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2876 Sunday, 1 May 2011:

The World Sucks

WTF, headache and nausea? "It'z naht a toomah"?


"Most cops aren't bad" - no. I'm not buying that argument anymore. It stinks like a week-old fish. Who defines "most"? Even if it's not a lie in itself, suppose 51% of cops aren't thieves, murderers, and serial rapists. That's supposed to make the other 49% who are robbing, violating and killing innocent citizens acceptable? And all these alleged "good" cops - why are they not turning in the "few" bad apples? They know who they are, they know what they've done. But instead of eliminating them like the rabid dogs they are, no, they have a beer with the diseased animals at the end of their shift, invite them over for steaks on the weekend, call them "partner", "buddy", "brother-in-blue". There are no good cops.

And there shouldn't be any at all.

I was thinking about this sort of thing while driving back from IPSC yesterday, but not entirely in the "peacetime conditions" kind of way - like, having someone with a bunch of cameras, and/or rifles, 60 seconds behind, on the expectation of being set upon by the highway-robbers-in-uniform.

How much more disgusting can Britain get? And do we really want to find out?

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, from the Taurus booth at the NRA convention in Pittsburgh.


I'm rather distracted right now, learning what a modern computer with fully-functional software is capable of. The first video, an introduction and overview lecture thing, should be up no later than tomorrow. I'm using CyberLink's PowerDirector 9, which can do stuff I haven't even discovered yet. Praise and Blessings upon LoyalReader the Benevolent, the Generous Donor of the Power Supply.

2877 Monday, 2 May 2011: The big news is that


And there was much rejoicing.

Coincidentally, Clancy's Dead or Alive starts with an operation very much like that.

AND THEN, another humblingly-generous reader donation. THANK YOU!

The World Sucks

Hey, the electricity's still on. I was a little curious about that.

Filling out an email questionnaire for an assembly job. I hate answering those kind of questions, "Describe a time when you were frustrated", "How did you resolve the situation" - phooey. You want a widget-builder, I build good widgets, don't waste either of our time with this feely-touchy correctly-political psycho-analytical static. Anyway, one expects that White Males Need Not Apply. A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised.


Yet more Project Gunwalker. Also see.

GR4U, Oleg and SMLE Fan point out flies in the ointment.

Beware of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Don't forget the equally-deadly threat of Jackbooted-Thug Syndrome.

And the institutionalized worldview that makes such atrocities possible. -That reminds me: "Well into the twentieth century, violent resistance was considered a lawful remedy for Fourth Amendment violations." Cops are not the good guys.

Yesterday I wondered how much more disgusting Britain could become. I didn't really want to find out.

TSA FAIL, Chapter MMDCCCLXXVII. "It's a stupid game, and we shouldn't play."

A few times in recent weeks I've contemplated the possibility of a military coup in the only nation that's never had one. Not... entirely... humorous, Sipsey St. has the visual aid. There are worse options.

Like the Pyramids of Skulls.

In Lighter News

The first video from Saturday's Wolverton IPSC is ready for viewing. I'm still limited in bandwidth so, though I now have hardware and software to produce much higher-quality videos, it is not feasible for me to upload a 300Mb or half-Gb file to YouTube - I have to wardrive with an antique laptop to get the transfer done in a reasonable time. And folks, that is one old laptop. Thus the rather low quality of the video linked above, but since it's already posted I'll leave it. The next video, Stage One, is produced to a notably higher standard, but it's 476Mb, roughly six times the size of the previous, and since I'm broke and incomeless I'm not driving any more than I need to. It should be up tomorrow. I'm also starting work on Stage Two.

2878 Tuesday, 3 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Job fair tomorrow, photocopying resumés, digging out The Nice Shirt. FWIW.

We see the usual, expected blood-dancing and perversion in response to the NRA convention. But they still call us bigots.

Deadly discrimination in Iowa.

A less-deadly but no-less-infuriating version in the usual places.

Another bit of rain on the parade. Yes, the Global War on Terror should include domestic terrorists.

Speaking of, Michael G. sends article on the police state, and notes, "I salute his suggestion to decriminalize many things, but disagree with his suggestion to replace some of the crimes with non criminal fines as revenue sources (Battle of Athens, anybody?). And I wish he had included the Olafson case as one of his examples."

Related, a midwest reader asks: "Now that Osama is dead, do you suppose the TSA will stop searching for him in the bodily orifices of octogenarian grandmothers?" Not without some encouragement, no.

Perspective. Uh huh.

...Remember the other day I mentioned the possibility of a military coup? Holy. #&^%ing. $#!*.

Cops hate citizens and want us to die, Chapter MMDCCCLXXVIII. I'm not making this stuff up, folks. I really wish I were.

Related, Astute Observation o' the Day: "It becomes harder to tell an unprotected criminal, from a protected criminal every day."

In Lighter News

After Ringo & Kratman, Clancy's writing seems a bit... tame. I daresay, even sedate.

More Wolverton IPSC videos! Yesterday I posted Stage Zero; today I give you Stage One, Stage Two, and Stage Three. Four is in the works, but I'm having trouble finding suitable free public domain music.

2879 Wednesday, 4 May 2011:

The World Sucks

The job fair was largely a waste of time and fuel. "Ew ick, proles! Those little people who work with their haaaaaands!" I could hear them thinking it.

Project Gunwalker in the news. ""We’re not looking at the straw buyers, Mr. Attorney General. We’re looking at you."

...How long until Holder calls the whole thing a racist plot?

Via Tam, Frank W. James points out yet another fly in the soup:

We now have a domestic Counter-Terrorist system in this country that rivals anything established under the Soviet Union. Laws have been passed that allow a wide range of warrentless searches and other laws have been modified to prevent legal challenges to these [invasive] searches.

We, as citizens, have lost the virtue of "Privacy". When asked what we are carrying in our personal clothing or an accompanying bag, "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" is no longer a legal or acceptable response. Worse still a large percentage of the population believes you have no right to issue such a response.

In this respect, the terrorists have achieved their goals and won.

Being a victim of those terroristic "anti-terrorist" laws and the accompanying totalitarian mindset, I'm bloody furious about it. Still. Any thug who won't take "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" for an answer deserves to be killed. Thing is, they hunt in packs, and they like hurting people.

Remember that line, between satire and official government policy? That right there, that's why I own a rifle. Rabid dogs need killing, not bigger budgets and more power.

In Lighter News

Movement toward Constitutional carry in Wisconsin. Similar movement in Texas. For the hundredth time, permits are infringement. Any parasite who writes, and any thug who enforces, an unConstitutional "law" restricting or prohibiting the natural human right to self-defense, is an enemy of civilization and must be dealt with as such.

Wolverton IPSC Stage Four is ready for viewing.

2880 Thursday, 5 May 2011:

The World Sucks


Still more Project Gunwalker. I suppose we're lucky Mexico is too much a basket case to declare war on us, 'cause some of this ranks as casus belli.

Of course if you talk to a border resident he'll likely say he's been at war for years. But that's a separate conversation.

In the news, Hussein throws a "memorial" for 9/11 victims, with fifty carefully-chosen families in attendance. The first thing I thought of was, did they give out t-shirts?

Speaking of dancing in the blood of the innocent, bigotry and psychosis in Seattle. Every time there's a shooting, they want to take guns away from everyone who didn't do it. Lemme tell ya, that will lead to more shooting, not less.

"GREEEEEN TECHNOLOGY!!!!11!!! WAVE OF THE FUUUUUUTURE!11!!! RAINBOWS AND UUUUUNICORNS!!1!1one!!!" Yeah that went as expected. Related, Astute Observation o' the Day: "Leftists who say they question everything seldom do; there are plenty of questions they don’t want to ask."

-Now there's an item to slash from the budget: Farm subsidies. Why are American taxpayers paying American farmers to not grow anything? While food prices continue to rise? I get most of my groceries from Winco. Just in the last five or six years, a loaf of bread has almost doubled in price. And that's the cheap bread, the house brand. And it's fallen dramatically in quality, with less bread and more air, and it molds faster than it used to.

Cops hate students and want them to be raped, Chapter MMDCCCLXXX. "Are we thinking that campus cop Derek Myers has never seen a young girl shaking with shock after being raped on the University of Memphis campus? How could anyone see such a thing and not wish that the victim had been armed?"

There are several obvious answers....

Speaking of enemies of civilization, this is what you get when government runs the schools. Well, government and unions. Like there's a difference anymore.

In Lighter News

On this day in 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American in space.

When I say "fabbers", high-tech machines into which you put raw ingots of whatever and out of which you take Finished Product, this is kinda what I mean.

Remember the Madison Five? Innocent citizens exercising Constitutional rights, robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint by thugs in uniform? Little bit of justice. I say "little" because the thugs aren't facing any penalties whatsoever. They should be swinging from streetlights in public view. What will happen instead is, the department and/or city will make some kind of settlement AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE and there will be no lessons learned, until a thug finally is righteously executed in self-defense.

And if you think that was "incendiary rhetoric", take a peek at the 105-at-last-count comments on that article by Massad Ayoob.


Results from the IPSC shoot: I was 7th of 26 overall, 10th in Stage One, 4th in Stage Two, the same in Stage Three, and 8th in Stage Four. Not bad for half a year since my last live rounds. Dry practice does work.

2881 Friday, 6 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Neverending $tre$$....


Judges hate citizens and want them to be slaves. Two more instances of innocent citizens being robbed at gunpoint for the "crime" of exercising that Constitution thingy. The law is wrong. Those who enforce it are the true criminals.

Related, elitist hypocrisy from the usual elitist hypocrites.

We've established that police are a clear and present danger to public safety. They're not even safe from each other.

In Lighter News

Leaving aside the rightness or wrongness of whose side is which in Libya, Michael G. sends article on field-expedient fighting vehicles. Which could have Threeper applications.

No more blog tonight, playing Far Cry 2....

2882 Saturday, 7 May 2011: In this morning's Inbox, I discover I have received another shockingly huge reader donation.

Gunfolk are the best.

But The World, It Still Sucks

Got a little part-time work today, my first actual "legitimate employment" in almost fourteen months. And that ends tomorrow. Anyhow I'm busy and tired so email's behind again.

Michael G. sends Gunwalker.

Oh look, they've brought back taxation without representation.

TSA is "...[A]...disgrace to the American tradition of ordered liberty."

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. I'll be out working.

2883 Sunday, 8 May 2011:

The World Sucks

The car's wiper motor is, perhaps not dead, but there's a gear or belt somewhere stripped. And that made for some Interesting Times while driving all the heck over the city delivering Mother's Day flowers in typical Oregon Spring weather.

Which job is now at an end. So I'm again incomeless. And tomorrow I must go to U-Pull-It to fix the *&^% wipers.

Still Project Gunwalker. I've been reading Day by Day for years. It's like an anti-Doonesbury.

And GBU was the first DVD I ever bought.

Cops. What are they good for? Why do we even have them? They're not "protecting and serving" us.

The border. -Remember I'm anti-prohibition. If the stuff weren't illegal it wouldn't be worth much and the cartels wouldn't bloody exist. As for the "haaaarrrmmm to sociiiiety" from drug use, what have we got now? Everyone who has the slightest contact with that world is corrupted, our most indispensable rights are ashes, and we're being taxed into serfdom to pay for our own enslavement.

In Lighter News

The Sipsey St. article above references ultralight aircraft used to smuggle drugs. The Threeper applications should be glaringly obvious, as with the field-expedient fighting vehicles Michael G. sent the other day, and the submersibles they've been using for years.

2884 Monday, 9 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Gah. Tearing apart the various fairings and liners to access the wiper motor, to discover what parts I would need before driving to U-Pull-It, it appears a simple nut has loosened, thus loosening the spline attachment for the linkage arm for the wipers. So sometimes the spline teeth grabbed and sometimes they didn't. All this was on the underside of the motor so it wasn't obvious the last three times I looked. During yesterday's pull-over-reach-out-grab-the-wipers-and-pull-to-get-them-moving-again, the nut fell completely off. Fortunately it was trapped inside, with its lock-washer, and I've put it back on tightly. I think the wipers are fixed without having to spend money at the junkyard.


Cricket has restricted my bandwidth again, which sucks mightily. Clear still has no coverage at the hovel and I can't afford to switch anyway....

By remarkable coincidence, a door-to-door Comcast contractor knocked at the hovel today and they do have a just-internet-and-nothing-by-God-else option, $30/month for six months, $50/month thereafter, no contract. From my time in tech support, I know they're usually the fastest, but EvilWoman and Woodworker say they have a habit of raising rates and changing rules. OTOH they have TV and phone too.

Encore l'Gah.

The Other Side advocates genocide. And works very hard to facilitate it.

What's the definition of "terrorist"?

Speaking of, Og has a peek inside the "liberal" mind. And here's another. Who's a "violent bigot"?

First Amendment repealed, no film at eleven. And cops don't even wonder anymore why we hate them.

In Lighter News

Um... my car's not as broken as I thought it was?

Boresighting. Um, yeah? That's how I started when mounting the Tasco to the M100. You mean people don't know that?

You know what makes a gun ugly? Rails. Big fat dangly rails make a gun ugly. Make it bolt-on, like those S&W TSW pistols from a few years ago, or lose it altogether and leave the barrel smooth. Also contemplate some redesign on the sight rib - maybe just leave it solid.

I still have not performed this experiment.

Bootleg lightbulbs! I'll be the next Al Capone!

2885 Tuesday, 10 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Unemployment claims denied.

No responses from several applications, either direct or through the Employment Department. The weekend's delivery driving was cash, off-grid. Such as that was - most of it went to fuel and groceries.

Still more Project Gunwalker. Note the last - the Bradys say grandma protecting herself against home invasions is baaaad, but the US government deliberately sending weapons to Mexican drug gangs is just fine. -You know sometimes, in a "debate", when one side falls silent, it's not because they've given up on the argument - it's because they've recognized the other side as violently insane, and are too busy loading their rifles to talk.

Yesterday Oleg linked a German RKBA site. I sent the URL to a longtime friend with an interest in German culture. Here's part of what I got back:

"So she is being denied her preferred method of defense because she's either too lazy or too rigid to take a few classes in shooting safety. I remain unimpressed..."

To which I replied:

I do not argue for the sake of arguing.

Requiring government permits to exercise the fundamental human right of self-defense

As evil as "literacy" tests for black voters fifty years ago.

As evil as the gelber stern, in all its forms and all the centuries of its history.

I am really alarmed you can't or won't grok that. You appear to have a worldview wherein people must have some "authority"'s permission to live and breathe. That mindset has led to the most horrific atrocities throughout history.


Any bureaucrat, or government thug, who won't take "NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS" for an answer should be killed. Before the cattle cars and ovens and pyramids of skulls, because throughout history, however benign and "compassionate" and "common sense" such policies seem at the time, THAT IS WHERE THEY INEVITABLY LEAD.

I am not f***ing kidding.

How can people be so weak-minded that they can't even imagine living without someone else's permission?

And how can "people" be so evil that they can't live without having power over others?

The other day, 'round the net went the story of how half of Detroit is illiterate. Dr. Pournelle reports on... I don't even know how to snark the latest government-school nonsensicalness in California.

Some years ago I first started using the phrase, "The eco-freaks won't be happy until we're all living in caves, wearing loincloths, and dying of the common cold at age 40." AND I WAS RIGHT.

How is this not a blatant threat of kidnapping, armed robbery and/or terroristic violence against innocent citizens, under color of authority? How is this not... the same thing with criminal-incompetence sprinkles on top? Why do cops still think they're the GOOD guys?

I repeat, it's not paranoia when the government really is tracking you by satellite for the "crime" of exercising that Constitution thingy.

In Lighter News

Campus safety improvement in Texas.

2886 Wednesday, 11 May 2011:

The World Sucks

$till no job. Once in a while, a semi-automated "Don't-call-us-we'll-call-you" email from one of the resumes I send out. Or asking for nineteen years of employment history!? Most of those places no longer exist.

Project Gunwalker....

Global arms registration database? Time to learn how to use a mill. If I'll be running bootleg lightbulbs, I might as well also run bootleg volksgewehren und volkspistolen. -Ammunition? Beside the obvious, knock over a Revenooer armory, that's how they did it ninety years ago. And our taxes paid for that stuff anyway, right? We have a claim.

Hey look, cops still hate citizens and want them to die.

No, really. It looks like they just murdered another Marine.

All cops look the same to me.

"Violently insane", I said yesterday. In their own words. -Whuzzat, "out of context"? And what "context" should it be in?


So a guy asks his broker what he should invest in.... Yeah it's really not funny anymore. Quote o' the Election Cycle: "Confident citizens do not usually buy record amounts of guns and gold."

Repeat: every government/union-operated school in the country should be burned to the ground. Every member of the NEA and all teachers' unions should be rounded up and deported.

But who would take them? -Not that I care....

In Lighter News

You know how, when you buy a handgun from out of state, you have to pay FFL fees and other related nonsense? In the news, SAF is tackling the issue. Yes there are questions of ideological purity, using the blatantly totalitarian and unConstitutional NICS as justification. Increments. Dismantle GCA68, piece by piece. Then move on to NFA34....

For example, movement in Wisconsin.

Nuclear power? Didn't I say, "Hire some Navy guys to build it"? Yeah. Kinda like that.

The July 2011 issue of Guns magazine is archived.

2887 Thursday, 12 May 2011:

The World Sucks



Disarmament kills, Chapter MMDCCCLXXXVII. We've tried it their way. We know it doesn't work. Yet they insist we must "Do it again, harder!"

"A legal system, not a justice system."

And that system is broken all to pieces. Never trust a cop of any kind. They are all power-addicted sadists.

And dangerously incompetent.

TTAG observes AARP. I've known that for years.

Boeing bugs out, government orders company to commit suicide. If they were deliberately trying to destroy the American economy what would government be doing different?

Lack of progress in Texas.

Lack of trust in Montana.

In Lighter News

Ahhh, my Cricket connection speed has reset. So instead of just-barely-measurably-faster-than-dialup it's just ordinarily slow. Still need to change provider$, $ometime.

Improvement in Missouri? I remember SACMO featuring in Unintended Consequences....

Improvement in Ohio?

And Puerto Rico? If it's US territory, the US Constitution applies. Period.

First Amendment suit in Phoenix.

More examination of the lack of modern Army riflery. The Marines do still teach real riflery, yah?

One of the$e day$ I need to do another Appleseed....

The May 1961 issue of Guns magazine is archived.

Yeah last weekend, I was srsly considering something like this:

Of course now it stops raining, but I think I've identified and corrected the problem.

2888 Friday, 13 May 2011:

The Suckage, It Won't Stop


Yesterday I questioned the anti-self-defense gang's motives. One seriously has to ask what effect they really want to have on society.

Speaking of an effect on society, what have "laws" wrought?

Bloody damn terrifying news from Indiana. Anyone coming through your door without your permission deserves to be killed, Magic Badge or no. That is one of the founding principles of this nation. Any thug who objects should be hung from the nearest streetlight.

The thugs behind this atrocity need the same treatment. The creatures proposing and enforcing these laws are evil and deserve to die.

I question their motives too. I have a pretty good idea why they want special protection for themselves and none at all for us. That's just the kind of animals they are.

And the prohibitionists should get the next lamp down.

On the border between Worldsuckage and Lighter News, another report of sheeple following GPS to their doooomm. Not for the first time neither. HOW in the nine billion names of GAWD can any allegedly-human being living in the 21st Century NOT BE ABLE TO READ A FREAKING MAP!?

In Lighter News

SAF tackles Illinois.

Texas takes on TSA. Aww yeah.

Yeah this is why I won't be getting a smart phone. I'll stick with TracFone, thxbai.

TTAG reviews the Ruger 1911.

As expected, I couldn't finish Clancy's Dead or Alive before due date, nor could I even start Flint's 1636: The Saxon Uprising, so they're back in the queue. Continuing Drake & co.'s Battlestations.

Piles of video to watch, for example Blake's 7, the late-70s British SF series. Wavin' their ray-guns about, RULE TWO YOU INEXPRESSIBLE MORONS!

2889 Saturday, 14 May 2011:

The World Sucks

I think the car needs new brake pads.

Firehand has more on Indiana declaring war on citizens, as do Alvie (click through for more on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC) and Kevin, and even folks outside the usual gunblogosphere. I repeat, anyone coming through your door without your permission deserves to die.

Never trust a cop of any kind. They are all liars and thieves.

And worse. Two Chicago Police officers charged with sexually assaulting a drunk young woman while on duty are guilty only of “an indiscretion” and “bad decisions,” defense attorneys say. Because they're special. If one of us had done even a fraction of that, these same rapists-in-uniform would be gleefully electrocuting us. Attention cops: This is why we hate you. You don't even know you're evil.

In Lighter News

LoyalReader suggests a GOP ticket for 2012: Condoleeza Rice and Sarah Palin, either way. I... don't know. I seem to recall something about Condi grokking the value of RKBA, some anecdote about her father patrolling against the Klan - but there was something which turned me off about her; selling out Israel to the jihadists, Neville Chamberlain-like? And after so many years exposed to Beltway Fever, would she still recognize us taxpaying peasants as human beings? As for Sarah, the Other Side's gibbering unhinged hatred of her is alone reason enough to vote for her - but how would she be, really, policy-wise? Anyway the ticket could be used to throw the race-and/or-sex cards back in the enemy's face, obviously.

Related, remember when I had blood squirting from my eyes at the thought of a Newt/Sarah ticket? It's looking like that won't be happening, gods be thanked.

Trivia: Midwest reader reports SP101 grips will fit a GP100. I did not know that.

A visitor at the hovel!

Because everything is better with kittehs. She seemed quite healthy, not at all malnourished, clean and cuddly, but she was very excited about the seven-year-old can of gooshyfood I set out for her, and after inhaling it entire, demanded more - which I bravely refused 'cause kittygirl, you just ate something the size of your fuzzy little head! Yer gonna puke up half of it later anyway! No collar, though perhaps a faint mark in her fur from one; behavioral cues suggest she's not used to humans, but the way to a cat's heart is through her belleh....


LoyalReader has again generously sponsored me, this time to a Garand match at my old club, Clark Rifles, of which I can no longer afford to be a member. There will be video. It's been... holy crap, two weeks short of a full year since I fired a live round from the Queen.

And there ain't nuthin' wrong with the rifle. This was Course A, the short course, total 35 rounds, 30 for score. First was slow prone, five sighters and ten for score in 15 minutes, best ten for score, 91/1X:

My $100 ChiCom Konus 90x scope loses resolution and light anywhere above about 60x, and if you set off the rifle anywhere near the scope the innards vibrate and lose focus, so I couldn't see where I was hitting in the black - just that it wasn't in the white anymore. Upon scoring this stage I went up a few more clicks.

This was followed by rapid prone from standing, ten in 70 seconds, or 80 if a bolt-action is on the line, 81/0X; at this match, at this club, the rule for the M1 was to load two (or five) and close the bolt over the top round, so you start with an empty chamber; this is a relatively recent change and I'm not sure if it's CMP-wide or just this club - I recall Appleseed adopted a similar rule for their rapid-position stages:

Hey, it's been a year. Likely an incorrect position and maladjusted sling. Still minute-of-uniformed-rapist though. Last, slow standing, ten in ten minutes, 83/0X:

Total score 255/1X, tied for 6th of 12 overall (awaiting official results):

Pins were given for certain scores:

I know I can get me a couple of those. Just not today. I used handloads from my last Big Batch of '06, which was probably a couple years ago - they'd aged some and I had to go up a bunch of clicks from where I remembered, but that's what the five sighters are for. This batch used pulled bullets donated by SMLE Fan, nothing wrong with those either. Particularly in standing I was calling my flyers - the Queen put them right where I told her to. I trust this rifle. Naturally she functioned flawlessly, and in rapid prone I had a fairly smooth reload. I wore one of my Appleseed shirts of course, which may have helped ensure every shot scored. ;) Video should be ready in a day or three.


2890 Sunday, 15 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Burn down all government schools, Chapter MMDCCCXC.

In chat, SavaShip points out that Appleseeds may no longer be safe to attend, since they started letting cops shoot free. Dang.

Specifically: "Protect and Serve" who? What kind of subhuman filth treats an innocent human being this way?

It's all related: Robb Allen weighs in on the destruction of the Fourth Amendment and the declaration of open war by cops on citizens.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

The July/August 2011 issue of American Handgunner is archived.

2891 Monday, 16 May 2011: Holy pooping poop. Another astoundingly-generous reader donation.

The World Sucks

Still no effing job.


We're already boycotting airlines and airports, yes? When my sister's car got wrecked by an Asian Woman Driver down here at the hovel some years ago, I put her on a Greyhound back to the Puget Sound, and they wand-raped her right there in front of me at the bus station, so we're not taking the bus anymore. Now let's boycott Amtrak too.

Question o' the Day: "Is this not the very definition of a police state?"

Indeed it is. Codrea has background and WRSA has more links, and a related observation: "If we are honest, we have to admit that as of this moment, Jim-Bob in his SWAT outfit and total submission mindset is a helluva lot more dangerous to Joe and Jane American than your standard-issue Muslim extremist."

That's right, cops, we're calling you worse than bin Laden. Police, judges and government attorneys have declared themselves to be the enemies of civilization.

There are no good cops. They all protect each other.

And too many sheeple still believe cops are the good guys.

In Lighter News

Trump says he won't run. Good. But what will?

Partial answer: Who's "racist"? -Now lately I've been getting some brain-itch about Allen West, specifically his support of the PATRIOT Act. SMLE Fan, you wanna weigh in?

More action in Illinois. With numerous imperfections.

Reader sends, ..."[T]he First Amendment works both ways...."

I see these (and their kin) at the shows, and I want one, just because it throws a honkin' humongous bullet.

The Unwanted Blog has the Holy Effing Ess Moment o' the Day.

Official Garand match results, 6th of 13. Not bad for a year off, and I know the rifle is reliable and accurate - the flyers in slow-standing went exactly where I jerked them, you know that mental snapshot of your front sight at the instant of firing.

And it was still minute-of-thug. At 200 yards. Without a scope. Don't tick off the Americans.

2892 Tuesday, 17 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Yeah I'm pretty $crewed.

Job interview tomorrow morning, driving for some company. Hate interviews.... Sending out more applications and resumes, assembly/production, courier driving, dispatch/call-center.


More unstable freaks in black robes. The disconnect, between their ivory towers and our real lives, is irreparable.

You know, I'm not seeing or hearing anything in MSM or "conservative" media about Indiana repealing the Fourth Amendment and giving every cop in the state nation a license to rob, rape and murder with impunity. Am I missing it, or is it just not there? "Nice TV station you got here. Wouldn't want anything to happen to it...."

They're all like that. Every single law enforcement officer in the nation is a declared enemy of the citizens. They are all evil, and deserve to be killed, in righteous self-defense, by their intended victims.

Speaking of complete contempt for the Constitution and basic human rights, more of the same in California.

Not to forget Philadelphia. "If one listens to the audiotapes [which I do not have the stomach for], it's hard to imagine how a reasonable person could charge Fiorino (and not the cops) for disorderly conduct." Yeah, well, "reasonable persons" have been declared enemies of the state.

I take my pistol to the bathroom with me. Seriously. And I've been keeping the Queen loaded, for the armor. Anyone coming through my door without my permission is there to steal everything I own and very probably murder me. I really don't see how I have anything to lose.

As for the economy, "insane" seems an inadequate description. If they WERE deliberately trying to destroy America, WHAT WOULD THEY BE DOING DIFFERENT?

In Lighter News

Improvement in Missouri, not least where ivory-tower-ite Bloomberg is concerned.

Faithful readers may recall my skepticism regarding the XM25 proximity-fused grenade launcher. Eventually I observed reports from the grunts using it and ceased my objections. More of the same. On such matters, those are the only votes which count.

2893 Wednesday, 18 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Gah. I think the interview went well - I'd be using my own car, making route deliveries of documents and such. I'm expecting a call back tomorrow, and an orientation Sunday. Driving seems to be a lot less uptight and control-freaky than other jobs.

If I do get the job, there would still be the usual payroll lag, meaning I'd still be $crewed - but with an actual job I could borrow money from friends and family with the expectation of paying it back.

Effing $tre$$.

Gunwalker. Lieberman is no friend of ours.

Armed robbery in uniform. THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED.

It's not paranoia if the federal government really is interrogating 13-year-olds over Facebook postings.

Another observation of the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC.

Yeah, it's really freaky that Ginsberg is on our side and Thomas isn't. Really. Damn. Freaky.

And the sheeple keep reading their tabloids and watching their basketball games....

A lot of us are going to stay home and clean our rifles on election day. And that... could be bad. -I voted Perot in '92. Yes, Clinton was my fault.

In Lighter News

St. Louis GRE Hoffman Hofmann gets some "recognition".

Yyyyyeah don't want no "smart" phone.

The Garand match video is taking longer than expected. One problem is, rifle shooting is just not as spectator-worthy as IPSC, or even bowling pins, so it's harder work making it look cool. Also I'm still discovering new features in PowerDirector. -Ooo, split screen! I had two cameras recording my rapid-prone stage. I hope I can make it to the next Wolverton IPSC "USPSA-style" shoot, 'cause now I have three cameras....

2894 Thursday, 19 May 2011:

The World Sucks

Sitting in the hovel, waiting for a phone call....

Making my second run through Far Cry 2 to take my mind off it....

Getting bored and driving to DMV to get the requested printout of my record.... A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised, and I was by how quickly my business there was done.

Tinkering more with the Garand match video - maybe ¾ done, it will probably be well over ten minutes. My wireless mouse (bundled with a wireless keyboard I rarely use) jitters a lot when I try to make fine movements, and video editing is all delicate mouse movements; if I get paychecks again one of the first things I'll buy is a regular USB mouse. And maybe a better pad.

Project Gunwalker won't go away. This ain't the blogger-in-pajamas stereotype. This is top-level investigative journalism, the kind MSM doesn't even know how to do anymore, with major national and Constitutional implications.

The murder of Jose Guerena, USMC, isn't going away either. Language warning. This American Marine's murderers should be publicly executed. Moreso because they murdered under color of authority.

More ivory-tower bigotry in California.

Remember the "literacy" tests for black voters? Cops still hate citizens and want them to die. The very notion of begging government permission for the most basic human right is evil.

We've been boycotting Pizza Hut and Dominos for years, because both have repeatedly fired delivery drivers who exercised that most basic human right, even after jumping through all the evil hoops of government permitting. Add Walgreen's to the list.

More yet on the destruction of the Fourth Amendment (don't tell me you don't have it memorized). -I listen to talk radio when I'm driving and not often else. LoyalReader sez Rush mentioned it Monday or Tuesday - I'm looking for transcripts or recordings.

Who's "racist"? Chapter MMDCCCXCIV.

In Lighter News

Quotes. O'. The Day.

The usual blinders firmly in place from government agencies. Come the Zombocalypse, or Katrina redux or encore l'Fukushima, I would want plenty of weapons, to defend myself against the real threat to public safety.

Action in Florida.

From the libertarian point of view, this is a correct and proper ruling, at least incrementally.

Some libertarians are advocates of open borders - I'm not. But Eric at Classical Values separates open borders and humanitarian issues from citizenship and demographic warfare. Hmm.

Larry Correia gets out his flaying knives for the psychotic elitists. Visual aid.

Last night was the ACSWW meeting; I'm now the newsletter editor and official photographer. LoyalReader dragged me off to it, and treated me to Nomgolian again. Later back at the hovel, he helped decipher the split screen feature in PDR9. I'm learning more about video editing - fun stuff. Discovering new and powerful features (i.e. the Ken-Burns-documentary slow-zoom-and-pan, though I'm not using it in this production), imagining two- and even three-camera setups. Could use some assistant videographers but no one goes shooting with meee, they're always broke or wife-restrained or eated bai skwirelz or something....

Finally the call comes, for an orientation meeting Sunday afternoon. Does that mean I have a effing job finally? Gah, still don't know.

2895 Friday, 20 May 2011:

The World Sucks

$tre$$? Do I have a job or don't I?

Michael G. points to the transcript of Rush noticing the Fourth Amendment being repealed. "'We believe ... a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence,' [Indiana State Supreme Court "justice" Steven] David said...."

Michael also sends background. And Mitch Daniels, the governor who appointed the judge who made the I-can't-believe-he-said-that-out-loud statement above, is supposedly on the list for the GOP Presidential nomination?

Let me be clear:

To "resist an unlawful police entry"

for the


If you're not stockpiling ammunition, you're not paying attention. How can any cop be even a little bit in favor of this ruling and still believe they're not worse than what they claim to be protecting us from? Where are these mythical "good cops" who believe in the Constitution and human rights? (Ah, there he is. Quite likely the... "Only One".)

We no longer have the rule of law. Only the "law" of the rulers.

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual." --Thomas Jefferson to Isaac H. Tiffany, 1819.


If the Constitution isn't dead yet, it's not for lack of attempts to kill it. It's really shocking that these people are actually saying these things out loud.

Dr. Pournelle examines the United States' new Middle East policy. Some stories write themselves....

Pima County cops are still getting away with the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. Pima County cops deserve to be publicly executed for their many crimes.

Speaking of murderers with badges, TSA are trying to get you killed. A free society should not even have a police force. Cops should not EXIST. That-there's the terrifying truth the sheeple's minds, and the fascists', flinch away from.

Snark o' the Day: "They keep this up, pretty soon people will start idolizing criminals again like they did in the 1930s."

In Lighter News

Not sure it belongs in "lighter" news: More Praxis. Srsly I need some PT. Having a job would at least get me out of bed....

I wish more cops would sleep on duty. Instead of robbing and murdering citizens.

Hey look, that First Amendment thingy works both ways.

Contemplating this for the ancient NEC laptop. Mostly I need it to work with the old 802.11b card, and to have a browser through which I can access my YouTube channel, for wardriving and uploading the huge .MPGs PDR9 spits out on TowerZilla under XPP64. OpenOffice and the like would be nice to have....

Holy Pooping Poop, the Garand video came out at 14 minutes 39 seconds, and a whopping 624Mb. Last time I went wardriving with the ancient NEC laptop the poor thing almost caught fire, and didn't stay connected to the library network. Not entirely sure how I'm'a get this thing uploaded.

But it's my biggest and most technically-proficient video yet, with a cool split-screen two-camera view of my rapid-prone stage. And there is more this software can do. Much more. Video tutorials are available and I don't have the bandwidth for those either.

Okay it's ready, but unlisted until I hear back from the match directors, and Mr. R and Mr. E. I'd like their approval before I switch it public.

It used to be, the public library wouldn't let you plug USB stuff into their computers. Some time ago that changed, so as I was out on other errands today I happened to have the file with me on an SD card, and happened to have my old USB card reader along, and happened to be passing near a branch library. Half an hour to upload 624Mb with what the librarian described as a T4 connection.

2896 Saturday, 21 May 2011: No Rapture? Crap, that means I still have to pay the rent.

The World Sucks

European reader sends MSM news on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. There.Are.No.Good.Cops.

They all hate you and want you to die.

Government schools. Yeah we should give them more money! >:-[

Gun Week posts Part II of their series on BATFU. (Unfortunately the link to Part I appears to be dead.)

In Lighter News

The Garand match video is now public.

Wednesday, when LoyalReader dragged me off to noms and the club meeting, we killed some time at Wholesale Sports, where I looked at a Citadel, another Philippine 1911 clone. It was sorta-Kimber-looking outside, with the usual beavertail, Novak-style sights and gas-pedal controls, but one thing which struck me was the arrangement of the ambidextrous safety:

I also noticed the feed area was polished very much like mine, suggesting they do that at the factory. This is mine:

Then, Midwest reader says:

Speaking of the RIA clones, some time back I had occasion to examine one of the RIA "Tactical" models, with beavertail and ambi safety and Novak clone irons. Beside it on the rack was a Colt XSE, also with beavertail and ambi safety, etc., for double the coin and then some. I examined both, and was struck by the fact that the Colt's right-hand lever was rather wobbly and loosely fitted, with lots of slack to be taken up before it would get to the point where further pressure would cause it to engage or disengage, whereas the RIA's felt solid, like one solid piece of metal running all the way through.... It's a hell of a thing when the cheap "entry-level" 1911 made in a country where you wouldn't drink the water is better fitted than the Hartford product.

The Citadel was marked $499.99. I again point out that the last time mine worked other than perfectly was the last time I used a magazine not made by Chip McCormick. In the store's hardcopy flyer, they list two Hi-Standard 1911s, which may be the same thing (the small newsprint photo looks like it might have the same ambi safety arrangement), $419.99 blued and $439.99 stainless, sale prices. If you're looking for a Real Pistol a mere mortal might actually afford, there they are.

2897 Sunday, 22 May 2011:

The World Sucks


More yet on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. The Civil Cold War is going hot, and the enemy isn't taking near enough casualties.

Visual Aids o' the Day. Words mean things, and this one increasingly fits. This is completely counter to the Founders' intent. It could be called treason if the Constitutional definition were not so specific.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. I'm leaving early for the job-I-hope.


I have to get up at oh-five-hundred in the cursed ay-em to be there, and with the usual payroll lag I'm having to borrow from EvilWoman to get the rent and electricity paid, but at least now I have some expectation of paying it back. (I owe my sister some too.) I'll also need some upgrades - they want me to get a smartphone which will accept a Java application they provide (I guess I'll wrap it in foil when I'm not using it?), and to upgrade my car insurance. I'll also be wanting a driver's GPS. The almighty internet can provide the latter; the employer offers a smartphone package at $225 to activate and $25/month without contract, which they can deduct from my pay, but I'll be looking for cheaper options. The insurance upgrade, according to Geico's site (whatever else might be said about Geico, their website is well-designed), is not an insurmountable increase, about $11/month (currently $56.74). There are U-Pull-It visits in the future after all - the lighter socket (to power the gadgets) appears to not work, and my multimeter is dead so I can't really test it; and there are several little things I'd like replacement parts for.

Gah. I hope this is a job I'll hate less - certainly it's a change from everything I've done before. Technically I'm an independent contractor; I filled out a different kind of IRS form. Whatever, as long as the paychecks don't bounce.

2898 Monday, 23 May 2011: Yeah I have a job now. Lots of driving, some getting lost, much searching-in-vain-for-parking-followed-by-a-lot-of-hiking-to-stops-in-the-same-area-when-I-finally-find-a-space. Then laundry and dinner at EvilWoman's place, back late. Normally I should be done by early afternoon. Also, the deliveries come in waves, with light days and heavy, and peaks at the middle and end of the month.

Pretty soon I hope to stop needing to post my expenses.... I did get a little more banner-space revenue from LuckyGunner, not as much as last time 'cause they didn't get... hardly any traffic from my reloading pages. Everything helps, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Most of it's actually covered now, I'll remove it as it's paid.

Ohio reader warns about Independent Contractor status not automatically withholding for the Ponzi scheme, meaning I'd be robbed at gunpoint for it later. Investigating.

Shopping for GPS and phone, which they now tell me must be Droid instead of Java. One counter-dude said to not get separate units and use the GPS app on the phone. Your recommendations are welcome, bearing in mind my unending financial restraints. As for the GPS, the ability to enter and plot an itinerary of multiple stops would be very useful; a couple other counter-dudes advised to look for free map updates (some providers charge), but if the smartphone will do that work that would save money.

The car's lighter socket was just a *&^%$ fuse. Woodworker helped me diagnose it. So there's one less thing I have to pay for, except for the $3.39 pack of fuses. -While shopping for GPS, I see most only have car power to charge their batteries, and few have AC adapters. There are AC converters allowing you to plug car accessories into the wall, but now the car's socket is fixed anyhow.

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker... or not. But BATFU is hustling some folks out the door. They have plenty to hide.

And it's the Information Age, so hiding is a lot harder now.

Anyhow I get to listen to Rush more now, and the guy following him who, well, lacks presentation IMO but anyway he was running clips of some NFL player ethnic-identity preacher who predicted a raaaaace war if there is no NFL season this year. Like, "Give us the bread and circuses or we'll burn Rome to the ground." And I was thinking, "That's how genocides happen - the majority gets the poo scared out of them by stuff exactly like that from the minorities, and even the folks who wouldn't shove them into the cattle cars are terrified and/or disgusted enough by the minority's own behavior to look the other way when someone else operates the ovens." And now comes this. And to my mind, it meshes. Me, I leave people alone and I require the same in return.

But that's not what we get. First comment: "I like how ignorance of the law is no excuse for you and me but it actually IS an excuse for the cops." And, assault & battery aren't crimes when they do it.

"[C]ompletely unjustified brutality."

Still more on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. Shooting first and asking questions later is not the "civility" the Fourth Amendment demands of government agents.

And other murders. Cops only know how to steal and kill, and lie about it.

In Lighter News

Action in Illinois.

Codrea reviews the May 1961 issue of Guns (which I already have archived).

The bayonet will never be obsolete.

2899 Tuesday, 24 May 2011: Another day driving. Finished at 11am actually, but tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be very heavy.

Cruffler pointed out 1SaleADay a while back and I dropped it into my daily blogtrawl. You have to check it every day, as the offerings are always different. Today it's a Magellan RoadMate 1424, which specifies "multi-destination routing", for only fifty bucks plus five shipping. Researching though, the 1424-LM comes with free lifetime map updates, while the plain 1424, which this appears to be, does not. And if I'll be getting a(n evil) smartphone anyway, which is supposed to be able to do this work, I'll save the money.

The World Sucks

Gunwalker. Michael G. sends more from WND, pointing out no mention at all of Codrea or Vanderboegh, though MamaLiberty corrects this in comments.

Former paratrooper Hofmann has more on the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. Cops are making real enemies. If Sheriff Dupnik's SWAT teams are to become the norm for law enforcement in America, it would seem that private citizens need a more "unbelievable amount of firepower." The purpose of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is to protect CITIZENS against GOVERNMENT.

More still from all over the blogo-sphere.

Quote & Visual Aids o' the Day.

And it's not just Our Kind taking notice. All cops are self-declared enemies of the citizens. "If the law... no longer protects us then it no longer protects them either."

More bigotry in Minnesota.

Oh now we have to boycott Disneyland? Or burn it to the ground, either one.

In Lighter News

Gyargh, today's library queue-coughing-up-ness includes Ringo's The Hot Gate and Correia's Hard Magic. Setting aside Drake's Battlestations again, starting with the Ringo.

The Rapture FAIL explained!

This is not the M1 Garand training video I already had. Thanks, SMLE Fan.

Review of the Mossberg 930 autoloader. The rear sight seems about right - screwdriver-adjustable for windage and elevation and then you leave it, 'cause this is a shotgun, not a battle rifle. Now all it needs is a bayonet lug.

TTAG reviews the Mossberg 100ATR rifle, a frill-less .308 which actually has sights (not sights to my standards, but presumably a receiver sight can be fitted) and should be in the neighborhood of $400.

KittyGirl's back! She looks like a housecat - clean, energetic, no visible scars or parasites - but acts feral, hissing at me between facerubs. Only gave her half the can this time. ...And several, several-year-old Pounce treats....

SEE??! SEE?!? Oleg doesn't like the rail either!!

2900 Wednesday, 25 May 2011: Another day driving. Not really sucking so far, I guess. Surely I can use the exercise from parking-and-hiking.

The World Sucks

Hofmann reports on more hating-us-and-wanting-us-to-die. Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda states,"In my opinion, [AK-47 rifles and other high-powered semiautomatic assault weapons] exist for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to kill." And that's why there's one in every cop car. Just ask Jose Guerena.

TTAG reports bigotry in Rhode Island.

Your new car will be spying on you. Oh I think we can find a way to turn it off....

Texas vs. TSA: The Empire Strikes Back. It's not about our safety and never has been.

Alvie has more data on the fearmonger I mentioned the other day. Who's "racist"?

Meanwhile in Denmark, "legislation forbidding the sale of food products with added vitamins as threat to public health." Not. Making. This. Stuff. Up.

"If they have a warrant, and break into your home, you get killed. If they don’t have a warrant, and you tell them to go get one, you get killed." War has been declared on innocent citizens and the entire American way of life. Why aren't we fighting that war? Why are we letting these rabid vermin continue to draw breath?

Hey, I think I don't desperately need y'all's awesomely-humbling charity anymore! But there's someone else who does. He does a half-dozen webcomics with occasional right/libertarian bits.

While driving around, I'm listening to more talk radio than I used to. One of the local talkers here is Bob Miller, who's been a local talker for decades. He was yakking about some high school somewhere deciding to test all students attending the prom for alcohol. I guess he's supposed to be some kind of "conservative", but he threw out analogies to being searched while attending ball games, describing this as "normal", and then started parroting J-Nap, "If you don't like it, you don't have to go." That is not what America is supposed to be. >:-[

In Lighter News

More Guns, Less Crime. CAN I GET A "DUH"?!

Last week, Mr. E., one of the nationally-ranked Garand shooters at my old club, invited me to a Much Bigger Match at another club this Saturday - an eight hundred point 200yd Vintage Military Rifle match, for which the Queen is entirely qualified. I want to, but I expect to be genuinely pooped from all the parking-and-hiking. Next time I hope. Likewise I wonder if I can make it to the Wolverton IPSC "USPSA style" shoot on Sunday - with the expectation of income, I think I can afford the drive and the fee, but might lack the steam. Then, on 9 July, Mr. E. invites me to a 500-point match at 200, 300 and six hundred yards at yet another club. I've never loosed the Queen past 300, though I have no doubt she can reach twice as far. Alas that is the same day as another CMP JCG match at the first club, and since I know I can get bragworthy national ranking out of that, it must be my first choice. After all, it's been a year, I feel I should ease myself back into riflery. Also, I'll be running out of previously-made rounds soon and am already out of rifle bullets, and I don't yet know how much this job is really going to pay - I think there's some formula for the number of deliveries made. Tomorrow is supposed to be particularly heavy.

Speaking of the Queen, official CMP results from the last match. I thought Mr. R. won, but he's not even listed - maybe a SNAFU with his scorecard. Anyway that makes me 5th of 11, but I'll go with what the match director emailed to us.

2901 Thursday, 26 May 2011: Still not sucking. And based on experience, that makes me nervous. -I am worried about increased wear-and-tear on the car, but eyeing the mileage, I'm not driving much farther per day than I used to for all those cursed all-the-way-across-town assembly jobs. Though this driving is different, many stops and starts, hard steering, etc., while the commutes were mostly on freeways.

If I get my first paycheck next week instead of the week after, I'll be okay.

The Almighty Intarw3bz will provide. This is not the best brand of GPS - I researched a higher model of this brand previously - but the price is very low, and I feel a need for one. Any of y'all got comments or reviews? This one costs nearly twice, but has more favorable reviews. It's still in financial reach, after I get paid.

The World Sucks


Disarmament is racist. Some people have known this longer than others.

What I've seen of Allen West so far is pretty darn good, except I'm really bothered that he voted to extend the PATRIOT Act.

The Cato map of "botched" (I'm sure they consider them all successes) raids and murdered citizens has been around for years. It's updated. This is why we hate cops.

Related, Question o' the Year.

European reader sends: Rabid. Vermin. With badges.

Aaaand Texas caves in.

Not just to TSA. Remember the Ft. Hood Massacre? The Army is broken.

Michael G. gets WoGged again. It's deeply alarming that the other side is saying this stuff out loud. Like they know they can get away with it.

Please tell me this is a hoax. Please? Huxley and Orwell were writing warnings, not instruction manuals!

This is just silly. My sister could whip up one of these in a couple hours. I could probably do it myself in a few days, though it wouldn't be as spiffy.

In Lighter News

Mr. E. says the Garand match is now Garands only, and Mr. R. isn't listed because he used an M1917, which is now covered under the Springfield/Vintage Rifle matches.

Wisconsin moves toward Constitutional Carry, sheeple wet themselves. Baaaaaaa.

Oakland GRE profiles a real American.

Improvement in Cleveland. But did the rabid vermin get the memo?

TTAG has lever-action Science.

2902 Friday, 27 May 2011: My first week as a courier driver is done. Still not sucking. Don't know when I'll get my first paycheck, or how much it will be.

So should I go to Wolverton IPSC Sunday? It's a long drive. But it's fun! I should save money. I can afford another tank of gas, especially if I get paid next week, and I already have that many cartridges made so I don't have to scramble to make more. I don't know if I'm getting paid next week or the week after. Awesome! YouTube! Videos! Starring HatCam!!!!!! I've had more physical activity in the past week than the previous several months. Now I'm supposed to run around an IPSC field, crouching down a hundred times to pick up brass? I have tomorrow off to rest, and there's no work Monday after all so I can rest then too. It's the end of the month and the rabid vermin are out generating revenue 'cause their quotas are due, and they're having "enhanced patrols" for the holiday weekend. That's a good point actually....

Helluva thing, when a citizen of the United States has to factor robbery, assault and murder under color of authority into his recreational plans.

The World Sucks

Yeah, storage rent increase. That's how my world works. Still, they increased the rate for new units some time ago and I've been paying the old rate for years, and it's still a relatively low rate.

It's not that stuff costs more, it's that the dollar is worth less.

Yyyyyeah I still don't want no smartphone.


Codrea guilt-trips gunfolk. And so does Hofmann. ...Well yeah.

Meanwhile in Seattle, the usual lies and discrimination.

Michael G. sends questions no one is answering.

NRAWOL, again.

Sink the Island, Chapter MMCMII: "Freedom of information laws are being misused to harass scientists and should be re-examined by the government, according to the president of the Royal Society." So the... ahem... Final Solution to the Global Warming Climate Change It'sAllHumanity'sFault "debate" is to forcibly silence all dissent. And they call us fascists?

Yeah, only cops can be trusted. Suuuuure.

I don't have the stomach to watch video of the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC.

Remember the Fourth Amendment being repealed in Indiana? No film at eleven.

WTF now we have to boycott Mossberg!?

In Lighter News

Years ago I designed a bumper sticker. Today's Quantum Vibe webcomic explains it. (See also Escape From Terra.)

Speaking of deprivation of rights under color of authority, improvement in New Jersey, of all places.

LoyalReader doesn't grok space colonization. Trapped in a paradigm methinks. Can't wrap his mind around the idea that the stuff we need to live there is already there, just not in the forms we're accustomed to. As for power to process it, solar has to be at least an order of magnitude more efficient up there than down here 'cause there's nothing in the way.

For those of you not recovering from 14 months of unemployment, CTD has a steel-frame Tanfoglio Witness in 9x19mm with bonus .22LR upper for $404.84. Remember also, the post-1993 frame can accept drop-on uppers for those two as well as .45ACP, .40S&W, 10mm, and .38 Super.

Forgotten Weapons has the Holy Grail of handguns. The linked .PDF has photos of the other contestants, some of which I had never seen before.

TTAG reviews my favorite revolver.

2903 Saturday, 28 May 2011:

The World Sucks
Yeah. Like that.

&*^% Oregon in May looks & feels like October. I remember Montana and Wyoming being nicer this time of year. SMLE Fan's already suggested Florida....

That guilt-trip thing from yesterday. I went, I did. Take thirty mothergrapping seconds out of your life. Click, fill out only three fields, and click again. That's. It.

Again with the self-destructive Jews, even in the face of the return of anti-Semitism. Criminally ignorant of their own history.

Speaking of criminal ignorance....

...It seems to be coming from this direction. But I had that figured when I dropped out thirty years ago.

Quote o' the Day (Worldsuckage): What I find most useful about Sarah Palin's political impact is that it causes people to voluntarily sort themselves into the "Elite Bastards" and "Everybody Else" categories.

Speaking of Elite Bastards, the openly-socialist Eurotrash head of the International Monetary Fund (allegedly) rapes a hotel maid and what's the solution from the domestic Elite Bastards? Tax everyone who didn't do it. Just like the anti-self-defense freaks - who are of course almost a full eclipse on a Venn diagram - punishing us for what their constituents do.

And the cancer continues to spread.

Five words to describe the entire American law enforcement community: "...[T]hey want to shoot first." If you're not para bellum, you're not paying attention.

In Lighter News

Uppity in Chicago. That darn pesky First Amendment thingy....

About ¼ 1/3 ½ through (so to speak?) The Hot Gate. Not much SCREAMINGWHITEKNUCKLEBLOODSPATTEREDACTION to begin, certainly not like Ghost, but Ringo makes internal politics and cultural clashes and even fictional-science lectures into a page-turner. You want to find out where he's going with it because you know he's going somewhere.

And besides that, pg154, Quote o' the Day (Lighter): "...[T]he only thing worse than war is the loss of liberty."

The very next in the stack will be Correia's Hard Magic, a standalone which should be equally tasty, considering his first two Monster Hunter books. And there was talk of a Ringo/Correia collaboration....

I've finished my second run through Far Cry 2. Technically a very good game, though I found the plot to be a downer. Poking at Ghost Recon 2, which is more complex.

2904 Sunday, 29 May 2011:

It's Memorial Day weekend and the rabid vermin with badges are holding "enhanced patrols" to feed their revenue greed and sadistic bloodlust.

I am departing at this time for the Wolverton Mtn. Gun Club, 21 miles east of Woodland, WA, for an IPSC shoot. I expect to be back this afternoon no later than 3pm.

If you don't hear from me by then, there's a measurable possibility I've been robbed, beaten, and/or killed for the "crime" of driving a legal car on a public road while exercising other Constitutionally-enumerated rights.

Still think you live in a free country?

Back safe at 2:30pm. Only saw one revenuer all day in fact, near the end on the way back, exiting away from me.

Still... ewww. Just the sight of one of those animals makes my skin crawl.

The World Sucks

To further explain my crawling skin, more analysis of the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. I repeat: Domestic terrorists wear badges, not NRA hats.

Oh hey:

Of course actually using that as a bumper sticker, actually exercising that darn pesky First Amendment thingy, will pretty much guarantee you'll be domestically terrorized.

Which is my point.

Si vis pacem? Para bellum.

BREAKING NEWS: Oath Keepers to rally on Memorial Day in memoriam of murdered Marine.

Ironically, in the current (June 2011) issue of American Rifleman, the Political Report column on pg80, NRA-ILA exec. director Chris Cox interviews the president of the Fraternal Order of Police. Cox: "I know our members appreciate what your members do to keep our communities safe. And I'm proud of the relationship we have on legislative issues." You mean like Barnes v. Indiana? And "keep our communities safe" from what? Who will protect us from them? No, Chris, I don't appreciate how they're "protecting" us at all. The Lairds of Fairfax are dangerously out of touch.

In Lighter News

$igh. Prioritie$....

I WENT SHOOTING!!!11!1!!!!!!ELEVEN!!1!!!

Had my first meaningful malfunction in quite some time with the 1911, the slide stop backed out and jammed the slide in the takedown notch - which I've heard of before. Once I indentified the issue it was an easy fix, but by this time I already had three magazines and as many loose rounds on the ground. But I got it running again and finished the stage. I placed slightly above middle overall in a field of 23 - official results to follow, and video too.

As for that malf, I've a pretty good idea how to address it - file or Dremel a depression in the aft face of the lever, to better engage the plunger. -In fact I see exactly that illustrated in the current American Rifleman, though the intent there is to prevent premature slide lock. It was a learning experience. At least my rounds are good - one shooter had two squibs, I mean the get-out-the-hammer-and-brass-rod kind, fortunately caught before worse happened, and I think another shooter had one as well.

2905 Monday, Memorial Day, 30 May 2011:

Tributes from:

Mallard Fillmore
Classical Values
Smallest Minority
And many others.

The very best people in the history of the world stand, and fall, in defense of this nation.
Thank you.

The World Sucks

They go to the worst places in the world, live in the worst conditions, survive the entire experience, and then get murdered in their own homes by their own government. Why haven't we had a military coup by now? Gods know there's casus belli.

Related - it's all - Michael G. sends meanwhile at TSA. They wear badges too, hm? What the hell do they make those things out of, that faux kryptonite from Superman III?

European reader sends, "Officer Birk was not criminally charged in the shooting." Yes. I understand.

Do you?

SMLE Fan's supposed to be working on something related, but I don't see it yet....

Another reason to never go into a bar. The only people in the place will be either homicidal or suicidal. We. Are. Neither. And the sheeple just can't understand that.

Looky - Israel ain't perfect, particularly their socialist aspects, but they are the Good Guys in the entire region and they have the right to exist and to defend that existence with all necessary force. That is my position on the Jewish Question. I guess I should be... glad? that it's not just me noticing the primarily American problem of the self-destructive Jew. Of course the linked example is meant to be illustrative of far wider implications well outside the specified demographic.

Oh look, what used to be one of the leading industrialized nations in the world is very slowly committing suicide.

When I use those old words of power, para bellum, this is one small piece of what I mean. And even that piece can be looked at from several angles.

In Lighter News

Like there's a difference?

The Hot Gate does finally get around to the Great Big Pile of Dead Rangora (and Horvath Too), Large Objects Smashing Into Each Other, Megajoules and Gigajoules and the Occasional Terajoule Flying All Over the Place. Most obviously, there can't not be more to the story. Beginning Hard Magic, which is clearly marked as the first of a series.

I've slapped together a brief, simple video introduction to yesterday's IPSC, just an explanation of the specific rule and scoring changes. The match winner, BTW, was shooting a Minor with the +25% time penalty. I'm going back to work tomorrow, so I don't know how much steam I'll have for the next video, which will be Stage One (of four) - the more features I discover in PDR9, the longer each video takes to edit, ya know?

2906 Tuesday, 31 May 2011: Back to work. So far still not horrible, but the refrigerator shelves and fuel tank are racing the paycheck ya know.

The World Sucks

Gunwalker, and that long-gun-registry comment thing still. This way is extraordinarily convenient.

Whuzzat? You don't want to be on a list? Dudes. Yer on fifty already.

Directly related, Hofmann takes issue with the purported guardians of our liberties.

While Codrea illuminates institutionalized psychosis. Domestic terrorists wear badges, not NRA hats.

A still more detailed analysis of the murder of Jose Guerena, USMC. I have not watched the video and have no intention to. My life has enough stressors.

And here's a column from another Examiner smooshing the previous two topics firmly together.

Cheyenne GRE Bouchard is still writing columns, and has a bit of a worldsuckage roundup.

The really perverted part is that cops still believe they're the good guys.

And the violent bigots call us violent bigots....

In Lighter News

Oakland GRE profiles a real activist.

Official IPSC USPSA-style results, 11th of 23. Not bad for being out of practice and out of shape, having less than three total minutes of live-fire all day, and tanking one stage due to a malfunction.

I had such an early start this morning I just parked somewhere and read Hard Magic for an hour, waiting for places to open. Yeah. It's tasty. For Our Kind. This ain't no fairies-and-elves, broadswords-and-loincloths fantasy. This is the hard stuff.

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