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2302 - Tuesday, 1 September 2009: Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of probably the most significant false-flag incident ever. (The results make the Trojan Horse look like a sandlot stunt.) Today is the 70th anniversary of the National Socialist German invasion of Poland. Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of what is generally accepted as the official beginning of the Second World War (and the 64th of its official end). What will this government fabricate an excuse for, and how much blood will be spilled in consequence?

Reader comments on yesterday’s anti-sheepitic rant: "One of the consequences of Mr. Hitler is that many of the untermenschen that managed to escape left homes, friends, relatives and businesses behind, but nevertheless brought that attitude with them. And that leads us to the frankly Kafkaesque situation where we have to deal with the cousins, children and other descendents of Hitler's victims supporting the disarmament of the rest of us." For example. Pacifists Taste Like Mutton? Some people never learn.

Reader sends Garand Maintenance Pr0n. Good clickabigger pictures.

Another Hamilton quote. He had some points: "[O]f those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants." - Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 1 -How many times must I say it? Democracy is mob rule. Our Founders gave us a Republic. The difference matters.

Interesting case.

”Loophole” My Ass.

Next read was supposed to be Flint & co.'s Grantville Gazette V, but it's not ready yet, so I eyed the shelves and just as I was about to give up and leave the library I spotted Poul Anderson's David Falkayn: Star Trader, second (a while back I read the first, The Van Rijn Method) in the chronological reissue of his Technic Civilization saga, in which at least a third volume is forthcoming. Can't go wrong with Poul.

2303 - Wednesday, VJ Day, 2 September 2009: Don’t tick off the Americans.

Quote o’ the Day: ”Kennedy was an inspiration to drunk entitled slobs everywhere.”

Why we hate cops.

The last couple days, with today being the anniversaries of the beginning and ending of WWII, I’ve been warning against government exaggerating or fabricating excuses to seize and expand power. Now we know WND can sometimes often veer toward the tinfoil, but this article is linking a fistful of fresh .GOV .PDFs, which essentially suspend most of the Bill of Rights. Not making this stuff up, folks.

Via Patriot Post, more quotes:

"Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent." - Scottish philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790)

"It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies." - British novelist C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) (See also.)

"The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles." - Russian novelist and historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008)

Another slowdown, no parts - Friday probably off again. Holiday Monday, so I’d have a loose day of rest on either end of the Appleseed. -This affects pay of course, and I’m constantly fighting my spendthrift tendencies. $igh.

New Motivator:

Speaking of Kafkaesque, dig the second segment of Pournelle’s entry for today.

Fighting the system (and lying and/or ignorant cops).

Speaking of cops. This has been around for some years, but ever-increasing thuggery - or homicidal incompetence - keeps it fresh.

"You know, most people, when they read 1984, were scared. When Barack Obama read it, he started taking notes." - Rush Limbaugh

Restrict, Prohibit, Steal. That’s all government knows how to do anymore.

David Falkayn: Star Trader by Poul Anderson, page 1, “A Historical Reflection”: ”...A race limited to one planet, possessing a high knowledge of mechanics but with all its basic machines of commerce and war requiring a large capital investment, will inevitably tend toward collectivism under one name or another. Free enterprise needs elbow room.”

One of the things which often stalls my writing is the necessarily-different planetary calendars. Is there a calendar calculator/converter for SF writers? ‘Cause if I can get the dates straight there’s a new Eyani segment wanting to get typed - which will also help me plug other bits into the overall picture.

Thought: Hussein, however mildly and belatedly, disapproves of the release of the Lockerbie bomber because he didn't get to release the mass-murdering Islamic terrorist himself.

2304 - Thursday, 3 September 2009: ”Authorized Journalists”.

You can’t make this stuff up. See also.

IDPA video from the S&W shoothouse. Not the holodeck I was wishing for a week or so ago, but I want to try it.


And they wonder why we’ve starting bearing arms at political rallies.

Today I built, among other things, ten rack-mount servers. This was my share of an order of twenty. My coworker had the other ten - the exact same product, parts, tools, and working conditions. In fact he was short one whole system so he only had nine. He started an hour earlier. I finished at least two hours earlier (he wasn’t done when I left for the day and the week). It’s been thus since... pretty much when I entered the workforce 20-odd years ago. Getting more so every year.

Crap, I just realized I'll be driving nigh 300 miles on Labor Day Weekend, with highway-robbers-with-badges swarming the roads.

2305 - Friday, 4 September 2009: Zzz.

Speaking of revenuers, Quote o' the Week: "I'll be convinced that this country believes in freedom when it brings the army home and turns them loose on the police departments." Cops are useless at best, when they're not regularly roughing up the peasants.

The Problem.

Even more "Authorized Journalists". Could send them here, but they don't care.

Be judgemental.

Hypocrite in Chief.

Via RHJunior, government health care. Yeah, that's a good idea. -Coincidentally I'm watching War and Remembrance: The Final Chapter in another window and as I type they're showing the selection process at Auschwitz.

Mm-hm. And uh huh.

Ohcrap, the direkittehs have returned!

Holy ¢rap, Remington wants a lot of money for what sounds like an ordinary turkey load, billed as the "Ultimate Home Defense" shotshell. $35 for a box of ten (websearches show actual shelf prices of ~$25). But I guess someone will buy them....

Upgraded to Opera v10, some nice new little features. Also seems a bit less buggy than 9.64, where loading certain pages is concerned - maybe the MSIE emulation is improved.

Getting ready for Appleseed tomorrow & Sunday. Taking only the LTR for the first day. The LTR has a very simple Uncle Mike's leather carry strap with a sliding adjustment buckle - if often slips when used Hasty. The Allen #8061 will hold its position in Hasty (by friction only, though, which may work loose in time), though I don't think it can be used as a loop sling without some keepers - it's put together with Chicago screws so those could be added later. Put the Allen on the LTR, taking the Uncle Mike's (and a 1" military sling which didn't work out for the Queen) as spares in case someone there needs them (there's always someone who doesn't prepare). Still have enough .22LR from Yuri for at least one AS. Got extra water & Gatorade today too.

Earlier today, during the various errand$ (no new case tumbler this week, nor shrimp rings neither), I stopped at Big 5 for new shoes, getting the $40 pair on sale (normally $70) this time instead of the $15 which began falling apart in a week. Shoes matter. I wear those mid-height soft hikers, lightweight but still with ankle support and rugged enough for the places I often go on weekends. Modern shoes need no breaking-in, fortunately. Unfortunately I didn't think to look for skateboard tape while I was there, for the LTR's smooth plastic buttplate.

Got the pocket clip for the AA Mini Maglite a couple weeks back, that works, I keep it in my pocket next to the Leatherman SideClip. I like having a light with me. The NiteIze LED and tail-switch conversions are very nice as well.

2306 - Saturday, 5 September 2009: Znrk. The things I do for the Cause.

Raining. Oregon's brief summer has ended.

Departing about 0700. If you don't see anything more by this evening, send the Irregulars to free me from the clutches of the Washington State Patrol.

Returned without incident or badgethuggery about 1930. Still get to call myself Rifleman. Tercel didn't catch fire. Everything soaked. Details tomorrow-evening-ish. I know I can shoot expert with the LTR. Only my mind should stop me from doing the same with the Queen. This, the last AQT of the day, I figure scores 214 without using the "thirty cal" rule:

The LTR has a much better trigger than the Queen, actually....

Folks... if you're going to a shooting clinic, for all the gods' sakes, TAKE EXTRA MAGAZINES and SIGHT-IN YOUR WEAPON BEFORE YOU GO.

Swapping slings again on the LTR, finally finding a use for the 1" black leather sling I got- last year? I dunno. Taking the rear part off entirely (though I might dig out the leatherworking tools later and punch some holes in it - it came with none - so I can put the rear hook somewhere and keep it from tearing my shirt again), leaving the front bit to function just like an M1907. Since one won't be doing a 20-mile day hike with an LTR, the rear sling attachment isn't needed, and Loop is better than Hasty.

Via Pournelle, Fred Reed smacks government education and racial preferences in an article ...which was written for Harpers in 1981 but might have been written yesterday. Alas.

I'm out of shape. Short of breath. Particularly noticeable during the Sitting stages today. This seems logical. But no time! -Plus in this town, jogging with pack might attract unwanted attention from various quarters. I really should do something about this....

Faithful readers will recall my anti-sheepitic rant a few days ago. These ain't sheep. And about damn time they grew some teeth.

2307 - Sunday, 6 September 2009: More rain. Departing again about 0700, with both rifles, 150 rounds '06 handloads with Hornady bullets, the biggest pile I have left that matches. The plan for today is lots of AQTs. If I can't shoot Expert with the Queen, I'll switch back to the LTR to prove I can still shoot Expert.

Returned again without incident about 1630. Wimped on shooting AQT with the Queen, don't trust the rounds I've made. Did shoot Expert with LTR again, new personal best 230 - look at the Sitting targets, I can't figure how I did that 'cause it felt real sloppy:

Also did particularly well on the last Redcoat target I shot (from prone, no time limit) - using the "thirty cal" rule I cleaned it for the first time, and look at the groups; I'm trending low on the tiny targets (you can see that in Stage 4 of the AQT above too) as I go to a 6-o'-clock hold without fully realizing it:

And everything is soaked-er and I'm hungry & tired and sore and that's it for tonight.

Well almost. Here is the official AAR for this event, and here is a 'blog entry with a photo in which I can just barely pick myself out by the color of my prone mat.

This goes far to illustrate why I no longer call myself Libertarian.

Carolyn "The Thing That Goes Up" McCarthy is still at it, with this blatant violation of due process.

Dust off those Blue Helmet targets.

2308 - Monday, Labor Day Observed, 7 September 2009: Zzzzz.

If someone you know is nearing end-of-life and there's stuff to be inherited, consider this advice.

Three part series on where we might be heading. This is the kind of thing that is not discussed at Appleseeds. All they do there is teach riflery and the history of the day the first American Revolution started. The only anti-government extremism to be found at Appleseeds is from the documented words of the men who created this government, before it mutated into what any real American now hates, and the occasional fringey freak with a history of being a paid government plant.

And from comments in that series, Quote o' the Day: Some will fight, even if they do not imagine they can win. For some, the threat of certain or near-certain death is small next to the shame of bondage or the knowledge that someone else went in your place, because you were not willing to do what so many before you did. See also.

See also Breda's three part series on her first Appleseed.

Upon further reflection, I don't think I'm trending low on the tiny targets - I was compensating for just that, and those were good groups. I probably just need an elevation adjustment on the LTR's rear sight.

Awright, let's have a report. Long drive - there's an effort to get Appleseeds at Wolverton, which is still far but closer (and they have covered firing points). In June I got sunburned; same location this weekend I coulda qualified for submarine duty. Another big turnout, I didn't get an exact count but about two dozen:

I'm seeing more women (and girls) at Appleseeds than at any other shooting event.

This Designated Appleseed Range is on one man's private land. All we want is to be left alone:

Don't whine about the lack of a cement pad and overhead shelter, this is one man, who works for a living (trucker), who donated some of his land to the cause:

One shooter - actually a small family - donated one of their popup shelters to the range when they left.

Starting as usual with a Redcoat target for a quick diagnostic:

Duh, I should just give the rear sight a bit of elevation. (Remember I use a center hold for everything.) Anyway you can see I didn't slip much from last time.

If you can only make one day, go Saturday for the actual instruction. The second day is to apply what you've learned and go for Expert on the AQT. Going only Sunday really puts you at a disadvantage. Best is to go both days and get as much live, in-position practice as you can, burning the proper technique into your wetware ROMs.

The 1"/4MOA targets - which one can make at home, and photocopy the heck out of, in a couple minutes - are used to sight-in a weapon that may not be totally zeroed (though you should have some practice and sighting-in before you go to an Appleseed). The LTR is not losing its zero, though I did tweak the windage just a bit after this:

Cross-firing was a problem both days, especially Sunday when some new shooters (and I mean New Shooters) arrived unprepared and inexperienced. More on that later.

About 1800 Saturday we were overflown again, and again I couldn't make out any markings, though I could see there were some on the pontoon:

Internet maps suggest the nearest airports are 8-10 miles north or south in Longview and Chehalis. BTW here's the Cessna-like thing from last time:

The DAR is on a near-straight line between the two airport icons on Yahoo maps so maybe it's innocent. But these days, paranoia is a survival trait.

About 1/3 of the shooters did not return Sunday. Three or four Sunday-only shooters I think. The second day was Even Darneder Wetter:

Wind both days too, which grabbed the shelter-tarp-assembly several times, and more often dumped whole gallons of water right on a shooter's head or on all the gear you had piled toward the back of the "covered" area where you thought it was safe. But hey, a Rifleman perseveres.

Yes I want that rifle. There was another, with conventional stock instead of the rare E2, right next to it. There were sunbreaks both days, but not long enough to dry anything out, and the rain always came back, often dramatically. Here you can also see the wind grabbing the tarps strung between the popups:

Here's the newest Orange Hat IIT (Instructor In Training - the Red Hat is for full Instructors, and event bosses) Nadia, who last year earned her United States Citizenship on a Thursday and shot Expert that Sunday:

That's the kind of immigrant this country needs more of. (Yes, on several levels.)

Sunday was mostly AQTs. I repeat, going only Sunday approaches a waste of time, money and effort - most of the instruction was the day before and now everyone is using what they learned to go for the Rifleman patch. I didn't shoot nearly as much the second day, trying to help coach and such - besides I'd broken 210 a couple times already. So I took some pictures:

Here's the LTR as it's now configured, with the 1" military-type sling as described Saturday evening:

Loop beats Hasty a couple ways, and an M1907 type beats the GI nylon or canvas in ease of use - just slide the keeper and it goes right on and comes right off, unlike fighting the buckle. (I'll be changing slings on the Queen when I can afford to.) The Hasty is much faster, but its biggest disadvantages are that it can slip, and especially that it pulls the rifle sideways, causing it to cant toward the strong-hand side, which you have to fight, with muscles you shouldn't have to use.

You don't need the UberPicatinny to do this - in fact you'd be cheating yourself, IMO. What if you have to pick up a rifle off a dead Blue Helmet or federal Ninjaboy and figure out how to use that in a hurry? (Well, third-worlder UN thugs likely won't be sighted-in anyway, and domestic Feebs don't usually carry proper rifles and also aren't likely to be sighted-in, but you know what I mean.) The idea is to hit targets the size of an enemy soldier, geometrically as far as 500 yards, with a rack-grade weapon and standard-issue ammunition. Appleseed is about making hits, not looking cool and bragging on the forums about how much money SnobCorp got out of you. The LTR I'm using is a base-model 10/22, probably made in the early 1980s, with the original factory barrel, stock, and guts, discontinued Zephyr 2200 sights, and standard QD sling studs I installed myself, and with it I can make hits. Here's a later-production 10/22 with laminated stock (otherwise still the base model) and Williams receiver sight, and a Marlin M795 with Tech Sights, both fitted with GI canvas or nylon slings:

I shot my last AQT of the weekend, which I showed yesterday, which I unofficially scored at 230, about 1345. The Redcoats shown yesterday were the last rounds I fired, about 1445, then I started packing up and split about 1530. As I recall, there were at least five new Riflemen this weekend.

Couple window decals:

Now, Things I Noticed or Discussed.

One new shooter, who arrived for Sunday only, had a ziploc bag of .22LR rounds. Which were mixed, Remington Cyclone and Federal bulk. Different. Point. Of Impact. Sigh.

I think I saw more females shooting this weekend than I've seen at all the matches I've been to so far this year combined. More youth too.

The program is growing explosively - obviously, this is one little spot of turf in one guy's backyard and it's filled to capacity every time, a half-dozen times a year. When the program started, the instructors were long-service military veterans for whom marksmanship instruction was sometimes their job. Now, with dozens of events across the nation every weekend, instructors and event bosses are whoever is sufficiently dedicated to the Cause to show up and bring a truckload of their own stuff, at least partly at their own expense. They need more instructors.

The other side of this coin is, when the program started, the participants learned about it mainly from Shotgun News, so they were already gunfolk and knew which end the hot stuff came from and what a sight picture is and suchlike. Now, with rapid expansion via word-of-mouth, we're getting New Shooters who don't even realize the factory rear sight on their NIB 10/22 is flipped down. (Srsly. With my own eyes I saw this.) I was told that This Is Being Contemplated, and there may be Pre-Appleseed events for such new shooters. -Again I was asked if I was interested in becoming an instructor, and I'm not against it but I'm always broke and it's half the Tercel's tank for each round trip to this DAR (I filled up Friday afternoon, and she choked when I went out this afternoon to refuel for work this week - I had to use some of the reserve can to get up the hill). One objection I was able to articulate this weekend was my frustration with the Really Unprepared. I'm not very patient and don't consider myself a good teacher, but with a student who is making visible progress and is Paying Attention Dammit I get much better. I was very encouraged to hear about possible plans for Pre-Appleseeds.

2309 - Tuesday, 8 September 2009: Hussein indoctrinates children today. I’m pleased to hear that several school districts are not showing the propaganda, and that there will be widespread truancy. This is serious, folks. Where’s that National Socialist quote about “Give me a child when he is young and he will be mine forever”?

Speaking of spending money at SnobCorp....

Race war. My side isn’t trying to start it.

If the Blue Helmets are from India, don’t pick up their rifles. Click through to the Wiki and India MSM articles for more. Jeepers. With so many decades-proven designs to choose from, how can they come up with a bad weapon? I mean it takes effort. The CSRG was introduced 101 years ago, when autoloading small arms were still a new concept and only Browning, Mauser, Luger and Maxim knew what the heck they were doing; the L85 might be the most graphically bad weapon to emerge since then, and my understanding is that has less to do with design flaws than with manufacturing defects (though the ergonomics are Wrong anyway). I guess, in their zeal to have a completely homegrown series of infantry weapons, India declined to stand on the shoulders of so very many giants.

From David Falkayn: Star Trader, "Territory": "You thought your government could do it. Bah! Governments is dayflies. Any change of ideology, of mood, even, and poof goes your project. But private action, where everybody concerned is needful to everybody else's income, that's stable. Politics, they come and go, but greed goes on forever." ...And that's not unrelated to the previous paragraph. Used to be, Saint John Himself would take his prototypes to BuOrd and famously field-strip blindfolded (he invented that practice, as a marketing ploy (thanks again for the book, sis!)), and fire continuously for 43 minutes without failures. Now it's all committees and bureaucrats and scrapmetal and weaponless soldiers.

This would be funny if it weren't so true.

Some days ago some patriot blog mentioned the film Johnny Tremain (Disney 1957), so I got it on library disc. Halfway through, it's spring 1775 and that's just what last weekend was all about. Quote o' the Day, from Dr. Joseph Warren to General Thomas Gage: "Free men will never consent to give up the means of defending their liberties."

2310 - Wednesday, 9 September 2009: Seattle GRE has NOLA update. "Upon investigation, many of the guns [stolen from innocent citizens by police] were found to have been deliberately damaged."

Preparedness book review. Author has no grasp of history.


Johnny Tremain is recommended viewing for patriots. Not too childish, and there’s a great sequence toward the end, of the militia methodically cutting the redcoats to ribbons on their retreat to Boston after Lexington & Concord. -They talked about just that at Appleseed last weekend, in the lunchtime storytelling, the “running ring of fire” along Battle Road - patriot militia, who lived there and knew the ground, would run ahead and gather in favorable positions, loose a volley, then scoot to the next spot before the redcoats could effectively respond. In a stand-up fight on open ground the redcoats whupped us at Lexington, but when we started fighting the American way, using initiative and individual action and aimed fire and (for the time) unconventional tactics, we made them run.

Stossel smacks government health care.

Setting Poul aside to read Grantville Gazette V. Due to the huge volume of Gazette material in the electronic magazine I still don't subscribe to, the dead-tree editions are hopelessly behind and are switching to a "best of" format instead of full publication as were the first four. Quite the phenomenon, this saga, with so many authors constantly expanding the alternate universe - but there's so much time between each print volume, one loses familiarity with all but the most prominent characters.

2311 - Thursday, 10 September 2009: Guh, pins this weekend. Nothing planned next weekend, for a change, and nothing for most of October.

From comments in Tuesday’s Seattle GRE column on New Orleans, US Code, Title 18, sections 241 and 242. So why aren’t more cops in prison? All over the country, every single day? OTOH there is the occasional tiny little piece of good unbad news.

Even more self-destructive Jews. Why? Stockholm Syndrome on a genetic level? -Srsly I know one of them, from my SCA days. Where’s the insultingly-graphic reference... ah. People who will not fight for themselves do not deserve to be fought for.

We are everywhere.

Sink the Island. Again and again and again and....

Via WoG, Good Cop? There are so few, or rather so many of the other kind, that an informed person is naturally skeptical.... As for the man’s advice, in the hovel I always have a ready weapon within arm’s reach (lately usually the 1911 (with Hornady personal-defense rounds for hovel duty), with which, I remind any potential door-kickers, I won my second-ever IPSC shoot about a month and a half ago). Some months ago I also began keeping a clip wedged onto the Queen’s sling for fast access.

Speaking of door-kickers, for the last few days Codrea has been methodically smacking BATFU.

2312 - Friday, 11 September 2009: That Day. The assorted speechifiers’ insincerity nauseates. (Visual aid.) OTOH here (scroll down) is something thoughtful.

And via that same Shooting Wire, Women of USPSA.

Today is also the anniversary of the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Ours wasn’t the first gang of peasant rabble to whup the English.

More yet on open carry.

Pournelle on healthcare again, and larger issues.

Cleveland GRE has a series of entry-level educational firearms articles. Of course we know all this, but the people we try to bring to the light might benefit greatly. -So could cops and journalists, but demonstrably they’re the least likely demographics to care about truth and accuracy.

Backlash? ...No. See also.

More on Battle Road.

Some things bear repeating.

”Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.” Yeah, we have been.

Ferret Shock is real? Yeah, I had some.

Words mean things.

I’m sure this costs as much as two or more kit-built ARs. Not the worst sights I’ve ever seen on a rifle at least, but certainly not the best - one thing I really like about the current-production ARs is the A2 sights (aside from their being ridiculously tall that is). But it’s based on a sporting design - what if you dive for cover and come up with half a rifle? (Not that the AR doesn’t still have that problem.) How about barrel stress from American-style sling use? And what’s with the stubby sight radius? If there were a 22mm NATO arrangement out front I could understand it, but of course the muzzle is nekkid.

Well crap.

2313 - Saturday, 12 September 2009: Znrk. Pins.

I sucked. At least I went and did something. -I need to look again, I think my current .357 load is in fact not Major. Certainly the pins didn't think so. -Learned new-to-me Excel tricks from another shooter.

On the anniversary, Pournelle is succinct.

Another anniversary: Canada Still Sucks.

Commentary on Sunstein.

Speaking of Kafkaesque, note the update. Also note the commenter wondering if we'll have real elections anymore.

To a cop, everything is always someone else's fault. Since one never sees "good" cops standing up and speaking out against their exhaustively-documented lawbreaking, civil-rights-violating colleagues, one can legitimately conclude that there are none, and all law enforcement officers should be viewed, and treated, as enemies.

W. T. F. Am I reading that right? A cop orders a grandmother to stop CPR on her own grandson? And what if she'd gone right ahead with saving the kid's life, would the cop have arrested and/or shot the uppity peasant? How can you filthy fascist sociopathic scum live with yourselves?

2314 - Sunday, 13 September 2009: Finally a day of rest. Or at least part of a morning - weapons to clean.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

I really must start putting my URL in my photos.

Estimates of two million for the anti-statist rally in DC yesterday. MSM says "thousands" if they say anything at all. And the pols shrug it off. They've conveniently forgotten what their own icon said. If This Goes On, we will remind them.

The current .357 load is 158gr plated over 7.0gr W231 for 988fps. This works out to an IPSC power factor of 156. Major is 165. Hm. Meanwhile in .45, the last of the plated Witness loads, 185/5.3/850, is 157. The cast 1911 load, 219/5.3/788, is 172; the next step up, 5.6gr W231 for 818fps, a published maximum, would be 179. 6.0gr for 883fps would be 193. (The last batch I cast weighs about 220, not enough difference to matter, and the extra grain might be the lube which will be removed after loading.) I think I need another chrono session. Maybe that's what I'll do next weekend. Unfortunately public sight-in days are on and it could be messy at the club.

As for Joe Wilson, I think he should apologize for apologizing. One of the chatroom Elves says, "Joe Wilson for Truth Czar!"

Later, a caller to the show says he shoots .40 reloads, in .40 cases, in a Glock with a 10mm chamber, with only the extractor holding the case. o_O I wouldn't. -Caller also says he seats the bullet to 10x25mm COAL, mainly as a safety issue so it won't fit a .40 magazine.

2315 - Monday, 14 September 2009: Morning radio, political “expert” nattering about how the Tea Party protest isn’t the way to influence votes on health care. >:-[ It’s about a helluva lot more than health care, doofus. But he does seem to be correct about the lack of influence.

...Which can be added to the reasons to be armed. We're going to have to speak louder....

”Can’t stop the signal.” But they’re trying to stop everydamnthing else.

The bayonet still matters. -Now watch, this poor Tommy will go home to England (sink it), step up like the man he is to stop some random street thuggery, and get himself jailed for violating a parasite’s civil rights.

Anyway I feel better now about some parts of my story. Sharp pointy things will never be obsolete.

Police are the enemy. Never aid or cooperate with them.

Hmm... but does it work? Over burgers Yuri has told me of his GPS’ foibles. Meanwhile there’s this.

Self defense is a human right. (Unlike health care.) Alas, no one thinks to exercise it anymore, and if they do they often end up like Tony Martin.

Smith & Bieser appear to be webcomicking something in Smith's Bretta Martyn/Henry Martyn universe. Probably NSFW.

Crap, radio news, 12% unemployment in Oregon. Must... not... walk off job in disgust.... Contract ends February. Hopefully I can get something lined up beforehand, for a change.

W. T. F. Someone's gotta be drugging my fruit juice.

2316 - Tuesday, 15 September 2009: Their minds don’t work right. They’re sick. We’re the ones saying the lady should have been able to defend herself, and they’re the ones biting off fingers and calling us violent. Perhaps they think Kafka’s works of fiction are textbooks?

Thugs with badges also have a sickness, the mirror image of the one above. The least-competent arms-handlers, and demonstrably the least-stable, least-honest, and least-trustworthy people in society, insist they are the opposite of what they are constantly proven to be. ”...[P]olice or criminal intruders.” What’s the difference?

ZOMG reproduction FP45 Liberator. Over many years I've laid actual eyes on a very few originals at shows.

2317 - Wednesday, 16 September 2009: New bumper stickers:

Uh huh.

Stop pissing in my gene pool!

Off-grid water.


This guy is not ”lining up to be a hot lunch.”

WOLVERINES! Yeah, I own the discs.

Prepare. And if at all possible, relocate.

Threeper Flags Ten Bucks. Think I’ll get a couple. Even I can justify that expense.

The One Must Not Be Questioned.

Speaking of Tony Martin, the island can’t be sunk deep enough.

This is depressing. Everywhere I look, the nation and the world are sinking deeper. Living in a metro area, if things do come apart I’ll have a damn hard time getting out. And then where would I go?

[thought=random] What’s Latin for SNAFU? ‘Cause I’m sure, two thousand years ago, the legionnaires had their own version.

2318 - Thursday, 17 September 2009: Constitution Day. Reader sends, see also.

Pournelle analyzes those labels being tossed around. ”You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” (Yes, I have that disc too.)

Prohibition Fail. Zelman & Smith touched on this very thing in their novel, Hope (2001). (And ain’t that a coincidental title.)

A real piece of history.

Not making this stuff up. Really. ...”Bizarre” is an inadequate term. See also.

This is not in my local library. But dig the endorsements - Friedman, Pournelle, Poul, Reason.

UN Smears Israel. Now Israel might be called a socialist nation, which history shows to be inherently Wrong, but in fairness their harsh circumstances demand some harsh measures for survival, and they’re not trying to ram it down anyone else’s throats abroad. I acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and her right to defend herself with whatever means necessary. The UN, OTOH, has a long list of crimes to answer for. It’s not random that Fred painted the UN as an invading enemy for what evolved into the far-less-explicit Appleseed Project.

Hah! Birthday present from 2nd sister!

Hee! -Those are real hulls too (red-white-blue patriotic), I could probably reload them. (But I have a heap of hulls.) Free enterprise!

Reader sends:

Common Sense For Gunowners

Clint Smith, Director of Thunder Ranch, is part Drill Instructor and part standup comic. Here are a few of his observations on tactics, firearms, self defense and life as we know it in the civilized world.

"The handgun would not be my choice of weapon if I knew I was going to a gun fight.... I'd choose a rifle, a shotgun, an RPG or an atomic bomb instead."

"The two most important rules in a gunfight are: Always cheat and always win."

"Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."

"Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. You may get killed with your own gun, but he's gonna have to beat you to death with it, cause it's going to be empty."

"If you're not shootin', you should be loadin'. If you're not loadin', you should be movin'. If you're not movin', someone's gonna cut your head off and put it on a stick."

"Do something. It may be wrong, but do something."

"Shoot what's available, as long as it's available, until something else becomes available."

"If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous. If you have a gun, what in the hell do you have to be paranoid for?"

"Don't shoot fast, shoot good." [Or as Thomas said to Hannie, "First comes right, then comes fast."]

"You can say 'stop' or 'alto' or use any other word you think will work but you will learn that a large bore muzzle pointed at someone's head is pretty much the universal language."

"You cannot save the planet. You may be able to save yourself and your family."

Not unrelated, Oleg waxes poetic. See also.

Now this is a Halloween costume.

2319 - Friday, 18 September 2009: Forty-two.

So much for Switzerland.

Sturmgewehr. I held an original in my hands once, at a show.

Pournelle & Niven are working on Lucifer’s Anvil.

Bills to pay, errands to run.... Sometimes you just gotta go out and buy yourself a pizza.

2320 - Saturday, 19 September 2009: Z.

Naw, no shooting today after all. But more errands to run - More Astonishing Reader Loot, podcast with Yuri, maybe a new tumbler finally, and while I'm across the river where I can (gasp!) pump my own gas I'll top off the reserve can I used last week.

Got the tumbler. Unfortunately the design has changed and I don't think the bowl from the old one will fit - I was hoping to be able to interchange bowls for special uses like solvents or different media.

"That governs best which governs least."

Government health care. (See also.) You try it. -You notice how the people pushing these new government health-care plans are all exempt from it, while we'll be fined for not using it?


On library disc, watching the original Mad Max. This counts as a cop film, which I've otherwise long since given up on (except for Selleck's Jesse Stone series of course), but it's stylistically important for film enthusiasts, and one thing sticks out for me: the character of Jimmy the Goose. He's a total tomcat, shamelessly chasing anything female, but when he finds the brutalized girl he instantly turns gentle, and when her attacker Johnny gets out on a technicality he goes fangs-out in outrage. He had a code of honor.

The problem with modern cops is, there's little difference between them and Toecutter's gang where us taxpaying citizens are concerned. The Goose is, alas, a fictional character. The only cops like him in the real world are at, or nearing, retirement - and very few make it that far with any shred of honor intact.

During the rambling two-hour-plus podcast recording session, which Yuri is boiling down as I type, one of the last topics was his Bushmaster AR and it's appalling lack of accuracy. Since he and I were getting essentially identical results with UMC M193-equivalent, and we all know I'm good with a rifle, it ain't him. We're plotting some Science, with several different loads including some premium stuff (and I'm tooled to load .223 so I might toss together something as well), but with public sight-in days on at the club it might be some time before we can do Proper Science - and by that time the weather will be skewing results, as least as far as any chronograph work is concerned.

2321 - Sunday, 20 September 2009: Zzzz.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring Ken Blanchard in the 2nd hour.

Their minds don't work right.

Codrea smacks Illinois State Police.

Yesterday's podcast is ready.

"YOU LIE". A lot.

Great Last Stands in military history. Some of which I've never heard of.

You know those radar/photo vans the revenuers park on your street to aid their highway robbery? When I see one, my instinct has always been to mix a molotov cocktail. But I've just discovered what could be a highly satisfying alternative.

2322 - Monday, 21 September 2009: The Marketeers are at it again. (FWIW, in the store with Yuri Saturday I noticed Ruger is using the same flash hider on the SR556, their “evil” version of the Mini-14, and this new thing.) (In the podcast we also briefly discussed the S&W entry in this niche, with a full-page ad in the latest American Rifleman.) Folks, what ever happened to actually hitting stuff on purpose instead of making a fashion statement?

Actually I have an answer to that, from a reader in Switzerland, commenting on my link Friday to this story:

It is clearly not that bad yet... :)
I still feel very safe in our neighbourhood with an average ratio of 1.2 STG 90 rifles in the different households.

Actually last week the annual "Knabenschiessen" took place in Zürich where kids (4979 participating) starting age of 11 up to age of 17 compete with the standard STG 90. So the Swiss people are still pretty conscious about the ability to defend themselves.


BTW the winner this year managed to shoot twice a 100% e.g. 5 shots onto a 6 Score card where the centre Ring counts one bonus points -> the famous 35.

Yeah, it’ll take some time to bring Switzerland down to the rest of Europe’s level. Heh, the old WW1 joke, ”We shall all have to shoot twice.”

Meanwhile Tucson Tom points out an error in the Last Stands article yesterday: ”Just so you know: Admiral Spruance in command of Taffy 3, is incorrect. Taffy 3 was commanded by Ziggy Sprague.”

I’ve been hearing about this on the radio during the drive back, and Yuri & I brought it up briefly in the podcast. -Cruffler is a Kel-Tec fan, has a couple SU16s and probably a couple-few pistols of this flavor. This is not the kind of pistol I would deliberately buy, being prejudiced against plastic, but a) it’s American-made, b) I haven’t heard a thing bad about them, c) Oleg does photos for them and I don’t think he would if it were junk, and d) that slide marking is a Clever Marketing Ploy for the target market.

China sucks, but the problem isn’t specific to any particular nation. It’s the Iron Law.

Codrea continues smacking the rape-enablers of the Illinois State Police. “Protect and Serve” who, exactly? You gotta wonder if the badgeboys get a percentage. -Oh wait, they do!

Worth a thousand words.

2323 - Tuesday, Autumn Equinox, 22 September 2009: Forgot to upload.

Indian Summer heatwave.

In 1943, Walter Lippmann observed that the disarmament movement had been "tragically successful in disarming the nations that believed in disarmament." Visual aid, and Quote o’ the Day. Maybe a civil war is the best we can hope for. As opposed to some other kind.

Speaking of which, things to do until.

He’s gonna need a bigger bus. To throw people under.

Niven’s Fourth Law, applied. Unfortunately government, as always, has taken a firm hold of the wrong end of the equation.

Alternative to the Evil Zit on S&W J frames. Certainly my GP100, which is mechanically identical, is a weapon I’d bet my life on. The SP101 will be heavy, being made of stainless actual steel instead of some wimpy alloy, but that just means it’ll soak up more recoil, and if necessary you can brain the sixth goblin with it and he might actually notice. (If you want an airweight, look at the (icky plastic! -But otherwise appropriate for its task) LCR.)

Whatever you get, for all the gods’ sakes PRACTICE. The most fashionable and expensive wünderpistole won’t do a damn thing for you if you don’t know what all the buttons and levers do. Conversely a $200 Makarov or Bersa can be plenty, in hands which are familiar with it.

Sink the Island. Please.

The... horror....

You know what really ticks me off? Being the only employee who shows up on time, every godsdamned day, and actually gets stuff done instead of stopping every three minutes to fiddle with a media player for a half hour. I’M BLOODY SICK OF IT! Every job I’ve had for the last decade has been like this! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? Not just the employees either, the ignorant or at best apathetic employers who are often setting the very example! -I have two sisters. One is a production worker like me and she sees the exact same thing. The other is an HR person and she sees it too, from the other end. No wonder the economy’s a mess! Nobody wants to do anything anymore! All they want is to stuff their faces, thumb their remotes, and get their handouts!

2324 - Wednesday, 23 September 2009: Perhaps Ellison could write the story: “I Have No Shoulders and I Must Shrug.”

And they call us bigots. See also.

Pournelle examines Net Neutrality.

MORE GARANDS. Maybe. And Carbines.

”The sheriff's department's training and procedures are such that if you follow them, you will violate the rights of citizens." Police. Are. The Enemy. The ones who put on the uniform to “Protect and Serve” are long gone. Today’s bunch has a different motive.

Back here I linked to a three-part series on where we might be headed. Today Jovian Thunderbolt rebuts.

2325 - Thursday, 24 September 2009: Prepare.

This just in: California Still Sucks.

And so does Cleveland.

Speaking of Pournelle, he has more on Net Neutrality.

Uhhh... boomgasm? (You gotta admire a man, or a cartoon character, who truly enjoys his work.)

From a VCDL alert, this could be a useful activist tool. I haven’t checked lately to see if Tracfone has a video model. -Hm, the bandwidth required for this fits in with Pournelle’s examination of Net Neutrality. Everyone wants something for free. (I use my local library a lot. But my taxes have already paid for it. Proposals for usage fees, instead of taxation, are not without merit. But once a tax exists, it’s nigh impossible to kill it....)

Codrea has been getting some answers to his Gun Rights Political Questionnaire. Not many pols have the balls, of course.

The latest reason I'm behind on email is, on library disc I have 24, season seven. Quote o' the Day, from 3pm-4pm: "When are you people gonna stop thinking everyone else is following your rules? They're not."

And yes, I lol'd (bitterly) earlier when the FBI agents were protesting how lawful and honest their agency was. Vicky Weaver, and some kids down in Texas, could debate that. Oh wait, they can't!

Two edges to that blade, yes. Terrorists, plotting the deaths of large numbers of innocent Americans, should not be accorded the same legal protections as those Americans. But when those Americans' own government calls them terrorists, and deliberately cripples efforts to stop the real terrorists... it's a national WTF moment.

Great, I'm supposed to go to sleep now?

2326 - Friday, 25 September 2009: WSJ’s James Taranto strikes me as a prag (as opposed to a threeper) - dig just a bit for his treatment of Joe Wilson after the Representative called the liar-in-chief a liar. But today he had this piece of realpolitik: ”However much the Republicans may deserve to lose yet again, the country does not deserve to have done to it what Barack and [Biden] are trying to do.”

Chicago GRE has more for the rape-enablers of the Illinois State Police.

In dead-tree, continuing Grantville Gazette V, entertaining. In ebook, Barsoom 6, The Mastermind of Mars, imaginative, moreso considering its first publication in 1927.

Entitlements.... Things have gone so far now, so many parasites sucking the blood of the productive class, is it any longer possible for the nation to recover? And this at a time when we face real and multiple external threats so we can’t even focus on cleaning our own house.

Plates tomorrow. Maybe whupping someone in competition will cheer me up a while, but I know it won’t stick.

2327 - Saturday, 26 September 2009: Plates!


1st Revolver of nine, 2nd Autoloader of eight, and by the month count, 2009 Revolver Champion. And hey! Who's that happy-lookin' fella in the middle who won 1st Rimfire and 1st Overall? Why, it's none other than Yuri Orlov!

Aaand that's it for the Witness' polygonal bore until the component drought ends. Sometime in the next month I'll have to make the Big Batch of cast .45 for the 1911. I'm also about out of the last Big Batch of plated .357 - fortunately I'm set up to cast that too, and in fact I might have to devote my next casting session to that alone, since I'm short on metal.

Pournelle contemplates Net Neutrality. So should we. Alas, the people actually voting it into law or not, won't - and they've demonstrated they don't give a damn what we want.

Here's something you don't see every day: "when a French President would be slamming an American President for foreign policy weakness - and not be joking".

Virginia doesn't suck. The philosophical heirs of Washington, Jefferson, Henry and Lee are showing some spine.

St. Louis GRE examines that pesky First Amendment thingie.

This is why I go shooting so much. These skills will be needed.

Concealed carry, for those who are not on magazine covers and cable TV shows.

More on the 9/12 march. Lots of rattlesnake flags.

SPLC spews more venom.

2328 - Sunday, 27 September 2009: Z.

OAC show, monthly theme "Big Guns" - $elf-torture.

Show (rerun) & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

Tam gets Ferret Shock.

The few police who aren't yet the Enemy are being indoctrinated to become such. Click through to the ARFcom discussion as well. Codrea's latest GRE column is related.


[blink] Must... create... image....

That's how the pols react, yah? Well they damn well should. (Vanderboegh prefers the wolverine.)

Making a deal with another Elf for more metal! 'Cause I'm gonna need it!

Dude! 24 season 7 is a plot ripoff of Jericho! Even has one of the same actresses.

2329 - Monday, 28 September 2009: Just days after Hussein kills the missile shield over parts of Europe, Ahmadinejad tests a missile which could reach parts of Europe. ...I wish I were making this stuff up. See also. Ya know, Barry, some of us actually do have attention spans greater than those of goldfish....

Judenrat. And Only Ones of course. ”Quiet. Don’t make trouble.”

Many times I’ve quoted the line I saw from a reader or in some comment somewhere, ”Never trust a cop of any kind.” Here is a too-graphic reason why. Don’t even call these unstable homicidal freaks. They’re not safe to be around.

Utah sucks a little less.

So does Arizona. I'll have to see some sights there on the next Road Trip.

Good questions. Don’t expect answers. See also.

A documentary from Our Side.

Looks like, after some years, the old Iguanasoft email address, which I could still receive from, is finally dead.

Codrea recommends this for your daily blogroll. And from it I discovered the Self-Defense Examiner, which I’m also adding, not least for this entry. Which I’ve been saying for quite some time.

2330 - Tuesday, 29 September 2009: Another good question. And again, don’t expect answers.

Quote o’ the Year: "After America, there is no place to run."

New GRE, Cheyenne. We didn’t get there on the Road Trip.

Linked from there I find this disgusting, but in my experience unsurprising, evidence that the system is broken.

See also this latest use of the Nuremberg defense. A state of war exists between citizens and government.

Black Man With a Gun. In SPLC’s collective racist collectivist face.

I think I’ve been to this shop on one of my visits with sis.

Aaand it’s begun Raining in Oregon and won’t stop ‘til June. -You would think Oregon drivers would know how to drive in rain. Nuh-uh. Problem is, too many of them are Commifornian transplants who came up here for the trees and no sales tax, and are busily running this state into the ground just as they have their own.

WANT. ‘Cause I live right next to a convenience store if you know what I mean and I think you do.

2331 - Wednesday, 30 September 2009: Particularly bad morning commute, Calis smearing each other all over the pavement. Yet I still get to work, and get to work, before... just about everyone I work with. This also I’ve seen for years. I weary of it.

In radio news and around the blog-o-sphere, Chicago is the battlefield for a SCOTUS 2A-14A incorporation fight.

Larry Correia whups lefty moral relativism. Me, I’ve always felt rape should be a capital offense, and the method of execution I would prefer is an armed intended victim.

Even more stupid laws. One wonders if there are any other kind.

Global Warming My Ass.

What exactly is a “terrorist”? The question matters.

Definitely visiting Arizona someday. Speaking of, new GRE Phoenix.

[pointing] Haw-haw. (Ref.)

Quote o’ the Day: "The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it." - American writer H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

Question o’ the Day (in first comment): ”Is it just me, or is there something a bit perverse about providing officers an incentive, in the form of a paid vacation ("Only Ones" style) to shoot unarmed, peaceable citizens?” And then the prosecutor blames us, in the form of expanded RKBA, for the trigger-happy cop shooting an unarmed, falsely-detained, innocent citizen whose family was being roughed up by another bigoted, violent, sociopathic cop. If you badgethugs want to know why we hate you so much, look in the godsdamned mirror.

Someday I really must get one of those $500 ChiCom mill-drills from Harbor Freight and learn how to use it. I’ve had ideas for volkspistolen and volksgewehren for years.

This here is a heckuva thing to surf across right after watching season seven of 24, and recalling Jericho. Starkwood, Ravenwood, Brightfire - life imitates art a bit too much for my taste, lately.

Guns in parks? Yes.

New York isn’t likely to stop sucking anytime soon.

WOOT! Club CMP guy points out I’m back in the top 50 for Garand matches in the Western US! #11 when he emailed me, #19 as I type. Click, then at top left pull down National and choose West.

Metal expected from a chat elf.... Thought: Is it cost-effective to buy a sack of bulk birdshot in the sporting-goods aisle and just melt that down to make pistol bullets? And would that be proper metal for that use? -I have got to get me some Lee 6-cav molds. Three of the four molds I have are Lee - 2-cav .45 RN, 2-cav .38 RN (tumble-lube), and .54 Minié. They’re all much easier to work with and give better results, sooner, than the old Ideal 4-cav .38 WC.

Lee has 6-cav .45 tumble-lube molds in RN, truncated-cone, and SWC. The TC looks quite nice and has no shoulder at all, unlike the RN. The SWC is 200gr while the others are 230. The Xtreme plated 185gr TC has misfed a few times in the Witness, but I haven’t tried any in the 1911, which I’m pretty sure has Had Work Done between leaving the Philippines and landing in my hands:

I have enough plated TC left for Science but not for any match (and the Witness is in the 300lb armored safe for the foreseeable future). The TC’s meplat might make it more effective on pins; plates (or IPSC cardboard) won’t care. I also have maybe a couple hundred LSWC of unknown origin I grabbed at a show a couple years ago, need to try more of those:

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