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2511 - Saturday, 1 May 2010:

The World Sucks

And so does Illinois, still.

Glorious Worker's Paradise Day (several links). >:-[ Commun/social/collectiv-ISM is the most destructive philosophy ever devised by the human mind. Speaking of which, I think a certain webcomic is getting all their "news" from SPLC. Which is too bad, 'cause it was very entertaining until now.

Sorta related, this is where we're headed. Others have been there before.

NRAWOL again?

Making an example. Not the most sympathetic case, but it'll be used as precedent when the next peasant gets uppity. You maybe.

Only Ones in Iowa. "So this sheriff implies that he would act in a dubious manner to deny someone a permit." You mean they ever act in any other way?

In Lighter News

A little perspective. How things have changed....

"Wild West" My Ass.

2512 - Sunday, 2 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Have I not linked this directly before? There's yer gol-darned Thought Police right there. I swear, if someone passed a law against people with birthdays on odd-numbered days, there are people out there who'd enjoy enforcing it. Just to have something to do, and someone to do it to. Guilt or innocence, right or wrong, it doesn't matter. Juries, judges, lawyers on either side, it's just a game to them, and we're the pieces. They don't even see us as people. "...[T]he facts of the case have not changed, only the charges." And, "The negotiator, being a police officer, did what comes naturally to people in that profession. He lied." Law. Bah! If they can't destroy us for violating one law or a hundred, they'll just write a thousand more. It's about control.

And that's not what the Founders intended. Though it is what they foresaw.

Only Ones. STILL. I don't go looking for this stuff, you know, any more than Codrea does. It's everywhere. And clicking through, a pointed analogy. I happen to be very fond of books, too.

Usually commentary on my attempts to be a writer go in the other section, but I've previously mentioned my concern as to how to "handle" the enormous Asian populations in the future. Whedon's Firefly simply integrated them, but there are other "solutions". Some of which they've already applied to themselves, and very easily could and would again. Nor are Caucasians exempt. Any horribleness you want to write into a story, some government somewhere has already done it to their own people and probably still are. Because that's what governments do.

You know, at a certain point, it's not satire anymore.

In Lighter News

With recent reports of badgethuggery in Sheridan-of-all-places-Wyoming, Idaho is back on the list.

Speaking of story ideas....

2513 - Monday, 3 May 2010:

The World Still Sucks

More lies from the control freaks about the militia, the Founders' intent, and the legitimacy of a government monopoly on force.

Another analogy, and more needless deaths.

Another take on the Puerto Rican statehood movement, with consequences intended and un-.


Government schools again. That is so completely astonishingly bizarrely backward I have difficulty wrapping my mind around it.

One thing science fiction author Larry Niven can't be accused of is thinking small. In his Ringworld series, IIRC, he had an emergency stabilization mechanism for the Ringworld's orbit, using some method to generate a solar flare to reach out between the shadow plates and smack the surface of the Ringworld to nudge it back into orbit. Which is lousy for the local real-estate market but, as a last resort in perspective, is an interesting way of saving the other several million times Terra's land area from catastrophe. The reason I bring this up is, Britain needs that treatment right the heck now.

Sooo... asking people, who might be in the country illegally, for proof of citizenship is baaad, but demanding intrusively-comprehensive ID from actual American citizens is a good idea? File this under "Cures Worse Than Diseases". Quote o' the Day from the last link: ...usually “immigration reform” means “cool prizes you get for having illegally sneaked into the U.S."... I don't have the solution, except this one right here. There are a very few things government is supposed to do.

Who's violent?

In Lighter News

I might have found a way to get OpenOffice Writer to hold it's window size, though it's still a nuisance. Close the file with the window at the desired size and position, as opposed to maximized. Even that doesn't always work. Hopefully they'll fix this in a future version. Still, a rather minor annoyance in perspective, for a free bundle of applications which duplicate, and are compatible with, everything of consequence in the Microsoft Office suite.

This sounds like a lot of fun, and good training. I don't currently own a repeating shotgun though, and the Queen would be marginal, operationally, for the rifle stages (not to mention expensive to feed). As for the pistol, one just can't go wrong with a 1911, even a single-column - all you need is more magazines.

Ugliest. Pistol. Evar. (The first one.) It makes a Japanese Type 94 look almost respectable.

2514 - Tuesday, 4 May 2010:

The World Will Suck Forever

Internet bill, $40.51, due at the end of the week and I don't have it. Furthermore it's an automatic deduction from the account so I can't just shave it a couple days.

Snailspam as Oregon's primary election nears. Why am I only getting (expensive, at-least-partly-tax-funded...) mailings from the candidates who want to steal my stuff and give it to parasites? -Oh yeah, this is Oregon. There is no other kind of candidate. For example, a county commissioner candidate's pamphlet says "It's all about jobs". And right next to those words appears: "Endorsed by Congressman Earl Blumenauer", who has never had a real-world job IN HIS LIFE. We know what they are.

Well this was predictable: Times Square bomb plot is our fault.

And Canada sucks too.

Guilty until proven innocent, as per usual. And of course, never talk to police. They are on no one's side but their own.

Speaking of cops, I'm curious: Do they molest their own children too, or just the taxpayers' kids? And do the police unions advertise that as a job perk? So many seem to indulge....

And who the hell would want to join the Army these days?

And this is what's in charge of our public schools. Doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy inside to send your children there? That's just one symptom of an epidemic of idiocy. ButWaitThere'sMore, in the Quote o' the Day (click through for 2nd page): "If the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to sabotage black academic excellence, he could not find a more effective means to do so than the government school system in most cities."

JPFO rants. I've read one of Nugent's books and was disturbed to learn of his close association with Only Ones and his status as an auxiliary. And for this I'm making life membership payments to NRA?

In Lighter News

Today marks the beginning, in 1942, of the Battle of the Coral Sea, featuring a few naval warfare firsts - first carrier-vs.-carrier engagement, first beyond-visual-range engagement, and of strategic significance, the first time the Japanese Empire's expansion - specifically their intended invasion of Port Moresby on New Guinea - was halted. Looking just at numbers, stength and losses on both sides seem quite even, but Japanese losses could not be as easily replaced, while American industrial might knocked Yorktown back into shape fast enough to take part in the Battle of Midway. Just a couple weeks ago I was discussing some of this with a reader and now I'm reevaluating my own conclusions. I've been comparing Midway to Antietam - the last time the Empire, or the South, had a real chance of winning the war. Gettysburg gets all the press and the movies but I think Antietam was the last point at which the Confederacy could have achieved strategic objectives, and held them, before the Union swamped them. That war should have ended in September '62, one way or the other, and would have if not for the infamous cigars on one side and McClellan's failings on the other. See also the Battle of Britain and Operation Sealion - if Goering had concentrated on knocking out the RAF instead of the Blitz, he could have achieved air superiority for the invasion of Britain, and then the Reich would have had all of Europe and cracking Festung Europa would have been vastly more difficult without Airstrip One sitting right there on their front porch and bursting at the seams with American steel. At Midway, the Empire could have destroyed the last significant American naval forces in the Pacific, letting them run free and consolidate their gains until we rebuilt, just as we did theirs instead - but perhaps I should study Coral Sea more closely.

Yes, I've read a little Clausewitz too. Schwerpunkt. Hmm. Anyway the lesson remains: Don't tick off the Americans.

A little setback for Only Ones in Florida.

A grenade launcher on an MP5? Isn't that like putting a towing hitch on a Geo Metro?

Open-carry rant, smacking a previously-mentioned hand-wringing metrocon.

Handy Garand serial number chart, but it only goes to 1945. Elsewhere I've determined the Queen was made in 1955.

2515 - Wednesday, 5 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Demographic warfare. Close the border first. But what do we have from the Alpha Parasites instead? Blaming the passengers for the arrangement of Titanic's deck chairs.

Aaand here come the star chambers and secret courts. See also: "He wants a fundamental right denied to people who have neither been charged with, tried nor convicted of any crime." And you badgeboys who enforce such laws - you're okay with that? "Law is often but the tyrant's will." Most laws should never have been written.

[thought=less-random-by-the-minute] I swear, some people watch Unforgiven and think Little Bill Daggett was the good guy. They use him as a role model.

Another in a long list of reasons to sink the island.

MSM still. I don't think I've even plugged in my TV since long before the digital changeover.

In Lighter News

Oklahoma gets Open Carry, and naturally the usual parasites are predictably peeved.

"Fifty years later, we may be switching back" to a time when firearm ownership is mainstream and respected. One hopes. We've tried it the other way and it's dragging us down to a third-world level.

There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism. I am a patriot.

Anachronism in Unforgiven: The date is early July 1881, established by newspaper headlines and dialogue references to the assassination of President Garfield and to Independence Day, but during the formation of Little Bill's posse was a reference to ".30-30 shells", which were introduced in early 1895.

2516 - Thursday, 6 May 2010:

The Universe Sucks

Juggling accounts and emptying the coin jar, I have just enough to cover the internet bill. I am completely out of money, again. ...And checking email before I go to the bank I see another donation from my utterly awesome readers. Paypal might not get it into the account quite in time though, so off I go to juggle anyway.

Dammit. I had a couple Jefferson dollar coins. And I think all of the Lewis & Clark nickels.

More propaganda. From comments: "If voting could change anything, it would be illegal."

More on secret lists and arbitrary destruction of unalienable rights.

And #$%^&* Bloomberg.

"Who endangered whom?" Also. Yet another violent, destructive home invasion by a gang of conscienceless sociopaths. High-fiving each other all the way back to headquarters, playing the video as a recruitment tool I bet. And if you think my comments are incendiary, try some of these.

Speaking of cops, ex- or otherwise, they just can't stand the idea of anyone but them having any kind of power. That's why they become cops.

Philosophically related, Quote o' the Day from Billy Budd, WB 1962: "...we do not deal with justice here, but with the law." And I've repeated many times what the law is. Too many Claggarts who enjoy their work, not enough Javerts with the decency to throw themselves in the Seine.

Yeah, I was expecting something like this to happen on Stick-it-to-Gringos Day. And it did.

Similar: Who's racist?

Life imitates art, again.

In Lighter News

[pointing] Hah-hah.

A little improvement in Georgia? And Colorado?

Rapid high-tech science-fiction-y closure of wounds? Working on it.

Clever marketing ploy, surely, but I'd prefer it on a 1911. I mean, The Rattlesnake belongs on an American pistol. (I don't much care for the controls on the SIGs. Thought at least they're made of steel....) -Heeyyy, SIG makes a 1911, right? Where exactly is that built? New Hampshire innit? Live Free or Die?

Correia talks about writing. Some LOLs.

2517 - Friday, 7 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Yeah, good thing I juggled the accounts yesterday, PayPal hasn't come through yet but the internet bill did. I have sixty-five cents in checking and savings is closed.

Outside my own head, there is so much worldsuckage I can't keep up. Here's what grabbed my attention today:

Another snailspam candidate flyer: "And I will watch your money like a hawk." Yeah, like a hawk waiting to dive on a rabbit. Yeah, watch closely as other people spend and waste and steal what we have worked for.

Eric Holder opens his big bigoted yap again.

LA GRE has two parts on the real "first responders". Anyone opposed to the private, individual right to keep and bear arms is the real danger. Whose side are they on?

Here's a hint. More crime, more terrorism, is an excuse for more government power. Cui-effing-bono? EH?

Playing games with people's lives. Still. They are not capable of acknowledging us as human beings.

And who can't be trusted with arms?

We know who: "What these [cops] do for sport is the stuff that gives honest soldiers nightmares." And: "If the police don't want their fellow citizens treating them like the enemy, they'd better call off the war and start treating us with the same common courtesy that they'd like to receive."

-That's why I'm wary of the new Arizona immigration law. More police power is never a good idea. It is always abused.

And another thing that ticks me off - advertisements in Shotgun News for, for example, AR parts, proudly boasting discounts for military and law enforcement. Those companies will not get my business.

"Every law that was ever written opened up a new way to graft." - Heinlein

Government health care? The market responds. Toldya.

Who's racist?

In Lighter News

Image. O'. The Year. Except it's the StubbyLittleCarbine again. If I ever get out from under, mine will have a fixed stock and, if I can only afford one upper, either a proper 20" or a mid-length 16" with a couple more inches of sight radius and a bayonet lug that actually works.

Science-fiction-y anti-aging thingies? Working on 'em.

2518 - Saturday, 8 May 2010:


But the World Sucks Now

because we just ain't awesome anymore.

That is so freaking depressing I can't express it. -Although it's something like this. Life stinks, then you don't die.

Related: I am, especially recently, increasingly libertarian, but I am not a pure libertarian. This is my nation. It deserves to exist. And it must be vigorously defended.

Law is often but the tyrant's will. How did we go from the land of the free and the home of the brave, to being arrested and brutalized for existing without permission? How did that happen?

Related, protecting and serving who? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Worth a thousand words. Most of them dirty.

In Lighter News

JPFO strikes again. Who's discriminating?

Cruffler relates a tale from a gun show. He's covering a friend's table and a guy walks up and looks at a VZ24. Now this is a totally original VZ24, unaltered, still got little bits of the Czech Republic in the screw-slots ya know. And the guy asks, "What caliber is that?" To which Cruffler responds, "Eight by fifty-seven." To which the guy responds, "You should write it on [the price tag]." And then he walks away.

It's. A. Vee. Zee. Twenty. Four. DOOFUS! Heinlein suggested solving a quadratic before being allowed into a voting booth. How about y'all send suggestions for questions which should be asked before allowing someone into a gun show? Like, "Who designed the M1911 pistol?" (No, not like "What's the rifling twist in a .280 Ross straight-pull?")

Yes I'm being facetious, I don't want to turn people away from what might be their introduction to our eee-vill anti-government-extremist ranks. But some of these people need native guides. And c'mon, send your suggestions, I'll make a page.

Quote o' the Day.

A vanishingly-rare breed. If word gets out he'll probably be fired.

2519 - Sunday, 9 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Law pollution. Leave people alone!

So much for the quaint, outdated notion of the rule of law. Laws are not the solution, they're the problem. Our Constitution was designed to restrain government.

And we're all screwed.

In so many ways. (BTW I scored 90.91% on the quiz, without looking things up.)

Yeah we know who's racist. Close the border first! That's what borders are for! I didn't say I'm opposed to Arizona's recent efforts, I said I'm concerned about them. Something must be done; I'm worried about how any new powers will inevitably be abused.

Like this: formerly-[g]reat-[b]ritain is a totalitarian cesspit. And we're headed that way.

Related, a call to action against, from comments, "pure evil." Get 'em.

In Lighter News

Just discovered my CMP Garand match ranking is still climbing, now #74 Nationally and #6 in the West, still #1 in Oregon. Prolly gonna suck, from lack of practice, on the 29th, if I can even afford to go. But I know it won't be the rifle's fault. Praise and blessings upon Tucson Tom the Benevolent.

More on the (very slight) improvement in Colorado.

Iron Man is a republitarian? Yeahbut, wasn't Tony Stark an Only One in the Marvel Civil War, in the actual books?

2520 - Monday, 10 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Guilty until proven innocent. As usual.

Police hate citizens and want them to die. See, if people can defend themselves, they won't need tax-paid thugs-in-uniform to "protect" them anymore. And the parasites-with-badges just can't have that.

"The rules aren't about [the suspect]." What we got here is, a plague of inside-out Javerts - The Law applies to everyone but the thugs in uniform, and if they can't "get this guy on" something legitimate, they'll make something up. And when they get caught, they whine like little babies and, except in the most egregious and publicized cases, get off with paid vacation. A state of war exists, and we didn't start it.

I've warned about using "mental health" "concerns" to arbitrarily violate basic human rights, not least to suppress political dissent but also just because the ones in power can, and they enjoy destroying people's lives. To answer the question, Yes, Stalin used to do things just like this.

The Racist-in-Chief has stacked his administration with more racists. Maybe he's trying for reverse apartheid?

And he certainly doesn't want us to pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

Fight censorship. And all you freedom-of-expression hippies who drank The One's hopeychangeykoolaid, do recognize where that censorship is coming from.

I've asked this before too: Why do "feminists" constantly support those who treat women like animals?

In Lighter News

Most 'blogs these days - not this one - are top-posted, that is, the latest post is on top, so you have to scroll way down to see the stuff you missed yesterday or last week and then scroll back up to see stuff in order, then scroll back down a little to read the rest of each section. Which is annoying and also why mine is bottom-post, chopped up by months for relative convenience. Sooo, I'm scrolling through Tam's site and in the text of one post, "Fieseler Storch" leaps out at me. I know what that is, and where and when it was famously used (though I was unaware of the particular case she's referencing), 'cause I read a lot, not least history. And then I scroll up to the beginning of the post and read the headline and I snorked out loud.

Cheap energy? Working on it.

Non-government space exploration? Working on it.

And a reader sends several Gun Show Questions.

2521 - Tuesday, 11 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Analysis of SCOTUS nominee Kagan from Codrea, Atlanta GRE, both Conservative Examiners, David Hardy, Michelle Malkin. Volokh has several related posts, particularly this one.


It's also about unthinking bigotry.

Econocalypse? "It" can happen here.

Effing RINOs. To paraphrase Palpatine, VOTE THEM OUT. ALL OF THEM. But, as previously noted, if voting could change anything, it would be illegal....

Political Correctness is destroying this nation's ability to defend herself.

Speaking of an inability to defend oneself, I've written, and will be writing a little more, about a Japanese migration offworld to escape an oppressive government and degenerate society. Life inspires art. Codrea has an iconic post on this disgusting, servile philosophy. Me, I prefer a different method. Anyone who opposes or infringes upon the individual right to keep and bear arms is an enemy of civilization.

Speaking of oppression and degeneracy, anyone in a Che Guevara t-shirt should be slapped. Vigorously and often.

Not all government schools suck, but that's the way to bet.

Can we nuke Chicago now? Huh, can we? -New idea: Scoop Chicago up out of the Earth's crust and drop it on Britain from orbit. Win-Win!

Why get a job? (Disclosure: I don't collect unemployment loot. I just don't. Nor foodstamps or any such parasite-fodder. I gratefully accept charity but that's the donor's choice, and I try to offer something in return (i.e.). I am not living at the coerced expense of others.)

Damn lies about child deaths.

Reports like these are why, every time I hear a siren, I reach for a weapon. There is no difference between actual law enforcement officers and carjacking home-invading murderers. Except one gets their salary from their victims' taxes. Their tactics are indistinguishable, as is the threat to life and limb for anyone in proximity. "Mad dogs, them guerillas regulators! You look sideways at 'em - pah! - they kill ya." Some people watch The Outlaw Josey Wales and think Captain Terrill is the good guy.

Separation of church and state? Some "separations" are more separate than others.

Government healthcare. No.


In Lighter News

Aw shucks! (Ref.)

Bionic bits fer yer bod? Working on 'em.

From the library, Weber's latest Safehold novel, A Mighty Fortress. Very thick and I may not be able to finish it in one checkout. In the library computer, what is probably the next, though I can't find a description anywhere, Out of the Dark. Looking for that description on Amazon I see more which the library doesn't yet have, like Ringo's Citadel: Troy Rising II, sequel to the very Ringo-y first contact story; 1635: The Eastern Front, in the Grantville saga; what may be a new standalone from Kratman, titled either Countdown: The Liberators or D Minus X; and what looks like, after many years, a new Miles Vorkosigan story from Bujold, Cryoburn. Still waiting for Williamson's latest Grainne, Do Unto Others. I also picked up Michael Flynn's Up Jim River, sequel to the stylistic far-future adventure-mystery The January Dancer. Remember Flynn was coauthor of Fallen Angels and author of the tastily libertarianish Firestar series.

2522 - Wednesday, 12 May 2010:

The World Sucks

"[J]udges ... should be always men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men." - John Adams

But what do we have instead? Control freaks in black robes, selected purely by cronyism.

Codrea illuminates political prisoners and intolerable acts. Cheyenne GRE has more. We're not trying to start the war. GR4U boils it down.

Is Europe recognizing the danger? Too little, too late, I fear.

Mexico is still a basket case. And it ain't the fault of last weekend's gun show.

Sooo... mainstream media, a more-crooked-than-usual politician judged mentally incompetent, and bureaucrats with badges living off our tax money, hate citizens and want us to die. I really need to point that out? It's like saying "water is wet".

What. The. Eff? Bellesiles hasn't thrown himself under a freight train yet?

More on mental "health" and RKBA.


In Lighter News

Kalashnikovs.... "Only accurate rifles are interesting." Mikhail Timofeyovich's creation is extremely reliable, and sometimes that's the most important thing, but I do like to be able to hit stuff on purpose. Looking at the cover of the latest Shotgun News I see I.O. Inc. is offering the STG 2000, pictured right below another Avtomat of ordinary layout, and they've actually found a way to make the Kalashnikova less accurate by chopping a few inches from the sight radius.

Reader reports the new Kratman I saw at Amazon is first of a Clancy-esque non-SF technothriller trilogy. And there ain't nuthin' wrong with that.

Everyone has the right to self-defense.

Speaking of everyone, a little more progress on campus. Now we need to destroy the requirement for government permission to exercise an unalienable human right.

A new kind of sight? Hmm.

Nanotechnology? Working on it.

2523 - Thursday, 13 May 2010:

The World Sucks

I've noted this before: NRA is on whose side?

How many times must it be pointed out that cops can't stand the idea of anyone but themselves having any kind of power? We can see what kind of person is drawn to that kind of work.

Speaking of police "work", and particular territories in need of nuking. "Protect and Serve" who? Nor is this the first such incident.

More on Kagan.

Jayne Cobb rants on GovSchools.

You'll have seen the email alerts, some from more reputable sources than others, about UN and international treaties regulating arms. Codrea has built a reputation for more light than heat.

I remain ambivalent (words mean things) about Arizona's immigration law.

Nuke Chicago 'til it gloooows.

In Lighter News

JPFO rants again.

This book is already in my library hold queue. Now I know what's in it and I'm really looking forward to it. BTW, here, free online, is the complete text of Heinlein's "The Long Watch". Keep the tissues close.

This book is actually in the library but is marked for internal reference only, not available to lowly taxpaying peasants. >:-|

Improvement in Hawaii? -Not that I want to live there - they've dug a deep hole for themselves - just sayin', improvement.

No, I'd rather live here. If you have any disposable funds, -well first I surely could use some, but also consider the curmodgeonly republitarian webcomic artist.

This here is a wee bit alarming. Are we about to become a binary system or something?

2524 - Friday, 14 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Neither money, fuel, nor ammunition for Wolverton pins tomorrow.

Lautenberg again. An enemy of civilization.

And here's more: stare decisis again (ref). Just because something's been an unconscionable violation of human rights for generations, doesn't make it valid now.

And what kind of person gleefully enforces such laws?

Speaking of enforcing laws, Victor Davis Hanson weighs in on Arizona. I repeat, close the border first. Plug the holes in the ship's hull before arguing about the deck chairs!

In his horror novel, One Second After, Forstchen covered exactly this.

Related: "Think of it as evolution in action." The aforementioned Forstchen, Ringo's The Last Centurion, Dean Ing's Pulling Through, and of course Rawles' Patriots, have all touched on this catastrophic overdependency among the urbanized. When the grid goes down, they're not gonna make it. Are you?

And we can't even identify the enemy.

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. I'm pleased to see a "mainstream conservative" recognizing the domestic enemy for a change.

In Lighter News

Weber remains far too wordy. One finds oneself skipping whole paragraphs of superfluous dialogue, then having to go back and tediously pick out the One Sentence Which Ominiously Foreshadows a Major Plot Element. Don't write like that, m'kay?

Write like this instead.

Regeneration. Give it a century or three, especially with government out of the way, and we'll have it.

2525 - Saturday, 15 May 2010:

The World Sucks

[rant=ON] Some time ago I got some house-brand instant oatmeal at the supermarket, 'cause I wanted some. On the back of each pouch are little factoids like how many football fields would be covered by the base of the Great Pyramid, how the weaver bird builds a tunnel to it's nest, etc. The last one I looked at says:

Aside from the politically-correct gender-baiting, there are two errors in that statement, which I will enumerate for the publicly-schooled: Apollo XI landed on 20 July 1969, and though 24 men have traveled to Luna, only twelve have actually walked on her. Who wrote that crap? One presumes they got a total of 18 from counting three men each from Apollo XI through XVII, minus XIII which couldn't land, but as every American schoolchild should know, in every other case one man stayed in Lunar orbit. Nor does this take into account the pre-landing, Lunar-orbit missions of Apollo VIII and X (IX stayed in Earth orbit) which also carried three men each, though some would later repeat the trip. It's from Hy-Top brand instant oatmeal, "Distributed by Federated Group, Inc., 3025 W. Salt Creek Ln., Arlington Heights, IL 60005". Me, I escaped public education. If that's what the system is producing these days, it's just as well I did.

SO! In full, fangs-out, ears-back, tail-puffed rant mode, I hunted down Hy-Top's website and sent the following customer feedback:

'While reading the "Did ya Know?" segment printed on the back of a pouch of Hy-Top Blueberries & Cream Instant Oatmeal (pouch code 3010 601A), I was alarmed to find that someone in your company believes Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon in 1967, and that a total of 18 men have walked there. Even Wikipedia doesn't get their facts *that* far wrong. Do you proof-read this stuff or just make it up as you go along?

'The food itself was fine, that's not what ticked me off. If you're going to put "educational" snippets on your product, with your company name on it, don't you think they should at least be factually correct?'

Any reply will be shared with y'all. [/rant]

Elsewhere in the sucking world: Speaking of escaping public education, ElmTreeForge has graphic examples of why I chose that word.

He also rants on government healthcare. Which Tam pointedly links back to government schools.

Speaking of government healthcare. No.

Even Fox News can't be trusted to check facts. Yuri rants also.

Elitist hypocrisy in Oklahoma, as expected. Codrea also snarks.

He also has some valid perspective on a previously-'blogged marketing ploy. I've said before, my lottery-fantasy CNC business ($500 NIB P.08s and Webley MkVIs! Semi-only FG42 in 7.62x51 using cheap FAL magazines!) will be a member of the Ronnie Barrett Club from day one.

Demographic warfare, chapter Umpty. Close the border first!

To Keep and Bear what? >:-[ Our membership dues at work.

'Round the gunblogosphere was recently announced a new comrade, The Cliffs of Insanity. He jumps in with both feet. Badgethuggery ain't going away... until the bagdethugs do.

Eric Holder is criminally incompetent. If not actively treasonous. As is his boss.

Aaand propaganda and lies regarding armed women. Leaving aside the provably fabricated poll results, Rant #1: What kind of "woman" wants to be defenseless? Rant #2: I find such women morally repulsive. No dinner & movie for you! Compare & contrast.

Who wants censorship?

For the billionth time, it's not about guns, it's about control.

In Lighter News

Speaking of control, it's not the technology itself I object to, it's forcing people to use it.

Second Amendment March Videos. Alas I'm still bandwidth-challenged.

Seattle GRE has an early report from the NRA convention. Gun Talk will be broadcasting from there tomorrow, 1100PT. I'm guessing neither The Nuge nor Governor Palin took JPFO's advice....

2526 - Sunday, 16 May 2010:

The World Sucks

A while back I mentioned that if you're looking for something horrible to put into a story you're writing, there are plenty of examples from governments across the world and throughout history. Here's one. And it might still be happening.

St. Louis GRE Kurt Hoffman strikes me as one of the more eloquent and, bluntly, more coherent GREs. Today he tackles the underlying philosophy of infringement. Note comments from a troll who admits to being mentally ill. They think we're all like that, and cannot imagine that we're not sick like them.

Sick like them. What kind of perverted freak can't stand the idea of anyone doing anything without permission? The kind who want this to be common. It gives them an excuse for more power and control. (Click through the second link for more eloquence from Oleg.) We've tried it their way and it's a disaster.

Gunfolk have long memories. NRA is wearing blinders where murderers-with-badges are concerned. I notice Tom Gresham is making no mention of this or the disarmament zone.

In Lighter News

LaPierre speechifies. But is there any substance?

2527 - Monday, 17 May 2010:

The World Sucks

Via Patriot Post, Quote o' the Day: "[D]emocracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy, such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man's life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few." - John Adams, An Essay on Man's Lust for Power, 1763

The words "democracy" or "democratic" do not appear anywhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States. Nor am I talking about modern partisan labels. The Founders knew the dangers of mob rule and designed a government meant to resist it. Government must be restrained.

Here's another quote, illustrating the problem: "Nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents, as the certainty of returning to the general mass of the people, from whence he was taken, where he must participate in their burdens." - George Mason

The ruling class doesn't come from the "general mass" anymore. Born and raised in privilege and luxury, too many have never held a real job in the real world in their lives. They are not us. They are incapable of recognizing us as human beings. Even the ones supposedly on our side are irrevocably disconnected from their constituents.

Response from the oatmeal thing:

"We are sorry about the facts not being correct. We are not the manufacturer. I will forward this to them so they can look into and correct it.
"Thanks for the info."

It's always someone else's fault, and no one cares anyway. This is what happens when government takes over the schools.

Attention British readers: You are long overdue for a civil war.

And so are we. Now they're going after CMP?

Badgethuggery Roundup o' the Day:

  • Didn't we used to hang highway robbers?
  • I've through-linked this before but it bears closer reading.
  • Because they're getting away with murder. Do they take trophies? Maybe make a fetish of the little girl's pigtails? Did they cuff the kid after killing her, for "officer safety"?
  • "We need to take a long hard look at why we bought this hammer in the first place."
  • 'Cause that hammer, it won't stop swinging.
  • Remember, they're just better than us...?
  • They can be trusted...?
  • Once in a while they actually catch a murderer. But that's not the way to bet.

    I don't go looking for this stuff. Police are a cancer on society. They are what they claim to be protecting us from.

    In Lighter News

    Badgethuggery in Sheridan aside, I still want to move to Wyoming.

    And it was three years ago.... :( Yes, I still owe y'all bunches of photos. I still have them, really. I've been distracted.

    2528 - Tuesday, 18 May 2010:

    The World Sucks Forever and Ever

    Yyyeah, this isn't surprising. I believe the term is "kleptocracy". We used to hang thieves. Now we give them salaries from the stolen fruits of others' labor, and make them unaccountable to the rule of law?

    "Rule of law". Most laws should never have been written, and most people who enforce them should be publicly executed for crimes against humanity.

    [thought=not random at all] Some people wouldn't know what to do with their lives if there weren't some pair of jackboots for them to crouch down and lick.

    Filling out the primary/special/whatever election ballot, like it matters. "Republican" candidates are nothing more than pro forma placeholders against entrenched statists. -Ya know, candidates, when you fill out the thingy for your profile in the voter's pamphlet, a big heap of "prior governmental experience" is a bad thing. As is the list of law degrees you have. Why do I even bother? What's the point? I should have my name taken off the rolls. Then I wouldn't get called for jury duty in a corrupt system and a disarmament zone.

    Last night on library disc I watched the 1997 A&E/BBC adaptation of Ivanhoe. When it got to the witch trial of Rebecca by the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, I was struck by how similar the process is in today's courts. From any defendant's point of view.

    I hate this place so much.

    This here goes with yesterday's linked Reason article. Military personnel actually read the Constitution. Cops spit on it. God bless our troops.

    Over the weekend, thugs with badges murdered a 7-year-old girl. Now there's a suggestion it was no "accident". You know what happens now: "The video is inconclusive and has been misinterpreted." "The video has some technical issues preventing it from being released." "The video is missing." "What video?" "Our officers followed procedure and will be getting (tax!-)paid vacation and commendations for valor."

    Speaking of thugs with badges, a lady Threeper - who appears to be a repentant ex-Only One - displays insight.

    The Lairds of Fairfax. Again. Feeding the crocodile in the hope of being eaten last. In the June issue of American Rifleman there's LaPierre doing a photo-op with Harry fer-cryin'-out-loud Reid.

    Who's exploitive?

    Who's paranoid?

    WTC mosque. Ya know - screw it. Nuke New York City too. Any town with a population complacent enough to not tar and feather the people who make such decisions should be cleansed with nuclear fire.

    "Made enough money"? I'm eating the cheap potatoes and worrying about rent and fuel and the electric bill and some silver-spoon psychotic elitist usurper is telling me I've made enough money?

    Normally a movie review, with libertarianish under- or overtones, would go in the Lighter News section, but one line jumped out at me: "...it is more than a little troubling to see alleged liberals speak of liberty and individual rights in a tone of sarcastic dismissal." And where the hell has the reviewer been for the last several election cycles, she's just now getting disturbed?

    In Lighter News

    Who's inclusive? I've commented on this before - some years ago there was an MSM newspaper article in which a Pink Pistols representative commented on how gunfolk were open and welcoming to other gunfolk who were- whatever, while the gender-identity crowd were complete bigots toward their own kind who were gunfolk. I don't care who sleeps with what, I care whether they're stealing my stuff or dictating my life.

    According to forum chatter, Weber's Out of the Dark is the next Honorverse.

    In the June American Rifleman, on page 22, is a photo of the Colt Special Army Model 1910, the immediate ancestor of the M1911, Serial Number 2, documented as once belonging to Saint John Himself.


    Estimated value $1 million, right up there with the 1906 .45 Luger. Can you imagine holding something like that in your hand? I mean, this is like a fragment of the True Cross. And I happen to have in my photo collection a pic I found somewhere on the web of another M1910 - the short article describes these as experimental models, some with thumb safeties, some not:

    The .GIF is mostly transparent so much of my black background is coming through. If you zoom way in and look very closely above the white mark forward of the slide stop, I think it's #7.

    2529 - Wednesday, 19 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    Yet more elitist hypocrisy and arrogant disconnectedness in Oklahoma.

    Another Founder's quote: "The aim of every political constitution is, or ought to be, first to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society; and in the next place, to take the most effectual precautions for keeping them virtuous whilst they continue to hold their public trust." - James Madison

    But what do we have instead?

    And from one of my Founders: "There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him." - American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein (1907-1988)

    Not unrelated, neverending badgethuggery:

  • We used to hang thieves.
  • Never trust a cop of any kind. They are all liars and thieves. That's why they become cops.
  • More reasons to nuke NYC.

    Via Volokh, a closer look at the international arms treaty.

    In Lighter News


    Perhaps a bacon sculpture?

    Correia gets out his flaying knives for a feminazi movie reviewer. -I'm still not going to see it in the theater. I don't do theaters anymore.

    Walter Williams examines Arizona immigration law. I remain ambivalent - one hand gives a thumbs-up for sovereignty while the other reaches for a weapon against more government power.

    In Ohio, efforts to rein in government.

    Speaking of reining in government, is there hope for Britain?

    Continuing Weber's A Mighty Fortress. If one can hack through the excess verbiage, there is a good story under the clutter, reclaiming humanity's birthright from an oppressive regime.

    Remember the Springfield EMP, a scaled-down 1911 in 9x19mm? They changed the frame dimensions so the whole thing was smaller, not just a chop job. But they made and sold it as a compact, for concealed carry. I bet they could sell some as a full-size model, with a 9- or 10-round single-column magazine and a Commander- or Government Model-length slide & barrel. For ladies' smaller hands for example. But now they're all wrapped up in their latest plastic thing, sigh.

    You know what's needed - fabbers. Like in the Schlockiverse, or a Posleen Forge. As it is now, it's a major capital investment to tool up and produce a thing, and you have to deliver sales and profits or your stockholders fire you. With fabbers, just tell the computer what you want, feed it raw materials, and it spits out the finished product, on demand, without all that market gambling (or leftover herds of white elephants like Ruger's .357 Maximum or XGI). We have the great-grandfather of that technology now with modern CNC machines.

    See, that is my lottery-fantasy business - program the fabbers, such as they are in this age, and produce what the customer wants when the customer wants it. No overhead. No profitless inventory. Just ingots and an electric bill. We get an order for a matched pair of Webley-Fosberys or a 6" .30 Luger and it's on the Fed-Ex truck the next freaking day. Ooo, ooo! And a left-handed mirror-image model of anything would be easy! Just tell the software to Flip the image! No extra charge! Except maybe for the expected stack of magazines but with the machine doing most of the work it would be a small charge. Hey SMLE Fan, yer a southpaw aintcha? How'd ya like a left-handed Garand? (-Alas one would have to make left-handed clips for it, the clip latch is side-specific.)

    But Nah, the Directors Of Marketing and Vice Presidents Of Sales will resist - putting that much power in the hands of individual consumers is against their religion, not to mention obviating their Executive Salaries.

    But speaking of religion - imagine the technology evolves, gets smaller, more efficient, cheaper and simpler to operate, as all technology does. (Just sixty years from flintlocks through percussion caps to metallic cartridges; from Brown Bess to the Henry Repeater.) Even self-replicating. Imagine the headsplodyness from Those In Authority if any Joe Sixpack could crank out quality sturmgewehren in his spare room from junkyard scrap, and the guy down the street has his fabber set to make more fabbers. Talk about wrecking belief systems, hooaah.

    (Now watch, they'll start raiding Harbor Freight stores for those $600 ChiCom mill/drills. Srsly they're already going after effing airsoft.)

    There's a story in that, if I can write it.... I still want to continue Aurora though, but I'm not sure I can write the story I want to read. Sigh.

    2530 - Thursday, Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, 20 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    Quote o' the Day: "The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call, and ignorant believe to be liberty." - Fisher Ames, speech in the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, 1788

    That's the convention to ratify the Constitution, signed in September 1787. The Founders knew. This is not a democracy. This is a republic, and the difference matters. As was too-graphically illustrated a very few years later. Government. Must. Be. Restrained.

    More bigotry, elitism and arbitrary persecution toward gunfolk. -There was a bit in Niven/Pournelle/Flynn's Fallen Angels where MSM is spectacularly misrepresenting the crashed astronauts as super-strong aliens. The parallel is obvious. They do not see us as human beings.

    Jayne Cobb rants again on GovSchools. I'm glad I don't have children for those freaks to get their hooks into. See also institutionalized parasitism. Free-market education now!

    We're not the ones trying to start the race war. We'll just get stuck with the job of ending it.

    This is why the United Nations is often portrayed as the enemy in curmodgeonly republitarian fiction, science-y or otherwise.

    Never trust a cop - I've linked more examples here than any civilized society should tolerate. But cops aren't the only government employees who should be automatically resisted by all necessary means.

    Hollywood Sucks, Chapter Bazillionty. -Another lottery fantasy is to hire republitarian actors and produce counterpropaganda.

    In Lighter News

    I'm sure some Threepers could knock some of these together. Even in the field. Mirrors off wrecked cars for example.

    Evolution of technology.... Contemplate the very first horseless carriages. Unreliable, grossly underpowered, prohibitively expensive to purchase and operate. Now anyone can walk three blocks and find one being liquidated in someone's driveway for a couple weeks' wages, fuel it for a few hours' wages, and drive it hundreds of miles nonstop in a single day. So yes, a single-stage-to-orbit family minivan is possible. Eventually.

    With cupholders even.

    As for gengineered hunter-killer retrovirii and nanotech superhealing and whatnot, they're working on that too.


    2531 - Friday, 21 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    I said as much months, or years, ago: These days it's noteworthy when cops don't rough someone up.

    More on the Marriott boycott from Austin GRE, LA GRE, Fort Smith GRE, and around the web.

    Foreign heads-of-state dictate terms to our republic. And our "leaders" cheer.

    "It" is happening here. Related - maybe - somewhere in the backed-up email a reader sent this, which I sent on to Codrea. I saw the MiniTru thing and pointed it out when I forwarded it, but jeepers. One can no longer tell the difference between parodies and official government programs.

    In Lighter News

    LuckyGunner.com - Sponsor of the Second Amendment March I have a very little money coming in from a new sponsorship deal! LuckyGunner.com has purchased space for banner ads on my reloading pages. (They are also a high-ranking sponsor of the Second Amendment March.) It's a one-time payment for a year of ad hosting and lemme tell ya it was badly needed - but there won't be more of it for a year, so keep those tokens of appreciation coming!

    With this financial reprieve, I'm'na go shootin' for the first time since the December plate match. But, funds and fuel and ammunition are still sharply limited so I can only make certain events - therefore I choose them for how much I can get out of them (remember I approach matches as training for future battle). Thus I'll be partaking of Wolverton IPSC on Sunday the 23rd, but not Wolverton pins last weekend or Clark Rifles plates on the 22nd. Garands are on the 29th, and the PIG is on 12 June - I'm considering using the M100 in that. (Rifleman's Journal.)

    This means I need to prepare ammunition. The Witness has, sadly, been liquidated - but since I got my 1911 I wasn't using it anyway. I could afford to take the 1911 and GP100, but I've done that before and it's a lot of work switching weapons between runs, and I hope to get more YouTube fodder besides, so I'm only taking the 1911. So last night I whipped out 165 rounds of .45ACP with the Lee tumble-lube bullets, cast months ago, which weigh just under 240gr, supposed to be 230 but obviously alloys vary. I'm using 5.6gr W231, which is a published maximum in Speer #10 for their 230gr LRN and therefore might be hot, but I think the 1911 will take it. Unfortunately I haven't fuel to spare for load development, and further I'm no longer a paid member of Clark Rifles so I can't just go up there by myself when I choose - no live function testing, no chronograph data. Dry-testing - "moist-testing?" - indicates the rounds should feed all right; only one of my magazines isn't marked McCormick and it looks like it is one anyway, and my pistol has a nicely polished feed ramp. The Lee Factory Crimp Die is highly recommended for handgun rounds; I really must get one for .357 Magnum later, especially if I'll be using more cast bullets in the GP100. The handgun FCDs resize the entire cartridge while also making an adjustably-ideal, separate, roll or taper crimp, as appropriate to the nature of the cartridge (roll for revolver, taper for autoloader - usually). But, still a gamble, diving into a match with an untested load. I have a quantity of 250gr (supposed to be 240gr) from the Lyman mold donated to me, but I used all the .45 brass I had left to make the Lee truncated-cone/flat-point rounds instead - it may be some time before I can do Science again, simply from logistic constraints.

    Anyhow, There Will Be Video. Alas Yuri can't make it to help play cameraman. Furthermore the RCA Small Wonder video camera was starting to act flaky before the big distraction happened and now seems to be dying. The Canon A580 takes better video anyway.

    (Mu$t... not... look at electronics departments....)

    I may not return to the monthly plate matches or pin shoots at all, as I just can't afford to drive all that way and shoot all those rounds every month without regular income - and you-all know how much I hate having a regular job. I just ain't wired for it. But, finally Lone Oak posted their 2010 match schedule, so there's another Garand match on 27 June, that's four this year. The three at Clark Rifles allow handloads, which I think I'll have enough of from the last Big Batch last year, but Lone Oak issues USGI LC M2 Ball as part of the match fee, to level the field. They also list an "NRA highpower rifle" match on 31 July, I'll inquire about that - I wonder if my NRA certification from 2004 is still valid.

    As for the PIG (and possibly that other match at Lone Oak), as stated I'm considering the M100. Probably I'll stick with the 165gr Sierra GameKing load I used last year in my first-ever scoped match, which means I'll have to buy some and load those as well. Fortunately the Lee Load Master gifted by my too-generous sister is fabulously easy to change between .45ACP, .308 Winchester for the M100, and .30-06 for the Queen, and the powder measure stand I built years ago for the Pro 1000 presses still works for the Load Master, since the Auto-Disks can't throw enough for battle-rifle rounds.

    Cleaning up some badly-backed-up email. Cruffler sends his idea of Enough Gun.

    Somewhere - WRSA or Sipsey St. probably - was posted, several moons ago, info on building an IR LED array in a baseball cap to blind surveillance cameras. Reader suggests the same for a license plate frame on your car.

    Reader sends script for a movie adaptation of RAH's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Tim Minear, co-executive-producer of Firefly.

    In response to my complaint about I.O. Inc.'s STG 2000 chopping the Kalashnikova's sight radius, a reader sends this photo of a 10-shot 100yd group from a very ordinary Avtomat, Sov-standard sights and barrel, elbow rest, with Wolf ammunition. Two flyers called, the rest under 3MOA. Better than I would have expected. Also sends this very detailed description of a parts-built Avtomat.

    Another reader points out that, during a range session with an HK USP .40, a high-thumb hold tends to drop the thumb safety down into it's decocking position which also blocks the trigger. I can see this being a problem on the Taurus models with a 3-position safety as well. I find myself using a low-thumb hold on my 1911 - after carefully Dremeling detent notches in the cheap Philippine thumb safety, it stays put both ways now.

    Very slowly making some small and occasional progress on Part XIV of Aurora.

    Huh, trivia: the last time prize money was awarded by the United States Navy.

    I'm sure I've linked this before, but here it is again: The complete national anthem.

    2532 - Saturday, 22 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    And so do Mexico amd Chicago, forever.

    Close the border first. Close it! Close it now!

    Yet more on the Marriott boycott.

    Unstable freaks in black robes. The system's broke.

    Cops are thieves. They like stealing. That's why they become cops. That, and the job perks.

    Cops are on the wrong side. They are the wrong side.

    The administration hates our troops and wants them to die.

    Yeah, I'm not going back to college.

    The whole country is self-destructing before my eyes....

    In Lighter News

    More Guns, Less Crime. We knew that.

    I've met one of these guys. He owns the land on which the Castle Rock, WA, Appleseeds are hosted (and he's also a damn good rifleman).

    Oookaaayy, there's a little more Aurora, sort of. Rather a diversion from the direction I intended, but necessary backstory. Writing about people is hard. But Part XV is picking up a little.

    On library disc I'm watching Johnny Tremain, Disney 1957, and in special features is a documentary with Walt Himself, "The Liberty Story". It was not unlike lunchtime at an Appleseed. He actually displays copies of the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights, praising them as defenders of individual liberty, then plugs a new Disneyland attraction, Liberty Street, before reenacting the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The Liberty Street idea eventually became Liberty Square, but I think vastly watered-down. OTOH there is still an actual (virtual) shooting gallery - but I read somewhere they took the weapons away from the Caribbean Pirates.

    For some reason Brigid's page has not been one of my daily reads. I just fixed that. Disarmament kills. Always.

    Yays! Got the little RCA camcorder working. It appears to be very sensitive to battery level. This model looks to be discontinued by now anyway. At least I'll still be getting some use from it.

    2533 - Sunday, 23 May 2010:

    In Lighter News


    I have two cameras, the excellent Canon A580 and the less-excellent RCA EZ207. When shopping for them, I downloaded manuals from the manufacturers first, and carefully chose models which use standard AA batteries instead of some proprietary rechargable thing - you can buy AAs anywhere that sells anything. I've also built a small stockpile of NiMH AAs, starting with the pair-and-charger sis gave me with my first camera, the now-used-up FinePix A345, years ago. Most digital cameras take a standard tripod mount, and both of these do - I have a dollar-store mini-tripod hooked onto the case for the Canon, another tucked under the flap of the RCA's case, and a larger garage-sale tripod (also used for my spotting scope in rifle matches) tends to stay in the back seat of the car. Each of these cameras has it's own (aftermarket) padded nylon case with pockets, both with simple shoulder straps. In the pockets go the spare batteries and spare memory cards. The Canon uses regular SD and accepts up to 4Gb (the largest I have so far - it may take larger, dunno), while the RCA uses MicroSD and the manual says it takes up to 8Gb. Counting the Micros, in the full-size adapter for use in the Canon, I have three 2Gb and one 4Gb. Depending which camera is used, at which settings, that's over ten thousand still photos (the Canon actually stops counting at that point) or nearly ten hours of raw video before chopping it up in the editing software.

    I'm gonna need a bigger boat hard drive. And a much faster computer to plug it into, video editing takes a lot of horsepower.

    Which is why the video ain't ready yet. First I have to make it pretty, then I have to upload it and I'm still bandwidth-challenged - likely I'll go wardriving with the NEC in the library's WiFi zone for the big upload(s) to YouTube. But it'll get there.

    Unfortunately, when I reached Wolverton it was ColdnWetnIcky - it's only late May in the Pacific Northwest, after all. Furthermore I'm out of shape from the inactivity of the past few months and just didn't have the steam for a lot of running around. I only used the Canon today and most of what I took was video, but I do have some stills for you. Let's start with the course of fire.

    There were, as usual at this location, four stages. It was a belated Mother's Day theme. For once I shot the four stages in their numerical order. Stage One was titled "Mom's Day at Wal-Mart":

    So there's a typical plastic shopping bag, with like wadded-up paper inside it to give it just enough mass so it doesn't fly around. You start with the bag in your possession and keep it with you, somehow, during the entire run. Most hung the handle-loops around their weak-hand wrist. One hung the loops from a spare magazine on his belt. There are six steel discs (two of them are peeking out from behind the vertical post on the right, behind the octagonal no-shoot target; the yellow tape attached to the blue barrel indicates the boundary between Stage 1 and Stage 2) and six regular IPSC targets, and four white no-shoots. Drop each steel, put at least two rounds in each IPSC.

    There are two types of scoring in IPSC, "Comstock" and "Virginia". The former allows however many rounds you feel like and you get the best however-many-required scored. The latter gives penalties for firing more than the designated number of rounds. Stage 1 was Comstock. Typically, I shoot as if every stage were Virginia, except with reactive targets which must be caused to react.

    Different shooters have different strategies for each run. Sometimes the order of engagement is set in the description of each stage, but more often, only the rules, i.e. engage Target A from Box B and Target C from Box D, Target E from this side of the barricade, Target F from that side of the obstacle. In Stage 1, my strategy was right-to-left. I loaded with a 10-round magazine, without adding another round for the chamber. With the bag already hanging from my wrist, I moved into Box B and went to the right end, first engaging the two steels, which gratifyingly fell to one round each. Continuing right-to-left, I fired two rounds each at the two rightmost IPSC targets, then another one-shot hit on the next plate, then two more rounds on the next IPSC. At this point, with nine rounds fired and six of twelve targets engaged, I ejected the empty magazine and reloaded with my other 10-round. I should have done this while moving to my left, but these were the first rounds I'd fired in five months, and my fourth-ever live-fire IPSC shoot. Once reloaded I did move to unmask the next targets, dropping the next steel, again with a single shot, firing two at the next IPSC, dropping the last two steels with one shot each, and firing two rounds at each of the remaining two IPSCs, for a total of 18 rounds:

    I ain't Rob Leatham, but I don't suck.

    Stage 2:

    This time I went left-to-right, and loaded 10+1. Starting with both hands on the start barrel, on the buzzer I grabbed the milk jug with my left hand, and moved to the left box to engage the left targets - two steel circles, one smaller steel square, and two shots on one IPSC. Again the steels all went down with single shots. Moving to my right, to the center box, I deposited the milk jug in the milk crate, then engaged the middle targets, a single steel and two rounds on each of two IPSCs. After 10 rounds I ejected the empty magazine, again with a round in the chamber, and reloaded with an 8-round as I moved to the right-side box to engage the last three IPSCs with two rounds each.

    Since I hadn't done this for a while, and since this is a low-budget, low-drama operation, it hadn't registered with me until I viewed the video this evening that there were in fact three specific boxes (spray-painted on the ground) from which to plant your feet to engage each of three target arrays. I had been under the impression that, like Stage 1, there was just one big box. Fortunately everything lined up such that I didn't exit the boundaries, or if I did no one noticed. These were the last reactive targets of the day.

    Yes, IPSC lacks real-world-ness. I've already commented on that.

    Stage 3:

    These were longer shots, something over 20 yards. Because it was ColdnWetnIcky, the targets, "batting boxes", and start point were all moved uprange, so that the shooters could remain under cover for the entire run:

    My strategy was again right-to-left. I watched previous shooters move from the start position straight forward to the center box, then to one side, then all the way across the firing line to the other; I figured to save a little time by starting on one end and progressing to the other. Using my 8-rounds, not bothering to top off, and reloading between each box, I started at the right, firing one round at each of six targets, strong-hand only; repeating from the center box, freestyle (sorta-Weaver-ish stance); and again from the left box, weak-hand only:

    Longer shots, a long hiatus, and fatigue. 13 shooters in two squads, starting about 9:30 and finishing about noon. Nor had I worn a holster, magazines, and a Big Proper Pistol Made Of Steel for all those five months. Surely not the pistol's fault.

    Stage 4, even longer shots, and again the firing positions were under cover:

    There were four target arrays, each with it's own "lane". Three of these lanes had ports to fire through, cat-litter buckets with the bottoms cut out and secured on their sides to the tops of pickle barrels, which could not be used for support. One lane had a trash barrel as an obstacle and place indicator. On start, one would grab the "diamond" (a rock with blue tape wrapped around it) from the table next to the start location, and move it to one of the "tables" (the barrels or sawhorse the ports were mounted on), and leave it there before shooting. The start position was in the center of the firing line, and again I went right-to-left, taking a knee at each of the ports, with somewhat better results than the last stage:

    Not bad for five months away. My overall standing was 6 of 13. I got video of all four of my runs and you'll see it in a day or three. I must repeat that every steel plate target - 8 to 12 inches, mostly round, one square - all day, were hit with single shots, at some speed, at distances of 10 or more yards. Later misses on IPSC cardboard were my fault for going too fast at greater distances (up to 40 yards), and for being out of practice and out of shape. Zero no-shoots, zero procedural penalties, all day. I. Shoot. Clean.

    (Insert Scorn and Ridicule of the Only Ones "Professional Enough". Count the bullet holes in your precinct locker rooms, you menaces-to-society.)

    Zero malfunctions with the cheap Philippine clone 1911 all day, of course, with the remainder of the old RN load or the new TC/FP. Nor could I discern any difference in recoil or POI between the two, though I hope to have Science for that after Garands on Saturday.

    (...In most matches I attend, of whatever kind, it often seems that mine are the only weapons which don't malfunction in some way. On the one hand, gratifying; on the other, alarming. C'mon, guys! Know Your Weapon!) (In the 1911's case, a nicely-polished feed area, McCormick magazines, and the Lee Factory Crimp Die. I'm seeing a lot of McCormick 10-round .45 1911 magazines in every action-handgun match I've attended for the last few years. Also saw several 8s today, like the ones I have. Better shooters than me use them, and mine work great. I need more.)

    General etiquette-like notes on attending an IPSC shoot:
  • Show up with your magazines already loaded, or get them loaded while everyone is checking in. Be ready to go when your name is called. Refill immediately after each run. Ditto revolver speedloaders or moon clips.
  • If you're reloading, mark your brass. Don't take brass that isn't yours - at least, not until it's obvious everyone's been through it and the leftovers are up for grabs. (I always get bonus brass at Wolverton, even if it's only a few pieces of .223. And lead too, even if it's only a handful - every bit helps.) Pick up other people's brass as they pick up yours, and stand it up on a table or bench, headstamp (and markings) facing up. Ditto any ejected magazines or live rounds, so they're out of the mud and don't get stepped on:

  • Help clean up after. Help reset targets between runs. Learn to help score.

    You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to do this. My 1911 is probably in the neighborhood of $400, not counting magazines; the McCormick 10s are ~$25, 8s usually less. The Uncle Mike's Kydex paddle holster was about $20, the magazine carriers about $15 each, the belt 1¼" probably-Mexican leather for under $10 from a variety store, in the belt loops of my $10 economy-brand jeans from the same store:

    I cast my own bullets from bartered or scavenged lead, and load my own cartridges in scavanged, many-times-used brass:

    Now, upcoming rifle matches. Yesterday I took some of my advertising loot to Wholesale Sports, formerly Sportsman's Warehouse, for shootin' stuff, specifically looking for (finally) another two-place 1911 magazine carrier (got), yet another McCormick 10-round magazine (didn't get, probably not stocked; the only 1911 magazines I saw were Mec-Gar 8-round with a big fat plastic floorplate which doesn't fit with my 1911's well funnel), and very specific rifle bullets, Sierra #2140 165gr GameKing hollowpoint boattail (big empty space on shelf). So I grabbed a box of #3037 150gr FMJBT instead, and later rummaging in the DDRToD I found at least most of a another box. I need to whip up .308 rounds if I'm going to use the M100 in matches this season, and I need to sight-in with those loads. A reader very generously offered to donate some he'd loaded, using recipes well within my comfort range, but first I expected to easily find the bullets I used in last November's Bubba Match and just load more of those and second, with fuel and money constraints, I'm probably only going to have one chance to do Rifle Science with the M100 before the PIG match on 12 June, and that will be next Saturday, the 29th, right after the Garand match for which I already have a quantity of a developed load - the shipment of offered rounds would likely not arrive in time for me to sight-in the M100 and it's Tasco without making a separate, cost-prohibitive, range trip. I'll just have to make some M80 Ball equivalent instead. Presently.

    Anyhow, while I was at the Evil Retail Place of Doooom I looked around - no primers at all, even under glass. Reloading projectiles were coming back a little, except of course for the ones I wanted (none of the Xtreme bulk plated handgun bullets at all, some Laser-Cast and HSM bulk boxes) (I'll need to cast more, after making some adjustments to my Lee 6-cav .45 mold so it doesn't stick closed). Didn't ask about primers or powder, though they still have all the empty display jugs on the top shelf. -Gonna need more BL-C(2) soon, hm.

    Now other 'blog-type stuff:

    One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Jeff by-God Cooper. 3½ years gone and still teaching.

    Now on library disc I'm watching the "Extreme" extended edition of Terminator 2. In the LA River chase scene, when the T-1000 crashes the big tow truck into the overpass, the fuel tank is ruptured and a spark causes it to explode very photogenically. I was under the impression diesels don't do that. In fact I seem to recall that being a plot device in some Bronson film, a yacht blows and Bronson's character points out it had diesel engines and "they don't explode without help". Then there's the early scenes of Patton where Bradley is comparing American petrol-fueled tanks to German diesel panzers and bringing up the same point - and you can see applique afterthought armor welded onto the sides of our Shermans in plenty of WWII photos as evidence. But hey, Cameron is another America-hating bigot anyway, he can't be expected to care about technical detail, even - or especially - in a science fiction film.

    And the Rest of the World Still Sucks

    The Marriott thing ain't going away.

    We shoulda let the redcoats have Chicago in the War of 1812.

    What's next, Soylent?

    2534 - Monday, 24 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    Some people are so disconnected from reality you wonder how they dress themselves. Instead, they're placed in positions of influence.

    Every technology can be perverted into a weapon of control. Resist.

    This report of government not enforcing laws intended to protect American sovereignty goes with the Quote o' the Day: "...less force against evil people and more force against good people will lead to more violence in both cases."

    And who's been trusted with that force? Here are a few graphic examples.

    Several times I've commented on some natural disaster hitting some third-world chamberpot and the casualties going to five or even six figures, while an event of similar magnitude here rarely makes four figures, and not often even three. Think of it as evolution in action.

    Holy crapping crap. I know more about space history than the author of the book. Perhaps we should create a Bellesiles Award for Egregious Inaccuracy.


    In Lighter News

    "Apologize to my hat." LOL. I needed that....

    I would vote for this man. And no @#$%ing teleprompter. -Hey SMLE Fan, I don't suppose that's your district?

    More Guns, Less Crime. We knew that.

    Utah is also on the list.

    I have actually seen the film Shooter, starring Mark "Pokey-Poke" Wahlberg as a heavily-altered Stephen Hunter character. There was a scene where he and another, uh, I guess he was supposed to be a protagonist were painting weapons using gathered foliage for stencil patterns. This here takes that last bit seriously.

    Ruger FAIL. Tam hits all the points. I used to own a .44 Magnum Vaquero, liquidated years ago. Very harsh to handle, but in-de-effing-structible. The New Model Vaqueros... kinda ain't.

    Owww. Really out of shape. Legs very stiff and sore from hiking between firing lines, rushing between firing boxes, and bending down for magazines and brass. Hiking to the laundromat to work the kinks out.

    ...I need to find a different laundromat. It's in a very unsafe neighborhood, where any innocent citizen can be randomly assaulted, robbed or murdered without warning or provocation. Right next to a small police station.

    A couple 2nd-hand range reports:

    One shooter yesterday had his Buck-Rogers-y 1911 raygun done up with a custom sight mount, bolted to the port side of the frame, holding a C-More rotated 90°. He explained that with a conventional mounting, the dot was yea high above the bore, while this way, the dot was much closer to the bore, reducing parallax. From my own experiments with electronic sights I see the point - using a dot requires rewriting yer ROMs to bring the weapon up to your line-of-sight here instead of there. The closer the dot is to where the conventional sights used to be, the better.

    Another shooter reported handling and firing an FN SCAR-L, the 5.56mm version, with 16" barrel. He found it underweight, with surprisingly greater recoil and muzzle climb than a traditional AR, greatly extending his shot-to-shot recovery, but liked the light weight otherwise and was very pleased with the fully-adjustable buttstock, including length-of-pull and comb height.

    Yay Lee Universal Decapping Die. Extremely darn handy when the decapping pin in your 40-plus-year-old Lyman .45 sizer breaks.

    2535 - Tuesday, 25 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    From comments, Quotes o' the Day: "ATF is a professional organization." "So is the Mafia."

    *&^%$ Mexico. And the burro they snuck in on.

    And Chicago too.

    Speaking of Mexico, the way I read it, this right here is explicitly Constitutional. Not a violation of posse commitatus.

    But speaking of violations, this right here is what really bugs me about Arizona's new law. Government must be restrained, because power is always abused.

    "Any time 'all-out nuclear war with a lunatic' is on the table, it really deserves our full attention. Unless, of course, you're Barack Obama." "Facepalm" in an inadequate term.

    Pournelle provides something though: "...[T]he NUTS are still in charge."

    Here's another symptom of the disease. There will be war.

    In Lighter News

    All this talk about the 6.8mm SPC - I am far from the first to suggest a much simpler solution: the 6x45mm. With the 6.8, you have to change not only the barrel but also the boltface and, apparently, the magazines. With the 6x45, just the barrel. Even the chargers and guides will still work. Quartermasters should like that.

    Yuri sends free .PDF summary of the Federalist Papers.

    2536 - Wednesday, 26 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    Marriott still.

    And Chicago again.

    It's been tried their way. It works exactly the opposite of advertised. Everywhere, every time.

    Related: "Almost all of those folks who believed 'it couldn't happen' died." ...And I'm still ticked at Aaron Jastrow.

    Could the Usurper possibly be doing any more damage to the nation if he were deliberately trying?

    Privately-conducted acts between consenting adults are no one's business but their own. But getting paid vacation for showing explicit gay porn to 9-year-olds is wrong. And remember folks, that's your tax dollars at work.

    You know what else is wrong? Forced association, as opposed to the kind we're supposed to have. This plugs right into the Rand Paul/Civil Rights Act/private-property thing.

    What was that about "jobs saved or created"?

    Cops don't exist to "protect and serve". They exist to preserve their own existence. Like any other criminal gang.

    And they sure don't want any competition.

    Speaking of criminal gangs, my ambivalence over Arizona's immigration law is reaching new heights, 'cause if they're agin' it part of me should instinctively be fer it.

    In Lighter News

    I do most of my shooting now with only two firearms: my 1911 in .45ACP and my M1 in .30-06. I'm also trying to do more with my M100 commercial Mauser in .308. Advantage: never having to change the shellplate in the Lee Load Master, or the shellholder or ram size in the Lee Auto-Prime. Not that it's difficult to do so, but every time I have to rummage for a half-hour through the DDRToD to find the other piece.

    Trimming .308 brass is much easier with the trimming station I built. Four cases per minute. That's what the $600 power-trimmers-whose-names-start-with-G advertise. And just seconds to change over to .30-06, or any other cartridge I have the Lee guide pin for.

    Behold my 133t video editing skillz! Stage One of Sunday's IPSCcy Goodness is ready for viewing. As is Stage Two.

    Yes. Yes I would.

    The Drought is still on, particularly for reloading components and most especially for primers. Idly web-shopping in case I have to order some, haz-mat fees and all, I came across two references to David Tubb, the Dale Earnhardt of highpower rifle competition, using the less-outrageously-expensive Wolf primers. Like they said in the film, "That's a bold statement." Other forum chatter implies zillions of action-handgun rounds made and fired without failure, and at least one reference to more consistent velocities.

    2537 - Thursday, 27 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    Yet more cops who hate citizens and want them to die.

    ButWaitThere'sMore! "To force people to choose between the danger of facing a murderous thug unarmed, or facing prison, is sheer evil." And evil is cops' stock-in-trade. Anyone who enforces any disarmament law is evil and should be hung from streetlights in front of City Hall.

    #$%^&* Jamaica. Mon. How many of my tax dollars, over the years, have gone to prop up that and dozens of other chamberpot dictatorships?

    CLOSE. THE. GODSDAMNED. BORDER. NOW. "Plug the damn hole."

    In Lighter News

    Wolverton pins/IPSC guy sends:

    'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'
    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

    You see this right here? Like John Wayne explaining guerilla warfare in Back to Bataan, or Jeff Cooper boiling down firearm safety, that right there is the most beautifully succinct explanation of capitalism and the free market I've ever seen.

    The library still doesn't have this book. I rarely buy books anymore - they cost money and I have to put them somewhere. The only books I tend to purchase are reference, like the Krause Standard Catalog or Cartridges of the World. But I might have to get this one. And more.

    SMLE Fan illustrates that there are no obsolete weapons, only obsolete tactics. (Flashback.) Have I mentioned how much I would like to have a NATO-chambered Garand? I could stop buying rifles.

    Fabbers. Working on them.

    After several frustrating narrow-bandwidth attempts to upload, Stage Three is ready for viewing! I think a little explanation of my editing process is in order. I'm using a 6-year-old HP box, with an AMD Athlon processor at 1.6GHz with 1Gb RAM, running Windows XP Home SP3. For the voiceover I'm using Windows Sound Recorder, because it's what I have, meaning I have to script myself and can only save .WAV files of 60 seconds or less. The microphone was dug out of a recycle bin, as was the editing software, PowerDirector v5, 2005, from CyberLink. This version, bundled with another product, is function-limited, but I couldn't beat the price. Still photos, with the colorful overlays, were processed in Windows Paint and IrfanView. To make, for example, the red dots indicating steel targets blink in the resulting video, I took the blank photo, dropped it into PowerDirector's timeline, added the dots on another copy of the photo and dropped that in, then repeated those two images, adjusting the display time and repetition as I thought best.

    2538 - Friday, 28 May 2010:

    The World Sucks

    Yet more on Marriott.

    More yet on Chicago.

    Quote o' the Day: "The number of people in the American public who are armed can also serve as a mitigating factor, though many past [Islamic terrorist] attacks have been planned at locations where personal weapons are prohibited, like the Los Angeles International Airport, Fort Hood and Fort Dix." DISARMAMENT KILLS. Any thug-with-a-badge who enforces any disarmament law is no better than the terrorists themselves.

    Related: "...I suspect that disruption and significant costs are precisely the reason."

    And speaking of terrorists with badges.

    Here's another Quote: "It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt their courage; to accelerate and animate their industry and activity; to excite in them an habitual contempt of meanness, abhorrence of injustice and inhumanity, and an ambition to excel in every capacity, faculty, and virtue. If we suffer their minds to grovel and creep in infancy, they will grovel all their lives." - John Adams, Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1756. But what do we have instead? A guy walks down the street with a broomstick and they lock down the school. An art teacher shows gay porn to 9-year-olds and gets paid vacation. There's a bomb threat at some school and they lock all the kids inside so they can all be blown up.

    And what happens to any student or parent who objects? Months ago there was a case here in Oregon about arbitrary use of "psychiatric evaluation" to violate human rights and suppress political dissent. It has happened before. It is happening again.

    Another example of runaway government power and thugs-with-badges treating citizens like animals: "What are they going to do? Send a cop to my door to kill me if I refuse? Well, maybe." Again I ask cops: What law would you not enforce? What order would you not obey? What oath did you swear?

    How could any sane, decent human being live with themselves after doing the things cops do every single day? The question answers itself. They grin and laugh. They enjoy their "work".

    In Lighter News

    With all the worldsuckage I report every day - and remember, those are just the iceberg-tips which I happen to see and have gumption to type up - Switzerland appears to be the only other place in the world that doesn't completely suck.


    87 rounds .308 made, CAVIM brass, WLR primer, 46.1gr BL-C(2), Hornady #3037. All the CAVIM brass I had ready, and I'm out of that powder. But that'll be enough for post-Garand Science tomorrow and the PIG on the 12th.

    ^#%@ing *^$&ing @&%$!!! YouTube uploader is teh suxxors. But Stage Four of Sunday's Wolverton IPSC is finally ready!

    While trying (and trying and trying and trying) to upload PowerDirector's .MPG output to YouTube, nearing the end of Weber's A Mighty Fortress. Annoyingly wordy, but eventually there's action. -I sense self-indulgence from the author. He's made his heap of coin from the Honorverse and now can write what he pleases and someone will give him money for it. As for the specific criticism, I expect Heinlein would agree that most writers are self-indulgent. All the way back to Homer I'm sure. Certainly I claim no innocence of that charge for myself.

    2539 - Saturday, 29 May 2010:

    In Lighter News


    ColdnWetnFoggy. October in May:

    So foggy, instead of shooting the usual SR targets at 200 yards, the match director installed SR-1s at 100:

    As the morning progressed the fog got worse:

    The match was nearly cancelled, and a couple shooters got their money back and departed. Eventually it cleared, but since some shooters had already fired some rounds at 100yds, the rest continued at that distance.

    Using the last Big Batch, made several moons ago, this portion with Hornady #3037 seated beyond the cannelure for greater COAL and Lee-crimped, my first sighters were way low, possibly affected by the cold. Fortunately the M1 Garand has the Best Sights Ever Put on a Fighting Rifle Evar (the latest ARs' sights are adequate), and Minutes=Inches=Clicks or near enough.

    This match, and the other two at this club this year, are the longer Course B, 5 sighters and 50 for score, with a double-length slow-prone stage of 20 shots. I got 190/9X:

    Ain't Nuthin' Wrong With the Rifle (Praise and Blessings Upon Tucson Tom the Benevolent).

    I do have a tendency to pull right. Likely a position or sling-adjustment issue. It's not the rifle, I know I'm doing it. Here you see the same tendency in rapid-prone, 82/0X:

    In rapid-sitting, which I could barely get my half-year-of-inactivity-spawned gut into, I fumbled my reload and just blew the whole stage. Note the bottom right corner. That nick on the scrap of paper wasn't there earlier. At least I know all my rounds hit the backstop. 62/0X:

    Finally, slow-standing, and fatigue was setting in, notably in my support arm, but I didn't completely blow it - 77/0X:

    Total 411/9X. Didn't place in money, not sure of my position in the field since two shooters were using nonregulation rifles and weren't counted for CMP standing, awaiting official results.

    Speaking of different rifles, observe this left-hand case deflector for ARs:

    Evidently some find the Bump on the A2 upper inadequate.

    Between relays and while waiting for the fog to lift, another shooter gave me two boxes of incorrectly loaded cartridges - like, he was pumping out some .223 and realized, "Oh crap, this is Blue Dot!" (At least one bag is marked 2004 and I think he's just glad to have them out of the house.) It's a charitable donation, primed cases (some incompletely sized, i.e. the shoulder is too high, from a chamber with excessive headspace), recoverable bullets, even recoverable powder if it can be positively identified - all I have to do is disassemble them. Quantities of .223, .30 Carbine, .308, 9x19mm, '06, and a few strays of other chamberings. Even if all the powder has to be thrown out, that's a lot of primed brass and usable bullets. What I can't use myself, I can barter.

    After the match I tried to do some Science with the M100 but 1) it was still ColdnWetnIcky, 2) not as uncrowded as would be conducive to Science, and 3) the rifle was all the heck over the place with this load, no repeatability. Maybe something's loose, though I couldn't find any hardware failure. Also, very sticky extraction - possible headspace issue (cartridge headspace gauge is on the way, already have one for '06), maybe a rough chamber and/or boltface though nothing is obvious on examination. I know the Queen, and that load, are consistent, I'll use her in the PIG. At least I have one rifle I can trust.

    After that, I dared to stop at the Evil Retail Place of Doooom on that side of the river and - after being Completely Unable to Resist purchasing a $2 candy bar from the Young Marines in the vestibule - splurged, before the money runs out, on their last three pounds of BL-C(2) ($21.99 each), while Exercising Manful Restraint and not purchasing a brick of WLP or WSPM primers at $3.49/100 (limit 1,000 per customer and they were under the same glass as the Limited Edition Kimbers and S&W X-Frames).

    Meanwhile 'round the 'blogosphere:

    As SMLE Fan pointed out the other day, there are no obsolete weapons, only obsolete tactics. Actually reading the article, it seems third-worlders, at one time, actually knew how to shoot....

    The World Sucks

    And Chicago will forever.

    Disarmament Kills. That's what it's for.

    Related: "'Lay down your arms or else' almost always means that the 'else' and worse will be inflicted anyway." There's gonna be Charlie Gordons popping up all over.

    "Children are the Future." And the future, it's ugly.

    2540 - Sunday, 30 May 2010: Zzzowzzz. First rifle match since November, first use of the sitting position since my last Appleseed in September.

    The World Sucks

    Mark Kirk is a flaming RINO anti from flaming anti-land Illinois. This has been known, to those of us who pay attention. Now, St. Louis GRE sez he's also claiming false military honors. (And Memorial Day is tomorrow. Time to raise the Threeper flag again.) This is why I put dueling in my Constitution. As a societal self-correction mechanism.

    (Anybody wanna help write the Code Duello Nuevo? I've ideas already - emphasis on swords, firearms allowed for matters of honor only on protestation of inability with other weapons, then limited to, let's say, smoothbore flintlocks to make it more sporting. There would be prohibitions, the details available from history, against, for example, challenging one's own officers or subordinates in the same chain of command, etc., but politicians and journalists should very specifically not be exempt.)

    MSM deliberate FAIL. They've gone past incompetence, beyond bias, to active collaboration.

    This guy is often too far out for even my taste, but click through for the latest third-world-ish Only Ones outrage. This sort of thing is supposed to happen in, like, Neverheardofitstan, not Albuquerque U.S.-freaking-A.

    Kinda inversely related, this right here is something I would never do. Any cop getting himself killed in the line of "duty" has, in my opinion, probably done something to deserve it.

    A different outrage from the Elves today: Wounded Soldier Charged for Damaged Body Armor. That story's from 2006 but the impression is it's still going on.

    Newbius whacks Congress on the nose with a rolled-up Document.

    Just the other day I ranted, and not for the first time, on school lockdowns creating one-stop-shopping for psychopathic mass-murderers. Now comes this tidbit about concentration of targets. Talk about "lining up to be a hot lunch." -That would help solve, from a writer's point of view, the future population problem....

    In Lighter News

    In the first segment of today's Gun Talk was an interview with the author of a big fat new book on the compleat history of assault rifles, going all the way back to the BAR - and if one's mind is open enough, the Chauchat should be mentioned in the same breath, because it was a rifle designed to assault an enemy position. That's right folks, I just compared the CSRG to Saint John's "Rock in a Hard Place" (that's the title of another book, M1918-specific). As the interviewed author put it, "Saying the BAR is not an assault rifle is like saying the Model T is not a car." And the CSRG was meant to do exactly the same thing.

    Reportedly it really sucked at it, but that's what it was meant for. And in fairness to Saint John one must note that his entry saw action for about a half-century nonstop, even into Vietnam, though not in the original hands.

    Later, host Tom Gresham interviewed Charlotte GRE Paul Valone, lead activist on the Marriott boycott - and of course TomG fails to ask the pertinent questions: Why didn't the Lairds of Fairfax object? Why didn't they do more homework about Marriott's policies first? Why aren't they suing Marriott for discrimination? What are we paying our membership dues for?

    Official match results, 6th of 10. (Once percolating through the CMP system that might shift a bit.) Well, it's been a while.

    The other day I suggested the 6x45mm cartridge as a solution to the M4's inadequate ballistic performance, and a reader suggested the 6.5mm TCU instead. Apparently there are even more options on the same case, which would fit the same boltface, magazines, chargers, bandoliers, and ammo boxes. Obviously there's a point of diminishing returns, but I think a 6, 6.5 or even 7x45mm might be the answer. ...So naturally the bureaucrats are after something completely different, requiring massive, widespread, and of course expensive equipment replacements. One wonders whose districts the factories happen to be in, uh huh.

    Founders quotes.

    Ayn Rand quotes. -Time to watch The Fountainhead again....

    GOOOOOOAAALLL. I miss Fuji....

    This here reminds me of this here.

    Speaking of designing an ideal society, this right here has been bookmarked for future reference. Hmm.

    It's contagious!!!11! One hopes.

    2541 - Monday, Memorial Day, 31 May 2010:

    Tributes from Hope 'n' Change, Mallard Fillmore, Patriot Post, Suprynowicz via Sipsey St. (someday I really should go back and finish Shattered Sword), Sailor Curt, Brigid, Jovian Thunderbolt, Hot Air, The Whiteboard, Geeks on Caffeine, DBS, AFB.

    But the World They Saved Sucks Now

    because of treasonous psychopaths like Andy Rooney and Oliver Stone.

    Chicago. 'Nuff said, huh?

    And just across our other border, a glimpse of things to come.

    BATFU is fundamentally unAmerican. The very idea of it.

    Quote o' the Day: "Let’s hope the overthrow of socialism in the US is as bloodless as it was in the former USSR." -I'm not betting on it. Hence splurging on powder yesterday, and being so pleased at the gift of salvageable cartridges.

    Bumbling-Imbecile-in-Chief, & Co. You can't make this stuff up.

    Border. Close it. -In the specific case, how about Letters of Marque?

    In Lighter News

    Frickin' holograms1!!1!!!

    Makes me wanna live in Virginia.

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