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2363 - Sunday, 1 November 2009: Zzzzz.

Finished The Tuloriad last night - surprisingly moving. Don't miss the now-traditional Tasty Afterword, for which Snark might be too mild a term. Starting Forstchen's One Second After.

Wiki sez today is World Vegan Day. I'm celebrating with a great big cheese-and-turkey-ham omelet! Later I'll have the other half of that Tombstone pizza from last night, and I might fry up that other package of bacon!

Near the end of The Tuloriad was a reference to this guy. In the Wiki article was a link to what appears to be a transcription of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, oft referred to in the 1632 saga. Hmm.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Codrea in the first hour. -Later cats arise as a topic of discussion and one Elf comes up with the idea of dunking a squirrel in catnip. 8-| Yeah, you better leave the back door open (and you damn well better get the camera!).

Character. -I shouldn't be surprised - after all, these are the people who voted for him.

There is another gun talk radio program, 1700-1900PT Sundays. This evening they have VCDL honcho Philip van Cleave. Next Sunday they have Suzanna by-God Hupp.

Gun quiz.

On second thought, not taking the VZ to the AvA, don't want to disturb the M100's current setup. Making Mosin rounds later.

2364 - Monday, 2 November 2009: Okay they didn’t actually have van Cleave on AAR last night, fell through for some reason.

Frost on the windshield this morning, dark return drive.

Email from reader in South Carolina, working for a company which works with Boeing, largely confirming my take on the situation, including the union bit. Reader gives Boeing credit for doing as much business in and with the US as possible, unlike other companies which outsource more, and for standing up against union extortion. Also says SC workers are not of the Parasite Culture and are grateful for the employment.

Priorities. It’s like they want certain demographics to get sick and die. (Also.) ...On the tinfoil side though, there have been questions raised about the efficacy and safety of these H1N1 shots. FWIW I’ve never had a flu shot of any flavor.

You’ll have heard some promotion of Forstchen’s One Second After. You’ll also have heard the term “zombie apocalypse” or “zombocalypse”. This book is the “EMPocalypse”. One might draw a parallel with Clancy’s Debt of Honor, published before 9/11. I hope I’m not being prophetic.

And I really want to move to Wyoming and get off-grid.

And I still want an EMP cannon to knock out those cursed car stereos at the convenience store next to the hovel.

Jericho was a really good show....

Continuing Chafe’s Exodus. After the overthrow of the state/church he jumps a couple thousand years to the turnover point in the boost profile, which freaks out the natives, then jumps another thousand. It’s still alarming that, after more than five thousand years, no one’s been iconoclastic enough to explore the thing and figure out where such-and-such comes from or goes to. Methinks Chafe grossly underestimates the inquisitiveness and inventiveness of humanity, though he does finally seem to be having a scientific renaissance aboard. And he finally addresses the issue of population growth.

Now AVG says everything's running. I dunno.

BTW, free online English-Latin translator.

Via WoG (and Cruffler), Murderers with Badges (Get Paid Vacations).

2365 - Tuesday, 3 November 2009: AVG9’s Email Scanner and Resident Shield keep flipping on and off and freaking out WinXP. Sometimes those components don’t show up in the Overview screen at all. Huh? Furthermore it’s not actually showing scan progress when I tell it to scan. Is anyone else seeing this?

In the latest Midway flyer, I see the price for a Lee Pro 1000 has gone up, now ~$160 before shipping. But remember, that’s complete for one cartridge, everything but the components – adjust the dies, fill the bins, make cartridges. I have two and they work.

I need to get my Pro 1000 #2 shellplate back from Yuri, he should have his own by now. Sis bought me the Load Master, which I wanted, and that works too, but many of the criticisms of it you’ll have read are valid.

BTW Yuri’s moving, so no posts from him or podcast from us for a while I reckon.

Speedloaders.... Anyone with a revolver, who shoots more than a box a year, will should be familiar with the ubiquitous HKS twist-knob speedloaders. I’m up to seven for the GP100. But for racing I use the Safariland Comp 2, three of them, found used over time at shows. These are much faster and less fumble-prone; you push into the cylinder to release the cartridges. In dry practice recently it finally dawned on me why they have a Comp 3, with an extended plunger. I’ll have to try one.

Forstchen might be writing a horror story. You do not get how dependent on the Grid you are. With what I have in the hovel I might go a week. –I wonder if the piezoelectric igniter on the little butane burner I have would survive an EMP? I reckon it would, but I also have good old wooden matches (strike-anywhere are hard to find in some areas, prolly some self-soiling bureaucrat banned the things after a Bad Parenting Incident), and even a genuine Zippo, which can run on many liquid fuels. I have a couple propane appliances but not much fuel for them. –Contemplate what’s in your cabinets. Many canned goods can be eaten straight, cold – but do you have a can opener? That doesn’t plug into the wall? (I have one on my multitool, which is always in my left front pocket, and I have a couple cheap ChiCom knock-off multitools in the desk-clutter too, and I know how to use a P-38.) (I bet not one in twenty high-school teachers could figure it out....) With my history of financial instability I’ve made a habit of having a case of ramen on hand – all you need for that is water and heat, it stores for months or years, and you can get a lot for a few bucks. Rice from the supermarket bulk bin lasts a long time with minimal storage precautions, and again all you need is water and heat. ...Time to refresh the water in the gallon apple juice jugs I’ve saved. Study.

Dig it: ”Once they run out of food, then the reality will set in, but by that point, anyone with a gun will tell them to kiss off if they come begging. And if those poor kids, if they have food, the ones with guns will take it. They’re used to free clinics, homeless shelters when they need ‘em, former hippie types smiling and giving them a few bucks. That’s all finished. They’ll die like flies, poor kids. No idea whatsoever how vicious the world can really be when it’s scared and hungry.” I still don’t have a real bug-out bag.... There is a .50 can with some useful stuff (including a copy of FM 21-76) in the back of the car though.

Enemies of the State. Yeah? That’s how we got here. All the way back to Mayflower. What the heck are they teaching in government-school history classes these days?

Surfing from some gunblog or other (my daily blogtrawl is like fifty tabs in Opera), I’ve just discovered that, if I should ever acquire a Borchardt, it can be loaded for with the same dies as for 7.63x25 Mauser and 7.62x25 Tokarev, though naturally you’ll have to tone it way down. –The base diameter for the case is the same as 9x19mm, or near enough, so there’s your shellplate or shellholder (and your virgin net-ordered brass). The bottleneck case will require sizing lube, but Hornady One-Shot will take care of that. You’d want to slug your individual pistol’s bore to get the right bullet diameter.

What in the hell is with these self-destructive Jews? -That reminds me, my JPFO membership has lapsed.

And Bush was TEH 3V1L why again?

Toward the end, Chafe’s Exodus picks up the action, notes the obvious where government handouts and government projects are concerned, and generally becomes more palatable... buuut he has this ever-repeating cycle of just-starting-to-get-out-from-under then some societal or environmental disaster strikes. If I wanted to read about "an iron boot, stomping on a human face, forever" I'd go back to S. M. Stirling. My rebuttal stands; there is a better way.

2366 - Wednesday, 4 November 2009: Yes, email’s behind again.

Finished Exodus, not a bad recovery from the first volume and I do find myself wanting to know what happens in the third. In ebook, returning to finishing Barsoom 7 – Tavia is my kind of woman. Starting 8, Swords of Mars. In dead-tree, continuing One Second After, shaping up to be quite the horror story.

Smacking a statist hoplophobe. –What would be the term for one afraid of freedom? Libertiphobe? That sounds inelegant....

Election analysis.

STI, best known for 1911-based raceguns (including the company pistols from Heroes), joined the Ronnie Barrett club some time ago. Here are some of their new models.

A Real Man.

Yyyyyeah, we knew this was coming.


*&^%$# Antec chassis! Designed by intoxicated lemurs!

Yet more gun talk radio.

Quote o' the Day: "The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits." - Greek historian Plutarch (c. 46-120 A.D.)

USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. Okay, whuppage is cool... but I scowl some at the pictured weapon. Who's gonna carry that in the field, against zombies in blue helmets or whatever? How do you get a good prone position with that 53½-round magazine? Where's the sling? And what do you do when the batteries go dead (or your fancy three-color 17-reticle holographic sight gets knocked out by the empocalypse)? "Practical" shooting often isn't, sez me. Buuut, with real weapons instead of raceguns, and the right mindset, it does make useful training.

Image o' the Day. And past time.

Yuri sends a 'toon I missed.

2367 - Thursday, 5 November 2009: “Phobia” is from the Greek “fear”. “Hoplo” is from the Greek for (among other things) “weapon”, hence Cooper’s “hoplophobe”. Greek for “freedom” or “liberty” is “eleftheria”, or so says Babelfish. Eleftheriphobe. You Saw It Here First – though I’m not the first to grok it.

Forstchen set his story in Black Mountain, NC, his own home town. “Write what you know.” He did. –He might have cribbed quite a bit from Jericho and/or Lucifer’s Hammer (Pournelle & Niven are working on a sequel). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Speaking of societal collapse....

It’s not about guns. It’s about control.

Related, Quote o’ the Day: ”One of the biggest mistakes we can make is in imagining that the left is dealing with America in good faith.”

Let’s see if this IBD ‘toon link works for more than a day.

On second thought, only taking the Queen to the AvA Saturday - no gumption to make Mosin rounds and the POI would be different from wherever I left the sights anyway - haven't fired the M44 in at least a year.

Didn't hear about this until radio on the drive back. I don't mean to be callous but based on past behavior I have to wonder how they're going to blame this on Dick Cheney, Christianity, and the NRA? Meanwhile Oleg opines, as do his commenters.

2368 - Friday, 6 November 2009: Yeah, like that. And that. More analysis from, in no particular order:

Tam (2)
GRE St. Louis
Sipsey Street
GRE Austin
GRE National
GRE Seattle
GRE Cleveland

How exactly is infringing on our RKBA going to stop this sort of thing? We're not the ones doing it. But if you want us to start we’ll be a heckuva lot more thoughtful in target selection - and we're better shots!

Here’s a new battle flag. Here’s why. (In that article, and on the radio this morning, national unemployment has exceeded 10% - and remember they only count unemployment insurance claims, or somesuch, meaning the real number of incomeless people is much higher. Econocalypse? Is Atlas shrugging?)

Minneapolis GRE (finally) continues his rebuttal of Cramer’s anti-open-carry columns.

Wyoming has psychotic hoplophobes (redundant!) too.

Magazines matter. Of the five magazines I have for my 1911, four are marked McCormick and the fifth looks like one of their other models but doesn’t say so. I’ll be getting more McCormick 10s as I can afford them. –The story I read somewhere was, Chip was in a match and his magazine failed, which ticked him off enough to start his own company making ones that wouldn’t. And in my experience so far, they don’t. And they’re less expensive than Wilson.

There is a real advantage to having a traditional design, like the 1911 (or P35), vs. a Witness or PT845 or CZ97 or Beretta Cougar. You Can Get Parts (and service) Anywhere! And there’s so much data on the ‘net you can usually fix it yourself.

Ammunition! I have enough for the Queen tomorrow, other things are falling off the hovel and I have no gumption to spare to make Mosin rounds, I don’t want to disassemble the M100 to reassemble the VZ24, and Sunday I get Lake City surplus with the match fee at Lone Oak. Next weekend is the Bubba match annnnd I might skip that actually ‘cause I need a weekend off dammit and there are things I have to do tomorrow that preclude staying for M100 practice. After that is Wolverton pins and after that is plates and I have enough .45 but need to make more .357 and after that is the Turkey Shoot. I’m thinking of not shooting in the latter at all – if I don’t walk off in a huff at a certain club board member at the meeting tomorrow, I’ll be very busy running the 2x4 shoot.

I’m also thinking of maybe not running the plate match anymore – I’ve been doing it for more than three years, and my reward has been what exactly? It’s not worth getting dragged into club politics. And once in a while an immature jerk shows up.

More than half through One Second After. The worst time for such an attack would be right about the beginning of winter, if the enemy wanted maximum casualties – so many of us are used to simply turning the thermostat dial. Forstchen (and Jericho) placed it in spring/summer, so the people would have a chance to get up to speed with lower technologies.

Whew! The one urgent hovel-related errand I had to run tomorrow, I just barely got done tonight, so maybe I'll dust off the M100 tomorrow after all. And that black leather military sling, which I put on the LTR for my last Appleseed without the rear section, I can now put on the M100 complete, since I found another swivel of the appropriate size.

2369 - Saturday, 7 November 2009: Yyyyyeah I'm pretty good with a rifle. 2nd overall in the Allies vs. Axis match. Only six shooters, but the 1st place winner was Mr. R., presently ranked number one in the United States for CMP Garand matches, which are only cosmetically different from what we shot this morning (all the equipment, and nearly all the techniques, are identical), and 3rd place was Mr. E., 31st in the US for the same stuff. Respectively they're also #1 and #5 in the western US, where I'm currently #15 and have some way to climb before breaking into the top 100 nationally. And I know I'd've done better if I'd practiced more - I squeezed off some perfect shots which would have been 9s and 10s and probably some Xs if my sights had been properly adjusted.

Yes I was wearing the Appleseed shirt under the flannel and the M65 field jacket. What I learned there works. Go. Do.

Gods I love that rifle. Tucson Tom, thank you. And here I was all worried she was coming loose or my handloads sucked. Well, the forward band probably needs stippling again but I'm not even cleaning her until after Lone Oak CMP tomorrow.

Every year the AvA is different, and the CoF is sometimes confusing, but it's still rifle shootin'. First were three slow-prone sighters on a Shoot-n-See target overlaid on an SR1 at 100 yards. I was expecting them to go way high, but either driving the pin back in for the forward band really helped, or the temperature affected the cartridges and instead they went... right where I expected them to with the sight bottomed:

This was followed by three slow-standing sighters on a regular SR1, also at 100:

The 10 was my last sighter. Really. So I'm starting to feel better about the rifle and my rounds.

Next was five rounds in two minutes prone, followed by ten in 60 seconds prone, on the same Shoot-n-C (mandatory reload - 2+8 for the Queen, the special clips live in my range bag already):

There's what I mean about practicing more and adjusting sights. If I had'a, I'd'a whupped. Ain't the rifle's fault. Next, ten in five minutes standing on the SR1 at 100:

Ditto sights. Yes I was clicking up toward the end, spotting between shots.

Next was 200 yards - up two clicks and Trust the Rifle. Target was a 75-meter prone-silhouette meant for the M16, overlaid and centered on an SR. From the bench now, sandbags front and nothing rear, ten rounds in five minutes, followed by five in 30 seconds (I also have a pair of 5-round clips):

The flyer at bottom left was the first in my rapid string, I jerked. That there's some dead jihadis and/or jackboots. I had a bit of advantage here; four Appleseeds, on that target shape. Here's the SR underneath, for scoring:

That is the warmfuzzy lemmetellya. Mr. E. was (mock-)despondent. And my scorecard:

2nd overall of six, against three (counting also-highly-ranked Mr. P., the club CMP guy) of the top men in the country for a closely-related kind of competition. I could feel the Natural Point of Aim. I remembered what I learned at Appleseed. Questions of psychology aside - one cannot honestly answer the "Can you kill" question until after the test - I have sufficient technical skill with a rifle to do so, at distances beyond those most conceivable opponents are trained for.

And I got my ten bucks back:

With the low turnout, there was time before the Turkey Shoot meeting to get some M100 work done - but right after the match the weather turned like the family pet in a Stephen King film, wind and rain and dark. This was before noon:

Here's the M100's current setup:

That sling - I forget the manufacturer - was found in a clearance bin at Sportsman's Warehouse and finally I'm getting some real use from it, Appleseed in September and a match next Saturday with my only "sporting" rifle. Need to get a 1¼" for the Queen - Mr. E. recommends Turner Saddlery's strechless synthetic, which I've already heard of.

I brought twenty rounds of the 165gr load, because after the last rangeday with the M100 that's what I had enough of left for the match and practice. For my first shot I forgot how low this load shoots compared to the 110 and 150gr, but after some backing-and-forthing, by my 11th round I was feeling kinda hopeful:

Doing Basic Math and guessing at trajectory and counting clicks on the Tasco I also made hits at 200, which under the light conditions I could barely see through the 90x Konus:

At 300 I could see the target but nothing on it, so I guessed again - I used the 75m target overlay, reversed, as a backer, and just barely saw one hole in that to give me a clue - and hurled the last rounds a sixth of a mile. When I finally hiked downrange to photograph and retrieve the result I was pleasantly surprised:

Know. Your. Weapon. The only way to know it is to Go Out and Shoot More.

The meeting went all right, no huffs were walked off in.

Pournelle weighs in: "Political correctness was the cause of the Fort Hood Massacre, and we ought not forget that."

"...a special kind of Chutzpah...."

Will the island sink itself?

Fine rant on "feminism".

Aaand watching Battle of Britain (United Artists 1969) in bed tonight and driving a buncha miles for CMP tomorrow with my Excellent Awesome Rifle.

2370 - Sunday, 8 November 2009:



No I'm not, but after beating Mr. R. with my X count for second place in something over a dozen, Mr. E., who won today, told me to say so here. That's 2nd place in back-to-back highpower matches against some of, and the, best men in the country for this kind of shooting. Yeah I'm pretty damn good with a rifle.

You can be too. Tam is working on it.

The Lone Oak setup and operation - relays actually doing stuff instead of sitting around waiting their turn - doesn't lend itself to volume photography, but I did get the Jovian Thunderbolts at right, and my rapid-prone stage - and I have got to remember to never touch the windage on the Queen 'cause I did give her one click right and I'm taking it back off again:

Lone Oak is like a miniature Camp Perry, with actual target pits and actual counted sighter shots and scoring each (slow-fire) shot as it's fired, so a good performance here means a little bit more than at some other clubs with convertible sighters ("throw out the five worst"). With the scoring and marking disks stuck into the target after each shot (except in rapid of course) the shooter gets realtime feedback and more of it - if the guy in the target pit is on the ball, and your eyesight is good enough to make it worth the trip to the match in the first place, you don't even need a spotting scope. Anyhow, my scorecard:

Alas the match directors at Lone Oak are running out of steam and are cutting back - what I heard was only one planned for next year, though it might be the longer Course B. No word on Clark Rifles' JCG matches yet but that should come soon.

And with ongoing Car Stuff, and stuff, I'm pooped. 'Round the 'blogosphere I did see a couple things though:

Eee-vill Invisible Plastic Armor-Piercing Explosive Heat-Seeking Bullets of Death! Or not.

Pournelle gets WRSA'd.

2371 - Monday, 9 November 2009: Via WoG, thug with a badge, first thing in the morning. >:-[ Hang these fascist bastards. From streetlights. Pour encourager les autres.

Quote o’ the Day. Also.

More on Deakin for Arizona Senator.

DBS spells it out.

I have no words. Sinking the island just doesn’t seem adequate anymore.

Health care and guns. And now I’m all depressed again.

Forstchen’s One Second After doesn’t help. It makes Stephen King’s The Stand look shallow and amateurish. We are wide-effing-open to attack, and few realize and fewer care. We even had a warning, blatant and graphic, in New Orleans.

Hey – changing the subject - I don’t recall if I’ve ‘blogged this before, but it’s happened several times since I started shooting at Lone Oak a few years ago, and not just to me. If you’re working the target pits, Work Faster Dammit. The shooter 200 yards uprange is Waiting For You With The Clock Running and if the target doesn’t come back up in a certain amount of time it really wrecks his concentration. Mmkay? -This goes with a previous rant on n00bs. America just doesn’t have the Spirit of Competence she used to, and the current generation can’t even imagine what they’ve lost. Small groups, and movements like Appleseed, are trying to reverse course but they’re fighting a helluva current.

Consumer advice: If you’re in the tire shop getting a flat attended to and they offer a free courtesy check on the car and they come back and tell you your “high mount” (third, center) brake light is out, don’t pay the $21.87 for parts and labor for a $1.59 bulb – which isn’t burned out anyway because it’s a lying scam. I’m particularly finicky about all the lights on my car working, even if damn near nothing else does – fewer excuses for the badgethugs to rob me. (I’m also OCD on using turn signals – “failure to signal” is a common LIE used by revenuers to shake you down.) I happened to check that light in the reflection of my neighbor’s window while backing into the hovel’s parking space the night before, and I checked it again after the tire was attended to and it was working. While waiting, before they tried it on me, I overheard them pulling what I now realize was the same scam on another customer. I won’t name the shop except to say it was a Major National Chain, and it was not Les Schwab, which is who I’ll stick with henceforth except they aren’t open Sundays and I needed the thing fixed last night for work this morning. (Wal-Mart didn’t have that size and speed rating in stock or I’d’ve used them.)

MadMike jumps in, with like-minded commenters.

Mr. P. complimented my shooting yesterday morning as I was signing in at Lone Oak, referring to the AvA the day before: “You do the most with the least.” By which he meant my minimalist approach to competition shooting – an old M65 and a flannel shirt instead of a $150 Creedmoor jacket, a grungy old $15 camping pad instead of a $150 supertac nonskid competition mat, a beat-up old twice-surplused rack-grade M1 instead of a Krieger barrel and a trip to Fulton Armory, the somewhat frayed GI nylon sling she came with instead of $50 biothane - and in two consecutive matches the only guys who beat me are the top shooters of that kind in the country, and I beat one of them Saturday and the top guy Sunday.

You ever hear those stories about how NASCAR drivers and crews will help out their competitors with tools and parts and long hours in the shop, then do everything to beat the snot out of them on the track? Shooters, in my experience, are a lot like that. It's a good sport. -And if you think it's for fat lazy people who never exert themselves, I dares ya to say as much to Tam's face. Warn me though, I want video.

ZOMG JAYNE COBB IS MY ROLE MODEL!!1! (I know some of my readers still haven't seen Firefly & Serenity....)

Remember I typed most of that at work and emailed it to myself. Back at the hovel the email is way backed up and will remain so for days at least, as the OS is choking more and I just spent the last two-plus hours fighting it. Fortunately I pulled a functioning 80G drive from a derelict box Yuri was discarding, got it wiped (wouldn't boot with whatever was on it), and am tediously installing XP Home on that.

While waiting for the progress bars, finished One Second After. Read it, and do everything you can to get off-grid, 'cause the grid, it might not always be there. Starting MHI.

...Yyyyyeah, I think this is going to be an entertaining book.

2372 - Tuesday, 10 November 2009: Why health care “reform” is the worst idea in American history. Also see. Are you prepared to resist? (And are they really prepared to be resisted...?)

Motivation. System’s broke.

”What is hard to ignore, now, is the growing derangement on all matters involving terrorism and Muslim sensitivities.” Continuing analysis and commentary from GRE St. Louis, GRE Chicago, Anchorage Libertarian Examiner, PJM, Sipsey St., GRE Seattle, GRE Austin, and Hope n’ Change. Quote o’ the Day, and from comments in Williamson’s entry yesterday: ”We sure got us a bunch of C students running things in Washingtoon, don't we?”

More stickers & stuff.

Nuke the Island. The infection is already spreading but we can at least destroy one of the sources!

Marine Corps Birthday.

Continuing Monster Hunter International and it is indeed entertaining. Definitely written by and for the Gun Culture.

2373 - Wednesday, Veterans Day, 11 November 2009: Veteran’s Day tributes from, among many others:

Michael Bane
National Infantry Museum
Jovian Thunderbolt
Air Force Blues
IOwnTheWorld (2)

[thought=not-so-random] Let me say this preemptively, before the inevitable hand-wringing about “military tribunals” and “deserving the protection of the civilian justice system”:

His hide belongs to the UNITED STATES ARMY.

And I hope they hang it over Ft. Hood’s main gate. Alas the brass has been so emasculated over the last generation and more, that’s too much to ask.

Related: ”For every Arab astrolabe or treatise on geometry, there have been a thousand — or a hundred thousand — incidents of murder, pillage, torture, slavery, and wanton destruction of anything sublime and beautiful that originated outside of Islam.” And no, as a matter of fact that is not the same as the national socialist propaganda blaming everything on the Jews. Muslims have actually, provably, BOASTFULLY committed plenty of real atrocities, none need be fabricated.

Meanwhile, GRE St. Louis smacks VPC.

The Sipsey Street blog is shut down until Vanderboegh finishes Absolved. Or so he says – a ‘blogger never knows what Shall Not Pass Without Comment.

”Authorized Journalists” and “Only Ones”. Always....

Open carry in Dick’s Sporting Goods. There is no OC (to speak of) in the badgethuggish Portland area but DSG is opening stores here. They might deserve my business.

Guns in parks.

Fight Back! Always!

Armed robbery.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Spelling it out. Evidence. Barack Hussein Obama sets back the cause of racial equality by a decade every time he opens his mouth – and he won’t shut up!

Not unrelated, Correia vents.

Speaking of Correia, one can’t help comparing his MHI with Ringo’s Princess of Wands. They’re both good, with plot and characters and action. A Ringo/Correia collaboration might be quite tasty. (And both authors reference Bun-Bun (though Ringo does it in two unrelated series instead).)

(One also wonders if there will ever be more in the Ghost series, after the Russian invasion of Georgia last year.)

...Just noticed: The last couple of times I’ve been to Lone Oak, in my rapid-prone stage I had two shots way high and the rest in or near the black. Not this time. Don’t. Know. Why. I might’ve thought it was from a particular 2-shot clip, but earlier matches don’t show the same pattern either (OTOH I have three 2-shot clips and maybe it is one of them). Maybe I’m just getting that good.

Oleg strikes again.

Did anyone else see a whole bunch of sites, but not a whole bunch of others, suddenly become inaccessible about 20:00PT this evening? Did a NAFTA driver take out a node or something?

2374 - Thursday, 12 November 2009: Stupid People In The Morning. –I assemble computers. Desktops, rack-mount servers, sometimes laptops. Often they’re short parts, which come days or I-kid-you-not weeks later. It would make more sense to not issue the kits until they’re complete but that’s not how the Big Electronics Company does things. So I build partial systems and I have to put them somewhere, so I’ll have room to build the ones that aren’t missing something. The only place to put these incomplete systems is on the shelves for completed systems. When a system is incomplete, I put a sticky note on it describing what’s missing, so the testers will know the System Is Not Complete.

And YES! You KNOW where this is going! I wonder how many unfinished systems with gaping holes in them where missing parts should go have been SHIPPED TO CUSTOMERS by STUPID LAZY IGNORANT ILLITERATE WORTHLESS MORONS who of course are getting paid a lot more than me for a lot less work and who are also Not From Here and Cannot or Will Not Understand English.

Head. Desk.

Now let’s go ‘round the ‘blogosphere and find more idiocy to rant on. For example, Ted Rall, the racist cartoonist (we freedom-minded folks have long memories). In Codrea’s latest Rights Watch column for Guns magazine (that link will only last a month, but you can now download free, complete .PDFs of the magazine – I have some for the last several months and as gumption and bandwidth allow will be archiving them), Rall blatantly calls, in as many words, for suspending civil rights, rounding up protestors and shipping them off to a prison camp. Which Codrea points out is the ”ultimate last-resort purpose behind the Second Amendment.” They are trying to start a civil war. I am not making this stuff up. ALL WE WANT IS TO BE LEFT ALONE.

(I note the column is sponsored by STI, who I mentioned the other day had joined the Ronnie Barrett club. Alas their stuff is 1: Prohibitively expensive for an ordinary production worker, and 2: Uses some nonstandard parts you won’t be able to find at the Parts Geezers’ tables at a gun show in Neverheardofit, Alabama.)

And look! Even more violent racism!

More on the ammunition drought. And, National Ammo Day next week. Ummm? Well actually I am seeing more primers (CCI & Remington) at Bi-Mart, and they usually have UMC MegaPacks in stock now.

More on Firearms Freedoms Acts and that pesky 10th Amendment thingy.

New snobkitteh breed. (The neighbors have what appear to be Bengals.)

So I’m downloading the 26Mb .PDF of the January 2010 issue of Guns and in the site’s sidebar I see an animated ad for a BSA scope, the STS4X32LE. The “LE” is for “Law Enforcement” and the animation shows a trio of JBTs stacked up to violate someone’s civil rights. These accessory makers, they need to think about who their customers are, and who they want them to be.

What the heck? I want to see a parts diagram. Here are some clues.

2375 - Friday, 13 November 2009: There’s some WWII film I can’t remember the title or details of, but it ends with, IIRC, an American reporter in a British radio station during the Blitz, shouting into a microphone over the falling Nazi bombs, “Keep the lights burning, America! They’re the last lights in the whole world!” If this health care thing passes, the lights will start going out. ”...[A] boot, stamping on a human face, forever.” Mankind will be centuries digging out if this nation falls. Related, Quote o’ the Day: ”...[W]e have the government that our founders were trying to protect us from.”

Book review.

One cannot fight an enemy if one cannot even identify it.

Aaaand cops are still useless. And now being "trained" by radical racist hatemongers.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Due to the bank holiday on Veterans Day, the temp service informed me, in three separate voicemails, that 1) My direct deposit would be delayed until Monday (which makes no sense when it’s all herding electrons but shrug) unless I call them to get a live check, 2) If they don’t hear from me it’ll go to direct deposit anyway, and 3) If they don’t hear from me six hours ago it won’t go to direct deposit and I’ll have to pick up my check at their office. So I rush over there at lunch, having called two hours earlier to tell them I was coming, and I sit in their office for a quarter hour waiting for them to cut down the tree and drag it with horses to the paper mill before they have a check which must be hand written by them.

Gah, always stuff to do. Match tomorrow, the first with the M100. Not expecting to do well, not much experience with this rifle, not measurably more experience with any scoped rifle, and not the best load I’ve ever produced. Two sighters each at 100, 200 and 300 yards; then five shots in 60 seconds standing at 100, five in 60 sitting or kneeling at 200, five in 60 prone at 300, then repeat all three. While the rifle is different, the techniques are essentially the same as I’ve been using in other matches and Appleseeds. Not all training is Good Training, but I don’t think this will be Bad Training. (No science after, nor podcast nor whatnot – I’ll have to get right back to the hovel to work on the OS on that spare drive.)

Speaking of training.

Speaking of a lack of training, Negligent Homicide + Badge = Paid Vacation.

LOL. Bitter, bitter LOL.

2376 - Saturday, 14 November 2009: ZRNK! Tomorrow I sleep in!

But today I stop briefly at the show first, where I see, among many other things, a S&W M629, 6.5" regular lug, pre-Zit but with later cylinder latch, Hogue Monogrip loose and Hogue hardwood installed, Exc.-ish in box (turn mark), $625; repro M1862 Colt Police (the swoopy shape like the 1860 Army/1861 Navy), adorable, $165; a few Garands, one only a few thousand away from the Queen's serial number and in Excellent condition, didn't note price; and for $15 I picked up a Lee #90362 2-cav mold, code C309-113-F, indicating gas check, .309" expected output diameter, 113gr expected weight, flat point. Probably not suitable for the Queen (now I need a new bullet sizer, and a supply of gas checks), but they could be quite useful in the M100 - and with some imagination they might work in a CZ52 or .30 Luger or .327 SP101 or who-knows-what. I'll try some in the M100 next time I have a casting session.

Oh yeah, bartered for more lead from a chatroom Elf, got it last week!

Speaking of my only "sporting" rifle, off to the club and the match! Last-minute adjustments to the course of fire: Sighters at all three distances, then with sights already set at 300, the prone stage at that distance - five rounds in 60 seconds, twice. Then adjust down to 200 and do five in 60, sitting, twice; then adjust back to 100 and do five in 60, standing, twice. All sighters were slow prone. Target at all three distances is the SR-3, with a 19-inch, 8-point black.

(And that dimension is significant because Appleseed trains to 4MOA at 500 yards, which is 20", which is the average width of a human torso.)

That sling still ain't quite right - I had to put the hooks of the forward section in the last pair of holes and it was still a bit too short - but it worked. (Perhaps another forward swivel stud, further back. The same sling worked great on the 10/22 LTR, but that's a much shorter rifle.) After last Saturday's practice I cranked the Tasco's elevation back to what I figured was the 100-yard setting for this particular 165gr load, but didn't test the repeatability as I was out of rounds by then. So a week later I fire two sighters:

I gotchyer repeatable sight setting right here! Looks like I got a decent scope in this old Tasco. Then up ten clicks and two more at 200:

Going up just a bit from there for score, but first, up 20 more for 300:

Yeah I'll leave that one alone I think.

This is my first-ever match with a scoped rifle, and it's different. Every movement is magnified (Mr. E. later advised me to turn the scope's power down (it's a 2.5-10x) for the shorter distances, especially standing at 100), so what you would have thought was a rock-solid NPoA for metallic sights is dancing all over the target through optics. Learning. Anyhow, string of five rounds at the last sight setting, then repeat, then crank the scope down 17 clicks (making it +13 from 100 to 200, meaning up 3 from my sighters, with ¼MOA clicks), five from sitting and repeat, down 13 to 100, five standing (where the magnification effect is Pronounced) and repeat. Didn't bother spotting as I shot for score, no time to make adjustments anyway - in fact I lost one round in my first string at 300, as I was too slow on the M100's bolt and ran out of time. (Part of the reason for that is likely a case-sizing issue - this particular batch of brass may not have been sized all the way and stuck in the chamber some - also the bolt handle just barely clears the scope, slowing me down more.)

This was a quick match - all six strings would count as "rapid", and there were only five shooters. After all shooting was done we marched downrange to score - small match, no official standings, we scored our own. At 300 yards:

79/0X, not bad for dropping a round. Very light trigger on the M100 now, with the Bold unit installed, and that helped a lot. Rifleman I can claim to be, but not Sniper. More practice (and load development). At 200:

96/2X, not much to complain about there. The horizontal/diagonal stringing is from my sloppy sitting position and the not-right sling, and the packing-foam-and-duct-tape cheekrest probably needs work too. As-is, it's minute-of-JBT to a sixth of a mile and that will improve. Finally at 100, and here I switched from loop to Hasty on the sling, making no other adjustments, simply reconnecting the rear swivel:

98/1X, which surprised the heck out of me, even with the humongous target at that distance, because with the magnification effect it felt more like 70-something. 4th overall of five, 273/3X, and remember I dropped one round in my first string. Mr. R., Mr. E. and Mr. P. were 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Didn't suck, learned stuff, worth the trip.

Now a little bit 'round the 'blogosphere before I start juggling hard drives:

Oh this is just too much. No Purple Hearts. Duelling should never have been outlawed!

Here is another reason I don't go to movie theaters anymore.

The 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution is unconstitutional? Yyyyyyeah peddle that one somewheres else.

*&^%$# Bill Gates....

2377 - Sunday, 15 November 2009: Zzzzz.

Re-OSing proceeds very slowly. I begin to suspect some of the hardware is failing too. Maybe I can get one of the derelicts running.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

Finished MHI last night, pretty darn good, awaiting sequel. Resuming Poul Anderson's David Falkayn.

What, again? Or did they ever stop?

That pesky Constitution thingy. No way out now without blood.

Another thing I noticed in the match yesterday - the M100 seemed to kick less. I think I know why. With the redneck cheekrest, my regular earmuff-type hearing protection would be knocked askew in recoil, letting more sound into my ear, causing flinch. Knowing that, for the match I used regular foam earplugs. With less received sound I had less perceived recoil. The mind matters.


Yeah, email's still way behind with this OS thing.

2378 - Monday, 16 November 2009: Illinois still sucks.

So does Britain.

And at least parts of Indiana.

Cops have spent any good-will credit they ever had. Police are the enemy. Related, in the latest Shotgun News Knox Report, the last paragraph leapt out at me: ”So, how much should one cooperate with the police? The principled answer remains the same - cooperate only as much as the law requires. But in a world where federal prosecutors are willing and able to use the system to retaliate against people who don't cooperate, the principled response carries its own set of risks. That shouldn't be the case in a nation based on laws. And it begs the question of just what kind of nation we are becoming.” And an answer to that question might be found here.

It’s a disease. The politicized CDC is taking the opposite view, why shouldn’t we play turnabout? Also.

Think you’re safe in your own home? Nuh-uh. Be aware and be prepared. –As for the technical side, the hovel-duty weapon - always in arm’s reach - is either the GP100 or 1911 (both of which I’ve won competitions with), depending on mood (or which is clean), with Federal or Hornady premium rounds.

I need a repeating shotgun. I really should replace the M590.... I owned a Remington M870 for a while and had to liquidate it – I rarely do anything with shotguns – and having been in the guts of both leading slide-action designs I prefer the Mossberg. Simpler and more rugged. Not that there’s anything wrong with the 870, I’m not saying to throw yours away, but the Mossberg is IMO tougher. (Don’t gimme the “plastic trigger guard” stuff, the 870 I owned had one and a built-in lock too.)

Ya know, dammit, I just need a better computer. So instead of buying that adorable M1862 at the show next month I’ll shop for that instead. Dammit. Brigid has that very revolver pictured a couple times on her site. It’s so pretty. Those long swoopy lines....

Or I could poke at the derelicts again, like donated TowerZilla whose amperage demands are too much for the hovel’s wiring but I have a lower-wattage power supply from the recycle bin at work.

While shopping for parts and/or tools (like this), happened across this, which is not quite Steampunk – needs some polished brass and maybe some glowy bits.

Continuing Barsoom 7, Swords of Mars, and Edgar Rice Burroughs was way ahead of his time, articulating in 1934 the concept later seen in Saberhagen’s Berserkers and Cameron’s Terminators (or Cylons for that matter).

From reader comments to the Patriot Post, Quote o' the Day: "It is not Islamaphobia if they really are trying to kill you."

I've said it before: This guy should have Michael Steele's job. Before it's too late.

2379 - Tuesday, 17 November 2009: Pins this Saturday – 1911. I have enough .45 ready, though some still needs delubing. Plates next Saturday and I’ll have to make more .357.

’Round the ‘blogosphere, that pesky First Amendment thingy. Probably related, BOYCOTT.

Even more thugs with badges. Are you fascist morons trying to get yourselves killed?

MHI: The Movie? There are so very many ways for that to go so very wrong....

Schumer. I recall how John Ross treated a particular character-analog. There’s so much innocent blood on the real one’s hands, and his fellow-travelers’....

”C students running things in Washingtoon”? I think that’s grade inflation.

We were warned.

GRE Knoxville. Forstchen touched on exactly this in One Second After. And of course, never talk to police. EVER.

”Constitution May Face Usurpations by the Government”. (WSJ might have changed that title.) “May Face”? Where’s the author been for the last twenty years? Or the last hundred and fifty....

Aside from the concept of an artificially-intelligent slave race with the potential to rebel, much of the “science” in Swords of Mars is downright silly – but what the heck, good guys whacking bad guys to rescue beautiful women.

Finished Poul Anderson’s David Falkayn: Star Trader. Quality. Next will be Hank Reinhardt’s The Book of Swords.

2380 - Wednesday, 18 November 2009: The Book of Swords begins with a moving foreword by Reinhardt’s (and Jim Baen’s) widow Toni Weisskopf, and mentions his site, where I see the sale of his collection appears to be managed by none other than Mike Williamson. Good cover art, a fine memorial in itself. On library disc I’ve also seen the documentary, Reclaiming the Blade. From the Introduction, fourth paragraph: ...[At about age seven] I started fighting with broomsticks and garbage can tops. This was a lot of fun until the mothers started screaming about knots on little darlings’ heads. They paid no attention when it was explained that the recipient failed to parry.... Alas, thus is serious scientific study forestalled....”

One can hardly believe what’s going on in the halls of power these days. But if one does accept the reality, the logical progressions, guided by history, are terrifying. Last night on library disc I watched Uprising....

Thugs. With. Badges.

Life imitates art.

Mexico is a basket case. The old Remington Model 8 at the little show last weekend is not the problem, nor is my scruffy old M1. If you come for my property I’ll give you what’s in them.

(The very first firearm I owned was a Model 8 in .35. Traded it for something else many years ago. I see one at nearly every show....)

Bigotry. What’s next, we’ll be required to wear special armbands and stay in a certain neighborhood?

Violent racist street thugs. From which end of the political spectrum?

Sending a message.

Outright lies.

Two outrages at this link: Tanstaafl and Pravda. -Okay you’ve just got to click through to the Reason article and read the comments. (Also. ”...$225,000 per nonexistent job.” I could live for years on that, without worrying whether the car will start on a cold morning ‘cause I’d bloody well be sleeping in. But the beltway parasites spend more than that on lunch.)

Speaking of Reason, here is a fistful of outrages from around the world.

In lighter news.

And, Ice Pirates! (Ref.) :D

Another work slowdown – off early last night, and Friday off. Alas it seems I’ll be helping an acquaintance move that day. Pins Saturday and a Turkey Shoot committee meeting Sunday, sigh. Then a short week, and short paycheck, after that. I never have time or energy to catch up with anything! -Though I did poke at some email last night. (Nor am I figuring on any Christma$ shopping this year.)

If only. -There's this old SF story, I've read it a couple times in different anthologies - "The Highest Treason". It fits our current situation on several levels....

Quote o' the Day: "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." - American author Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Official results from the Lone Oak Garand Match on the CMP site, 2nd of 13 and I'm in! #98 for the Whole By-God Country! And climbing to #8 in the West. HOO-AAH.

2381 - Thursday, 19 November 2009: I can now honestly claim to be a nationally-ranked highpower rifle shooter:


How very interesting. The charger for a Remington Model 8 (in .35 Remington) looks exactly like that for a ’98 Mauser. A quick search shows that, for handloading purposes, the .35 uses the same shellholders (depending on brand) as the .30-06/Mauser families, though the .35’s rim is smaller, .460 vs. .473. Factory rounds are a little hard to find but there are plenty of Marlin 336s in that chambering, and I understand the T/C Contender/IHMSA crowd still uses it. Brass can be ordered – sometimes there’s even a bag sitting on a retail shelf ‘cause the Fudds a) don’t recognize it and b) don’t reload anyway – and there are enough other rifle rounds with that bore size to provide adequate bullet choices.

(Back when I still had five VZ24s I had daydreams of building custom rifles on them - .243, 7mm-08, the sparkly-new .338 Federal, and .358 Winchester. Now, with the Drought and the whole system threatening to collapse in the next legislative session (or treaty signing), I’m sticking to standard chamberings and $truggling to keep those fed. But I do still dream....)

(Extended bolt handle for the M100? For greater leverage and so I can simply reach the thing which is jammed right up against the scope on the backstroke? Saw off the original knob, drill & tap, thread in a replacement? If I don’t care how it looks I can probably do it with my Dremel, and depending what the hardware store has I might not have to spend fifty-odd bucks at Brownell’s either.)

Digging through Correia’s site, he sez MHI2 is due from Baen in about a year.

Sick subhuman freaks.

Yuri writes.


Free speech, at what cost? I think I’ve mused before that any free nation carries within those very freedoms the seeds of its own destruction. -And the wheel keeps turning. What will historians think of all this a hundred, five hundred, a thousand years from now? Will there be any historians? Ever again?

And these are our “leaders”?

”Loophole” my ass.

Somebody still watches CNN?

Pirates! 1, 2, 3. DUH.

Remember Cory Maye?

Buy more ammo. And tool up to make your own. While you still can.

2382 - Friday, 20 November 2009: What a marvelously distracting day. I set out to help the acquaintance move and as soon as I hit the freeway the windshield wipers quit. Then they start again then quit again and I have to take the next exit and pull over and grab them and shove them and they run and quit and run and I do some grocery shopping instead and now they seem to be working but gah. Haynes manual....

(...And barbecue chicken pizza.)

Identify the enemy.

And they call us racist.


Yet more on pirates. Encore l'DUH.


Practice. -I go to a lot of matches, and sometimes I just go to the club to shoot stuff (though with the Drought on, purely-recreational shooting has been curtailed and I do it for Science if at all). Every time I see n00bs - often the same n00bs month after month after month - who should bloody well know by now what the hell they are doing but for some inexplicable reason DON'T. PRACTICE! For all the gods' sakes PRACTICE!

...Now I can't reproduce the wiper problem, even with a freeway-speed test drive. And I have a long drive to pins tomorrow, swell.

Reader sends pics and a link for Mauser bolt-handle modifications. The M100's handle is already turned down so I don't need to do anything there - all I want is to whack off the existing knob and replace it with something easier to grab.

2383 - Saturday, 21 November 2009: Pins! Plus a little plates. The 1911, and the cast loads, ran perfectly as usual, but my aim sucked. Tomorrow I have a morning errand, then an afternoon meeting, and between I might do some paper-punching.

Car seems fine now. [rolling eyes] Helped guy move stuff.

Teachers' Unions.

Quote o' the Day.

Hate crimes? Phooey.

The screws tighten.

2384 - Sunday, 22 November 2009: More Astonishing Reader Loot! Magazines & pouches.

So then I'm out of the hovel and across the river anyway, so I figure I'll go to the club for Science while waiting for the meeting, but I was running late in the first place and didn't pack as much gear as I should have - no laptop, only the low-quality RCA Small Wonder camera, forgot the MTM pistol rest, but I did bring the 1911 and enough rounds to Maintain My Scienceness.

Cold and wet and windy. How cold?

(The RCA Small Wonder is conveniently small, and when I wear it it's in an ordinary compact camera case with it's USB cable and it's little RCA-jack TV adaptor, and remember the RCA software lives on the 256Mb fixed drive (which only stores images if there is no MicroSD card installed, and the camera case carries a spare for the 2Gb I have installed), so it's like having a whole miniature video studio on my hip. But the image quality is Really Quite Low. Click for the original 293kb image, before shrinking in MSPaint, for comparison.)

I took one of the 2x4 benchrest thingies meant for rifle sandbags, put that on top of the 1911's plastic case, and rested the pistol's butt on the result. Didn't shoot the chronograph anyway.

One thing I noticed in yesterday's pin shoot was a very-nearly-premature discharge. My 1911 has a good trigger, but I'm not used to it; I'm more accustomed to the GP100's double action, so once the muzzle was in a safe direction I instinctively started taking up the load before fine-tuning my sight picture, and there was no load ya know, so naturally I was a Bit Surprised by the discharge. Fortunately I'm well-programmed for a safe muzzle direction and as far as the RSO knows I simply missed the plate, but this highlights the need to PRACTICE, especially if you're transitioning between two very different types.

Which is why the big stack of lead ingots I bartered for is so cool! I can keep this pistol running! If I get a little ahead on money again I have got to get a Lee 6-cav .45 mold. I think the truncated-cone should work (handles sold separately).

Today was all careful slow-fire from a rest, so nothing like that came up. I started with the same cast load I've been using and discovered that, Yes, as a matter of fact my sights are off and I should have hit those pins (distance ~7 yards):

That was easy to fix, then I moved on to some other loads, with the following results:

.45 ACP test loads
M1911 5"
All with WLP primers

Processed on Lee Load Master with Auto-Disk powder measure and Lee Factory Crimp Die
A: 219gr cast lead RN, Lee Liquid Alox, 5.5gr W231
B: 200gr Xtreme plated lead SWC, 5.5gr W231 - newer batch
C: 200gr Xtreme plated lead SWC, 5.6gr W231 - older batch
D: 215gr lead SWC, maker unknown, 5.5gr W231
E: 185gr plated lead FP, 5.3gr W231

.45 ACP test loads
9808.01845.21, 4839.21801.9870.53
Std. Dev.34.9419.3532.5930.1239.48
IPSC PF170170162182159

In subscript, note the failure codes. If listed before the chrono data, the event occurred before the shot was fired; if after, after:

1: Magazine change
2: Failure to extract/eject
3: Stovepipe
4: Failure to feed
5: Failure to lock slide when empty

Loads A, B & D had no failures - I only have one 10-round magazine and I went into the RSO shack to load it, and the four 8-round I brought, 'cause it was damn cold and I have arthritic fingers. Round C3 might have simply been a short cycle from a weak round, especially considering the stovepipe in C8 and the failure to lock in C10, though there was a real failure to feed in C9. Load E had no feeding failures, only a power issue. Load D, the unidentified LSWC, had stouter recoil than I was expecting but it ran perfectly - I'll load up the rest of that box next time I sit down for a Big Batch.

I'm concerned about the velocity variations. Quite possibly the Lee Auto-Disk isn't as accurate as I'd previously thought. While I had OpenOffice running and the data in Calc cells I told it to give me the Standard Deviation, and slapped that onto the table above. More to the point, after adjusting the windage after load A, I'm expecting to do better in my next match with this pistol:

Later Yuri arrived but couldn't stay long. His Tanfoglio is back from the shop and working perfectly with factory FMJ, but it choked repeatedly on the same LRN handloads which ran perfectly in my 1911 an hour, and a day, and a month, before. I only had four rounds of load E left but those ran perfectly in his Witness, even locking the slide back. He'll be 'blogging his side of the Science presently. While there we also recorded a podcast on his netbook, and some video on my RCA - he's better equipped to edit all that than I am.

Then there was the meeting for the Turkey Shoot - I'm running the 2x4 shoot and I promise I'll get video so you can pester your board to try it at your club.

That's about all the gumption I have today, and I have work tomorrow, yech. Look at the 'blogosphere yer own selves, you know where it is. But I did have to link this: Good kitty.

Aaand from the club website, three Garand matches scheduled: 29 May, 10 July and 29 August, no conflicts I'm aware of. Ooo, if I'm reading it right they're all the longer Course B, four stages including Sitting, 50 rounds for score.

2385 - Monday, 23 November 2009: Monday blech. Still buying lottery tickets. :(

Hit the backed-up email pretty hard last night.

TFB does some math on the .22WMR vs. the 5.7x28mm, and the answer isn’t what I expected.

Image o’ the Day, from this WSJ column.

Possibly related, the officer corps may see a Stalinist purge. Most. Divisive. Administration. Evar.

”Global Warming” My Ass.

The Gadsden rattlesnake is one of my favorite flags. But this one is good too.

9mm vs. .45? Viewed from a different angle. –My steel-frame-as-God-and-Saint-John-intended 1911 doesn’t seem to kick that hard, but I do shoot a lot and am accustomed to handgun recoil – also, my handloads are milder than factory M1911 Ball-equivalent (though they still make IPSC Major according to the chronograph). Those icky evil unnatural plastic Glock thingies though, phooey. They squish in your hand.

(If Taurus made their PT845 in steel I might have to get one....)

(Going back and adding a line to the data table yesterday for IPSC PF. –Jeepers, looka the LSWC load D. As noted at the time, it felt oomphier too. I wonder about lead buildup, haven’t had gumption to clean it yet. The 6-cav mold I’m thinking of getting will be 230gr, tumble-lube for LLA.)

Aw shucks!

That pesky First Amendment thingy.

I’m ambivalent about this. Partisan censorship vs. [gakchoke] respecting the office and the chain of command. (Srsly. Look what happened to Rome when her legions started playing politics.) Well I’m sure some corporal in the audience will have a camcorder and internet access anyway.

Reinhardt’s The Book of Swords is Cooper-esque. The man Really Cared about swords and how they were actually made and used. He can fairly be called an accomplished hoplologist. If you have any interest in swords at all, you want this book. Me, as an amateur hoplologist, I study all weapons, though some more than others. I know how to use a bow and own a couple; I’ve won a muzzleloading rifle match and someday I’ll build an AR; my flintlock pistol comes out for Independence Day at least, and the only reason I’m not still racing with my Witness is the ammunition problem. I also have a medieval-European-style broadsword (which isn’t very broad and may not be very medieval), a repro 19th Century saber, a simple mace, a simpler spear, and a small axe of the type which hasn’t changed since Caesar was a grunt.

Reader sends word that CMP is getting more HXP .30-06! I really should get some to set aside....

2386 - Tuesday, 24 November 2009: The Narcissist-Ditherer-in-Chief continues to delay a decision on Afghanistan troop deployments. One has to wonder if he wants them all to just die. After all, they probably voted against him and would again....

*&^%$# workplace “security”, two-bit rent-a-thugs with delusions of significance.... No police force, rental wannabes or otherwise, in my utopia. Not bloody needed.

Holiday promo codes from Midway, getting ready to place an order (Opera 10.10 is choking on the shopping cart, having to use FF3.5.5, might be a proxy thing from the work connection): The Lee 6-cav .45/230 TC mold, handles, .308 sizing die (with another bottle of LLA) for the .30 mold I picked up at the show, Lee universal expander die (essential for cast rifle bullets – rifle dies usually have no expander function), box of gas checks on sale and, to round it up to the next promo code, two (finally!) more McCormick 10-round 1911 magazines, also on sale. Ah, but that promo code appears to only be valid on Black Friday so I’m waiting ‘til then.

Lee bullet sizing dies... I have a .451 and a .358, and they come out .452 and .359, so I’m ordering the .308, expecting them to come out .309. (I have not slugged the M100’s bore. Reviews of the .30 mold say they drop at .311 or more, but I’ve been using LLA to size .456 RN from a mold meant for a Ruger Old Army percussion revolver and they’re working quite well in my 1911.)

(Quite odd, that Yuri’s Witness would choke so dramatically on rounds which work perfectly in my 1911. –And he still needs to post his end of Sunday’s Science!)

Who’s a “terrorist”?

Government health care. (And Sink the Island.)

The first thing I did when I got my 1911 was rip out the FLGR and toss it in the junk drawer, replacing it with the GI-style guide and plug. I never even fired it with the FLGR. As for Tam’s point, the only trouble I have in assembly or disassembly – we’re talking Saint John here, who invented the blindfolded-field-strip game – is getting the slide stop through the toggle link without the latter flopping out of position. And I haven’t yet launched the plug! (Nor have I ever suffered M1 Thumb, and I’ve had the Queen for 3½ years and many matches usually including rapid-fire stages with on-the-clock reloads.) I have a bushing wrench – I’ve used it exactly once. That first time.

New plan: Not going to the December Appleseed but I will take the Queen to one on April 17-18 (Patriot’s Day weekend). Except there isn’t one listed in reasonable distance yet but I reckon there will be. I Need to shoot Expert with a Real Fighting Rifle, and there is no more Real than the M1.

Sitting position.... They teach it at Appleseed (put the right foot inside the left knee (for right-handed shooters)) and it looks like I’ll be needing it in the upcoming JCG matches at the club. But I’ve noticed lately I’m having real trouble getting into it – I end up sprawling backward with legs in the air, and it didn’t used to be like that. Getting old. Practicing – cross the ankles while standing, then down to the knees (and with a sling on, the shooting hand can be free), then down on the buttocks. (In both Appleseed and JCG the clock starts before you’re in position.)

Here is a clue to why cops can’t shoot.

Wait, what? Is it time to shoot the bastards yet?

”Enforce existing laws”? Think it through. See also the first quote in BTR’s sidebar, and of course this.


Mm-hm. (Lefty trolls run on rails: No logical refutation of any of our points, no facts or data to support their arguments, and an immediate descent to personal attacks, with the Olympic-grade chutzpah to call us bigots.)

Uh-huh. System’s broke all to pieces.

The Book of Swords isn’t just about swords; Reinhardt fleshes it out with significant studies of spears, bows, axes, armor, shields, tactics, etc. Definitely recommended for anyone with any interest in close and/or pre-firearm combat. To add flavor he also relates several anecdotes, again Cooper-esque, from various Scandinavian sagas, like this one.

Heh, I just climbed to #97.

2387 - Wednesday, 25 November 2009: One more thing to add to the Midway order: More handles, ‘cause a couple moons ago the Wolverton pins guy gave me one of these. Even Moar Weight, and a Honkin’ Huge Meplat. Websearching suggests 4.0gr W231 for .45ACP for pins, but it will be some time before I have another casting session. (There Will Be Science.)

Ummm, crap? I rarely pay attention to financial news, ‘cause I never have any money to speak of, but that-there could affect my forty-seven dollars and fourteen cents.

Lying bigots.

Blue Helmets Make Good Targets.


The Lairds of Fairfax. Sigh.

RKBA documentary features (at least) two GREs.

Nuke it....

Damnyankees. (Remember this?)

Subverrrsive.... I think I’ve linked that before.

The Book of Swords, page 127: ”In the early days, there were a lot of sneering remarks aimed at those fencers who were considered ‘just stabbers’ who had no form, but merely attacked repeatedly. This could be a just criticism in a sport, but in actual combat it would be a meaningless remark. Real combat is only concerned with whether you win or die.” He goes on to deconstruct modern fencing-as-a-sport. It’s a very short step from that to criticizing IPSC and the like for the same reasons – who carries a 27-round holosighted compensated carbon-fiber-polymer-unobtanium überpistole in a machined-titanium-and-structural-kevlar-rare-earth-supermagnetic “holster” to the corner market for a gallon of milk (and what do you do when the batteries go dead and your slide doesn’t even have dovetails for real sights)? IDPA was supposed to be an answer to that question but my impression is they’re taking a different road – a bazillion rules and equipment restrictions – to reach the same it’s-not-like-that-in-real-life destination.

But I do still shoot IPSC. It’s fun of course, and that alone goes a long way, but if you boil it down far enough, in your mindset, there is useful training to be had there. Probably not for actual tactics or how to win a fight, but on the even more basic level of weapon handling and technical skill-at-arms. Ditto all those rifle matches I attend – I do it to develop and maintain my ability to Hit Stuff On Purpose. (Insert obligatory Appleseed plug. They don’t teach you how to dig a foxhole or parry a bayonet thrust or build a ghillie suit, they teach you how to Hit Stuff With Your Rifle. And they do that particular thing rather well.)

Some time ago I lost my 2Gb USB drive, on which I'd stored various apps and tools like IrfanView, CuteHTML, WsFTP, Opera, Firefox, etc. - stuff I would want to install on Some Other System if it didn't have it already. Now I'm using the 256Mb drive on the RCA Small Wonder camera for that, since I'm in the habit of wearing the thing anyway. More difficult to misplace too. And, for larger files, the 2Gb MicroSD card is installed, there's a spare in the pouch, and the manual says the device will take up to 8Gb.

(Once, before I broke the FinePix A345 my sister gave me by Using It A Lot, I did in fact use it to partially back up my computer's hard drive during a re-OS. Now I have a card reader always plugged in and I just swap the card around. In fact I keep another card reader in the laptop bag and use it as a USB drive when necessary.)

2388 - Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 26 November 2009: Zzzzz.


Thanksgiving.... I haven't done any "I'm thankful for" stuff since being required to in gradeschool (and nowadays they'd call SWAT on any kid who did). But I'll tell you something I am truly thankful for, to whatever power or randomness runs the universe:


Because even now, as everything that made us great is being deliberately dismantled, there is still nothing better, in this world, to be. Like the lady said: "After America, there is no place to run."

Aaand when it comes to small arms the French are still doofuses.

Speaking of doofuseses.

Via WRSA, useful information.

2389 - Friday, 27 November 2009: Drove up north yeterday for Thanksgiving with family. (Surprisingly heavy traffic - I would've thought most would have been Wednesday evening - and unsurprisingly heavy revenuers.) Later, back at sis' place, there was television including American Airgunner on the Sportsman Channel and OMG someone actually paid money to produce a show like that and someone else paid to add it to their cable or satellite lineup? They were talking largely about vibration and harmonics and benchrest stuff with little to no use in the field. (And the cameraman appeared never to have heard of the 180° Rule.) One guy had built an "air lodge", something like 25 meters long with a remote camera trained on the target and electric lights and climate control and right inside, at the firing bench, were big sponsor banners including one - the largest - which said "CROSMAN - TAKE IT OUTSIDE". And he was In!Side! -You remember that bit in Uncommon Valor when Sailor finds his prisoner and says it's time to go and the prisoner, trapped in a Laotian hellhole for ten years, says he can't because of the garden, and Sailor says, "We'll take the garden with us"? The guy had built more InSide to take with him to the OutSide! *smackitysmack-smack* -And another thing, he'd pull (not squeeeeze) the trigger and immediately, without following through (which is Step 6 taught at Appleseed), take his head off the stock, out of the cheek weld, whipping his head around to look at the monitor for the remote camera to see where he hit. At ten measly meters. You might imagine, as someone who has proven himself to be a pretty darn good shot, including with a real rifle, and not from a bench, I had some snarks to snark.

Later we watched Reclaiming the Blade (I've acquired a copy), and there was Hank Reinhardt (who BTW was also a shooter, from clues and outright statements in The Book of Swords) describing a bout with a Fencing MasterTM. The Fencing MasterTM lunged at Hank and Hank slapped the Fencing MasterTM's blade aside with his left hand and stabbed the Fencing MasterTM with the weapon in his right hand. The Fencing MasterTM complained, "You can't do that, it's illegal!" To which Hank responded, "I don't care about legality, I'm trying to kill you!" The parallels to the previous paragraph, and to Wednesday's IPSC rant, should be obvious.

This morning my mother - who made me a Reader long and long ago - turned me onto a certain bookseller. For example. "I cannot live without books." - Thomas Jefferson

Quote o' the Day: "Right now I could listen to the Shrub mispronounce 'nukyular' for an hour straight, because the grownups have definitely left the building."

Via WoG, NUKETHEISLAND, and of course never trust a cop of any kind.

Encore l'Quote o' the Day: "Leave it to the SPLC to find a revival of patriotism 'worrisome.'"

Against what would be better financial judgement if I had any which I've proven I don't, placing the Midway order, but only getting one more of the McCormick 10-round magazines. The other stuff will really boost my bullet casting capacity and keep my 1911 (and M100) running for a good long while. $15 off with the Eee-Vill Marketing Ploy Black Friday Promo CodeTM.

Up late fighting worsening OS problems (still on the old drive, haven't swapped yet), and whipping out more .357 and digging out old batches and tediously delubing more .45 and I'll have to have a casting session again pretty soon after all, by which time I should have the 6-cav mold. BTW this stuff works even better on LLA than Hoppe's.

2390 - Saturday, 28 November 2009:


But before that, plates, 1st Revolver of six as usual hooaah including two of my three usual pretty-darn-good rivals, Jim and James (Chris didn't bring a revolver this month). The stop plates for the centerfire divisions are a pair of Poppers, angled so one falls over the other, the one on the bottom indicating the winner. Three times today I hit my Popper after the other guy but enough harder that it ended up on the bottom. Scraping each other on the way down, That's Entertainment.

One (1) misfeed with the 1911 today with the cast LRN in the McCormick 10, the first malf with that load in a few hundred rounds at least. Might have been grit picked up by the cartridge causing it to stick in the magazine - Goo Gone leaves an oily residue, still looking for a non-tedious answer to the LLA issue. Still getting used to the pistol, but after adjusting windage last weekend I was doing Better.

Hung out with Yuri a bit after and he has a new rant on TV providers.


2391 - Sunday, 29 November 2009: Zzz....

Morning blogtrawl before show & chat: Tam articulates what's always kinda bugged me about Arthur C. Clarke, especially his later work.

There is a difference between "peace officer" and "law enforcement officer".

Switzerland ain't dead yet. Identify the enemy.

Argh, my second HDD, with all my Stuff on it (I keep the primary as clean as possible so the OS runs smoother, in theory), was for a time invisible to the system after the re-OS and the overdue swap to the replacement primary drive. Working now after replacing the IDE cable. Next I'll nuke the previous primary drive (120Gb) and use that for storage instead of the current 80Gb.

We. Are. Screwed.

Wolverton pins guy sez there's an ICORE event at the Albany club... next Saturday when I'll be running myself ragged, and not shooting at all, for the 2x4 Shoot. But I'll keep an eye on that.

2392 - Monday, 30 November 2009: Evil Monday of Evil.

Last night after chat, Yuri and the Dweeze and I, through the Wonders of the Intarwebz, installed Skype (which I do barely have enough bandwidth for) and recorded a 3+ hour ramble-ranting transcontinental podcast which Yuri is now editing between squirrel attacks. During this I cleaned the 1911 and GP100. Still no leading to speak of in the former, but a little in the latter, easily removed with a couple passes of the Lewis Lead Remover (which BTW is advertised in the vintage Guns magazine .PDFs from 50 years ago). This last batch of cast .357 was double-, but thinly-, lubed, compared to the .45. FWIW the chronograph says the .45/219 goes 818fps, the .357/156, 893. The 1911’s rifling is 6LH and seems quite shallow, the GP100’s 5RH and deeper.

The trouble I was having with mail2web was simply an incorrect password, d’oh.

Po’ folks gots RKBA too... but I ain’t this poor.


”Only Ones”. And when they are “punished” for their crimes, all they have to do is relocate to get a shiny new pair of jackboots, few-if-any questions asked. Your! Tax! Dollars! At! Work!

Second Amendment March update. They’ve got some big guns, so to speak, lined up to speak.

And they call us racist.

[ramble=ON] Long and long ago I watched what were probably the original American broadcasts of Star Blazers. Now I discover there’s a webcomic, and from it I find the Quote o’ the Day: ”Few things can be more detrimental to a society than the removal of its challengers.” The reason this leapt out at me is my experiences with public education, and the direction the nation has been going the last too-many years – teaching at the lowest-common-denominator, raising generations of spoiled worthless brats – even putting one in the White House, gods help us all. ...And you know, this reminds me again of that story. We’re Americans, we can overcome anything, but what does it cost us, every time, to relearn the old lessons? –Victor Davis Hanson gets it too – you don’t bring a wiffle-bat to a nuke fight, and the Bad People won’t become Good, the Universe will not become Gentle and Fair, because you wish it so. [/ramble]

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