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2907 Wednesday, 1 June 2011: The work itself isn't bad. The autonomy is very pleasant - I probably shouldn't have typed that out loud - and I'm usually done by noon. I'm told I should have my first paycheck by Friday or Monday. My biggest concern now is whether it will be enough to live and catch up on, or even cover fuel.

Kinda out of steam to make more IPSC videos though. At least I've started Stage One, got the components sorted and my voiceover script written.

The World Sucks

A few days ago I said Oregon in May looks and feels like October. Well, so does June, though the Ken-and-Barbie gang say it's supposed to improve this weekend.

Does even Fox News count as "old media" now? Anyway they've finally noticed Gunwalker. Hofmann has more.

Never call the cops. They make everything worse. That's what they're for.

I wonder what Col. Cooper would have to say about the murders of Erik Scott and Jose Guerena?

SMLE Fan whups his 'puter upside the OS and writes a related post. "After having to make a choice like that, you now have someone who will hate the police for the rest of his life."

And there are so many reasons to hate cops. But they still think they're the good guys....

It won't stop: Indiana repealed the Fourth Amendment, New Mexico is repealing the others.

As for our conserrrrrvative saaaaviors, Codrea has the Quote o' the Day: "We're their last hope, not the other way around."

In Lighter News

Michael Z. Williamson, yes that one, reviews a side-folder AR. But... Y U NO HAV BAYONET LUG!?

Reader sends:

2908 Thursday, 2 June 2011: There's one thing this job has in common with the widget-building I used to do: I'm usually done hours before anyone else, and have usually made the fewest mistakes. Naturally, the only reward for good work is more work, so they gave me a chunk of another driver's route to deliver. OTOH I'm getting paid per stop, not per hour, but right now, I need some *(&^ing chocolate.

ZOMFG another humongous reader donation holy crapping crap!!!

I think that'll do it for the expenses.

The World Sucks

Gunwalker. And other news. :-6

By remarkable coincidence, I came up with a cartoon some years ago which meshes nicely with Hofmann's latest column.

Yyyyyeah let's let government run our health care! That's a good idea! >:-[

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. Not that I needed Workman to convince me, I already knew that stuff, as you should. Not to forget RomneyCare, whose only differences from ObamaCare and, by extension, the British atrocity linked above, are of degree, not of kind. I will not vote for Mitt Romney. Nor will I vote for a Mitt/Sarah or even a Sarah/Mitt ticket. I. Will. Not. What's the difference between Statist Party A and Statist Party B? They have vastly more in common with each other than with any of us.

Quote o' the Day: "The worst of it is that it no longer surprises me that there are grown people, holding Government Service ratings, who are willing and eager to do this sort of thing for a living." Government makes everything worse forever. That's what governments are for.

Cops are lying bigots who hate citizens and want us to die, Chapter MMCMVIII.

They're also criminally incompetent.

And they like to hurt people.

Again I say, there is no justice, and "law" is whatever some tax-paid thug says it is.

Reason weighs in on New Mexico tossing that Bill of Rights thingy into the shredder.

In Lighter News

ZOMG the second video at this link made me LOL with actual tears at the unadulterated BEAUTY of it!

[snif] So beautiful....

Make your own ballistic gelatin.

For some time I, and I'm sure some of you, have been boycotting Kimber for their habit of offering JBT-specific models, a list to which we added Mossberg just the other day. But there's a more practical reason: They don't *&^%ing work. SMLE Fan also snarks. You can get two Cheap Philippine Clonestm and a couple McCormick magazines and a MegaPack of .45ACP for the price of a typical Kimber, and as MidwestReader previously commented and I myself have demonstrated, they do @#$%ing work.

Correia's Hard Magic is juicytastygood. I got library DVDs stacked up, other books too, my own IPSC videos I'm supposed to be editing - can't put it down.

I'm finding Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 rather less playable than Far Cry 2. But that could just be my jittery mouse making me miss so much.

2909 Friday, 3 June 2011: Second week done, no pitching-in-at-the-end today. The big mystery is how much we're actually getting paid and whether it will be enough to matter. Some us have blown nigh a hundred dollars on fuel alone in the last two weeks. (Yes, I whipped up a spreadsheet for myself.) No checks today, so we'll find out Monday.

Incentive, starting today and going through next week: Each day we finish before 1pm (which I pretty much never haven't except for the filling-in yesterday), we get one entry into a drawing for a $150 bonus.

Which, by coincidence, is what an Android-based tablet PC costs. Remember they still want me to get a smartphone to run their Android app - I wonder if this would work, without teh 3v1l? And then I could, like, do other computer-type stuff with it.

Nothing planned this weekend, which is just as well since I'm out of cash. Lone Oak Garands on the 11th, long drive. Maybe I'll finally get some IPSC videos edited.

The World Sucks

On campus, "Ignorance-based fear." Like we expect anything else.

"Welcome to Wyoming Washington. Now take a wolf and go home."

Michael G. sends NRAWOL. -Actually that's not even AWOL, that's bloody damn sabotage. "Live Free or Die"? That's crazy talk!

More analysis of the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC.

RAoP won't be voting for Mitt either.

The Other Side is actually saying stuff like this out loud where people can hear them. And they call us crazy!

Speaking of crazy, why are we not destroying these diseased animals on sight as a public health and safety measure?

I mean it. They hate us and want us to die. Killing rabid dogs is a civic duty, hm?

In Lighter News

In my utopia, militias have been restored to their proper place.

Remember when Texas folded on their proposal to prosecute the perverts of TSA? Texas might be getting Texas-y again. One can hope. TUAK also comments, and links to similar action in Utah.

Michael G. sends another view of "cheap" firearms. Yes, my Philippine needed work - but I got it used, and I fixed it, and it works, and I use it. Underneath, it's still a Nineteen-by-God-Eleven. There are some designs that are so basically good, they're almost impossible to screw up.

For some years I've known of Imperial Japan's attempt to develop a semiautomatic rifle, largely copied from the Garand. Forgotten Weapons has the pr0n, such as there is, and now I learn they were also working on a Pedersen.

Finally some nice weather! All weekend, they say. But the chart shows the usual stuff next week.

KittyGirl returned for the other half of the can of gooshyfood I gave her, what, two weeks ago? She really doesn't look feral but she really does act that way, picking up the refrigerated chunk and carrying it away to devour in safety.

Finishing Hard Magic. And it's very difficult to not give spoilers. Especially about one of the supporting characters. Squeee. Returning to Drake & co.'s Battlestations, just 'cause I'm mostly through it by now, and then back to Anderson's Captain Flandry. When I'm not hacking through a larger stack of library DVDs or blowing trying to blow things up in GRAW2.

Finally getting around to cleaning the 1911 from Sunday's shoot, I'm peering at the slide stop lever and prodding and poking and contemplating how I can prevent that from ever happening again. And there's pics. First an illustrative reproduction of the problem:

It's possible there's too much of the bump inside the frame, and the bullets are hitting it on the way up. Here the lever is shown in the jammed position, sticking out to the left side of the frame as illustrated above:

The fix has been known for decades - dig a hole in the aft face for the plunger to pop into. Here you can also see the bump-which-might-get-hit-by-bullets, compare it with y'all's own:

That's only a preliminary effort, crudely done with probably-not-the-right-bit in the Dremel. The risk is that the slide lock won't work like it's supposed to, with the pressure from an empty magazine, but in dry manipulation it seems to not be an issue from that direction and is perhaps an improvement as intended. Besides, that was the first time that's happened to me in some hundreds of rounds. I'm not very worried.

2910 Saturday, 4 June 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

My email signature says, "Criminals Prefer Unarmed Victims. Oppressive Regimes Prefer Unarmed Subjects." It is a true statement.

Citizens are in far more danger from their "protectors" than from what they're supposedly protecting us from. Every cop, everywhere, is an immediate threat to your safety. They must be treated as such.

(Tangentially, RAoP has the Quote o' the Day. I do miss the Colonel's wisdom.)

As I was driving about yesterday, all over the radio was the news that "Dr. Death" had died. The usual "conservative" take was that "Liiiiife is a giiiift from Gaaawwwd" and suicide is eee-vill, but Tam has another take. I don't want to be told how I must die, any more than I want to be told how I must live.

And as if our systemic threats weren't bad enough, we also have to deal with Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Upon which I've previously commented.

In Lighter News

BTW, before you read Hard Magic, read this. It's a prequel, not an excerpt, and mostly spoiler-free. Book II, Spellbound, is scheduled for November. Monster Hunter Alpha is set for August, and something separate, Dead Six, for October. The latter appears to be a real-world-ish Clancy-esque mil/tech thriller but with Correia you can't really tell from the Amazon blurb....

Yes I am working on the IPSC videos from Sunday, including some split-screen, crop-and-pan stuff I'm figuring out - very tedious but if I get it right it'll look awesome. PDR9 gives the option of 4:3 or 16:9, and while my cameras only give the former, choosing the latter for the edited video gives me more real estate for the split screen. Still having trouble finding music that a) doesn't suck and b) won't get me or the club sued. Suggestions welcome. I'd love to use Jimi's Voodoo Chile.... I've been to some of the public-domain sites, but they only have so much that's appropriate. Maybe you know someone in a band? I'll give credit, link to their site, text on the video, etc.

Ah, KittyGirl does in fact appear to be KittyBoy. He wouldn't hold still. He's been fixed, so if he's feral now he wasn't always. The gooshyfood will run out in a few days at this rate, I'll have to lay in some kibble.... At least I won't need a litterbox, he has all the world for that.

2911 Sunday, 5 June 2011:

The World Sucks

"D.C. police officer charged with woman’s murder after she and baby are found dead." "Wyoming Highway Patrol officer plotted to kill his own wife and kidnapped a Wal-Mart driver whom he also planned to murder." 9/11 taught me everything I need to know about Islam, and this teaches me everything I need to know about cops. As if I didn't know already.

Speaking of Islam, Michael G. sends more on their very public alliance with the people who don't want us to defend ourselves.

Speaking of cops, European reader sends more jack-booted thuggery from Florida, where they attempt to destroy evidence of their reckless endangerment of innocent citizens. -I'm reminded of a previous case. Never trust a cop of any kind. They're not "protecting and serving" you.

"...Take a wolf and go home."

Snork o' the Day: "All that’s missing from Kristof’s risible column is an assertion that minarchists want to do away with roads." Well, yeah. If government would get out of the way, we'd have $%^&ing aircars, and if we had aircars we wouldn't need no *&@#ing roads. Or road taxes or fuel taxes or most taxes. -I've mused on this before; must a society go through a Big Government phase in order to reach a technological level where big government is no longer necessary? In my utopia, the protagonists escape a society which has reached that level but not shed the government; they reboot on new ground.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Wasn't there last week 'cause I went shooting! This week features an interview with former NM governor Gary Johnson, that Dangerous Libertarian Extremist Candidate for President.

Speaking of last week, finding video tutorials for PDR9, learning stuff. The particular parts I'm after were not as obvious and intuitive as the many other features which are. I intend to have Stage One of last week's IPSC shoot uploaded tomorrow evening. I'm having real trouble figuring out the Video Crop feature in PDR9's Power Tools - I have a split screen, HatCam!!! on the left and the Canon A580 on the right. The former needs no adjustment 'cause it's always pointed at the action, all I had to do was drag the mask over to the appropriate part of the screen - that side is ready. The Canon, however, while set on a tripod and angled to catch the whole stage, was zoomed such that only the first part of my run is visible when I mask it. The idea is to use the Video Crop feature to pan and zoom to follow the action, but it's just not doing what I want. Halp?

The June 1961 issue of Guns magazine is archived.


2912 Monday, 6 June 2011:


Mondays are light. Only eight packages in seven stops, done by 9:30. Got my first paycheck - neither as big as hoped nor as small as feared, it'll do. Future checks should increase, if not by much. So! Not walking off this job right away.

Autonomy. Yeah.

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker....

Questions of ideological purity. I will not vote for Mitt Romney.

Michael G. sends more on the anti-self-defense crowd's terrorist allies. The metrocons can't grok. We must err on the side of liberty.

On morning radio, the report recommending an end to the War on (Some) Drugs. Prohibition Epic FAIL. Every time. But noooo, the "expert" guest spins up the horror stories and demagoguery and bythewayhehasanewbook. BAH!

In Lighter News

Let us not forget that RKBA doesn't just mean firearms. There are plenty of "laws" in need of repeal.

And plenty of enforcers in need of punishment.

On Gun Talk yesterday, NM gov. Gary Johnson, candidate for President, came out for Constitutional Carry and against Prohibition. BOOYAH. That's the man who has my vote in the primary.

And he is, therefore, guaranteed to not get the Dead Elephant Party's nomination for the general election. :(

Finally starting to get a grip on the necessary features in PowerDirector 9. Stage One and Stage Two of last Sunday's IPSC shoot are now available. The big delay was getting the split-screen effect I wanted in Stage One, and it still isn't exactly what I wanted but it'll do. Stage Two was more conventional and I slapped it together before I came down off the Success Buzz last night. Somehow I either lost, or never had, second-camera footage of my Stage Two run. Also I have nothing at all of myself in Stage Four. Three is where I had the malfunction, working on that next.

2913 Tuesday, 7 June 2011: Another light day. Getting the hang of my route anyway, knowing what time which places open, and now I can afford a map that isn't twelve years old and disintegrating.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Hofmann's still watching the anti-self-defense crowd's jihadist buddy. To which Michael G. sends the Quote o' the Day: "Any time you find yourself citing al-Qaeda propaganda as a source, do a little fact-checking."

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. He is no friend of liberty or the Constitution.

Speaking of that kind. Most of them have never had a real job in the real world in their lives. They are not capable of imagining the differences between them and us.

Speaking of them vs. us, how many times have I said it? COPS HATE CITIZENS AND WANT TO DESTROY US. By ruinous "legal" means usually, and by force if we do not instantly grovel to their perverted sadism. -I went to the decal maker's website and Contacted them:

I have a pretty good idea why they want airsoft and toy guns brightly colored. So they can tell which of their victims won't shoot back with real bullets.

In Lighter News

Finally finished Battlestations, one of those franchise-anthology things, sequel to a whole other series I haven't read. Not bad, good story, though the science wasn't as hard as I usually prefer. Resuming Poul Anderson's Captain Flandry, which necessarily also has some handwavium but Anderson tells a helluva story.

Working on the Stage Three video, with more Split-Screen Two-Camera Awesomeness.

2914 Wednesday, 8 June 2011: Another very light load, done before 9am. There is a concern about loss of pay, but it's supposed to pick up. Thursdays are supposed to be the heaviest.

The World Sucks

Gunwalker. WND gives Codrea credit this time.

California Sucks, Chapter MMCMXIV.

Before you get all gooshy over Wisconsin governor Walker for taking on the unions, be aware he doesn't trust you. Permits ARE infringement. Any thug who enforces a "law" requiring government permission to exercise the most basic human right should be publicly executed for crimes against humanity.

WoGged again, booyah. (No response from the maker to my question yesterday.) Remember, every cop, everywhere, hates you. They're the bad guys.

All we want is to be left alone.... But they won't leave us alone. This could have turned out exactly like the murder of Jose Guerena. Cops. Are. The Bad Guys. Every one of them deserves to have been shot dead the moment they came through that citizen's door. -Never mind the distinction-without-a-difference, that it was Department of Education thugs instead of "actual" cops. The "difference" is the same as that between fascism and socialism - only the cut of the uniforms and the slogans on the banners. They were government thugs kicking down a citizen's door, assaulting an INNOCENT citizen with deadly force, abducting and terrorizing small children. They are evil and they deserve to die. -Reader sends, from British media, more data. Yet another wrong-address raid a heartbeat away from government-approved murder. Not long after, I see more from Classical Values, Firehand (who also has more on the recent thuggery in Miami), Uncle, RNS, Vanderboegh, Muckraker, Tam, and many others, and many click-throughs. As Reason says, "terrifying."

("Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." The time is rapidly approaching when the only thing a badge will be good for is an aiming point.)

Speaking of domestic terrorists, most lefties are.

They're also the very dictionary definition of psychotic. -I think Col. Cooper had a bit in his column once, overhearing some lefty - perhaps in San Franscisco - saying something like, "Japan would never have bombed Pearl Harbor if we hadn't nuked Hiroshima." Their minds don't work right.

KABA is a clearinghouse for RKBA info. You may recall Codrea started there, with the failed Citizens of America project. I've linked them from my front page pretty much from the beginning of this site, but I rarely go there myself. Today I got an email from them - they need money to stay in operation, just as I have for the past many moons. I'm still recovering from my own financial straits, but in the spirit of paying forward I just sent them twenty twenty-five dollars. The Gun Culture kept me from homelessness for more than a year. Surely I can cough up a little to help the Culture.

In Lighter News

Still working on Stage Three IPSC video. *%&# keyframes.... The pan-and-zoom just won't do exactly what I want, though I'm getting closer. Spending bandwidth on more tutorial videosTHAT'SITTHAT'SITZOMFGTHAT'SWHATIWASLOOKINGFORABOUTDAMNTIME. Yay. Internets. Stage Three is produced and will be online by tomorrow evening. It's a third of a gigabyte, gotta use library bandwidth.

Forgotten Weapons has more very unusual pr0n.

2915 Thursday, 9 June 2011: Lighter than expected load, still done by 11am. Going in later tomorrow, as a big problem this morning was sitting around waiting for places to open. (Good thing I brought a book.) Tomorrow is supposed to be another light load.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Never trust a cop of any kind.

"...[C]ops are properly now seen by civilians as threats." SMLE Fan had that figured out quite some time ago. I never liked that "sheepdog" analogy anyway....

Let's see, Indiana repealed the Fourth Amendment, now it looks like Tennessee is repealing the First.

Hofmann examines both ends of the government-school spectrum. Neither is pretty. Neither should exist.

Headline. Of. The Year. Lance Corporal Guerena shoulda done the Full Fallujah on their fascist asses, to complete Jefferson's formula. He obviously had nothing to lose. Someday soon, some body will.

New poster:

In Lighter News

Yyyyeah that's a pretty cool photo. -That's only a couple hours' drive from the hovel, I really should get down there $ome year....

But speaking of Indiana, this is encouraging.

So is this.

IPSC Stage Three video is online. (Two - One - Zero) Stage Four should be up tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking of Stage Three, where I had a Real Malfunction, I can understand the logic behind this theory.

That cat... is weird. Feral-like. Yowls to be let innnn, panics when the door closes behind him, balks and yowls more when the door is reopened. He's not shy about eating my food though.

Via Confederate Yankee, ZOMFGANTIMATTER. -Back when I was racking up crushing debt in college I took a chemistry course and the prof was an entertaining English guy, who - in the mid-1980s - told us that scientists at CERN had created antimatter for a few microseconds, and "not very much antimatter because CERN is still there." Seventeen minutes of containment. We might get FTL someday after all.

2916 Friday, 10 June 2011: Very light load, done by nine. Everyone's starting later now, so places will be open. Little more sleep....

The World Sucks

Codrea examines GOP candidate Herman Cain. We've been sold out by "conservatives" too many times - Bush 41's "assault weapon" import ban made me vote for Perot. The "R" is no longer enough.

Chicago is a war zone where no innocent citizen is safe.

While California is a third-world cesspit. I'm surprised the legislators down there don't dress up in fahbulous gold-encrusted uniforms and mirrorshades, like the character Morgan Freeman played in Red.

Still more on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. From comments: "Jose Guerena served his country far better than it has served him."

Speaking of unaccountable psychopaths with badges, TTAG has video I don't have the stomach to watch on the Miami thuggery. -What blogger was it, just a couple moons ago, who said something like, "These evil people are doing these horrible things, and I'm not killing them for it"?

Related Quote o' the Day: "The loan shark may break down your door to harass you over a debt, but he doesn't do it hiding behind a badge."

"How are we to know the good guys from the bad guys?" Simple. Anyone coming through my door without my permission is a target. And ya know, I'm a fair shot.

Breda connects some dots.

In Lighter News

IPSC Stage Four is online. Scroll up a bit for links to the others, or just visit my channel with the link at the bottom of this page. -Heh, one of the BCC'd recipients of my mass email notification replies, "Man walks down the street with that hat on--people'll know he's not afraid of anything."

2917 Saturday, 11 June 2011: Made a very few bucks at the show, just table rent if Cruffler hadn't donated space on his. About the same again from Cruffler's cans & bottles. $igh, so many nice things I'd rather be buying....

The World Sucks

The Only Ones Professional Enough! They have the traaaaiiinnning! Not like us lowly peasants, noooo.

Government is good for just one thing: destroying everything of value.

Blogbrother Yuri Orlov's car has died, which sucks mightily. See if you can drop something in his PayPal button.

In Lighter News

Guy comes up to the table looking for ".45 clips". I point him to a table where I saw a McCormick 8-round, IMO the best quality magazine for the 1911. But nooo, he wants one for one of those Taurus Millenium plastic things. Which. He. Did. Not. Specify. -I just know someone somewhere has asked, "Is a .30-caliber a good gun?" 9_9

While at the show, Cruffler let me fiddle with his smartphone, similar to what the job wants me to get. And it does indeed run Google Navigation just like a dedicated automotive GPS. So if I get a smartphone I will not need a separate GPS. -I could even dismount the thing and walk with it (where did I park?). Furthermore one presumes GoogleNav is constantly updated without paying for anything but the phone connection itself.

Da. Vinci.

2918 Sunday, 12 June 2011:

The World Sucks

More data on the murder of Erik Scott, US Army, and the institutionalized unaccountability of thugs with badges. Every one should hang. Society won't be safe until they do.

Australia considers ban on hammers. "I’m not making this up."

Doesn't look like Firehand will be voting for Mitt either.

In Lighter News

David Codrea is upon the aether. -If I get a smartphone I suppose I could stream the show....

Soooo muuuuch waaaannnt....

Match daaaaayyyy... yeah that sucked. Did normal in slow-prone, 91/0X, but in rapid I had a major software failure, 67, which shook me all the way through slow-standing, 75. Targets & scorecard:

At least they all hit a scoring ring. Video later, maybe not. Also it was a very poor turnout, only seven shooters I think, a single relay, so we didn't even do the working-the-pits thing and used convertible sighters like Clark Rifles. -I don't have any real shooting buddies. LoyalReader is five states away on a road trip at present and always begs off, Yuri has health and skwirrelz issues and his car blew up, Cruffler just doesn't shoot anymore, SMLE Fan is on the other end of the continent.... Mr. E. keeps sending me notices of whopping 80-shot 600yd matches within practicable distance, if the job holds steady I'm'a try it some month, rly.

I need a better scope. My ChiCom Konus 90x goes dark anywhere above 60x, and if you actually set it next to your prone mat so you can check your progress during a slow-fire stage, the shock of the shot rattles its innards out of focus. $igh.... Actually I saw a couple used 60x for sale at the show yesterday, but I'm still recovering financially of course.

$igh, I owe cash to EvilWoman and my bio-sister and there's a precious item in de facto hock which I've just started paying back....

2919 Monday, 13 June 2011: Slightly alarmed at the paucity of the paycheck. But it was a four-day week. It's supposed to get better.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker, and the basic illegitimacy of government.

The Problem, Illustrated.

Radio news, Speaker Boehner to clash with Obama on the field... of golf. They are not like us. They don't live in the real world and cannot understand we who do. They've far more in common with each other.

Radio news, "Obama seeking budget cuts." BWAAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAAA!!! -Srsly they're talking about consolidating government websites and fiddly little nonsense that doesn't amount to a percent of a percent of what's needed. And people actually fall for it?

Government wants to abolish private property. And by unavoidable implication, that Fourth Amendment thingy too. More video I haven't the stomach to watch. Evil people... I'm not killing them....

Like there's anything left of the Fourth Amendment anyway....

"For a lot of us, the scary ass people with firearms wear uniforms." I would narrow that description.

Example: If an ordinary citizen shot and killed an unarmed, handcuffed citizen in the back, what punishment would he get under "law"? Two years, and serve less than half? This is why we hate cops. Police are the enemies of civilization. Power corrupts, and that's why they become cops. That's what they are.

Related (it's all), meanwhile in Security Theatre.

Tomorrow is Flag Day. I can't bring myself to fly it anymore, for fear of being labeled a "domestic terrorist" and being summarily murdered by my own government.

In Lighter News

Codrea takes on the muskets and quill pens argument.

2920 Tuesday, Flag Day, 14 June 2011: More filling-in-after today, gah, Vancouver streets make about as little sense as the west side of the Portland Metro area. Furthermore it takes forever for the *&^%$ left turn signal to change, and the house numbering convention - odd/even, north/south - is opposite of Portland. Which last isn't such a big deal once you get used to it but it really throws you the first time.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

The antis can't get anything right - but they still want to ram their mistakes down our throats.

This reminds me of one of the most frightening books I've read for a while. There's even a word for it, because it's happened before.

Cops. [spit] They still think they're the good guys. Power corrupts, I've said. This sort of thing has always been going on. Every cop is dirty by definition. It's only now, in the Information Age, that they're getting caught by every citizen with a phonecam. -I think the Founders would view today's law enforcement community as the standing army they explicitly feared and warned against.

"I swear, they are trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution." And the country is in the very best of hands.

In Lighter News

Not sure it belongs in Lighter News, but Dr. Pournelle reviews the first GOP debate.

Global Warming My Ass, Snark o' the Year.

2921 Wednesday, 15 June 2011: Starting at six again, anticipating a heavier load. And there was, one of my heaviest so far. Vancouver is teh suxxors for traffic, none of the streets make sense, the speed limits are tyrannically stupid.

The World Sucks

During yesterday's route, the car's ignition lock jammed. Eventually it jiggled back into operation, but the thing's already broken three keys including the original (if it was), and my last spare was cut off-center so it barely works. Shopping for a replacement SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS WTF!??!? And special order besides. Not like I can get one from the junkyard 'cause they don't have keys and are probably just as badly worn....

Still more Project Gunwalker....

European reader sends another reason why all government schools should be burned to the ground.

"One thing is clear: we would lose nothing by abolishing the Federal Department of Education. Zero it out of the budget. We are not getting any return on that investment...."

Palin Derangement Syndrome, documented. I would vote for her just to watch the Other Side's heads explode.

Speaking of traffic, Government Makes Everything Worse Forever, Chapter MMCMXXI.

As expected, the murderers of Jose Guerena, USMC, get away with it. "An Afghan family is safer having Marines at their door than you are when your local cops get out machine guns and the gungy gear." Police are an immediate threat to public safety and must be dealt with as such.

In Lighter News

Dragged off to the show meeting by LoyalReader, back late.

The August 2011 issue of Guns magazine is archived.

Setting aside Anderson's Captain Flandry yet again to begin Flint's 1636: The Saxon Uprising. Picks up where 1635: The Eastern Front left off, with Gustav Adolph in a bad way.

Re: Israel, I have seen it lamented that the Jews picked the only patch of desert in the entire region that didn't have black gold bubbling up out of it. Um... that may have just changed. If true, it would change many other things.

I am reminded that the last time I met Yuri (whose car is still dead BTW), he gifted me a signed copy of Hard Magic and an MHI patch. Looks like I'm'a need a fancy shooting jacket after all, to put it on. -Or maybe a less-worn M65-like-object than the one I have. One of the Last Surplus Stores In Town happens to be on my delivery route....

2922 Thursday, 16 June 2011: Another very light load. That hurts financially, but again I'm told it's supposed to get better.


The World Sucks

Yet more Project Gunwalker. I've noted before, the parasite class actually believes BATFU's blatantly criminal and explicitly murderous abuse of power is a reason to give them more power. Is that not the very definition of insanity?

Remember, Democrats are the party of tolerance, peace and equality. Says so right on the label!

Back in 2009, BTR had the Quote o' the Year. And it is frighteningly true.

Murderers. In their own words.

They've always been like that. The only way to change them is to kill them in self-defense like they deserve.

It's getting harder for the murderers to hide. -I can imagine their solution will be to murder more citizens....

In Lighter News

Hey... are we still boycotting Ruger? 'Cause this is very subversive. In the sense of subverting the innocent into the ebil mysteries of our Culture.

In case you missed it, article on tuning the 1911 for reliability (click through for photo gallery). Speaking of which, when LoyalReader hauled me off to the club meeting last night we stopped at Wholesale Sports (formerly Sportsman's Warehouse) to kill time, and we eyed the Citadel Philippine 1911 clone, $499.99. Upon mentioning the problem I had with mine, the counter-guy - who used to be a board member at my old gun club - very helpfully popped out the slide lock lever and let me take a photo of a factory-fresh specimen (left) for comparison to my hand-fitted aftermarket item (right):

So maybe I should take a hundredth or so off the bump on mine. Looking at my scruffy old Hornady factory defense rounds (which are probably overdue for replacement), it appears the cartridges are hitting the inside of the lever and that may be what caused the malfunction. Close examination of my magazine followers should be performed first methinks, to see where the important bit is actually touching. SCIENCE, D00DZ!

2923 Friday, 17 June 2011: Heavy load, okay, but now I'm learning there's some discrepancy in how we're getting paid, which is supposed to be per stop, and some office somewhere says I had only 19 today, while my clipboard says 35 separate locations and 44 packages. Which could explain why last week's check, for the week of 31 May-3 June, was lower than expected. That Needs To Be Sorted Out Most Ricky-Tick. (Yay OpenOffice, MSExcel equivalent. I've been keeping track.)

The World Sucks

The Death of Competence. I'm sure some pundit somewhere has written a long column on this topic. My anecdote may seem mundane but I view it as symptomatic of a much greater problem:

-So I get back to the hovel after finishing my route (something different every day, if only by combination and sequence), I settle down with some calories, and the phone buzzes. It's the office attempting to resolve the aforementioned reading-and-counting issue. They want me to fax my manifest to California to sort out the pay issue. My boss, who actually does seem to know what all those button thingies on a computer are for, says she'll text the fax number to my cell when they send it to her. So off I go to the store where they fax in the 48 for 99¢/page. I have four pages. I get to the store and there's a long line at customer service, it being Friday and the parasite class having received their redistributed wealth. But still no text. I have a seat and wait. ...No text. I wander around the store wondering what NOMs I can afford for myself and the (two!) stray kittehs. I examine a cat flap and contemplate installing one in the hovel door. ...No text. I wander back to the customer service area and sit down again and call the boss, about half an hour after I last spoke to her. They never called her back and she was just getting ready to yell at them. Finally the texted fax number arrives and I get in line. Which takes about a quarter of an hour. And of course one of the only two clerks working the three-position customer service counter closes her slot and disappears. Finally I arrive at the counter. "Four pages to fax to this number," I say, pointing, pointing with my finger to the large numerals I have written on the top of the first page. "...Faaacks? ...To theees number?" says the clerk. 9_9 She takes the four pages and crams them in the machine and it jams. Another couple minutes wasted. While unjamming she also got the four pages out of order but I KNEW that would happen and numbered the pages, "1/4", "3/4", on two corners of each page, so at least the recipient should be able to figure it out but by this time I'm beginning to doubt that too. Finally I get the fax-back confirmation and depart having lost an hour of my life faxing four miserable pages.

Ya know, if I find myself in one of those Improbable Action Movies where Average Guy Must Save the World from Evil Mastermind Bent on Ideology-Driven Depopulation of the Earth... I'LL LET HIM DO IT.

In email with SMLE Fan:
[Me] I suppose I should be a little encouraged that the "cop = threat" meme is spreading?
[SMLE Fan] Should you? You might have given birth to the meme, but they're doing their best to spread it around. :(
There's yer QOTD right there.

Project Gunwalker....

The usual willful ignorance from the Authorized Journalists.

In Lighter News

But no, there is another Quote o' the Day.


"...[I]t used to be there was no penalty for them violating the rights of the citizenry." If they don't like that penalty we have others....

MidwestReader sends Federal Air Marshal Service qualification course of fire. "Supposedly it's one of the most difficult Federal LE qual courses to get a passing score on." Um... Iiiii don't think so? Just lookin' at it? I'm not seeing how that would be hard for anyone in average physical condition who actually takes their pistol out of the safe more than twice a year? -Which reminds me of an earlier report. Later MR follows up: "From what I read in the thread at ARFCOM, it isn't so much that the marksmanship required is difficult, it is the time limits, and also that most of the individual portions are supposed to be done from concealment--deep concealment, the way Air Marshals are encouraged to carry, not gigantic gun-shaped fanny-pack concealment, not three-sizes-oversized Banana Republic khaki photographer's vest that might as well have "LOOK AT ME, EVERYBODY! I AM CARRYING A GUN!" on the back in four-inch-tall letters concealment.

"It is quite possible to pass with a maximum possible score on hits, but fail on time. Passing the qual means not only at least 135 out of a possible 150 on the targets, but also passing all stages under the time limit for each. Failure to get in under the time limit on any stage means failing the qual course and, for most candidates, elimination from the FAMS program. That last bit may be another additional source of pressure on the candidates. Supposedly every candidate expends 1000+ rounds a week in training leading up to taking the qual.

"And the current official issue FAMS service pistol is the SIG P229 in .357 SIG, a bit on the small and stubby side for optimum ease of use under stress, and chambered in one of the more... snappy calibers. Maybe a bit harder to shoot well in a hurry than the full-size service pistols some participants in the thread used."

2924 Saturday, 18 June 2011:

The World Sucks

Uncomfortable Economic Truth o' the Day: "[Social Security is] welfare for rich, old people paid for by poor young people."

Astute Observation o' the Day: "Liberals divide human activities into two categories: Mandatory and Forbidden."

In Lighter News

Looks like most of the blogosphere has taken their free ice cream machines out of service for the weekend. Me, I have to buy mine at the store. (Fudge swirl, $1.59/box on sale.) Since I'm $till ¢atching up and am no longer a member of a club anyway, I can't even give you some Science, though a .45ACP chrono session is a couple years overdue and I really want some practice with the Queen before the next match.

2925 Sunday, 19 June 2011: I had intended to maybe rotate the car's tires and maybe hit the junkyard for some small parts and to look at some larger ones, but the weather is just too icky. Besides, it's tomorrow I get paid, and looking at my spreadsheet it won't be much even without the mathematical questionableness, though the following check should be the biggest yet if they're figuring it right. -And there's $64.99 for the ignition lock and $107.75 for electricity and I need to start putting some aside for taxtheft and not to forget the rent and....

The World Sucks

Speaking of taxtheft, states look at taxing internet sales. Hey yeah, let's stab another arterially-gushing wound into the economy and drive more entrepreneurs out of business, destroy more jobs, with intrusive government regulation! Not to mention the Orwellian implications - thugs'll be gleefully kicking doors and shooting dogs for failure to pay state sales tax on a $5.95 online transaction.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring a first-hand report of TSA deliberately unsecuring checked firearm cases - cutting off a citizen's padlocks and zip-tying the result - resulting in the theft of a handgun. It should be archived presently. Breakables warning. Anything wearing a badge is a liar, a thief, and a threat.


(Black-market airlines? Why the eff not now? What's the alternative, the fact of being sexually assaulted and the expectation of getting robbed? This isn't America anymore, and there's nowhere else to run to....)

Speaking of threats, more analysis of the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. "...[L]aw abiding people don't have to worry about confrontation with the cops." Yes they damn well do you lying murderous sack of facist filth.

TTAG has more on Herman Cain. And it's not encouraging.

In Lighter News

Reminder: Bookmark this link for fast access to the latest blog post.

Libertarianism in Florida?

Tam points to a possible answer to the droid question. But I still can't afford it yet. Too many other priorities like rent and fuel.

(Actually I can't find the thing on Target's site, but I'm seeing options elsewhere.)

Again $ighing over the Hoverbike. As SMLE Fan said, the props alone have vast room for improvement and I'm sure it could be up-engined. Shouldn't be too hard to enclose the pilot with modern materials either. Common ultralight aircraft are already equipped with rocket-deployed parachutes in case of engine failure. It might have to be fly-by-wire with black boxes, but maybe not. Cargo can be slung underneath for ballast; again with modern materials, lightweight collapsible compartments can be made.

LoyalReader has tracked down the Brass Wizard seen at the last Wolverton IPSC shoot. Three sizes, for rimfire, centerfire rifle & handgun, and shotshells.

EvilWoman sends scale model USS Macon. -What, no little RC Sparrowhawks? ;) -Srsly somewhere on the Almighty Intarwebz is video of an RC B-29 dropping an RC rocket-powered X-1. 'Twas awsumm.

Videos.... for some time I've had the idea of doing a photo/video montage recitation of this Kipling poem. Just last night I found some of the footage I had in mind, in a different context, in the seventh Why We Fight film from WWII. A very little editing and it drops right in to about half what I want to cover. Don't suppose y'all can direct me toward more such appropriate footage? I've had the idea for some years, long before EvilWoman & I did something similar in this music video. The result in this case of course would be slower-paced and solemn, befitting the seriousness of the subject matter. I'm looking for construction video, guys walking the High Steel, blasting hillsides, carving roads, building dams, the Panama Canal, the Los Angeles River, underground mining, oil drilling, and for contrast the luxurious life of the parasite class, vintage airliners, Clipper flying boats, sleeper cars on trains, cruise ships, etc. Still images can work too, now I've figured out the Ken-Burns-style pan-and-zoom.

This poem is more challenging to envision. Union protests for example? Parasite riots? Detroit?

2926 Monday, 20 June 2011: Actually got paid more than expected, but still not A Lot. Did make it to the junkyard though, got a couple small things to fiddle with later.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker is all over the almighty intarwebz. Rush opened his show with it today, even used the "Gunwalker" meme and made the connection to fabricating an excuse to violate our basic human rights, though I didn't hear him give credit to Codrea & Vanderboegh, rather to allegedely-repentant door-kicker Dodson. I emailed ElRushbo with Codrea's URLs.

European reader (henceforth EuroReader, as in LoyalReader, MidwestReader, etc.) sends the inevitable conclusion of the redistributionist theory.

A picture worth a thousand dirty words. It's not about safety. It's never been about your safety. Do you understand?

In Lighter News

Uhhhh, I fixed the car's horn?

2927 Tuesday, Summer Solstice, 21 June 2011: Learning more about how my pay is calculated, adjusting spreadsheet, starting to make more sense.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Codrea examines Cain. NO VOTE 4 U HERMAN!

He also discovers a new element: Elitisium.

Michael G. sends more totalitarian nanny-statism. Then I find more just across the river. It's always been about control.

"...[A] cancer eating away at the fabric of our Republic." That's right badgeboy, I'm looking at you.

Every cop, everywhere, is a murderer. They must be dealt with as such. They're going to kill us anyway, no matter what we've done or haven't done, no matter what the "law" is. We have nothing left to lose. Every interaction with law enforcement is an immediate threat to your life. The best thing we can do is take as many of the animals with us as possible.

Not only is the War on (Some) Drugs fundamentally unAmerican, it's mostly made up.

TSA thugs randomly swarm public events. "Is this actually happening in these United States...?" "We have more to fear from our own government than any (other) terrorist organization in the world." And why aren't we shooting them on sight like the criminals and terrorists they are?

Another thousand dirty words. You know it's true.

In Lighter News

Okay this is a pretty good reason to get a smartphone.... (more)

Codrea's new radio show is finally archived. Humongous files though.

Og defines Liberty.

2928 Wednesday, 22 June 2011:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker won't go away. And the regime's lies would be ridiculous if they weren't getting people killed. -"No retaliation against whistleblowers." Yeah, I guess... but I have to wonder, and I'm not the first, how many doors were kicked, how many dogs shot, how many lives destroyed by these self-same badge-wearers before they started feeling guilty? Is "guilt" even what they're feeling? Are they capable of it?

And I'm not seeing anything in any of this that puts any of them on our side. BATFE itself is basically, that is at its base, unAmerican and should not exist. "Clean Up ATF"? You can't polish a turd.

Radio news, "Portland police concerned about gang violence." Just have the cops shoot each other. Instant public-safety improvement!

(Except of course they'd hit everything and everyone but their targets....)

(Which is kinda the point....)

News & talk about GOP candidates. Not one of them really believes in limited government, in leaving people the hell alone. Except maybe Gary Johnson and he won't be going anywhere....

Oleg revisits that question I asked yesterday.

In Lighter News

Wisconsin gets infringement. Which I suppose is better than outright denial enforced by murderous tax-paid psychopaths. Increments... but they coulda had the real thing.

I have no bumper stickers on my current car, 'cause these days that First Amendment thingy can get you summarily executed. "Erik Scott" and "Guerena" are verbs.

Obscure Object of Inexplicable Desire. It's... I don't even....


Leetle reminder: We don't really need full auto. We're. Better. Shots.

We don't really need laser rangefinders either. Your front sight also works, both width and height. Thing is, you have to collect the data beforehand, at known distances with known-size targets, and remember it. That's part of the M100 project, but it also applies to the Queen or any rifle you're going to use a lot.

...Govthug way yonder gonna spend twenty taxbucks a second "suppressing" us, and get a very rude surprise from Uppity Peasant with great-granddad's thutty-thutty....

Listening to Codrea's MP3s. It's... news about the War on Guns, just like it says on the label. But he needs to punch up his delivery. I'm detecting some stage-fright-y tremor in his voice, and he's coming across as scripted IMO. -I'm reminded of a biography I read on Audie Murphy. After the war he was starting his acting career and for a while he was living in Jimmy Cagney's poolhouse and getting acting tips from him. I specifically recall two the author recorded. The second was, "Never know where the camera is" - which I've also seen in documentaries on Sergio Leone, how he used multiple cameras so the actors wouldn't know which direction to ham it up toward. The first tip I remember is, "When you say something, mean it." In my opinion, Codrea needs to sling it out with more energy and passion. -But he's only been doing it a couple weeks, hm?

Collecting videos for my recitation project. Just read it, you'll see the kind of thing needed. Y'all got URLs?

Also I'm still looking for background music for my shooting videos, and maybe something appropriate for the Kipling as well. Stuff that won't get anyone sued. Got a band? With a website? (Who doesn't have a website?) If the music's right I'll put yer URL right up there.

2929 Thursday, 23 June 2011: Remember I mentioned trouble with the car's ignition lock? Which would have cost $65 to replace? Eff that, I found a locksmith near the hovel, a couple old dudes who know what the eff they're doing, and they reverse-engineered the key, which was a) cut off-center by the last cheap supermarket duplicator and b) according to old dude, not even on the correct blank, which was one reason it kept breaking as it was structurally weak. So for $27.50 I have two new keys which actually work. Stress reduced!

Dang, I really shouldn't type stuff like that out loud... the car will eject something large and expensive all over the freeway in the morning, you watch....

The World Sucks

Morning radio talk, interviewing yet another Government Experttm on the report that the War on (Some) Drugs has failed. Utterly ignoring the point of the report, that it has resulted in runaway thuggery and the outright destruction of indispensable human liberty. "blah blah Regulate and tax, maybe a little revenue for Almighty Government blah blah England and the Netherlands say marijuana causes unemployment, global warming and dandruff blah blah silly potheads hyuk hyuk hey look over there pay no attention to the victimless "criminal" getting tasered to death by grinning tax-paid sociopaths."

I can see, now, how this sort of thing happened. I understand.

Project Gunwalker. BATFU reacts as expected.

Disarmament Kills, Chapter MMCMXXIX. No one can legitimately not understand this anymore. Anyone pushing the murderous doctrine that taking away our right to self defense somehow makes us safer, is a declared enemy of civilization.

Speaking of the enemy, Arctic Patriot examines how they're not being dealt with. -Didn't I say, a few weeks ago? Convoy travel? A second vehicle packed full of cameras and/or rifles on the expectation of the first getting robbed at gunpoint?

More of the usual bigotry and fearmongering from the Universty Expertstm.

In Lighter News

Armed self-defense works. No one can legitimately not understand that anymore either.

TFB has your Historical Überpr0n o' the Day.

2930 Friday, 24 June 2011: Portland is a very smelly-hippie-commie town. I mean NADER/GONZALEZ bumper stickers, for real. During my route, I sometimes walk past one car with a big sticker in the window, "FOUR MORE WARS", obviously intended as a reference to Bush 43's second term and the traditional reelection chant. But who's really giving us new wars? Who promised to end the two we have and is just now getting around to one of them? Who started a third war in Libya and is eyeing a fourth in Syria and a fifth in Yemen and probably a twenty-third in Neverheardofitstan?

To which the answer is, inevitably, [flying spittle] "RRRAAAAAYYYYYCCCIIIIISSST!!!" [hurling loose objects, flipping cars, torching dumpsters] Because that's how their minds work.

In other news, I live near Portland International Airport, to which is attached an Air National Guard base. At 14:54 Pacific time today, I heard jet aircraft, lower and louder than usual. I stepped out of the hovel to see four Eagles in formation, and just in time to see the #3 ship begin its climb, poetically disappearing into the overcast. The Missing Man formation. Not finding anything about it on their site, but moment of silence, folks.

The World Sucks

Speaking of racism and minds not working right....

Gunwalker, and other stuff.

Erik Scott gets shot five times in the back, and somehow the murderers are the victims? Cops + union = more evil than the sum of the parts. And that's really evil.

But they still think they're the good guys. And that's really sick.

Speaking of missing men, heard about this on Rush's show. I may be the first to make the obvious extrapolation for the NYT headline: Obama Restores Dead Soldier to Life!!

In Lighter News

Shopping tip: Never ever go to the Big New Goodwill Store in the first week after Grand Opening. ...Without body armor and a fixed bayonet.

Eric at Classical Values points to the Libertarian Comeback o' the Year: "They’re said to only care about themselves. So why do they toil for other people’s freedom?"

Improvement in North Carolina.

About two-thirds through 1636: The Saxon Uprising, which is up to the usual standard. Next will have to be Scalzi's reboot of Fuzzy Nation, about which there is some apprehension from fans of the original Piper.

Last night on library disc I finally got to watch the 1996 Doctor Who movie for the second time ever:

2931 Saturday, 25 June 2011: Got some car maintenance done, tires rotated (though I'll need a new $et in a few more moons), windshield-washer spout unclogged, fluids checked.

This job, as it currently stands, isn't paying very much, and the as-yet-unknown taxation structure is stress-inducing. But it's not much work either, a few hours each morning and lots of free time every day after. And there's supposed to be more work coming, meaning more per-stop pay. Nor would that upset the hours very much as we're supposed to complete all deliveries by 1pm, which I've failed to do only thrice: once in the very first week, and twice after completing my own manifest well before time, then filling in for someone else in Vancouver.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

EuroReader sends another thousand dirty words.

Michael G. sends a message from Jeff Knox to the GOP. ...Yeah I don't think they're listening.

Yesterday a racist declared the absence of racist laws to be proof of racism. ...Yeah, that's how their minds work. Today Eric observes: "If this man were anyone else, he would be comical. The problem is, he has real power, so he’s a menace." Note also the racist totalitarian in question is a Police Superintendant. And the regular street cops get their attitude toward their taxpaying employers from where? As SavaShip pointed out yesterday, professional police forces are incompatible with American liberty. Cops should not exist.

In Lighter News

...Nice weather?

2932 Sunday, 26 June 2011:

The World Sucks


From several sources and a couple readers too, more on SAF suing NYC. The point being: "...[A] person cannot be compelled 'to purchase, through a license fee or a license tax, the privilege freely granted by the constitution.'" Permits are infringement and anyone who enforces a law requiring permits is the real criminal.

EuroReader sends another TSA outrage. For the umptieth time I say, the cure is worse than the disease.

Also sends another dirty cop, as if there were any other kind. How do these socipathic animals live with themselves?

There. Are. No. Good. Cops. Anywhere. Each and every one is your enemy.

Speaking of sociopaths, one of the Elves related an unconfirmed report that LAPD has "barrels" of WW1 vomit gas, possibly phosgene, which they're planning on using in case of massive civil unrest. Anyone heard of this? Any evidence? Something similar in another department?

In Lighter News

HatCam!!! is not for everyone. XD

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

Went to the other show this morning with exactly $22 in my pocket. Blew it all on a brand-new M1907-style leather sling marked MRT, priced $30. I feel okay about that. It's going to help in the next match. -And now I have a spare web sling to loan to n00bs, along with the spare 2-shot clips, the pair of 5-shot I don't use, the spare SLED, and the full clip of A-Zooms for orientation.


2933 Monday, 27 June 2011:

The World Sucks


Bigotry from the entertainment industry is hardly surprising.

Nor is the same from a gubernatorial candidate.

And from "mainstream" media, it's to be expected.

Among the states, Illinois is the... "Only One" which totally prohibits armed self-defense. Do note the linked columns from Codrea on the topic. Police hate citizens and want them to be robbed, raped and murdered.

I haven't been linking any Sink the Island items for a while, I'm sick of them and there are far too many. But Michael G. sends this one on the external enemies of civilization. From comments: "Wasn't it just six years ago that crazed Christian fundamentalists blew up the London subway and killed five dozen people? Oh, wait...."

Then I see another from Firehand and am reminded of a certain poem. -It's New Poster Time:

Then he sends a magnificently illustrative rebuttal from a TSA agent to complaints of sexual assault. I have a rebuttal to the rebuttal:

In Lighter News

Finished 1636: The Saxon Uprising. Yeah, twenty years from now we'll be reading 1647: The Location Noun. And it'll still be tasty. Beginning Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation. Having read the original Piper I might be prejudiced.

2934 Tuesday, 28 June 2011: Yyyyyeah, it's like that. Actually it's mostly surface streets; freeway down to pick up the load, highway up to where I usually start my route, then stopping-and-going the rest of the day.

Honkin' Huge Load this morning, still got it all done by deadline. Hopefully this is the "picking-up"-ness we've been told to expect, 'cause that means more per-stop pay.

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker....

Workman has more on Chicago's racist top cop.

Reason has more TSA outrages. I'm seeing too much of the Nuremberg Defense and not enough rope.

(Speaking of Rope!tm, whatever became of TJIC? I see him commenting on other blogs once in a while, so at least he hasn't been Disappeared, but I miss his product.)

Speaking of, SMLE Fan and Snarky weigh in. Refresh your knowledge of the source material.

Government "health" "care" is about neither health nor care.

In Lighter News

This is completely nonsensical. I mean, Denmark? (Danish readers who wish to object, please send me a description of a Danish army infantry rifle qualification course of fire. -I see you're using Canadian AR clones. Which is nominal I guess, but electro-optics only? Whaddaya do when the batteries go dead? Is that a BUIS in front of it, and do they teach you how to use it?)

2935 Wednesday, 29 June 2011: Srsly though, it's getting to the point where I will need an AndroidOS device with connectivity, to run their app, to report deliveries as I go rather than blowing twenty-plus TracFone minutes doing it the long way. And I'm $till re¢overing and have to plan ahead for taxtheft.

Candidates (eyeing both purchase price and service plans): LG Optimus, Virgin prepaid; LG Thrive, AT&T prepaid; Samsung Intercept, Virgin prepaid (also looking at used prices). But $till ¢atching up....

Is there an emulator to run an Android app in a Windows environment? Yes of course there is....

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

Everyone among Our Kind will by now have heard of the Seattle Only One Professional Enough leaving a tax-funded AR laying right out there in front o' Gawd 'n' evverbuddy. But WE can't be trusted?

This is why duelling should never have been outlawed.

Fifth Amendment repealed, and the Almighty State will burn down the TV station that dares show film at eleven. -How many does that leave now? Meanwhile Hofmann has more on Illegal Mayors Against Freedom. -How many are still unindicted?

In Lighter News

More than half through Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation, and I'm disappointed. Scalzi's Holloway is a subscrupulous curmudgeon and a bit of a loser, vastly less Competent than Piper's original. The story borders on an Algoreithm, anti-eee-vill-corporate-eco-freakyness; and the Sense of Wonder, having the Fuzzies being Not From There but the many-great-descendants of ancient castaways with their own stardrive once upon a time, has been tossed in the recycle bin by having the critters native to the planet now. I Am Not Amused.

Dr. Pournelle has a new blog. Please make a note of it.

Forgotten Weapons has the original M1911 user's manual. Or near enough. The common modern more-safety-warnings-and-liability-disclaimers-than-actual-instruction are conspicuous by their absence.

ZOMGWTFBBQ I stopped at a pawn shop today to sniff over the offerings, they wanted $279 for a very plain used M870, and other prices, like revolvers and such, might as well have been NIB retail. Holy. Effing. Ess.


Starting to really need that Android device. Might have found one at the supermarket, didn't actually catch the price but it was next to their TracFone and other prepaid displays and I expect I'll be back at that store for something or other in a very few days. The overriding points are it must run an Android app and it must be as inexpensive as possible, preferrably prepaid like TracFone.


The World Sucks

More Gunwalker from Hofmann, Workman, Detroit GRE Reed, PJM, and TownHall via Michael G.

Real Gunfolk will know the name Wintemute, one of the Enemy. Still at it.

EuroReader sends yet another in the too-long list of atrocities-under-color-of-"law". There is no such thing as a good cop. Additional outrage from Snarky and Robb, while TUAK has the Question o' the Day: "At what point do we get to throw the barrel away?" And WRSA has the visual aid.

All cops are dirty. That's why they're cops.

People still read Time magazine? And... they actually used that cover art on purpose?

You'll remember the smellyhippies rioting in Wisconsin at the notion of their freebies being cut off. You'll be aware how Greece is self-destructing and dragging half of Europe's economies over the cliff with it (EU bailout). I wish Britain would hurry up and *&^%ing sink already.

Speaking of economies, not long ago I linked an item about states trying to tax internet sales. Well, California went and did it and guess what! -That's a sort of Ronnie Barrett club, innit now.

In Lighter News

Monster Hunter Alpha. Expend all ordnance!

Uppity in Wisconsin. Also a new newsletter featuring a Scott Bieser 'toon.

This is where Wisconsin is trying to go. And where I want to be.

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