pulled enemy gets the frequency, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend."

The Only Ones Professional Enough can't tell the difference between BRIGHTLY COLOR-CODED buckshot and beanbag rounds. But WE can't be TRUSTED!?

How do you handle a bad guy with a TASER? Aim for the badge. -Well no, a lot of the bad guys wear tax-funded armor now. Aim for the sadistic sneer instead. -Related Question o' the Day: "How are they different from the people we carry to protect ourselves from, exactly?"

Meanwhile in Massachusetts and all over the radio, Your Tax Dollars At Work.

Meanwhile in government school, Your Tax Dollars At Work.

Government "health" "care", Chapter MMCMXXXVII.

You daily disrecommended allowance of holiday depression.

In Lighter News

Ohio reader reports improvement there.

2938 Saturday, 2 July 2011:

The World Sucks

More Tax Dollars At Work in New York City.

"The horrors of the police state would never happen in the land of the free. We were so wrong."

There is no such thing as a good cop, and there is no such thing as a good BATFE agent.

The law enforcement community is the standing army the Founders warned us about.

In Lighter News

Not much lighter: Gunfolk should know the name Cory Maye. Michael G. sends a very slight correction to a gross miscarriage of justice. Real justice would have half the department on death row, in the same cell Maye is vacating.

2939 Sunday, 3 July 2011:

The World Sucks

On the show, a report of yet another cop who hates citizens and wants to destroy them. Why aren't we shooting back?

No, really. It's time to shoot back. Example: Arizona GOP backs murdering fascist Dupnik and eats any of their own who even raise an eyebrow over That Constitution Thingy.

Yuri had this idea quite some time ago.

MidwestReader responds to the query about "WW1 vomit gas". Aside from the obvious question of expiration dates: Phosgene, specifically, is not "vomit gas." Your source may have been thinking of adamsite, a less-lethal tear/vomit/sneeze agent widely used during the war and for riot control before World War II.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, talking about the Bill of Rights.

No, I don't think I'll install a cat door at the hovel. I wouldn't want to wake up in the small hours with a 10-kilogram raccoon sitting on my chest. Or a pair of them....

A while back Tam mentioned the Virgin LG Optimus V Android smartphone at Target stores. I couldn't find it on their site, but I happened to stop at an actual store this morning and there it was. $150 plus $25/month. That's... most of a paycheck to start. I also had another look at the Sanyo Zio I saw at a different store the other day, $150 and prepaid with cards like TracFone from $10 and up. And perhaps a cheaper option online.

Still looking for a cheaper alternative to Hornady One-Shot case lube, 'cause I have bunches of bottleneck rifle cases to resize. One name I've just heard is PB Blaster, some kind of automotive racing product, but it sounds like a wet oily thing unlike the Hornady quick-drying wax. Someone tell me about motorcycle chain lubes again?

2940 Monday, Independence Day, 4 July 2011:


The World Sucks

Hofmann: There can be no independence when citizens must depend on the government being willing to "license" their Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms. Those who write such laws, and those who enforce them, are the real traitors.

This is what Independence Day means.

In Lighter News

Not everyone has the weekend off.

Things aren't like they used to be....

Quote o' the Day: "There was something most awful in this marching to certain death."

Tam likes her some book. Naturally the local library system has nothing by Bracken, and if the smellyhippie staff actually read Ringo, or Kratman, they'd burn the whole shelf....

OhioReader informs that PB Blaster is a peanut-butter-based product, which sounds messy. He recommends Imperial sizing wax, hmm. The reviews suggest there might be something to it. Investigating.

Can't afford any pyro this year, and with "enhanced patrols" I'm likely to be robbed, beaten, and summarily murdered for being patriotic. Casting some bullets instead. With kittehs underfoot and a Nyberg flag overhead.

Stray Cat #2 is the only cat I've ever met who appears to have no interest in Pounce treats....

2941 Tuesday, 5 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker, and other news. -The libertarian in me is ambivalent on the last one, my Due Process knee is jerking. Of course in my utopia the monster would have been put down by its first or second intended victim, no badgethuggery required.

Speaking of ambivalence, EuroReader sends some from Australia. Combating the spread of virulent Islam at the cost of increased police powers - I'm reminded of Niven's Fourth Law.

Again with the wolves....

Michael G. sends more on the imperfections of Wisconsin's new carry law.

When I say something about expecting to be robbed and murdered by police, I do not exaggerate. Shoot back. You have nothing to lose. The murders won't stop until the murderers are killed in self-defense.

Your Thousand Dirty Words o' the Day.

Uppity Peasant o' the Day.

Remember how Boeing bugged out to the Carolinas to escape union parasitism? Comes now word that BMW is doing something similar. Screechingsmellyhippies torching dumpsters in 3, 2, 1....

Can we get a Giant Flaming Meteor in Indiana? I mean Whiskey Tango Foxtrot they tell us to not do something then they rob and kidnap us for not doing it?!

Meanwhile from TSA, a plague of serpents. "We need to find a way to soft-kill this bureaucratic snakenest before they force us by their predations to hard-kill these snakes individually."

In Lighter News

Tiny bit of improvement in Illinois. If you turn it sideways and squint.

Larger improvement in Virginia. Yeah, VCDL's in the mix, they get stuff done. I think VCDL can claim most of the credit for the return of open carry nationwide.


2942 Wednesday, 6 July 2011: Crowding 30 degrees yesterday and today, which for Oregon is Horribly Hot. Fortunately the car's AC works, and I'm not out of portable potables yet - remember the job involves parking-and-hiking. (Also I managed to stock up on Nice Shirts at the second-hand store, so I don't have to do laundry every three days.) But hey, WRSA's been bugging us all to get some exercise.

The World Sucks

Hey, my bandwidth is restricted again Cricket sux.

More Project Gunwalker....

Illegal Mayors Against Guns are using Al-Qaeda propaganda to justify the destruction of American liberty.

Cory Maye speaks. In comments is info on a support fund. I repeat, it's the cops who belong on death row.

Meanwhile in Houston, the rule of "law" has failed.

America is made of people who came here because they hated where they were from, or where they were from hated them. And Feinstein thinks they should be punished for that.

I am inspired to create a new bumper sticker:

The alarming part is, there are people who will take it at face value and proudly slap it on their Prii.

Actual Rocket Scientist Jerry Pournelle bids farewell to the Shuttle. For the first time in decades, America will have no domestic-made-and-operated manned spaceflight capability. At all. DC/X was working....

In Lighter News

Alan Gura strikes again.

Belated Independence Day Visual Aid:

A couple nights ago I watched Children of Men. One hour and forty-nine minutes of smellycommiehippie self-indulgence, every single white-hating sovereignty-hating civlization-hating self-hating lefty-generated sterotype, something like ten percent of the film was slow pans over walls full of lefty bumper stickers and incense burners and endless chanting-to-Buddha-to-make-reality-go-away, glad I didn't spend any money on it.

Last night I watched Outlaw, the 2007 film with Sean Bean about the collapse of British society. Lacking some... well quite a bit, in storytelling and character development, and the accents were nigh indecipherable to American ears, but Good Ending.

Stray Cat #1 is hereby dubbed Sir Shedsalot, while Stray Cat #2 is herewith named Underfoot. Neither seems to like Stray Cat #3, who actually started coming here a year or two ago, a gray stripey with a kink in his tail whom I shall therefore dub Hook.

(Extra-Special No-Prize to the reader who can identify the source of the quote)

2943 Thursday, 7 July 2011: Gah, I had to make some deliveries downtown today. -You know, "a cop on every streetcorner" is bloody damn frightening.

The World Sucks

To illustrate, Michael G. sends the most blatant fascism yet. There is no such thing as a good cop. If this behavior is not stopped now, using all necessary force while that force is still not monopolized, there will be pyramids of skulls. The cancer is spreading and must be cut out.

There is no difference. None at all.

It's not enough Project Gunwalker is tantamount to an act of war against Mexico, now there's bloodshed in Honduras too. -Rush mentioned it on his show again today, again making the connection to a deeper play attempting to justify destruction of more rights; though again I did not hear him give credit to Codrea and Vanderboegh. Correia also takes a slice. -Some folks seem to be making Melson out as some kind of Brave Whistleblowing Hero - nuh-uh. He's the boss door-kicker and dog-shooter and Constitution-shredder, and is scrambling to cut a deal for himself, with unaltered contempt for the rights of free men.

A logical person might expect, in the Information Age with widespread internet access and a camera in the hands of every other citizen, that mainstream media would give up trying to pass outright and obvious lies as fact. Nuh-uh.

Burn all government schools to the ground, Chapter MMCMXLIII.

The British people no longer qualify as human beings. They are domesticated herd animals marching meekly to their own slaughter.

Speaking of slaughtering the innocent, you'll remember the other day when Chicago got smacked with the proverbial rolled-up fishwrapper for trying to make it impossible to exercise basic human rights. San Francisco needs a good hard smacking right on the nose.

(...RELEASE THE GURAKEN!!! My meme, I wrote it!)

In Lighter News

Ron Paul... has some tinfoil in his hat ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo. But most of his ideas are still good.

Yeah a cat door in the hovel would be suboptimal.

Finished Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation. Could have been called Fuzzy Values: Exercises in Moral Equivalence. I have the Gutenberg ebook of Piper's original for later, and I see there are other books, some of which I have not read including the long-suspected third novel by Piper himself; but now I must cleanse my palate, by returning to Anderson's Captain Flandry, or perhaps starting my ecopy of Kratman's Countdown: The Liberators. -Actually I glanced at the first page of the latter and through a vast effort of will stopped before losing several hours of needed sleep. It starts hot and, I expect, won't cool down much.

2944 Friday, 8 July 2011:

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker. (There are facets and angles. Haven't I been saying the Brave Whistleblowing Heroes are not our friends?) Obviously the goal was, as several have pointed out, a false flag operation to justify more destruction of American freedom. "...[T]he administration will simply bypass Congress, and impose [infringements] by executive fiat."

EuroReader sends more totalitarianism literally in our own front yards. "...[A]narchy and tyranny commence...." "I’d say shoot the bastards, but it looks like there’s more bastards than ammunition." Donations of bullet-casting metal gratefully accepted....

Weaponized Snark o' the Day: "In sane countries, spending your life planning to take other people's stuff is criminal behavior. In Communist countries, it makes you cabinet material." -And what do cops do for a living? Passed revenuers on the way to work this morning, a team - one robbing a citizen at implicit gunpoint, then a half-mile farther another with the radar looking for the next victim. We used to HANG thieves.

If you don't want to string the next TSA pervert you see from the nearest streetlight, you're not paying attention.

Not to forget the unstable freaks in black robes.

If the law doesn't protect us anymore, it doesn't protect THEM either. If they're going to kidnap, rob and murder us for made-up "crimes" or sadistic whims, we might as well start doing the things they're falsely accusing us of.

In Lighter News


In my utopia, I postulate using partial cloning to grow replacement parts for people. So the ADA can take their wheelchairrampnazis and shove 'em. Scientyfictitious, you say? WORKING. ON. IT.

Say what you will about NASA and bureaucrats and taxtheft and a flight computer less powerful than a $20 prepaid flip-phone - GODSDAMMIT IT WAS A FLEET OF AMERICAN SPACESHIPS AND I WILL MISS THEM.

2945 Saturday, 9 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Gunwalker. One needs a scorecard.

EuroReader sends more data on TSA thievery. Power corrupts. Some kinds of power are not safe in any hands. I would rather live with the danger of terrorist attack than in the totalitarian nightmare my nation is becoming.

Also sends, as if the border weren't porous enough already. -Yes, libertarians are for open borders and free trade and unimpaired travel, but there are legitimate national-security concerns. We've just seen how the creatures supposed to make us "safe" are corruptible by definition; no amount of jackbooted thuggery is going to stop anything coming into the country now, and the only casualties will be our freedoms. The only solution I can offer is immoderate.

In Lighter News

Match daaaaayyy....

Gods, that sucked even worse. Out of shape and out of practice. Pretty sure it's not the rifle or the loads. Slow prone, 88/1X:

Rapid prone, 68/0X, one miss:

Slow standing, 73/1X:

The aftermath:

Sigh. I hope to have a highlights reel of the match in general in a few days, and also I want to make an instructional video on the basic operation of the M1, 'cause there's some new folks who don't yet have the full grasp - and let's face it, the M1 has her idiosyncracies.

2946 Sunday, 10 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Anyone coming through your door without your permission is there to rob you at gunpoint and murder you if you resist. Kill them first. They deserve it.

EuroReader sends an image. Guess which one was run by the government?

...We should have been saving all those external tanks and making a big whopping space station out of them. Why didn't we?

And now Burt Rutan is the only American manned spaceflight capability. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there's only one of him and he's only suborbital which, frankly, hardly counts.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Be therrre.

The September/October 2011 issue of American Handgunner is archived.

SMLE Fan reports on citizens fighting back against gangs of violent thieves.

A scolding email from Tucson Tom, Benevolent Donor of the Queen. Yeah, time for some serious bench practice. I should lay hands on the LTR again too, there is some Flinch involved. (The LTR does have a 1" M1907-style sling now.)

Tucson Tom also sends a challenger for fascist Dupnik in Pima County. -I'm instinctively distrustful of anyone who wants to be any kind of cop, but this one might be an exception.

Contemplating .45ACP loads. The one I've been using in my 1911 is the 239-ish grain flat-point truncated-cone from the Lee mold (which, with the application of some mold release, doesn't stick on the positioning pins anymore - the bullets dropping out of the cavities was never much of a problem) with 5.6gr W231, somewhat stout. Well, the Wolverton pins/IPSC guy gave me a Lyman 2-cavity mold, which drops at a whopping 258 grains, which strikes me as really darn heavy for .45ACP, but I'm seeing data for 5.8gr W231 under that weight, yow. I was thinking of starting at 4.0gr, or something near there from the Auto-Disc; haven't even made any rounds with that bullet yet, though I have a hundred-odd sized and lubed. Maybe I should just stick with the same charge of 5.6. The bullets are tumble-lubed with Lee Liquid Alox, which has actually removed leading left by factory-cast bullets. Comments? -What I need is some chrono time, might have to drive up in the hills or something to perform Science undisturbed.... I could also use more .45ACP brass, but who couldn't?

Also examining the Queen post-match - the gas cylinder is loose again, not dramatically but still, mostly fore-and-aft with little side-to-side movement. Perhaps the locking ring's threads are worn? No, worse, the threads for it on the barrel:

No, I don't mean the interrupted part, I know that's for the splines, I mean the peening elsewhere. What's the solution to that?

2947 Monday, 11 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker was undertaken to "justify" more infringements on basic human rights. As the scandal continues to unfold, some seem optimistic that BATFU will be disbanded. Not bloody likely. And even if that miracle does occur, where will all those thugs and thieves go? They won't be getting jobs in the real world, won't be subject to the same "laws" they inflict on us, that's for sure.

Civilization is failing. We've seen glimpses, most dramatically in New Orleans. Are you prepared?

Are you?

No, really. You will not be able to call for help, and if you could you really wouldn't want to. Michael G. sends the next round of fascism in Quartzsite, AZ. Who will protect us from our "protectors"?

Meanwhile in Washington, child pornographers with badges can own guns, but those same sadistic perverts will use any excuse to violate our rights and steal our property. That's the kind of creatures cops are.

All of them. They're in deep denial about their own nature. They cannot comprehend that they are the real evil.

Speaking of thieves, Correia is peeved.

Didn't I say it? SMLE Fan sees it: None of the GOP candidates believe in restraining government.

This Isn't America Anymore, Quote o' the Decade. (That's some other Jeffersonian commenting there, though I agree with the comment.)

In Lighter News

SAF takes on UN.

And Illinois too.

Official match results, 14th of 16, bleah. Need some bench time.

"[S]tanding still and poking holes in paper just won’t work any more." I have found this to be true.

2948 Tuesday, 12 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Bandwidth still restricted Cricket still sux....

Project Gunwalker still....

Radio news, Caylee's Law, requiring parents to report their children missing "in a timely manner". The police won't even take a missing person report for the first 24 hours, right? So there's some magic fraction of a second where a parent can report a missing child, after which they're felons and before which they might get charged with the crime of Making The Cop Put Down His Donut? Only two kinds of behavior in the control freaks' universe, mandatory and forbidden. Fundamentally unAmerican.

Radio news, someone uses a pit bull as a weapon to rob a couple bicyclists of their backpacks on a waterfront park. Cop spokesthief says "It's always best to not fight and give up the property, then call 911." And an hour later on the same station, report of a home invasion in Salem where the attackers claimed to be US Marshals with a search warrant. And how many reports every day of robberies and invasions where the crooks plan to murder all witnesses? So here you've got a cop encouraging crooks to rob people, openly advocating a safer work environment for thieves and murderers. With deliberate false-flag operations like Gunwalker, one seriously has to wonder if these people get a percentage of the sacred property stolen from their employers. (Over and above what they already steal every moment of every day.) I didn't catch the cop's name but I hope he dies in a fire, slowly.

When cops regularly act like the most brutal criminals, naturally those criminals will start dressing up like cops. Vermin are vermin, fake badge or real. No wonder they ALL want us incapable of resisting.

Then news from Ohio, Toledo police create gun task force that will stop "those who look suspicious". Due Process? Fourth Amendment? That's CRAZY talk!

Sad, I haz one.

On the border between my two sections, British Man's Eyeball Pecked Out by Seabird. One could take the PeTAfreak angle and call it evolution in action, or one could take the Sink-the-Island angle and wonder if he's facing charges for wildlife molestation, or littering for not disposing of his ocular organ in the government-approved wheelie-bin Which Must Not Be Over-Filled.

In Lighter News

Still fighting back in Wisconsin. Criminals must be punished.

2949 Wednesday, 13 July 2011: Yyyyyyeah....

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker....

Michael G. sends more from Quartzsite and invokes the obvious historical example.

All cops are dirty. None can be trusted.

"The Gaspee was an armed schooner commanded by Lieutenant Dudingston, an insolent, overbearing individual. His great delight in life was to make existence miserable for Rhode Island craft, large and small. Up and down the bay he sailed, hailing boats and terrorizing their occupants. If vessels that were hailed did not stop immediately, a shot was fired across their bows as a warning of what might be expected if they did not wait to be searched. The Gaspee became such a terror that small boats hesitated to attempt the passage from one town to another. After making a hurried search of the vessels boarded, Dudingston would usually find some discrepancy in the payment of proper duties to the government, whereupon he would bring charges against the ship owners." And that is why, every time I see a cop with a radar gun, I want to mix a cocktail for him. Molotov. They're not "protecting and serving" anyone. They are armed robbers in uniform, and if this was still a free country they would be executed on sight, just like the highwaymen and pirates of old.

But every sadist with a badge still thinks he's the good guy.

Speaking of clear and present dangers to children....

Related Quote o' the Day, also from Michael: "[W]e’ve become like all the rest of the countries from which people escaped in their search for freedom and dignity."

Radio news, apparently some taxi drivers or companies are tipping hotel doormen to steer customers to their cabs. They're talking about a law which would ban the practice and impose a $1,500 fine. Hands off you thieving fascist parasites, that is the free market!

Yesterday I said, "When cops regularly act like the most brutal criminals, naturally those criminals will start dressing up like cops."

Seen on a "conservative" website:


In Lighter News


Speaking of public education, they have a point there.

On the multiple-purchase-reporting issue, Congress shows a fraction of a vertebrae.

Forgotten Weapons has the idea that was ahead of its time.

I've watched the miniseries, Band of Brothers, a few times. See also the extras on the DVDs. Those were real men.

Dr. Pournelle, who has an actual doctorate degree in psychology from back when degrees in stuff meant you actually knew the subject, has taken some swipes at the modern mental "health" profession. Visual Snark o' the Day.

2950 Thursday, 14 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Still more Project Gunwalker....

Yesterday I repeated, "When cops regularly act like the most brutal criminals, naturally those criminals will start dressing up like cops."

Epic Snark o' the Day: "I recently heard someone compare the TSA to Germany's Nazi SA. There are many reasons why this comparison is invalid, but mainly I object because I feel it is unecessarily insulting to the SA."

I skimmed over this when first posted but it stuck in my mind: All thieves should be killed. Including the ones with badges.

Bigotry in Wisconsin... but a certain sheriff there isn't quite so bigoted as we've all come to expect, hm.

In Lighter News

Highlights of last weekend's Garand match.

2951 Friday, 15 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Canada still sucks. -One of the relatively new shooters at the Garand matches has family up there. Bummer, dude.

Heard about proposed TSA changes on the radio. "This is not a victory." Victory would be uniformed rapists swinging from every streetlight along Airport Way, swaying gently in the breeze as sovereign citizens drove beneath their rotting corpses.

Related, "[C]ompletely different base assumptions...."

"We reject the notion that American gun owners must accept any lesser amount of freedom in order to be accepted among the international community." That's... better than I've come to expect from LaPierre.

Blarg, too much worldsuckage. Also there's an endless parade of Official Government Vehicles tax-thieving their way past the hovel with sirens blaring, and a helicopter hovering nearby since I left for work this morning. I dunno what for - the only thing in the news for the area is the possible discovery of a murder victim from, what, weeks ago? -Who by definition does not need a million-tax-buck Code Three Response. Anyhow I know who the real threats to public safety, the real enemies of civilization, are, and I'm keeping the Queen loaded.

In Lighter News

Hofmann examines that fraction of congressional vertebrae glimpsed the other day.

2952 Saturday, 16 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker, and the venomous, sneering contempt from the ruling class. They hate us and want us to die. They laugh about it.


Not to forget the thug culture, the rulers' willing and eager enforcers. "[Officer] Colling attacked, knocking his camera to the ground — it kept recording. He hit, kicked, and taunted and threatened Crooks even as he lay bloody and unresisting, crying out for help." Why are we not killing these sadists in self-defense?

In Lighter News

Remember when Rutan's SpaceShipOne made its first official suborbital flight and the test pilot climbed out after and stood atop the vehicle with a sign saying "SPACESHIPONE - GOVERNMENT ZERO"? Burt Rutan is the John Moses By-God Browning of Aviation. Things happen when government gets out of the way, or is simply not asked for permission or "help" in the first place. Alas Rutan is retiring now (or perhaps only "retiring")....

On library disc I'm watching the first season of Chuck, featuring Adam Baldwin, who aside from wearing a Cunning Hat also writes an infrequent conservative-ish column. It has its moments I guess, but the Chuck character is annoying in his weakness, and I prefer stories which take themselves more seriously. Burn Notice is better IMO, I've seen the first two seasons.

Which I also watch on library disc, on my computer, with no commercials and no cable bill and no Breaking Action Newstm, 'cause TV is well over 90% crap and has been for many years.

2953 Sunday, 17 July 2011:

The World Sucks

In Africa, villagers arm themselves against rape gangs. "And the government, naturally, doesn't like it one bit."

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Report of more jackbooted thuggery in Ohio, where a peaceable citizen attempted to comply with the unConstitutional "law" and was very nearly murdered for his efforts. -Quote o' the Day from the fourth page: "The other cop observed several crimes being committed. What did he do about it? Apparently, NOTHING. But then that's SOP when the perpetrator is another cop." Page 9: "It's a case of the shepherd protecting the coyotes from the sheep." There is no such thing as a good cop.

And more people are catching on.

“Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. That needs to start happening.

Outgoing email is intermittent. Sometimes it does work so I'm presuming it's server maintenance somewhere.

In Lighter News

The September 2011 digital edition of Guns magazine is archived.

2954 Monday, 18 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker, and other news from the border. Just like those adventure novels, except people are getting killed in the real world.

Radio news, some "expert" saying "the peepul want more efficient government, more responsive government, more productive government." NO. WE. DON'T. What we want and what America needs is less government, drastically dramatically LESS. Let's start with you, you delusional parasite. The only thing government knows how to produce is poison.

For example: Radio news, cops shut down another kids' lemonade stand. I'm surprised there's no mention of tasers and I wonder how thoroughly the young girls were "searched" for "officer safety". When you see cops coming, start shooting. They're never there to help you.

Never. "One... feels a bit less sorry for all those Tories who were abused in the late unpleasantness between the colonies and the Crown...."

The cancer has metastasized. Remember The Shootist? "Can you cut it out of me, doc?" "I'd have to gut you like a fish."

Still no outgoing email unless I use mail2web, which is tedious and annoying so I'm letting them stack up rather than transcribe them unless they're urgent. I am receiving emails regularly.

In Lighter News

Another Garand review. I'm contemplating re-peening the spline grooves on the Queen, and perhaps even shimming them with small shards of lead. The barrel band is loose again too, Mr. E. taught me how to stipple the barrel there to tighten it up, maybe more lead shims there.

Ebil Domestic Terroristtm Arctic Patriot links me squeee....

Michael G. sends something I did know and you should:

Just a little something to illustrate why John Moses By-God Browning deserves to be known as By-God. First, here is a link to a cutaway drawing of the Colt M1895 Machine Gun (the Potato Digger). [Which, the way I heard it, JMB sold wholly to Colt so his name wouldn't be on it because he already had vast improvements in mind.]

Now compare to the cutaway drawing of an M1918 BAR at this link.

It is clear that the BAR was a direct development of the Potato Digger.

Finally compare the above to these two figures from the manual for the M240 [aka the Belgian MAG58, as in 1958].

This makes it clear that as most gunnies know the FN MAG / M240 is a direct development of the BAR.

So our troops are using, and using well, a gun that is one generation from the BAR, two generations from the Potato Digger and three generations from John Moses By-God Browning noticing that the muzzle blast of his rifle was moving the reeds in front of the muzzle and deciding he could do something useful with it. These three generations of weapons have served from the 19th century to the 21st century.

All Hail Saint John. My Cheap Philippine Clonetm 1911 is, as always, next to the mousepad as I type.
2955 Tuesday, 19 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Their Minds Don't Work Right, Chapter MMCMLV.

More on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. -One of the stops on my route is in a building controlled by the county sheriff. I don't have to go through their security, but my skin crawls. I genuinely and sincerely want to burn that place to the ground, on principle. Like a house infected with smallpox.

In Lighter News

Bleah, still shaking off the oogies from that place. I know what they are.

2956 Wednesday, 20 July 2011:


The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker....

Again with the "buybacks" and the Only Ones not knowing which end the hot stuff comes from.

First there's the ongoing story of the fascist coup in Quartzsite, AZ; now Michael G. sends video on the First Amendment being repealed in Gould, AR. He says it was posted in author Mike Williamson's section of Baen's Bar, to which Williamson quipped, "That just leaves Unpeaceable assembly." These are acts of war against the American people.

And who's enforcing these "laws"? And what oath did they swear? -Radio news, cops enforcing the hands-free cellphone law and racking up the big revenue - when every day as I drive and hike on my courier job I see those very same tax-paid thieves, child-molesters, serial rapists and murderers doing the exact same thing they rob us at gunpoint for doing. Cops don't know they're the bad guys.


Quote o' the Day: "When the law is applied inequitably to a ruling class, the result is called tyranny. "

As for the economy, "No, seriously, that's what he said...."

In Lighter News

Allen West is not perfect - he voted to renew the PATRIOT Act. But he is still full of other kinds of awsumm.

Gun shows are a lot like this.

GoDaddy support had me change a port setting in MSOE, looks like outgoing email is fixed.

...And then it chokes again. >:-[

So shortly after I uploaded yesterday's post, Shedsalot was getting some lap time and I was stroking the cat and Suddenly!!! he Awoke!!! and Launched!!! from the lap with Full!!!Traction!!! as though pursued by Canis Terribilus itself. What the OW?! Good thing I had pants on, I mean to say.

This job pays little more than $200/week, and there's no withholding so I fear getting bit on taxes. EvilWoman's friend just sent another, whose offices are in walking distance of the hovel no less (though I'd still be using my own car), whose Craigslist post boasts of three times the pay but still regular business-week hours. Writing another resumé....

...JB Weld on the Queen's gas cylinder? Probably a bad idea....

2957 Thursday, 21 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

In Sunday's radio show and chatroom, I heard of terrorism and threats of murder under color of authority. I knew that if there were anything to it, Codrea would be on the job. So is Workman. I do not have the stomach to watch the video but I have spent the bandwidth to grab a .FLV with Firefox and DownloadHelper, for the record. "[T]he video is going to strain relations between armed citizens and police everywhere." Rather, it will alert citizens to the immediate danger to life and limb any and every cop represents. To say nothing of the fundamentally unConstitutional and unAmerican "laws" they inhumanely and, as we see, inhumanly enforce with the most blatant and perverted sadism. I repeat, I am vastly more afraid of cops than of whatever they claim to be "protecting" me from. I know what they are.

"I've had a militia from Mohave County offer me an armed escort if I needed it," she said. "I told 'em I think I'm OK, but you never know. I'm really starting to wonder. We're not armed with weapons. We're armed with a camera. We're a little bit outgunned here. I'm afraid of losing everything that I own that I worked all these years for." -The one concern I have with this courier-driver work is the occasional necessity to enter a government building. Srsly I have a stress reaction. Nausea, shortness of breath. I know I'm surrounded by sadistic murderers. There's video evidence of their true nature. This other job opportunity, I'll have to ask about that. Even in this economy, I would turn down a job that required me to have more to do with those badge-wearing filth. The one I already have every couple weeks is sick-making enough.

Comparing TSA molesters to the Creepy Van Guy would be funny if it weren't (mostly) true. -I say "mostly" because that last part, about not going to jail for offing a molester, that's not true anymore....

Back here I said, "[F]iddly little nonsense that doesn't amount to a percent of a percent of what's needed. And people actually fall for it?" VISUAL. EFFIN'. AID.

So we've all seen the funky-lookin' Chiappa revolvers and some of us might even want one. NO. EFFIN'. WAY.

Outgoing email still intermittent.

In Lighter News

Remember the Madison Five? Another lawsuit. Alas, as usual it will be the taxpayers paying for their employees' terrorism and the terrorists will suffer no punishment whatsoever....

(...Good luck with that, working within the system. Really. Personally I think it's long past time for more direct action. Like the kind the enemy has been inflicting on us.)

In the news, big bookstore chains failing. Correia expounds, with authority.

Speaking of books, I'm gonna need a bigger hard drive. -Today on my route I went right past this place. They weren't open yet and I was broke anyway but....

Yeah I could imagine myself moving to Florida.

ROBERT. EFFIN'. HEINLEIN. -I've read some Brin; The Postman, the Sundiver trilogy. Back when I was racking up crushing debt in college he showed up at a science class to talk about black holes... and spent the whole hour plugging his latest book. Or presumably so; we were walking out after five minutes.

13 August is the Chet Plotner Match, 100/200/300 yards, in honor of the last surviving founding member of my old club. I'm in no shape to compete at that distance and I suspect the Queen needs the aforementioned retightening. Further, the M100 is still an incompletely-known quantity. Proper prep for such a match would be a hundred-odd rounds, with another sixty-plus of the exact same stuff set aside for the match, sitting down and punching paper all day and scribbling trajectory notes and snarling at anyone who interrupts the Science. With income and fuel & ammunition costs as they are, it's just not happening. Even presuming affordability I probably wouldn't have time or gumption to go and do anyway. And it's on the same day as the show, which I already skipped last month for a CMP match.

Among my daily webcomic trawl is this one. Every other 'toon shows a scattering of GourmetCoffeetm cups littering the landscape, discarded by the MoreEnvironmentallyConsciousThanThou smellyhippietreehuggers. I'm here to tell ya, in my first hand eyewitness experience from literally pounding the pavement in my courier job, the artist does not exaggerate. If hypocrisium were a fissionable element the state's energy problems would be solved.

Rabid Rammstein fan Sketchaycat, EvilWoman's bio-daughter and my sort-of-adopted kid sister, posts a video of Rammstein's keyboardist. For those of you who are into that sort of thing. Also remember the other video on which I did most of the editing.

I am fiiiiirrrrst in the hold queue for Spellbound: Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles!!!

Applied for the other driving job, filled out the web application last night, dropped off a resumé this morning after my actual job was done. Had a Sudden Mini Interview right there in the office and the guy seemed interested. The current job doesn't know this yet....

2958 Friday, 22 July 2011:

The World Sucks

More Gunwalker from Michael G. and Workman.

WyGO's Bouchard also observes the thuggery in Ohio, as do Workman and Hofmann and Firehand. From Workman's column: "If someone is going to threaten to arbitrarily kill American citizens, is this not what the right to self-protection is all about?" Yes. Yes it is. And more to the point, "How many more like Harless are still out there, not yet captured on video?" The logical and prudent assumption is all of them.

Never trust a cop of any kind. They're all like that.

Mossberg introduces AR. -Are they going to make a special Jackbooted Thug Edition?

Aaaaand I won't be spending any more money at Brownell's either:

Still with the outgoing email....

In Lighter News

Speaking of lemonade stands and cabbies tipping doormen, someone clever could take this precedent and run with it in all kinds of directions. And I hope they do.

Beginning Flint & co.'s Ring of Fire III, conveniently soon after 1636: The Saxon Uprising. Groovy cover art, man.

2959 Saturday, 23 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Down goes Norway. One can expect them to punish everyone who didn't do it, just as we have. (I have attempted to cover that base.)


In Lighter News

Uppity in Florida.

Y'all probably know about Dillon Aero making an improved Minigun which actually works and stuff. Today I learned that Barrett, the awsumm d00d who told California fascists to shove it after using one of his M82s as a prohibitionist prop - then asking him to repair it for them, is making an improved M240. Which we learned a little something about from Michael G. the other day.

2960 Sunday, 24 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, opening with more on the terrorist assault on citizens by cops. This is not "just a bad apple". One cop threatened to murder an innocent citizen and the other cop stood there and backed him up and now at least one of them is on paid vacation funded by taxes from his own victims. If it weren't for the Magic Badge both those scum would and should have been executed in righteous self-defense. There is no such thing as a good cop. Police should not exist in a free society. How many more blatant, graphic, incontrovertible examples do you need? How many more citizens must be robbed, raped and murdered before we defend ourselves against this gang of vicious sociopaths?

So we see why cops don't want citizens able to defend themselves - why do politicians want the same? Same reason. Nor is it the first time for that particular tax-funded sociopath.


In Lighter News

I'm leaving kibble out for the stray cats, and it's attracted not only an adult raccoon but four kits. I'll try to get pics.

2961 Monday, 25 July 2011:

The World Sucks


"Pelosi calls for ethics probe into Wu sex report" - butbutbut, he's a Democrat! They're supposed to act that way! It's in the handbook!

On Norway, Michael G. sends a discussion in Tom Kratman's area of Baen's Bar, for those of you who have an account there or want to make one. (If you're not reading Baen GET OFF MY BLOG! :-b) Quote o' the Day from the Colonel: "...[T]he fundamental idiocy and practical immorality of civil disarmament/gun control."

Aaaand here come the blood-dancers, on cue. Rational beings have to seriously wonder if some of these events are fabricated.

"[H]ad a group of young men charged the shooter, some of them would have been wounded or killed. But no one charged the shooter, and literally dozens are dead." Yeah. We know.

"[A] timely and critical lesson practically everybody has missed: We should never trust an armed man wearing the costume of a police officer."

You want examples? We got examples. Beside the many at the above link: Quartzsite, AZ. Gould, AR. LaVergne, TN: I heard a city employee yell something to the effect of “you better move out of town, or your house might catch fire.” Yeah someone wishes they burned that video....

"The laws are not set up to protect the public, but to provide a mechanism so that no man or woman can exist without committing some crime."

In Lighter News

As I said, most of Ron Paul's ideas are still good.

Seeing Hook, Stray Cat #3, at the end of the driveway, I went and picked him up and carried the kitteh back to the hovel for noms. In passing, Hook screamed at Shedsalot, SC#1, both of whom fully fluffed, but Hook remained otherwise calm in my arms until the hovel door was closed, then wrapped Hookself around half a can of gooshy. Hook seems underweight (perhaps only in comparison; Underfoot, SC#2, is fully inflated) and as I type is relaxedly bathing. -And also doesn't know what to do with Pounce treats, weird. While Shedsy camps outside like a camper, I can hear him.

2962 Tuesday, 26 July 2011:

The World Sucks

Speaking of events being fabricated, still more Project Gunwalker news.

The domestic terrorists from Ohio are getting more exposure, and there's a defense fund for their victim. It's not "just a few bad apples". -This morning I witnessed an act of armed robbery. Guy driving along in a Terminix pickup truck, like on his way to work, seemingly randomly pulled over by a cop (who for a moment was right behind me). It's the last week of the month and quotas are due. Who's being "protected" or "served"?

Quote o' the Day. The government we have now, the sadistic enforcers we suffer, are orders of magnitude more intrusive and destructive than those our Founders raised armed rebellion against.

What are we going to do about that?

Crap, not breaking even with this job. Fuel costs particularly. I need another $154 for rent by the 1st, $108 to avoid electricity shutoff again by the 2nd, and my next paycheck probably won't be much more than $200. No word back from the other place yet. Looks like Sunday IPSC is off, can't afford to drive there.

And I certainly can't afford to get randomly robbed by domestic terrorists while driving there. A traffic ticket would leave me with nothing... left to lose.

In Lighter News

2963 Wednesday, 27 July 2011: Rough day. Record load, 70 pieces at 62 locations, done at 3:30pm, two and a half hours after we're supposed to be. My Achilles tendons say I need new shoe$.

The World Sucks

$tre$$ redux....

More Gunwalker news from Codrea and Workman, while Michael G. sends two columns.

Hofmann has and Michael also sends more on the place where Norway used to be.

As for the place where Britain used to be, Sink the Island, Chapter MMCMLXIII.

More on the Ohio terrorist. -Another armed robber in uniform on the drive to work this morning. There is no realistic alternate route, which is why the predators hunt in that area.

And what are we getting from our Conserrrrvative Chaaammmpions? There Are No Cuts. Yeah. Like that.

Education is a peeve of mine. I escaped government school. I got my GED - with a relatively high score, in only six weeks - from Job Corps back in the mid-1980s, and they used a system a lot like this. And what do the unionized government-paid indoctrinators see in it? [They] wondered whether they could modify it “to stop students from becoming this advanced.”

You know what TSA needs? Rope. Lots and lots of rope.

Flashmobs? Larry Niven was writing about "floating riots" half a century ago. Yes, it's another thing for us sentient beings to watch for - but there are other angles to consider.

In Lighter News

Yeah yeah, frickin' laser beams....

2964 Thursday, 28 July 2011:

The World Sucks


More Project Gunwalker.

And the Gunwalkers make up the "law" as they go along.

Michael G. sends an update on Quartzsite. "If you do speak up, they end up arresting you." This is the reset-button-condition the Second Amendment is for.

Codrea has more on the Ohio terrorist(s).

Yeah this isn't really funny.

Vigilant Media Watchdogstm!

We're all $crewed.

In Lighter News

The Last Good Cop? (I'm not seeing or hearing of any others....)

One of JMB's lesser-known products.

Uppity in California. -I just watched Rio Lobo. Verrrry similar to what we're seeing in Quartzsite, Gould, and LaVergne, and what happened in Athens.

2965 Friday, 29 July 2011:

The World Sucks



Terrorism in Ohio... and lots of other places which didn't used to end up on YouTube. They're all like that. I repeat and repeat and repeat: even the ones not threatening to murder the innocent citizens who are obeying unConstitutional "laws", are standing there watching and promising to be accessories to murder.

To which Tam adds: "Every time he clocked in, Canton was in danger of a massive lawsuit for the next eight hours." And that's just the ones that get caught.

As expected, blaming everyone who didn't do it.

Michael G. sends the Knox Report, revisiting questions of ideological purity.

More reasons to boycott the entire air travel industry. If you must fly, find some private pilot and make a deal, without asking anyone's permission.

Oh yeah, it's that time of year. -One of the buildings in the Portland skyline has a skeletal dome supposedly in tribute to Hiroshima's. Have I mentioned I hate this city?

Quote. O'. The Day.

Example. This isn't America anymore.

Remember the story about chips in Chiappas? Dear Chiappa: Eff you right back. Eff you very much. Eff you all to pieces.


In Lighter News

National Defense Match. And video. This could be useful.

2966 Saturday, 30 July 2011:

The World Sucks

More Gunwalker, even from MSM, the latter naturally making no mention of Codrea or Vanderboegh or even Atkinson, except in comments below the electronic fold.

Today on talk radio I heard "conservative" talkers (Laura Ingraham specifically) openly attacking the Tea Party they were claiming to be members of four days ago. And we're supposed to trust them? (SMLE Fan, comments on Col. West's vote on the debt ceiling?)

Quartzsite, Arizona. Gould, Arkansas. LaVergne, Tennessee. Canton, Ohio. Fullerton, California. They're all like that, they've always been like that, they're only getting caught at it recently. "What kind of police does your town have?"

Sink the Island, Chapter MMCMLXVI.

Outgoing email remains intermittent, but it eventually goes through.

In Lighter News

Oleg. Effin'. Volk. Yeah, that's a good one.

Regarding the Chiappa RFIDs, Borepatch has a different view. Hmm.

EvilWoman has raised my debt ceiling, so I have the rent and the electric bill now. As for the job, I've applied to two other driving jobs but heard nothing back yet. OTOH I'm getting more deliveries as other drivers run away screaming and their routes are chopped up to those who remain - or maybe there really is more work. On the gripping hand fuel consumption is a primary issue with go-and-stop city traffic. And I need new shoes, that pavement pounds back. Not the feet so much as the legs, all the way up.

Last time LoyalReader dragged me off to the show board meeting, I noticed something.

2967 Sunday, 31 July 2011:

The World Sucks

^&%# Britain and #@!* the British. They no longer have any place in civilization.

And @$#% California too.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. I was elsewhere....

Things to consider when getting the eff out of your urban cesspit.

The other good cop? I'd be amazed if there were more.

This is not the first time Dilbert has leaned in our direction.

Teh signal. U kant stop et.


I got sunburned!!!!

LoyalReader sponsored me with fuel money, a sack of cans to refund, seventeen cans of gooshyfood for the stray cats, and a surplus pair of shoes. Here's some teasers:

Ya know, if you read the effin' manual for your digital camera and fiddle the settings, you get better results:

Videos will follow.

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