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2271 - Saturday, 1 August 2009: Match day! Since I have three Appleseed shirts now I'm getting in the habit of wearing them to any shooting event, but especially rifle matches. Taking just the Hawken, not fiddling with the M100 or anything else, errands to run after.

2nd overall (of six) I think, and some category prize, awaiting official results. Won a jar of giardiniera (Italian veggies) and a can of roast beef hash. Course of fire was: Stage 1, 50 yards bench, 30 minutes, unlimited sighters and 5 for score on a Poker target - score figured both for points and poker hand:

Stage 2, 75 (more like 72) yards standing (shooting sticks or sling allowed; no one brought sticks, my Hawken was again the only rifle with a sling, which I used Hasty), 40 minutes, unlimited sighters and 7 for score at the Haffner 100yd buffalo target:

PRB just don't group like M2 Ball. It just don't. -And there were hangfires.

Again no inlines, all traditionally-styled, mostly half-stock Hawkens, one flintlock:

And that handsome long rifle next to my Hawken won. -Speaking of flintlocks, Cool Action Sequence:

Let's see that again:

Digital camera owners, RTFM! These things can capture some really cool stuff.

As the match was wrapping up, Mr. E., one of the top-100 CMP JCG guys nationally, showed up wearing this Extraordinarily Cool Shirt:

Then I poured more oil in the Tercel and drove back to the hovel and typed this up.

Meanwhile: Incompetent-in-Chief.

Upon reflection, I myself might be suffering the 8.6mm Unobtanium Syndrome where my Tanfoglio is concerned. Considering what happened when I got my 1911 up to speed.

Quote o' the Day: "It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first." - Ronald Reagan

And another: "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

Lying cops. One begins to wonder if there are any other kind.

O. M. G. Quote o' the Month and it's only the 1st.

Contemplating the 1911's extended controls. Not ideal for concealed carry, were I to do so. (Nor is that rear sight, alas.) "Fight like you train" - I might get GI-style controls, there's usually someone at the show with 1911 parts. (When purchased it had an extended safety, which needed fitting, and an extended slide lock, which needed replacement. Eh, so I end up with spare 1911 bits, I think that's a requirement of membership in the Culture. The magazine catch is conventional except for the big button, which is simply threaded into the standard button - off in seconds.)

2272 - Sunday, 2 August 2009: Zzz.

Chat & show every Sunday 1100PT.

"So far the outrage is a non-violent one. But how long will that last?"

"Authorized Journalists".

Cleaning the Hawken. Good old Hoppe's #9 makes a fine rust inhibitor ("It comes in pints!") (and also works well as a penetrant to free stuck bits like the blades of my Leatherman SideClip), and Hodgdon Triple Seven really does appear to be the least-corrosive of the commonly-available blackpowder substitutes. When cleaning my blackpowder arms I use hot soapy water, then when the gunk is removed and the water is dried, I hose the result with Hoppe's before reassembly & storage.

2273 - Monday, 3 August 2009: Effing Monday.

Effing oil leak. Effing lower mileage. I miss the Corollaís fifth gear (and power steering).


"The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy." - Benjamin Franklin, Emblematical Representations, 1774 -This is why Nordyke and similar cases matter, dragging 2A into 14A.

"With respect to the two words 'general welfare,' I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators." - James Madison -But no, as SchwarzenRINO said, ĒEvryting muzt be provided fur da peepul.Ē >:-[ I may have a little more adjusting to do. Did a little already, needs polish.

Automated RWVA invitation to Lewiston, ID, 15-16 August. Nope; Wolverton pins 15th, Lone Oak Garands 16th, and those are both long enough drives.

Actually, since Iíve started tasting IPSC, pins (and plates) are a little bland....

I will have to try the 1911 on plates & pins. Something about it- fits better than the Witness. (All Hail Saint John.) Iíve been keeping it on hovel duty, and dry-practicing, whereas I normally rotate with the Witness and GP100. -And I can cast for it, which I canít do for the Witness.

Part 1 of a series on concealed-carry techniques.

More on PayPal sucking.

Global Warming (oh excuse me, ďClimate ChangeĒ) My Ass.

BATFU lies, chapter umpty-seven. And from comments: "I know a LOT of criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors.... Without exception, ALL of them have told me that law enforcement officers are far and away the most likely to be less than truthful on the stand."

Taxes. Donít say you werenít warned. On topic:

Thugs with badges. There will be (more) blood. All we want is to be left alone.

And for when they wonít leave us alone, study.

Weather forecast moderating this week, hope to get some casting & loading done. Found some .308 (CAVIM 7.62) brass I thought Iíd liquidated, primed about 150 at the laundromat yesterday - might try the Plotner match Sunday after all, if I can find the gumption to build the cheek rest for the M100 and if I can squeeze in some practice after the show this Saturday. No word on Garands for the 23rd yet - if thatís cancelled Iím going to Wolverton IPSC, which is supposed to be a big 150rnd shoot. Several hundred í06 fully processed and ready to load, but I donít dare open the powder jug these last couple weeks with the heat and humidity.

Effing reading queue. The next Ringo is ready and has four times as many holds as copies, and here Iím barely a quarter through the latest Weber which is due on the 18th with the same proportion of interest. At work, when thereís no work and itís inappropriate to have dead-tree on the workbench, Iím starting Piperís Space Viking from Gutenberg, twenty-odd years after the last time I read it.

So Iím reading By Heresies Distressed at lunch and Iím looking up sail-age terms and I surf across this. 46 knots in a 20-knot wind? Iíd heard of wingsails before, years ago on some science show, but wow.

Hm, perhaps a bit of skateboard tape - when I can find and afford some - on the 1911ís frontstrap, shaped so it will tuck in under the grips so it wonít peel.

Late email, Garand match, 23rd, ON! New rules, certification, grump, but in fairness it should weed out the Fudds. Now I have to load some '06, and so long as I'm tooling up for it I might as well make the Big Batch - later this week when it's (supposed to be) cooler.

But that means no IPSC....

2274 - Tuesday, 4 August 2009: Later email, Iím pre-certified for position shooting at the club based on past performance. -Checking, Iíve slipped out of the top 50 for CMP JCG for the West region, likely from missing the cancelled matches. Well, I know Iím good with a rifle.

Darn that pesky Bill of Rights anyway.

Idly shopping for ambidextrous thumb safeties for the 1911 (and coincidentally the P35) - all the 1911 types Iíve found are the same tongue-and-groove that tend to separate. The P35 version seems to be held together with a pin but is prohibitively expensive (as is the Witnessí).


There are none so blind as those who will not see. Also click through to the whole Psychology Today article. -Of course we can expect the author to be fired and/or otherwise persecuted.... See also.

Cash for clunkers? Donít bother.

Mindset matters.


Yuri has the Image oí the Day. And another reason to Sink the Island. Ye gods, I wish I were making this stuff up.

Rebellion. (See also.)

Guns magazine has, for the past four years, been making available .PDF versions of 50-year-old issues. Only the most recent two are available on their site at any time, but I have most of them and will continue to update that page. Does anyone have the rest of 1955? Were there .PDFs of them anyway? Apparently there were but theyíre no longer online.

Gah, all these other events and I still have to plan and budget and load for my fourth Appleseed (LTR/MBR) a month from now.

Infuriating. This is why we hate cops. How many peacable citizens has "Sergeant" Dillon, badge number 886, brutalized and violated in his career?

2275 - Wednesday, 5 August 2009: Weber remains very wordy and this continues to hurt readability. Shades of Turtledove. One begins to skim over paragraphs and whole pages, then has to go back to pick out the one sentence that Ominously Foreshadows Something Important.

Ammunition & component report from Bi-mart yesterday, some signs of slight drought-recovery:
  • Remington primers, $3.49: #1Ĺ, 5Ĺ, 7Ĺ Benchrest, 9Ĺ Magnum
  • No other primers except one brick of CCI #209, did not note price
  • UMC handgun, 50rnd box: 9x19mm 124FMJ, $15; .38 Special 158LRN, $16
  • UMC MegaPacks: 9x19mm, $58; .40S&W, $80; .45ACP, $95; .223 (200rnd), $90
  • Couple boxes of UMC M193, $9/20
  • CCI Blazer (aluminum), 50rnd box: .357 Magnum 158JHP, $18; .38 Special 158LRN, $15
  • No powder except ~3lbs of Re25
    Boycott Key Bank. Just like Pizza Hut and Dominoís. And of course, fight back.

    ĒGun Show LoopholeĒ My Ass.

    Still hot over that DC cop from yesterday. Pretty soon, one of these brutal, sadistic, tax-paid thugs is going to tase one citizen too many, and will very deservedly get beaten to a bloody pulp by his outraged employers. There is a difference between ďpeaceableĒ and ďharmlessĒ.

    Speaking of angry mobs....

    2276 - Thursday, 6 August 2009: On this day in 1945, we nuked the Imperial Japanese military base and industrial center at Hiroshima. Three days later we did the same at Nagasaki. As a result, the Second World War was shortened and potentially millions of lives on both sides were spared.

    So take your ďpeace paradeĒ and shove it.

    (Has Hussein apologized for that yet?)

    Building great big server-type things without parts. Eventually the parts will arrive and Iíll have to handle a dozen-or-three of these things all over again. Not little parts that can be slapped in either, major structural components with a half-dozen cables coming off them to be routed and secured. >:-[ Plan ahead dammit! Get the parts before you issue the build order! -Part of the problem is the nameless ignorami who write the orders, who are grossly unfamiliar with the internal architecture of the product. As originally written, some of the parts which are really quite necessary actually were not listed at all because they had no clue, so there was no impetus to order more.

    This happens a lot, here.

    Iíve been waiting for someone to ask and answer this question. And Iím not at all surprised. Vegas Bookies Could Give Odds.

    Every once in a while the Kellerman study, infamously claiming that a firearm in the home is 43 times more likely to kill a family member than an attacker, rises, as scum does, to the surface. Here is the debunking, with links to more such.

    ĒThe most remarkable thing about civil unrest is that there hasn't been more of it.Ē

    Double standard. See also.

    Much milder weather today, jumping on the Big Batch of í06. Sticking with my known-good load, 49.0gr BL-C(2) under 150gr jacketed in military brass with Winchester standard primers, finished with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. Starting with Hornady #3037 (205), seated out beyond the cannelure to match COAL of M2 Ball (the load that got me 2nd of 26 overall, by one point, at a CMP match); then ten pieces of Nosler Ballistic Tip, for Science; then the bartered pulled M2 Ball projectiles, at the differently-placed cannelure.

    On very close examination, the 250 bartered bullets are not all alike - the cannelure has a different pattern, and its height (or the ogive's) wanders a bit in either instance. Note the different line count in the cannelures:

    Those seem to be the only two types included in the barter. Separating of course.

    ...467 rounds total. Whew.

    Tomorrow I hope to do something comparable with .308, using what remains of the Sierra 110 Varminter and 165 GameKing, and more Noslers, and just maybe get enough practice Saturday to try the Plotner match.

    Reminder: Garand-approved load data. See also discussion.

    Eyeing the last time I did Science with the M100. This Journal is also my logbook. Hopefully the adjustments Iíve made to the action/stock interface will help.

    The Plotner match is 45 rounds, 3x10 for score, and five sighters at each of three distances - and I need practice before that, with the same stuff, besides. Iím using all my FMJBT for the Queen, so for the M100 Iím limited to whatever sporting bullets I have left - those shelves are still empty, especially in the medium weights, unless I buy premium stuff and I canít afford to (the Noslers I do have I found at shows before the Hussein Drought).

    2277 - Friday, 7 August 2009: Those 467 rounds were of course made on the Lee Load-Master which I received as a birthday gift from my sister. Same machine I use for my .45ACP loads now, and which Iíll be using this evening for .308. Itíll do 7.92x57mm too, if I ever replace the borrowed VZ24 action screws and dust off the MojoMauser again.

    More mild weather.

    Surplus bullets just canít be expected to perform as well as new production. Looking, at the moment Midway has the Hornady #3037 in stock. $181/1000, $igh. Last time I got the Big Box it was on sale. -Midway also lists Winchester 147gr, whose cannelure is better placed for .30-06 (vs. .308), $185/1000, but theyíre out. Canít afford either anyway.

    Codrea rants on Mexico and MSM.

    My Canon A580 is, despite being, what, two years old now, a wholly adequate camera. It starts up much faster than the so-cool-in-itís-day-it-got-used-up Finepix A345 (also from sis), and has several features giving the user finer and broader control. One feature Iíd like added: Continuous mode on startup. To catch the really cool action stuff.

    Boycott commercial air travel, if youíve ever read the Bill of Rights.


    From Cruffler, Saint John.

    I need want a fighting shotgun again. Not likely to find a used (that is, private sale, on principle) 590 at a show, but I can usually find a 500 or 870 to dress up a piece at a time. Maybe an autoloader, Iíve had that idea before. Who around here does 3-Gun...? -The Queen is not tactically ideal for such and I donít have an AR, but I do understand thereís a Heavy Metal (7.62/12ga/.45) division....

    A problem, to my mind, with IPSC, and presumably IDPA and the like, is the lack of real-worldness - the walkthroughs, the gaming, the mandatory this and prohibited that. For real training we need holodecks. Or at least remote-operated paintball. Ya know? -There has got to be a source for cheap, i.e. disposable, video cameras one could rig on remote-op guns. They donít need to be HD, ya know? Or even color. Just good enough to aim with. -The aiming mechanism, the motors and cables and such, can be well armored, with the target/dummy sticking up above the shield and very simple connections to the camera and paintgun. Eventually those parts will get hit of course - a really slick club would have spares on hand, ready to swap in moments (including cables down to the armor - actually, standardize the robot design and swap the whole thing in a minute, then repair & test the damaged one between runs). Imagine testing yourself against a course of fire, including active hostiles and no-shoots, that you do not walk through beforehand. With smart design the production and operating costs could be kept down. I canít be the first person to have had this idea! I know there are some shoothouses around which approximate this, but not, AFAIK, the shooting-back part.

    You could even... you know... dress up the targets in... certain ways. -Ooo! And you could position weapons and ammunition for pickup from ďslainĒ enemies!

    Via WoG, astonishing conceit.

    Unstable freaks in black robes.

    From one of the senators for my state:

    Dear Karl,

    Thank you for contacting me to share your views regarding an amendment offered to the Defense Authorization Act (S.1390) that would have modified gun ownership regulations by requiring states to recognize all other states' concealed carry permits. It is an honor to serve as your Senator, and I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.

    I understand that people feel very passionately on both sides regarding the limits and regulation of gun ownership. The provision offered by Senators John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) would have allowed gun owners with valid permits from one state to carry concealed weapons in other states that issue such permits. I voted in opposition to this amendment, which failed to pass and thus be adopted as part of the defense authorization bill.

    I opposed the Thune-Vitter amendment because the bill would have permitted gun owners from states with weaker gun laws to carry concealed weapons in Oregon. While I have always supported the right of law-abiding gun owners to own and use firearms [Oh really? How about this then? I suppose you view "shall not be infringed" as "just a guideline, really"?], I believe states should have the right to establish and enforce their own gun laws, particularly since views tend to vary widely across regions. I believe that Oregonians, not politicians, should determine who has the right to carry within the state.

    Thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts with me, and please continue to keep me informed about the issues that matter most to you.

    All my best,
    Jeff Merkley
    United States Senate

    So half a month later his staff sends out a form e-letter saying the federal Bill of Rights is meaningless. (Oh, now they're all about "states' rights", when it looks like that darn 14th Amendment thingie might actually prevent them from keeping the peasants down....) And these parasites wonder why angry mobs are waiting at their offices. If they don't trust us to choose our own health care, choose the car we drive, even to defend our own lives, how can we trust them with anything?

    ...90 rounds Sierra #2110 110gr Varminter HP over 46.6gr BL-C(2), 2.64", CAVIM brass, WLR primer, Lee FCD. That's enough for practice and the Plotner match, if it's a good load and if the M100 is fixed. Then 50 of Nosler 150gr Ballistic Tip over 46.0g, 2.82"; then, having found some Federal brass I thought I'd liquidated, 80 of Sierra #2140 GameKing HP over 40.5gr at 2.77". Encore l'whew. And counting yesterday that's over three pounds of powder, leaving less than one of BL-C(2). Have a little more than one of IMR4895 but that's it. At least now I have live rounds.

    2278 - Saturday, 8 August 2009: O blessed zz.

    Show - Pietta Remington .44 percussion, $150, $igh. Bought another 2-round Garand clip, $5.

    Met Yuri, had burgers, went to range. Something appears to be Wrong with his four-figure Bushmaster, 'cause I was getting the same results - and I think we all know by now that I'm a pretty good shot. Also he was getting the same results as I did with my M100 with the 110gr load so It Ain't Him. Go over there and see if you can help.

    ...As soon as he sciblogs it. ;)


    .308 Winchester test loads
    Commercial '98 Mauser, 23" (?) sporter-weight barrel, 1:10" twist
    All with WLR primers

    Processed on Lee Load Master with RCBS Uniflow powder measure
    Finished with Lee Factory Crimp Die

    Mild weather, low 70's F, mostly cloudy
    A: 110gr Sierra Varminter #2110, 46.6gr BL-C(2), 2.64" OAL
    B: 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip #30150, 46.0gr BL-C(2), 2.82" OAL
    C: 165gr Sierra GameKing #2140, 40.5gr BL-C(2), 2.77" OAL

    The M100 may not be Fixed but is definitely Improved, and for ten bucks I'll go to the Plotner match tomorrow. Only three loads, the 110, 150 and 165 as described above - the 110 Sierra turned out to be the most accurate (~2MOA, which isn't likely to win that match), possibly because it was also the mildest and I know I'm recoil-sensitive. The 150 Nosler, oddly enough, had a very similar POI at 100yds. The 165 Sierra was about 15" low and 4" left at the same distance, very odd. Here's the 110gr at 100. Note the shot dead center on this target - Yuri fired it:

    The 150gr @ 100:

    And the 165gr @ 100, in blue:

    Point of aim was with the step of the lower duplex reticle at the top edge of the target, with the scope at 10x, which gives the space between duplex steps a spread of 12MOA, meaning the center of the crosshairs was 6" off the top edge of the paper. Yuri's group with the 110gr is in green, and his POA was dead center. So while the M100 may not win a lot of matches in its category, it's certainly minute-of-venison, or -of-JBT. I expect that to improve with more practice and load development.

    Finally got the M100 reaching out to 200 and 300. Zeroed at 100 with the 110gr and knowing the velocity, I asked the RSOs on the line what the drop might be and another shooter, with a T/C single-shot rifle, fired up his netbook and plugged the Sierra #2110 at 2,800fps into some kind of ballistics program and right there on the line gave me some guesstimates for bullet drop! I gotta get me one of those....

    The 110gr @ 200:

    And at 300:

    Naturally there was some forthing-and-backing at both distances. Haven't touched the windage since two weekends ago. Head-scratching why the 165 would go left - the drop is to be expected, though not so much, huh? To review, images of the test bullets and their relative seating depths, case capacities, and bearing surfaces:

    Before I actually started shooting, I slapped together a very crude cheekrest from packing foam and duct tape:

    That'll get more attention later. Here is a photo of the skinny sporter barrel (which I think is the unusual length of 23"? Eyeballed with my Leatherman tool from a guess where the breechface is?) in a stock meant for a heavy target/varmint barrel:

    My thinking is, this free-floats the barrel and then some, removing any stress from sling or bipod or sandbag, and also allows better cooling.

    Not cleaning the rifle before the match. Fouling shots, etc. And, with a bolt-action, the only fouling worth mentioning is in the bore.

    Update on the charity raffle sunk by PayPal.

    Waking up.

    Astounding hypocrisy.

    I think I'm gonna do this.

    Analysis of Sotomayor's appointment to SCOTUS.


    At the show Yuri & I found a rather beat-up old Winchester M1897 - shortened barrel, takedown (wiggly), missing foreend, $100. -Ya know, if I wasn't broke I might'a. Anyway Yuri reminded me that I mentioned wanting a fighting shotgun again and this got me thinking about Vintage Retro 3-Gun! Let's have the cutoff at, say, before the Great Depression - so you could have an M1911A1, and you could also barely claim one in .38 Super (cartridge introduced 1929). The '97, or perhaps an M12, for the shotgun - but what for a rifle? How about a lightened (i.e. no bipod) M1918 BAR? Talk about Heavy Metal!

    A reader has provided the missing 1955 Guns magazine .PDFs! My Cricket USB cellmodem connection peaks at about 1Mbps so it might be some time after you read this before they're done uploading to my server - I'll update the page when they're there.

    2279 - Sunday, 9 August 2009: Znrk!

    Didn't win, didn't expect to, didn't embarrass myself. This is, what, the fourth time I've fired this rifle? Counting yesterday.

    Definite potential. Especially since there's so much more room to work with handloads in a '98 Mauser, as opposed to a Garand. The course of fire was:

  • Stage 1: 5 sighters in five minutes, 10 for score in ten minutes, benchrest, forward sandbags only, no bipods or rear rests, 100yds (iron sights SR-1, scope MR-31)
  • Stage 2: same at 200yds (iron MR-52, scope SR-1)
  • Stage 3: same at 300yds (iron SR-3, scope SR-1)
  • Scopes limited to 8x (originally 6x but someone had a fixed 8x I think and they had the whole line go to that)

    My 100yd target (pasters cover sighting shots):

    I need more familiarization with the rifle and the scope - this is, as previously stated, the second scoped rifle I've ever owned and the first I'm taking seriously. Obviously I overcompensated on the elevation adjustment. The single hit in the X was the last shot of the string, holding at the bottom of the black. 88/1X, and obviously I would have scored much better if I were better acquainted with the weapon. Also I should develop a milder load - even the 110gr kicks harder than the Queen with M2 Ball. But that's just Newton's Laws. OTOH I have to consider what my targets will be and what terminal ballistics I'll need, which will dictate load development.


    That's more like it. Not the best group I've ever fired, nor what I was hoping for from the rifle, but I think the M100 is still under $300 and I'm not used to handloading .308 anyway. 94/2X. With only a forward rest, one's pulse bounces the POA all the heck over the place. At least the old Tasco 2.5-10x44mm does seem to have repeatable adjustment - my 200 elevation setting was the same as I used in practice yesterday.


    Hey, it's a sixth of a mile. Good enough for JBTs, and to follow Cooper's ethic, I wouldn't be shooting game at that distance anyway. And this will improve. 77/0X, total 259/3X. Dead last in the Scope division (of six) but not a humuliating performance.

    Crap, now I need even more .308 bullets. And powder.

    Political violence. It's not coming from our side. We're the ones who build bridges.

    Codrea gives a history lesson. And I get national linkage!

    Thoughts on an Urban Rifle. -Again I say, including to myself, don't get hung up on the 8.6mm Unobtanium. Find something that works and practice with it a lot. -I wouldn't turn my nose up at a 7.62 Garand, even a Tanker, and it's not all that hard to top one up. In the worst case one could scrounge NATO rounds from Blue Helmets who don't need them anymore.

    For rifles in Vintage Retro 3-Gun, reader suggests the later Browning-designed Winchester lever-actions, i.e. handgun-caliber '92s & '94s, or the Winchester M1905/1907 series (remember, the .351 straight-case and the charging "handle" as a button in front of the foreend? Apparently the M1907 at least had a detachable box magazine), and of course the Thompson. -Ya know, a pre-war Thompson, with that Lyman rear sight and some practice, might-could make some long shots.... For particularly long shots of course there are a variety of bolt-actions which would fit the period, and I happen to know some guys with early '03 Springfields and if you know how to use that fancy rear sight, those old things can really reach.

    A few days ago Mr. E. sent this humongous 7.8Mb .JPG of the Infamous Obama Socialist Joker Poster. You know what to do.

    2280 - Monday, 10 August 2009: Quote oí the Day: "Repeal that [welfare] law, and you will soon see a change in their manners. St. Monday and St. Tuesday, will soon cease to be holidays. Six days shalt thou labor, though one of the old commandments long treated as out of date, will again be looked upon as a respectable precept; industry will increase, and with it plenty among the lower people; their circumstances will mend, and more will be done for their happiness by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them." - Benjamin Franklin, letter to Collinson, 1753

    Can I get a ďDUHĒ? And speaking of the angry mobs at congresscrittersí offices: "On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? If so, how many rebellions should we have had already?" - Thomas Jefferson

    Yesterdayís match director sez he might have a source for target knobs for Tasco scopes! Iíve looked before, and recently, but can only find them for Leupold. I know they were made for Tasco. -OTOH the Midway reviews are not encouraging.

    When I say I need more .308 bullets, I mean 500 or 1,000 at a time. And when I say I need more powder, I mean the 8lb kegs, plural (I had one of BL-C(2) for the Queen and used it all; Thursday and Friday I emptied three four 1lb jugs and started a fourth fifth). Iím shooting a lot lately. Then thereís primers of course, which I was smart enough to hoard in slow motion during most of 2008 - Iíve not yet bought more than a couple bricks of 1,000 at a time, but I can see case (5,000?) purchases in the future, finances permitting. There are faint signs of the Hussein Drought abating. -And more lead (alloy) since Iím casting good .45 bullets now. (A previous reader-barter netted me enough soft lead to keep the Hawken in Miniťs indefinitely, and factory roundball is one of the few components not droughted, but Iím gonna need like 50lbs at a time of something harder if I ever get around to getting Lee 6-cavity molds.)

    Violent racists.

    Gah, more busy weekends, and long drives in a leaky inefficient car. Pins Saturday - and as long as Iím out, I hope to get Garand practice & Science at my own club after. Then CMP at Lone Oak Sunday with GI rounds, and this time Iíll remember LC69ís POI is much higher than my handloadsí. Plates next Saturday and more CMP that Sunday - huh, I actually get the 29th off, but the 30th is the Wolverton club picnic. Then my fourth Appleseed, 5-6 September, possibly with a coworker along who, not yet Our Kind, will likely need shepherding....

    Apparently the M100 is Spanish.

    Moving targets in my wannabe-holodeck shoothouse would be easy enough to rig - tracks, cables & pulleys, armor. The movement could be passive, with a simple weight-and-pulley arrangement released by hitting a previous target, or you could have a motor to control speed and direction. I'm sure some programmer somewhere would enjoy creating the software to control the whole thing, camera switching, figuring a target as "killed", etc.

    2281 - Tuesday, 11 August 2009: Choose a side. And prepare. ĎCause folks, the fightís coming.

    Prohibition fail. Again and again and....

    In lighter news, Breda reports from Camp Perry. Her fella Mike's experience matches my own at the much smaller matches I've attended.

    Speaking of holodecks....

    Yet another conservative webcomicblogthingie.

    Blood Will Run In The Streets! Or not.

    Reader points out the physical vulnerability of target knobs and how they could be inadvertently moved when transporting the weapon. Valid point, but the M100 is not meant to be a battle rifle, itís for use from much greater (i.e. less dangerous to the shooter) distances and prepared positions. Hmm. Well, Iíll see if I can even get one.

    I really would love to have a 7.62 Garand.... An M1A would certainly do. (Remember how picky I am about sights since being spoiled by the Queen.) But since they came out I have thought, pending lottery winnings, the Crown Princess would be based on one of these.

    You know those rounded mirror things they put at intersections in cubefarms? Am I the only person on the continent who actually uses them? How many disability claims are there each year from injuries sustained in corridor collisions because people are too stupid to look where theyíre going? -One could likely get some very (morbidly-)amusing videos with hidden cameras. OTOH most cubizens in my experience are so lacking in a Sense of Urgency that they mosey at such low velocities as to preclude harm. >:-p

    Recently I had occasion to view the new Star Trek film (at no cost to me). And I was rather disappointed. The whole film industryís SOP, these last many years, appears to be ďNever mind the story, spend more on CGIĒ. It came across, to me, as almost slapstick in between the Epic Space Battles and Imploding Planets. Yes I know that Shatner originally viewed TOS as a comedy. Yes I get that itís an alternate timeline and even well-established TOS personalities will have changed from a quarter-century of different butterfly-effects. But as Tam notes, Starfleet is just downright sloppy (i.e. Chekov abandoning his post to run, what, halfway across the ship to play with the transporter - what, is he the new Wesley?). And Iím getting quite tired of the time-travel cop-outs - I couldnít even make it through the first season of Enterprise. If yer gonna have space opera it should be, you know, operatic-like. Taking itself seriously. -Wiki sez the cast has already signed for two sequels. I wonít be paying eight bucks to sit in the sticky-floored sheeple-pen, though I suppose I will see them eventually.

    Speaking of space opera, not seeing any recent news on a film/TV adaptation of the Honorverse. Which considering what I just ranted is probably just as well.

    This looks like a lot of fun.

    Finished By Heresies Distressed. Very wordy, could use a good boiling down. But, Epic Space Opera. (Or it will be, the "space" part that is, in a few more volumes.) Next is Ringo's latest Posleen, Eye of the Storm. Which is Ringo, hooaah.

    Late addition: Government Medicine Kills.

    And, at least one Republican still has a pair.

    2282 - Wednesday, 12 August 2009: Oh yeah, Ringo. Much more efficient writing style than Weberís latest. Stuff happens and you still understand why.

    Census. >:-[ What recourse have we? Srsly, tell me. Iíd like something less drastic than, yet as effective as, having to fix bayonet on my own doorstep.

    [rant=ON] Japanese anime fits with my Star Trek rant yesterday - most of it seems to be nothing more than an excuse to show off some artwork-for-its-own-sake, and often rub the viewersí noses in a pacifist theme (phooey). Some of the visuals are really stunning, tremendous artistic and technical achievements, but stories are severely lacking. For example, The Big O (counting both series). So much hinted at, but never any questions answered, and the ending was an epic cop-out, like the writers got bored. Ditto Evangelion, at least the part Iíve seen. Wings of Honneamise - spectacular visuals, and they created a very detailed world, but the story was lame. (Observe, and compare to Randís treatment of ďthe artsĒ in Atlas Shrugged. Talk about sheeple....) Why were those two nations going to war? And then there was the constant nose-rubbing of pacifism and anti-industrialism and anti-technology and ďHumans are Eee-VillĒ and that woman actually apologizing to the guy she brained for trying to rape her. You know what we need? John Ringo anime. Him writing, Japanese artists art-ing. Would that not be teh awsumm? (I can think of at least one of my readers who just had a geek-gasm.) [/rant] (-Oh, and Johnny, dude, retain creative control in the contract. Remember what Paramount did to Clancy.)

    And speaking of Ringo, Eye of the Storm appears to be the immediate sequel to Honor of the Clan, and the author is filling in the damn blanks.

    Government health care. See also.

    Ignorant, Bigoted Cops. See also.

    Now that I have my own 1911, I get why Cooper and many others have gushed for decades on its enduring superiority. Saint John is a tough act to follow. Everything is in the right place and does the right thing. And it works. Sure thereís room for improvement, like the SIG/Taurus-style one-big-locking-lug-in-the-ejection-port, and the P35ís solid-cam-instead-of-toggle-link, and eliminating the plunger tube - and thatís about as far as anyoneís advanced since 1911.


    Codrea illuminates, yet again, MSM PSH.

    How many of our servants have actually read this? Seemingly none that Iíve ever dealt with.

    Reader points out that the FAL is not ergonomically ideal for American-style shooting-with-sling. (How does the rest of the world do it? No wonder we keep whupping them....) And thatís right, the charging handle and bolt lock are both on the port side, meaning one has to either roll the rifle or unsling to complete a reload (and thereís no positive chambering unless you swap in certain Israeli parts, IIRC). Hmm. Well at least I do have a Garand, and I do already know my way around an AR if I should happen across one whose previous owner has no further need of it ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo. (The ARís charging handle is ambidextrous of course, and alternatively its bolt lock is easier to reach and operate even though itís also on the port side.)

    I would like to visit this someday. Itís in Virginia, which sucks less than many other states. Thatíll be the next Road Trip. Alas the main facility is in D.C., which I wonít set foot in without an Army of Restoration at my back.


    2283 - Thursday, 13 August 2009: Hey, I forgot to upload last night! How Ďbout that!

    Ticked off by radio news PSH over a shooting somewhere, new bumper sticker:

    Prepare. Intelligently.

    Pols & cops oppose self-defense. Your lives are meaningless to them. Are you getting it?

    Oh look, even more crooked cops. One wonders if there are any other kind.

    ďEvery Traffic Dispute Will Lead To A Gunfight!Ē Oh wait....

    A graph worth a thousand words, and a couple trillion-with-a-T bucks. Not making this stuff up, folks.

    Quote oí the Day: ĒNancy's daughter - at the tender age of (almost) four, has a better grasp on firearms and their place (tool) than 90% of the nitwits in Congress.Ē

    AAAHHHHHH!!! I think Iíve gone blind!

    GRE Grand Rapids.

    Yuri writes. -Ya know Yuri, with very little effort you could stitch that into your 303 Maple St. story. Thatís how I often write, a Nifty Bit pops out of my head and I manage to force it through the keyboard, then it starts talking back to me, asking questions like ďWho is so-and-so and why did he do that,Ē and I can start slapping more literary bricks & mortar around it.

    Ya know, that may be the opposite of how they write anime. Seems like they are forced to do the drudgework of building something resembling a story and characters as an excuse to get to the Stunning Visuals. I get the Cool Word Picture and use it as a nucleus around which to build a Story.

    As an alternative to the 10/22 for an LTR, Iím eyeing the Marlin M795. Looks like it has all the desired controls, itís box fed instead of tube, and Tech Sights are available specifically for it. Retail prices appear to trend considerably lower than the Rugerís.

    Many including myself have commented on the increasing "us vs. them" mentality displayed by our out-of-control-emplyees-with-badges. Here is yet another wedge.

    2284 - Friday, 14 August 2009: Update on the Monroe, WA, Appleseed range closure.

    This still needs a bayonet lug.

    Hate group accuses non-hate groups of being hate groups. Iíve been warning you about this trend.

    Not unrelated, Brady lies. We the choir know that. No one else wants to. 1861....

    Illinois still sucks.

    Good question.


    Regi$tered for my fourth Appleseed, which will be LTR/MBR. And paid the electric bill and the car insurance and I still need groceries and fuel and oil and laundry and dammit. At least I have the í06 rounds made, but a two-rifle Appleseed will use half of it.

    I almost always carry a light. (Pay attention now, this is Important Survival Gear.) For some years this has been a AAA Mini-Maglite with a pocket clip, riding in my left-front jeans pocket next to my Leatherman SideClip. Unfortunately, during some hiking while most-recently demotorized, the lens bell, which is also the twist-switch, came off and was lost. My backup is one of those little LED flex-lights with a coax laser pointer and a magnet in the base, also with a pocket clip - but the buttons on these often get pressed when carried in a jeans pocket and the batteries go dead (3 LR44, not always easy to find at reasonable prices - sometimes the dollar stores have them). I have a SureFire G2, the affordable plastic one, in my man-purse but it takes too long to dig out and I donít always have that pack with me and I have no convenient way to carry it directly on my person - and the CR123 batteries are very expensive anyway. (Iím looking into a way to carry it but I donít want a bunch of belt-loop stuff to fuss with when getting dressed each morning. -Thereís a box, next to the hovelís refrigerator, containing a bunch of MTM and similar plastic cartridge boxes for handloading. On the edges of this box are hung four holsters: 1911, Witness, and two for GP100. Three are Kydex and all are paddle, instead of conventional belt loops. Next time I buy a magazine carrier it will also be a paddle type.) My next choice, and I think a good one, is a AA Mini Maglite with the Nite-Ize LED & tail-switch conversions - tough, affordable, and batteries are available everywhere. All itís missing is the pocket clip. Which may be available at a local REI store.

    Piperís Space Viking is a Revenge Story.

    Happened to stop at Big 5 Sporting Goods, looking for a new day pack, and they still had one Garand, still marked $800. It was H&R, 5.5 million, and rough. Cosmoline in the action - I did see some rifling in the bore, which might clean up all right. Floppy-loose rear sight, but that might just be the tension screws. Gas cylinder and forward handguard seemed tight, but that might have been caked cosmoline. Stock was solid but beaten; no cracks, holes for maybe a grenade sight once. Buttplate not caved in like the Queen's, trap opened easily (nothing there of course). Curious about the barrel - the markings sure didn't match the Queen's Springfield production and I've never taken a close look at an H&R - is there supposed to be a little flower-like symbol there? The barrel, as near as I could tell under the cosmoline, was not marked HRA or SA (or, browsing around auction sites and such to cross-reference, any other mark I would expect on a Garand barrel) - large numerals, widely spaced.

    While there I also got a new sling (#8061, $12) for the M100. Seems all right so far, and that extra ľ" makes more difference than you might think. It's constructed differently from, yet can be used very much like, an M1907. Can't tell yet if the adjustment point will hold tension in actual use, or if it will work loose over time. At least it's not elastic.

    I got yer "astroturf" right here. And they call us racists.

    2285 - Saturday, 15 August 2009: Pins!

    Eh, I got out of the hovel. Ambivalated last night about which weapon to take - decided on the GP100, as I'll be using it to reclaim my Revolver Division trophy on plates next weekend, but I took the 1911 just in case. 2nd Revolver of four, 9th of 19 overall (unusually large turnout this month). Thought about Garand Science at my own club after but realized, as I was loading the car, I was nearly out of cast loads for the 1911, which I know I'll be using increasingly. As I type, the pot is heating. Couple action photos:

    It can be hard on the tables:

    ...Several hours later:

    That should be at least 300, I hope closer to 500. (Somewhere in there, existentially speaking, are several bullets I picked up earlier today, including one (his own) that bounced back and bounced off the guy who towed the Corolla up the hill for the June plate match.) Next time, I'll run out of metal. Awaiting lube-size-relube-load-delube. Need new tumbler - I have a bunch of .45 brass waiting to be cleaned. Yyeeaaaahhhh, I'll be doing a Big Batch of 1911 fodder, eventually.



    That Tayler guy is very entertaining.

    2286 - Sunday, 16 August 2009: Garands!

    Eh, I shoulda done better than that. 252/1X with USGI rounds. Got a bunch of bonus brass though, and the Tercel still hasn't ignited. My rapid-prone stage:


    It's not the Queen's fault, fer shure, I was calling flyers, especially in Standing. Just off my game is all. But hey, that's still a bunch of JBT casualties. Practice/Science (Noslers again, and pulled M2 Ball) after plates Saturday, 'nother match Sunday. The obligatory Action Photos:

    And more Jovian thunderbolts (good turnout, three relays, several new shooters)

    And I got my prone mat back! They'd stored it. Gunfolk are cool like that.

    One of these days I'm gonna win one of these things. And then I'll be insufferable. :D

    Quote o' the Day: "Death by violence, death by cold, death by starvation - they are the normal endings of the stately creatures of the wilderness. The sentimentalists who prattle about the peaceful life of nature do not realize its utter mercilessness." - Theodore Roosevelt in his safari diary

    Really must go hunting some year. If only to tick off PeTA.

    And I had to add this one: "It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." - G. K. Chesterton


    2287 - Monday, 17 August 2009: More heat forecast this week, that wonít help the Tercel.

    Locally, the cheapest motor oil I can find in regular retail is ~$2.29/qt, on sale. Fortunately at the moment Fred Meyer has 5qt jugs on sale for $10 - getting as many as I can for future use. Cruffler and a reader or two have suggested seeking reclaimed oil. Fixing the leak would make more sense, but I have a 50-mile-a-day-job and shooting events most weekends, some of which Iím responsible for. No time, and if thereís time thereís no energy. And a shop would charge several times more than the car is worth.

    Cops canít shoot. I would bet a dollar that the rounds leaving my clubís range, and the holes in various structures, were put there by law enforcement officers (but naturally match shooters like myself get the blame). If it does come to action between the thieves-with-badges and Our Kind, we will have that advantage.

    Uh huh.

    Quote oí the Day, from H. Beam Piperís Space Viking: You make slaves out of people, and some will always be slave-drivers; they will bow to you, and then take it out on the others. ...And donít that sum up the last generation or so of cops? They like the mirrorshades and the nightsticks and they purely love the tasers. They are that kind.

    2288 - Tuesday, 18 August 2009: Email behind again.

    Stacking the deck.

    Open carry... Iíve been ambivalent - I donít want to be a taser demonstration, ya know? Nor do I want to be the first to have to righteously defend myself with all necessary force against violent, sociopathic, life-threatening cops. But MSM is wetting itself over the issue so much lately, I wouldnít mind getting in on the off-ticking. -Nay-sayers (prags) may very well have a point when they warn this may lead to an engagement. Iím not sure that would be a bad thing. In the larger picture. Our servants need to be put back in their place. -Oleg raises an excellent point.

    Pournelle examines health care. Too bad no one in Congress will. Related, Quote oí the Day: Poor lefties. They've been playing on astroturf for so long that they don't know grassroots even when fed a mouthful of divot.


    Prepare. (Also click through to original article.) I really need to make a BOB. Iíve tried in the past. I usually end up cramming too much into it.

    ...One begins to see the advantage of a Kel-Tec folding carbine. ď...[E]merge next to a 7-11....Ē and panic the sheeple. -What kind of accuracy are people getting from the SU-16s? Mousegun, sure, and bayonet drill might be an exercise in futility, but so very compact....

    Has New York ever not sucked?

    Finished Eye of the Storm. McCaffery-esque bits with the sentient ships, not that thereís anything wrong with that. Cliffhanger ending, argh. The Tuloriad in hold queue but blurbs suggest thatís a tangent. Next is Overthrowing Heaven, third in Mark L. Van Nameís Jon & Lobo series (with another sentient ship).

    Crap, I may have to read or re-read Piperís entire Terro-Human Future History, of which Space Viking appears to be the far end. And hereís an example of why:

    "You mean, the people are armed?" Prince Bentrik was incredulous.

    "Great Satan, aren't yours?" Prince Trask was equally surprised. "Then your democracy's a farce, and the people are only free on sufferance. If their ballots aren't secured by arms, they're worthless. Who has the arms on your planet?"

    "Why, the Government."

    "You mean the King?"

    Prince Bentrik was shocked. Certainly not; horrid idea. That would be... why, it would be despotism! Besides, the King wasn't the Government, at all; the Government ruled in the King's name. There was the Assembly; the Chamber of Representatives, and the Chamber of Delegates. The people elected the Representatives, and the Representatives elected the Delegates, and the Delegates elected the Chancellor. Then, there was the Prime Minister; he was appointed by the King, but the King had to appoint him from the party holding the most seats in the Chamber of Representatives, and he appointed the Ministers, who handled the executive work of the Government, only their subordinates in the different Ministries were career-officials who were selected by competitive examination for the bottom jobs and promoted up the bureaucratic ladder from there.

    This left Trask wondering if the Mardukan constitution hadn't been devised by Goldberg, the legendary Old Terran inventor who always did everything the hard way. It also left him wondering just how in Gehenna the Government of Marduk ever got anything done.

    Maybe it didn't. Maybe that was what saved Marduk from having a real despotism.

    "Well, what prevents the Government from enslaving the people? The people can't; you just told me that they aren't armed, and the Government is."

    He continued, pausing now and then for breath, to catalogue every tyranny he had ever heard of, from those practiced by the Terran Federation before the Big War to those practiced at Eglonsby on Amaterasu by Pedrosan Pedro. A few of the very mildest were pushing the nobles and people of Gram to revolt against Angus I.

    "And in the end," he finished, "the Government would be the only property owner and the only employer on the planet, and everybody else would be slaves, working at assigned tasks, wearing Government-issued clothing and eating Government food, their children educated as the Government prescribes and trained for jobs selected for them by the Government, never reading a book or seeing a play or thinking a thought that the Government had not approved...."

    Most of the Mardukans were laughing, now. Some of them were accusing him of being just too utterly ridiculous.

    "Why, the people are the Government. The people would not legislate themselves into slavery."

    He wished Otto Harkaman were there. All he knew of history was the little he had gotten from reading some of Harkaman's books, and the long, rambling conversations aboard ship in hyperspace or in the evenings at Rivington. But Harkaman, he was sure, could have furnished hundreds of instances, on scores of planets and over ten centuries of time, in which people had done exactly that and hadn't known what they were doing, even after it was too late.

    And doesnít that just fit our current situation? Whenís the last time you got rifle practice?

    Late entry: Oh. My. Gawd.

    2289 - Wednesday, 19 August 2009: Contemplate this quote:

    "It is an unquestionable truth, that the body of the people in every country desire sincerely its prosperity. But it is equally unquestionable that they do not possess the discernment and stability necessary for systematic government. To deny that they are frequently led into the grossest of errors, by misinformation and passion, would be a flattery which their own good sense must despise." -Alexander Hamilton, speech to the Ratifying Convention of New York, 1788
    Hamilton has been criticized by many - including myself, somewhere back in this journal - for his elitist attitudes (ĒThe people are a great beastĒ). But Iím seeing something else in this statement. Our Founders knew that democracy was a danger to liberty; they knew it was a very short step from mob rule. So they created a Constitutional Republic which severely limited the powers of government, deliberately making it extremely difficult to change the form of that government. In fairness to Hamilton, I donít think he was always talking about the Great Unwashed Masses (and lemme tell ya, they do exist - whenís the last time you used a laundromat or rode a city bus?); here, in his stateís convention to ratify the Constitution, I think he was talking about the chains that Constitution forged to prevent government from being overtaken by that or any mob. The Constitution is the Rules.

    And speaking of breaking those rules, yet more on the persecution of the Monroe Appleseed range.

    The Tuloriad may not be a tangent after all, from a hint here.

    Overthrowing Heaven takes off quickly and smoothly.

    2290 - Thursday, 20 August 2009: Forgot to upload again. Tired. Also record heat yesterday.

    And the news is depressing me. Yesterday on the drive back, listening to some latest government perversion on radio talk - I canít even recall what it was, there are so many (it might have been the release of the PanAm 103 terrorist) - I did something I never do: Sat at a green light, oblivious. My eyes were closed and my hand was on my face because I couldnít believe what I was hearing.

    Another snip from Space Viking (1962):

    Ē...You were there; you saw what's happening. The barbarians are rising; they have a leader, and they're uniting. Every society rests on a barbarian base. The people who don't understand civilization, and wouldn't like it if they did. The hitchhikers. The people who create nothing, and who don't appreciate what others have created for them, and who think civilization is something that just exists and that all they need to do is enjoy what they can understand of it - luxuries, a high living standard, and easy work for high pay. Responsibilities? Phooey! What do they have a government for?"

    Trask nodded. "And now, the hitchhikers think they know more about the car than the people who designed it, so they're going to grab the controls....Ē

    Observant guy, that Piper. Finishing the ebook (First Law); not always a comfortable read, for a republitarian, but always an interesting one. Next ebook I think will be Barsoom 5, The Chessmen of Mars. Then I figure Iíll alternate Barsoom with more Piper. But ebooks wait upon dead-tree in the queue.

    And they call us racists. (See also.) This is about half-past disgusting. MSM canít even pretend to be objective anymore and have gone over to criminal partisan demagoguery. -And, more on open carry. Strapless Kydex is contraindicated - I have a Bianchi Accumold with thumb-break for the GP100, and a UM84 which will take either the 1911 or Witness (and the shortened P35 would flop around in there too).

    Systemís broke. But we knew that.

    Unstack the deck. Linked therefrom, Words Mean Things.

    Pournelle smacks TSA.


    Ye gods. If we still had a system of law in this country, which obviously we donít, the cops in question would be jailed on charges of robbery and kidnapping! These lying, thieving, fascist bastards are going to deservedly get themselves killed in self-defense! -And yet, so-called ďconservativeĒ radio talkers persist in their support of law enforcement.

    Extra special return commute.

    2291 - Friday, 21 August 2009: Our side isnít trying to start the race war. Though weíll probably be stuck with the job of finishing it.

    Codrea illuminates, yet again, the utterly contemptuous attitude our servants and their MSM lackeys have toward we their employers. (See also.)

    Champions of the Cause... and other kinds.

    Uncomfortable voting records. >:-[

    Quote oí the Day. And you can expand it across continents and centuries.


    Slogan contest.

    More on open carry, and larger issues.

    Detailed instructions on going off-grid for water.

    No parts, off early. Lost pay, but a less Special commute, and many errands to run.

    2292 - Saturday, 22 August 2009: Plates!

    Rough start, knocked out early in Revolvers, and knocked out because of misfeeds with the FP 185 in the Witness. (And that may indeed be the magazine - one of the three I took, of the four I have, behaved itself later on. Marked it.) But I got hold of myself and came from behind to take 1st Revolver of seven, and 2nd Autoloader of five, the latter against Breen, who took the overall (defeating my revolver in the match final). First you Aim and Then you Squeeze. And get lots of dry practice, especially for your revolver double-action trigger-cocking technique as described in Unintended Consequences - the guy who knocked me out in the first round today obviously paid attention when I described the technique to him last month.

    I'm'na use up that plated 185 in the polygonal-bore Witness on plates, then start using the 1911, which appears to be running perfectly on me-cast RN, for any game requiring an autoloader.

    After was Science:

    .30-06 test loads
    M1 Garand
    All with WLR primers, 49.0gr BL-C(2), Lee Factory Crimp Die
    Processed on Lee Load-Master with RCBS Uniflow powder measure
    A: Hornady #3037 150gr FMJBT
    B: Surplus M2 Ball, type A with higher line count in cannelure
    C: Surplus M2 Ball, type B with lower line count in cannelure
    D: Nosler #30150 150gr Ballistic Tip

    And it was not good. I started with the usual load, the Hornady, which has done quite well for me in the past - and POI was way higher than expected, and accuracy was poorer than I've become accustomed to:

    That's an SR21 at 100yds from sandbags. The two high were the first two; the highest was with a center hold and two clicks of elevation from mechanical bottom, which used to be zero for 100 with this load. The one just below was with the sight bottomed, and the rest were with a 6-o'-clock hold on the black.

    Next was the more numerous of the two types of surplus M2 Ball:

    What's with the *&^%$ left? The Queen never needs a windage adjustment; whenever I give her some, something bad happens to my score. Head-scratchy-ness.

    Next, the other type of surplus M2:

    That's three clicks right. I dunno, man. Finally the Noslers:

    The two in the 8 ring at 3-o'-clock were first, and I took the windage off for the rest of the string. Elevation still bottomed, but a center hold now. o_O

    And then there's the numbers, all far lower than expected except perhaps for the Nosler with it's greater bearing surface. Don't know why. Although, looking back, at least the Hornady is not as far off as I thought - or is it? Relatively mild weather today, mostly sunny, probably not more than 80įF.

    Yet another media bigot.

    In my story, I postulate a planet of Jewish separatists, disgusted by their government's "peace agreement" with their ancient enemies. Art imitates life.

    Certified masochist Cruffler sends Honkin' Huge Bullets.

    2293 - Sunday, 23 August 2009: Garands again!

    Shoulda done better. With the uproar over rounds leaving the range, new shooters were required to hit paper at 100yds first, and everyone checked & patched their sighters before shooting for score (in the past this club lumped them together and threw out the worst five "convertible sighters"). And for the record, the "witness wall" (rubble-filled heavy plywood, painted so strikes will show) was not touched by any of the 400+ rounds fired by the participants in this match.

    It's not the Queen's fault - I'm flinching. Also I'm not too sure about this latest batch of rounds I've made. Again I was calling flyers, particularly in Standing, but I was just getting sloppy. POI was way higher than it should have been for this load. After the rifle warmed up it came down a little but I wasn't doing well enough today for that to make much difference. Five sighters:

    The one on top was first, sight bottomed with center hold. The three in the black were with lower-than-6-o'-clock hold, and the last shot, on the bottom, I must've flinched. Slow prone for score:

    90/0X. I've been doing much better than that, but with the matches missed earlier this year I've simply slipped.

    Rapid prone:

    76/0X, bleah. One way down in the 6 ring at 5-o'-clock.

    Slow standing:

    Two rounds cross-fired, so I probably got lucky and my real score is likely much lower than the 87/0X that was recorded. Total 253/0X:

    Shoulda done better. At least now I'm certified, under the new rules, to shoot from position at this club (once the range renovations are done, which will be soon), so I might get some practice from actual positions later. Also I have an Appleseed in two weeks, which should refresh my technique. Anyhow that's still a bunch of JBT casualties and I got out of the hovel and shot something. Next rifle matches I'll attend at this club, Allies vs. Axis 7 November (I'll have to dust off the VZ24 MojoMauser (and get action screws for it!)) and "Bubba" (hunting rifles, like the M100) 14 November. About the same time, more Garands at Lone Oak too. There are other, bigger, longer-distance matches around but I can't make them for various rea$ons.

    Codrea has an updated boycott list.

    2294 - Monday, 24 August 2009: Last night on library disc I watched the finale of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. It was well-enough done, but the ending, the plot of it (with variations more of degree than of kind), has been done before: Piperís Paratime saga (and Little Fuzzy within his Terro-Human Future History, and First Cycle); Weberís also done it twice, with his Dahak series and, in part, his current Safehold saga; James P. Hogan in his Giants series; even Heinlein with Orphans of the Sky (which I still need to re-read), at least by later passing mention in Time Enough for Love.

    ...And the more I think about it, the more I think I should be ticked off at yet another anti-technology, anti-industry message. (Weberís Nimue Alban is, in her case, and is doing something about it.) All that struggle, all that loss, and for what? To live in caves and grunt at each other and forget all that their civilization once achieved?

    Had planned to get better videos of a Garand match, but with coaching a new shooter and various distractions it didnít happen. Low turnout too, only 14 - theories were economy, ammo (& component) drought, and shooters scared off by the position-shooting rules uproar. -My plate match is also losing shooters; the third theory in my case is that people are seeing the same names winning every month and not bothering.

    Of the 42 works listed here, Iíve read, or seen screen adaptations of, 15.

    DC GRE also smacks the media bigot.

    (...Smack-a-Bigot arcade games... like Whack-a-Mole.... Bubbaís Open-Carry Restaurant, Arcade and Range! Fun for the whole family!)

    A few days ago, with reader input, I commented on the comparative ergonomics of FAL and AR, particularly the bolt lock. Product, hm.

    ObamaCare proponents canít say they werenít warned. They problem is, at best, they donít care if granny gets unplugged - the ruling class is always exempt from their own rules. I say ďat bestĒ - at the far end of the dial one can see a deliberate campaign of demographic warfare and depopulation. It has happened before, and my Sioux and Cherokee ancestors would tell you it can happen here. Do you get that the only reason it hasnít, as it has everywhere else throughout history, is because weíre the most heavily and privately armed populace in history? This guy did.

    Yet more astonishing conceit. Dig comments at NY Post. Folks are seeing through.

    Match results - even with my poor performance I still got 4th place, behind Mr. R. in 1st (as usual), the club CMP guy in 2nd (heís won a couple times at least), and Mr. E. in 3rd. But I still shoulda done better. Reader suggests something has come loose but I was so out-of-zone I can't really tell. Or a lesser possibility, inconsistent powder charges, but a previous batch was made the exact same way and I shot 276/2 instead of 253/0. -Next Garand Science: Iíll use some of my precious LC72 stash, and maybe even some corrosive KA73 and ancient DEN42, for comparison with the Hornady Iíve loaded. (Also I do have a few rounds left of the old batch.) Yes I do want an electronic powder system. The cheapest is a monthís rent and Iíve always had trouble with that.

    Missed the big (~150rnd) IPSC shoot yesterday, hm. Next (~80rnd) is 25 October, the day after plates. -Moneyís tight as usual but in a couple weeks I hope to get the tumbler replaced, then I can get to work on the Big Batch of cast .45ACP. Bullets are sized now, waiting for relube. -Speaking of IPSC, for the uninitiated, here is a pretty good description of how it works. And I might do some matches at that club too, if I can ever get out from under.

    2295 - Tuesday, 25 August 2009: For your consideration:

    Sink the Island.

    ĒJust give them what they wantĒ?

    Codrea examines registration.


    Review question: Whatís the Constitutional definition of treason...?

    Another work slowdown, might have another day off. Ambivalent as always, pay vs. rest (and driving 50 miles a day at 20 miles per gallon, it almost cancels out). -Yup, dibs on Friday.

    And I actually seem to have a Saturday off for a change, but the Wolverton picnic is Sunday.

    On library disc Iím also watching HBOís adaptation of McCulloughís John Adams. Having read the book, Iím not too impressed with the miniseries, nor with its treatment of Jefferson (not that the book went easy on him either) as a tunnel-vision scatterbrain. Wiki lists various historical inaccuracies - HBO had to dirty it up to keep it funded I guess. :-/ One thing they did seem to get right, or at least not wrong, was that Abigail, Americaís first feminist (and not todayís man-hating feminazi kind), was a Smart Woman, and she & John were a Team.

    Hm, the next Wolverton pin shoot is bumped to the 2nd Saturday, 12 September, and is a 2-gun shoot. I still donít have the 1911ís .22 conversion fixed, but last time I borrowed the directorís AMT Lighting, a Ruger MkII clone, with red dot sight. I also have access to a funky old H&R top-break 9-shot, with one HKS speedloader even. -As for the conversion, the 1911 appears to running fine as-is and I donít want to muck with those pin replacements to put the grip-panel mount for the dot back on. (-So obviously I need another 1911, heh.) -One does wonder if replacing the hammer & mainspring housing pins is really necessary for the mount. Here and here are some clues. Iíll try it with .45 and see if the AimTech falls off.

    The AimTech is now remounted to the 1911, with only the two grip screws. Seems solid enough but one can't tell how it will hold up in repeated recoil. I have two red-dot scopes: A Simmons 40mm I ordered from Midway, and a BSA 30mm from the last load of Astonishing Reader Loot. Both are single-dot only, plain red, about 4MOA; both have 11 intensity settings and take, as most such do, the standard CR2032 watch battery. But there is a functional difference: The 30mm is lower to the bore, so there's less parallax when adjusting elevation and a less-unnatural optical offset when acquiring the dot with the eye; while the 40mm is huge, making it easier to find the *&^%#!@ dot. Aside from size, the construction, appearance and controls are functionally identical between the two. -I'm'na hafta get a .22 racing pistol I guess, one with a rail built-on like a MkIII Hunter or a S&W M22. The AimTech mounts high, to allow the use of regular sights, making dot acquisition far less instinctive. Balance is way off too. Also most holsters won't work with it, though the Uncle Mike's Kydex can probably be cut away for it without loss of function.

    ...Aaand I'm taking it off again in case spiky-haired-mutant-JBTs break down my door and I have to actually use the pistol. Also going back to the Uncle Mike's synthetic grips, at least for now.

    2296 - Wednesday, 26 August 2009: Via WoG, even more nanny-state totalitarianism. Time to reinstate the tradition of tarring and feathering.

    More bigot-smacking.

    Champion of the Cause.

    Good riddance to treasonous, negligently-homicidal rubbish.

    Oooo. Or more realistically, ahhh.

    2297 - Thursday, 27 August 2009: Monthís end and like clockwork the revenuers scramble to meet their quotas. Didnít we used to hang highway robbers (and serial rapists)? But noooo, no, now theyíre paid for their crimes with our taxes. "The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men." - Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, November 4, 1775

    Thoughts on Thomas Paine.

    Waking up?


    Treasonous rubbish.

    Antikythera. Whoa.

    Pournelle rants (second segment) on government schools.

    2298 - Friday, 28 August 2009: O rare and precious zzz. And eventually some backed-up email.

    But first I must hunt down and slowly and brutally murder the author of the "Antivirus System Pro" malware. Looks like Spybot, launched from Safe Mode, killed it, after a couple repetitions. Internet research lists various files and registry keys to delete and I can't find any of them.

    Actually I'd let him live, after crushing both hands and carving "I WRITE COMPUTER VIRUSES" in his forehead.

    Back here, my Fourth Thought was Know Your Weapon. Tam, who evidently has way more money to spend on formal instruction than I, gets it. See also. Remember that the choice of a personal-defense weapon is totally subjective. Don't get what's on the cover of the newsstand magazine, don't get what the guy behind the counter is making a commission from, get what works for you, personally. If it's reliable and you can hit with it, that is what matters. And then go use it at every opportunity, every round of ammunition and gallon of range-trip fuel you can afford, including taking it out of the safe and dry-firing hunnerds & hunnerds of times at the TV.

    Your tax dollars at work. You expected different?

    Looks like we might have another Olofson case. If you know of anyone who can help, contact Vanderboegh, Pratt or Codrea ASAP.

    Free speech? What free speech? See also. Remember the four boxes: Soap, Ballot, Jury and Cartridge. Which one are we on again?

    Racism. And not.

    2299 - Saturday, 29 August 2009:

    Looks like the malware is staying dead.

    I've blogged on this before: All you anti-censorship, freedom-of-expression types who voted for Hussein because Bush was teh 3vil - how's that working out for you?

    More hate from the hate group.

    Fight's coming.

    Why we hate cops.

    Tucson Tom forwards a politically-incorrect joke which illustrates our current problem:

    In South Los Angeles, a fire destroyed a four-plex.

    A Nigerian family of six con artists lived on the first floor, and all six died in the fire.

    An Islamic group of seven Kenyan welfare cheats, all illegally in the country, lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire.

    Six LA, Hispanic, Gang Banger, ex-cons lived on the 3rd floor and they too, died.

    One white couple lived on the top floor. The couple survived the fire.

    Jesse Jackson, John Burris and Al Sharpton were furious. They flew into LA and quickly demanded a meeting with the fire chief. On camera, they loudly demanded to know why the Blacks, Black Muslims, and Hispanics all died in the fire and only the white couple lived.

    The fire chief simply replied, "They were at work."

    Reader sends picture of Greek soldier with M1 rifle, just because:

    Judging by the UN patch, this was probably taken during the Korean War. The Queen wouldn't have seen action there, having been built in 1955.

    And I've been fiddling with demotivators:

    Quote o' the Day: "If theyíre going to talk about Camelot, then we get to talk about The Lady in the Lake."

    Finishing Overthrowing Heaven. ...Lots of emo. Rly. Even machine emo. But some action, and depth of character. I'll keep reading the series.

    2300 - Sunday, 30 August 2009: Eh, the Wolverton picnic is too long a drive.

    Missed the OAC 2-day show last weekend, plates Saturday and Garands Sunday.

    Actually caught most of the show & chat this week.

    Cleaning & examining the Queen. One thing that might actually have come loose, the pin holding the lower band (or "stock ferrule" depending which diagram you have) had driffted out to one side. Drove it back in. The band itself didn't seem to be moving, nor the front handguard. Gas cylinder seems to be holding - I never take it off, nor the lock ring, but I do remove the plug to clean the cylinder.

    Have you seen the film Judgement at Nuremberg? I'm really turned off by courtroom dramas 'cause I know the system is broken all to pieces, but this one's important largely for being based on an actual case. The reason I'm bringing it up is, we're in for it again. As Vanderboegh said, I'm just trying to avoid a civil war by getting people to understand that one is possible. And as Clayton Cramer said, There are things worse than violent revolution - much worse.

    2301 - Monday, 31 August 2009: Hate Monday.

    Gah, Appleseed this weekend (preregi$tered), much driving. I know I can shoot Expert with the LTR, therefore I should be able to with most other rifles. I know the Queen is capable of that kind of accuracy, but I have doubts about the current batch of rounds (and I do still flinch). Breaking 210, again, with the LTR, should at least restore my confidence - there is a large psychological component to hitting stuff with a rifle.

    Hey, today is the 70th anniversary of the Gleiwitz Incident (see also). How long until we have one of our very own? (...What has Lon Horiuchi been up to lately...? And we know heís not the ďOnly OneĒ of his kind.)

    Related, martial law? Thank the gods for the Oath Keepers. Some bureaucrats will be rudely surprised....

    Checks & Balances: "The people can never wilfully betray their own interests; but they may possibly be betrayed by the representatives of the people; and the danger will be evidently greater where the whole legislative trust is lodged in the hands of one body of men, than where the concurrence of separate and dissimilar bodies is required in every public act." - Federalist No. 63 -And thatís another system broken all to pieces.

    Itís only 8:30am Pacific time and Codrea already has seven Only Ones stories today, eight if you count the one about British cops taking stuff from subjectsí cars. Just taking stuff. (They donít have a Fourth Amendment over there... or anywhere else. Compared to America, everywhere is a third-world dictatorship.) Police are far more a burden to society than a benefit, and have been for decades, arguably for their entire existence. It really depresses me that people donít grok that. Power corrupts. Near every time, with extremely rare exceptions.

    ĒItĒ can happen here. -On library disc Iíve been watching The Winds of War and am about halfway through the first sequel, War and Remembrance, and the character of Aaron Jastrow is really ticking me off. Iím going to make a very inflammatory statement: European Jews bear some responsibility for the Holocaust. Because they meekly climbed into the cattle cars and didnít get the hell off the continent when they could. (Some of them eventually learned the lesson, but at the most horrific cost in modern history.) Iím alarmed to see a similar mindset in todayís Zumbos and Fudds and union-voters. I'm also reminded of Eli Wallachís line from The Magnificent Seven: ďIf God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.Ē I find it difficult to have sympathy for people who will not lift a finger in their own defense, nor even recognize when itís time to bug out.

    -Huh, also still creeping through Hansonís Carnage and Culture, pg. 108, Battle of Cannae: In short, panic killed the legionaries at Cannae [who could have broken through Hannibalís encircling troops if theyíd realized how few the enemy were]. Still, for a time the prominence of so many Roman luminaries on the field of battle - like the presence of doctors, lawyers, and other elites at the gates of Auschwitz - must have given some the false reassurance that total destruction was impossible....

    This could truly suck. I understand a remake of Red Dawn is in the works too. -And now I hear Disney is buying Marvel. There are no more good stories.... Well sure there are, mostly from the Baen stable, but how many of those would make it to the screen in recognizable form? Paramount was butchering Clancy twenty years ago and thereís no sign the film industry has improved since.

    Add this to the next Road Trip. Compared to what we saw in Montana and Wyoming, east of the Appalachians everythingís smooshed together within a few hoursí drive.

    There is a legitimate market for supermagnum revolvers. -This can segue into a PeTA rant - where was it... ah. And that Roosevelt quote from the 16th. The bunny-kissers just do not get what the world is really like beyond the sheltered confines of their bookstores and coffeehouses.

    Bad Zit. No Shooty. -And no $pendy. Plus buying used, you can often get the bonus of off-the-database private sale.

    ĒGlobal WarmingĒ My Ass.

    ĒOnly OnesĒ My Ass.

    When money doesnít work anymore, what will you do for money?

    MSM isnít even pretending to be nonpartisan anymore.


    Iíve been taking photos just like these.

    Squirrels! I told you! SQUIRRRRELLLLLS!!!!

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